Finnish Police Teach Women How To Prevent Being Raped By Simply Saying “No” Sternly

In these times of “refugee” crisis and migrants running amok in European countries, Finnish authorities have decided it’s time to teach women some self-defense. The police have released a video showing what a woman should do if she’s assaulted on the street. The video is one of the most unintentionaly funny things I’ve ever seen. Take a look:

A well-dressed white man comes at the blonde Finnish girl from behind, slightly poking her back with his hand. It kind of looks like he wants to ask her for directions or some other harmless thing, but the woman isn’t taking any chances. She turns around, holds her hand out and says “No.” The man staggers away as if he’s been dealt a kick by Bruce Lee.

When the brilliant defensive tactic of saying no doesn’t work, the woman shoves the man away. In one shot she isn’t even touching the guy when he’s flung back, so you would guess that she has mastered the ways of the Force. When not even the Force works, she resorts to the one weapon that no man can deflect: bashing him with her handbag.

The video would be even funnier if it wasn’t also quite sad. In Finland, you’re not allowed to carry guns, tasers, or pepper spray. All you have to defend yourself are your fists and whatever objects you happen to be carrying at the time. I know girls in Sweden who have pepper spray with them anyway, but most women probably follow the law (and are terrified by weapons in general).

The truth is that if a woman doesn’t have the great equalizer of a firearm at her disposal when a rapist goes after her, she’s pretty much screwed. The man is stronger and likely highly determined to not let his victim get away. My best advice for a girl in that situation would be to run as fast as she can, or scream as loud as she can to get the attention of males who can come to her aid.

But as feminism prescribes women to do everything on their own, I wouldn’t be surprised if women today would rather be raped than ask a man for help.

Another stupid video about rape

But wait, there’s another rape themed video out that’s been getting some attention lately. This one is more annoying than funny. British police has had a “consent is everything” campaign, and this video uses tea as an analogy for sex.

The basic message is that if your guest didn’t want tea, you wouldn’t force it down his or her throat. The same thing goes for sex. If you force someone to do it with you, you’re committing rape. Pretty simple, although the police department seems to think that the viewers are simple too, since it takes nearly three long minutes to make it’s point.

I’ve seen this video being widely spread, and feminists dig it. I must note, though, that it fails to inform people of the new feminist rule that if you have sex willingly and then regret it afterwards, you’ve been raped. It’s just like when you drink a cup of tea and then have second thoughts, and report the person who made the tea to the police.

“If you’re still struggling with consent …”, is the first line the narrator says. His patronizing tone stays throughout the whole video. “Unconscious people don’t want tea, trust me on this.” Yeah we know, you retard. Was this made for children?

I’m sorry to break it to this guy, but both rapists and non-rapists know that rape is wrong. The difference between them is that rapists don’t care. At least in the West, no one is going around seriously saying that rape is alright and that you can force people to do what you want. But feminists believe it to be so, and they’ve used Roosh as a straw man to promote this idea of rape culture. The makers of the video have the same agenda and want us to think that men are “struggling with consent.”


Problems with consent

There are issues with consent, though. It’s not as black and white as some people would like it to be. One problem is that women change their minds so often that it’s hard to keep track of what they want. It’s further complicated by them often saying one thing and meaning the complete opposite. Being so ambivalent about everything, they need a dominant man to lead the way.

But the biggest problem of consent is that it’s almost never expressed out loud. If she doesn’t want sex she’ll let you know, but if she wants it then you both move along without saying much. You can tell that she likes it from what she does to you and her body language. Asking “do you consent to having sex with me?” in that heated moment would sound both weird and unsexy. It’s just not something that comes naturally.

You’re wasting your time if you’re trying to teach a rapist not to rape. If he was brought up in Scandinavia, he knows what he’s doing isn’t right. It’s better to give women the necessary means to defend themselves. If they were given the right to bear arms, they would stand a fair chance against a male assailant. But I don’t see that happening in these Nordic countries anytime soon.

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162 thoughts on “Finnish Police Teach Women How To Prevent Being Raped By Simply Saying “No” Sternly”

  1. The second video is just the same bullshit rationalization of sex and our desires that is downright annoying. It’s such an out-of-world, unfitting analogy that it almost baffles me that government money is being invested in this kind of nonsense.
    I laughed far more than I should at the first video, though. Holy crap.
    If only people intend on murdering, robbing and raping others would IMMEDIATLY start backing away the second you turn around and raise your hand, which is what happens in the video.
    Honestly looks like he wants to ask for directions. He even backs down with HIS hands up, like “don’t shoot me”.

  2. And if firmly saying NO doesn’t work, write a very strongly worded letter to the municipality informing them so.
    Reminds me of Bono (I think it was him) saying “let’s say no to poverty.” Woooww! Problem solved!
    This kind of wishful emotionalizing gets people hurt and women raped, while those who push it get to self righteously pat themselves on the back.

  3. Talk about STUPID// JUST SAY NO what if she got a knife to her throat, been drugged or like Cologne where it is Gang Rape. Wow, talk about Dense. Feminists and their Epsilon Male pets at work.

    1. I live in what used to be great white north. Here women would much ther be aped than be convicted of racism. Hence, I have seen many cases where women who are totally uninterested in dancing with, or being picked up by, men in a night club, will say yes; when approached by a black man. They often wriggle away after, but at least he had an at bat. White guys just get terminated with extreme prejudice (see what I did there?).

      1. Angry Face? …She seemed trying to relieve herself of constipation. That straining face made me burst out in laughter.

    1. interestingly, if you look up Unni Wikan then she’s actually rather ANTI-multiculturalist. her views in fact are considered “racist” by some advocates of multiculturalism. the “quote” you mention is not her direct words – but rather a journalist interpretation. it looks to me that she was rather sarcastic by saying this.

      1. Well, Wikan could be sarcastic, but the Major of Cologne is a well known feminist and said the same thing.
        I have been trolling a leftist forum sometimes doing the same, which is stating the obvious consequence of multiculturalism. And that drives them nuts.

        1. yeah they’re all garbage. i just think quotes should be attributed correctly – otherwise we look like feminists who misquote Roosh.

    2. Can you list a source for this? I too looked into this quotation. The tabloids may be putting words in her mouth.

    3. According to her wiki page (or should that be “wikan” page), she said: “if immigration into Norway is to be tolerated, then “Norwegian women
      must take their share of responsibility for these rapes” because Muslim
      men found their manner of dress provocative.”
      i.e. she is putting it in the conditional. She doesn’t support multiculturalism.

      1. IF
        If you want these foreign thinking mussies then you’ll have to get used to wearing a bucka or you may get raped.

      1. Got a problem smoothskin!
        But seriously, she does look a bit like a dried up corpse with the wispy hair and sunken cheeks.

    4. This video is due for an excellent parody. One scenario in my mind, I have a roosh looking dude minding his own business and have a feminazi push him. Wait… its not a parody it has happened to him before.

    1. actually this paragraph does make sense:
      “A pedophile should be held responsible for his conduct — but not for the underlying attraction. Arguing for the rights of scorned and misunderstood groups is never popular, particularly when they are associated with real harm. But the fact that pedophilia is so despised is precisely why our responses to it, in criminal justice and mental health, have been so inconsistent and counterproductive. Acknowledging that pedophiles have a mental disorder, and removing the obstacles to their coming forward and seeking help, is not only the right thing to do, but it would also advance efforts to protect children from harm.”
      im sure no one chooses to be attracted to kids. its fucked up but its how it is. let them come forward to keep them away from children to prevent harm. the author has the right intent

      1. It doesn’t matter what people want to do. What matters is if they do it or not. For example, if I had lived a thousand years ago I would have made a living plundering british churches and burning and looting villages. Can’t do that today, so I don’t. What these animals lack is restraint. So it is up to us, as their hosts, to restrain them or, failing that, kick them out.

      2. It all makes sense when you view sexual perversions in terms of ATTRACTION and BEHAVIOR. The attraction may not be a choice, but the resulting behavior most definitely is. Offer people help and support with the abhorrent attraction, but if they dare act upon it it’s jail for life. People seem to have trouble thinking rationally about this topic.

      3. I see what you mean but in this day and age when a condition is said to be mental or genetically caused it rids the accused the of intent therefore being judged lightly and getting a lower sentence than they normally would. It’s like a carte blanche from allegations and prison time. No prison blanket parties but a camp in the woods to cure them. It’s an easy escape.
        I read somewhere that a dude in Settle got caught in the women’s locker and to escape the charges, he jumped on the trasgender bandwagon. He said that he identifies as a female.

    2. Liberals and Jews are big on the “everyone I don’t like is Hitler” method of media propaganda. Just look at their coverage of Donald Trump and anyone who’s supporting him. Endless lies, endless slander.
      I especially love the Democrats – who pander exclusively now to illegal immigrants and the blacks, trying to attack Republican voters as “low education.” (Yet if anyone calls them on it and publishes numbers for black high-school graduation rates, the demographic that votes 90+ percent Democrat, you’re a raciss! raciss! Bigot! Sexist!)

  4. The modern definition of rape is so broad can you imagine if women were taught to pull out a gun and shoot their “rapist”? That poor guy tapping the woman on the back in the first video would be dead for asking directions. First teach what actual rape is, then introduce firearms use?
    This article has definitely made me grateful America is not easy for all the migrants to get to. But if they do get here, I’ll just use my super powers to deflect them like the super hero woman in the video.

    1. I’ll just use my superwoman powers too, except my powers include pepper spray and a good kick where the sun don’t shine.

      1. You should work for the Finnish police. Your super powers sound much more effective than the puffy mittens of doom the woman in the video is wearing.

    2. My daughters will be saying no with the exclamation point provided in the form of a 9mm or .40S&W projectile.
      Nothing quite says stop like a sucking chest wound.

  5. Feminists seem perfectly fine with rape, as long as its not western men doing it. If a Muslim “migrant” commits rape, they are dead silent, even if the act is forced upon a child. It just goes to show that Feminists were never about Women’s rights; feminism is about hating Western Men, specifically White.

    1. “Feminists seem perfectly fine with rape, as long as its not western men doing it”
      Nailed it.
      There is no feminist to be found when a muzzie rapes a woman.

      1. Feminists say nothing when they get raped by a muzzie because they know, as women of privilege from privileged nations, they cannot be raped.
        Rape = institutional power + sex. A poor refugee from some bronze-age nomadic tribe from a desert half a world away has no institutional power. They are no one. A white woman absolutely has more status, more power, and more authority than a muslim refugee. So it is not rape. It can’t be rape. It is just a temporary suspension of their female privilege.
        Feminists know this, which is why feminists remain silent. Blacks cannot be racist against whites. Refugees cannot rape 1st world women.

  6. Good article, and funny/sad videos. They give women a false sense of security, they are not helping them. Maybe it’s meant to be…?

  7. Most women are too stupid to recognize how they’re being played to destroy their own country and their own happiness.

  8. Somebody please tell me that Finnish video is just a joke. If it’s somehow real who in the hell is going to do anything other than laugh hysterically at it? It’s just too stupid to be real.

    1. 0:29 she literally toss a hadouken at the guy!
      But in a more girly, “one leg up in the air” silly way.

    1. Right. She even hit him with her purse, which did nothing at all. And it did not matter that there were people around either. The person videotaping the event wasn’t coming to the rescue. When it comes to self defence, you are on your own.

  9. Life became too good in Northern and Western Europe. That’s why the people who live there are so weak and blind for all the dangers in the world. They really think they can change the animalistic nature of subhuman scum from the Middle East. And they really think that all people are equal and that there aren’t any differences between the inbred population of the Middle East and North Africa and the population of Europe.
    I think it’s good that this happens in Europe. Let those Muslims rape and rob the white countries. The natural balance between suffering and pleasure would be restored. Too much suffering isn’t good, but too much pleasure isn’t good either. The people in Europe need to suffer first before they wake up and realize that life isn’t a fairytale.

  10. “It’s not as black and white as some people would like it to be.”
    SOOOOOOOoooooo true, and Im not being facetious here. Im being dead serious. SO many times I’ve had token resistance. She’s polite on the date, laughs at all my jokes, totally compliant on the kino goes into my room or a hotel room and gets comfortable, but when I start making a move she gives me resistance. Such a mind fuck for me at times.

  11. “But the biggest problem of consent is that it’s almost never expressed out loud.”
    32 notches, and all 32 didnt verbally consent.

      1. ha! reading this cold this morning it looks like an awful statement.
        I agree with the quoted statement by the author and my experience goes counter to what others think happens. that number could easily be 40 had I not waited for consent because my beta half took over and I balled. Each time I balled i never saw the girl again. each time I pushed whether I got laid or not always led to another date and sex.

  12. I hear if you say “NO!” sternly enough to a charging pitbull, it will not maul your face off. But that’s just hearsay, not official video put out by the animal control experts or law enforcement.

  13. Consent and Tea
    My solution to this problem: I’ve drafted a Consensual Coitus Consent Contract (CCCC for short) that’s now up to 3 pages long.
    The problem is that I require a separate CCCC prior to each and every episode of Coitus. And, each contract requires the girl’s signature to be notarized, lest she claim her signature was forged.
    It’s a real boner killer. But hey, you can never be too safe, I”ve been told.
    Condoms and CCCC’s . Men, don’t leave home without them.

  14. Do these Finnish cops think that getting a rapist to double over in a fit of giggles will give her time to get away?

  15. So what if I ask you if you want the tea, you say yes, I bring you the tea, you drink it without me forcing you, or without objection, and then two weeks later, you decide you didn’t want the tea you drank?
    What if I ask you if you want the tea, and you say yes, so I make the tea and you start drinking it, but secretly you think the tea tastes bad, but you never tell me, and you pretend that you like it because you don’t want to be rude?
    What if I ask you if you want tea and you say no, but at the same time, you start getting your tea cup ready and setting the table, so I boil the tea; you say you still don’t want tea, but you put your tea cup down in front of me and look at me to pour it; I pour myself some tea, but none for you, and you protest, so I pour you some tea; then you say, no I don’t want any tea, so I say no problem, and I start to drink my tea anyway; so then you start to drink your tea too?
    What if I ask you if you want tea, and you say no, but I tell you my tea is really good, you don’t know what you’re missing, you should really try it, so you then drink the tea?
    What if I invited you over for the express purpose of having tea, and I was very explicit that I was having tea, and that this was the reason you were invited, and that if you didn’t want tea, that’s cool, but then you’re not invited over because I’m having tea; so you show up and say you don’t want tea, and I protest, of course, because you have treated me unfairly, and I say that you should want tea because that was the explicit purpose in me inviting you over, and you can now leave if you’re not having tea, so you feel guilty and drink some tea?
    What if you know that I really like and enjoy tea, but you and I have an agreement where we can only drink tea together because we have agreed that only the two of us enjoy tea in the same way, and that no one else can appreciate tea as much as we do; then one day you start refusing to have tea with me, even though you know I need tea; I refuse to break our agreement and start having tea with someone else because I am honorable and I think it would hurt your feelings if I did; I never force you to drink tea, but because I want tea, I try to convince you to have tea with me again through persuasion, coercion, guilt, or otherwise; eventually, you have tea with me occasionally for whatever reasons?
    I could go on and on.
    99.9% of this rape culture bullshit fits into these categories.
    The funny thing is, consent is actually very simple, just like the video says. If my cock ends up inside you, and you did not try/are not trying to physically resist and fight me off, or you are not full-on unconscious and unresponsive, then you have consented.

    1. You just pretty much refuted feminist counter arguments perfectly with their own allegory perfectly, well done my friend! Feminists can go suck it with their unfair rule that sex is rape if they decide to do some take-backsies bullshit. “Regret isn’t Rape”, that is what my mother taught me, and I suggest many mothers tell their daughters the same.

      1. He refuted nothing in their minds. I actually heard this tea thing some time ago, and gave a very similar rant to the girl who posted the nonsense (on facebook, which I deleted soon after).
        She had an explanation for each example. None of those explanations made a god damn bit of sense, but she had them

        1. I hear you. They just get so stuck in their own little bubble that they won’t listen to reason. I tried to argue against someone in my philosophy class during a debate about how people are not actually created equal, and they just lost their shit and would completely ignore or nitpick my wording in my counter arguments instead of actually refuting them. The worst part is, she had a bunch of stuck up feminists and white knights on her side that would just start talking over me when I tried to explain myself or prove them wrong. I had about five other guys in the class who tried to defend and agree with me and we ended up making our own corner of the room that worked together during all debates after that.

        2. Nah, we had the professor on our side, even though he was more of meant to moderate the in-class debates. I think it helps that he also is on the Board of Directors.

        3. Anyone who has to waste this much time and effort about something trivial and whether to drink tea(sex) or not is a psycho.And any female who doesn’t know that doing certain things is a subtle consent to sex needs to stay in kindergarten until she grows up.

        1. I really want to put it on a T-shirt and wear it to campus. If a man were to do it, he would be called sexist scum for what he was wearing. If a woman were to do it, she is judged but she can wear anything she wants. No feminist ever seems to want to talk about that kind of double standard, only the one that works for them. Dr. Matt Taylor got screwed with it.

    2. Brilliant analogies! Only place this breaks down: “Suppose that I were to buy tea which I later learnt had somehow been contaminated with poison. I don’t want to lose money by buying uncontaminated tea till I’ve used up the poisoned tea, so I give you some of the contaminated tea without telling you it’s contaminated and you fall ill as a result.” (This being an analogy to contracting an STD and not telling your partner you have it even after you find out that you do.)

      1. Here’s the problem with these analogies for feminists – they can always be twisted to show how retarded they are. For example, why can’t your analogy apply just as equally to a male that sleeps with a female who conceals her STD?
        Also, rephrase it:
        Suppose you know that I buy my tea from a supplier known to sell contaminated tea that occasionally results in food poisoning of people who drink it. Nonetheless, when I invite you over for tea, you happily accept and drink my tea.
        But also remember, your hypothetical is not about rape – the woman may not know all of the particulars, but she has unquestionably consented to sex. It is about fraud. There are fraud laws that you can sue under if you feel that you were harmed by someone’s lies, but this should not result in you being able to spring the rape card.

        1. Of course a woman concealing her STD from a man should be subject to the same punishments (if any apply) as a man. I didn’t think that this situation should be considered rape, but had a vague feeling that it would probably break some law or other – not a lawyer, so wasn’t sure. You might be right that fraud laws apply here – or maybe Reckless Endangerment or some such? There have been a few people convicted of Criminal Transmission of HIV in both the UK and US – in the UK under Assault/GBH laws though, not rape laws.
          Then there are ‘Rape by Deception’ laws which could be twisted to cover such a situation – though I think in the UK Rape by Deception only applies in cases of the perp impersonating the victim’s spouse. Not sure what to make of such laws.

        2. I think “rape by deception” and “rape by fraud” laws are bullshit. Again, this is a woman who consents to sex. If you consent, it cannot be rape.
          I’ve always been amused by the perp impersonating the victim’s spouse thing. To me, it always reads as an attempt by a woman to use a get-out-of-jail free card when she’s been busted cheating.
          Think about how fucking ridiculous that claim is. I’ve been in the dark, very dark, and I can tell you that your eyes adjust so that you can see enough to know who you’re fucking. Second, even if we were in an interior room painted black with no light and blackout curtains covering everything, are you honestly telling me that you wouldn’t notice that the feel of the person had changed? I’d notice immediately if my wife’s tits were bigger, smaller, more firm, etc…, for example. I’ve never taken a cock, but I’d be completely amazed to hear that women can’t perceive the same distinctions. So I call bullshit on rape by fraud or deception.

        3. There is probably some set of contrived circumstances wherein such a claim might become plausible – maybe if the woman’s drunk enough that she could believably claim that her senses were dulled enough that she couldn’t tell the difference, or maybe if her husband’s been away for a long enough time that she’s forgotten the details of what he’s like in that department and it happens not long after he’s returned, or a virgin bride who is expecting her husband to enter her pitch-black room when an imposter sneaks in. By and large though I agree that ‘rape by deception’ is bullshit and even in the contrived circumstances you’d be stretching credibility.

        4. Yeah, my problem is with the use of the word “rape,” which connotes sexual intercourse without consent. The problem with all of these scenarios is that this isn’t what happened – you had consent.
          Sure, you had consent based on facts that aren’t true, but that’s why we have fraud laws. You can sue for whatever damages result from these types of lies, or in some cases have criminal action taken on this basis. But attaching “rape” to something like this drastically expands the definition of rape to a reach that obliterates all meaning.
          There are undoubtedly innumerable calculations that go into a person’s decision to sleep with someone else. It is impossible to know all of the factors that a woman feels make you attractive, or all of the evaluations she has attached to you or judgments she has made, or which ones specifically are relevant to her choice to sleep with you. How in the world can you feel safe in any interaction when the woman can claim falsification of any one of these infinite variables negates her consent, particularly when the negation may be noting more than a failure of one of her own unreasonable assumptions? In other words, suppose after losing my job, I spend all of my money on a nice suit, rent a flashy car, and decide to cruise the strip in Vegas just to blow off some steam and feel good about myself for a change. Now suppose a woman sees me and assumes that I must be rich, without asking me or telling me about this assumption, and she sleeps with me on the expectation that I will shower her with money. I never told her I was rich, but when she later learns my bank account is empty, I’m to be considered a rapist because she made retarded assumptions? That’s just ridiculous and unworkable.
          If this woman thinks she has been damaged by my conduct, let her bring a fraud claim. If she can prove I lied with the intent to deceive her into her specific conduct, then let her prove up her damages as a result. And at this point she won’t be able to hide her promiscuity behind unfair rape shield laws. We will be able to discuss that the price of her sexual attention is rock-bottom worthless, and that had she not gone home with me, she would have just been bouncing on someone else’s lap.

        5. The last paragraph could be applied to legitimate rape cases – I’m reminded of a case where a prostitute arranged to meet a prospective client. The client came with two friends and a gun. The hooker tried to run away when she realised what was about to go down, but they caught her and violently forced her to ‘service’ them. She tried to get them prosecuted for rape but the judge said something along the lines of “Respectable women can be victims of rape; you were only the victim of Armed Robbery of Services.”
          If those men had done the same thing with a random woman they grabbed from the streets there would be no debate that it was rape. But because they did it with a prostitute, it’s not so clear-cut. So even use of violence, threats with guns etc isn’t enough to call it rape – the woman’s sexual attentions need to have sufficient value too. But then where would you draw the line? Would the woman have to be a virgin? Have only ever slept with her spouse? Had only 2 or 3 partners? And so on – and you’d end up with the defence calling in a couple of dozen men who claimed that they’d slept with the woman and the woman denying it, bringing a rape case right back to a “He said, she said” argument.
          WRT the ‘Rape by Deception’ issue: treating such incidents as simple Fraud cases wouldn’t necessarily result in leniency for the perp. A while back I called the cops on a guy who tried spending fake notes with me. He’d passed a few off in other shops too, but by all accounts he’d caused no more than £200 worth of losses in total. So he’s guilty of fraud (by spending fraudulent – ie counterfeit – money) worth a couple of hundred – and faced up to 10 years in prison. In theory a rapist could get life but realistically will almost never get more than 10 years.

    3. I agree that rape should be simply defined as ‘unwanted sexual contact’ but the grey area is in the instance where the male makes veiled threats.
      Sure, the woman wasn’t forced in a physical sense, but the mental manipulation can be strong.
      Grey area and ripe for false accusation, I admit.

      1. Here’s the standard. She’s an adult, he’s an adult. She either consents, or she doesn’t. The reasons why are irrelevant as long as actual violence was not used or threatened. Here’s the difference
        Him: “Have sex with me or I’ll cut your throat and bleed you out in the bathtub”
        Her: “OMG, he’s fingering a knife, I have no choice”
        NOT WRONG
        Him: “You said we’d have sex, now you say you don’t want it, if you keep this shit up I’m leaving you and never looking back”
        Her: “Like, omg, he might leave, I guess I better consent”
        She made a choice based on non-violent factors.

        1. Of course you are ignoranof the fact that exactly this behavior (threatening withdrawal of relationship) has been ruled as rape in many campus kangaroo courts.

      2. Mental manipulation? WTF are you talking about? Hypnosis?
        Look deep into my eyes. You’re getting very, very sleepy. Now…
        Good Lord!

      3. Define “veiled threats.” To me, this sounds too much like “a woman’s unreasonable wild ass imagination.”
        If you are threatened, you can prove it. If the threat is “veiled,” I don’t think it’s a threat.
        I don’t buy that “mental manipulation” is rape – that opens a Pandora’s box of foolishness that the law should not countenance.
        As I said, consent is actually pretty easy – if you don’t want to give it, don’t.

        1. Well, does the mental manipulation work both ways? What about a women threatening the guy– I’ll claim abuse/rape if you leave me…etc. etc.

        2. But this is my point, I I now proceed to have sex with the woman in this hypothetical scenario, she is guilty of blackmail. If I don’t want to have sex with this person, I should refuse and let her try to carry through on her threat. She’s only making it worse on herself.

        3. Just what the hell is mental manipulation anyway? Some sort of magic voodoo? A hex? I especially see that term creep up alot in older men/younger women discussions. 17 year old girl has willing sex with her 28 year old male neighbor, well she didn’t know what she was doing because he “mentally manipulated” her. No one has yet told me what that even means. It’s the same as dfgnrzth’msyjt]r for all intents and purposes.

        4. As far as I can determine, it’s actually a synonym for “persuasion.” But saying someone persuaded you doesn’t sound bad and absolve you of responsibility for your choices, so instead you were “manipulated” and viola! I’m an adult, but a child too!

    4. There should be a section included that says “don’t engage in behavior that results in loss of consciousness in a room full of people who will likely want to drink tea later. Because if you’ve had tea with some of them before, it’s reasonable to assume you might want tea again. Conscious or not”
      This video is crying out to be remade ……….

      1. Here’s how it goes:
        So what if when your friends get together to drink tea, they sometimes get out of hand, and drink tea until the wee hours of the morning. Attendees to these tea parties who pass out are known to be subject to having tea poured down their throats. You’ve seen it, you’ve even laughed about it when it wasn’t you. You go to an all night tea party, and at 3am, people are waiting for someone to drop so they can play their usual trick. You’re starting to feel sleepy, and you know the risks, but that couch sure looks cozy.

        1. nailed it!
          There’s a long list of reasons why I never wanted to go to college. Tea party culture was high on the list.
          I wonder if there’s money in anti feminist graphic novel writing? 😊

        2. I’ve come to believe that there is money in anything that generates outrage, which is why people do it. So maybe you should give it a try.
          Look at it this way, even if people are only hate-reading you, they are still putting money in your pocket.

    1. But wait. What if the perpetrator was into golden showers? You then should defecate in your pants. But wait. What if…?

  16. I saw that first video about a week ago on JihadWatch (a great site which you should all read) and yes, it’s absolutely retarded.
    You have to remember though that to the lunatics running the asylum this all makes perfect sense. You see in their sheltered, deluded minds, the wave of rapes and sexual assaults happening across Europe as a result of the migrant invasion, well typified by what happened in Germany on New Year’s Eve, are all just a terrible misunderstanding. It’s not the case that a bunch of Middle Eastern barbarians have decided (correctly) that the west is a feeble, toothless civilization inhabited by a bunch of effete, hedonistic cowards who want peace at any price and will not fight if it comes to it, and so is ripe for conquest and plunder. It’s just that the language barrier and (minor) cultural differences (that can be easily dealt with by a little discussion) caused the migrant rapists to misunderstand that their victims didn’t want to be raped. So just use clear body language and they’ll understand next time, they really believe this.
    Think about it, admitting what is actually happening means acknowledging that they just flung open Rome’s gates to the Goths.

  17. If a white male speaks to you, call the help center for gender equity and ask for Vajassa Faldocci, feminist lawyer specialised in false rape allegations. 30% discount if the male is catholic

  18. What if I give someone tea and later change my mind about it? Isn’t that stealing?
    More seriously, we don’t want to arm women. What we need is to protect them, as nature intended, while we work on getting the sand people kicked out.

  19. Official policy from a society that believes in it’s own fiction. This is true of most western societies. The only thing to do is to sit back and hold them to it, then remind them in the aftermath that this was what they wanted by not having men in charge.

      1. We live in difficult times. I have a 13yo son.
        It would be nice to have a video teaching girls not to take so much junk that they pass out. On my walk home from work today I saw a girl barely out of her teens fall over, clearly drugged up. She couldn’t even stand up or walk. It was about 8pm and still daylight. A group of commuters, including myself, we’re standing at the traffic lights waiting to cross the road. The whole thing was disgusting. I don’t have a daughter but if I did I think I would be addressing that issue.

    1. As far as i know , the deadly / blinding military one is illegal , the one made from pure capsaicin or scorpion morugo pepper or whatever they make it from. The one based on actual pepper is legal. Not sure though.
      Edit : which reminds me , which of you guys grows your own hot peppers ? i want to exchange tips / knowledge.

        1. “It is illegal to carry a knife in public without good reason – unless it’s a knife with a folding blade 3 inches long (7.62 cm) or less”
          Self defence is never a permissible reason, God forbid you try to preserve your life… It’s fucked

    2. I’m Canadian, and it’s illegal here too (yet you can buy bear spray, and use it for the exact same purpose -_-).
      See, the fear is that someone will go into a gas station, pepper spray whoever is behind the counter and rob the store. Of course, the law is still ridiculous, but we’re becoming more like Europe each day, unfortunately.

  20. This technique would “work” well for the disgusting feminists who no one would touch. She saying “NO” would give her the false impression that someone wants her and she turned him down when all the guy wanted was to ask her for directions to a local cafe.

  21. If a guy is drinking Earl Grey and is down to his last slurp, when his tea drinking partner suddenly says that they are too tired for tea-related shenanigans and knocks the tea out of his hand, can the guy quickly bash out a small cup?

  22. This is a parody:

    But it seems that some Euro-retards are trying to create the “Rape Free Zone”.
    It is definitely sad when you think that Finns were worldwide famous due to their unbelievable badass guerrilla resistance against the soviet/commie invaders in WW2. Call me bigot, but leftism is becoming a kind of spiritual illness.

  23. If the Force fails, she can always file a harshly worded petition against him.

    1. Perhaps showing him the latest anti-rape video on her IPhone will do the trick. Who am I kidding? The muslim would just steal the IPhone after having his way with her.

  24. Except for the uk, NW europe’s reaction to Arab and African rape culture is almost child like.
    It makes me wonder what they thought was going on in the USA for all of the decades they enjoyed smirking while wagging their fingers at white male Americans for being “such evil racists”.

  25. These are the funniest PSA’s I have seen in awhile. Every better than the old US anti-drug ones. Looks like any attempt to get a woman’s attention in Finland is attempted rape.

  26. I had a thought recently about how to deal with the growing “post regret rape” phenomena. Perhaps men, who take random women home with them, now, need a female relative to “drop in” to their place of residence, post event.
    Here is an example, a man meets a women (via night club, Tinder, OkCupid, day-game, etc.) and takes them back to their place. Before the “event”, the man notifies the participating female relative that an event may take place and to be on stand-by for an unannounced drop-in at his home. Post “event” the “stand-by female relative”, has a key, lets themselves into the mans homes and “accidentally” pokes their head into the room where the “event” has taken place. During that pop-in the female relative acts surprised and says something like “I’m so sorry, I’m XXX’s sister, I usually walk his dog at this time”. After that, the female relative then BLUNTLY asks the “female guest” about consent and presses the matter until an “affirmative” is achived.
    Is this a hassle, YES, is it weird for the “female guest”, YES, is it embarrassing for the male PUA, YES. However, it has a good chance of saving someones butt in court and increases the odds of proving “legally” that the “female guest” has no ground for criminal charges.
    Note, under this plan, men can never go to the “guest females” home. I know people have said previously that video cameras with sound need to be installed in PUA homes, but is there any established legal cases where this has worked?

  27. Why is pepper spray illegal? I spent time in the Middle East and all the men I met were smart enough to know about Western Culture and how people have different laws, religions, behavior. I think these guys are trolling a Sweden and getting away with sexual assault.
    They see western TV and Movie’s too. Out in the middle of no where Afghanistan they had seen “The Beast” tank movie. I thought they were saying “twenty” in Farsi” which sounds like beast in English then they pulled out the DVD.

  28. With such ridiculous advices to prevent rape, the worse is still on its way to come.
    Seriously, this is ridiculous. Fuck it, if people are dumb enough to believe this shit and not protest against the “islamigration”, they deserve the fate those savage hordes will do to them. Don’t count on my pity.

  29. Those police are really cool. For my 8 months on german soil I’ve been stopped countless times and they never did anything to me, sometimes even give me ride in petrol car so not wait the bus in the cold. 🙂

  30. The first video is a real official Finnish polish video or parody of the advice? It is hard to tell them apart nowadays.

  31. Where was this video when I had three guys shove a Tech 9 in my face?
    But seriously, what is it with feminists and SJWs and this thinking that all you need to do is tell someone “This is not okay!” and this will somehow fix everything? Is it because think like children themselves? Too sheltered upbringing? Genuinely naive? This isn’t rhetoric, I really want to know.

  32. The Finnish actress has a very stern pout. It would intimidate any 11 year old in the school yard or prevent a beta male from giving her a flower.
    To a grown man like me it looks like a cute and sexy street mime. A rapefugee would be unaffected by it and probably even aroused by it.
    If I saw what was happening I’d using my patriarchal powers of violence to protect her but I doubt any male will be around and would dare risk the Finnish police prosecuting him for a race hate crime.

  33. Im not impressed that decades of feminism got us equality then the government’s let in masses of men who have to be started over with and who feel entitled to approach any woman they want, even ones who western men would avoid based on being able to tell shes a feminist etc.
    The problem is feminism taking on the wrong values, it should have gone for masculinity for everyone rather than femininity for men too. I blame men for that, they would rather be feminine themselves then let women be masculine.

  34. I wonder if holding that hand will stop the local gypsies from beating up and stealing from people. I wonder…nah, boxing works better.

  35. So, if a man slaps a woman for any reason, he loses his job, is sent to jail, and gets regularly ass raped there.
    Yet if a woman “feels” threatened by a man, she can now assault him without any consequence at all.


  37. I like the example after 1:35 in the tea video – you brew them tea and they become unconscious. That must be some pretty strong tea! Next time somebody breaks into my home, I’ll just make them tea. They will pass out.

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