Results Of ROK’s First Reader Survey

Here are the results from surveying 1,580 of you recently.

1. 96% of you are male

We may have one of the staunchest male spaces on the internet.


2. 52% of you are between the ages of 18-32

Older men between 33-52 make up a sizeable 37% of readership. About 10% of you are split between being under 18 and over 52.


3. 76% of readers visit at least ever other day

If you read ROK, you are likely to come frequently.


4. Most readers prefer two or three articles a day


5. Most readers are satisfied with the length of articles


6. Biggest site usability complaint is the advertisements

Many of you hate the pop-up ads, share buttons, and email list notifications. In the past three months I removed the most aggressive pop-up ad on mobile and also cut down the frequency of desktop pop-up ads. I will reduce them further. There also seems to be font size and refresh problems on mobile and tablet.

A few complained about comments loading slow on mobile. This is a Disqus issue (on desktop the comments pre-load while on mobile it only begins loading when you scroll right to the comments).

7. Requested stories focus on game, money, neomasculinity, and cultural issues

Here are some submitted headlines that I think could definitely work on ROK:

  • Seventy Years Old And Still A Player
  • How to beat social anxiety completely
  • How Older Men can help the younger generation
  • How to use a sporting event or concert for a same day lay
  • How you can legally immigrate to Eastern Europe
  • Top College Majors for High-Paying Jobs
  • How to wean yourself off the welfare state (and become self employed)
  • How to gain weight effectively
  • How to create male spaces in your city/how to find other redpillers in your surrounding
  • Black Men Survival Guide to the Workforce
  • Why We Need Victorian-Era British Imperialism To Save Humanity
  • 5 Successful Marriages from the 1900s
  • The 5 most Productive Habits of the Neomasculine Man
  • How to handle a high maintenance woman
  • 7 Jobs/skills neo-masculine men can develop that won’t be automated by computers. (In the near future)
  • More lists of red flags in women.
  • How to channel your inner Berserker
  • Return of Kings Meetups will start
  • Handling infidelity
  • 10 Examples of Rich, Powerful Men Who Don’t Bow to Political Correctness
  • 10 Neomasculine Affirmations To Say Everyday
  • Why Scandinavia is not Positive Proof of Socialism
  • How to deal with liberals in the workplace/the classroom
  • How to minimize the taxes you pay.
  • How to tell your buddy his girlfriend is bad news
  • Advice for young men looking for a monogamous relationship
  • Israeli Settler Movement as an example of changing the society form within starting from zero
  • The rapid decline of Brazil
  • How the coming automation revolution will change the relationship between the sexes.

Here are some others interesting headlines:

  • MRAs, PUAs, and MGTOW Bury the Hatchet with Mutual Respect
  • Managing a Household With Multiple Girlfriends Under One Roof (or I could write it since I do)
  • How Israel is fighting for Western Civilization as Europe throws it away
  • Hillary and Bill Clinton Killed In Auto Accident.
  • “Sarkeesian, Quinn feared dead after plane carrying 127 YouTube Feminists crash into ISIS territory en route to UN conference.”
  • Dumb feminist gets owned by so-and-so
  • Don’t be desperate and pay for webcam models.
  • Roosh Finally Cracks the Jante Code and gets Pussy in Denmark
  • Roosh interview with Vladimir Putin
  • We won! Women are now in the kitchen looking sexy as fuck
  • Lena Dunham dies of cheeto overdose.
  • Lindy West Kills Herself While Trying to Self-Perform Oral Sex
  • 31 ways feminism has harmed women (#17 will really make you think)

If you think you can write one of the above articles, especially in the first group, we encourage you to submit it here.

8. Many readers don’t share articles on social networking because of leftist retribution

Some reasons given of why readers don’t share ROK articles:

  • As a girl, especially an American girl with feminist friends, I’d get a lot of backlash for it. And I mean a lot.
  • Unfortunately, I am a student at a liberal school and don’t want to be hounded to death or ostrcized
  • I try not to share any opinions or opinionated articles with people I know via social media out of fear of losing my job/friends who disagree.
  • I use facebook and twitter professionally, as a business owner, and I feel that RoK would compromise my business if I shared most of the articles on it.
  • As I’m sure you’re aware, reading ROK isn’t seen as “socially acceptable” to a lot of feminists and unfortunately would lead to some “friends” labeling me a misogynist
  • I have acquaintances on my feeds, who I need to maintain a relationship with, that would treat me unfavourably if I posted them. It’s best to be stealthier and not share.

The most common reason for not sharing is simply not maintaining active Facebook/Twitter accounts.

9. Common problems among readers include money, employment, sex with attractive women, relationships, and general life malaise

Money and employment were the top problems by far, mentioned in approximately half of responses. Here is a sampling:

  • Figuring out how to start up a business with minimal capital. Dealing with closed-minded people without frustration. Deciding if it’s worthwhile to finish college or pursue my career goals.
  • Workplace sexism. I work in healthcare and never realized how difficult it would be to even earn a living being the only male in certain work settings. Articles on safe jobs and careers for men
  • I live in a town of 30,000 rednecks. There are no fuckable women anywhere.
  • 1. Political correctness infecting everything from work ethics to entertainment. 2. Finding a worthy woman that isn’t corrupted by the multicultural/leftist agenda. 3. Worrying about raising children in an insane world.
  • 1. Daily grind, 9-5, salary is ok but burned out. 2. Lack of life partner: I want to start a family, but there are no suitable females to wife where I live. 3. A bit of lack of direction and discipline.
  • No gf, depression, no energy.
  • Having motivation for job, projects, etc. Working in a boring office. Increasing my income
  • 1. Rat race related stress 2. Personal/spiritual problems 3. Alienation – feeling of utter incompatibility with surrounding culture and views
  • I am single, have no kids, and I am a white male in a society that demands I be a thankless work horse violently kept in line by a democratically elected government voted in by women, white-hating minorities, and self-hating white males.
  • DEBT from the usurious banksters that nobody ever warned me about—I had to learn about the historical crime of usury (interest) the hard way. Loneliness from the debt which keeps me from going out and doing much. Disrespected from what the courts have done to me in my two divorces from hellish American women. And totally emasculated by having come to the realization that my children are not my children, they are the State’s children, and I only was ever a babysitter and sperm donor of them. Basically, I keep hoping the Russians will come carpetbomb this place with nukes, and then have the Chinese send in the invading hordes. It could not get any worse—at least those two nations still know the difference between a man and a woman, unlike this sh#thole of a society.
  • Scaling up my own business. Wondering how I feel about traditions vs modernity, re: romantic relationships. Balance between finishing major projects and keeping small self-improvements on the go.
  • I’m losing interest in women. My kids are growing up and after that’s done my life will have little purpose. I’m having a hard time finding a single trend in the world I don’t want to reverse.
  • Affirmative action. Jews. Getting a real good job.

10. Most readers want to see less sponsored posts

Readers also want to see less political posts concerning the culture war or those related to white nationalism. Here are a few responses of what readers wanted to see less of:

  • (1) Anti-Semitic themes or topics, and anti-Jewish conspiracy theories (2) Less Islamophobia and immigrant bashing (Muslim or Latino) (3) Less white racism or appeals to White Nationalists (e.g. “cuckservative” rhetoric)
  • The genius of ROK is that there’s something for everyone. I don’t begrudge someone else their interests when it’s no trouble for me to simply skip articles that don’t interest me. Besides, we need as big a tent as possible.
  • How American women are the worst, look man I’m an American and I don’t want to marry a foreign women. This whole you must abandon your county right now bullshit is getting old.
  • Whiny bullshit about how women are horrible. We know. Let’s get on with it.
  • Game for the sake of game. Nothing wrong with encouraging and advising men. But taking game so far just for the sake of another piece of ass is ridiculous.
  • OK, I agreed with Roosh’s article concerning the work of Kevin MacDonald and Jewish power an influence. The reality is, and it’s an unfortunate one, is that Jewish elites have been in charge of many leftist destructive intellectual movements that have damaged the West. HOWEVER, since that article appeared, this site has become Stormfront! It’s now filled with commenters that blame literally EVERYTHING on the JOOOS! Don’t get me wrong. Jewish power and influence needs to be exposed. However, if I want to read commentary that blames the JOOS for everything, I’ll go to stormfront or the dailystormer
  • Less of Mike Chang.
  • Complaining, feminism – articles that call out liberals do nothing for me
  • Fitness; honestly there is so much good information online for free by people who really are expert trainers; anything fitness related here has always stuck me as either bullshit or common knowledge if you do the minimal homework it takes to learn how to train properly;

11. Readers want to see more self-improvement and masculinity articles

Lots of men still want self-improvement advice that includes game, travel, lifestyle, health, nutrition, and fitness (when it’s not a sponsored post).

  • More pro-father and pro-family articles
  • Self improvement. The reason I liked this site in the first place was it helped me take a hard look at myself, to recognize my flaws (and strengths) and work on them. I feel like I don’t see this as much as when I first started reading ROK. The article in this week’s email “3 Ways To Cultivate The Discipline Of A Neomasculine Lifestyle” is exactly what I want to see more of.
  • Theology, philosophy, series of articles on deep topics
  • ROK has done well building a basic movement, through persuasive articles. This has to continue, both as a means of welcoming new members and continually advancing and challenging those who have ‘signed on’. That being said, it now has to move to the next stage, whereby those who embrace masculinity begin to work together for the common good.
  • Aging related issues…things like settling down, changing behaviors to coincide with life stages, physical training for old geezers, and handling relationships with older women who aren’t so crazy any more. Yes, most women do get saner the older they get. Politics, history, warfare and skill at arms, making a living…all as they touch on male roles and behavior.
  • Anything written by Quintus Curtius
  • Neomasculine sporting pursuits, I.E. hunting, surfing, etc..
  • Game for black guys, game for Indian guys, different strategies with Good girls
  • Lifestyle, critism of jessica valenti
  • Game Self improvement Mike Chang
  • I understand ROK was born from the PUA movement but some of your audience is married men. So, a few articles geared toward the older male trying to lead the traditional good father role.

12. Readers offered their suggestions if they were made boss of the site

Comments ranged widely, but many included upgrading the professionalism and layout.

  • I would focus the site on how men can make themselves better, and only that. Physically, mentally, emotionally, our relationships with women, etc.
  • I’d give the site a clean, modern redesign with flat colors because it looks a little dated in my opinion
  • Make it clear that this is a site for ALL men. There are too many white nationalists infecting this site and They don’t seem to understand that all men have to unite to defeat our enemy. The white nationalists are dividing men.
  • Cut down on the racism. Show neomasculine examples of men of different races.
  • Reduce the amount of doom and gloom articles and put out more articles that focus on what ACTIONS and steps men can take to survive and thrive in the world. More articles on what men can do. Set up a sort of “masculine” ROK meet up network so that men who follow ROK, Roosh, or other manosphere sites can more easily find like-minded friends, network professionally, and just meet up and shoot the shit.
  • QUALITY over quantity. Period.
  • I’d relocate the company to a small island off the coast of the Philippines and have the break room staffed with 14 year old slave girls trained to literally worship the dick.
  • More articles teaching men about minor hobbies or promoting masculinity positively by explaining ‘manly’ pursuits, such as the ‘three cooking tools every man should own article”, excellent writing. More quality control on articles, certain writers were pretty terrible (such as the “how to build your own pc for the first time article), it was pretty garbage. Other novel articles, such as “how to bang chicks at conventions” was hilarious, true, and insightful and niche pieces like that bring added value.
  • Take this shit less seriously. RoK is a site for masculine men, and circlejerking about the end of Western civilization is hardly a masculine pasttime. Western society did this to itself – it doesn’t need saving.
  • I would add more marriage building articles. It’s obvious that Western women have huge problems, but as many writers point out, that is not unique in history. These problems have existed as long as there have been different sexes. I would like to see more about how to improve a marriage and encourage your potentially brainwashed wife into a better life.
  • ROK seems to be moving in the direction of an echo chamber. Most of the core audience have strong conservative values so writing for that audience does make sense, but writing exclusively what your audience wants to hear will make them grow bored over time. I am NOT saying that you should let SJWs write articles, but getting more articles from rational people who don’t fit the typical ROK reader mold will both allow you to broaden ROK’s base audience and having your core audience’s beliefs challenged once in a while will keep them from getting bored. An audience that is not challenged is an audience that will get bored and find something else.
  • I would focus more on men’s self improvement. Self-improvement and progress equals happiness, and people are trying to define themselves. I believe the best path to happiness and fulfilment is self-improvement: hobbies, fitness, travels. There are great articles on the site and I think that the site should still have a masculine focus.
  • Get older senior writers, like (married, with children) established (with a trade) men throwing in their hard-earned experience, wisdom and advice.
  • I like the breadth of material, but I’d really like to see more field reports. The best part of game sites is where the guys are detailing what actually worked. Those stories are what opens guys eyes. More field reports detailing the exact language used. That’s what I want.
  • Less feminist articles, because everyone hates them anyways, it just makes people bitter, more articles about being a better man, actions men can take to get the most out of life, and perhaps even moderating the comments a bit more. People here tend to get way to caught up in the “I’m Alpha, you’re not” debate… BTW, overall, great site guys.
  • Enough with the hard right wing bullshit. This is getting to be too much like fox news and a lot of these comments in the comment section sound like whiny bitches. The site was better when it was about being a better man and improving life through bettering yourself. Now it’s too much focus on fighting feminisim. I’m sorry but feminisim barely registers in my day to day life. If I don’t succeed it isn’t because feminisim held me down. Rather than wage a culture war I would rather read how to improve my life. And no, I’m not moving to some other country cause I want traditional sex roles or some shit so stop that bullshit suggestion.

The survey was eye-opening for me. It told me that the direction I’m heading in life is not necessarily the same as most of my readers, who still have unresolved financial and sex issues. In the next three months, you’ll notice some changes that incorporates feedback from the survey.

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336 thoughts on “Results Of ROK’s First Reader Survey”

  1. I’m not one for “quality over quantity”. I don’t want anyone else decide for me what is quality and what isn’t. If an author feels like he has something to share, I want to see it, and form my own opinion.

    1. Agreed. Bring it all on. If I don’t like a particular piece, I skip it. So many good things here because of the many sujects and viewpoints. I’m a man, I can handle differences and controversy.

    2. I feel that way generally, but it’s probably better for the site if it maintains a consistent quality standard

    3. Some people complain about the “list” articles as just being filler. I agree that most of them are filler, but they are easy to read and I usually get at least one takeaway that I can apply to my life/game from them.

    4. Certain articles are definitely lacking in quality over others. Grammatical errors, sentence structure issues, we are talking basic stuff that when read, can sometimes feel half finished. I don’t think that was disputing the subject matter itself as being valid, but more in the execution being of variable quality that lacks consistency.

  2. Roosh you should add some kind of timeline feature to keep track of the trend of topics and what our realizations have led us to shift to talking about more seriously, of course now things are beginning to get a bit hairy what with exposure and backlash from the mentally ill who run the media.
    The spark that started with just one man wanting to get laid more led to a social exorcism from this curse of modern mediocrity, you know you have reached more souls out there than even you may have intended to, and brought them together, using the lefts own technology against them. Brilliance, but there are more geniuses like you in the making, out there, younger, alone, pissed off, probably not getting laid yet, and are beginning to see everything wrong with this human world. I know, I was one of them.

  3. I agree with putting the brakes on mocking immigrants especially Latino immigrants. You would be surprised how easy Latino’s can assimilate into American culture, and most of them are Catholics so they’re already on the same spectrum of most Americans.
    However, I wouldn’t hold back on warning of the dangers of Islam pervading the West. This is a serious problem. Islam will never be a pluralistic force in the world. It will never co-exist with other cultures. It’s either Islam or nothing. We’re not going to live side by side with most Muslims because they’re entire faith is based on eradicating non-believers. EVEN the most moderate Muslim still agrees Sharia law should be in front of secular law. This means you can kiss every right you’ve ever held dear or didn’t care to acknowledge good bye. Freedom of expression, religion, arms, the entire Constitution – kiss it goodbye.
    Keep warning about the Islamization of the West. It’s one of the most serious and actually conceivable threat to everything you hold dear.

      1. That’s because you’re a religious fanatic who hates the infidels. Why don’t you go join ISIS, John?

        1. How so? Not all Atheists are leftists also I tend to agree with conservatives on many issues and with many of the comments posted here.

        2. Self-identified atheists tend to be aligned with the Democratic Party and with political liberalism. About two-thirds of atheists (69%) identify as Democrats (or lean in that direction), and a majority (56%) call themselves political liberals (compared with just one-in-ten who say they are conservatives). Atheists overwhelmingly favor same-sex marriage (92%) and legal abortion (87%).

          Sorry but you’re part of the problem buddy.

        3. Sorry I don’t need the imagery friend for adults aka God to define and live my life. Worship of a supernatural power despite evidence on the contrary shows both a lack of reason and weak sense of self…

        4. JD actually I agreed with with on you the 4 points you mention and saying I am part of the problem shows a lack free thought on your part. Atheists are often more welcomed in Liberal Circles maybe that’s why they tend lean left…

        5. Atheists tend to lean left because atheists and leftists share a common goal, i.e. A vast majority of Atheists in west can’t seem to separate skepticism towards religion from tearing down the cultural traditions that hold society together; Most likely because western atheism is rooted in Marxism.

        6. Though I my not believe in the supernatural claims made by religons.( still open to the possibility) There is still learn much from the wisdom from the past.

      2. You’re probably aware of what they did to orthodox Russians.
        But first they also did it in France, Vendée 1793-1796, in the name of progress and equality.
        Churches filled with women and children set on fire, gun powder shoved into women’s vagina… 200 000 deaths at least.
        ” Twelve “infernal columns” commanded by General Louis-Marie Turreau were ordered to kill everyone and everything they saw. Thousands of people — including women and children — were massacred in cold blood, and farms and villages torched.
        “In the city of Nantes, the Revolutionary commander Jean-Baptiste Carrier disposed of Vendeean prisoners-of-war in a horrifically efficient form of mass execution. In the so-called “noyades” -mass drownings — naked men, women, and children were tied together in specially constructed boats, towed out to the middle of the river Loire and then sunk.
        When it was over, French General Francois Joseph Westermann penned a letter to the Committee of Public Safety stating: “There is no more Vendee… According to the orders that you gave me, I crushed the children under the feet of the horses, massacred the women who, at least for these, will not give birth to any more brigands. I do not have a prisoner to reproach me. I have exterminated all.””

        1. The Vendean war is why leftists should never be trusted, and why their professed pacifism, tolerance, and compassion are always false

        2. The things the don’t teach you in world history class.
          I occassionally drive through France and am in Paris alot on business. I would catch those little plaques along the churches mentioning how “300 people were burned alive” at such and such date. The amout of murder by those terrorists were hard to comprehend.

        3. Great point. Let us also not forget about radical atheist movements such as the Cult of Reason and how they massacred priests, nuns and other enemies of their cause in the name of liberté, during the dechristianization of France.

        4. Historically, leftists have never had any scruples about bringing harm to others, to further their cause. I doubt they’ve changed much, if at all.

    1. “It’s either Islam or nothing.” Funny, Xtianity has been the same for most of its history. It was the religion of the sword, killing anyone in South America who wouldn’t submit, for example. As for the immigrants, this is neocon bullsh*t. The Xtian Arabs and Africans behave EXACTLY the same as the Muslim ones. Religion has zero to do with it, no matter how many times you Xtians lie about this, serving the neocons with your falsehoods (“They hate us for our freedom! Not for anything we’ve done in the Middle East, no”). I live here in Europe and see the behavior every day. Laughable to claim religion is behind their behavior. Especially since Muslim Persians and South-East Asians behave far better than the Arabs, Africans and Mestizos, no matter what the religion of those three groups is.
      “You would be surprised how easy Latino’s can assimilate into American culture” — Statistics show that Latinos in second and third generation do even WORSE than the first generation, so no.

      1. I knew a handful of Arabs in my life. They were some of the most relaxed and nice people to be around. But one of them also told me that if his religion suddenly demanded him to murder infidels, he would do it.

        1. I have 3 paki girls working for me in my office. Two of them are super. I believe they would sell out mohameds anal virginity for a Louis Vuitton Bag. They have immigrant work ethic, are respectful, dress appropriately, don’t make small talk and are never late. The other one, lets just say we are on the 16th floor and when she takes a sick day I watch the windows.
          Good and bad in all lots. My experience working with pakistani’s is that 2 our of 3 are good people. Not bad odds.

        2. Some time ago, there were 3 Muslim girls below the window of my flat. I looked down at them and they looked up at me. I never saw a Western girl look at me like that. Truly magnificent specimen.
          But, brother, you have to work on your metaphors. I understood neither of them. Mohameds anal virginity? Watching the windows? Please explain.

        3. 2 of them would sell out their prophet for a profit. The other one will be involved in the next terror attack on NYC

        4. I would have been alarmed by that. That was an indirect threat to you since you could been his potential target.

    2. I have to disagree that that religion is a danger.
      There are a lot of muslim countries. You have Indonesian muslims, Malaysian muslims, Persian muslims, African muslims, Arab muslims, etc.
      The problems you are talking about come from certain muslims from certain areas in the world. So perhaps the problem isn’t islam, but rather the culture of certain islamic majority countries. Because there’s no issue with South-east Asian muslims, or even Central Asian muslims.

      1. Agreed, whether in the name of god or greed people seem to have an excuse to kill each other.
        7 billion humans yet so little humanity…

        1. Are you kidding? The 88 dead white Australians killed in the Bali bombings beg to differ

    3. From the Center of Immigration Studies:
      “The report found that nearly half of all California school-age children speak a language other than English at home, as do a third of Texans and Nevadans, according to the report, which is based on Census Bureau numbers.”
      Do you think that immigrants view it as assimilation? Because I actually listen to shit that La Raza says. They hate America. They view immigration as conquest. They view Americans who think that immigrants should assimilate or not come at all as racist, uneducated hicks who “need to get with the times.” Such people need to be told that “it is 2015.” In other words, they are saying that whether or not mass immigration is a good thing is irrelevant because it is an inevitability and Americans are going to lose their country and culture whether they like it or not.

      1. My family is full of immigrants, I’m the only one that’s not a ghetto liberal that believes in the second amendment.

        1. My best friend is like this, very conservative and has a great deal of natural game. He speaks perfect english, you would not be able to tell he is a first generation immigrant.

      2. Its bizarre seeing people wave for example Mexican flags here. It was so great I left!

      3. So when California swallows the whole enchidlada and becomes Mexifornia, do they think they will be able to collect governtment checks, keep the lights on and maintian the infrastructure? La Raza is a racists hate group (read their manifesto– similiar to the NASDP), but they have good friends in the democrat party.

    4. “You would be surprised how easy Latino’s can assimilate into American culture, and most of them are Catholics so they’re already on the same spectrum of most Americans.”
      That is such classic cuckservative rhetoric. But I agree that the Islamization threat is a bigger issue.

    5. They definitely assimilate into our culture all right. That is why la raza exists, latinos vote 78% liberal, lag in learning the language while demanding accomidation from every sector of the country and live together in large groups, right?
      My best friend is from Mexico, speaks perfect english and wants to improve his own country. His cowardly, selfish non-assimilating father told him he was illegal when he was 16 when he found out he could not get a license. If his father had told him earlier, before he was fourteen, he could have been sponsored by a relative and had citizenship by now. His father came here because he was selfish, he put his son in a position where he now has no home, not even Mexico (having come here when he was 10 months old), because he is selfish, and he selfishly judges me and every american he meets. I have no need for that kind of individual in my country.
      If hispanics ethnically displace whites in this country, my family will no longer have any political agency, just a choice on how they would like to be marginalized in their own country. A beta male might put up with such violence, but I will not abide by such a thing.

  4. Are you sure the poll wasn’t hijacked? A lot of those complaints are not things I have seen on RoK.

  5. Good stuff. Thanks
    Agree with the aggressive pop up ads on phones.
    And on a more positive note also agree with:
    More self improvement
    More on reducing social anxiety
    More on fulfilling goals
    More historic context
    More on masculine hobbies and habits
    Sponsored posts (although I recognise the site needs an income stream and Kratom is funny as fuck )
    Less disparity between the good articles and the less good. At its best this site is fucking brilliant. At its worst it let’s itself down. It’s sometimes like a clever kid in class who needs to be pushed forwards
    Less defeatism
    Less whining
    Good work overall though!!

    1. I disagree. I like the diversity, apart from the sponsored posts.
      Less whining sounds good in one way. On the other hand, I do think it has a place. These feelings or despair are there and if there is no room to talk about them, life becomes an act where everybody pretends to be a superhero.

        1. You know, I wonder if there always is that kind of clear cut solution. Sometimes it just helps to hear that you are not alone with your problems. Another time, a suggested solution may not be the right one for you. I think that the need to ‘fix’ every problem sometimes actually is the problem itself.

  6. I don’t mind the so called white nationalist slanted articles. Truth is white folk are getting it on the chin these days and they need to be reminded that there is a good sized portion of society that would like to see them all dead.
    I would like to see more articles about applying neomasculinity in the real world. Also articles that deal with being a man in our current reality. It is nice to pretend like we can all spend our days just picking up women and lifting weights, but there will come a point in life where most will want/need to get married and/or have children. I would like to see a writer dedicated to posting such content. Subjects like how to get married when you must and how to raise real boy and girls in our current sick society.

    1. Somehow it’s wrong for a white man to express concern about issues that adversely affect him. And indeed, I don’t see how it’s a bad thing to be a nationalist when you think about the kind of people that identify as globalists.

      1. Every other race can group together and talk about issues that affect them as a group EXCEPT for white people. And it isn’t like there aren’t any issues that affect white people or predominantly white nations.

        1. Well gender is a completely different class when it comes to rhetoric. Generally, the white women lobby is bad for white men but there are a few issues which they forward that ultimately help white men. But only just a few.

        2. who is stopping white men from talking about issues? If anyone gives a fuck tell them to fuck off.

        3. That’s the real issue with White males. They don’t have the balls to speak their mind and, then, they come to hide on a website whining about SJW conspiracy directed at them.
          Guys, grow some fucking balls!

        4. I’m a WN, and I second everything you just said. I’d also add I couldn’t care if black, Chinese or Eskimo nationalists came here, as long as the conversations remain civil. When I need to spew my hatred, I go to TRS or the Daily stormer.

        5. I a big fan of ROK but I’m also a realistic. Many guys who come here to comment are just a bunch of pussies. If they just had the balls to speak their mind in the real world, they would feel so much better.

        6. You wrote that after whining about how whites destroyed your traditional African lifestyle after conquered and enslaved blacks.
          Make something, travel. A great portion of Africa is still in the stone age.
          Although I suspect what you really want is a beautiful wife not a traditional African lifestyle.
          That’s so K-selected.
          Ethiopia has some of the most beautiful women and marriage is not corrupted. I myself will go to Ethiopia in some moment.

        7. You should read la griffe du lion the blog “scienc vs feminism”, Baron-Cohen studies and CH.

        8. If White males stop whining and grow balls, Black will understand that racism is part of human nature and will start considering living the West.
          Being in the stone age is great: fitter people, less diseases related to modernity (e.g. cancer), no SJW. Advanced medecine could be obtained through trade not de facto colonization

        9. White males are now in their minimum historical testosteronee level. In 1700 We would be fighting to oppress everybody.
          Stone Age was great for intelligent men. In a small group a 125 IQ productive hunter (normal high IQ) could have large amounts of pussy.

        10. Mmm I’m not sure there is a correlation between “alphaness” and intelligence. A reasonably dumb (around 90 IQ) fearless guy has better chances of getting pussy than a 125 IQ productive hunter.
          Smart and productive people have it far better in modern society.

        11. Tech and welfare make all easier for stupid people. Brain size has been decreasing since neolithic in all world across all races.
          Hunter (males)mammals are more intelligent than (female, gatherer) herbivores.
          The fact that we have tech creates a sense of intellectual superiority.
          If you are interested in the topic read this book.

          Females in the stone age had two options mate the great hunter and have offspring or die of starvation.
          At least in the cold steppes

      2. Whites are the only race that cannot advocate on behalf of their class and group. And it isn’t that there aren’t problems that affect the white community either.

      3. Agreed, my journey from bluepill to redpill began close to 8 years ago. During my transition to manliness becoming conservative was natural. In fact I don’t think you can be redpill and be liberal, progressive or a democrat.
        Redpill ideology leads to political thinking eventually. Redpill knowledge does not end at “slaying poon”, for a guy in his 20s that’s the only thing on your mind. When you’re in your mid 30s and on redpill takes on a bigger meaning.
        Nationalism is natural as well in this current point in history, to deny American culture and allow illegal immigrants and demented religions like islam to control the frame within our own borders is beta as hell.

        1. Its good to understand the whole spectrum, then you can truly pick the best. I try to bring with me the best of each country I visit.

        2. I agree completely, Obama is a Liberal and his policies have turned America into an SJW’s wet dream, the rise of Independent strong woman propaganda the LGBT push SJW’s/Feminists infecting and monitoring everything, it’s pretty hard to not associate Leftism with SJW culture with everything that is happening.

        3. I agree with everything except being progressive. That is not the mainstream sheeples version of progressive mind you… but an attitude that you can always improve on the way of the past. I would say I am a Conservative Progressive. Hold on to what works but never stop refining and mastering yourself. The future holds endless better options and cutting it off by thinking that past solutions holds all the answers is ignorant in my opinion.

      4. The issue isn’t that ‘white men are not allowed to talk about matters that affect them”, it’s that (personal observation) there is usually an assumed air of being better/elite/right, just because of status of birth circumstance. This is just like what SJWs do, and we men are ALL here to stand against them, but by one group automatically assuming superiority for whatever reasons, it’s creating a divide that doesn’t have to exist.
        We should all be able to come to the table to discuss matters of import, as Men, regardless of our race. Remember, this is a MEN’s site, not specifically dedicated to any subset or race of people.
        Also what seems to be the issue, and I am trying to be as fair handed and objective as possible, is that there seems to be an inherent adversarial tone when it comes to ‘white men’ vs ‘brown people’ and that is not the case either. Many times, they feel they have to give non-whites a dose of ‘realism’ or ‘red pill’ them to their own way of thinking, which is just another form of Social Justice, but a different flavor. All the same bully tactics are used, the assumed moral and ethical high ground, and the lack of basic respect of accepting the difference of opinions of others while still being able to function accordingly to our common goals (i.e. banging hot women, defeating feminism, countering SJW rhetoric, etc.).
        At the end of the day, we are all on the same team, I swear this to you, but creating a rift and factions among an already small group of people will not achieve much of anything.
        United We Stand, Divided We Fall. ‘Murica

        1. This site isn’t some egalitarian, everybody is equal kumbaya bullshit leftist site. If that’s what you want, there’s plenty out there for ya.

    2. nationalism is fine, just keep it keep it reasonably intellectual and not niggers this or kikes that

      1. I think non-whites need to look at white history and culture and identify the things that whites get right and learn from them. They need to think about how whites are different and what helps them succeed.

        1. Yes, Japan did that by learning from white European powers of British, German and Prussian military structure in late 1800s and were able to develop enough power to conquer most of Eastern Asia in the early 1900s.

        2. I disagree at least in the case of “primitive people” (most Blacks, Native American, Pacific Islanders, etc.).
          Before slavery and colonization, we had our own way of life which has its pros and its cons but at least we were ourselves.
          Now, we are trapped in uselessly complicated environment where most of us can’t find their way.
          So how did White people help us exactly?

        3. Lmao let me grab a seat for this little subthread now.
          What I think I just read “the non-whites need to look at white culture and look at how we did stuff right and they may learn themselves something!”
          ……………………………..I mean, would you like to try again, or should we just go with that?
          How do you expect to come to terms with others and become unified when a subset of an already small group is immediately assuming a moral/ethical high ground, akin to SJWs?
          I think a more appropriate comment would have been “I think the various minority cultures on RoK could learn from each other and share our MALE (keyword, establishing commonalities) experiences so we can each grow by *gasp* multicultural effort to compare and contrast different techniques and strategies that have been used historically by different groups of people”.
          Just a thought.

        4. I agree. It seems the fundamental error of white supremacy was the naive Christian assumption that all men ultimately have all the same innate values, desires, temperaments and capabilities. The Anglo-saxon assumed that, given enough time, education and exposure to whites, the non-whites would become white in their thoughts, emotions, goals and behaviors (this was the essence of American school desegregation), and this clearly is not the case. Of course, men are individuals, and each will decide for himself how he plays the cards he is dealt, but, in hindsight, it was apparently error to pretend that race is only skin deep

        5. Civilization is not an unqualified benefit. If one is born more well suited to the nasty, brutish and short, but exciting and relatively carefree state of nature, then the virtues of civilization may be lost on him. Deferment of gratification is not for everyone.

        6. And then they got utterly crushed and cucked by the US from 1945 onwards.
          It’s a nation of self hating herbs now.
          Jobs are worshipped, children aren’t sired, and the younger generation has effectively decided to go galt by sticking to manga, anime and online virtual girlfriend simulators.
          They’re not a nation to emulate. And I say this as a guy who likes the brutal storylines they have in say deathnote or whatever.
          Anime is them compensating for being totally cucked by the US.
          (I feel no sympathy though, they started something and lost)
          If I was Japan I’d make it priority number one to rehabilitate the men and get them fucking again. If they don’t do that, Japan will have no choice but to fling open the borders and take Koreans and Chinese and other groups in. And while I like south Korea, you know damn well the moment they settle they will get as much cultural revenge as possible in revenge for their 20th century subjugation by imperial Japan.

        7. Yes but you can’t ignore the fact that Japan was the first Asian country who defeated a large European power at that time in the early 1900s. (Russo-Japanese war). I wouldn’t say the Japanese are self hating because there are many right wing Japanese Nationalist driving their vans across the street (Uyoku Dantai) and they are calling for extermination of Chinese, Koreans, and other Asians.
          Japan still has some high tech weapon that can be converted for military usage. The only reason why Japan is holding back a lot is because they are controlled in what they can do and what they can’t do by USA. Same issue with South Korea. South Korea and Japan being the US allies means they have to listen to America’s direction. It isn’t just in Japan though. Many younger generation in South Korea are being drawn into anime, and video games.
          I wouldn’t underestimate Japan. Ask China and Korea what happened in the past.
          Japanese have some really serious work ethnic and along with their perfectionalist attitude, they make better quality product compared to Chinese product. They work long hours and because of that, Japan was able to boom in the late 1900s and also because America helped them rebuild their country after their country was atom bombed. Plus the Japanese appreciate and learn faster of European technology compared to other non-whites.
          They got crushed by the USA because they also underestimated America’s power and America was simply too powerful for Japan to handle at that time. They lost almost every war in the Pacific. Most Japanese today are extremely nationalistic today. I wouldn’t say they are self-hating. Their media isn’t affected by political correctness like western and American media. You got to give them credit for that.

        8. japan is cucked, if you lack strong young men your country is doomed.
          maybe you’re japanese american and don’t think so, and that’s your prerogative but they are ageing out dying out, and shrivelling up. its a sign and a warning to the west really

        9. We are not white and being white is more of a curse than an advantage in my opinion. Black should realize that

        10. One might just as easily say it is a curse to be a man. No sense wishing one was something he’s not. Better to be happy with and within oneself – for each to be the best possible version of himself.

      2. Kikes are the evil!!! Lmaolmaolmoanalmo
        WN that brandish this argument are stupid and the cause of the minor political success of the ideology for a too large list of reasons.

      3. As soon as black men can come to accept that niggers actually are a real problem we can move forward. Preferably with many miles of rope. Nothing gets done constantly denying there isn’t a problem.
        Nothing would help repair the separation between the two races more, with all the recent racial animosity and the Jewish media so aggressively pushing for a race war, than to give them one. All the good blacks, and good whites, and good latinos, and good Canadians all getting together to drink, smoke, share our best regional dishes, and decorate the trees like Christmas morning.
        That would be an image of true equality; white liberals and black thugs hanging side-by-side…

      4. Very well said, the (white) nationalism’s got to come from a place of thought not from a place of mindless pure hatred.

  7. Point 8 is interesting. Seems like RoK is something of a secret underground society. Funny. Has the mysterious feel of a guild. Are there any freemasons among you guys? A friend told me about it, as I was asking about men-only clubs. Would like to hear something about it.

    1. I asked that question once, in some shape or form and was surprised that I got a couple of affirmative answers. My impression though is that they were more interested observers who were here despite rather because of the views being expressed here. I doubt there’s anything particularly “neo-masculine’ about free-masonry though. They’re probably just as / more likely to be socialists or / even occultists since there’s a tradition of such beliefs systems kicking around in lodges. Just hearsay so I’d be interested in what any passing masons had to say myself

      1. Yeah, you do not get to know about them from the outside. Which actually makes it intriguing. I hear they also have initiation rites, which is great! Even if they do not stand by any of the values that we stand by, it would be cool to consider to adapt that scheme for a ‘neo-masculine’ organization. I personally am not opposed to ‘occultism’ and embrace it as a part of reality; depends on the definition of course, but I mean it in the sense of tribal rituals and psychedelic drugs. Not sure if you are a Christian, but I perceive that Christians are quite opposed to this kind of paganism, as they call it.

        1. “I hear they also have initiation rites, which is great!”
          You’re right: from the outside all you’re going to hear is hearsay, or maybe snippetts about bad things happening in cults. Having said that I think one of those initiation rites is supposed to involve a symbolic threat of assassination should a member divulge masonic secrets. Masons deny that its meant other than symbolically but on the other hand they don’t blab do they.
          Yes, I’m pretty much christian, but I take knowledge where I find it. Christians tend to take a dim view of the occult, because its often associated with demons if its supernatural or “self-deification” if its not.
          The other reason freemasonry gets a bad rap is that it has often been associated – probably with some justification – with radical and revolutionary politics. So, the neo-masculinites will have to take over some lodges from the reds or found their own I guess

        2. May I suggest an unusual view?
          Why is it a problem if assassination is the threat of betrayal? That only makes the bond so much more intimate. Do we fear so much today that we dare not talk about it or mention it as an action that may be executed? And yet our politicians wage wars all the time.
          I hold the view that demons are shadows of the self that need to be integrated, as Carl Gustav Jung proposed it. It also reflects my own quite intense experiences.

        3. “Why is it a problem if assassination is the threat of betrayal? That only makes the bond so much more intimate”
          That made me laugh. In terms of discipline it makes perfect sense. But just think about all the questioning of things you do on this site? There would be some places you could not go. All because of some greater end you might not even know about. Freemasonry may well be effective. But effective at what?
          Re. Jung and the shadow self. Yes, I think you’re right about that, and that’s how the issue tends to be approached within the occult – as primitive (or not so primitive) archetypal forms, which one can access with a purpose. At least that’s the theory, I think some of them at least see those ‘demons’ as more than aspects of the self, particularly where something like the collective unconscious is what’s being accessed. For some at least it does appear to blend the purely atheistic with the virtually supernatural

        4. Discipline is not exactly what I had in mind. More like a truly strong bond of a brotherhood. Not like the oath to your master, but like a declaration of love among men and conspirators. Not as a burden, but actually as the thing to be desired. Death is a deeply personal thing, if not approached through fear. Thus, of course, one would have to be very weary not to enter such a bond without being fully conscious of its implications and truly wanting it.
          Ah, the collective unconscious. Yes, that is also an interesting thing. I am yet at the beginning of my own explorations, but the one demon I encountered during my Ayahuasca ceremony brought me to the edge of madness. I was sure it was the devil. But over the course of the last year, I have time and time again brought up the courage to meditate on it and come to the conclusion that it can not be run from. Yesterday, I meditated on it once more and entered a fight with it, in my mind. It was like a black nebula, a ghost. But as I fought it, I realized it had no true nature. It had no face. It did not have a true face, because it was a part of my self. I was fighting myself. Really scary shit.

        5. Blood brothers. The kind of brotherhood that comes from fighting together in war perhaps. Although there I think the emphasis is upon saving your brothers in battle if needs be. Personally I don’t think that I’d want to be part of anything too much like the cosa nostra or something. I’d get whacked on my first day
          An Ayahuasca ceremony must have been quite something, especially if it you brought you to the edge like that. Yes, the demons are within. Whether they’re outside as well opinions vary, but its the demons within that matter. Reminds me a little of the Fisher King where Robin William’s character has to do battle with his ‘imaginary’ nemesis the Red Knight. The Grail quest takes many forms, but in all cases it is primarily a battle with the self. Still one doesn’t want get too fight club either I guess

        6. I like the idea of mafia, actually. Maybe not cosa nostra, but in principal an organization within a state that rebels and makes its own rules, that sounds awesome. Being the head of that must be great.
          It was good. I would always recommend it. No, fight club is not the way I meant it. But nothing against a little pain during sparring.

        7. I knew you’d like the idea of mafia. Actually its a pretty fun idea – probably less so in reality unless you’re cut from a certain kind of cloth.
          Not my kind of thing really. I got the heebie jeebies from marujana, but I respect it if you feel the need to explore

        8. Yeah, I guess. I would not want to be competing with a psychopath or something like that.
          Marijuana is a bit different, I personally do not like it much. I feel it hazes reality. LSD seems more like an amplification of everything, makes things more real, gives you access to emotions you may not even have known exist – at least in my case.

        9. I just figure if I can have a bad experience on something pretty harmless I should probably steer clear of LSD etc – I’m not sure I want to access those emotions to be honest. I appreciate a lot of people seem to report fairly positive experiences using it though

        10. After my Ayahuasca ceremony, I swore to myself to never go there again. It was singularly the most horrible experience in my life. So I can quite understand your doubts. I just felt, at some point, that I was being a coward.
          Our different interpretations of the quality of those experiences may be based on the environment we took them in. In Western culture, those ‘bad trips’ are often looked at as something that is to be avoided. Meanwhile the Ayahuasca ceremonies quite explicitly have the goal of putting you through as much as hell as necessary to explore the depths of your mind. It is quite a challenge.
          So when I started with LSD, it was never my intent to have fun. I always and singularly used it as a tool to go just where it hurts.

        11. “So when I started with LSD, it was never my intent to have fun. I always
          and singularly used it as a tool to go just where it hurts.”
          That takes guts. Actually the bad experience had its positive side. Nothing like what you’re describing, but a bit of a religious experience. I’m not interested in having that again really as I don’t think I’m cut out for mind altering substances. I don’t doubt one can learn about oneself though

        12. I would call it quite a religious experience, too. Hey, if you are interested, you can read about it on my blog.
          I understand. Maybe one day, you will feel the wish to go back there. Maybe not.

        13. It does seem inclined towards ‘the old religion’. Its difficullt to make absolute pronouncements though about something we have so little access to on account of its inherently secretive nature. Where there have been clear allegations these have sometimes been shown to be false as in the Leo Taxil affair, but as you say masonic symbolism is certainly suggestive

        14. it wouldn’t surprise me, but by and large there isn’t that much proof of the nefarious. This may be because the secrecy is very effective. Masonic symbolism is however widespread and does point to widespread hermetic and esoteric influence

      2. From what I know about the French free-masonry : that is now indeed the headquarter of socialists and liberals.

        1. one might wonder whether you guys would have any revolutions at all without the masonic contribution. But I accept the evidence there may be slender

    2. Well, this is the Stonecutters’ Guild. We keep the Metric System down, control the British Crown, keep back the electric car, and keep Steve Guttenberg a star.

        1. He is inhabiting the entity currently known as Bradley Cooper. He Is The One Who Watches, He Is The One Who Knows.

  8. I would want more posts on the changing behaviors of girls. I need to hear men’s point if view. I am a mother of two boys who are struggling. I found this site because I went on a quest of knowledge and understanding after a few conversations with them about girls and how they are like and what they are doing. I was disturbed to hear but wondered if its because it is only the girls my boys were interested in and not the general or majority. Apparently my boys are right -, the majority of girls are lost. They are confused to what respect and understanding is. As a parent I am at a loss. My hubby is a great father who was just as oblivious as I was. We both are doing our best to advise and guide our boys through this. Your stories and opinions help… A lot.

    1. I think it is not your job to talk your boys through this, but your husband’s. My own mother used to give me horrible advice. Sure, you may try your best, but in the end, I think it is not possible for you to offer reasonable advice. My ma used to ‘be on my side’ and say how sad it was that girls did not like me. But she was the same kind of bitch that the other girls were; she just could not understand – as a mother – why a girl would not want me. So aside from encouraging their whining about the state of girls, I do not see how you can help. Girls like to be led, which requires a certain kind of male arrogance. I doubt you can empathize with that.

      1. Your right and my husband does. I dont involve myself in those conversations. However, when my boys come to me to ask me what she could be thinking I need to provide an answer that is in tune of today. Also, sometimes my husband has come to me with concern for them looking for an answer.
        I guess I don’t want to give them both “uhh I dunno… That sounds crazy to me” anymore.

        1. Why not direct your son to this site instead?
          I wonder, though. Are you trying to understand those girls from the inside or from the outside? Do you think it possible that there are limits in your own mind that you do not allow yourself to brake, but would possibly have to in order to understand? Do you want to walk that path in order to provide good answers? What if that brings you to places that may make you doubt your marriage and ideals? I think the only way to truly understand something is to open yourself up to it and my intuition tells me that you may hold your traditional values too dear for that.

        2. You should know the nature of girls. You most likely have used the same schemes to your past orbiters. Don’t gives us this nonsense you have no idea. You know damn well.
          Now the tables are turned to someone close to you and you’re in a state of denial. You know deep down inside there is no woman good enough for your boys.

        3. I chatted with Etc here before on Roosh’s side. She seems to actually be in a marriage and faithful. The thing that I question is whether this is because she lives out her true nature or because she does not. Think of Christian shaming of sexuality that is quite capable of disconnecting both male and female from their true natures.

        4. Good questions I hadn’t thought of before. No, I don’t want to walk that path….but instead view the path from a distance.
          One of my sons is a teenage boy and this site is a bit too adult I think. I don’t mind being a filter until he finds it on his own. My adult son doesn’t spend time online. He is working on his career and is successful at it as well as his hobbies and himself with his dog.

        5. I see. Well, I suggest you listen to your own gut then and let him make his own conclusions. In the end, all he needs is your understanding and unconditional love. If you have no deep understanding in these matters and do not wish to acquire it, I propose that you be honest with him about your ignorance and simply offer him emotional support for walking this path on his own, when he asks for it. As said, I think the main part of that guidance job is on his father.

        6. Actually, no I didn’t. I met my husband when I was 16. I am a stay at home mother. So, no. I never used tactics because I didn’t have reason to learn them.

        7. That’s awesome she’s in a faithful marriage. We most certainly wish there were more women like that.
          Men and women have our own natural tendencies, but culture, religion, or what have you suppress us from acting them out. Otherwise there would be no civilization.

        8. Those tactics are nothing conscious. It is just the way women or men are. What you experience as ‘being yourself’, others may perceive as scheme, because it manifests itself that way. The logic of your subconscious, so to speak.

        9. I can see pros and cons to it. The life that civilization offers me is great in many ways, but it is also very lacking and unsatisfying in many others. What you call ‘acting out’, I prefer to call to live by one’s nature. What use is civilization if keeping it alive potentially requires all its members to self-loathe and submit to an ideal that gives nothing in return? Think of a woman who may be sexually frustrated in a marriage with a sexually stunted man. It is a fucking tragedy.

        10. Those tactics are innate like a duck knowing how to swim once hatched from the egg. Women evolved with this innate skill as an adaptation for survival.

        11. You see? There? What happened? Why has marriage become the last thing for a women to want for herself? Why am I – for example – being accused of degrading my own daughter because I dressed her in pink, teach her manners and respect, how to cook and clean ect and what to expect from a boy who is in love with you and how to treat him with respect? ( a conversation I had with her last night with my husband right there LOL ),
          (Not you…some real life experiences)
          Clearly I have been living in a bubble my whole life.
          And bubbles will do what they must – burst.
          I just don’t understand why all this craziness?
          Up until a week ago I thought binary was a computer language consisting of 1 and 0,’s. … For example.

        12. Who knows, Etc, the bubble may be what everyone else is living in. I guess everyone has to decide for themselves. If I have kids, I hope to let them live exactly the life they want to live. If that means traditional values, all cool. Me personally, I have kind of grown up in madness, so I had to develop a liking to exploring it. If you are happy, I think there is no need to go down that path. But what do I know, I can not look inside you.
          Frankly, I think that the term craziness is just what we use when we do not understand a particular behavior. It gives us the illusion that we can just shout ‘do you not see?’ at them and invalidate their behavior. But in the end, everyone has their reasons. Does not mean you have to explore these worlds; there are prettier places to be.

        13. Maybe your right about the definition of craziness. My hubby and I had a talk about binary and nonbinary thing and came to a consensus..that they are bored.
          So not crazy…just bored? Lol

        14. I think that that is a simplification and a quite common one, akin to the ‘spoiled brat’ idea. It may be true in some cases, but I think it fails to explain everything. I was called a spoiled brat many times, but my problems ran much much deeper than that.
          When you perceive someone as crazy, there are many options. One option is that it is actually you who is crazy and you live in denial, projecting it on others. The other is that others are actually acting weird. I guess it comes from a lack of self-love / self-knowledge or shame / guilt in most cases, although the manifestations of that may be quite different. Western culture has terms like narcissism to term these things, but these terms merely label phenomena instead of explaining them.
          I do not have the absolute answer. But I believe that everything makes sense in the end and that there is a reason – that is: a cause – for everything that happens.

        15. I’m sorry you got called spoiled brat. That would hurt any body.
          Yes, there is a reason for everything. Trying to figure out why? What happened? What does this mean for the future? Is my job my default. As an adult, like all if us here…we are the ones responsible to shaping and providing for our society. Yes, like binary and nonbinary; there are many things today that scare me for the future.
          Ideally I would like peace…but if we can not have that at least can we lead lives that is simple and not hurtful (or the least hurtful?) In regards to ‘the battle of the sexes’in terms of women’s lib – I would like to see us women respecting ourselves and men again. What is going on is sad… And these girls are indeed sad.

        16. I am not so big on shaping society these days. What do I care about the 80 million other people in Germany, for instance? Nothing binds me to them. I would rather have a little tribe or group of friends whom I really appreciate. Doing it all in the name of ‘society’ is a bit of a modern brainwash in my eyes. As for figuring it out, well, nobody has all the answers. I guess that kids always want to see their parents as some kind of gods, but eventually, those expectations have to be frustrated. Never mind, I trust you will do the best you can. Who am I to tell you how to be a mother? I am a dude, after all.
          Peace is what I would expect a woman to wish for. I see myself as a warrior at heart, even if I find it hard to access those parts at times. Would you not like to see your man fight? Would that not make you feel horny? Unfortunately, modern warfare has little to do with the intimacy of hand-to-hand combat or even swordfights. I see no honor in letting drones shoot up people. Oh, well.

        17. That is what you think or led to think. Kids are smart. By the time they’re teenagers, they’ve seen all kinds of porn already, but act like innocent kids in front of the parents and the parents’ friends. A charade. With their friends, they curse like rappers and use racist language. They may have even used drugs.
          Don’t ever think, “Not my little Johnny. He’s not like that.”

        18. “Why am I – for example – being accused of degrading my own daughter because I dressed her in pink, teach her manners and respect, how to cook and clean ect and what to expect from a boy who is in love with you and how to treat him with respect?”
          Typically the ones that say this are the fugly feminists with short, bright pink hair and disgusting tattoos. They are fat and single.
          They just envy you that you are living happily in your own family and they don’t have one. They try to shame you so you change to be like them so you’ll be equally as miserable.
          Don’t listen to them. Ignore them as everyone should.

        19. Men need ego(comes from strong love and support) and to know their place(comes from punishment). Watch some old black and white movies, and see how the brash masculinity of the leading men appeals to you as a woman. The biggest thing lacking in todays men is courage, because male behaviour is too strongly punished and when they are punished it is often for the wrong crimes and in the wrong way. How can a man ask for a date or attempt some crazy new project if he is too fearful of rejection or failure, from being beaten down constantly in the past?

        20. In war everybody loses. Unfortunately it seems like people have to be reminded of that every so often.

        21. Kids don’t know what life they want to live when they are growing up. If you do not give them guidance, the feminist principal of the local school system will do it for you.

        22. I think the most important thing in such a situation is really to realize that your kids have their own heads. Don’t try to enforce behavior on them and just let them have a good example to live by. When you force something onto them they will rebuke it at every turn but when you show a rational example they will choose it themselves. So the best you can do now is to take your husband an just talk openly with them about this issue. Maybe even show them this site. My guess is that they will understand their situation and find a good way to live with it.

        23. I completely agree with you! Starts in schools at their early age. When my eldest was young the teachers always complained how his class was so hard to teach because there were 16 boys and very few girls. They said very straight fowardly and openly that boys are more difficult to teach.
          They also surpress them – no play fighting which is necessary for boys do they learn self control during a physical altercation. Men may get into a fight as an adult and if they don’t have that self control they may accedently kill someone. It’s natural instinct for 5,6,7,8,9 year old boys to play fight and we must allow them to….but yes monitored. Lol

        24. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to see fighting very differently, and youll also see these behaviors in verbal fights as well. Before you are accepted into a group its like you have to be tested. Fighting is the simplest way of it. Even inside groups, men regularly give other men a hard time. Now if you can believe this, once I got into a fight with a group of guys who had insulted me..and afterwards went out with them and partied that night. In this you can see how men can often have a fight, and it doesn’t mean they are bitter enemies til the end. So its not just self control in violence, its knowing what to do in difficult situations and measuring up in attitude and skill. And of course there is always a time when you find yourself in a bad situation or a friend is getting assaulted, and you really need to know what to do to survive the moment.

      2. Roger that on the horrible advice from women.
        I mean shit, I think about the advice I’d get from my mother and sisters. What a mess.
        My dad was simple: He said “Get laid as much as you can while you can”.

    2. I think woman can do a great deal, just by loving their children strongly, and encouraging them to take chances. Read “straight from the gut” by jack welch, you can see how his mother had such a strong impact on the man who became one of the best managers ever.

    3. It is amazing how good the media and education system is at subverting us and brainwashing our young while keeping us blind to it. Girls have been taught being a mother is of lesser importance than having a career; they indulge themselves in hedonry to mask the pain from losing their biological sense of purpose. The best you can do is teach any daughters you have to be virtuous.

    4. A woman can not raise a man. It’s as simple as that. It’s your husband’s job to raise your sons properly.

    5. I commend your effort to protect your sons. Get your husband on board and have him study and absorb red pill knowledge, so that he can be an example to your sons. A strong male mentor is the most vital influence that boys need.

      1. Thank you. Actually in my reading here I have been laughing a little to myself simply because I had no idea my hubby is an alpha until i read here. I think there is a post that had a list and I was able to check them all off. He is good man!
        I think, however; he does not know the problems our sons are facing is almost a universal problem. Just like I didn’t know until I came here and reading around at other places.
        He knows I’m here. So he knows about this site 🙂

  9. I actually can’t wait to read:
    “Why We Need Victorian-Era British Imperialism To Save Humanity”. Sounds like a disgruntled ex-LaRouche employee suggested that one
    “Sarkeesian, Quinn feared dead after plane carrying 127 YouTube Feminists crash into ISIS territory en route to UN conference.”
    If such an event did happen (heaven forfend!) it would pretty much answer Christina Hoff Sommers (rhetorical) question: “do feminist aeroplanes fly?”
    Answer: no, they don’t. In fact I’d say the whole of feminism was coming to resemble Malaysian Airlines on a bad day

  10. Thanks for taking feedback and posting the results! I agree with most of the feedback, and I’d emphasize my own hope that ROK will offer more in terms of history, geopolitics, perhaps articles about military current events as well.

  11. “It’s now filled with commenters that blame literally EVERYTHING on the JOOOS!”
    A law, like gravity: The instant a poster writes “the JOOOS!” he loses all credibility.

    1. I think its important to understand why Jewish people have had such a strong impact on the ideology of our opponents. Know thy enemy. Its hard not to notice that Jews seem to spew leftism while typically behaving in the opposite manner. IE the jewish feminist who said women need men like fish need bicycles got married. By the same token jewish men are men too and will suffer as much as the rest of us by that feminism.

    2. Despite all evidence presented, the moment someone mentions the Jewish involvement in something you shut down and dismiss it entirely?
      Good goy. You train so well. :^)

      1. The exact opposite, actually. Once some clown uses that phonetic spelling to create the image of some fictional hordes of deranged anti-semites who claim Israel is populated by reptilian shape shifters, he loses all credibility. These phonies never argue a specific issue when it comes to assertions of Jewish influence, they just throw up the airquotes and start saying “Oh, yeah, it’s THE JOOOOOOZ again, isn’t it? Yeah, ok, put your tinfoil hat back on.”
        It’s embarrassingly transparent and lame, and it fools no one.

      1. Another one is Homophobiaphobia. The fear of being labeled a homophobe for expressing majority straight views and preferences.
        Also, Rape Culture: the Femenist term for Straight Culture.
        We need to make a dictionary for this shit.

        1. Haha. I am a bit of a homophobiaphobe. As in: I feel that it is hurting me in my effort to connect with other men when I am constantly afraid that something I may say or do may be considered gay. So I guess I would rather have someone call me gay than to live in constant fear and self-suppression.

        2. There’s another word for your situation, I don’t think it’s homophobiaphobia, but it’s definitely a result of *homo-pressure.
          My definition for Homophobiaphobia was more along the lines of reprisal and being disadvantaged socially and in business by the vocal politically correct (and SJW) crowd for having straight views.
          *Homo-Pressure: the greater push of pro-homo views onto the general public resulting in straight confusion and fear of mis-identification by others.
          Young children exposed to pro-homo ideas in schools and the media is also a form of Homo-Pressure resulting in confusion among adolescents.
          Homo-Pressure can also be used as a weaponized form of contraception if a large part of society were taught to become homosexual…

        3. Its really odd, in most other countries if you hang out with someone, have a good time and say lets do it again NO ONE starts with the assumption you are gay. 50 years ago in the US the same. So why are we all “no homo” and “get that male away from children” when gays and pedophiles are a tiny percentage of the population. Seems like its part of the general demonization of men, and fear mongering of western society.

        4. Yeah. I read that in India, men hold hands. Figure I would need quite some time to get used to that, since I am a rather reserved person anyway. Still, it is an interesting thought.

        5. The only people I have ever loved, perhaps aside from my mother, have been men. My Ma hardly counts since she died when I was 10–not an appropriate age for a decent understanding of friendship and love beyond solipsistic considerations of the way one makes you “feel.”
          As per your phobia, I wouldn’t worry about that. You seem to share this opinion, but if you need a good self-whipping, then actually stimulate the thought of “gayness” in others and see how you respond/should respond and how they respond, and go from there (I’ve done it with various relations and even LTRs… not by telling them I’m sexually interested in men, but rather by saying certain things that indicate it as a possibility by saying “love,” “beauty,” “desire,” etc.)
          As for me, now I don’t give a fuck what they think and I do what I do and say what I will. I love this man, I love beauty… I want to achieve beauty, power and grace, whatever. It all sounds very gay; fuck it.
          There’s nothing wrong with loving men, in fact they are most often the ones deserving it. It doesn’t mean we want to fuck them, but rather want to benefit them in some way and receive certain benefits from them in return and we care about them.
          I’m sort of torn about the idea, but in the end I do believe that love is transactional. It indicates some free and willing exchange of value between relations–perhaps some value of comparable worth between recipients who are lacking.
          I used to scorn the way my father treated all of his relationships as a business proposition, but I think I get it now. Anyone who lags behind, well, they might become what Xenophon/Socrates calls “human associations without benefit”–a vice, a disease, or something else enslaving us and preventing us from achieving our highest good.
          As an aside Tom, I believe the first time I saw you around here [years ago], I thought you were a “transitioning woman-to-man”–I’m just being honest here, no harm intended. Now, I see your comments and the progression of your thought and your honesty/boldness, and instead I think that there is much that I can learn from you man-to-man. Whatever you’re doing, keep it up!

        6. I see your point. In fact, as I have been struggling with this, I reached a point where I thought to myself: Fuck it. I want to be a rebel. A rebel is not ashamed of gayness. If I will be gay, I will be gay and laugh in the faces of those who look at me with indignation.
          So yeah, let them think you are just that. Let them be repulsed. I shall try out your advice someday.
          Yes, I find myself loving men. It is quite intense, but not really sexual. Not quite sure how to deal with it yet. A part of it is a projected yearning for my father’s love, which complicates it.
          Hey, no offense taken. What kind of rebel would I be? Thanks for your affirming comment, it honors me and makes me intuit that some day, I may actually have a deserved place among men even in real life. Of course I keep it up; it is hard to not be me, after all.

        7. Honest and bold, yet without garishness. That’s why I like you Tom.
          How’s the website coming along by the way?

          I see that you have movies listed on there as well as books… ahh, two things that I love to love and sometimes hate to hate. You may be hearing from me soon.

        8. Thanks. But do not expect me to keep that up; I hate expectations.
          Fuck, that was actually a mistake. The movies are supposed to be in an ‘unlisted’ category. Just for Google. Fixed it.
          I have not worked on it in a while. Amazon rejected my Associates application. But now I am working on a book project with someone which I plan to release there, so I will likely continue with it.
          Sure. You can contact me through my site contact form anytime. Or comment, obviously.

        9. Heh, my “contact” got bounced back because it was “too long.” I’ll drop you line and we can communicate through email. I’ll do this immediately so that you know that it’s me.

        10. Sorry, I did not receive anything. Unless your name is Lourie Loder and you are selling Russian Brides and Ukraine Girls for Flirty Chat.
          Just send your novel to tomarrow at manwithoutfather dot com.

    1. I’m thinking that because majority of ROK readers are heterosexual white men, the comments and articles are going to lean favorably for struggles affecting White men (although struggles of men are similar despite the race). Although you can still apply and learn useful advice regardless whether they were intended for white male or not.

      1. The reason so many ‘racists’ are on here is because pua, game, masculinity has its origins in tribe/race. The whole pua, game, masculinity school is basically a tribal attraction where men pursue mastery of gender relations and optimizing their own gender strengths. This isn’t a neutered gender neutral site or a gay parade either. The way of gay is anti-tribal. But the end game of masculinity is tribal as well. Notches yes, but reproductivity results by default regardless, thus the tribe is served. Hetero sex is the glue of every tribe. Reproduction is natural and tribal and requires mastery of pursuing and overcoming the woman’s gates. The pursuit of the opposite gender is for cultured man very much a tribal endeavor. The term ‘tribal’ can be swiched easily for the term ‘racial’. The reason so many ‘racially aware’ men find interest as well in pua, game and masculinity is because they all fall within common schools of thought. They’re all tribal accumen. Racially (tribally) aware men of every stripe will see value in masculine wisdom and game. What young tribesman wouldn’t devour knowledge that he could take back to his tribe and ‘hit it’ with his tribeswomen. Gays on the other hand are more like zombie cultists than a ‘tribe’ of any sort and they find little use for the info here. There has never existed a great ‘gay’ tribe.

        1. You said it on the point!
          Men are tribal (racial) by nature. When men see men of other race, they perceive as threat. Doesn’t matter about the race; more like racial differences. Media fails and decides not to report the noticeable racial differences and how it always been like that. Which brings me to my point; it makes sense now that I get heckled and jeered easily by drunk men of other race who have multiple numbers. They sense the thrill and sense of belonging when in numbers in similar tribe.

    2. Well mainstream media has more viewers, therefore if you want more viewers, just give up your beliefs that make you unique and distasteful to the average. Great blue pill advice.

    3. It must stay firmly “islamophobic” don’t let PC-lurkers infiltrate! No tolerance of the intolerant. Those who love Islam so much should go and live in an Islamic country and leave the west alone.

    4. From what i gather there may be muslims abroad that come here for advice with dealing with whats left of the local culture. I know that mighy open another can of worms, but i would suspect that there are many that adapt and assimilate so seeing the articles may seem as an attack especially in early stages of TRP.
      Idk if it will land them into purple purgatory but sometimes people gotta realize they arent the guy next to them. Putting the shoe on the other foot i would think caucasian males here are in the same position on a more massive scale which makes me wonder whats with the barrage of WN articles a while ago.
      Then again theres so much gray area when discssing this since humans are emotional too. Imho we sont have to read all articles, but i hate seeing stormfront divide our movement or alienating new commers.
      As a person of a different race i didnt find most of it offensive and i even learned about a few things like AmRen or the recent convention matt f went to.

  12. I think we need to have a constant reminder of the disease of feminism in our society so we don’t lose sight and get brainwashed back with their barrage of anti-male propaganda on a daily basis.
    Being on this site daily has given me the ability to detect the feminist propaganda quite easily now. It’s everywhere! It’s like the priests in the Temple of Syrinx from the Rush song “2112”.
    “We’ve taken care of everything
    The words you read, the songs you sing,
    The pictures that bring pleasure to your eyes.
    It’s one for all and all for one
    We work together, common sons
    Never need to wonder how or why.”

  13. Why We Need Victorian-Era British Imperialism To Save Humanity
    I smiled – but you know what? Reading someone else’s mail was punishable by death in the British Empire. That went for governors too. As compared to today, when the NSA operatives illegally read everyone’s emails, including those of ex-girlfriends, the neighbor they hate, etc. The 4th Amendment bans warrantless searches of a person’s private correspondence, but who cares, right?

  14. “Make it clear that this is a site for ALL men. There are too many white
    nationalists infecting this site and They don’t seem to
    understand that all men have to unite to defeat our enemy. The white
    nationalists are dividing men.”
    Translation: “Don’t show the facts about the Replacement, pretend that the Left is only about feminism. Don’t show the crime statistics and the consequences of the mass immigration flooding the West. Keep Whites silent until they are a minority, when the masks can come off and it doesn’t matter if they know.”
    Non-Whites think they’ll have a happy time when they are the majority? You better get your fucking brains working and realize there’ll be hell for you too. You move to majority-White countries for a reason, and now you want to destroy that reason for short-term gain. Either support a stemming of the tide, and realist Whites will welcome your support, or the increasing number of awakened Whites have no reason to be friendly toward you, considering what it is you are doing. Addendum: Learn some statistics, not just the false image of society you see on your precious teevee.

    1. Just because someone points out white people are getting bent over doesn’t mean that content on this site is not inclusive of all men. It is the old leftist trick that the second someone speaks the truth about whites that it somehow invalidates EVERYTHING else.

    2. So if blacks are low IQ and violent(like say your cousin Jethro) the answer is what to kill them or deport them (and Jethro too)? White people have to own up to their part of becoming a minority group by being unwilling to have less than even replacement level of children and to teach them well. Mormonism walks the walk, Stormfront only talks.

      1. Whites have to become more aggressive in mating to win the sperm wars. They need a shot of hard core jungle GORILLA GAME. If only white geeks like the guy that landed a probe onto the comet would learn to get out there and swing it like a hungry tortured pitbull on kratom. Who could turn the other cheek to see him fapping in tears after his accomplishment? I’d throw chicks his way like logs. I’d throw him a hot bitch party for real.
        White churchianity has been fatally inflicted with ‘shaker lite’. ‘Lite’ warehouse mega bigbox churches that is. The fundementalist churches still pound the rug pretty good though.
        Also I see a lot of non whites hitting up the leftovers. I’ve seen the same guy at this convenience store all week. He’s been working the three white landwhales that work there. He’ll sit outside in front downing two packs of cigs with them, talking till the wee hours and he’s all starry eyed like he’s got three princesses, and all post wall at that. They’ve all got wide hips beneath those big asses, but he pedestalizes anything white it seems.
        This guy, he walks everywhere and it seemes his priorities are, bag a fat white chick first and find a job second. I hung out for a munite and listened to his game and it sounded like a crack feuled late show interview. He was running the 100 questions and jokes with all three of them at once. Two seemed to be too medically obese to go for and the third looked like she was tingling like a ho but kept playing him for more free cigs. All that effort for some whale though. In another era, they would all have been common slap ass wives, good enough for three betas somewhere.

    3. Statistic, that’s a great deal for men. Do you know the site “La griffe du Lion”?

  15. Ok, who’s the perv who made the slave girl suggestion? This is why I have to make sure no one’s looking over my shoulder when I click on an article.

      1. What about those of us who like itty bitty titties? Clearly each man should bring his own slave girls

    1. You fear what other people think of you? The real art is being able to do whatever the fuck you want and even having people applaud. When Heidi Fleiss was arrested Charlie Sheen stepped up to the plate, and admitted Yep I’m in her little black book. Other men hid under the blankets. Any news item about him beating a wife or whatever actually improved his TV ratings. Other mens careers were ruined by similar actions. You will be judged on how you react to getting caught, not just the actual crimes you do(I smoked marijuana but I didnt inhale!). If a chick caught me reading that “yeah 14 is way too old you have to start at least at 12” or “Hmm do you know anyone who is selling an island(said with a devious grin)”

        1. Lol I agree with the slave girl notion. I volunteer for the prototype runs of the program myself.

  16. Roosh, my two cents. This is mostly a great site. You went from PUA to finding the connections to feminism/liberalism and their deleterious effects on male-female relations and then making that connection to the Jewish question. It’s huge and you know it and your readers should learn it, too. (Hence your Culture of Critique/Kevin MacDonald article.). You don’t have to be white nationalist to be alarmed by what the Jews are deliberately doing to our culture. One of your writers, whom I was mildly surprised to learn was African-American wrote a great article about how he survived a false rape allegation. I felt so sorry for him and reading his story broke my heart about how he probably may never have “normal” romantic relations with a woman because of that event back in college and how it changed his life. What was the origin of the evil inflicted on his life? Jewish-led feminist movements. They harm us all without regard for the greater society. Whether you are white, black, Hispanic or other, the Jews are Supremacists and their take down of our culture is harming is all. So, certainly, incorporate the reader survey comments and make improvements but DO NOT shy away from occasional article on the Jewish Question. After all, that may have been a Jewish Troll on your site.

    1. What liberals have done to the black community is nothing more than an assault on my country. Here is a group of people who have been here so long that they are a part of this country as much as I am, and instead of fighting with me to bring it glory and a brighter future, they are led to attack me and devour each other. It is tragedy in its purest form.

  17. That’s a bit disappointing, I like this site precisely because it fights feminism on a political level. There’s already lots of self-improvement sites out there guys, at some point you will have to confront the enemy
    How about instead of white nationalism, just nationalism in general? It doesn’t always have to be nazis and jews you know

    1. I don’t think it would be much of a problem if anyone not white and American promoted their nationalism around here.

    2. if you think the comments here are bad then you should check out bestgore dot com. The comments there aren’t as forgiving and civil like the ones here.

    3. I am a white nationalist because I am white. I always encourage other people to improve their own country and bloodlines though. People in it for the hate are just looking for someone to follow.

    4. Yeah, I so agree. I want to see MORE right wing political writing, and movements to form political action cells in each city and county in the West.

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    5. White nationalism is important because are white countries which are under the menace of the white left. Not like China, a great example of what a country should be.Whites want a white China with the advantages of being in a white country, if there are whites still.

      1. China is an authoritarian shithole, filled with 1%ers, bloated corrupt government princelings and peasants. It’s not a place to be emulating. Hong Kong’s not too bad

        1. you’re proving my point. i hold freedom as an absolute. cronyism aint freedom. a communist country in drag queen get up as a capitalist one is not my idea of heaven.
          they filter the internet for fucks sake. The great firewall of china might as well be called the great tumblr SJW safespace.
          china destroys the individual, they’re not something to look upto.
          i’m not a fan of statists

        2. Freedom is only understand by white people and not all the time. Freedom is now an anachronism. In the next years this will be more notable.

      2. China is actually a great example of how communism utterly corrupts a nation and its elite. The communists came to power by essentially the same dirty tactics that the feminists and SJWs use in the West today. The recent economic success we see now is supported entirely by the labor of hundreds of millions of working men, and even these gains are rapidly being squandered by the descendants and friends of the original Marxist bandits.
        The world’s most populous nation can only really get back on track if Chinese men burn the scriptures of Marx enshrined by their traitor leaders and restore the traditional, patriarchal family.

  18. “Reduce the amount of doom and gloom articles and put out more articles
    that focus on what ACTIONS and steps men can take to survive and thrive
    in the world. More articles on what men can do”
    I’ve been a reader and poster since 2013. ROK needs to escalate the dialogue by providing SOLUTIONS to certain problems. Instead of the usual ‘woe is me’; ‘enjoy the decline!’ Nihilistic stance.
    I don’t think ROK is turning into a Stormfront, There’s nothing wrong with having a spectrum of differing views and perceptions. Name a website that can accommodate a dialogue between Right-wing nationalists, Libertarians, Black Nationalists, Nazi-sympathizers, White-nationalists, MGTOWs, Whoremongers, TradCons, paleo-conservatives etc.

    1. …Have you read the comment sections lately? Ha-hah.
      But I do agree with you on the action oriented direction behind some of the articles and their complaints, but I don’t really think this website ‘accomodates dialogue between ….” all those groups. The sad truth is that half the article comment sections are political shitshows of conflicting value systems despite the fact we are all here as red pill men (mostly men, anyway).

  19. Weird how you either didn’t ask the readers to identify their race or didn’t publish the results. I’d be interested in seeing those results.

  20. 1. 96% of you are male! You wanna fight me or WHAT!!! Calling me a woman’ll get your arse kicked!

  21. WTF Fox news isn’t “right wing” it’s very similar to CNN if anything as with all of mainstream media

  22. I disagree with all the complaints about the strong Right-wing attitudes of this site. This site cannot be apolitical because whether you like it or not, masculinity is a political issue. The most powerful state in the world has been designing policies for the past 50 years in order to destroy masculinity and femininity. You can’t not talk about that. I agree with the complaints about White Nationalism. Although I agree with White Nationalism, it’s not necessary to exclude people from ROK because issues of masculinity and game transcend race and nationality. Neo-masculinity should be a big tent.

      1. I can’t remember a single thing in an article or comment about fox news. Its a non-entity here.

  23. I 100% disagree with “less feminist articles.” This would be a huge mistake. Not only does this sight need to stay actively critical of the most prominent form of institutionalized bigotry, other media outlets need to follow its example.

    1. The foundation of this site Is Anti SJW – Anti Feminist, whoever suggested less Feminist articles missed the point of the website, it’s like going to McDonalds and suggesting there be Less hamburgers.

  24. As a political stance, it seems the Peanut Gallery is on board with being well right of centre but not insane about it.
    I find the age breakdown interesting, but at the same time have to acknowledge that the 18-32 crowd doesn’t think the same way I do nor they have the same priorities that I do. It is encouraging that there are requests for articles for older guys to give mentoring advice.
    Sometimes I get writer’s block but more commonly I have an ideological aversion to bloviate. Having been a trial lawyer and varsity debater, I can bullshit for 5 or 10 minutes at a stretch, and actually sound like I know WTF I am talking about. Maybe Socrates is in my genes because when I do that – even when successful – I am left empty.
    I would like to write articles for ROK to frame the narrative, but mostly I comment because I am older than 90% of the other guys here and I think I have bagged my “unicorn” so these is nothing in my tool box about “game” or getting laid daily or weekly.

  25. I am not a Christian and I have I have not latched on to any other religion. If you have, then good for you – and I do not say that sarcastically. However, I routinely come to blows with atheists online because they deny everything while making shit up to justify their own existence

    1. I’ve had the same dealings with them as well. I’ve just decided to lump them together with Feminists and SJWs. They’re just as emotional, a vast majority are Leftists (or hold Leftist views) and share the same irreverence for history. If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

      1. You’d think being an atheist, you wouldn’t even bother getting involved in anything religious but a lot of them seem bent on talking about religion. It’s like a anti-religion religion as opposed to non-religion/apathy.

    2. You’d think being atheists, they wouldn’t even bother getting involved in anything religious but a lot of them seem bent on talking about religion. It’s like a anti-religion religion as opposed to just non-religion/apathy.

      1. There is a certain pathology whereby they have to tell everyone else how wrong they are, but with no intellectual decency to explain what they believe and why that is correct.

      2. You hit the nail on the head here, Hammer. Haha.
        Yes, indeed some atheists seem to make their anti-established-religion stance into a religion of its own. Such irony. I liken them to the kind of vegans who *have* to lecture everyone about how they eat and how others should eat too. While I’m agnostic myself, lately I would much prefer the company of say a cultured, devout christian than that of a strident militant atheist.

    3. I speak as an atheist — it is true that a great majority are leftists. I believe this is due to leftists controlling the education system, especially colleges and universities. But there really is no intellectual link between leftism and atheism. Ayn Rand, for instance, was hardly a leftist, but was a fervent atheist.

      1. The non-leftist atheists tend to be libertarians, and then there are the Objectivists. The latter seem to think they have worked their way around the Is-Ought Problem, which is why few people take them seriously.

        1. The number of people who are cognizant of the “is-ought” problem is minuscule and cannot account for the unpopularity of libertarian individual freedom. Rather the bulk of low information voters are oppose individual liberty because it won’t provide free stuff. Social conservatives don’t have much time for liberty either — as it allows people to live in ungodly ways — as defined by the socon’s religious precepts.

        2. Once people think they can vote themselves frees shit, that is the tipping point.
          I have many socially conservative views but in the end I don’t want it to be illegal to fuck bitches or whores or whomever I want without the watchful gaze of the state.

  26. Some articles on actually living day to day as a MGTOW. Also A young MGTOW/PUA enjoying his sex with out feeding the beast and some articles for the MGTOW/family men that desire children without the threat point from some cunt. A story from single dad even if he is a gay guy to give a class on surrogacy and exclusive custody of his own child.
    Maybe even a concept of MGTOW/business where men that live as MGTOW may have unique business requirements that can be discussed. Anything that builds an alternative knowledge base and understanding to the blue pill drone way we give men today.

  27. The feedback is useful in terms of seeing what the demographics are. But if you change the site based on this feedback, you’d simply ruin the site. You can never please all people at all time and he who has tried that has always failed.
    For example this demand is simply ridiculous:
    Less of:
    (1) Anti-Semitic themes or topics, and anti-Jewish conspiracy theories (2) Less Islamophobia and immigrant bashing (Muslim or Latino) (3) Less white racism or appeals to White Nationalists (e.g. “cuckservative” rhetoric).
    The term anti-semitic is used as tool for learned self-censorship and if you fall into this trap, you would lose a lot of respect.
    And people who ask for less advertising should dig into their pockets and pay subscription to read the site and see no adverts.
    Trust your guts, run this site as a benevolent dictator not as democratic one.

    1. I agree changing too much during a winning streak or growing spat will be detrimental. The site is alive and maturing comfortably. There’s a saying to ”never change your socks during a winning streak in baseball”. The smell of your socks holds the ‘smell’ of the previous victory. Smell is most linked to memory and ‘smelling’ the previous victory gets you in the winning mindset quickly. It works in battle too. Many fallen on battlefields in crisp uniforms. Go into it dirty where it ‘smells like victory’.

  28. “I’d give the site a clean, modern redesign with flat colors because it looks a little dated in my opinion”
    “Cut down on the racism. Show neomasculine examples of men of different races.”
    If I saw these on any other site, I would think it’s hardcore feminists writing them.

    1. I don’t see it as any worse than a locker room. You’d give a Mexican friend some racial shit just to test his mettle(no harm no foul). In fact if he couldn’t take a little ribbing he probably shouldnt be in the group.”So how long did it take you to cross the Rio Grande??” Proper answer “Half the time it would take your sorry ass” Being oversensitive to stupid shit is feminist SJW.

      1. That’s fine, but you know, reading it continually, for years, and continually being looked down upon, you’d think some of the brown folks would have earned their stripes by now, hmmm?
        It’s like automatically assumed anyone with a ‘brown’ avatar has to prove themselves to anyone who isn’t openly hinting at their race. Like why do you have the need to shit test people on the same team, for so long, as if there was a banner that said “WHITE neomasculinity, as if it isn’t for everyone, which is rather clearly stated?”
        This isn’t accusatory, this is a general inquiry. Why does ‘white’ a) suddenly become important in the conversation and b) why does it get it get a priority seating in the conversation?
        My assumption (please correct me if I am wrong, I can take it, I promise!) is/was that this was a place for “Men” from diverse backgrounds, regardless of their skin tone, and this place is/was a zone of meritocracy, where the insight and value, the ideas of an individual were the ONLY factor of which we judged our fellow man, not based on the color of his avatar?

        1. I’m from New Zealand and spend a lot of time in Australia (think Canada vs US) where people give me shit about my accent and ask if I bone sheep. If you smile shrug and change the subject it’s the end of it. If I got angry or defensive it would open the flood gates.
          People need to be less touchy about shit.

        2. Its like the line in Full Metal Jacket “There will be no racial bigotry here! I do not look down on niggers, kikes, wops, or greasers! Here, you are ALL equally useless! ” Everyone gets shit including the white guys.

      2. That is a typical white male attitude. ‘I will insult you in order to test if you’re worthy to be in my prescence.’ Brush off said insult and you win the grand prize of basking in my awesome whiteness. Lol

        1. Ha just looking at some of your former comments “The white man is the ultimate poser. He’s been stealing cultures and souls for 500 years.” Just vacuum them up to show to the wife and kids right? So are Whites(and of course we’re all the same, and I’m responsible for what my great great grandfather did) weak or strong because we’ve had a large influence on technology and culture and government in the world? And it makes me wonder about you seem black but you also have a sign in name that a latin with a spelling a latino likely wouldn’t use(and you do know Jesus Christ was whitish right?). Just a bundle of contradictions aren’t you.

        2. I’ve heard it all a million times over. Yes whites have made enormous advances in science and technology. Yes whites have pushed humanity forward. Whites love to claim those things, but never acknowledge the millions upon millions of dead bodies left in their wake. Just like you did now. You want to claim the genius of Newton as your own but will conveniently deny the responsibility for Hitler. Lastly, Heysus Christo is just a clever spelling. That’s all. I don’t give a crap if Jesus was “whitish”. I’m not a Christian and neither do I worship any “whitish” man.

        3. You’ve heard it a million times, and its just not true? And that only whites have ever caused atrocities? Only white men have wanted to be kings or dictators? You do know that there is still slavery in Africa right now, while that practice has been banned in the US for 200 years? As if Japan didn’t invade Korea and China raping and murdering in their wake. Or do you just really really need to be able to blame someone for not going out and doing something impressive in your life right now? I mean really this shit that someone might bask in my “whiteness” do you really think that we hang out patting ourselves on the back for being white?

        4. Truthfully, I have no desire to argue with any white person about your history, your ideology or your general attitude about this world. Just stay out of my way and stay out of yours.

  29. I’d like to see more articles based on perspectives from different historical epochs.

  30. less of Mike Chang? There is no such thing. Mike Chang is infinite which means even half of Mike Chang is infinite. I call it the Mike Changadox.
    There is never any more or less of Mike Change and no amount of Mike Chang is ever created or destroyed.

    1. The modern man has a base for the right way but not enough balls. And here there is a lot of non whites that won’t be happy if they’re not allowed in our countries

  31. I like the “hard right stuff”, the “western civ stuff”, etc. Also like anti-feminist stuff.
    But I like the other stuff to. This and Breitbart are the sites I view the most.

  32. I love this site and I’ve been a daily visitor for a year now. As far as feminism, game, the essentials basically, what could be said that hasn’t been said before. I love the first column of title suggestions though, they’re mostly new and unique takes on older concepts. As you said, this site is for all men. That means there are thousands of facets of life that can be covered. Also, it takes balls to open yourself up to criticism from your very brutally honest readers in order to make the site better. Kudos on that.

  33. With regards to ‘Islamophobia’, that isn’t a thing, and I haven’t really noticed much anti-Islamic rhetoric on ROK. Anti Islamic colonization of the West, yes. But that isn’t anti-Islam.
    With regards to the Jews, it’s important this website tells the truth, and if there is something regarding the Jews that needs to be said, it should be said, regardless of what idiots in the comment section might say in reaction. I mean, I just had to pen a response to Jew Tim Wise who has called for the extermination of white people. Is that a ‘big no-no’?
    ROK is a really great place with some terrific full-time writers. Keep up the good work!

    1. It’s SJW entryism. Only SJWs are obtuse enough to think that advocating for your own family and country is racist and therefore somehow evil.

    2. oh yeah – a balanced view from a Corneliu Zelea Codreanu fan!
      yep let’s discuss those Jews. below is a quote from the great
      Codreanu. the thing is that i myself always adhered to a more classic view that Jews are akin to rats. “mosquitos” is a refreshing approach – and i was wondering if it’s closer to the truth. i can switch.
      also, since Codreanu is Romanian, should we start discussing the Romanian nation in general in this context? or was it after all just Codreanu talking?

      1. I think you have to always be aware of the context in which anything is said. If you haven’t read Codreanu’s autobiography, you definitely should. Codreanu had two concerns about the Jews in Romania informed by his own anecdotal experiences and analysis of demographic data.
        1) The rampant and almost universal support for Bolshevism among Romanian Jews. Romanians had seen a communist revolution in neighboring Hungary, spearheaded by Jews, which led to the massacring of Hungarian citizens. Quite openly, Jews would agitate for a Soviet invasion of Romania at top universities.
        2) Though a minority (between 4-5% of the population), Jews outnumbered Romanians in several educational student bodies at universities and schools, particularly in subjects of law, medicine, and banking. Codreanu correctly deduced that this would mean the future elite of Romania were foreigners, condemning the country to servitude and eventually destruction.
        Hence, Codreanu supported the deportation of the Jewish population of Romania to Palestine. Contrary to popular belief, he never advocated anything close to pogroms or similar, and Legionaries who took violent actions against random Jews (thus giving ammunition to the hostile press to attack the Legion) were expelled under his leadership. In fact, many attacks on Jews had to be faked because the Legion was so disciplined, these fakes later confirmed by the press itself. There is a reason why the Iron Guard were one of only two far right groupings in Europe cleared of all charges against them by Nuremberg (the other being the Bulgarian Ratniks).
        Was he an anti-semite? Yes. So were many Western leaders at the time. Europe was awash with anti-semitism, not all of it unjustified. It’s rather profound in fact that Codreanu blames primarily the degeneration of Romania for the rise of the Jewish problem in the country. His lament here is that Romanians have become immoral, and thus have condemned themselves to eventual destruction, something he sought to prevent.He cared about his own, and a valiant hero he remains.

  34. feminism articles are pointless and dull. It’s like writing an article about your five year old sister yelling and crying for candy. It’s the same old bullshit story with lefty liberal SJWs doing some whacked up shit to gain approval and attention.
    How about more actionable articles relating to like relocating your assets in foreign country, opening up foreign bank accounts, process of moving to another country (specifically in Eastern Europe, South America, SouthEast Asia), articles relating to money, finance, etc…

    1. You do realize the Site’s Foundation is basically Anti Feminist Anti SJW? It’s like going to an Icecream shop and saying “Enough with the IceCream already”. There is no other Site that attacks Feminism as affectively as this one, and Show’s feminism’s hypocrisy, the Manosphere is just getting to a point where it’s starting to become popular, we must remain vigilant in our efforts and not become content.

      1. well yeah I do know and we are all pretty much anti-SJW and anti feminist. I’m just pointing out that having more solid actionable articles wouldn’t hurt either. Sometimes though I feel like ignoring them (feminists and sjws) would be best option though. I feel like the more attention we give them, the more they bark louder. I mean where would a fat unattractive SJW get his/her attention in real life other than their “important” presence online.

    2. The funny thing is the rooshv forum seems to have better articles about things like that where I almost feel like this site has more throw away articles.

  35. I agree all should be encouraged to participate and raise the manosphere. I disagree that ‘white nationalists’ are ‘invading’ the site. If anyone makes a pro white remark doesn’t make them a member of a political front group. Making a blanket block category of ‘white nationalists’ paints them as faceless, not individual men , but paints them ambiguously as ‘WN’s’. There was some commenter ‘son of congo’ or something which was pretty cool to see posting roaring black nationalist stuff right adjacent to pro white posts. LET THE TRIBES OF MEN SPEAK for pete’s sake. White power, Indian power, ANY MAN power. BALLS RULE HERE. JOOZ TOO!! Speak up jew of your circumcised dicks. Many muslims and central Africans are challenged with chopped knobs as well. Speak of your dominant mothers. Shed light. I watched an animal planet clip where some donkey with a 2 footer was pursuing and mounting the female. He was swinging that ‘knob’ like a battle axe. . ”save the ‘tata’s??” . . sheesh . . SAVE THE KNOBS. . mamas don’t let the doctors cut the end of your baby’s dick off when they’re born

  36. While I get that ROK is a site devoted to topics that the mainstream considers controversial, if not outright “taboo”, I also believe we can do with less anti-Semitic content and the ridiculous Jewish conspiracy theorists that pollute the comments section.
    Return of Kings is the first site I’ve come across that hosts some genuine topics about the real problems men face. It should be a place of intellectual discussion on the state of male affairs and rational debate over the issues we face. Discussions denying the existence or the severity of the Holocaust or claiming that Jews the world over are engaged in some fantastic conspiracy of global domination is better left to sites more suited to crackpots. It also makes it difficult for me to suggest ROK to my male friends as a source of wisdom and guidance without including some sort of disclaimer.

    1. I don’t dislike all jews. But one at my place of work said conservatives don’t deserve to vote, and I have met others with similar ridiculous beliefs. Also whenever there is some form of overt degeneracy, like ashley madison, there is 50/50 chance a jew is standing behind it.

      1. I’m not saying that there isn’t any such thing as a few bad apples in a Jewish barrel. But I will say there are other barrels out there with similarly bad apples. A Catholic barrel with more than a few pedophile apples in it, for example. Or a Baptist barrel from Westboro that contains nothing but bad apples praising God for dead soldiers.
        The point is that Return Of Kings should be a bastion of masculinity, informing and educating men about the problems we face and how we can deal with them. I do not see how glorifying Hitler or denying the existence of or downplaying severity of the “Final Solution” helps men with the issues we face today. What such nonsense does do is sabotage the validity of all the other things Return of Kings stands for that CAN help men.
        The solutions to problems of feminism, the SJW movement, and the general pussification of men aren’t going to be found in anti-Semitism or unfounded Jewish conspiracy theories.

        1. I think the holocaust shows just how scary jewish elites (like George Soros) can be: they sacrificed their own people just so they could preside over the nuremberg trials and secure a piece of land. Jews not in these people’s loops should be as afraid of them as I am. Every leader in that hellish war commited atrocities; for all of his faults, hitler was a great leader. There is much more using his memory as a club against the German people than as a rallying figure.

    2. Yes, despite some interesting and thought provoking articles upon a range of topics that try to explore issues relevant to men beyond the merely superficial level; I agree about your recommendation point.
      It’s hard to persuade intelligent and open minded men to take a site seriously when you see comments denying historically settled issues like the reality of the Holocaust or acts of genocide that happened to some native populations in central and south american during the Spanish conquests. Unfortunately, people who argue against the settled facts on these topics with bizarre conspiracy theories can turn more thoughtful potential members away from the site.
      That been said, I don’t think there should be any type of prohibition on men to freely express themselves here on topics that might be taboo else where as that would seem to be the whole purpose of such a site as this. If someone for example makes the point that certain elements in the Jewish community have used the Holocaust from the 1990s onward, as an ideological and political conduit to wield undue influence in society by using the sins and the resultant guilt from these events; well this is a reasonable if controversial hypothesis. This is a question that can be debated in a balanced manner without falling into knee jerk irrational antisemitism. This is the type of dialogue which the site should be hoping to develop a bit more..

      1. Spaniards get South America=Genocide
        Aztecs get rival tribes territories and then sacrifice their enemies and eat them=You are a genocide denying
        What a cuck mind have you!!
        Is conquer a bad thing??? Is win a bad stuff???
        The cuck: “only if you’re white :)”

        1. Its no different the hate you get from men for pulling a hot chick at a club. You read about what the Conquistadores did, and holy shit..burned the ships so there would be no way back..and itll be a fight of 200 spaniards vs 10,000 indians, and they’d fucking win. Talk about balls. And even with slavery, shit Brazil had like 10 times more slaves, and places in Africa STILL practice slavery, but the great grandchildren of slave-owners…now they are evil.

      2. You should know that genocides are a scientifically proven way to get genetic Darwinian succes.
        For example Mongols, so they aren’t white, a genocide denial doesn’t suppose a menace for “highest thoughts members like you” Shed light on the shadow of our ignorance great smokingjizz

        1. You should know that genocides are a scientifically proven way to get genetic Darwinian success. Provide evidence. Your example is meaningless as it’s neither scientific or logical.

        2. A man has a child. He wants more children from more women. He kills all other men and their sons getting all the women and their wombs.
          The same for tribes, but in this case men can kill the foreign women and give the resources and the land to their sons, since you pass more of your genetic information when you have a child with a woman of your group. Psychos pass their genome. What do you think is the cause of all wars and conquers?? Men seeking more wombs or more resources for their current more related spouses

        3. But genetics relates to biological strength and resilience through diversity. Genocide is the opposite of this surely in that it leads to even greater homogenization and less variation over time.

        4. That’s a false premise divulged by left. If it were true I will be right now in Africa and south asia.
          Look around and see, all living beings are the product of the acquisition of homozygous and new characters and subsequent interbreeding.
          Heterozigosity is an advantage only if your genes are too bad and you need to dampen them.
          This an interesting subject.
          Several points of view:
          Assortative mating wikipedia
          similarities plays a role in human marriages in the United States. Spouses are more genetically similar than two randomly chosen individuals.[16] The probability of marriage increases by roughly 15% for every 1-SD increase in genetic similarity. However, some researchers argue that this assortative mating is caused purely by population stratification (the fact that people are more likely to marry within ethnic subgroups such as Swedish-Americans).[17]
          Inbreeding wikipedia
          Inbreeding results in homozygosity, which can increase the chances of offspring being affected by recessive or deleterious traits.[2] This generally leads to a decreased biological fitness of a population[3][4] (called inbreeding depression), which is its ability to survive and reproduce. An individual who inherits such deleterious traits is referred to as inbred. The avoidance of such deleterious recessive alleles caused by inbreeding, via inbreeding avoidance mechanisms, is the main selective reason for outcrossing.[5][6] Crossbreeding between populations also often has positive effects on fitness-related traits.[7]
          Wikipedia physical attractiveness
          Several studies have suggested that people are generally attracted to people who look like them[237] and they generally evaluate faces that exhibit features of their own ethnic or racial group as being more attractive.[181] Although both men and women use children’s “facial resemblance” to themselves in “attractiveness judgments,” a greater percentage of women in one study (37% n=30) found hypothetical children whose faces were “self-morphs” of themselves as most attractive when compared to men (30% n=23).[238] The more similar a judged person is toward the judging person, the more the former is liked. However, this effect can be reversed. This might depend on how attractiveness is conceptualized: similar members (compared to dissimilar ones) of the opposite sex are judged as more likable in a prosocial sense. Again, findings are more ambiguous when looking for the desiring, pleasure related component of attractiveness.[239] This might be influenced by the measure one uses (subjective ratings can differ from the way one actually reacts) and by situational factors: while men usually prefer women whose face resembles their own, this effect can reverse under stress, when dissimilar females are preferred.[240]
          Wikipedia interpersonal attraction
          Studies about attraction indicate that people are strongly attracted to look-a-likes in physical and social appearance (“like attracts like”). This similarity is in the broadest sense: similarity in bone-structure, characteristics, life goals, ethnicity and appearance. The more these points match, the happier people are in a relationship (Folkes, 1982,[10] Wilson et al., 2006).
          Erectus walks among us chapter 8
          Just to be clear, each parent contributes half of his (or her) child’s chromosomes and therefore half of the child’s alleles, i.e., two alleles for each gene, one from each parent. That does not mean that only half of the child’s alleles are identical to that parent’s alleles. The more of one parent’s alleles that are the same as the other parent’s alleles, the more alleles the child will have that are the same as that parent’s, if the other parent donated the corresponding allele for that gene that is in the chromosome he did not donate (and the probability that he or she will do so is ½). Thus, a person can pass on more of his alleles if he chooses a mate who is genetically more similar to himself and therefore who has more of the same alleles that he has. A child could have 100% of one parent’s alleles if one parent has a set A of alleles in one chromosome and a set B in the other chromosome, the other parent has sets B and C, and the child receives set B from one parent and set C from the other. “Sexually interacting couples who produced a child together are more genetically similar than either randomly paired individuals or sexually interacting couples in which the male is excluded from paternity. The two sexually interacting groups combined share about 50% of measured genetic markers [on average], part way between the mothers and their offspring who share 73%, and the randomly generated dyads [couples] who share 43%. Thus these results demonstrate that successful human mating follows lines of genetic similarity.” (Rushton, 1988). Back
          One thing is clear humans avoid too much homozigosity( incest and MHC homozigosity). But also a dad and similar mother will pass more alleles than a unrelated one whom with merely pass 50%. Is having two children for the price of one. And homozygous alleles are exposed to natural selection. Disappearing of bad genes and natural selection of good genes. Species differentiation requires genetic isolation

        5. Species differentiation requires genetic isolation. Isolation in genetics means extinction. You used a form of social Darwinism in your original statement which is a sociological and not a scientific theory.

        6. I’m not sure the evidence supports your second point in its entirety. I think what you’re talking about are niche environments with regard to a particular species. However, even in these cases, sudden exposure to even different strains of the same species can cause mass extinctions, particularly in Botany and Entomology.
          With human beings, I don’t think we can socially, logically deduce certain conscious behaviors from the theory of Natural Selection, like genocides are programmed by our genes to produce the chances of their successful dissemination. I don’t think genetics works like that. People like Richard Dawkins use this type of “naive” anthropomorphism often in a deliberate and clever way to support a brand of atheism which I don’t subscribe to in any shape or form.

        7. Each animal occuppy a niche, and in order to get evolution happening, random mutations and positive selection of them is needed( Homozigosity). If there isn’t homozigosity recent adaptative mutations will not be passed to a high percentage of the population. And the mutation that can lead to another specie is lost. The same is the good mutation is present, diluted among original pre speciation genome
          The problem arises with the “God is dead”. If God is dead and remains so, what sense left to a biological being existence?
          Note that a biological meaning of life is still nihilist, since you live to play the evolution game, but what is the purpose of the game itself?? Everything was better with God…

        8. True. But, strictly speaking biology has little to say about consciousness and even an semi- atheist philosopher like Bertrand Russell accepted that there’s a fundamental difference between physical and mental laws and one cannot be necessarily reduced to the other. The consciousness question is inextricably linked to the God question and Biology thus largely has proven to be unable to give a satisfactory answer this question.

  37. I was really surprised at the mention of white nationalism, because unless I’m missing something I really haven’t seen much of that here. I typically read My Posting Career for that kind of thing, even though they can be very very harsh on RoK.
    Yes, please more Quintus Curtius! Get this man a posting career!
    I haven’t seen much in the way of anti-Islamism either (again unless I’m missing something), although being anti-Islam is not really a bad thing because Islam has been the sworn enemy of Western civilization for over 1,000 years.
    I do hope we’ll see more articles on personal finance.
    I also agree with cutting down on the doom-n-gloom. Complaining about how bad things are doesn’t really take you very far.

    1. I think it’s mostly SJW trolls – who are not genuine readers – making those sort of complaints.

      1. I’m really wondering if the Survey was filled out by some SJW’s attempting to make the site more moderate. Like Trojan Horse.

        1. I thought it was odd, that the readership was so male, other data collection firms actually show quite a few women reading it.

        2. I am pretty sure that is not the case, because some people don’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. As a minority of the site, that has been coming here for literally years, nearly daily, and has been commenting, I can assure you in a reasonably objective manner that yes, it does come up, rather often, mostly in the comment sections, and rarely in the articles.

        3. The survey by definition is only based on the sample of readers who actually answered it. So strictly speaking we can only say that 96% of those who answered are male, not necessarily of the readership as a whole. There may well be more females who either hate read or are driven here by curiosity, but I think it’s reasonable to say it’s men who identify this site as ‘their’ space, so more men would be driven to answer a survey.

    2. I am a white nationalist and I don’t bring that shit here; I don’t even dislike black men that much, I just wish some of them would focus on improving themselves over making everything about race.

  38. Maybe some Leftoid SJW’s who monitor the site dropped by to fill out the survey, some of the requests look like the mentality normally found in MSN.

  39. Yeah the excessive “end of western civ” is over done, masculine men don’t harp on the negative, they figure out how to solve the problem and move on. Its more a leftist idealogy that I got hurt once, so nothing will ever work. There is always SOMETHING you can do in response to a problem. “How to find and date immigrant women fresh off the boat.” “Why you should give mormon girls a second look(even if you won’t convert)” “How I turned my firebreathing wife into a kitten.” I think its important to explore the jewish question fearlessly just as we have learned to look at feminism and female behavior from a different viewpoint. It might be good to have some balancing articles too. NaJalt-10 jews who made your life better. I think more philosophy articles, as in personal philosophy are probably one of the most important thing to right the ship that is neomasculinity. And it seems to me that ROK would do better selling a best of book online rather than putting trashy popups and links that make men question if the site is legitimate. When you are getting men coming back constantly, you have goodwill. Or maybe a few books organized around central themes.

    1. Not wanting to hear about the “End of western Civ” is a product of wanting to hear that Western Civ is gonna be okay and that the Patriarchy is going to return and save it.
      It probably won’t.

  40. Some of these suggestions seem like SJW entryism. Everyone is racist: get over it and filter it out.
    All I see are a bunch of contradictory suggestions. At one turn we need to improve ourselves and have articles about being better fathers; yet western civilization is not worth saving. I doubt the person who said that has any clue what it is like to live outside of western comforts, like clean water, medicine and technology. Don’t step over gold bars for a nickel.
    More Quintus is definitely a plus.

  41. The Reason I come to ROK is because the site has a unique product and that is attacking SJW’s and other Leftist stupidities, and the site does it in a Very Non PC way, as far as the self improvement people are begging for in the survey, let me just say that incorporating some self improvement may not be bad, but if I wanted self Improvement I’m just gonna read my Bible or go to Barns and Nobles for a Self Improvement book, or go to any generic Self improvement Site on the Web, but I’m not going to find in Barns and Nobles anything like what Roosh currently offers on ROK and there is no other Site like this to my knowledge on the internet, so if It were me, I may make minor changes based on the feedback, but I wouldn’t change a whole lot because nowhere else is there a product like Roosh’s being offered and If the site is Growing then it’s because people are finding the current content attractive because they are not getting it anywhere else.

    1. Agree. If ROK drops the anti-feminist articles, the anti-leftist political articles, and becomes ambivalent toward white nationalism (while respecting other ethno-nationalities) then it has lost a reader and a donater in me.
      I strongly believe the survey was hijacked by lurking Twitter feminists. Please don’t fall for it Roosh.

  42. It seems to me the site would do well to mix things up for example just posting timely videos that really don’t require much commentary(Chateau Heartiste gets this right), or whatever creative venture. Even some simple stuff, I bet younger readers would appreciate simple life improvements like “10 things to consider when choosing and buying a great used car and not getting burned.” I helped my dad buy his current truck, and he immediately had an offer to buy his truck from another guy for $1000 more. My first set of cars were a disaster because my dad gave me bad or no advice. Live and learn.

  43. re: “inclusivity”
    Sure, we’re men first and foremost, but honestly, ROK wouldn’t exist were it not for the exclusion of white males from wider society at the behest of [insert victim group here].
    There are plenty of places where those victims can go feel like victims elsewhere.

    1. I agree. Taking an angle that white people are not as bad as they are portrayed does not mean hating on [insert racial group]. It’s just about getting back the baby that’s been thrown out with the bath water in the baby boomer orgy of cultural Marxism.

    2. I think everything being blamed on one group harms both groups. All men are harmed when they can be divorce-raped,when his children are stolen from him, and when he is beat down throughout his life just for having a penis.

  44. It would seem that self improvement articles are what’s getting pressed the most. I am more than ok with this.

  45. I see shades of a surrender to mindless hedonism and shades of political correctness without any regard to social responsibility in some of those comments. I surely hope ROK does not go down that road.
    What made it different for me was its combination of self-improvement with assuming your natural masculine role as leader and builder/defender of civilization.
    I can go elsewhere for PUA bullshit. The synthesis is what made ROK different and unique.
    Be very careful about any mantras of “inclusivity.” ROK tells the truth and that’s its draw.
    I would not necessarily agree with “broadening the base” if it comes at the expense of what made the site great. You don’t win by broadening your base so much as bringing out your natural supporters and strengthening them. Maximize your strengths. Don’t waste energy on minimizing your weaknesses.
    All I’m saying is just to be careful. To change a winning formula based on some comments alone is not necessarily a good idea.

  46. I don’t get people’s problem with Islam. They generally have a much better grip on gender roles than any other group. Granted that some of them in the middle east have used it as an excuse to become sociopaths, but every religion has its extremists.
    I definitely agree with less of the white hate shit btw.

    1. I used to feel the same way, then I began to study Islam. 290million dead and counting. It is a totalitarian paedophile death cult and it’s coming to your town. ISIS aren’t extremists, they’re the ones following the recipe.

      1. Well done. Many are still hoping there is an islamic unicorn to be found. Occassionally the truth floats to the surface.
        August 2007: Speaking at Kanal D TV’s Arena program, Turkish PM Erdoğan commented on the term “moderate Islam”, often used in the West to describe AKP and said,
        ‘These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”

  47. 3 comments that really resonated with me:
    “I am single, have no kids, and I am a white male in a society that demands I be a thankless work horse violently kept in line by a democratically elected government voted in by women, white-hating minorities, and self-hating white males.”
    “I’m having a hard time finding a single trend in the world I don’t want to reverse.”
    “Basically, I keep hoping the Russians will come carpet-bomb this place with nukes, and then have the Chinese send in the invading hordes. It could not get any worse—at least those two nations still know the difference between a man and a woman, unlike this sh#thole of a society.”

  48. Most of those critical comments struck me as nothing but female shaming language. Criticism of feminism and the destructive effects of liberalism and islam described as whining and racist? Feminism and liberalism itself are starting to weaken as a result of all the rising voices coming from places such as this. It is not time to back away from criticism, it is time to step it up.

  49. I cut back on reading RoK lately because there were too many articles about feminism/toxic female behavior, and not enough writing about self-improvement stats for men. That was the imbalance and I figured most people who filled out the survey would say the same.
    I’ve been reading Roosh/ROK since early 2013 and due to that inspiration have done some world traveling (Albania, Paris, Cartagena) and finally got serious with my own web projects.
    I understand the importance of hitting the leftist/feminist/SJW narrative, but to me and it seems like to many of your readers, it was not counterbalanced with enough articles on how to be men, which most of us are more interested in.
    Basically finding a balance between what we already know (toxic female behavior) vs. what most of us are still struggling to practice/know (specifically how to be neomasculine on a consistent basis and not puss out when it gets hard).

  50. Consider pivoting to affiliate marketing as your monetization strategy instead of serving ads.
    Your readership is smart enough to either ignore ads or have ad block running, so your impressions and CTRs on ads are probably going to be low. Any rev gen you get from ads will be from impressions or mistaken clicks anyway.
    GLL makes the bulk (if not all) his income from promoting affiliate products that he knows will benefit his readership. And his readership buys from clicking on those affiliate links because they trust him.
    Focus on sponsored posts, sponsored links and banner ads from men’s interest sites, and affiliate links. It is more work than just just letting ads run but you will get better payoff in long-run and retain readership trust.
    Source: I worked in online marketing and also ran some adsense vs. affiliate sites in the past for passive income. Affiliate payout outperformed ads, but required more work to setup relationships and write better content, drive higher quality traffic.

  51. Something that (I don’t think) was pointed out:
    Why not have interviews with celebrities that we can label as “alphas”? That sounds kind of similar to getting information from successful business moguls though (which was stated).

  52. “I agree with putting the brakes on mocking immigrants especially Latino immigrants. You would be surprised how easy Latino’s can assimilate into American culture, and most of them are Catholics so they’re already on the same spectrum of most Americans.”
    LOL. America is only 22% Catholic. Most Catholics are strident socialists who love Pope Francis and voted for Obama just because Biden is RC. But Hispanic Catholics will definitely change this, because you know, we need to focus on Islam, whose adherents are barely 1 percent of the population.
    Blue pill gatorade must taste great when you live in a white suburb and believe minorities “should be educated to be conservative and love free markets.”
    Good luck with the Jeb! campaign internship application.

  53. Many readers may find racism, antisemitism, misogyny or other negative themes objectionable, but these themes are generally found in the readers’ comments, rather than in the articles, themselves, and ROK has no editorial control over commentary. All ROK can do is to censor. But, given that the readership here are overwhelmingly men, then let us have at least one forum in which men may speak plainly and critique one another’s views – however objectionable – on the merits, with logic and reason, rather than with puerile emotion and totalitarian group-think.

    1. We aren’t women, we don’t need ‘safe-spaces’ where our feelings won’t get hurt. If you are a man, and words written on a page harm you, you need to suckle at your mothers breast a while longer, and come back when you are actually a man.

  54. RoK is at a crossroads. The site can’t be all things to all people. Whatever editorial direction it pursues, some will be alienated. There is a decent argument for becoming politically agnostic and focusing on game and self-improvement. I personally haven’t much need for a site with that emphasis but it could help others. There is also a good argument for fighting the culture wars. Certainly this would be the more difficult path. Those who would attempt to save civilization have to start by answering the question “WHICH civilization?” which implies discrimination and judgment, which is guaranteed to alienate some.
    Personally I want to see RoK stand up for western civilization. This doesn’t mean I want to see it become StormFront (white nationalism is NOT the same thing as pride in European or American heritage) but the site should not shy away from talking about race, religion, and culture. Cultural Marxists would like nothing more than for RoK to focus on gym routines, pickup lines, and ways to “Enjoy the Decline.” They would love one less influential site calling them on their bullshit. Candid articles on social issues will drive away some of RoK’s more squeemish readership, but they should not be pandered to anyway. I am black and I’m not offended by articles on differences in IQ or crime rates so long as the authors provide evidence for their claims. Maintain that standard and treat readers like adults. You will win more people than you lose in the long run.
    I think the trick is to maintain sufficient variety to avoid becoming an echo chamber. There’s no reason RoK can’t have an article on game, an article on race relations, and an article on economics, all in the same week. I think worrying about “alienating” people is irrational since no matter what path is chosen, some people will not like it. I find it “alienating” when people specifically try NOT to be alienating. I am offended by people’s attempts not to offend, since I find it condescending when people assume I can’t handle hearing certain points of view. The question is not “should RoK be more or less alienating / offensive?” Rather it is, “WHO should RoK be alienating / offending?”
    It all comes down to first principles. What exactly is the site fighting for? What is it defending? I’ve published a few pieces on this site. The answers to those questions will determine whether I choose to publish more.

    1. Yes.
      Let ROK grow naturally into what it was meant to grow into. And that is usually an extension of the creator’s personal growth.

    2. ROK should stand up for true male virility, from the unique Occidental perspective. This broadens its horizons beyond simply discussions about the nature of women, ‘game theory’, etc. and allows it to entertain topics such as the crisis of the Modern World, theology, history, Traditionalism, etc.

  55. The last one says they have a problem with anti feminist articles. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?

  56. “How to wean yourself off the welfare state (and become self employed)”
    I liked this one.
    I can’t remember if it was me that submitted or not though lol.
    Also the reader survey was great and nice to see you’re implementing these suggestions, but I would also mention don’t cater to readers entirely.
    Any time a corner of the Web has gone populist it has suffered because of it. Even in our bit of the Internet that is strictly anti mainstream, people are still liable to group think.
    I think it’s good to have a little bite to some of the articles still, even ones I might not necessarily agree with

  57. I do agree we need to cut down on the racism and white nationalism, and perhaps eliminate it entirely. Look, not all of the readership here is white. We all want to save Western Civilization and hate multiculturalism, but that doesn’t mean we want some fantasy “racially homogeneous” society. Matt Forney’s pro-white articles are very alienating. I hate antifa, but NPI is full of turds too. Jack Donovan might’ve wrote one decent book, but he is a queer with a fetish for dudes who look exactly the same as himself (white, muscular, “masculine”) which is why he attaches himself to NPI and Amren. A lot of us are DJ Racemixers, such as myself, and we don’t come here to be told we’re wrong for having a wife of a different race or to hear that straight, masculine, Christian, pro-Western men who happen to be black or Hispanic or even Asian aren’t welcome in some coming whitetopia. You’re just alienating allies and comrades.

    1. I agree in part. As I alluded to in my comment, I think there is an important difference between being pro-Western Civilization and a white nationalist. The former is about advocating for a culture while the latter is advocating for a race. We don’t need to tell pro-Western minorities that they aren’t welcome.
      That said I don’t think we should walk on eggshells for them. Opposing open borders and endless “migrant” invasion is not racist. Criticizing degenerate urban black culture is not racist either. To be truly pro-Western Civilization requires drawing contrasts with inferior cultures. So long as we welcome those minorities that assimilate and support western values, we are not advocating racism.
      White nationalists would be foolish to think all whites support western civilization and appreciate their European heritage. I think RoK should try to focus on culture since that is the real issue. That said, I wouldn’t mind seeing the occasional white nationalist / race realism article, provided they were well written with a lot of evidence. Again, I wouldn’t worry about the handful of minorities that won’t like it. RoK needn’t cultivate a readership that can’t handle controversial and offensive ideas.

    2. “We need to cut down on the racism and white nationalism. Not all of the readership here is white”
      What’s your point? I’m hispanic and I have never seen “TOO WHITE” as a problem on this or any other site. Maybe you should stop being a cuck …. and again, you are being told this by a non-white, in Mexico.
      Having racial pride in being white =/= a bad thing

      1. Just because you’re a racist in Mexico doesn’t justify anyone being a racist in the US. An American should take pride in being American. I’ve never seen “too white” as a problem either, you’re putting words in my mouth and slinging ad homs.

        1. I don’t remember ever making any statement to the extent of “I am racist”. But your bleeding vag/white guilt has been noted… and again, this is coming from someone that is not white and is not from the U.S., you hardcore leftist/mangina types are truly disgusting.

        2. Nope, still not racist, never was. But you are free to spread your cuckoldry and white guilt to as many people as you want.

        3. If you don’t get your way, take the word cuck and apply it to situations where no cuckoldry is involved. I see.

  58. I enjoy the content, I don’t come by very often but when I do , there is always a variety of articles with great range. The only real change I would strongly agree with was updating the site…. it does seem dated , but that’s a pretty superficial concept.
    Things are fine as they are now.

  59. I don’t know about self-improvement articles. They are as much a genre of writing as they are practical advice. I can’t pin down what works and what doesn’t except that doing something beneficial can change one’s viewpoint and strengthen efforts — but individual factors can undermine that. Pragmatic advice on easily discernible matters like exercise is probably best besides being thrown into a totally different situation.
    Once I saw a book on how to be one’s “authentic self” or some such passing self-improvement term and on looking through it I found a sentence in which the author stated that it’s impossible to learn how to be one’s authentic self from a book. Authentic advice….

  60. Looks like you for some great feedback (and some shit! LOL). I answered the questionnaire completley but now wish I’d said more.
    One thing to remember about writing on the internet is every article can be aimed at a different demographic. People find arties that interest them using search engines, not a table of contents.
    I know a guy who has a website focused on self-improvdment he runs by himself. It is ranked around 10,000! Of all sites in the world He reports that the MOST popular article on his site is an article on HOW TO COOK RICE!
    That is both hilarious and very informative for anyone trying to build a popular website.
    It’s variety in a popular niche that builds a site.
    Trouble is, its hard not to feel proprietary toward RoK. To feel like it represents ALL OF ME. But it doesn’t and can’t If it wants to survive. My love, likes and hates are too narrow to keep a site alive for a decade or more.
    Sure I hate the thought of associating with a bunch of Jew and ni*get hating, slope-headed white trash Nazis. But the fact is I have more in common with them than I do with SJW, feminists, and Democrats. Politics makes strange, and disgusting, bedfellows.
    Everyone needs to learn to SKIP the articles they don’t like and comment on the ones they do. If the bigoted, closed-minded articles don’t get views, learn from it.
    Which is NOT to say I want to hear racist rants for the sake of racism. Everything on RoK must stay directed toward masculine-focused living.

  61. How about: write more articles on ROK based on passion, intellect, personal experience and with rose-colored glasses removed? And whoever isn’t interested can simply skip over them, instead of bitching and lamenting about it? Let EVERY man have his say and let the chips fall where they may. How about no censorship on ROK? If someone thinks the Jews are responsible for all or most of the world’s ills (for example), then let that man either display his ignorance, racism, folly, irony, humor, insight, brilliance or nationalism for all to see and judge. He can be a hero to some or an asshole to others — that’s life. When a man pulls out his sword to use, he will either survive by it or die by it. That’s how we all learn, grow and advance. Remember that passionate opinions that involve elements of truth always stir the most controversy and heated debates. Let’s not fuck with that process. There’s room here for every man and every opinion, regardless of how politically incorrect or unpopular.

  62. The last suggestion was a the ghost of elliot rogers or his Jizzabell handlers.
    Please disreguard it.

  63. I love this site for what it is, it’s why I go through all the old archives as well as the new articles. This is the best site I have ever come across. I thought I was alone in my thinking of how liberal pussies & feminists were destroying the modern man & conservative values. Don’t change, I am just finding this “monosphere” & this is where I belong.

  64. Excellent that you did a survey, Roosh – that’s the way to keep the site relevant, focused and useful for your readers while keeping true to the core interests. I missed this survey, but there are several comments I would have replicated.
    Especially useful are the responses to what people would like to see more of in future content. Thanks!

  65. I missed the survey. I agree with some points but I keep coming back because I like the site the way it is so Don’t change it too much.
    My two cents is the game related articles are the weakest part of this site. I’d be interested interested in more marriage/raising a family articles.

      1. Yeah but I associate that with his Roosh V site, and this one having a different goal, reaching a different audience. Sometimes the game articles don’t fit with the rest of the of the content.

  66. The “Cuckservative” term has nothing to do with ‘white supremacy’ – it’s there to call out dishonest career politicians.
    Haven’t seen anything on ROK that’s even remotely “Islamophobic” either.

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