4 Breakthroughs That Helped Me Sleep With 100+ Women on Tinder

Gentlemen, it’s no secret that in our highly deregulated society, women have access to vast numbers of men at their disposal. With just the click of a few buttons, they can have anyone except the top 1% Chad over at their house, within a matter of minutes.

In order to compete with such rampant sexual deregulation, we must sharpen our game and we must sharpen it often. As Roosh so eloquently detailed in his newest masterpiece Game:

Beautiful girls in big cities are now directly and indirectly offered sex more than 1,000 times a month from men on the internet, in bars, on the streets, and within their social circles. If a girl has a basic internet profile, spends time on social networking, and goes out twice a week, I guarantee that she is offered more cock than even the most famous women of the past.

Unfortunately, this is absolutely true. The days of your “oneitis” sweetheart Jessica have long past, and the days of competing with Chad Thundercocks are among us. Of course, you could go full-on MGTOW and just become a virgin, cucked incel, but that’s not an option for any rational man.

So with this in mind, I have compiled four of the most powerful breakthroughs I’ve ever had in the past five years of gaming on Tinder. These breakthroughs have allowed me to sleep with far over 100 women, and if my writing and teaching are any good, then hopefully these tips will allow you to do the same. So without further ado, let’s go.

1. Be An Asshole

text game tinder pass shit tests

When a girl signs up for a Tinder account, she is immediately bombarded by thousands of thirsty guys. It doesn’t matter if she’s literally just a 4 wearing some makeup in her pictures—if she’s on Tinder, there are desperate guys waiting to fuck her.

…and do you know how most of them always start off their conversations? With some lame ass nice guy opener. They say something like “Hello beautiful,” or some other infinitely beige and forgettable comment, that is all but lost within a sea of thirsty beta males chasing her validation.

No. If you want to succeed at tinder, you need to learn how to be an asshole. Be okay with teasing her and negging her, and don’t EVER give her more validation than she’s earned. Funny enough, this may sound cruel, but it’s actually how an emotionally healthy man naturally treats a woman.

When a man is fulfilled and happy by himself, he doesn’t constantly shower a girl in complements. He only compliments people when they actually deserve it. This is the key—you don’t want to just be an asshole all of the time. Just being clear about who you are, what you want, and what you think of a girl is acceptable enough.

So next time, instead of opening with “Wow you’re gorgeous,” try one of these openers instead:

  • “You look like trouble”
  • “Wow, you look just like that girl from the Office”
  • “I don’t trust your innocent face for a second”

These have all worked great for me in the past, but better yet, if you can actually personalize an opener WITH a neg, then it’s almost a 100% guaranteed response. For example, I recently saw a girl who had a very innocent face, but then upon scrolling past her pictures saw her showing off her butt in a bikini.

So, naturally, my opener was: “Your first pic says you’re a good girl, but your 5th pic definitely disagrees.” Anything like this that’s sexual right off the bat is good, which gets me to my next point.

2. Screen Hard

text game tinder pass shit tests

If you’re trying to get laid fast, and use Tinder EFFICIENTLY, you have to understand that it’s a numbers game. Most of my Tinder game is systematized at this point, and one critical element of this system is that I always start off with a slightly sexual opener. This does two things:

  1. It shows the girl that I’m not a beta male ashamed of my sexuality
  2. It screens her for availability (AKA if she’s DTF)

Girls who are just there to waste your time and get attention won’t even respond, so using the openers I previously mentioned are critical. This is an important element of text game, as well. Learning to move fast, but with finesse, is one of the greatest tools in a player’s toolbox.

Like it or not, Tinder is a numbers game, plain and simple. Anyone who tells you they have a magic formula to bed 100% of the women they talk to is flat out LYING to you. I prefer to think of my Tinder game as a system with multiple phases, so with this in mind, here are my typical close rates:

  • Phase 1: Opener (Start Off With 100 Girls)
  • Phase 2: Get Her Contact Info (Down to 25 Girls)
  • Phase 3: Hang Out With Her (Usually Around 7-10 Girls)

As you can see, these aren’t bad odds. A 7-10% chance of banging a girl from Tinder is phenomenal, considering that you don’t have to do shit except sound out some copy-and-paste responses and openers. Once you wrap your mind around this, and start to aggressively screen girls for sexual availability, and take the numbers approach, you’ll notice that far more women will be in your contacts list than ever before.

3. Spike Her Emotions

text game tinder pass shit tests

The reason why women sleep with a man is partially looks, money, and status, which I will discuss as the next breakthrough. And while women do find these things attractive, they’re far more important for an LTR than they are for a casual fling. For a casual fling (AKA from Tinder) emotions are king.

Learn how to spike her emotions. Don’t be ashamed of your sexuality or afraid to say things that might possibly offend her. Every single great pickup artist and Casanova in the world knows that women respond to one thing, and one thing only: how they feel.

So learn the things to talk about with a girl that will make her feel emotions. Tease her, play with her, say things that are obnoxious, and most importantly, get her hamster wheel running. Any guy who can successfully make a girl’s subconscious do the game for him is already 10 steps ahead of the curve.

Here are some easy and simple ways to spike her emotions:

  • Be a little bit of an asshole (discussed in point #1)
  • Learn how to pass her shit tests
  • Get good at dishing out negs (not too many though, just one or two is fine)
  • Learn how to tell stories that are interesting and fun

Most importantly, however, LIVE AN INTERESTING AND FUN LIFESTYLE. This is something that all people (not just women) are magnetically drawn to, and it’s something that cannot be faked. Learn to follow your passions, have hobbies, and become an interesting man overall.

…and then, learn how to convey these characteristics through spitting game on Tinder.

4. Looks, Money, Status

text game tinder pass shit tests

As shallow as it is, Tinder is simply a looks-based game. When she’s on Tinder, she can’t sense if you’re an alpha male or not, because there’s no body language or facial expressions to read. This will come in person.

So, until you do in fact meet her in person, you need to get the “game trifecta” down: looks, money, and status. Ideally, you should have pictures which convey all three of these things, to the point where it’s a little bit obnoxious. Take a good look at Dan Bilzerian’s Instagram, and you’ll see what I mean.

Now obviously I’m not saying you need to be that extreme, nor that you need to be a millionaire playboy, but any little bit of LMS that you can show off helps. I personally recommend getting in great shape and posting some pictures of you at the beach, on a boat, or at a friend’s lake house, perhaps.

Return of Kings has already discussed ample strategies for losing weight, building muscle, and getting an aesthetic physique that attracts women. Here are some previous posts to consider reading through:

Once you’ve got an image showing off your looks, I consider having one or two that show off money and status, but not in an obnoxious way. Something of you on vacation somewhere tropical is always nice, or perhaps a picture of you speaking at a convention, or in a suit. Anything that conveys status, looks, money, and the fact that you’re an alpha male who lives a fun life will always do well.


text game tinder pass shit tests

Tinder has gotten me through more breakups than I can remember. So if you can’t stop thinking about her, whoever she is, you need to get on Tinder, Bumble, and every other dating app there is.

Like it or not, the times are changing—and while I do recommend men use online dating to keep a consistent harem of women hanging around, I do not recommend it as the sole source of a man’s sexual success.

Spend time learning to cold approach women, go on plenty of dates, expand your social circle, and study the concepts of inner game just as well as the concepts of outer game.

If you’re looking for a definitive guide to game, then I suggest you take a look at Roosh’s latest publication, aptly entitled: “Game.” It covers everything you need to know from why game is important in this day in age, how to study the concepts of game, how to meet and attract women, and how to have effective relationships.

It’s also been banned by the elites of Amazon, so you know it must be good. Check it out now, thought criminal, before Orwell’s thought police come knocking on your door for the crime of having a penis.

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135 thoughts on “4 Breakthroughs That Helped Me Sleep With 100+ Women on Tinder”

  1. But what was the point in having one night stands with 100 sluts?
    I’m surrounded by hookers but probably haven’t banged more than 30 in the past ten years. Don’t we all just want a wife and children, with maybe one or two nice looking girls on the side each year? If I’d done a hundred I probably wouldn’t even remember their names, sex without reproduction becomes pointless and soul destroying.

    1. Yes, and it’s even worse than pointless. It’s taking part in the process that leaves a landscape of broken women unworthy of marriage. Everyone complains that there are no good girls to marry, and this is why. They might’ve turned out alright, but a dozen aspiring PUA already pumped and dumped them for practice. We must be the change we wish to see.

      1. That sounds a bit white knightish to me. Those girls “once good” girls were never good to begin with, they were just lower mileage.

        1. Dan Bilzerian is part of the ‘goat’ tribe of Satanists who corrupt society with psychopathic behavior and wealth to flamboyantly showcase its hedonism, aka Satanists ‘goats’ guilt trip average people into thinking they can ‘have it all too’ – Satanists typically go after minor celeb types with a bit of celebrity pull and they feed them hookers and money and the ‘lifestyles’ necessary to influence the masses – to try ot act this part (aka looks, money, status) is to fail to recognize that they don’t ‘own’ anything; i.e. they are slaves to the ‘goats’ and Satanists – its all Satanistic hedonism and propaganda to guilt trip the average John Doe into thinking he can have the same quality of life and to guilt trip the average Jane Doe into thinking she can get the ‘top dog’ – its designed to degrade and erode society from the inside out. Thinking ‘looks, money, status’ actually matter is the ‘goats’ prime directive and essential ‘game’ – by all means every man should strive for self-improvement, but the ‘goats’ distort the self improvement to look and appear obtainable when in reality none of it is. It’s just a wish fulfillment tactic used to make sure men don’t marry and continue to go after tail and to make girls constantly thirst over ‘high status’ men they’ll never have, its a corruption tactic more than anything in order to ensure people don’t get together and get married.

        2. Just look at Bilzerian’s main profile pic (‘goat’), need I say more? Satanic conditioning is pretty simple actually, they believe they ‘win’ or are ‘winning’ if they get any sort of ‘press’ – so unfortunately even talking abou them they believe ‘helps’ them – there were some excellent videos on youtube abou tthis sort of thing but most got pulled, no surprise there, alot of it has to do with the mk ultra thing which seems a bit ‘out there’ but realistically what happens is these minor celebs get big and get a lot of ‘money’ (not hundreds of millions, but a decent amount, like a few million) and once their ‘reputation’ starts to get bigger they start getting offers from the satanists groups. Its all cloak and dagger bullshit. Bilzerian probably wouldn’t call himself a satanist openly, but he has to promote them and doesn’t mind flashy the ‘goat’ around. Satanists ideology is built around Bacchus – a ‘god’ from Roman legend who they would sacrifice goats and swine to. Essentially he’s the ‘party’ god who is invoked during drunken orgies, literally. The ‘goat’ in pop culture is satanists, Eminem proudly flaunts around ‘horns’ and talks about being the ‘goat’ and ‘goat’ this and ‘goat’ that. I’m not convinced all of Hollywood is ‘in on it’ but a shit ton of celebs are satanists. As much as I know (which is a limited understanding) there’s different ways of subversion. In reality though there main goal is to promote Satan, and the way they do it is by subliminal messages and just partying and debauchery and ‘merry making’ and ‘partying’ every place possible. They believe they ‘win’ and satan is being ‘invoked’ if you witness what they are doing; i.e. all you have to do is be watching this stuff to be influenced by it, you don’t even have to be a participant, they believe as long as satan is being heard than they win. Not to mention but there’s all kinds of stuff on mk ultra out there but little of it is actually factual, what is factual is the conditioning in some of these music artists who all of a sudden everyone knows by name – overnight successes. Alot these artists don’t make their music ok, and nowadays satanists produce a lot of major records and they hide sublinimal satanic images in songs, literally tons of pop songs are just “Hail Satan” – and alot of them played backwards literally say it. Anyways it sounds like conspireracy theory stuff, but look no further than Bilzerian’s instgram, his main pic is a goat for crying out loud. All he does it promote debauchery and supposedly got alot of his money from gambling. Needless to say its infected most of holly-weird and a ton of journalist outlets too. They ‘win’ simply by you participating in it and believing you can have the same thing, which most men (the vast vast majority) will never have. Its all a bs illusion for the most part. Anytime you see a ‘goat’ or ‘horns’ its not cuse they want you to think they are cool or in the ‘in group’ its cuse someone else is now running the show. A good example of an up and coming beta gayboy rapper is the Machine Gun Kelly, flashing horns everywhere he can and ‘666’ everywhere eh can and taking about satan as much as he can. I don’t actually believe he’s in the ‘in group’, but he’s trying to say he wants to be. Alot of people don’t realize just how deep the rabbit hole goes. I’m not even a conspiracy theorist and this crap to me is pretty obvious its happening just from my basic understanding of it.

        3. Guest:
          Dan Bilzerian is a terrible example for young men to follow. The overwhelmingly number of young men will NEVER ever get even close to Bilzerian’s shady family wealth and will only dream of such a lifestyle.
          It will only cause frustration and anger in young men to compare themselves to Bilzerian’s lifestyle.
          Big 20s:
          Unless you are in rural Utah or Amish country, it will be almost impossible to find a virgin around age 20 in The West today. I was lucky to have popped a virgin woman as my first when we were both 18, but I am 36 now (not that old), but it feels like THAT world I went to high school in “middle America” has vanished forever. I literally get laughed at when I say my first was this girl I popped weeks after we got out of high school. Since then, every woman I have been with has had 10+ mileage, even more. My late wife of 12 years only had 4 on her odometer, but she was a strong Christian woman and the 3 guys before me were all LTRs and she felt bad about premaritalSex.
          When I think of that, I feel amazed to see how things have changed since the late 1990s when I was in high school. That world felt in some lesser ways to be a “revival” of the 1950s dating system. gen Xers like me grew up between the “free love” from the 1960s-70s and the hook-up culture of the Millennials today, so we enjoyed a much healthier world for dating and relationships. Hook-up culture did not exist, except for the “School whore(s)” and they were few. It was all LTR based if you wanted to get some tail. Dating existed, it was awesome because it taught men to plan ahead (svaing for a car, saving for dates, planning ahead, etc) and taught women how to make themselves presentable for men. The women in our country were sweet, feminine, in-shape, and loving at one time.
          I am talking 16… 17… 18 years ago, NOT the 1950s. 😮 It feels like I am talking 40 or 50 years ago, but nope.
          There was a time in “middle America” (“flyover country” between Malibu and NYC, as the elites call it) when the center of social gathering was a local church or the school’s after-class activities or local events. Today, it is the impersonal “social media” world, a fake world created by depressed and lonely people trying to pretend they are rock stars. Today, attendance to school sports games is way down (due to no scoring and SJW nonsense) and even dances is way down. No one wants to be bothered.
          My point being, it is not only women who have self-destroyed and become corrupted beyond recognition. Our society as a whole has become so corrupted, people will do and say anything for power and to exact revenge on others. The thought of marrying a woman who is a virgin sends shrills up the FemiNazis’s legs.
          Think about the Judge Kavanaugh confirmation hell; that is a sign of a society that has reached its peak and in in decline. There are tons of mentally-ill Feminists coming out of the woodwork to accuse this man falsely of serious crimes, with ZERO evidence. And like the movie 1984, we are told to believe the lies, even when obvious. 🙄
          Yes, the US economy is the best ever it has been since the “Roaring 1920s” but the moral decay is so extensive, it is hard to see how it could reset, short of a national crisis of sorts. America has become a land where men and women hate each other, no one trusts anyone else, and we have nothing in common. If I were to go to California today and walk downtown LA, it would feel like I am in a foreign country, I would have almost nothing in common with some random guy there.
          Basically, we are not a country anymore due to societal decay; we are a bunch of people living in same geographical area. This is not going to end well, so plan for an unstable future is all I can say.

        1. Young Guns: I have a home, a wife and children, you have your mom’s basement and internet porn. Which one of us is the sad person?

        2. GUNS
          Quick…lock the door…your mother will catch you masturbating to interracial porn again.
          At least those of us who live overseas can sleep with a live woman when the mood takes us.
          You cannot because like most of your sad Gen Y generation you live at home when you are 27 and have a neck beard.
          As sleeping around overseas, I think it is a good idea up to a point. A man should experience sex with a wide variety women from different nationalities.
          But when you are 40, it is time to get married and have a family overseas. Though of course John and I know some guys that don’t.
          The fact that Gen Y cannot communicate to women except through social media demonstrates how previous generations have turned them into gerbils on a wheel.
          And Gen Y women are so pumped full dick that their vaginas are a big cavern at an age when previous women were virgins.
          Tinder is public well.
          Slowly, Gen Y and the generation are males who cannot even get an erection with a female. They are eunuchs due to internet porn and social media who can only get off watching interracial gang-bangs.
          I feel very fortunate to have been able to spend the best years of my sex life overseas.
          I pity you young guys.
          You just sit around in your basement trying to set a record for beating off.
          Even if you were to be with a woman you’d shoot blanks from beating off so much.

        3. you’re obligated with wife & kids, and the wife is probably some slant-eyed, piss-stained 5.5/10. so you lose.

      1. The barbarian ? In the movies he’s so obsessed by his late valkyrie’s memory he doesn’t even bang the slutty princesses.
        Sure, ideally men should settle with a fiercely in love hot (or decently fuckable at least) wife and produce several kids. But it’s not possible for everyone. The society as it turned out produces slutty females and infantilized men without ambition nor convictions.
        I saw guys near 40 living in flatshare and who’s only preoccupation is to live like in their teenage years, so working the least possible, getting wasted and getting laid as much as they can.
        Still beat the 20 yo living in a basement and wasting his time on MMORPG’s and porn, by a tiny margin.

      2. Conan who ? The guy in the movies who will not bang the slutty hot young princesses because he’s obsessed mourning his valkryrie ?
        In the books Conan is a borderline white knight.

    2. @JD
      Interesting, that sounds a bit different, than your usual stuff you write.
      It’s not trolling and I actually agree with that.

    3. Good point. Most men, even when they go for hookers, they are looking more for an idealized, fantasy girlfriend experience than just a mindless sexual romp. That is why hookers always have a few “regulars” among their customers.

      1. Jon: I started my first family when I was 22, them my second family 6 months after my divorce when I was 52. I did about 5 when I was young (mostly virgins) then the majority of the women I banged was when I was 52-60 years old (25-50). That’s about 5 LTRs over 40 years + sluts. I can remember nearly all their names, faces and bodies. How many of the 100 do you remember?
        PS. My younger brother (58yo) has also managed 100 sluts in the past 5 years, and just been diagnosed with HIV (bit of a surprise as we didn’t think it was that easy to catch with heterosexual sex). When was the last time you were tested?

        1. It isn’t that easy to catch from straight sex. In fact, your chance of getting HIV from banging a girl raw is about 1 in 2,500. Even if the girl is HIV positive, your chance is about one in 250.
          So either your brother
          1- Has really bad luck
          2- Shot up some heroin with these bitches with their dirty needles
          3- Has some strange fetish where he drinks their period blood or something
          4- Is a switch hitter/bats for the other team and didn’t tell anyone.

        2. it used to be impossible to catch
          HIV from man/woman sex, but
          nowadays; gynos are starting to
          have threesomes with 2 males.
          Then they pass it on to heteros.
          The same unlucky women who
          need abortions despite condoms
          pills, IUD, adoption, etc. are the
          same ones who “don’t know” of
          infections they’re transmitting.

        3. AS: He was MedEvaced back to the UK. Absolutely sure.
          Nate: I would have said the same thing if it had been anyone else.
          JWright: He once took 2 sluts together, completely straight.
          We were all a bit surprised.

    4. “sex without reproduction becomes pointless and soul destroying.”
      The above statement might appeal & “appease”, but it is a very “broad & generic” statement! So what’s next !? “sex after reproduction becomes boring, routine & lack luster” !!
      Population count: Billions !
      Tax money leechers: Millions !!
      Resources: Draining out !!!
      But who cares, damn it! Lets just keep on reproducing; GOD is giving and we are “popping out” !!
      By the way, going by that statement, one should not have sex with hookers/prostitutes! Because it is “pointless and soul destroying” !!

      1. Ravi: “By the way, going by that statement, one should not have sex with hookers/prostitutes!”
        I was always hoping to impregnate, I never used contraception, more kids is more kids. Not to mention dad usually gets an easy long-term VISA.

    5. “sex without reproduction becomes pointless and soul destroying.”
      Then stop it John, repent and live in happiness. I have faith in you John. And that’s not a sarcasm

    6. true but many guys here particualrly the alt right types will quickly drop their ideals for any puss that comes their way like a feminist dropping her agenda for an alpha….thirst is habit not just theory

    7. The point is, most men will never attain this level of success with women. This article speaks to a certain type of man who aspires to become a playboy. Although the writer makes it seem easy, it’s not something the average joe can accomplish.
      From reading content from sites like this, one might assume that average dudes everywhere are banging smokin’ hot babes on the regular. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.
      “Sex without reproduction becomes pointless and soul destroying.”
      Unless you’ve been there and done that, you can’t quite put a label on it.
      If you’re all about being in a committed monogamous relationship, great! There is still room for that in this world (but not in the west, especially not in America).
      Realize that times have changed and in order to keep up, you must accept the world for what it is (not what you want it to be). That means, educating yourself about the nature of women and doing what is (sexually) best for you.

  2. Read this article and, for the next ten minutes, Jon will throw in his teaching seminar “How to be a dropout making 10k/minute!”
    Hurry, operators are waiting to take your call!!

  3. Tell the truth, is bagging 100 whores of Tindr actually worth the time or is it more like a full time job that doesn’t pay anything except a leaky dick, while preventing you from achieving anything else?
    Back in my day, banging 100 women was a real accomplishment. There was no game, there was no internet, there was no social media. You had to talk your way into their pants face to face. They still wanted to be seen as good girls.
    These days our culture is telling all young women to be disgusting whores and to hop on social media and find a bunch of c0cks to suck. So it kind of cheapens the whole thing and lessens your bragging rights. Plus the sluts these days are so unbearable to be around with their idiotic mentalities, I don’t see how any grown man can stand it.

    1. RETIRED
      I agree. The sad thing is that Gen Y males cannot really communicate with women directly. They have to do it through social media.
      They’d rather beat off to interracial gang bang porn on the internet than be with a live woman.
      Social media has turned them into gerbils running on wheel.
      Previous generations rebelled but Gen Y has simply nibbles at the garbage at the bottom of our culture in a perverse application of the trickle-down theory.
      Gen Y women have been conditioned to behave like porn stars and upload photos of themselves with penises in their mouth for their friends to see.

    2. “Back in my day, banging 100 women was a real accomplishment… These days our culture is telling all young women to be disgusting whores and to hop on social media and find a bunch of c0cks to suck.”
      You mean find a bunch of 7+/10 cocks to suck. The only men who are truly benefiting from social media are “Chads”. Even the proprietor of this goddamn site has said time and time again that Tinder is a rigged game and a waste of time if you’re not genetically gifted.
      For me Tinder has been very generous, but I have an awesome make-believe profession in my bio and the logistics, rugged looks and 6’3 juiced up body to make the story work. But for the average man, “back in your day” before smartphones and social media finding some average woman to fuck was significantly easier than today.
      And this is exactly why we are seeing an incel/mgtow/FA/red pill epidemic. Because although every ROK reader — and most men in general — thinks that he’s a “soft/hard 8”, the statistical fact is that most are run-of-the-mill 5s or lower with a few 6s and 7s here and there.
      “So it kind of cheapens the whole thing and lessens your bragging rights.”
      If a sub-7 man is pulling 5+/10 females on Tinder with ease (meaning they initiate the convo and end up coming straight to his place) then he indeed has bragging rights and a book to write.
      But legit Chads never had any bragging rights to begin with (much like successful kids of filthy rich and connected parents), both before and after the social media revolution. They were just born with good genes and women will always flock to them like moths to the light (or genetic beta scum to any 2+/10 vagina). Chads can literally be retarded and still get women.

      1. Great comment Lysander.
        When I used Tinfder I didn’t even write anything in my profile. Because I knew it was pointless and just had pics of me I thought were my most attractive.
        If a girl found me hot I could basically say almost anything and get away with all kinds of beta sh1t.
        This article makes some good points and has some reasonable tips but as usual being genetically gifted is heavily underplayed.
        Chad’s are cleaning house on Tinder, big time! And they are lowering their standards to fuk average girls addicted to accumulating the notches.
        Your modern sluut will prefer getting pumped n dumped by numerous chads that throw her a bone than settling for ‘average’ men.
        It’s a hard pill to swallow.

      2. Lysander underestimates game and assumes since he values looks so much he thinks girls must too. Its the same old tired refrain from men thinking they know it all. Men value looks above anything else in a girl bar none and so their self-projection believes the reverse must be true also. ‘Looks’ for men are three category’s for girls: they consider them either bottom feeders (fat, overweight, etc.), average guy (literally every other man), or ‘the best’ she can get at that moment – thats it, their literally is no scale for women with men in the looks department other than that. All girls do is base what her CURRENT ‘best man’ could be based on her options, THATS IT. To think otherwise is delusional as it gets. There’s almost no point even explaining the logic to you all though because every man throughout human history has valued women for either looks or domestication or faithfulness, there haven’t been any other reasons to value her, theres almost point explaining it all because men will continue to selfproject over and over again ad infinitum – so long as she doesn’t run away with some other guy and raises your kids and shes hot is all men have EVER and most likely WILL EVER care about for a girl, certainly men want ‘more from her’ but thats a totally different discussion. Lysander wants you to think only good looking ‘chads’ get laid. Having good looks isn’t ‘game’, girls don’t give a shit about looks unless you fall in the bottom category of untouchable, EVERY other man is in the ‘will bang’ category for girls. All girls do is replace current’best’ prospect with a society perceived ‘better’ prospect. Looks are irrelevant in the mix unless he’s an untouchable it doesn’t phase her. The only time looks come into play is if all else is equal between you and your competition, but that’s rare if ever. All girls do is swap out the perceived best for another. Looks only become a factor when society says they do and the ‘perceived’ best is being ‘perceived’ by looks and looks alone; i.e. ALL of his value comes from looks. I’m been unemployed, lived in mommy and daddys basement and gamed girls who get hit up 24/7 by professional athletes ok. Looks are so insignificant that its utterly pathetic to use it as an excuse to get girls. The only time it makes or breaks you is like in the Tinder example, where EVERY man in her mind is in the same category as every other man and ALL she has to gauge off of his his looks. Does this mean ONLY looks matter, maybe on Tinder, but if you get her number and actually know what your doing you can put a stop to her careless whoring out pretty quick. This idea that being ‘born with good genes’ somehow has warranted pussy in the past and even today is false. What is ‘good genes’? White? Tall? Big? Smart? Thinking ‘only good genes’ are able to breed is a Darwinian platitude and doesn’t work in the context of human evolution. There’s far too many cultural impacts which offset any potential for ‘superior genes’ winning out, it doesn’t happen. Humans are unique and beyond the animal kingdom. We find ‘good genes’ erotic, but the driving force for sex in humans isn’t ‘good genes’, its predominately wealth and religion. You could debate this shit for hours but the point is ‘good genes’ were replaced a long long long time ago by cultural ideologies and environmental conditioning. There’s nothing substantial which says what = ‘good genes’; its all based on the society, the environment, the culture. There is no universal standard which by all girls flock to the tall ‘goodlooking man’ – this is a social paradigm which doesn’t exist and is reinforced by cultural beliefs and has nothing to do with genetics. Long story short is what you think is the ‘best genes’ a girl might not because for cultural reasons but also because she might have a different ‘gene pool’ than you, but the cultural norms will most certainly override any ‘animal instincts’ – ‘game’ is men attempting to bypass cultural barriers in order to trigger animal instincts and seduction, its not easy, in fact its incredibly difficult which goes to show how strongly reinforced girls base their thought patterns off of society and their ‘own little worlds’ they conjure in their heads. ‘Chad’s’ like to claim its just cuse of their ”good looks’ – but this is society talking, not nature. Like I said monkey Darwin boys will debate this to death for hours which isnt worth me bothering with, the point is simply that your perceived ‘good looks’ are built predominately from society’s current viewpoints and has very little to do with what is genetically ‘superior’. Genes are better for different things in nature and have certain intrinsic values for different operations, but certain society’s hold certain genes in higher esteem, the society’s point of view on whatever gene that may be ‘superior’ at a given time isn’t a universal absolute for all genes throughout all of human history. I’m white, like to believe I’m ‘good looking’, but I have zero ‘real’ status in society; i.e. I’m not a celebrity. But to a girl she doesn’t care what you do for a living, how you even look (so long as your better than option number 2, 3, or 4) and she could give a shit about your perosnality or interests or any of it actually. She doesn’t care at all about the man, not even his looks. All she cares is that she’s either A) being entertained sufficiently or B) being provided for in some capacity and C) has SOMETHING / (in her mind ANYTHING) to ‘talk about’ – girls just like to be distracted from themselves, by and large their isnt a whole lot going on in her. They copy what every other girl is doing and wear it as a mask. Like I said, she doesn’t care what you look like so long as you look better than the bottom feeders and option number 2. The whole notion that girls care about looks is male self projection; i.e. men HIGHLY value looks so we believe the same to be true, its not, it never will be, looks are only ‘gene’ specific if you’ve hit an ‘arousal button’ in her or if she’s forced to compare you to another John Doe who is in the same category as literally every other man.

        1. Guest your post is disgustingly blue pill and reads like feminist mantra “only men are shallow and care about looks”
          Fuk me do you even observe the real world or live in a deluded bubble.

  4. ROK: “Women are terrible money-grabbing whores who only love you for your status and are never worth investment.”
    Also ROK: “Here’s how to invest your time, energy, body, and money into merely hooking up with random sluts who are just money-grabbing whores.”
    And you say women have cognitive dissonance.

    1. @Just…, how about this;
      pussies: We are empowered, strong, independent and are “equal” to MEN!
      pussies: We should be given first preference, we want entitlement, we demand gender specific privileges, we need affirmative action… etc., etc., etc., !!
      And you comment about ROK !!

  5. Tinder doesn’t work for me. Everyone who says it does is a bullshitter, or fucks fat girls all day. It’s 80% fake profiles and 19% girls looking for prince charming, the 1% that are actually DTF are not fucking you unless you’re hot and rich. And if you’re hot and rich, you don’t need Tinder.

    1. I may need to revisit Tinder in the near future. I stopped because the app became flooded with blue-haired fatties and bots. I think the tips that our outlined in this article are pretty spot-on though. When tinder first hit the market I had tons of success, but once everyone and their mother found about it my results took a nose-dive and the amount of work I had to invest tripled. It just seems to me like dating apps are skewed way too heavily in the woman’s favor. I think it’s down to two things.
      1. Women get so many more matches than men. The few decent looking women you manage to go out with always seem so jaded to me. Probably due to having way too many options. They have an “always looking for the next best thing” attitude.
      2. Modern dating apps are shallow and superficial like the author stated. Unless your in the top 5% looks wise, it’s unlikely you’ll get much traction with pretty girls. A woman’s time is limited and her pipeline is deep(especially the one’s who actively use dating apps). You’ve got a few pictures and brief bio to make your sales pitch. Because other redeeming qualities cannot be showcased, women will naturally only choose to go out with the upmost attractive men that she matches with.

      1. Yeah, somebody wrote a similar article about 2 years ago (I still used tinder at the time). Basically about how to approach it, what pictures to use, opener, etc. I only got 1-2 a year off casual use, and if I tried really hard and no-lifed Tinder, I might get one every 3 months. I don’t see this world that ROK writers are in where women are massive sluts and very easy. I suppose they have loads of money, or some sort of natural game.

        1. I rent a room, because that’s really all I can afford. It’s in the nice part of town, and I have access to the rest of the house which is well-furnished. It’s not like a rathole or anything. And I suppose it’s more “Philly suburbs”.
          I have a car, it’s pretty old and beat up but runs well. I can’t get it thru inspection so I’m saving up for a different one.

        2. I’m trying to get a career but everybody wants 10 years experience and a PHD in physics to be somebody’s secretary for $35k. It’s pretty ridiculous.

        3. Not sure how old you are. I am guessing early to mid twenties? I have lived in big cities like Philadelphia all through adult life. Although you don’t have to be a ‘baller’ to get laid, big metropolitan areas are very competitive. Unless you are very good-looking or a social-powerhouse with immense game; things like an old car, not having your own place, and not having the “appearance” that you have the cash to do lavish things(within reason) means you’re at a disadvantage. With the amount of options western women have, they are constantly looking for things they can use to disqualify. If you want to succeed you’ll need to mitigate as many disqualifying facets as you can. Max out all areas of the areas in your life in the best possible. A lot of these game guru’s only talk about one side of the coin. Having a good verbal rap, confidence, and masculine vibe(game) are important but can only take you so far. A lot of ‘teachers’ try to downplay the importance of the other side of the coin: building an attractive life that draws people in. Example: Roosh V has his own place that is centrally located within the most desirable part of the city that he resides in. He may or may not till the women he talks to that he is a renowned and successful writer but I am sure they can tell pretty quickly that he has his shit together. Keep hustling: work out, build a good social-circle, find a better job(at least 60-70k), and your situation will greatly improve.

        4. I’m 23. And my current goal is just what you are saying, get on my purpose. I’m just hoping I can get a real job here and then it will all fall into place. Worst case, at least I’ll be able to afford hookers consistently.

        5. 23 is young man; you’re just scratching the surface. Sounds like you’re on the right track though. Don’t let the negativity in the comments section dissuade you from hitting your goals. Are things more difficult than ever? Sure. But unfortunately that is the way things are and there’s little you can do about it but adapt. Good things in life don’t come easy—hard work really does payoff.

      1. I’m in Philly, and I’m not picky- will fuck any girl who weighs less than I do (I’m 185).
        Yup, my game is lacking. I can’t tell what it is, but I’ve read all the great authors of game (Roosh, Mystery, etc) and spent the entirety of 2017 on a pussy hunt. Spent 1000s of hours, and almost $5,000 in that year. Made 600+ approaches. Got about 3 girls to actually go out with me. Got one lay. No matter what I say or do, night game or day, it fails. And I know rejection is just a step towards success, but after enough striking out eventually a guy gives up coming to the plate (a fitting metaphor of our Phillies, incidentally).
        So at the start of this year, I said fuck this. I deleted all my dating apps and accounts, and stopped talking to girls at all. Something is wrong with me and I don’t know what it is, and I’m sick of trying to find out.
        Now I just sit around and look for a better job on my computer (current job only pays about $30k, which lets me afford one nice hooker each month) while I bet on the stock market. I’m having some success and know I will be rich one day, and the tables will turn. But until then, I am not bothering with any girls unless they throw themselves at me.

        1. give us some specifics on how you’re approaching/talking to girls.
          I’m curious to see how you’ve gone 1/600+, while willing to bang girls who weigh 184 lbs.

        2. @John Dodds I would like to do that, but I only make $30k and it’s very hard to get by. It will be years before I can afford that. That being said, the whole “travel to SE asia and fuck $20 hookers” thing would work great for me. Thanks for the advice!
          @Rooooooosh- I have tried everything. Basically, any girl I see, I will try to get with. I generally approach Roosh-style, starting by asking where the pet shop is or something like that, and move thru GALNUC. I’ll ask them to whatever place is close by (generally a bar for obvious reasons). Can’t even remember the last time I got them to go anywhere.
          I talked to chicks at work, while shopping for groceries, at the library, anywhere I saw one.

        3. You lack confidence presumably because you lack the confidence that comes with hard-won success. And that confidence is derived from success in competitive endeavors which quality men generally excel at. Your mindset seems to be one of accepting what you are given rather than taking what you want. Our gynocentric mainstream culture tends to frown on cultivating aggressive competitiveness. Fuck them. Cultivate success in life and confidence will naturally follow.

  6. The real question is not how to communicate with the women you match with….. The real question is how do you get matches? I’m lucky to get one match every 6 months and I wouldn’t want to sleep with her anyway.

    1. might need to put a lot of effort into developing a better body. don’t get huge. just be moderately muscular & upload shirtless pics.
      see a doc, too. might get a script for testosterone replacement.

  7. BTW, there is another choice other than cucked incel or MGTOW. There is another way for a guy to bang exactly the type of girls he wants but admittedly its not for everyone.

      1. @ Lysander
        I had always thought the MGTOWs are those who forgo sex (voluntarily celibate) for other pursuits, like Newton and Tesla. But TBH, I have never gone to their websites or “studied up” on their movement.

    1. What is a good site to find attractive hookers, now that big daddy gubbermint hath decreed that we can’t use backpage or craigslist?

      1. Good ones are unavailable to normal guys.
        hot girls are REALLY expensive, even 1 hr.
        dudes on here are paying for 6’s or 7’s (but claiming to be getting 8’s or 9’s)
        8+ = unaffordable for 99.9% of men.

        1. might obtain more value for your money at a large university. find a teen hottie. then ask whether she’s looking for “extra $$$.” bargains are to be had, since some young girls don’t know their market value.
          for example, a 23-yr-old 6.5/10 might charge $800 (just saw one on SoCal Eros), whereas an 18-yr-old 7.5 might be the same price.

        2. rOOOOOsh- tried that. The college girls just laughed at me and/or smacked me in the face
          I don’t have the money for $800 hookers. I could pay like $150-200

      2. Hookers are never the way, they will twist your relationship towards women and they will drain ur pockets.
        If it was non existent before it will be weirder after.
        Just be urself man trust me, it’s better for a girl to like you for who you are than to put up a facade.
        Instead of hookers to buy sole nice clothes upgrade ur place. Getting laid is easier with not room mates

        1. I don’t have any relationship towards women to begin with, Anthony. The choice is to suffer without sex until I kill myself or pay hookers. I’ll take the latter.
          Everybody says “just be yourself” but if that got you laid I’d be drowning in it. As far as I’m aware, I am myself all the time. I do have nice clothes, and the quality of one’s apartment doesn’t matter. If a girl goes to your place she’s ready to F, doesn’t matter what the place is like.

  8. What’s wrong with freedom?
    Nazis scream that burning the flag must be illegal, but Libertarians ask why can’t free speech be legal.
    Nazis say there must be trade wars and tariffs, but Libertarians ask why not just rid of regulations, work harder, and lower prices so that the US can compete on the world market.
    Nazis and Commies scream that only the government can tell you the truth, but Libertarians ask why not use the free market to boycott media companies that you distrust.
    Nazis and Commies scream that you must go to government schools, but Libertarians ask why can’t you go to a private school.
    Nazis scream that Americans must be forced to go church and Commies scream that churches must be closed, but Libertarians ask why can’t you do what you want.

    1. “There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old’s life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world. The other, of course, involves orcs.”
      This John Roger guy is right, objectivism, then libertarianism, are retarded.
      Nobody is free in this world, and when millions of hamsters start to believe they are out of their wheel and their desires and opinions matter, we have the modern world, with the worst running the show in appearance, while they are just pushed by their wealthy handlers.

  9. This is a terrible article, nothing new is being said here.
    Also, sleeping with 100 women usually involves a good chunk of them being nasty.
    And it shows you don’t value yourself. Getting laid has never been hard. It’s finding someone that’s the least crazy that’s the issue.

    1. Getting laid sure has been hard for me. In fact, it’s been the most difficult thing I’ve ever attempted to accomplish.

        1. The fun also fades when you wake up in the morning and there is cheese coming out of your dick. For most it’s a come to Jesus moment that kills the fun factor immediately.

  10. So if women don’t want to have sex with not-chads, they just need to invest their precious time to beg harder, and forget about becoming a man.
    Great advice.

  11. One Breakthrough to save me from unneeded migraine headaches….never give a woman “the time of day” or attention, especially when its on their demand. What will they give me for my time besides a migraine? No thanks. besides, I love snubbing their attempts at flirting so they KNOW from my attention what their SMV value really is.

  12. Tinder worked for me maybe 2 years ago now it is overcrowded and 75% of girls are fatties in my town (Prague) on this tap…even if I have a lot of matches this girls flakiness is unbearable..for example you will write 100 women and 30 will write you back..from this 30 almost a half will stop conversation without any reason..so you will spend hours and hours to date one or two girls…for me it is not acceptable anymore spends to many hours for 10 minutes sex with girl wich is 6 at the most.
    I will rather spending time studying market and stocks or preparing my food before gym than writing a little overweight girl if she want to go out…
    Tinder in 2018 is almost lost cause…I dont want to see Tinder in the next few years it will be disaster..

    1. Tinder is like that everywhere. It’s been dead for 3 years now.
      If there are 100 girls
      80 are fat
      out of the 20, 15 are bots (fake accounts)
      out of the remaining 5, 4 never message back
      the last one agrees to a date, then doesn’t show up
      So today, you wasted 15 minutes swiping, and 15 waiting in a bar for your date that didn’t show up. And she laughed with her friends at how much of an idiot you and the other 20 guys that she did it to are.

      1. no “dates at bars.”
        invite her over. if she balks, move on to somebody else.
        fuk wasting time with any bullshit.
        (also agreeing to meet her anywhere but your place shows thirstiness. avoid manifesting neediness)

  13. what value does sleeping with “100+” women bring to your life? Why not focus on finding a good woman instead banging a bunch of pointless whores? Kind of gross, man.

    1. Don’t call those tinder sluts whores, they make professional hookers appear as nice girls by comparison.
      Whores are courteous with their clients, have great bodies and good hygiene.
      Well, not the cheapest, obviously.
      I never really understood why P4P is worse than a “date”. If i have to chose between paying 60€ for an hour with a 8 who will treat me like a king and make no drama, or having to pay 30€ for a boring date in a bar or club with no assurance of sex, or 30 min of drunken, boring sex with a chick not as bangable as her pics, i’ll chose the whore anytime.

      1. @ Daresh
        ‘I never really understood why P4P is worse than a “date”. ‘
        It’s only “worse than a date” to guys who are into this concept of “hunting”.
        Sure, to a natural born mesomorph with a handsome face and chiseled face/features, paying for sex might be an ego deflating experience. One of the downsides of this site (there are many upsides too) is this theme that through “self improvement” anyone can become a “ladies man”. BS. Genetics does come into play. For some of use, even with all the work in the world, a 5 might be the highest we could go. But with p4p, the sky is the limit. Anyone with intelligence can focus on making money. Money can take you places that “weightlifting and game” can never take you.

        1. “Money can take you to places that weightlifting and game can never take you.”
          Yep, what they call logistic. Hire a duplex near the good venues for only 3000 a month, you’ll get all the ladies.
          Sheeit, for 3000 i can hire a pornslut 24 hours, leaving my balls dry, and my head full of the nasty things this girl did to me.

      2. “…60€ for an hour with a 8…”
        lol, no 8 is fucking you for 60€.
        that doesn’t even happen in third-world shitholes.
        if 8’s were 60€, 99% of guys would switch to p4p.

        1. “no 8 is fucking you for 60€.”
          The gals in Barcelona puticlubs are quite comely. Compared to the chicks in the youth hostel i was staying, or the many slags in clubs, they were 8.

        2. I did a 20 year old 10 two years back, full night for $60 and gave her a $10 tip because she was so nice with a perfect body.

    2. Absolutely true.
      It’s just a waste of time and you actually add to the degeneracy of our culture.
      (On the other hand, the sluts/whores are probably a lost cause anyway)

    3. he’s not stuck with them, their bullshit, their friends, or their family.
      hit it. then on to the next one, baggage free.

  14. “Of course, you could go full-on MGTOW and just become a virgin,”
    How do you do that? I’m sure hos would like to know how.

  15. “You look like trouble”
    “Wow, you look just like that girl from the Office”
    “I don’t trust your innocent face for a second”
    Your first pic says you’re a good girl, but your 5th pic definitely disagrees.”
    holy shit. you have to be such a tryhard faggot to use these lines. fake cringeworthy shit.

    1. Here’s how they reply:
      No matter what you say, 90% of girls never reply. Out of the remaining 10%, 9% stop replying after 2 or 3 lines. Then the last one acts like shes DTF, you invite her out and then she doesn’t show up.

      1. you might be old, ugly or both.
        better start off by mentioning you’ve got coke.
        report back with your success ratio.

  16. What a pointless and disgusting existence – “sleep[ing] with 100+ girls on tinder.” I have money, status, etc., and I am happily married. I wouldn’t trade what I have for anything. The author needs therapy and introspection.

  17. Your idea of being an asshole sounds really timid and beta.
    You should hear here the kind of shit I say to these thots irl:
    “Excuse me. GTFO out of my seat”
    *spills drink on thot* “lol bitch one apology is all ur getting from me”
    *thot tries to cut in line* “don’t touch me you silly cunt.”
    Next thing I know I’m feeling up her tits on the dance floor.
    w/e, an ounce of affection from a civilized woman is worth pounds of affection from a thot.
    I hate these thot counterfeit “women” so fucking much.
    By now I’ve dated Russian, Persian, and Colombian women, and those were real women. When you go back to Western “women” you just feel so let down.

  18. hey jon
    as you probably have noticed most Rok commenters are menopausical bitter deppressed old ladies drowning in negativity.
    There is great advice in this article for anyone looking to improve their game in tinder.
    personally i think it is less complicated and with better results to check up women in person than online or apps

  19. Better advice for making tinder work for you:
    1. Be good looking
    2. Ask for sex in the first message.
    3. Maybe put in your profile you are seeking a cuckquean who wants you to fuck her friends in front of her
    4. Have fun
    This honestly is better than all this pretending to be Dan Bilzerian shit.
    That and Bilzerian is man enough to pay for hookers so why even use him as an example?

  20. I think this is a solid article and correlates well with my findings.
    The key thing is also quantity, quantity, quantity.
    The wider a net you throw (i.e. the more messages you send out, the more responses you get), the bigger the gains.
    Unfortunately, this is time-consuming, which is why I have developed (through much trial and error) several openers and routines that have a pretty consistent success rate.
    The other thing I’ve noticed is that certain days have better chances of getting responses and successfully setting up dates. Tuesday, Wednesday nights seem to work best and I hypothesize this is because by the middle of the work week, the average working girl is stressed and needs a man to see and distract her.
    Teasing to a little extent works well, but too much can make you look tryhard. Overgaming is way too easy with online game.
    Better to just present yourself as a chill, outcome-independent dude with cool stuff going on in his life than look like you are trying hard to get chicks with your messages and profile.

  21. The suggestion to get “good looking” is obvious. Sort of like “If you want to enjoy yourself at a shopping mall, bring lots of money.”
    I don’t know if it’s been suggested on RoK yet, but young men reading the forum should invest in all the technologies available to increase their height including surgery. They’ll be bed ridden for 6 months to gain an inch an a half in height, but it’s the difference between being 5′ 10 and near six feet.
    Hormonal therapies are also available by prescription as well as other nutritional supplements as well as exercise routines. The younger a guy gets “red pilled”, the better these work. If you’re 6′ 4″ tall and reading this, then you really needed to be red pilled if women are treating you badly. For everyone else, increasing your height is almost like adding 200K to your bank account.
    What to do with 6 months when you’re effectively disabled? Consider studying as much as you can to increase your earning potential.

  22. they can have anyone except the top 1% Chad
    They don’t even know what Tinder is any more than I do.
    Tinder is for the lower 1/2 of society that have nothing better to do than waste time on the Net trying to get inferior pussy.
    Men of substance meet all of the females they can handle in real life and where they can really size them up in person. In fact, the top females somehow know where the top men are and manage to put themselves in their vicinity to get noticed.
    And I don’t care how many girls are on Tinder because they are all of the same ordinary types with the same nonsense in their heads.

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