Iranian Thot Patrol: Instagram Skank Rightfully Gets Jail Time For Subversion

A story going viral throughout social media over the weekend involves ‘oppression’ against women in Iran. A recent case of a dancing attention whore on social media being arrested for her lascivious behavior has many, even some people on the right, up in arms.

Iran has detained a teenager who made dance videos in her bedroom and then posted them on social media. Maedeh Hojabri, 18, had garnered 60,000 followers before her arrest and her offending Instagram account shut down.

A middlingly attractive Iranian Thot was regularly shaking her tits and ass on camera for attention. Her blasphemous acts raised the attention of Iranian authorities, who are especially sensitive to subversion after many Western-backed coup attempts over the years. They are exceptionally vigilant when it comes to keeping the poz out of their society.

The 19-year-old skank, Maedeh Hojabri wiggled her hips in her videos like a red light district hooker trying to win customers. She showed skin that only should be seen by her husband. She gazed at the camera with the sultry eyes of a pole dancer. Anyone who cares about turning the tide against global degeneracy should applaud this move by the Iranian mullahs.

Sadly, that has not been the reaction from Westerners. Feminism and the sexual liberation of women are the only Western values that remain in this Orwellian hellscape of a society. So-called conservatives look at thottish behavior and jump to defend it, deriding Islam for taking a stance that would also be in line with the writings of the Bible. It probably won’t be long until they are calling for another aggressive war for Israel for this harlot’s honor.

As can be clearly seen above, this thot has the air of feminism about her. Her boyish, masculine haircut downplays her natural attractiveness. Her baggy clothes hide the curves of her physique. She possesses no actual talent as her dancing is stilted and awkward, and she might as well just wear the burka and have a little class rather than dressing like an urban sodomite. Her ghetto aesthetic is offensive to all the senses.

This subversive apostate represents the worst of the Western culture. Attention whoring on social media for instant gratification can quite literally kill a civilization. Because women are rarely actualized human beings and have a difficult time grasping simple logic, they cannot resist the mobile phone apps designed by men to fulfill their base desires. Women will normalize this behavior as soon as they are given an opportunity, and it will spread like a plague unless consequences are enforced.

Rather than having an inner moral compass, the woman takes cues from society. If one woman can get away with brazenly flouting traditional customs, it can poison the well. Women will always get together and encourage their worst modes of behavior. It is the strong arm of the patriarchy that prevents this from happening. Women need the guidance and the strength that a sword-wielding Islamic despot can provide.

This won’t just end at tossing off burkas and guaranteeing basic freedoms for women in Iran. In and of itself, that would not be particularly objectionable, but it is in a woman’s nature to take, take, take until there is nothing left. Once they are empowered with rights they cannot handle and do not deserve, it is only a matter of time before the entirety of the culture is completely desecrated. Mohammad will be replaced with over-the-counter abortion pills. Modesty and submission will be replaced with the Persian equivalent of Oprah and Ellen. These women will still be on their knees five times a day, but not for prayer.

The Iranian mullahs deserve a great deal of credit for their social media crackdown and swift thot patrolling. They are actually conserving their culture against an existential threat. Hojabri should be preparing food, tending to a home, raising a family, and serving her man and her God instead of gyrating her youthful physique to please cock-stroking perverts thousands of miles away.

Only ruthless authoritarianism can hold back the gynocracy before the gendostate can be established. Technology and progress work in our favor toward making femininity obsolete, and thus breaking the hold of feminism and re-subjugating the woman, but authoritarianism is the necessary stopgap in the interim.

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198 thoughts on “Iranian Thot Patrol: Instagram Skank Rightfully Gets Jail Time For Subversion”

  1. I have to say, I support them in this. If they don’t police such conduct, soon their country will turn into a carbon country of my native Sweden. It’s only through a patriarchy that women can retain any dignity and beauty.

    1. Yes bring back patriarchy. You can start by conditioning men not to be so fkn thirsty for these mediocre-bodied, basic, dykish thots. In gen-x we used to shame these bitches because they were ugly af. There were enough thin pretty girls back then to completely blight out these fat unappealing freaks. Only reason these beastly thots are “famous” is because of the incel brigade giving them attention.

      1. Haha
        Ya it’s just thirsty dumb men.
        Then why does a sophisticated (((network))) make it so politically charged, broadcast and lobby for change of such things. This doesn’t just happen out of thin air.

        1. Well then revolt. No one is forcing you to comply. Your blameful shit is falling on deaf ears.
          Us gen-xers had no trouble getting laid. Nearly all the hot girls were pregnant and married right out of my high school. Even the ugly dorks got laid with other ugly dorky girls—there were no incels.
          You want to accept this shit and not do anything about it that’s on you.

        2. Haha,
          The hole in your logic is that these days what used to be the ugly dorky girls, and even some of what used to be “hot” girls are now chopping their hair off, dying it
          wildly unnatural colors, and getting tatted up. Rampant degeneracy, “gender fluidity,” and trendy homosexualism are a large factor in causing the incel problem. I’m not saying that a man is entitled to sex by his mere existence, but demographics matter…
          Personally, I’m thankful that I graduated long before the crazy got mainstream.

  2. Say what you want about the Religion of Pieces, but at least they know how to keep their women chaste.

    1. I’ve seen a Muslim woman get her hand touched by a homeless person who begged for money.
      Never in my life have I witnessed so many Muslims jump on someone.
      That scene alone made me understand that nationalistic/religious extremism is the only way men can keep women in check. Bitches know that in a system like that cheating ain’t worth it.

      1. This “girl” is borderline Bangkok ladyboy.
        She’s certainly nowhere stripper-hot, not is she a dancer. She’s just another bored female looking for inappropriate attention from minions of basement boys who masturbate like frenzied apes to such amateurish displays of gyrating hips.
        So, what are Maryam Nayeb Yazdi and other delusional feminists defending exactly? Her crime isn’t dancing, as they clumsily attempt to frame her display. Her crime is that she broke the law in the country in which she lives. If feminists are against the rule of law in such countries, they’re more than welcome to lobby the own Congress to declare war against these nations to export the feminists freedoms to the Patriarchal prisons such as Iran.
        However, rather than send our boys to do the hard, dirty work, I expect these feminists to be the first to sacrifice their own flesh and blood to leave home, career and family,, pick up a weapon and spend months on-end in and bleak, arid desert outpost fighting real men intent on destroying them. Let these feminists give up their blood, mangled limbs and bursts entrails on the battle field for their oppressed sisters around the world.
        Just don’t send a man to do woman’s work in this case. Either fight the real fight, feminists, or STFU!

        1. “However, rather than send our boys to do the hard, dirty work, I expect these feminists to be the first to sacrifice their own flesh and blood to leave home, career and family,, pick up a weapon and spend months …”
          OMG! PrepZ, you just nailed the “ungrateful” bitches !! Bless you!

    2. Riiiight. Because living in the 7th century, dressing your women in beekeeper suits and stoning people to death is so the way to go. Un-fucking-real the way some people think here.

      1. Riiiight. Because living in a Marxist utopia, dressing your purple-haired, over-tattooed, sterile thots up like street walkers and cutting off ur balls to be a “woman” is the way to go. Un-fucking-real the way some people think here.

        1. About the “cutting off ur balls” part, in Iran, tranny mutilations, or sex reassignement as the marxists call it, is legal and subsidized by the state.
          Iran is the 2nd country where there are the most tranny surgeries after Thailand.
          So a 18 yo female shaking her ass is degenerate, but a tranny, like the late “Mariam” Molkara who convinced Khomeiny to accept trannies and change their gender at civil registration, is perfectly legit…

      2. Dude, a civilisation that produces this (that’s an 8 year old boy by the way) is in no position to lecture anybody on anything. #morallybankrupt.

        1. What happened to “Deus Vuult” and all that? Is RoK Muzzie-friendly all of a sudden?

        2. Don’t you peoples have google ? Sex reasignement surgery is legal AND refunded by the state in Iran.

          It is their cure for homosexuality. Also, pedophilia is rampant in Iran, like in all muslim countries.

        3. This kind of unspeakable child abuse is rampant in the West, with no one daring to prosecute.
          Our poor children!
          Under Islam, its actually legal.
          Goats too, I heard. As long as they are female.

        4. So the western media condemns, although the occupying US military forces ignore, the Afghan practice of Barzi-boys – the forced feminization of male children sold into child-adult prostitution – but then the western media celebrates this? How is it acceptable for any child of this age, male or female, to be tarted up, and publicly dancing around provocatively in an overtly adult manner for an adult event audience? Since when exactly? The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire….

      3. @HerbieNoodle – That’s funny you mention the beekeeper suit. It’s one of Alex Jones’ favorite rants against islamic refugee hoards saying “Do we want our women in beekeper suits?” It’s kind of rediculous really, thinking whites would need beekeeper suits to tame and re-domesticate the feral white women because white men controlled their women for millennia without beekeeper suits.
        The beekeeper suit is for semitic desert Arab women and the suit has a dual purpose. The cloth covering is like a tarp or cover for your valuable property, kind of like a fitted cover for your mercruiser boat or for your vette. The beekeeper covering keeps the women from being bombarded by UV radiation, thereby preventing premature skin aging and the head covering also keeps their facial hairs and cranial head hairs degaussed and shielded so they don’t leak and transpond female brainwave ejecta.
        Yes did you know that the head hair follicles act as antennae and transponder rods? They can send signals like an insect’s antennae and hairs can also sense invisible and inaudiable information and static fields like a cat’s whiskers. They’re ANTENNAS dammitt.
        Powerful patriarch men in history and lucid men have all had large power beards. Psychics like Kenny Kingston had a large electrostatically charged bush of hair that looked like a fro. Einstein had one too.
        In times of patriarchy, THE MEN all peacocked their (antennae) hair while the women had their scalp under wraps. Colonial America was as far from feminism as any white society in history and you could marry a post pubescent 13yo menstruating girl for dowry and turn around and breed her like a barnyard sow. Now THAT’S patriarchy on a king sized cracker brah. And notice how during this colonial time men in political power all had big power beards and peacocking wigs while the women had a tight dutch cap from ear to ear – not a female hair to be seen outside the bedroom. So no, absolutely no beekeper suits are needed by the whites to keep their females in check. Just keep her head hair down spit flat and you control her better than a circumcized clown doing anal on her.
        SO, if a person objects to feminism or is anti-feminist, then this premise that they are pro Islam is idiotic. And fighting feminism doesn’t turn you into a semite brown clown either.
        Feminism isn’t an olive/brown skinned semitic issue. It’s a MAN’S issue. Fighting and slamming a trash can lid on feminism is something any race and any civilization has to do, that is, if that race/civilization wishes to remain on the cutting edge, defensable and not winding up orphaned and becoming a curtodial parcel under some competing power. A feminized civilization that falls under BlTCH RULE gets absorbed or annexed or pillaged by their neighbors.
        No, controlling your women is not just for brown/olive towelheads and towelheads do not posess exclusive licence to patriarchy. ALL BRAHS of all races have a God given right to be patriarchs and sieze dominion over your tribeswomen. SIEZE that right and it be yours. Refuse it and swallow your balls chump. And watch your reproductivity be choked to unsustainable levels while you cuck and forefit your natural offspring in lieu of pets and Haitian orphans.
        YOU MUST control your women to survive as a member of the human species. We are a patriarchal species. Only the insect bee or ant species is matriarchal with a big queen B egg sack that controls lesser and expendable worker insects.
        Every race of human has their own special way to control their women. A white man would look silly with a towel on his head and praying to Mecca as a solution to controlling his white women. That would be like a white guy dressing like a wigger and thinking it would improve his basketball game or that it would increase his ability to spit rapping rhymes. THERE IS a way for the white man to control his women and we did for millennia. Everyone must control their women each in their own special way.
        But for all mankind, the women’s hair must go DOWN or your culture and bloodline, everything gets flushed down the toilet.

        1. I see it now. Once women in the mid-1960s began wearing beehive hairdos, patriarchy began to crumble. Those things put out female ejecta like a 50,000 watt radio tower. It all makes sense. Thanks, McG.

        2. Civilization did not change for thousands of years, existing at the same level.
          Long ago, man had metallurgy, masonry, carpentry, domesticated animals, firearms, agriculture, etc. Right thru the 1700’s, we were dependent on muscle power. Horses were cutting edge.
          It was the invention of pTheseortable power that dramatically changed everything, Steam, coal, gas, electric, Our culture is energy dependent.
          These advances allowed us to have a civilization that could support the useless and non-productive.
          At first, this was directed to the aged and disabled, but now it is driven by politics, and used to buy the votes of the worthless and parasitic.
          Our own best motives are being used, dishonestly, to destroy us.

        1. Jew feminists are by far the ugliest. Bella Abzug – eeeeek!! I’d hate to be Jewish and have some rabbi tell me that I had to marry one of those. Plus jews with their universal dickchopping and all. Let thy schlong hang long – all the better to beat and control ye women with it.

    3. To keep their women chaste, they’ll need to confiscate their computers and cellphones, and punish them for cavorting around on the Internet via social media.
      It’s surprising (actually not so much) that in a day and age when women are absolutely equal to men with the same technological powers to create, build and implement new things to better they world or profit themselves using their computers and cell phones, they choose rather to whore themselves to the world for scant attention and fleeting fame. Worst, the stupidly give away their personas and souls to the masses without a dime in compensation. At least real whores at least get paid.

    4. @Chris, in what way you guys think you are different or any better than that “Religion of Pieces” !?
      I actually find a striking resemblance here! Both just keep on “popping out” in the name of GOD / religion !! Damn it !!

  3. Hahah funny pic only thing I don’t understand is how exactly the “white sharia” puts sluts in check or brutally crushes its enemies or stones thots or burns enemies alive hahaha, maybe in ur fantasies.

    1. It’s a meme.
      You’re like one of those people who “debunks” a metaphor… by taking it literally! Lol

  4. Sadly this article is spot on. To reverse the decline we must limit women’s rights at least to what is reasonable. To continue civilization and increase fertility we must empower men. Right now women have all the power and curbing it starts with shaming thots and drawing a legal line on women’s whoring and incitement. The next step is restoring men’s rights in marriage and their unassailable right to the children.
    I know this will happen when women start to be slightly harmed by the mgtow marriage strike. Men can blow their brains out by the tens of thousands and nobody cares but when women start to get inconvenionced that is when change start to happen.
    Stay strong gents and remember: No hymen no diamond. No fair laws then no fair damsels in distress will be married or even rescued.
    Sorry darling, your princess is in another castle.

        1. I do not believe that Bluepillprofessor is speaking from a Persian viewpoint – after all, in such a conservative society which believes in its own undiluted version of family roles, the “Men Going Their Own Way” movement and resultant “marriage strike” would be unnecessary – which therefore makes my point more emphatic: “Women and men have equal rights” is a fact, not an opinion. Nothing that I have written is an opinion, and what I have written most certainly does not give you the right to call for its (female) author to declare suicide.

      1. White lesbians should be PUT TO DEATH!!!! Tell the wambulance that ISUPK said so! We’re not afraid of no white man and his animistic white woman!

        1. Oh shut up. Yes you are. Cast the first stone then. You are all talk. Use your cane then, you’re able.

        2. Lesbianism is a hoax.
          Women saw faggots getting too much attention and they wanted in on it, so they invented “lesbianism” lol.
          “Hurr durr women can be gay too!!!”
          Ask any faggot: they’ll plow some man’s hairy ass over a Victoria Secret model ANY day.
          Ask any lesbian: they will all take a dick from time to time.
          Women confuse a dormant sex drive for “lesbianism”.
          Some bitches just have a high Stockholm syndrome threshold. Beyond it ANY woman will take dick.

      2. No right is reasonable for a woman to have.
        Rights entail responsibility.
        Women are incapable of being responsible.
        So rights are not appropriate for them.
        What is appropriate is patriarchy at end of a man’s fist.
        And “lesbians”forced into marriage, or drowned in some lake.

        1. Sigh… another (((troll))) trying to derail and divide this topic.
          The simple fact is Israel and the NWO consider Iran a threat.
          They will use any means possible to undermine and corrupt it.
          A society that is sick with purple haired ‘liberated’ freaks without a strong guiding moral/cultural compass is easily malleable and controllable by the (((usurpers)))
          Just look at western society as a prime example. We call these people backwards when we have gay pride parades and celebrate sex changes. We glorify cukkoldry and welcome the death of our heritage. We can’t agree on anything as a nation divided in fear and mistrust yet happily hand over all our rights to charlotans that promise to save us.
          They want hold outs like Iran to become as disgusting as us as to conquer them too.

        2. “No right is reasonable for a woman to have.
          Rights entail responsibility.
          Women are incapable of being responsible.
          So rights are not appropriate for them.”
          SPOT ON!

      3. Not true, and you know it.
        Women are never charged with their crimes anywhere near the same percentage as men. Even when convicted they average about 20% of the sentence men get for the same crime.
        95% of work place deaths are men.
        99% of military deaths are men.
        Even if a husband is attacked and visibly injured by his wife, HE will be arrested.
        Try pn divorce rape and tell us sbout fairness, eh?
        You are spouting lies and ptopaganda, and have to know it.

      4. A contrarian eh,
        You would have to be grotesquely stupid to believe that. Women are privileged above men. Men have NO rights to even their own children they have conceived. Only the woman decides whether the child lives or the man becomes a pauper for 18 years supporting her. No feminist cries for equality are heard.
        Men who are not even the dad are FORCED by law to support children who are proven to not be theirs. No feminist cries for equality are heard,
        Men are commonly divorce raped, with women being the filers 70% plus of the time.
        95% of workplace deaths are men. No feminist calls for equality are heard,
        99% of military deaths are men. No feminist calls for equality are heard.
        When domestic violence occurs, it is standard practice to arrest the male, even when the woman was the perp and the man has visible injuries from her attack. No feminist cries for equality are heard.
        What I wrote is only the tip of the iceberg, Feminism is a hate crime, a form of racism. It is not about equality, but supremacy.
        If you really believe what you wrote, you are probably blinded by hate, which seems to be your justification, and also what motivates you to deny reality.

  5. Man, I watched one of her videos. This intervention really is for her own good. I wish there was some kind of cringe-inducing machine they could punish and reform her with.

  6. “was reportedly arrested. Her crime is dancing!”
    Complete misrepresentation of what really transpired. The girl wasn’t arrested for dancing at all. If she’d dance in the privacy of her own home without bothering anybody nobody would bat an eye. The point is that she was behaving sexually provocative and broadcasting it to many people – most likely to many young impressionable girls. By arresting her the authorities of that country simply communicated that this behaviour isn’t socially acceptable.

  7. “Attention whore,” “Thot” (= That Ho Over There), “like a red light district hooker,” “harlot,” “no actual talent,” “she might as well just wear the burka,” “ghetto aestethic,” “subversive apostate,” “an existential threat,” “should be preparing food.”
    All of these terms were used – not by myself, but by James Taylor – to describe Miss Hojabri, as a byproduct of choosing to express her individuality in modern-day Iran. I have not laughed so hard since Stuart Broad took 8 for 15 at Trent Bridge!

    1. Listen here you fvxing sodomite and WHORE OF BABYLON! The white woman is nothing but a vessel for HIV, destruction and sexual immorality that would make Sodom and Gomorrah look like heaven for the virtuous. We at ISUPK pray that Iran’s general hangs, beheads and chops up that white little Arabian wh0re into pieces of meat and feed it to the d0gs that the white woman uses as a sezual partner.
      Iran and China should also send a nuke to America and Canada and burn these sodomites in a blazing fire!

        1. You just couldn’t defend your statements, could you?
          As racist Ohater would say, “Typical liberal”
          Liberalism is the Religion of Hate. It is logically and morally indefensible. Its only defense is by lies, and attacks. Lies are the haters only friend. Attacks because when you have no moral or rational basis, attacks are all that is left. Or, as you would say, “blah, blah, blah”
          Very intelligent and insightful, BTW

      1. @ISUPK
        Guess what genius – Iranian’s are Persians – NOT Arabs.
        Persians are Caucasians from central Asia whilst Arabs come from the Arabian peninsula. Incidentally, Islam came from the Arabian peninsula.

    2. What a convoluted way to say your feels are hurting.
      Let me guess; you’re a humanities academic?
      lol you oxygen thief.

    3. Her individuality? Please explain how her videos are different than any other insecure, attention seeking female on instagram.

        1. A big difference? Really? Because you say so? Any logical arguments?
          I agree with you that there are big differences between the cultures, but just saying so is not a viable tactic.
          You need to support your statements with logic…..and lots of exclamation points don’t count

        2. @ a contrarian viewpoint: Fucckk offf you bittch diike piece of shitt. No women or homosexuals allowed or wanted here. so doubly fucck off.

  8. I’m pretty sure those Iranian mullahs watch Jesse Lee Peterson on Youtube, and they said “hell to the fuckin’ no”.

    1. Why is it that a soldier of Allah hasn’t yet intervened in one of these cultural abortions? May the Lord prevent me from having daughters SMH.

  9. Whatever the faults of Muslims, I can respect that they take women, Jews, and homos literally.

  10. “This subversive apostate represents the worst of the Western culture. Attention whoring on social media for instant gratification can quite literally kill a civilization. Because women are rarely actualized human beings and have a difficult time grasping simple logic, they cannot resist the mobile phone apps designed by men to fulfill their base desires. Women will normalize this behavior as soon as they are given an opportunity, and it will spread like a plague unless consequences are enforced.
    Rather than having an inner moral compass, the woman takes cues from society. If one woman can get away with brazenly flouting traditional customs, it can poison the well. Women will always get together and encourage their worst modes of behavior.”
    Well now, that sums up why worldwide we are where we are in terms of societal degradation and perversion. Couple that with feminisms alliance with the mentally ill fringe of similar styled sexual perversions…and you get the foul declining human race in the state we are in now.
    The thing is, MEN and only men can turn this around, and NO I am not talking about the beta phaggotsoibois culture that is spreading and enabling the perversion to reach an unparalleled destructive infection level. Sadly this can only go one way given the lack of spine and willpower of sane men to actually confront this and overcome it. Societal collapse, but at least if sane men make it out the other side of it, they will know what to make sure of behaviors to not ever allow to manifest again….or not. humanity repeats itself in its genocidal errors.

  11. The simple fact that this act got so much media coverage is an indication that we are just given a taste of the things to come. In the next 5 years Iran will be culturally “enriched” and this girl will become a celebrity. The effect is in fact double, as it promotes Islam to the Christian countries as a solution that will put women back in the kitchen.
    But the reality is that currently Iran is spared the liberation of women as Israel needs the fundamental Islamic boogeyman to justify the generous free money and military support they get from the gullible USA. But this is likely to change as geopolitical epicenter is moving East.
    It looks like Russia will be the new guard dog for Israel judging from the way the Syrian war is unfolding.

    1. Syria’s a failed state. Certainly no threat to a pint-sized superpower like Israel. And Israel has already blasted the Iranian’s out of Syria–or at least rendered them harmless. And Israel has no need for a guard dog–she’s already the biggest dog (militarily speaking) by far in a very bad neighborhood. And regarding military technology needs, Israel knows that US technology, not worn out cold war era, cheap ass Russian tech, is the gold standard.

      1. If Israel is such a big dog it is curious why they always need someone else to do the big boys work for them and can’t not even deal with stone throwing Palestinians.

      2. Nope. You’re giving Israel credit for what Russia did. Hillary was absoutely insane for advocating a no-fly zone over Syria (basically a big middle finger to Russia, the only others flying there) during the 2016 Presidential Elections. Russia actually deployed their single aircraft carrier to the Eastern Medd, and now that they have reestablished order they also have a forward base there.

        1. “Hillary was absoutely insane for advocating a no-fly zone over Syria (basically a big middle finger to Russia, the only others flying there) during the 2016 Presidential Elections. ”
          The one sensible thing Hillary proposed. Should have shot down any Russian or Iranian aircraft that tried to cross it. Russia’s sole operating carrier is a broken-down Cold War joke. Anyhow, Russia is a third-rate world power with a GDP smaller than that of the Netherlands (or the US state of California). Much like Italy in the 1930s, it’s allowed to strut around like a world power only because other real world powers allow it to. And Putin is a new millennium Mussolini. Failure to put Mussolini’s Italy in its box helped lead to WW2. Failure to put Putin’s Russia in its box may do the same. The worst thing you can do is make a petty tyrant feel like he has carte blanche.

        2. Herbie,
          Sure, they couldn’t bring the fight to our shores currently, but both Russia and China could easily take out a US Carrier Strike Group if they wanted to. So if we piss either off we’d lose access to all that sweet black nectar from the Middle East.

        3. We’d (maybe) lose a strike group–though it would be next to impossible to do with conventional weapons. They’d lose their navies. So the black gold would keep on flowing–and we’d still have access to it.

      3. Wrong pal. Israel is a tiny state, with tiny population, in a strategically terrible location. Israel’s entire population is about equivalent to the population of a single large metropolitan city in another major state. This means Israel cannot demographically, politically, or culturally (due to religious reasons) absorb major sustained combat losses of their manpower. Israel is dependent on the US – for annual welfare cash, welfare technology transfers, welfare subsidized armaments and complete political protection at the United Nations. Israel is all about projecting an IMAGE of strength – the reality is that Israel is far more precarious than they want to appear – ever heard the saying – empty vessels make the loudest noises.

        1. That’s why Israel’s military is configured to make sure that the enemy nation sustains the big combat losses. 1948, 1967, 1973–Israel defeats multiple Arab nations. 1982, Syria, with state of the art Soviet weapons, got the spanking of its life from Israel. Time magazine in 1982 called Israel the 4th most militarily powerful nation in the world, after the US, USSR and China. And it has several hundred nukes, just for really formal occasions. What can the primitive-assed Iranians or broken-down Syrians (anybody, really) do about a nation like that. Deal with the facts, pal.

      4. @herbie noodlehead
        Russian technology is advanced cutting edge technology, and not “cold war era cheap ass” crap. In fact Russia leads the world in missile and electronic warfare technology; and is still the number 2 military power in the world.

      5. @Herbie Noodleman (Nudelman)
        Really? Post 1993 the continuous casualty rate of Israeli soldiers in South Lebanon, in the Israeli occupied zone, began to sap Israeli public support for the continued occupation of south Lebanon. This was result of the occupation resistance militia Hezbollah and they very clearly illustrated that Israel cannot politically sustain, or socially cope, with even low level, but consistent, IDF personnel losses – a few dozen a year in South Lebanon was all it took for Israel to unconditionally withdraw in 2000. Israel is obsessed with projecting an image of regional strength – exactly because there is such a strategically vulnerable foundation to that state.

        1. Casualties sap the will of even states with large populations. The US experiences in Indochina and the 2nd Iraq war bear this out. And even relatively minor losses sapped Soviet will in Afghanistan

        2. Almost forgot. Israel thought South Lebanese Christian militias could control the region south of the Litani river. Israel was wrong. Rare but that does happen. But after the drubbing inflicted by Israel on Hezbollah (and Lebanon) in 2006, the region has been quiet. Sad to see all the anti-Israel sentiment (and white-knighting for Russia and Iran) on RoK. I realize many of the posters are Eurotrash, but the Americans should know better. Israel for all its western faults is an oasis of civilization in a desert of savagery and ignorance. And (if you are are Christian) keep in mind that the Second Coming is predicated on the existence of Israel.

  12. Sad how young women anywhere will sexual themselves for attention. She should be in school learning how to think with what’s between her ears and not with what between her legs. I have no sympathy for overt fame whores. Roosh is right, shaking your ass in front of a camera is not “dancing”.

    1. So that’s “your girl” there, eh, “Rooshie Boy”?
      Lol You one to talk about skanks, sluts and hoes you WHORE-MONGERER.
      No classy woman of actual quality is going to tolerate your fornicating ways.
      Make up your mind what you want like a *MAN* mi boy.
      ~ Bro. Jed

      1. Always one male feminist to crawl out of the muck to spout their crap on an article like this. I used to think leeches were bad in the wild, but they ain’t shit to male feminists/white knights.

      2. @Jed…,
        “classy woman” !?? Do you even know what you are talking about, you dumb ass !??
        Roosh talks about skanks, sluts, whores, hypergamous pussies, etc.; because they are like that !!
        Talking about a whore doesn’t make Him “whorish” !! Commenting about sluts doesn’t mean He is patronizing the “slutty” !!
        And you talk about “classy woman” !! you dumb ass !!

        1. Hey, we all know how many “classy women of high quality” there are among Jed’s ethnic group. I highly doubt he knows much about the topic.

      3. It’s in the white woman’s nature to use her smelly pussy as an apparatus for an animal like a dog or h0rse to fuxk her while sending the police to shoot down a man for complimenting her nakedness on the street. The white woman is nothing but a female demon that wrecks havoc on the earth. God should send millions of Chinese, Russian and Indian soldiers into America to chop off every white whore’s head in the most savage way possible. God hates you white people!

        1. Shut up! You wish you were white… If given the option everybody in this planet would chose to be white. This is the bitter truth sorry. It’s not your fault but it’s not mine either

        2. @isupk,
          Enough of trollng, bitch! Go and relax with a dildo (courtesy of MEN) !!
          Do not try to poke! white MEN are capable enough to control their females and they don’t need anyone’s help. Remember, it is just matter of time.

    2. “…certainly a Soros or deep state op.”
      You are 100% right Roosh. I normally refer those kind of characters as “vested interests” !!

    3. Could have been an opportunity for an Iranian flag, but your answer is “would not bang”.

    4. This is basic psych-warfare op – it is just usual US soft power (media) demonization of Iran to western public – using ‘women’s oppression’ as the narrative hook. Why this right now? Because in bigger picture, right now, US is trying to completely strangle Iran’s economy, by putting sanctions on Iranian crude oil exports and actually threatening third party buyers like China and India with sanctions too. The current US state policy being to expand economic warfare against Iran, in attempt to create sufficient economic hardship to trigger mass social unrest and resentment inside Iran to destabilize the Iranian state leadership – regime change by economic policy.
      Note: there is no such thing as ‘viral news’ it is just marketing to sell another idea or product.

    5. Roosh, did you plan to move to Iran? It’s a patriarchy that stands for many things you support (definitely more than Western countries) and your roots are there. Besides, once patriarchy is back again in the West, the immigrants, even the descendants of immigrants, will be sent back to their countries of origin anyway.

  13. “Anyone who cares about turning the tide against global degeneracy should applaud this move by the Iranian mullahs”
    “Only ruthless authoritarianism can hold back the gynocracy before the gendostate can be established. Technology and progress work in our favor toward making femininity obsolete, and thus breaking the hold of feminism and re-subjugating the woman, but authoritarianism is the necessary stopgap in the interim.”
    This article has all the hallmarks of a psy-op
    If you need proof just look at the picture of Bhagdadi placed above the “virtues” of Sharia. Have a read of those virtues, and if you aren’t retarded see if you can work out what is being done here.

  14. This is what western feminists need to be concerned with instead of 1st world problems like “manspreading”, “slut shaming”, and the apocryphal wage gap.
    But they’re too focused on virtual signaling and “islamophobia”.

      1. I’d extend that sentiment to the gays, lesbos, trannies, and all the other deviants under that rainbow of an acronym… except the bi girls. Otherwise, how else would we ever get bangin’ M[insert x number of Fs here] x-somes?

  15. The dumpster fire that is Islam gets one thing right, at least. Their women are kept under control, and for that I salute them.

    1. Says the white man whose white women are mentally ill STD/HIV vessels of filth who have sews with d0gs, h0rses, babies and anything they can put inside their smelly pussy!

    2. Yeah, bullshit. You can fundamentally abhor Islam (and should) but understand that some of their principles are sound. Classic family unit, man head of household, women on a VERY short leash. (We’ve seen what happened when they are unrestrained), etc.
      You can disagree with their backwards ass 6th century dogma and not lose sight of the tenets of the religion that work if your IQ is above room temperature, yours clearly is not.
      Just like I can like certain aspects of the Democrat political platform but realize the party has been hijacked by completely insane leftist lunatics. Islam is in a similar dilemma but has been for centuries longer, basically.
      tl;dr— separate the message from the messenger

    3. Except the author sounds like a Joo:
      James (((Miller))) is a political strategist and policy intellectual from (((New York City))). He is the founder and president of the James Miller Foundation.
      Atleast the Joos in Israel have their Haredi sect to keep a certain # of Jooesses in check. The white race is silent and in fear when their white women take a pooch’s cawk in her holes.

      1. The Hasidic Jews are plan B for when the liberal jews miscegenate themselves out of existence from drinking their own kool-aid.

      2. And just what the hell is the “James Miller Foundation”? Some fake letterhead he printed up on the laser printer at work when no one was watching. Reckon I’ll set up the Herbie Noodelman Foundation. Donations accepted!

      3. Note: Miller(English)/Mueller(German) is not a Jewish name – it is traditional Anglo-Saxon name. For centuries every Anglo-Saxon town had a Miller whose vocation/business was to mill the farmer’s annual harvests.

    4. I would take a traditional Christian state vs an Islamic state any day, but if the choice is Traditional Islam vs total Marxist anarchy, I don’t know I just might take the first

    5. Israel is very anti Iran. NWO is very anti strong uncorrupted countries like Iran.
      User Hoos has written posts on several topics that make me believe he is on team z1onist.
      Beware and look deeper into users that try to muddy the waters on topics like these and critically think, what could be their agenda.

  16. America wages war in the Middle East, and if America dare touches Iran by sending these feminist mercenaries into Iran for regime change, China and Russia will send blazing fire down to America and Canada!

  17. This article was written by a inferior dirty Muslim mud blood. The only thing I got out of it was the pleasant memory of dropping JDAMs on them, their women and their crotch fruit.

    1. @Haji killer
      You dumb fuck piece of shit. Roosh is Iranian, not arab. you never bombed Iran assshole. and Iranians like Roosh are White caucassian Aryans you stupid uneducated piece of cowardly shiit. and I say cowardly, because dropping bombs is a cowardly way to fight.Especially against such minor countries. It’s like America invading Oregon.

  18. She could try working as a prostitute in Iran, but I suspect she wouldn’t be a good earner. Yes, there is legal “prostitution” there. Go to the bordello, arrange a marriage fee. The imam pimp performs an Islamic marriage then you get to bump uglies. When done, you say three times “I divorce you” in accordance with Islamic law. Loopholes are amusing.

    1. If only this “When done, you say three times “I divorce you”” were universally accepted and courts need not be involved.

      1. Red neck divorce is simple…Pull over and open the door and kick her out saying “get out of my truck”…but we all know that simplicity is never accepted by vagina owners. At least rednecks tried to follow the same simplicity principle the Islamic law does.

    2. As someone who has visited Iran once before, the women are much prettier than you will see in any European origin country. It was really surprising. Persian girls are pretty hot, and not overweight. However, all the neo-rednecks who probably have never even left the USA will disagree.

  19. Hold on a minute. While this article is correct that a society must control and regulate their women in order to survive, it must be done BY the society, not Big Brother. Authoritarianism is NEVER a good long term solution. This article almost seems like something sneaked in by a far left infiltrator, who will then point to it and proclaim RoK is full of Nazis, because honestly, with the calls for authoritarianism, it does sound disturbingly Nazi/fascist. Any power you hand the government will eventually be turned against you. Don’t feed the monster.

    1. How can anyone say that this website is filled with H1tler admirers when we have a Black supremacist group calling for the death and beheading of every skanky white female in America?

  20. These psy-ops are attempting to get cleverer, but they just get more ridiculous. By now its common knowledge that: USA is retarded, Israel has its own agenda for geopolitical control (really domination), Russia is not bad, nor is it that good, and that Syria, Iran, and North Korea are the only three remaining countries not completely under Bolshevik/Marxist/Globalist/Jewish control. Take what you see at nothing more than face value. Follow Occam’s Razor and use logic to determine your opinions and actions. I’m willing to bet this girl did more than just “dancing” to get arrested, if all that is true.
    The ministry of propaganda will never run out of material to sway the sheeple into subservience and further-entrenched slavery unless we expose the psy-op and stop giving them more. The only things any of you should be doing if commenting is expose the degeneracy, the hegelians, explain manipulation in the media, and name those who do not allow themselves to be criticized, and chastise all blue-pillers/sleepers that refuse to wake up.

    1. LL,LL
      North Korea is a COMMUNIST STATE. It’s dictator, Kim Jong Un, is head of the COMMUNIST PARTY (“Workers Party”). The entire economy is nationalized. There’s a red star in the flag. Wow. Just. Wow.

  21. My support.
    I actually have no shame in admitting that life in traditional Iran is far superior to life in the debased and morally reprehensible western culture.

    1. When I was young and dumb I dated a Persian girl.
      She was like in a completely different dimension of femininity compared to Western thots. I’ve never viewed Western thots tje same since.
      Yeah I was young.
      The dumb part was dumping her.

  22. Lets hope that she gets the death penalty for some equality. I would personally spit on her grave after her mutilated carcass is buried and then I would desecrate her grave by throwing gasoline on it and lighting it on fire and laugh at this filthy whore.

    1. She was just dancing you psycho. Pull your head in.
      I see my last comment was removed. This site Is transparent in its click bait, but massiveky irresponsible to encourage this misogyny. This guy sounds like Elliot roger ffs.
      Anti-dancing/music/singing laws in Iran are not a gendered thing, but haram for all Muslims.
      and the fuck heads here defend islam, like theyre leftists.
      Anything to make a buck ey Roosh.

  23. Good job Iran. I wish we could do the same thing to our Russian thots who have gone out of control from the day 1 of FIFA world cup.

  24. regardless if i think the dancing attention whores are good or bad, im a man that believes in freedom before anything else. if this bitch wants to behave like a braindead skank thats her problem. non of my business.

    1. It is your problem, coz if you can’t maintain a bitch then ur a cuckcindent waiting to happen.

  25. …Because prison is justifiable for dancing.
    You fucking idiots. Supportive of Islam, just like the feminists and SJW’s are.
    Click bait nonsense horseshit of an article from a guy who looks like he could get laid in a brothel.

    1. Aww I’m so sorry Iran made sluts illegal. Those bad mean Ayatollas. You should kvetch to Benjamin Netanyahu, he will hear ur sob story and maybe even kiss your boo boos better again by asking Trump to bomb Iran. Then you will never again need to be triggered by those evil freedom-hating Persians.

  26. Before criticizing or applauding I always look at the society of where such an event takes place. In comparison Japan also has tons and tons of similar women, no to mention the entire porn industry, but how do I know is wrong if Japan is light years ahead from economic point of view than most countries that like to keep women “in check”? I mean, how do we exactly quantify the entire thing to tell good from bad? Shouldn’t the development of the actual country be a major decision factor?

    1. Yeah but Japan is sterile.
      A modern high tech economy is a big fat nothing if you can’t keep it.
      Feed women too much and they turn into sterile sluts.
      Don’t be a comfort cuck.

  27. This is why Western men gave women 2 much power! It puts most men under a spell (acting like a hoe) where it’s great that Iran has laws like this and discourage such low life behaviour!
    Why do you think immigrants assault women like this… cause they dress like a piece of meat hence gets treated like one!

  28. Dude’s so triggered by lesbians. What kind of dude who is actually banging hot bisexual chicks (no chicks are straight) gives two shits about the fact there are some lesbians. Female sexuality is different than men’s so of course lesbians are going to have less sex than gay dudes. That being said there are plenty of men who will sleep with any chick. Stop being a triggered little baby bitch over the fact some lesbians don’t want to fuck you. Move on. Facts of life.

    1. Lol triggered by what I said?
      Nah, lesbianism is by no means natural for a woman. It’s a delusion of women who are deprived of male authority for too long. They go dormant and mistake their lack of sex drive for “lesbianism”. Little do they know they’ll heat up like a kettle once an aggressive man comes along. That’s why they love Islam so much.
      And if ur banging some bitch and you let her “sleep” with other women you are definitely a cuck. It’s only a matter of time before she “experiments” with another man’s dick behind your back. And the egg will be on your face.

  29. Was thinking ‘would bang’ before vid, but she’s got a near-vag tattoo, nose ring, and dances to rap, so No. She’s had some cocks. Not too fat for me, but on other standards… She’ll give you the hiv (here pronounced “hihvvv”).

  30. 1. Where was the father? This sort of thing should not be the concern of any government. It is a father’s responsibility.
    2. These people need to respect the free market. The girl was making bank. Good for her. If the father’s not doing his job, at least there’s money being made.

  31. I sense a bit of pro Islam sentiments in a few articles lately.
    Not dying sharia will save the west…but,
    Sharia will save the west.

  32. It is for her good if her online accounts are deleted. I do not have a Tinder or Instigram account and have no desire to. I do not plan on getting a Twitter account since it is filled with sexualy immoral people. Or to be bluntly whoremongers and whores. Roosh is enough to prove this point. I can not stand the hypocrisy of the whoremongers on this site. They want her to suffer while they are sexualy immoral and even suffer from stds (ironic). I can not stand the entitlement here either. For example the mentality that says my idea of vacation is going to a foreign country to have sex but by God no Western woman should travle. Ps I think women might be safer sometimes vacationing with one guy. Or the idea of wanting a hot girl but she better not think I need to be useful to her life and know how to fix things and she better not have a issue with me living with my parents and can not economicaly take care of myself. Ps I know some of you are the exception of the rule. For your sake I hope a liberal that happens to be smart will not make the case this site is full of incels or there is racism even racism from nonwhites toeard indo european women.

  33. Her videos were pretty cringe.
    She’s definitely not much to look at.
    But holy fuck she knows how to use those hips.
    Makes me wanna bang her.
    I can see why an Islamic country would have a problem with this.
    If ur an ugly chic, just get a nice body and learn how to dance, you could momentarily fool a man just long enough to fuck you. It might be ur only shot.

  34. You realize you are being punked, Don’t you?
    Look up the James Miller Foundation in NYC and there’s only a faked Facebook page.

  35. If they’re so downtrodden over there, why does every one of these broads have a slut-tatt peeking up from below the waist of their muffin tops?

  36. Once upon a time, Western women used shaming to discourage each other from engaging in slutty provocative behavior like this. They didn’t do it from any sense of morality, it was female catty competition. But it worked. Now we have the Kardashian whore, who became famous for sucking blakk dikk on video, meeting with the President in the Oval Office. Weak and thirsty American men lowered the bar by accepting whores and sluts into polite society.

  37. Why don’t they simply block Instagram, YouTube and the rest?
    These technologies were seemingly created to initiate young females into immoralities long normalized in the west, by feminism.
    China knows this all too well, and blocks any toxic western platforms they cannot control… Consequently you don’t see Chinese teen skanks jumping on instagram to show their racks at 16… They even have an army of netizens who scold the shit out of any idiots who attempt on their own platforms. China leads by example.
    Iranian authorities should adopt this strategy and save themselves the trouble of physically arresting anyone one and having freedom-mongers on the street backed up by a myriad of western BS

  38. I’ll never be on the side of censorship, she may not be a great dancer or even hot, but she still should be able to upload her shit to instagram without the thought police dragging her out of her house to incarcerate, beat and torture her.

  39. This ‘viral news’ of ‘dancing Iranians’ is just another CIA/Mossad psych-op to further indoctrinate western public in the demonization of Iran – and prepare western public for ever more US economic and political warfare against Iran. In bigger picture, right now, the US is attempting to destroy Iranian economy, by crippling Iranian crude oil exports on international markets via sanctions schemes and sanctions threats against all third party states like China and India that import Iranian crude. The US based Neo-Conservative clique that runs US foreign policy seriously wants war with Iran, because Neo-Cons are mostly dual US-Israeli citizen’s and Iran is Isreal’s primary regional enemy (after Iraq was taken out for them). The timing of these psych-op’s is very telling – as comes just as US/Israel have finally been defeated in their proxy war against Iran’s key regional ally Syria. US/Israel are giving up on their proxy war against Syria and redirecting their regional efforts directly against Iran itself. Iran is a huge country that has been artificially held down by US sanctions for decades, in ancient times Persia was the dominant power between Central Asia and Middle East, and battled with ancient Greece for control of Asia Minor for many decades – that suppressed and dormant Iranian power is why Israel fears Iran so much.

  40. This young lady is not doing anything that women have not done for eons, that is attracting a bit of attention to herself. She is just using the tools available to her and in this case it is social media. Her dancing for the camera is quite mild and she does show some promise should she decide to join the ballet or other dance troupe. There are far worse examples of degeneracy which come to mind. If she is out of line with the social norms of her society then it is the duty of her parents to set her straight, but this is not a role in which the local police should be involved.
    The reaction of the mullahs is barbaric and will only serve to further inflame the Iranian people against the brutality of their regime.
    On the other hand, you say nothing about the young Iranian girls forced into prostitution due to the collapse of the Iranian economy, the massive corruption of the Mullahs and the Islamic kleptocracy. That is the real degeneracy of their society and not a young girl showing off her dance moves.

  41. Aside from the hilarious misogynist article which is probably fuelled by the attractiveness of the woman this is a non-story. The gal’s hot but she looks like a typical switch-hitting nutjob. A woman that attractive does not flaunt herself in public especially in such a way unless there’s a chemical imbalance. The reaction of the towel heads highlights how backward the Middle East still is and how it won’t last. No one can deprive human nature forever.

  42. Wait I thought the femnazi cunts wanted shari law…. Cant have it both ways.
    Sorry I do not feel sorry for anyone. She was not beaten just arrested. This is their culture and religion and I respect it. It is not for me and I do not want Shari law here unlike the femnazi bitches but I do not feel we need to wage a war on them over this either. Another words men should die for her right to dress like a ghetto black and post photo for likes and then call the same guys she wants to die fighting for her creepy for liking her photos

  43. she’s not normal. and that is dancing? anyway her short hair is a complete turn off, her face i understand she can’t change, but making herself uglier with that haircut is her fault

  44. What’s funnily absurd is those women who jump right away to defend such whorish acts by other women, AND they end up getting all mad/pissy at their boyfriends/husbands for looking at/admiring and j**king off to these other whorish-acting women. Or worse, cheating on them with these whores (whom they fiercely defend their right to be whores!).
    It’s women who are more harmed by the immodesty & sexual degeneracy of other women, not men.
    Some (or most) men benifit from women’s immodesty/sexual degeneracy (easy sex), but women are always harmed by women’s immodesty/sexual degeneracy.

  45. Disgusting, ugly THOT living in a shitty Mudslime garbage heap. Who gives a fuck? To hell with her and to hell with Mullahs.

  46. Great article!
    I’ve been waiting for something like for a long time since realizing that islamists and manosphere have surprisingly lot in common. Much more so than with any other group I’d say.
    Sure there are some aspects in Islam that are questionable but for the most part our goals are the same and our enemies are common.
    We should embrace islamists instead of despising them and try to find a way to work side by side to achieve world wide patriarchy and when that goal is achieved, we should start re-shaping the world and get rid of all degenerate and rotten pieces in our societies that have been caused by wacko leftists whose regime has been going on for far too long already.
    A new dawn has to come and soon or there will be nothing but eternal darkness ahead until the end of a mankind.

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