How To Stop Armpit Sweating

A long time ago, I had a major problem.

Every time I stepped foot out of the house, if it was hotter than 65 degrees, my armpits would become as wet as Niagra Falls, spewing salty contents out, staining my shirts, and making me feel generally embarrassed about myself.

I had to figure out how to stop armpit sweating.

I Tried To Solve The Problem

I wore tank tops as often as I could. Grey shirts were completely out of the question, as were any shirts of a light shade that would soak through. White shirts became pit-stained monstrosities within a couple uses. I ordered extra-thick “anti-sweat” undershirts. My wardrobe was composed probably 75% of black shirts because I could not figure out how to stop armpit sweating.

I tried nearly every anti-perspirant on the market. I tried different soaps. I tried wearing different materials. Nothing worked.

How To Stop Armpit Sweating

Eventually, though, I figured it out. These days, I am happy to report that I am generally sweat-free unless it’s an extremely hot or humid day. Even on those days, it’s at least under control. Granted, I do not live in a very humid area and I am not entirely sure how my pits would react to that, but I’ve found that by taking a few steps, I’ve been able to stop armpit sweating.

I’ve saved a lot of money on white t-shirts, that’s for sure.

Step 1 – Get Rid Of Soap

Stop washing your armpits with soap. If you think about it, soap is a chemical. A man-made and developed chemical. That means they (the developers) need to make a profit – even if that means manufacturing their business by selling the illusion of a problem, much like how doctors do too.

In this case, the problem is that you smell and you need soap. Except that water is a perfectly acceptable substitute, in most cases. I still use soap for the rest of my body, but I’ve done experiments when I’ve just used water to wash, and guess what – I didn’t smell at all.

You must stop washing your armpits with soap.

Step 2 – Get Rid Of Anything That Says Antiperspirent

Once again, it’s a scam. An industry created out of a fake problem, in many cases. They will continue to laugh their way to the bank for many years to come.

Now that we’ve cleaned house, here’s how to stop armpit sweating.

Step 3 – In The Shower

In the shower, as stated, do not use soap. Instead, you should scrub your armpits out with a natural loofah. I used these loofahs for many years.

how to stop armpit sweating

Will any old loofah work? Probably, but it depends. At first, they didn’t work at all for me, nowadays it doesn’t seem to matter. But they’re only $7 for a pack of 3 off Amazon, so you really can’t go wrong.

You must scrub the shit out of your armpits in the shower with the loofah – we’re talking 30 seconds at least. Yes, it will burn like a bitch. To mitigate the burn, you can hold your armpit under the shower head and scrub at the same time.

Scrub each armpit for 30 seconds, and then scrub lightly with your hand and water to rinse it out.

Just in case you missed it, DO NOT USE SOAP.

Step 4 – Dry Your Pits Out 

I’d recommend waiting at least five to ten minutes post-shower before you put deodorant or a shirt on. You must give yourself time to drive off, so scrub yourself good with a towel to dry off.

Step 5 – Go Natural

You already threw out anything that said antiperspirant, right? Good. The next step is to get a natural deodorant – Amazon or natural food stores are both excellent.

The most important things about the deodorant you pick:

  • Generally the less ingredients, the better
  • You want something natural – if a hippy would dig it, it’s good.
  • Unscented, or minimal scent – a lot of scented deodorants have unnecessary shit that makes you sweat.

I have personally gone to baking soda over the years, straight out of the box. My $2.50 carton from Walmart has lasted me an entire year. You can also buy Arm & Hammer deodorant stickers with baking soda as the primary ingredient. Your mileage may vary.

Ultimately the deodorant is the wild card, and you might have to experiment a bit to find out. I personally found that some of the natural sticks did not do a great job with keeping the odor away, which was a problem I had never had previously. Eventually I found one I liked, but then moved away from it in favor of baking soda.

Be willing to experiment, give each deodorant stick a trial run of a week and see if it improves.

The Psychological Part

I also think a large part of armpit sweat is psychological. If you generally have self esteem issues, stress, or other psychological drawbacks – sweat pouring from your pits is just the icing on top of it all. While I firmly believe the steps I’ve outlined above can stop, or at least, greatly reduce, armpit sweat, there is truthfully nothing better than being in a great position and having control of your life.

Even if that control just means wearing a grey shirt.

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    1. Apply extra virgin organic coconut oil to your feet, then put on cotton socks until you feel dry. If you develop foot fungus it means your body is too yin and lacking male minerals, like zinc and magnesium.
      Drinking apple cider vinegar (unfiltered) reduced the seating.

      1. This is just so hilarious. Even though I have absolutely no use for this article, I wish articles of this type became a regular thing, mainly because I want to see more of this yin yang fungus wisdom from you. I really do.

    1. Yes, only they should learn basic body chemistry. If skin gets too alkaline and the skin barrier is disrupted or damaged.

  1. Good article, except get rid of the deodorant too. I can’t stand men (and women too) who use deodorants. I don’t care how expensive it’s supposed to be, to me they all smell just foul.
    I’ve never used any soap, deodorants, shampoos or any other shit like that. If you wash too often with these chemicals your body becomes too Yin i.e. too feminine. In winter, you should wash once a week, in summer every other day with just water. Cold showers are good for stamina but they reduce your sexual energy, beware of that.
    Bad body odor comes mainly from the rectum area and bacteria on the skin. Use a bidet if you have one.

    1. But cold showers are supposed to raise yang energy (testosterone) wouldnt that increase sexdrive aswell or does it have more of a “spreading” effect to the rest of the system

    2. I guess if you live in northern Siberia, which by your name sounds likely, this would be a great idea.
      Closer to the equator than the North Pole, this is not really workable, unless you know woman who like guys who smell like jock straps all the time. Do you notice how people like to stand about 20′ away from you, but not any closer?

      1. Joseph,
        Does the mere presence of Cyrillic letters invoke the Siberia comment above? Because, you know, not only Russians use the Cyrillic alphabet. Or…did you even know, I wonder?

  2. no soap, no anti-perspirant? thats B.S. Thats like saying you shouldn’t take paracetamol if you have a headache because it is man-made.
    Simple solution
    -Shave your armpits

    1. You shouldn’t take paracetamol full stop. Highly toxic.
      Shaving your armpits if you’re a guy is… weird. Do you shave your legs too?

      1. Shaving your armpit isn’t weird if you have a problem with sweating too much
        “Do you shave your legs too?”

      2. Derp not smelling like a dumpster trumps the non existent sex appeal of armpit hair-ask 5 women you know.

    2. So you use soap / antiperspirant?
      You’re aware these are actually mostly used to make you smell WORSE, by turning you into some godawful concoction of natural odor + chemicals combination once your scent comes back out again in full force after you’ve bathed, right?
      It’s the shower water that gets rid of the smell. The soap ADDS smell. The mixture of soap + body odor is not a good one once you can be smelled again (8 to 12 hours after you bathe, depending on the strength of your BO), and neither soap nor antiperspirant stops your body from cranking out odor.
      Soap’s good for killing bacteria. It is NOT a deodorizer… to the contrary. Soap makes you SMELL.

    3. I learned to that trick from the central americans..year round heat and humidity…they should know how to deal with it.

    4. No it’s not BS. I am not using soap for a year, no anti-perspirant also for an year, and I very RARELY suffer bad odors, and only when i eat badly.

    5. The only good and sound advice in all of the article and comments. I tried that when I had really horrible pit stains and it reduces like 90% of the sweat.

    6. Don’t forget your “lower fur” as well. Now THAT can stink up the place nicely when all moist and sweaty.

    7. The best way to lit sweating is to train more and actually build up a sweat. The slimmer you are the less you sweat and your body becomes well adapted to not sweating all the times as a means to cool the body down.

    8. I think that he should never come closer than 500 meters to a #1 or 2 girl because that’s what’s making him sweat lol
      The most toxic poisonous stuff is found in nature, it’s how plants etc protect themselves from bugs etc.
      Paracetamol though is not good so just take mild drugs like codeine or oxycodone for a headache.
      Shaving your armpits is good so that the antiperspirant comes into contact with the skin.
      Soap is perfectly safe, just buy the high quality stuff. In fact much of it is just glycerine with no animal fats although animals fats aren’t bad in themselves.
      Don’t wear a vest under your shirt because all this does is make you hotter and sweat more right though that and into your shirt. And make sure that you don’t wear these tight high armhole shirts because there’s not enough air circulation around the armpits and you’ll just sweat more.
      As you get older you’ll just naturally sweat less unless you’re a fat slob and in that case your entire body will be like a 100 armpits between the fat folds.Fat people stink.And if the ordinary stuff like Mitchum is not good enough then buy the more high powered stuff that you can buy today without a prescription.Put it on at night before bedtime, not after a shower.

    9. Actually, you should watch your paracetamol/acetaminophen/Tylenol intake. The biggest cause of liver failure in the US is not booze, but acetaminophen.
      It’s easy to overdose on because it’s in many OTC medicines and you can exceed the maximum dose quite easily.

  3. I work in manufacturing, and it’s hot as hell this time of year. I’ve also been weight-training religiously for 14 years and regularly use “pre-workout” products that are heavy on stimulants, which raise the body’s metabolism.
    Ammen’s body powder works wonders. It’s inexpensive and doesn’t have an overwhelming scent like Gold Bond.

  4. Was this article inspired by some recent posts from another article?
    BTW I found this pic on my facebook feed, thought it was worth sharing. When dudes are openly posting this shit on facebook you know things are getting interesting.

    1. Every US marine deserves the worst, they are hired killers who make money murdering people.
      Also would a guy rather sleep with a hot blonde criminal or an old disgusting mother Teresa type.

      1. I didn’t post this to debate the merits of the US military.
        I posted this to…
        (1) Point out that there are ppl openly posting this sort of stuff on Facebook.
        Ever since the Elliot Roger incident people are speculating whether or not RedPill is going to get mainstream (MSM) attention and whether these ideas will catch on.
        From books like Men on Strike, and MSM Peter Pan Syndrome talk, we know already that there is a noticeable percentage of young men not playing the marriage game… It has been argued that many of them are reacting to economic incentives without an ideological guide…
        RedPill gives them an ideology/terminology to rally around and contribute to. Kind of like what Jeremy posted a couple weeks ago… there may be a social movement that evolves directly from freely distributed information… Roosh and characters like him are in a sense “leaders” but the underlying feelings are already there in the population and ready to erupt in one way or another.
        Its really not impossible that if these young men find RedPill (in one incarnation or another), they will congregate on these ideas and realize that other men feel the same. In my opinion, posting this sort of stuff on Facebook is a step in that direction. Whether it is significant is what I’m curious about.
        (2) In regards to what you’re saying about men being attracted to hot blonde criminal whores over mother Theresa… I would not bang mother Theresa. Tbh I probably wouldn’t bang the criminal whore either…
        But if mother Theresa killed 7 people and wrote a manifesto about how much she hates being a virgin and men wont fuck her no matter how much of an “alpha” she is… I still wouldn’t wanna bang her…
        From looking at internet postings, it seems that women were commenting on how attractive they found Elliot Rodger after they discovered he was a murderer. What made him attractive was his psychopathic and narcissistic actions, clearly not that he was a relatively attractive young man with money, connections, and a gentlemanly attitude.
        I’m simply pointing out the hypocrisy and mixed messages sent from women… and how difficult it is to argue with feminism on rational grounds. Politically, they could never admit that they found the psycho more attractive… but their reptile brains pump their vaginas full of love juice whenever there is a madman in their midst….

        1. I understand the point you are trying to make, but it is not a good comparison. Jeremy is a very attractive man and got a visceral reaction from many women when he face was put out for public consumption. The Marine , although quite brave, is a rather ordinary looking dude. When you have genetic gifts bestowed upon you life is just like that. Jeremy is not popular due to his arrest, just his good looks.

        2. Oh when I said Jeremy I meant a fairly regular RoK poster.
          Anyways, I think above a certain passable genetic threshold girls care more about power, swagger, and social status than about looks.
          IF the dude on the left was a janitor with an “I’m such a nice guy” stupid smile on his face, he’d look a little less appealing.

        3. you fags are so clueless. No woman ever said how Adam Lanza is hot or how they would fuck him, because he’s ugly as fuck. Elliot Rodger was ok looking, was young, he went famous and it was obvious that between the millions of comments there would be one or two comments of women saying that he was “hot”.
          The robber above is hot, he is masculine as fuck, has blue eyes, good skin, jaw / cheekbones, everything, at least in that photo (I saw other photos of him where he was much worse looking) + he has the pussy-wetting facial expression (again, at least in that photo).
          Math says that: guy kills + guy is hot = women want to bang
          guy kills + guy is ugly = women don’t want to bang
          average marine + hero + doesn’t become famous + gay photo where he is smiling = nobody gives a shit because he didn’t make the news + the photo isn’t sexually enough.
          Maybe some of you phags removed the head out of their asses and started actually understanding women instead of mentally masturbating on how some historical character was so alpha, maybe you would actually start banging hot women.

        4. actually, the robber doesn’t even have blue eyes. he had colored lenses. But that shows how he actually understood how to increase his looks to be hotter to women

        5. Charles Manson looks like a retarded monkey, but his dark triad traits and fame seem to have earned him attention from women.
          That wasn’t even really my main point anyways.
          Did u look it up that he was wearing colored contacts?

        6. I think its funny that u go on RoK calling ppl faggot with poster name “anus”.
          If I’m a faggot than you’re fucked 😛

        7. are you sipping on haterade? light skinned black people often have blue eyes.

      2. I dont want to turn this into a debate about the armed forces, but go fuck yourself you pathetic little piece of eurotrash shit.

        1. I have talked to many US soldiers and nearly all have told me they joined the army for either money or for other perceived benefits. These are hired killers who murder people for money and you idiots think they are “heroes”, killing kids and attacking armed civilian guerrilla forces with tanks and planes.
          This is your typical American “hero” right there

        2. Holy shit! You have talked to many US servicemen on the internet, found a few clips from purported servicemen on the web and TA-DAH,…. you still sound like a fucking idiot.

        3. That comment from the psychopath Cody Stark received 5 upvotes. He is selling his soul for 150k… a hero he is.

        4. People are inherently selfish, of course most join the army to further their career, the few who do it due to lack of self esteem and having the need to be perceived as ‘heroes’ by their fellow hicks were just duped. You do not need to be a genius to figure out that what the US army does abroad is indeed not anything to be proud of.
          Why do you keep being so defensive? Aren’t you a ‘veteran’ yourself, haunted by the evils you were part of? Do you really think I would get offended by being called a ‘eurotrash idiot’?

        5. Listen you little greasy hair, rib-hugging shirt wearing, eurotrash beta male, you want to talk some shit do it elsewhere because you obviously have no fucking clue what you are talking about.

        6. I actually had a rather lengthy exchange with that guy. He seems to have evolved notably from his initial programmatic brainwashing to begin thinking more critically about the world and his place in it. If that is indeed what happened, then it is a good sign – though you can never tell on these here internet forums what really is going on on the other end now, can you?

        7. You sound like a goofy redneck that loves ‘merica! At least make some kind of point other than “go fuck yourself”. It would help your cause to actually debate rather than just insult.

        8. To be honest, it sounds like he has his shit together pretty well… Is he really selling his soul anymore than anyone else that contributes to all this nonsense? You like cheap gas? You are also part of the problem.

        9. Come on man… You have to actually write something of substance or you just look like a hick. Put some thought into your opinion and actually try to sway Paine’s way of thinking. Being a veteran doesn’t make you royalty, it basically means you were a warm body willing to sign your life away; earn some respect by making a logical argument for your position.

        10. It doesn’t matter why Kyle Carpenter joined the Marines – what matters is the split second moment of selflessness when he chose to shield his comrade instead of just cover his own ass. If someone did that for me I wouldn’t quiz them on motivations for signing up. So I’ll judge him by his actions instead of some half-assed, biased generalizations. Nonetheless, your standard for an army of the unselfish is incredibly unrealistic considering the 10 people we’d have left would still take orders from Washington. Or, maybe the military should have been disbanded in 1946. Hmmm, where would we be then? Wait, you’re just an idiot.

        11. I have no problems with them killing terrorists, or peoples who’s agenda’s include wiping out a whole race of people.

        12. What exactly is the difference? How different are the lives of a banker in the US and a banker in Germany? Russia? China?
          The daily lives of individuals in the same economic class are not much different no matter where they live. We don’t have more “freedom” than most other countries; freedom is a concept used to control the weak minded masses (no society can offer freedom; it doesn’t jive well with organized civilization). Learn to think and stop parroting crap you see on TV. There is a greater concentration of wealthy people in the US because that right was earned through force (on the backs of dumbshit/poor/unfortunate/brainwashed men). This is the internet, you don’t have to fake patriotism to fit in, just speak the truth openly.
          And I don’t give a fuck who says they died for me – I know they did it all for their own selfish reasons. Doubt very much your average soldier would dive in front of a bullet for me (he probably would do it for a pretty girl though; tells you a lot about their true motivations).

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        16. Glad you polled all of us. I actually went to the University of Texas prior to joining the military so that I could become an officer in the United States Marine Corps. The end state was service to country, not money as you falsely pointed out. There is no reason to lie to you given the fact our paths will never cross. Thank you for supporting your troops.

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      3. What kind of man are you? Dissing the very men who fight and die so you can be a disrespectful little brat.

        1. Because a bunch of Afghan shephards were totally gonna take away our right to free speech…..

      4. Idk about the “every marine deserves the worst” but I certainly feel no pity for them because they are, just as you stated, hired killers. That being said, it is a crazy world we live in and “hired killer” is a legitimate job for common folk.

      5. Mother Teresa ran disgusting hospitals where the ill were just left to lie on the floor and say prayers, while funnelling millions upon millions of dollars in donations to the Vatican.
        My personal theory is that she was farming the poor and sick, milking them for the grace that suffering produces. The grace produced from their suffering goes into a vat in heaven, the power from which is used to answer prayers now that she is in the afterlife. Ideally, enough people will venerate her as a saint that their prayers will replenish the grace in the vat with excess to spare, even after Jehovah takes the usual tax (he doesn’t drink it all – a lot of it is used to power the flames of hell).
        That is, Mother Teresa left people to die on the floor without medicine to generate startup capital for her bid for sainthood.

        1. Christopher Hitchens makes some of those claims but in all truth the reality was that she wasn’t out to make a dime or get sainthood. She was exploited to an extent by the media that gave her the attention that she didn’t desire. Mostly from US christians not even catholic who wanted to convert Hindus. As there was religious tension in India then and now. Many Hindus converting so they could break from being low caste borns. She was a marketing tool. She questioned the religious narrative in her private dairies and money was moved around bc she had no sense of using it. She did however limit women’s rights in India and Ireland by calling for a ban on contraceptives and abortion alike. She was very against women’s reproductive rights, which is the main mean to keep women and the poor in perpetuity.

        2. I don’t know if that’s true but if she wasn’t spending any donations on morphine(cheap in India) then she’s a slug. The sleeping on the floor part is the norm with the poor in India so I guess that being in her hostel was better than the street.

        3. Not to mention she took donations from Haitian dictators who stole the money from the poor…

      6. sounds like you’re ungrateful that these people literally put their lives on the line.. Yes, in times of war innocent people die, however, your average marine doesn’t want to go out killing civilians. Just like your average cop doesn’t want to go out beating people.
        I think they all get in it for the right reasons and if you were put in the same situations i bet you’d react the same way.

      7. Couldn’t hack bootcamp right dude, or were you just to cowardly to try. Either way, you can still flip burgers and live in your parents basement.

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  5. I use a potassium alum deodorant. Its great. No stinging rashes, no estrogenic chemicals.
    I used natural soap with no noticeable problems.

    1. I haven’t used deodorant in years. That shit has many chemicals inside it which causes brain damage. Alzheimer’s and such.

  6. Whenever I hear someone raising alarm over “chemicals” I know I’m reading the work of a fool.
    Yes, fool, soap is a “chemical” (actually it’s a mix of fats, detergent, and mild bases, but you don’t know what the fuck those words mean anyway). You know what else is a chemical? Water is a fucking chemical. Seriously, it’s got scary-sounding HYDROGEN in it! Hydrogen made the Hindenburg explode, so if you touch water you could BLOW THE FUCK UP! Also Hydrogen powers nuclear fusion in the Sun, so that must mean water is full of DEADLY RADIATION CHEMICALS!
    Don’t drink any water, ever. Don’t drink anything that has water in it, and ESPECIALLY don’t use things which have been cleaned or treated with water. Your own body may contain a large amount of water, because of corporations putting chemicals in stuff. Avoid water, spend as much time as you can in hot, dry, rooms, and take plenty of diuretics. You’ll stop sweating. You’ll also stop breathing in dangerous oxygen and especially you’ll stop posting crackpot bullshit articls like this one.

    1. GOOD GOY! KEEP CHUGGING DOWN THE POISONS, UH, I MEAN, CHEMICALS OF THE BIG CORPORATIONS AND BIG PHARMA. They love you and would never do anything to harm you or hurt you!

      1. Paid to keep the Jew-hatin’ flowing, aren’t you? Nothing discredits the manosphere like this kind of antisemite bullshit. You know it, which is why you’re getting paid to do it. How much is your paycheck from the DNC this month?

    2. Soap was originally made of lye and animal fats..lye came from water in a barrel with ash from a fire. So basically ash water and fat..the horror….

    3. Believe it or not all water isn’t created equal. If you drink the tap, who knows what the fuck is in it.
      Alkalized, ionized water is the way to go. It fights the low ph’s found in most western diets and breaks up the water clusters so they’re more easily absorbed.

    4. I’m scared of water!
      LOL. Seriously though, the author may have a point, just like how they sneak dangerous chemicals into subway bread and beer, they might be doing it in soap (They already do it to toothpaste)

  7. I have a kidney transplant, and as a side effect of the medication, I suffer from hyperhydrosis of the armpits and hands. For those who don’t find the above suggestions enough, I recommend Odaban antiperspirant and hand creme.

  8. “An industry created out of a fake problem, in many cases. ”
    Like psychiatry? Even top psychiatrists admit that they cannot actually prove that mental illness even exists, that such a concept even exists. But of course, the Big Pharma drug companies make tens of billions of dollars a year selling antidepressant drugs and other psychiatric drugs by convincing people that they are “sick” and that drugs are the solution.
    Google antipsychiatry. Take the red pill about psychiatry and learn the truth. Psychiatry is just as evil, if not far more evil, than feminism. God bless you all in this fight against evil, against evil agendas like feminism, psychiatry, liberalism, and so on.

  9. There is a prescription solution you can get from a doctor that rolls on like deodorant. I had a major sweat problem about 14 years ago. After two weeks of using that prescription, my problem went away and never came back.

  10. Pro tip: rubbing alcohol.
    After you shower, rub all the sweaty areas down with rubbing alcohol, let dry. Then put more rubbing alcohol on any area you use deodorant on, and apply the deodorant while the rubbing alcohol is still wet.
    I’ve been doing this for a few years now, it works very well. The alcohol kills any bacteria in the sweaty areas, and makes your deodorant industrial strength, lasting for days at a time. Better for your skin not to apply deodorant every day anyway.
    I sweat a lot when I am working out or working hard, and doing this has pretty much eliminated the really sweaty odor. After a while of using the rubbing alcohol, there is almost no bacteria left, so when you do sweat it just doesn’t smell as bad.
    Or just do as the Arabs do, wear a lot of layers of light cloth, and keep your distance from other people, which won’t be a problem, you’ll see their backs a lot as they move away from you, quickly.

  11. Another thing that help reduce BO is to change your sheets! I was getting BO problems – the usual smelling like you have not showered in a week, but only after a day. So I backtracked my habits, since I didn’t always have BO, and discovered that I overlooked changing my bed sheets. Sure the bed didn’t smell bad, but there is still bacteria there. Beds don’t have the advantage that underwear has – smelling as dirty as they really are. Changing over to fresh sheets once per week solved the problem.

  12. Anyone here ever had the legendary yellow piss armpit shirt? I wore it as a teenager and it’s still yellow stained.

  13. I haven´t bought deodorant for a year or so.
    I started to use baking soda after reading about it on the forum and never went back. The odor is completely gone, sometimes well over 18 hours, through the sweating and yellow stains continue.
    Only side effect: over time, it bleaches your armpit hair a little.

  14. I have hyper hydrosis and sweat profusely from my armpits, I use Certain Dri and do not sweat for two days after each application. It used to be available only by prescription but now is over the counter. Only buy the roll on the dry stick does not work as well. The advice in this article would not work for me but if it helped the author more power to him.

  15. Eat well (paleoish) goes a long way in eliminating body odors. Perspiration itself is not the cause of the bad odors, also.

      1. Seems you didnt read the link you posted. Theres no mention that the diets were paleo. Anyway, some problems of the experiment are that the experiment involved food diaries, notably imprecise. Small sample. Small time frame and counfounding factors, which even the cientists admited.
        Plus, it’s proven that red meat raises test levels. Finally, i have only anedotal experience, but that runs 100% counter to that study.

  16. Armpit odour is a lot to do with bacteria, so cleaning thoroughly is probably a good plan.

    1. PaulMurraryCbr I don’t know you but you are intelligent , real, and straight to the point you need to start a blog. I have been reading your posts and they are on the money every time. You are like The Last Psychiatrist and Pasta Bagel , older with experience and good knowledge to share, you must start a blog and share your knowledge it would benefit many. Just my two cents.

      1. I do have a blog, but it mainly involves D&D 🙂 The manosphere is not really my primary hobby.

  17. Mitchem or whatever works. Everything else is garbage besides the baking soda. I’m really unsure about people with weird diets especially that vegan shit not using soap.
    I think OP is slightly neurotic. Doctors don’t create conditions they diagnose them. They are trained to treat the problem. Pharmaceutical companies produce medications and pay select psychiatrists a lot of money to study them. The loophole is simple. They have to produce 2 clinical trial successes based on modern scientific theory. One group gets the drug and one group gets the a fake. The catch is they get unlimited tests to produce the two successes. They’ve done this in the past and gotten their signatures from their bribed doctors then they convince the doctors they work and allow them discretion to prescribe them for treatment for said illness. Then after 5 years of trial and error psychiatrists have enough information to judge for themselves if the drugs actually work. A good doctor like two of my family members doesn’t prescribe medications that don’t work and don’t experiment with brand new drugs.

  18. This article is a little bit too ‘appeal to nature’ for my tastes.
    Here are some things which are clinically proven to stop noxious armpit sweating;
    1. Botox – totally effective for 6-12 months but expensive
    2. 5-7 applications Anti-perspirants containing at least 15% Aluminium Chloride
    3. Cutting down on red meat consumption (it makes you smell worse)
    4. Cutting down on stimulant consumption – Energy drinks, coffee, cola – it all puts your body into a high adrenalin state and inevitably, this leads to excessive sweating.

  19. I find that Milk of Magnesia works better than any anti-perspirant I’ve ever used. I slap a bit under each arm and it lasts all day. If I don’t use anything at all I start stinking up within hours of showering. I know it sounds stupid, but it fucking works!

  20. I used to sweat a lot because I have hyperhydrosis. What fixed it was using the rollon certain dri before bed and certain dri am after taking a shower.

  21. Fascinating article. I will relay this strange anecdotal experience just for the sake of argument. I was having heart palpitations. Stop, go start, flutter, pause, flourish. I thought it was drinking, my lack of sleep, my hectic work/school/life schedule, stress… then one day something dawned on me. What do I do everyday that would affect my body chemistry? Well… I put on deodorant every single fucking day. I stopped. My heart has calmed. I’ve been one week deodorant free and the flutters have stemmed and seemed to have stopped. Placebo? Maybe. But I’d rather smell like shit than have a heart that beats irregular.

  22. There’s a product called “Certain Dri” that works good, you can get it from local drugstores

  23. Finally! A useful article without any hate! Love it, thanks!<3

  24. I am a biochemist; soap is mainly glycerol and stearate, the only difference between old soap and the new is the addition of fragrance compounds and a higher purity of stearate. Don’t listen to this guy.
    The number one reason for sweat is constriction of the skin, which is caused by… wearing an undershirt. You will be surprised, the way thermodynamics work, it is harder for your body to cool yourself. Go get a tailored shirt and slacks: it is not as expensive as you think, and you can get clothes with an excellent fit, made of excellent material that isn’t tight and uncomfortable on your body’s homeostatic mechanisms.
    I swear, between this idiotic “I’m organic! And I know more than every scientist in the industry with my skepticism alone!” attitude trouble maker has and his article on how getting treatment for ebola after sacrificing your health and opportunity cost for others is somehow cowardly, I am starting to think he is some suburbanite fool.

  25. I’d had excessive perspiration for over 2 years, and finally found relief in this natural remedy These two years were probably the worst time to be sweating because I was just starting middle school and trying to be cool and fit in, just like the other insecure kids.However, unlike most of them, I came home each day with huge sweat circles that would start early in the morning when I got dressed and got worse and worse throughout the day. Not anymore! I am so thankful for that remedy.

    1. Natural remedies just don’t do it for my body. Excessive armpit sweating is something that should be treated with professional products that have aluminum in them. I really like Certain Dri because they have three products that are formulated for different reason and situations. The first one is made with aluminum chloride and is a doctor recommended brand that is really good with clogging your pores the healthier way. Another one is the max strength one that has a really higher concentration of aluminum. But the thing is that many people have bad reactions to things that have too much aluminum. But Certain Dri has this product that is made for sensitive skin too. So you don’t have to worry about your skin becoming red and irritated. Check out

  26. If all else fails, try the Thompson Tee with Hydro-Shield Sweatproof
    Technology, a patented undershirt, handcrafted in USA, guaranteed to block underarm sweat, preventing
    embarrassing wet marks and yellow stains! Special shout out to our military personnel who sacrifice much to serve our country!

  27. Use Driclor Antiperspirant Roll on. I used to have underarm sweat for years, i tried various deo sticks, stopped drinking coffee etc, nothing worked. A dermatologist then recommended Driclor, it was amazing. You can buy it in regular pharmacies (it comes in a white bottle), you apply it before going to bed like a regular deodorant for about 7 nights, then once a week. After about the third day the underarm sweat stopped and never came back (i have been using it for 2 years now).

  28. DON’T !!!
    Never mitigate your man-scent, it contains your DNA, which will make women fall for you, they tested this on Mythbusters, women respond by far most positively for a blend of perfume and man-sweat over anything else.
    Deodorant and all methods of mitigating sweat is a beta-male thing, they use deodorant to mask their worthless genes, men have their genes on full display.

  29. I don’t have odor problem but I do have sweat issues. Really really sweaty like I sweat as if there is no tomorrow. So I aimed at the real issue by using sweat pads to absorb the sweat. Now it’s all good for me. I don’t want to go under the knife just to control the sweating. It will take a lot of convincing for me to do that, so the sweat pad is right enough for me.

  30. I remember having this problems and I was in the same situation until I tried Certain Dri… I was so desperate at that moment of my life but after the first time using it I felt so happy with it that I decided to review it right away. For the last year I had noticed that I had begun to sweat much more than normal to the point that my tops were becoming drenched in sweat under the armpits after only 15 minutes of wearing them. It was embarrassing and making me self-conscience, so since I’m a third year medical student I decided to look up the treatment for hyperhidrosis, which is the medical term for sweating extra than usual. After looking up the treatment I saw that most of the clinical deodorant listed were prescription ONLY. This was the only product that I was easily able to find that was not. After using it I can say that I’m incredibly content. I don’t sweat all today! This is a drastic improvement that really extremely improved my self-confidence throughout the day. I highly recommend this product to anyone and in a year when I graduate I will recommend it to all my patients as well for sure.

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