5 Reasons Visible Tattoos Will Negatively Impact Your Life


Tattoos do not “rock.” Tattoos do not make you “edgy” or “cool.” Tattoos are not a cornerstone to being a successful musician or sports star. In fact, for Mr. Average Joe and Ms. Average Jane (about 99.9% of the population), tattoos are only going to be a handicap on your life prospects, rather than an augmentation.

You need look no further than all the degenerate feminists, SJW’s, gang bangers, extreme metal heads, or other bone-headed leftists to come to the realization that their must be something in how they present themselves as to why they are constantly J.O.B. (just over broke) and not exactly killing it in life.

It has a lot to do with tattoos my friend, and the cuckoo mentalities of all the people who would purposefully go out of their way to pay money for something which has a negative return on investment.

This article will explore five major ways in how paying a visit to your local tattoo parlor is going to set yourself up for nothing but a world of hurt in life. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

1. Lowered Employment Prospects

tattoo woman

How many six-figure business executives or high technology workers do you know who are covered in tattoos? Not many (if any). Now how many minimum wage underachievers have you witnessed slinging sugar shakes at your local Starbucks who are teeming with tats? Probably a fair few, and they should consider themselves lucky to even have that job.

Tattoos are extremely detrimental to your employment prospects, especially for any kind of decent paying white-collar or customer facing work. You act as the “face” of the company you are employed with, and most major corporations will avoid blue-haired or tattooed freaks (like the lady above) like the plague.

Ask yourself, would you want to do business with a real estate agent, a stockbroker, or a financial advisor who looked like that lady? Especially when there were plenty of other clean-cut and professional looking options you could choose from? That’s what you’ll be up against in the working world.

So unless you’re 100% certain you will be a successful entrepreneur or play in a popular musical act like Blink-182, your Travis Barker body is going to seriously impede your money-making potential in life. Think of your income, and say no to the ink.

(0:28 – 0:56)

“Have tattoos in the workplace lost their taboo? As it happens, no. Tattoos still signal rebelliousness. An asset for rock stars, but not for customer service employees. Visible tattoos make employers nervous. A survey from Career Builder, a recruitment and job site, found that 31% of employers say that visible tattoos is the top personal attribute that will make them less likely to promote a candidate.”

2. Increased Public Perception Of Criminality

tattoo degenerate

Don’t worry, I’m sure he won’t steal anything…

If you want to distance yourself from any perceived involvement in the criminal justice system in most western countries, avoiding any kind of tattooing is an excellent way to go about it. Hell, you don’t even have to do anything!

The close association with tattoos and jailed convicts is VERY REAL. The percentage of prisoners who have a minimum of one tattoo (but often many more) is substantially higher than the general population in any country, and tattoos are empirically associated with deviance, personality disorders, and criminality.

Want to present yourself to the world that you are an approachable, respectable, employable, and criminally unsuspicious looking character? Don’t get tattoos.

Want to purposefully degrade yourself and be given “the look” as you browse through stores and shops by concerned proprietors thinking you are just the type of guy to resort to shoplifting? Go get inked up like the guy above.

3. Increased Friction With Your Girlfriend’s Father

thumbs down

Simon Says “NO” to your tattooed carcass going out with his daughter

Time to face facts. NO self-respecting father, even if he was a bit of a bad boy himself in his younger years, wants his daughter to be having sexual relations with an inked up human canvas. If your arms, legs, torso, or neck has exposed tattoos, you are setting yourself up for resounding disapproval from your lady friend’s father right from the start.

Every good-natured and self-respecting dad simply  “didn’t raise his daughter to be this way,” and your mere presence will metaphorically cast off a giant stink on his fathering skills. It will be very difficult to ever truly get on his good side after laying eyes on your needle work.

Now of course, hardly anybody truly gets on great with their girlfriends dad or their father-in-law to begin with (they are first and foremost an obstacle), but why make these interpersonal relationships any worse than what they have to be? Get covered in job-killing and biker gang tattoos, and watch the inter-family friction quickly turn sour.

4. Social Ostracism In Asia


While tattoos have “achieved” a relatively modest degree of social acceptance in the 21st century West, our Eastern neighbors continue to routinely look upon the bearer of exposed tattoos as low-rent, deviant, and often criminal.

Eastern societies highly value all forms of respect, including self-respect, and you are setting yourself up for a slew of negative looks and behind-the-back talk in many Asian countries after the locals gaze upon your tattooed frame.

Visible tattoos may also be an automatic barrier to many employment opportunities in Asian countries. At the very least, exposed ink is going to hurt your chances of landing more prestigious jobs in the region, and especially if you are in direct competition with other westerners who are a lot more clean-cut.

Want to be a pariah in Asia? Go throw down some cash and ink yourself up mate.

5. Lowered SMV (Sexual Market Value)

tattoo women

So much potential… destroyed by their own hand…

This applies to both men and women, but this is especially detrimental to females. While tattooed men can ensnare a sizable percentage of Western sluts who have a penchant for body art (or if they are wealthy and famous), heavily tattooed women are routinely avoided by men of status, wealth, power, and prestige.

Such men will almost always prefer the romantic company of a woman in full possession of her natural skin, particularly if they have a vast array of options. So ladies, want to metaphorically shoot yourself in the foot and make yourself far less appealing and sexy in the eyes of quality men? Be like the women above.


Here at Return Of Kings, the vast majority of readers and contributors tend to have a strongly negative perception on tattoos, and for very good reason. Their normalization in western society has greatly contributed to cultural decline and social degeneracy. Furthermore, they uglify once attractive bodies (especially for females), and they convey a lack of self-respect for one’s own natural being.

After taking in the previous five points in this article, along with other relevant anti-tattoo knowledge, you’d have to be a special kind of stupid to actually consider getting one if you haven’t already. Be smart. Respect your being, respect your wallet, and say no to cultural degeneracy. Say NO to tattoos.

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437 thoughts on “5 Reasons Visible Tattoos Will Negatively Impact Your Life”

  1. We need more articles like this as the problem is becoming epidemic. Majority of young people’s bodies I see are stained with tattoos.
    I was in a very posh Italian resort and was hoping that Italians with their innate sense of style and beauty would have been an exception of the rule, but sadly no – almost all young boys and girls were stained.
    Just the other day I noticed that my girl had something on her right ankle. I questioned her immediately and she said it was some sticky bracelet or something that one of her friends put there for her. I told her that she does not need it as her body is beautiful anyway. She took it off.

    1. Yeah, when I went to the public swimming pool for the first time this year in may I was shocked. Pretty much every german girl has ink all over the place. That’s what the (((social media echo chamber))) does to society. Same with pets. Every girl here has a fuckin’ dog or cat.

      1. And the dogs, of course. I had almost forgotten about the dog piss that was everywhere in this supposedly very posh Italian resorts.
        Almost every corner of the streets was covered with layers of dog piss and it stank as it was hot. I saw one girl with a massive dog who sprayed water over the piss that the beast had just poured on the corner but it would not make much of a difference. And besides that was a rare example. I wonder why the council does not do anything about it, like impose strict fines or power clean the pavement once a week.
        It made me think what it was like during the time when the towns had no adequate sewage disposal and how some people romanticize about them.

    2. Good for you. Spread the wisdom in avoiding tattoos all over the world.
      It’s sad that poisonous Western customs have migrated to Europe.
      My parents strongly discouraged tattoos because they felt that they were for whores and thugs.
      When my husband saw me naked for the first time, he was awestruck because I had no tattoos or ugly piercings like EVERY OTHER WOMAN he slept with. I’m sure that’s one of the reasons he married me.

    3. My daughter is just a toddler, but she will damn well know that if she gets a tattoo, she will have hell to pay with me.

  2. I love tattoos on women. They are the perfect red flags. Just added a HB8 with tats from lovoo in facebook. Of course her whole page was full of Anti-AfD posts, hate against rich and white people, embrace of multiculturalism and so on. Blocked her in seconds.

      1. Yes 🙂
        There are many, many anti-AfD videos floating around on (((social media))) here. Most of them don’t present real information of course.
        And some points that are made against the AfDs standpoints are just laughable.
        For example in one video they say “Die AfD wünscht sich eine Familie mit drei Kindern!” (The AfD wants families with three kids!) – and that is their refutation. So actually there is no refutation. Just having three kids is somehow seen as a disgraceful thing. It’s so ridiculous. Just unbelievable.
        When I first saw this video I was like ‘…and now? Whats so bad about having three kids?? Where is the argument? Should we all be childless or what?? Is ‘Suicide of the West’ by James Burnham your personal bible or what? Are you kidding me?’

        1. So basically ”I want to ride the cock carousel, marry an emasculated doormat and maybe have kids and, rather than impart knowledge to my children and run a business while I do it, I want to work for a corporate overlord who couldn`t care less about me, therefore AfD is terrible”.This is one of those world-class political arguments based on giving people what they want regardless of fact.
          We need a return to feudalism, specifically the matrifocal feudalism of my forefathers (the women, unlike western sluts, were actually intelligent and run homes like a business; they`re some of the most red pill women you`ll find, despite having advanced degrees).
          The more I live, the more I`m starting to empathize with my Cossack ancestors , who live the same feudal, family-based life they have for most of recorded history. Women are allowed to be warriors (and in fact encouraged to be, as they`ll share their knowledge with their progeny) but are expected to raise a family. So are men. No casual sex allowed. Most liberal feminist cunts would be scared at some of the women in my family as, despite being far more intelligent than them, emphasize the importance of running a family and intense religiosity.

        2. Heh, that’s probably it. The Left has basically turned being pro-self and pro-nation into “pro-Nazi”. Why, the Nazis wanted more babies, ergo, having babies is fascist! Yes, Leftist “logic” in a nutshell.

        3. Are you German or just really into European politics?
          I am so happy I no longer live in Germany…although there is a glimmer of hope after the election in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, I still can’t believe how 30% of voters still voted for the SPD and 19% for Merkel…How stupid do you have to be?

        4. And yet it’s the leftist in the EU who are doing everything short of actually banning tobacco to cajole smokers into quitting. Now, who was one of the earliest politicians to bring in anti-smoking legislation again … ?
          I don’t smoke, BTW, but I’m happy for others to do so. Healthcare in the UK is taxpayer funded; a smoker who quits = loadsa money spent on years of round-the-clock assisted living for their alzie-riddled ass instead of a few grand tops for 6 weeks’ palliative care for lung cancer, the latter of which would have paid for many times over by the tax on tobacco.

      2. AfD = Alternative for Germany (i.e the nationalist political party)?

        It is a sad state of affairs when all political parties in a given country are not nationalist.

      3. Insofar as not wanting Wahhabists killing people in your country passes for Nationalism these days.

    1. The only upside for getting a tramp stamp just above the ass crack is really quite simple: It gives a guy something to focus on when he’s drilling her from behind.
      If you don’t know what kind of job you want, I tell some guys to get into the tattoo removal industry someday. There will be a market for it where women will spend tons of money trying to get it removed.

      1. Yeah, that’s exactly what I wrote in another comment on this article 😀
        The removal industry will be a gold mine.

    1. Sure it does, it’s saying “give me a second story job”, or “a job in he laundry or chow line”.

  3. I once heard an old saying “Only Vets,Pirates and Convicts should have tattoos”.
    Kind of the same thing for earrings, only fags, Pirates and women should have them. I guess since fags are butt pirates they have two reasons to have them.

    1. Ha. When I was a kid I told my grandfather I wanted an earrin(bite me it was like 1979) and he said “ok, no problem. So which is it?” And I said “which is what” he said “which is it? are you a fag or a pirate because I need to know if I should find you an eye patch or a boyfriend”
      That was the last time I mentioned getting an earring.

    2. There are some exceptions to that. Russian Cossacks for example traditionally had earnings in both ears, many moderns ones still do

        1. American cops would have begged them to stop for four hours before doing anything. Russians just start swinging lol

      1. Last time I looked Russian Cossacks were in short supply at the local Starbucks, just fanny bandits with tats and earrings.

        1. I don’t think I will ever get tired of seeing that video. I gain more from each viewing. For example, this time I am reflecting on how calmly and quietly the Cossacks are able to subdue PR. The US police tactic would be to use lots of incredibly bright flashing lights, several cars, overwhelming force/numbers, and possibly riot gear, yelling and screaming at them while cuffing them, or getting in a physical altercation.
          The Cossack quickly and silently administers ONE strike to the girl, which immediately silences and subdues her. Problem resolved, no discussion, no yelling, no drama or unnecessary police violence.

        2. I can’t watch the video at moment I’m going to later however, if I had a daughter that acted and looked like them I would give her an add whupping every morning just for waking up.

        3. Govoyoritye po Russkie, droog moi?
          (poor attempt at mimicking sounds from Cyrillic in Latin alphabet)

        4. Уже говорю ) Я делаю много успехов !
          Когда ты живешь на месте ты скоро адаптыруешься.
          Могу свободно говорить, мне кажется,
          но я часто балаболю… и иногда не поминаю, когда продавцы очень быстро и
          тихо говорят.

      2. The cossacks were originally horsemen drawn from the tribes which owed fealty to the Muscovite Tsar. They’re still sworn today. Their earrings are a symbol of what tribe they`re from. My cousins wear them. They are not emasculated in the slightest.

    3. Haha looks like I should have looked at your post before I posted, great minds think alike
      “butt pirates” thats a new one

    4. Exactly…I know one guy who has tattoos that he got in San Quinten (to keep gangsters off him). To this day, he’s the only adult I know with a legitimate excuse for ink.

  4. Another good point to add to this article is the fact that a person’s tastes change over time, so whatever “dope”/trendy design you set your heart on today will be the artifact of regret tomorrow. Remember all of those assclowns in 1998 running around with the Japanese symbols & barbed wire scrawled all over them? Yeah, they’re still out there & they’re easy as hell to cap an age onto.

  5. The one place tatoos are acceptable is the military. A lot of good men who gave their lives for their country had some ink.
    Personally, the tatoo was a military tradition I did not indulge, but I have more respect for a guy with an 82nd or Ranger tatoo than a guy with some so-called ‘edgy’ bullshit.

    1. See, the way I look at it is signaling the “why”. In the military, getting an EGA if you’re a marine etc., isn’t signaling “rebel”, it’s signaling tribal loyalty. Totally different moral ethic at work.
      Now it may still be a bad idea for other reasons (I once worked next door to a tattoo parlor and they were trucking booze in there all day, I just don’t have faith that they were disease free, of course I know some shops are fastidious but still).

  6. I don’t think a man should do anything just to alter his appearance.
    We are not women. For men it’s not all about looks.
    I also hate things like hair transplants.
    Just own your flaws.
    I have significant hair loss since a few month. Once it gets too bad, I will shave the shit off and rock a bald head with my nice full beard.

    1. I’ve had hair loss since I was about 20, I would much rather have it back, I just look at it as it is what it is. I still remember the old guys sporting comb overs and toupees and swore that would never be me. I never shaved it, always told them when I get a haircut”give me a number one”, no fuss no muss.

      1. I just think owning the flaw makes it attractive.
        Bald men are seen as the best leaders and the most dominant men.
        A half-bald head is seen as the most unattractive.
        Nothing screams ‘Im insecure and therefore I dont shave my head! Give me my hair back! I feel so worthless now!’ like a guy that is half-bald and tries to hide the bald spots.
        My father and my grandfather are those guys.
        Always growing there hair on the side so long that they can comb it over the top. Ridiculous.
        Pretty much like this: http://img1.seite3.ch/news/309/230274-combover.jpg
        But it fits my dad, he is the biggest beta on the planet.
        This looks much better:

        1. *their hair. 😉
          Now seriously, no wonder why the villains in the fashion of Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Lex Luthor, Dr. Evil and Walter White share all the same (un)hairdo

        2. The good old number one.
          I once saw an older gentleman who let it grow long in the back then combed it over his forehead. I guess he didn’t know there are ways to look at the back of ones head in order to keep one from looking like a moron.

        3. Yeah, sorry I always make this mistake 😀
          Just like know and now…somehow I always write know.
          But I don’t mind. English is only my second language.

        4. One of my old teachers was self-deprecating and used to make fun of his ‘cul-de-sac.’ Couldn’t figure out why he didn’t just shave it.

        5. For it to be your second language,you do better with it than many that have it as their only language.

        6. Mine was actually kind of cool looking when it first started, I just had a slightly receding hairline. Then when I started getting really bald on top I started keeping it buzzed to number one.

      2. I tell my barber all the time that the second he sees a bald patch in the back it is time to go #1. No way I am going half in half out.

        1. Half in half out lol.
          When people say something about my hair I tell them, what didn’t turn gray turned loose”.

    2. “I don’t think a man should do anything just to alter his appearance.
      We are not women.”
      No, but we are a generation of men now being raised by women. I can’t help but think that this new mentality in men (self improvement via fashion) is the partial result of so many men being robbed of their fathers.

  7. One of my dad’s friends when I was a kid had one that was starting to sag and just
    looked gross and from that day on I told myself never get a tattoo.

    1. On that note, many of the young women where I live have large, obvious tattoos. I can’t help but wonder what these are going to look like by the time they hit 40.

        1. Who of us will be looking at or noticing them?
          It’s like the old fat guys in the gym locker room or the warpigs walking slowly on the treadmills. You look at them but you damn sure don’t see them.

        2. fair enough. I just picture some commercial for life insurance with some aged tatted up girl “i just got supplemental life insurance” she says with a dragon tat around her arm and the devil horns on her upper chest.

  8. A direct reflection of the paganazation and cultural collapse of the modern west. Repulsive and sad all around.

  9. It is going to be so strange in like 30 years when I take a walk in a park and see grandmothers with little toddlers all tatted up. I mean, I am sure it exists now but it will be pretty ubiquitous. Though, by that time the kids may also have tats.

        1. You know, while watching hours of WW2 stuff on the History channel, I often wondered how Nazis were able to identify someone as Jewish. I mean, yeah they could always pull down the pants, as European Christians were never circumcised (nice trick the Jews exported to the USA) but from what I can tell, that wasn’t used / needed in most cases. And yet they were able to round up all these people of a certain religion that are not always immediately identifiable (sure there are some Jewish traits, and even more so back then when there was less mixing).
          Likewise with the Hutus and the Tsutsis in Rwanda, who look identical to me.
          Can you imagine how easy it will be to separate the degenerates from the rest of us if a modern fascist comes to power?

        2. According to the official sources, it was role-lists in synagogues and neighbors snitching.

        3. Initially the Nazis and Zionists worked together to create the new Jewish state outside Germany. So I would guess that the Zionist provided the info considering that they wanted as many Jews as possible to be exported to the Middle East or Madagascar as the initial plan was.

        4. The book IBM and The Holohoax shows how IBM punch card system, an early database system, rounded the kikes up, whence they were all murdered by a non toxic deloucing agent.

    1. I don’t know about kids having tats. Kids generally rebel against the parents around their teens and do not want to be anything like dad or mom. They see the disgusting, out of shape tats and think no fucking way.

      1. I agree with this. Probably right. But if the parents start thinking it is cute to tat up the kids when they are 5 it might be different

  10. Both of my arms from where a short sleeve shirt would fall up to my shoulders have tats. I did it when I was much younger and much dumber. Tats are one of those mistakes that can’t be taken back. If I could go back in time to change it I definatley would now, but no sense in wishing for things that are impossible. Mostly I accept them as a reminder of foolish youth. That said, when a girl gets me out of my suit for the first time and finds me tatted up I find the reaction is pretty great. IT’s like having the corp guy and bad boy all in one. Still, not worth it. Any young guy out there contemplating tats I would advise against it.

    1. Same for myself, having a few while in and haven’t been tempted to have an any since my ETS as I don’t see the point after a certain age and lifestyle change.

      1. Yeah. Even young and dumb I made sure that you would never know I had them even in a short sleeve button down shirt. Still, would rathernot have done them.

    2. Both of my army from where a short sleeve shirt would fall up to my shoulders have tats.
      You have your own armies, eh? Well then, should we address you as Herr General, or Field Marshall, sir? Heh.

      1. I edited it before you made your comment. Christ, with this level of snark GOJ I am going to start thinking you are an 18 year old girls which would be unfortunate because if that is so, by law I have to bang you now.
        For some reason I just remembered Dick Armey. lol. What a fucking awesome name.

        1. I’m still fond of finding the memorial tombstone of one Sgt. Rock, here in Ohio. All this time I thought he was a fictional comic book character.

        2. Knew a Sgt War. Asian-Indian. Apparently there were 30 something odd letters after War that comprised his surname so he got it shortened.

        1. It’s always fun to resurrect jokes from our youth, is it not? Heh.

      2. My actual surname is a famous general’s name, so I get addressed as General at work sometimes. I don’t encourage it, as it’s disrespectful to actual officers, but I don’t discourage it, as it’s a better nickname than some.
        Reminds me of a story, apprentice came into a union hall, they said, what’s your nickname? “Well, I’ve been called everything but fag.” Guess what his nickname was?

    3. I think invisible tatoos are acceptable if you lift regularly , so that you don’t look like a loser. I don’t have any yet but I plan on having a christian cross tatoo on my biceps and a roman legions’ eagle tatoo on my chest to show my tribal loyalty and devotion to the traditional patriarchal West. I also want to mark my transiton from a beta “Nice Guy” loser to a red pill in-the-making-shitlord and let the world know. I also believe if done right tatoos give you a noticable edge in SMW. Bitches love the bad boy vibe they give. Having said all this tatoos are disgusting if done by skinny beta losers or fat fucks and in visible places such as face , hands etc.

      1. Of course I would never tell you you shouldn’t and I won’t deny that lifting, especially in the gym when I have a pump, makes the tats look filled out and shit. However, I would suggesting asserting your transition from beta nice guy to red pill shit lord, as well as your devotion to a patriarchal west through actions rather than tats. It would be absurd and hypocritical of me to just say don’t do it. I will say, however, that for me there did come a time when I thought “why the fuck did I do that?”

        1. It would be hypocrital of you , who have probably fucked tons a girls , to say I don’t recommend tatoos to young men who are struggling and trying to do smth about it. Because lets be honest, sluts love ink and most of us are not looking for a serious relationship or shit like that. I , personally , feel like I have to overdo it a little bit . Because of the fact that I was a loser until like 1 year ago the people I know tend to doubt me and react negatively any changes towards self-improvement I make. You see people have a problem with it if you were shit once and are now trying to improve your status. That’s why I said that I have to mark my transition. And if I do any tatoos I want smth meaningful to me not just random shit just look cool. I don’t think you should regret it, you did the right thing at the time. The world is nice to a man in suit but bitter as hell to a young man struggling to build smth. Thanks for sharing your experience.

        2. I get what you are saying and totally agree with you 100% which is why I don’t advise one way or another really….cool thing about men is making up their own mind…just sharing my experience

        3. The stupidest thing about tattoos is their permanency. If you like any of the above (think your muscles look cool with them, think girls will like them, whatever) then fine, decorate your body with some sort of non-permanent markings if it makes you happy. But don’t get a permanent tattoo with needles. I think that’s pretty solid advice for every man to follow. There have been a few things in life I have liked for more than a decade but even these would be silly anachronisms when I am in my 70s.

        4. I agree with you and I know I’m going to regret it but fuck it. Right now I just want to let everybody know I am not the nice guy I once was anymore. Ink is a useful tool.

        5. Why is it important what other people think about you?
          True red pill means zero fucks given. If you’re trying to prove something to other people or the world at large, then you may not be quite ready for your transition.
          I mean this simply as constructive criticism, not as a put down of you or our journey.

        6. GoJ I agree about the zero fucks given part and I know I’m not there yet but what you are saying sounds a little bit like that “Just be yourself” bullshit. You may give zero fucks but as long you don’t go to the gym , dress well, make cash etc you are as good as a hipster loser.

        7. No, it’s not even close. You specifically stated that you’re doing it for other people. If you’re in that mindset where you make a public declaration then it’s only logical to be reminded that a true alpha doesn’t have to go around “proving himself” to other people. He is excellent because he’s excellent, not because others nod their head at his new tatts in approval. This had nothing at all to do with your actual self improvement steps, those are great and necessary to cultivating a better you.

        8. I agree 100 %. I’m just going to give you an example to back up my reasoning. I was back home after a year for my summer holidays like a week ago and I was looking for an easy and fast lay mostly to fill the time. So that’s what I did. I texted the community pussy. I know not very noble or alpha but I was mostly trying to prove myself smth. You see , where I come from everybody getd to fuck the community pussy but the nice guy. I was convinced I had what it took. A relatively good built body as a result of several mounths of hard work in gym , nice well fitting clothes , cash in my pocket from working in western europe (as you can see from my avatar name I come from a poor balcanic state so that’s pretty impressive here) , my student-in-west status and most importantly a much more red pill and alpha attitude that I had gained from intensive reading here at RoK and CH and I also have had the chance to successfully practise it on some foreign girls. So all in all I wad convinced I had this slut in pocket. The conversation was smooth and all with lots of booty calls or so I thought but than she hitted me with the “I remember you, you were the nice guy in class” it’s like she said because you were the nice guy once you never ever get to fuck me no matter what you do. It made me so bitter. Somehow what others think effects our well being. That’s why said below I have to overdo it to redeem my image. Image and status are very important when it comes to pussy. Now I know you guys are going to say find new girls etc but it hurts my ego that I’m still limited in options. Now im not saying you are you are wrong or anything , I’m just giving my point of view. And I’m sorry if I bored you with all this shit. I post here once in blue moon but when I do I like to fully express my thoughts.

        9. “I remember you, you were the nice guy in class” it’s like she said because you were the nice guy once you never ever get to fuck me no matter what you do.
          That was a shit test. She was seeing how congruent the changes she noticed were with regard to your personality.
          “Nah, I kicked that dude’s ass and dumped him alongside the road in (whatever Western European country you went to school at). In any event, let’s get back to the more important topic at hand…” then move to sexualize the conversation.

        10. Wow never saw it this way. I guess there is still much to learn for me. I felt like she was trying to ridicule me. Instead of giving this response I got so agressive when I heard this that this bitch was forced to apologise to me for what she said believe it or not.

        11. Whenever a girl reacts positively to you, obviously warming up to the new you, and then throws out something like that, I guarantee you that she is evaluating how good your cock would feel inside of her, but she doesn’t want to commit to that unless the changes are real. When you explode back at her, you’re basically telling her that you’re still tender and insecure about your own image, which shuts down the vagina juice production factory in her panties. If you’d had ink, and she said this and your reaction was the same (aggressively angry) you still wouldn’t have gotten any pussy.
          There is a lot to learn, no doubt. Take your time. They’ll always be making more women. Heh.

      2. Haha, Christian cross giving you the edge in the SMV… kind of like how cum-chugging whores like to wear a cross on a necklace.

  11. Not a spot of ink on me. The only reasonable exception to my disdain for ink is the ink a man gets in the military, and then only if it’s somehow related to either an achievement (or unit association) in the military, or passing a rite of passage/ritual (graduating Ranger school, for example), and perhaps affiliation with “prestigious” one percenter MC’s. The idiot shit girls get ink for are over the top stupid. “I wanted to remember my cat”. Yeah, sure bitch, whatever, you look like a whore.

    1. I like to think that somewhere out there is a girl who has a “Y” on one ass cheek and an “LO” on the other so when she bends over buns up whomever is behind her sees YOLO

      1. An old gynecologist once told me that one of his patients had a tattoo of the Pink Panther pushing a lawnmower across the top of her pubes.

    2. My neighbour has three daughters aged 21, 23 and 27.
      All of them have their own name written on the right feet.
      This is so fuckin’ stupid.

      1. Or their kids names. I’ve seen that more than once.
        What, are you going to forget your kids names, you idiot? Good lord, what the hell is wrong with modern women?

        1. Well, maybe if they have eight kids from eight different fathers, that makes sense.
          I wondered if the reason behind writing your own name on your feet is for identification.
          If they are raped and killed by refugees they could easily identify them.

      2. Don’t be so harsh with them.
        I really think it is unfair to criticise people with mental retardation.

        1. That reminds me of my favorite cheesy pickup line.
          “Baby girl, you remind me of my little toe, because I get the feeling that I’m gonna bang you on every piece of furniture in the house!”

    3. I would also include sailors who are constantly on sea (old school) but agree with the rest.

    4. What a ridiculous reason for a tattoo! I remember my dearly departed loved ones and pets with…..wait for it…..FRAMED PICTURES. What a novel idea!

      1. I’ve heard just about everything. My favorites are the ones that write out like an entire chapter from a book that cover a girls side. I take my time reading it and turn them around like I own them. Sure, it turns them on, but basically I’m mocking them. Then I walk away.

        1. Those tattoos are even worse. Do these fools even think about how those markings will look once their skin starts to wrinkle?!

        2. I always imagined it would look something like faded doodles on crumpled paper. Just plain nasty. The blackout tattoos are the worst. Whole sections of the body just colored in with black ink.

    5. Unit association, fine. Achievement, no – that’s covered with stripes and medals, etc. The only reason I’d ever get a tattoo upon initiation into the military is in preparation for the glory of death for my unit. When mustafa, or an explosion rips my head off, the body can be identified. It’s possibly the only practical use for a tattoo (one that police forces are keenly aware of, as they profile the gullible fashionistas of society, while elites manipulate the lemmings’ predilections to usher in barcoding/branding).

  12. One of the biggest regrets in life my uncle, a Korean War veteran, has is the couple small tats he got while he was an 18 year old back then.
    That’s all the persuasion I ever needed to never get “inked”.
    I remember ~20 years ago, Angelina Jolie, then new and fresh, was in Maxim magazine with a couple Asian character tats on her. I though “Look at that fucking body, those lips. The tattoos are kinda ok.” But on the other 99.9999% of women that get them, that weren’t/aren’t the same species as AJ? They look like total, complete shit.
    Ultimately, do what you want with your body. That’s your right. I also have the right to think you’re a fucking idiotic shitbag for getting “inked”.
    I have seen a few tattoo removal places opening up either close to, or next door to tattoo parlors. That’s fucking hilarious. Might as well get paid twice, right?

    1. Those Asian character tattoos probably say something like “employees must wash hands before returning to work”.

      1. I have called my kid sister Beef and Broccoli for over 20 years now. She stopped asking me if I will ever let it go about 5 years ago and has just accepted it.

      2. Some dummy got a Hebrew character tattooed on his arm. It read “matzoh.” He must really like those crackers!

  13. I think invisible tatoos are acceptable if you lift regularly , so that you don’t look like a loser. I don’t have any yet but I plan on having a christian cross tatoo on my biceps and a roman legions’ eagle tatoo on my chest to show my tribal loyalty and devotion to the traditional patriarchal West. I also want to mark my transiton from a beta “Nice Guy” loser to a red pill in-the-making-shitlord and let the world know. I also believe if done right tatoos give you a noticable edge in SMW. Bitches love the bad boy vibe they give. Having said all this tatoos are disgusting if done by skinny beta losers or fat fucks and in visible places such as face , hands etc.

  14. Public pools are going to be an eye sore when my generation turns 60, and their loose, fat, wrinkled, sun-damaged, tatted up skin is all that is left. My grandfather, a WW2 vet, regretted the ink he got while serving. And for good reason, his tats had faded and looked like shit. As an aside, ever since he died, my grandmother has become an attention-whoring cunt. He kept her ass in check, but now that he’s gone, her female nature has been fully exposed.

    1. I’ve been to a few while visiting Florida with the family and see many a saggy (not hot) middle aged woman sporting barb wire, tramp stamps, and other stupid shit.
      Me and the Mrs sport no ink.
      I never found it attractive and saw it as a marker for sluttitude and mental instability even before my red pill awakening.

  15. While this article is right on the mark, I believe that in the future, tattoos will be more acceptable in the west in certain jobs, namely the ones where your hiring is influenced by SJW HR fat women. These harpies will likely have multiple piercings, perhaps a tattoo or 6 of their own, and have certainly had blue hair. Tattooed degenerates will be virtue signaling to these landwhales that they are fellow degenerate scumbags, and this could get them hired over a straight white male dressed in a suit.
    Anyway, I liked the part about Asia.. Good to see there is still a culture which values self respect. But the last chick I banged was a tatted Chinese exchange student (in the US), who was not integrated into western society.

    1. Last one I banged this summer was a 24 year old half Korean/half white yoga instructor. Really cute little thing, but when I pulled off her pants there was this fucking tattoo on the side of her upper leg. Didn’t completely ruin a beautiful ass, but it was a really disappointing surprise.
      Not that Im into gooks, this was an exception.
      You really sound like you get it…reminds me how I only encounter fags and cucks all day, with no one to really talk to. That image of the future work place is spot on.

  16. I like artistic stylish flowing blended tattoos on sexy petite women – sometimes increases the boner factor…
    However, as a famous musician once stated “attractive women are attractive ‘everywhere’ ” and ugly, nasty feminists seem to intentionally acerbate their ugliness.
    The hair! especially -god bestowed upon them the beauty of lovely hair and they chose to scrillex it….
    Same with tattoos. They often chose random vulgar blobs located in non-typical places such as thighs – -which they show off in public…disgusting and ugly.

    1. So how do you like this, it’s an anti-AfD (antinationalist song) that is trending in germany right now because AfD is literally Hitler and we need way more refugee engineers. Of course it’s sung by an inked feminist woman:
      Edit: I think I should deliver a short english summary of the video: She says that having three kids is inherently bad (she doesn’t have any kids), abortions and homosexuality is progression, all conservatives are terrorists and that the AfD is manipulating it’s voters. Sadly I don’t make this stuff up. This is just what she says.

      1. hate feminists – male or female – tattooed or not – attractive or not!
        pay zero credence to anything they say or do (except to “know thy enemy”)
        (however I would fuck a petite one)
        edit(female petite/attractive one)

      2. And there sits Cucked German Male, providing accompanying piano as his native countrywoman croons joyfully to the sounds of his utter destruction.
        What a pussy ass faggot.

        1. Exactly. A lack of male leadership in her life. She might have been pretty, and most likely a much happier person with 2 or 3 kids and an alpha shitlord for a husband. Sadly we’ll never know.
          Women left to their own devices often self-destruct; and some, not content with their own destruction, seek to destroy their own societies.
          Germany is not alone in this regard.
          Until men stand up and start training their daughters and leading their wives, this will continue and it will increase until the whole shitshow goes up in smoke.

  17. Does anyone else mentally parse tattoos as bruises or dirt at first?
    It all seems so fucking pointless. I mean, if there’s some actual cultural/spiritual meaning(say, you’re a Berber or Maori) or if your profession tolerates them and uses them to mark achievements(IE, sailors) then go for it. But if you want to just brand some song lyrics or a company logo on your body for no reason I’ll suspect you’re mentally-ill.

    1. Afaik inked people are looked down upon in japanese society. Maybe we should all move to japan to escape the west. Then we can breed with the high IQ beautiful women of japan. Their birth rates need to be improved. We can do this.

      1. Tattoos are associated with criminals (Yakuza, or Triads in China) and low/poor people.

        1. I’ve found mixing can work extremely well for the girls, usually not very well for the boys.

        2. Yeah, that’s right with hapas. I still remember this redpill comic guy who made these ridiculous redpill cartoons..they were magnificent. And he had a blog where he talked about being a hapa and that no hapa guy ever gets successful. And there is some truth to it. Just think about Elliot Rodger. Rich as fuck – ended as a gunman.

        3. It’s the same with half german half kurdish people. There are quiet a few because german women have such a crush for arab cock. The boys look like shit. The girls are absolutely beautiful only problem is that the kurdish fathers leave them alone and the kids are then raised by a german single mother who has an arab cock fetish.
          My exGF was one of them. Been together with her for 2 years. She was the best cock sucking machine on the planet some days she gave me 5 blowjobs just for fun. I never needed to ask. She was a keeper but then the singlemother genetics took over and she went full SJW, broke up with me, jumped and humped and dumped on the CC, getting inked, started smoking and so on….
          but damn, her 17 year old fat ass with those huge lips where just a work of art. Sadly I didn’t have a smartphone back then otherwise I would have recorded her sucking my D and I would have shown you. ;D

        4. I actually have a huge MENA fetish. I can’t imagine Euro-MENA hybrids growing up to be functional people…
          I ended up marrying a Greek woman. A good compromise, I think…

        5. “…heard the sounds of Samuel plunging his penis into my sister’s vagina through her closed room door…”
          Dude must have had a 20″ dick made out of titanium to penetrate a door like that and still make it to Eliot’s sister’s vagina.

        6. I’m a mixed Chinese-American and I find it more often than not an utter embarrassment to be with other mixed guys like the specimen pictured above (ran into a bunch of them in college). They fancy themselves some unique embodiment of multiculturalism when actually they’re ignorant of both eastern and western traditions. In fact white people think they’re Asian and Asians think they’re white, so deep down they know they don’t belong anywhere and this tends to give them a spineless and despondent demeanor. But instead of shutting up and putting in work to improve themselves they just go with the SJW habit of blaming others for their problems.

      2. Careful about Japanese women. Yes, they are a lot more beautiful and respectable than western women, but I was married to one for several years and let me tell you, some of them love to create drama and argue just as much as your average western cunt, though it’s generally done in a less flippant, more subtle way. It’ll destroy your sanity little by little and you won’t even notice that it’s happening.
        The great thing about japanese women though is that they practically worship white males. And it’s no wonder, because most males over there look like effeminate faggots.

    2. “He’s getting a tattoo, yeah; he’s getting ink done. He asked for a 13, but they drew a 31. Friends say he’s trying too hard and he’s not quite hip, but in his own mind, he’s the…he’s the dopest trip.”

      1. I used to think that song was all about self-deprecation, but really, it’s about contemptuously ridiculing wiggers, which is pretty damn cool.
        I used to love that album…The Kids Arent Alright still holds up pretty well.

  18. I’ve been living in asia for the last 8 years. Recently I came back to my country, and I was taken aback by how many tattooed women there are. Very unattractive, especially when compared to the beautiful and respectable women that surrounded me abroad.
    Then there’s the ridiculous haircuts (such as the short style with the sides of the head shaved) and of course, the hideous colors. I have nothing against coloring your hair if it’s a realistic color- hell, my current girlfriend does it (though I wouldn’t have known if she hadn’t told me). But what’s with the neon reds and greens and blues? Yuck.
    What are those women thinking? Are the trying to look tough and bad-ass? It just looks incredibly attention-whorish and repulsive. I can’t imagine being in a relationship with a person like that, because they give me the impression of a bitch that would do nothing but argue and start drama
    I’ve been reading red-pill material for a while, but because I was living abroad, these feelings hadn’t really struck me until I came back.
    I know it’s not ALWAYS the case; I generally keep these feelings to myself. But it’s the immediate impression that I get when I see a girl like that.
    Even as a young boy, when looking at porn magazines, I hated the females that sported tattoos, and I’d skip to a different page. It’s unattractive and I’ve always known it.

  19. The only people that should be allowed to get tattoos are prison inmates, gang members and military dudes

    1. Jim Kunstler once wrote correctly (I generally disagree with him) that tattoos “were once the province of barbarians, whores, and merchant seamen”
      Disagree with him about much, but that pithy comment was right on the money.

    2. When Ricky Martin is covered with ink, then tattoos have lost their traditional significance.

  20. I just can’t help but regard a woman with tats as a slut…
    I remember this one knockout I had a crush on since highschool.
    Elegant, thin, and tall Ukrainian girl with beautiful skin and firm but bouncy bosom… There was no one else like her… She still had that non-Westernized aura about her and even my teenage self could recognize that on some profound level.
    When I finally ended up at her house late last year she showed me her portfolio of tattoos all around her body. I distinctly remember thinking to myself “So you are not my wife”. Pretty sure each tattoo was an emblem to her encounters with this or that guy who had zero fucks but lots of drugs to give.
    When I saw those tats I stopped idealizing her as this fountain oasis of feminine beauty and realized I now saw her as that grimey alleyway with cheap hit-and-run graffiti behind your local pizza shop.

    1. LOL, same happened to me and my half german half kurdish ex GF.
      I had a huge Oneitis but she was so kind to kill it for me by getting inked all over her body and wearing a nose ring. She just went full SJW the moment she broke up with me. Got fat, got inked, got pierced, started smoking…a feminist wet dream.

      1. this story has a stupid ending.
        her drug dealer (my boss at the time) showed up at 4am and they started snorting blow. i decided to eat some mushrooms and get to know this guy I worked with. Waited for the blizzard to end so I could start my journey home at 8am. Welcome to Canada Eh!

        1. I’ve mentioned her before.
          For me she defines the total failure of women embracing feminism.
          Her career aspirations didn’t work out, she aged horribly, covered in tats, drug-addicted, broke and heading towards 30 with nothing. If she had a dog her transformation would be complete.
          She was a 10 in a sea of 6s… intelligent girl with top shelf genetics imported straight from Ukraine… Seeing her transformation over 10 years put it all into perspective.

        2. I was barbacking, he was supervisor at the time, and she came in to bartend a couple times.
          Place closed down late last year. now he’s an alcoholic working construction and she’s probably getting high somewhere.
          I’ve never sold drugs on anyone’s behalf if that’s what you were thinking.

        3. No, not at all, youve bounced back between academia and gutter trash seemlessly. kinda interesting

        4. That just adds to the shame since it’s never easy to watch someone fall from up high to the gutter. Something similar happened to a girl I’ve known since we were in Jr high together. I used to feel sorrow but I can’t even feel pity anymore.

        5. The boss strikes me as a bar owner type of guy maybe a “manager” in a restaurant.

    2. Reason #6: A woman ruins her marriage when she continues getting inked against the wishes of her husband.
      Go ahead, ask me how I know.

      1. Now see, this is the great thing about marrying a religious chick.
        “When we married, we became one flesh, your body became mine and mine yours. You inking what is mine against my wishes is an afront to God”.
        Let’er steam over that a bit. If she pulls the Little Miss Independent(tm) you walk. Just that easy.
        Which sounds a bit like where you were leading this (without the religious context), or am I misreading you?

        1. Pretty much. I could’ve pulled the Biblical stuff out, but she was heathen and would’ve spat licks of fire between bursts of satanic laughter.
          To any ladies reading: Disregard your husband’s wishes about tattoos, and you’ll kill the marriage.

        2. How about a general PSA to all ladies. ladies, If you get tatted, you will, firmly place yourself in the “fuck and chuck” catagory for the rest of your life. No Man will want to marry you ,and you will only be viewed as an disposable piece of ass , because when Men see tatts on a chick , they’ll immediatly think she’s an easy slut, and if you dont want to be thought of as an easy slut, then dont get tatts. Also, it looks trashy, and no decent Man wants trash standing next to him.

        3. Great insight into the short sighted female…obsessed with youth yet they get tats that make them 5+ years older at the least. I dont understand why any would ever get the upper tit tat, simply a recipe for disaster.

        4. your lil’ miss independent reminded me of the following quote: “A woman is only independent if she has a cowardly man”-H. Gracie

      2. Sorry this happened to you. Did your wife express interest in “body art” before marriage?

        1. She had a tramp stamp (red flag, I know). After the wedding, she got a fish on her ankle, changed her mind, made it a flower. I was skeptical, said no more. Then she got a weird symbol on the nape of her neck. Enough, I said, please STOP. Finally she announced she wanted Gaelic runes inside her wrists. (She’s not Gaelic.) Refused to listen to me, came home with plastic wrap on her wrists. I was pissed. Eight months later she walked out.

        2. Oh dear…I wish you hadn’t married a woman with a tramp stamp or any tattoos.
          At least that was a good learning experience for you.
          Now you’re free to use sluts for sex while searching for a decent lady.

        3. Even worse is when White women want”tribal”meaning some primitive darkies tattoed on her.I mean why does a White girl want another race tattoed?Answer because they are mostly traitors to their own kind.The Bible clearly told us about Eve.Either control her or she brings the world down on us all.

        4. Interesting I never seen a “red flag” tramp-stamp before.
          Tats of Arabic, Chinese, Hindu etc. look stupid on a white dude. At least get Nodic Runes or something related to your actual heritage…

    3. I always make fun of chicks plastered with tattoos but it almost always goes over their heads, most likely because they are still high as a kite from hanging with their inker/dealer. Also fun to watch the correlation between tattoo position and well…criminal docket. Never trust a man with neck tattoos.

        1. Face tattoos seems to be the next big thing..
          The realm of nutters until recent years now becoming more acceptable /popular.
          Lord have mercy.

    4. Exactly!
      I went on a fantastic holiday to Cartagena (Colombia) with some of my friends. We were chilling at the Café del Mar and enjoying the sunset with an ice-cold drink when I saw a girl that took my breath away…I am 30, so the last time that happened I was in my teens…I was speechless and completely taken by her beauty (especially her eyes!) and on my way to approach her when I saw her hideous tramp stamp…I was really, really disappointed, I wasn’t even motivated to approach her after that….it is like she ruined my fantasy…chatting her up, flirting with her and trying to seduce her…I couldn’t be asked after that.
      I just looked at her and thought: What a f…… shame!

        1. Absolutely! I adore that place! Great music as well.
          Already thinking about my next trip to Colombia.

    5. in SE Asia, if a girl has tattoos, she a hooker! It sets a normal girl out from the hookers!
      Same in the west, if she has tattoos, she’s a hooker or a dirty slut!

      1. Not necessarily – you would be unpleasantly surprised to see how fast stupid tats – often dumb slogans on the body – have caught on in parts of east asia. They are not formally hookers, but yeah, you can bet they’re no virgins either.

    1. Always compliment them publicly if and when you find them. It socially shames her friends and reinforced the idea of natural beauty.

      1. Yes, exactly, I do this all the time. Especially in the vicinity of tatted up skanks.

      2. I have been tempted to call an inked up individual a work of art. (The part implied and omitted would be: You wouldn’t screw with a painting, would you?)
        It’d probably fly right over their head.

  21. Off topic but when I went to youtube to pull the awesome Cossack Whipping video, this garbage was listed as “trending.” I couldn’t watch more than a minute, but this thing sums up everything wrong with the beta American male today. Silly. Immature. Hyper-talkative. Goofy. Excessively emotional. Childish. Nose stud. Taking medications (mental?). Attention-whoring (25 minutes to brag to the world that some tatted slut wants to marry him). I fast forwarded through and I don’t think the chick even appears in the video.
    From looking at his other vids, he got a tattoo removed, and then 2 weeks later makes a video about getting a new tattoo. Attention whoring central. Emotionally and mentally unstable.
    This is how a lot of Americans behave in public, and why I refuse to acknowledge I am American when traveling. Just imagine going to your local mall and seeing an Asian kid behave this way. You can’t.

    1. Fousey is just the role model of western liberals. Muslim? Check. Inked? Check. Nose ring? Check. Attention whoring? Check.
      Just imagine how much money this piece of shit makes from his youtube views. What a time to be alive.

      1. I’m quite ignorant of pop culture. Is he actually famous or just internet famous? Never heard of the guy.
        Anyway, this is the reputation Americans have abroad. I’ve had several foreign women ask me “Why you are not rude and loud and cursing like most Americans?”

        1. Just look at his number of subscribers. He’s huge. Also has some videos where he buys Lambos, Rolex and other materialistic shit you need as a member of the religion of pieces.

        2. What’s religion got to do with this? The guy had a video totally renouncing his “Islamic association” and background. Lol even if it’s about religion this guy would get beheaded by Isis in the Middle East had he not been in America. The guy is sad and fucked in the psyche, look at the guy with the red hat as much as they are both beta’s he even feels uncomfortable how close he’s getting in on him .

      1. One of the best things about being in a band is being able to play Zeppelin’s “Moby Dick.”
        That way, when in a pinch, one has the right to say “let’s whip out our Moby Dick.”

    1. Moby Dick has so many absurd gay quotes.
      How about this one
      “My boy,” said the landlord, “you’ll have the nightmare to a dead sartainty.”
      “Landlord, “I whispered, “that ain’t the harpooner is it?”
      “Oh no,” said he, looking a sort of diabolically funny, “the harpooner is a dark complexioned chap. He never eats dumplings, he don’t–he eats nothing but steaks and likes ’em rare”
      “The devil he does,” says I. “Where is that harpooner? Is he here?”
      “He’ll be here afore long,” was the answer.
      I could not help it, but I began to feel suspicious of this “dark complexioned” harpooner. At any rate, I made up my mind that if it so turned out that we should sleep together, he must undress and get into bed before I did”
      “I tell you what it is, landlord,” said I quite calmly, “you’d better stop spinning that yard to me–I’m not green”
      “May be not,” taking out a stick and whittling a toothpick, “but I rather guess you’ll be done BROWN if that ere harpooner hears you slandering his head”
      “Lord save me, thinks I, that must be the harpooner, the infernal head-peddler”

      1. Guess I need to re-read Moby.
        I hope you know this b/c you taught it when you were a prof, not b/c its tattooed on your shoulders 🙂

        1. Hahaha. Yeah I have “Head Peddling Harpooner” tattooed on my ass.
          Actually last year I realized I had never read it so I picked it up. It was terrible. If not being for it being hilariously faggy I’d never had finished

        2. It is pretty bad, I’ve always wondered at the hype it’s received. I like lots of canonical literature, but Melville sucked, as did Shakespeare. I like Hamlet, but that’s about it as far as the ancient Soap Opera Writer is concerned.
          The dude who penned Beowulf though, balls the size of church bells and if I ever invent a time machine I’m going back and buying him his own mead hall.

        3. This is interesting- which authors in the past 200 yrs would you consider worthy of being read? Take your time, genuinely curious

        4. Exactly my experience. One day I thought “I’ve never read Moby dick” 6 months later j was like “what the fuck did I just read”
          I like most of the Shakespeare stuff but yeah oof

        5. Conrad, Anton Chekhov, Dostoevsky, Mark Twain, Tennyson (for poetry), Kipling, O. Henry, Lord Byron, Mickey Spillane (the first few stories of his career, after that it gets ’60’s cheesy), Johnathan Swift (Ok, technically that’s a bit longer than 200 years), E.A. Poe, Victor Hugo, Heinlein, Tolkien, Doyle, James P. Hogan, Zelazny…
          There are many more, those just spring immediately to mind.

        6. Is there anything that ties most of the writers together, in your humble opinion? How do you feel about Cormac McCarthy? Might be the only author I can weigh in on

        7. Brazen, up front masculinity mixed with intelligence more than anything. If you can read Kipling and not walk away with a twenty point boost in your testosterone, then you’re clearly not a male nor human. Mickey Spillane has his protagonist taking a grown woman over his knee for corrective spanking (The Snake, I believe the story was). Tennyson’s “Charge Of The Light Brigade” is sheer 100% Man’s Man reading.
          I also like the darkness of a few of these men. The Russians are especially dark, but in a way that is not preachy and “look how edgy I am”, more in the “here is the bare soul of humanity that you ignore or cannot see”. I like that.

        8. Another Zelazny fan. Trying to get my kids to read ‘Lord of Light’; they’ve read some of his short stories like ‘Home is the Hangman’ and ‘Last Defender of Camelot’ which they liked.

        9. Thanks for the list. My uncle loved Tolkien, gave me the me books, but I never read them(still have them though). He went to Vietnam, his younger brother died there, and he never recovered from that loss. I guess I need to go over to my parents place and grab those books(it hurt too much when he finally died, I couldnt bring myself to read them).

        10. Yes…I read Notes From the Underground recently. Holy shit was that something.
          I have always hated Shakespeare and could barely make it through Moby Dick, though I like Melville’s short stories.

    2. see that tattoo actually has some kind of artistic appeal and works around the shape of the skull and body having a pattern of some sort not random bullshit in different colors, if ur going to get a tat get one in that one black color and closer to a tribal one at least the one closest to your heritage

  22. The girl in the first pic there was a story about a few years ago. It was like the date rape of tats. As best as I can remember it went something like she got that monstrosity of a face tat. Went home. Father freaked out. She claimed she fell asleep in the chair and the tat guy did that to her but she didn’t ask for it.

    1. Yeah, nothing spells sleepytime comfy cozy drift off into nap-land like somebody jabbing your face with needles.

      1. right?
        I would have to look up the story but I think she said she wanted one little star but fell asleep and the evil tat guy totally covered her face. For this to be true it would involve
        1) Her going to get a single small face tat
        2) Her falling asleep while getting that face tat
        3) The tat artist wanting to do something that he would have no way of denying after
        4) The tat artist wanting to do his job for free knowing that a surprise face tat wasn’t going to be something he got paid, much less tipped for
        5) her sleep to be so deep that the 2 hour or so that it would take to make that many stars on her face
        6) Her to wake up and not immediately go screaming from the store drawing the police and onlookers
        That seems totally likely right?

        1. What is woman? Take a man, then remove reason and accountability.

        2. Yeah. As Good As It Gets, I think. Best quote ever to succinctly summarize women in two sentences.

  23. I love my tattoos from my early 20’s. They mean nothing and were done on a whim. Once I have disposable income again I plan on getting more – one of every animal I have hunted and killed.
    The main thing I don’t like about modern tattoo culture is the amount people get early on paid by daddy’s credit card, e.g. VISA sleeves. I had to budget to afford mine!

    1. sign youve reached rock bottom: your credit card gets denied at the tattoo parlor

    2. The most consistent, irritating thing about people I’ve dealt with is that they’re always getting new tattoos, but complaining about how broke they are.

  24. I cannot believe those hotties in the last pic above defaced their bodies like that. Must be temporary tats. If not as they all must have major psyche problems to do that to themselves. I guess just more hoes with Daddy issues to go round………. vive la differance!!!

    1. every year a new crop of girls with daddy issues turns 18. Life is good my friend, life is good.

        1. There is one real advantage to being an actual father with a daughter, in that you know exactly how to deal with girl’s looking for “daddy” in the marketplace. The spiel you pick up over the years of raising a teenaged daughter play out perfectly with the damaged Daddy’s Girl types. The direct authority you project onto them, they eat up eagerly.

        2. it is what kant calls an imperfect moral obligation. You have a duty to do everything you can to exploit your inner daddy despite it being impossible to exploit it to its full potential.

  25. I was disappointed to see Jack Donovan, the author of “The Way of Men,” covered in tattoos. It made me think less of his work when I realize that he has fallen prey to the SJW troll job that is tattooing.
    The way of men is not to get neck tattoos. It’s to accomplish things of real value.

      1. I think it shows a level if insecurity. When I was younger I thought it would be neat to get a few tats on my back, one the invincibility icon from Quake. Then I grew up….. like I remember my first beer……

        1. I’ve only actually considered getting a tattoo when I was feeling lonely or insecure, so it makes sense to me.
          By the way, the only tattoos I considered are the inequality sign (“I refuse to be equal – I will become better”) and the Roman Legion’s “Memento Mori”.

        2. True. When I was 18 and clueless, I thought about getting some ink. Thankfully, the moment passed.
          I can actually have sympathy for those who make a youthful transgression. But when older people get the arm-sleeve, it’s a sign of true confusion.

        3. I have a good friend whose sister got a huge tattoo the day after her 18th birthday. It is just one of those things I would be absolutely horrified of if my daughter (still a child) would do the same thing.
          The best I can do, I figure, is to talk down tattoos as being negative, and hopefully it will sink in.

        4. I can one up you. I know a single mother, covered in tattoos, who paid for her 16 year old daughter to get a large tattoo on her back.
          Because if Mom is a wreck, then the daughter is deserving of misery as well.

        5. In a sane world, any kind of putatively permanent non-religious body modification done in such a way would be considered child abuse.

        6. That’s what I thought. Instead, she got the expected applause from her social media frenemies.

        7. I talk up not having ink as being individualistic and a way to be apart from the rest of the herd, to my kids. Given the prevalence of ink everywhere, it actually works pretty well. If everybody is doing something, and you aren’t, you’re the individualist.

        8. I’ve noticed that most tattoos simply look like crap. I’ll talk up how it makes the wearer look just as trashy.

        9. Since I hang with bikers I’m around an abnormally large amount of ink (or rather, it was abnormal back in the day, probably normal now). The only thing I say when somebody shows me “new ink” is “huh”. I never compliment it, unless it’s a military tat and he was just discharged from the service.

        10. I’ve met an ex russian paratrooper with a tattoo of Christ holding his cross on his forarm the other day. Kind of badass.

  26. The number of professional athletes who look like freeway underpasses is truly revolting. It makes watching a simple game of (fill in the blank) rather annoying.
    These men don’t seem to realize that they are helping to create a degenerate generation that will follow them. When their sons come home with women that look like filth, they will realize that it was their influence – the fact that they fell prey to a leftist troll job – that helped carve out the degeneracy.

        1. Thanks – I’ve been delaying working on a business project…approach/avoidance (too much time on my hands). How did that date go Saturday night.

  27. I have several tattoos. It’s true that they are not appropriate for all situations, but I call those “long sleeve situations”. Which they almost always are.

  28. Gavin McInnes (the Godfather of Hipsterdom) did a video last week about moving to the suburbs. It’s the first time I’ve heard him express regret about getting all those tattoos during his punk years.

    1. Not to mention that all these women, reared in the narrative of equality, will come back at you with…
      “Well, you have 27 tattoos, so why can’t I have 1?”
      The tattooing of America has to be the biggest troll job in the history of Western media (pardon the hyperbole).

  29. Also remember that as you get older they fade and become very itchy hence many people get them removed later in life. They do look kinda gross on a wrinkly…..

    1. I might have to start investing in tattoo removal technologies. Anybody with a stock tip for me?

    2. For instance, the cute butterfly many women ink on one of their breasts eventually morphs into a hideous praying mantis, ready to seduce then decapitate her mate.

  30. Tatts are a herd acceptance Rite. On both genders. Sure the occasional tatt on a Marine makes sense, esp a combat hardened soldier, but even these portraits of dead relatives, despite their meaning, are fucking stupid.
    Plus tatts identify you. A terrorist walks down the road, spots a marine with a tatt with his family, guns them all down. It’s just a bad decision and total loss. Don’t get me started on these frivolous slut tatts.

  31. Getting a tattoo is trendy…hip. Like those hepcats back in the day. (I think “hepcat” stems from Hep C, but I’m not 100% sure…)

      1. It would probably pack ’em in…tatted-up sluts and orbiters galore. I’d contribute to the start-up if you decide to go for it…

    1. This was actually a good rib at tattooed women in the 30s.
      If Groucho was alive and did that now, the SJWs would have him out of the movies and sweeping floors at a Taco Bell in Fresno.

      1. Yessir.
        I am a huge fan of the Marx brothers and read everything and watch everything I can.

    2. When I heard the song it reminded me of the Muppet version. Jim Henson was waaaayyyyyyyy ahead of his time. Dyed hair, check, glasses, check, fat ugly pig, check……..

    3. I get the point, but I dunno about that video.
      Jay Leno asserted that comedy, unlike drama, transcends time. This video has me thinking that Leno needs to add some exceptions to that.

      1. Oh man, I guess just different tastes. I love the Marx brothers. My absolute favorites

        1. Maybe I just haven’t seen enough of ’em yet, that’s really the first Marx bros video I recall seeing.

        2. It’s also out of context. It’s part of a movie. So the song looses something thing. I recommend watching them. Imo they are the best of the best

  32. I see a new angle in the breastaurant niche. “Needle Point”. Featuring waitresses with tats and pierced nipples. The betas would swarm the joint, and the available pool of tatted-up Western sluts who can’t get good jobs is just begging for it…win/win.

  33. Once beta hipsters started getting inked , with their uptalk high pitch effeminate voices and emasculated manhood. The association of having tattoos with being a badass, has gone out the window completely.

    1. They usualy get them as a tribute to some special or emotional milestone (like a grandparent dying). Its like they can’t process emotions properly so have to scar their exterior in reverence to the event.

  34. I have a few tattoos. Two half sleeves (arm), chest piece, and a couple leg tattoos.
    I got the work done within a two year period from the ages of 20-22. I am now approaching my late 20’s and certainly don’t regret the tattoos, but have no desire to get anymore. I found my reasons for getting the tattoos (respect for my ethnicity/culture) can be exhibited in far more productive ways (not being a beta bitch, maximizing my potential, pushing myself physically, psychologically, etc).
    With that said, I find tattoos on women to be repulsive. Even when I enjoyed getting them I still found them to be atrocious on women. I have explained that to some women (close relatives) who will call me “sexist” and hypocritical. I am impervious to their criticism and shrug as I agree that it is sexist/hypocritical. Men and women are different.
    Before I swallowed the red pill I still had enough awareness to make the correlation between female tattoos and mental instability. Upon taking that pill it merely confirmed a long lasting suspicion I had about my inked female counterparts.
    Most Western women are pretty lost but as many commenters have noted, tatt’d women are damaged goods.

  35. Dammit I was planning on getting a tribal tatoo this weekend, I thought they were making a come back

    1. McInnes? He’s another one of those “Milo” types, by which I mean that he’s a person where you can’t be sure if what they’re saying is serious, or intended to be a sort of joke.
      While he has done some decent things on the “C-list” political celebrity circuit he runs in, specifically trying to convince Cruzjadis that his fellow Canadian wasn’t without deep faults, his gay stunt with Milo really took him down a few pegs IMO.

      1. He’s done a lot of things that make me scratch my head and say WTF?
        In direct regards the article though, he is, as I say an exception…that is a tatted one, who has made good and seriously regrets it. He has on at least one occasion said so. I have little doubt that this is the primary reason he has them covered when he makes videos.

  36. You forgot a reason- anonymity when desired.
    When I was in the Navy, guys couldn’t have ear-rings. As an 05 (CDR) I was assigned to a big deck amphib and one day walked into the fuels office. There was a chief and a petty officer, the petty officer walked past me and I did a double take because I thought I saw ear-rings. I take another look and realize he has stars tattooed on his ear lobes. He’s smirking at me, and says “Well, I can’t have ear-rings so I got tats! What do you think?”
    I respond with, “Well, you must be one of the most honest men I’ve ever met.”
    He looks at me like – WTF?
    “You’ve obviously never had to consider being in a police line-up and having a distinctive means that someone can use to identify you.”
    Talk to the chief for a bit and leave. About a week later the chief sees me in a passage way and starts laughing. “Sir, you should have seen the look on that kid’s face the other day. When you left, he looks at me really concerned and says- ‘What do you think the CDR’s been up to that he thinks about a police line-up first thing like that?’ ”
    I’m blessed with average height, average build, average looks. It has served me well at times…

  37. The only people with tats in Japan are the retard gangbangers and theyre completely shunned. Shop owners can and will refuse to serve you, you can’t go to a local beach or bath house/hot spring without bandaging all of your visible ink. I don’t think I saw one girl or an employed person with a tattoo the whole 2 years I lived there. They’re a little more forgiving to american servicemen but they avoid a lot of fighting when rival thug groups can’t see each others ownership stamp. Japan has its issues, but they got a lot of things right.

  38. Getting a visible tattoo is never a good idea and there are better reasons for that than the appeal to normality. According to the “new” normal, RoK shouldn’t exist.

    1. Unfortunately, GenX started this crap. I’m in GenX, I remember going to college in the late 1980’s and seeing people starting to ink up, especially girls. I found it immediately revolting on women, and “try hard” on guys, even back then.

      1. My thoughts exactly. Growing up, some of the old-timers had a tat or too, but they seemed more…..”earned” if you will, like they were commemorative or something, almost like a scar.
        Now its just shallow fashion…..
        Where I work the only tatoo-havers are two homos and a SJW….

      2. Agreed, many guys (and gals for that matter) with tats fall into that “trying too hard” category. What ever happened to do your own thing and not give a shit about what others think? Dying breed perhaps…

      3. I don’t know I remember it getting started in the 90s with that hip hop rap culture wannabe thug, future inmates kind of thing. Sagging pants and tats on rappers then the NBA then NFL then everybody else.
        THUG LIFE!

  39. Zero tatoos. I see it as yet another confirmation of my ability to not be a herd thinker. When everyone was getting them i was always asking why. Mostly the answers were because i think it would be cool. Not enough for me to follow the herd . I even have a disfigurement on my back that id love to cover up for times when im shirtless. I still wont.
    Ive been offered crack, shrooms, acid coke you name it. I know plenty of crackheads and a dude that still sees tracers to this day from whatever drugthat does that shit to ya lol. Super grateful that i was born with the mindset that most ppeople are idiots, think for yourself.

    1. Ditto, never had a tat, never will. I think they are trashy. The only reason I could see in getting one would be to cover up a bad scar or something, but even then I’d be on the fence (why cover my scars lol).

      1. Don’t cover your scars man. They are cooler than tats and no one else can duplicate them.
        I wear my scars proudly, some from work,some from accidents and some from stupidity.

  40. What makes this annoying is that its a passing fad. And this fad says that having a tattoo makes you rebellious and unique, but how can you be rebellious and unique when everyone else is doing the same thing? Its a fad, same as pegging your jeans. Let’s stop for a moment and look at this. One day you pegged your jeans the other you didn’t. All you did was let your jeans fall as they would. You can’t just one day not have any of your tattoos in the same way that you just didn’t peg your jeans. But, sure as shit, like every other fad this will pass and then what? You see, that’s why Forny and ROK etc are on these assholes. They’re not just idiots, they’re so lacking as a person that they latch onto fads as their identity to such as degree that they literally permanently mark themselves never once thinking twice that this might one day not be the “in thing”. That’s a mark of dysfunction!
    And truth told, I have two tattoos and I can’t wait for this fucking fad to be through. When I see a tiny waif with spaghetti arms sporting one or both arms covered in tattoos I literally feel disgusted. Tattoos are for real outlaws not passing conformists. Before this fad these are the people who had tattoos – convicts, sailors, soldiers and most definitely Marines (I’m a Marine). Both are high on my arm you can’t really see them even with a short sleeve, but they mean something to me. My Eagle Globe and Anchor with “USMC” underneath has meaning…I look at a typical sleeve of some dainty chick and cannot see any possible way there is lasting meaning or significance to all those doddles on her. What a fucking waste.

    1. A tattoo says something. Some people have nothing to say, and some things should not be said all the time. This is why I don’t do bumper stickers on my vehicles, nor tattoos on me. I haven’t served, so I can’t put up a service tattoo, nor would I want to. I suppose I could get a Mother tattoo, as I love my mom, or maybe a cross, as I am Christian, but very few other things can be said all the time. Edward Norton’s swastika tattoo in American History X is an extreme example of a tattoo that says something that you don’t want to say all the time, and he knows it when he takes his shirt off in the prison yard and the blacks see it.
      I know a great man who was in the Navy, and he, no shit, has got a topless mermaid on his forearm. His daughter lovingly gives him shit about it, and I can tell the man, who found Jesus a couple years back, is embarrassed but not quite sure what to do.
      Tattoos were for military, sailors, and trade guilds back in the day, and I think they should go back to that.

  41. I try to look on the bright side when it comes to tattoos. They help a man sort out his prey. No tats? Might be worth a look in terms of being LTR material. Tramp stamp? Might be worth a quick bang in a drunken moment. Tats all over the place – sleeves, neck, etc. – run like hell. Tattoo artists are doing men a favor, in a way. Very few sluts hide the fact that they are sluts these days. Tats just underscore their sluttiness. Like warning signs on dangerous highways…

  42. What a load of absolute nonsense this article is? While I agree with the point of the majority of articles on R.O.K, this naive, outdated attitude toward tattoos baffles me. As a 36yr old who had my 1st tattoo aged 19, I can honestly say there has been no detrimental effect on either my SMV or earning potential. Only an idiot would still associate tattoos with criminality, or assume every girl with tattoos is a slut. The argument that body art/modification shows a lack of self respect is just as pathetic. It’s an art, a show of individuality, who really wants to spend their limited time on this earth as a carbon copy of everyone else. Admittedly Charles Mansons forehead swastika doesn’t help my argument but that’s very much an exception than the norm. With the words ” popular musical act like Blink-182″ the author of this article gave himself away. Shunned by the cool kids at school, rejected by every cool girl he ever approached, he is now middle aged and extremely bitter about how boring his life has been thus far. I assume his next piece will be about those darned kids on their skateboards!

    1. a show of individuality

      who really wants to spend their limited time on this earth as a carbon copy of everyone else.
      Your DNA already sets you apart as unique. Following Ink Trend, does not. A girl stamping some meaningless quote on her side is about as conformist as you can get, because hey, everybody else is doing it too.
      or assume every girl with tattoos is a slut
      It’s a safe assumption. What girls don’t have tatts? Mormons, Amish, Mennonites maybe. And they’re not sluts. The rest, who have them…yeah, I’m sure that most of them are holding onto their virginity until marriage. No…really…

      1. The tattoo itself being the show of individuality, not the act of getting the tattoo. Fully agree that idiots following trends like clocks, quotes from philosophers they haven’t heard of, rosary beads etc look ridiculous. Whether or not it makes them a slut is another matter. As for saving themselves for marriage, I’m gonna annoy you even more by saying I’m an atheist and don’t believe in marriage so no saving required.

      2. Born upper class, educated at Eton and Oxford, if David Cameron can still marry a slut what hope do the likes of yourself have. Ha.

    2. Yeah, getting tats these days is a great way to show ones individuality…….just like everybody else.

      1. If all tattoos were the same I’d accept your stance, but they’re not. No different to clothing, everybody wears something to cover their bottom half and something to cover their top, the individuality comes from the choices made in colour and design. Anybody who copys anothers tattoo is missing the point entirely.

        1. Clothes are functional, and often essential. Tattoos aren’t. The design is irrelevent as the tattoo is just a form of self-harm, no different in principle to ‘cutters’ or other forms of mutilation. The more artistic and “individual” the design, the more you are lying to yourself that it is art and not self-mutilation.

        2. Self harming? Really? That’s enough for me, no point trying to reason with that. You sir are mental!

        3. You can’t reason with that as it is an objective truth, one that many tattooed people freely admit. Speaking of reasoning, tattoos are historically known – even since there creation, as marks that are created to dintinguish lower classes, and criminal punishment. It has been a form of criminal punishment. So it has never been a part of a healhy, productive well adjusted social class. If they are just clothes, then the sociopathic Maori culture, with its full facial tattoos, are just normal people wearing facial clothing by your standard. Are you in denial Sir? Are you resisting looking like a weak man that followed others into the artistic self-mutilation group? “But mine is different it looks much better than his”. Are you going to resort to the ancient tattooed ciche “You’re just scared of having one because it hurts”? You have no argument, its self-mutilation, just a more artistic looking form of it.

        4. Facial clothing? You’ll put a hole in the bottom of that barrel if your not careful son. Do you miss the point deliberately to suit your argument or are you genuinely not playing with a full deck? The point was about individuality. The ritualistic tattooing of ancient tribes doesn’t really tie in with that. Also the historical significance of tattooing varies depending on culture, if you look into the subject properly you will find it was used just as much to tell something positive about the wearer as it was negative. Attitudes towards tattoos and the people who have them have evolved. I suggest you lift your knuckles off the ground and follow suit.

        5. Name a society, an advanced intellectual society, not some savage backwater, where tattoos have a social merits/ or are viewed in anyway positively. Again, NOT a savage backwater like Maori NZ. There is not one. You are deluded and in denial. You have mutilated your body to show off – i.e to hide your insecurities, and you haven’t even realised the underlying motives. You are the knuckle dragger not me. And just because all of your friends have mutilated themselves makes no difference to the principle. Why are you so in denial? Presumably you think women wear make up as an expression of individuality, and not because they hate how they look. See how many people agree with your opinion. Only gutter-class people are into tattoos, as they are generally the ones to feel the most sense of shame and want to hide behind a mask of ink.

        6. Again totally missed the point. Nobody was saying they were advanced. Tattoos predate Christianity by thousands of years, so how advanced do you expect the societies to be? The point was that different cultures view things differently. Can’t help thinking this may all be a case of you people fearing what you don’t understand. You’re seeing men covered in tattoos who’ve achieved more than you, taking home the kind of pussy you can only dream of, and you don’t like it, instead of leaving it at that you’re inventing this faux moral highground to hide behind, attacking people’s personalities based on the fact they don’t look like you. I think the delusion, denial and insecurity all belong to you my friend. As for make-up, as long as they don’t get it on my clothes or bedsheets I really don’t give a rats ass!

        7. That’s not even an argument. Your assumptions on me fearing tattoo’d peope are a reharsh of the cliched “You’re scared to have a tattoo”. That’s all self-harmers have, given I don’t self-mutilate, you don’t really have anything else to respond with. There is no deeper meaning to tattoos that isn’t readily apparent to all…what else is it other than self-mutilation used to show off as a rite of passage that one can take the pain, just like other rites primatives have, such as carving shit into penis’ in certain African tribes.
          It is no different to the freaks that put dinner plates in their bottom lip or have a face full of piercings. You can be a precious snowflake and say “Don’t judge”, but normal well adjusted people can see through your bullshit excuses, i.e that “It’s not self-harm, it’s art”. It has always been the mark of low IQ, undeveloped societies; that hipster fags get them to try and immitate backward cultures, in a lame attempt at being masculine just makes them as pathetic as the likes of the Maori. It is the opposite of masculinity, it is a matriarchal tradition.
          Far from being jelous of tattooed people getting laid or being successful with tattoos, it just shows me that the forces of matriarchy, where such behaviour comes from, is on the rise. That said, I don’t see any jewish financier oligarchs with forearm tattoos…so it is obviously not trending with our owners….just the lower part of the serfdom, and the hipsters that are trying to look macho.

        8. If we were having this conversation 30yrs ago the vast majority of people would probably agree with everything you’re saying. The problem for you is we’re not, and the normal, well adjusted people you speak of are all tatted up. There’s plenty of things eroding the fabric of society, feminism, the P.C brigade, uncontrolled immigration, and the list goes on. To have a conversation about the pros and cons of tattoos is one thing, to compare it to self harming and mutilation, and assume everyone with a tattoo is a bum or whore in this day and age is ill-informed at best. Mentally deficient at worst. I know some people don’t like change but shit…… The ships sailed as far as tattoos go, so you’ll have to take that one on the chin. Feminism and P.C on the other hand will have their 15mins then recede back to the depths from which they came, so maybe someday soon, something will happen that cheers you the fuck up! Be lucky kid.

        9. The majority of people still agree with my view…just not the people in your social circle, or millenials. Nor did I say tattoos were for just for bums and whores – I specifically said they are now used by hipster fags – e.g David Beckham, or fags feigning masculinity – presumably the camp you are in.

        10. Sorry to burst your bubble, but a few retards following everything some dirty santa tells them does not equate to the majority of people. Also if you want to be taken seriously as a human being, calling someone a fag because you can’t think of anything else isn’t the way to go about it. Again, be lucky kid, with your attitude you’ll need it.

    3. If you have ever been to a prison or watched a prison show on TV you will see criminals covered in tattoos. It’s pretty easy to make the association with the two. A lot of people don’t bother to notice the distinction between the lower quality tattoos prevalent in prison and the annoying poser tattoos worn by the new hipster crowd. I personally think that tattoos look low class and I find it a real turn off when I see a woman with tattoos or weird piercings.

      1. I take your point but look at it another way, if any of those cons walked into any bar, club etc you wouldn’t be able to pick them out of a crowd (facial tattoos being an exception). Personally I listen to punk and metal so I am slightly biased, as most places I go don’t contain untattooed people. I agree that they used to be associated with bikers, ex cons etc, but in this day and age they’re just not that big a deal.

  43. I’ve often wondered why the field of temporary tattoos isn’t that prevalent. (Maybe it is and I don’t know it.) I would think there would be a much bigger market for press-on-type tattoos. I would imagine if somebody could come up with a temporary tongue-ring gizmo, as well, they would be a millionaire within a couple of weeks. All those women wanting to bring out their inner sluts – but only temporarily, as they don’t want the neighbors to find out…

    1. I’ve often wondered the same. Henna I think it is called, is popular in other cultures, the girls paint themselves up and it goes away in about a week or so. Would think this would be more popular in the west given the ink fad and it’s not permanent.

  44. I always tried to stay away from girls that 1. Dyes their hair a dumbass color 2. Had more than 1 tattoo and 3. Siad she was raped/assaulted

  45. A few years back, I was thinking of getting a tattoo and accompanied a friend to a shop just to see what it’s all about. We go in there and he tells he guy what he wants (back story: Buddy was just out of rehab for a pain killer addiction and wanted the Serentity prayer tatted on his arm, quickly ended up relapsing and moving on to worse drugs. Lost his jobs, friends, family, vehicle etc, but he has some cool tats!) So as he’s in the chair, I’m checking out the walls for ideas and I see a picture of a female devil with a nun bent over her knee getting finger banged. I asked the shop manager if anyone had ever gotten that. He said no, but he’d do it for free if I were to get it. Tossed it around in my head for a few minutes and right then and there, I decided I’d probably never get a tattoo. The only reason I had considered it is to raise my SMV with women, but they’re just not fucking worth it.

  46. You need look no further than all the degenerate feminists, SJW’s, gang
    bangers, extreme metal heads, or other bone-headed leftists…

    Metalheads are stereotypically bone-headed leftists?

    1. Not as far as I can tell and I take great umbrage at that assumption; I am a very well-educated metalhead Conservative (of the true variety).

  47. The corollary of #3 being: if you see a chick hanging off the arm of an inked up dude, odds are she’s from a fatherless home and probably damaged herself.
    But given the negatives outlined in this article, expect “tattoo acceptance” to become a thing soon.. and no I’m not joking. I can see the HR policy statement now:
    “Potential employees will not be discriminated against on the basis of race, sex, gender identity, sexual preference, martial status, disability, or *personal aesthetics preference*”.
    Mark my words, having tats will become a “protected attribute” on par with race & gender. Especially as the same crowd who tend to ink themselves up, along with other attention-seeking body modifications like piercing and outrageous hair color — i.e. feminists, SJWs and crybaby leftists — are the same ones who go screaming to get laws passed forcing everyone to accept their ridiculous life choices.

  48. Dennis Rodman took being inked up mainstream after the Pistons traded him to the Spurs in the early 1990’s, before that tattoos were basically considered extreme and only bikers and convicts along with a few rogue vets wore any ink. Rodman’s next team he was traded to was the Bulls and their popularity exploded in the same era. Yep Dennis Rodman was the guy who brought tattoos into the mainstream. So when you feel the need to go and get all “inked up” remember you are just emulating a 6’9″ cross dressing alcoholic. Yeah, you are!

  49. I see we dusted off the annual “tattoos are bad” article again.
    Allow me to distill my counter argument from previous articles:
    1. Hipsters with tattoos do not equal accomplished men with tattoos
    2. Females with tattoos are trashy, yes its a double standard…too
    3. If you’re getting the tasmanian devil, your favorite football team
    logo, or a dream catcher for a tattoo, you’re doing it wrong.
    4. Many culture’s warriors had tattoos..including samurai, in contrast
    to the article’s point regarding far eastern culture.

    1. Tribal tattoos are one of the very few exceptions I have in regards to the issue. Just about everything else, no.

      1. I wager over half of ROK readers have tattoos. In seeking allies in the battle against globalists and feminism you’re essentially disenfranchising valuable men because of ink. Be aware, I know more fire fighters, cops, soldiers and paramedics with ink than I don’t.
        So when domestic conflict erupts, be sure to tell the most capable among us that they are unwanted because of their ink. Goodluck.

        1. I think you’re taking it a bit too seriously. In the end, if you decide to ink yourself or not is entirely your business. The thing I think ROK is trying to point out is that there are consequences for doing so.

        2. Perhaps you’re right, but I see this article in the angle of divisiveness. Instead of saying “tattoos will ruin your life” like a Cosmo article maybe the writer could show the history of tattoos in various cultures, then provide evidence of the perils of getting tattoos and allow the readership to come to their own educated conclusions.
          I don’t think the article takes a healthy tone for the readership. It creates an air of “I know better than you, and you might be impure”.

    1. Funny, I read that as “like to kill this guy”, and started nodding my head unconsciously.

    2. For a fit body decades my junior? I would happily kill a bus load of white BLM protesters to wear his corpse and continue living another seventy years as a skinwalker.
      I’d just spend a few days under the needle and fill in the skin you can still see. I’d have my entire body solid black, bleach my hair brilliant white, and become a Trans-Drow.

  50. My son was military…saw warfare…he has two tattoos…earned the right way. My daughter, I told point blank, get a tattoo, lose a father. She’s clean. The only legitimate tattoos are those that served, and earned a few, and criminals who got them in prison. That’s it.

  51. What do you gents think about piercings? Im not talking lip rings and shit, just earrings?

  52. You forgot another one. Every time you go under the needle there’s a chance you can pick up a disease or infection. There was this horsefucker that didn’t die from having sex with a horse but from contracting a serious form of hepatitis when he was getting a tattoo of a horse on his belly. Tattooers aren’t particularly knowledgable in medicine or sterilization so those needles aren’t thorougly sterilized if any at all. Any previous customer they had could have some kind of STD (and with the type of people going to tattoo parlors this is highly possible, ex-convicts at a very high chance have all kinds of STDs from prison sex). How these diseases are transferred is most effectively by blood and much of that is left on the needle in unnoticable amounts but enough that when that needle is pressed into another customer it can ensure transfer of diseases. Aside from the ex-convicts there’s women on the STD cock carousel, trashy prostitutes, dirty needle using drug abusers, people always drinking alcohol and smoking on the fritz (alcohol and smoking increases chance of getting diseases like fifty fold or something.), homosexuals, trannies, people that were raped as children

    1. You don’t say where you’re from but I’m guessing from the “horsefucker” story you’re probably American. I had no idea hygiene standards were that far behind Europe. The needles nowadays are generally of the single use, disposable variety. Also if your local tattooist is full of ex-cons, prostitutes, drug- users etc, you must live in a real shithole. Mines usually full of students.

  53. Also, the more tats you have, with less unblemished skin left, makes a body look dirty. I mean you can step right out of the shower and still look gritty.

    1. I don’t mind small tats as much, but this recent craze of making your latest Pokemon tattoo as large and obscene as possible as it wraps around your entire thigh is just artistically sloppy. There is no balance. One shitty tat collides with the next. Even the full-body Yakuza tats were a continuous work of art. It wasn’t just random clip-shit graffitied on your body with permanent ink with no thought for artistic merit.

  54. I abhor tattoos with a passion and view them as disfiguring yourself-I took that from my father who is very red pill in a lot of ways and without being overbearing about things, managed to successfully raise me to think for myself and eschew all this bodily mutilation for the sake of ‘individuality’. I would never, ever get a tattoo as the thought sickens me and the only thing that may damage my prospects for employment is having long hair and being a Conservative (which is nonsensical I know and I can always tie it back).

    1. If need be long hair can be taken care of in acouple of minutes, tattoos are forever. So are those idiotic plugz things, those ears are going to be fucked up forever.

  55. I am thoroughly disgusted with all of the tattoos these days.
    Do these people really believe it “improves” them as a person?
    How about the people with the “gauged” ear lobes making them look like a ubangi native?
    I am a small business owner who hires local people.
    And I would never hire any of these obviously disturbed freaks.

        1. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it. Perhaps next time. Also, I have a story for you!

  56. Piercings and tattoo were badges of shame in the olden days. Slaves were given them as a way to say who they belonged to. Prostitutes that belonged to a certain harem were no different.
    Why do you think cows get ear staples, nose rings and get branded

    1. Back in the 80s, the streetwalkers on 11th Ave all had tattoos of their pimp’s name. And when they “switched” pimps, they would tattoo over the last pimp’s name and then get a new one of the new pimp. And that is what the idiots of today are emulating. Same with the morons who wear their pants below their asses. They are emulating prisoners who advertise themselves as female substitutes. What morons!

      1. my theory of the sagging pants was from poor teenage boys in the ghetto that were given their uncle’s pants that were too big for them but they couldnt afford another pair for them

    2. Cattle have nose rings so they can be controlled/led. Take a rope with a clip on it, attach it to the nose ring and a 200 lb weak human can drag a 2000 lb bull around ” by the nose”.

  57. These tattooed folk look like those really old rundown ghetto street walls or a really old and dirty New York subway

  58. A girl recently joined my gym. From a distance a cute brunette. I did notice some tattoos on her arm though. Today she was running next to me on the thread mill and I got to take a closer look at her. She was covered from head to toe in tattoos. From the bottom of her ankles, all the way up to her forehead. At first I thought maybe it was a cultural thing, but nope, she just a white girl. Then another chick came into the place, a redhead. Nice body but fugly face. Her right arm was all outlined up for a full sleeve she was in the process of getting. It was shameful.

    1. …a redhead. Nice body but fugly face.

      Why is that so often the way it goes? I believe Milo chalked it up to genetics, but I can’t put much stock in that.
      Maybe the thought was that the tat would divert attention from the face?

  59. When I was stationed in Korea I overheard a young private say something like “Koreans think only dirtbags have tattoos, but they don’t know it’s not like that in America, not anymore…” Sadly, it IS still like that – we just have more dirtbags with no sense of self awareness nowadays. Even the military won’t let you become a recruiter with visible tattoos since they know damned well what parents are going to think if some guy looking like a prisoner shows up to talk to their son – or worse, their daughter – about joining the military.
    Even Asia has taken the bait on the tattoo trend – they are much more common in Singapore, Korea and other parts of Asia than even a few years ago, though still not to the level of idiocracy we see every day in the West. Nowadays if you want to stand out, you can do so more easily by choosing NOT to have a tattoo.

  60. Whenever I see people with tattoos, I see an opportunity cost wasted. Save your money and buy a blue-chip stock index fund instead and watch it grow over your life time. Every time I considered one, the cost put me off, because of other things that were more important.

  61. The last article about tatts and women by Matt Forney went viral. Matt had to hide because of the death threats.
    I’ll check back later. Let the outrage begin. You can’t buy this type of entertainment

  62. I’m gonna have to disagree. Tattoos have been a part of manhood since they figured out how to get the body paint into the skin. I admit I covered mine up when I was working for other people, but I own a production company and retail store now, and make well over six figures. I am heavily tattooed.
    I drew my first tattoo on myself at two. It is just who I am. Every tattoo on my body correlates to a Viking myth that reminds me how to be a great man. And they are all done by Jack Donovan.
    Anyhow, I look at it like this: Tattoos do present a barrier. But, great men overcome barriers. I have plenty of buddies who bring home more than 100k with full sleeves. But I see the vermin with them all the time. So, I know where you got your thought lone from, but great men do as they please and do well in the world. And I happen to be a great man.

    1. A great man who lets a faggot doodle permanently on his body?
      A faggot who says he “fucks men like they are women”?
      You ride that tiger, I guess.

        1. hah…glad you didn’t take offense – maybe a great man after all. I just hate this chicks with tattoos trend from the core of my being.

        2. My damn phone tweaked and cleared my original comment. Oh, well.
          Yeah. Women with tattoos bug me, too. I usually assume they used to take dick for their tattoos.
          My tattoos are something I ALWAYS wanted, so I am fine with them. Most of tattoo culture is trash, though.
          I honestly believe this will all fall soon, and women will be women again. No tattoos. Ha.

  63. Meh, I personally love my tattoos and have gotten numerous compliments on them. I also don’t mind tattoos on a woman, depending on what and where they are.

  64. I’ve always said this: Remember those Emo kids who cut themselves in highschool to feel important? Now imagine a kid who don’t have the ball to cut themselves and have to hire someone else to do the job but like to mark their ‘wound’ for future bragging! That’s an extra degree of lame!
    As for those babble about body art. Well, the tattoist can rightfully be an artist, you however are merely a canvas to be used. And remember, you have to pay to be used. Pathetic

  65. No problem with gents who sport tats. Women, stay the fuck out of the tattoo shop. 99.9% of y’all have never done anything of value to warrant ink and it drops you’re sexual market value a full point (minimum).

  66. Totally agree,normal people do not mark their bodies.God gave you your uniform so wear it with pride and know it can’t be improved.When I see tattoos I think primitive and aimless.Oh how those J’s have brought the Western world down to their level.

  67. No issues with men who have a couple tattoos, but when I look at the bigger picture it feels like a grand satire of modern culture and “aesthetic poverty”:
    You can go to a crowded beach and gaze across the tattooed generation of hipsters laid low by the ironies of consumerism, and catch them drowning in a sea of conformity.
    So few of them see it for what it is, having convinced themselves it’s the opposite.
    Among the worst offenders, IMO, are the “very unique” retards who get bar codes or QR codes inked on their necks, thinking they’re making some deep/Orwellian statement — pure douchebaggery backfiring upon its owner.

  68. Agree 100%.
    Tattoos are a disgusting display whether on males or females and should be avoided. Do you really want to look some 3rd world savage such as a Maori?
    Piercings are equally bad. The only acceptable piercing is maybe 1 or 2 earrings on a FEMALE only. Anything else, to me anyway, is that person emulating a 3rd world savage like a Sub Saharan African.
    I am often in a position to give technical interviews to job candidates. If I see tattoos or piercings, that person never stands a chance with me.

  69. Being a successful entrepreneur I can testify that if you have visible tattoos ( man or woman) you’re not working for me. Right away red flags go up and I’m on guard. Tats tell me you are either shifty or sloppy …or a combination of the two.
    When I met my wife a few years back, the first thing I noticed when she got naked ( besides her slinky hot body) was there were no tattoos. Right away she was bumped ahead and into the potential partner category.
    So yes ladies ( to any reading this blog) tats are a significant sign you will be nexted by any high value man.

  70. makes them look dirty but i suppose some put a tattoo over a blemish they can never erase to hide it… hmmm watch out that could be the sign of a STD

  71. i suppose women are more carefree about getting tattoos than men because they already know they can whore themselves out and get a man to pay for them aka be a prostitute
    men wouldn’t get tattoos unless they came from prison which means theyre already fucked on the job market, people from the military could still have a chance in the job centers so i suppose theres less tatted soldiers

    1. Ha. If you come within 1200 meters of me, you don’t need a target on your face, bítchboy. You already are one- more specifically, a dead one.
      Enjoy your whore of a mother’s basement while I jump out of planes and slay bodies for a living. Fck off, cuck.

  72. #1. Any sane person will realize you have zero personality when you attempt to paint one onto to your face.

  73. The men I see with tatts are usually not quality choices in seeking a lifetime companion. Heck, I don’t want to risk a one-nighter with one. The psychological damage portrayed increases with the number of visible tatts, in my experience. I would be embarrassed to take a man with visible tatts to a family or class reunion. I would also get tired of his brokenness. I know some guys who have visible tatts who are fun to hang out with, but I never let them buy me any food.

    1. Come on. Nothing says “I’m going to be manager of this Taco Bell one day…” like getting an eagle tatoo’d across your throat.

      1. Exactly.
        Not that there is anything wrong with being a manager at a fast food joint. It pays well and can lead to a franchise, but the job does stink.

  74. So far as I understand it, tattoos originated in the penal system. Parolees were given tattoos to provide the authorities with identifiable markings should an ex-convict commit a crime again. Robbery victim: “Well officer, he was white, about 5’10” 165 pounds, brown hair and brown eyes.” Cop: “We” ma’am that describes a lot of people. Was there anything else more unique that you can recall?” RV: “Oh, there is one other thing now that you mention it. He had a tattoo of a pelican standing on one leg with a red rose in its mouth.” BUSTED!!!

  75. So far as I understand it, tattoos originated in the penal system.
    Parolees were given tattoos to provide the authorities with identifiable
    markings should an ex-convict commit a crime again. Robbery victim:
    “Well officer, he was white, about 5’10” 165 pounds, brown hair and
    brown eyes.” Cop: “Well ma’am, that describes a lot of people. Was there
    anything else more unique that you can recall about him?” RV: “Oh yes, there is one
    other thing now that you mention it. He had a tattoo on the back of his right hand of a pelican with a patch over its left eye
    standing on one leg with a red rose in its mouth.” BUSTED!!!

  76. The author is a conformist lambasting conformists of a different sort. All his preoccupation with what the “job marketplace” expects is as much a sign of cultural degeneration as feminism.

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