Red Pill Lessons From The Final Season Of “The Wonder Years”

A ritual my wife and I often do after putting the kids to bed is watch a TV show together. With most of the current TV shows being subpar, and since we recently cut our cable, we decided to go with an older show. Our app “Kodi” has an infinite number of TV shows and we agreed to watch The Wonder Years as we both have fond but vague memories of the show.

The six seasons of the show ran from 1988-1993 but takes place from 1968-1973. It may have run longer but even in the early 90’s Hollywood got an early glimpse of the destruction from the #MeToo movement. The first five seasons brought about your typical comedy, but the sixth and final season brought about truths that many in the manosphere know.

Jack and Norma Arnold

Jack you worked so hard today, I made your favorite dessert!

Jack (Dan Lauria) and Norma (Alley Mills and the late Andrew Breitbart’s mother in law) are your prototypical American couple. Born and raised during the era of the Great Depression, they display conservative values but have faced newfound difficulties raising their Baby Boomer children.

Season 6 sees a shift in character for Norma. She spent the first five seasons being the super stay-at-home mother. By the early 70’s—and spawned on by the feminist movement—she feels the need to seek something more “meaningful.” With their youngest child, Kevin, a year from graduating high school, she no longer believes that being a housewife will bring her happiness. Feminism told her that she would be empowered by getting into the working world. Shortly after, you see the order the Arnold house fall apart. Not many would foreshadow the effect a two-parent working household would have on the family, but at least she raised her kids to 17 before falling into the traps of feminism.

On the other hand, Season 6 sees Jack take a positive spin for his career. The first five seasons he was busting his back in the corporate world but decides to become the owner of a furniture store. You see his character become lighter-hearted in season 6, and that could be because of the sense of fulfillment that he finally had in being self-employed. ROK has been at the forefront of advising men to stop working in the corporate world and start working for yourself.

When I originally watched the series, I could really only relate to Kevin Arnold and his peers.  It was sobering to find out that this time around, I actually related to his parents just as much as the teenagers.  Jack came from the “Silent Generation” and his mentality was not to speak out against the rebellion of social norms.  This mindset is what allowed the hippies to flourish and basically turn this country into what it is today.  By the time he tried to reign in on his teenage daughter’s behavior in seasons 1-4, it was pretty much too late.  It serves as a stark reminder for me as a father of two young kids about how important it is to be active during the formative years of their lives.

Winnie Cooper and Hypergamy

et tu Winnie?

If you were a red-blooded American preteen/teenage male in the late 80’s to early 90’s, you probably had a crush on Winnie Cooper (Danica McKellar). Kevin (Fred Savage) and Winnie have been going out off and on since Junior High. A brief change in Winnie’s attitude toward Kevin is apparent in the last few episodes of the series.

Kevin scores a respectable 1240 on his SAT but Winnie scores over a 1450. Winnie now has an abundance of college options, but her longtime boyfriend will most certainly not get accepted into whatever college she chooses. Then Kevin makes the mistake of telling Winnie that they should take a “break”. If Kevin would have had access to the manosphere in 1973, he would know that a cute 17-year-old female has way more options than an average 17-year-old male. Within the same episode, she ditches Kevin for a tall handsome Chad of a lifeguard. Even the sweet, little Winnie Cooper cannot resist the traps of hypergamy because AWALT.

Wayne Arnold

Who that is, that’s just my baby daddy

Wayne (Jason Hervey) portrays every terrorizing, annoying older brother perfectly. He graduates high school at the end of season 5 and we see a different side of Wayne in season 6. He starts to change when he meets the 23-year-old Bonnie. On the surface, things seem okay, but it turns out Bonnie is a recent divorcee with a 6-month son.

Wayne’s parents try to appear nonjudgmental but they express their concerns about this relationship to Wayne. The red flags were there: the divorce, child, and jerk husband, but Wayne was blinded and ultimately gets his heart broken when she leaves him to get back with her ex-husband. In 1973 this was so out of the norm that a majority of men may have white-knighted to help this damsel in distress. To this day there are countless average men who have made the sacrifice and taken on the role of a stepdad, only to have this taken away from them as their partner leaves him for her ex-con/loser baby’s father.

Rewatching the whole series reminded me of how great of a show it was when it was on, especially season 6 because of the situations described from above along with other subjects like veteran PTSD, the losing connection of a childhood friend in Paul Pfieffer, etc. Of course, having red pill knowledge makes you evaluate these situations with stronger insight.

The era was the start of a lot of downturns in our society, but people still had that genuine friendliness of them that has almost all but evaporated 45 years later. Living in an era where people lived with gender roles clearly defined can truly be referred to as “The Wonder Years.”

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61 thoughts on “Red Pill Lessons From The Final Season Of “The Wonder Years””

      1. Necessity of an armed and trained population for one. Also, the media is complicit with corrupt officials and terrorists for another.

        1. The Daily Prophet was state-run though, not privatized. Thus the ease in spreading the anti-HP propaganda once the wizarding gov’t was taken over.

        2. Those wizards need wand control, there is no need for high magic capacity wands, The wizard forefathers never intended the people to use a fully automatic assault wands. Those should be used only by the wizard army.

        3. @Greek…uh, our media is pretty much completely privatized bro. They have been cracking away at regulations on media for decades.

      2. The wizards build the WALL, the magic wall, to keep the illegal mugles out of the magic world, a world where everything is solve by magic, they need to keep those err “unfit” people to have access to magic, because according to the author, normal people will become lazy and will want the magic to solve all their problem. NOO SHIT!

  1. Obnoxious Wayne was played by (((Jason Hervey))).
    Kevin played by (((Fred Savage))).
    No surprise Winnie dumped Kevin for some Chad lifeguard. That slut.
    Only saw this show a few times, but recall it as being sort of gay.
    Oh, and I got a 1070 on my SAT. In your face, Kevin and Winnie.

    1. Great show but there should have been a mention of Kevin’s older sister who was a far Left college hippie chick, not unlike the SJW’s of 2018.

  2. “Wonder Years” as in “I wonder what boobs feel like”; “I wonder if I could make out with my hot 28-year-old history teacher”; “I wonder why I get a boner every 3 minutes for no apparent reason.” Good times…

    1. My folks brought my bothers and I up to be quintessential white knights, and all of our adult lives we lived basically blue pills simp lives which we paid for in health and heartaches… The were not evil intentioned but they could not have raised more unprepared boys for reality. I think they hoped we would be fine strong men to help pull society back to decency as we aged. Instead we were raped by feminism and gynocentric society like Jeffrey Epstiens kidnapped victims. Now I think at least two of the four of us give less than a shit if it implodes in majestic fiery well deserved painful splendor. Yeah, Wonder Years…. Hahaha… Good bye hope and innocence. My kids have no illusions anymore, they have seen and lived the reality of society and probably have given up hope.

      1. My other two brothers, one is hopelessly blue pilled 200% govt true believer dependent by choice, and the other hopelessly romantic that society will change to the better. Self preservation is my game. I know better that my kids will be crushed when I pass on, I’ve been their only sanity anchor they know in this reality. Everyone else has proven to be the real wolves at their heels.

    1. Which is why we are most angry at our parents generation. They were trying to “spare” us from harsh reality, and only left us ill-equipped to face it.
      Literally the most important thing in life!

    2. We say redpilled but the red pill is a mechanism for getting us unplugged. There is only one red pill.
      The femanine imperative wasn’t so deeply woven into the fabric of society back then, but only less so then now.

  3. You missed the obvious message in the show and this is the horror of the suburbs.
    The suburbs were wonder years…for the kids only! They got to live in spacious places with all kinds of facilities.
    It was hell for parents who had to live in isolated spaces without community and spending their weekends maintaining homes they long since lost the charm of living in and chauffering their kids around from one thing to the other.
    It was hell for the man to be a corporate drone, it was also hell for the woman to be alone all day in a home cleaning it, without community, without a sisterhood.
    You have all convinced yourselves that the 50s were paradise, that women loved being bored at home then, and only a few bad eggs created the hippie revolution.
    No,no,no, the hippie revolution happened precisely because the suburbs sucked so much. People thought, if this is paradise, someone please take me to hell, because I cant stand this.
    And Roosh, as the wandering hedonist seeker, is the quintessential hippie. He wouldnt last a day as a 50s father.

    1. @Strategy King – burbs are just as bad, or worse now than they were back in the 80’s or 90’s. I have never lived in the burbs (have had many friends there, who described the life just like you did). I have lived in a central location, fairly affluent neighborhood for the past 30 years. There is no sense of community in big cities. Was not in the 1990’s, let alone now. People drone away at work, then come home through the back lane, into the garage, then house. Kids don’t play outside, people do not walk that much anymore. Everyone sits at home or shuttles kids to activities. For the past 7 years in the new location, I have spoken to 2 neighbors outside for 30 seconds each, have 8 houses around me, have no idea who lives in those houses, never even seen people from 4 of those houses. Know some cars whizzing by me and suspect they live on the block…this is current big-city North America for the past 20-30 years, there is no community…and never will be…that’s why I am in the process of moving back to Europe…

      1. Femsluts have already voted to bring in unvetted refugees into Europe with the assistance of Jooish organizations and (((Barbara Spectre))). My problem with you Euro-nationalists is that you fuck over your fellow brown/curry/kneegrow in the manosphere but fail to confront the feminists, joos and the criminal refugees who don’t need game as they are Alpha Chads or r a pists by force.

        1. Not where I am going. Would not go anywhere west of V4 countries. V4 have so far resisted taking any significant numbers of migrants. They took a handful each, and those were Christians fleeing persecutions. Populations of V4 would vote out any politician who would attempt to do to their countries what the respective politicians did to Germany, Sweden, France etc…

      2. Great sense of community in Asia, our kids play in the street just like we did back in the 60s. Lots of food and fruit sharing, cook or grow too much, then distribute to your neighbours.

      3. Please, for your own sake, do not move back to Europe. If anything, the whole of Europe is screwed even more than the USA.
        You are going to regret your decision.

      4. Subdivisions by Rush captured that angst in the early 80s. I grew up rural but had to move the burbs as a 13 year old. What a shock and I resented my parents for it at the time.
        No more shooting, no more dirt bike, no more fishing on my own or dog.
        My chores got easier but I found my new schoolmates were products of suburbia and weren’t interested in much of anything I did for fun.
        Culture shock indeed.
        Sprawling on the fringes of the city
        In geometric order
        An insulated border
        In between the bright lights
        And the far unlit unknown
        Growing up it all seems so one-sided
        Opinions all provided
        The future pre-decided
        Detached and subdivided
        In the mass production zone
        [b]Nowhere is the dreamer or the misfit so alone[/b]
        In the high school halls
        In the shopping malls
        Conform or be cast out
        In the basement bars
        In the backs of cars
        Be cool or be cast out
        Any escape might help to smooth the unattractive truth
        But the suburbs have no charms to soothe the restless dreams of youth
        Drawn like moths we drift into the city
        The timeless old attraction
        Cruising for the action
        Lit up like a firefly
        Just to feel the living night
        Some will sell their dreams for small desires
        Or lose the race to rats
        Get caught in ticking traps
        And start to dream of somewhere
        To relax their restless flight
        Somewhere out of a memory of lighted streets on quiet nights…

    2. The suburbs are great. Grew up in them as a kid and I live in them now as an adult. No better place to live than the suburbs.

      1. Great?
        Nothin bgreat about them except other kids to play with nearby.
        I detested them opting to take my dogs and shotgun into the woods at age 14 having access to over 1000 acres.
        Now that was living!!
        I wanted to move to a farm so badly but Mom would cringe at mention of it. She ended up basically killing my dad who worked like a dog 18+ hour days. He Died in a fatal car accident coming home from an appt in Indianapolis at 11pm. He lived and died trying to please her. What a waste and a shame.

        1. And that is fine too. Some people are happy with the comforts corporate america brings. For others it is a numbing sedating experience.

      2. But in the ‘burbs can you step out in your backyard and fire off 100 rounds at a target? By the way where do you get water? Oh right, the magic metal water fountain at your sink. It always provides clean water, day and night — until it doesn’t. Sayonara Paradise. Paradise is being plugged into and wholly dependent on the system, like an infant connected to the umbilical. Neo never unplugged. You took the blue pill.

    3. Did you smoke your lunch, or drink it, StrategyKing? The suburbs were amazing for boomers- space, land, and affordability for people who had none of these things were a completely intoxicating thing for folks who had established lives in long-term employment.
      Hell, I have a giant suburban home in a gated community, along with a boat 1500 miles away from my house for weekends away, and after 15 years, I still love my ‘boring’ suburban refuge.
      Whatever dystopian life you may live, the ‘burbs are still a reasonable alternative for people who enjoy a compromise between space and convenience.

      1. And thst is good for you. The poont is that enough people didnt like it and enough women found being housewives in the suburbs unbearably boring.

        1. @strategyking – “unbearably boring” compared to what ? Compared to their mothers lives in tenements or laboring on farms? It is a documented trend that Women have gotten less and less happy since the 50s. They’ve forgotten what makes them happy.

  4. Didn’t watch the show very much, but I do remember an episode where the spoiled brat, slut of a daughter berated the mother, tell her she didn’t want to be like her, “making meatloaf and mashed potatoes” for her future husband. What a piece of crap that daughter was.

  5. It sounds like a great show, kind of like a Little House on the Prairie set in the 70s burbs. You could leave your little ones stuck to the boob screen like plungers while you turn your back to take a leak or mow the grass. But in season 6, you’d have to stand to the side with a pointer stick and blackboard where you pause the show half the time to stop and lecture about feminism, the devil, hypergamy, mommy getting porked by her boss and the rest of the vomit the producers have in store.
    Why can’t we see shows where the father counters the culture rot like terminator? In real 70s action packed movies, sparks fly and cars do death defying chases on city sidewalks, through food courts, over bridges under construction and finally off a cliff or into a watery grave in the harbor. And the show ends with a tugboat foghorn “WHOOOP WHOOOOOP”
    But notice how the action thrillers always set parameters – like a video game where the bad guys are small time street clowns and thugs. They never go after the heart of the beast and they never depict scenarios where a patriarch daddy with family takes on the elites and their propaganda machine other than some old single guy screaming “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”. But no mushroom clouds and jet ski dogfights involving bazookas. Can’t we see cartoons at least where a campus rape tribunal is shut down by backed up sewer pipes beneath the floor exploding and pinning the kingpin campus feminazis to the ceiling, or the corporate HR staff ending up in quicksand, or a pissed off daddy stringing a family kangaroo court judge up by her robe along with the rest of the local mob of feminazi advocates, child traffickers and property thieves, and hangs them all on the dangling cables of the local amusement park Tilt-O-Whirl and turns it full last until the cables break and every last one is jettisoned into low orbit?? Hey it’s the same theme as any Roadrunner cartoon. A cartoon is a cartoon get it? Can’t we see such a cartoon? No we can’t see that kind of stuff. And it’s because media is a very powerful tool for suggestion. Shows are all so very very cleverly crafted to keep the sheeple sheeplike and asleep. Shows define explicitly who to focus on as the ‘bad guy’ and by doing so they smokescreen the real perpetrators and malevolent forces, and all the while providing plenty of action packed thriller pulp that goes absolutely nowhere and leaves the audience as clueless after the movie as before.
    I love the old Popeye fights. So creative.

  6. It’s funny all the guys claiming to be red-pilled, Alpha mutha fu**as. The they extol the virtues or suburban living, “hell yeah suburbs 4 life S4L, Y Que….”

  7. I questioned Kevin’s (((sexual preference))) when he had “built like a brick shithouse” Madeline all but begging him for his d and he STILL was obsessed with Winnie.

    1. there is truth to that but I do think the main reason Madeline was all over Kevin was because she knew he had a long term girlfriend and it’s in her nature to try and break it up. The moment he would have expressed the equivalent feelings to her she would have dumped him in a heartbeat.

      1. Good point.
        But if Kevin had a modicum of game, could have banged Madeline and been a legend.
        Winnie would have been doing backflips bareass on hot coals to get him back.
        Then he could have given her what she deserved: A load on her face followed up with a “Get out, you twat.”.

  8. On the other hand, it was partly because Norma started bringing in some dough that Jack could finally take the risk of becoming self-employed. Nothing wrong with the way they were doing things before; but once the kids were older, Jack got to trade his soul-crushing grind for work that he didn’t hate (as much).

  9. Every day the US gets worse. We pretend everything is fine, justify things, lie to ourselves, and stay silent.
    Do you think things will get better on their own?
    At point will you get mad? When will you resist? What will say when the economy collapses, you get sent to the concentration camps, the civil war starts, and WWIII breaks out?
    Will you feel any responsibility at all?
    Are you just going to take it?

  10. Ernst Zundel was a man that gave up everything he had for the rehabilitation of the German people, He house was fire bombed in Toronto and nothing was ever done about it. He lost his business because of what he believed. My dad was a bodyguard for him during one of his holocaust trials. My dad said “they” acted like animals. Ernst wanted to live here with his American wife in Tennessee but instead they deported him because he was “dangerous”. Ernst said that when he left and they had him in custody at the INS office he walked past an office with a huge israeli flag on the wall and when he was at the airport a group of rabbis were waiting for him as he boarded his flight back to Germany. Rest in peace you two. Und Ihr habt doch gesiegt. Alles fuer Deutschland

  11. To this day the character of Winnie lives on, guys taken in by beauty and charm.
    Cara was too far away for Kevin or he would have dumped Winnie No sent card To Cara was a mistake and Winnie which would have been a lifetime of misery.Then
    Danika has a kid and leaves the guy.Well good for Fred I think he saw that character
    played out all so obvious to marry someone else.The wonder years show still lives on
    and keeps me wondering if i could have been smarter.As i get older i’m getting wiser
    knowing(You can’t always get what you get what you need.

  12. Typically poor.
    How could the writer be so ill informed?
    Try a read pill, especially if you intend to write about something.
    ‘Actress Alley Mills Alleges The Wonder Years Was Canceled Over Sexual-Harassment Lawsuit
    In a recent interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, The Wonder Years star Alley Mills alleges that the hit ABC sitcom came to an end after six seasons in large part due to a sexual-harassment lawsuit filed against show stars Fred Savage and Jason Hervey. According to the actress, who played both actors’ onscreen mom Norma Arnold, the harassment allegations were lodged by a former Wonder Years employee. “When we shot the series finale, which was in Whittier, nobody knew whether or not The Wonder Years was going to be renewed,” Mills says. “That’s because of a completely ridiculous sexual-harassment suit that was going on against Fred Savage, who is the least offensive, most wonderful, sweet human being that ever walked the face of the Earth.”
    Just think, you could have tied it to ‘Me…’ erm, ‘Mewhatsit’.
    You know, that methingey that they talk about these days.
    Could have tied the final paragraph to the first with some ‘reality bites’ type attack on contemporary morality.
    …even pointed out the Bretbart related woman was decent.

  13. I enjoyed “The Wonder Years”. Even though it smacked of Marxist baby boomer nostalgia for the “60s”. Especially since it ended on the right notes, tying up loose ends. A lot of shows don’t get that far. They either peter-out, fall apart, just plain stop, or go on far too long.
    What I would like to see next at Return Of Kings, is its take on “Thirtysomething”. Or how about, “She’s Having A Baby”, staring Kevin Bacon? The hate in the comments would no doubt be a lot of fun.

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