The Right Will Never Win Unless They Go Beyond The Mainstream

During the mid-1960s, the great Cultural Revolution began. 1980s conservatives started holding the line tolerably well, though couldn’t press forward. However, since the 1990s, they’ve been sliding backward, especially in the culture war. Why is this happening?

Leftist advantages

A 5-4 majority can rewrite the law. Too bad Scalia got whacked; he was one of the sensible ones.

Liberal judges certainly aren’t shy about legislating from the bench, shoving their social engineering down the public’s throat. Judge-shopping is a major go-to tactic when leftists want something that legislatures will never support, much less the people.

Beginning with the Warren Court, SCOTUS achieved most of the left’s greatest victories, disregarding legitimately-enacted laws and the public’s will. For the latest example, popular referendums about gay marriage lost by wide margins, even in California. Then the Supreme Court’s philosopher-kings did their usual pilpul stuff and “interpreted” the Constitution according to their political preferences.

Also, the left overwhelmingly controls opinion-forming institutions. Education and the media are the major ones, but even many churches became converged, and also they’re making great efforts to silence dissident opinions online. Their milieu control resulted in generations of Blue Pilled liberals and a culture sliding further leftward. This is no coincidence. Their “long march through the institutions” is a major strategy, and it’s easy to underestimate the left’s organization and networking.

Measures allowing for recall of judges who blatantly exceed their authority would help. Changes in university hiring practices could mandate ideological balance, though we’re stuck with radicalinski professors until they age out. We also should keep discrediting the media and university system to starve the beast, and perhaps create our own institutions. These things aren’t easy, but are worthwhile goals.

Something the right can do immediately is start playing hardball. Leftists are out for total war. What are conservatives doing?

Conservatism in theory

He certainly had his moments, but he wasn’t exactly the right’s Final Prophet.

By the textbook definition, conservatism seeks to maintain the status quo. William F. Buckley stated famously:

A conservative is someone who stands athwart history, yelling Stop…

Buckley was unquestionably brilliant, but not perfect. Creating National Review was an important development. Unfortunately, NR positioned itself as the non plus ultra of “respectable” rightist thought. Thus, anyone ideologically beyond their editorial board is an extremist unworthy of consideration. However, “defend left, punch right” isn’t a winning strategy. Further, the textbook status quo stance has some unavoidable problems.

If conservatism merely opposes change, rolling back leftist dysfunction and degeneracy matters little; they just don’t want more of it. Returning a nation’s former glory (MAGA and the like) isn’t on the agenda; that’s “reactionary”. Traditionalism is valuable, but blindly defending a dysfunctional “new normal” is nonsensical. It’s almost as silly as the radical leftist “change everything for the hell of it” shtick. As G.K. Chesterton, a founder of Distributism, once put it:

The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of Conservatives is to prevent mistakes from being corrected.

How’s that helpful?

Status quo is stagnation

Neoconservatives: whose side are they on, anyway?

If the right isn’t at least somewhat reactionary, it’s barely more than centrism for its own sake. There’s no room for pursuing past concepts that worked better, carefully developing new ones, or pragmatically acknowledging another ideology’s successful ideas. Who really wants to conserve the present-day globohomo mess?

Further, that’s passive and strategically ineffective. Not pushing back means repeatedly losing ground. Mainstream nice guys must never diverge too far from Current Year liberalism. As fashions change, they must adopt former liberal positions. Holding firm on their principles makes them “extremists”. How terrible!

So textbook leftists push for constant change, and textbook conservatives must remain not too far behind. Who’s in the driver’s seat? To paraphrase Napoleon, never taking the offensive means never winning. Actually, National Review printed plenty of stuff during their early days with sentiments that they’d denounce venomously today. Standing athwart history and yelling “Stop” only went so far.

American mainstream politics

He who pays the piper calls the tune.

The right does include several variants outside of the textbook status quo concept. Many actually are well-developed ideologies. Of all the schools of thought, the following are America’s two most prominent.

Paleoconservatism is the old-school variety, including figures like Pat Buchanan. They certainly do favor taking the offensive in the culture war. Other than that, they oppose globalism. Their hearts are definitely in the right place. They merely need more awareness, particularly the grassroots. However, many are fairly Red Pilled, and their detractors know it.

Neoconservatism offers barely a status quo effort in the cultural sphere. However, they love big business, free trade agreements, and all the rest of it. They’re also enthusiastic about American intervention in the Middle East. (Another Buckley flaw was firing National Review writers for connecting the dots about things like that.) Whether neocons are actually rightists is pretty debatable. Libertarians are somewhat better; they don’t start spit-in-your-eye wars or implement police state measures.

Paleoconservatism was once the GOP’s defining ideology. During the 1970s, disenchanted liberals joined the Republican Party, becoming the neoconservatives. By the 1990s, they were calling the shots. Effectively it was a successful entryist strategy. The kingmakers in their smoke-filled rooms represent this faction. During the last primary, these were the ones who wanted to “lose with Cruz“, while repeatedly trying to sabotage their party’s overwhelmingly most popular candidate. Simply put, they really do want to conserve the present-day globohomo mess.

The two-party system essentially became a good cop / bad cop strategy. Meanwhile, mainstream liberalism faces similar problems. Big money financing causes Tammany Hall style corruption, so plutocrat-driven globalism takes precedence over actually eliminating war and poverty. Funny how that works…

If you’re not taking flak, you’re not over the target

The “extremists” of the past.

Status quo conservatism is pretty bland, barely even an ideology. That hardly inspires enthusiasm. There’s little to get excited about neocons, either—at least for people like me. Paleoconservatives do want a country that looks like the one they grew up in, but some need to be made aware that the stakes are considerably higher than that.

Leftists actually do have energizing visions: social welfare programs, social justice, socialist utopias, etc. Their goals aren’t always practical, but it’s great advertising to get the rubes on board. That’s why top leftists promise the moon. Their supporters certainly do want to struggle for progress (as they see it). Some will even go to war for that, or chose martyrdom. They certainly have no qualms about raising hell. They’re prepared to do anything it takes.

The right needs to get just as enthusiastic, exerting maximal effort within the bounds of the law and sensibility. Mainstream conservatives try to be nice guys. Do leftists play fair? Taking the high road is fine, but only up to a point. If you’re fighting for your life, then believing you’re bound to Marquess of Queensbury boxing rules will get you killed.

Those who are serious about preserving their civilization will need stronger remedies than the mainstream. That’s how to push back on the Overton Window. Support your favorite brand of “deplorability”. Laugh off any name-calling tactics meant to delegitimize the opposition. It drives leftists crazy when they can’t browbeat their opponents into submission!

Finally, abide by the “no enemies on the right” principle. There’s room for moderate debate, but don’t dwell on differences with those outside the mainstream who make good faith efforts. That only helps our opponents.

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95 thoughts on “The Right Will Never Win Unless They Go Beyond The Mainstream”

    1. Only revolution will change the way the western world has travelled.
      Without killing the enemy, nothing will ever change.

      1. Agreed John nothing short of expelling all foreigners could change things. And a convention of states to limit federal power

        1. Sometimes the direction that “progressives” want to go is the wrong direction. Like their obsession for gender politics and identity politics. These idiots don’t realize that they are insituting racism and sexism as policy, yet they claim they are against that.
          This brand of “liberalism” isn’t even liberalism. They are not for democracy, they are for autocracy and pandering to small intransigent minorities in preference to the interests of the majority. They are ‘tolerant’ only until you disagree with them. They are not for freedom, because they want to take some people’s freedoms away and empower others at their expense.
          The West is decaying from the inside due to this poisonous ideology, and the Deep State use these idiots as tools to divide the population, while they continue to plunder the wealth of these nations.
          Conservatives are against this misguided lunacy. The sad thing is, corporations and MSM are toeing this toxic liberal ideology, with their workplace quotas and schemas. Hiring your mix of tranny, black, muslim, feminist and lesbian workers over say, genuine meritocracy where the best is hired for the job. No, instead they hire based on color, religion and gender. And they don’t even realize this is reverse discrimination.
          Maybe, just maybe, men flock to IT for a reason and women flock to nursing and midwifery for a reason. Trying to institute a “balance” is actually not efficient at all.
          The West is going down if these deranged ideas continue. It has created a population of confused and adversarial relations between people. Such a disunited society cannot stand. What’s needed is a return to free markets, not a command and control economy and society. And a revolution to kick out the vermin that have risen to the top and who are plundering the West from within.
          I’m not born a Westerner, but I grew up in the West, and it has become a very deranged place. To know that so many people want socialism, a system where I came from, is insane. Any big time dependence on government is unhealthy. I view lots of these behaviours through the prism of the Mouse Utopia experiment, especially in cosmopolitan Western cities.

        2. Uh, states are some of the most corrupt governments on this planet. Giving states more power than they already have (which is a lot) is pointless and just asking for more bullshit.

        3. “expelling ALL foreigners” !! Be careful dude, Native/Red INDIANS will kick you out of their Land in split seconds !!

        4. Undoing the damage from the 10th from the civil war. I afraid that we are going to lose or nearly lose our freedom and liberty to get it back.

      2. Been saying this for a while now. Unfortunately, most “conservatives” are pussies who don’t want to kill the enemy. Until that changes, the war (and it is a war) is lost.

  1. Many people on the right are too concerned with getting on with their lives and making as much money as they can to be concerned with any big issues that are going on. At least on the left there are plenty of people who are not afraid to make a scene, to gather up like minded people and cause disruption. On the right it seems that the young especially are fretting about getting that college degree or the results of the big sports games than they are about the direction that society is headed in. Unless we stop being wimps and worrying constantly about essentially unimportant things like holidays and sports those on the left will continue to ride over us.

  2. You could replace every instance of “Leftist” or “Liberal” with the dreaded J word and the article would be equally accurate.
    And that cuts to the heart of the matter and explains why politics is a lost cause at this point in US history.
    The termites have worked their way in to BOTH parties, and seized controlling influence of BOTH sides. They have done this through a combination of trickery and corruption, nepotism, media control, and professional victimhood.
    At this point in time we are FULLY ruled and controlled by a hostile alien elite that does not want what’s best for us. That’s why everything seems like it sucks shiit and is only getting worse everyday. It’s being done on purpose.
    This country is riddled with corruption and decay. Every major institution has already been captured, converged, and subverted. There are traitors in every single office of importance across the land.
    Has not Trump’s presidency proven this to you yet? What about the editorial in the NYT yesterday, didn’t that clue you in to the futility of politics?
    Trump was elected by a very enthusiastic and committed base and yet he is thwarted from enacting any of his promised reforms. He is not the power – the Js that surround him are the power. This has been the case with every president since WW2.
    I don’t know what to tell people who are still clinging to old school solutions like voting or “spreading the word”. It’s not a blackpill but your time and energy would be much better spent in paramilitary training exercises.
    The evil serpent that has wrapped itself around the entirety of the USA will never ever release its deadly grip until it is sliced into a million pieces and burned to ash.
    We are the generation that is tasked with doing that. If we don’t, the future is bleak for all those who come after us.

    1. OK, you got me there. I’d prefer to go after corruption and degeneracy in general, whatever background the offender has. I understand that some people will take a more specific approach and focus on the problems you mentioned. Like I say, support your favorite brand of “deplorability”.

      1. I wasn’t trying to do a gotcha, just adding another perspective, which is that there is an element in our society which supersedes left/right politics and sets the narrative for both. We are so short on time at this late hour, we can’t afford to chase phantoms. We must be clear about exactly what we are dealing with and who is to blame. Corruption and Degeneracy don’t just appear out of nowhere in a Christian society. You can trace exactly where it all came from, and when. The Frankfurt School, post-war. If we don’t know the enemy, and can’t even bring ourselves to speak his name, we’ve already lost.

        1. @life you’re exactly right.
          If we don’t address or identify the REAL problem everyone cowers in fear or becomes reflexively triggered to talk about. We may as well be circle jerking ourselves and playing straight into our enemies hands.

        2. I do understand your point. The ones participating in these problems need to understand that they’re not getting criticized simply because they’re different. (Really, nobody except Muslims has much of a gripe with them over religion. It stopped being about that a long time ago.) Instead, they need to be made aware that the friction is being caused specifically because of *their behavior*.
          However, the way they see it is that they’re the most wonderful people in the world, and these blowups throughout their history just come out of nowhere because all the rest of us are a bunch of ignorant brutes. That’s what keeps the paranoia / subversion / reprisal cycle going. They should be smarter than this, but they believe too much in their own odd historiography (to phrase it as kindly as possible).
          As for the ordinary folks in their tribe who really do fit into society and aren’t participating in this stuff, I have no problem with them. They can do their part by telling the guys on top to knock it off and quit ruining their reputation before they get everyone in trouble once again. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of open debate among them about this. Feminism and cultural Marxism are hurting them too. Their fertility rates have dropped worse than ours, and intermarriage is sky-high. Apparently that didn’t work out so well…

  3. The Left has been totally ruthless in the pursuit of its objectives
    Every trick in the book has been played
    The Right are rank amateurs (even the 4-chan/AltRight/AltLight crowd)

  4. 3 out of 9 of our Supreme Court justices.
    All of those neo-cons pictured who beat the war drums for action against Iraq and Libya, and now against Iran and Syria.
    The same folks over and over again. Need I say (((more))) ?

    1. The 6 Million Pound Gorilla in the room. Until we can openly discuss the root of the problem without fear of repercussions then the problems will continue to intensify, and we will continue losing the war that is being waged against us. Our enemy has the advantage of honing their deceitful tactics for thousands of years, against a wide variety of host populations. They have it down to a science. And throughout history, as soon as the host population grew tired enough to throw off their alien-imposed shackles, their society underwent a magnificent rebirth and cultural renaissance.
      We have nothing to fear but fear itself. This is all upside for us. We are already living the worst downside in the history of humanity.
      Breaking the law is not necessary. Simply prepare yourself in all ways and be ready when the time comes. Be EXTREMELY ready. They are going to unleash their shock troops on us – soon. All we need to do is respond with superior fight and we’ve won.

  5. I think the Right still has the potential to turn things around in the West, but now is the time to spread and push our ideas forward. If “multiculturalism” and non-white immigration continue at the rate we see now, right wing whites simply won’t have the numbers to override the rest of the leftist populace. Democracy is the road to socialism, after all.

    1. Yeah, private property is in imminent danger of becoming public property. I so agree.
      Don the camo! Man the battlements! Ready the guns! Batten the hatches! Hoist the flag and swab the poop decks! (Ermm…?)
      And bring your collection of “Bang” books to use as shields! The Commies are coming, and so are the Thing, the Blob, They, Them, It, He, She, This, That, Those, and The Creature from the Black Lagoon!

      1. I wish it were required to have your actual photo in the avatar so all readers would understand what you really are, and immediately reject your subversive anti-white garbage.

  6. The problem with US is that its young and the industrial revolution sped up its decay. You go throughout history and societal decay has always been there but the difference is the speed in which the decay took effect. Like everything in this world you always have to start a new as nothing last forever.

  7. The right is too reactionary: All defense no offense. They should be persecuting leftists and deplatforming them before the left has a chance to do it to you. Break up leftist organizations, make them suffer just for being leftists, don’t wait until they provoke you or fuck up society.

    1. That’s what everyone thought we were getting with Trump. Then he proceeded to surround himself with every dual citizen and Israel-First traitor he could find on Wall Street.

    2. I’ve been watching some of this “Q” conspiracy stuff…
      There may be more to Trump etc…than the MSM would suggest…
      We can only hope their (MSM/Leftists) outrage is genuine and not a show…as it would mean he is digging, and digging deep, with the support of the military…
      47,000 sealed indictments? Not sure if true or what it really means…
      But, we may be about to witness the “end of the beginning”…

        1. some interesting nonsense from Kavanaugh hearings
          Graham specifically asked him about the precedent for citizens to be tried in military courts for treason….
          This is very important – shits about to get real.
          plenty of nonsense from dems: kamala harris
          “are there laws that govern the male body” he couldn’t think of one. But the meme warriors pointed out “the military draft”
          we so dodged a bullet to the back of the head and gulags by electing Trump…

        2. The biggest issue I have discovered from Snowden/Wikileaks, that the NSA is tracking everything.
          Well, lists go both ways.
          I, and many of us say “well , I’m not doing anything wrong – so who cares?”
          Except the bad guys in previous .gov, and beyond are doing wrong.
          And if trump and his Generals have access to the NSA?!!
          Case closed…on all of them, and everything they have done.
          Apparently Trump knew about Hillary and uranium before the election. Why he trolled her “I will be great friends with Putin”. she takes the bait and says “that would be colluding with the enemy” (after she took bribes etc).
          He is the greatest troll in history – and we may see justice. who knows?

  8. Until bullets impact the hearts-and-minds of some of the “king-makers,” we will continue to get more of the same. Not just the USA, but the world over.
    Those in law enforcement need to consider things.
    We pay taxes, against our will, to pay you, arm you, train you, equip you, provide benefits for you and your families. If you reach retirement, our taxes provide a pension for you until you decease. Should you continue doing the bidding of the left, what are your chances of a decent salary?
    For when the productive class of people is ruined, drain on cash may mean your benefits get slashed. Not to mention the lower classes, to whom the left caters and garners support from, is the cause of most, if not all, of your fallen brothers in arms.
    Yet, everytime Antifa or their ilk shows up, you do nothing until right-wing protestors act in self-defence. Remember, your children and grand-children, Johnny Law. If you are not striving to make the world better for them, you will leave your descendents in chains for “them.”

    1. Nearly every big city police department is headed by a diversity hire…Lesbians of Color seem to be the hot trend.
      You really think they are going to support their officers in doing the right thing? They were appointed to do the exact opposite – to make sure that minorities are shown leniency and whites are nailed to the wall.
      On the financial side of it, money has been made into an abstraction for most normies. How else would they be apathetic in the face of a $22T debt?
      Most cops and all other normalfaggots just assume that money will always be there, it’s magic, it just appears, and any time we need more of it we can print more. They can’t fathom ever being cut off from their salaries or pensions, and so they don’t even consider that a part of their mental calculus.

  9. Really is a shame we don’t all take off of work one day and get to it. Our enemy is not something to be afraid of. We could have this country taken back in a single day.

  10. Good article, a first step is to stop calling ourselves as conservatives. Conservatism is a dying movement is the current status quo is nothing to save. It would be more proper to be a reactionary or a national populist. A second step is to create our own march through institutions by creating our own or taking powerful positions in them. If all else fails we will have to fight a revolution as following current tragectory will either lead to a global Maoist state or the “New World Order”.

  11. Decent article, however there is no right, left, or middle. The reason why our POTUS ruffles feathers is due to the fact that he does not fit in any of those boxes. Once true red pill men stop worrying about labels that don’t add up to squat, that is when your path is discovered.

  12. Americans used to think hippies were lazy fruits for dropping out during the Vietnam War, but maybe the hippies had the right idea after all.
    If you can’t change a corrupt system, why be a part of it?

    1. But the hippies were the ones that corrupted it from the inside out, they didn’t really opt out, that was a ruse. They did it by infiltrating the system, in areas that men thought weren’t important, like education. Change can be done by stealth, incrementally. It took 50 years but the hippies, faggots, communists, feminists, and multiculturalists have done just that.

      1. The Communists started infiltrating education way before the 60’s. At least as far back as the 1920’s but maybe even further than that.

      2. The communists call it “the long march thru the institutions”.
        complete – especially in education.
        perhaps Trump and Betsy Devos are draining that swamp…

  13. Someone (or a group of people) needs to buy land, then you need to build wooden houses on that land start an economic system based on farming with a group of people and start living according to the priciples you put forward (heavy physical training, crafting, architecture, virtues, etc.). All these articles are good but nothing more than mental masterbation if you are still dependent on a leftist system for your food and shelter.
    In the words of scarface: you gotta make a move.
    Otherwise you can be a whiner for decades and that’s actually all you’ve done in your short life here on earth.

    1. These articles serve the purpose of hopefully awakening people currently asleep. To think a small group can go off by itself and just farm is a fatal idea. We need to take our society back. As long as the degenerates hold power they will use it. It wouldn’t be long before the left wing puts it’s boot on the neck of such a community.

  14. One of the many books I’ve read about Conservative Pacifism is “Radical Son – A Generational Odyssey”. It’s very clearly pointed out – years and years ago – that the left is fighting a street fight and the right is fighting with the Marquis de Queensbury rules. What the mainstream establishment can’t get through their thick skulls is that the left is out to totally DESTROY them. Comity and politeness by conservatives are not reciprocated.
    If there is even a remote hope of saving this country (and I’m very skeptical of that) it will be critical to elect people like Trump (and to a lesser extent, like Cruz) who are not beholden to the system. The second thing they need to learn is that when they get in office, ALL previous political appointees have to be flushed. They are a poison in the system, as Trump is finding out. And to elect more true conservatives, it will be necessary to fight dirty and fight hard – it’s a fight for survival, not some fancy gentlemen’s debate club!
    If you haven’t read “Rules for Radicals”, do so. Read some of the foundational writings of the leftist philosophers – so you can understand what and how they are attacking, and thus be prepared to thwart them.
    But as I said, I’m doubtful that the ‘sleeping giant’ can be wakened in time.

  15. Desecrate their symbols
    Break their Taboos.
    Invert their values.
    Deconstruct their narratives.
    Always be trolling
    Always be attacking.

  16. Does “the right” even exist anymore?
    Nowadays; anyone not a Stalinist is
    far right. Look at Florida; for example.
    The Gunshine State is bluer than even
    Kalifornistan now that Gov. Rick Scott
    signed away 2nd Amendment Rights
    of 18-20 year olds. 20 yr old Floridians
    had to move to Kalifornistan to buy
    a .22 pea shooter. (Kalifornistan
    has since caught up; though).
    Yet Rick Scott has an NRA A+ rating.
    He would’ve been laughed out even in
    Mass, JYC, and Hawaii not long ago.
    Now he’s the nominee for Senator.
    The nominee for Governor just
    chose a devout gun-grabber and
    Anti-Trumper as his running mate.
    He is running against a communist.
    Does “the right” even exist anymore?

    1. To Summarize:
      Anything not explicitly leftist has
      been completely deplatformed.
      Rick Scott is a bigger WET DREAM
      than McCain on crack. Florida is
      just a couple of short months
      away from Permanent Blue like
      The NorthEast, Left Coast, and
      any college/university campus.
      And there is NOTHING we can do but
      watch our genocide become assured.
      It is now time to go Black Pill.

      1. can you explain more about Rick Scott?
        Gun range owner allowed my 7 year old to fire: “it’s the gun-shine state”
        Even brought out different calbers for her to try.
        IMO population from north to south:
        new yorkers,
        but great Homestead laws, gun laws, no state sales tax/ income tax
        WTF is happening?

        1. Hi BadMan, Rick Scott
          signed gun-control laws
          banning 18-20 year olds
          from buying even a .22
          gallery gun. We beat out
          Kalifornistan in the race
          to be first to do it. We are
          bluer than Kalifornistan.
          He also enacted a waiting
          period for rifles, that won’t
          prevent a single death at the
          next Gun Free Zone shooting.
          Rick Scott will make John
          McCain look like Ted Cruz.
          And he will “cross the aisle”
          to vote on impeaching Trump.
          Better to wait 6 more years to
          nominate a non RINO to go up
          against Bill Nelson, than wait
          36 years for Rick Scott to retire.
          John McCain has taught us we
          don’t want that to happen again.
          Who knows; Bill Nelson may die
          in office before then. We don’t
          need Rick Scott to maintain the
          majority now that John McStain
          has been replaced by John Kyl.
          If we elect Rick Scott as Senator;
          VP Pence will be breaking records
          for breaking ties in the Senate.

  17. I like this article because it’s exactly what I think we should do: develope a counter-culture and infiltrate institutions. That’s what globalists and marxists did to take over the world and the only way to defeat them is making them taste their own medicine. I know, we would become what we fight but let’s be honest, we’ve tried other methods and those methods haven’t worked. Sadly, big problems require extreme measures.
    Unless we win the Culture Wars, all our efforts shall be in vain.

    1. It took them 100 years to do it. We do not have the time.
      Big problems require extreme measures, indeed.

  18. Not one mention about how the PEOPLE of America changed.
    How useful is that?
    Until the sane right stops dreaming that politicians define politics, it will never move beyond this easy ‘top down’ view of social change and social degeneration.
    If this view made sense, all you’d need are ‘good politicians’ to have a near perfect political dispensation.
    Tell Barry Goldwater that.
    Or Nigel Farage.
    Or M. LePen or Tommy Robinson or Geert Wilders or……

    1. The public is generally “unaware and compliant”, as it was phrased in an email to Hillary’s campaign manager by his buddy. Fixing this problem is a necessary first step to fixing things before regular political solutions can go far.

      1. We agree about the public, but we draw different conclusions as to why they are ‘unaware and compliant’.
        They are ‘unaware’ of mass rapid immigration???
        They are ‘unaware’ about the perverted and ‘trans’ agenda in THEIR OWN children’s schools?
        Compliant with the Single Mother Welfare model?
        Compliant as regards the slaughter of innocent foreigners for ‘freedom’?
        ….all of this is a matter of choice.
        They choose to remain ‘unaware’ . It’s a moral choice they have made.
        Look at the actual people as they are.
        ‘OI had no idea!’ is a clear statement about a persons moral integrity and lack of character.
        The politicians respond to this, they meet the ‘market demand’.
        Do you know how many were ‘unaware and compliant’ as regards Englands massive and ever expending Child Sex Slave Industry?
        I do.
        It was every single person, Police, Parents, Politicians, People.
        That’s it.
        ‘The people perish for lack of knowledge.’
        We wouldn’t have it any other way.
        Our problems in the once civilised west and not ‘political’ at all.
        The solutions will not be ‘political’.

        1. This stuff wasn’t rolled out overnight; it’s been creeping up for the past two generations. If all the crap happening now (sex changes to little kids, for one small example) started in the 1950s, there would’ve been a revolution. Here’s how it works.
          How do you boil a lobster without it jumping out of the pot? Turn up the heat *very slowly*.

  19. Lindsey Graham shit posting since McCain dirt napped – amazing:
    “For the sake of the members of the media and the Left, I hope Obamacare covers treatment for ‘Trump Re-Election Syndrome’
    – it is increasingly more likely to occur.”

      1. yes I pointed it out in another post – the military tribunals for citizens accused of treason – this is very important….
        just hope is not for water boys – but the big names…

  20. This is why I’m a white Identitarian, I joined them not because they want to preserve the status quo but rather preserve a future for our people and destroy the status quo which is a global homo.

    1. ‘…. which is a global homo.’
      ….’cause if there is ONE group of people who will never stand for homosexuality and globalisation, it’s the white people.

      1. The White people interested in that garbage are not White identitarians. They are raceless “global citizens.”

        1. That would mean being ‘white’ was a choice. A matter of personal direction and purpose.
          I don’t agree, disagree or demure in any way. That’s how you see it.
          (TBH, the ‘race question’ does not concern me.)
          However, if ‘white’ is a cultural and political set of choices, then it becomes difficult to appreciate how it can be a ‘tool’ to understand society, progress, regression etc.
          ie Thomas Sowell would be ‘whiter’ than MNM, the rapper?
….’word’…. 😉

        2. Thomas Sowell is a libertarian retard, he is just one black dude, and blacks vote 90% for Globohomo…try again bro.

      2. Hey DUMBFUCK, there is a reason liberals are bringing in minority retards…it is because minorities vote for Globohomo…White boys are LITERALLY THE ONLY PEOPLE FIGHTING AGAINST GLOBOHOMO, this is why (((they))) are trying to ethically exterminate us. If not for libertarian inbreds and other white trash garbage than we would be getting shit done.

        1. Angry racist losers, are what happened to this site.
          You are boring and predictable.
          ….and boring.

  21. Wonderful article. I’m sick of the whole conservative movement/mindset. I was a normie-con for years and can’t help but look back at myself and cringe. Cuckservatives would rather clutch their principles and get beat to death than drop them and fight back. There’s no honor in constantly getting your ass kicked.

  22. To Ravi macho. Kick me out there was nothing in America besides a few bands of nomadic savages slaughtering each other hahah kick me out my people built this nation built all off civilization

    1. Funny, right? Natives had no nation, were defeated through war, were primitive morons who thought blessing their clothing with magic would stop bullets, they were illiterate, and they fought against white man and their own ethnic extermination…and people say that what white man did was considered “evil”. Now, these brown retards somehow demand that whites just let people, who are not even Indians, into our developed and civilized society for free and with affirmative action…and white people shouldn’t fight back like the Indians…and this is considered “good”, and not evil like what happened to the Indians. LOL, brown people will make up any excuse to stay around white people, literally the most pathetic people on earth, and you wonder why their societies suck a**.

  23. Why can’t we adopt and formalize a third position?
    Robust military with mandatory conscription.
    Zero involvement in foreign adventurism or nation building.
    Audit and review all foreign aid payments, eliminate 95% of all aid.
    Outlaw public employee unions.
    Restrict the voting franchise to net taxpaying male citizens.
    Eliminate all legal immigration, systematically deport all illegal immigrants.
    Retroactively repeal citizenship loopholes that allowed “anchor babies” and deport them along with everyone else in their families.
    Make all public Universities free but restrict them to only STEM and the Trades.
    Enact environmental policies of limited growth, limited pollution, and proactive green projects to restore damaged ecology.
    Enact strong animal protection laws. Ban all Kosher and Halal certifications on food products. Make gross animal cruelty a felony.
    Restore Freedom of Association by repealing all race-based laws such as Affirmative Action and the Civil Rights Act.
    Begin a gradual but forceful repatriation of the diaspora to their home in Israel, to be fully completed within a decade.
    Seize and shutter Silicon Valley social media and search companies due to their monopolistic behavior and their shady beginnings as CIA front companies.
    Outlaw the CIA and all other national intelligence agencies. Try and prosecute top leadership going back decades, for crimes against humanity.
    Repeal NAFTA and all other international trade agreements.
    Use our widespread military bases to confiscate long-range weaponry from other nations, then roll up the bases and move them all home.
    Start a national Youth Service program in which 12 – 17 year olds would embark on Boy Scout style programs with heavy community service involvement. At 18 their mandatory military service begins.
    Restore laws that allow the state to intern mentally deficient and insane people against their will – but require humane and comfortable conditions at the sanitariums.
    Eliminate all forms of welfare, corporate subsidies, preferential loans, and other government giveaways.
    Establish a national fund for retirement homes that provide comfortable conditions for any of our elderly who wish to take advantage of them – but no cash payments like Social Security.
    Return to prison labor farms in which inmates provide for the vast majority of their own upkeep. Build character in the inmates through good old fashioned farm work.
    Bring back the death penalty for a wide variety of felonies that have been underpunished for decades.
    Enact public shaming, stocks in the public square, televised humiliation, etc for those convicted of sedition, subversion, and obscenity.
    Restore full freedom of speech but limit it to speech and the written word – not images, videos, movies, or other multimedia formats. Pornography is not free speech and never should have been covered under it.
    Break up the public school system by eliminating all federal funding, and handing control back to counties.
    Stimulate the economy by restoring our reputation for manufacturing high-quality premium goods for export.
    Enact pro-natal policies that provide tax incentives and public recognition for white couples having more than 2 children in a married household.
    Go ahead and add to the list.

    1. nothing will change – because those in power will prevent it.
      Conservatives are banned from speaking in public forums (DISQUS, Twitter, Microsoft, Facebook, servers/infrastruture, payment-systems, etc).
      There is no voting our way out of this
      Only solution is a military coup d’etat
      And maybe happening from the inside with Trump -> his generals, and other billionaires, such As Betsy Devos, and Eric Prince – who care.

      1. So then, just hang around and wait for a Superman that doesn’t give a toss? Nah man I’d rather dream of a better future and then make it happen against all odds.

    2. BTW – upvote, and well done – every point is valid.
      especially the public forum of social media.
      AT&T was split into smaller companies(the baby bells) due to monopoly laws. But, more important they were prevented from listening in on conversations, and/or restricting/eliminating conversations/connections of anyone (i.e those they didn’t like)
      This is the precedent which all huge social media companies should be subjected to now

      1. I appreciate that. Granted it’s an extremely idealistic list but I believe you should start out shooting for the moon and then go as high as you can until you are stopped.
        If the coup you mention were to take place, we still need plans, ideas, and political solutions for the world we would inherit afterward. It’s clear that business as usual capitalism and democracy are highly flawed and need a lot of improvements.

    3. only those in traditional relationships -i.e. have children with both parents in household can hold office. and also vote…
      Must have stake in the future to make decisions about our future.

  24. People who want control and power who have also lost the genetic lottery in some way or another.
    Wherever those two converge.
    That is the premier character of the leftist shock troop.
    Consistently, time and again.
    You want to stop liberal stuff?
    Then you have to either stop the ambitious from being born
    stop the mutants being born.
    Genetic engineering could hold the key.
    Make everyone equal,
    but equal UP not down.

    1. ‘People who want control and power who have also lost the genetic lottery in some way or another.
      Wherever those two converge.’
      100% wrong.
      Are you suggesting the Royal Houses of Europe were genetically sub par?
      What about the Banking Families and attendant cliches?
      Lenin and Trotsky both craved power from their enormous craniums.
      Then there’s the historic Catholic Church with it’s low IQ Cardinals and backward Jesuits…..
      Look at how the Scientific and now Tech cults are ran by the runts of the litter.
      Then we have the modern University Dons with their failed careers foundering on their massive pensions and unsackable tenured Professors and….
      Oh dear, oh dear…..
      Sorry, but your post rather deserved that.

      1. He does have a point with some of this. The royal houses started out as barbarian warlords, but over time began getting a bit inbred. For example, that wiped out the Spanish Hapsburg line. I understand the Rothschild dynasty’s family tree grows straight. Sure, that’s a way of keeping the money in the family, but that can’t continue indefinitely without consequences.
        My earlier item about mattoids may provide some further insights.

        1. testing testing….
          Just checking b4 I write as I could not reply yesterday, some glitch with the site…..or my connection…..

        2. Hi.
          ‘He does have a point with some of this.’
          His analysis is a form of evolutionary biology, determinism and genetics. My problem with this type of analysis is that it certainly can make sense, have ‘a point’ or be logical; however, often the opposite conclusions can be drawn from identical data.
          By coincidence, I was listening to this last night. It includes an extract from ‘The Prince’ that criticises the great Roman General Scipio for NOT controlling his troops enough…..

          ……indeed, he was criticised in the Senate for causing the ‘decay of Roman soldiery’, from memory.
          You may find it of interest.
          Again the problem is, we can draw opposing conclusions……
          -Scipio was so great (genetically well endowed) that he trusted his forces, he allowed great latitude; regarding them as closer to his level of development. This freedom they were not mature or disciplined enough to bear.
          -Scipio was a genetic inadequate, he did not understand that Mastery of Men required he, the superior element, must control and direct his forces like a benevolent though stern father. He thus proved himself not worthy of high command.
          That’s genetics, that’s evolutionary biology when applied to large human system and expanded over centuries. Almost anything can be ‘demonstrated’ by an intelligent and imaginative person. It’s almost impossible to reach solid (near) irrefutable conclusions.
          Thus, we should avoid certainty as once we decide upon our framework of understanding; every piece of data will seem to fit.
          Rather like evolution itself.
          ‘My earlier item about mattoids may provide some further insights.’
          Sorry, can’t see that, could you direct?

  25. Downvote kinda proves the point of the article’s title.
    Maybe the conservative stack just isn’t imaginative enough to win this thing.

    1. ‘Downvote kinda proves the point of the article’s title.’
      That, or it proves you do not understand the issue as well as you might.

      1. You know darn well what I’m getting at about losing the genetic lottery.
        Being (exceptionally) smart but unattractive. That’s also a way of being a mutant.
        And man, they do use that asset to the detriment of normal men.
        Indeed, would not be able to do what they’ve done otherwise.
        Smart men that get passed over by women who prefer the tall, blonde, jock types.
        Wallflower females passed over in favor of pretty, blonde cheerleader types.
        Lots of pent up teen anger and frustration in a middle/high school type setting.
        Somebody’s got to pay.
        Cultural Marxism IS the failed men and women getting back at the normals.

        1. I don’t ‘know darn well’ anything.
          I read your post and posted a response.
          I’m not trying to wind anyone up.
          Life being far too sh….

        2. Tall, good looking people tend to be smarter, healthier and longer lived. It’s almost as if physiognomy is real.

  26. Conservatives are always denouncing anyone the left calls a “neo-nazi” and then are shocked and bewildered when their position is soon declared a “neo-nazi” position.
    In today’s political climate…someone is is AGAINST THE GENOCIDE of the White race is a “neonazi”
    If you are wondering how we got here, ask yourself “did I ever denounce anyone further to the right than me as a neonazibigotextremistblahblahblah”
    If you did then you only have yourself to blame.

  27. “Thus, we should avoid certainty as once we decide upon our framework of understanding; every piece of data will seem to fit.
    Rather like evolution itself.”
    Well, I’m sure that it’s part and parcel, in religious thought, to do it like that you’re um….. actually supposed to…. um look at the data first and like, THEN decide on the framework that like, fits the data the best or something?
    And as for evolution.
    The only problem with the theory of evolution by natural selection is that it’s not 2+2=4.
    That is to say that while evolution isn’t rocket science (by any means) it’s not so intuitive that one can be made to understand it against ones will either.
    Unlike simple arithmetic, there’s no ‘fact raping’ someone with evolution.
    Prior to the ‘Age of Trump’, Darwin likely held the record for the most unjustly, willfully, criticized and persecuted person on the planet.
    “Again the problem is, we can draw opposing conclusions……”
    Well, um…. I guess.
    If you’re disingenuous enough to turn one side of an argument into a strawman (in this case, the idea that people of high genetic fitness are somehow more trusting of others because…. reasons?).

  28. This might be a double post (for quirky software reasons). If it is then may God forgive me.
    “Thus, we should avoid certainty as once we decide upon our framework of understanding; every piece of data will seem to fit.
    Rather like evolution itself.”
    Well, I’m sure that it’s part and parcel, in religious thought, to do it like that you’re um….. actually supposed to…. um look at the data first and like, THEN decide on the framework that like, fits the data the best or something?
    And as for evolution.
    The only problem with the theory of evolution by natural selection is that it’s not 2+2=4.
    That is to say that while evolution isn’t rocket science (by any means) it’s not so intuitive that one can be made to understand it against ones will either.
    Unlike simple arithmetic, there’s no ‘fact raping’ someone with evolution.
    Prior to the ‘Age of Trump’, Darwin likely held the record for the most unjustly, willfully, criticized and persecuted person on the planet.
    “Again the problem is, we can draw opposing conclusions……”
    Well, um…. I guess.
    If you’re disingenuous enough to turn one side of an argument into a strawman (in this case, the idea that people of high genetic fitness are somehow more trusting of others because…. reasons?).

  29. Conservatives are not against progress, in the classical dictionary sense. We are against change for its own sake, against change unless there is some tangible proof that the benefits will outweigh the costs. Conservatives are also the proper practitioners of the Precautionary Principle and Ockham’s Razor, and believers in the Law of Unintended Consequences, all of which are lost on the left or misapplied.
    There is a saying that any long organization or institution that is not explicitly conservative will become liberal over time. We need to create more conservative institutions and organizations to both hold the line and roll back the liberal damage done to society.
    Conservatives have begun giving up on mainstream. Conservative voices online are setting up escape plans for the day when they are shut out of Twitter, Google, Facebook and such. Private universities are being set up but getting push back from places like the gay lobby.
    Of course, the left will then accuse conservatives of being insular and retreating to each chambers but it is, of course, the opposite. The battle is on the the hearts and minds of the sheeple that the left presently has as a captive audience.
    However, we will have to wait another two months to see what happens with the elections and if Trump can continue to appoint judges who might actually read and follow the Constitution rather than searching their anal cavities for emanations from the penumbra of a perfectly legible document.

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