Comfort Will Not Give You Meaning In Life

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Many people plan their lives around the pursuit of comfort. Whether it comes to work, relationships, or day-to-day living, all decisions are made with the goal to increase comfort while decreasing discomfort. The problem with this approach is that comfort does not provide you with meaning. You can have all the comfort in the world but still feel bored, unhappy, or depressed.

In 2006, I was in a state of extreme comfort. I shared a big house with two other people, had a stable career that wasn’t particularly demanding, owned a car and motorcycle, and was able to take exciting vacations abroad. I had no urgent concerns besides securing my next instance of sex from weekends jaunts into the city. I achieved pretty close to the modern ideal of comfort, and yet I saw little value in it. Would comfort inspire me? Would it make me a man? Would it give me even the tiniest scrap of life meaning? Within two years, I got rid of most of my possessions and went to South America, the beginning of an ongoing tale of nomadism.

Hostel in Barcelona, Spain (2006)

Today, I find myself again in a state of extreme comfort. I live in a cozy apartment in the center of an Eastern European city, earn a basic but livable income from book royalties, and receive a mostly stable supply of sex. I experience little anxiety or genuine difficulty from my living situation. Was the point of my decade abroad merely to reproduce the comfort I had before I left? How was the same flavor of comfort able to find me again? Am I destined to grow old without ever having real concern for my survival or material existence?

Is it not degenerate to seek comfort, of desiring to sit and relax while expending the least amount of calories possible, where your muscles physically degenerate, and where you have to artificially simulate a non-comfortable life by lifting weights in a corporate gym? The drive to comfort may simply be a relic of our childhood, where we rushed to our mother’s bosom to isolate ourselves from a world that exposed our weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Comfort is a need for mother and the safety she provided us for the bulk of our lives, of running back to the first safe space we have ever known.

Margarita Island, Venezuela (2005)

The first time around, I made comfort a goal, but the second time I did not. When your ability to earn a livable wage surpasses a certain threshold, from being born in the resource-rich West or having a competent IQ, comfort will be a part of your life whether you like it or not, and any attempt to fight it will just reinforce how comfortable you really are. We live in a time where food and resources have never been more plentiful for the average man, so we will not face the survival difficulty of our ancestors no matter how hard we try. We are the house cat that can return home whenever things got too cold or dangerous outside.

Right now I’m faced with a decision of remaining in my comfortable Eastern European environment, where I no longer have to work hard to enjoy its rewards, or go somewhere different, challenging, and slightly more uncomfortable. In the past, I would pick the challenging environment to satisfy an ego that was desperate to prove it can overcome hurdles through hard work and intellect, but I no longer have anything to prove. All that’s left is asking if I want to grow old in a fashion so stable that most of the lessons I’ve learned in life will never be called upon for my survival, or if I want to venture out into the unknown and live a slightly more raw and spontaneous existence.

Hvar Island, Croatia (2016)

Either way, I know that if I deny comfort today, it will find me soon enough. Stepping foot in another new country will be like going to Corporate Gym—I’ll get an intense but short workout before walking back out to sit and eat and relax and consume limitless entertainment. My ability to earn a modern wage means that comfort will always be waiting for me. When the world outside shows me its teeth, I know that mommy earth is always ready to take me into her arms and make things comfortable again.

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73 thoughts on “Comfort Will Not Give You Meaning In Life”

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      1. “How do you navigate the dating world when some view your ethnicity as a fetish?”
        I have read many Asian profiles that state “don’t contact if you have Asian fetish”
        the fuck?
        Someone receiving 200 offers of relationship/sex per day:
        “but my oppress ions…”

    2. “I was in a state of extreme comfort. I shared a big house with two other people”
      I’ve never considered a houseshare to be ‘comfort’, I wanted to live alone or with a woman I’m banging. Only ever sunk to ‘houseshare’ for 1 year of my life when I was at University.

      1. To each their own. I lived in my car, in a trailer (and not in a trailer park), sometimes in a simple tent, when i was in a dire straits.
        I tried flatshare, though, and somehow imissed the derelict trailer.
        Now i have a simple but nice house in a quiet countryside area.
        So for me, too much comfort is not an issue. Apparently it is for peoples who have never been knee-deep in troubles.
        If they are bored and jaded, perhaps they should go full Into the wild, go paleo for real, not by ordering from their local organic market, but hunting and fishing.
        Woodcutting and farming do more for a man than hitting the gym.
        Embarassement of riches is not a problem for most peoples who are wage slaves merely trying to survive, only for rich fucks.

    3. Well-developed manliness article, OP.
      I go by the Gilsonian Libertarian ‘3P’ mantra of pledge (living with a focus on rights and the voluntary), prep (don’t create forecastable problems, sustainability, an ounce of prevention…), and pod (helping 2-3 other homes long-term/voluntary service). Comfort and self-discipline. Both are tools. I’ve found both as a penniless wayfarer in a French monastery in search of God and silent partner in a NYC high-rise in search of Gold. They helped me go on to something else.

  1. Earned Comforts are good and what every alpha deserves but putting yourself out of your comfort zone now and again is the only way to become a king. Conquer everything.

  2. Its pretty clear complacency is what killed the west – alot of this is trying to justify stoic mindset. It reminds me of the ‘american dream’ where baby boomers believed they should ‘retire’ – retirement was what ‘the greatest generation’ believed they deserved after fighting (literally) in wars and so they believed in old age you deserved to be compensated and should thus retire – but in reality (espcially today) no one is fighting any real wars of anykind, peace is at an all time high believe it or not – one mass shooting will make nightly news, and Chicago is as much of a dumpster as its ever been with crime, but on a whole there is actually a TON of peace in the U.S. (for the most part), consider how in ancient times death was normal and no one lived past 50. If some people got murdered it was the meal of the day, we live in reltavitly peaceful but definitely turbulent times – some other parts of the wolrd like in Africa are incredible nightmare wastelands and warzones that no human wants to or deserves to live in, sheer and total madness. On a whole the west is generally ‘safe’ and ‘prosperous’ and a ‘decent’ place to live – its flaws are all under the current is the main thing, if you don’t live in the United States and you moved there you wouldn’t mind opening a liquor store or gas station to feed your refugee family, but for the average american ‘real’ work is a total joke and farce. There’s some major problems in the U.S. under the surface, but if taken at face value were relatively peaceful and utterly complacent. Back to the article though, this sounds like you’re ready to ‘retire’ – which is ‘fine’ I guess, I ‘get it’, and I’ve seen this recently in my old man too, my dad’s ready to finally ‘retire’, but if you look at what retirement actually does to you physically mentally emotionally etc, its also a farce in and of itself. My grandfather was part of the greatest generation and fought in wars and he got his wish, he retired, and you know what he did for the next 30 years? Absolutely nothing. Day in and day out he would sit and wtch tv and complain about the grandkids and bitch about this or that and have at first have a few laughs but eventually that alll went away and he was just sort of a zombie. Retirement is kind of a lie perpetuated by the greatest generation as compensation for fighting in wars which were taking our greatest men. No one really truly ever ‘retires’, even if you have enough money to dwindle away what kind of life is that? If you want to throw stoicism in the mix there’s a good quote by Aurelius who says, “Let the spirit in you represent a man, an adult, a citizen, a Roman, a ruler. Taking up his post like a soldier and patiently awaiting his recall from life. Needing no oath or witness.” I think about this quote alot. The point is about death and to simply do whatever duty or task life has assigned you to do patiently and consistently. Anyways, good post Roosh man, sure you’ll figure out what needs done. I would keep in mind the actual influence you have is bigger than merely clicks on a page. Goodluck in whatever choice you make.

        1. LOL so what should i do! please give me advise (it wont be a waste!)
          my only assets are my soul, super saiyan body and my big balls. i have nothing else in life really.

        1. yeah i try, trust me. im not a piece of shit (objectively speaking)…..
          i ll just try my luck with the lottery. if i win we can meet up at John Dodds place hahah i pay.

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      2. asdf: sell drugs and/or grow pot. If you get caught, just enjoy the ‘comfort’ of prison as a large ‘houseshare’

        1. thanks john! ……….hmmmmmmmmmmmm the whole EU thing is really soul destroying let me tell you. i have everything except money and pussy. i wanted a premium pussy last time, but she basically said: it has to be really worth it for her. she meant a reaally luxerious lifestyle

    1. “but if you look at what retirement actually does to you physically mentally emotionally etc, its also a farce in and of itself.”
      I retired at age 45, moved to Asia age 52, married at 53, had a child at 55, most days I cycle for 40Km or hike for 10-20Km in the mountains (weather permitting). Nobody makes you sit and watch TV all day, although it’s probably better for you than sitting in a corporate cubby all day, and at least there’s no stress.

      1. do you have an over 55 visa?
        and do you have to prove government pension?
        I hear Panama is same – but maybe permanent and not just 1(?) year like Thailand…

        1. Marriage VISA, no money required beyond the $120 for the 15-month stay. Should have married a Viet, they give a 5 year VISA for $40, or a Filipino, free 1 year VISA if you enter the country with her.

      2. there is no chance of permanent residence/citizenship if married?
        I’m over 55 wondering if you know others on that visa? seems good

      3. JOHN
        Cannot imagine watching television in Asia. There is too much to do and experience.
        Why would you watch some garbage churned out by cocaine addicts in Los Angeles or BBC when you can get laid, explore new places in Asia and watch beautiful sunsets?
        I don’t even OWN a television.
        I can get on yahoo news and see all the latest shit that white men go through. Some new guy is accused of feeling up some drunk slag 35 years ago or whatever while blacks gang-rapist wander the streets.
        What a waste of your life.

        1. After a 40Km cycle or a 4 hour hike I’m pretty tired, drinking beer, reading, watching a movie, listening to music is all I’m doing for the rest of the day.

      4. JOHN
        By the time most of these guys retire they are quite worn out.
        Living in the West and being divorce-raped and getting no sex and spending your life watching people that look like Amy Winehouse on television would age people.
        Me personally I left the West so young that none of the affected me.
        So I feel wonderful and virile at 45. Because thankfully I spent my entire life overseas.
        My early adult years were rough though. So rough that by 25 I was grateful to move overseas.

      5. Hi John,
        How are the divorce laws in Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines? How do you protect your assets? Do you need prenup and is it valid?

        1. Leave your assets in your home country and your woman in Asia.
          No way she can get her hands on your stuff (unless you’re Australian).

      6. Thanks John! Assets in the home country would most likely be premarital assets which I’m guessing should be safe anyway in case of divorce even in say Australia.
        What you did seem to be the best way…. make money in the west and move to SEA only when one is ready to retire and get married if one wants children, no visa hassles etc.
        I’m guessing you transfer money from UK for all your expenses as and when required and don’t keep much in Thailand.
        Do you suggest renting the place there rather than buying to protect oneself financially if shit hits the fan? Any other suggestions? 🙂 Thanks!

        1. My wife got a 25 year home loan on a house. I make the repayments. As far as I’m concerned the house is hers, and if she wants to call it a day at any time, I’m happy to walk away from her, the house, and her repayments. Biggest mistake most white men make anywhere in the world is to buy their woman a house outright. Never do that in any country, once they have a house, they no longer need you. A man living with a woman, should never buy a house outright.

        1. That doesn’t sound very naive or idealistic to me. Sounds deceitful and materialistic. Most women ARE like that, not gonna deny it, but not all of them. I’ll happily keep a household running on a minimum wage salary, would rather have a modest piece of land to work than a big expensive house, and when my fiance let me choose my own ring, I chose one that was around $300. It’s perfect, and the money leftover from his ring budget can be invested in his business. I know a small handful of women personally who would or have made similar choices. Not all women are terrible. Just most of them.

  3. So basically your life will probably never be satisfying. The only fun, peaceful time is when you are a child. Full of childish peace and naivety, hopeful and excited for the future. Only to grow older and realize that life is mostly a bag of shit, with a few corn kernels thrown in. Everything gets boring and unsatisfying. You feel little or no pleasure in things that you should. You realize there is no point in doing anything here on earth because honestly nobody gives a shit about you, and you are going to die anyways. So are the people you love, and your beloved pets.

      1. Moving to Asia makes you feel like a cross between being a kid exploring your local wastelands and being young again and desired by girls.
        Of course I lived my entire life overseas-you’re more or less soured and disillusioned young when you are from Detroit.
        But I have always felt wonderful in Asia.
        It is only when you read what young men have in UK or the US who are unable to bolt that you feel sorry for them.

        1. Except you can’t have guns good beer or country music because Asia sucks ass I’ve been to six Asian countries all garbage

    1. Bobby, you need to find God. He put you here for a reason, and it has to do with learning lessons, which is not something one would choose. So, I suggest you look deeper into things. Stop comparing things to how you want them to be.

  4. Roosh, you should start a family and it will give you everything you thought you ever wanted. Most kids would kill to have a dad as wise as you.

    1. Roosh has just been deplatformed and consequently significantly demonetized. I’d imagine that right now his primary concern is securing a steady and reliable stream of income to lead a modest lifestyle. Kids would be a huge financial burden and responsibility for him at this moment in his life. To say nothing of the goddamn woman/wife/mother. You made it sound like Roosh can just up and start a family all his own. When, financial concerns aside, women (and all the powerful institutions that support them) are the primary reason most red-pilled men are choosing NOT to start a family.
      And even though Roosh could pass for an Arab, he was born in the US and is in the global (((database))) due to his online and offline activities, so he’ll never get a fat welfare check for procreating like a cockroach like all those Africans, Arabs and Dravidians flooding Europe.

  5. Whites will be 10% like south africa soon. “Kill the whites, shoot them in the head” president of south africa
    “Cool!” MSM
    “MAGA” president of USA
    “Racist mysoginist, NAZI, white supremisist, islanaphobic, antsemetic, transphobic” MSM

    1. BAD
      US blacks would kill the whites long before they dwindled to 10%.
      In Detroit when they got up to 40 % it became a Haiti.
      I don’t even think Hood Rats in the US are as civilized as Africans.
      Of course the US will collapse at that point as black men say “MUH DICK!”

      1. And the parasitic jooz having finally destroyed the nation they milked for all it’s worth will flee to mother Is-rael or the next victim they will prey on.
        All the while claiming the white geno-cide victimized them.

    2. With the things that come out of her mouth, I always find it hard to believe that Joy Behar is not a “chosen one.” Apparently she is of Catholic-Italian heritage.
      I wonder where and how she went off the rails. With the chosen, that type of crap is just a given.

      1. actors
        there are no journalists/reporters working for MSM…
        Only independent guys – twitter YouTube, etc when not banned for being conservative…

  6. Hey Roosh – try expanding your travels.
    Get to SE Asia, Australia, NZ. Would be interesting to see the contrast between Toronto, Melbourne and Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam.
    And yea – get some kids – give you purpose -skin in the game…its what is killing the west/women…

  7. “When the world outside shows me its teeth, I know that mommy earth is always ready to take me into her arms and make things comfortable again.”
    I have experienced the same thing before in several different occasions. This is an awesome quote.
    Mommy Earth is awesome, too. She never abandons the toughest of her children.

    1. White men in Asia are not black-pilled, they just realize how completely shitty the rest of you have it.
      Beating off to porn and going to watch the same skanks at your club every Thursday…what a waste of your life.
      In Asia you can do what you want.
      There are no Hood Rats or She Boons and you cannot blame Saul Epstein for whatever you choose to do.
      I feel terrible for posters in the Flyover who’ve never enjoyed a tropical beach or sex with 5 dusky beauties at the same time and live in some Podunk town where the white whales are all concubines of the local black guy or some Chad and they all go home at night and beat off.
      Worrying about Red Indian Cholos like Big Dicked Illegal Mexican who come out and tell white men to go live in the middle of the country because Mexicans want to turn Los Angeles into Guatemala.
      This is all disgusting and I really thank the lord I left the US young and found ways to live overseas.
      Thank the dear lord I never had children or a family in the US and got stuck there trying to find out how to send my kids to a private school.
      The West has become a grim place where men cannot get laid and women have lost all morals and become concubines of some Chad whose dick they want to suck at the same time while he films them with a cell phone to upload on the internet.
      Maybe a nice divorce-rape like John’s where wifey keeps your house so she can invite blacks off the street to use her like a semen sink.
      Jeez…I’m so lucky I had nothing in Detroit and moved overseas young.
      Sure, I had a hard time at 23 but I had nothing to lose and managed to spend my life overseas.

      1. Big Dicked Illegal Mexican is neither big dicked nor illegal. He is just a punk and a troll, though I do believe he is a Mex. Acts like one with the big mouth.

      2. When America/West falls white men in Asia will be very soft vulnerable targets.
        When the money flow stops so will the respect, safety and attraction.
        Foreigners with nothing to offer and no protection.

        1. Sasquatch,
          I’m over 60, when the west falls I don’t really care what happens to me.
          I’ve had a great time out here.

        2. There are many retirees in SEA that eventually have to return home for their final years because the locals start to exploit their vulnerability.
          I’ve read stories of elderly westerners robbed clean in Indonesia by their carers/partners and the locals.
          I guess the boomer mentality is “fuk the world, fuk the future, as long as I get mine”
          It will be future generations that won’t have the luxury.

        3. SASQUATCH “I’ve Read Stories”
          You’ve never been anywhere in your life and the closest you ever came to going somewhere is reading of it in a magazine.
          Same with your sexual experiences.
          The closest came to Southeast Asia is masturbating to pictures of Asian porn.
          You’ve never traveled because Gen Y came into a lousy economy.
          I am thankful to have been Gen X. We had more disposable income and could simply move away from places we did not want to be.
          You live in your mother’s basement.

        4. JOHN
          I’m 44 and I have not regretted spending a day of my working life since I was 25 in Asia.
          My biggest regret was not discovering it at 20 instead of 25.
          Look at these poor Gen Y bastards here who cannot travel or live overseas. The closest they will come to an exotic Asian beauty is jerking off.

  8. Brothers a hundred generations have defended Christendom don’t let ours be the one to fail we have never failed before we will not fall now

  9. I want to point out the fallacy of the “alpha” male superiority. First, it just encourages narcissistic people(or other personality types, e.g. sociopaths, psychopaths) to think they are the epitome of what a person can be. I would suggest that we look around to see if the dominate species is the one who is most alpha, or is it the one with the most brains? So, get off your high horse(while you are busy patting yourself on the back, that’s when you make the most mistakes.), and start doing your own science. When you do, you will find out that most of what we believe to be true is not.

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