All That’s Left For Normal Men Are Rotten Women

The following article was originally published on Roosh V.

Nature has given humanity a roughly one-to-one ratio of adult men to women, but the most attractive women are being taken out of circulation to either join alpha male harems or participate in degenerate lifestyle choices. This leaves the average man practically no choice in settling down with a mentally stable and cute woman in her prime.

In Islam, a man is able to marry four wives, which is what my wealthy Iranian grandfather did on his way to siring 24 or so children that included my dad (the exact number is a mystery). He took away three women that an Iranian man of lesser means could have married, creating a societal imbalance, but that’s nothing compared to what we have in the modern Western world, where a single famous man can command the sexual attentions of dozens—if not thousands—of women in their sexual prime, spoiling these women for normal men who don’t have the ability to tingle their vaginas with the same intensity.

How many actors, musicians, and sports athletes are trying to plow through as much prime pussy as possible? How many Hollywood directors and music producers are leveraging their positions for sexual gain? How many club owners, restaurateurs, Arab sheikhs, and politicians are doing the same? Each one is taking way more beautiful women out of circulation than men like my grandfather, all while elevating their standards to such an extent that no average man can ever gain their love, let alone two hours—or even two minutes–of their uninterrupted attention.

We also have to account for female lifestyle choices that are designed to delay or prevent pair bonding and marriage. The biggest is career. Most girls, while embarking on a career, balance out the boredom of working a meaningless job by hopping on the cock carousel and banging at least a few men every year. By the time a girl hits 25 years old, any man who meets her will have to deal with a walk-in closet of emotional issues and hang-ups from being pumped and dumped as much as a 1930’s brothel whore.

Then there is the Instagram and Facebook lifestyle that creates crippling dopamine addiction, which causes a girl to only be satisfied if dozens of men are actively thirsting for her every day. I estimate that if a girl has over 500 followers on Instagram, she is so used to attention from throngs of men that the love of one man cannot possibly satisfy her.

We must also throw in the growing “travel blogger” lifestyle where, instead of using only her body to get attention, a girl uses pictures and video from exotic locations to enhance her beauty. Other girls, with nothing substantial to offer the world, decide to showcase pictures of pets or their tasty overpriced meals, but even that puts them on a dopamine loop that ruins their future interactions with men.

By far, the most damaging lifestyle choice women make is becoming a sugar baby, a politically correct term for “prostitute.” For some easy cash, she whores out her body to the highest bidder (some women combine Instagram and prostitution in a seamless package). How can such an Instagram prostitute ever settle down with a man who has a normal salary? There are also the hundreds of women who enter porn every year, some from seemingly stable families. Sadly, men are so desperate for love that many would wife up a former prostitute or porn star, but it’s highly unlikely those women will make for stable families.

The Western world is a sinkhole for women. The prettiest of the bunch fall into the hole and get spit out years later an entitled #MeToo hag who can never be happy, making the Islamic four-wife rule seem downright egalitarian. The sad truth is that if you meet an attractive girl today, she was pumped and dumped by numerous sexy men, prefers to nurture her career than children, is addicted to attention via the internet, and has participated in some kind of scheme to exchange social status or cash for her pussy. She’s more than suitable for a bit of fun, but would it be wise to seek a relationship with her?

Even with the obesity and short-hair epidemic, I still see a bountiful supply of cute girls I would happily reproduce with. I would love them, let them caress my beard, and lay my seed deep within their vaginal guts, but the problem is that those guts are not for me—they are for the Chads who would never marry her, the beta orbiters who await her newest selfie as if it were a source of food, or the rich and lonely men who would sponsor her for thousands of dollars a month. They’re taking her out of circulation at the time I want her most, and by the time they are done with her, I no longer want her. I guess I’ll try to weasel in a bang or two when she is not yet fully degraded, and enjoy the fleeting pleasure that comes from it as much as I can.

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97 thoughts on “All That’s Left For Normal Men Are Rotten Women”

  1. Go Monk and just focus on building $.
    When a high iq man focusses on $ he is figuratively taking a dump on those no talent feminists and the lazy beta leftists. They want you to forgoe your career and to please them only
    I will acquire wealth in the next 5-10 years, so when the system collapses (it already has) I can take a steaming poo on the losers, lazies, unrational feminists and degenerates below me

    1. Monk mode is good. I had 3 new dates lined up for this past weekend. Based on sunny weather.
      But, just could not be bothered with the final 8,000 txts to coordinate the meetings.
      Partly laziness. But, perhaps it is overcoming the addiction somewhat. or bitter because I am supplying everything, fun, entertainment, cool adventures, wine, etc…And I have to pay and and do all the work.
      I’m saving my money, and energy.

      1. Forget dates.
        Red pill guy Anthony Dream Johnson was saying that women plan dates for men they see as beta bucks, and ‘hang out’ (ie go straight to their place) with guys they see as alpha.
        I want to be monk for the indefinite future, but if you feel how you described, I wouldn’t waste time unless the girl comes straight to your place, or invites you over.

        1. exactly – that is why my cute little (non) single mom said she has 2 hours to spare after dropping the kids of…and wants to come over.
          But, this started as 2 dates. now she comes over. and often brings gifts, and cooks, etc…
          Unfortunately, at my age I have to run their gauntlet, and pay the fees – then they are willing participants.
          When younger, I had many same day, and same hour bangs…I’ve always said that all women will bang (Mr Right) on the first encounter.
          Anthony Dream Johnson also said:
          “for the fist time in history women’s partner count will exceed their IQ”…
          greatest shiv in history.
          And another guys said it was a conspiracy from the cat food companies…ha!

    2. Plenty of good women left, but none of them are white women.
      I have a 20-year-old Asian daughter, untouched by any man, nicest girl I’ve ever met, and she’s a real beauty (solid 9). Once she’s finished University, she’ll get married to a nice man and they’ll have children together.

      1. Did I mention, there’ll be no dating without her mom or me present, her first time alone with a man will be on her wedding night.

        1. How do you send her to university AND make sure she’s never alone with men? All girl’s school?
          I know you think I’m fake news, but for whatever it’s worth, I respect your approach, and good on you if you pull it off.
          I always wished my parents (well, my dad) had been more involved in my husband-selection – although I can’t say I’m confident that they could have chosen any better than I did. If I’d followed my dad’s advice I never would have gotten married, if I’d followed my mother’s advice I probably would have married a woman. Sigh.

        2. Hello Kitty,
          University, where I live, is almost all females (and a few gay guys), straight guys just don’t go to university much. Respectable girls are taught from an early age never to be alone with any man (not even a brother or uncle), at any time, and go round in groups of five or six together.

      2. @john dodds – My wife is Vietnamese. She had already moved to the U.S. and was a U.S. citizen when I met her. Her family still follows some of the traditions in Vietnam, which also meant dating. Our first date was me coming over to meet the family (mom and dad) for lunch. Thankfully she has not been tainted and ruined by the feminists in the U.S. Her two cousins though, whose family moved to the U.S. are completely different and they act like the typical spoiled, entitled and manipulative women of the U.S.

      3. i already hit that shit, pops.
        oh @ lol @ that bitch being a “solid 9.”
        the only solid 9 was my 9 incher slamming against her cervix.

    3. Fellow Melbournian here,
      I concur that the native girls (especially in the outer suburbs) are trash.
      They are making it difficult to gain employment, I’ve been to 20ish interviews over the past year following university. Every interview I keep getting the same rubbish reason for not being successful “I am not a culturally fit” (because I’m white and have a penis).
      I have a 127 IQ, want to work 60+ hours a week, no student debt and have a bachelors degree. I’m currently working on my CPA and learning Python BUT even that isn’t good enough for a basic level entry-level job, because apparently personality is a greater metric then BEING EDUCATED AND WANTING TO WORK.

      1. @Mordred
        Holy shit, I didn’t know it was that bad with the job situation. I sort of have my own family business going, so I have not been out there for a couple of years.
        It looks like men are being pushed into menial jobs. I see a lot of guys who look 25, sophisticated/educated looking dudes, working at Mcdonalds.
        It seems the best thing to be in Aus today is a tradie/manual labourer. They charge whatever they want, and get all the pussy.
        That’s a good idea, accounting is probably more male dominated, and Python (I assume that’s coding) may allow you to work more independently.
        I am learning copywriting at the moment, I think I have a knack for it.
        I want to be making 80k a year in 5 years time, location independent. At that point I will likely leave Melbourne

        1. “I am learning copywriting at the moment, I think I have a knack for it.”
          Maybe you don’t, since that’s a run-on sentence.

      2. maybe it’s cuz you’re fat, ugly, short & micro-dicked. no girl @ those companies could envision herself fucking such a monstrosity.

  2. As an older guy, I have watched the porn industry change – drastically.
    Look at old porn – so many of the same semi-ugly tramps(literal tramps). Bleached hair, fake tits, etc…average about 6/10.
    Now its the hottest chicks on the planet, and plenty of them, are into porn, stripping, sugar-daddies.
    Also selfie/social-media obsession(advertising their wares)…
    it’s a tough choice for guys that wish to settle down, and have kids. probably better to be oblivious.
    I’m the single-mom whisperer.
    But, shortly, I have a (non) single-mom coming over.

    1. Almost all of them escort for an elevated price due to their “fame”.
      Not really worth it.
      They are often not as good looking in person.
      Many are tatted up and have bullrings. The tats you’ll see on screen, but they will lose the bullrings for the porn shoots.

    2. “Now its the hottest chicks on the planet”
      lol. That’s false. “9’s” don’t do porn, idiot. Instead, they develop a huge beta-incel/orca-fat following on insta. Then they collect easy $$$, hawking various, overpriced (often worthless) products that beta-incels/orca-fats are stupid enough to buy.

        1. I just make my name whatever I feel like at the time lol. Nothing behind it
          I try to think of the funniest things
          No I am a Guido in Melbourne. There are a lot of Greeks and Italians here

      1. Melbourne is chop full of all these SJW posters and gatherings around the CBD. Hamish Rangi did a great article ripping on Melbourne a lot.

  3. There’s only one question you forgot to ask. Why the f*** would she want you? Old ugly mom’s basement dweller garbage. You are the very definition of “rotten” and it’s obvious why any woman would prefer a career and to support herself, just to stay away from your disgusting person.

    1. Incel faggot employing cognitive dissonance.
      Hard for roosh to live in his mum’s basement when he has been abroad for years.
      But like most miserable, pathetic leftist cuntbags, the truth doesn’t matter to this utter zero.
      What a load of shit your life must be, you beta parasite

    2. Who bitch dis is? Of course the first thing is the old ‘small dick’ or ‘virgin’ insult.
      Sluts cannot stand being held to account for their sluttery. I know some of you saw the firestorm on Twitter last week when a guy said something to the effect that the only women worth considering for LTR were low N, feminine, had domestic skills, and good relationships with their fathers — his opinion – with which I wholeheartedly agree.
      But the sluts on the thread couldn’t argue. Only attack and accuse him of having a small penis, not being able to get laid, not making enough money et al.
      No arguments as to why or why not vis a vis his original proposition. Just insults and threats to report.
      I’m raising my daughters as red pill as possible. Two key concepts they won’t learn unless we teach them:
      1. Beauty has a shelf life, as do eggs. the best years for having kids and for the kids’ health are 18-25. After 25 fertility declines and chances of abnormal offspring increase.
      2. High N count lowers value. Period. Full stop. Low N women have the most stable marriages and report the happiest lives. In stark contrast to High-N women. And more…
      Funny how the dude’s thread on Twitter was being blown up with maybe 100 sluts all proclaiming how their High N added value to them, as well as their degrees and their salaries.
      Poor brainwashed creatures just aren’t intelligent enough or introspective enough to figure it out independently and were raised either without fathers or with blue pill fathers.
      If you have daughters, you owe it to every one of your ancestors and your descendants to teach them red pill truth about male/female dynamics.
      There’s so much propaganda encouraging young women to do everything wrong. Like this bitch ^^^^.

  4. I live here in England the amount of overweight girls/women I see with decent looking tall chaps is unbelievable women in excess of 30/40% over their bodyweight some not far from being obese seem to have no problems in finding men. Most of these women are in the 5ft4 to 5ft5 range around 4/5 in looks.
    I cannot figure it out I would rather go without I am wondering if the population figures the Government gives out is true supposedly they are about even in most age groups but there seems to be a massive oversupply of men everywhere its also the thirsty men who are fucking it up by telling every overweight Hippo they look great.
    I have just about given up and a cannot be bothered anymore its best to chase cash than crutch far more productive.
    Most of Western women of today have given away their bodies away far to much in their 20s their notch count will be well above any normal man “You cannot shake a Whore Tree and expect a Wife to fall out”

    1. @Steve
      they have conditioned even the ugliest and fattest women in Anglo countries to believe they are desirable.
      In Melbourne Australia even a 4 walks like she is hot property, and that any guy who looks her way should be so lucky.
      Sad thing is, pathetic mentally weak men buy into that frame

    2. This is what happens when society, pick up artists and clowns that protest nothing is wrong keep telling men they need to improve with no responsibility on women or strategies to halt their rapid decline.

    3. Back in the day, even the 5’s were slim and many had bangin bodies (some good feature like big tits or a nice ass and legs etc).
      Butterface was a thing.
      I hardly ever see a butterface any more. They’re either 8+, slim, and good looking in some way, or if they’re average most are fat (BMI>25) or don’t even try to be feminine.
      I miss the days when most females aspired to be feminine and looked forward to motherhood and building families.

      1. Here’s the real problem.
        Back in the day there was an occasional 8 or a rare 9, both facially & bodily.
        Nowadays, however, the 8’s (in both face & body) have almost vanished. You might occasionally see a bitch with an 8 face. But she’ll have small tits, no ass or both. Unfortunately, I don’t ever see 9’s. They apparently just stay home, working insta for easy $$$$.

    4. Steve, I noticed the same when viewing pics of all the UK drunken festivals. Lots of overweight 4s-5s hitched up to slim, well-dressed, groomed men. Astonishing. Also like the pic here of the swole dude with the fat plain Jane, I have almost never seen a swole dude with a beauty. The chicks are always beat up older gym rats or exactly like the pic: overtanned fat chicks.

      1. Those dudes hook up with hotter chicks on dating apps. The fats/orca-fats are for “quid pro quo” (sex/compantionship in exchange for goods/services).

  5. Roosh which side of your lineage do you feel closest to? I think you could find a suitable woman among the Persian and Armenian communities right here in the US. The LA area in particular has significant populations of both ethnicities and not all of the young women have been Americanized. As for your article, in my opinion when you touch upon social and cultural issues you do a fine job. Your next book should be an extension of your essays on cultural collapse. Good luck in getting your books out there despite the sabotage Amazon and others are trying to pull on you.

  6. Roosh – you’ve been using your best and most attractive years to fornicate with sluts for your “work”. AKA writing articles designed to segregate the sexes even further. You’re just jaded because your penis is dirty and women don’t take you seriously.
    There are plenty of good women out there. You’re a bunch of pussies who are not masculine enough to attract feminine women. It’s so sad because you think the problem is someone else.

    1. You are obsessed with roosh’s dirty brown penis
      How does it feel as a western women knowing you are the bottom of the barrel? Literally the most repulsive women that have ever existed?

      1. I’m definitly a woman, thanks! I’ve been reading ROK for years. At first I was more agreeable with these articles, but they are just getting recycled for the next groups of shmucks who repulse women.
        The more masculine you are, you will have a better chance of attracting a feminine woman. Stop hating yourselves so much.

        1. Does “feminine” mean a woman who isn’t a hambeast, mudshark, or otherwise had 20+ different cocks in her by the age of 25?

    2. These women… they cannot make an argument without an insult about penis size or inabiltiy to access subpar female sluts. Or somethign equally inane, without making a single coherent argument.
      Letting them vote was one of the biggest mistakes America ever made, second only to importing obsolete farm equipment, then not returning it to its continent of origin (like Lincoln wanted) as soon as the War of Northern Aggression was over.
      We’re talkin’ YUGE mistakes that will ultimately (or already have) destroy this country.

  7. 1 woman, 1 man. What about desert cults seems to have trouble with that fact?
    why are white people, unfettered by guilt and self-hate brought on by jewish media, so damn scary?

  8. The complaints about the sexes has been ongoing since the industrial revolution. “There are no good men” was a feminist mantra of the early 20th century. Then starting around the 90’s men complained “there are no good women”. There was a brief armistice in the 60’s and 70’s with free love and all that. But when men largely hung up the bottle from horrible jobs in the mines, etc. trading them for suits and women got “feminist” in the 70’s trading the household for a 9-5 job both got mad.
    Antiquated divorce laws messed up the entire thing too.
    What we live in is literally the end of a social experiment gone absolutely horrible.

    1. I would say things were just fine until the 60’s. The hippie dippie left wing radicals screwed up the whole male female dynamic. After the so called free love era women have been little more than self entitled whores. By the way there never was such a thing as free love, that is what they called it to turn women into sluts. Even then if you were an unattractive man you could forget a woman having sex with you.

  9. Roosh is trapped in the basic dilemna facing men post sexual revolution.
    Before you had to commit proper to get sex. Come sexual revolution and all of a sudden it was like the gates of heaven had been opened to men or so men initially think. Wow I dont have to do anything too serious to get some.
    But at the same time men also want what was there before the gates opened up. Pai bond, family etc.
    The same girls you happily plough you find unsuitable as long term mates.
    A woman who would be suitable as a mate you wont even look at twice as she wont put out and will have none of the ‘exciting’ characteristics of someone who does.
    So there you have it, single at 40, invisible to women now, not much money, no family and only lonliness, decline and old age to look forward to.

    1. 40 is not invisible to women. In fact its quite the opposite if a man doesn’t let himself turn into a shitbag and minds his career. You sound like a bitter woman to me. Post wall, heavy wine drinker, lots of cats, and lonely AF- pumped and dumped too many times to count.
      Back to the real world: Women on the other hand start disappearing off the LTR radar at about 26, some last a little longer due to good genes.
      The ‘epiphany phase’ is real and you know they’re in it within minutes of meeting one who is in it.
      Have fun being the cool wine aunt. LMAO Telling Roosh he’s washed up WTF.
      Far from it. Get back in the kitchen bitch.

  10. The girls I see are mostly overweight slobs. They have tattoos as well and often short shitty hair cuts. It’s fucking revolting. I wish I could convey my disgust. I won’t fucking drink the coffee they serve at Starbucks or the craft beer they serve at the bar. I guess I’m going monk mode. I live in the midwest and I think it is time to move on.

  11. Let’s be honest OK
    Even 10 years ago;
    perfect game was
    good for, at most
    a 6 or 5 that might
    look like an 8 or 7
    from a good angle.
    Now; the quality
    has just collapsed

    1. 5’s, 6’s & are still frequently dtf.
      You can occasionally find a 7 who’s down.
      Unfortunately, 8’s & 9’s have collapsed.

  12. “Trinity” has big nose and “Shaylee Mills” is a fatso.
    I would not shell out $$$ for either of them.

  13. “In Islam, a man is able to marry four wives, which is what my wealthy Iranian grandfather did on his way to siring 24 or so children that included my dad (the exact number is a mystery). He took away three women that an Iranian man of lesser means could have married, creating a societal imbalance”
    These men create themselves this imbalance by being stupid and lazy and not get rich. Iranians are dumb and lazy compared to European engineers, their companies started by Europeans are declining, in 70s or 80s ice creams dissapear from whole fucking country because they don’t want to learn how to produce them from Europeans!!! If Iranian grandpas create like 12 daughters there should be enough women for everyone, because we don’t compare man and woman who are in the same age. The healthy social structure is pyramid where are more young people than old, so – there are more 20 yo women than 40 yo men. Enough for everyone.

    1. Tell me what average American or European working man can afford to take care of 4 wives. Being in a sound financial position is not the same as being wealthy.

  14. Pretty accurate.
    Only WW woman I’ve found more traditional was an early-married widow who devotedly took care of her dying husband.

  15. Americans hate freedom with a passion and beg for their chains.
    If our overlords decreed that everyone must buy a new snowblower this year, Americans would agree that the law makes sense and must be obeyed.
    When guns are banned, Americans will scream with delight.
    If Americans are forced to get microchip implants, Americans would fight to be first in line.
    When Americans get sent to the concentration camps, they will insist that they live in a free country as they get pushed into the ovens.

    1. If you shower them with hard facts and the clear motives behind who is actually screwing them they would call you an anti-Semite and have an impenetrable shield of delusion and superiority.
      They could never be fooled. Their self destruction and apathy is PROGRESS! It’s 2018!

  16. >We must also throw in the growing “travel blogger” lifestyle where, instead of using only her body to get attention, a girl uses pictures and video from exotic locations to enhance her beauty.
    So, women travel not for the “once-in-a-lifetime oportunity” to visit somewhere special and to share it with others, but just for vanity? That makes no sense. This is like saying that women don’t get stressed at all and might need a vacation once in awhile. Mark Twain remarked how traveling is the best way of dismantling your prejudices and growing as a person, minus the projection over “just wanting foreigner dick/pussy”.
    >Other girls, with nothing substantial to offer the world, decide to showcase pictures of pets or their tasty overpriced meals, but even that puts them on a dopamine loop that ruins their future interactions with men.
    How and why do pictures of food (especially when food art is a thing) and pets “ruin” relationships? People bond over both because they have different palates and most domesticated animals are cute and loyal.

  17. The approx 1:1 ratio still omits the one that matters. That is the ratio of fertile males/females (totally lopsided). Few fertile men would choose an aging slut with decaying eggs as first choice. But the young and fresh female has no need to hitch up to a man of anything but the highest status since the state or her career provides all her material needs. Even then she might choose “fun” over family, believing she can “have it all”, ride the carousel and safely hop off and land a Beta provider when they become too old and unattractive to the Chads. In the event she tires of her Beta, she can eject him from the household, forceably collect child support, then go on to seek more tingles, banging the next parade of convict bad boy she comes across. There are always a surplus of men willing to either wife-up or bang the sluts – usually paying for the poon one way or another. Social safety nets and feminist pushes for normalization of slutty and degenerate behaviors mean the thots have no reason to protect their reputations and chastity. The overabundance of men willing to sell out their pride and brothers for access to the limited poon, the abundance of men keeping society afloat, the engineers, technicians, miners, keeping power, water and sanitation, food in abundance, the LEOs and judges, also desperate to keep women happy, imprison and punish men, removing their source of income even, those who fail to toe the feminist line. There is absolutely no reason for sluts to moderate their hypergamy. The can have it all.
    tl/dr: you’re all fucked, except for John Dodds

  18. Same old recycled shit. We get it. Western women are a bunch of used up cum dumpsters. But…have you guys ever taken a look at yourselves? There’s two main types of ROK readers. The first are the “muh divorce” weenies bitching about their divorce rape and wanting women to forego careers and the what not. Ya’ll probably were the cause of your divorce, and any unbiased person examining from the outside looking in can see this. The second is the jaded “pick-up artist” types who bitch about there no longer being any good women left in the west yet they go around riding the pussy ferris wheel until your own pair bonding ability gets burnt out, just like a whore’s. You really think any good girl worth her salt is going to want a man whom life revolves around snatch? And the white supremacy bullshit got old a long time ago. Your white skin doesn’t make you shit. You’re no Vikings or Romans. You guys are just some wrinkle-nut divorcees and sex fiends who wanna see a return to the way things were 150 years ago. Times change. Everyone has more freedom now and America’s a place where the best and worse traits of the human race are able to present themselves…and this is it. It’s not just Western women that are shitty. Humans are fucking shitty. Both feminism and the “red pill” are sides of the same goddamn coin…but you bozos don’t see this. I used to love this site and the legitimate self improvement articles. I saw it as the answer to all the things I was witnessing around me in the world. But as any good student eventually learns, there’s only so many answers one can get from a certain idealogy. I’ve reached the end with this one…what remains here now are whiny, depressed articles and a sorry cult-following. There’s a reason Lolknee and GOJ left and didn’t give a shit if they got banned. Thanks for all the lessons I’ve taken from the great articles but I’ll leave this white nationalist beta male circle jerk to you folks.

    1. Yup. Roosh no longer has the ability to pair bond with a woman. That has completely burnt out in him.
      He has also not yet left sex behind or settled down into his own solitude. So he still craves a bond but no longer has the ability to bond.
      So is recycling the same old stuff.
      Careerism which has been elevated to godly heights for women in the west offers no meaningful way to age. If career is all you have what are you working for?
      So also the world of Game offers no meaningful way to age for men. You have nothing to look forward to either.
      These are two sad dead ends.

      1. Game gets you a bang, it doesn’t get you a wife.
        To get a ‘risk-free’ wife, you need to move outside the western world, to a country where the rules are less one-sided.

      2. @StrategyKing
        “Careerism which has been elevated to godly heights for women in the west offers no meaningful way to age. If career is all you have what are you working for?
        So also the world of Game offers no meaningful way to age for men. You have nothing to look forward to either.
        These are two sad dead ends.”
        A very good comment & observation.
        This is also a reason, why men have less motivation to work and dropping out of the workforce. As you don’t have a meaningful relationship and the need to provide for a family, why bother ?
        At least the west gets what it deserves after crushing the middle class and the nuclear family, and these crazy bloated (socialist) states will come to an end. (Oh, and yeah, I’m totally aware of the irony that I call western states socialist :P)
        “Game gets you a bang, it doesn’t get you a wife.”
        I’m often sceptic of your comments, but this is indeed true. That’s also probably the problem with game. Sure you’ll have your fun, but at the same time you contribute with it to the decline and as long men and women don’t work towards lasting relationships, the west is doomed.
        (Oh and I blame women primarily for that, as they let themselves getting fooled with feminism. And secondary all the cucked men, who allowed this shit to happen.)

    2. “Both feminism and the “red pill” are sides of the same goddamn coin…but you bozos don’t see this. ”
      I wouldn’t say that. I’d be interested, why you see it like that … can you elaborate ?
      I say:
      Red pill is a reaction movement after feminism.
      Red pill actually spreads “the truth”* – while feminism just spreads lies.
      * with truth I mean usually scientifically proven facts.
      With the rest of the comment I agree partially, especially
      “I used to love this site and the legitimate self improvement articles. I saw it as the answer to all the things I was witnessing around me in the world. But as any good student eventually learns, there’s only so many answers one can get from a certain idealogy.”
      Yeah, besides a few articles, the quality got down. But I can’t really say why. Also the competition is much harder now. There are a lot of mgtow and black pill directions out there.
      The point is, what do you want to achive with your (rant) post ? In what direction should we continue to go ? And why ?

  19. So, you’re basically saying that the MGTOWs were/are still right in some sense as to never marry.
    Slightly different red pill backgrounds / life stories, but coming to the same conclusion (even if you tell it in a different way).
    The next decades will be pure madness, when these women will gain further political influence and run out of beta men, who will put up with them. They already are going full retard. But after this point they’ll go mental completely.
    As Aaron said, enjoy the decline xD
    Ok, this is probably really black pill, on the other hand, I think the only thing we can do is to accelerate the collapse by red & black pilling men, withdraw our productivity, let everything collapse and don’t try to stop it and lay the foundation for a better civilisation after the madness.

    1. “lay the foundation for a better civilization after the madness.”
      put in a bunch a work for something that would unravel within 10-15 years?
      lol. I don’t think so.

  20. LOL. Roosh is himself adding to the degeneracy he criticizes in this article. Or who wrote all those books showing how to live an _evil_ and _degenerate_ lifestyle (banging chicks in eastern Europe etc.)? Yeah.
    Again, this world is evil (Gal. 1:4) and wicked (1 John 5:19). The best a man or woman can do in their lifetime is join a monastery or, even better, get killed for their faith in the Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus.
    Fuck this place, we have philosophy PhDs who can’t even read Latin, let alone write it, and don’t get me started on Greek. A massive population we have, even in the West (compared to previous times), and yet not _a single fucking genius_ in sight. And the Churches are so cucked and dying — all of them, no matter if Protestants, Catholics, Orthodox –, that I’d simply say: let’s end this with dignity. Let’s all kneel down an ask God to kill us, so that we might spare Him this awful sight the modern world presents to Him.
    Life has always been repetitive boring shit, it has always been forced on people because our parents burned with lust, not because we decided we wanted a part in this horrible and awful world. (As Paul writes: “It is good for a man not to touch a woman … For I would that all men were even as I myself” Gives what? Extinction. Which is Christian if done out of love and a pure heart, see Augustine’s De bono viduitatis and De bono conigali.) I could force another human into this world as well only because I’m too weak to constrain my sexual drive, but why should I? I’m not a sissy, and those who can’t control themselves are.

    1. lol, whoot ?!
      “get killed for their faith” ? I think another religion fosters this much more …
      I left the church, and I don’t remember the religion classes correctly, so I looked it up: Doesn’t the bible say “And God said to them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over …” ?
      So your parents did actually the correct thing.
      The question is, why don’t you value your life ? So you are basically not valuing gods creation of life as I interpret it.
      We should fight the evil, wickedness and degeneracy. (I just don’t know where to start …)
      I thought religion was somehow weird and stupid, but the generacy we have now is even worse.

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