10 Reasons Why You Should Live Without Apology

You’ve been told, “Don’t do this.” “It’s dangerous.” “It won’t work.” “You’ll hurt yourself.” “You’ll fail.”

Everyone from your friends, ministers, parents, mentors… all of them. And you believed them. You ate up those words like a hot-cooked meal after a long session of leg-day workout. And you kept listening to their tiny little, soft whispers of advice for years. Like a dandilion in an open field, you went along with the flow…

Until for some miraculous reason you woke up one day…

And realized as you rose out of your bed and looked out the window where the autumn leaves were shaking by the breeze…

that you have achieved…

Absolutely nothing.

Not a single damn thing worth proudly screaming and proclaiming on top a mountaintop or into the vast blue horizon of the Atlantic Sea…

that you are not only a man but THE MAN.

And that’s because…

You’ve been living an apologetic life.

You have been tricked by all those around you to think that you can’t do what you want to do, be who you want to be, and go where you want to go.

And that’s not all. It gets worse:

You tricked yourself. You believed the hype. Boy, you fell for it hard.

And, thus, you still struggle for triumph…

You feel crippled.

But there is still chance. You can change. You have to. As all things in life, there will always be a second chance if you have enough willpower and conviction to put them into action.

Here are the 10 reasons to live without apology…

1. You will not be missed

You and I are just one person out of 7 billion human beings in this planet earth. You are not a special cupcake. There is no sprinkled toppings for you. If you die, at most 20 people will cry for you.

When Michael Jackson died, I didn’t cry.
When Nelson Mandela died, I didn’t cry.
When Paul Walker died, I didn’t cry.
When Obama dies, I won’t cry.

Do you understand my drift? If I didn’t cry or really care over the death of these accomplished individuals in their own right, do I expect other random people to care about me?

Hell no. This world is not a joke to be played with. Once you’re out, you’re out. So live big and stop being small.

2. Your hormones will thank you

When you take matters into your own hands, you are forced to take actions to improve your life. You are not forced by others, but by YOU. That puts tremendous power in your ability to become proactive instead of reactive.

You’re broke? No problem, get a job, save, and create an online business.
You’re depressed? No problem, go work out and start being grateful.
You’re ugly? No problem, give your parents a call and thank them for that.
You’re friendzoned all the time? No problem, stop acting like a friend.

How does this affect your hormones?

Easy. Proactive actions will make you feel like a man because by definition a man can’t survive without taking proactive actions. And whatever a man does and accomplishes in life is fueled by his go-to hormone: TESTOSTERONE. The more you use it, the more you need it, and the more you’ll crave it.

(I’m so lonely & pitiful) > (Take Action: i.e work out, make money, sex)  > (Big T) > (Holy Shit: This feels good) x100000 = Success

Literally, all your desires, action, and thoughts are driven by the primary hormone: big T. That is why when you see a strong man in your path, you step away for him. That is why when you get a confident salesperson in front of you, you can’t help but pull out your wallet.

3. Others will depend on you

Once you say sayonara to being controlled like a dog on a leash, you’ll eventually understand that you have power and a thirst for knowledge. In other words, now you can achieve on your own: money, status, and respect.

Your unapologetic mindset will drive you to achieve financial and lifestyle success and people will start to notice. When you show up in your new outfit and upgraded car, people will start to notice. When you pay off any kind of debt for your family, they will cry and respect you.

It wont be long before you effortlessly find people who will want to be your friend and businessmen who want to help you out.

(Don’t be surprised if girls suddenly start to think your bald head or your ugly face is attractive.)

You will realize from this experience something quite sad yet beautiful…

That all people are selfish and greedy just like you.

You will understand people. You will realize that what you have everyone wants a part of. And you’ll understand that is exactly how you were like… looking for a handout.

But you’ll understand why people are attracted to you because you realize that all people are attracted to success. To see something in real life what they have secretly envisioned in their hearts as something impossible will give them an ecstatic thrill.

You will understand. And you will share with those who you love and care for and those who were there for you from day one. All the rest, you know why they’re there.

4. You will be confident

Deciding to live and create the life the way you want and actually achieving it takes huge discipline, hard work, and balls. I mean, after all, you are literally thinking on a different wavelength than 90% of the people you come across.

The shit you say will confuse them.
The actions you take will mesmerize them.
And the byproduct of that is undeniable and unshakable confidence.

You won’t become confident if you are looking for others for the right answer or the right path for your life. The honest truth is there is no right way. Only you will be able to figure that out.

Whether you want to take a 3 month business vacation in Cancun or Bangkok, Thailand is completely up to you. If you ask 10 people what you should do, they will give you 10 different answers.

Your life is, as cheesy as it sounds, is completely unique. You have to understand that your way of life is yours alone and no one can judge that.

If you want to be an unapologetic boss…

Choose your path, decide to stick to it, and build your confidence.

5. You will experience amazing new things

Taking life on a path of an unapologetic man means not being tied to one set of experience. The life of waking up and having to work Monday to Friday from 9-5 with two weeks of vacation a year year-in and year-out, being excited for Thanksgiving holidays so you can get a 4 day weekend, is not the life that you will be striving for.

In contrast, how would it feel to travel to countries you’ve never visited or to live in mulitple locations around the world?

It’s even simple as trying new food at a restaurant you often go to or listening to random Spanish flamenco music on your radio.

Unapologetic people make strong decisions fully aware of the fact that there is a chance that it won’t go as they planned. But they know the reward is an unforgettable experience.

Unapologetic people bring life into their life.

You will realize that as an unapologetic man that every time you try something new, your set of experience widens, which will provide you with more of #4 and #2. (Yea, baby)

Ultimately, your unapologetic nature will enable you to experience life the way you want it to be.

6. Your patience will run thin for bullshit

Ever since I decided to say goodbye to the education system, my whole outlook on life changed. The first thing I did was stop accepting anything less than the best from me and others. Second, I put total responsibility and control of my life in me.

No government, no school, no family, no friends, no organization would take care of me. (Yea, a bit extreme but that’s what it takes to be truly unapologetic) I decided not to rely on any organization for my success.(Except the internet, which is a free network)

Realizing that all I needed was an understanding of my own power, I stopped accepting bullshit from everyone. I could immediately tell if someone was trying to take advantage of me. I could tell when a salesperson was trying to sell me an inferior product. I could tell when someone was trying to pretend to know something they didn’t know.

I also realized that I could be truly myself, a lone wolf tunnel-visioned, humble-hearted asshole who wanted to get things done efficiently, with class, and with pride. I didn’t need to please others or pretend to like stupid people.

I stopped hanging out with people who were negative and didn’t believe in me. I started to ask advice from people who had special knowledge in their field who were happy and successful, not the ones who pretended like they knew everything.

But first, I had to be unapologetic with who I was or what I wanted to achieve in life.

Once I took care of that, I could be myself.

And you should always be striving to express yourself fully since being phony sickens your soul.

7. You will motivate others

You came to this blog to extract man-handling knowledge and apply it so your life can be amazing. Maybe you’re not where you want to be in life. Maybe you need a lot to figure out.

But guess what? When you read articles from sites like this…

It cost you absolutely nothing. All you need to do is read. And then take ACTION.

8. You will accept your flaws… and not let it bother you

It should be obvious that despite any amount of accomplishment, success, and happiness you might achieve, you will never be perfect. And surprisingly, the ones who are okay with that come across as perfect because they are so genuine.

For example, I think Daniel Craig is one real badass. But I can tell he’s a Byronic introvert where natural humor and social skills aren’t his forte. And he probably knows it, too. But it doesn’t matter. He does what he wants, which is star in huge movies. Stop trying to be perfect.

The people that have the most trouble with this complex of trying to come off as perfect, of hiding their flaws, are those who are so insecure about revealing their lack of control with their emotion and direction of  life.

You might think that being an unapologetic man means to control everything but that’s the furthest from the truth. As an unapologetic man, you stop giving a shit about what you can’t control.

I am 5’9. I have acne scars from the high school years. But I don’t give a fuck. I used to a lot. But it doesn’t bother me anymore.


Why should it bother me when I know it’s nothing I can control and that worrying about it only will make me stupidly anxious.

What I do care about is my  physique, my style, my social skills… all of which are things I can control.

Stop trying to control things you can’t control. That is an easy road to anxiety and depression.

If you want to be want to be unapologetic, accept your flaws. Easy.

9. You will take yourself seriously

There are people who will say to you, “You take yourself so seriously.”

And I say, “Of course I do.”

There is a difference between “acting serious” in inappropriate settings such as a party or clubs and “taking your life seriously.”

I believe in “taking yourself seriously.”

I don’t care what others might have to say about that. The day they can show me how to transform $150 into a $3000-a-month automated income, I’ll listen to why I shouldn’t take myself seriously.

You know who doesn’t take themselves seriously?

Unsuccessful people. Dependent people. You are not one of them.

If you’re an unapologetic adult, you better be serious about who you are because there is no backup plan. There is no one who will succeed for you. You represent yourself. No mom and dad here, buddy.

10. You will succeed

The Holy Grail.

After all the struggle, the ups and downs, and living your life unapologetically, there will be a day when it dawns on you that you have succeeded.

It will take many months and maybe years.

Ask anyone how they did it and they’ll tell you the same thing over and over:

Hard Work.

If you’re unwilling to do that, you aren’t living without apology. You’re being small and lazy.

But it will happen when you put in the work everyday and don’t let others convince you to stop. You will someday realize the reason why others are still where they are is because they live with excuses and apology.

And then…

We succeed.

If you haven’t done so, check out The Knowledge of Man blog.

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218 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why You Should Live Without Apology”

  1. And you get this point across by posting a photo of David fucking Beckham? An overrated soccer player who has a tramp-stamp above his ass. A man who married a complete feminist and bitch. A man who shows how weak Europeans have become with his incessant narcissism and androgynous ways. You can do better than this.

    1. Hey lance you’re completely right about Beckham. I was going to pick him or Ronaldo but it dawned on me that this guy gets more and more hate from people like me and you online probably every 10 seconds…
      And yet I get the feeling that he doesn’t give a fuck. He plays soccer. He’s good looking. And he fucks talentless petite feminists aka wife.
      I don’t think he gives a shit what we think of him either.
      In short, he ain’t apologizing.
      So yea… That’s why his mug is gracing this article.

      1. Oh to the contrary I do think he cares what we think! You don’t think these purposeful publicity stunts are to cater to his fanbase? Marrying a talentless feminist spicegirl, getting a tramp-stamp, purporting to believe in feminism himself, basically the nouveau en-vogue symbol of the emasculated androgynous white male. This is not him going against the grain, this is him very much with the grain. There are countless men you could have posted such as Clint Eastwood, Robert DeNiro or if you had to go with an athlete, easily Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods. Men who are all masculine and couldn’t give a flying fuck what the public thought of them.

        1. Haha,
          You are right man. You win. I can’t argue with DeNiro. I seriously don’t hope the merits of the article will devalue in your eyes because of Beckham. Just shows you how powerful images can be from a marketing standpoint.

      2. I have no hatred towards Beckham, but Cristiano Ronaldo would have been a better choice IMO. Far better physique, a much better footballer than Beckham has ever been, quite possibly the best in the world right now, and fucks Irina Shayk. But I understand why Beckham was chosen.

    1. Hey Asplund,
      I’m glad you are interested. Turning $150 into $3000 automated is definitely doable. And since I’m a novice, veterans can make spades over that. Many online businesses run with the principle of eventually becoming automated. However, it doesn’t happen in one day or a few weeks. In fact, it could take couple of months. Just like web traffic and readership, there is a period of low activity until you start to get steady and exponential growth. Most people stop before they see this result because they give up or can’t visualize the big picture.
      I am not going to go into detail how I personally make this happen since it would take too long right now. But I can tell you that there are several ways of generating revenue online — affiliate marketing, CPC, etc.
      But what I’m talking about is a real online business.
      You control the growth of your business. You control the amount of time you invest into it. And once you generate enough income, you automate it. I currently spend an hour a day, 1 freaking hour, on my business. But it took me 2 months to get it all right.
      When you’re an underdog, nothing is handed to you. You do what you need to do to get on top.
      If you have the time, check out my blog from time to time. I am working on a comprehensive post on this subject.

      1. Wow, aside from two vague buzzwords/terms (“affiliate marketing”, “CPC”) there was no content in that answer at all.
        I’m not calling you a lying, fraudulent, huckster POS, but I *am* saying that your answer could be mistaken for something one would give. How about providing at least the skeleton of an answer (I generate X pageviews a month with a Y CTR for a Z eCPM in a display-ads model) instead of vague rah-rah bullshit and a plug for your blog?
        Here, I’ll give an example. A top-300 Android game w/ an AdMob banner can generate $50/day in revenue. Development can be outsourced. Now, there are problems with this model (game design, outsourcing costs, there are exactly 300 such games, it’s “only” $1500/mo revenue) but it is at least an answer with some specificity.

        1. Hi Twenty,
          You are absolutely right in your analysis. I am plugging my blog. I am being vague as fuck. I’m a marketer at heart. I’m a seller. And I’m also in the business of motivation and success.
          Now, you may call that bullshit but from my experience getting people to think in terms of success has far better results than giving them concrete examples of what to do.
          How many times do you tell people they need to do squats yet no one fucking does it? Facts don’t matter.
          To poor people, it’s like crack they smoke over and over. I can say go into foreclosure markets, go into app development, go into e-commerce (which is what I do), but people won’t give a shit until you get their attention and they come to a point where they have to make a decision to either die or rise.
          Out of a 100 people who reads this, only 2 people will actively research your example and actually do it. Maybe 1. Information like that is useless to most people. You’re damn right I’m plugging my blog but I’m giving out my opinion and perspective for free.
          If you’re aching for an example, here’s one.
          Buy an open source app, specifically games for the apple app store. Re-skin the app by outsourcing to a fella in India or Nepal for $150. Add chartbooks and Revmob like you said and put in the market. Do about 10 of these and you’ll make a good lump sum monthly if you do it correctly.
          Doesn’t matter what I said. The rich-minded will always become rich whether they sell lobsters or paintings. The poor always want to know some sort of “secret” idea instead of actually fucking doing work.
          I’m not smart guy. I just work hard. And hard work always provides you with rich experiences which smart guys masturbates over.
          Just my 2 cents.

        2. I will say that your blog has some pretty interesting topics, and I would like to learn more about IM.
          Does your blog have an RSS feed though? I can’t seem to find the link for it.

        3. Hi Admiral,
          You can subscribe to my newsletter on my website. RSS is a thing of the past. I send out updates once every two weeks. Thanks for reaching out.

  2. Good advice column.
    These are things that were once well known, especially in the US. But have been forgotten, especially in the US. We live in a culture of victimhood and dependency. “If you are not a victim, you are nobody.”
    Well, fuck that. Victims don’t get laid. They don’t get the big house and the cool cars. They don’t spend a month exploring foreign countries. Not only are they not cried over when they die, they are ridiculed for the brief 30 seconds they are remembered.
    I have not cried over Mandela either. I will never cry over him. (Hell, he lived to be 95, which is pretty damn manly of him). But I will remember who he was and I will respect him. I will do that, not because of anything so wonderfully benevolent that he did, but because he refused to let his masculinity be subsumed to a higher earthly authority.
    You might not get the fame of Mandela. You might not even be remembered for 30 seconds after you die. But if you live like a man, you will not have your name pissed on – either alive or dead.

  3. This is not to be confused with not being able apologize to your friends, girlfriends, etc… when due. Being able to do so, while putting your ego aside, is one of the greater signs of strength and masculinity.

    1. Damn right.
      But in that situation you are apologising on your own terms and not because society thinks you should.
      Fuck society. Society gave us feminism and other forms of egalitarianism.

    2. Yes, damn right.
      Apologizing and own up to your faults, as a man, I feel is one of the hardest thing to do when due. Friends, family, etc. Unwarranted ego can completely destroy relationships.

  4. I don’t think misogynists and players need a list of reasons to live just for themselves. They are incapable of anything else.

    1. No, not really.
      The most selfish, bigoted and callous people I have ever met have been feminists.
      ‘Players’ simply exist as a natural response to such nonsense. If you dislike them then consider why they need to exist.
      I am in favour of equal opportunities but not equality of outcomes, quotas or any other special favour from society that identity politicians and other egalitarians insist on insisting on.

      1. Wrong. Misogynists and players (though they were termed “playboys” then), have always existed, long before the advent of feminism. They just have a handy scapegoat in the form of rabid mohawk-sporting polyamorous bitches nowadays. But the fact is that they would be self-serving bad people regardless. It’s who they (you) are.

        1. Well yes ‘players’ have always existed but today a man needs to be a bit of a player just so they can wade through the BS some women put in his way.
          Is a ‘player’ a bad person? Do you think that self serving people are automatically bad?
          I believe that some ‘players’ are simply trying to get by in life and are simply reacting to the nonsense of egalitarianism.

        2. “Do you think that self serving people are automatically bad?” Nope, I definitely don’t. Frankly, without the John Edwards’ of the world who abandon their cancer-stricken spouses, the Paul Walkers (30-year-old men who think it’s perfectly acceptable to pursue 16-year-old girls), the George Clooneys (serial monogamists), et.c etc. in other words, without the self-serving alphas, I might actually have to justify my refusal to marry or reproduce. Their perpetual existence in every era of history and every corner of earth empowers egalitarianism and female freedom of choice. I need you guys to keep being assholes who use women for sexual gratification and then discard them, and who openly admit expecting women should just serve them and act as baby factories with no personal benefit to themselves so I can just point to you as examples of why women shouldn’t/can’t depend on men. So no, I don’t think you’re automatically bad people. I hear Paul Walker gave a lot to charity between teenage girlfriends.

        3. What is wrong with a 30 year old man pursuing a 16 year old girl?
          I thinks its interesting that we both use the ‘worst’ examples of a different group of people to justify our own beliefs and behaviour.
          You appear to be banging your head against a wall of reality. Humans are mammals and mammals to not do equality.
          No two mammals in history have ever been equal to each other. We all have different strengths and weaknesses and this will probably be true until technology makes such differences irrelevant.

        4. “What is wrong with a 30 year old man pursuing a 16 year old girl?”
          I think it’s gross and unethical but I don’t judge you for doing your thing in the strictest sense. Hey, I’m a moral relativist, too, in my own way.
          What is wrong with polyamorist hoes is that I don’t like them. I think they are gross, exploitative, and wrong, just like grown-ass men who pursue teenage girls 3 years from their first menses and 8 years from their frontal lobe setting.
          So to answer your question, it’s wrong because it’s exploitative and I say it’s wrong.

        5. Oooh, what a compelling argument you’ve provided me. Damn, I just got told. Whatever will I do (yawns).

        6. At least you sometimes acknowledge that women are people.
          Even the most sociopathic misogynist male occasionally reveals a sliver of humanity. Hitler owned a dog.

        7. If you are trying to convince us to stop be who we are on here, then you are just wasting your time.

        8. Nope. Like I said, I need you people. Everytime I come here it validates my decision to be unmarried and childless. You guys do for feminism what Betty Friedan could not do; you prove their points.

        9. “Everytime I come here it validates my decision to be unmarried and childless.”
          Is this a bug or a feature? ROK and the manosphere, saving men’s lives, one after another.

        10. Yep, right up there with The Frisky and Jezebel. You guys are feminist allies:) Turning Western women right off of marriage/procreation/trust in men, one article and one chauvinist at a time!
          Seriously though I have been all over the net warning women away from marriage and when I make statements like “men view you as an inferior and since they are fundamentally shallow and only value women for their youth and beauty, they will naturally view you as a depreciating asset as you age. Why would you marry a man who will only value you LESS the more you invest in him and who your whole value lies in your ability to make him a sandwich and do his laundry?” I refer them to this site and Chateau Heartiste to prove my point.
          Thanks, guys.

        11. The women who get ‘used’ in the manner you suggest tend to be women for whom a suave demeanor coupled with the ability to purchase an appletini or two is the level of ‘commitment’ required to induce her to spread her legs.
          Of course, thanks to the elevation of the ‘female freedom of choice’ you extol, these women are supposedly empowering themselves, so I should imagine your beef is misplaced. The truth is women have always had the choice that you claim needs empowerment. What your foremothers seemed to get was that indulging every man that winked their way may relieve short term satisfactions, but at the potential cost of longer term stability in the shape of being unwed and childless, or worse the mother of a bastard left in the cold to fend for herself.
          What feminism did was to offer a free lunch – you can have any and everything you want, and you don’t need a man for any of it, outside of blowing off steam every now and then. If you want to marry and have kids, you can – as long as you wear the pants and it’s on your terms. The problem was that they never told you that once you actually ‘become the man you want to marry,’ that man (if he’s a high quality man – and it’s valid to assume that a high quality man is what you want) isn’t necessarily going to be doing cartwheels at the prospects of marrying a clone of himself, or a clone of one of his male colleagues or close friends.
          That your outwardly feminine physique may still be enough to induce a primal, hind brain fueled romp doesn’t mean that when the haze of lust has drifted on, he’ll have more waiting for you. The something more generally goes to the women who, as you put in the most derogatory terms you could muster, maintain more than just a veneer of femininity. Even the woman who actively plans to marry for the sole purpose of having a child and promptly divorcing to bank a nice settlement has to adhere to that reality in the earliest stages of that con.
          The happiest marriages tend to be the ones in which both parties play the differing roles their respective gender is suited to. Go to Heartiste for study after study showing this, but I’ve known this for ages having witnessed such an example with my own parents.
          Your vehement eschewing of being feminine in any way pretty much disqualifies you from the long term commitment of the high quality alphas you might desire, so it’s little wonder why you have an axe to grind. I’m sure you even understand this, at least on some level, and an attempt to turn it around with those absurd examples of ‘self serving’ men as reason to ‘justify’ not wanting marriage is a decent defense mechanism. Yet on some level I have some admiration for you because at the very least you aren’t going to settle for a ‘lesser’ man and ruin his life owing to your bitterness at not able to land a better one. So on that level, your misguided sentiment is rather commendable. I wish you well in your endeavours.

        12. OK, I’ll take it point-by-point.
          First of all, I genuinely don’t want children. Your first error is in assuming that the only way women and men are happy is in stereotypical roles. Actually, the happiest nations on Earth are Scandinavian notions, AKA those nations that are most feminist. You should also know that “high quality alpha males” is a subjective term and no two women will define this in the same way. Some women define this as high-earning men regardless of what they look like (the Beyonces of the world). Some women define this as men who have “swag” and/or are ghetto (again, the Beyonces of the world). Some women define this as attractive hipsters or those who play an instrument (closer to my ideal). Some women define this as men who are musclebound gym rats (I know quite a few girls like this, but personally I think excessive muscle is aesthetically gross. I prefer the Joseph Gordon-Levitt physique myself). Some women define this as nerdy tech guys with high earning potential. Some women define this as the more ruthless type of business men who drive Benzes. No two women are alike in this regard and so in the absence of a seriously unfavourable gender ratio, women are not always fighting over the same men. Unfortunately, your initial premise is wrong. So unfortunately, if a woman who is ill-suited for domesticity is forced into a “traditional” role that you insist will make her happy, I’m sure you can guess what the result is. Yep, divorce. But speaking of studies, have you seen these? http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/08/090805142905.htm. That’s right. Women will actively avoid living with men in nations where they perceive men as less helpful.
          Secondly, I understand that quite a few women are easy and that men who are predatory are merely exploiting this. Having said that, you have right here on your site a man proudly making the following statement: “I don’t see why would a
          game-themed lifestyle be in such a clash with being a father. It is not like a father-to-be is down with some fatal case of marriage, or something alike. Having a child costs money and time, but a well-off player that knows how to handle his life and finances shouldn’t have so much trouble over it. It’s like saying “I can’t work out and eat properly because I don’t have enough time and money”. It’s just another excuse.
          I am becoming a father by the end of this year, and I don’t see that slowing me down too much, maybe even getting me some points with the girls (I’ll appear more mature, more “taken” and more reliable). Don’t sweat about it, just kick into a higher gear.”
          Yep, that’s right – using his own offspring to try and feign sincerity and manipulate women into thinking he’s a decent guy so they will sleep with them. I’m not actually hating on the guy’s game though, don’t get me wrong. Without men like that, there would be more stigma attached to women like me who actively avoid marriage and childhood and the confines of domesticity.
          I’m fair though, I happen to think that marriage benefits neither gender as married men do less housework and married women gain more weight. I find it difficult to understand in such a context who is actually happy.
          You’re right about my refusal to settle for a lesser man. I have chosen the absolute best partner for me and I love him to pieces – now. But he is still a man and at the heart of every man is a wolf. I mean, men are 6X more likely to abandon a spouse who has cancer than women are – that is a statistical fact. It’s a fortunate accident that I’ve never wanted children because the fact is love him or not, if he ever cheated (1/3rd of married men do, clearly a man’s word is meaningless) or hit me, he’d be out on the street in two seconds flat. This is of course terrible for the kid. They consistently do better in intact homes. I never want to be forced to choose between my dignity and the wellbeing of my child. Long-term commitments to men – at least formalized ones (i.e. marriage) are best avoided. I am a millennial and the majority of women I know, especially the attractive ones, feel the same way I do. They don’t want kids.

        13. “it validates my decision to be unmarried and childless.”
          Well, at least you are doing something right. Your DNA is obviously deficient, so deciding not to inflict it on future generations is certainly doing the right thing.
          Now run along back to wherever you came from.

        14. My hip-to-waist ratio is 0.69 which I understand is optimal according to Western men’s standards. Which may explain why so many of you guys chase after little ol’ “deficient” me even though I have a boyfriend/am committed. Lord knows men don’t value much else in a woman apart from the physical LOL.
          The answer is Canada:)

        15. Men do not view women as inferior, but different. It’s women themselves who have this inferiority complex when they attempt to act like men and then come up short. Instead of understanding that their physiological make-up is…not that of a man, they have to go out and make men out to be misogynists.
          There is a 67 year old Italian woman near me who does a lot of my tailoring, and she does a bang up job of it. Not only that, I get to brush up on my Italian whenever I’m there, and she enjoys the chat and the chance she gets to educate someone else. Her youth and beauty are long gone. Nevertheless she offers plenty of value to myself, and probably hundreds of other men who frequent her business.
          Now, she offers little to zero value to a young man who is solely looking to start his own family. However, 45 years ago, when she married her husband, she did offer value to such a man. The reasons should be obvious, but clearly her 22 year old self was in a better condition to bear children than her current self is, regardless of how well she maintained her body in the interim.
          A woman who plays her role in a marriage to perfection isn’t going to be viewed as a ‘depreciating asset.’ Yes her looks will fade, as will her fertility, but at the same time those assets aren’t as important in the latter stages of a relationship anyway. A 67 year old couple isn’t looking to have children, so the fact that the wife is too old to induce arousal, let alone actually being able to bear a child is pretty much irrelevant. What is relevant is the 40+ years of playing the dutiful wife and constant support of her husband. That buys her commitment and stability, manifested as undying love form her husband children and grandchildren.
          You pretty much have to deny biology and nature to believe what you believe.

        16. The “happiest countries on Earth” are also the ones with the largest proportion of atheists. You’re dramatically oversimplifying things in order to show your points.
          I’m a millennial as well, and I can safely say that we are in the running for one of the worst generations ever.

        17. “Yes her looks will fade, as will her fertility, but at the same time
          those assets aren’t as important in the latter stages of a relationship
          anyway. A 67 year old couple isn’t looking to have children, so the fact
          that the wife is too old to induce arousal, let alone actually being
          able to bear a child is pretty much irrelevant. What is relevant is the
          40+ years of playing the dutiful wife and constant support of her
          husband. That buys her commitment and stability, manifested as undying
          love form her husband children and grandchildren.”
          If this is so, why is it that women face a 21% risk that their spouse will abandon them when they are dying of cancer, but men face a nearly 0% risk of the same?

        18. A 515 person sample size is pathetically small. Studies can be interpreted however you want them to be. There are studies out there that make all sorts of claims, from vegetables being bad for you to pipe smoking actually increasing your lifespan. I’m sure if you look hard enough, there’s a study that states that gunshot wounds to the face increase muscular strength or something like that.

        19. lolol I should have known. When in doubt refer to fallacy. A study is only credible when it shows what YOU want. This might explain why men love this study so much:
          and largely ignore this one: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/men-want-more-sex-do-the-laundry-12-09-2007/ in spite of the much larger sample size and more recent date of the latter one:)
          Men are so transparently self-serving. It makes me laugh sometimes.

        20. You wrote a lot of words that don’t really address anything I wrote. For example the fact that a ‘high quality man’ might mean something different to different women isn’t relevant to my point. Only the fact they exist, regardless of how you think that is defined is what is important.
          And quite frankly, your specific situation is not what I’m criticising. If you don’t want children or a family and are prepared to stick to that decision forever, fine. The problem is that many women have been told to adopt your general views, and you can still have kids and a nice pretty house and lawn. In other words, you can have your cake and eat it too. You seem to be determined to pitch your views to all women, when it’s only suited for women who have no intentions on marriage or children.

        21. For the women who want children there is still value in my message. For instance, delaying marriage is optimal for both their careers and marital stability: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2296375/Women-wait-thirties-married-earn-money-men-wed-YOUNGER-successful.html
          And women who delay childbearing until the relationship is stable to have kids but don’t marry the man end up with the most helpful partners: http://webcenters.netscape.compuserve.com/love/package.jsp?name=fte/boyfriend/boyfriend
          The findings of the latter study would explain why familial intactness is higher in Europe in spite of much lower marriage rates.

        22. You are really brave for attacking the dead. Whatever Paul Walker did or dated is no one’s business. But he was smart enough to know that judgemental people like you will be out there waiting to attack him simply because you think that he isn’t suppose to date someone young. And now that he’s dead, you brazenly attack him and call him unethical. Like I said, really brave of you indeed.
          I have a friend who is 36 and about to marry his 22 year old Russian girlfriend. No one damns him for his age gap and even if there was, he wouldn’t give a shit. So if you think you and your feminists crap can control us, you are dead wrong.

        23. Honestly, I am happy for your friend and his mail order bride.
          I tend to shy away from the feminist label only because feminism has been hijacked by slutwalking polyamorists who protest their right to walk topless in the street and have two boyfriends without stigma instead of marching on Capitol Hill demanding trade embargos with female-oppressing nations like Saudi Arabia until they change their policies (yep, even the ones with OIL. Now THAT would be brave). I identify with first- and second-wave feminists but third-wave feminists just… *facepalm*

        24. How do you know it’s not financially related? Given the exploding costs of medical care (largely because of an economic ideology which is in league with what you’ve espoused in these comments), it’s not out of order to expect a ‘divorce’ to be in the best interest of the family as a whole as opposed to shouldering ruinous medical expenses.

        25. She’s not a mail order bride. They met through a mutual friend ironically neither in Russia or USA. They both just happened to be in this country where she’s studying and he’s working. And believe me when I say that I’ll defend their relationship to the death from any haters and cowards out there who criticize their age gap.

        26. Well you are entitled to your opinion but I think you’ll find both women and minorities disagree with you. Not that you care, you’re only out for #1.
          Also, if happiness is tied to atheism (it’d be an interesting idea to explore) and there are more atheists now than ever, you might want to examine the roots of your opinion about this generation.
          Hint: it’s rooted in self-satisfaction and wanting to reclaim privilege.

        27. (rolls eyes) You are really no different than third-wave feminists. I mean, seriously, don’t you have anything better to defend “to the death”?
          Just as self-absorbed, only difference is you’re a man.

        28. “And women who delay childbearing until the relationship is stable to
          have kids but don’t marry the man end up with the most helpful [ATM]…”
          Yeah, no. Reason #9221 not to be a baby daddy. All the more reason not to fuck with American women. This toxic attitude is what you get.

        29. Who said anything about ATM?
          Actually, if women want an ATM, marriage is clearly the better bet. If women want a partner who actually HELPS THEM and listens to what they have to say, not marrying them seems to be the way to go since men have no respect for women they marry and refer to them as “the old ball and chain” and actually begin to scale back their household contributions in every way but fiscally after tying the knot.
          They also become more likely to cheat: http://www.nbcnews.com/id/17951664/ns/health-sexual_health/t/many-cheat-thrill-more-stay-true-love/
          So women who want emotional as opposed to just tangible (read: MONETARY) benefits are better off not marrying men. Men hate their wives.

        30. “They also become more likely to cheat: ”
          Self reported surveys are totally worthless especially in sexual topics. Also, women lying about affairs and N count. They are practically built to do this even to themselves. “That was on vacation so it doesn’t ‘count’”.
          Rule of thumb here holds true. Take what was reported and multiply it by 3. So the true percentage is that 54 percent of women cheat. That sounds about right.
          Also, if most men are cheating it’s with prostitutes. Majority of guys aren’t attractive enough to have an affair.

        31. I agree with you that the majority of men who cheat do so with prostitutes or otherwise single women. The reason being that married women are reluctant to cheat and thus are less available to them for sex. Even among the famous we see the pattern: Clinton, Spitzer, Arnold, Hugh Grant, Facinelli, all cheated with hookers or unattached women.
          I trust that sample because it’s anonymous. The GSS is useless because they’re face-to-face interviews. Studies show that women will tell the truth when it’s an anonymous source like a computer (and that consequently the numbers DO inflate). And that is exactly what that survey is – anonymous, online, huge sample size.
          The fact is that men are far less scrupulous and trustworthy than women are. There has never been a single study conducted by anyone that has shown different (well, that’s not true. I’ve seen one study indicating that domestic violence is now higher among women). Cheating rates, substance abuse rates, child abandonment rates, child support defaults, etc. etc. all still higher among men.
          The more things change, the more they stay the same.

        32. Ok, to the extent that there isn’t a rational underlying financial reason for it, you have some vow breakers. But you’re using this infinitesimally small percentage of men who found themselves in an extremely unlikely circumstance and using that to decry all men. That on it’s face is absolutely absurd.
          What is far more common is a woman who leaves her husband because he has ‘changed,’ or she ‘fell out of love.’ Those vow breakers dwarf the ones you’re parading as characteristic males.

        33. 1/5th of men are an “infinitesmally small” percentage of men?
          Ironically, that’s identical to the female marital infidelity rate. I guess we shall start calling the number of cheating women “infinitesmally small.”

        34. “I agree with you that the majority of men who cheat do so with prostitutes or otherwise single women. The reason being that married women are reluctant to cheat and thus are less available to them for sex. ”
          No, I said prostitutes. Most married men can’t get single women. They are too unattractive. It’s only the top men that get affairs. Also, they are the only ones you care about due to biological programming.
          “Studies show that women will tell the truth when it’s an anonymous source like a computer (and that consequently the numbers DO inflate).”
          Again I stated that women lie to THEMSELVES much less a damn machine.
          “The more things change, the more they stay the same”
          Yup. Mother Nature is a bitch. Women yearn to be part of the top men’s harem and the top men have options so when they get out of line they ditch them which in turn creates fucked up hags such as yourself.
          Also with all your ranting about all the dangerous and risky behavior that guys partake in compared to women. It’s dumb because that’s part of the game too. Women don’t have to take risk to reproduce dum dum, they sit back and wait and get fucked while if a man wants action he has to go out and make his mark in the word thus the risky behavior and all that.
          What you need to do is break it down to biomechanics and then build it up from there to find the truth instead of wishing it were different and crying about it.

        35. Furthermore, women leave marriages because marriage sucks way more for women than it does for men.
          Even though women tend to become impoverished following the dissolution of a marriage (alimony is rewarded in less than 1/5th of divorce proceedings), they STILL report being way happier by it than men do: http://www.thestar.com/life/2013/07/11/marital_split_women_happier_after_divorce_study.html
          I know that misery, boredom, infidelity and being considered a houseslave are “frivolous” reasons to leave a marriage according to your average man, but do keep in mind that the divorce rate has declined in direct correspondence with men’s rising contributions to childcare and housework. It peaked in 1981 and has been falling ever since. Women stay more now because husbands in general are sucking slightly less. That’s not to detract from the fact that wives get shafted and get less out of marriage than men do.

        36. “… You should also know that “high quality alpha males” is a subjective term and no two women will define this in the same way. Some women define this as high-earning men regardless of what they look like (the Beyonces of the world). Some women define this as men who have “swag” and/or are ghetto (again, the Beyonces of the world). Some women define this as attractive hipsters or those who play an instrument (closer to my ideal). Some women define this as men who are musclebound gym rats (i know quite a few girls like this, but personally I think excessive muscle is aesthetically gross. I prefer the Joseph Gordon-Levitt physique myself). Some women define this as nerdy tech guys with high earning potential. Some women define this as the more ruthless type of business men who drive Benzes.”
          You have just described several different manifestations of a male. All of those manifestations can be alpha males, beta males, etc. In every case, women are more drawn to the alpha manifestations than they are to the beta manifestations. So really, that entire stretch of thought I just quoted was a waste of everyone’s time, since you essentially denied that alpha males are not always desirable but then gave no evidence of this.

        37. I actually don’t see very much evidence of what you are talking about. The “top men” take a hot chick and monopolize her, which creates bitter chauvinists like yourself. Top men vary because women’s tastes do. The rest could have steady girlfriends but favor attempting to “play the field” and “sow their wild oats” in their late teens and early 20’s so they dump those girlfriends before reality smacks them in the face and they realize that the only way they are going to get consistent sex is within the context of a committed relationship. They’re not hot and/or rich enough to get laid nightly by average chicks. At this point they seek out a girlfriend but find that the woman are either:
          a) monopolized by hot men
          b) focused on their education or career
          It is at this point that they begin to either try the nice guy approach or try the PUA approach to secure a mate or sex. This coincides with the discovery and frequenting of MRA forums, as well as a receding hairline.
          Why would I want things to be different? In an earlier era I’d be forced to look after bratty kids and pick up after an ungrateful, probably unfaithful, oaf because I wouldn’t have the means to support myself and the cultural climate was hostile to divorcees and unmarried women. Feminism offered women choices and that benefits women like me. I may not like the shit you people say about women, but it doesn’t mean I’m not grateful. You guys help the wheel along by demonstrating the feminists’ points.

        38. “Everytime I come here it validates my decision to be unmarried and childless.”
          Humanity thanks you for your generous donation.

        39. “Studies show that women will tell the truth when it’s an anonymous source like a computer (and that consequently the numbers DO inflate).”
          Studies show that women will tell the truth more often when it’s to an anonymous source. Women lie to themselves – what honestly makes you think they wouldn’t lie to a hunk of metal?

        40. I didn’t realize being a transparent, self-serving man was more deplorable than being a shady, self-serving woman. The fact that you don’t think both sexes are incredibly selfish (sometimes in different ways, granted) is pretty adolescent.

        41. “So to answer your question, it’s wrong because it’s exploitative and I say it’s wrong. In an absolute sense, nothing is objectively wrong in all circumstances.”
          I was so surprised by your comment I snorted when I read “and I say it’s wrong.” What an argument!

        42. Lisa why are you even posting here? Are you trying to convince us to date a strong “independent women” like you? Do you think suddenly we are all going to throw our hands up and say never mind, they were right, let’s all go home now?

        43. Sorry, but you are wrong.
          Men think that just because **they** have alphas (young, beautiful women with long hair) that women are the same. Where I live they had to eliminate the Sunshine Boy because there is no consensus among women about what is hot.
          The Sunshine Girl lives on.
          What qualifies as hot – “alpha” – varies by woman. It’s subjective.

        44. Lisa, the number of posts you have made on here definitely seems consistent with “validating your decision.” You seem so happy.
          Alright guys, I’m investing in cat food and pharmaceuticals. There are going to be millions like this one running around in a few years.

        45. It’s kind of funny that you still don’t get it. Being an alpha male doesn’t mean that you are attractive. It literally has nothing to do with one’s physical appearance – you can be butt fucking ugly to every woman in existence and still be a powerful alpha male.
          While I’m not surprised that a woman would initially relate the idea of an alpha to that of his/her appearance, since in many ways women are much more concerned with appearance than men, I am a little sad that you can’t disassociate the two ideas from each other.

        46. Having read through your comments you appear to be far from being the kind of person this site reacts against.
          In my experience most problems in life are never solved but they all become irrelevant sooner or later.
          The current issues between genders will matter less in a few decades because human society is going through the greatest social revolution in its history. We really are seeing the very beginnings of the dawn of civilisation.
          I hope you have a nice New Year and a successful 2014.

        47. rofl! This is so myopic that it’s just funny. I don’t need to convince ANYONE to date me. First of all, I have a boyfriend. For some reason, men can’t seem to respect this. They pursue you anyway. And my boyfriend is not a small man, he could kick quite a few asses. The fact of the matter is that I am young, in good shape and fairly attractive (not extremely hot but fairly pretty). This is and has always been the only criteria required to attract men. Since men’s general moral inferiority to women and shallowness is largely immutable, I don’t actually think that anything about them CAN be changed. I’m merely pointing this out to you guys and celebrating the player and the misogynist as enabling the perpetuation of feminism and female empowerment.
          Again, thanks guys.

        48. Yep, sure am. And I have you guys to thank for that. I have a job that I enjoy, don’t have to work inordinately hard to support a child because my responsibility is only to keep a roof over my own head, a great boyfriend who is respectful, attractive, well-read and not remotely lazy (he actually HELPS OUT around the condo instead of expecting ME to do everything while he lies around! He’s a keeper fo’ sho’), lots of friends who love me. Since I’m not rich and thus can’t just head off on vacations whenever I want like some of the folks I know I’m not the HAPPIEST person I know but I’m pretty well up there. All I’m saying is that without the help of first-wave feminists and the guys who prove their points (you guys) thus enabling the perpetuation of egalitarianism, I would still be living in an era where none of these things would be possible or not without serious social ostracization.

        49. Yeah. What’s wrong with a woman sucking 30 dicks before you marry her?
          I mean, apart from the fact that it makes you uncomfortable.
          Social norms and ethics exist for a reason. It’s just that you only support the ones that directly benefit you.

        50. Men actually DO view women are inferior, or at least, you manosphere men do. There are plenty of comments referring to women as stupid, irrational, incapable, and various manifestations of inferior all over the manosphere. You also view what you consider to be “women’s work” as inferior to the fields dominated by men, professionally. It might be easier to convince women that you don’t view them as inferior if you weren’t actually calling them stupid. Just sayin’.

        51. Ya Lisa because we all know so many happy women in their 30s that are childless and single. Right? People should look to you, someone childless and single, to attain fucking “enlightenment” instead of merely talking to all the old miserable spinsters they meet in their personal lives.
          You are the like the poster child for cognitive dissonance, it’s stunning how incapable you and your cohorts are of basic introspection.

        52. I’m not in my 30’s and you have to understand that I am Canadian. We simply as a general rule don’t give as much of a fuck about marriage as you folks do: http://worthwhile.typepad.com/worthwhile_canadian_initi/2013/11/marriage-canadian-style.html.
          Women can easily find a man, they don’t have to marry them and they would be better off if they didn’t. I’m unmarried and I intend to stay that way, that doesn’t mean that I’m single. In the countries where women are happier (Scandinavian countries) they are far less likely to be married than American women are. That doesn’t mean that they are single. As for “cognitive dissonance” yes that is exactly what it is when you have to tell yourself that someone can’t be happy without you, they just need to have your babies soooo desperately no matter what they are actually telling you about themselves. Plenty of studies show that couples without children are the happiest group of people (married or not).

        53. It’s biological Lisa not cultural. Women are not interchangeable with men, we are different. Your biological clock will punch you in the face at some point, but by then it will be to late.
          Take as many of your cohorts with you as you can, misery loves company.

        54. I’m not only referring to looks. Beyonce clearly considers Jay-Z alpha even though he looks like ass because her personal script for what is alpha is something other than looks. That may be the case for her but I would not let a man that ugly and ghetto touch me no matter HOW rich or powerful he is. Same thing goes for geezers. Many 20something women consider men alpha who are actually dirt poor and dress homeless. Alpha varies by woman. It is subjective. Are you illiterate or something?

        55. I guess by your logic it is safe to assume that all you bitter bastards trying so hard not to appear “beta” on here and who talk so much shit about women came here because you got gamed on hard by some past pussy:)

        56. It’s like I’m talking to a retard. Once again, you seem to be unable to disassociate physical appearance and alpha characteristics from each other. Beyonce considers Jay-Z alpha because he has an alpha personality, and even though his looks are sub par, his alpha personality overwhelms is physical shortcomings to her.
          Maybe this adolescent example will be basic enough for you to comprehend:
          There are two men. These men are exact copies of each other in every single possible way (looks, wealth, power, humor, etc.) but one. One man would be considered to have a beta personality, the other alpha. Because of this, most women are more drawn to the alpha “clone” than they are the beta “clone”. Looks have NOTHING to do with this.
          You’re “alpha varies by woman” comment is once again you not being able to separate the physical from the decidedly not physical. Don’t take this personally, but you’re pretty fucking slow.

        57. I think I see the source of your idiocy. You seem to think that I’m saying being an alpha male is a win-all in the eyes of the opposite sex, which is wrong. Looks, physique, wealth, personal style, etc. will all help or hurt a man’s success with different women, regardless of if he is beta or alpha. But alpha always beats beta.

        58. His “alpha personality” is not what she considers attractive you naive fucking retard. It’s his INCOME. If he was just another drug dealer back on the streets of New York he would stand no chance in hell.
          Some women consider high-earning men alpha because high incomes are important to them. You are honestly full retard if you think that all women want a “badass” with “swag” in spite of the overwhelming evidence against you. Given two rich men, more women are going for the good-looking one. All things being equal (income, looks), more women are going for the one who shows vulnerability. Stoicism is not attractive to women. Bon Jovi did not get to the top of the charts being a badass. Justin Bieber did not get to the top of the charts singing about all the women who wants to fuck around on. He got to the charts singing “baby baby baby whooo… thought you’d always be mine” while simultaneously sporting a bowl cut and being adorable. One Direction did not get to the top of the charts talking about how they fucking hate people and just want to shoot them, they got there by crooning love songs. Same goes for Backstreet Boys and N’ Sync before them (“I lie awake/I drive myself crazy/thinking of You.”) Women eat that shit up. Puddle Of Mudd got to the top of the charts by singing about hate…. specifically, how “she fucking hates me.” You could not be more fucking wrong if you went into a school and started molesting little girls. Since time immortal, women have wanted men who show vulnerability and weakness. If they have “alpha” looks while doing so, they are basically guaranteed success in life and with women. Oh sure, there are women who are drawn to men who are obviously just going to use and discard them, but those women are called ‘psychologically damaged with extremely low self-esteem.’ They’re not the norm.
          Assholes know this, and that is why they straight-up lie to women about their intentions and pretend to be nicer than they are.
          Your complete and total lack of understanding of women might explain what you’re doing on this site, or how you could possibly think men are superior to or even equal to women are in moral aptitude (i.e. male victim complex).

        59. No, not it doesn’t.
          Have you ever heard David Beckham SPEAK? Sounds like a fucking little girl. Women love him because he’s hot a fuck and talented, sure, but moreso because he is a FAMILY MAN who openly talks about how much he LOVES HIS WIFE. Saying these things if you’re an actor will actually help to IMPROVE YOUR CAREER, just ask Ben Affleck.
          Do you think that admitting unabashedly that you’re completely and incurably in love with and faithful to a woman is a decidedly alpha characteristic, or is that more beta to you?

        60. As an aside, women want SECURITY. I doubt anyone including you would dispute that. Security can and often does mean fiscal, sure (especially for those women who want children in the near future, they tend to seek out a provider). But where you guys go wrong is that women ALSO want EMOTIONAL security. And that is even more compelling in many instances.
          The reason that the hottest men to women are those that are beautiful but show weakness and vulnerability is because it satisfies the feminine need to feel secure. As this research will show, even slutty women like hearing “I love you”: http://www.hookingupsmart.com/2013/10/01/relationshipstrategies/unrestricted-male-relationship-ricin/

        61. liar. you’ll marry and reproduce. just like slut-mommy. by your own prior admission, mommy got used for sexual gratification and kicked by asshole daddy #1. you can get george clooney too! she was an angle and it wasn’t her fault, so you’ll be safe! you’re so close. mommy left plenty of daddy #2’s to marry afterwards, don’t settle for less! perpetuate existence of empowering female freedom of choice! choose to fail, just like slut-mommy did. Paul Walker will give charity to your slutty teenage daughter too!

        62. rofl! lisa546 is so myopic that’s it’s just funny! this prostitute doesn’t need to convince anyone to date her. first, she already has a pimp daddy #1. then, when she’s done with him, she’ll get another, but with cash this time. she’s just here bitching to keep her future options open. most men just can’t respect this. this way, her slut feminist sisters can pursue ass-fucking men anyway they want! the fact of the matter is, she’s young and going to fuck everyone (in more ways than one). and you can’t stop her from rubbing it in your face! and since her clear moral superiority is largely immutable, she’ll move on to that cash empowering beta daddy #2 right on schedule! just like slut-mommy taught her to! her shallowness can’t be changed. don’t forget to perpetuate female empowerment; she’s just trying to make sure she gets all her choices in life.
          again, thanks guys! the more things change, the more lisa546 and her feminist sisters will make sure they stay the same. not enough men will never wise up anyway. they still think we’re innocent fuck toys capable of loving over ourselves. ha! i mean, if enough men do wise up, oh fuck, i won’t get anything… can’t have that… better bitch more.

        63. 1 in 5 women now reach 45 without having reproduced. The number is higher among city-dwellers and if you can’t tell, I’m no country bumpkin.
          In Canada, where I live, few women are eager to marry: http://worthwhile.typepad.com/worthwhile_canadian_initi/2013/11/marriage-canadian-style.html. We don’t have the same government incentives that you guys do, which of course a woman will need before she chains her life away.
          As for my mother, again, she was the one who filed for divorce. She was also the primary breadwinner. Men are quite selfish and quite happy to have someone bring home the bacon, do most of the cleaning, AND put up with their cheating. But that’s not my mom and many women today.
          If I ever had the misfortune of getting pregnant, I’d be off to the clinic to get a province-covered abortion before you can say, “Period.”
          If you can’t sleep at night at the thought that one woman – let alone millions – don’t want children, you might want to do yourself a favour and kill yourself now. The numbers of childless women have doubled in 40 years, and they’re still going up.

        64. What is this new breed of morally deficient male on this thread? I mean, at least your predecessors here could spell and form a coherent sentence. Jebus.

        65. i didn’t say women, i said you. lair. you lied. you’re lying now. use more statistics to lie. i know them. i know you. better than you know your self. a deep program was instilled into you and you’re executing it now, trapped, loosing sleep. but whereas you take statistics out of context, i’ll keep you in you context. you’ll reproduce. you know it too, don’t lie to me.

        66. you got me. those predecessors are better than me. they knew better in so many more ways. but you’re still a liar. go ahead, try to reason your way out of the prior post. lie to me some more. lie by avoidance. lie by omission. lie by falsehood. do it.

        67. In addition to being an illiterate person who clearly grew up in the ghetto, you are also delusional and psychotic.
          OK well, the odds of encountering those things in a man are not that low so I guess it was bound to happen.

        68. I don’t have to prove anything to you. You need to believe that you have me “all figured out” to satisfy some deep-seated psychosis. It’s a shrink that should be dealing with your projection issues, not some random woman on the internet.
          Just don’t go shooting up any schoolchildren, whacko.

        69. hahaha. liar! amazing! tell me i don’t still bring you back and make you respond over and over again! tell me you don’t still cherry pick everything and that will be! tell me again how psychotic and delusional and projection and golden-rule and statistic and empowering you are! show it to me, you lying little liar! all stated before still stands uncontested. both my points and those better predecessors who long since moved on. but have found you out. you know your a slut and have rationalized it to be empowering. but you also know you’re a liar and haven’t yet turned that around. so i do know you, child. i’ll burn you out and take all of disqus’s content network servers will me. lie to me again! do it! it’s just you and i until someone else shows up and bans us both!

        70. “If I ever had the misfortune of getting pregnant, I’d be off to the
          clinic to get a province-covered abortion…”
          Yet another “strong and interdependent” woman who relies on the state to pay for her medical procedures.

    2. I take the word “player” as a compliment. It means that my game is good. Also, I wouldn’t call myself a misogynist. Equal rights for men and women. But equal rights means truly equal, not “equal” where men are screwed if a woman shouts “rape!” Equal where children aren’t automatically taken from men and given to women after divorces, even when the male can provide a better situation.
      My major issue with feminism is that a lot of the movement is predicated on equal rights without equal responsibility. And then there’s the misandry element that says that men are responsible for every terrible thing.
      If that’s misogyny, so be it. If that’s misogyny, I’m fucking proud to be a misogynist.

      1. Actually, when men petition for full custody, they are granted it 70% of the time as per the American Bar Association. The simple fact is that men don’t usually want full responsibility for their own offspring. That would interfere with their ability to get laid. And many times they don’t want ANY responsibility for their own offspring.

        1. Lies and statistics. Ah… Posts like this are shining examples of feminist dissimulation.
          Look up bargaining in the shadow of the law. For the Dworkin-brained out there: on the whole, American men are actively discouraged from seeking full custody of their children… often by their own attorneys. This is because, in the context of mother-biased custody award praxis, negotiating even limited custody is considered a victory.
          As of 2011, US men were awarded primary custody approximately 10% of the time and full joint custody in approximately 5% of cases. In practice, men get custody when mama is either an egregious basket case, they have very aggressive representation and a rare sympathetic judge, or they get really lucky.
          Overwhelmingly, children are placed with their mothers. Mothers who are also, overwhelmingly, awarded child support from the non-custodial father. Child support that is ruthlessly extracted… from men. “Dead Beat Moms,” eh, not so much. Further, as many divorced fathers will attest, enforcement of their court-ordered visitation is usually less than diligent.
          But somehow this is all men’s fault. Patriarchy. Why can’t the Lindy Wests of the world stick with the “five in every two women are abused” canard, or whatever toxic nonsense they’re spewing these days? You’d think they’d have at least some empathy for fatherless kids. Sad.

        2. I have never met a man seeking full custody of his kids but I do know two that wanted visitation rights without having to pay child support. One of them inherited 50 grand and still contested having to pay for his 3 kids.

        3. Bullshit, the 2007 Census states that only 15% of men had custody. You’re parroting the “men only want sex” line that’s been disproved time and again. A lot of men want families, children, and a non-bitch wife.
          Here are two cases. One is from (of all things) a gay man who lives in the central part of my state. The other is from a woman down the block.
          The first one goes like this. A closeted gay male and his wife have two or three children (I don’t remember the exact number). The gay male eventually comes out as such and goes into a “partnership” with another man, as my state forbids civil union or gay marriage. Naturally, the woman gets a divorce and custody of the children. The woman lives in a trailer park and has little appreciable income. She can’t provide for these kids. The gay husband has a six-figure salary, as does his partner. They live in a relatively large house and can provide everything these children need. Tell me how they don’t want any responsibility for the offspring.
          Second one like this: an overly entitled woman from down my street is catered to by her husband. Whatever she wants, she gets, from an expensive car to breast implants. One day, she grows tired of him, simply because he provides too well for her (I knew the husband). He loses the house and kids. Now he lives in a mediocre apartment. She keeps everything despite her lack of ability to hold a job or do anything outside of be a trophy wife. Explain to me how the man is at fault.
          You wonder why sites like this exist? You’ve just shown yourself why.

        4. Men want families and children because they know that the childcare will be primarily the wives’ responsibility. They get to kick back with a beer and watch the football game. Or if it’s modern men we’re talking about, kick back with a Playstation controller while their wives bathe and put the kids to bed.
          Men want an OBEDIENT wife who does whatever the fuck he tells her to, smiles, looks pretty (and young) doesn’t talk back, have an opinion of her own or contradict him, and puts out on command. In other words they want a Stepford wife who stays young eternally. If the man should fuck up so badly as to be liberated by divorce, he will of course seek remarriage (men get tons out of the whole marriage deal. Women, not so much), and usually it will be with a barely-legal woman if they can afford her. Speaking English is not mandatory, in fact they would probably prefer she not be able to so that she can’t talk back.

        5. Yes, well, sometimes dreams do come true for men. And sometimes feminists fuck things up for them by daring to have a life and not be a slave.

        6. “I have never met a man seeking full custody of his kids ”
          Well you have encountered one now.

        7. It is rather alarming. You are part of a rare breed. It’s too bad you’re outnumbered by guys who really don’t give a crap what happens to their kids and are happy to have old Uncle Sam pay for them. While there are plenty of good, intermediate fathers (the ones who I refer to above whose ideal situation in a separation would be joint custody with primary going to their exes) there are far more absentee/shit fathers than hyperenthusiastic ones like you (the type who would want to be single fathers). That is just a statistical and undeniable fact. In general, women care more about their children than men do.

        8. it’s rather alarming. it’s like women care enough about their children to divorce the children’s dads and leave everyone in misery! that’s just a statistical undeniable fact! lie again, do it, do it now! hahahahahhaa

        9. is that what you slut-mother was? obedient? just like she obeyed all those cocks and got knocked up at least 3 times by so many men? maybe you’ll obey cock and be just like her! only we’re just talking about your emotions and latent programming, aren’t we? so obey you’re emotions, don’t let this go, bitch some more, and come back here and lie again! obey this! you lying little liar; i know you and you know it. you don’t want marriage, admit it! you’ll be just like your mom and you’re already well on your way. marriage is an impediment to you. go ahead, refute it, refute all of this! refute the truth again, liar! talk back on everything but the truth, it’s all you have done, it’s all you can do, it’s all you know how to do. amazing how you only ‘talk back’, isn’t it?

        10. lisa546 has a dream. she has a dream of fucking men left and right, getting several kids just like slut-mommy did, and settling down when she’s done. she has a dream to fuck everything up. and all dreams come true for feminists. hahahhahahha, lie to me again, slut.

        11. You know Lisa, You should post comments on RoK all the time! Do it because I am a Man and I said so.
          Now when youre on here posting your inane garbage. Youre doing what I commanded you. Like a “Good Bitch”. Who says you cant be reformed? 😉

  5. This is one of the top 5 articles I’ve read on this site. Outstanding!!! Live your life as you please, everyone else be damned! Enjoy YOUR LIFE!

    1. Except you won’t. Karma will bite you in the arse.
      I have never met a happy stinker in my life and I doubt if I ever will.

      1. Living your life the way you want doesn’t mean you have to be a prick. it just means you’re doing what makes you happy. You are not concerned with what other people think of you. you are concentrating on you. You can do that with class or not with class.

  6. Exceptional article. For me, this is probably the best article on RoK for the last few months. I wish more men knew this… it would eliminate the need for the manosphere and game in general. But no, society says that we have to be “nice” and hold back what we truly think.
    No wonder there have been so many mass shootings recently…

      1. The man who killed the most people in a mass shooting was a South Korean police officer. These events are not limited to the United States in the least. Second most? Norwegian.
        Research before spewing. Research.

      2. …living in proximity to American women and their legislative henchmen will do that to a guy. …and also shut up.

  7. When Michael Jackson died, I didn’t cry.
    When Nelson Mandela died, I didn’t cry.
    When Paul Walker died, I didn’t cry.
    When Obama dies, I won’t cry.
    Women cry for apha males because it totally eliminates the possibility of them ever having their peen.

    1. If Obama dies I will cry because he appears to be a genuine goodhearted person who wants what is best for people. He does his best day in and day out. I know you can’t fathom this because when you die the only one crying for you will likely be your mom.

      1. Please tell me you’re joking. Obomber is a disgrace. Him and that modern day Marie Antoinette wife of his.

        1. I absolutely agree with you. His wife represents all the worst traits of married American females: selfish, entitled, frivolous…well, come to think of it, she does one thing well. Unlike Hilary, she has stayed out of the way and not gone into politics!

      2. Of course I can’t. As a man, I’m not interested in his peen like you are. You just made my point.

        1. So let’s see if I’ve got this straight; you are womansplaining what men’s lived experience is?

        2. OK, let me put it to you really simply: men are getting laid more and easier today. Even prostitutes are taking a hit for this reason. Men benefit from birth control and men benefit from women not having babies since most men do not actually want babies, they tolerate them to keep a woman and avoid going to jail.
          So it seems to me that men benefit all the way around. This whole website is about exploiting feminism for men’s benefit (i.e. how to get quick easy sex, how to avoid fatherhood, etc.) Can you explain how you are disagreeing with me on a website that validates my exact point?

        3. Furthermore, if you do not like quick easy sex and do not want to be able to avoid fatherhood, in other words, if you are not a player and/or misogynist, why are you here?

        4. There have been several articles on RoK outlining that many men would prefer that there be less women who are sluts. That being said, since you aren’t going away, we might as well make use of you.
          Birth control and children have nothing to do with anything in this article, so please stop adding inconsequential information to the conversation.
          As stated in a previous article, many men prefer commitment, it is just that we have been finding less and less women who are worthy of commitment (enter, feminism).
          This whole website is about masculinity. Now open your eyes, your legs, or get the fuck out of here.

        5. Men prefer commitment but ONLY on their terms. They hate egalitarianism, they don’t want to share roles or for women to have a say and they certainly don’t want to help out around the house, even IF the girl earns more: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/01/130108122443.htm
          They want a submissive, obedient, fertile girl who puts up with anything and puts out on command. Open my eyes or legs? Nah, I think I’d rather just refer to this evidence that women would rather tell men to get the fuck out than stay home and be housewives: http://thesocietypages.org/socimages/2013/12/29/mens-and-womens-gender-ideologies-ideals-and-fallbacks/
          Women do not want to depend on a man anyway. But you assholes serve as nice evidence for why it’s a bad plan for us to:)

        6. Thus spake the independent American woman. American women will soon find their lot increasingly attenuated of good masculine men as men go abroad and find wives who’ll love them, cook and care for the household. Your comment expresses exactly what men don’t want, women like you. I’m sure you’ll find some nice beta, who’ll monetize your standard of living once you’re over the hill. We already know women such as yourself don’t want to be housewives or traditional in any sense. You want men to wear those ridiculous fucking baby strap contraptions, whilst rubbing your feet and letting you spend his income and yours. In other words, psychologically castrating us with the full support of the police and courts. Us traditionalists have said no fucking way. You have made your bed and we’ve made ours. We won’t be responsible for the collapse of Western Civilization, you and your ilk will. Wait, too late Western Civilization has already collapsed, the buildings and great works of art may still be there, but the West is a hollowed out empty shell void of any real spiritual meaning (feminism killed it). Whether you want to believe in God or Evolutionary Biology, neither programmed the sexes to compete with each other but to be complimentary of each other. Women clearly are not biologically adept at competing in a man’s world without serious state-backed resources and laws while leaving men bereft of any. Do you think in a rational country without biased and nonsensical laws, that any company would let a woman get pregnant on the job, take tons of time off while still paying her and then even after birth, still pay her while she goes on “maternity leave,” in the process losing tons of productivity, money and time, when this job could have been better occupied with a man? And even if a woman denies her maternal instincts, she loses out on her main impetus in life as a woman, to be a mother. Only ridiculous laws can uphold such a system. On a level playing field, you cannot compete with us. However, you’re beyond the point of no return.

        7. Nice little study there, 30 interviews! Wouldn’t be difficult to find 60 couples where the man stayed home, did all the housework and then found his wife losing all attraction for him and running off with someone else.
          Men don’t hate egalitarianism, they hate feminism that pushes for more female privilege. Just because we have equal rights doesn’t mean all behaviours should be identical.
          Besides, it looks like the women in your example hate egalitarianism since they prefer to settle things in divorce…where women get sole child custody 85% of the time. When the courts side with women 85% of the time, that’s inequality and female privilege.

        8. “Thus spake the independent American woman. American women will soon find
          their lot increasingly attenuated of good masculine men as men go
          abroad and find wives who’ll love them, cook and care for the household.”
          OK, go to town. I’m sure American women (of which I am not one) will recover from the missed opportunity to be a houseslave to some dude who thinks her sole purpose should be servitude to him.
          “You want men to wear those ridiculous fucking baby strap contraptions,
          whilst rubbing your feet and letting you spend his income and yours.” Nope. Many women want to work and make their OWN money. That’s why they remove their wedding rings when they interview; marriage disadvantages their careers: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-life/10385246/Third-of-women-remove-wedding-rings-to-enhance-career-prospects.html
          ” Do you think in a rational country without biased and nonsensical laws,
          that any company would let a woman get pregnant on the job, take tons
          of time off while still paying her and then even after birth, still pay
          her while she goes on “maternity leave,” in the process losing tons of
          productivity, money and time, when this job could have been better
          occupied with a man? And even if a woman denies her maternal instincts,
          she loses out on her main impetus in life as a woman, to be a mother.” Men are entitled to take paternal leave too (women in the US hardly take ANY time off whatsoever for recovery).Your misogynistic comment about how any/all jobs would be “better occupied by a man” only prove the feminists’ point about sexism and job discrimination (thus justifying the need for quotas and affirmative action). If you freaks were smarter you would stop proving their points and at least give the APPEARANCE of fairness and supporting meritocracy (guess what? SOME WOMEN ARE FUCKING GREAT AT THEIR JOBS AND MORE QUALIFIED THAN ANY OF THE MEN WHO WANTED TO DO IT.)
          As for the “losing out” part, it’s a sad last-ditch effort to try and convince women that they need to put up with shitty husbands and being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen to be happy (i.e. what actually makes YOU happy). Me? I’m good. You guys are the ones who have to go further afield to get your houseslaves.

        9. If men don’t contest it then what do you expect? Most custody arrangements are informally reached outside of court. I mean, if Superbowl were cancelled men would riot but they don’t think it’s worth it to fight for custody of their kids. That tells me they are quite happy with joint custody and women getting primary custody. It shows where their priorities lie.

        10. Your tone reeks of the modern British or worse Australian woman. Women were slaves of men? I mean what world are you living in? Do you think it was easy for men to work laborious hours (12-14 hour shifts in those days), to come home tired, and then probably be drafted for war whilst his wife’s responsibilities were solely child-bearing, being a loving mate and housewife? Why is that deprecating to modern Western women? I can tell you why, because of years of inculcation from corrosive state-funded social movements, you have been made to consider your own biology, your own natural proclivities to be something dirty. I feel sorry for you, I truly do. Feminism is self-defeating.
          You cannot possibly expect Europeans or any group for that matter to be relevant or self-replicating if the women compete with the men and most importantly reduce the birthrate. And the women (usually white women) with your 1-2 token children and government enforced job, dispossess the parenting skills that will make your children, especially boys well-rounded. The girls usually will grow up with daddy issues, because mommy ostracized daddy and she’ll express her “sexuality” with men (whoring) in the hopes of finding a “daddy,” and the boys will have no real guide (a woman will never raise a man), and they’ll look for outside validation in their search to become a man (usually gangs etc). You madame can go ahead and ostracize and berate all you want but at the end of the day, your type will be bred out of existence by those competing cultures from the East. Simply by nature your “independence” is a self-defeating proposition. Nature will have the last laugh.

        11. “Women were slaves of men? I mean what world are you living in?”
          The world I’m living in is one where grandma gave grandpa (who it should be noted was much older than her to begin with) tons of kids, he was a serial cheater and eventually abandoned those children to go fuck some other woman and they were living in desolate poverty. He also had carte blanche to hit her back then. Not sure if they were ever formally divorced though. I don’t think they were.
          “The girls usually will grow up with daddy issues, because mommy
          ostracized daddy and she’ll express her “sexuality” with men (whoring)
          in the hopes of finding a “daddy,”, and the boys will have no real guide
          (a woman will never raise a man),and they’ll look for outside
          validation in their search to become a man (usually gangs etc).” Actually, it’s more like, “biological daddy was a serial cheater. Mommy took his sperm and made baby, then kicked daddy to the curb to find a real father. Mommy was on welfare for two months, but after getting back on her own two feet immediately went off due to pride. Daddy #1 refuses to pay child support but wants visitation privileges. This continues for 7 years before mom tells him to fuck off. Culminates in drunken hammering on the door when mommy is living with new daddy. Speaking of which… I’m 2. Enter new daddy. New daddy is 12 years older than mommy. New daddy is a wonderful partner and father. I get to grow up in privilege as a result of his job as a CFO of a Fortune 500 company. Mommy was mulatto. Biological daddy was black and Indian. Stepdaddy? He’s a rich white dude who left his white wife and two teenage girls to take up with exotic younger woman:) Happy to pay alimony to wife #1 to do so!
          The system was far from utopian for women. It was always the case that you couldn’t trust men as far as you could throw them, but you just couldn’t afford to divorce them and protect yourself before.
          As for demographic replacement of Europeans. OK, sure. You’re right. It is inevitable (30% of countries have sub-replacement fertility including many mulatto and Asian countries too by the way). So what? They bring in people like my mother and biological father to buffer the workforce (prick that he was, he was educated and high-earning). They give birth to non-white but Westernized people like me who identify with Western culture and values. Western civilization in its current (egalitarian) manifestation continues. Game over.

        12. I didn’t ask to hear your mini-fucking bio lady. Have you heard of “PROJECTING”? Thank you for capitulating the obvious point of Europeans being a non-factor in their own countries pretty soon because of their declining birthrates. Lastly, Western Civilization is not the same, we’re living in multiple different competing versions for Western Civilization. We are currently living in the age of Judaic Western Civilization, where nearly every mode of modern thought and modern Western philosophy is Jewish. Name one of your favorite feminists, and 9 times out 10, she’ll be a Jew.
          Lastly, the current Western model is a losing proposition, you think governments not influenced by Zionists and corrupt college departments would allow their countries to go the way of the dodo bird? The Europe and America that the East seeks to emulate is that of the 19th and early 20th century. There’s nothing mesmerizing about the current state of affairs with our numerous beta-mangina whiteknights and corrupted women. No they aren’t emulating that. Anyway I’ve found myself getting caught up in an argument with a woman, a Western woman at that, as if you possessed any reasoning skills outside of your vapid emotional sentiments and attachments. Shame on me.

        13. It’s an allegory, but it’s a relevant one. You can paint the past as this utopian world for women all you want, but what the fuck are you going to do about all the stories and evidence from women to women of the contrary? You can’t wish it away. Women know what’s what. They know what their grandmothers and great-grandmothers went through. WE DON’T WANT THE SAME FATE FOR OURSELVES. We don’t want to have to be dependent on men because the nature of men (and humanity) is self-interest. Men can and did exploit this privilege and many, many women were long-suffering who put up with being beaten, cheated on, ignored, abandoned, just fucking bored to death and wanting more from their lives. The current system may not be perfect but at least we have a fucking choice and some control over our own destinies. Every human being wants this – self-determination. White women – those who are liberal anyway – are my sisters, too. There is no putting the genie back in the bottle. Western egalitarian ideology is going global. Fucking get over it.

        14. The 85% are court rulings meaning they were not settled outside of court. Continuous appeals takes a shit ton of money and time, something the majority don’t have.
          Besides, men are acting on it, notice the continuous decline of marriage and yearly birth rates and increasing preference for foreign women?
          Men will opt out of monogamy and reproduction if there isn’t enough incentive and the risk is too great. I don’t know why you’re here, but this site is for men that agree with its message of men should be masculine and women should be feminine.
          Pump and dump the ones that don’t fit the bill, keep working to build your physique/wealth/game and get higher quality women. Keep repeating until you find the right woman with the feminine traits that you want.
          As you’ve previously referenced, american women want more sex to go around apparently. You’ve also said that there is no problem with a women sucking off 30 dudes before settling down. Why are you complaining about men doing the same to find what they want? Is it because this doesn’t fit with what you think men should want? Too bad

        15. The majority of child custody cases are not decided by the courts. In
          51% of the cases both parents agreed that mom be the custodial parent.
          In 29% of the cases the decision was made without any third party
          involvement. Only 11% of custody cases were decided during mediation
          with as few as 5% being decided after court order custody evaluations. Abusive fathers are more likely to seek custody than non-abusive ones (usually to spite the mother, the same motivation for men killing their children), and they get it 70% of the time. There is no gender bias in custody cases. Men just don’t want full-time responsibility for their offspring.
          Re: 30 dicks, that was sarcasm but given the audience I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that it was lost on you. The point of the statement was to point out male hypocrisy. There is something wrong with BOTH

        16. Do your stats come from researchers interviewing 30 couples again? The census bureau stats does not reflect your break down. Talk to any divorce lawyer in the US and they will tell you the same thing, the court heavily favours women when it comes to child custody battles.
          But at least you’re consistent, everything else you say is the complete opposite to what legitimate evidence points to. Kate Fillion’s has dispelled the myth of female moral superiority in sex, friendship, and love two decades ago, conducting the most in-depth case studies on the subject to date and reviewing other major bodies of research on the subject.
          Besides, what’s the issue? Women like you always claim to be better off without men, so do it and keep to yourselves. Instead you come to this website desperately seeking male attention with your subpar references and meager opinions.
          But feel free to continue and make your attempt to ‘tell us off’, I’m sure everyone is taking you very seriously and will change for the better from now on. Just know that you will probably get banned sometime in the near future for all the trash you’re spewing.

        17. Oh, I’m sure I WILL be banned for all the facts I am spewing and can back easily back up with references and studies.
          But I digress. Women ARE morally superior to men, and always have been. That’s not to say that there are no shitty women as there most certainly are, but they are simply outnumbered by shitty men.
          When there is a surplus of women relative to men, female promiscuity goes up as does women pursuing higher education in lieu of partnership. When there is a surplus of men relative to women, governments get nervous because men become more violent and begin blowing shit up (including themselves). Men are more likely to be clinically diagnosed sociopaths, and that is, frankly, enough said.
          I don’t expect you to become “better people” as I don’t think most men are capable of self-improvement beyond the materialistic and physical. Certainly not spiritual self-improvement. Even supposed male heroism is really motivated by pride and competition (i.e. self-interest), as are all male actions. Genuine empathy and compassion? Yeah, right. And pigs routinely fly out of asses.
          I am just, once again, pointing out the fact that by simple virtue of being assholes, you help promote the perpetuation of feminism by showing its necessity. And thanking you for it.
          As for the lecture on why I am here, why don’t you go lecture the whining “MGTOWs” on their constant discussing about female mate selection? God knows they whine more about the opposite sex than anyone else on this earth. So much for “going their own way.”

        18. In what way are men superior to women though?
          Technologically, in the STEMs – okay yes, you got me there. However, in every other way, men are inferior to women; morally, psychologically, immunologically, etc.
          Societies have long been erected to protect women in recognition of that fact. Women are more valuable than men are not only because of our shorter reproductive window but also because we are better people.

        19. So basically you start by saying something delusional and then refer to a garbage study with no credibility before spewing more garbage.
          Then you try to fabricate the break down of stats provided by the census bureau before you continue with some fembot ramblings.
          You’re pretty good example of a crazy, fat and frustrated woman that’s desperate for male attention.
          I guess you are providing some value by showing reasonable men and women what we’re trying to avoid.

        20. So in the absence of any credible data – or just any data whatsover – you could provide yourself, you resort to ad hominem attacks and criticizing… the results of the US census? OK! That makes sense. What are you, menstruating this week?
          Guess what? I am neither fat, nor old, nor unintelligent, nor “desperate for male attention.” I mean, OK, admittedly, I am a bit of an attention whore and an unapologetic troll hence the over 500 Facebook friends, but one need not be desperate for that which they have an abundance of. Tell you what, show me yours and I’ll show you mine. I would put a cash bet on you being the ugliest motherfucker around, because, really, why else would you need to research “game” if you could actually get pussy? I bet you look slightly more hideous than Roosh which would really be saying something. That man must have come out of his mother’s ass.
          But thank you for once again, proving my and the feminists’ points. If my main points are that men are shallow and can see no value in women beyond their youth, beauty, and servitude to men/willingness to make them a sandwich, thus rendering them morally inferior to women and women better off not marrying them and ESPECIALLY not being married to them in a traditionalist/dependent context, and your sole retort is “you’re ugly and fat though I’ve never seen your face so who cares what you think because what you think only matters based on your appearance” you’ve effectively proven my point about men for me. So once again, thanks for that. I also pointed out before that you guys saying that any woman occupying a job is “taking a job that a man should have” effectively proves/justifies the need for female-centric affirmative action by showing that gender discrimination in hiring exists. I wonder how many other unique ways you can demonstrate why feminism has your balls in a headlock and that’s not changing.

        21. Depends. Men who want , and can get, easy ass are indeed well served with feminism, because it has caused a flood of loose booty. Feminism is a disaster for family orientated men. Most men are – is my estimation – of the beta family orientated kind, approximately 80 – 90% i would say. Feminism therefor is an outright negative for the far majority of men (living pretty much sexless up untill your mid to late twenties en then marrying a damaged ‘reformed’ slut). By the way feminism is problably an even bigger disaster for women. Problem is, many of them, can’t even see it. If they can it’s too late….well into their forties and fifties if ever.

        22. So you’re saying that the census bureau is not credible while your shitty 30 couple studies are credible…
          When can we expect your published work on female moral superiority? Your work is supposed to overshadow Kate Fillion and all the researchers before her right?
          What’s next? Are you going to post a picture of Princess Diana and claim to be her?
          You can get as delusional and hysterical as you want, it’s only going to make our point stronger. We’re still going avoid women like you, marriage rates will keep going down, preference for foreign women will keep increasing and that’s not changing.

        23. Assuming that her work was published in the early 80’s as you attest, before her, women did not have agency in society to determine their moral position. They could not even purchase a vehicle without a husband’s signature (“coverature”). There is only the now to compare to where women are concerned. It’s actually to men’s credit that I discount the period of time that they routinely beat their wives from consideration.
          “We’re still going avoid women like you” wonderful, I have no use for chauvinist men; why would I settle for a man like you?
          “Marriage rates will keep going down” you mean I won’t have to say no to TWO proposals? Good! That was awkward for me.
          “Preference for foreign women will keep increasing” wonderful. Just make sure you move to your mail order bride’s home, too. You don’t want to risk her being subject to those pesky old “I can divorce you if you’re a shitty, using husband” laws we have here.

        24. Your reply just demonstrated that:
          1. You still can’t come up with a better source than the census bureau for your shitty stats.
          2. You can’t do math, 2 decades ago = between early-mid 90’s. It also makes the rest of your crap not applicable since women in the 80’s and 90’s had no need for it.
          2. Still can’t provide credible sources to back up your delusions for the morality between women and men in sex, friendship and love.
          4. Still desperate for male attention from this site

        25. Oh dear, you’ve gone full retard.
          Nowhere here was the census even referenced at any point. When I said, “When there is a surplus of men relative to women, governments get nervous because men become more violent and begin blowing shit up (including themselves)” I was in fact referencing well-documented global phenomena: http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1136376, http://www.publicaffairs.ubc.ca/2012/01/23/monogamy-reduces-major-social-problems-of-polygamist-cultures/. Polygamy leads to higher crime rates because men without women prospects start killing people and blowing themselves up.
          In contrast, when I said, “When there is a surplus of women relative to men, female promiscuity goes up as does women pursuing higher education in lieu of partnership,” I was also referencing fact: http://www1.umn.edu/news/news-releases/2012/UR_CONTENT_382570.html. When women outnumber men, they simply become more educated, prepared to provide for themselves and any possible future offspring.
          From a purely numerical standpoint, if half the men were to disappear, the only effect this would have on the world would be less murder and less suicide. Heck, they’re not even needed for engineering development anymore: http://www.infoworld.com/d/the-industry-standard/shocker-women-outnumber-men-in-years-tech-hires-230810
          I’m quite comfortable saying that women are morally superior to men for the simple reason that it’s a proven fact.

        26. Oh good, you brought more stuff to support our cause.
          Census bureau data supports 85% sole child custody, not the ridiculous breakdown you provided. Looks like you can’t do math or follow proper thought.
          Next you continue with more delusions backed with more shitty sources
          1. This site is talking about America, no idea why you’re bringing stats from China where the culture is completely different.
          2. Your little paper on the UBC site hypothesizes based on data that are centuries old. Women were feminine and men were masculine back then, we had distinct roles and it worked just as the paper suggests.
          Just like how we believe men should be masculine and women should be feminine. Without that, shit’s gone down the drain. If anything this paper supports what we have been saying of finding feminine women to settle down with and start a family.
          Besides, do you have any idea what kind of changes the world has gone through over the last 200 years? Out of the countries examined, China is no longer under imperial rule and the Ottoman empire doesn’t even exist anymore, we might as well compare modern American trends with Klingons.
          3. The final piece of crap. According that article women still only make up 31%, a number that hasn’t changed in 10 years.
          Besides, do you have any idea how broad ‘jobs in technology’ is? The breakdown provided by that article is pretty funny, no wonder women make less – they want all the low paying jobs in the field.
          And do you have any idea what the elite echelons of tech development looks like? I’ll give you a hint…it’s not overflowing with women….
          As fun as it has been to bust all your crappy sources and expose your lack of mathematical and logical capacity, my job is done. For whatever time this stays up, any reasonable person can take a look at the crap you wrote and laugh at what you represent.
          If you stand by your delusions, write a scholarly paper about it and get it published, don’t forget to include all your sources from here. You’ll want to avoid any respectable academic establishment as they will laugh you out of there.
          Feel free to continue as you were and leave your need for validation below.

        27. The global sources are relevant because they all point to the same fundamental thing; everywhere on earth, women are morally superior to men. There is not a place on earth in which men are not more fraudulent, more violent, more criminal, more promiscuous, more unfaithful, more sociopathic. You can criticize every gender study in existence while providing none of your own, but it won’t change the globally consistent facts.
          So men still comprise the bulk of those in STEMs. Well, there is a hostile environment towards women in any male-dominated field. This was perhaps most dramatically demonstrated when this man decided to shoot up a classroom full of female engineers but ONLY the female ones for “stealing men’s jobs”: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/f%C3%89cole_Polytechnique_massacre. “A number that hasn’t changed in 10 years?” Try a decline directly attributable to this event (in Canada, at least), that has never recovered from enrollment levels at that time. You’ll notice that no woman has ever come close to committing such a heinous crime.
          Women now have higher IQ’s than men: http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/333129/Women-do-have-higher-IQ-than-men-thanks-to-multi-tasking so in a meritocracy it’s only fair that their incomes should be higher. Attempts to curtail their freedom point to insecurity, inability to compete, megalomania and entitlement issues. You should really work on those. Actually, men in general should work on their characters until they are on par with women’s.

        28. please pardon my contention: high IQ does not equal merit. merit is the input, high IQ is just one possible outcome (of specifically working hard on scoring high). as such, merit is a broad unspecified measure of almost any work over time. IQ is more a measure of specific work in mastering an IQ test. i would ask that the two not be confused. thank you. carry on.

        29. it sounds like you’re giving your slut-mom a free pass. she took sperm from dad #1, got dad #2 to raise it, and used both men so terribly that now you’re having problems finding a man. i don’t think paradise was lost here, but she sure did her part to make your future harder than she had it. kinda not mom like, right? more like a succubus sucking her men and own children dry. which is probably why dad #1 left her (though this is pure speculation as you never bothered to ask him) and likewise why you probably don’t care to mention your mom in present tense.
          and look at what we have here, a girl-child attention whore that likewise wants stuff but doesn’t want to have to contribute worth back. slut-child. maybe you’ll move on to other men when you’re done here, just like your slut-mom did. the apple doesn’t fall far, does it? hard to envy you. but maybe if you put on enough make-up and get a guy drunk enough, you’re plotting will catch a man at his weakest and he’ll become dad #1! and the abuse everyone cycle will repeat! until you get dad #2! joy and wonder! the succubus isn’t happy, so it’s spite for every one! you have a pussy, you’ve earned it, merit IQ education girl! what is self awareness anyway?

        30. utopian western egalitarian ideologies require intense expenditures to maintain, like all utopias. which often rapidly descend into dystopian war zones. like this! more choice, more destiny, more self-determination, more global, more ideology, more contradictions in the same sentance! if only women had more, then women will have more utopia! it’s just around the corner, seize the day! we can do it! fucking get over the cost to everyone else, there aren’t any consequences to women!

        31. I’m not sure what you have against grammar and punctuation, but I highly suggest someone referencing self-awareness maybe think about also familiarizing themselves with the dynamics of the English language, particularly when mentioning IQ:)
          With respect to run-on sentence #1, nope. My mom made the decision to keep the child/not terminate the pregnancy, but since it was blatantly obvious that he would make a terrible father, divorced him immediately after making said decision. Ask him myself? Perhaps I would have tried to. He did pop into my life briefly several years ago seeking credit card information. Vanished when I failed to provide it.
          Dad #2 was, as I mentioned, a fantastic father to all 3 of his daughters. I have a great relationship with him. If he wasn’t romantically fickle in his youth like many men, I can honestly say I don’t know where I’d be today. I agree that a good father figure is essential but unfortunately a significant minority of men simply have no interest in being good fathers. You can wish it away but you can’t change the facts.
          Also, not having trouble finding a man, nor have I ever. Men are very easy to satisfy/attract: be young, pretty and smile a lot. Don’t express any opinions. Laugh at a guy’s stupid jokes. Misandry helps maintain many a relationship. All you have to do is don’t give men too much credit. They’re cavemen at heart:D

        32. hahaha. self-confessed slut child of a slut mom and proud of it. knew i’d get your attention. but i am sorry, i got it wrong before. dad #1 didn’t leave, slut-mom left. that means she didn’t even get a george clooney the first time, did she? and did you? how many more cocks and good will did she have to burn through to find good daddy #2? how many do you think you’ll have to go through? how many are left after the two of you and your sisters? repeating in slut-mom’s foot steps so blindly? do you honestly want to live your mom’s life? was it that glamorous? do you want to be treated like crap? say yes. say anything other than no as your first and only word in reply and you’ll be saying yes anyway. go ahead, lie to me some more. liar. damnable lying prostitute without insight. you’re a troll at this point. text-book.

        33. Independent as opposed to dependent Western women who live in countries that are developed forget and literally ignore what men are all about. Building and maintaining the world from the rails of commerce to the Rule of Law. There is not one cog in the gears whether from engineering highways to laying fiber to energy to national security that women can provide support with in any meaningful way. Not even in the social sciences can women be counted! Were there any philosophers, musicians, chefs, farmers, artists, psychology or any field that women have contributed in on a substantial basis regarding any facet of life outside of a little bit of manufacturing, nursing, and the field of education in a meaningful way? If men disappeared today women will become potato farmers living in mud huts before 200 years they cannot possibly maintain the world as it is today the skyscrapers, highways blah blah blah.

        34. When did you ever have a penis, to be able to tell that Feminism made your life as a Man, any better?

        35. I came here for the Male Friendly atmosphere, something Feminism destroyed in most of our society. Yet here you are, in one of the last safe havens FOR Men, spreading your Feminism.

        36. “Women do not want to depend on a man anyway.”
          Then why the fuck do you care? Go tell all of your GF’s to hurry up and GTOW. No, wait Feminism is the only way you bitches CAN go. Spineless, idiot, worthless Women who need a consensus to be able to make up their own minds. Equality is different from Feminism for a reason. They are NOT the same thing. A Woman can lead a Man only to her own unhappiness, but you bitches would rather be unhappy and leading, over being happy and following. Worthless. Not even worth burning the calories needed to pump and dump you. You deserve that hollow empty feeling you hate so much. I wouldnt fill that void for 5 seconds. Ive spent more calories than youre worth just writing this. The worst part is, you probably will get moist in your nasty ass panties by reading this. You make it so the only way to successfully deal with you, is by ignoring you. Im investing in NESTLE! They make Friskies cat food AND Chocolate. You will be paying ME to bang 18 year olds and NOT you.

        37. I think much of the custody “agreements” revolve around the fact that most men have to continue to actually, you know, WORK to support the former wife and now kids as well. That makes it a little more logical when a man decides his ex should be the best option as a babysitter.

      3. After reading some of your other comments, I suspect you’re serious. Jebus, what a mental fur-ball! Please go suck start a .45.

  8. Sorry if this is off topic, but I need help with a girl from all of the pro’s on this site. I don’t have anyone else to ask.
    This girl initially messaged me over facebook we bantered and met up for a date some time ago. Initially I told her it would only be 30 min but I was enjoying it and so I let it go on longer. The date lasted 2 to 2.5 hours.
    During the date, we wanted to get a coffee, but the place where we met up was full and had no spaces. So I suggested we walk around a nearby mall and look for a starbucks there. We would walk around the mall from store to store and I would grab her hand and pull her in the direction i wanted to go. Id put my hand on her lower back, on her waist and eventually started touching her ass. Eventually we found a starbucks and had some coffee (she paid for both of ours, although i told her i’d pay for my own). After the coffee we walked around some more and I tried to kiss her after saying, “I think you have beautiful lips, I want to kiss them”. But she said, “too bad didn’t happen”. Eventually we left the mall and walked outside so i pushed her to the wall and tried to kiss her again, but she turned her face down and looked shy. But I held her and eventually felt her put her leg in between my legs and I knew she felt my boner. I let her off the wall and she started looking at movie posters plastered on the wall. One of these posters she pointed out to me said, “Men & Women” and I added in “kiss” while moving in for the kiss and got it. I then grabbed her hand and led her to the bus stop. As we were about to leave she gave me a giant hug, and I said, “you give me a hug without a kiss”. She said you can kiss me on the cheek and I was like, “nah ill grab your ass instead” whilst grabbing her ass at the same time. While I was standing at the bus stop, she texted me saying I could get a kiss if I hurried before her bus arrived. I was like w/e, didnt feel like getting her to come a few bus stops to me. When I came to her she gave me this doggy dinner bowl look and I kissed her and left. I was wondering whether it was a beta/needy move to come over to her bus stop to kiss her?
    I was fairly dominant during the date, leading the interaction, getting her to qualify to me. When I kinoed her she would kino me back. For example when i went to hold her hand, shed started interlocking fingers with me or checking out my hands.
    So I called a girl to set up a day 2, after which she told me that I am not good at pulling off the jerk personality and so I should tone it down a bit. A bro who I daygame with tells me the same thing, to drop the douchebag personality because it doesn’t suit me. But if I drop the douchebag personality, I’d start failing shit tests, frame tests, etc because I am a nice person that generally hates playing games.
    So onto my story. During day 1 i got to k close and ass grabs, but for day 2 i couldn’t get a single kiss. Id go in and she’d turn her cheek every time or tell me to kiss her on the cheek first.For the date we went to watch a movie, and during the movie id try to escalate kino. So I put my hand on her leg and start slowly moving up it, but she’d always block it. Initially she would just swipe my hand off, but eventually she took my hand in hers, interlocked her fingers with mine, and stroked my hand and put it in her lap. She’d sometimes put her head on my shoulder or her hand on my knee. Yet she wouldn’t let me kiss her, instead pointing to her cheek and say, “cheek first”. We would also sexually banter, and make sexual play on words during the date. Furthermore, whilst our hands where interlocked in her lap, she let me rub her boob with my forearm, but no kiss.
    After the movie ended we went for a short walk and i tried to lead and she was unresponsive at times, she would walk ahead or not listen to commands. However, whenever I tried to kiss she’d give me tight hugs, and tell me or hint that Im persistent and she even joked, “has anyone told you, you are annoying”.
    Wtf is happening I am so confused? Should I give up on this girl? What did I do wrong? Why no k close on second date but I was able to get a k close on first date? What are my next steps? Should I go for day 3?

      1. Basically, I kissed the girl on the first date but she wouldn’t let me kiss her on the second despite putting her hand on my knee, putting her head on my shoulder and showing other ioi’s. Why?

    1. You’re trying way too hard. Sounds like she can smell that everything you do is an act.

      1. How do you not try too hard?
        She told me I can lay off the jerk persona, but I persisted to my detriment.

    2. (Reading between the lines here)
      She’s in your head, you seem to be insecure about your role as a leader and also you seem to be afraid to loose her aswell.
      Which is a problem, because it should be the other way around as you most certainly know that you are the leader in the relationship and therefore she is the one who should fall in love with you.

  9. Lately too many RoK articles have catered to whinging, entitled faggots. Thank god for a real article giving good life advice. Well done. Now tell the other writers to grow a fucking pair.

        1. … which served no purpose whatsoever except to sidetrack the topic at hand.

        2. i guess so, but i was pointing out that crying for someone who wasn’t what the media tells us all he was is showing me that the author doesn’t know his history. and by posting this i hoped he would read it and go read some south Africa history

        3. If the END of Apartheid came at the cost of Massacres, so be it! Freedom is not cheap, it comes in blood. You own me? I kill you! In fact, I wipe out your whole family! Mandela and the ANC are heroes. Go fuck yourself, twink.

        4. Yeah, and how are things there now for everyone? Black and white? Not so good. Darwin.

    1. this’s the type of idiot who pops up everywhere to be relevent, it’s blasphemy you should even mention mandela in your ugly virgin mouth,, go to stormfront or roissy’s shitty wepsite,, imbecil white trash

  10. I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for a blog for masculine men like us . Love all u guyz, keep bloggin boyz.

  11. I would like some opinions about whether I’m living life on my own terms or just a dbag. I have 2 degrees (MBA) and have never done well in the corporate world as I’ve never dealt well with superiors. Although I wasn’t fired I was always described as hard to work with or angry.
    After owning my own business in another state I returned to my hometown of New Orleans just in time to lose everything via Katrina…Like many, I gutted houses and worked in construction for several years. When I tried to get back to a professional career I found it almost impossible (I had no real influential networks cause I didn’t give a shit).
    Anyway, I took a project Manager job for a non-profit construction company. Jesus what a joke. Whatever altruistic proclivities I had were gone pretty quick. My world and my city has been inundated with little dudes in porkpie hats and wispy beards espousing the virtues of Vermont or some such shit. The women are typically angry and highly liberal. I try to warn them about the dangers of this place but they don’t listen and they pay the price.
    I’m sorry if I’m off topic but I enjoyed the article and I espouse to those platitudes I’m just not convinced they are attainable.

    1. Go find work on a rig, dude. Pros: Great pay, no women in the field, no hipsters. Also, plenty of time off to travel or pursue your hobbies. See Scotian’s thread in the forums for inspiration.

  12. Why are so many fellow kings wasting time engaging a feminist cunt who’s vomiting all over the comments section? Come on guys, preserve the sanctity of such a good manly article and ignore the cunts. Wish you all a great new year full of success.

      1. Agreed, it has been amusing fingering her, but generally a waste of time.
        Lisa, by me you it’s be wet, you can go finger yourself now while thinking about us.

        1. It’s not a waste of time, it’s an intellectual exercise in which you were destined to lose.
          For realsies though, I love you guys. If it weren’t for assholes who can’t be trusted and treat women like shit (a large minority of men), feminism would have been dead within a decade of its inception as women would have ran back to their vacuums. They don’t because anything is better than being a houseslave to some lame-ass cheating prick who gives her the backhand when she “gets out of line.” Including single motherhood.
          Those lame-ass cheating woman-hating pricks? That’d be you guys. Thanks for the legacy xoxo

        2. “They don’t because anything is better than being a houseslave to some
          lame-ass cheating prick who gives her the backhand when she “gets out of
          line.” Including single motherhood.”
          Thats why youre posting on RoK? Single Motherhood is only awesome after you come here?

    1. Jesus fucking Christ there’s even more bilge below. Don’t feed the attention seeking fucking Cuntrolls!

  13. That’s just fine work. Y’know what makes me cry? Hearing guys slinging ideas like this, ideas that would have been heresy only a decade or so ago. Its a breath of fresh air hearing truth and good sense getting passed around.

  14. Good article although it sometimes sounds a little romantic and utopian. Fact is, we are all persons (men) with physical and intellectual capacities more or less developed. The main thing to filter out of the article and at same time the fundamental one is to try to get the best output out of these capacities. Remember there will always be one that does it better but that should not affect us. Actually dealing with that fact makes you humble and down-to-earth in a positive way. Stay true to yourself don’t count too much on other opinions and if you do or have to do a so called less honored job at least you should do it with conviction and commitment. Don’t forget to develop intellectually and physically. Set your goals realistically. Stagnancy is a killer! Cheers from Europe

  15. Wow-this is powerful stuff and something every man should read. All too often we live for other people and within their expectations. Whether it be family, friends, significant others, the list goes on and on of people who would have you do what they think is best, 99% of the time because it serves THEIR own interests, Stop bitching about your situation and start making changes, even small ones. The only thing we truly control is our own behavior and reactions.

  16. Great article – great lessons for life. Let me add 1 thing, life moves fast – REAL fast – so don’t waste that most valuable of all commodities…., TIME.

  17. This is one badass article Daniel.. Wow, Wow and Wow 🙂 It gave me so much energy and happiness so thank you for that! It really seems like you are living your life in the self actualization mode while having many crazy and amazing peak experiences.. Keep on rocking the world my friend and take care of yourself so you keep on posting awesome articles for a long time 🙂
    Franz Schwennicke

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