11 Online Personalities You Should Follow

Online personalities have helped in many positive ways to shape society, change minds, and encourage more libertarian-esque or conservative values. Ever since YouTube became a well-known website, it made way for new and better voices that have reached in the millions.

What is the irony that capitalism allowed these corporations to gain access to monopoly and then stomp out capitalism by means of total domination? While there is pushback, it may not be enough. The censorship of right-leaning voices grows seemingly daily and monopoly clearly plays its role in this.

However, there are some voices out there you may not have heard of. And you may want to follow them before they are potentially censored.

1. Mark Dice

Mark Dice has been known for his ‘conspiracy theories’ about the illuminati and secret Satanic organizations. Personally, I find some of it to be farfetched but that’s just my view. However, he has made humorous content in criticism of the mainstream, centralized media. He’s also been big, more so in the past, on criticizing the dominant pop culture and the political madness within it.

He has a very humorous t-shirt that he sells, which reads: “Liberalism: Find A Cure.” I own it. It’s great.

2. Red Ice Radio

Red Ice Radio, as they’ve discussed before, started out in the more ‘conspiracy theories’ arena, questioning the powers which be and exploring a variety of topics. Over the years they’ve explored the heavier hitting topics and openly discussed the taboo. They’ve talked about the JQ (Jewish question), race and demographics change, the corruption of the European governments, etc. They’ve interviewed many controversial characters including pastor Jesse Lee Peterson, white nationalist Richard Spencer, and Holocaust revisionist David Cole.

They are a bold group and have influenced quite a few folks. I happen to be one of them.

3. Barbara4u2c

This chick is, I’ll admit, a tad silly. But her content has become more nationalist and is right-leaning, politically speaking. I do believe, given the lack of men who have a spine left, that women can be utilized to rally comrades in this fight against global domination by means of government and leftist’s desire for open borders.

Her material often deals with heavy content dealt with a light-hearted vibe.

4. Charisma Matrix

This guy is big on body language and tonality. His analysis, in terms of body language, of President Trump and President Putin is quite interesting and entertaining. He seems to be apolitical so his analysis is without bias and focuses more on the alpha male, higher-status situation.

Some gentlemen out there may find use of his content. He seems like a genuine guy.

5. Slightly Offens*ve

I came across this cat not too far back when he wasn’t as known. And it seems he’s become a tad popular and was even on a show with Gavin McInnes.

He once described himself as a centrist. In truth, I’d been fine being a centrist myself. However, as it stands today, that is not an option. And that’s also the downfall of the West. A very strong hand must be placed over society to keep the operation running without tearing itself apart. Centrism can easily slip down into liberalism and, of course, that mentality has not panned out too well.

He has great camera charisma and is a Trump supporter. So there’s certainly value to his character and what he’s doing.

6. Hotep Jesus

Hotep Jesus is part of a black movement of men who have ditched the anti-white worldview and embraced a better side for black men, which includes black fathers being in the home and not spreading their seed around town. It is a great movement to see that brings ease in terms of racial tension.

Candice Owens is amongst the newer black right-leaning voices, and it helps in terms of rounding up comrades in the impending civil unrest which may surely (even if briefly) plague the West.

Hotep Jesus was even interviewed on Fox News after a hilarious video of him getting a free Starbucks coffee due to ‘racism.’ It was a stunt and demonstrated how idiotic the liberal mindset has become.

7. MGTOW Knowledge – Darius

Discovered this cat not too long ago. He is, from his appearance, a millennial man who discovered the truth about women from hard-hitting experience. He mainly discusses the sexes and encourages men to go their own way given the dating arena and how fucked everything is.

He seems to harvest some bitterness, and reasonably so. It was hard myself when I finally understood the true nature of women. When a man discovers this (frankly put, obvious) truth about the female sex, operating properly in that discovered environment can be a great advantage, lest you become an angry, lonely man.

He has some reasonable things to convey. May be worth checking out.

8. Red Pill Philosophy

This guy is not new to the MGTOW movement. He’s made content ranging from anti-feminism, politics of a variety, to flat-Earth debates. He was once interviewed on Red Ice Radio about being a Cuban Trump supporter. Himself, like many others, have had content removed from YouTube due to a ‘violation’ of their terms of service.

I appreciate a lot of his rhetoric. Seems like a cool guy to chill with.

9. Hunter Avallone

I’m not too familiar with his entire career, but he’s produced some humorous content, including recently discussing the rise of ecosexuality.

He’s a right-winger and has some decent content. Perhaps, though, geared more toward a millennial audience.

10. An Ear For Men

This gentlemen, who operates An Ear For Men, is another individual who grants well-placed advice for men in an era of absolute disgust where gender roles have been shattered by the vermin she-devil manticores of today, and the men who allowed this cultural switch to occur.

He discusses quite a few things ranging from deal-breakers with women, how to train your woman, men and suicide, etc. He seems like a reasonable man who understands quite well the opposite sex. His work is worth checking out, in my opinion.

11. Atheism-Is-Unstoppable

And lastly, this man. This is an individual who has had their account deleted a multiple of times. It’s literally become the norm for him. He is an atheist and, yes, liberal. He’s possibly one of the most reasonable of liberals I’ve watched for some time now. Great social and political commentary and he’s exposed Cenk Uygur a multiple of times on his constant race-baiting and anti-white rhetoric.

He also recently had a good chat with Jared Taylor, and he seems to accept the differences in racial IQ and how that effects society overall.


These are just a few voices you may have not heard of. I do enjoy watching folks discuss their worldview and the approach they take to it. But, in the latter months of 2018, censorship has been ramped up and seems to have crafted a snowball effect to which the end results are yet known.

Download content from online of videos you find important and the folks who help shed light on topics of actual substance. Document important things which revolve around conservatism, government corruption, globalism, etc. And consider exploring other less popular websites in order to keep receiving intel in regards to the above mentioned.

It’s a war of information. InfoWars was damn right on that.

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56 thoughts on “11 Online Personalities You Should Follow”

    1. #1 Stroppy Me – Qanon researcher
      #2 Justinformedtalk – Qanon researcher
      #3 PrayingMedic – Qanon researcher
      #4 Destroying the Illusion – Qanon researcher
      #5 Blessed to Teach – Qanon researcher
      Yes, there is a trend.

      1. Why settle for Q when you can see David Wilcock and “Drake” covering the exact same story about those impending mass arrests that are definitely going to happen any time now, back in 2011 and 2012!

    1. The ‘Slingshot Channel’ with the bald heavy accented German guy “I have perfected the fuully automatic sligshot”. Also his decapitating scissors. Great boy scout father/son projects.


  1. Hunter Avallone and Barbara4U2C should get together; solid match for a LTR. I really like these two, so thank you for the introduction. Their videos/personalities are well grounded in reality, a reality that has not soured or tarnished them one bit. Hunter would fit right in with my clique — we’re always ripping apart stupid far-left ideologies with a distanced, witty humor…this is how we choose to entertain ourselves politically, hopefully change some peoples’ minds and red-pill them, and weather the United States’ societal collapse.

  2. Good list. I would also add Sargon of Akkad, Razorfist, and Styxhexenhammer666. Since you mentioned Hotep Jesus, I would also add Uncle Hotep to the mix.
    Black Pigeon Speaks is another, and VertigoPolitix (someone else mentioned him).
    There’s a diverse (heh) group of people out there. I don’t agree with everything they say or think but at lease there’s some sanity there, and a decent amount of logic. They are also humorous in a way.

    1. Sargon of Akkad is the biggest fag on earth, and is the literal definition of a soyboy. He is also a liar and a backstabbing piece of shit. I guess you could say that Sargon is the stereotypical stuck-up and naïve British idiot. Razorfist is just another pothead libertarian, nothing special there. Styx is getting lamer by the second, and his content is so boring I would rather watch paint dry. Styx is also another centrist “can’t we all just get along” type who will solve nothing and adds nothing of interest to the debate. Hoteps are just regurgitating the obvious, and many of them are black history revisionists just taking advantage of the chaos in the world today to increase their groups platform. Many Hoteps are “pyramid builders” and “Wakandian” types, so whatever, completely uninteresting to me. Black Pigeon Speaks is a good one though.

      1. Thanks I was trying to be nicer.
        Sargon is indeed a complete queer not worth a second of your time, and Styx is pretty much as you called with the added feature of inappropriate bare chestedness.
        The hotep dudes, yeah I respect them and dig what they are doing but I’m not going to sit around watching them any more than they will listen to a David Duke podcast.
        Basically since Silicon Valley went into censorship overdrive all the people who used to be good can’t really be recommended anymore because they cucked in order to keep their channels and now they just repeat the same stuff.
        Therno is a good one to talk about but I really have nothing but hurtful and disrespectful things to say toward that lumpy bastard so I guess I’ll keep it to myself lest I get deleted.
        Bottom line is there are VERY FEW namefags and e-celebs worth listening to. Roo-dog is one of the rare ones.

        1. I get a chuckle out of these people, though all these above points are valid.
          However, like Patton said: “Rommel, I READ YOUR BOOK!”

      2. Correct Sargon is against ethnonationalism, thus anything he has to say on other issues is completely worthless.
        BPS is ok but he never calls {{them}} out.
        Vertigo politix is the only you tube channel you need to subscribe too.

    2. Black Pigeon Speaks is pro Israeli and pushes the “muh Russia wants to invade Europe” whilst ever criticising his people using America as a tool to destroy North Africa and the Middle east, he recently had a video on ” Iran is and has been trying to take over the middle east and we need to defend our (((greatest Ally))) and Russia is trying to distract the west with Syria so it can concentrate on invading Europe”
      the guy is a hack and just browses /pol/ to find something to make content about

      1. Not really, and I have never heard him doing anything that pro-Israel. Plus, he definitely preaches against ”’their”’ policies.

  3. No thanks, and why? are they supposed to be wiser then I am. Am amazed how gullible people are. These are just every day people giving their opinion on a subject, and as far as I am concerned I don’t care, and don’t want to hear it. Return of kings is becoming cuckold

    1. @Spiro…no, but when it comes to average normies, or people who spend most of their day working/doing other shit; it is nice to have a good “news” channel to watch in order to catch up on things. Most of these people are just data miners whose day job is their YouTube channel. Many of these YouTube channels helped get Trump elected you fucking moron. I wouldn’t be surprised if the manoshpere wouldn’t even exist if not for YouTube personalities spreading knowledge and acting as a gateway to other things.

  4. Lots of decent channels being recommended here but for god’s sake beware of controlled opposition, gatekeepers, steam valves, and blind alleys.
    They enemy’s greatest strength is their advanced knowledge of human psychology. When combined with their control over the media they are able to create e-celebrities which are tailor-made to lead the naive astray.
    Over time I developed a simple litmus test. If they refuse to acknowledge the JQ, or even worse if they brush it off as if it’s not important or it’s absurd, then they are either compromised or cucked. If they are against nationalism and populism then they are probably intel assets.
    Most people who are allowed to keep their YouTube, Twitter, and Patreon accounts active at this stage have either cucked or were never pilled to begin with.

      1. Joe Rogan & Jordan Peterson are the most prominent examples.
        Peterson on the JQ:
        “So, what’s the story? No conspiracy. Get it? No conspiracy. Jewish people are over-represented in positions of competence and authority because, as a group, they have a higher mean IQ.”
        So it’s that simple. Being intelligent = being rich and successful. Being born into a rich, well-connected family has nothing to do with it. Being sent to the best private schools in the country also has nothing to do with it. Blowing and bending over (literally in the case of Rogan) for the (((right men))) is irrelevant. It’s simply all about IQ.
        So deal with it, you stupid plebs. You’re poor because you’re stupid, not because there’s some evil, powerful, tribal cabal working against you. It doesn’t matter that one kid gets 5 million from his father to invest and play with and a “don’t worry about losing it, son, there’s more where that came from” while another kid gets nothing but college debt because his parents are barely making ends meet or a paltry $100k that he can’t afford to invest because he can’t afford to lose.
        Doesn’t matter if one kid pitches an idea for a startup and venture capitalists swoop in because they owe his daddy a favour, while another has a great idea and nobody gives a fuck or just ends up stealing it. Just take a look at the amazing screenplays/movies Hollywood produces. Every single one a masterpiece. Surely no stupid pleb could ever write the plot and dialogue for a tour de force like “Dark Knight”. Or modern art. Such talent, such depth, meaning, mastery. Surely no stupid pleb could ever paint a Rothko . All about dat dere IQ, goy.
        And then you’ve got Joe “I’m too stupid for this” Rogan fellating Musk the CIA agent on his show, making sure that all the plebs watching comprehend just what a super duper conscientious and caring genius this god among men is. Meanwhile accidentally coming across a $20 bottle of “Old Camp” whiskey that someone just happened to bring by. Just LOL @ these millionaire & billionaire drinking this pleb gasoline and praising it to high heaven.
        Just LOL.

        1. Israel’s average IQ is 95, which is low. Jews were considered subhuman and disgusting for most of their existence for a reason. Even if the Jewish IQ was 150 it would still not account for their over representation. Same with Asians. The problem is that white man discovered IQ and therefore the Jews/Marxists needed someway to make him feel inferior again so they invented this myth that Asians and Jews have much higher IQ that’s why they own all the media and banking institutions. Just another way to brainwash white dudes back into submission. Jews win through paranoid tribalism, which allows them to gang up on the de-tribalized white man. Sorry faggot, but nice try.

        2. It’s only the Ashkenazi Jews that have the high IQ’s. Ashkenazi have more European admixture and this is where they aquired their higher IQ’s.
          Their high IQ goes back to white genes.
          When people talk about N E Asians having high IQ’s they’re really only talking about Koreans and their decendants – Japanese. Latest DNA studies have shown that much to the chagrin of Japanese, they decended from Koreans who migrated to the island many years ago. Both Koreans and Japanese have IQ’s averages around 105.
          China’s IQ average is only 100. Hong Kong has a higher IQ at 107 but this is because all of the smart people all over Asia go their to pursue careers. Same thing is seen in Singapore, which has an average 1Q of 103.
          So something is unique with Koreans unless in the future they find some ancient genetic imput from Europeans in them.

  5. Meateater podcast is one I just got into. Steve Rinella is a professional hunter and bona fide alpha/ hyper masculine. He’s kind of a philosopher hunter. Super badass in the field and yet super intellectual and deep. He can tell you the latin names of any particular game in any particular region, how it got that name, what it used to be named, it’s genetic makeup, it’s taxonomy, when it migrated to that region, or, when humans placed it there, which animals from the plystecene era it was related to, masterful descriptors of the psychology of various beasts and on and on. And the next minute he’ll be punching through ice with bare fists to set his beaver traps.
    He survived a bear attack in Alaska. He survives and thrives in the most punishing environments. On his television show, one episode didn’t even show him harvesting an animal; all it was was a conglomeration of moments in the field where he talked about his relationship with his father.
    He’s a virtuoso in his field and a great mentor, role model and leader.

  6. As a continental european guy I sometimes find it hard to understand the strong division between liberals and non-liberals in the USA. There’s overlap and those categories are so vague that a lot of different views fit into either conservatism or liberalism.
    It’s natural for succesful people to root for non-liberalism but their success may turn for the worse at any moment. Where I live the right wing gets most of their votes from lower middle class people who are basically voting against their own self-interest, which is almost like a form of virtue signaling but instead of paying lip service to an image of humanity and compassion they are doing it for an appearance of strength and success. Unless you’re upper middle class you should not vote “non-liberal” (by american standards) in Europe. Perhaps it’s the same in the US but the need to appear masculine and strong is even so much stronger that even a larger bulk of the population does that than in Europe.

    1. How is voting for the right wing going against their interests?
      If the right wing parties are the only ones willing to speak against the migrant invasion then you’d have to be insane NOT to vote for them!
      Populist and Nationalist right wing politicians are the only ones who care about the forgotten native working class. The “need to appear strong and masculine” is some weird BS you pulled out of your beta ass. All politics are based on economics. More immigration = lower wages and higher rents. It’s pretty simple bro.

      1. Where I live both the right wing (the core right wing, not the fringe right wing) and the left wing love immigration for different reasons.
        The left likes it because it’s a part of their ideology, helps them get or keep questionable jobs and prestige in the immigration industry and virtue signaling. Also new voters.
        The right wing likes immigrants because they want to drive down wages for EVERYONE and getting gullible immigrants to work for shit pay is good for their business (the right wing has its hooks in the immigration industry too by profiting from refugee centers or what not). This in turn leads to the native population being pressured to accept more and more mediocre job offers or even unpaid slave labor euphemistically called “rehabilitative measures” where businesses can use them for free while dangling the pseudo-promise of getting real employment from that business later on but once they no longer need that unpaid worker they can throw him out.

        1. I see what you’re saying. We have the same problem in the US with “chamber of commerce republicans” and other GOP elites who only care about higher profits for big businesses. But as voters we strongly rejected those traitorous vermin and elected Trump who promised to stand for the American worker first.
          But it still sounds like you are criticizing the voter, not the politician. The working class right wing voter is voting sensibly if he is voting for parties like the AfD.
          Bottom line is both major parties are full of traitors, sellouts, and suckups and the only hope will come from third parties or insurgent candidates like Trump.

    2. Right-wing parties in Europe have always been the party of the elite and the rich, this goes back at least 100 years.
      Populist and nationalist parties are much more likely to co-operate with right-wing parties, which means that when forming a government, they will become puppets of the elite.
      This exact thing happened in Finland. In 2015, the populist and “nationalist” Finns Party (a.k.a. True Finns) got a great victory. But they couldn’t handle the heat, party split up and now the remaining part in the government, “Blue Reform” is just a tool for the elite parties to get their way.
      This government has continued the policy of increasing economic inequality, extreme privatization, selling national infrastructure to foreign investment funds. Thanks to right-wing policies, Finns now have to pay their foreign masters so they can use their own TV and electricity grids. Doesn’t seem very “nationalist” to me…
      Also, voting for the populists didn’t stop the immigrants invading Finland.
      Next elections are in 2019. According to the latest polls, a lot of working class and middle class will abandon the populists, and go back to voting leftists and social democrats. “Blue Reform”, a ruling party right now, would get a pathetic 1% share of the votes if the elections were today. Social Democrats are at 21%, The Greens 14% and Left Alliance 10%.

    1. Too much bs w/Varg. I’m pro-White, not pro-placentta. I’ll take him over a normie but he blows a lot of hot air.

    1. Well then show us your list, Mr. Big Round Balls.
      Some I like:
      Some that are too spergy to listen to:
      Some that are potentially compromised:
      Juden Peterstein
      Joseph Rogenstein
      Dicky Spenther
      Chris Cantwell
      Jack Proboscusiec
      Rebel Media
      Proud Boys
      Some that are too full of self-important blowhard gammas to be of any prolonged interest:
      RatMale (rationalmale)
      Best of All Worlds:
      8ch pol

  7. some good recommendations, I’ll name some.
    – Stardusk
    – Turd Flinging Monkey
    – Aaron Clarey
    – Vox Day
    – Davis Aurini
    – Mister Metokur
    – Pastor Steven Anderson
    – Roosh V (obviously)

  8. More far, right wing sophistry. I think for myself, thank you. I have views on both sides and I do not care who says them on either side.

  9. Terrence Popp at redonkulous.com is a good source for the culture wars from the military POV. Pretty funny, accurate stuff.

  10. I thought you’d have Victor Pride on this list, He’s huge on self improvement but if having some young woman tell you about problems that don’t affect you directly is the the new age ROK thing then i guess i’ve missed the crowd on here,
    whatever happened to LOLKNEE and the ghost of Thomas Jefferson ?

  11. For christians looking for a cutting-edge YT channel where Conspiracy/NWO/Occultism/QPhysics/AI/Transhumanism etc look out for
    TheTruthIsStrangerThanFiction on YT
    Warning: Most of the stuff is not for cuckball-and-beer toads but you can try

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