4 Famous Celebrities That Are Actually Anti-Christs

I recall watching the film Megiddo: Omega Code 2 as a child. In part, it messed with me mentally. But, as I’ve grown, and in keeping with intellectual company, I find much wisdom in Christianity. Same for Islam, in fact. Same for the old-school cats of LeVeyan Satanism all the way to Might Is Right. Nature. She is real, She is alive, She is watching.

Getting back to Christianity, I remember being told about ‘lukewarm’ Christians and how they’d be judged, perhaps far harsher, than an atheist or non-believer. I recall rhetoric which espoused that there’d be an anti-Christ which would come (most likely from Rome) upon Mother Earth and many would fall before their deceit.

Well, I came to this observation back in either 2011 or 2012 when working on some literary material. And it rings a tune I can dance to.

Joel Osteen Is An Anti-Christ

Pastor Joel Osteen is a rat bastard, in my humble view. Men like him espouse that God is basically all love. That’s simply a lie. I was told, in my youth, that there’d be an anti-Christ which grown men would weep before in total belief. That even the strongest of men would follow them blindly in the potential millions, if not billions.

Pastors like Joel Osteen fit very well the anti-Christ I was warned about. Many other famous TV-based, money-grubbing whore pastors fit the anti-Christ description I was given as well. And many of these pastors, both the TV-based ones and those operating liberal-drenched churches, are very aligned with many leftist values and many still take this let’s-all-just-hug-and-love mentality when, in reality, we know that is a limp-wristed, weakening mentality which, in the end, causes a society to become too soft, too accepting, too loving. Are you yet connecting the dots?

Miley Cyrus Is An Anti-Christ

Yes, Miley Cyrus (just to pick one out of the many celebrity higher-up bourgeois brats) is an anti-Christ. Women like her perpetuate much of the mindless whoredom, party-all-night lifestyle and mentality of the contemporary American youth. And I damn well understand the desire to simply cut loose, get piss-drunk and hit the dance floor while grinding on a fine-looking Latina’s ass. It’s natural, it’s normal, it’s human. But these have political and cultural snowball effects and societal comeuppances; especially when perpetuated and glorified by Hollywood, music and literature.

Ben Shapiro and his book Primetime Propaganda lay out very nicely, from the 1960s to our contemporary America, how Hollywood became more and more liberal. And reviewing that process goes to show that every decision truly leads to furthering that decisions extension far beyond its borders. It starts with just hearing a toilet flush on TV for the first time, or allowing two gay men to kiss for the first time. It’s quite remarkable to ponder over, I find.

Do not give that mouse a cookie.

Gloria Steinem Is An Anti-Christ

Ever hear of Gloria Steinem? She is an American feminist and political activist who began her operations of advocating for feminism in the 1960-1970s. She’s an old rag now but still going strong with her feminist agenda and propaganda. She was a co-founder of New York Magazine and Ms. Magazine, to which she seems to remain a consulting editor.

She pioneers female-empowerment in culture and politics. She’s apparently often dubbed the “Mother of Feminism.” She also has some very interesting quotes:

“A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.”

“A liberated woman is one who has sex before marriage and a job after.”

“Don’t think about making women fit in the world – think about making the world fit women.”

“Women have two choices: either she’s a feminist or a masochist.”

“We are talking about a society in which there will be no roles other than those chosen or those earned. We are really talking about humanism.”

“We’ve begun to raise our daughters like sons. . .but few have the courage to raise our sons more like our daughters.”

“We can tell our values by looking at our checkbook stubs.”

“The authority of any institution must stop at it’s citizens skin.”

“Clearly no one knows what leadership has gone undiscovered in women of all races, and in black and other minority men.”

“The surest way to be alone is to get married.”

“Law and justice are not always the same. When they aren’t, destroying the law may be the first step toward changing it.”

“On my 70th birthday I was going to get a tramp stamp.”

What fascinating propaganda. Her rhetoric, truly so, is an absolute art of manipulation and holds very strong anti-natural sentiments. I must give the old bag credit. The adversary is quite cunning. And this propaganda has surely infested our universities in ways which have already been keenly observed.

The feminist is a suicidal fanatic and danger unto herself. For man has not raised a strong hand to save her from her own destruction; thus, man condemns both his sons and daughters to hell.

Emma Watson Is An Anti-Christ

Personally, if I was to engage in chat with any feminist, it’d be Emma Watson. Mostly because of her looks, but I do appreciate her calm, overall collective demeanor. However, she also believes that men and women can be equal in every aspect of life.

On paper, it looks fine and sounds reasonable. Why hold down another group and cause tension and conflict when we can all be friends and watch rainbows form together? Because Nature doesn’t give a shit about emotion. She is all about law and order, dominance and submission. The female is only allowed to rule over man because men allow it. The female alone is powerless and must have men do their bidding for them. Period.

Why do I show respect toward the female cop? Because, if I get out of line, a bunch of male cops are going to kick my ass. The female cop alone is useless in serious situations. Equality is perhaps the worse myth perpetuated by the West.

If misogyny is able to rise up in the West, it is perhaps possible to regain control of this ever-crumbling empire. If not, another dominant culture and group shall have to swoop in and be the next saviors. And, in time, they may make the same damn mistakes as the post-Western man, and on the cycle continues.

The Apocalypse Already Happened

An intriguing cat, named Boyd Rice, once espoused:

“I think Armageddon came a long time ago. The end of the world came ages ago, but it happened slowly over a period of time and nobody noticed it. It’s an on-going process. The world today is different than the world thirty years ago. It’s like decayed so much, and it’s decaying more and more all the time. And as that decay gets worse, we get stronger. And we are rising up as the entire world is sinking down, until our world is rotten and corrupt and they’re ordaining their own death. To us, they’re just dead people who refuse to lie down.”

Look around you. The world is in a pot of piss and the West, especially America, is ruining herself. We now have judges who take away a teenager from their parents because they refused to adhere to their brats desire to take hormone-stoppers to transition into the opposite sex. The US army (or global tyrants) is being weakened by allowing females to actually serve on the frontlines of war. People, in everyday public conversation, have to whisper far too much between sentences because someone might over hear, get offended, and enact violence. Homosexual marriage was forced through, which then created a political and cultural snowball effect of far worse degeneracy, as I see it. This is only a minority of conundrums slowly but surely plaguing the West like a virus.

The anti-Christ is anti-Nature.


Conservatism will have to be forced upon the West by means of government. That is my belief. Logically speaking, I cannot foresee any other way. Perhaps a way will appear and we’ll finally get that utopia so many progressive liberals aspire to. Of course, you’ll have to completely adopt all their views of morality in order to achieve it while completely rejecting your own.

I think America is done for. When I look at Old Glory, I no longer see what she once was. No, I see an imposter. And I know, as she flies high in the wind, she looks down laughing at us in the grimmest, most sinister of ways.

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75 thoughts on “4 Famous Celebrities That Are Actually Anti-Christs”

  1. This feminist shit is so cosmical it reminds me of Jon Jajoey “The fellatio truth movement” …”you gotta get that dick sucked…you gotta get that duck sucked”.

    1. Author missed 2 more obvious names:
      1. Obama – a muslim who wants death to America.
      2. Hillary – a treasonous cunt if there ever was one
      Both her and Obama will be put to death soon, just like John McCain was, so that’s something to look forward to.

      1. @DemSlaveOwners “Both her and Obama will be put to death soon” By who? Libertarians hiding in their individual little world, shooting steel targets with their AR-15’s, prepping their house for the rapture and the return of Jesus and Reagan to save them? I mean, we can’t always rely on a brain tumor to take our enemies out for us.
        LOL, liberals are still winning bro, feminists are getting stronger and fucking men over more and more, third world morons are still flooding in, Europe is still going to shit…transsexualism, gender politics, pedophilia, Jewish subversion…going as strong as ever, and just getting stronger. The only hope we have is that some retarded centrists and libertarians are finally beginning to pull their heads out of their ass. MALE TRIBALISM, ETHNIC PRIDE, AND NATIONALISM…I can’t say it enough, that is all.

        1. I am “philospohically” what one would call a “little l ” ancap libertarian. I have seen your rants against libertarians for quite some time, but this is the first time I have felt the desire to respond.
          I have come to the conclusion that you are correct on a great many things. What many of the people you rant about neglect to remember about “Muh NonAggression Principle ” is the second corollary.
          That is “Every human being and group of human beings has the natural right to defend VIOLENTLY AND LETHALLY if necessary their property and the property of others”.
          I think they fail to see that:
          A)”Nationalists” are collectively uniting among themselves VOLUNTARILY.
          B) Many of these groups have formed as a result of DEFENSIVE measures against an overwhelming group of people who wish to destroy them.
          C) Some of these people wish to use the power of the State to DEFEND against these “Enemy” as a means to defend themselves and their people against those who are using various forms of aggression to destroy them.
          See the pattern there? Well unfortunately, many libertarians are too busy screaming “STATISTS” to see that pattern. They are too caught up in their Thou Shalt Not Aggress to see that they are being aggressed against. They have completely forgotten the second part of their precious Principle: Thou MUST Defend. By any means neccessary.
          They dont see that they are being attacked. I think it’s some residual latent critical theory indoctrination.
          Anyway. Thats my two cents. You may now proceed to tell me what a faggoty libertarian twat I am. haha

        2. Qanon brah. The vast majority of people are already informed as to what’s going down. In fact, I assume you know too and are just playing the dumb cunt game. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

        1. The treason list is long, too long for a single post. Glad you put his name in there, was hoping someone would.

        2. even if he’s blue-pill af now I’d still hang with Slick Willie anytime. He just has that aura of guy’s-guy, and even if he’s not a chad anymore hes bound to be more candid about that kind of thing off-the-record.

      2. All these people(Obama & Hillary included) are branches of the antichrist, the antichrist is either an immaterial invisible dark force which influences these people’s unconscious, or he simply hasn’t appeared yet. The elites will w8 for western society to Crumble & then the evil one will be introduced as a saviour that people should follow.

        1. Spot on, this political game going on right now (Trump vs the Deep State) is really a metaphorical version of the real battle.

  2. I think you misrepresent the Left. The Left has traditionally disliked religion (think communist rebels). It is the Right that has embraced it (think Spanish Inquisition) .

    1. He made some interesting points. I think he was more about than shock than sincerity though. I’d say his main contribution to things is helping to get the idea out there that equality doesn’t exist. He was a member of the Church of Satan back in the day.

  3. Gloria Steinem has a lot to answer for. For decades she preached singlehood, saying you couldn’t be a whole woman if you were married. The result is a generation of lonely cat ladies growing older and less able to attract a male. Then what does she do? She gets married! When asked why, she stated “It’s nice to have a man around the house”. No kidding! Better late than never, eh? One time at a speech in Austin, Texas in the late 1980’s she stated that Joseph Stalin should have gotten in touch with his “inner child” rather than murder millions.

    1. It’s rather telling that she’s the mother of Christian Bale; a guy who exclusively takes hyper masculine roles, keeps to himself, keeps his family life where it belongs and doesn’t take shit from sjw journos.

      1. I thought so to but that is not the case. Bale is super Beta SJW. Many times has he cried about the lack of diversity in the film industry.

    2. Mick Dundee.
      Gloria Steinem is NOT Christian Bale’s mother. Per imdb: Christian Charles Philip Bale was born in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK on January 30, 1974, to English parents Jennifer “Jenny” (James) and David Charles Howard Bale.

      1. You’re right, It seems that she is merely his Step-mother. Funny thing is I saw an interview where he referred to her as his mother, seems I got trolled.

  4. All that you describe is emblematic–and symptomatic–of late stage capitalism. A stage when nothing matters but profit and pleasure, and morals, honor, and family go out the window. Most if not all of which is erroneously known as “cultural Marxism” is actually a byproduct of this rot. Conservatism as the author understands it will not be forced upon the USA, whether the National Review, Reaganite “cuckerservative” variety (and may the Lord have mercy on me for even using the non-word “cuckservative”) or the tiki-torch, mom’s basement alt.right variety. The internal contradictions of they current dying economic system are leading slowly but inexorably to its final stage–a publicly-owned worker’s economy. When that finally happens, all of the rot you’ve bullet-pointed will disappear of its own accord.
    P.S. You mentioned Ben Shapiro in a favorable way. That won’t win many friends here. It’s his ((last name)) dont’cha know.

  5. The actual “antichrist” has likely been dead for many centuries, as it was most likely a reference to the Roman emperor Nero. However, the people listed above certainly are “anti-Christ” in many respects.

    1. No, I think there’s ample theological reason to believe the Antichrist will be here in the future–if he (and it’s going to be a man) is not here already. But just because the four people mentioned are wrongheaded assholes hardly qualifies them for Antichrist status. By the way, who are those 2 twinks in the black and white picture?

      1. To non-believers: as per the Bible, there will be many “anti-Christs” in spirit. But there will be only one “Anti-Christ” son of perdition.
        Anyone can be an anti-Christ spirit. Anti simply means “instead of” in Latin. So if you preach any message in replacement of the gospel – you are of anti-Christ doctrine.

  6. It should be noted that an “antichrist” is referred multiple times throughout the John epistles. In this reference, the antichrist is any person who denies the divinity of Jesus Christ. Therefore, there have been many antichrists in the past and present, and there will be antichrists in the future. The literal, single-person “Antichrist” prophesied in Revelation is much more speculative.

    1. he’s splc or something
      “if misogyny is to rise up………..conservativism will need to be forced on the west by means of government” ?????
      antifa troll alert

    1. it’s because of dumb comments like this I can’t read ROK on my phone because it’s flagged up as hate speech / extremism even though it isn’t until articles like this celebrating ‘misogyny’ and idiots like you recommending killing people turn up to lose the argument in style

    1. Research lends validity to your thesis:

      Starts with a trannyriffic women’s prison and ends with a mass murder of Deplorables via poisoning. Let’s see what else:

      Disembodied talking heads, goat masks, and who the [email protected] knows what else.

    2. Your thesis is sound. As supporting evidence:

      Starts with foreplay in a trannyriffic women’s prison and finishes up with a mass murder of Deplorables via poisoning.

      Disembodied talking head in a jar saying something about creating “a new race”.
      Yeah, if the exorcism doesn’t work, I’d say burn it at the stake. It’s the only way to be sure.

    1. There’s been some talk about microchipping. If that goes down, it’ll be for secuuuurity, of course, maybe after a string of false flag incidents to scare the public into accepting it.
      Am I a big cynic, or what?

      1. No, you are not. Just look at how many rights we gave up just since 2001, let alone the 1980s and the “War On Drugs.”

      2. They’ve already started microchipping ppl. I saw that some corporation had started using it with ppl using chips embedded in their wrists to gain access without using a card. It’s also works on their vending machines too.

  7. Obama had at least a whiff of sulfur around him too:
    — One of his overenthusiastic supporters called him a “Lightworker”. That’s rather like “Lucifer” (literal meaning, “light bringer”). I LOLed at that when I heard about it.
    — On the day of his election, the pick 3 lottery number in his long-time home city of Chicago was 6-6-6. Cute coincidence 🙂
    — When one of my girlfriends saw him on TV the first time, her immediate reaction was, “What’s the Devil doing on TV?”
    Well, none of that proves he’s Satan, but it’s still damned funny! Anyway, now that we’re going *way* out there, what was this leaked email all about?
    “I think Obama spent about $65,000 of the tax-payers money flying in pizza/dogs from Chicago for a private party at the White House not long ago, assume we are using the same channels?”
    Okay, if President Obama wanted to get a very expensive batch of proletarian junk food delivered to an exclusive White House shindig, why fly it in from Chicago? It would take a couple hours to arrive and lose its freshness. Besides, that would be an unnecessary expense; doesn’t DC have caterers? The White House has its own kitchen too, and for very good reason. Or… maybe that wasn’t really about pizza and hot dogs?

    1. “Well, none of that proves he’s Satan”
      No, it doesn’t, but I think if there were such a thing and Satan Obama would be the kind of person no-one would ever suspect of being Satan

      1. Could be those two are birds of a feather at least? More seriously, of Obama actually was the Antichrist, he would’ve done a more competent job of screwing things up. I didn’t much care for Obama’s administration, but that little putz Kim Jong Un is objectively orders of magnitude worse.

        1. my view is that Kim Jong Un is just too much of a caricature of evil. Obama might not have precipated armageddon but he has the right kind of wily smarm, the seductive patter and demagoguery (yes, you can!). I’m not saying he is satan, just that he ticks a lot of the right boxes for being a consummate deceiver

  8. On female cops, possibly the strongest looking female I’ve ever encountered works out in my gym. She’s short, has big arms an amazing ass and an unattractive face. Nofap is a cruel master and demanded I talk to her because of that ass and legs. I asked her how much she could bench. She replied she once did 150. Not bad. She then told me she was a cop.
    There is a theory that there is a gene known as “The warrior gene”. If it exists I almost assuredly have it. Bearers of this gene are known to be highly aggressive and prone to violence, it is highly prominent among criminals. I have been blessed enough in this life that I have worked for many years to curtail my aggression in hopes of not losing what I have or causing distress to loved ones. However, those less fortunate have no qualms about this and believe me the penchant for violence is immense.
    I am 6’2 and over 250 lbs. I could break this little girls neck before she could call for backup. Some would say, they have pepper spray, they have clubs, they have tasers and especially a gun. I would say, that 5’2″ 100 some pound girl trying to handle someone like me inevitably makes it a life or death situation. That gun is where it’s headed if I don’t feel like getting taken in. On the other hand a man, even one smaller than me, with the other weapons has a chance to subdue or at least buy time until backup gets there. It doesn’t have to turn deadly but with a woman cop the threat to them is so severe it is always life or death with any violent criminal.

    1. Time for the female cop montage:

      Det går bra nu…..
      Posted by Mikael Nyren on Sunday, April 2, 2017


  9. “Men like him espouse that God is basically all love. That’s simply a lie.”
    The Christian God is a god of love. Yeah it’s a bit gay, but heh some of my best friends are a God of Love. Well, one is.
    “Personally, if I was to engage in chat with any feminist, it’d be Emma Watson. Mostly because of her looks, but I do appreciate her calm, overall collective demeanor”
    I sat next Watson in a cafe about a decade ago without realising who she was. Noticing she looked familiar I asked her if she was Hermione and she giggled and said no, then went back to talking with her friend about someone more famous than her. Technically, the lying stuck up bitch was telling the truth as she isn’t Hermione. She just plays Hermione. You see when you go to brown university you can tell the difference between fictional characters and the people who play them
    “If misogyny is able to rise up in the West, it is perhaps possible to regain control of this ever-crumbling empire.”
    Well lookee here. Seems like the SPLC are writing for ROK suddenly. How easily led by the nose do you think we are? Yeah, you’re right. Pretty easily, now let’s get back to battling the antichrist(s).

  10. “Law and justice are not always the same. When they aren’t, destroying the law may be the first step toward changing it.”
    This one is true though.
    “The surest way to be alone is to get married.”
    Many men believe this same thing, and not only MGTOW men.
    “The authority of any institution must stop at it’s citizens skin.”
    “We are talking about a society in which there will be no roles other than those chosen or those earned. We are really talking about humanism.”
    What’s so wrong with this? Especially with EARNING roles? If you think women can’t earn men’s roles (and in many instances they can’t) why care if they want to compete?

  11. It’s funny how the liberals keep preaching about “diversity” and how highlighting how we are different from each other somehow brings us closer together but when it comes to men and women we are all “the same”….

  12. The ones who started it all: ROTHSCHILDS. They are the poster children for anti-christ. The others are just small potatoes…

  13. Dang! where has this author been hiding for the past 20 years. What a breath of fresh air!
    I was a college professor for 7 years and finally lost my job most likely because I would not bow the knee to political correctness. This guy is saying what most “men” are at least thinking in their hearts. Keep up the good work brother!

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