Vice Editor Jason Koebler Makes Stunning Confession About How Journalists Assist Online Censorship

According to legend, the media is a pillar of democracy. The free press informs the public objectively, without bias, “just the facts, ma’am”. They staunchly champion freedom of speech; that’s their bread and butter! Their intrepid reporters expose high-level corruption, protecting the little guy from abuses by the wealthy and powerful.

Today’s reality is nearly the opposite. Worse, now they’re enthusiastically participating in censorship.

“Shut it down!”

Jason Koebler, a Vice editor for Motherboard (their technology column), posted “Deplatforming Works“, practically gloating about it.

It’s true that Silicon Valley’s lethargy on the far-right, aided by endless press coverage, helped amplify their message and turned the far right into a real, powerful political force in the United States.

So he believes that tech giants have been too slow in suppressing views that he doesn’t like. Still, he worries about what happens when they move to alternative platforms that respect freedom of expression. Further, he laments that censoring popular commentators generates publicity:

Deplatforming works “best” when the people being deplatformed don’t have any power to begin with.

That’s quite an unfiltered glimpse into the media mentality. He denies the censorship is ideologically motivated. Well, how often do leftists get banned for “extremist” opinions, criticizing groups they dislike, or controversial opinions about history?

The new Ministry of Truth

ministry truth government organized lies.

Not only do they have a near-monopoly on commercially distributed information, they’ve taken it upon themselves to suppress dissident viewpoints.

Another whopper, co-authored by Jason Koebler and Joseph Cox, described how journalists serve as social media tattletales:

In a recent interview at Facebook headquarters, one senior company employee told Motherboard that Facebook somewhat formalized the process of responding to content moderation-related inquiries from journalists, and has a dedicated system for ‘escalating’ issues highlighted by journalists. This often gets the content in front of those deciding whether to remove it or not more quickly than ordinary user-generated reports.

Thanks for the tip, dude. I’ve been wondering who’s been doing this sneaky behind-the-scenes stuff. As I’ve suspected, this goes much further than tricky “watchdog” outfits, or Social Justice Warriors orchestrating mobbing campaigns on Tumblr.

So he brazenly admitted that Lügenpresse employees are colluding with social media companies, ratting out content which they think the public shouldn’t be allowed to see. (Is that what college journalism departments teach kids these days?) Since the tech giants in cahoots with them created special pipelines to expedite the snitching, apparently this happens pretty frequently.

Last month, when explaining why Twitter hadn’t initially banned InfoWars from its platform, CEO Jack Dorsey said “it’s critical journalists document, validate and refute [dis]information directly so people can form their own opinions. This is what serves the public conversation best.”

Given the MSM’s track record of bias, distortion, and outright lies, their new side job of censoring dissident viewpoints is like a fox guarding the henhouse. (Jack Dorsey’s statement is almost as much of a whopper as when Barbara Spectre said, “But without that leading role, and without that transformation [to multiculturalism], Europe will not survive.”) It gets more nauseating yet:

Wednesday, at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, Dorsey again noted the role that journalists play in counteracting disinformation that spreads and is incentivized on his platform.

“We have this amazing constituency of journalists globally using our service every single day, and they often with a high degree of velocity call out unfactual information,” Dorsey said.

Senate Intelligence Committee—well, isn’t that special? If this “amazing constituency” is up to this daily, is all that really topical investigative research, or more like cyber-loafing?

Guarding the echo chamber

Journolist closed after this secret back channel was exposed. Is there anything else like that going on now?

Although that article seems unconcerned about ethics or freedom of speech, it correctly explains that tattling about social media posts for Silicon Valley billionaires isn’t the job they’re supposed to be doing. Journalists are paid to write stories. I’ll add that if they’re acting like Glavlit informers while on the clock, they’re stealing from their companies, just like if they’re playing Warcrack.

To be clear, every platform has moderators or algorithms which catch the vast majority of content violations on a platform. But still, many of the highest-profile content moderation decisions seem to be made only after there’s publicity around them. For example, InfoWars was only banned from platforms after a steady drumbeat of reporting surrounding the disinformation and hate speech spread by Alex Jones.

Jones got banned from four major platforms simultaneously. Anyone who believes the timing was a coincidence probably believes in the Easter Bunny too. Are the esteemed members of the Fourth Estate still using transmission belts hidden from the public like Journolist?

Here’s how it rolls at their own company:

At Motherboard, we’ve increasingly decided to withhold specific examples from tech companies when approaching them for an article. Of course, if they really need an example in order to have enough context to comment—if it’s a single specific video for instance—it would probably be best to provide a link to the clip. And we will give them enough context about what the videos are and the issue so they can write a statement explaining why they believe the content should or shouldn’t be removed. But for more general issues, or especially public material that can be found with a simple search, the companies don’t need hand holding to find the videos: indeed, the point is that they could have—and perhaps should have—come across them easily in the first place.


Facebook also told Motherboard many other reporters have stopped sharing links to specific pieces of content until after the stories are published. Facebook believes it is beneficial to everyone if the company is able to remove violating content as quickly as possible.

So their take seems essentially like this:

  • Journalists are getting sick of working so hard at performing censorship for other companies, instead of doing their real jobs.
  • They wish the tech giants would make better programs to delete politically incorrect content robotically.
  • If they write a clickbait article about it, they’re disappointed that the content gets banned first.

It’s little wonder why people don’t trust the Lügenpresse. Even most liberals today realize the MSM is bullshit!

Why dissident views are important

What’s with all these halos? Were they trying to tell us that “The Lightworker” is the Messiah?

Media outlets do have ideological positions. That’s understood, so long as long as that stuff stays in the op-eds and news is unbiased. According to legend, diversity of opinion throughout the media will allow the public to sort things out for themselves. However, 90% of the USA’s media outlets are owned by six gigantic conglomerates. Five are little more than propaganda factories for cultural Marxism. The one essentially representing the controlled opposition doesn’t stray too far from prevailing orthodoxy, or touch many vital topics.

The MSM is an oligopoly with vast powers to shape opinion. Therefore, dissident voices free of interference are the only ones breaking the information blockade. It’s the “deplorables” who now are looking out for the public, calling out subversion sometimes rising to treasonable levels when nobody else dares call it treason.

Finally, Jason Koebler has written several articles about data mining misuses. That much is admirable. Ironically, the MSM overlooks another problem with tech giants abusing monopolistic powers, often even assisting them. Not only do huge social media companies get a free pass for censorship, some journalists merely wish there was more of it so they can quit doing free work for them.

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29 thoughts on “Vice Editor Jason Koebler Makes Stunning Confession About How Journalists Assist Online Censorship”

  1. I recently had a conversation with a leftist who claimed that the POTUS was harming the 1st Amendment by criticizing the media and calling them “fake news.” I tried to explain that a citizen (or political figure) may criticize the media or anyone else. This is an example of free speech, and it works both ways. He could not grasp this concept. He could only accept the idea that his view (which he perceived as correct) was protected, but unpopular views were not.
    This is a microcosm of a larger effort to promote certain points of view and morph other points of view into not only unpopular, but evil. They include the following:
    -The media is a watchdog for all that is good, and would never mislead the public.
    -Social Justice benefits everyone at the expense of no one, personally and conceptually.
    -Accusing someone of a heinous crime like sexual assault—decades later, without corroborating evidence, and without a willingness to testify under oath— is virtuous, and the public has an obligation to believe these claims despite a lack of evidence.
    -There is no such thing as too much immigration. Limitless is best.
    Don’t believe me? Try challenging any one of these concepts. No matter how much evidence you bring forth to discredit them, you will be labeled as all kinds of harmful terms, and your persecutors will genuinely believe they are partaking in a noble act in smearing you.

    1. Many media staff are also employed (directly or indirectly) by you countries security services. Makes it easier to suppress and manipulate stories that aren’t in the interest of the state, and to ship information and ‘items’ in and out of foreign countries especially war zones.

    2. Yeah, they are called brianwashed cultists and 99% of humans are that way. That just the way the species is. You can’t reason with the mob. You must learn how to control the mob.

  2. This censorship stuff is extremely serious and we are going to have to defeat it. The Left has chosen censorship and control of the public dialog as their primary strategy for maintaining power. They are far past the days of pretending to respect the constitution or to revere freedom of expression. They have become the commie totalitarians that we always accused them of being, in full bloom. We just can’t let this slide because if they succeed in creating their Orwellian nightmare there will be nothing left but bloody war, where the odds will be even greater against us and the costs higher.
    We have the first fuck!ing amendment on our side – why aren’t THEY the ones that are scared. I haven’t seen polls because they haven’t done any but I’d bet 2/3 of Americans would still claim that they STRONGLY support free speech. The law is on our side, the people are on our side, history is on our side, it was important enough to be made the very first amendment. Bitches voting didn’t come til 19th.
    Social media is the modern version of the public square, and it can also be considered a utility. It’s time to dispense with this “private companies can do what they like” horseshit.

  3. thats why in the bible Jesus said “they will kill in the name of God” they thiunk they are right here is the sad truth they will win but then after the devil ios cruel he will let the left win after that he will show them their bad choices they will be the first to miss the good old days.
    one world gvt and war is coming

  4. Disclaimer: Free Speech does NOT apply to your disgusting photos meant to derail conversations and sicken casual viewers. Porn, gore, and perversion is NOT covered by the first amendment and was NEVER intended to be allowed into public discourse…until you know who came along.

    1. All of that stuff is protected speech and expression. If you don’t like it—don’t view it. For example, I’m not a fan of gory slasher flicks so I don’t watch.
      As long as it’s not on the public airwaves—and to my knowledge it isn’t, it is protected speech.
      We won’t achieve free speech by promoting more censorship.

      1. Free speech is a temporary liberal tool meant only to deconstruct whatever prior structure existed. Precisely akin to democracy (and the entire system of liberalism itself).
        Neither FS nor democracy were ever meant to be permanent. The Left will retract these conventions as their power grows more absolute. Similarly, granting these conventions only leaves the door open for overthrow for whomever is in charge. If you are clamoring for free speech, what that means is that you aren’t in charge. What that also means, in this situation, is that if you were prior in charge then you were too naive / nice to retract subversive tools as necessary and that the next group is unlikely to make that same mistake.
        In sum, don’t expect o win your freedom via free speech nor even democracy.

  5. I’ve always maintained that media drives culture and culture drives politics. It’s become increasingly clear that mass media is the number one problem above all other problems we face in the culture wars of the West. There is simply no way out but through the media. If there were only one goal we could push Trump to achieve in his time in office, busting up social media monopolies and applying utility rules to communication services would be far better than building a wall. Imagine if you could be fired, stalked, harassed, silenced, and ‘de-personed’, simply for expressing an unpopular political viewpoint on the phone with your friend. There is pretty much zero difference between that and what is happening today with internet doxing and censorship. We need to push Trump to act – we already know he is wise to the lugenpresse and probably despises most of them. This is the best shot we’ll ever have to break their backs.

    1. Social media companies keep hiding behind their “user policies” which they can enact because they are allegedly a private business.
      Keep in mind that their business would not exist without their use of use of the internet, which is in part connected by taxpayer subsidized/public telephone lines, public wireless airwaves, public satellite signals, and internet activity regulated by the Federal Communications Commission, another public entity.
      This “private business” stuff does not apply to any online provider any more than it applies to your local water company or electric and gas service. Social media companies need to be disassembled and regulated to ensure 1st Amendment protections.

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    Then, take a pic, send it too her joo boyfriend, who is likely a nut hugger

  7. Tumblr, easily accessed by preteens, has more pornographic content than Pornhub. Yet if you post politically dissident content, the Magic Moderators kill it pronto. Shows us what’s in the minds of leftists.

    1. Their hypocrisy is naked at this point with no effort to appear moderate. A nine-year-old girl could easily stumble upon graphic [email protected] p0rn depicting simulated interrac!al group [email protected] (a favorite trope of the tribal porn0grapher) during the course of innocent web surfing. Even YouTube features thousands of videos that use psychologically disturbing techniques on toddlers. You will never hear the Left raise a peep of protest about this. But The Bearded One tries to teach guys how to get better with women and he is ranked as a thought criminal while the Marquis de Sade is celebrated as an important intellectual.
      We have prominent leftists hammering away on social media all day long with blatant anti-white racism and bigotry, literally calling for genocide in a non-joking manner, and again all this is condoned by the leftist gatekeepers. Jared Taylor, a mild, soft-spoken boomer, insists that different races have different preferences, and he is pilloried as a fascist who must be de-platformed.
      It’s all so insane and upside-down at this point, it will be a wonder if anybody makes it out alive. The Black Swan financial event will be arriving within 24 months anyhow and all this may well become moot.

      1. The idea on most leftist talking points is to present them without corroborating historical, empirical, or scientific data. Then, they act as though said talking point was handed down from God to Moses, and heaven forbid anyone should even dare ask a question about the topic at hand.
        Look at what’s happening now with Kavanaugh. Look at what the commentators in the leftist mainstream media are stating…
        “We need to believe women… something obviously happened.”
        No we don’t. We have no obligation to believe anyone’s claim on anything without proper evidence.
        Here’s what Senator Mazie Hirono said:
        “But really, guess who is perpetuating all of these kinds of actions? It’s the men in this country. And I just want to say to the men in this country: just shut up and step up, do the right thing for a change… Not only do women, like Dr. Ford, who bravely comes forward, need to be heard, but they need to be believed.”
        No one is under any moral or ethical obligation to believe anything without proper evidence.
        But I do agree with Senator Hirono on one point… men need to do the right thing. This means:
        -Wearing condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancy
        -Demanding pre-nuptial agreements before committing to marriage
        -Paying as little into “the system” as legally required
        -Supporting their friends and family in whatever ways possible
        -Doing all they can to maintain their health and their wealth
        Did you notice what wasn’t on that list? … “Believing some random stranger recalling a fuzzy story from roundabout 30+ years ago that no one else has any recollection of…”

    1. North Korea is also being assaulted with trade sanctions and threats of getting the Assad treatment if they don’t conform to new world Joory.

    2. 1. Hong Kong is still a de facto city state that is gliding on the effects of Western rule and systems.
      2. City Sates are always special circumstances, and cannot remotely be compared to even medium size nations that are 1/25th the size of the US. Also see Singapore.
      3. China is a de facto Nazi State, but is poised to be the most powerful nation in the world in the next few decades.
      4. North Korea is poor because of sanctions.
      5. Are you going to cry like a little bitch in the oven?

  8. journalism is no longer journalism, to the extent that it is engaged in ‘changing the world’. If your primary commitment is to changing the world you cannot investigate it. Any investigative journalists that the current culture produces can either do a politically motivated take-down of a hostile target (in which case they can tell the truth to the extent that it is strategically useful) or they can investigate themselves and their allies, and the process of transformation they are all collaboratively engaged in, something which they cannot and will not do. To investigate, analysise, critique etc is always to some extent a destructive process (only truth and virtue will survive the scrutiny), whereas these progressive journalists are engaged in an attempt to reconstruct the world according to their values. Hence progressive journalists inevitably become the opposite of investigators and become police. They believe its all in a good cause so no violation of principle or constitution will ever prick their conscience

  9. Deplatforming DOES work. That’s why the right should’ve been deplatforming leftists since… the dawn of politics. The mere existence of leftism is an offense and should not be tolerated until they end up doing something.
    Right wingers are just terrible at culture wars, thus end up giving leftists too much room to organize, and now look what’s happened.

  10. Ye olde information cesspool, now with added future shock. Enjoy. A nation overpopulated by mindless consumers, soaking in it without a second thought. Never found time for Twitter or Instagram, though now they saturate most news content and have been rendered nearly unavoidable in the context of news/events. Haven’t used Facebook since 2015, and this has definitely cost me several opportunities by opting out of the network. The dedication is so deep and ubiquitous that I noticed some people developing a brand-new ability to be “offended” because I wasn’t keeping up with their online lives, or missed a party they only advertised on social media. These people will believe almost any skewed, biased thing Zuck and the journos throw in front of them.

    I have to focus on whatever we call “meaning and truth” as it exists beyond their digital walled garden. But I still am forced to constantly deal with the misinformation and BS others are receiving on the net. These social media companies are damaging a lot of peoples’ minds, it’s short-circuiting their ability to process it all through gnat-level attentions spans, FOMO, etc. and other real psychological consequences in the mental decay of groupthink. FB and the rest cornered the market with a warped and bloated sense of self-importance at the root of every political or social-engineering act they commit; the other trick is their innate ability to constantly distance themselves from blame for anything…. “oh, it’s just a platform, just a reflection of society at large, we’re innocent.”

  11. Basically since Nixon the end goal, award winning, motive is to bring down a prominent Republican (or someone on the right). They will dig through your trash and even go back to what you did in High School to make fun of you or encourage someone to throw out vague sexual assault allegations (and guess what you are guilty on sight because you are a man and of course women never, ever, ever lie).
    The problem the left is going to face is the tools of censorship and fake news only go so far these days. Back before the internet the NY Crimes could publish a blatantly false article (“fake news”) and the only counter-narrative you might here was from some obscure newsletter that arrived in the mail or a “correction” published on section XX8 back page.
    Alex Jones still has a platform and it is more popular then ever. In a Nation that still seems to value free speech censoring it only makes people more curious about it. (i.e. “what are they trying to hide?”). Plus the censors just look like PC a-clowns.

  12. First off I want to say terrific blog! I had a quick question that I’d like to ask if you do not mind.
    I was interested to know how you center yourself and clear your head before writing.
    I’ve had a hard time clearing my mind in getting my thoughts out there.
    I do enjoy writing however it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are usually lost
    simply just trying to figure out how to begin.
    Any suggestions or tips? Thank you!

    1. I might could do a feature about that. For the moment, banish distractions as best you can, then start writing whatever comes to mind. It doesn’t have to be well-organized or in any particular order just yet – keep at it until the creative flow happens, then run with it.

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