How To Fight Feminist Organizations Such As “Muslims For Progressive Values”

An apparent liberal Muslim named Ani Zonneveld has been making headlines due to her fight against the patriarchy. Now, isn’t this sounding familiar?

She operates a website called Muslims For Progressive Values. Already I can feel exactly where this is going, and where it’ll end. Islam has very conservative values. One being that man is to dominate and women are to submit. And now, in the latter stages of 2018, another patriarchal culture is at risk.

It is not surprising she dwells within the shithole that is Los Angeles, California. I’m not sure if she already had these ‘progressive’ values beforehand, but it fits her values well dwelling amongst the scum of Mother Earth.

Regardless if one is misinterpreting the Quran, Islam and its culture is still overall a patriarchal system which now stands only to fall just as the post-Anglo-Saxon-Protestant West.

Where Does It End?

Women are naturally nurturing by their very nature. It’s debatable now in the West since many have been brainwashed by leftist propaganda and are butch like hell. So when a ‘progressive Muslim’ comes forward preaching the same doctrine as leftism, equality, gay rights, inclusion and globalism, I foresee a few conundrums.

Below are actual quotes from the Muslims For Progressive Values website:

We support women’s agency and self-determination in every aspect of their lives. We believe in women’s full participation in society at every level. We are committed to reproductive justice and empowering women to make healthy decisions regarding their bodies, sexuality, and reproduction.

We support full equality and inclusion of all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, in society and in the Muslim community. We are committed to ending discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. We endorse the human and civil rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex (LGBTQI) individuals.

Ah, I see. This strikes me to be just as sickening as contemporary America’s lukewarm Christian culture, if it’s even a culture at all anymore. Granted, I understand how one who is outcasted (gays in Islam) by much of a set society would want equality and to be left alone to be as they are. But I’ve witnessed far too many times that turn into a political and cultural snowball effect that society simply must avoid in order to maintain itself, along with law and order.

And it strikes me with this brutal recognition that not everyone has a say in the public square, or has as much as a say in the public square. And I understand the fear of walking outside without your husband and getting a good beating isn’t very appealing. I’m not necessarily saying that’s even required to maintain law and order. I just know it maintains law and order.

The hard truth is that not everyone benefits, or benefits as much as others. There will always be winners and losers, masters and slaves. I personally don’t like it, but that’s how the real world operates.

How Do We Fight Against Leftism?

Let us take a look at a Bible story. Eve was tempted by the serpent who she then deceived Adam into biting the forbidden fruit. Manipulation by the female, weakened by another who easily made her swoon into a fib, then cast her natural inclination to manipulate upon man. And what happened? Original sin began which crafted a snowball effect that would infest the world until the apocalypse.

It may only be a fable. But it holds weight nonetheless. And there are other various possible mistranslations and other possible forms of that story. But that particular version indicates the deadening of a society when man falls weak to women.

I’ve begun looking at them more like devils who, by their given nature, are seductive and sexually desirable. Man’s nature is to protect, and man falls weak at the knees for a damsel in distress. So, how is man supposed to protect the devil who, again, is game for manipulation and the impending doom of giving in to her request? It’s two forces that are imbalanced in the West. How to balance it?

The strength and control of man’s emotions would be far too difficult a conundrum for most Western men. The idea itself of never allowing women to be in a higher level of politics or authority over man is not something many Western men would take kindly to. If anything, they’d turn into white knights and cut out the tongue of the man who speaks the offensive reality.

Perhaps the system must truly break down before a new era of strong men can arise.

Man Must Reclaim The Dominant Role

I honestly am not joking when I write that allowing women to vote was an absolute mistake. That does not equate to hate. But my observations of the political and cultural snowball effect are too radical for my society. It doesn’t mean women aren’t allowed to have certain jobs or be involved in society or the art world. I don’t want a sausage-fest in film or music. And nursing jobs are great for women because they play on their natural tendencies toward nurturing someone. It may be why so many women advocate for open borders.

Why have so many females been raped and butchered in Westside Europe? Open borders was a tragedy on their end and allowed in the barbarian to re-establish law and order. A part of law and order, in accordance with Nature, is men lead and the women follow. I do firmly believe a society that understands and establishes this by a coercive hand are bound to lean toward a more hard-right mentality; thus, ensuring a more conservative society. And, by extension, a safer and more secure society with well-defined gender roles and a general routine that won’t get too far out of hand.

I told a man once, while at a store, that I do not support a female as president. His expression seemed to suggest he couldn’t believe I’d make such a statement. He was Indian so he didn’t throw a white-liberal bitch-fit about it. But that mentality is not going to change in the West as it stands today. Ragnar Redbeard was right when he essentially stated that by means of destruction can only then new life be born. It’s a brutal thought because it suggests the unavoidable. Destruction. . .and renewal.

I’m trying to figure out which systems work the best. The ruthless conundrum is that it involves more than the sexes. It entails race, religion, operations of government, etc. It is a complex matter. But the one keen observation I’ve made is the roles men and women play in a society, and trying to find a place to draw a line in the sand.


My country, America The Foolish, has such levels of degeneracy that now that I can spot it and identify it, I feel more grossed-out than I’ve ever been. I see the obese monsters which stomp around every corner, the lifeless limp-wrist men who act on emotion rather than reason and logic, the thickening of multiculturalism and mixing of different languages which may soon become dangerous and tribal, and the watered-down desire for men to be gentlemen and talk about politics or philosophy or religion, or anything of substance rather than video games like Fortnite or goofy piffle which amounts to nothing more than chuckles and brainless nothingness.

I’m not sure what awaits the West or America, to be specific. But I do have one idea: it’ll at least start out with queer-lit leftism against the right-winged, gun-slinging man. Who do you honestly think is going to win?

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48 thoughts on “How To Fight Feminist Organizations Such As “Muslims For Progressive Values””

  1. I fully support the return to barbarism ASAP so the renewal stage sets in faster…..Let it burn down, all the way to complete ashes, Grab a bellows and help blow on the flames. When the cleansing fire is done sanity and survivors smart enough to see the wisdom of the need for the cleansing way can then begin again in earnest. If it matters to you, then you will figure out what it takes to adapt and come out the other side a survivor. Otherwise, tough luck, the future of humanity didn’t need you anyway. If humanity doesn’t make it, then it was the guiding hand of fate chose correctly.

    1. You appear to make the assumption that you will somehow be one of the survivors. I have a feeling your ‘burn it all down’ attitude would leave your own self thoroughly scorched.

      1. @kablahblah
        If there is one thing I’ve always without exception thoroughly been a fan of it’s this kind of millenial smugness that would make a douche feel obsolete. Congratulations superdouche. Incidentally, anyone (myself included) that welcomes the fire has already accepted the possibility of not surviving it. For future yeast colonies like you however, that possiblity has topped out at exactly 100%. Tough luck.

      2. Your feelings are meaningless. If you cannot think outside of the box and without emotional attachment, You are correct. You will perish. If you cannot conceive the level of psychology you need to be thinking at to survive, you don’t deserve to.

    2. Make no mistakes, the West will burn, if the economic, demographic, cultural and social variables are to be continued. The tensions are just to high and are going to blow up. I do not expect the West to collapse after a great war, rather by civil conflicts inside the various nations, take the London riots and add it 100 times more devastation with armed groups fighting each other…The thing is, on the contrary of the germanic barbarians that invaved Rome, but became culturally romans, muslims or the hords of sub saharian african men will not be westernized and will not respect and continue our civilization. There will be no more West…

    3. I’m sure if its burned down a wise patriarchal utopia will be ushered in. More likely the West’s enemies will see this weakness and respond. Make no mistake the choice is between fighting for civilization or China will inheriting the earth.

  2. Women are good for a few things: bangs, effing babies into and helping raise your babies for the first few years of your children’s lives. Also, for a masculine man, occasional mindless banter with the weaker sex is mildly entertaining. #Repeal the 19th #NeverAFemalePOTUS

    1. Low IQ races/ population groups need to be exterminated. At least from civilized nations. They can be allowed to run around their native jungles.

        1. Minimum IQ of 95 to vote, and if you don’t own some kind of property, you must be employed and working at least 25-30 hours a week.
          Voting should be a privilege for male TAXPAYERS only.

        2. IQ minimum of 95
          Having children or having 2 years of military service (both sexes)
          Being older than 25 (Full biological brain maturity)
          Don´t be on welfare for at least 3 years
          Don´t be unemployed for at least 1 year before elections.
          That fictitious country will be conservative for centuries.

  3. It’s too simplistic to say women should never vote. I’d take Anne Coulter over Bernie Sanders any day. Communism was started by men. There’s a sickness in society and men need to call out other men for kowtowing to women for simply being women. (And women need to start slut shaming and ostracizing immodest peers.) Look at Instagram – those whores would be nothing if it wasn’t for the thirsty betas hitting them up.

    1. I don’t think women have the ability to grasp logic and analyze facts necessary for a wise vote. If there are exceptions then they are few and far between. The cons of women voting far outweighs the pros. Men didn’t start Communism. It is the creation of men from a certain self chosen tribe to destroy and enslave all other men. A tribe to which Bernie belongs.

    2. Most men should not be allowed to vote, either. Political parties mostly rely on slackers and boomers who want just to be promised the cash will flow to them no matter what.
      In the past, voters were warriors and taxpayers. The one who never accomplished his civil duties should be devoided of any civil right.
      The right to safety as property of the state, not the right to elect a ruler, who will be equally inept.
      Most “leaders” today never worked a real job nor served in the military, so they catter to parasites who will vote for them and obey the various lobbies paying for them.
      Hence raising taxes to the absurd, and declaring wars without a second thought.

    3. The trouble I see with this suggestion is that there seems to be an absurdly large collection of the men who need calling out occupying positions of authority and/or influence. They, like the women they worship, will not hesitate to disrupt your life in any way they are able.

    4. Communism is a tool for totalitarianism used by smart men that con soyboy sand women into believing they could achieve utopia. The communist do not believe in all the BS but women do

  4. Take away women’s rights, and their related power they use because of FEMINISM and through it supporters. Reinstall the Patriarchy that worked and had law and order reason and logic. If you aren’t ready to go that route, you deserve the chaos.

  5. You might want to park your cars a little farther away than throwing distance from any buildings taller than 4-5 stories

  6. “Muslims For Progressive Values.”
    Is and will stay a marginal group. Islam is traditional to its very core. Much of what they stand for is in direct opposition to the Quran. The Quran clearly and literally states in chapter 3 verse 36 :
    “But when she delivered her, she said, “My Lord, I have delivered a female.” And Allah was most knowing of what she delivered, “And the male is not like the female. And I have named her Mary, and I seek refuge for her in You and [for] her descendants from Satan, the expelled [from the mercy of Allah ].”
    F. Roger Devlin recognizes this aswell.

    1. The West is where culture and values come to die.
      You can bet your last shekel their are certain people rubbing their hands with glee that the ‘modernisms’ that destroyed Christian societies will be exported to whatever remains of the Muslim ones once Is-real has had its way with that region.
      Remember, it only took a generation or two to completely castrate Christianity after the world lost ww2 to zio-nism

      1. Unfortunately most people think we won WW2. Until the reality sinks in that we were naive fools used to destroy the Tribes enemies the problems we have will never be solved.

  7. I would like to see a article about twitch thots cashing in on gaming to which the proper response is proverbs chapter thirteen verse eleven

  8. Ani Zonneveld, sounds [dutch] … Sonnefeld … Sunfield … [Dutch] without a doubt. Do they really think they can infiltrate and fool the Mahometan?

  9. Ani Zonneveld already has received hate by the orthodox Muslim community. She is a faux Muslim, and more of a narcissist. She’s not even really that religious, but she just wants to do something with her miserable divorced life, and for her, that means capitalizing on the WOKE SJW movement. Her daughter is fuckable.

  10. Americans said that they hated freedom 100 years ago because the environment was dirty, there were murders, and medicine was dangerous, but the US is now a police state and the environment is still dirty, there are still murders, and medicine is still dangerous.

  11. Boy, there are a bunch of insecure little man-boys on here afraid now that they don’t hold all the power, literally and figuratively. Poor, pitiful little boys. And I’m curious how many women would actually sleep with you losers if you honestly said half this crap to their faces.

    1. That would be absolutely zero. If you read the articles here you quickly realize the only reason they get any is they find women who are so dumb and so pathetic sleeping with them is the only thing that validates their existence. No real women would ever be with such insecure boys. Thankfully, this site is going on hiatus so Roosh won’t be manspreading his bullcrap anymore except for his pathetic books.

  12. Yeah but how are you going to do any of this? It’s all just fantasy unless you have a politically feasible plan. Is Trump gonna revoke women’s rights? None of these things are possible under the current system.
    Do we wait for “The Collapse”? When is that?

  13. How “must” men reclaim dominant role
    when it is illegal to maintain equal role?
    If you decide you won’t take it any more
    cops will gladly shoot you even knowing
    what they’re doing is harming humanity.


  14. You have got many things wrong. But that’s okay since the mainstream muslims themselves are too blind to notice that they are following atheism in disguise of Islam. The first thing I would say is that promiscuity is fully allowed in their religion. But you just have to call it halal and must be “public” about it. That said, to live a sexual life like that, you have to have money. Mainstream Muslim men may appear all macho at young age and brag about being superior. But they tend to lose it all at home in front of their actual wives. I came across countless men including my dad, uncle, grandfather and royal family man who were physically and sometimes regularly assaulted at home by those women. Muslim countries are notorious for corruption. If you go a bit deeper you will notice the men taking bribes and all to satisfy their wives’ urge to buy expensive stuffs and enjoy all sorts of luxury. By the way, I am a female. I tried many times to stop my mom from hitting my dad. Eventually, she went sick and died. Now life for all of us is peaceful.

    1. Huh, and you dare call yourself a muslim?
      You claim that promiscuity is allowed in Islam? Wow, learn your religion first.
      It’s the only religion in the world that stones married whores (famale & male) to death if they’re found guilty of Zina (adultery).
      And non-married adulterers get a hard whipping on their as***s.
      {The [unmarried] woman or [unmarried] man found guilty of sexual intercourse – lash each one of them with a hundred lashes, and do not be taken by pity for them in the religion of God, if you should believe in God and the Last Day. And let a group of the believers witness their punishment.}
      Surat An-Nur, verse 2.
      {And do not approach unlawful sexual intercourse. Indeed, it is ever an immorality and is evil as a way.}
      Surat al-Isra, verse 32.
      Even “approaching” sexual activity is haram in Islam, like flirting with women, let alone actual sex!
      And not every arab man is a pathetic weakling like your father who takes a beating from his old wife. Ew, just ew!

  15. Rest assured these people are an isolated minority. The vast majority of Muslims in the islamic world don’t even know the term LGBT/feminism exist, let alone support them or their depraved ideology. And the muslims in the West are still fairly conservative.
    They’re delusional, and not only Islam but ALL religions stand in their way. They just can’t say they’re atheists openly & they still want to enjoy the benefits of being a part of a greater group.
    Feminism/LGBT has no place in Islam!
    This Quranic verse alone destroys feminism completely.
    Surat an-Nisa verse 34:
    {Men are in charge of women by [right of] what God has given one over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband’s] absence what God would have them guard. But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance – [first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them. But if they obey you [once more], seek no means against them. Indeed, God is ever Exalted and Grand.}
    Muslim feminists don’t read the Quran, apparently. Smh.

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