How The Sexual Dynamics Of A Collapsing Country Become Degraded

In order for a nation to survive, two critical emotions must be controlled. Contrary to popular belief, these emotions are not fear and greed—although these are very important to control, as well. Rather, it’s masculine aggression and feminine vanity that must be controlled…and we are doing a terrible job at this.

Unfortunately, over the past 70 years, we’ve seen sex roles and gender dynamics completely turned on their heads. Rather than men and women working together to create better relationships, more functional families, and more powerful countries, we’ve been pit against one another by toxic ideologies and ruthless demagogues.

It is not enough to simply know what is happening, however—we must know precisely how it’s happening, step by step, and more importantly, WHY it’s happening. In this article, I will explore why our society has gone so downhill so fast, and potential solutions we can integrate to remedy it (if we can save it, at all).

The Two Forces

As I said previously, there are two very delicate forces which must constantly be counter-balancing one another, and anytime they grow unbalanced, there will be chaos. These two forces are, of course, masculine aggression and feminine vanity. Too much masculine aggression, and a country becomes war-torn, unable to run itself or stay stable long enough to produce any sort of civilization (think the Middle East).

Too much feminine vanity, however, and the opposite occurs. Men become reclusive, because women become far too difficult to deal with. This is why we’ve seen the rise of the sigma male over the past 20 years—men who refuse to attach themselves to any sort of social hierarchy. They’re not alpha, beta, or omega. They just do as they do, without adhering to any sort of social group or workplace hierarchy.

As feminine vanity grows excessive, female hypergamy is given reign to run loose. Rather than men and women developing healthy relationships with one another, women become so conceited that they refuse to “settle” for anyone less than an alpha male Chad Thundercock, and thus we have a surplus of angry, bitter women who hit the wall at 30 and end up childless and alone.

It’s so obvious that it should go without saying, that we are currently in a serious imbalance. For far too long, masculine aggression has been hampered and stomped down by our effeminate school system, our brainwashing devices (aka TV’s), and our mass media control system. All the while, these things have encouraged women to do as they please, without any consequences or thought of their actions on a larger, societal scale.

Restoring the Balance

Balance will be restored, one way or another. There are only two ways for this imbalance to possibly be restored, and most men here will acknowledge, at least implicitly, that this is the case:

  1. Men in OTHER COUNTRIES restore the balance (by coming here en masse)
  2. Men in THIS COUNTRY restore the balance (by not being pussies)

Those are the only two options. There is no third option, where women somehow magically stop giving men 500,000 shit tests a day and step down to become good, faithful girlfriends, wives, and mothers. This will not happen. When a society reaches this critical imbalance, only one of two things can happen.

Of course, we all know what the elites (oy vey!) are pushing for. They want to bring millions of aggressive, young, fighting-age men to this country, to supposedly help combat “population decline.” We all know that this is complete horse shit, and that their true motive is to destroy America.

Even so, with the full force of the elites raining down upon us, there is hope. Over the past two years, we’ve seen more masculine energy emerge and come to the front of our socio-political battlegrounds than arguably any other time in history. For the first time in the past 70 years, men are reclaiming their manhood.

Let me reiterate that this is the only option. There is no magical world where everything just works out great, where we have millions of violent, aggressive 20-something-year-old men come into this country, and we retain our values as an Anglo-Saxon country. No. This will not happen. We either get our acts together, collectively, as men, or we watch our nation burn.

The Path Forward (2018-2020)

The next two years are of critical importance. We have collectively, successfully memed the most brutally alpha and pro-American president into office arguably since Ronald Reagan. This is not an opportunity that we can afford to squander—we must all begin proactively restoring the balance of masculinity in this country, from the top down, otherwise our nation will perish to globalists and their dumb, but useful allies.

There will be resistance, as there is whenever masculinity tries to assert itself. Pay no attention to this resistance. Simply follow the advice which the manosphere advocates for:

  1. Create an income independent of a massive, bureaucratic, globalist corporation
  2. Increase your testosterone levels (start by avoiding foods that kill testosterone)
  3. Lift weights, and become physically able to stand up for yourself
  4. Proactively participate in the upcoming midterms, and the Presidential Election of 2020
  5. Do everything you can to red pill those who are ready (emphasis on them being ready)

If we, collectively, as a group of thousands of like-minded men all across the nation can successfully pull this off, we will see a resurgence of economic, political, and social growth which will have been unprecedented.

If we do not pull it off however, and our nation succumbs to the manipulations of the elite, a far more grim and sinister future will play out.

The Alternative

If we do not successfully reclaim the balance of masculine aggression and feminine vanity in this country, all will be lost, and we will be forced to either live through hell, or leave our homelands. Here’s what to expect over the next decade or so, if a social justice warrior is elected President in 2020, and we lose the culture wars:

  1. Increasing surveillance over the internet
  2. More thought crime policies instituted into law
  3. The figurative castration of men all across the country
  4. Eventual race wars, or religious wars, spurred on primarily by Islamic migrants

This is non-negotiable. If we lose the culture wars to SJW’s over the next several years, we will begin to see lobbying to shut down any and all manosphere websites dedicated to spreading the truth. We have already seen PayPal, YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and Google begin to censor people like Roosh, Alex Jones, Donald Trump, and other conservative/red pilled speakers. We cannot afford to stand this any longer.

If we lose these mediums to the globalists, they will easily gain the support of the public to institute thought crime policies into our legal system. You have a book by Bronze Age Pervert, that Amazon can track from your order history? NAZI SCUM! You’re going to prison. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t actually hurt anyone in any way shape or form, because you had an opinion that the globalists dislike.

As this begins to happen, men will self-imprison all over the nation. Some will fight, of course, and maybe win (if we’re lucky). Others will leave and attempt to gain citizenship in more male-friendly countries such as Denmark, Austria, and Poland. The rest will be forced to hang their heads in perpetual shame.

Eventually, as the population of third world migrants explodes, and tribalism is exacerbated by the polarizing media, we will begin to see rampant terrorist attacks, which are already happening in Germany, The UK, and other nations around the cucked European Union. Inevitably, this will end in a civil war.

It’s Our Choice

I have presented to you the only two choices that we have, and to me, the decision is quite simple. We can either sit around passively, and squabble amongst ourselves over stupid theories and philosophies, or we can take action to better ourselves and improve the stance of our nation.

The choice is clear to me. We either succumb to globalist propaganda, see the death of masculinity in the West, and see freedom of speech die as it is destined to do, or we fight back and create a better future. Some may say this is melodramatic. I would say that a mere cursory glance at history will prove otherwise.

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107 thoughts on “How The Sexual Dynamics Of A Collapsing Country Become Degraded”

  1. Great article. One possible caveat though; Western (particularly American) “culture” is so overwhelmingly toxic that within a generation at most, the overwhelming majority of virile 20-something year old male invaders will become completely soy-a-fied/pussified within a generation (at max). See the case of men coming from a traditionally patriarchial culture, e.g. Mexico, where the guys were filled with fire and brimstone-style brimstone and within a generation their children become uber-Americanized fat sluts (daughters) and slovenly chubster soyboys (son’s, primarily).

    1. A poem I wrote this evening:
      What is here for me
      In this declining society
      Nothing set up for the beta male
      Without the height and the muscular genetics
      The barbarian, the 6 foot tall man mountain, is equipped to survive in this wasteland, among this wreckage
      Men like me would be swept aside, killed, brutalized
      Yet here I am, kept on life support
      In a way, that’s even worse
      What am I doing here, what is the point of being here?
      My genetics shouldn’t have been allowed to live on
      I am a weak, pathetic genetic specimen
      I am short, I am fat, I am slow, I am sluggish, I am dumb with practical things
      In the past, I would be a wanderer. Cast out from groups, because I have nothing to offer anyone
      Resigned to fending off the harsh elements for myself.
      No male companions, as they don’t see the value in me.
      No females to protect, as they have hitched their wagon on stronger men
      Well, I will take up this position again
      I will bare this world, and need nothing from it
      Reliant on the authenticity of my soul. I will reach God in this hell

      1. @ Former
        Remember that is was the mighty cockroach who survived the blast at Yucca Flats.
        “I’d rather be a live dog than a dead lion”
        – Quote from the movie Something Wild.
        You don’t have to be the “King of the Barbarians”.
        Just try to do the best with what you have.
        Improvise, adapt, overcome.
        Try to live as well as you can.
        Survive. The one who survives is always the winner.
        TBH, I do think like you sometimes. Probably more than I should.
        But then I also try to remind myself that there are others guys, many other guys, who would probably think my situation is better than theirs.
        Jeez…I am giving someone a pep talk…how’d that happen?

        1. I like the old Roman slogan “ better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep”. Though being a live dog might be better than a dead lion.

      2. I feel your pain. I can relate a lot to your grievances and discontent. I, too, have shitty genetics (short and skinny, and also mental problems, namely attention deficit disorder (ADD) and Aspergers/mild autism spectrum disorder.
        It really sucks being an intelligent, conscientious man, with all the same dreams, desires and ideals as other men – if not more – only to be permanently denied the ability to realise any of them, because of random genetic/biological problems, in the form of insidious physical and/or mental limitations/defects. I can relate to your rant, down to the letter. I don’t know about you, but now I’m just waiting for the show to go down – the reign of the antichrist and the return of Christ to get us good souls out of this hell-world of Satan’s Kingdom. All the best to you.

    2. “the overwhelming majority of virile 20-something year old male invaders”
      The rapefugees are already fags. Faggotry and pedophilia are widely practiced in muslim countries even if officially illegal.
      Invaders in Greece sell their asses, whining they don’t get enough money for doing nothing.
      BS. It’s like whores doing it allegedly to pay their fake college degrees. It’s just easier to work on their back.
      So afghans make perfect male prostitutes, hate to work, have been groomed since childhood to take in the rear (basha bazi).
      And with a 80 IQ, it’s not like they can do something productive anyway.

    3. Modern American values are incredibly toxic, focused on becoming a parasite. However America’s foundational values are a good muse to be based upon.

    4. It also happens even with muslims somehow. Guys turn into purified male feminists. While the girls turn into secret sluts.

  2. It is Sunday!
    Too many men are glued to the television today. Watching football.
    This article is clear and well presented.
    Either foreign men will restore the balance, or native men.
    Control our masculine aggression is a good point. The reason most white men are reluctant to beat asses more often is simple.
    When we go to jail we are on our own inside. People of other races have a support system behind bars; friends, relatives, fellow gang members and associates, etc. Chances are their time in jail goes by smoothly. Not so for most white men who must fend for ourselves. Otherwise, without this ball and chain to beware of, we can kick a lot more asses than we do, so far.
    As for getting in shape, independent streams of income, and red pilling those who are ready, it is the safest way to prepare ourselves for turmoil.
    Look at the Carolinas and Hurricane Florence.
    Already, as of this post, police have arrested five looters. Anybody surprised?

      1. Without whites there would be only Asians, being they would exterminate the subhuman races.
        That “future” would be a very stagnate one.

        1. One solution could be cloned/ genetic engineered designer women. Only we would have to create a sort of matrix were they would live believing that we are still Hunter gatherers. While men would continue to go off and maintain the real civilized world.

      2. Somedude
        “We non-white men are the future.”
        Look at South Africa, Myanmar, Somalia, etc.
        Hell! Look at Detroit.
        What kind of future is that?
        Invent nothing. Produce nothing. Mismanage everything. Shift the blame.
        What do I produce?
        Copy and content under an assumed name. Chances are, copy I wrote persuaded your dumb ass to buy something you don’t even need.
        See how you’re played? And your too stupid to figure it out.
        You are not the future. You are failure to progress. I think carpet on the floor of your cave will be just fine.

      3. “We non-white MEN are the future.”
        You are absolutely wrong! Correct version is:
        “We MEN are the future.”
        There is no point in “rejoicing”, if something bad or negative happens to white MEN. Remember that if it happens to the white MEN, it can (and will) happen to other MEN; if you are a MAN, of course !!

      4. DON’T THINK SO!!!
        We WHITES will end you muzzie scum!!
        Your hebrew masters are the ones that keeping the WHITE MEN DOWN…
        But not for long buddy!
        You’ll be ERASED!!! — See scum, when WHITES will finally lose that famous PATIENCE for good!!!

    1. Nice weather out.
      I’m gonna go take a 10 mile walk.
      Have a steak marinating in the fridge for dinner.

  3. Good article but no references to these two claims:
    Too much masculine aggression causes Middle East problems???? That is a little far fetched since it is political issues in the Middle East.
    The elites want to bring millions of young men to this country??? What? Who are this mysterious elites? Is this a government policy that nobody knows about?
    The article is good but these far fetched unsubstantiated claims degrades the message.

    1. HAIS — The Hebrew American Immigrant Society.
      Start there.
      What percentage of Hebrews voted for open borders (Hillary Clinton)? What percentage are Democrats? What percentage of Hebrews are in the 1%? Are they over reprensented in our univerisites, media, and government in relation to their population?
      Why yes, yes they are. You get an ethnostate with a wall, yet you want to flood our homelands with aggressive foreigners who cannot integrate in our societies.
      We know why Schlomo. We are hitting levels of Goyim-Knowing that haven’t been seen since the 1930s. Thank God.

  4. Sorry to burst your illusions but civilization is feminine by nature. It aims to provide security, comfort and pleasure. So the more civilized the nation is the more feminine it gets. For that reason men in the West can NOT regain the masculinity back. It’s too far gone.

    1. “For that reason men in the West can NOT regain the masculinity back. It’s too far gone.”
      i think you are mostly right, but some men will control the top-heavy feminist control as the op stated. Feminists cannot keep, or advance, what they didn’t create.
      I’ve said to women that they will never vote again:
      Muslims/Africans take over the West: European women will be slaves.
      Traditional Europeans retake: we will never allow them to vote our destruction again.
      Communists Finalize their victory: it will seem they vote – but is just an illusion.

    2. Paleo fags worshipped fat women. Which means in those savage societies men worked their asses out to stuff the mouth of their women until they become fat slob, which was likely a sign of wealth back then, like in some current african societies.
      Then no, civilization is not about security, comfort and pleasure. Romans were hyper violent and industrious, legionaries served for decades and had no right to marry before having served their time. Guess it made them pissed, explaining why they build an empire.
      Skip the romans, consider middle ages to modern era. Europeans were at war constantly. The centralized the states became, the frequent the conflicts. Commoners led short and miserable lives, And industtrialisation did not helped, quite the opposite, as humans were considered disposable. Also, fishers and sailors, especially those travelling far and wide in cap horners or fishing cod, had incredibly hardy lives, for a modern man it would be hell on earth, few sleep, working day and night, in the cold.
      Modern world is not civilized, this is why women, whimp and peoples from uncivilized “cultures” run the show.

  5. For a country to survive, “compassion” is the emotion that must be controlled.
    This is easily done when females are not allowed to vote.
    For a great example (from a crappy movie) of how compassion destroys, see the beginning of the film “The Purge”. The entire family is destroyed because the little kid (who obviously was influenced by his mother) opens the gate to let the homeless guy into the house.

    1. And yes, I realize that in the end it is only the father that dies.
      And yes, that is why the family is destroyed.

    2. ““compassion” is the emotion that must be controlled.”
      Like the old saying goes,”The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”

  6. great.
    “Do everything you can to red pill those who are ready (emphasis on them being ready)”
    Thousands not enough…
    Seems the female blue wave is coming…
    However, there seems there is rhetoric, at least, from .Gov against .NET…Can only come from control, unfortunately, along the lines of classing them as Utilities.

  7. I like the bullet point lists you provide – cause – solutions etc:
    I listed one in another article – deeply embedded.
    And is just a start.
    i think we should all contribute and fine tune to the simplest and rawest – backed by links to good coaches/expert: rollo, illimitable-man(son whisperer), roosh, ajcortes, etc…
    And one objective of this is to share with younger men – make public – make aware – and try to recruit them away from their MSM/School brainwashing…
    I reckon 4 things men (especially young) need to get right:
    Self: posture, nutrituion, gym, style.
    Cash: education, business/career, workethic, tenacity. Saving(not investing/gambling).
    Social: Frame, public speaking, self/confidence.
    Climate: know SJW tactics. Strawman, mockingshaming, adhominum, deflection, circulararguments etc.
    Women: Don’t know about that anymore.
    Twitter is full of all the right instructors(when not banned)

  8. Did Trump reverse the Amazon ban?
    Is Trump helping R00sh get his books sold?
    Trump is a globalist puppet!

  9. Every society even when it’s booming sows it’s own seeds of destruction. The importation of Islam into the western countries in the end will result in gays and women losing most if not all of their rights.
    Sometimes the joke is on the joke itself and this is no different. And these gays and feminists are so narcissistic that they won’t have any clue until they’re on the chopping block or in a burqa.

    1. yes – that is funny.
      I said in a post earlier that women have been at war with an “enemy” for 100 years – against men – who didn’t know, and have always protected and cherished them.
      The feminists have won a Pyrrhic victory.
      And I will watch and laugh as their “darlings” enslave them…

    1. What do you think of the President Mr. Trump !? The President has more than 48 States to rule & manage.
      Let the fuckin amazon do whatever they want! We are capable enough to fight back & cone out as Winners. It is just matter of time & it doesn’t take any longer. We ALL can support Roosh & the ROK platform. *** Let US stay UNITED ***

  10. Read the post and it started out good. Till it blamed men. Men, and only men. And claimed ONLY men can fix it. Because, MEN. So the OP basically said “I’m another retard, who thinks women are blameless virgins and so is society. So men … just cut your dicks off and mail it in to the feminist collective because its all on you” and therefore exposed himself as … yet another moron who doesn’t have a clue how things work.
    So, here’s a clue. It ain’t on men. And it’s not men’s fault they are getting screwed over. Its ALL ON WOMEN and ALL ON SOCIETY. And men have a limited ability to influence either of those … unless a God appears and revokes the ability of women to vote and puts every member of the MSM in prison. Other than that … NOT MUCH MEN CAN DO TO FIX THE CURRENT SITUATION. A SITUATION WE DID NOT MAKE AND CAN NOT FIX.
    Wanna check out and go MGTOW … the best option available … since you can’t fix it … might as well save yourself; that’s what real men do. Real me make a ration decision give the fact before them. Retarded brainwashed morons blame men and expect them to do something that is impossible. FIX IT. OP … go to hell and quit blaming men … and really just grow the hell up. Women created this mess. And only women can fix it. STOP BLAMING MEN.
    That’s all.

    1. @Mega…I don’t believe that the author is blaming men, at least no solely men. However, I have to agree with him in respect that then men are partly to blame because they allowed things to get this far without as much as a whimper, let alone a pushback. Women will always push and take whatever their pushiness gets them – it is up to men to stand their ground and, ehm…to be men, suffering the consequences of being unapologetic, strong men, not yielding to pressures and manipulations to make them abandon their ground no matter from whom and on what pretenses the pressures may come from.
      Most important role for men today is to lead their sons by example. Young men today have so much manipulative/oppressing PC crap coming at them from every direction that they have no idea what is right or wrong and how to be real men…

      1. + 1 for this:
        “Most important role for men today is to lead their sons by example.”
        But, it is not just “by example”.
        A father must ACTIVELY train his son to be a man. ESPECIALLY if the boy is not a “natural alpha” type.

        1. Yes, that was what I was trying to state – my bad for not expressing it clearly. TRAIN the son to be a man and counter all programming current society is putting in his brain – to be meek, less “aggressive” (normal masculinity is called male aggressiveness now), to defer to girls/women at all time. We need to build our sons up – not just their bodies (weight training, outdoor pursuits, sports) but also their minds, their self-confidence and self-esteem, which are being attacked on daily basis from all sides (MSM, social media, feminized schools and workplaces). We have to teach them not to be afraid to show that they are men, preferably men’s men…despite of all the flak they will be getting for it…

    2. I agree with your assessment but not the solution. MGTOW just leaves a ton of men being miserable on drugs, porn, and prostitutes. The solution is men in the West but reassert barbarism again. Challenge blue pilled men weaker than you to fight if they have a girl you want. Don’t hesitate to rape thots if you know you can get away with it. Steal from men who only made their money by sucking the corporate tit. Men must reassert their physical dominance as the primarily way to control society and culture. If they don’t, hordes of brown men will. Essentially we must destroy society to rebuild again. It’s too broken to fix.

      1. “Don’t hesitate to rape thots if you know you can get away with it.”
        Are you setting us up for another smear campaign? Ain’t gonna work next time when thousands of armed men crank their rifles at you antifa morons for starting violence.

        1. No. I’m serious. The neomasculine movement achieve its goals intellectually; not with public education and social media companies against us. We must destroy the institutions that protect the establishment and punish those who side against us.

      2. -1
        “Steal from men who only made their money by sucking the corporate tit.”
        – Well, I have never “sucked the corporate teat”, but I do put in an honest 45 hr week on my IT consulting assignments and get compensated accordingly. But sure, feel free to try come steal from me. My 870 and I will be happy to greet you.

        1. People at the bottom of the barrel have a fanciful notion of their own prowess. Many men that have good jobs and the discipline to hold them have also hobbies that make them more formidable than the run of the mill white trash. They can fantasize all they want. I guess it helps them sleep better at night.

        2. If you work for the system in a position of authority and aren’t actively working to dismantle the system, you’re part of the problem.

        3. @ Matt
          I am a consultant.
          For the last 15 years or so I have been considered a “team lead” type.
          I have ALWAYS stated my opinion when asked and always try to pick on on when guys are ready to be “red pilled” and proceed accordingly.
          But for you to state: “Steal from men who only made their money by sucking the corporate tit”… Holy crap! Extremely irresponsible! How old are you? 25 or under I am assuming. In a first world society, private corps are the best way to earn a good income. Most of us should aspire to have good jobs and good income/net worth. That is power. From there we can influence others. Pleas don’t buy into this “corporate is cucked” crap. One’s like if “cucked” only if one allows himself to be a “cuck”. Please explain to me how a motorcycle repairman making 40K/year is not “cucked”. A guy like that has no power. Money is power. With power, one can ever be “cucked” unless he expressly consents to it. Most normal men with power/$$$ will never consent to that. Will tell the bitch to go burn in hell instead. Have a good night.

        4. Power is more than money. You’re betraying your fellow man by enabling corporate cultural Marxism. You’re a sellout and collaborator the same way Jews who worked for the Nazis were.

        5. @ Matt
          A sellout and collaborator?
          For getting up early in the morning and going to work every day?
          I’ll keep being a sellout and enjoying my disposable income.
          You can enact your stated plan and end up in prison for robbery and rape.

      3. Always the socialist answer, to take away some one else money and stuff because goddamn, they earned it… You sorry fucks should be excited on sight when you say moronic shit like that. Get a job show some responsibility and improve yourself rather than being a goddamn worthless thief and make something useful of yourself. Or just go fucking suicide somewhere is you can’t. But stealing and trying to oppress those who do make something of themselves… Is the sure answer to a deservedly bloody Civil War we will gladly make you lose. CoMe take my shit.. PLEASE TRY TO.

        1. … Google again censors and replaces words….. Execute…. Not excited….. Fucking Google needs to be destroyed too, the communist imbeciles.

      4. Sorry Matt, violence is not the answer, at least for now. We still can make a lot of improvements and bring upon changes. All it takes is a Strong initiative by both ordinary & influential MEN.
        I know that saying is easy, but somebody has to “jump Start”. From my side, I am ready to Support in whatever way I can. I want to see True Patriarchy in action again. Hope GOD is listening!

    3. Only men can fix this country because women by their nature are incapable of it. Men allowed women to run rampant so now is the time to put a stop to it. Women belong in the home so they have no business setting public policy. Repealing their right to vote would be a huge step in the right direction.

      1. One easy step… Take away all women’s rights… Done things will move on back to what is useful.

      You can leave.
      I did, and it worked for me.

  11. These skanks are out of line, time to man up and take away their right’s
    Seriously the more power women are allowed the shittier things get

    1. You can’t even talk to a femcunt because if she only FEELZZZZZZZZ offended, it’s a hate crime in UK and Canada!

  12. The conservative side hasn’t warmed up enough. Sure we have a significant minority of red-pilled youth but that’s not enough. We need to reach numbers of around 20-30% of the population (excluding the old Right because they’re just impotent) before our actions start having real impact. Nothing is more important than ensuring that the younger generation (10-25) join our cause than with the Left. As the oldies controlling the positions of power in the present die off, we better make sure those who replace them share our value not the Left’s.

    1. A well-supported black conservative shift/movement would be necessary to achieve these aims (in the United States). I’m already seeing anecdotal evidence that they’re evacuating the ranks of the far left, but this is a heavily-brainwashed demographic with deep-rooted resentments; they also tend to suffer major consequences for defying the tribal group-think.

      1. “this is a heavily-brainwashed demographic with deep-rooted resentments.”
        What you meant was:
        “this is an easily brainwashed demographic with deep-rooted low IQs”
        Few will ever be true conservatives because they just don’t get law and order, education, taking responsibility, delaying gratification, being fiercely independent in thought and deed, and all the other hallmarks of being a conservative. It will never happen. Maybe someday with thousands more years of evolution, but by then it won’t matter because there won’t be any whites around to actually get to see the new breed of civilized black man.

        1. Yeah, I’m not terribly optimistic or expecting anything epic to happen (along those lines) in my lifetime. But I repeatedly come across higher-IQ and successful AAs who have ardently adopted European technologies and systems, concepts, morals, and it extends to their manners and respect for law. They don’t seem to resent the parts of it their ancestors (Wakanda or elsewhere/otherwise) didn’t actually invent/build. The best of so-called white culture makes universal sense to sensible humans, and in my example rubbing off on the best of black people (first hand experience; more frequent in metro areas). They’re 14% of population and rising, and do matter in the equation, all things being equal as can be (in a world where actually nothing is equal, and nothing comes for free).

  13. Good article women should have only the rights their father or husband says they have it’s the only way to fix society and expel all the gross foreigners

  14. So which one of you twinkies are going to play Stonewall Jackson? Will the war take place between bouts of kino and escalation? Will there be a white ethnostate in Antarctica? Will Third World hookers raise their prices? Will beaners sneak Ex-lax into your burrito and make you shit your pants?
    These and so many other questions plague the mind.

  15. Still sucking Trump’s cock I see. The fact that you think any politician, Trump included, cares for this country at all boggles my mind.

    1. While Trump isn’t this saviour that will just blast away all our problems (there will be no saviour for us, only we can save ourselves and stop this mess). Trump is still a giant monkey wrench in the Globalist machine and the more time we have to prepare and plan, the better. Even if you dislike him, a well placed and perfectly timed diversion is nothing to complain about.

      1. @Bob the destroyer of worlds – Sorry to burst you bubble, but Trump is part of the “globalists” you speak of. Globalist is a bad term though, as these people should be called luciferinists who wish to establish a one world utopian government where a few of them rule over the dumb herd as gods. No one becomes president of the U.S. by way of being voted in by the dumb herd, that is just an illusion created so the dumb herd thinks they are free. All presidents are selected puppets of the luciferinists.
        Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” should be a give away that his a one world government stooge / puppet. Why did he not say “Make the United States Great Again” ? America is a continent, consisting of north america, central american and south america. Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” means fulfilling what Manly P. Hall (freemason) wrote about, and that is restoring the land of Amaruca (feathered serpent) or bring all of the Americas together once again.

  16. “Too much masculine aggression, and a country becomes war-torn, unable to run itself or stay stable long enough to produce any sort of civilization (think the Middle East).”
    This has got nothing to do with “masculine” aggression. MA is by definition controled and measured. Men know when to excellerate and when to use the breaks. What you see in the ME is a perfect examply of feminine aggression: chaotic, hysterical and all-destroying…including oneself (perfect example are suicide bombers). Killing yourself deliberately is in and of itself a bitch move. It’s the ultimate way of throwing in the towel. Self harm is also the way females deal with stressors. Men direct aggression outwardly women inwardly.

  17. Spoken like Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer.
    It’s refreshing to see people focus on the masculine element of the decline; the way that (((globalists))) are destroying our culture from within through the use of women.

  18. 6. Have kids.
    Redpilled from birth. As many as you can when you’re enough male and rich. 5 kids who have 5 your grandchildren = 25 ggchildren. 25×5 = 125.
    How many guys have been redpilled. Let’s hypotetically say 500. 500×125 = 62 500. In 4 generations.
    5000? 5000×125 = 625 000
    And there are plans for depopulation, so everybody else gonna depopulate themselves while redpills gonna grow and take charge.

    1. SC,
      That would only work if she didn’t divorce rape you and get 100% custody of the kids. It’s not gonna happen.

  19. To quote Benjamin Franklin “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately”.
    There has been too much in fighting over petty squabbles in The Red pill and Manosphere lately. It is time we put those differences aside and unite into a force ready to take on these Globalists.

  20. For the life of me, I will never understand the support of Trump in articles like this. He’s a narcissistic caracature of what a real man should be and has no discernible political philosophy, governing principles, or diplomatic restraint. He reminds me of the guy that loudly but falsely brags that he was Navy SEAL to try and impress people, not realizing that he’s embarrassing himself and that people see right through the bullshit because the real deal doesn’t have to brag or put on a show. Their dignity, demeanor, and professionalism speak for themselves. In short, if he’s the best hope that the RP community has, we’re sunk, and voting won’t save us either.

  21. Wow, sometimes these articles start up just fine until the lack of depth and delusion starts to show.
    It seems many of you are hung up on some sort of white supremacy trip and reality is catching on.
    Let me give you a few facts:
    – US is built by multiple waves of immigrants, unless you want to give it back to the natives.
    – All men of the world are suffering with the shit that western culture has become, and that in traditional societies as well.
    If you think the fight is against white men, then you’re wrong, it’s against ALL MEN.
    – Radical Islam is not only promoted by the west, namely the US (have a look at who really funds, arms and trains these nuts) by it is also a virulent reaction to western perversion. I condone these guys, however man, they are the perfect anti body to blue haired freaks and their throngs.
    – the immigrants that are storming EU are their making, they deserve what their getting.
    – and finally all of you should sit back and enjoy the show, because it is already over. the smart ones have already noticed and are moving away.
    the living conditions suck, the social tensions are high, and it very likely is moving towards an american civil war. not only because of the social and political tensions described, but also because of the revelations behind the involvement of the US government, the deep state and zionist lobbies in the armed mess of the modern world, including 9 11, terrorism founding etc.
    the effects of this revelations becoming mainstream will have an explosive effect on american society..
    good luck fellow men

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