What Women’s Tennis Says About “Equal” Pay

Award-winning journalist Matthew Syed recently wrote a compelling article on the rank hypocrisy evident in the tennis equal pay debate.

This snippet from Syed brilliantly sums up the debacle that is “tennis feminism”:

In most sports, they are free to compete against men, on an equal footing. They choose not to take up the invitation, except in a few rare exceptions, such as bowls and equestrianism. This is not supposed to be a trite point, or a chauvinistic one. It is merely to highlight the gall of those who campaign for equal pay. They wish to compete in segregated events; they wish to bar men from competing against them; but when men earn more, they also reserve the right to demand compensation.

Because of shrieks from the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), the term “equal pay” has been debased to the point of 1984 Newspeak. Equal pay means remuneration for the same work under the same general conditions. Women playing women, in order to avoid playing invariably tennis-superior men, is not the same work, or under the same conditions, as men playing men.

Truly equal pay in tennis would be men and women in the same field. Under the present misinterpretation, female tennis players are afforded a luxury that makes even less sense than a Major League pitcher being paid the same as one in the low minor leagues.

The Biology Argument

To argue that the differing biologies of men and women justifies “equal” pay in tennis is nothing short of laughable. Gender is only one example of how physical endowment manifests itself. Height often makes all the difference in basketball, for example, and how many players of average human height do we remember? Yet no one seriously suggests we form a parallel NBA with equivalent salaries for people standing below six feet. Or one for white people, considering that around 80% of the NBA is black.

The same logic can be applied to almost every other mainstream American sport. The heavy contact and power required in NFL favors male mesomorphs and endomorphs. Where are the calls for a rival, equally rewarded league for ectomorphs, such as the lean and mean DJ Qualls? It would make just as much “equality sense” to pay skinny nerds the same salaries to play NFL as it does to pay female tennis players the same as men.

He wants his own NFL, paid the same as Tom Brady.

As for more sporadically-followed sports, West Africans and their descendants in America and the Caribbean dominate sprinting. So are the Olympics going to create new medal events for whiteys like me who generally run slower and jump lower? Or how about a long-distance event for broad-bodied, ruddy Irishmen like my father to offset the advantages of the skinny Kenyans and Ethiopians? Physical reality is no less present in these cases than the male-female distinction in tennis.


Marketability is often thrust forward as a reason for equal prize money at Grand Slams. But this misses the boat on three points. Firstly, WTA ticket numbers are often much lower when tournaments are held independently of or jointly with the male players. Though female players deny it continually, the women’s game unabashedly piggybacks off the men, especially in the Grand Slams where the men’s and women’s events are held simultaneously. For Grand Slam finals, the men’s tickets are routinely more expensive than the women’s. WTA events held separately, such as Bastad in Sweden, have become a joke for their empty stands.

When a women’s US Open final gets slightly more American viewers than the men’s, feminists cheer wildly at the “victory,” ignoring the fact that the women’s final has been held on a Sunday, while the men’s has been on a Monday when people are at work. Oh, and that rather irrelevant point that the very parochial American TV audience is more likely to watch one of their own finalists (Serena Williams) than Europeans like Andy Murray, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic or Rafael Nadal.

Secondly, marketability has nothing to do with who progresses in a Grand Slam and how well they are paid for that progression. Two 2014 Grand Slam winners, Stanislas Wawrinka and Marin Cilic, are far from the most marketable players on tour. But they still won their respective Opens.

Victoria Azarenka, relative to her achievements, is a rather unpopular player in both the locker room and the fan base. Yet she’s still won two Grand Slams. Similarly, despite regularly bombing out of major tournaments in recent years before the final stages, Ana Ivanovic is still a marketable athlete. And this has more to do with her looks than her recent tennis antecedence.

The third reason is that even the present interest in women’s tennis has largely been generated by propaganda falsely emphasizing the equal skill and entertainment offered by the men’s and women’s games. Mythologies including the cringeworthy Battle of the Sexes, where long-retired 55-year-old Bobby Riggs lost to still-professional Billie Jean King, are used to demonstrate the value of the women’s game without any empirical evidence, let alone the common sense of trying a non-gendered field.

Modern exhortations, such as the “Strong is Beautiful” campaign featuring Sharapova and Serena Williams, impliedly seek to justify equal pay without acknowledging that the girls simply aren’t strong enough to compete with the men.

Strong is beautiful? So play the men for your equal pay!

The WTA’s message can thus be summarized as “We refuse to play the men, but we insist on equal pay.”

Focusing on the Physical Appearance of Players

The WTA and feminists commenting on tennis implicitly or explicitly decry the emphasis on female players’ looks. And I can understand this. They’re sportspeople, first and foremost. But if we remove a player’s appearance from the equation and rely only on skill for our observations, it’s obvious the women’s game is inferior to the men’s. And, again, we’re paying both equally despite the disparity.

The dilemma is that the WTA demands we focus on skill levels, while happily lapping up the attention generated by the beautiful female players. It comes as no surprise that Anna Kournikova was the most famous player of the 90s in terms of wider “cultural” impact, despite never winning a regular singles title, let alone a singles Grand Slam.

Zero singles titles and the most well-known female singles player of all time. I wonder why?

Moreover, the single biggest drawcard to the women’s side of tennis is the more attractive players. Serena Williams is eclipsed by the less dominant (and far more attractive) Maria Sharapova as the most recognizable female player currently. Even Ana Ivanovic, whose career sputtered after reaching Grand Slam glory some years ago, is still one of the most popular players on tour, far beyond her actual on-court achievements.

Sabine Lisicki, a Wimbledon finalist in 2013, is far more well-known than the less aesthetically pleasing and now retired Marion Bartoli, despite Bartoli beating Lisicki for that title and being on tour far longer before she recently retired. The same goes for the girl-next-door looks of Eugenie Bouchard versus the severe homeliness of French Open winner Francesca Schiavone.

Whilst talking all day about the talents of their players, the WTA seems to ignore that much of the brand recognition of female players comes from their skimpy court outfits and ubiquitous Sports Illustrated bikini-at-the-beach appearances. It still needs this sexuality, though, because it deflects attention from the inherent ability gap between male and female players. And often the public talks more about the garishness of a female player’s outfit than the spectacle on the court.

Applying WTA Exceptionalism to Wider Society

The WTA is arguing not for equality but rather a self-serving exceptionalism. Female tennis players simply cannot compete with the men. As Syed points out, women want the God-given right to operate in a separate field from men, who would easily beat them, but they simultaneously insist on equal rewards, recognition, and exposure.

The logical extension of this WTA gender-norming is obvious. If someone has a naturally lower intelligence, just as sportswomen have generally lower abilities than sportsmen, why shouldn’t they be awarded the same job, despite lower intellectual and professional achievement, as a more qualified person?

Likewise, if the average college entrance scores of men continue to be several points lower than women, shouldn’t they be offered an equal reward (entry to their favored degree) at a threshold several points lower than their female counterparts? This is no different from “equal pay” in tennis, and makes more sense given that far more people go to university than play professional tennis, which involves a very short career.

Moving onto crime, men have much greater levels of testosterone, scientifically linked to impulsivity and aggression, than women. So why not have a lesser standard of criminality for male physical aggression, just as post-natal women are given excuses when they otherwise murder their newborns? This all takes into account biology, just as “equal” pay does in tennis.

Logic-Free Zone

One will notice that I have not even raised the specter of the best-of-five (men’s) versus best-of-three set (women’s) inequality in tennis. The holes in the “equal” pay fraud are so numerous and all-encompassing that I do not even need to raise the most obvious argument against the present state of affairs.

Women’s tennis uses the same self-deceit to justify equal pay for unequal circumstances as wider feminism uses for all manner of histrionic and self-serving demands. Nonetheless, nonconformity exists, as the Syed article highlights. The best recipe for refuting WTA illogicality, like any other form, is to throw the equality argument back at the SJWs and dismantle it piece by piece.

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243 thoughts on “What Women’s Tennis Says About “Equal” Pay”

  1. Very nice dissection of women’s tennis. Women cannot compete with men in physical affairs. Full stop. Women’s football will never exist because they don’t/can’t/won’t compete with each other long term. Even within the physically averse sport of basketball women cannot compete. They won’t outweigh the men ever in basketball because the athletic prowess is too much of a gulf for the women to ever catch up. By and large the amount of testosterone needed to compete makes many WNBA players mannish in features, more likely to be lesbian, and average female height won’t venture to far away from 5’7 because women’s genetics don’t allow them to be taller than men. If it weren’t for sex appeal, women’s sports would be seen as the joke it is.

    1. The williams sisters got smoked by a guy ranked 100- plus in the world over a decade ago.
      Hell, theres even controversy now that billie jean king didnt win her match that guy legitimately (he had a gambling problem, and his debts woulda been wiped clean if he threw the match).

      1. That is interesting. If it weren’t for swimsuit magazine or that many men find Serena attractive (not unlike myself with Anna Kournikova) I wouldn’t know of her at all.
        The sisters getting smoked by a professional male tennis player makes sense to me. A man usually has stronger, better, short twitch muscles than a woman. While athletics works for us all, our primal incentives to better athletes and protectors will always prove superior to women.

        1. What interesting to me is I watched alot of sportscenter back then; dont remember this incident every being mentioned (I only read about it this year).

        2. Funny. Good find and commentary on the Williams sisters. It’s like the gods of tennis didn’t want the world to know the queens of tennis are still 3rd rate talents compared with the men.

        3. I guess the key takeaway here is, by now, its safe to say serena is the greatest female tennis player EVER. In her prime, she could not beat a below average male foe.

  2. Always wondered if serena was…enhanced in some way. Her sis has the typical wiry lightly muscled tennis woman physique. 5 ft 10, 165 is definitely not normal

      1. gadzooks. face has gotten more mannish as she has aged. If you look at pics of both sisters in their late teens, then both had the same wiry frame as Venus. Then fast forward four yrs, and Serena is rather beefy. hmmm…

        1. Does pro tennis screen for PEDs? Male or female? Just curious. All we ever hear about are baseball players these days.

      2. I love black women (not the Wal-Mart variety).
        They’re earthy, smile affectionately, and have a clue about what men like.
        But Serena Williams is the Juggernaut Bitch!

      3. Doubt it. Athletes caught taking steroids would be in trouble. What makes a man more aggressive, larger, and more muscular is testosterone and a woman has 1/10 of guy’s testosterone levels. Serena still has the testosterone levels of a woman. The only reason why she has the physique that she has is the many years of training she’s done. Train a guy the same way she’s trained, the guy would be stronger. Even the world’s strongest woman has the testosterone levels of a woman, which is the reason why she is only as strong as the average man.
        The link for testosterone levels:

        1. “Athletes caught taking steroids would be in trouble”
          That’s why they don’t get caught. Roiding is huge in professional sports.

        2. No form of injected testosterone does not stay long in the system and if someone wants to see the effects of it, they have to stay on it for a long time and inject consistently. I think most athletes have an on and off cycle, which is why in Serena’s case, you don’t see her voice deepen. She is still not as strong as a top male tennis player and would still get her ass beat by one (who is probably also roiding). Men start out with a higher testosterone level than women and add the same amount of testosterone to a body, the man will have more and will be stronger because of it. Once puberty hits, guys will have way more testosterone than women.

        3. “”Athletes caught taking steroids would be in trouble”
          That’s why they don’t get caught. Roiding is huge in professional sports.”
          ROFLMAO. Yeah, they’d certainly be in trouble. But, as Conrad pointed out, it’s not stopping it. The only thing it’s stopping is the long ester and well researched drugs. Pros all use suspensions (in and out real fast) and often use stuff that’s way off the radar (basically shit with unknown safety profiles; look up IGF1-LR3 for an idea of what the pros were using a few years ago until they developed a test).
          Most pros in sports that need speed, endurance or power are on some kind of steroid. Not the stuff you and I would use (testosterone), but something that’s giving them an edge. The stakes are too high and the drugs are too effective; if one guy starts using something like EPO on a biking team he’s quickly going to become far and away the best rider on the team. So everyone starts to use it, the bar goes up, but the relative levels stay the same (Lance is still the best and would have won IF everyone else was also not able to use EPO, for example).

        4. well, with jill, its pretty clear shes on something. Serena, its murky. There was a french woman named mary pierce who got pretty big towards the end of her career… anyone in the know, know if these tennis women took something?
          I keep asking bc male athletes are constantly under the microscope, doesnt seem the ladies are…

        5. That’s because they aren’t that popular and people would rather watch men play against each other. The more popular someone is, the more they are under the microscope. But yeah it is possible some of them are on the roids, they just don’t get caught. As for the effects, you only see them if they’ve been taking them consistently. And the effects of it on women are dramatic. Usually you can tell if their voice changes or if they are starting to get facial hair. I don’t see that for Serena Williams though.

        6. Iris Kyle is a bodybuilder, though. Bodybuilders are known for their excessive steroid use. And yeah she looks like a tranny. Even Asian trannies look more like a woman than her.

    1. “Always wondered if serena was…enhanced in some way. ”
      ROFL. You’re kidding me, right? The Williams sisters, without a shadow of a doubt in my mind, have testosterone levels that are through the roof for women. Not saying they are taking steroids (although, most likely, they are), but they have to be in the top .001% for test levels for women.
      5’10”, 165 is normal if you’re a man. 😉
      How people can be attracted to this (image below) boggles my mind. You’re well on your way to being gay if you find a build like this attractive.
      Simple fact of the matter that NOBODY wants to discuss. Black men and women have more testosterone than other races (median and average). That is one of the big reasons that they can rise to dominate most sports that are based on speed, strength or endurance (most sports fall into one of those categories).
      If we came up with perfect drug testing tomorrow (nobody could use any steroids of any type) blacks would simply dominate 95% of all professional sports. Even with the help of steroids, it’s questionable if whites will be able to compete long term against blacks in most pro sports. The sports that aren’t dominated today are those that blacks simply don’t play (typically for cultural reasons); stuff like swimming, bicycle racing, tennis, skiing (XC and downhill), etc. But I have no doubt that if enough blacks started to ride bikes the tour de france would be totally dominated by blacks in a very short time.
      The only way for whites to compete with blacks is to level the playing field (give Steffi G enough test to put her at the same levels as someone like Serena). Absent that (baselining the levels for athletes), we will come to see blacks as the best athletes in most/all pro sports over the next 30-50 years.

      1. I dunno, your analysis is pretty broad. Whites are better swimmers because of naturally longer torsos. Ive read that northern european men have superior upper body strength when compared to all other ethnic groups.

    1. Well she does have a nice caboose. everything above and below it is kinda mannish…

      1. Her rack is fairly nice as well. She is a thick woman who would get attention on the street easily. Outside of her sexuality, she does have plenty of mannish features. I don’t find her hot, but of the tennis players out there, she is a good choice for sex.

        1. Meh, Ana Ivanovic and Simona Halep are much better choices; Especially Simona. I wonder if she offers a full-service GFE.

        2. Ana is attractive but I’d be bored quick as she has no curves. Simona I’m torn on. She is a 4 but her rack in some shots look phenomenal and in others like a a boy. So is she a E or a B cup now? E gets the yea and B will get the nay quick.

        3. I’m torn on Simona as well. She was hands down bustiest in the sport before the breast reduction. A [female] friend of mine once told me she wore a compression bra, which would explain the drastic changes in cup size but raises more important questions such as: How humongous were those things before the operation?

        4. My guess is E. Could have been F but how did she last in tennis so long with F cups? She had a reduction so, she’s out. Shame really as watching her play tennis must have been a treat.

        5. Both are hot but Simona’s tits are a little too big. I’d bang Ana. Not a big fan of huge tits and/or ass in comparison to body size. They got to be proportional.

        6. Proportions are key, which is why I could never really get into Serena Williams. That backyard is so big it needs a fence.

        7. She’s attractive and has light curves. I need more if she wants to last past 3 months. And if she does last over 3 months, she needs to have a trailer load of sass. Proportional or not, I need something to squeeze.

        8. She was alright like 5-10 years ago but she’s aged to look more nasty and manly. I wouldn’t touch her to save my own race.

        9. Not only that, she looks like a tranny even Laverne Cox looks more like a woman than her.

      2. Most of a public figure woman’s beauty is smoke and mirrors. Serena looks pretty good in some photo shoots and public appearances. I’m not sure i’d want to see what Serena looks like when she first wakes up in the morning but I can’t deny good looking pictures of her exist. How true those pictures are to reality is another issue.
        EDIT: Damn, I haven’t seen a pic of Serena in a few years, she got extremely mannish.

        1. ” I’m not sure i’d want to see what Serena looks like when she first wakes up in the morning”
          Oh, I’m sure. I’d gnaw my arm off and go right to the sex change clinic (does such a thing exist) if I woke up next to SW. Because, if I did, I’m obviously more attracted to men than women. And, gnawing my arm off because not only am I now attracted to men, I’m attracted to ugly men.

        2. Yup, they have sex change clinics in most malls these days(most major credit cards accepted).

        3. Oh see, that’s my problem, MT is drag never did anything for me. Sorry, going to have use some eyebleach again this morning because I looked at those pictures of SW again, might be a little while before I can post again. 😉

        1. That’s disgusting. How much of an estrogen soaked beta cuck would you have to be to find that attractive? It would have a bigger clit than most mens dicks.

      1. LOL! guess all this “women are just as good, if not superior, to men” crap started even earlier than I realized…180 lb dude just hoisted in the air like that LOLOL

        1. That ‘hoisting’ was accomplished with wires. If you look closely (about two inches up from the pistol) you can even see the rigging under the guy’s shirt.
          Grace Jones was a beast, but she was still a female beast… which is to say, pretty much useless.

        2. It always got me that James had her in bed in the movie. Ufff. Not sure that was so appealing

    2. big as big tits nice firm body. Also some of these men live surrounded by land whales with 70% overweight and obese women in america on average. There are parts of the country (counties) where 90% of women are fat or overweight, pretty much anything not fat would be attractive to them.

  3. Ask any woman to name one…ONE place where women are paid less: Mcdonalds, Fry’s, Apple, General Motors, etc. They cannot name one because they don’t exist.
    Still, people parrot this statement like it’s mathematical certainty.
    And what is the end result? Resentment against men as the cruel oppressor. It’s such a mean-spirited, hateful lie.

    1. Yeah and in sports you want to see the best performance you can and clearly adding wide hips, weaker upper body, big bouncing bum, smaller feet and hands, long hair, make up and a pair of tits into the equation doesn’t achieve that… this is why men’s tennis is more exciting than women’s, because the level of athleticism is higher… the sport is show cased at it’s very best.. the ball goes faster, the players are taxed to the very limit of the abilities of any human physical body.
      The most athletic women are uglier to look at than the most athletic men and the most attractive women are not so good at sports and nothing on a men’s level.
      What’s more is that all this equality doesn’t take into account what it would be worth to have the life experience of nurturing a new born in side you, giving birth to it, breast feeding and raising a child that you incubated… let’s put a dollar figure on that experience… subtract it from men’s pay and then see what you get.
      Women always have the uterus card to pull, whereas Feder is nothing without his sport. Any female athlete can be pregnant and go on in some other area of life.

      1. I dont know who Feder is but Im sure with out his sport he would be intelligent enough to find something else in life to do because no one can play at the professional level forever. If you only have enough talent to do one and only one thing for the rest of your life, and if that one thing is only based off the haphazardly accernce of your biology then you and not the opposite sex have just short changed your own earning potential.
        Quite your belly aching! If you are a woman brush up on your math, science and computer programming skills and only go to work for a company that will pay you what you are worth. Hell even demand that they pay to freeze your eggs for you so you can have your cake and eat it too. If you are male and you are athletic don’t let your brawn be the end all of your career. Learn the stock market, get a college degree, put your money where your mouth is and out perform the female competor.
        If you don’t earn your worth in the job sector it’s not because the opposite XX or XY cromemazon got in your way. Own up to your personal weeknesses, skills and abilities be it at home, work or play and you will gain much joy.

    2. McDonald’s is all about flipping burgers and serving fries, anyone can do that and they do get paid the same depending on the hours they work. Yet people are saying women are getting paid less than men. Bullshit! This has something to do with their college majors (if they did go to college) and the jobs they pick. For example, STEM field majors tend to get paid more. How many women in STEM fields? Not very many. Also, risky jobs tend to pay more. Not too many women in these fields. Yet they still complain about equal pay. Bottom line is, the more productive the job is for society, the more it should pay! Therefore, in average, that is the reason why they get paid less. But for doing the same job and depending on how well they perform, if a guy and a girl perform about the same, they get the same amount of money.

      1. At MacDonald’s, women are required to lift less than men (true story) a man can lift until 80 pounds, a woman 50… it was on the work contract, clear… but same pay…

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        2. Double Standards once again, I know women that can lift 80 lbs just fine, plus the the fatter and bigger the woman is, the more she could lift. Make the fatties get some exercise at work! Geez!

    3. Of course not.
      We live in the most litigious country ever. Lawyers drool over open and shut cases like pay discrepancy.
      If women were being paid less for the same work, this country would be buried under the weight of all the lawsuits. It’s not like we’re afaid to sue each other in the US.

      1. When I took an American Legal Background in Business course in college, the professor (retired lawyer) would bring up a handful of real-life lawsuit cases and at the beginning of each story he would ask the same question after a brief description of the issue:
        “Who’s getting sued?” (with reference to any names involved in the case)
        Answer:”This is America, everyone is getting sued!”

    4. For salaried positions there is typically a pay grade scale so in some cases when comparing male/female salaries for a particular position a woman can be paid less. Overall though, it seems like the wage gap is tightening so that’s a plus.

      1. Got a source to prove some positions pay women less? As in an actual Western company.Just curious.

        1. Any corporation where salaries are graded on a pay scale. It’s quite common actually.

        2. Can you provide an example of one company that does this that would lead to women being paid less ? If it’s “quite common” as you claim it shouldn’t be that hard.

        3. It’s common in industry. Most pay grades have a range of salaries. Say a job is graded a level 5 ranging from $35000 to $48000. You can theoretically have a person paid at the lower end of the scale and a person paid at the higher end of the scale for the same job. It’s not that unusual.

    5. If companies could get away with paying women less for the same work, then it would put women at an advantage when seeking jobs. Companies would choose women over men because it would help their bottom line. Naturally, in a market like this, men would have to accept less money in order to compete. The job market, like all markets, is self correcting.
      According to a AAUW study, the gender pay gap isn’t 77 cents to a man’s dollar, but 93.4 cents. They still don’t know why men make 6.6% more on average than women. Feminists assume it’s due to “discrimination,” but there’s actually no evidence for this. It isn’t clear why, and the 6.6% could be explained by something AAUW did not think of.

    6. The other result is more people not believing their other lies, such as “rape culture”, “the war on women”, “street harassment”, “women never lie”, etc., etc., etc..
      The old fable about “the boy who cried ‘Wolf!’ ” is becoming the modern fable of “the feminist who cried ‘__________!’ “.

    7. So where do all these numbers about different pay come from? Well, one thing the feminazis leave out is that the pay difference comes from experience difference.
      Women get paid less in white collar jobs because there are a lot fewer women compared to men who have been working at that job. Women either take off working for one reason or another.
      So you end up with a position where a man has 15 years of experience under his belt and a woman has maybe, 5 years.
      So the company pays him more. He’s received more promotions for the years he’s stayed. Thus he and the woman are working the same job, but he is getting paid more because he has more experience.
      Feminazis latch onto this and crow it’s because of sexism.
      Apparently they want a woman with one year of experience to be paid exactly as a man with 10 years.
      But I bet they wouldn’t like the reverse: a woman of ten years experience being paid exactly as a man with one.

  4. When Serena Williams retires….the WTA will definitely not be the same for me….I have always been a fan of hers since 1999 when I first saw her play against her fellow all time great Steffi Graf.

    Where the WTA is weak compared to the men of the ATP Is In the depth of men’s players, like Nishikori & Cilic, that could get to the US Open final compared to the women, In which one rarely sees a player outside the women’s top 10 at the time like Cibulkova get to a final like she did last year & subsequently lost to Li Na.
    In Closing, I Just wanted to say that I am a big fan of everybody here at Return Of Kings, and since I am the sports fan In my family, I have to throw out my prediction for the next great player to potentially win a slam this year & beyond, Caroline Wozniacki….she gave Serena her hardest match at the WTA championship semifinals In a losing effort.
    Thank You

    1. I don’t think WTA has no future. There are already 2 new players who can compete for the biggest titles: Halep and Bouchard. And plenty of young talents on the way…

  5. They get paid a ton for child support. Why should the gov’t give them a check? Why should the Dad not get an itemized report of what his $$ is spent on ? The IRS does it with our income. How can a “single mom” with 4 kids afford school?
    “I’m going to school to be an MA, I like to go dancing, I have 4 kids, and I live to make them happy! They are my world.I’m fun and easy going. I’m looking for serious men not idiot boys that think they can get laid by talking dirty to me”

    1. Attractive, but 4 kids? Someone post that jpeg of the hotdog flying down the hallway.

      1. I’ve already messaged her on POF this morning. I told her that I would whisk her away to paradise on my white horse. Little does she know I am fixed and my sperm count is zero. It will take her a few weeks before she figures out she can’t get #5 out of me.

        1. will do. that information usually comes out early on during the first date. Typically the angry Daddy texts also blow up their phones early on.

        2. I’m fixed. I never tell them that of course. These sluts are usually comfortable having sex while the kids are playing XBOX in the living room.

        3. you’re thinking too much. My bases are all covered. It’s easy to bolt on these train wrecks.

        4. Really? Are these women that clueless? Why wouldnt men be immediately turned off if baby daddies are texting her during your date?

        5. for these women…..their thought process is this:
          “I am hot, I can get laid any time I want, so a man has to put up with any bullshit that comes with me. Also, there are desperate losers that say they love me, so I am special. making babies is my income stream”

        6. remember the #1 rule for online dating if they don’t show their body they are fat….no exceptions.

        7. So if you got her pregnant, you have to pay her child support like all her baby daddies! Stupid bitch!

        8. Planned Parenthood makes vasectomies easy. $500, and I’ve never worried about it since 2009.

    2. not idiot boys that think they can get laid by talking dirty to me
      Yes…because that obviously didn’t work in the past.

        1. I’ll guess those pics are from 10 years ago when she 19, and hadn’t been knocked up yet.

      1. Yes they are. They just pop kids like rats. Reason why the minority population is increasing.

    3. 4 kids, a full time student, 29 years old….yes, she has a lot to offer. She has a lot of debt (plus kids). No thank you. Once I read (or hear) kids…..I’m out. I’m not signing up to raise (and pay for) someone’s kids. She obviously had her fun on the carousel for a few years (results: kids) and now she needs a beta to settle down with (I mean she needs a man to help pay her school, bills, etc…). No, thanks. If you younger men ever run into one of these…..run the other way. You are nothing more than an ATM to her. She’ll probably end up banging an old ex while in a relationship (or marriage) to a beta chump.

    4. Funny I was reading about this guy that was paying something like $1.76 in child support. He had something like 20-30 children with different women.. and the State couldn’t do shit about it, as there is a cap of how much they can take out of your pay..

  6. I don’t hear the feminists mention about the pay gap between female and male porn actors. The women porn actresses gets paid far more than the men.

    1. You don’t hear female super models complaining that they get paid more than male models.

    2. Yeah but they are int the shot 10x more than the male actors and they are the ones vocalizing the… um… script if you will. The popularity of guy on guy porn hopefully will even out the pay rate for you my friend.

      1. *Man points out hypocrisy of woman*
        *Woman rationalizes hypocrisy away*
        Life as usual.

  7. In Canada we rotate a WTA/ATP tour event every year between Montreal and Toronto, so during the same time every year the women play in either Montreal or Toronto and the opposite city for men. I go every two years to see the men in Toronto. There have been rumors that the WTA needs to combine the events so that the woman’s tournament can survive (piggy back on the men). No one goes to see the women unless its the quarters and higher. Now that we have Eugenie Bouchard those rumors have subsided due to the fact that Canada tennis has some star power. As soon as Williams retires the WTA will suffer even more than it is now. My buddy and I always say that if the woman’s game wants to survive they need to play topless….I’d buy that for a dollar!

  8. The stupid myth about pay inequality never took into account same work, same education, same experience. It was born from women’s illogical and irrational thinking. … female teachers get paid less than male engineers, therefore women get paid less than men

    1. And most teachers are women and most engineers are men. There are exceptions, of course, but that is just an average.

      1. Men aren’t allowed to be teachers anymore below the college level in america. Because male teachers are predators who prey on innocent girls. You aren’t allowed to generalize about female teachers who give blow jobs to 16 y/o males after school.

        1. Yeah even Debra LaFave was at most, placed in house arrest. If a male does the same, it’s prison time with lots and lots forced ass fucking from the other prisoners! But because Debra has a pussy, she’s in house arrest!

        2. A 20- something teacher had sex with a 13 or 14-year boy. Fast forward a few yrs, hes now 18, and he was slapped with child support(retroactive by the way). To the lawyers who visit this site: how is this allowed?

        3. I know, it is fucked up. He impregnated her so that means he has to pay for child support, unfortunately, which is a double standard because he was only 13 or 14 when he impregnated her and didn’t know any better. But because he is 18 and now an adult, he’s responsible for it. It’s retarded.

        4. She could turn a buck as a web cam model who milks herself with a breast pump for beta males who pay her with an amazon gift card.

        5. Yeah that’s not fair he shouldn’t have to pay for some one else’s action’s done to him while he was under the age of consent. Thats why we have statutory laws in the first place. How is this fair?

    2. Women drop of the workforce to have children. They re-enter the workforce 5 years later when the child starts school. Then they complain their pay and job title isn’t the same as a man who didn’t drop out. Then they get divorced and become single moms, and dump their job responsibilities on other people at work because they’re overwhelmed as a single parent.

      1. Yes, that is another reason. Once you quit after a while, then that is what happens. The rule applies to anyone who quits then comes back. But no, women complain about it because they think they are entitled…

      2. Yes. The gender pay gap is a result of female privilege. Men have no choice but to work. Women have special opportunities that men don’t have to have children and nurse and stay home with them.

      3. And wouldn’t it be so much smarter if those career women would settle down and have kids in their late teens/early 20s and then get into careers AFTER the kids are old enough to go without 24/7 supervision?

        1. This would be a good idea except our current model of society isn’t designed to support teen motherhood be it by a wed or unwed parent.
          Even if she was married the young adult mother would be so emotionally spent on dealing with kids at young age that by the time she entered the work force it would cost tax payers more money trying to train her than it would to just give her maternity leave in the first place.
          Plus unless the chap was an older guy who wanted kids with someone still wet behind the ears I couldn’t see your average 19 year old boy with the over whelmeing desire to put fatherhood before the prospects of a good career.

        2. I wouldn’t say late teens because the body is still developing but early 20s is okay. Maybe the woman can just a few classes while staying at home with the kids and an older husband would be there to support the family financially. Plus, online classes exist, don’t even have to go to campus for a class. And when the kids are old enough, start finding a job.

        3. That’s why the older man / younger woman is the the most stable relationship. In many cultures outside the feminist west, 10 – 20 year age difference is common and seen as desirable. It actually give the woman more security, because there is much less chance she will get exchanged for a younger wife.

    3. Exactly. The so-called rationale behind these fake equal pay arguments wouldn’t survive scrutiny by a Statistics 101 student.

    4. Its the same kind of bullshit logic they employ when they suck off some drug dealer, he puts a baby in them and bails and now all of a sudden there’s no good men left.
      That’s women’s logic

  9. Same bullshit already happened in college sports. Men’s football and men’s basketball is what sells out the arena’s and gets the universities on tv, and generates all the revenue for the school. But women’s sports are entitled to 50% of all that revenue even though they can’t sell tickets. Its the men who pay for all the facilities and scholarships for the women. Because having a vagina means you’re entitled to more than you contribute.

    1. Remember the hype about that Baylor woman last yr? something Grener? Some jackasses were saying she would go 2nd or 4rd round in the nba draft. Some espn clown was tracking her dunks- it was less than 20 in college!
      Jordan would have that many in a week in his heyday.

    2. Yea, the womens’ sports use private jets to go to their games. You can imagine how much that costs. They have to take $$ from the football revenue

  10. Female supremacists cannot push the equality meme for too much longer, as it’s become a laughing stock to anyone capable of logic and reasoning. At some point they will predictably shift their marketing from the equality message to deserved superiority in the name of female reparations.

    1. We can see it happening… Radical feminists call men every bad name they can think of…

      1. Replacing? Bro you’re late we ALREADY live in the matriarchy. At this point its about dragging it on as long as they can till it crashes and burns.

    2. Female supremacists cannot push the equality meme for too much longer, as it’s become a laughing stock to anyone capable of logic and reasoning.

      Which is why they are trying to reduce the number of people who are capable of logic and reasoning.
      Remember that feminists rule the public k12 school system. They are doing everything they can to make sure the skulls full of mush entrusted to their “care” are indoctrinated to live nothing but feminist orthodoxy, and to stick to it even after they see it blow up in their faces.

  11. I threw up in my own mouth looking at the pic of the williams “sister”. DISGUSTING.

    1. She really is repulsive.
      Brett Ratner was hitting that for two years, proving he must be mentally challenged.

  12. if male and female tennis was on equal footing Navritilova wouldn’t have just married a beauty queen. It’d be match over or match.com.

  13. First of all,Riggs game with BJ King was a sellout of men by Riggs
    who made a bookmaker killing out of the challenge.
    Secondly,women make more than men at tennis because,playing less
    and at a lower pitch enables them to enter the doubles as well.
    It will happen to Football in a few years as well.Once women are esconced onto the FIFA committee,just wait to see the new rules enforced,like no touch etc,enabling them to play against men and demand the same money for doing so.

    1. right, but I heard he did it to get out of his gambling debts. I can understand 🙂

  14. I’m all for ‘equal’ pay. In fact almost all sports women are paid the equal they deserve. That is their relative share of prize fund based on advertising & sponsorships. Bigger prize fund to mens sports as there is far larger audience. That sounds very equal to me. Top prize gets the same % of the available prize fund. Prize funded is directly influence by advertising & sponsorship which is influenced by viewing figures.
    That is truly equal for all participants as it would be unfair that a person got a larger % than their entitled to. If women wanted bigger prize funds then they should watch the sport more to increase sponsorship & advertising revenue.

    1. Being an avid viewer of the Game, I watch men playing for the sake of thrill it provides and all the vivaciousness it brings up which is the real spirit of the game as I think and for the pleasure of eye sights, I love to watch women playing.

  15. Nobody is holding back women’s pay in their own exclusively female sports… like mud wrestling for example. Can’t blame that on men.

  16. As I have observed, while in Wimbledon, they award championship trophy to men and only a shield to women. Why don’t they whine about this disparity or they do not consider it as a disparity at all?

    1. The trophy awarded to men is a phallic representation. The shield awarded to women represents a panty shield.

  17. I’ve said it a million times. The only people who are interested in “equality” are those who have something to gain from it. If they have something to lose, they’re not interested in “equality” one bit.
    Fuck equality. May the best man/woman win!

  18. As a former tennis pro (something I have mentioned on these comments before), I cannot help but correct a few things about this article. First, the argument that women should be paid less in Grand Slams is based on their having to win 2 of 3 sets, whereas the men play 3 of 5 sets, not on having to play other women. Secondly, a player’s popularity is never perfectly correlated to their ranking, men or women. Nishikori is ranked higher than Dimitrov, but the Bulgarian is handsome, charming, more charismatic (and I believe a better player long term). He is dating Sharapova, and this makes him popular with young guys – and for good reason. Looks matter more for the marketability female players, but they, along with the overall “look”, matter lots for men also. Third, the most important and influential player of the 1990’s was Martina Hingis, who is one of the all-time greats and won five Grand Slams (and made it to numerous other GS finals). Kournikova did, in fact, win numerous doubles titles, including a Grand Slam or two (with Hingis). Obviously she was hot, but Marat Safin remains one of the most liked male players in part because so many men wanted to emulate him (like Dimitrov), though he won only two Majors. Fourth, Gstaad is in Switzerland, not Sweden. Fifth, Ivanovic has won 16 singles titles and is ranked #5 in the world. The fact that Azarenka is a bitch is not lost on anyone, male or female. So what? McEnroe was an asshole but entered history. Winning is not a popularity contest.
    Your general point is correct but only up to a point. Women play women, that’s that. Women’s tennis is very popular in Europe and especially in the Far East, where Ana and Masha are deified by small Oriental men. Tennis is not popular in the US right now, and for that we can all be thankful (no McEnroe, Connors or Agassi!). The depth of the game since the opening of Eastern Europe has made it more competitive. Many of the girls are adorable. Of all the things wrong with the modern world, women’s tennis just ain’t one of them. Enjoy the game…

    1. Wait, what’s the difference between Switzerland and Sweden? Aren’t they the same thing?

  19. Serena Williams will probably go down in history as the Best Female Tennis Player in history! 18 Grand Slams and counting Olympic Medalist and will surpass the 22 Grand Slam Record of Steffi Graf and maybe the 24 all time record of Margaret Court, also the oldest Number 1 in the World. Her looks should not factor into it but it does…people like Sharapova receive more money than Serena does and Ana Kournikova never won a major but was one of the most famous famous in Tennis despite there being other great players like Steffi Graf Monica Seles and Martina Hingis. With men usually just playing ability matters with some exception like De LA Hoya who was marketable to women because of his looks but even then he was at the elite of the Boxing World. But the level of competition is definitely better among men and they also play more sets overall, so they are basically working more for higher pay. The thing is that when sexuality is used against some women they complain of sexism, which i can understand when referring to players like Serena who EARNS her money and is number 1 in her craft, but some of these same voices will not criticize advancing in their careers with the use of their sexuality and this is what I believe is hypocritical.
    On the other hand Sports are a business and pricing and pay is based on the free market…some sports have certain regulations in place that others may or may not…namely to make competition more balanced (Mostly true with team sports). Players are usually paid by how marketable they are there level of skill they have compared to their rivals, and the popularity of their specific sport in their respective Nation as well as Globally. At the same time there is a level of racism on the internet regarding Serena Williams (ignoring her rise to being the best player in history) there are plenty of unattractive White Players but there is not this undercurrent to point out how unattractive or “animal” like they are. What I find beautiful is different from what another man finds beautiful, but most men can agree in what they want in a long term mate…and that is perfectly fine.

    1. Yeah, she’ll go down as the greatest female tennis player in history. The reason being that she’s High T, and is built like a man. Just look at her. She looks like a bodybuilder in drag.

      1. I don’t care how she looks, just want her to keep rising to the top and winning Grand Slams.

        1. “just want her to keep rising to the top”
          Why? What’s your personal stake in this? Or just a case of pedestalization of a famous female?

        2. I like winners, most people do. I didn’t like Jordan because he ruined my teams chances every year…but I respected his greatness! It’s more as a level of respect for someone who is achieving greatness at his or her craft. Plus she is a role model for the younger generation.

        3. But shes not a winner, she cant beat the best PLAYERS (male) in the world. Jordan was great because he bested ALL his competitors. Who cares if she is the best womans tennis player, thats like being the smartest kid with down syndrome

        4. Yes I agree with the pay difference between men and women…the men play longer. But if there is a difference between men and women biologically why not also celebrate a woman who is at the top of her gender and craft? I also like to see the Little League World Series because its the best baseball competition for 12 year old boys. Its fun watching the best baseball players at that age level.

        5. If she is injecting testosterone or PED’s then strip her from her accomplishments but as far as I know she worked hard all her life and built her body that way, and polished her craft…I’m not screwing her so I don’t care about her looks I just care about her playing ability.

        6. I don’t know if she’s injecting or not. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s naturally that masculine.

        7. Aye buddy! Don’t bring the Knicks into this! Let’s keep it classy here 😉

        8. You guys are too much smh. I do enjoy her play and tennis. Not my favorite sport but I do enjoy the Majors.

        9. Yes I actually am a Knicks fan 🙁 That’s a position I can’t argue well on this forum lol…well at least I am Loyal!

        10. Some women look naturally masculine and some men look naturally feminine. They are just outliers.

    2. Any citations proving sharapova makes more coin than serena? I ask because you tend to make everything about race…if what you say is true, then I apologize in advance…

      1. I mean to say that some years Sharapova has made more coin that Serena, and in endorsements Sharapova surpasses Serena. Although Sharapova is also elite herself she is outmatched by Serena. I don’t make everything about race…I just point out the obvious in fact others are the ones who oftentimes bring race up in the first place. I just talk about what I see. I also addressed factors of why Men earn more in general than Women and why market forces determine pay. The racial element was just one portion of my assessment. Here is one citation by Forbes…

        1. Thanks.
          And, when it comes to marketing, looks do matter. Randy Johnson, the greatest modern day pitcher in my humble opinion, never got that many natl endorsements, I assume because of his ornery demeanor. No chin and that porno ‘stache didnt help his cause either…

        2. Well I thought Randy would get endorsement, that “look” with the mullet made him look like a bad-ass. Also many Southerners Loved him. “The Big Unit” was fearsome as a Yankee Fan I always hated when he pitched against my team in the 1990’s. I thought he was cool, he also appeared in a few movies and baseball movies.

  20. In the United States, in 2005, men were 54% of the workforce but 93% of workers who died at work due to fatal accidents or violence.

    1. women are the principal victims of industrial accidents…as Hilary Clinton probably said. It’s their husbands, son’s, co-workers etc. and its women who have to soldier on.

    1. Strong reading comprehension…. the author is actually skinny and she’s complaining about people complaining about thin privilege

        1. Mixed race people are often the most attractive. Especially Eurasians like Maggie Q and Mylene Jampanoi.

  21. Tennis can pay players what it wants to. I don’t think women should be paid the same as men but it’s up to the male tennis players to address that.
    I love me some Sabine lisicki.

  22. I am shocked and distraught to find no mention of how the ‘Battle of the Sexes’ was fixed.
    Then again, Billy Jean King is still hailed as a sports civil rights ambassador so whining over it won’t change it

    1. Billy Riggs likely threw that match so he could pay off his bookie. Even if he didn’t, you have to question the value of a far over the hill male athlete competing on uneven terms against a female athlete at the absolute top of her ability.

  23. How is that ” thing ” up there a female??? SW wins the mannish man of the century award. God dam she/he is so god awful fugly

  24. I have never understood how Serena could attract men with plenty of options like Common(rapper-actor), for example.
    As others have already pointed out, the pay gap is bogus. I hate hearing about how it is rife in the film industry when there are barely any female stars. Amy Adams supposedly got paid less to be in American Hustle than Christian Bale and the media made a big deal about it, yet how many hits has she had? Bale was Batman for 8 years for god’s sake!
    Whenever you explain the concept of market value to them, they either stare at you blankly or accuse you of gaslighting.

  25. A woman is paid as much as a man for the same work performed. When I started out at my first job I was being paid less than the women in my team and why wouldn’t I? I was new and couldn’t add as much to the company as the more experienced females.
    Name one company where it has been shown women get less money than men for the same job?

  26. It going to be interesting to see when “transgenered girls” start participate in women’s sports. I think a few SJWs heads may explode when anatomical males dominate the girls in basketball, volleyball, track, etc… Will they let women’s sports be destroyed or will they support full transgenderedism?

    1. They did for Fallon Fox, who BTW is losing her/his manly strength from all the female hormones she/he’s taking. Compared to a male UFC fighter, she/he has no skill to beat them. Ronda Rousey can beat the her/him. Full transgenderism is supported in women’s sports already.

      1. Why cant Bones Jones take on Rousey? Id like to see him extend her neck with an upper cut, rock em, sock em robot style.

  27. The problem with modern feminism is that it’s not about making women stronger. It’s about making women perpetual victims. No longer do women have to overcome obstacles. They merely have to complain about them and be a victim. A man whistles at a woman? She’s a victim. A man notices a woman has lost weight? She’s a victim. Her old boyfriend from four years earlier asked for sex three times until she acquiesced? She’s been raped. Being a victim is trendy and popular. Look at websites like Everyday Sexism, where everything is sexist. And when everything is sexist, nothing is because real sexism has been diluted.

    1. Hopefully an ethnic war breaks out in Europe, then fems there will finally shut the fuck up, at least for a while.

  28. There’s no proof that women are paid less in the first place, the whole thing is manufactured because the feminists believe both genders would have equal outcomes.
    There is no such thing as equal pay for equal work, or equal qualification. If such an arrangement exists, it’s a generous move on the company’s part. Everywhere else it’s equal pay for equal results.

    1. If there was even a shred of truth to the 77 cent wage exaggeration, women’s unemployment would be 0 and men’s unemployment would be 100%.

    2. And also the hours worked and pay rate per hour, if the job is hourly pay such as McDonald’s, Applebee’s, etc.

  29. They want to be paid more for doing less. Period. Who is the best chess player? Many will argue that it is because only man play chess, that is untrue. In Russia chess was compulsary for man and woman in the old time. Man outperformed woman.

  30. The same crap is happening in Golf. The reason we have to constantly listen to this crap is that sports media is hiring too many women. The women who work at these magazines and such do not REALLY care about the sport; men’s sports don’t concern them. They are just attention whoring and trying to get a “fun” job.
    They then realize that sports is a male pursuit, and start demanding more attention for female sports, so that they in turn can get more attention from men.

  31. Women athletes would get paid as much as male athletes if the same amount of people that watched male sports would watch female sports. But they don’t. How can they expect to get paid the same when they don’t bring in the same amount of revenue?

  32. Women’s tennis is slower and sloppier than the men’s game. They don’t deserve ‘equal’ pay.

    1. Women only have 1/3 the upper body strength as men. That can be increased with training but its never going to be equal without PEDs. So the serve is slower and weaker and easier to return.

  33. The irony of it all is that these “women” can’t perform at this level without anabolics. Yes, hormones that are derivatives of testosterone and created by men. Girl power!

  34. The part about women’s tennis piggybacking on the men in grand slams is the biggest point. If women had their own grand slams NOBODY would ever have paid attention to women’s tennis at all. They’d be scraping by like WNBA players.
    Same thing In the Olympics, women piggybacking on the same event.

  35. Women are only paid less because most CHOOSE to have children and take time off from work to raise those children which they have. They end up missing the end of work so don’t get promoted into higher management because they are not there enough to be effective managers. The manager is the first one in, last one out. Take a high school for example. Most high school teachers are female at a ratio of about 2:1 depending on country. Most principals are men. Why? Is it patriarchy and discrimination? No. To become a principal, you must do an additional degree/courses that takes 1-2 years(can be done part time) and be a guidance counselor for 5-7 years (in my jurisidiction). But once you are a principal, you lose your benefits as you are no longer unionized employee but now management.
    But the main reason why most women decline to become principals, is because the principal has to be in the school 1-3 hours before any teacher, and 1-3 hours after any teacher leaves. So instead of 7-3 or 8-4 like most teachers. The principal can be working anywhere from 5-5 or 6-7. And when you get off at work at 7 its a pain in the butt. That is the real truth as to why women don’t want to become managers. Women avoid hard work.

  36. Feminists will never concede that men are stronger, faster and smarter in all tasks. This is the reason why men are paid more money.

  37. When women start playing best of 5 matches at Grand Slams, then they deserve equal prize money.

  38. Arms and face(right arm especially) aren’t attractive.
    Those who like boobs may say she has a chest like a boy just starting to lift weights.

  39. There are few fields where the pay gap is indeed larger than in professional sports, but the reason isn’t the one the article implies. Male athletes aren’t paid more than female athletes because of superior ability. They’re paid more because male sports have bigger audiences, making them more economically valuable and thus able to command higher salaries.
    One might wonder, how would the equalization of pay be carried out in practice? Intra-sex athlete salaries vary by orders of magnitude, how does one determine whether a specific woman is underpaid relative to her ability? And even if one could, who’s to pay the difference? Forcing event organizers to pay a premium above the actual market price of a female athlete would put an economic burden on them and strangle the whole field. The wimmens could end up pricing themselves out of the market, like an overreaching labor union. Or, should instead male athletes be taxed to pay equalization premiums to female athletes. I would not endorse such a measure, seeing no justice in it, but that would work without screwing up the economics of sports event organization.

  40. It is such a massive insult. How come the men players aren’t jumping up and down about this? Women are REWARDED for being vastly inferior.. how is that equality?

  41. Women tennis players should make whatever they earn. It wouldn’t surprise me if they earn/deserve more than men, in the same way that female models earn more than men. Marketability is the only issue.
    The wnba is not marketable. Women’s tennis is.

  42. In grand slams they earn more. Shorter singles means that they can play doubles and mixed whereas these events are generally only practical for men’s specialists since singles players are not going to bang up their bodies after a long 5 setter

  43. Don’t overlook the impact of Title IX programs within college athletics. This is the federal legislation that essentially requires schools to provide equal athletic opportunities (and thus spend equal amounts of money) on male and female sports programs. A great example of how this works out in practice can be seen by looking at the University of Alabama athletic department’s financial statements from 1Q 2015 to 1Q 2016, during which time its (male) football team won the national championship and brought in close to $100 million in revenue. Ultimately the football program accounted for $45.5 million in pure profit, yet the athletic department as a whole only profited to the tune of $16.6 million. Take one guess as to where the nearly $30 million loss in other sports came from ….

  44. As a side note, when I went to the 2008 Australian Open(Novak’s first Aussie Open win), I hesitated buying tickets for the women’s events.
    Well I’m glad I did because they were a lot of fun to watch and I don’t mean that sexually. True they don’t hit as hard as the men, they’re women for crying out loud.

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