3 Tips On Staying Safe As A “Gray Man”

I heard a family member make remarks on the ‘victims’ of Hurricane Florence, who knew well in advance the possible horrors which came crawling their way. But were those who decided to stay victims given the warnings? They also espoused, essentially, that rescue teams shouldn’t put their lives at risk for those who remained in harm’s way.

This brought me back to a conversation with a man who has been big on situational awareness in terms of avoiding assailants who aim to pierce your heart and rob you while you lie in a pool of your own blood. He asked this question about what one does when in a dark alley and you see a suspicious character coming your way? My response was something to the extent of whether or not I even had to be in the dark alley? That was his point.

Now, I’m not remotely suggesting rescue teams avoid doing their job, but it did get me back to situational awareness and understanding the justice brought about when you are foolish enough to venture into a dark alley on the wrong side of town, or remaining in Florida when you damn well knew the potential risk involved.

That got me thinking about the recent political violence and acts of domestic terrorism caused by Black Lives Matter and Anti-Fascists. So, in regards to our contemporary state of the political and cultural arena, and what surely awaits us in the next US presidential election, here are some simple, basic tips about situational awareness and being prepared in case civil unrest breaks out.

1. Understand The Baseline Of Your Environment

Political rallies across the US demonstrate the capacity of violence and the willingness to assault in ruthless manners. Both men and women of more right-wing views have been assaulted, been threatened to be raped, have their families killed, get doxxed, have dead animals thrown at their living quarters, had their finances threatened, etc. It’s a goddamn nightmare on the more North Side of America than the South Side, where not everyone has a bamboo stick up their ass.

There are many great articles written on situational awareness. And that’s key: situation. The environment, in a general sense, has a baseline. It’s the basic overall feel and operation of that set area.

For example, you go to the mall. What’d you expect to see, generally speaking? People walking and talking, laughing and usually carrying a bag or two. It would, in this context, be out of the ordinary if an individual, dressed in all black, is quickly walking through a crowd while he has his hoodie on and hands in his pockets. It’s odd behavior. Same for someone moving nervously carrying a bag that does not appear to be bought at a store or, to add to that, he doesn’t have workman apparel. It’s out of the ordinary.

If I’m at a bank and someone walks in, sits in the corner for an unreasonable amount of time without engaging in any transaction and appears to not work there, I’m alert. Are his eyes moving around scanning for cameras, are his lips moving to suggest he’s counting something, is he in apparel which could perhaps more easily conceal a gun?

Same if I’m out sitting while enjoying coffee and an all-black car pulls in and just sits. Whether the engine is on are not does slightly change the degree of the potential threat of the situation. If it’s on, is it a quick getaway for a potential crime? And is it at night where there are fewer people and witnesses?

These are all pretty basic to practice, in my view. So it doesn’t help when everyone’s head is glued to their smartphones. Especially with women. They appear to be much less aware than men who themselves very much have this issue with their smartphones.

2. The Gray Man At Political Rallies

The concept of the Gray Man is simple: blend in. Do not create stimuli around you. Gray is often considered a very bland color. It’s boring, lifeless, moot. This isn’t to suggest wearing gray makes you undetectable, but the concept works well with this color.

Blend in so well to your environment that you essentially appear bland. But if you’re at a political rally, then you know anyone is a potential threat. Wearing a Trump hat or an American flag raises suspicion, creates stimuli from your political adversary, and now you are made. If you’re European-American, wearing a hat over your shaved head is a good idea in terms of lessening your presence because there is still widespread delusion about the reincarnation of literal Nazis.

People involved with BLM, AntiFa and other leftist gangs are already going to make assumptions about your character and will dehumanize you and engage violently. Perhaps lessening that delusion, if even possible, could potentially add to your safety and security, in some respects.

It’s not that one desires to give up their chosen headwear and so on, but weighing the pros and cons should be obvious if you wish to avoid conflict. Which, again, these days is hard to do.

3. Consider Your Neighbors And Conversation

Depending upon your living situation, if you’re in California, talking openly with your neighbors about politics in relations to conservatism, in a positive light, creates quite a stir of stimuli. And, given the next US elections are coming up, you’ve made an impression in their mind. If they believe you are a literal Nazi, you’ve coined a political adversary. If you’re in the deeper South surrounded by red-necks and American-loving Christians, chances are, from my observations, you’ll be less likely to be attacked for your political (or religious) views.

I personally despise having to sometimes lower my voice or take a quick glance around because I’m about to say something that might cause stimuli to a potential assailant. But, in these contemporary times, it’s up to you to decide what’s worth it and what’s not.


These are merely a few things of quality in regards to your safety and security. I’ve been quite observant. It’s not always intentional, but I’ve seen things and made assumptions (or had a strong thought about it) and turned out to be spot on.

Identity your adversary. Weigh in how much of a threat they are to you. Pay attention to who they know or talk to, then extend that person’s conversation partners and then extend it again. Leftist are ruthless, dangerous, hateful devils. And remember, if you ever see anyone wearing the hammer and sickel, then be even more alert.

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60 thoughts on “3 Tips On Staying Safe As A “Gray Man””

    1. Americans don’t hate anyone, generally speaking. But immigrants (particularly of the illegal variety) do not pay enough in sales or any other tax to justify disregard for our laws and social cohesion.
      Yes, their sales tax revenue places a few drops in the bucket. You’re ignoring the gallons being poured out via what they get through our social safety nets and the dollars they transfer bank home.

      1. Don’t know whom you Grudgy guys are addressing by the term Immigrants; but 99% of people who are of legal status pay their Taxes and essentially Fund & Pay for the welfare of “local” trashy & dumbers !!
        But few local people will always remain Jealous, Envious & Grudgy of intelligent, hardworking, dependable “other MEN”; by using the vague term “immigrants” !!

        1. Merle dickson. Your americunts were the filthy rats that invaded “America” (btw, ur stinky shithole country is named United states, America is the name of the whole continent). U tea drinking faggots only took the machines the english gentlemen brought to the colonies, u didnt produce shit. U just stole the european and asian technology. What have you fatso gringos brought to the table besides Mccuntnalds, walmart and gay sportslike your so called football?

    2. @Redill,
      Its a total waste of talking & bringing up facts & realities to few of the guys here; almost like blowing horn to the deaf !!

      1. Even though red pill is using the term immigrant, he is really implying illegal immigrant. Of course legal immigrants work and pay taxes and usually become legal citizens.

      2. Oh really, like what reality? Details please. Everyone knows this is a white nation made by white people. Everyone knows that the people who immigrated here before “vibrant diversity” were white people who had to go through some pretty intense screening to get here, and they didn’t get any special privileges. Everyone knows the Indians were primitive retards who had no nation, slaughtered each other all the time, and whites just hopped in and played the same game, and won.
        “but 99% of people who are of legal status pay their Taxes and essentially Fund & Pay for the welfare of “local” trashy & dumbers !!” That statement is so dumb, it is mind blowing. Completely false too, BTW.

        1. Your description of Indians south of the Rio Grande is true. North of the Rio Grande was an entirely different story. Here there was no war, slavery or serious illness until the Old Worlders introduced it. Think about it. All of the foodstuffs that we contributed to the Old World. And what did the Old World bring us: War, disease, and slavery. Thanks a-fucking lot.

    3. Did you know that America is a continent, not a country ? So, when you say Americans hate immigrants you are referring to immigrants into all countries within the American continent of north, central and south America. Perhaps you mean United States citizens do not like immigrants ?

      1. When people say of any country “Americans” 99% of the time they are referring to citizens of the USA. I’ve never heard of Mexicans or Canadians referring to themselves as Americans. Nor Brazilians and Argentinians or any other country, in the America’s. America is technically 2 continents, if you want to get specific.

        1. @William Rubin – Technically, yes there are two American continents, North America and South America. However a U.S. citizen is not an “American”, they are from the United States of America or the U.S., or the United States. People in the U.S. have allowed their use of the English language to be bastardized and they have accepted to incorrectly call themselves “Americans”, thus a step closer to accepting an American union (north, central and south american) just the same as the European Union. The next step is to accept a world government.

      2. Ha…I’m surprised you can write with that dork dick implanted so far down your gullet. In short, 2005 wants its SJW rhetoric back. A basic rule of thumb for posting on the internet is if what you say would get you he-man bitch slapped in real life with no further conversation, you’r supposed to withhold the comment like a man. Because no one can physically give you what you deserve for being such a faggot.

  1. This seems like extreme paranoia.
    It’s so much easier to avoid people who aren’t necessary.
    Sluts for sex.
    Various people for sales, services, health care.
    Family and friends.
    I haven’t shopped in a store in years (30 years old btw).
    I’m from down south, and let me say, the days of speaking to any and everyone, Southern courtesy and etiquette, basic manners…..all gone.
    With tats and fats come evil.
    With illegal immigration comes degeneracy.
    Diversity only works with voluntary segregation.
    Accept this.

  2. Good article, being red pilled it may be hard for some individuals. Everything about redpill tells you to stand up straight, stand out and be a target; for women. Unfortunately going grey in some scenarios can mean compromising some of these traits depending on how badly you need to blend in. Otherwise, great article…as Insuggest every man at least look into prepping for these hurricane florence/minir disruption type Moments. Food for thought.

  3. Skipped article after his comment about South not having stick up ass. Get a clue author, the USA has an entire Western region & the North whipped your sorry asses in the Civil War. A war the South started, that killed a great deal of Euro stock. The South is also the poorest region of the USA, riddled with WAAAY too much retired farm equipment. Go whistle Dixie elsewhere.

    1. Fuck you, the south is awesome, and I’ll bet more redpilled men here than in your phaggoty north.
      Best looking high-school and college age white women.
      Plenty of LEGAL guns, ammo, silencers.
      Lots of land to stay far away from brown, yellow, black, and white riff raff.
      Oh, and fuck you, again.
      Take care

    2. The South was baited into starting the war. The Federal government continued to illegally occupy forts in territory having seceded from the USA. The bad guys always like to bait then make it seem as though they are somehow the good guys and the aggrieved party. Same as Germany was pushed into having to attack Poland to defend ethnic Germans being murdered and abused by the Poles. The had a guarantee of war support from the NWO which encouraged this abuse. Of course they were sold out to the Soviet Union.

      1. Cavalier,
        Oh, you mean like the us and your fairytale about some hobo called osama bin laden that was the mastermind behind the 9/11? And attacking the countries that are rich in oil? Meanwhile trump is trumping and sucking Israeli (jiu) cock? And sending your american fellows to fight a war for Israel and kill many innovent people. Sure you americans brought democracy and freedom to humankind, sleazebags.

        1. I really don’t know what you are talking about. It is obvious the USA is controlled by Israel. Also it is obvious Russia is being baited to start a war. Americans may be easily tricked but have not intentionally done any harm. It is the Federal government controlled by the Tribe maybe from the beginning, maybe since the Civil War, definitely since 1913 that has brought death and ruin on many countries.

        2. @Cavalier – You are correct in saying the U.S. is controlled by Israel, however “the tribe” has nothing to do with it. Rather, you should look into British Israelists. Read the book; THE UNION JACK by Helen Peters

      2. Illegally occupy a fort that they built and were already occupying? You do realize that the South didn’t have to go to war over one dumb fort…right? LOL, I guess that is what arrogance and stupidity get ya. The South literally gave the North a reason to go to war. Not too smart of a move for the south, especially considering they had far less railroads, less people, just formed as a nation, had less food, had much less manufacturing, almost no navy, and their entire economy was centered on exporting cotton produced by slave labor.

        1. I say illegally occupying because the fort was in territory no longer belonging to the Union. If we decided to quit the United Nations wouldn’t it be expected for them to vacate their current building located in NYC. I think their was more than just one fort occupied. I agree it was a foolhardy move without which support for an attack on the South would have been low. I don’t endorse the slave labor culture of the South.

  4. If you want to be “safe” do NOT go to political rallies.
    If you do go and can legally carry a firearm in your jurisdiction then conceal carry. Take an extra magazine too. If anti-fa assaults you then you will need it. Ammo goes quick in a gun fight. Did not realize that until you are through 16 30 round mags and out of grenades when camel jockeys are making their third assault. Life doesn’t mean anything to some people always keep that in mind. Anti fa people don’t really care if they are dead or alive. The worst enemy you can ever have is one who doesn’t care about their existence on this planet.
    If you want to “hide in plain sight” your best bet is to wear a plain shirt, jeans, and shoes with no logo. A plain hat is also good, keep it a dark color. Facial recognition software is going to make of this obsolete soon.
    I highly recommend you get a second ID before the Real ID act takes affect. There will always be “paper brokers” but it is getting harder to come up with a genuine ID. Just find a state that has not implemented the Real ID act and do the whole “ghosting” thing. And if you can get a second passport. You will want said travel documents when “the man” comes for you. Keep in mind stuff you did 30-40 years ago is now fair political game unless you are a socialist.
    The world is about the get s- crazy.

    1. Re: facial recognition…I wonder if this will create a market for sophisticated masks and makeup, or any other ways of altering appearance.

  5. This article is a good example of where ROK can expand its repertoire. If only it went into more details than simply pointing out where the left can do you harm when you stick out and present a target. Most of us won’t be leading large gangs or wield significant political power, and should avoid ever getting on the radar of anyone who might deem us a threat. This isn’t limited to Antifa and dindus. After the big Roosh blowout of 2016 there was a lot of talk about OPSEC and other measures to stay off the radar. That discussion went nowhere. It never should have been forgotten. In a worst case, even the government can squash you like a bug if you’re deemed a threat. They absolutely will if it gets to that point, law and order fails, that illusory protection afforded the Bill of Rights won’t mean shit. Presenting a smaller target profile also extends to your home security, vehicle, and plans for SHTF. Being gray covers every aspect of your life so you lessen the chance of you or your property being targeted by criminals, armed gangs, political groups and governments.

  6. This article is a good start on proper OPSEC that was quickly forgotten after the Roosh blowout of 2016. It could go into more detail about how being gray extends to every aspect of our lives, not just protection from Antifa. Presenting a minuscule target helps keep you safe from criminals, legal scrutiny, govt. oppression as well and will come in handy when the S really HTF.

  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aro9jPO3XPk&t=2s This Aussie family went through a horrible tragedy at the hands of African migrants but this disaster could have been avoided. With similar common-sense solutions like the one in this article #1 if you hear your window smashing don’t stomp to the next room to investigate it, first listen carefully. For the activity in your home, footsteps can tell you how many intruders you might be dealing with. And if you have to move from room to room do it quietly, you should calculate every move you make during a home invasion # 2 this family had guns but they were in a safe. You should have a variety of weapons at hand and not just firearms, knives swords axes cudgels crossbows bows thus have plenty of tools to choose from. And a very important tool to have in this situation is a tactical flashlight, the kind that has a blinding 100 lumen light and can be used as a weapon. And #3 get a dog or 2, dogs would have alerted the family before their window was broken and owning the right breeds could have protected the family.

    1. – Crypter, white smoke grenades and a Caterpillar CAT S60 with FLIR will fix a lot of home invade problems.
      – Have a heart attack and fall in direction of your Glock hide place…

      1. This family was in Australia where its the law guns have to be kept in safes thus he could have never gotten to them in time and like I said he just stomped to the next room. bad idea The invaders can afford to make noise the defender must walk softly and carry a big stick. I talked to a guy online once the white guy who lived in a black ghetto and the only reason his home never got broken into was that. He had 4 big mean dogs in his backyard, that would tear an intruder apart, dogs have been our natural security system for thousands of years. And the presence of dogs would deter any potential home invader.

      1. This family was in Australia where its the law guns have to be kept in safes thus he could have never gotten to them in time and like I said he just stomped to the next room. bad idea The invaders can afford to make noise the defender must walk softly and carry a big stick. I talked to a guy online once the white guy who lived in a black ghetto and the only reason his home never got broken into was that. He had 4 big mean dogs in his backyard, that would tear an intruder apart, dogs have been our natural security system for thousands of years. And the presence of dogs would deter any potential home invader.

    2. You made the most common sense points to those who think outside of the box. Your personal defense in your home means you use whatever weapons or whatever improvised weapons you can, BUT YOU MUST SET ASIDE Morality about using them. Debate moral use after you are alive to do so. Not all defense should be predicated on guns only. If it comes to be that you meet an attacker at the top of stairs, use gravity and the stairs as part of your defense where you have the high ground and can employ liquids or a baseball bat or lamp or glass bowl or what ever is at hand hell even projectile vomit as a bludgeoning incapacitant weapon and then you force a fall to be the coup de grace to incapacitate the intruder. Your personal defense need no defense or explanation in your home. You do what you must UNAPOLOGETICALLY, because if your dead instead from hesitation to act, you are no good dead to anyone except the attacker.

  8. Again, where southerners make themselves look like fools every time. Fuktards automatically throw insults at “the north.” IM FROM COLORADO. The four corner states, WY, ID, MT, Nevada & others are all much less diversified/poor compared to the shithole south. Oh & newsflash, we have white wimmenz & plenty of guns too.
    Just read up some General Sherman quotes. He taught southern officers as cadets, said exactly how a Civil War would play out, whipped the South’s sorry ass in a manner that would have made Genghis Khan proud & still Southerners run their mouth. It’s like sweet tea rots the mind.

  9. The article sums up my approach. I don’t wear slogan T-shirts or apply bumperstickers or any such. I avoid political discussions because they get nowhere. There’s nothing politically distinctive about my appearance.
    I don’t go to places that seem dangerous.
    This is how I’ve been for decades now. I still vote, read political columns, visit sites like this (which probably is a visible action), add comments like this.
    I missed exactly why the discussion deteriorated into a useless squabble over immigrants. The article’s about how to generally avoid inciting dangerous types.

  10. Grey man…..don’t talk about your assets, business, tax, weapons.
    Especially don’t talk to a woman about that.
    Have a lifestyle below average. If you want to drive a Ferrari, do it in your holidays, far away.

    1. Bingo, well said! OPSEC first last and always. Less sad the better and never details that give away you mindset or assets from prepping. Don’t forget your greatest weakness is your own kin giving away information and preps to be virtue signal let’s or nice guys through unnecessary egotistical bragging. Sometimes you have to hide your prepping even from your own for their own good.

  11. Here is a good reason not to turn up ay political rallies even if what they are supporting is true, Here in the UK their is a right wing bloke Tommy Robinson he was the one that got arrested while filming grooming Muzzies gangs.
    Several thousand protesters turn up in parliament square to protest about his arrest and also turned up when he was let out in support for him. If you noticed in the news reports you can see the Police using State of the Art HD video cameras the type news reporters use and they where filming all the protesters they stood out like a sore thump filming everybody. All the people who turn up will now have a file on them You can go on Youtube and get up some of the protesters vids and look carefully at them and you can see the Police filming.
    I don’t know what it is like in the states but here in the UK its like a Police State I wouldn’t ever turn up at any so called right wing rallie as the Police will always come down hard on their own people while look away at others and turn a blind eye.

    1. You gain nothing by going to rallies or other political events except exposure and doxxing. Dont do it. End of story.

      1. Putting yourself out there in the physical sense allows for all parties to photograph and positively ID you and dox you. Gray man also means you stick to shadows and do so in a manner that doesn’t draw attention. Rallies and political events draw violent protesters who don’t care who they attack so unless you are going to fight to start with, keeping distance and anonymity is best safest action. Wear Sap gloves and a heavy leather belt or improvised chain link belt, or leather slap paddle although all may be illegal by local ordinances. Your best defense is the least obtrusive improvised weapon. Sometime a simple metal ball point pen is your most effective stabbing and raking sensitive area weapon, key ring batons or spikes, credit card knives.. Etc.. It’s all about mindset and pre-planning improvisation and concealment. Your number one weapon is using your brain first with situational awareness.

        1. I’ll help you a little bit. It’s anyone who attends a rally is a fool. Rallies are nothing more than feel good emotional support plays. They are adrenaline and euphoric group hugs. They do nothing for debating or creating policy and little else save being surveillance nets and doxxing grounds. These days you accomplish more with tweet than attending the group think nonsense parties and have far more demonstrable reach and clarity of expression.

  12. The obvious question not asked here is “Why should WE live in fear of THEM? Why don’t we make THEM live in fear of US?”

  13. Wow. Stellar advice. Skulk around the mall, bank, and neighborhood living out your own personal CSi-fantasy. – NewsFlash: BLM, antifa and political rallies are NOT REAL. They represent deep state psycho-drama staged for un-watchable news media. Live in a Red state and avoid anything that looks like Hillary Clinton, NBA basketball or The Voice. You will be fine until the USGovt allows China to invade… THEN you will have problems.

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