The Beguiled: A “Sensational, Misogynistic Nightmare” That Has An Important Warning For Men

Upon the release of the movie The Beguiled in 1971, New York Times film critic Vincent Canby referred to this in-your-face, red-pill masterpiece as, “…a sensational, misogynistic nightmare.” The truth is, they just don’t make them like this one anymore—probably because the gay, Commie, SJW censors in Hollywood would pee their little Calvin Klein panties, throw a tofu-tossing hissy fit, and faint dead away to the floor, shortly after viewing this powerful, Don Siegel-directed film as a rough cut.


The script for this must-see film for men was written by Albert Maltz, and is based on the 1966 Southern Gothic novel, “A Painted Devil”, written by Thomas P. Cullinan. According to director Don Siegel, “The Beguiled” was largely based around, “…the basic desire of women to castrate men”. (Quote taken from “Clint: The Life and Legend”, by Patrick McGilligan, 1999, Harper-Collins London, pg. 186).

Released just five months before “Dirty Harry” in 1971, Clint Eastwood portrays Union soldier John McBurney, a stone-cold, most-decidedly alpha male, who quickly begins pulling more pussy than a Beverly Hills gynecologist, while convalescing at a girls-only seminary situated in the Mississippi back country, shortly after being injured in a nearby Civil War battlefield and summarily being rescued by one of the seminary’s students, 12-year-old Amy (played by Pamelyn Ferdin).


Eastwood’s alpha-male character actually gives the pig-tailed, wide-eyed preteen a long, deep kiss, shortly after she finds him bloody and battered in the woods near the seminary—a scene that was probably included in the film solely to enrage the SJW critics of the time (like Vincent Canby).

Only two of the eagerly available Southern belles at the school are on McBurney’s “Might Bang” sexual radar, as he proceeds to attract most of the young women who cross his path, not to mention a couple of the older ones, too, who are just as horny and competitive as their younger counterparts (as all red-pill males fully realize).


A Quaker by faith, McBurney spots a seminary staff member named Edwina (pictured above, and played by Elizabeth Hartman), and he mistakenly believes that she is a bona fide, virginal, LTR unicorn; in a fit of pre-copulatory passion, he promises to marry her immediately after the war is over.

But at that point, Edwina stops him dead in his tracks and doesn’t let him seal the deal (having already gotten exactly what she wanted), and McBurney’s resultant sexual frustration eventually leads him to the bed of 17-year-old hottie, Carol (played by Jo Ann Harris), who has continually thrown her pussy at him, from the very first moment she laid eyes on him.

Today’s SJW’s and feminists would have a field day with this film: “Creeper! How dare you bang that 17-year-old hottie, when you could have my flabby, cottage-cheese-dimpled thighs, and the rest of my 45-year-old, projectile-vomit-inducing body. Pedo!!!”

Beguiled 1

Never mind that they all have “pedos” in their extended family trees, and most likely within their direct matriarchal lineage—yes, many of their great-grandmothers or great-great-grandmothers married much older men, when they were as young as 13 years of age (or even younger, in some cases), and if that hadn’t happened, these bitter, used-up bitches wouldn’t even be here.

But we’re not talking about logic at the moment, even though young females, as a rule, mature much faster in a physical sense than do young males, and older men typically make great providers and mentors for younger females who haven’t been stretched out on the cock carousel.

We’re talking about hurricane-force, serially rejected, bitterly raging feminazis here, and the resultant malicious hamstringing of any men who exhibit sexual behaviors of which they disapprove (but usually only non-wealthy, heterosexual men, of course).

This film is very, very good—and Eastwood’s performance ranks right up there with anything else that he has ever done, especially in the film’s more horrifying sequences. Personally, I think this is Clint’s best work in a dramatic role, if perhaps a hair short of his turn in the already-beaten-to-death “Unforgiven.”


This darkly compelling film explores subject matter that wasn’t even widely considered to be taboo at the time—but most definitely is today—and it effectively demonstrates how an alpha male in a house full of young, horny sirens and older, jealous harpies, can quickly become the cock-of-the-walk in a matter of seconds…and then get knocked off his pedestal just as quickly, and with a resounding boom.

Clint Eastwood’s co-star, Jo Ann Harris was 21 years old at the time filming began, and she and Clint allegedly had a love affair that started at some undetermined point during the making of the movie, and lasted for a brief while thereafter, according to the International Movie Database.


The typical feminist’s response to this horrifying revelation, regarding the couple’s age disparity, might play out as follows:

“Oh my gosh. She was, like, 21 years old when shooting started and he was four days shy of being 41 when shooting ended – that’s cray-cray! Ewwwww. Like, if my carousel-riding, 41-year-old best friend hooked up with a hawt, 21-year-old pool boy, she would be like, so empowered, right? But Clint’s a total pervert…”

After voicing her displeasure, said feminist might waddle off in her flip-flops and sweat pants, and eagerly chug some Prozac…and then proceed to masturbate furiously, while fantasizing about Clint’s alpha-male, hot-bodied, Union-soldier character, as he comes a-courtin’, and bangs her hard and fast on the veranda, until she drifts off in blissful satisfaction, as she happily dreams that she, too, is a 17-year-old Southern belle, and wearing a billowing, taffeta dress—just like Jo Ann Harris’s character, in this wickedly accurate depiction of how women are very likely to behave when fighting over alpha cock.


The headmistress at the seminary, Martha Farnsworth (played by legendary stage and screen actress, Geraldine Page), has a major thing for Clint’s character, John McBurney, and some of Martha’s most lurid sexual fantasies surrounding McBurney are showcased in the film via dream sequences—including a kinky, three-way sex scene that features Page’s character, along with McBurney and his bride-to-be, Edwina.

We are also privy to some flashbacks of the headmistress’s real sexual encounters, which feature her very own (drum roll)…brother. Yes, this killer, full-throttle, red-pill film brutally and accurately hacks at the root of what “normal” sexual fantasies are really all about, when it comes to the fairer sex, and I believe that Don Siegel and Clint Eastwood pushed hard to make it for the following reason—to serve as a major red-pill warning for all unsuspecting males who were a few notches north of average in the desirability department.

Beguiled 5

One of the other titles contemplated by Universal Pictures for this truly beguiling film, which was allegedly director Don Siegel’s personal favorite of all the films he directed during his prolific career, was “Pussy-footing Down at the Old Plantation”.

(I got that straight from IMDB, and I wouldn’t lie to you, unless you were a really hot female of consenting age with major daddy issues and I couldn’t figure out another way to bang you.)

Beguiled 3

The seminary’s headmistress has an intimate conversation with John McBurney, late one evening, that is laced with sexual innuendo, in the latter portion of this film. As she exits McBurney’s room, she leaves his bedroom door unlocked (it had always been kept locked prior to that point, in order to prevent his escape), and she fervently hopes that McBurney will find his way into her bed.

But McBurney gets waylaid by the 17-year-old Carol, who makes him an offer he just can’t refuse. Their ensuing sexual encounter results in McBurney being shoved down a flight of stairs by his enraged bride-to-be, Edwina.

The headmistress, after discovering that McBurney has failed to fall into her man-trap (double entendre intended), hatches a devious scheme in order to fulfill her long-term, fervent desires—because Martha fully intends to keep McBurney around as her personal cock-carousel stallion for as long as is humanly possible.


Even though what follows is a seriously twisted bit of medical mutilation, maliciously devised by Geraldine Page’s heartless, sexually frustrated character, it pales in comparison to what ultimately awaits McBurney in the film’s bizarre and horrific climax, which I won’t spoil for you, because…well…that would just be wrong.

But let me put it to you this way, because it’s a bona fide, red-pill truth that all alphas-in-training really need to learn at some point, so you had better bind this one around your heart, right here and right now—hell hath no fury like a group of women scorned.

As a final note, a remake of “The Beguiled” is currently in the pre-production stages and is scheduled for release in 2017, featuring Colin Ferrell as John McBurney, and Nicole Kidman as headmistress Martha Farnsworth. This remake is being directed by Sofia Coppola, who also wrote the screenplay, so it might be fair to anticipate a complete and total diversion from the novel on which the original film was based—a diversion with a decidedly feminist perspective.

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103 thoughts on “The Beguiled: A “Sensational, Misogynistic Nightmare” That Has An Important Warning For Men”

      1. The word “color” is racist. Scientists should find a way to surgically induce a full color-blindness in every baby right upon birth.

        1. You’d need a way to hide the other signs of race.
          Seems to me that’d be impossible, which is why globalists really seem to cling to the idea that “in X years we’ll all be brown-skinned”.

        2. But isn’t having vision itself “abelist” when you consider the feeling of blind people. As such, I propose expanding your idea: Scientists should blind everyone at birth because equality.

        3. But we also need men to be able to work all the dirty jobs, so that all the feminist bitches will have something to eat, and nice cozy offices for the HR whores to bitch about men.

        1. We called em “mamasan” in Korea. She was always in charge of the others, but was never above offering services of her own. 😛

    1. Reminds me of an old joke…
      How can you tell who the head nurse is at a hospital?
      She’s the one with the dirty knees.

      1. Another oldie…
        Do you know why they can’t find a cure for AIDS?
        Because they can’t get the laboratory mice
        to buttfuck.

  1. I’m definitely going to be watching this very soon! Thank you for the recommendation.
    And as for that remake… well, I’ll also be watching it (for free online, of course), just for the amusement of seeing how many PC shit-nuggets they managed to cram in there.
    All Hollywood movies are full of blue-pill PC horseshit nowadays, but I find it a lot worse when it’s a remake or a continuation of an old classic. I can already see the reviews praising it for being “a much improved update of an outdated classic”. Ugh.

    1. Like Ghostbusters? That movie which keeps losing money and is getting dropped from theaters faster than a hooker drops her panties?

      1. That, and Star Wars, and Mad Max (sadly, those 2 movies are being showered with praise despite their female supremacy agenda… or rather, probably because of it). And probably a bunch of others that I can’t be bothered to think of right this moment.

        1. I disagree that Mad Max was pushing a “female supremacy agenda”.
          It’s a painfully feminist film but the female characters in Mad Max were strikingly incompetent, dreamers who didn’t think anything through and were getting themselves into trouble and needing to be bailed out by a man, specifically Max.

        2. You’re right, I just wish the focus had been more on Max as the main character.
          Star Wars goes out of its way to depict incompetent male character in every scene though.

        3. It appears the new Star Trek, is also going to be a “liberal” sjw political movie. Those Hollywood fuckers!

        4. Yeah, I’ve heard about that, but I haven’t seen the movie.
          They also made Sulu gay. The funny thing is, Sulu’s actor in the classic series actually WAS gay, and even he disapproves of it! Not that I give much weight to his opinion on the matter, but it did make me chuckle.

        5. Not to pick a fight because normally I agree that feminized remakes like Mad Max and Ghostbusters are awful, but we might’ve been slow-played with Star Wars. Possible spoilers: rumors are that in episode 8 or 9 it’ll be revealed that the girl is the reincarnation of the founder of the Jedi Order, and that’s why mind tricks and light saber fighting are intuitive to her, and not because of grrrrl power.
          Also, Sophia Coppolla is a pretty talented filmmaker, I would trust her with the remake before other female directors (except maybe Katherine Bigelow).
          I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt now but won’t be surprised to be let down.

        6. Don’t worry it’s not. The whole “gay thing” is a non issue if you were never aware of the controversy you’d never catch it. Other than that it was the standard ‘overly action packed, modern , retro, Star Trek’.

  2. Awesome movie, I can’t recommend it highly enough.
    Also interesting to note the way he varies his Game according to his target and goals, seducing the young girl differently than the potential bride differently than the old maid differently than the hot and horny one.

  3. Didn’t want to read too much into it so I skipped the last few paragraphs. This is on my list for sure. I’ve seen every clint eastwood western and a lot of his other stuff, can’t believe I’ve never heard of this. Thanks.

  4. There is also a scene where the Black servant/slave shaves him – and he quotes the servant’s reason (spoiler avoided). Pre-emasculation or foreshadowing?

  5. “Eastwood’s alpha-male character actually gives the pig-tailed, wide-eyed preteen a long, deep kiss, shortly after she finds him bloody and battered in the woods near the seminary—a scene that was probably included in the film solely to enrage the SJW critics of the time (like Vincent Canby).”
    You may be right about this. I remember reading somewhere that the director, Don Siegel, was supposedly a liberal — but one who would often arrange for politically incorrect scenes to be in his movies because he knew that they’d shock and horrify the film world elite, whom he greatly disliked. Another example of this would be the “Do you feel lucky, punk?” scene in Dirty Harry, where Siegel reportedly made a deliberate point of casting a black actor to play the bank robber who gets threatened by white cop Clint Eastwood.

    1. Interesting, didn’t know that. Siegel also directed the original “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” (1956), which is creepy as hell, and similar in its underlying message to John Carpenter’s “They Live” (1988). That film’s a keeper, too. I first saw it when I was a kid and almost peed my pants…

  6. Looking at Blu-Ray .com, it seems that the bluray of this, at least the US bluray, has pitiful video quality.
    I hadn’t heard of this film, and I can appreciate the premise, but the low quality plus the article’s implication that Clint Eastwood plays “Theon Greyjoy”/”Lysander” is a big turn-off.
    Not even a union soldier deserved that.

    1. Two clues that might help out here are the following – the lousy quality of the Blu-Ray (meaning the SJW film censors and film hiders are at work here). And the blackwashing of Clint’s character as “Theon Greyjoy”/”Lysander”, which is about as far off the mark as you can get. That’s pretty much how Vincent Canby lied about the film, too (“…a sensational, misogynistic nightmare”). But you’d have to watch it in order to be able to make up your own mind. If you already have a strong opinion about it, and you haven’t watched it, your mind has already been made up for you.
      Today’s mainstream film critics earn their paychecks by bashing films they don’t want people to see. And they laud the ones the SJW point men want you to see (like the new “Ghostbusters”). If you go to IMDB, and look at the written user reviews for pretty much any SJW film these days, the first several pages of reviews are always pretty high-ranking – 7 to 10 stars usually. You have to get to the last few pages of reviews, to see the public’s real reaction, which is typically 1 to 3 stars. The brainwashers have a paid army of MSM critics and online reviewers who write these bullshit, glowing reviews. Your tax dollars at work…yippee.

  7. I assume from the graphic “drug him, tie him down, and cut off his nuts was the end scene” That was standard for that day and age. (Man was the 70’s F-up when I think back…We will probably look back and say the same about the 10’s…just the opposite instead of free speech and porn censoring it). If Klinton get elected though this will probably be what happens to most men. It might even be legal.

  8. Never heard of this film, so I appreciate this write-up. I’m finding more and more that if you want Red Pill truths, you have to go back to the old culture. But the funny thing is they turn up in unexpected places, like a sitcom Antenna TV used to run called “Bachelor Father,” for example.

    1. Same with literature, unfortunately. You gotta dig, dig, dig through piles of smoke-and-mirrors crap to find chunks of truth. I read an interesting book about the Johnson County Range War of 1892 in Wyoming, in the Old American West, recently – “The Banditti of the Plains”, by A.S. Mercer. The book was banned, burned, reprinted, banned, confiscated from lie-braries…kind of like Wilhelm Reich’s books. (Do they actually do that here? Not in the USA…no way! Yeah. They do. It just doesn’t make it to CNN.) The guy had the balls to actually out the rich cattle barons as the culprits behind all the Range Wars, basically, in the United States – pinning it squarely on the Chicago meat-packing barons with political ties and secret society clout. They basically forced out all the smaller ranchers during the Range Wars, across the USA, while using their newspapers as a brainwashing mechanism (so this sort of thing didn’t start with Walmart and Uber). And the methods included, most especially, cattle rustling and murder. The press would then spin it on its ear and accuse the small ranchers of doing the rustling and murdering – which was easy to do, since these guys owned most of the major newspapers, too. It’s not the easiest read, but the information is invaluable. Here is the full text of the book, complete with fragmented words and messed-up punctuation; hey, they gotta make a guy work to get the gold nuggets –

  9. God, that final paragraph was really depressing news. The Beguiled is a great movie, and they used to show it on TV aaaaaaaaaallll the time. Not any more.

    1. Thats how I saw it as a kid. Must’ve seen it 12 times at least. Don’t remeber itbeing so sexual though. Need to rewatch with adult eyes and mindset…oh and judging from the tits in the pic – definately need tomake sure it’s an unedited copy.

  10. Great movie, I’ve seen it a couple of times. Really made an impression on me how evil these women were and how trusting Clint’s character was.
    What I will say however, is that in my opinion, Clint Eastwood is the finest actor of his generation and an excellent example for young men. Nobody then or now is more alpha in movies. For Clint, being alpha was effortless.
    Watch this man, study this man but remember:

        1. Unimportant. I just thought about your opinion on fapping but it is my mistake to think that you do not have good reasons for your statements.
          I shouldn’t have called you out on that.

  11. Had he been banging all of them, or made it clear he was gay, it wouldnt have been an issue.
    Although his reporductive organ might have broke.

  12. Oh for fucks sake a remake with Sofuckingugly Copolla at the reigns. Gonna be a complete cutmybolloxoff fest. Is Colin Farrell still alive?
    I remember watching the original when I was a kid and hadn’t a clue why the hell he wanted to hang around with a bunch of menstrual infighting bitches. That was before I knew anything about putting my winkie into a woman’s hoohaa……
    I’ll have to watch it again. From what I can gather the lesson from the movie is even if you have a harem, women are a bunch of selfish rotten sorts and will eventually cut off your balls if they can’t have you all to them little selves………

    1. I’ve noticed more and more American-character roles going to foreign actors lately (like Colin Farrell, in the remake of this film). Some sort of a mindfuck at work there – “All ‘mericuns be stoopid and shee-it.” I’m sure they couldn’t find a decent American actor with a southern accent (wink). Bet Farrell’s accent will suck. He’s kind of short to stand in Clint’s shoes, too, now that I think about it. Another minduck – “All white ‘mericuns be short, creepy, dumbfuck rapists and deserve to die at the hands of them-thar sooper-smart feminists…”

      1. Thanks for the recommendation, Bob. I will be checking this out this weekend.
        Do you post on RVF?
        I commented in your money making article. If you get time can you take a look?

      2. It’s too easy to get a job in Hollywood or journalism (whatever that joke of a word even means anymore) for either sex by simply being halfway decent-looking and having a “really cool” accent from some part of The UK or Australia and… well, that’s all.

        1. Same here in the States. The TV journalists look like country club spouses. While sporting this ingenuous look, as they smile at the camera. I knew this anchor man in Portland, Oregon. He acted like this patient, kind, generous guy on camera. He was a total prick – wore gold chains, drove a Corvette, and acted like a dick to everybody…haha. Cunts.

        2. Oh, I meant The States with what I had said, seeing as to how shallow people seem to get turned on by British accent instead of something somebody worked hard for, not what they were born with.

  13. Why you! “Creeper! How dare you bang that 17-year-old hottie, when you could have my flabby, cottage-cheese-dimpled thighs, and the rest of my 45-year-old, projectile-vomit-inducing body. Pedo!!!” made me spit out the one lump of refined-sugar garbage I allow myself once a day. Ah well, probably for the better.

      1. I have a good quality remastered DVD five Clint Eastwood films box set version I believe was on Amazon years ago. Need to rewatch. I recall that Clint’s wounded Yankee deserter character thought he’d found a soft Southern place to sit out the war, beguiled and manipulated the school’s staff and schoolgirls, wore out his welcome, and was then served a horrifically over the top and wildly disproportionate revenge.

        1. Yeah it depends on how you look at it. He beguiled the staff, for sure. The difference being, if a woman beguiled a group of men and rejected most of them, they wouldn’t string her up from a lamp post and gouge her eyes out, shortly before boiling her in a large cauldron. I guess women handle things differently…heh.

    1. “Wicker Man” is incredible! I knew nothing about it going in which made for an increasingly chilling and frantic experience. The Nick Cage version is a crime, a true slap in the face to the original.

    1. Way better film than copycat “Fatal Attraction” because Glen Close’s bunny boiler was so obviously cray cray from frame one, while chick in Misty passed for normal until . . .

  14. “Clint Eastwood’s co-star, Jo Ann Harris was 21 years old at the time filming began, and she and Clint allegedly had a love affair that started at some undetermined point during the making of the movie, and lasted for a brief while thereafter, according to the International Movie Database.”
    Here they are at The Beguiled screening.
    Oh yes I do believe he was tapping that…

  15. Though I expect a re-write of the script for the remake, I think it still fits in with the fantasies of the current SJW crowd – they may not need to change it much at all. But they will make the guy suffer a lot more.
    Seems like a good movie – reminds me just a bit of Misery, with James Caan

  16. They’re going to remake this film? Why? Why even have Hollywood exist at all if they cannot make any original films, shows, plays or anything of original value. could someone explain to me why I should pay money to go see a remake of a movie that was already made in the twentieth century?
    I suspect that the left is doing this to keep up the current cultural narrative and construct in order to keep their grip on power. Just watch, they will remake every movie in order to keep people like Obama, Pelosi and Hillary in power.
    Wait, wait, my Spider Sense is tingling. It is telling me that a remake of Ridley Scott’s “Alien” will occur in 2022. Just wait and see. It will have more gore, shock, an Alien shower scene, correct recycling in space and references to global climate change. Oh and female empowerment as the crew of the Nostromo will be composed mainly of women and have a few token men in it.

    1. Don’t forget…this phallic Alien head must be reshaped into something “not-threatening-with-patriarchy”…and no more oral and thoracal penetrations, no Sir! 😆

      1. Wow! You’re right! I forgot about the LV-426 lifeforms shape. They’ll have to make it something more inclusive and diverse. My guess it will resemble Barney the talking dinosaur. Also they will include a scene where Ripley is running to the Narcissus shuttlecraft and passess by the bathroom. In it she will see evidence that the Alien used it last and the Alien left the toilet seat in the up position! Oh my god! Talk about a triggering moment!

  17. Remake will make the younger girl much older to avoid controversy. They did exactly the same thing in the remake of the Lolita film.
    Funny, been familiarizing myself with Eastwood’s work lately. This hasn’t come up yet in AMC or TCM yet.
    Two Mules for Sister Sara has a great quip by Clint’s char Hoganabout why he isn’t interested in marriage.

  18. I believe that this is Eastwood’s only film in which his character dies. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  19. I basically get paid more than that each month working online. I might be in the market to hire a robotic slut to blow me, however. If that is you in the photograph, and you are a robotic female, dial 1-800-SUCK-4-CASH. That’s 1-800-SUCK-4-CASH…

  20. Well, dummy, if they just don’t make ’em like this anymore, I wonder why they are remaking this movie

  21. It’s interesting that this movie is described as misogynistic. Is it becausee the women characters are not portrayed in an ideal way? Neither is the McBurney character. He’s a piece of shit and an ugly reflection of the male gender, no matter how handsome he is. The Confederate soldiers who appeared in this movie are not better, considering that they tried to enforce their presence on the school grounds as an opportunity for rape. Most of the characters – with the exception of perhaps three of them (all women) – are not portrayed in a flattering light. “The Beguiled” could easily be described as misandristic as it could be described as misogynistic. Or are you calling this film misogynistic because of what happened to McBurney in the end?

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