What The Next 25 Years Of Western Civilization Will Be Like

Gentlemen, one of the things that has always separated ROK from other websites is our ability to predict future outcomes. We successfully predicted virtually all of the following phenomena that have been happening over the last several years:

  • Increasing bitchiness from unattractive girls
  • More and more political correctness
  • The “exodus,” where men have left the country in droves
  • Donald Trump’s victory

Our uncanny ability to predict the future is due to its basis in principles and culture, as opposed to current events. In other words, we look at the current principles that are underlying American and Western culture, and project them to their natural end game.

This is how we’ve predicted the current culture war that we’re in, it’s how we’ve predicted the increasing epidemic of shit tests and flakiness, and it’s how we’ve predicted the slow, but steady descent into hell that the West has made. It is with all of these things in mind, that I would like to present my personal predictions for the next several decades. I will aim to cover all spheres, from social to economic.

First: Underlying Causes


Technology, unbeknownst to most, is serving as an amplifier. Rather than simply dumbing everyone down, as most think, it’s actually doing two things:

  • Making the smart even smarter, the masculine even more masculine, and the “red-pilled,” even more red-pilled.
  • Making the dumb even dumber, the effeminate even more effeminate, and the “blue-pilled,” even more blue-pilled.

The reason being that technology is a tool, and the way that it’s used is to be determined by the user. Where some angry, obnoxious feminazi (literally Hitler) might use her internet to seek out Tumblr pages supporting her views, and YouTube videos of cis-scum being “destroyed” in a debate, other men are using technology to do the following:

  • To seek out alternative news sources that don’t lie and manipulate
  • To educate themselves on matters of game, finance, and politics
  • To connect with like-minded individuals

This drastic and increasing divide in socioeconomic influence, intelligence, masculinity, and awareness is one of the major foundations which I’ve built my predictions upon. Other assumptions are that around 1/3 the population is starting to doubt the MSM, men are always more effective at creating structures than boys or women, and that the majority of men are actually good (or will be good if presented the chance), but have had to hide it due to social pressures.

2017-2018: All Hell Breaks Loose


I won’t harp too much on Donald Trump, because I realize that many readers are tired of hearing this, but I believe that his presidency will set off a chain of events that will be absolutely tantamount to saving the West. His presidency will do several things:

  • Start the process of “draining the swamp,” or dismantling MSM and ridding our political and school systems of hyper-Leftists
  • Begin to repair the lack of masculinity that most men in our country have been conditioned to accept
  • Finally, and most importantly, begin the process of eliminating anti-free speech laws (aka political correctness)

I believe that the globalists will try to do everything that they can to fight against this, but, as history has shown us, the angry mobs will be at their doors soon enough. The elites will continue to do what they’ve done in the past, but this time, they’ve got a trick up their sleeve.

Ever since 2008, the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing policies have been pumping the monetary supply full of more and more fiat currency. I won’t go into detail here, but anyone with a modicum of historical economic knowledge knows that this is a bad thing.

I predict that we will experience a major crash, far worse than 2008, which will start sometime in mid to late 2017. This will then, of course, be blamed on Trump’s presidency, but the deplorables will know better: this has been due to the meddling of the central bankers.

Regardless, tensions will reach an all time high as degenerates don’t receive their welfare checks, and as home owners default on their loans. Expect rioting in a large number of American cities. The suburbs will be relatively protected, but anywhere with a large lower class population will be decimated (think Black Lives Matter, but on a much larger scale).

This will likely force Trump to reluctantly call in Marshall Law, which in turn will create even higher tensions. Expect to see elements of the patriarchy re-emerge on a local level. The men in various neighborhoods and families will bond together to ration out food, water, and protection. The women will be tasked with homely duties, as it will be deemed too dangerous to walk the streets alone.

Although this may sound terrible, it’s actually a good thing. It will start to bring back the patriarchy on a very fundamental, grass-roots level—in our own neighborhoods. This is the catalyst that we will need to bring about the return of a traditional society, living in accordance with nature’s biological laws.

2019-2025: Transition to Economic Fundamentals


As Trump expertly handles the economic crisis, I expect us to return to some form of the gold standard to bring relative economic stability. This may take the form of various men bartering with silver and gold, as our fiat currency’s hyperinflation will become very readily apparent, or it may simply be that every US dollar becomes redeemable for a fixed amount of gold.

Either way, I urge you to learn How to Invest in Precious Metals Stocks so that you’re prepared when the economic crash comes. As we begin to emerge out of this economic catastrophe near the end of Trump’s first term, expect there to be a lot of anti-Trump sentiment. By this point, however, the MSM will have been almost entirely discredited, so despite the remaining MSM desperately trying to paint The Donald as a horrible president who caused the crisis, we will know better.

As I said in my assumptions, previously only 1/3 of the population distrusted the MSM—by now it will be almost 2/3, which will usher about the final death of the MSM. This will be a natural, grass-roots effect of more and more people spreading news organically (through video footage, word of mouth, etc.), which means that it is a movement that won’t be stopped.

As mainstream news conglomerates such as MSNBC, CNN, and CNBC begin to lose relevancy, expect alternative news sites to start evolving into full blown operations with anchors, high tech cameras, live streaming, and more. I believe that we will also begin to reclaim our airwaves, either through the existing infrastructure within the FCC or by creating our own, in order to ensure that censorship is not possible.

Donald Trump will almost definitely win a second term, again in large part due to the alt-right, the manosphere, and various alternative news sources spreading the truth. This, I believe, will begin to usher in a new era for America, similar to the transition between the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire.

2026-2032: Reclaiming Patriarchy on a Local Level


Expect local men to come together.

As the patriarchy has now been brought back on a local level, Trump has eliminated political correctness with the help of others like Breitbart, Milo Yiannopoulos, and ROK, and the MSM has lost all credibility, expect local men to start taking back their school systems as well.

The economic crisis will have made it abundantly clear that we need to teach men survival skills, and this will fall into the hands of local men. Expect home schooling to become more and more common, until eventually, private schools start popping up everywhere taking advantage of this new anti-Leftist sentiment.

The same bonds that men formed with their neighbors and tribal members during the economic crisis will now be used to create communities where children play, learn, and grow together. This will start to form a sort of crude educational system on a very local level, which emphasizes the importance of men being able to protect their families, self-reliance, real world skills, and independent thought.

I expect the entire US educational system to undergo a complete overhaul, which will cement America’s position as the greatest country in the world once again. I believe that our educational system will evolve to look something like this:

  • Male/female segregation for at least part of the school day
  • More recess, especially for boys
  • Femininity is encouraged in women, and primal masculinity is encouraged in men
  • A curriculum based around the Greek system (a heavy emphasis on logic, rhetoric, and debating skills)
  • No more PC culture and Leftist teachers indoctrinating our children.

An educational system like this will emerge, simply because a severe economic crash and large amount of social upheaval will make more and more men wake up and realize the importance of gender differences, self-reliance, and tribal bonds. Men that value these things do not want their children to go to some PC school that brainwashes them, plain and simple.

2033-2040: National Patriarchy Emerges

Out of the ashes of our old America, a new one will emerge

As patriarchy becomes more and more popular on a local level, it will begin to foster an entire culture based around the values that made America so successful in the past. Some might say that the President who’s elected will determine everything, but I disagree.

I believe that a large economic crisis which forces men to band together and form civilized tribes will bring about a severe blow to the establishment. It won’t matter who promises us what, because voting will be based upon how much we trust candidates. In other words, the local patriarchy which this severe economic crisis in 2017 will have created, will begin a grass-roots transition into being a full blown cultural shift all throughout America.

This will reflect who is elected on a national level. By now, all the cards will be in our favor:

  • Masculinity will have re-emerged in a grass roots fashion
  • The MSM will be dead, and the new alternative media will become the mainstream
  • Conservative values like self-reliance and independence will be at an all time high
  • Our economy will be primed for massive growth
  • A new, conservative leader will charge the path to greatness

Expect America to once again become the world’s greatest nation, with incredibly intelligent children, highly masculine men, a booming infrastructure and economy, and most importantly, a traditional culture.


I could easily write a ten part article on this topic, because it’s incredibly deep and multi-faceted, but I won’t. If you start to look around you closely, however, I believe you will come to the same conclusion as I have.

Take a cursory glance at the nationalist movements that have been occurring since Nigel Farage set off a chain of events with Brexit. First it was Britain, then the entire UK, then Donald Trump, and now France is consider a highly nationalist leader in their 2017 election?

It’s very clear that the world is starting to wake up and fight back against the globalists—and as I hope I’ve made clear, the globalists will not win, for one simple reason: their movement is artificial and ours is organic.

That which happens out of natural biological tendencies is always far more powerful than an attempt to control them, due to the natural resistance effect. When you align your cause with what is natural (as the manosphere has), there is an inherent power within it due to its truthfulness, that cannot be stopped.

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361 thoughts on “What The Next 25 Years Of Western Civilization Will Be Like”

  1. As always, a well written article from JA. That said…this vision of the future looks absolutely terrible to me.

    1. I don’t think you have anything to worry about, Kneeman. Like I said, things can and will get better, but things are never going “back to the good old days.” We’re in for a new paradigm, but what exactly that will be is unknown as of it. We’ll jut have to wait and see.

      1. everything changes…that is for sure….but no, you are correct, there is no backwards progression. I suspect things will continue to get better for some, worse for others and be the same for others still. Which category anyone falls into will be, I believe, with some reasonable limitations due to facticity, up to each individual.

        1. Actually there is backward progression. Take the area around Mt. Vesuvius. It was once, in ancient Rome, a vacation destination for middle and upper class Romans. The very first marketing campaign was recorded there (“Vesuvinum”, a play on the volcano name and wine, quite cute actually). Middle class would come in, vacation for X days, and leave. The walls were scribbled with typical political and cultural thoughts, often poorly expressed or humorous. The apartments are almost *identical* to modern apartments in layout and style. The average complaint at the time was about degeneracy, etc.
          Those times went away and the West plunged into darkness for centuries. But if you move up to 1950 you’ll see the same exact thing being rebuilt, with electricity, at Ft. Lauderdale, etc. along with the same kind of attitudes and general take on life.
          Truly, there is nothing new under the sun, and the human condition constantly recycles. Two hundred years from now we may well have a culture that mirrors 1950’s Golden Era America in most every single way except for technological innovations. It can and does happen.

        2. true…nothing new under the son…but an attempt to grab at a mostly imaginary and romanticized past is also not going to happen. Matter is neither created nor destroyed and, in some small way, culture may be like this too. ALl the ingredients are there, but we can’t simply walk away from the last 50 years. Even if the current tide was totally reversed (spoiler alert: it wont be) we wouldn’t be able to wash out the last 60 years men in black zapper style. As for the average complaints at Vesuvius….they should have been complaining about the volcano…but what do you expect from degenerate vandals

        3. In our lifetimes? Agree with you. In a “can and will it come around again in history” regarding cultural norms and mores? In the long term, I wouldn’t bet against it.

        4. fair enough. I think it is safe to assume that, unless I mention otherwise specifically, that I am always talking about our (more specifically my) life time. Fuck, I am still only partially sure that the world exists when my eyes are closed and I am almost positive that you have been making up this whole “Ohio” place and actually just live in queens.

        5. Ha. Do you remember the cartoon Drawn Together when Princess Clara refers to her pussy as her “Whites Only Drinking Fountain”

        6. That’s another example of an entire series that I’ve somehow missed. Now, of course, I’m interested…

        7. The West wasn’t ‘plunged into’ the Dark Ages. The Dark Ages was European people without an empire controlling and looting it. It was probably the most free time in our history.

        1. Kanye will be the minister of information- all freestyle raps will be approved or not by him (too dangerous)

    2. I’d suggest that you make plans for getting out of the NYC area. If there is a meltdown, that will be a bad place to be. 17 million people, no food, and no AR15’s to defend yourself with.

      1. meh. I am not quite the alarmist that others are. I am here in the city with no plans to leave other than my vacation in march. As long as there has been a civilization there have been people predicting the end of it. Things are going to be fine. I have seen nothing but long term improvement with a couple of minor short term blips and I expect nothing other going forward.

    3. I am surprisingly optimistic of the future The article I think it a bit too dramatic, a reversal will appear like the first years after May ’68 with the minorities slowly losing their grasp over whatever they got. Our modern system does NOT allow massive changes too fast, the fastest it can go could be seen by how Russia came back to the map after Putin, still things were not and are not extraordinary.
      Anyway For me we should step away from fearmongering and understand that our enemies are in the in the end incompetent, it really shew how stupid were the masses to listen to them in the beginning.

  2. Regarding education reform:
    Education has been very important to me and I’ve written extensively on ways to improve education in the U.S.
    Unfortunately, after all of this effort, I have to admit a few unpleasant things:
    1. Public school is a dead-end. If you send your child to public school, you are almost guaranteeing he/she will never go anywhere in life. When you look at anyone of importance, chances are they attended private school. Even Trump did.
    2. Intelligence is innate: good schools do not make children smarter. I remember how I aced every exam, standardized test, SAT, AP exam etc without even trying. My scores without practicing or studying were higher than they are at the best most expensive prep schools in the nation.
    3. Most children do not want to learn. They have to be coerced with grades. Most do not want to learn for the fun of it.
    4. Most parents do not care if their children learn or not. They want their children to get a good job but whether their children are actually smart or learn things, they could care less. Most parents are more proud when their kids make the cheerleading squad or football team than pull a 1600 on the SAT or ace their AP exams.

    1. Most children do not deserve to be educated. They do not want to be educated. Most should be turned out to the fields to pick crops or something.

    2. America is not S Korea or China or Japan.
      Guys who are prodigies actually command respect in these nations. Not in the U.S. Nerds in Asian countries are attractive to their women. In the U.s., being intelligent will pretty much guarantee incel status.

      1. Incentives are the key. INCENTIVES. For prodigies, education may be its own reward, but for everyone else, you need a carrot. Parents give kids allowances. Why not do a micro-sized version of that? When I was growing up, we had Book-It: for every 5 books you read (as evinced by a 1-pg book report), you got a Pizza Hut coupon for a personal pan (this was back in the day when Pizza Hut was still awesome). It went over like gangbusters. Eventually, the kids in my class began reading for reading’s sake alone, but that initial carrot got the ball rolling. Like the cooking article that was posted a few days ago explained, we’ve got to take every opportunity to get kids acquainted with the real world as it pertains to hard work, cooperation, and rewards for hard work. As an unintended side effect, I think it may make them better appreciate what mom and dad do everyday. If kids see that hard work in school merits something tangible, rather than just a letter on a piece of paper, they’ll better understand why their parents work so hard to keep the electricity and heat on. This in turn will cause them to appreciate and respect what their parents do even more. My five cents worth.

        1. Yep. I’m 29 and remember the Book-It initiative. There were other things too: the teachers would give candy to whoever could complete the multiplication worksheets the fastest. Then, in middle school, the student of the month would get a free meal at McDonalds. For 12 year old me, getting a chicken arch deluxe meal was a pretty big deal. Now, I think such measures would be seen as discriminatory against the lower-performing students. Also, factor in inflation: for 5 year olds with smart phones, would a personal pan pizza incentivize them anymore?

        2. Fuck. I remember in 9th grade we had an old-school Algebra 2 teacher. He retired that year so he must have been born in the 30s. He would announce to the class who got the highest score on the exam. There was ego involved. Couple of us vied for that position. Pretty sure they don’t announce scores aloud anymore.

    3. 1/2 the country (perhaps more because I don’t think illegals are counted) has an IQ less than 100. If you’re educated and have a white collar job, you might go a week without talking to a single person with a sub-100 IQ. But the statistics don’t lie, 50% of the country don’t have the smarts to work a skilled blue collar job, let alone a white collar “highly skilled” job. We need to accept this and figure out solutions, not act like enough money spend on “educating little Johnny” is somehow going to make him the next Stephen Hawking. Anymore than forcing me to play basketball for 8 hours a day would turn me into the next Michael Jordan. We all have intrinsic talents, and IQ isn’t the only thing that matters.
      The struggle for the world in the next 100 years is to determine what to do with people who’s IQ makes it so they simply cannot contribute to society in any meaningful way. Think about what self driving cars are going to do as an upcoming example. All those taxi/limo/bus/etc drivers out of work. You think your taxi driver is going to retrain to be a Cisco engineer? Or go back to school for astrophysics?

      1. Here’s a another issue: comparison of IQ between nations. In China, they usually cherry pick urban populations like Shanghai or Beijing. An incredibly homogeneous population versus American IQ, which is a composite of all races, including students who don’t even speak English!

      2. I think 50% is where you hit the average, not where you hit the “too stupid to drool without being told to” mark. The true morons without any real skills probably lay in the bottom 15%. I worked with plenty of factory workers with <= 100 IQ who were quite capable of doing a single job competently after training.

        1. it’s actually been shown that when gifted children aren’t challenged, they end up under-performing and end up doing jobs well below their ability pizza delivery, taxi driver etc

        2. Absolutely, as have I. But those kinds of jobs are the ones that will be automated very quickly (already have been to a significant extent). That’s the scary thing, sure, those people can do something useful today. But for how much longer? How long until the minimum IQ to do anything productive goes from 80 (where I’d argue it is today) to 100? Then 110? Then 120? Self driving cars are going to be a real shock to the system because it’s going to unemploy most of the transportation sector in one shot, but it’s only one of many automations coming that will render a lot of positions open to lower IQ people redundant.

        3. Intellectually gifted + desire to self improve = success
          Intellectually gifted + lack of motivation to do anything = pizza delivery
          I don’t mind that smart but unmotivated kids are hitting the skids. That itself is a challenge and they are, in my view, tasked to examine that failing and improve on it. Relying on others to challenge you as a matter of course seems rather passive.

        4. I’m still putting self driving cars being the norm in the “way in the future” category. No transition is overnight, and there are *way* too many issues with the technology currently. And then of course, we have bikers, who are *HUUUGE* voting block and who are also big 2nd Amendment types by and large. They won’t take well to being told “Yeah, you’re not allowed on the roads any longer” so I don’t expect to see any mandated automated-traffic only for several generations at least.
          The Malthusian view never seems to work out from what I’ve seen. We always find a way to somehow find things to do for everybody, no matter how good technology gets. So they automate all of the factories, ok, but somebody needs to work on the robots, change the lightbulbs and keep other shit associated with automation running. And then the factories that create the automatons need all of that too. Etc. There are just too many variables at play which always seems to confound the “and most people will be out of work and destitute”, thus far.

        5. yeah but intelligence is a funny thing. I was in a program for gifted and talented youth: you had kids of all different economic backgrounds from dirt poor with crackhead mothers to super rich with adoptive parents. Some kids’ parents won’t know how to handle a gifted child. I know several children who were very gifted when young and now work very menial jobs.
          A nation’s gifted youth is its most precious resource and it can’t afford to squander it.
          In countries like Singapore, they track gifted kids through their 20s

        6. Human beings aren’t resources (I’ve always hated that saying).
          Singapore is not a creative society. It’s a bustling, active society, but they invent almost jack shit. The Western model of individualistic self determination may “waste” more smart kids through attrition, but the ones that rise do so out of aggressive clawing to do so, which creates highly creative and ambitious individuals. The kind who invent things.
          I was in no programs growing up, except my grandmother’s ardent venture to ensure that I spoke proper English according to Queen Elizabeth. Outside of that it was blue collar, fishing hole, hunting on the weekend and trying to get Susie to take off her bra type growing up. EXCEPT…I realized pretty early that I wanted more out of life. No “program” to “guide” me required.

        7. Talk to any wealthy ‘super-parents’ and they’ll tell you about their gifted child. It is a bullshit designation in most cases…

        8. Which is why schools ARE so important. They give a web of support to kids who need it, and challenge other kids who need that.

        9. I really don’t see schools challenging kids much these days. As a parent I’m on the front lines here, it seems more like a training ground for conformity. Yes, they teach reading, writing and some math, but challenges? Eh, I guess if “sit still and be quiet” is a challenge, then ok.

      3. The so-called elites set up a school system that makes stupid people. Manufactures them. If people were really that stupid the human race would have died out a long time ago. To stay in power, power can’t have people who can think for themselves. It needs people who react emotionally and are easy to control.
        What we have to do is get rid of a school system designed to produce unskilled labor for things that no longer require labor. It’s a system that produced automation human form. But politically people can’t be allowed the ability to think and learn. So what will be done with them? Well, society’s managers have been looking at population reduction for some time and eugenics for even longer.

    4. “3. Most children do not want to learn. They have to be coerced with grades. Most do not want to learn for the fun of it.”
      Neil Postman makes a very compelling argument that Sesame Street and the entertainmentization of education is the blame here in his book Amusing Ourselves To Death. Good Stuff.
      “Most parents are more proud when their kids make the cheerleading squad or football team than pull a 1600 on the SAT or ace their AP exams”
      This has always been the case of some parents and not of others. Also, I am not sure but I think the SAT is graded differently and a 1600 would not be such a great score anymore.

      1. yeah they changed it to 2400 for a few years and then just revised it again so it’s again out of 1600

        1. Even when out of 2400 it was just inflated scoring. to allow for a higher amount of kids to reach middle ground. Someone who would get a 1400 would end up with a 2100 out of 2400. know what I mean? They changed it back I believe because too many fell into the middle where acceptance was required by the colleges.

        2. They just combined the reading and the grammar into a single 800 score. Previously, it was 800 each. Colleges had generally disregarded the grammar score.

        3. It’s been argued that grade and standardized examination inflation are intentionally designed by the elites as a protective measure: an even playing field assures social mobility. But when these scores no longer mean anything, the elites can justify relying on connections and nepotism.

      2. I don’t know. Both of my sons are equally fun loving and education seeking. When the games get monotonous they go watch the freaking History channel or ask me to take them to the library. They still have the same vices I see in most 8 an 15 year olds but they definitely have the fire to learn and build and make things etc. I don’t pay enough attention to other peoples kids maybe to make a fair assessment..

        1. Which is why I never talk in absolutes. Good parenting can over come a lot of bs

    5. I just found out that my nieces school, everyone uses laptops and the lessons are downloaded off the internet…it seems the only reason we have school then is for a teachers union racket.

    6. You do have to be careful sending kids to public schools. My kids went there and with our help are doing super. Not sure of their sat scores but all three are engineers.

    7. 1) Most extraordinary people dropped out of school. The wealthy don’t subject their kids to the same methods the public schools do. Not even the methods the affordable private schools do. But here’s the kicker, the education do get costs almost nothing. (of course there high prices for the physical plant and keep the riff-raff out, but the education itself is cheap) Public schools are to condition children and put them in the right place to serve the managed society.
      2) Yep.
      3) The modern american public schools were designed to kill the desire to learn. That’s why you have 3). Most children want to learn, but only what they want to learn. Teach a kid to read at 3 or 4 and without the influence of this method of “education” they will learn what they want to. That’s not to say there aren’t things that have to be learned to get through life regardless of want, the idea is not to kill the want in the process.
      4) Yep. At this stage the parents went through the same conditioning and so did their parents.
      A short introduction to what public schools are for, by John Gatto, citing the relevant work for the six purposes of modern schooling.

  3. That’s all good and all, but remember:
    He who fights monsters must be careful to not become a monster himself.
    We have to educate the generations that come after us to not fall into the same arrogance the globalists did.

  4. Most teachers are ardent Leftists. There’s no way to institute reform without a large-scale purge. Won’t happen.

    1. That’s myopic. Teachers didn’t all used to be Leftist. It was a social and cultural process which turned them into that today. The same process can easily be engineered to go in the reverse direction.

  5. The next 25 years? That’s a bit optimistic…you think the international bankers and financier will allow for 25 years to pass up without a major military conflict that will wipe out most life on Earth?
    WW2 was a battle between different forms of socialism..the third world war will be a battle between globalists and nationalists one in which there can be no true winner…We’re living on borrowed time….Take it one day at a time

    1. “WW2 was a battle between different forms of socialism..the third world war will be a battle between globalists and nationalists one in which there can be no true winner…We’re living on borrowed time….Take it one day at a time”
      Valid point. The elites benefit greatly from war – which is why they always are creating false flag events to always keep conflict brewing.

        1. What happens when some anarchist type hacks into the data base controlling the self-driving cars/trucks uploads some nasty virus(s) causing a major long lasting system crash? Suddenly those old forcibly retired truckers would be begged to come back to work to drive those old-fashioned manually controlled trucks forcibly moth-balled (after massive economic/social disruption of course).

    2. I’m really starting to believe the predictions of the Bible.
      Too much stuff is happening that is in line with what’s been written before; the most creepy of those is the RFID chips. Now they are going to put them in humans with dementia “and other disorders.” You just knew this was coming. They put them in your pets…so surely you knew people were next.
      My guess is things will only get worse from here on out. Wars, famine, and everything else that’s been said will happen in the last remaining days.
      I think we got about 7-10 years before the second coming of Christ.

      1. And a few countries are already starting to move towards a cashless society which will also give them another reason for the chip.

        1. is the anti christ satan when he comes from the other dimension and disguises himself in the false image of christ ?

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        3. I don’t feel qualified to answer. I’ve mostly been agnostic with a theological leaning and only recently began reading deeply into Christianity. Fascinating stuff.

    3. You make a very good point ; somewhere in that timeline the Globalists and their foreign allies will start a shooting war with the US. A war we probably win but a war that may cause devistation to the US.

  6. I think people worry too much about the Jews. I think the bigger threat is the Chinese.
    1.5 billion Chinese vs. 15 million Jews
    500,000 Israelis don’t study in the US each year.
    The Jews are far more Westernized and integrated than the Chinese.
    There are hundreds if not thousands of research labs run and staffed exclusively by Chinese nationals in the US – I don’t think you could find a single Jew-only research lab.

        1. That you conveniently gloss over Icelandics is very telling. Like you’re trying to hide something…

        2. Hey. Hey. Lets not be poking fingers.
          I have absolutely nothing to hide…. Accept those 3 years working for Blackwater, …….but all the charges were dropped.

        3. Loads of them here in new York. I really do distinguish between Italians and Eye-Talians (also known as lolitalians)

    1. Yep if you’re going to drastically change a nations demographics, culture and political landscape you can forget about owning and controlling their media, finance, law houses, education and politicians.
      The power all lies with research labs. Heh

      1. Right but increasingly the Chinese are getting into traditionally Jew-dominated fields, e.g., medicine, finance, and law. The last holdout for the Jews may be entertainment.

        1. When the federal reserve boards, judges and political representatives become dominated with ‘Chans’ And ‘Xu’s’ instead of (((Bernanke))) (((Greenspan)))) (((etc))) you may have a point.
          When special laws are made to define any criticisms of the foreign Chinese state or Chinese people as racist hate speech then I may start to believe you.
          When America starts sending Billions of dollars in aid to China and fighting in wars for its geo political interests then I will be sold.

      2. Keep in mind that the ethnic solidarity the Han Chinese have makes Jewish tribalism look like a multicultural stew

        1. The Chinese I have worked and dealt with in business would rat fuck each other over in a heartbeat to further their own station.
          Yes they have a strong sense of ethnocentrism in some areas. Certainly far more than western white people (who doesn’t). But nowhere near the militant secret society level the Jews play at.
          Both groups have an extremely obsessive drive in regards to educating their children. Il give you that.

  7. Banks don’t steal wealth through inflation. Inflation favours the borrower, not the lender. With the right amount of leverage inflation actually helps an investor multiply yield.
    Even the saver, (essentially a lender to the bank), didn’t lose wealth when inflation was, say, 2% and a savings account’s yield at, say, 4.5%. I wouldn’t want to see a gold standard return. It makes no sense to think of a medium of payment as something you need to save to build wealth. I’m not sure how a fixed money supply can work if anyone also tries to save it, generating de-facto deflation in the process.

    1. I have $100. Central bank injects a huge sum of money into the market via the printing press. Supply and demand sees a situation of too much money chasing too few products, so prices increase. The gallon of milk that once cost $1.50 a gallon now costs $3.00 a gallon. My net purchasing power with my original $100.00 is now reduced considerably.
      Basic economics 101. Easily observed when viewing a basket of everyday commodities, especially in regard to food. Grocery prices are through the roof the last 8 years.

      1. What you just did is explain what inflation is to me, which I already knew. One mistake is to just keep that paper note in your wallet though. Just put it on a savings account. The most money I’ve earned in my life was from the good days when there was moderate inflation and property prices increased. I strongly dislike current environment and would hate a return to the gold standard even more.

        1. The interest on a savings account is almost 0.0% these days. It’s pointless. Additionally, if I have to invest my money in order not to have it grow, but to simply keep the purchasing power that it once had, then I’m still out of net wealth, because I have to commit that money to an investment instead of having it on hand to spend.
          The Central Bank, which prints the money on a whim, thus, causes inflation which reduces my spending power and thus ultimately deprives me of wealth.

        2. The interest is at zero and so is current inflation, at least in the EU. That’s why they QE the shit out of it but it’s not trickling down.

        3. Current inflation is not 0! LOL!
          Groceries and other staple items are through the roof compared to 2008. Don’t go by the Fed Index, as they switch out their “basket of commodities” to suit their purposes. That is, if milk goes too high, they take it out as a measure of inflation and then dump in pumperknickle which has zero price increase)

        4. A better bet is to take low interest loan and buy property with the money. If interest rates are shit you should be using it to your advantage whether you like the reasons behind it or not

        5. No denying that, it’s just not quite relevant to the discussion I’m having with him. The point is that it takes money that I should be buying bread with, and committing it to investment just so that it doesn’t lose value through inflation, instead of investing (with low inflation) to get a good return.
          It’s just a plain fact that printing money out of thin air devalues already existing money. That’s my point.

        6. Still have to be careful – ’bout ten years ago everyone thought property was a ‘sure thing’
          Bubbles abound…

        7. There are other forces of inflation than monetary such as increased taxes, imported inflation etc.

        8. The problem with this reasoning is that when the interest rates will increase the borrowing capacity of people will decrease and property prices might crash or at least stop increasing.
          During the high interest rates of the 80s is when books like Nothing Down were written. Inflation is truly the borrower’s best friend.

        9. Correct…but it depends on where you are buying. If you are buying for an investment 90% of the country is meh at best and probably close to worthless. If you are buying for a home in a place you love that is one thing. But new York real estate (and by new York I mean manhattan south of 96th) will be a huge long term win. With the exception of an act of god, a manhattan condo will be with 3x what you bought it for when your mortgage is done. Locking in good rates is a good idea if you can swing the enormous down payment.

        10. Since an enormous down-payment is required, does rent at least cover EMIs (Equated Monthly Instalments) completely or even with a moderate amount of positive cash-flow?
          The nice thing during the high inflation era was that “nothing down” was in fact possible because rents would quickly cover instalments thanks to it even though 100% of the sum had been borrowed. So you could rinse and repeat as soon as you had positive cash-flow and borrow again. Some huge fortunes (Trump?) have actually been made this way.

        11. Of course it depends on how you do things and which game you want to play. If you are looking for a straight investment a small 1 bedroom for between 1-1.3m in a decent neighborhood should generate enough income to cover your monthly nut. To me, that is more of a dangerous game than I like to play. I am not a big roller or a risk taker.
          For my thinking, which tends to be very financially conservative, the move would be to buy that 1 bedroom apartment and live in it. THe monthly rent/common charge/taxes, if I am smart and a little lucky, will be the same or less than my current monthly nut as a renter and significantly better if the tax benefits are considered. Totally gutting my 401k for a down payment makes sense as the equity in the condo will beat the equity in the 401k many times over. After that mortgage is paid and I am, say, 58 years old I can sell that condo for at least 3m and gtfo of dodge, setting myself up quite comfortably with that money and whatever the next 15-20 years builds back in 401k in the meantime in a place like North Carolina and never worry about work again.

  8. Predictions about the future are like assholes everyone has one. We do know what is prophesied though. One thing we are seeing is the separation of the wheat and the tares. We will see a massive war and stars falling from heaven (icbm probably) and then Christ coming back like a lion

    1. I once had this very vivid dream where it was like some massive event occurred, like everything was destroyed, but then it was like peoples’ minds were wiped to remove the memory of the event and things were put back the way were before. Anyone else have something similar happen?

      1. I’ve written a book about that actually, but it’s only just first draft and needs a lot of editing. It was more along the lines of quantum threads in the universe and how they diverged while one man was able (unwillingly) to inhabit two threads.

    2. I hope it will be possible to place a bet on that christ thing because I know I will become a millionaire in that case.

    3. My favorite saying about this has always been “the one thing you can be sure about the future is that it will be different than you think”

  9. This will likely force Trump to reluctantly call in Marshall Law, which in turn will create even higher tensions.

    It’s Martial Law, not “Marshall” Law. Second, there are no provisions in the Constitution that allow for its suspension, under any condition whatsoever, at all. Martial Law is the pipe dream many apocalyptic types fall back on to justify their fears. If some stooge tries to implement Martial Law, his attempt should be seen as nothing short of a coup d’etat by a hostile force.
    As to predictions, I’ve seen so many predictions about the future from so many sources turn to nothing over time that I put almost zero credibility in them. While most of what the author outlines would be nice to see (most of it, not all), human beings are dynamic and unpredictable (or perhaps, their radicalized leaders can be, even if the masses are depressingly conformist). If you want to see the value of predicting the future, just research all of the previous World’s Fair and all of their “The World Of The Future Year (current year + 40 here)!”.
    Since I became politically aware I’ve been told that these will occur (current year + 40!):
    1. The President will never give up his power and will become a dictator
    2. Full gun confiscation
    3. The U.N. is going to invade
    4. Flying cars
    5. Martial Law, literally (Hitler) everywhere!
    6. Thermonuclear war and a post apocalyptic world of gloom and doom
    7. Cities on the moon
    8. AI takes over everything and starts hunting us
    9. The Soviet Union will bury us
    10. A 15-20 hour workweek will be the norm!
    11. China will roll over the Mexican border and invade via Texas
    12. People will be living in orbiting cities above the earth
    13. Peak Oil has been reached and we’ll see $12.00 a gallon gas soon
    14. The world will be flooded by Global Warming and Ohio will have oceanfront properties
    15. Et. Cetera
    You can probably see how I’ve come to not take predictions of the Current Year + 40 very seriously.
    That being said, outside of the nonsensical “Marshall Law” (sic), I wouldn’t mind seeing this come to fruition. Unfortunately human beings and their social movements just don’t have long attention spans, and ten years from now we may well see the pendulum go the other direction and see legions of Soviet worshiping idiots emerge out of the woodwork and put an axe in everything we’re trying to achieve today. There’s just *no way* to tell.

      1. At least that’s somewhat plausible, although yeah, the way they talked we’d all have a Mr. Fusion on the back of our Deloreans by now.

        1. Flying cars are feasible too but my point is that NF is still as +40 years in the future as it was 40 years ago.

        2. Right, I agreed. Although I think Fusion on any large scale is way further in the future than flying cars (which are, planes with wheels that turn without the propeller).

        3. I believe the only thing that prevents flying cars is the Climate Religion. They don’t want us to use more energy but for us to all ride cycles.
          Interestingly, the Robinson R22 helicopter was initially meant to be the layman’s flying vehicle but that never materialised. Instead it is now the number one flight instruction chopper.

        4. That eco-religion has done a whole mess of damage to a whole host of predictions about the future, to be certain.

        5. Its a shame because now people will never believe actual threats to the environment.
          They cried wolf a few too many times…

        6. Outside of meteorites and nuclear war, I’m not sweating too much about “actual threats to the environment”. Nobody wants to have dirty water and chokingly unsafe air or litter on the highways (that makes Italians sad). The actual real “climate change” has almost everything to do with solar cycles and how the earth handles that via ocean and wind, than with any kind of SUV or 4 wheel drive pick’em-up-truck I may choose to drive.

        7. In fact, the thermal capacity of water is much much higher than that of air so the notion that warmer air caused ocean warming and kills the coral reef is preposterous. If anything, it’s warmer oceans caused by whatever source such as underwater volcanoes that caused the air to warm but not the reverse.

        8. I agree but part of me thinks that if you keep pissing in the ocean, the whole thing will smell like pee someday.
          Take the atmosphere – a finite (albeit enormous) volume of air. If we keep putting stuff into it, and it doesn’t go anywhere, it will eventually be a problem. The zealous furor on both sides of the ‘climate change’ argument cloud this simple bit of math.

        9. Want a scary thought. The ocean is composed of a whole mess of fish piss and shit, and mammal too.
          My point was that we’ve “cleaned up” the actual problems quite well. The eco-religion stuff does not need to be even entertained as serious.

        10. We have reigned in the mess-making a bit. I just hope that rejection of the Eco-relgion doesn’t equate to a rejection of all sane anti-pollution measures.

        11. Sane anti-pollution issues are the ones we all basically agree with, that’s my point. Nobody wants to roll back “Hey, factories, you can’t dump into the rivers” stuff. But I do think that we’re all through with “And you, Farmer Jones, lose your land and livelihood because some dumb ass sparrow has a nest on your property” stuff.

        12. But…Jane stayed thin and attractive and met her hubby at the door with a kiss and dinner ready (albeit, a push button dinner, but still). I can live with that.

        13. hell no. No flying cars. People already drive like morons and now you are giving them the ability to fly. there will have to be some strict requirements to having a flying car license if they ever come into being.

    1. instead of the 4 hour work week, we have high charging professionals who pride themselves on working 80-100 hours a week and never being unreachable

      1. Agreed. I hate those life-stealing little twits with a passion. They set the “expectation” that everybody has to work their extended hours and, of course, always be on call on vacation. I’ve worked in a shop where a guy was pulling this shit, and I took him aside and explained precisely how he was screwing everybody else by always having the phone on call when on vacation and how sitting in the office doing *nothing* until 10pm at night just to look good was causing real strife not just with others, but also his own personal life (he was married, but was regaled to sleeping on the couch since he couldn’t make time to be with his wife and kids). It took *months* to get this nitwit to stop his idiocy.

        1. I’ve seen this shit reach epidemic levels in my field – the goddamn martyring!!! And yes, in almost every case, Mr. “80hrs/week, email Sunday afternoon, sneering as people leave at 5:30” has a fukked-up marriage and/or is an alcoholic.

        2. I worked at a shop where we had a few of these (not the same place as above). It was run by Japanese people. They do this crap almost instinctively. But…the majority of employees were American. However, it was pointed out to me every review time that “It has been noticed that you clock in just prior to your starting time and clock out 8 hours later. What if people need you after that”. My response was always “Well, are you going to mandate an increase in my work day and pay me more” It was never received well. I’ll stay for actual emergencies or impending deadlines or production problems without complaint, but I absolutely refuse to get sucked into this stupid cult of “Live at your desk”.
          Shit man, I’d work third shift sometimes at that place and walk by little Nips sitting at their desk, in the dark office, playing Solitaire in order to get in their 16-hours-a-day thing. Pure utter stupidity.

        3. At least the unions are slightly more honest about it. Those guys don’t even pretend to actually be at work. They just charge the extra hours.

        4. I prefer that to pretending to work at 2am in a dark office actually.

        5. I knew a guy who was a welder in the plumbers union here. He was a real third generation union guy like one of those dudes who got his card right after the doctor slapped his ass. He wasn’t too bright of a guy but an excellent welder and a loyal kind of decent egg. One thing though, he had internalized his union overtime to such a degree that he actually felt tired from his 20 hour days. I would see him at a bar and he would be complaining about just getting off from working 12 hours and I would say….”I just saw you like 4 hours ago”

        6. 10 to 1 odds, he has a fat harpy wife at home. We should feel sorry for these assholes; how bad does “home” have to be to make you want to stay in the office for 16 hours at a stretch.

        7. ‘zactly. Makes me want to bang out at 4:00 just to swing by and cock his wife. Out of principle of course.

      2. yup. With some very few and rare exceptions if a person is working 80 hours a week then they are doing their job very poorly

    2. Al Gore predicted the earth only has 10 years left before glo-bull warming kills the planet back in 2006. We passed that “girm milestone” in January.

        1. If that’s the case then apparently I AM living in the year 1955, because I sure have a mess of The Past to shovel off of my driveway today.

        2. Climate BS is a scam to defraud tax payers and they are already cooking up ways to prosecute those who tell the truth.
          Exciting times we live in.

    3. Marshall Law is a cool producer/dj I’ve met along the way….nitpicking your comments, the whole conversation thread is interesting but your contribution should be discussed, I see a couple of discrepancies to our current situation. The AI thing is on the table. For some reason the powers that be want this and are expressing it. I just watched a TED-esque discussion about the latest quantum computers doubling in capacity every year heading towards the goal of sentient mechanization. As we’ve seen in history and in the wild the newer cubs aren’t secure until they usurp and replace the old guard. As for nuclear warfare, people are usually more apt to act when they feel safe. Police wear vests more for peace of mind than the threat that their opp has a weapon. Do bobbies without pistols wear Kevlar? I dont believe so. Point being a weapon, even an ultimate one will be used when the holder feels secure enough. There are numerous bunkers across the globe for the people who have the power to push the button to do so secure in mind that they’d survive. The president not giving up his power has happened in numerous countries, why not here? It would simply take a man with military cohorts and a ruthless sensibility. I’ll leave the cities in the sky but I have two more points I’d like to bring up. China and our guns. Invasion has many faces. In our borderless world lots of things happen by proxy also. Let’s say communists come and purchase 51 percent of our buildings, land, businesses etc. That’s a pretty sound strategy. Or let’s say said commies cop an overwhelming and unpayable amount of the us’ debt. They’d be in control by proxy. These things are happening. Lastly when people mention our guns I keep this silver bullet for their disposition. During katrina when the shtf the police and also the army (under the guise of the national guard) went door to door in unaffected areas disarming the populace. The chief said at a news conference that he was taking the guns! A reporter was struck bewildered and asked him repeat himself and the chief did. New orleans has a very constitutional view on arms. You can have them. You can carry them. An elderly white woman was in her home being interviewed and the police came in to escort her to “safety”. She showed them her full cupboards and said the fact that there was no water where she was and the storms have long subsided that she was fine. Then she showed them the pistol that she had that fit nicely in her little palm. The cop screamed gun! And assaulted this woman. They broke her arm getting that gun. She screamed it isn’t even loaded! They took her to safety after that. These things the author described are actually what the establishment wants. Martial law has been called several times in the form of militarized police and curfews. Your rights mean nothing to the police and soldiers follow orders constitutional or not. It’s been done. Seems like the author while grandiose in some cases is saying the narrative that the elite want but with a silver lining. As has been pointed out here and in history the way the dregs of society is treated is everyone’s fate unless they are elite.

      1. My point wasn’t that any of those scenarios was completely implausible. Rather, that they’ve always been “Current Year + 40 In The Future” for as long as I’ve been alive, and actually, at least dating back to the World’s Fairs of the 1800’s where this whole “predict the future” thing originated (outside of sci-fi). And the point with that point, is that it’s nearly impossible to accurately predict trends and technologies on a rational timeline. They may (or not) arrive in time, but it’s anybody’s guess and human randomness plays a large part in that.

        1. Indeed the human element does monkey wrench plan. There is definitely a plan though. I would recommend that we teach our sons about this plan. Not to be afraid but prepared. We don’t know when storms are going to be hurricane sandy level but it’s better to be aware that they happen. I believe the mob in nyc has stunted their new world aspirations by way of the unions. These groups are the strongest I’ve ever seen, the unions. They can stop progress and hold huge political power. What the elite have over us is time. They pass on their plans. I read about the rfid chips in the 90s from a book written in 1982. This is just coming fruition. Our problem is we all want to be right. We date things, ohhh in 5 years….it doesn’t come to pass and your word is disregarded then on. But in time…

  10. If things play out in 2017 as you predicted, you do realize a LOT of people are going to die, right? The suburbs will not be safe. The gated communities of rich folks will not be safe. Anybody with anything worth stealing will not be safe. And a so- called “arsenal” won’t save you.

    1. LOL! Do you have any *clue* how many armed people there are out here (legally armed)? 110+ million and the overwhelming vast majority are not inner city dwellers. Those thugs think that they can take us down, well, they’ll be learning some harsh, harsh lessons, just before they go extinct.

      1. Yeah, I do have a *clue*. I can’t speak for your personnel arsenal or skills; but there are also a lot of guns in the inner city. And they know how to use them too. If we get a major economic meltdown and the situation gets really desperate, a shit ton of people are going to be killed. Period.

        1. Oh please. When they stop the sideways pointing of sidearms, I’ll take them seriously.
          Yes, a lot of people will be killed. From a distance, by well trained and practiced hard, cold men who can pick off flies at 200 yards. Tyrone Thugg may knock off a few, but he comes from a culture with no social cohesion and very little actual skills, especially with weapons, comparable to those of us in flyover.

        2. You think they’ll just march in parade formation or something so you can pick em off a 200 yards? Lol!

        3. Pretend for a moment that you’re talking to a man who was in the military and is trained in squad and battalion level tactics as well as being trained on a wide array of manual arms.
          Now pretend for a moment that a whole mess of flyover gun owners are the exact same as me.
          Fuck the inner city trash. They can and will cause harm, but it’s not the slaughter you seem to revel in. They have no cohesion and no tactical or strategic thinking. They’re fodder.

        4. Good chance, IMHO, the violence never comes to flyover. Why go 100 miles out to fuck with a heavily armed and well trained person when you can just blast away on SJW, manbag carrying homos in the city? If you’re a big guy, you very rarely get jumped; they prey on the weak. Same thing there, and the weak are, by and large, right next to them in the city. Those guys who have 10 guns in the basement and a few 1000 rounds of ammo with the will and skill to use them? Fuck that, too much work, let’s get back to destroying our own neighborhood.

        5. Agreed. The midwest and southern boys are more heavily armed than the top 5 armies combined.
          Nothing big would happen.

        6. That’s generally correct. Starvation and dysentery normally weed out the hordes of stupid.

        7. Including the U.S. You can combine the entire U.S. and Chinese military and we’d still have them outgunned 20:1.

  11. The future will not be the mesmerizing twinkling future dreamed up by futurists and sci fi authors. The city horizons will look the same: there won’t be brand new mile high skyscrapers: today, skyscrapers are 100 years old. what are we going to do? knock them down and put bigger ones in their place? lolz

      1. Nah. At least we’re not a laughingstock…like we would have been with Hillary. Business as usual is business as usual. And now we can grab pussy. And talk shit to feminists. And bitch-slap SJWs. It isn’t all bad…

        1. Yup. The elephant in the room isn’t going away. Might as well give him a drink and let him sit on the couch…

        2. we are still a laughing stock. Not that I mind…but yeah, we are a laughing stock.

        3. Of who? Suicidal Europe? Totalitarian China? Who cares?

        4. I didn’t say we should care…in fact I said I didn’t mind….but we shouldn’t think we aren’t a laughing stock. Hell, I am laughing at us currently.

        5. When the world thinks that America is wrong, which it almost always has for well over 200+ years, then I shrug. I really could care less about the opinions of socialists and dictatorships.

        6. The *world* is ridiculous. Humans are absurd (and yet, beautiful at times). So, eh, big deal.

        7. no argument here….but on top of our ubiquitous absurdity there is also, always, local and national flavors of absurdity. The American brand always makes me smile.

        8. There are times I sit back and think:
          We elected DONALD TRUMP president.”
          If nothing else, it shows just how badly we fucked shit up over the last few decades.

        9. This, like most things, reminds me of “Back to the Future”. Remember the Doc Brown’s incredulity at the suggestion of Ronald Reagan (the actor?!!?!?) being president in 1985?
          Now consider going back to 1985 and trying to convince people that in the future, Donald Fukkin Trump is the president….

    1. So out of curiosity, what picks could he make that wouldn’t set off your alarms? You can’t just appoint Joe Podunk the Plumber to high level positions like this, you need certain high level skill sets. Any major corporation (or high level government position) is where you’d expect to find these skill sets I’d assume?

        1. It was an honest question. I don’t mind high level types from major corporations being appointed to positions where their expertise comes into play. When I see people signaling “Goldman Sachs! Enron!” etc. about anybody who worked there at any time ever in history, I’m simply drawn to ask *who*, if not them? I can’t see a major corporation anywhere that doesn’t cause some people to try and draw nefarious doings.

        2. Doesn’t bother me. I like rattling cages. And being right most of the time. And sluts – I like sluts, too.

        3. Difference is, he and I are buds and I understand the points he is making. You on the other hand are nothing *but* a troll, and not a very smart one at that most of the time.

        4. I’m All Right Jack can not and will not understand anything. Men learn through suffering and hardship.

        5. I’m All Right Jack can not and will not understand anything

          Well, you said it, not me.

    2. no comment at all on the politics…I don’t even know who any of these people are…but “prefab cabinetry” well now bob that is just some genius

        1. The people who arrange for all presidents to be elected, prefer to use the word “appropriated”. Sometimes they use the word “haircut”, as in, we gave those depositors a haircut. It’s all about syntax. And rainbows. And daffodils…

    3. Second law of power – Never put too Much Trust in Friends, Learn how to use Enemies
      This is a tactical move. Rather than having this lot scheming how to sink his administration from the sideline, he’s placed them in a position where they go down with him.

      1. Gary Kohn (COO of Goldman Sachs) is Goldman’s No. 2 in command, behind only Lloyd Blankfein (CEO). And he’s going to be Trump’s National Economic Council Director. And who is Trump’s choice for Treasury Secretary – Steven Mnuchin, formerly a member of the management committee, during his tenure with Goldman Sachs.
        I suspect we just might see another massive series of bank bailouts, not long after Trump takes office. When George W. Bush implemented his infamous bank bailout program, guess who ran that whole show. Neel Kashkari (Goldman alum), under the aegis of Bush’s Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson (the former CEO of Goldman Sachs).
        Kashkari did such a great job, he’s now the President of the Federal Reserve Bank in Minneapolis. Perhaps there is a Federal Reserve branch presidency, in Mnuchin’s and/or Kohn’s future, too.
        Goldman’s financial power makes Trump’s look like that of an enterprising kid who did really well mowing lawns over the summer. Money talks. Bullshit walks. If you want real change, you don’t appoint well-heeled weasels who are in lockstep with financial assassins, to guard the nation’s financial henhouse.
        I suppose we’ll have to wait and see. But when the time comes that what I’m saying here proves to be true yet again, I will indeed gloat (although in this case, very reluctantly, because I hope I’m wrong – but I don’t believe I am at this point)…

    4. (((Steve Mnuchin)))
      (((Gary Cohn)))
      Sadly, Trump is not yet President and he has handle the economy of their country to the same elites he boasted against.

      1. Yeah. I remember him bad-mouthing Hillary, because she was “owned” by Goldman Sachs. Heh.

    5. Mnuchin was managed Trump’s campaign finances. He once worked for Soros as well, though it was just making money, not toppling sovereign governments or traditional institutions like at the OSF. No one complained about Mnuchin then.
      Cohn has been loyal to Trump from day one. Bannon worked at Wall Street, but he’s as nationalistic as they come. And he was a huge asset for us (not only the election, but to western men in general tbh) at Breitbart.
      The key to this is their financial experience and loyalty. Because of men like these guys, I’m optimistic about the west’s future for the first time in my adult life.
      I don’t want to believe that’s foolish. And I’m not willing to write off this election as a pointless waste just because some people worked on Wall Street for a few years.
      Goldman is AIDS for western civilization, yeah, but if you work in finance you want to make it to Wall Street, in spite the psychopaths you have to deal with. Just like in tech, you want to work in Silicon Valley, in spite of the antisocial autists you have to deal with.
      Would you rather he appointed someone who used to work at Lehman Bros.? Or perhaps someone who sold penny stocks to poor people? I’m not rationalizing it for myself, I’m just saying that’s what people who work in these industries do, especially when they’re young and ambitious.
      Now’s a good time to be critical, not disloyal. I still like you and your memes Bob.

      1. An excellent argument there. In my case, If Trump starts proving he’s worthy of my loyalty, I’ll be loyal. But he’s off to a really bad start. And that’s merely with his Goldman appointees. Goldman is a vampire squid – or perhaps better put, an octopus. They suck the life out of every major financial organization on the planet.
        Case in point – Neel Kashkari, who was in investment banking at Goldman and worked for former Goldman CEO Henry Paulson (Paulson was President George W. Bush’s head of the Treasury Department), ran Bush’s infamous bank bailout program – this program alone sucked the lifeblood out of American taxpayers and the entire U.S. economy.
        Kashkari is now the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. So he got rewarded for his bad deeds. That brings to four the roster of Goldman alums heading Fed regional banks, including William Dudley in New York, Robert Kaplan in Dallas and Patrick Harker in Philadelphia.
        It’s an ugly picture when you connect the dots. But perhaps it will get rosier. And if it does, I’ll be the first to admit it. But we really need to hold Trump’s feet to the fire, and question his motives, and not follow him blindly down every alley.
        The way that the government has been going the last 30-odd years, blind faith is the last thing we need to exhibit (because that’s what got us into this mess). If we demonstrate blind faith, we might wind up like all the SJW apologists who constantly ignore the evil of their icons (like Obama and Hillary). Trump needs to earn our loyalty, I truly do believe. Talk is cheap.
        Glad you like my memes. And disagreement is a good thing, I think. It keeps one’s eyes and mind open to other viewpoints. I enjoyed reading your two cents’ on the whole matter, which was outlined in a very cogent and thoughtful manner, IMHO.

        1. Thanks Uncle Bob. And I totally agree with you.
          I just fret a little when people jump ship because they see that some in the administration who were associated with the social cancer that is Goldman. But its understandable.
          My point was the fact that Mnuchin was such an asset during the campaign, when we were dethroning the cunt, and no one I noticed really posed the argument that Mnuchin or Bannon were trying to fuck us over then.
          But you’re absolutely right. We’ve got a lot of financial vampires and neocons to hunt down and get out of the picture with what populist effort we have left, if we don’t want the next 4 (or 8) years to be a horrific shit show.
          You’re very calculated and tactful, and always add to the conversation here. Thanks for that too.

        2. Well hell, thank you – people tend to dismiss other people’s opinions, especially when emotion is involved, and those opinions are the opposite of their own. And that’s risky. Hopefully, a venue like this one will give a guy a well-rounded view of the situation, so he can best make up his own mind. The last thing I want to do is waste time arguing. I’ve changed my mind about so many things during the course of my lifetime, I totally understand that everything is about change (especially when it comes to a guy’s opinions).
          I sincerely hope Trump is the real deal. I will hold out hope for that. If nothing else, this election has opened a lot of people’s eyes. And that has to be a good thing. Now if we can just wake up another billion or so…heh.
          I like to look at the positive side, while trying not go ignore the negative. Everything you wrote has merit. No doubt about it. If I wind up with egg on my face, I’ll admit I was wrong – gladly, in this particular case. I’ve done it before. I’ll do it again. Reminds me of a quote from “3:10 to Yuma” (2007) –
          “Sometimes a man has to be big enough to realize how small he is.”
          And I understand why you fret about potentially two-faced people. Sometimes they aren’t two-faced, they just want to hope for the best and anticipate the worst. But that blind loyalty – that has to be earned. Hopefully Trump will earn it.

        3. When I was young, I didn’t have an older guy who might answer my questions and serve as my mentor. Long, complicated story. Basically, I was in a will ahead of my father (my grandfather’s will), and my father did everything he could to see that I didn’t get that money, and that I wasn’t successful. And I trusted him – blindly. That in itself was quite an education.
          But because I didn’t have anybody (except a father who was working against my best interests), and because I have accumulated a ton of practical knowledge, having had to slug my way through on my own, across all of these many years (it’s a great way to learn, and think outside the box; everything has an upside), I want to make that knowledge available to the younger guys at this forum, primarily because I am sensitive to the precarious position of younger dudes who don’t have a mentor.
          If I had possessed access to a forum like this one when I was younger, hell, it would have made my entire life a whole lot easier. And I know what it’s like to be a young guy – asking another man for advice isn’t “manly”, most young guys just won’t do it for that reason alone (I was the same way). So I put as much info as I can into many of my comments, because I never know who is reading them, or what they might find useful.
          You can tell if a person is totally full of shit or not. Especially if you pay attention to what they say and do. We’re all demented creatures, and we’re all full of shit to some degree (simply due to being human), but some are more demented and more full of shit than others. Heh. You can tell a lot about people who post here frequently, in that regard, too, just by sifting through their comments, and comparing them, across a wide array of their posts. What you’ll usually find, if you do that, is a large number of contradictions. And that’s just the state of humanity. We’re more machine than human. Until we realize that we are a machine. Only then is it possible to change into something else.
          If some of you guys get some nuggets of practical wisdom out of what I impart, that is the whole point of the exercise. I want to leave something behind of value for other people, to help them find their way through this maze, and be the best that they can be. I want to give back, because I give a damn about people, and being alive is a full-on bitch. And that’s all there is…

        4. Damn Bob, that means a lot man.
          I don’t like to talk about this much, but my dad just wasn’t around for me. And for many years I was directionless and angry. I was angry at him, but it was a deeper resentment of things I couldn’t understand in a broader social sense, and had no guidance to navigate it. It took a lot to ignore society’s forced march of cuckoldry when it was like every fiber of my being wanted to go in the other direction. And I often did, which led to quite a few problems.
          Ironically, I came to ROK on accident, because I was studying philosophy. I stumbled on one of Quintus’ articles and decided to see what was on the rest of the site. I didn’t come to bitch about women or get “redpilled” on them. But a lot of the patterns I suspected, exploited and others I didn’t want to believe about women were all being discussed in this strange place and form of thought I had never heard of before. It was like the bewilderment that had been with me for so long had ceased for a short period of time.
          It was more of a lurking process, for about a year or two, until I started talking here. But it was the dialogue along with the quality of rhetoric (well, some of the rhetoric was high quality, guys like QC, Aurelius Moner, Roosh, Aviator etc..) that kept me around.
          I perfectly understood your initial post that I responded to, but the way you elaborated your point made it clear that I was perhaps unjust in calling you out on it. And it did make me think that you and possibly others had not considered my perspective. I only tend to be defensive about Trump because, due to him, for the first time in my adult life I am not pessimistic about my future here. And many young American men who aren’t cattle-tier in their psychological outlook thought much the same way prior to Trump; we wanted a way out of here. But now, I want to stay and contribute. Many of us do. Its not perceived as a lost cause anymore, not yet anyway. In that I remain cautiously optimistic.
          In terms of politics and general social circumstances, its like I’ve passed through some phase of Machiavellianism where I see ends and opportunities, where many others don’t. Both in an acute and broader sense, I can just grasp things I couldn’t dream of before. And this place was a huge help in not only that, but helping me get some direction. I see a point in materialistic ambition now aside from immediate gain, I see that virtue is more important, and for the first time in my life I have a sense of self worth and honor because of it.
          And it really is men like you, as well as a choice few others that make this place worth the effort of all involved in it’s existence. With this post you made, I realize the debt of gratitude men like me owe you.

        5. Well thank you so much for that thoughtful and well-written reply, young squire. You know, the world is so damned confusing. My desire to help younger men stems from what I already wrote in my last comment to you, plus, knowing how fucked-up the world is today, compared to what it was when I was younger. (And it was fucked-up enough back then. trust me on that one.)
          I think that older guys who have experienced some measure of success, owe you younger guys, instead of it being the other way around. I believe that, tribally speaking, it’s up to the older guys to boost the younger ones on to their shoulders, so the younger guys can see even farther than the older guys ever did. Hopefully that makes sense to you. It’s about leaving the world in a better state, I think. Giving whomever you will be leaving behind, some secrets and keys to future success.
          I did not take it personally when you called me out on Trump. Not at all. Passion is passion. And you should always maintain ample reserves of it. You should question everyone, and everything – that’s your right. If you do not make up your own mind, your mind will indeed be made up for you. And you can’t make up your mind properly, unless you consider all the evidence on boths sides of the argument. I know that a young man like you, can see the logic in the notion that it is entirely up to you – and you alone – to make your personal world what you intend it to be. And also, that trusting anybody, blindly, or investing your entire emotional well-being into anybody, blindly, is working against the notion that you, and you alone, create your own destiny. It disempowers you. It’s much like falling madly in love, and your entire emotional state depends on whether or not the girl of your dreams returns your intensity of feeling.
          You can do anything you set your mind to doing – that’s the beauty of life. You just have to want it badly enough. Single-mindedly, to the exclusion of everything else. That is the secret of secrets.
          We are all demented fools, and I’m no different. Same with all men. Some of us are trying to become more than demented fools, but it’s really hard. Hopefully, with a little guidance from the right people, it will get easier for you, than it was for the men of my generation. That’s the idea and hope that I have in mind, anyway…
          There is not a damn thing wrong in asking somebody for advice. The guys who are really good at that particular art (like Donald Trump, for example, who is a man who asks questions and relies on the guidance and expertise of others who are good at what they do), are the ones who go a long, long way. So I hope you won’t be shy about asking questions at some point. It’s makes for a much shorter, straighter route, on the way to peace of mind and prosperity.
          Sorry to hear that you had a similarly bad relationship with your father, just like I did, but you will be stronger for it over the long haul. I often think about kids who had every single thing handed to them on a platter. They were coddled, comforted, and protected by their parents at every turn in the road. I guarantee you, that most of those young people will remain stuck in a blue-pill world. So there’s a downside and an upside to everything, is the main point here.
          Life is a marathon, not a sprint. You’ll go a long way in life if you believe in yourself (above everyone else), and you do your homework prior to arriving at any strong conclusions, or making any major decisions. Older guys love being asked for advice. So pick their brains, that’s what they are here for – to advise the younger tribe members. If they are worth a damn, they’ll realize that, and take the time to give you what is necessary. If they aren’t worth a damn, you’ll know it by their reluctance to provide you with what you request.
          I enjoyed the exchange of thoughts here, good sir, and hopefully we can make some sense out of this bizarre political and cultural landscape that is festering right in front of our eyes, so that we might avoid any land mines that might be hidden along the road. Heh. Hope for the best and expect the worst, and you will be prepared – and you won’t be devastated, no matter what happens.
          Thanks again for the thoughtful reply and keep your nose in the wind, and your eyes along the skyline. (I stole that line from “Jeremiah Johnson”, a great film, from the early 1970s.)
          Something to keep in mind here, perhaps – whenever a comment thread gets this stale, virtually nobody will come along and read whatever it is that you might write in it, from here on out. So that’s a good place to ask questions, is my point, if you want to ask somebody something without a horde of people getting their nose in your personal business.
          Adios for now, amigo…

    6. How is Trump the puppet if he’s not taking payments from any of them? No donations from them. They work for him, not the other way around. Just because he uses insiders doesn’t mean they will work for other insiders.
      Trump can fire them at will, but he still needs them to get approved by the Senate.
      Lots of political novices here.

    1. Staying blue pill and blind isn’t a better option.

        1. I don’t think Verified Account is opposed to being red pill. I think he’s opposed to the autistic levels of “red pill” which the alt-right reaches.

        2. Red pill requires individual autonomy. Alt right is collectivist hive mind at its core beliefs, like feminism.

        3. From what ive seen of ‘verified account’ his idea of red pill is more about enjoying the decline and embracing it.
          The proverbial happy as a pig in shit.

      1. Alt right is trying to sell itself to betas and omega males by inducing them to believe that joining a “movement” makes them alpha. Its a lie. Similar to the lie feminists push that betas and omegas will have greater access to pussy if they become male feminists.

        1. Ah…but consider…and I mean a little more than “alt right” here. Say a big group of guys stop being hipsters and start frequenting manosphere (and not just alt right) sites. They start self improvement (one hopes) and their attitudes come to mirror the prevailing thoughts here and other places. They themselves may not be “alpha” but they are creating a world where the true alphas can thrive and profit. Which works for me. In 1955 not every father was Ward Cleaver nor every wife June Cleaver, but the Ward and June of the day did very well in a society that saw their ideals as worthy.

        2. Alt right is the death of game. Just like feminism. The route is different but the result is the same. Alt right is a destination for betas, mgtow, omegas. Its a way to save face for men without game.

        3. Every movement has extremes. There’s no getting around it.

        4. The alt-right and the game game have different goals.
          The alt-right wants to red-pill women. Game is meant to seduced blue-pilled women.
          Sorry, game, while fun and a useful pass time, is essentially nihilism and hedonism.
          If you have be alpha by getting women, then I think you have found yourself in a contradiction.
          Say what you want about the alt-right, we are trying to save our civilization, which is alpha as fuckkkkk

  12. Two possible scenarios:
    Prediction #1: Cock carousel finally slows to a halt when antibiotic-resistant STDs hit the general middle-class hetero population.
    Prediction #2: Cock carousel finally slows to a halt when female-dominated data-entry jobs in medicine and education get automated.
    In both scenarios, the “virtues” of monogamy and stand-by-your-man will conveniently return. We’ll see which one happens first.

  13. I’ll make five predictions for the USA here…making predictions just happens to be a little hobby of mine.
    1) Potable water is going to become increasingly scarce, and much of the public water supply will be deemed “tainted”, according to official government sources.
    2) Large denominations of cash will be taken out of circulation (as has already happened in India, and as is happening right now in Venezuela).
    3) Trump will do a total 180 on his major campaign promises; Obamacare will be dressed up in a wig, and lipstick will be placed on its lips, in an attempt to make the pig look more appealing.
    4) Major unrest will take center stage in the USA – riots, shootings, attacks, ramped up to the power of 10.
    5) This will “necessitate” (cough, cough) calling in troops to major U.S. cities (as is happening in parts of Mexico as we speak), and once those troops are in place, those troops will never leave – unless they are replaced by U.N. troops.
    If anybody wants to wager against any of those things happening within the next five to 10 years…well, it’s your money, and you can do what you want with it. You know where to find me.

    1. You’re essentially right and I would not wager against your predictions but there no need for guessing – the 2030 Agenda is a blueprint for a New World Order. Just read the document for yourself, and imagine what our world would actually look like if they have their way.
      According to their way of thinking, the only way to have the kind of harmonious utopia that they are shooting for is to tightly regulate and control what everyone is thinking, saying and doing. Their solutions always involve more central planning and more control in their own hands.
      It is not a coincidence that Trump is compiling a government which consist mostly of global financiers and mad dog military men?

      1. Heh. Something like that.
        Evian. Naive spelled backwards. (High fluoride content. Elitist inside joke there.)

  14. If anyone really wants to understand where the world is heading, one should read and try to decipher the UN’s Agenda 2030.
    Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
    What is “sustainable development?”
    It is the ‘overthrow’ of good old fashioned capitalism. The U.N.’s number one sustainable development official Christiana Figueres has essentially publicly admitted this…
    “This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model, for the first time in human history,” Figueres, who heads up the U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, told reporters in February.
    “This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for the at least 150 years, since the industrial revolution,” Figueres said.

    1. And this quote is quite relevant for this site’s members to ponder upon:
      20. Realizing gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls will make a crucial contribution to progress across all the Goals and targets. The achievement of full human potential and of sustainable development is not possible if one half of humanity continues to be denied its full human rights and opportunities. Women and girls must enjoy equal access to quality education, economic resources and political participation as well as equal opportunities with men and boys for employment, leadership and decision-making at all levels. We will work for a significant increase in investments to close the gender gap and strengthen support for institutions in relation to gender equality and the empowerment of women at the global, regional and national levels. All forms of discrimination and violence against women and girls will be eliminated, including through the engagement of men and boys. The systematic mainstreaming of a gender perspective in the implementation of the Agenda is crucial.

      1. This passage is extremely important:
        All forms of discrimination and violence against women and girls will be eliminated, including through the engagement of men and boys.
        Through the engagement of men and boys. Think about it.

        1. The U.N. is the spearhead of the NWO. As the U.N. goes, so goes the world. Kinda sucks, but that’s the way it is. For now.

        2. Yes, the Climate change con is the vehicle to promote global actions and call for one government to deal with the challenges.

  15. Gentlemen: Inflation is not a scam. If holding on to currency was more advantageous than investing, the economy would plummet. Economics relies on investment, and money not standing still in bank accounts or mattresses.
    Sometimes the Red Pill fails to follow classical economics and the wisdom of Adam Smith.
    I recall seeing a meme with a picture of a few bars of gold, and an aircraft carrier, claiming that “your money was once backed by this (gold) and is now backed by this (the aircraft carrier).”
    Not only is the aircraft carrier far more valuable from a pure dollar standpoint than a half-dozen bars of gold, but the aircraft carrier protects commerce on the high seas while acting as a strategic deterrent against nation states who have hostile economic and military policies.

    1. there is a valid point though.
      When you don’t pay your debt, Bluto shows up at your door…
      When a country doesn’t, the Roman Army deploys…
      We have 12? Carrier Battle Groups — to say fuck you to the several trillion in treasuries owed…instead of gold…
      Interesting times

      1. That’s an excellent point, and one I hadn’t thought of: with all our borrowing, China could be loaning us the money to secure the means of making sure China can’t collect on that debt by force.

        1. yea they can build us 2 new fleets…on borrowed money…
          but, if Trump is King. he can revitalize the shipyards around the East Coast…

      2. Last I checked it was 10 carriers with one in reserve. I don’t even believe we have enough sailors to deploy more than 7 These days.

        1. Chinese missiles could sink our carriers.
          Look at what happened in the Falklands war 35 years ago. The time for huge surface ships such as carriers is long over.

        2. I am sure the Chinese or Russians could try to sink our carriers with missiles. But that is what anti-missile missiles are for. Our carriers are not undefended. They always travel with a battle group of one cruiser, two or more destroyers, and one or two attack submarines as protection.

        3. Surface ship combat that took place in WWII is part of a bygone era (hence why the soviets built subs, not aircraft carriers). However the purpose of today’s BCGs are about power projection with some emphasis on supporting ongoing missions and protecting trade lanes.

    2. This.
      I also remember Warren Buffet pointing out how silly it was to dig gold out of a hole only to lock it into another hole. It’s not even a useful resource barring a few marginal uses in the satellite industry.

      1. You seem to have bought into a lot of Keynesian economic theories.

    3. Money in the bank is invested, the bank can only cover a small percentage of deposits being withdrawn at any time. Defense contracts notoriously burn money, and it’s suspected that aircraft carriers would not survive long in a modern war.

      1. I think aircraft carriers would be toast in a modern war with a serious power such as Russia or China.

        1. I don’t know. If they sunk one of our carriers, I’m pretty sure the next step up from there would involve a nuclear retaliation on our part.

    4. This is just patently false. Where do I even begin? What economics courses have you taken? Inflation stymies growth. The accumulation of capital (ie savings) drives growth. During high inflation, capital becomes buried in objects (such as gold and land) as people seek to quickly convert their paper currency into goods. Inflation encourages reckless borrowing and debt. Keynes, not Smith, was a huge proponent of inflation.

  16. this a optimistic scenario.
    unless Trump is utilizes US Generals, and Billionaires to stage a coup d’etat,
    and wins…
    the triggly puffs will soon be our new masters: “lick or swim evil white man”

        1. Guy goes into a psychiatrist and screams “doctor you have to help me! I am a teepee and a wigwam!” doctor says “Take a vacation. You are obviously two tents” (this joke is better said out loud)

        2. My god….the two of you can start up a “University of Uncle’s Humor”
          the motto, of course, would be “pull my finger”

    1. Jesus, Bob…you’re gonna get us all thrown outta here!
      I wonder how many times you’re heard that in your life?

  17. Uh, how can you have economic growth with the gold standard? It imposes an arbitrary Malthusian constraint on the economy. You might as well run electricity for only six hours a day instead of around the clock. And when more people sign up for electrical service, everyone gets fewer minutes of electricity because the utility has only a finite amount to go around.

    1. Exactly the point I was trying to get across below.
      It is inherently deflationary.

    2. Thats not true. The growth rate of technology assures that the gold standard just become exponentially more valuable over time.
      Your problem is think that inflation creates opportunities for growth.
      Also, a gold standard doesnt mean not paper money, it just means that the money is back by something other than debt.

      1. Additionally, it’s not just gold. Other precious metals (silver, copper) were included in that. You are correct, it has something of the opposite effect as inflation.
        And your last paragraph is exactly correct and something the Keynesian types tend to ignore.

        1. Essentaily we could back our money with any type of input capital.
          We could back our shit with oil if we wanted or even hammers…

        2. Yes, exactly. Commodity based currencies don’t have to be backed only by gold (or silver, or copper). And I recall fondly the Silver Certificates and Gold Certificate dollar bills, which is how it was handled prior to Nixon’s treasonous final stake through the heart of the gold standard.

  18. Tyranny, fragmentation, war, rebirth.
    If history i any guide, We are in a cycle that will likely last 3 generations.

  19. I have polar opposite opinion. WW3 in the few decades, rise of Islam as main world religion, of course fueled by globalists and then its death at the hands of the Right. After that implementation of some kind of control system over population. Benign monotheistic religions (probably also polytheistic) will be blamed for destruction of muslims and Islam.

    1. Cashless society with a chip implant will be the means of control. You will not be able to sell or purchase goods and services without it.
      So it was foretold anyway.

        1. It will be sold to the public as a means to catch tax cheats and security concerns (eg. terrorism), but it is simply a means of control.
          Look up “United Nations Agenda 2030.”

  20. You forgot to mention the affects of immigration. America is still pumping 1 million new immigrants each year, primarily from India, China, and Mexico. The true American spirit will be shattered, and America will start looking a lot like Calcutta. New Jersey is already destroyed. Some parts of Texas are already occupied by third world immigrants. San Francisco Bay Area has already become a cesspool of Indians and Asians. Now it will start spreading to Washington, Colorado, and Massachusetts.

  21. It’s downright stupid to think that returning to the traditional moral values that human beings need to internalize in order to survive and prosper and build civilization means bringing back all the worst things about the past. As if the reason for all the violence and brutality and injustice and racism and bigotry was the traditional moral values. Sheesh. I just can’t seem to get over howfa king stupid people are.

  22. Is it me or are the years 2018-2026 missing in the article? And would the author care to elaborate more on this time period?
    It’s a great article – just seems it’s missing a time slot.

    1. Too late for some of us that have already set sail and started families on the outside. However, ABSOLUTELY AGREE. Stay home gents, and prepare. If I had waken up to RP truths earlier, I would never of left home.

  23. I have several criticisms of your piece.
    Rome is nothing for us to aspire to. The Roman Empire emerged because of the fact that the mob demanded a tyrant to tend to their every need. Julius Caesar tried and was killed by his senators for doing so, and Octavian picked up where his uncle left off after fighting and winning a bloody civil war. The establishment of the Roman Empire under Octavian Augustus was no great masculine triumph, rather, it was a triumph the of the mob, the same type of mob that exists today in America which demands that the Federal government solve all their problems. Furthermore, the establishment of the Roman Empire was a result of a failure of the Patrician class to maintain constitutional order. Constitutional order gave way to mob rule and tyranny. Should that be the way we go?
    Also, you wrote that people should buy gold and silver to prepare for an economic crash. In theory that sounds like a great idea; precious metals hold their value and can protect your savings. But, realistically, in the event of a great cataclysm, what are you going to do with your silver dollars? Eat them? Gold could very well be just a useless piece of metal in an Armageddon type scenario. When you get down to the basics of survival, gold has no value. It is just a yellow stone. If you want to invest in something, invest in guns and bullets. Bullets will be a valuable trading commodity during an economic crash.
    I am not trying to put you down, but at the same time this forum should not be an echo chamber.
    I hope there is some kind of collapse, but I fear that our establishment will use it as an opportunity to cement their hold on power.

  24. I’m on board with putting women in more leadership roles — in particular, into globalist companies. It will make it that much easier to destroy them when the time is right.

  25. If these things come to pass, they will be the result not of cataclysmic economic and social collapse, but because of the replacement of feminist populations that have no kids with far more patriarchal societies that have lots of them and can keep them with the program over multiple generations
    And by the way, its martial law, not Marshall Law. Good grief.

  26. We don’t need a massive and severe economic collapse to restore normalcy or patriarchy etc. Only two institutions need to be dealt with in order to see this end and they are 1) the media and 2) education. Both of these institutions are currently experiencing disruption that will lead to reformation – the media is further along and education has really just begun. As you all know, I’ve been harping on technology disrupting both of these institutions and I stand firm that this is inevitable and it will be beneficial to men. NOT, because I’m bias, or because patriarchy is natural or better or that leftism is incoherent and evil (per se), but, because these institutions are antiquated, broken and, above all, there are viable superior alternatives that exist today! We already see the disruption in the media, namely, at the news level, next up is a combination of customized media experience with a proliferation of alternative content generation. Roku, Youtube, Hulu, Amazon have already started this process. In terms of education…the “weak signals” are all there, but, versus media, the actually disruptive applications have yet to really materialized just yet. Weak signals in this case are speech codes, thought codes, thought crimes on top of astronomical tuition with little return on investment. Academia is a mess. Online, cloud based, web-based learning will disrupt. Knowledge is ubiquitous and it is “ethical”, especially from the so called “human rights” perspective, to give this knowledge to all for free or at a very low cost. Hmmm, progressives, you still charge all that money that you say means nothing? At any rate, capitalism will rescue us and can and will provide a cost effective, scaleable model far superior to the existing education system. Yes, this is at the college/university level. But, the media disruption alone in concert with red-pill phenomenon will and IS having an impact on the zeitgeist.

  27. Trump’s just more of the same, pretending to be different. The World 25 years from now? Potable water becomes resource intense, all new cars are electric, smart homes, disease wipes out the poor first, the rich are vaxxed, due to social media wars are harder to start for the west, LA gets wiped out in 2019 by earthquake, Europe has broken up into nation states again with border controls. Widespread civil unrest in France, Italy and Spain due to economics and migrants, the Niger Delta is targeted for Oil by the west, NW Brazil’s aquifer is privatized. The sheet ice on Antarctica has dropped to sufficient levels that companies are actually greedy enough to want to drill for oil, US state nationalism has grown considerably but the union remains, The UK has recovered from Brexit but is hit hard by consistently worse winters, and Trump is still orange…

  28. Western civilization will be erased. Nationalistic parties are getting popular in almost every country in the world. Partly because of globalization where all kinds of people are migrating and clash with the natives. And partly because diversity is promoted, putting more emphasis on the background you have, even if you don’t give a fuck about it.
    Most Western countries don’t really have a distinct identity, so most Westerners don’t feel the urge to fight for their ‘culture’ or country. They will be subdued by people with a strong identity.

    1. I think it’s less about diversity itself and more about how they’re pitting American labor against third world labor which we can’t economically compete with due to the cost of living here versus almost anywhere else. It’s basic math. I literally could have pointed it out as a first grader.

  29. Jon, I dig your stuff, but please realize MILO is an infiltrator and will flip at some point on our movement. Guaranteed, 100%.

  30. While this is interesting, the breakdown of social order leaves out one thing: will it be advantageous to the corporate elite to allow it?
    Because if order collapses, people will be roused from their lethary and be forced to face reality aka red pill truths. Hard to whine about your sexual identiy when you’re starving to death.
    While the Trump victory has -thankfully- screwed up many of my calculations, the rise of 2nd wave LGBTQ around 2018-2019 is still in the running.
    In any case, if the feces his the fan I should be more than enough time to get my little friend beyond the current mockup stage: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4863e2b19d8d54116e239b782300447a7aac2ef972a4094e2e4e84da56ba0877.jpg

  31. While this is interesting, the breakdown of social order leaves out one thing: will it be advantageous to the corporate elite to allow it?
    Because if order collapses, people will be roused from their lethary and be forced to face reality aka red pill truths. Hard to whine about your sexual identiy when you’re starving to death.
    While the Trump victory has -thankfully- screwed up many of my calculations, the rise of 2nd wave LGBTQ around 2018-2019 is still in the running.
    In any case, if the feces hits the fan I should have more than enough time to get my little friend beyond the current mockup stage: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ccc6a6db8fd52c917eb699269ae2ed810d94d442ee6ed78e6700d304a4c1a0d2.jpg
    (edited so the pic wasn’t so biggo)

  32. You absolutely CANNOT bring back patriarchy unless you abolish all affirmative action, EEO, welfare, and child support laws. They must be dissolved. Women just simply should not be allowed to have management jobs or any kind of job that makes more money than a man. It’s more important for a man to be able to marry and raise a family on his income alone than it is for some greedy entitled feminist whore to get her $100K+ affirmative action management job doing nothing so she can go buy more purses and shoes.
    Domestic violence laws must be done away with as well. Why? Because the “possibility” of a woman getting smacked by her husband if she misbehaves is a deterrent within itself. If a woman already knows that if her husband can’t lay a finger on her without getting hauled off to jail, it actually gives her more motivation to misbehave and provoke him as well. I’m not saying it’s good or that a guy should smack his wife, but if it was made legal, it will give the wife something to think about before she decides to act out against her husband or cheat on him.
    Women are children, and if a kid is well aware that he could send his parents to jail immediately if they gave him a spanking, then he would have no fear in misbehaving. Same with wives.

    1. Agree 100% with your 1st paragraph.
      As far as the 2nd, yes, I agree that DV laws are way too biased against males. But as far as the smacking goes, I could never hit a girl I care about. I would leave her before it would come to hitting her. And this is coming from a heavy drinking whore-chaser.

    2. Statements like this are why we have basically zero credibility outside of our echo chamber. If you think ideas like this are going to gain any real traction in society, you are so misguided I don’t know where to begin. I agree that feminism is fucking bullshit and these entitled bitches need to be put in check; but this type of shit gets picked out by SJWs and goes viral and makes us look like a bunch of jackasses.

  33. Future belongs to China: 1.5 billion ethnically homogeneous Han Chinese who have cultural pride and disdain for foreigners unlike self-hating Whites who trip over themselves in fawning xenophilia.
    The Chinese are instituting a social credit system where each individual has a rating / score based on things like how good they are as citizens, do they pay their taxes, do they visit their aged parents, do they volunteer. Contrast this with the Western system where the governments are urging their citizens to turn fag, gender bend, etc
    Who do you think the future belongs to?

  34. My outlook is far less rosy. I should do a proper submission but basically the future will be with Asian overlords controlling the prime / critical positions with Whites serving underneath. Basically, a landlord state or a lord / vassal system. Doctors, CEO’s, professors will increasingly be foreign-borne, specifically Asian.

    1. Contrary to common thought, it will not be necessary to speak fluent Chinese.
      You will just need to know the Chinese for “Yes, master.”

  35. Americans will be dying off in large numbers at earlier ages from cancers, specifically HPV-related cancers. Expect the Millennials to be decimated.

    1. Hearing reports that people born from invitro fertilisation are aging at a faster rate and getting diseases that don’t effect normally conceived people – that will be something to watch.

  36. It’s like a massive freighter steaming toward shore: at some point it will be moving too fast to reverse course and it will run aground.
    Just like a massive ship, societies have a lot of inertia and cannot turn on a dime.
    It’s a downward spiral to the end … and there’s no chance we can survive:

  37. Consider for a moment that Patriarchy never existed and is merely a relatively modern device used by some women to claim more from men and/or against other women who prefer a different form/level of benefits. Also as a device to argue for the choice to do things they used to not want to do. Largely because modern technology means it’s not as destructive to the human body or as difficult as it was previously.
    What if women’s submission was never more than superficial to get what they want and modern technology and wealth allowed them to discard it. Even in the bad old days according to feminists the so-called patriarchy had various laws and social norms that tied men to servitude to women. Even if those women didn’t need it. Things such as being responsible for paying the taxes on his wife’s income.
    The more I learn the more I believe patriarchy has it is defined never actually existed. For instance, in Saudi Arabia there are women who don’t want the ban on women driving to be lifted. Why? The ban in their eyes is to force men to drive them around and they don’t want to it. Think of it, what if all the barriers women faced were actually constructed by women who simply didn’t want to end up having to do various things? What if it’s always been women fighting among themselves over degree?
    Why is prostitution banned? Other women want to keep the price of sex high. Why do women complain about objectification? Their own competition with each other. Why did feminism start with the upper classes? Because lower class women didn’t want to do the hard physical work the men around them did while some of the upper class women wanted the professional jobs the men of their social class did.
    So what if there’s no patriarchy to reclaim?

    1. We’re in the nebulus stage now of the golden AGE OF MAN. There is no official compiled gospel of the grand patriarchal order to come but bits and piecies of it are in the air, raining down and finding a voice.
      In a natural state, without identity politics and political prompting the dynamic and compitetion between men and women is a never ending stale mate. The manipulative nature of woman vs the constructive will of man. Civilization never gets off the ground when an indigenous cave woman manipulates for want and doesn’t sacrifice her wants to serve her master. With balls drained at will by his soulful servant, man can focus and dream of solutions, of towering civilizations. But with tit for tat cave sex, me want this you get wookie, man lavishes the smelly hairbeast with a racoon pelt and another generation lives in a stick nest and forages.
      Patriarchy for the woman is the selfless giving of her body and soul unto her master and patriarch. Any man with a head knows he is the head. With one or two loyal wives the man’s inner sparks ignite as a whole flaming toarch and with purpose. His motive force to progenate is activated and his gifts become focused on ever higher feats.
      Patriarchy is our will to take our natural proclivities and bottle them, concentrate them, swig it down and BLAST OFF TO THE STARS!! Matriarchy is to go to sleep and let the bitches take over. Then we awake in grass huts and the bitch nature of eating her young secures our fate as a very compromised species somewhere within the food chain but not on top or directing the other competing species in our midst. Under matriarchy we become like dumb animals without souls. A codified and resilient order of patriarchy is one thing that raises us up above and separates us from the herds of wild chirping, squalking, grunting and neighing hoofed and clawed beasts of this orb.
      WE ARE MAN the greatest species to plant his foot on this great green orb. WE SUBDUE the great bitch mother MOTHER EARTH as we tap her elements and core her face. We anchor reigns to her sides AND WE RIDE her big ass throughout magnificent space. WE ARE MAN!!
      Hail the patriarchy!

      1. Natural state? Even the natural state is men doing the dangerous and difficult work. Do you think women wanted to be trampled by large game animals? Of course not, send the men to kill them for food.
        Balance was achieved by men recognizing they could stand on their own and being able to say no. Patriarchy didn’t exist but men could walk away from the deal. When men could say ‘no’ to being in the service of women, there had to be some balance. In the age of the collective state, men can’t say no. The state simply takes from them. It does not matter if a man takes a wife or not, he’s still has to provide for women.

        1. Your doubts about patriarchy are a result of living too long without it. We haven’t tasted it or lived it but we are told it’s right around the corner. A ‘corner’ is a turn of sorts, a fork in the road. Every last argument for feminism has unravelled and been blown to smithereens. Your last munite hesitation to avoid the final leap of faith to go wholeheartedly into the patriarchal age is distracted by the tiny cry of a pussy. “Come baack. Come baack into the pussy. Bury yourself in the cavernous place to which there is no escape. Crawl back inside your mama. Up to your eyeballs and beyond. There’s nothing to see out there in the world. I promise you can continue going out into the world so long as you leave your eyeballs checked in at the desk right behind your mamas vulva”.
          Once you’ve ventured deep into your mama without your ‘beard on’, you become trapped like a cat without whiskers. You hold your breath as long as you can and then it’s too much. You release your last breath and gasp, then inhaling a full whig of your mamas inner gas, her inner atmosphere that smells like stewed cabbage and you pass out, one eye open ‘goo-gooing’ like a pussy wiped baby.
          You wanna be in there forever? Eeeh? Now is the time to choose. Which is it boy? Is it patriarchy, or is it silly doubts? The only way to go into patriarchy is 100%. WE MUST PLOUGH and steamroll ahead into the patriarchal age with FULL BALLS A TURNING.

        2. *yawn* It was always an illusion. I am old enough to have seen this thing you call “patriarchy”. Today it consists mostly of women who’ve been living off their dead husband’s wealth for nearly as long or longer than I’ve been alive. Those guys are long dead, but their wives were well provided for. The good old days as you say or the bad old days as the feminists now claim.

        3. What people like MCGOO don’t understand is that his urge to “PLOUGH and steamroll ahead into the patriarchal age with FULL BALLS A TURNING” isn’t possible in a world where women give birth and “raise children right”.
          Unless men are going to take over the handson raising of their sons from birth, there cannot be a Patriarchal society. There will only ever be an illusory one, where — surprise, surprise — women are all carried by men, and 100% of children are abused by their infantilised mothers.
          Boys for war, girls for sale.

    2. Of course you’re 100% right. I’ve been saying for awhile now that women build every Society, only mothers can dictate cultural, societal and religious values. Fathers don’t give birth or “raise children right”.
      Girls are reduced with shame, fear and lies to sub-worthless by women, a rolling conspiracy to take out their competition for male marital slaves. Old wives can’t compete with young, promiscuous girls.
      The idea that Patriarchy could want to be bound to dependent, leeching women for life…is frankly ridiculous. But trying to get that message through to broken boys conditioned by their dependent mothers to value “marriage” monogamy is frankly harder than I’d anticipated.

      1. Men build the physical plant, but women program and control most men. The time of patriarchy was where life was hard and women could have a somewhat less hard time by having men think they were in charge. Life was hard for everyone but we never hear from feminists how the patriarchy kept women from dying in the mines, on the high seas, or anything else.
        And indeed a society’s sexual limits on women come from other women. Men might make the laws and do the enforcement but that’s because that’s the dirty work their wives didn’t want to do.

  38. Your conclusions are the very reason it will not happen this way.
    The thing about a major economic crisis is that it would severely erode the leftist framework the elites have spent so much time and money to build.
    So they wouldn’t dare engineer such a crisis even just to discredit Trump.

  39. “This will likely force Trump to reluctantly call in Marshall Law”
    It’s spelled Martial (as in military) Law, FFS!

  40. I predict that Trump will be another Herbert Hoover. His Hoover Dam will be the Wall. His protectionism and a Senate gridlock will cause another economic depression. That economic depression then will cause another World War in Europe probably involving newly Islamicized European nations.

  41. The author might have a little more legitimacy if he understood that it’s Martial Law.
    There is no such thing as Marshall Law.

    1. Maybe confused with the Marshall Plan named after the Secretary of State George Marshall. Used in western Europe at the end of world war 2

      1. I’ve seen it spelled that way in comments by those trying to sound intelligent but not understanding the issue. Or it could be an autocorrect typo not caught by the editor.
        If a cataclysmic fall of society occurs the women will support anarchy because it’s the opposing force to returning to the traditional role they detest more than mass rape and murder. They hate masculinity and think they’ve defeated it. To accept a subservient role would mean the BS they’ve preached since the 60s was a lie.
        That they can never do.

        1. If you’ve ever read the sci fi novel Lucifers Hammer a massive meteorites breaks up and destroys civilization.
          A line from it goes like this. Women’s lib didn’t survive 5 minutes after the hammer fell.
          Sure if society breaks down women will be returned to their traditional role by force. I don’t argue against that. The point is can that breakdown be avoided?

        2. Society doesn’t need to be destroyed. It is happening now with MGTOW, and the grass eater men of Japan etc. A male birth control pill,the female draft, simply awarding joint custody (no child support)n in divorce will have a huge effect with out destroying civilization.
          Just simply speaking the truth about society has an effect all on its own. That is the purpose of PCness . PC was to censer out the truth.

  42. More forced multiculturalism, more riots, more victim mentality, more feminists blaming men, more false rape accusation, more real rape that goes under reported, more disconnection between people, more police power, more citizens snitching to cops on everything, more paranoia, more etc more etc… more etc…..
    until brave group of men rise up and say enough is enough…
    but until then, as long as civilians have fresh supply of porn, bread, water, and roof over their head… what can go so wrong? right? … lol

  43. Projection is not prediction. This is a whole slew of the author’s wishful thinking and a perfect example of the divided and biased echo chamber described within.

  44. My prediction, white Christian people will slowly lose all significance and eventually disappear as white women refuse to reproduce. The new patriarchy will be Muslim and non-white, a people who know how to control their women.

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