6 Job Ads That Reveal The Anti-White And Anti-Male Agenda Of Corporate America

By now, we are pretty well aware of how most white-collar jobs in the United States and other western countries absolutely blow for a myriad of reasons.

A huge percentage of them only exist for selling an arguably useless vanity product, in lieu of an essential service that most skilled tradesmen or specialty doctors provide. Others objectively make society worse by promoting mass media degeneracy (Buzzfeed etc) or AIDS-spreading sexual promiscuity (Grindr apps etc).

Many office environments are clearly becoming 70% or more female, and there is increasingly a dearth of white men in such places other than the CEO or upper management positions. Many of these men are often Jewish on closer inspection. Certainly not a member of the USA’s core Anglo-Germanic stock of yesteryear.

This stands in stark contrast to the idea that everyday Christian white men are still the “supreme” choice in being hired above all other candidates.

What social justice wants to make you “think” about current hiring practices

Additionally, a lot of today’s job advertisements are clearly indicating that—presumably heterosexual—white men rank near the bottom for what many employers seek in new candidates. This article will provide six examples of employment ads seen on Indeed.com, which shows it literally pays to be non-white or a woman.

1. Jewish Supremacy

Jewish Supremacy

Just leave the world alone please…

Along with Tel Aviv, New York City is the most Jewish city on Earth, so in many respects this advertisement comes as no surprise. However, replace all instances of ‘Jewish’ with ‘White’ and suddenly this ad will look like it came straight from ‘Mein Kampf’ according to modern leftists.

Not only is it insanely hypocritical for the Jewish community to create such initiatives specifically for their own enrichment (when they are the most active group involved in crushing any white identitarian movements), but it looks like 98% of their “fellow white people” in the United States can’t expect to be hired for this position anyway.

2. Superior Benefits For Women

paternity leave instacart

We hear spiels about “women’s economic empowerment” and “gender wage gaps” and “workplace equality” seemingly all the time. So why are women afforded vastly superior parental leave benefits compared to men if they truly want to take this “equality” stuff seriously?

If I was personally running this business, I would see absolutely no benefit whatsoever to hiring any women under the age of 45. Any pregnancies at work would result in me losing two entire months of productivity that would not be lost in an all-male environment. Many soon-to-be fathers would, in fact, be willing to take no paternity leave at all, so that they could bring in additional income for their growing family.

3. Easy Money For Attractive Women

adult modeling

Okay, it’s not specifically an “office” environment (other than the casting couch), but this job advertisement shows precisely how easy it is for young women to get a quick nest egg compared to young men, and with minimal effort to boot.

There are very few jobs in the nation where an 18-year-old man can expect to earn anywhere near this low-end of $75,000 a year. Especially where just a “high school diploma is fine” and without any formal trade skills. In fact, many college-educated men and other skilled tradesmen won’t ever earn $75k a year at any point in their lifetime.

4. Hire Only The “Marginalized”!

Social Editor

Employers in the United States are (supposed to) not be allowed to discriminate in their hiring practices on the basis of race, gender, sexuality, marital status, and other criteria. So why are so many now being open in essentially saying “straight white men need not apply”?

When this job placement is saying “people of color, women, people with disabilities and LGBTQ candidates are very strongly encouraged to apply”, you know they are already adamant in their mission of hiring one of those types. All while still giving the veneer that everyone has “equal opportunity” for the job.

5. Bow To The Altar Of Social Justice!

racial equity strategist

Fetch me a barf bag because I’m going to be sick….

Not only do you know that Google is going to be offering a low six-figure salary for this epitome of a “make work” job, but you can rest assured it’s going to go to anybody but a heterosexual and non-Jewish white male. In fact, it probably will go to a Jewish person of some kind.

“Setting the strategy for shifting cultural norms” and “critical race theory” sounds very Frankfurty.

6. We Will “Consider” A White Man… But…

anti white discrimination

Being both “equal opportunity” and “affirmative action” in the same sentence is an oxymoron if I ever heard one.

A white male maybe has a chance at landing this job if he’s a “rock star” or “ninja” among other eye-rolling office superman terms, but a black female army veteran with Asperger’s syndrome is right on the money.

After all, white men need to “be quiet and listen” in school or the workplace now, so that more historically marginalized voices can be heard in the name of diversity and excellence.


Non-whites can’t be racist and there is no such thing as “toxic femininity”

There is no shortage of resources on Return of Kings which shows how unbearable white-collar work has become for masculine and conservative men of any race (1, 2, 3). However, it’s undeniable that white men in the United States and other western countries are having to metaphorically devour a particularly foul shit sandwich in the name of being “inclusive”. All courtesy of human resources and social justice.

So either get into male-dominated fields like the trades, study something so in demand that petty discrimination is non-existent, or strike out on your own with self-employment. Because things are only going to get a lot worse with white-collar work before things get better. Kind of like South Africa.

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74 thoughts on “6 Job Ads That Reveal The Anti-White And Anti-Male Agenda Of Corporate America”

  1. Jewish men = Left = Women.
    They share the same hoarding mentality, selfishness and tribal thinking.
    But men are not without a fault. They love to be enslaved and manipulated by their women/Jew masters. (((Game))) plays into the hands of the feminists as it gives them the right to be abnoxious and still get the attention by men. Property speculations and chasing money plays into the hands of the Jewish as they built that system.

    1. “…and tribal thinking”…ok, and is there something wrong with tribal thinking? Seems to be working really good for the purple hair feminists and their low IQ imports…amazing what tribalism can accomplish, maybe, just maybe, that is why white libertarian society is going down the drain? Right?
      “Property speculations and chasing money plays into the hands of the Jewish as they built that system.” What is your solution? Bitch some more? Lower their taxes and deregulate them, lol. Curl up in bed with your AR15? What?

    2. My advice would be not to work for corporations.
      Let them drown in their feminism and multiculturalism.
      White men are the best choice for almost any job, if they don’t want us fuck ’em..

  2. “Improve the world”
    Ha, for (((whom)))
    Only a fool could believe their motivations are pure and not deceptively based on self interest.

  3. And (((people))) criticize*us* for being closet racists when they’re basically waving the big rainbow banner (lack of white stripe noted).

    1. The rainbow people cashing in are as short sighted as white useful idiot sell outs claiming theirs.
      In the end (((they))) are going to skull fuk every gOy color on that rainbow. The white one is/was the biggest threat/obstruction to their Talmudic world enslavement fantasy.

    2. In the end You can bet every shekel in the world that every g0y color on that rainbow is going to get a [email protected] buggering.
      White and diversity idiots alike are short sighted unable to see the broader picture and will look for the quick easy gimme dats on offer whilst (((they))) cement themselves further in positions of power.

  4. In before some shill account says something along the lines of white man just needing to man up and some other vague throw away line of taking control of their Womenz.
    No conspiracy or agenda at play here goy and if you complain we will shame you. Now let’s derail this topic with pointless drama and perhaps having you fighting amongst yourselves with provocative fake accounts stirring shit.

  5. Tech is still mostly male.
    At my current contract, the floor I am on is 90% male.
    But of that 90%, about 3/4s are H1Bs.
    1) Need more American college boys in STEM.
    2) Need to shame the corps into not laying off older tech workers
    3) Need Congress to drastically scale back the H1B program.

    1. Small tech companies have no room for diversity hires for its own sake. Diversity happens if POC outperform the next candidate. Everyone gets a chance. A smaller business needs every worker working at maximum efficiency and with the greatest skills they can afford. They don’t GAF about any factor other than ability. Still whamens and POC get the same chance as anyone. And nerdy white soy geeks want more women in the office they can exchange recipes suck up to.
      On the other hand, large corporate tech like Intel and Microsoft can afford diversity hires because they can divide up the labor. The whole team makes up for the weak quota hires. They can virtue signal and protect themselves from extortionists like Jesse Jackson.

    2. Why are you guys are GRUDGY on the Skilled !? If there is indeed local talent, the Corporations doesn’t need to hire the overseas !!
      Now don’t say that H1Bs work for less! They get paid on par and often even more than locals !!
      But hey, instead of facing the facts & realties, you guys always blame other guys !!

      1. @ Ravi
        Not blaming the individuals who participate. I would try too, if I were in their shoes. The problem is the US Govt for allowing it and the Corporations who take advantage.
        – The H1s do make less. And the parent firms who sponsor them (Wipro, Tata, Mphasis, etc..) make huge package deals with US corps for both outsourcing as well as offshoring in places like Pune and Bangalore. Offshoring is an enormous cost reduction. In addition to the lower cost, these people will work much longer hours without ever complaining, as there life here in the US is to make money and end it back to their country. Very unfair to compare that to an American with an actual life. The corps are simply taking advantage of the situation.
        – I have seen many rounds of layoffs in Wall St corps over the years where older American programmers are always targeted. They are invariably replaced with much younger H1s who make far less. Also, there is no health insurance liability with the H1s, and getting rid of the older guys lowers the average age of the Corp and thus their insurance costs.
        – Again, not blaming anyone. For whatever reason, I have been fortunate to have not been personally affected (yet) by H1B replacement. If anything, it may have helped my consulting career as I make more to act as a “team lead” and help bring new people up to speed. But even so, I believe in America and Americans first. Too many older tech workers being laid off. It has to stop.

        1. Even the Indians are amused at how fake the H-1bs are and if you catch them in a good mood, they’ll admit it. Most have the equivalent of a 9th grade education with 0, repeat 0, universities in the top 200 worldwide ranking. Most are sub-par community colleges handing out master’s and bachelors degrees.
          The smart ones don’t go for H-1bs but rather parlay their bachelor degree into getting a master’s degree at a 2nd tier American university via a student visa. I encountered one of them at a previous job at a fortune 50 company. Here’s the chat transcript:
          This is a chat transcript at a former workplace with a master’s degree H-1b. No kidding. Enjoy:
          2:48: Hi Dave
          2:50: I’m on another call.
          Is this a quick question?
          2:50: yep
          about pic
          script was failing
          2:51: So what is the quick question?
          3:43: did u get a time for the /sbin/nologin script?
          to check
          since it was throwing error
          3:44: No.
          This is on hold. I have a top initiative for today and yesterday. Please leave it on hold for the next week at least.
          3:46: Jocelyn is asking the update to me or we need to go for an exception on this fix.
          3:47: I will review this later. Please send an email.
          2:16: Hi Dave
          Good Afternoon
          2:18: I’m in a critical security meeting
          2:19: ok. plz let me know once you are free
          2:19: Can you please send email?
          I have a critical task due and don’t have time to chat today.
          2:20: I did.
          2:20: Is this an emergency?
          2:20: No.
          2:20: Then I will address it along with other emails I am receiving. Thank you.
          2:22: Thanks. Let me know anything to be need from my end.
          2:23: I have to go.
          2:23: BTW, how soon it can be address i have to inform to my manager?
          2:23: I am in a meeting with security right now. I am going. Good bye.
          2:24: sure.
          So why does management love them so much? Perhaps it’s because of a perception of less cost. They get 2 bodies for the price of 1 and that body they can treat like dirt (since a fake resume holder is not going to take a risk of taking his skills elsewhere) and this also drives down the wages and standards for the qualified workers.
          Also, many in management now are slipping in their standards and just engage in mass layoffs and whip cracking and fake numbers to pretend like they’re accomplishing something. I saw a previous workplace with nice cubicles where people did clean, efficient work replaced with double the number of H-1bs in open office sweatshops engaging in busy-work producing junk. Y2K happened because software written in 1993 lasted 17 years which the programmers thought would have been replaced by then but it worked so well they didn’t bother. Now, it’s vaporware.
          I wonder if this is propped up by a booming stock market due to FED money pumping and monopolies that just make money no matter how badly managed. Once Google was up and running, they could afford to pay a room full of monkeys to play on typewriters and act busy while the advertising money flowed in.
          That doesn’t mean that companies don’t go under because of them. Target famously lost millions of credit cards and the CEO and CTO had to resign (with million dollar packages) but their stock price recovered and they didn’t change their ways. Nobody seems to care.
          Hilarious story: One manager asked me to train a replacement and the guy calls me and asks how to load code from the repository. I chat over to him a link, show him on Skype business screen share how to download it and tell him good luck. He then asks me if I have anything more to say (like perhaps give him an 8 hour class on how to code) and I say no. That’s the corporation information I will share. His training was about 30 minutes. He took over the company’s Cybersecurity remediation code. It’s like training a homeless man in 30 minutes how to be a doctor and walking out of a hospital.

      2. Ravi,
        I used to work at a place in 1998 where I was the token white American guy.
        I found out the government was paying part of the salaries of the immigrants. Therefore it was less expensive for the company itself to hire foreigners.
        Don’t tell me those H1-B hires, who are generally not very competent and look for any excuse to blow you off, don’t work for less.

  6. “Easy Money For Attractive Women”
    Even though they can and do get “easy money”, they don’t save it. Not one penny.
    They spend like drunken sailors.

    1. I also thought “nest egg” was a laugh. Look around. Western women aren’t saving for a future and family. That’s a white man’s task and we’ve been marginalized.

      1. The Glues have taken over all women, but the white woman is easiest to corrupt as she has a pink pussy to fuck her dog with for Mr. J3wstein’s porn movie.

    2. Well, men can get into “nude” modeling fairly easy if you’re willing to be a bottom in gay porn. They make thousands of dollars per scene. But the majority of heterosexual men would never even consider that route, no matter how bad it got financially. Most guys would sooner work as a wal Mart cashier for 9 bucks an hour.

      1. And rightly so. Only straight men with no dignity whatsoever would stoop so low as to become holes for other men to deposit their sperm into, no matter the compensation.

    3. The “Easy Money For Attractive Women”, the strip club employment, is not really indicative of “anti-white male agenda in corporate America”. I never really understood why some men enjoy going to strip clubs. I see it as being more degrading to men than to women. Men pay money just to enter the strip club, then pay money to women to dance naked in front of them, perhaps rub on them a bit, getting the man all excited and “horned up” and the woman leaves with the mans money and he is all horned up. That sounds more like self torture than enjoyment.

  7. Interesting how all their ‘improve the world’ assault only applies to outgroups when mother Israel is the complete opposite. Their nepotism in business and matters of power the same.
    Wake up and smell the coffee folks.

    1. I just discovered this video of the Tribe having a conference on the topic of “Is President Donald Trump Good for the Jews”. They are completely candid here and basically confirm everything we’ve said about them in one video. They even casually admit their high representation in Bolshevik movements.
      If only Jordan Peterson were there to explain the evils of group identity and collectivism, then they could wash their penises and become real individuals like Sargon of Akkad.

      1. @Clark
        Peterson’s “wrecking ball of irrefutable logic” would be most unwelcome in their forum. A few days ago I took a moment to imagine him as Canada’s PM; it was a nice daydream. The world needs an army of JPs right about now.

  8. The trades are good but not great. You could let women make $100,000 a year at PR firms while you make $60k a year snaking impacted bowels or you could beat them at their own game.
    Nothing wrong with trades and I think it is good to work with your hands but the money is elsewhere. I say earn your share even if you have to grin and bear it at corporate shill stuff. Unless you create your own business, but that really isn’t for everyone.

    1. Yeah I don’t think we should surrender white collar jobs and management to becoming a labor slave underclass at the mercy of office politics and bureaucracy.

      1. Men are already an underclass look at MGTOW men who are in their 20s to 40s and unemployed because of reverse discrimination.

    2. Agree Jared.
      Some trades can be lucrative (over 100K) in large Metro areas, but they will still make less then many white collar fields.
      And as far as “grinning and bearing it”, I would suggest guys stick to male dominated fields, and go the consulting/contracting route if possible. As a consultant, I do not have to participate in the touchy-feely crap.

  9. A couple ways around this:
    1) Make up an Indian Princess way back somewhere in your family tree.
    2) Declare that you’re a lesbian in a man’s body. According to their own ruies, nobody can question this!
    3) Make up some fake disability that doesn’t actually impair you – Yuppie flu, whatever.
    On another note, it would be rather entertaining to get one of those Diversity Officer jobs just to have fun with it. That could become high comedy, actually.

    1. “…the money is elsewhere. I say earn your share even if you have to grin and bear it at corporate shill stuff.”
      Bending down and taking it up the ass in exchange for what? Money to buy useless plastic crap from China to show off to your fake friends… wew.
      As Roosh wrote, this is why conservatives are losers.

  10. It’s bad and getting worse out there. Every corporate job ad I’ve seen for the past five years says “White Males Need Not Apply” when you read between the lines. They would rather hire incompetent non-Whites and women to boost their diversity even at the expense of profitability, because in a public company the losses are spread among thousands of shareholders and its easy to hide the causation. There is no true accountability in modern corporations. Even the CEO can weasel his way out of any true responsibility – I’ve seen dozens of them drive a good company into the dirt and then float away with a golden parachute and get hired as CEO at another major company just months later. What did they all have in common? They were women, homosexual, tribal, non-White or a mix of all four.
    What can a young White man do?
    Develop a specialized skillset that requires a high IQ, and work for smaller companies that are less prone to diversity-mania.
    Start your own small business and refuse to do business with companies owned by tribe, women, or non-Whites. Refuse to hire them. Practice your god-given right to free association.
    Go into the trades and compete with 30 million hispanic invaders who have already diluted the market and driven wages down beyond repair in most regions.
    The only silver lining in this boomer-served shit sandwich is that we are going to be the most resourceful sons of bitches in generations because we will have to be in order to survive.

    1. “Go into the trades and compete with 30 million hispanic invaders who have already diluted the market and driven wages down beyond repair in most regions.”
      Maybe true for roofing, carpentry, and a few other trades. But I have yet to see a journeyman or master plumber, electrician, millwright, pipefitter, machine repairman, HVAC tech, etc., who is hispanic. Just choose your trade carefully. Tons of opportunity out there for white men, simply cuz the other groups don’t have the academic smarts or mechanical/electrical natural ability.

    2. Trades are excellent to have self-sufficiency and independence from the POZ.
      The only problem with trades is that if white men leave the white-collar world en mass, non-whites, the tribe, and cunty women will eventually control all of the managerial positions of society.
      Skilled trades are honourable and honest work, but white men will need to keep at least some power in the legal, medical, engineering fields, etc., if they ever want to have any control in modern society.

      1. I’ve heard that University Toronto medical school is 65% womyn, 20% Chinks and 10% brownies, the remaining 5% are white males, most of whom are homos.

        1. I’ve heard & saw and can say that in this pussified Country; almost 60% of Doctors, Surgeons, Radiologists, Chief Medical Officers, Pharmacists, Professors, Researchers, Scientists etc., are BROWNS.

      2. Canada is controlled by Joos and cunty womyn. This is why liberals never criticize Israhell. Hundreds of pre-teen girls form lines at Drake’s house which is currently under construction at Bridle Path in Toronto. Only Joos are allowed to tell women what to do, including ch!ld rape and luring young girls for xxx.

    3. Create a benevolent and protective association of like-minded fellows and apply the model and mindset of Sicilian-American organized businessmen.

  11. “…the money is elsewhere. I say earn your share even if you have to grin and bear it at corporate shill stuff.”
    Bending down and taking it up the ass in exchange for what? Money to buy useless plastic crap from China to show off to your fake friends… wew.
    As Roosh wrote, this is why conservatives are losers.

    1. @ Neo
      It doesn’t have to be to buy cheap plastic crap from China.
      Can be to build up a significant FU fund.
      Or to be able to afford banging hot young girls.
      Or…why not both?

  12. White, conservative, heterosexual, gun-toting men; if you want to make it, sell your soul. You’ll “roll in the dough!”
    And you won’t have to wait ’til you die to see if there’s a hell. You’ll experience it every day you go to work, the supermarket, events in coliseums, etc.
    All others….
    No need to sell your soul. You can’t bargain with what you don’t have anyway.
    You want to be equal, but you can’t compete. You can only succeed when the game is rigged in your favor. Think of that next time you lounge comfortably in your McMansion or drive your shiny new BMW!Then consider the fact that your position in life was granted to you, not earned by you. Don’t tell me about your education. You could have read the Communist Manifesto and saved yourself 4 years of college and student loan debt.
    Happy Labor Day everyone.
    Get your “fuck you money” and drop out of the rat race.

    1. Guys with forsight left the USA long ago. I started traveling South America in 2000 and in 2007 started business in the Amazon region of Peru. I make more money in SA then I ever could have in the US. But even if I made less money, being your own boss is the only way to go, otherwise your basically just a nigg*r.

        1. The real Amazon women don’t look like Wonder Woman, they’re ugly cholos. Luckily Colombia and Brazill are very close. And as I have stated before, now that Venezuela is collapsing many Venezuelangirls are migrating into Peru, so I bang them now.

  13. Here’s my male manifesto:
    We don’t need more stuff. We desperately need people who are willing to live with less stuff. An end to feminine manure-spreading. An end to corporate-driven consumption. An end to materialism. We need some man to take off his clothes and walk stark naked into a N.O.W convention holding a sign that says FIX YOUR OWN TOILETS! We need people to lead us into the simplest values at the core of life. Dump the Feminist Meme. It’s a disease of willfulness and consumerism. It’s merely somebody’s selfish dream to lay waste to the environment in order to provide themselves with their own pile of consumer garbage. It’s killing the planet and it’s killing the men. It’s ridiculing the meaning of life under the guise of justice and equality. Yes, you have an equal right
    to fix your own toilets. Go do it.

  14. Considering white males are set to become a minority in their own countries, at what point do the left consider this type of racial bias as a new apartheid?

      1. Race doesn’t exist but Joos are allowed a “homeland” by using bulldozers to clear off Palestinian homes. Many of the “Alt-Right” Joos seem to have hatred for brown people and they have a Zionist agenda.

        1. @Hollow Hoaks is Jooish conspiracy – The first thing that that needs to be cleared up, is that the creation of the state of Israel was not an agenda of Jewish persons, but rather those that are British Israelists. The British Israelists are those that Jesus proclaimed…”beware those who call themselves Jews but are not, for they are of the synagogue of satan.”

  15. As long as federally and state (your money) funded colleges are allowed to game the applicant selection process to emphasize more profitable out of country students and consumers of junk degrees (women’s/gender studies; diversity degrees, etc.), we will continue to to strengthen our global competition while at the same time diluting our pool of domestic skilled technical resources. I know many capable fellows that are successful in trades, because they could not get into college or were diverted to a junk degree by some hustler/pseudo-counselor and couldn’t find gainful employment after college.
    The process of “constituency building” continues at all levels of government, with the ultimate goal of making the majority so dependent on government and social programs that they not only want, the HAVE to support them. Allowing illegal aliens work and free passage, hiring ideological fools with junk degrees, supporting a large un-working class are all ways the government builds (softly blackmails) and maintains this constituency.
    The point was made here recently that it is unnatural for a majority to rule, as its efforts can never be organized as effectively as a minority (not my quote, someone much smarter…), and this is we we are now observing.
    I will submit that it is equally unnatural for women to effectively organize for long term without some artificial and external force of rule. We all know that having one woman in an workplace is fine, but two or more is a total disaster….thus the current system is inherently unstable especially if the weaknesses are exploited (jealousy, vanity, laziness, disconnected illogical thinking, easily perturbed to rage, lack of follow through, etc…).
    The reason armies and successful corporations are made up largely of men is their logical understanding of the benefits of collaborating and working together as a team, combined with intellectual and physical strength.
    Thus by failing to work together to the same end we weaken and submit to an inherently weaker but at this time better organized group.
    I often wonder who will lead the breakthrough? It may start with a few guys trying to knock back some easy snatch, and the skills of game are similar to those necessary to destabilize and fray the opposition, but its going to take money, organizational skill, time, and a willingness to step away from the tropical – “got mine, get yours”-think to prevail.

  16. Want to increase your chances of survival in corporate America (west) exponentially?
    1. Get off of social media……all of it
    2. Minimize your friends at work
    3 get on managements good side,,,,be a golden boy ( I realize this is a tall order if you have a toxic queen bee female or diversity hire in your chain of command but try)
    4 always be vetting for allies. Vet them carefully.
    5. For the love of God don’t dip your pen in the company ink. I don’t care if it’s a temp intern or whatever…. don’t
    6. Lastly, CLIMB. Shit rolls downhill and you’ll be in a position to help out a younger brother one day.

  17. I used to work in the training section of the company HR department (which is 2/3 female). A few years ago, I saw a group photo of the approximately 20 interns we had that summer. The vast majority were female and of the males in the group, only 2-3 were white. Because I wanted to continue being employed, I kept my mouth shut about my observation. While the company’s current upper management is WASP and mostly male, the photo was a preview of the company’s future.

    1. I just want to add that I and four other co-workers within HR were laid off last year and two took an early retirement offering earlier in the year. Now that I reflect on it, I just realized that five of these six former co-workers were male. Hmmmm…

    1. You should be glad we’re still circle jerking for the time being because the next step is executing every last one of you.

  18. Hey John, I’m Jewish and I can tell you that I spent a good chunk of my career time unemployed–once for almost three years, and when I finally got a job again it was for less $ than the one before.
    Re your example #1, don’t be a schmuck. The posting was for a Jewish organization, so what did you expect? Would you expect the Democratic National Committee to hire a committed Republican to fill a political analyst/strategist position?
    As for :
    “There are very few jobs in the nation where an 18-year-old man can expect to earn anywhere near this low-end of $75,000 a year. Especially where just a “high school diploma is fine” and without any formal trade skills. In fact, many college-educated men and other skilled tradesmen won’t ever earn $75k a year at any point in their lifetime.”
    Oh, really?

  19. Don’t get me wrong there is tons of discrimination against whites and men in the work place, however these are not examples of it. Taking an ad from a Jewish group advertising for some type of community relations person is negligible.
    The stuff you should be concerned about is more subtle. The one I see a lot is using “fit” to describe the person they want. So and such is a “good” or “bad” fit with out any real explanation. Even though everyone knows why they are getting hired.
    The other big one is that even if you have a job they will gang up on you in every imaginable way to get rid of you, which ironically since you aren’t a protected class is 100% legal so long as they don’t physically attack you or try to kill you…
    The author is on to something but it needs to be fleshed out more accurately.

  20. “SJW-triggering truth bombs”
    Dude. It’s a good thing you’re so adept at sucking your own dick, because sure as shit no one else is gonna do it.

  21. Remember what Julius Streicher said to his jewish hangman at Nuremberg (after spitting on him of course), “These jewish bolsheviks will hang YOU next, this is purim 1946.” I’m afraid this will be our fate sooner rather than later. Deutschland Erwache

  22. If you’re a business owner than don’t hire these lazy mulignans and those dumb roastie women. Importing slaves and women’s suffrage was history’s greatest mistakes.

  23. Its getting so bad I’ve even had non-white family ppl point out to me all the anti-White racism they’re noticing.
    One thing’s for sure, the insane anti-White hate will only grow & became more prominent as minority groups increase in numbers and confidence.
    Sadly, many brainwashed and conditioned White people will continue to spout sinister Joo’ish quotes like “Diversity is Our Strength” even though it’s absolutely the opposite of truth.
    I feel bad for the Whites of the future. It’s gonna get painful and bloody.
    Only a far far extreme right reaction can turn this around. A Hitler on steroids.

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