Amazon Has Banned 9 Of My Books Without Explanation (UPDATE)

Starting on Friday, September 7, Amazon has gone on a rampage and banned the paperback and Kindle editions of nine of my books, including my new release Game. The sales pages now give you an error message. Despite repeatedly trying to get answers from Amazon via phone and email, they will not tell me why the books have been removed.

UPDATE: I have also had my entire book catalog banned from Barnes & Noble and Kobo. I added their termination emails to the bottom of this article.

The removals started on the first day Game was released

On Friday I received an email from both Amazon’s Createspace (paperback) and Kindle Direct Publishing divisions that stated three of my books have been removed because they were in violation of “content guidelines.”

The most relevant parts of their guidelines state the following:

We don’t accept pornography or offensive depictions of graphic sexual acts.

Offensive content
What we deem offensive is probably about what you would expect.

Illegal and infringing content
We take violations of laws and proprietary rights very seriously. It is your responsibility to ensure that your content doesn’t violate laws or copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity, or other rights. Just because content is freely available does not mean you are free to copy and sell it.

Amazon won’t tell me which guideline I broke

I contacted them by phone when I first got the notice, but they stated that the team in charge of removing books doesn’t have phone support. Through email, they told me they could not give me any details.

On Sunday, five more books were banned.

Then on Monday morning I wake up to find that my new book Game was also banned.

I called again but was given the same runaround. The phone rep could not give me details or connect me with someone who could help.

I believe the bannings began because the launch of Game was extremely successful. I sold 2,000 books in the first two days and hit the top 700 on Amazon paperback on the first day. Even before Friday’s launch, Game was already in Amazon’s top 10,000. As far as I know, Amazon didn’t receive a single complaint about the content, but they removed it anyway.

Amazon sells books that are far more offensive than mine

My dating books contain instructional details on having sex, and contain naughty words like “penis” and “vagina,” but they don’t promote violent or degrading behaviors like other books Amazon has for sale. Stephen King’s compilation Four Past Midnight contains the novella Library Policeman. It features the prolonged anal rape of a young boy, and is freely available on Amazon.

When Sam a little boy, he was returning some overdue books when a, man stopped him outside the library. The man claims to be a policeman, and orders Sam to come with him to pay the fine on his books.

The fine ends up being a prolonged anal rape of the boy, and I do mean prolonged. The grown man forces his massive penis into Sam’s ass as he’s forced against a wall, all described with intimate detail of almost every thrust for four whole agonizing pages… King keeps it going and going and going. It may in fact be the most detailed sex scene in all his work, save one. [Source]

One of the best selling books of all time, 50 Shades Of Grey, features numerous graphic scenes of sexual abuse, including one scene where the sexy male character bludgeons a female. It is freely available on Amazon.

“Suddenly he grabs me, tipping me across his lap. With one smooth movement, he angles his body so my torso is resting on the bed beside him. He throws his right leg over both mine and plants his left forearm on the small of my back, holding me down so I cannot move . . . He places his hand on my naked behind, softly fondling me, stroking around and around with his flat palm. And then his hand is no longer there . . . and he hits me — hard.

Another book that Amazon sells is called Just Fuck Me! It features extremely graphic depictions of sex and “getting fucked.” It is freely available on Amazon.

Dozens of books that feature violent rape are not only available on Amazon, but are featured within lists on Amazon-owned Goodreads so shoppers can find them easier.

There are hundreds of other pornographic books that depict sex in the most graphic way possible, with covers that are barely safe for work, and they are all still available.

None of my books contain child rape scenes, physical abuse, pornography, or sexual violence, and yet they were banned.

Were they banned because they were effective at helping men? Was it because executives at Amazon disagree with my political opinions? Was it an action from a rogue employee? They won’t tell me. Whatever the case, someone in the company clicked the delete button and I’m supposed to accept it, but it’s hard to do that when your livelihood depends on the basic assumption of fair business practices.

I believe I deserve answers from Amazon. Until then, I will begin researching alternative ways to sell paperback copies to my readers.

You can still buy my ebooks on Roosh V Store

Thankfully, I have a web store where I sell all 19 of my ebooks and audiobooks that you can order with a credit card or cryptocurrency. If you want to support me and my new book Game, you can learn more about it here or click the links below to grab your copy. I’m extending the special deals that were supposed to end today.

The instantly downloadable ebook edition costs only $13 and contains unrestricted PDF, ePUB, and MOBI files that can be viewed on unlimited devices. After submitting your payment, you’ll be immediately forwarded to the book’s download page…

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Now what?

The censorship is intensifying. I’m not the only one who noticed the banning of Alex Jones on just about every tech platform in existence. I thought our tech overlords would first censor political figures on the right in preparation for the American midterm election this November, but it’s clear that even if your work doesn’t contain anything remotely political, like my dating books, they will still go after you.

Amazon and other tech companies have no moral qualms about hurting people’s lives under the guise of eliminating “hate speech” or “offensive” content without objectively defining what those terms actually mean. The drive to censor anyone with an opinion not sanctioned by a global corporation will only get worse, but as long as I have a mouth, I will continue to speak.


Here’s a solid analysis from the Spectator:

We are living in an Orwellian dystopia. Democrat members of Congress advocate harassment of their opponents, and Republican congressmen are targeted by assassins and GOP candidates are assaulted by knife-wielding lunatics, yet the so-called “mainstream” media insist that it is the Right, not the Left, which is dangerous. In this bizarre mirror-reverse world, atheists, homosexuals, violent anarchists and vehement man-hating feminists are free to say and do what they please, but a guy who tells other guys how to be successful with women is demonized like Emmanuel Goldstein in Nineteen Eighty-Four. Instead of free speech being suppressed by an all-powerful government, the enemies of freedom are gigantic multibillion-dollar Internet companies eager to appease swarming squadrons of social justice warriors (SJWs) who bombard them with complaints about alleged purveyors of “hate.”

I also did interviews with Alex Jones, Paul Joseph WatsonJF Gariepy, and Luke Rudkowski.

Below are the termination emails that Barnes & Noble and Kobo sent me. They each banned all 19 of my books, even Free Speech Isn’t Free, which does not have any sexual or graphic content.

This article was originally published on Roosh V.

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152 thoughts on “Amazon Has Banned 9 Of My Books Without Explanation (UPDATE)”

    1. Complete pipe dream. Any government action against Amazon, Google, Apple, etc will go to the Supreme Court and they will rule in Big Tech’s favor.

      1. You’re thinking about it wrong.
        It wouldn’t be an action, but a non-action.
        Big Tech is vulnerable to attack on two fronts.
        The first is Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Scratch that section out of the law, or make its protections contingent on acting consistent with the First Amendment, and big tech is destroyed.
        The second is Title II of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. Scratch that title out of the law, or make its protections contingent on acting consistent with the First Amendment, and big tech is destroyed.
        Big media would love either course of action, because it would essentially trigger legal thermonuclear war between Big Tech and Big Media. Instantly Youtube would become the next Napster.
        Either change is defensible in court, because fundamentally it was an abridgment of rights to grant those protections in the first place.

        1. “Big media would love either course of action, because it would essentially trigger legal thermonuclear war between Big Tech and Big Media. Instantly Youtube would become the next Napster.”
          “Big Tech” and “Big Media” are both parts of “Big Tribe,” though. They’re not going to work that one out in the open in the (ostensibly) goyishe court system. The concepts of “lashon hara” and “mesirah” are relevant here:

        2. Big media would love either course of action, because it would essentially trigger legal thermonuclear war between Big Tech and Big Media. Instantly Youtube would become the next Napster.

          “Big Tech” and “Big Media” are both parts of “Big Tribe,” though. They’re not going to work that one out in the open, in the (ostensibly) g0 yishe court system. See the concepts of “lashon hara” and “mesirah” in particular.

      1. Screw Amazon…..this is another tech giant that has bitten the dust and drank the koolaid of political correctness.
        My advice would be to seek out other merchants.

      2. If Roohs picked some cheapass lame old school PUA cover AMAZON would be LAUGHING their fuckin asses off – NO GIRL WOULD BUY THAT SHIT – they wouldn’t give TWO FUCKS – would not give a single fuck if the book looked like a lameass old school PUA book or if it was just a solid cover EVEN IF THE SALES were SKYROCKETING UP – they wouldnt GIVE A FUCK – its because the cover has mainstream appeal to high school girls – GUAREEN -FUCKIN-TEED man – girls LOVE reading about how guys FUCK THEM – they fuckin LOVE it dick man – they LOVE RAPE – look at 50 shades of faggotness – they EAT THAT SHIT UP ALL FUCKIN DAY LONG – the reaosn ROOSHS book isn’t in THAT category is because its NO LONGER FUCKIN FICTION – IT FACT*
        THATS THE TRUTH of the matter right fuckin there – Amazon can’t allow their main audience to become submissive and be seduced – GIRLS MOLD LIKE FUCKIN CHEESE – liek water – they love SUBMISSION to a man – if GAME was #1 on Amazon girls would EAT THAT SHIT UP – they LOVE reading how ‘men are seducing them’ so that they can PLAY ALONG – they FUCKIN LOVE IT – ALL THE MORE when its presented to her in an appealing package and looks mainstream – amazon doesnt give two fucks about EVERY OTHER PUA GAME book on amazon because they ALL look faggy as fuck and geared towards MEN AND MEN ONLY – amazon can’t afford to have its main market become submissive and complacentto men and read GAME – because thats EXACTLY what would happen – Amazon thinks, “THERE GOES THE ENTIRE FUCKING MARKET!!!” Girls right now are TOLD and encourgaed to slut the fuck out FOR EVER – AND THEY FUCKIN DO – God forbid Roosh says in his book on how to ACTUALLY lock that BITCH DOWN – they lose their entire fucking market if they allow this book to flourish – they KNOW girls WILL BUY IT – you cant say that about any other game book out there. There – I’m done, enjoy the spam motherfuckers

    2. Sorry, it’s happened to you Roosh.
      The west is no longer a place for a free & thinking man to live.
      Comply with their Tyrannical Gynocracy or be destroyed.
      I left 10 years ago when I realized there can be no justice for men in the west.

    3. We have to play their game. One man alone they will shrug off. If everyone targets their customer service, overwhelms their email, and just wastes as much of their time as we all can they might change their mind. Their hypocrisy needs to be shown to the masses.

    4. That’s cute. But a private bookseller can sell whatever it wants. Still, some of those other how-to books look pretty interesting. Thanks for turning us on to them.

      1. The problem isn’t that one shop doesn’t want to sell Roosh’s books. Its that the biggest player worldwide in books (pretty much a monopoly these days)won’t sell them and won’t justify why. These SJW fuckwits in Amazon are showing their hypocrisy.

      2. f*ckin liberdarian tw4ts! they dont understand that big companies arent like individuals?
        libertarians dont understand simply concepts: what’s choice when there’s none? the same people own big tech, big media, the credit card companies, etc.
        if all major credit card companies reject your account how can you operate on the internet? you create out of your a$$ your own billionaire credit card company?

      3. I wish these sodomites like Herbie, here, would make up what left of their minds. So you’re saying now that private businesses CAN discriminate when baking cakes and selling flowers, etc., etc.

    5. Roosh, call a lawyer…you have a case.
      Amazon has so much power to shape commerce, particularly the exchange of ideas in the form of written material that an antitrust case against Amazon could be made.
      Have you tried to find all the other authors banned by Amazon? Together you could make a good case.

    6. Man, I was pissed at this site as of late cuse its got a shit ton of click bait articles and Roosh allowing all fot eh clickbait, but this, THI is the reason this site matters – we need sits like this or the internet nd free-speech is DEAD, DEAD AS FUCK – free speech is fucking dead – FUCK AMAZON FAGGOTS – ya know man, I watched your video Roosh, youre too soft on them man, like seriously, rap artists talk about fucking girls and raping them all day long, they were jealous man, plain in simple, they can’t believe you were becoming successful so fast – that’s all it is man. All of these self-published faggots can’t make a 100 sales in a month even with their own blogs and everything they do and you stomp them out in a day with your sales – you went about it ALL RIGHT – Amazon can’t believe their system is actually be used THE WAY ITS SUPPOSE TO BE USED – fuck Amazon- dude, in your video your like “Well maybe its just cuse of x, y, or z reason’ – but your rationalizing man, its cuse of your political points of view plain and simple – there is no other reason…it has nothing to do with content and everything to do with who you are and that they are jealous cunts who can’t believe you made so many sales so fast – the neolib facist faggots can’t make 100 sales in a month with their shit cunt books but you come in and drop a bomb on them and make mad sales super fast, it goes against everything they are – these neolib fag authors make their shit cunt books and have their shit lib blogs and they can’t let their platform be used against them – in some ways its a ‘smart’ strategy – would you allow a neolib Marxist to promote his book and make crazy sales on ROK? Or would you shut him down? I realize its not an accurate comparison, but they silence because they’re butthurt cunts with no real morality of any kind- I give it 6months – 2 years to where google systematically goes through the internet and writes off anyone and everyone they disagree with. 2 years, probably not even. This is a small fry situation – once Trump gets reelected Googles gunna go balls tot he walls and censor the Internet – Gaureenteed – GUAREN-FUCKIN-TEED – Googgles going to censor the ENTIRE fucking internet – its going to happen – its the slow boiling of the frog – the frog is in the water and the water is heatin gup and before you know it the waters boiling and the frog is dead – this is small fry shit man – when Obama started building the surveillance building to track ALL of the US was the beginning of the end – its game over – free speech is an old idea, its gone, you have no free-speech – all we can hope for is that some HYPER SMART TRADCON is working on an alternate internet of somekind , that’s all you can hope for because we fucked

      1. It has NOTHING to do with CONTENT – and everything to do with who Roosh is – pro masculinity is the ‘worst’ thing the left fears. RSD faggots pump out VIDEO AFTE RVIDEO AFTER VIDEO AFTER VIDEO of garbage content geared towards fcking a girls brains out, BUT they are also culuteral Marxist cunts who placate to women – instead of telling her what to do and having a sense of dignity and demanding she accept you for being a man, RSD faggots placate ALL DAY LONG – RSD Max,” Don’t call a woman a slut, just don’t do it.” – they are beta faggots in disguise – there should be nothing wrong with seduction in general, but they pump out an INSANE amount of content which is way WAY more explcit on BANGING AND HOOKING UP AND FUCKING than Roosh does in 2 fucking years – Roosh releases ONE BOOK and the shitlibs lose their fucking goddamn mind, FUCK THOSE CUNTS – RSD motherfuckin faggots pump out video after video after video of how to manipulate into a womans pussy – the left cares not of hypocrisy – to the left EVERYTHING IS SUBJECTIVE – they pick and choose ‘whatever content they deem offensive’ – FUCK YOU AMAZON, bunch of shitlib faggot cunt assholes. God forbid men go back to ‘controlling’ women – the reason they don’t shut down RSD is cuse RSD promotes their culuteral Marxist shit fuckfest hookup culuture – RSD are fucking cunts – Roosh puts out a book which is maybe not even HALF as ‘offensive’ or explicit and gets banned? What a joke – Roosh, dude, you were sort of asking for this too though, I mean, anytime you laugh at big brother and tell him your racking up crazy sales he’s gunna get jealous – I mean, fuck man, I was happy for your sales but I was even a bit jealous, I was like thinkin,”Fuck, 2000 books in a day, jesus, that’s 20,000 grand, I need to get my books out there and promote better” – but after seeing this its obvious only shitlib content will be allowed and if you become successful too fast you’re gunna get fucked in the ass – FUCK AMAZON – bunch of fucking shitlib faggotass cunts. I can’t stand this kind of bullshit. They have a stranglehold on the market so now all of a sudden they allow themselves to censor whoever they want – GO TO HELL AMAZON CUNTS – fuck those faggot ass bitches – I might hate clickbait bullshit and Roosh not ‘shuting down’ and controlling all of the trash articles on here, but for fucks sake, the fact that Amazon is censoring ROOHS – ROOSH!??? WHAT THE FUCK? If I put ANYTHING OUT THERE, IM GUARENTEED TO BE CENSORED – the mass herd of cows and sheep of society cant stomach shit – bunch of pussy faggot fucks that have never argued in their lives. Where’s that faggot Jordan Peterson on this shit? ALL of his audience is the SAME audience that comes to ROK – What the fuck Peterson? He doesn’t give a fuck, just like Joe Rogan cunt doesn’t give a fuck or Ben Shapiro – maybe Shapiro – but I’ve had it with the libertarian fucks – they think the free market is going to ‘sort itself out’ – UHHHH, NO, the ‘free-market’ is currently hijacked like a motherfucker and can never be ‘free’ – there is no such thing as a ‘free-market’ – whoever has the most capital makes the rules and all of the sheep follow suit. FUCK AMAZON – I can’t stand this kind of fuckin faggot ass shit.

        1. They know the cover is legit and will get girls to read about this stuff and wise up – all the cover man – they think Roosh is playing the same ‘game’ they are too; i.e. they think he’s ‘manipulating’ the market – that’s the REAL ‘issue’ here and reason – they see the cute cover and the HUGE (TRUMP STYLE HUGE) word GAME smacked acorss – it honestly looks more for girls – which I think there’s nothing wrong with personally, I think the cover is legit and I voted for it, but the point is the cover is what the left does ALL OF THE TIME – it puts a spin on the market that the LEFT usually does in mass – Bang and Day Bang, both with simple covers, they don’t have the same mass appeal – but GAME, its the cover man, the cover looks like something girls will buy and EAT UP. Sure the content is for men, but were talkin some reverse psychology shit here that the left FETISHIZES OVER, the left has a massive FETISH for reverse psychology, they brainwash the FUCK OUT OF EVERYONE using it and make it become their ‘reality’ – ‘fat is beautiful’ ‘gay is straight’ ‘evil is good’ -etc etc. They cant BELIEVE the ‘right’ or a right leaning tradcon guy would actually do what they are doing! “He made a book ACTUALLY LOOK APPEALING to EVERYONE!!! AND its masculine!? AND PEOPLE ARE BUYING IT IN MASS! HOLY FUCK! We need to shut this guy down” – Honestly Roosh, I like you dude, you don’t control your fucking articles and you let this site be run by nothing but faggot clickbait articles for the most part, but generally speaking you got a good head on your shoulders, but I realize ‘ego’ is difficult to take out of the picture on this one, but I actually don’t think they banned it because you are YOU…maybe they did, but the more I think about I think its because the book LOOKS like something with MASS APPEAL, but is the opposite of the mainstream and that’s a major trigger for them. Don’t get me wrong, not just anyone could sell this book in mass like you did because you have a solid platform to promote, but the point is if any other guy wrote the same book and it was getting major sales he would get banned too (I think) – not sure if that makes any sense, basically I think its because the book has mass appeal look to it to be perfectly honest – to the left everything is about appearance, not reality – if John Doe had written this and it sold great I think it would still get banned because it goes against the leftist narrative – maybe I’m wrong, I do think part of the reason is cuse its who you are and where the book is being promoted etc, but the fact of the matter is the book looks hyper mainstream man – if the book had the cover like BANG this wouldn’t have happened I don’t think man, I’m almost positive, even if you were selling a lot – I’m like 99% certain its cuse the cover looks mainstream – the left doesn’t give a shit about logic – if your book still had crazy sales book a simple BLACK COVER with one WORD it would NOT have gotten banned – why? Because the left is utterly obsessed over looks man, OBSESSED over it – if you had the same sales with a simple black cover = no ban….the reason you got banned is cuse it looks mainstream and they think you are trying to seduce the masses and play their ‘gam’ (no pun intended) – seriously dude, a few thousand sales to a trillion dollar company is a drop in the bucket and even if it spikes on the charts its still a drop in the bucket for them, if the cover was simple and plain and nothing on it and you had the same sales you wouldn’t be banned because the left CATERS HARD to the female population – females are the consumers – your book LOOKS like something women will by – if its NUMBER 1 ‘trending’ or on the sales chart GIRLS WILL BUY IT – plain and simple, but girls WOULD NEVER BUY a pain black book, they won’t, its WAY TO FUCKING BORING LOOKING, – even with the EXACT same content and written material – its ALL about image man, its the cover, the cover looks like something that would steamroll and become bigger and bigger if it was allowed to and the left can’t believe you’re playing their gae by seducing the masses with a sexy simple cover. It blows their fucking heads right off – it doesn’t look like some chumpass PUA book, it actually looks like some shit girls will read when it hits number one and that scares the fuck out of the left, notto mention but the pussy faggots at Amazon are also just jealous cuse I’m sure most the fucks that work there at aspiring shilib authors with shit cunt books that no one reads, so to see your book make a quick dent blows their ego apart – anything that hurts their ego they can’t tolerate – its all ego , emotion, and image. Its the cover man guaranteed. If it looked like a PUA book theyde be laughing behind your back and even if the sales were solid theyde be thinking,”Ha, yeah, but no girls going to EVER buy THAT book.” – BUT since it looks like a book girls will eat up they lose their fuckin minds seeing it get big. FUCK AMAZON

        2. Whats with all the guys saying “mein kampf’s NOT banned, wtf!?” – in case you haven’t noticed or been living under a rock the LEFT WANTS ANY IDEA to be promoted – EXCEPT TRADCON MASCULINE CONTROL – THATS it, there is NO OTHER STANDARD – ANYTHING GOES for the left because ANY IDEA is in effect an open invitation to open the floodgates of relativism and degeneracy:
          Guys, you alll got your heads on backwards – the left doesnt give a fuck if your fucking girls – they WANT YOU TO FUCK GIRLS – they LOVE RSD faggots – they LOVE the fuckfest of society and the HOOKUP CULUTURE that theyve been brainwashing the masses with since MTV and VH1 days – they LOVE RAPE FANTASIES and SEX FETISHES and ALL OF IT – THEY FUCKING LOVE IT TO DEATH – they love it so fucking much they have NO OTHER MOTIVE – the LEFT is utter disgusting and revolting in their obession with sex and gender.
          The ONLY thing they dont allow is anything pro-masculine – EVERYTHING ELSE is a thumbs up – why? Because pro masculine puts a lock and chain and noose on the capitalist market – SEX is what drives sales ok – always has, always will – ANYTHING ‘sexy or with sex appeal or degeneracy and EROTIC’ is what the left AND WOMEN eat up in spades – its all they want – literally – NOT EVEN KIDDING – ALL they literally want is to get their fucking brains fucked out – literally – thats it – theres nothing else that fuels them, literally nothing – they work their shit corporate jobs to pay for their shit consumeristic lives to feed their egos to pay for their IMAGE to feed their EGO’s to LOOK SEXY and to what? – to get FUCKED – there is literally no other reason in play – literally everything revolves around you being a beta (using indirect means to get sex) or alpha (you go direct with your attempts at sex) – there is nothing else at play here – the left is BOILDED down to the simple fact that SEX is ALL THEY GIVE A FUCK ABOUT – PORN is AN INSANE FUCKING MASSIVE HUGE BUINSESS — the internet is a porn machine.
          ANYTHING pro-masculine is the DIRECT OPPOSITE – it says “NO (every womans favourite word), No, fuck you, fuck this, fuck this faggot ass gayass faggot cunt bullshit, fuck your beliefs, I wont have any o it, go to fucking hell motherfuckers, go kill yourselves, go fucking die” – you have a lotta incel shootings for this reaosn, the guys wont take it anymore – DONT GO KILL them, but just understand that ALL they give a fuck about is fucking, THATS IT – there is no other motive, whatever manipulation they use is because you have tapped into the market which they EAT, SHIT, and SLEEP all day EVERYDAY -women are utterly OBSESSED with dick and gettin fucked – its ALL they fucking want – to make a nice ‘cute’ looking book tat appeal to men AND women AND is saleing well they cant be having any of that.
          At the end of the day all it boils down to is the simple fact that its a book that looks mainstream and would go mainstream if amazon didnt censor it. And anything mainstream is what the left has a fetish over – they are obsessed over image – if someone tells them what to do they lose their fucking little minds like a lil fucking girl. Amazon is a child, is a little girl, deserves to be spanked and put in the corner – but unrotunatly amazon is a ‘monster’ and and Amazonian female cunt who actually needs fucked into submission, which ironically is ALL she wants – dirty sluts. Thats all it boils down to, they don’t want a man ‘redefining’ ‘game’ and making it appealing and ‘looking’ good because to them EVERYone is a secret whore who watches porn and wacks off and has a fetish, they can’t believe not everyone is as fucked up as they are.

    7. I’m tellin ya man – ‘BANG’ and ‘DAY GAME’ don’t have the mass appeal that ‘GAME’ – does – its JUST BECAUSE OF THE COVER – guarenteed man – if a book looks like some shit girls will buy the gatekeepers at Amazon are going to filiter you and see if it’s ‘acceptable’ to them.
      Think about it like this man: Jordan Petersons book 12 Rules for Life – whose buying it? Men, ONLY men, NO fucking girl is buying that book, thus no harm no foul in Amazons eyes.
      Greg Gutfield, The Gutfeld Monologues – again, whose buying it? Men, only men.
      Gavin McInnes: The Death of Cool – whose buying it? Men…zzz….
      Etc…etc…these are just the first ones that come to mind – but there’s dozens of other ‘deep state’ books and books on culuteral marxism and feminism as a plague and how radical the left is and one picking up girls, etc…just look through amazon, there’s a shit topn of pick up books and ‘how to be a man’ and all this shit – there’s actually a fuck ton, not a shit ton – ten years ago my head would be dizzy from all of it – odl school pua dudes use to have to scour the internet and message boards on pua shit, it was a real mining operation – if you wanted real info how to get laid you had to dig through the nooks and crannys of the internet to find it 10-15 yrs ago….nowadays there’s a ton of info out there, alot of it is subpar, but theres still a bunch.
      Regardless the point is just look through amazon at pua books – none of them really appeal to girls or have any sort of mass apeal to them, nor do I think alot of these have decent platforms to promote, but the point is I seriously think roosh’s cover has some kind of mainstream mass appeal thing going on to where the higher ups at amazon can’t allow this book into the fray – NO GIRL WOULD BUY BANG or DAY BANGEVEN IF THEY WERE NUMBER ONE IN THE FUCKING WORLD – just like no girl is going to buy Jordan Peterson 12 Rules for Life –
      When girls buy ‘self help’ they buy trash like “How to Unfu*k Yourself” – BUT Rooshs book doesnt look like it should be in the self help section – a girl is VERY likely to pick it up and read it – espcially a girl in high school – which as far as I know is the #1 target market for books.
      Why does any of this shit matter? Because Amazon doesn’t really give a fuck what books are out there and what the content is unless its influencing the target market. Jorden Peterson book is for dudes and dudes only – Amazon doesn’t give a fuck what men buy even if its #1 for months on end. What they give a fuck about is what teenage and high school girls buy. THEY are the market which influences every other market.
      Rooshs cover appeals to THAT target market – if it ever hit #1 or some shit theres a shit storm waiting to happen. I dont see ANY other pua books, or books against the left on Amazon that look even remotly or as close to hitting that target audience. Even if some other pua book say hit #1 on Amazon unless it looks like something girls would buy amazon doesn’t give a fuck. Amazon could give two shits about Jorden Petersons book, only men are buying it.
      Its when girls are being directly influenced and what girls deem to be popular which gets the gatekeepers attention.
      Amazon can put two and two together pretty easy okay – we ALL know Roosh is a ‘rapist’ – we all know girls love being ‘raped’ (take a look at sales for 50 shades of gray – that should give you some perspective) – and we know girls like ‘girly things’ – Roosh’s GAME book cover is semi-girly okay – it really is – BUT it’s also ‘not’ – I guareentee you if every dude started making his ‘pua/game’ books with appealing covers that hit that target audience of highschool girls those books would get banned too.
      Simple logic – slap Rooshs cover on Jordan Peterson’s book – would girls buy it? Fuck yeah they would.
      But whats all the more interesting here is they know their target audience will be influenced if they read it. No girls going to buy Bang, the closest thing to a simple cover that girls buy is ‘The Sun and Her Flowers: Rupi Kaur” – they don’t buy ‘weird’ looking shit – it has to have some mainstream appeal and Amazon needed a reason to start deplatforming Roosh and they noticed his book was doing good and could sway the market.
      If you want you book on amazon Roosh, you know what you do? Make it look EXACTLY like BANG – black with the word GAME slapped acorss it – thats it* They’ll put it right back up. “Oh, GAME” – ok….lol….no girls gunna buy it looking like that even if #1, only a handful will, but the vast vast majority will not. Girls don’t like talking abou t’GAME’ because its meant to be ‘their little secret’ (like 50 shades of gray) thats ‘sedcution’ but when its put in an appealing context and looks legit than it becomes acceptable to her.
      Anyways, said enough on this, – they needed a reason to deplatform you and they found one, really thats all it is. If it looked like BANG you would not have gotten deplatformed.

    8. Amazon is a quasi-monopoly when it comes to the book-selling market and publishing distribution. Amazon, along with “social media” platforms such as Tweeter, FB, and others (now censoring Conservative speech) have now concentrated so much power, they have become a danger to American freedom.
      It is no different than the monopolies form early 20th century. When we broke up the early 20th century monopolies of all 5 major industries (oil, finance, railroad, electricity, and steel), it allowed for growth, large-scale entrepreneurship and small businesses to begin and thrive, and the creayon of the Middle Class.
      The TV show “The Men Who Built America” chronicled that story and it is worth watching. It has some leftist professors commenting on it, but overall, a true account of the rise and break-up of the monopolies. Awesome quality show!

      Amazon (and other social media monopolies) must be broken up to allow enough oxygen into the market to create competition and better products and innovation. They are abusing their power and using American freedom and free markets to create a oligarchy for themsleves.

    9. Not only has Trump been in office for over a year, he also has a majority in the house and in the senate and the wall has not been built yet, funding for the wall has not been secured, Obamacare has not been repealed, North Korea’s nuclear program keeps advancing. When is Trump going to start making America great again?

      1. Praetorian:
        That is UK Roosh bvooikstore. 🙁 Anything in USA? The shipping from UK –> USA is more than book itself! 😮
        Hard Truth:
        Couple things:
        1) North Koran’s nuke program has been stopped for now; no new missle tests or nuke tests. The Sec of State is in NK right now and they will ahve a 2nd summit between Trump and KJU. We got our hostages back, remains of Korean war soldiers, and we gave NK … NOTHING. 🙂
        2) The USA has massively lowered taxes and cut bacjk 22 Regulations for every new 1 created. This has spurred economic growth that we have not had since the Roaring 1920s.
        3) Trump has appointed a ton of Appellate and 2 Supreme Court judges, which will safeguard our Freedoms for DECADES to come (including 2nd Amendment, freedoms of religion and speech and more)! That is no small achievement. Judges is how The Left destroys our country, and Trump has made a huge dent in fixing this crisis. The Supreme Court is now a guaranteed 5-4, once Ginsburg and Souter, go, it will be 7-2. Think Kavanaugh fight was bad, just wait until these 2 croak or retire and Trump appoints Constitutionalists as replacement! lol
        4) Trump has re-negotiated major trade deals which have been hollowing American middle class for the last 30 years, by pure force of will and his ability to outwit and run circles around his opponents. NAFTA, the biggest job killer in American economic history is gone and the new USMCA deal will protect our workers, our farmers, and ensure North America becomes a new manufacturing hub for decades to come. 🙂 Japan and China are also under pressure now to renegotate deals or will lose huge market shares in US market, the biggest and best in world. South Korea has just signed a new deal. Once sworn in, the new Brazilian President Bolsonaro (known as the “Donald Trump of Brazil”) has vowed do a new trade deal with USA… more jobs for both sides, especially the USA.
        The only reason progress has not been even better is leadership in Congress is all Bush and Obama people. The LEADERSHIP of the House and Senate is made up of Globocucks and Never Trumpers. You heard of Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House (finally retiring Dec 31, 2018)? Ryan has been providing cover to the Globalists, making sure Democrats get everything they want, and he has been funding every Leftist program since before the 2016 election. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) wants to do right thing but his masters, the corporate interests represented by the Chamber of Commerce and Business Roundtable own this guy and control all their funding. Then we have the rapid anti-Trumpers who have been slowly “Retiring” or forced out, like Mark Sanford (R-SC), who was beat in Primary by a pro-Trump candidate, and many more. We are fixing the House too. 🙂
        In the House, the Freedom Caucus is only GOP wing fully supporting Trump. The rest, save for a few good guys like Scalise (R-LA) are all anti-Trump. These RINO Republicans join the Democrats to avoid doing what Trump has promise in spending bills and appropriations. 😡 It is enraging, but Nov 6, 2018 we will have a chance to tell these idiots what we think of them.
        In USA, Congress controls all the money and spending. That is how it works. Trump is not the king.
        Now, let’s look at Senate: The “Republicans” we have in Senate are almost all RINOSs (McCain – enjoy hell, SOB), Jeff Flake (R-AZ, finally retiring), Bob Corker (R-TN, also retiring), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK, the only Republican to vote AGAINST Kavanaugh), Ben Sasse (R-NE – rabid anti-Trumper), Susan Collins (R-ME) often will block stuff, but had the cohones to at least vote for Kavanaugh… and many more. This is a huge problem.
        Come Jan 3, 2019, we will have a much bigger pro-Trump coalition in House (hopefully) and definitely in the Senate, with Trump Republican wing of the party. Until than we are hanging on and fighting to elect the Trump Wing of the GOP. Reagan had same issue in his first two years.
        We are finally going to have a good 20% to 25% or more of a new Republican Senate and House (on GOP side) that is made-up of Trump Republicans.
        Watch and see just how much more Trump will do in the next 2 years. This guy is a brilliant strategist and a pitbull. Vote Republican Nov 6, 2018 and watch Trump unleashed. 🙂

  1. A poem I just wrote:
    I fucking hate white people:
    I hate white people so much
    I hate being around them
    I had their shallowness
    I hate their hollowness
    I hate their inability to recognize anything spiritual or internal
    I hate their blandness
    I hate their unenlightenedness
    I hate their fakeness
    I hate how they are spiritual retards
    I hate how shallow I turn just to have to interact with them
    I hate the waste of words when I’m talking to them
    About inessential matters
    I hate the waste of breath when I am forced to converse with them
    About things that are absolutely inconsequential to my spiritual well being
    I hate how even the most enlightened one is a piece of shit
    My place in my life is not among white people
    I don’t want to be anywhere near them
    Or even around my own race, a race that wants so desperately to be white, to act white
    No, I can’t go back to my own country, the western hell hole it is becoming itself
    I can’t be around anyone that is white, that acts white
    I fucking hate white people
    I wish they would fuck off and leave the rest of us alone

    1. Go stick a bone in your nose and live in a mud hut in Africa. And by the way, turn off that damn computer! You’re appropriating my culture!

    2. If you had a shred of credibility, starting today you should give up using your computer, car, television, phone, indoor plumbing, electricity, air conditioning, refrigerator, and the many other things invented by the horrible white race.
      But since you have no honor and are a mentally weak person, we know you won’t give up any of those things.

    3. Since you are so miserable living amomgst whites and “can’t go back to my own country,” you should probably just off yourself. You wouldn’t be missed. But you don’t have the guts do you???

        1. Well, since you community rape artists love using white people’s tech so much, why don’t you go get all of your gangsta friends in Chicago and shoot each other. Isn’t that, and stealing shit from people, summer fun?
          That seems to be about the only education your crack whore heroic single mother ever taught you. We certainly know you didn’t learn anything in school.
          I’m actually impressed you survived playing in traffic. Now, if you’ll please learn some math. 2+2 =/= 5!
          Sadly, the black “communities” that aren’t being run into the ground by wanton little pricks made out of wedlock by their preacher have their illegitimacy rate increased from 50% to 72% by like yours, and nine others, that are at 98% illegitimacy.
          Don’t worry, we already know you don’t know which one your daddy was.

        2. A man of colour?
          A color is what it reflects. Black absorbs all, reflects none. White is all colors.
          You must be white

    4. Great poem, Tyrone.
      You’re an evolutionary dead end. Whites have thousands of years of history and progress. Blacks have one single, stone age year repeated thousands of times.

    5. Boy I hope live long enough to see the day the Ching Chongs finally wipe you off the face of the Earth and turn that godforsaken land known as Africa into one giant golf club.

      1. With either Europeans or Chinese occupying Africa it would be a paradise. Fertile land and lots of natural resources. The fact that the blacks couldn’t build any kind of civilization there is proof of their subhuman IQ level.

    6. Generally it’s mostly militant blacks who keep blabbering about spiritual this, spiritual that, sub-continental was my second choice.
      That “I hate sharing the same space with whites because they are empty airheads who don’t get it” seem the fairly stereotypical gibberish of NAPAs.
      Latinos and moslems express their hatred for Whites in a different way, less pretentious and more downright vulgar and hostile, while g-oks seldom venture out of their own internet echo chamber.
      You could also be some kind of Native or Abo but those groups are not numerically very relevant.

    7. You just hate yourself dickhead. You look at white people, the master race who created everything of value and you are jealous as fuck.
      You wish you were white. You are a loser. You externalise your bullshit, blaming all your worthlessness on whites to try and justify your failure as a human being and the failure of your race. Whites were the most successful humans on Earth long before coming into contact with you coco puffs. No one held you back. Ancient Greeks were pioneering everything, including physics, astronomy and sculpture thousands of years ago, while in 2018, blacks in Africa are still butchering each other because twenty generations ago, some cunt from the other tribe pissed on your sacred tree. Stop being jealous.

      1. @RussianBot
        Nope, I actually liked white people growing up. Grew up around them
        There is no direction or spirituality in your culture now, though. That’s what I hate.
        You live for no purpose today. And you infect everyone else around you with your demonic garbage.
        Any calls of ‘master race’ are out of date. You’re not even the masters of you own destinies.
        Notice everthing about your comment is bringing up the past.
        That’s the worst thing about whites today. Living off past laurels, contributing nothing that the west requires. Useless, taking up space.

        1. Fluoride has calcified the pineal gland in whites (and everyone born in the US) today because sodium fluoride and Hexafluorosilicic acid (from phosphate plants in China) has been added to the water supply almost everywhere in the US by the 1960’s. And to childrens ice cream, frozen vegetables, hot dogs, and any processed foods.
          The pineal gland, if operating at full capacity, is what gives people direction and spirituality and purpose. You couple that fluoride with the 15-20 years of almost daily chemtrail activity (coal fly ash, aluminum, barium) and this is the best we can produce today.
          As damaged (and many are severely damaged neurologically) as many whites are today, to be frank, they are still better then blacks at taking on the responsibilities of parenting, providing for their families (not themselves), and maintaining what’s barely left of Western Civilization.

      1. Yeah, his hut made from straw and cow dung. Just like a thousand years ago. Just like ten thousand years ago. No progress, no history, no exploration, no invention, nothing. Yet he comes on here to scrap on the race that has done it all.

  2. I’m glad I went ahead and ordered the paperback on Friday. It should be here today. I was going to wait until after payday, but I was worried that this exact thing might happen. And it did. Boo.

      1. So, are you going to perform a legal action? Amazon has a whole lot more bitcoin, and cash, and attorneys they probably own. As in not own them through corruption, but actually own the person.
        Considering it is their platform, is there anything an attorney told you that you could do?

      2. Got the book yesterday! Didn’t have much time to read, but if the intro and first chapter are any indication of the quality of the rest of it, you can count on me ordering a couple more paperbacks when they’re available again. I suspect there are a couple of men who are very dear to me who could use a copy in their lives. And the book itself looks great. Solid work. I’m glad this Amazon business is giving you a publicity boost… here’s hoping it doesn’t get too ugly!

    1. Nah nah nah. Don’t blame this on “some employee”. Makes it sound very petty when in fact it’s all very methodical and sinister and this decision was made by the people at the very top.
      That’s just like blaming Merkel for the “refugee” genetic shitstorm that hit Europe and calling her short-sighted and stupid. When in fact Merkel has no say in anything that happens and there’s nothing short-sighted about social engineering and population replacement.

      1. You do have a very valid point. Yesterday, I was reading around the news and I found out that Huff Post did actually approach amazon and asked them to remove the book. I guess Amazon guys didn’t want any fuss or unwanted attention and removed it along with others. Media pressure.

  3. Censorship is coming and is going to hit hard this Fall. Nothing right of center or goes against the liberal narrative is going to be allowed to live online.
    My advice to you is do daily backups of and because sooner or later the domain registrars are going to come for those sites and/or (assuming you use remote hosting) your website host too.

  4. MAJA = make America jew again
    Da’ only reason reason Trump exists as a political phenomenon is cause da juz are afraid they won’t remain any longer as America’s only minority that’s able to sway its political course. Seeing how Latinos & asians are just as tribalistic(or more) as they are makes them feel vulnerable again & it reminds them of the ol’ days. Israel needs its shield considering its neighbours aren’t too fond of them.

  5. Well, since I can’t get the paperback book right now, I just ordered the eBook and Audiobook combo.
    Keep hammering, Roosh. In the long run, they can’t win….

      1. Hey Roosh, remember when you banned me from your site with no explanation?
        You little hypocritical bitch. You’re such a woman.

  6. Clearly, you did nothing wrong.
    That said, lesson learned, never trust.
    It’s time for you to start praying for the fall of your enemies. If they have risen up against you doing what is righteousness, they will be taken down.

  7. Bought The Turner Diaries off Amazon about 15 years ago and it’s still available for sale on there. Poor literature and a textbook example of white nationalist escapism. Got a call from the ADL after I bought it. True story.
    They’re out to destroy Roosh financially because he did the unthinkable: actually created a successful and influential “parallel institution” without having to suck their cocks and then proceeded to expose them.
    He could have married a Jewess. He could have kept his mouth shut on the JQ and just talked about PUA and aimless pseudo-psycho-redpill-babble like everyone else in the manosphere does. He could have reaped the many financial rewards of being a good shabbos goy. But noooo… Roosh’s asshole is not for sale. So they have to shut him down.

    1. You made one excellent point, about “not having to suck their cocks”
      Libs want absolute control, and are insanely regretful of the deal they got when they sold their souls.
      Thats why they are so shrieky and demanding. How dare you succeed and not sell yours?

  8. They hate Roosh; pure and simple. They detect a note of actual, latent concern for civilization coming from Roosh, in contradistinction to the open nihilism of the other “authors” on the topic, and they hate it. I wasn’t planning on buying anything from Roosh, but I’ll buy this time in protest of this douchiness. He deserves the money more than any of the writers in the above example.

  9. Meanwhile:

    How to Destroy A Man Now (DAMN): A Handbook Paperback – February 7, 2018
    “A wave of sexual misconduct allegations about powerful men have exploded recently in the media (e.g., the news, Twitter #MeToo, etc.). A bold social movement has begun with brave women coming forward and being applauded for speaking out and sharing their stories of abuse, discrimination, and harassment. As a result, accused men like Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, and dozens more have been removed from power and are suffering the consequences.
    In How to Destroy A Man Now (DAMN), Dr. Angela Confidential (a business psychologist, consultant, and human resource professional) empowers women with a step-by-step guide for destroying a man’s reputation and removing him from power.
    In easy to understand terms, the handbook reveals and explains the fundamental dynamics between allegations, the media, and authority as they relate to male misconduct in today’s society. It also unveils and details practical real-world methods for leveraging allegations, media, and authorities to dethrone a man from power.”

  10. I find it interesting that people keep looking for answers in YouTube guidelines or Amazon guidelines, etc, as to why they are banned. Clearly, people like Roosh are still in a state of denial that there is something left of fair play in terms of who gets to say what in ‘Merica!

  11. Amazon is so full of shit their eyes are brown. Roosh, you gave excellent examples to show their blatant hypocrisy.
    Looked up Jeff Bezos, and was actually surprised to find out he isn’t a tribesman. Just a gentile SJW mega cuck like Bill Gates and others. Maybe not biological Js, but spiritual Js, as it were.
    Good luck Roosh.

  12. Roosh, consider using this as promotion and get on television or something…
    if you are strong – you should fight this

    1. Banning is bad buy you also ban users for no reason at all, like me. So why do you complain?! I’m not complaining, it’s a private business, you’re free to pick the clientele on whatever terms you like. You dont own me an explanation, and neither is Amazon. Grow up!

  13. I feel for your loss. Everyone wants to be heard. And technically, they didn’t ban anything. They can’t, they aren’t an authoritative agency or a government. What they’ve done is refused to sell your books, which of course is their right.

    1. But the very fact that Amazon is contracted and an extension of government through funding (Bezos and co openly admit this) they must de facto follow government law.

  14. “You have broken our rules, Roosh.”
    “In what way?”
    “We cannot tell you
    They won’t reveal it to us plebians, so let’s try and work out Amazon’s Offensive policy;
    Amazon is unoffended with child rape, as you say a Stephen King details it in 4 disturbing pages, so they’re at minimum tolerant of that- a little strange, but let’s comtinue
    50 Shades has copious sexual violence, Amazon is fine with that, perhaps Jeff enjoys inserting various things into his body? Nothing wrong with a bit of rough.
    Non-consensual sex is categorised, rated, collated and downright promoted by Mr. Bezos.
    According to the book posted by John III Sobieski, subversion, false accusations and alienating an entire gender, deserved or not is fair game to The Online Marketplace.
    American Psycho by Brett Easton Ellis, is laced with several instances of soliciting prostitution, rape, graphic sex, gratuitous murder, cruelty to animals, sexual torture, homophobia and last but certainly not least, child-murder- but hey, that’s just gravy to Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company.
    Well, what about a book that encourages a deeper understanding of the opposite sex, which can only give greater harmony and joy to the reader, an unbiased book which is free of violence or political agenda, which can help to reunite the sexes in this troubled time?
    Nah, that’s just a little bit too ‘out there’ if you catch my drift to Amazon, so let’s whack the sucker with a ban and un-person him Comrade Stalin style! That’ll teach the fruity bastard!

    1. Funny that your other books that have been sold by Amazon for years have been removed too. I’m 100% sure it’s not your content. Its because of you roosh. They are singling you out specifically for some reason. What Amazon, YouTube, and Facebook needs is competition. They a fucking monopoly. Whoever comes up with these alternatives is going to be the next richest man in the world.

    2. To put it simply: “Peace is bad for business.”
      People buy more stuff, when they are not in control of their emotions. You don’t see many calm people during the war or crisis.

    1. If you paid for it, they’ll either have to send it to you or cancel your order, in which case they’d notify you via email. If the latter, they’d have to refund your credit card. Amazon always sends a tracking number with any order confirmation.

  15. They’re banning you because you are working to reawaken the strength in western men. They want western men to be weak so the feminized politics can allow further importation of uneducated, easily controllable men to breed in the west. See Europe. Fight on, it’s going to get worse.

    1. No. Unfortunately, Amazon contacted every printing company, blacklisting all of Roosh’s mystical works on female sexual manipulation.
      Henceforth, only electronic copies shall ever be available.

  16. Roosh, i gave you congratulations via twitter few days ago for the quality of your new book.
    I hope you will intend something against amazone with the law. If you need support by a message, a signature, something wich can help you, don t hesitate. I will do it with pleasure.

  17. well amazon (bezos, Wapo etc) is a CIA affiliate so this clearly signals that Roosh is not CIA, or alternatively that it’s some kind of double-bluff and he is CIA. The only way to tell would be to get up close to tug on his beard to see if its a fake marx brothers stick-on variety. I don’t think it is. I think he’s a real mckoy thought criminal

  18. Keep fighting the good fight. I bought Game before it was banned on Amazon and it is on my Kindle reader. To hell with these lying Libs.

  19. Amazon is the government substitute for Orwellian censorship now; they can always pull the “company as a ‘person’ with rights” canard and clobber everyone with expensive fleets of lawyers.

    RV, they walked you right off the plank like a Bond villain, but you weren’t blind to it and you brought your scuba gear. RV you know the beast in the Bezos my brother (you want to talk about capital “A” Alpha now?? haha), and I’ve got your back out there in this media wilderness sans reason. You’ll know I’m on the wing, spearheading my own brand out here on the west coast. The rest has already been discussed to a T. And we are disgusted to a T. How they’ll stoop to the saddest anti-intellectual, anti-Constitutional thing instead of avoiding it — compromising future children’s freedoms, a universal (or some say God-given) right to something that in 2018 is increasingly labeled “antisocial masculine non-conformity in America.” I’m not old yet, Gen X and just a couple years beyond you. These days, America already feels like something I *used* to know. Generally nobody will care, the horde will continue to consume and receive their media brainwash. I’m guilty of it to some extent too (the consumption part, not the brainwash); we’re all complicit, while the only man who isn’t is strictly off the grid. I know exactly 0 people that fit the latter description, but I’m prepping for that possibility, and actively planning/building a deep, rural off-grid community with immediate family, a couple strong outside dudes (with mixed skill sets that click with my own) and select high value females in mind.

    Time to release the hounds. I’d rather walk the plank without a blindfold too, and die, thank you very much.

  20. There is nothing more dangerous to these types than an alternate perspective that “empowers” those they like targeting. You could more easily sell a guide to building an H-bomb out of household items than Roosh’s books. What pisses them off about them is not that they are obscene. Its that it teaches men how not to be door mats.

  21. so basically they accused you of thoughtcrime, in their language.
    like in 1984 (the book)
    i followed the case of Costanza Miriano, she wrote a great book for women called marry him and be submitted.
    a book full of irony, christian advice, and resprct for men and women, written by a wife, mother of 4, and journalist for national television.
    italian and spanish parliament had debatements on banning her book.
    her book was banned in some western country. you kniw she hit the spot.

  22. Vox Day has run into the same issue you are dealing with. This is the guy who wrote the book on how to fight SJW’s, and, you know him, Roosh. He has described how a book he published was taken down by a mysterious force, several times. They figured out that it was a rogue employee when he was on the phone with a manager, and sure enough, it was taken down.
    Please get in touch with him. Maybe he will help you out effectivly. Remember to be calm and explain to the manager that your books are written to help young men with their relationships with women. Women can read them to better understand where some men are coming from. Also, remember that Jeff Bezos likes his money more than appearing like a leftist.

  23. I think the way to go is MGTOW. I’m just gonna focus on myself, and fuck the rest of the world.
    I can’t do anything about the censorship
    I can’t do anything about the anti male society that will eventually lead to males being 2nd class citizens.
    I can’t do anything about the eventually globalist government and big brother.
    I can just give up on the fight, disattach from the world and go my own way.
    I can accumulate resources and if I have to, move to the least anti male country.
    I can spend my time enjoying my life and striving to improve myself in every way.
    Fuck the world. Fuck everything. I am all that matters because that is all I am left with.

  24. As a professional librarian, and a director of a library, I have contacted the American Library Association (ALA) asking the formally why they have not responded to recent activities of shadow banning. Specifically, I have sent them information about this recent banning of your books.
    The ALA stood proud for Michael Moore years ago when his book was not getting published. Today, they are silent on these issues. I am not an ALA member, but have been nominated in the past for one of their awards.

  25. I think Amazon did the same thing with Alexander Dugin’s books. I bought one of his books on Amazon about 2 years ago. About a year later, I tried to buy another book of his on Amazon and his books couldn’t be found.

  26. This is beyond ominous. Roosh, you have a number of very powerful enemies, not the least of which is some heavy hitters in the MSM (Huff Post) and the incredibly vindictive SPLC. They believe that you are not strong or well known enough to withstand the onslaught. I am unlike most on this site in that I am pro men, I see what the matrix is doing to all of us. I’m way beyond the age of game but I will endeavor to pick up a hard copy somewhere anyway. I like your writing style. In conclusion I believe that once again Dodds has hit the nail on the head. The west is no place for a free and thinking man to live. I will add that it is no place for a man who wants to be his own man, which is all I advocate for everyone here. That you can live according to your own dictates. Things are getting really dangerous out there.

  27. So confession time. A bunch of SJW coordinated an attack on Amazon. Basically, a good chunk of your sales came from SJWs buying your book, burning said book and giving negative reviews or complaints directly to Amazon.
    Looks like it worked out well.

  28. I made a post that was very supportive and it disappeared. Let me try again in abridged version. Roosh has made some very powerful media (Huff Post) and political (SPLC) enemies. They really mean to take him down. This is a terrible development, showing once again the matrix hates men who won’t grovel and kowtow. Dodds has it right, the west hates manhood in all forms.

  29. Been happily married for 16 years, didn’t feel motivated to order the book for the content alone until this. Props to Huffington Post for getting me to spend the ten bucks.

  30. Roosh, I’m so sorry this happened to you. I’m a South American woman married to an American man. We have three children and find it extremely challenging to raise them in America, mainly due to the toxic culture. I know this is a blog for men specifically, but I wanted to let you know it has guided our family in the right direction. In this twisted world, your ideas are so incredibly refreshing and healthy! Thank you for your immense courage, and for saying what needs to be said.

  31. Well I haven’t seen this recommendation but maybe Roosh you should consider approaching Vox Day and seeing if he can help you.

  32. Lordy. Roosh banned on September 11th no less? Shame on Amazon!
    Amazon marketed itself as a come-one, come-all laid back libertarian-inspired venture that drove down costs but enriched small /home booksellers. Success has now gone to their heads and we see the bait-and-switcheroo. Roosh must be hitting home if Amazon sells some pretty extreme porn, sex-cynical Cosmopolitan, Hitler, and Marx but bans people like Roosh.
    They can’t claim common carrier protection from pornography lawsuits and then pick-and-choose.
    Sue them, Roosh. But first, a simple attorney’s letter from a good firm can be surprisingly effective. Folks, contact Amazon and tell them this is wrong.

  33. Well, I have my copy 🙂 Don’t feel so good anymore reading it on a device made by evil Amazon.. Simply put, Roosh’s content is simply too intelligent and accurate about the social engineering that the elites are quietly pushing through.
    Of course we must fight this, but before getting too upset about it, recall that some of the most famous authors and filmmakers have been banned at some point – Henry Miller, JD Salinger. I think even Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange might have been banned at some point.
    Difference is, it used to be the government doing the banning, now it’s a private company. Probably, it’s still the government using Amazon as a proxy so they look innocent.
    If Roosh did not matter, they would not care. The genie is out of the bottle, and try as they might, they will not be able to stuff it back in.

  34. I figured this would happen sooner or later, but expected it would take a few weeks, maybe some petitions, whatever.
    Interestingly, in this post, Roosh draws a comparison between his books’ level of depravity and a couple of rape scenes from Stephen King’s works. Still, King tends to frame rape as a horrible act, while Roosh advocates for a world closer to a Gorean/Incelocalypse fan fiction. If you don’t know what Incelocalypse is, count yourself among the lucky.
    Thoughts? I’m anti-censorship, personally, and also believe that companies should be able to choose what to stock like Amazon did. It’s not censorship to decide not to sell something on your platform because you find it to be damaging/dangerous/abhorrent… It would be censorship to ban it’s distribution from any and all distributors.

    1. I’d considered the censorship angle as well, but I came to a different conclusion. My take is: the idea of free speech doesn’t necessarily entail any bookseller (or social media company, in the spirit of the Alex Jones events these last few weeks) allowing reviled, controversial figures to use their services to distribute their materials. A business has to decide what to stock, and misogynist guides don’t make the cut.
      I do wholeheartedly agree on the Streisand Effect — taking controversial material down often riles people up and increases the popularity of the forbidden material. Roosh seems to enjoy being hated in particular, another big negative side effect of Amazon’s action.
      When awful people lose their payment processing, social media presence, and web hosting, they’re often driven into alt-tech or darknet spaces to conduct their business, where it’s much harder for average people to keep an eye on them. But I don’t believe any of the above digital features constitute a right.
      Despite the backlash effect it may cause, Amazon, in its corporate awfulness, has its prerogative to decline to sell these books, and it’s something I will hesitantly applaud for now.

  35. My wife Mrs. Pissy and I think that Roosh is a victim of the Amazon Double Standard, and if the book was about how women could attract attractive men, instead of banning it they’d probably promote it. She also thinks that Roosh is extremely attractive, and has a sexy voice.

  36. Roosh, you lost me when I read how you raped a woman in Iceland who was unable to give consent. What will you do, if one day you meet up with a woman who tells you no but you ignore it, then she (or some random male relative) decides that because you’re hard of hearing you deserve a good Bang from a Smith and Wesson? Oh what will you do then? Or, if you’re convicted of sexual assault and sentenced to prison, and your cell mate is a huge, deaf guy named Bubba who *never* hears no. Karma is still a bitch, buddy.

  37. You’re owed an explanation for sure, but my guess is it’s the promotion of rape in your books that got you banned. “No means no… Until it means yes”. Rape is still illegal these days, just FYI.

  38. Roosh, Amazon is the parent company of CreateSpace, the print-on-demand (POD) service you used to create hard copies. Just so you’re clear on that, as that’s also part of your problem.
    I urge you to move your files to a different POD provider. has been around for a while and has excellent pricing and reviews. That company wants to work with authors who prefer to work online and promote their own works; well, that sounds like you. There are other POD publishers, but avoid Author Solutions (owner or operator of AuthorHouse, Xlibris, iUniverse, Balboa, etc.).
    You could then link directly to your commerce site to offer POD paperback copies as well as the e-files. Possible win-win. PLEASE look into this.

  39. Not surprised at all. A year and a half ago, in April 2017, Amazon at long last caved into the demands by the (((usual suspects))) that they ban all “Holocaust denial” books. And so they did, using the excuse that anti-Semitism was on the rise, due to all those threatening phone calls to Jewish community centers (that it turned out, were made by an Israeli Jew. But there’s no such thing as conspiracies, mind you!)
    The books banned were not just Daily Stormer tier stuff, designed to be deliberately provocative. Nope, they banned real, scholarly stuff…like Germar Rudolf’s books on the chemistry of the walls in the alleged gas chamber at Auschwitz and similar high-caliber scholarly works.
    I called Amazon at the time, to complain. I got the same run-around Roosh did. I asked for the name of the Amazon exec who banned this stuff, so I could ask what criteria was used. The rep said “a team” makes such decisions. I asked for contact info for the chairman of “the team”…naturally, she said she didn’t have that info to give to me.
    I then asked that, since Amazon was clearly OK with censoring books that Jews claim are offensive to them, could I submit a list of books offensive to Catholicism that Amazon CEO (((Jeff Bezos))) could then ban for me? And after that, maybe a list of books that are offensive to Mormons?
    She said she couldn’t help me with that. What a shock.
    The situation sucks. (((They))) have been trying to censor the internet for 20 years…now, with the kind of monopolies that have been established by Big Tech, (((they))) are getting (((their))) chance.
    We need Trump to regulate the Big Tech firms, like utilities. Or else this kind of thing will only get worse.

  40. Sorry to hear that. It is lame on Amazon’s part, but how is it different from the baker refusing to make a cake for a gay couple? I thought you supported the baker. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  41. Roosh, did you include nude pictures in your books? That’s how Playboy and Hustler got away with their pornographic text content. Really. Just include nude pictures, and the Supreme Court will defend your right to say anything you want. Hell, the ACLU will even submit writs on your behalf. For free! Lots and lots of nude photos next time, okay?

  42. White males control western society, F500, house, senate, courts, police departments, etc., yet they feel they have no control. Who is the enemy?

  43. Hey Dum-Dum,
    Just re-title the Book, use a different Cover Picture Graphic and use a New Pen Name.
    You can buy all sorts of vile crap including Hardcore Porn on Amazon because its packaged “alternatively”… Just tell your customers in advance.
    For example, instead of GAME by Rsh the Loser… call the Book FAME by Rooster.
    You will sell at least 100 copies (your total book reading ROK audience.
    Wake up Rooster.
    Do not submit to J-Communism

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