5 Reasons Why The Gender Pay Gap Is Bogus

Years ago, I took a class in women’s studies. It started when I was talking to this girl at the campus bar:

Girl: Are you a feminist?
Me: No
Girl: You don’t believe in the equality between men and women?
Me: Of course I do
Girl: Then you’re a feminist
Me: Do you believe in the equality between men and women?
Girl: Of course I do
Me: What remains unequal?
Girl: The gender pay gap for one and—
Me: What about dating?
Girl: What about dating?
Me: Men predominantly paying for dates and going for the first kiss, taking on more risk of rejection. Do you find that equal?
Girl: No and I don’t like it
Me: You never let the guy pay for a date?
Girl: Never
Me: When was the last time you went for the first kiss?
Girl: I kissed a girlfriend at last week’s party
Me: And a guy that you were actually interested in?
Girl: Hmm….
Me: I want another drink. This round is on me.
Girl: Didn’t I just say that I don’t let guys pay for me?
Me: So get the round after

There was some good tension and she eventually went for the first kiss. We had some fun, one thing led to another and I ended up taking a women’s studies course as an elective. At the time, I didn’t know much about the subject and I was actually open to learning more about it. It involved some reading, writing, and giving presentations, things that came easy to me.

The gender pay gap was one of our first topics. Everyone in that class believed it and no one bothered to do any research of their own. We’ve been hearing about this for years starting in high school. To this day, the ‘sexist’ gender pay gap is still taught in schools across North America and it is repeated by the majority of mass media.

Later when I started doing research of my own, all of the raw data showed otherwise. What has been presented was partial and biased. Evidence started piling up against this myth since the 90’s, but feminists still continue to repeat it and rally together every year on ‘Equal Pay Day’. With any type of inspection, we find that this phenomenon has nothing to do with sexist discrimination. Here are five major areas that contribute to the difference in raw and net wage:

1. Women work less and opt for more benefits

In 2009, the US Department of Labor commissioned an Analysis of Reasons for the Disparity in Wages Between Men and Women. This report analyzed recent data from the Census Bureau, Department of Labor and reports from other major institutions regarding the subject, totalling more than 50 peer-reviewed papers.

The findings were:

1. More women work part-time and part-time work tends to pay less than full-time work.
2. More women leave the labor force for child-birth and child care.
3. The pay gap focuses on raw yearly wages. Total compensation is more accurate than raw wages as women prefer to take a greater portion of their compensation in the form of health insurance and other fringe benefits (such as pensions).
4. The pay gap is closer to 4.8-7.1 percent as opposed to the ’75 cents on the dollar’ figure that gets thrown around.

Gender pay gap women work less

In the 2007 Bureau of Labor statistics, it showed that 27% of full-time working males and only 15% of full-time working females worked 41 hours or more per week. 4% of men and 12% of women work 35-39 hours a weeks. You can’t expect to put in fewer hours, receive more benefits, and get paid the same raw wage. Canada has similar government data.

2. Wage gap data between men and women in the same field is presented with bias

The data above only shows the raw wage gap between men and women in general. It doesn’t even compare men and women working in the same field. The occupational categories used to compare earnings in the same field are ridiculous.

For example, physicians and surgeons are grouped together. Under this broad category, women only earn 64% as much as men (and sometimes it’s presented as female doctors only make 64% of what male doctors make). However, surgeons tend to significantly out earn pediatricians/general practitioners and women only make up 16% of surgeons. This trend can be seen across other “occupational categories” as well, and the vast majority of flawed comparisons are conducted this way.

Even the most recent comparison between male and female physicians only examined the yearly raw wage. Total hours worked was completely ignored. A reasonable person would think that is at least somewhat relevant. It seems that the data presented is always partial and biased in some manner.

Gender pay gap same field

When you compare unmarried and childless women with men in the same circumstances, women earn 8% more in general. This gap no longer exists when you compare women and men of the same education level, but the comparisons still falls under the broad occupational categories. Jobs with a higher economic demand pays more and women tend to avoid these choices. These higher paying jobs generally have more demanding (and often unpleasant) hours and require more technical training (cardiac surgeon vs. part-time pediatrician, for example).

3. Women consistently fall behind men in the work place

The most comprehensive study on this subject was conducted by Claudia Goldin and Lawrence Kats of Harvard and Marianne Bertrand of the University of Chicago. They followed around 2500 MBA graduates between 1990 and 2006.

gender pay gap women fall behind

After graduation, men and women earned the same. But over the next 10 years, women fell behind because they had children (more women also took marketing courses while more men took finance courses that paid more). By the 10 year mark, about half of the women with children were working full-time. This was complete with career interruptions due to the children. On the other hand, almost all of the male graduates were still working full-time. Women chose to spend more time with child care and domestic life. This is a simple trade-off—you choose what appeals more to you.

4. Dangerous jobs men work pay higher wages

Men work more dangerous jobs, work longer hours, and experience more unemployment

Between 2007 and 2010, men have lost 7.4 million jobs while women only lost 3.9 million jobs. Women now make up the majority of the work force.

While women now make up the majority, 92% of workplace fatalities happen to men. In the same census data, it showed that out of approximately 256 billion total work hours, 56% was contributed by men (despite having lower employment rate than women in 2010). Can you imagine the outrage if these stats were reversed?


81.6% of workplace homicides were inflicted upon men. It would make sense for jobs with significantly higher fatality rates to pay better.

5. The push for comparable worth leads to incorrect conclusions

Comparable worth is the concept that if jobs filled mostly by women are judged “comparable” to jobs filled mostly by men, wages for both should be the same. This completely ignores the actual economic demand and output involved.

The one remaining argument is that women are socially pressured to pursue these lower paying jobs. Funny enough, the campaign for ‘equal pay’ doesn’t inform women of the choices that lead to higher pay. It also refuses the possibility that men and women in general have different work preferences.

Even Iceland and Sweden follows the same choice trends and they are considered to be the most gender-equal countries in the world. Their women still have the tendency to go for lower-paying jobs in the public sector, part-time jobs, and they spend more time in domestic life than men (click on Iceland/Sweden once you land on the page).

If feminists actually wished for women as a whole to earn the same as men in a fair manner, they would educate women on the choices that lead to more raw wages. This includes taking high risk/high fatality jobs (flight engineers, pilots, industrial machinery repair/maintenance/installation, etc), jobs in the hard sciences, joining sub-fields requiring more technological skills and training, not having children, working longer hours (trial lawyer vs family lawyer), chasing higher salary instead of benefits like health insurance and pension, etc…However, equal pay campaigns do nothing to teach this.

The feminists that continue to push for equal pay are basically pushing for comparable worth so that women can be paid the same despite working fewer hours in lower paying jobs while keeping the benefits. This ignores all real data and the goal is to get more benefits without the obligation. These concepts throw economics right out the window and it’s simply not viable for a country that wants to thrive over the long-term. It has nothing to do with sexism. In a free competition market, higher economic demand leads to more pay and companies with higher costs and lower output will get taken out.

Ultimately, the fallacies above can be summed up in one real-world test: if it was actually cheaper to hire a woman for the same productive output in the same job at the same company (75 cents on the dollar for example), companies would only hire women and slaughter the competition with significantly lower costs of operation.

Gender Pay Gap

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172 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why The Gender Pay Gap Is Bogus”

  1. If women were paid less than men for the same work, wouldn’t the ruthless capitalists that I keep hearing about be extremely eager to hire women instead of men? Just so they could pay less for the same results?

    1. I suspect women are much more likely to get hired these days, especially at the larger corporations where the HR sistahood dominates.

        1. Then how do you explain how HR departments keep growing, sometimes even if the company faces layoffs? And why are HR departments usually 90% women?

        2. Because women are generally considered more pleasant, accommodating, comforting, and approachable than men (in the work place) from a human-interaction standpoint. Same reason why many women are good at answering phones, being receptionists, assistants, servers, etc. It’s a very biological thing – women are natural nurturers, supporters, and comforters.

        3. “women are natural nurturers, supporters, and comforters.” That’s another example of a myth.

        4. No it’s not – it has been a woman’s biological and historical role in every successful and prosperous society. The fact that there has been a social movement contra to this inherent trait in Western civilization over the bast several decades (feminism) is the reason why this community exists; because there is glitch in the Matrix and a lot of people are not okay with it.

        5. I have a cousin who’s been working in HR for over 15 years. She tells me the most interesting stories. Why women get hired more often according to her is because employers can get rid of females more easily. A little bit of emotional pressure/manipulation and most females will buckle under the stress. Men won’t allow it…pride. Getting rid of a male – unjustly – problably will result in a trip to court. The second point is; men are less conforming than women. If they don’t agree they’ll tell you, a woman is more likely to just shut up and do as told. The reason why HR is largely female is because men don’t offer themselves for such jobs; atleast according to her. I once read an article (can’t remember which one) that said that when in a particular line of work the percentage of females reaches 20% or more men tend to leave that field (gets labeled feminine). See: education, health care etc.

        6. Indeed, the medical field must be over 50% female by now. If not, it will be within 10 years. Men, once accredited, rarely leave the field, but instead have a tendency to superspecialize and create niches for themselves. You could say men are more frequently not content with the drudgery of the field they work in, and tend to create their own little territories within the sandbox. Especially when leaving the sandbox is not an option.

        7. After having spoken to a female who identifies as a feminist and is in a hiring position.She said quote” Woman hiring are our own worst enemies”. They tend to lean towards hiring those who clearly identify with being a homosexual male. They do so because 1) women slut shame and have a high sense of insecurity from other females- they don’t want to be the ugliest woman in the office or feel that a younger woman is desired more for her looks by seniors. it reminds them that they are ageing. 2) homosexual males don’t challenge their sense of feminist and for all stereotypes tend to talk to woman more comfortably than non- homosexual males.

        8. I’ve met the rare young rake who was able to parlay himself into a world of HR trim by being the rare, albeit good looking and we’ll dressed, just on the cusp of I’m-not-sure-if-you-are-gay, man in HR. It can be done, but I dunno man, thar be dragons…

        9. HR departments are 90% women because where else can you put useless? They will also be the first to be FIRED from their totally useless *HR* positions at the first sign of a necessary trimming. We know HR cunts are useless because of the questions they ask when looking for talent:
          • “What are your weaknesses?”
          • “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”
          • “Are you working right now?”
          Go fuck yourself you useless twat. You should be fired for even asking those bullshit questions. An HR cunt once asked me over the phone “are you working right now?”…. I said “good people are always working”, and she pretended like I am some kind of ego monster. That’s the BEST possible answer to that question, and it went right over her head.

        10. It’s because women can’t excel at anything more stressful than sitting behind a computer and talking.

        11. And these are the people that will determine whether or not you are qualified for a job. Just imagine, you got a STEM degree or two and decent skills and then some twat with some fluff degree is going to determine your worth. Some arrogant twenty-something, who has never heard of Newton, let alone know what a derivative is. Give her the tingles or you’re out. That’s the reality these days. I say f*ck that, try to create your own business and let those corporate assholes wallow in their own excrement.

        12. Having game is more important than ever in today’s society, and that’s one of many reasons why

        13. women are the most violent of sexes…everyday news stories about mothers killing their own kids..
          how many men kill their own kids?

        14. I had a similar experience in Seattle. I had a scheduled phone interview with a property management company. The female who scheduled it BLEW OFF the call.
          So after waiting 20 minutes, I called the company and was informed the cunt had left for the day.
          About 5 Days later — out of no where — I get an email that morning from the broad asking to do phone interview that afternoon. I agreeed trying to look past what happened.
          On the phone interview she proceeded to make condescending remarks. As if she had already pre-determined her decision and only called to go through the motions.
          After I got off the call, I proceeded to write the most VILE e-mail ever to the company regarding my disbelief they’d put someone who blows off scheduled interviews and belittles an educated prospect into a hiring position.
          I absolutely hate HR departments. I have thought the reason why the hiring process has become so fucking ridiculous is due to women like this filling the roles. Women more focused on Twitter and Instagram than actually working.

        15. > “men are less conforming than women. If they don’t agree they’ll tell you”
          Dunno. Men in grey flannel suits and “organizational” males say otherwise. Plus there are tons of experiments on social pressures to conform, ones men conform to, too.
          Ever heard of “Good Germans”? I suspect many were male.

        16. General Stalin: >”women are good at answering phones, being receptionists, assistants, servers”
          You’ve obviously never talked to female boneheads at the DMV, nor had a bitchy waitron.
          > “women are natural nurturers, supporters, and comforters”
          Females start HALF the fights with men in hetero-couples.
          Women also do ALL the DV in the most violent pairings: lesbian.
          Females are also the biggest abusers/neglecters of children and the elderly.
          Finally, women historically and now are the biggest practitioners of infanticide.

      1. They will also be the first to be FIRED from their totally useless *HR* positions at the first sign of a necessary trimming.
        Women are GROSSLY over-paid, and we’re going to prove it now.
        Tiger Woods wife got +$100 million for being bad in bed and beating her husband with a golf club. There isn’t a man who has collected $5 for that.
        There is your “wage gap”.
        Now consider the countless millions of other ex wives and bad mothers who collect monthly vaginamony and child support payments from men — TO JUST GO AWAY. Only a woman collects money for being a shitty parent. For those of you with a vagina, that’s called “being over paid”.
        95% of all child support is paid out by men (even for children that are not their own) because women can’t (or won’t) financially support their own children. There is not one man alive who is collecting 216 monthly payments from a woman for a child that is not even hers.
        Women are GROSSLY over paid.
        Men don’t get paid to be good for nothing – or to get lost. All women who complain they “earn less” can go fuck themselves. Men earn more because men EARN more. Even every woman I ever knew on some intimate level complained “you work too hard”…. “you need a life”….. “all you care about is work.” That’s why I tripled my salary in one year and they fucking didn’t. When that happens, no woman will ever congratulate you, they blame the goddam patriarchy instead.
        No matter how little women *earn*…. they are STILL overpaid. Strike that. Women don’t even want to *earn* , they just want to get paid.
        This Valentines’ Day, $14 billion will be wasted on women.
        But that’s a post for another day.

        1. Just another story: Boy meets girl, boy has kids with girl. Boy and girl end up not getting along and decide to separate. Boy leaves girl in 4bedroom, 2bath home with endless employment opportunities and all household goods and car. Boy ends up with house, kids and all responsibilities with no financial support from girl. Yeah, those deadbeat dad stories crack me up.

        2. it’s become such a common story that it’s almost guaranteed a wife will do that….
          All it takes for a wife to leave her husband and take him to the cleaners is one bitter single mom friend o hers brainwashing her the moment she has a little dispute with her husband.

        3. The Tiger Woods wife thing. I knew this bitch who was attractive yet bent on feminism. She would go off about men hitting women yet when Tiger Woods came up, she laughed and thought his wife beating him with golf clubs was awesomely good.
          Notice this? A guy cheats on his wife and female assaults him, these cunts will say, “well he deserved it.”
          Yet if a woman cheats on husband and the guy, when finding out, so much as raises voice and calls her a whore, they flip their shit while also blaming the guy for “having small dick/ not pleasing her.”

    2. Explaining basic economics to feminists problably is a waste of time. They just don’t understand. Feminists = Socialists = Have No Clue About Economics.
      Here another question. Why do female business owners earn less than 50% of what male business owners make? (can’t contribute this to perceived discrimination) i.e. without ‘patriarchy’ they are worse (less than 50 cents on the dollar) of in comparison to perceived ‘patriarchy’ (75 cents on the dollar). With this info we could roughly say that women are getting overpaid by atleast 25 cents. Which is 33% or 1/3 of an average American woman’s income. With ‘income’ i mean primary income stream/salary/wage. Keep in mind women in most western countries have several income streams; subsidies, income husband, deductions, alimony, child support, in-and direct hoing etc.

      1. An article about the link behind feminist ideology and socialist would be a riveting read.

      2. Sure, as if you have read one page of Das Kapital in your life. If somebody knew about Economics, that was ol´ Karl. Now, that what you call “socialists” (meaning, American Liberals) do not understand basic concepts of Political Economy (the real name of the science), well, simply put, YES. But you could say the same about lots of groups, included deluded Objectivists, and every guy ever that says that inflation is caused by printing money (the most ridiculous idea that the plebe repeats without thinking, courtesy of Milton Friedman and his superstitions).

        1. I dont think anyone has read Capital. I even see socialists argue about whether it is easy to read or not. Youre hilarious. Im not even going to bother because you are just lmao.

    3. Not to mention the tax breaks they would get from EEO hacks filing on their behalf for all the evil rapists (men) they would put out in the cold.
      So let me get this straight: “Evil corporations have been stupidly not hiring wymmins when they could get free tax write offs, pay them 23% less on average, and still get the same level of productivity; and they are not doing this because they hate women, or money worse?”
      Yeah, we all can believe that cause a da wymmins said it’s so, so it’s so. Praise be to our glorious leaders and their golden vaginas. Whatever would we do without all their wondrous feminist technology to combat all this evil patriarchal math and logic?

    4. The fact of the matter is that it’s a fucking disgrace that men only make $1 for every 77¢ women make, considering the cushy bullshiat “jobs” they work in.
      Women aren’t discriminated against. Men are. Women have unequal access to safe, non-life-threatening jobs, and careers with greater mobility, lower time demands and lower expectations of long-term commitment.
      Men are forced into far harder, more dangerous, more demanding jobs that drive them to earlier deaths. Men have lower rates of career satisfaction, higher rates suicide and alcoholism, vastly elevated rates of workplace injury and death (about 20 to 1), and lower job portability and flexibility for career changes.
      The fact that men make only slightly more than women to compensate for all those disadvantages is a disgrace.

    1. the wage gap has been explained many times yet women persist that theres inequalty. minorities have accepted why cant they?
      they also touched on why women and men liked certain occupations. it was a documentry in norway called brainwashed. pretty interesting and worth watching

      1. I’d be doing dishes and pouring wine for a week. No dissension among the ranks, there is a war going on.

  2. These are all well researched and logical, but being well researched and logical hasn’t destroyed this myth, despite it being as equally untrue 40 years ago in the 1970s.
    The only way men will ever win this argument is with rhetoric or even game tactics. So, the best part of this article is actually the story at the start.
    Heartiste suggests that men respond to any wage gap accusation, with the picture of how men’s and women’s neurons differ. After all, if men and women are different, then the are different. Duh.
    I’d reframe: Focus on the wealth gap. More than 1970% of Americas wealth is owned or controlled by women. Much of this is through Marraige (Half of Donald Trumps wealth is shared with his wife, and he is paying through the nose for 2 rich ex wives)

    1. Re: Weath gap.
      What’s more important, making the money (income) or owning the money (Weath) or spending the money (consumption).
      Because while men make the money, the money is owned by the women because pretty much all men get married (and divorced or outlived by their wives). The ownership of the money is where the power is, and it is women with this power.
      Because women have they wealth, women get to do the spending (consumption). Women dominate nearly every category of consumer goods. The women’s section of the stores are 3x as large as the men’s sections, and even a lot of men’s consumption is spent on women.

    2. Just reframe it. Don’t call it the pay gap but the performance gap.
      Accuse women of not pulling their fair share.

    3. I don’t believe that men will ever win the argument with feminists until the consequences of not acknowledging reality becomes too severe to decide not to. It’s simply too ingrained in western societies to coddle and pander to women no matter what and a large part PC culture is to avoid legitimate topics that may be offensive to women, which is anything that doesn’t tell women that they’re perfect, intelligent little princesses. Shit will really have to hit the fan before we see any real steps taken.

    4. It’s not about convincing the irrational feminists that continue to peddle biased data.
      The vast majority of men (even rp men) are still unaware of the truth in this topic. It’s about spreading the message so that it reaches more people.
      If every feminist is armed with the mythical pay gap, every man and rational woman should know that it’s bullshit and dismiss them accordingly.

  3. I would like to add…
    Men start more businesses and in turn will hire others in the occupational category. Thing is, he will pay himself much more than his employees.

    1. There are statistics that sate that for most of the past decade and maybe longer, the majority of small businesses started were started by females. However, if anyone looked under the hood of this phenomenon they would find the in most cases the woman is a front for her husband, father, or even son. The federal, state, and local government benefits for being female owned is too massive to give up.

  4. Guys,
    I have worked in IT 32 years. In all that time I have only seen one woman work overnight….she worked 9am to 9am…she then took three days off sick. Over my career I, and MANY MEN, have regularly worked 36 hour “days” from 9am to 9pm the next days…go get some sleep…and come back at 9am again. That is standard for anyone who has put a large complex computer system into production or been involved in systems testing of large complex systems.
    I HAVE had women in IT in India work overnight when doing systems testing….but I exclude them since there were not in my immediate office.
    Back in the days I was working on testing when I first started at IBM the normal work day was 9am to middnight. That was STANDARD for us guys doing the testing. Why? Because that is what it takes. I did that for most of a year. Testing large complex systems is an incredibly time consuming process and the attention to detail required is staggering. It is a very difficult job and very few people can do it well.
    The ONLY country I have seen women in IT work as hard as men was in Hong Kong. In every other one of the 20 or so countries I have worked in women worked less and shorted their time sheets on a very widespread basis….and that includes women in IT in India.
    There is a pay gap all right. And it favours women. For the output women are overpaid compared to men. Just check out the number of minutes played in things like the Wimbledon finals for “equal pay” and you will see the women are vastly overpaid compared to the men. The women NEVER put on the sort of show Federrer and Rodderick put on there a few years back.
    That Federrer vs Rodderick final a few years back was the greatest tennis match I have seen in my lifetime….and I have seen a few.
    If women could out perform the men at work? They would be hired more reliably. When I was a hiring manager in Australia it is actually a criminal offense to ask a woman if he has children. And yet I was hiring for people to be sent away from home on projects that might last as long as a year. No woman with children will ever do such a project yet many men will. But I could not ask that question of a woman. If I asked a man I was interviewing for the job if he had children that would actually weigh in his favour, he needs the better money, and it is not a criminal offence.
    I can tell you…the garbage that I was told I had to be careful of as a hiring manager? There was a HUGE incentive to hire only men. There is literally NOTHING that you can say to a man that is considered a criminal offence but almost EVERYTHING you say to a woman can be mis-construed.
    Example? “So what did you get up to on the weekend?” A normal question from a manager to one of their staff as a social greeting on Monday morning. This question to a man is fine. This question to a woman is “inappropriate” and “bordering on sexual harassment”. Don’t believe me? Go ask your HR women….because HR is 90% women.

    1. I read every fucking word and it is all true. I have met three women in my life who were hardcore like a dude when it came to work and two of them were not from the US. They just are not like men and they kill productivity and make work (which sucks already thats why it is called “work” not “fun”) unbearable. Some girls are easy to work with but most ,especially in groups, are disruptive to the work place and cannot separate emotion from the job and take everything personally. You are preaching to the choir with me..

      1. I have come up with a rule of thumb, which I call the rule of the bad apple. The rule says that one or two women working with a group of all men, will usually do well. Many of them do work hard in that environment. However once you have a large group of women in a work environment, about 1 out of every 4 or 5 will be a ‘bad apple’. She’ll be the bitchy, backstabbing one who spreads discontent and ruins the whole bunch. The end result is that they spend most of their energy infighting and stabbing each other in the back. You can observe the rule of the bad apple in action also in groups of female friends or family relatives.

      1. It is where you overstate the hours you worked….like working for 6 hours and putting 8 hours on the timesheet.
        It is also stealing. I have seen women openly short time sheets since I started working in 1982. No one ever stops women from putting more hours on their time sheet than they actually worked.
        I have never seen a woman criticised for that sort of stealing….ever.

    2. If you’re working that many hours on a regular basis YOU, sir, are the beta. Or even worse.
      A prole.

        1. I’ve gotta agree with Capitalist. If you’re working that many hours for someone else you’re a dupe, not a man.
          Now: if you own your own business (I do) I certainly agree you do what it takes to get the job done. But as a business owner, when I read about heroic / round the clock efforts from people who don’t have an equity stake, I know either they’re suckers, or the business is poorly managed, or both.

        2. I did this as an employee at both BHP and IBM. Because I was prepared to do that sort of work I got opportunities at IBM that most men can only dream of.
          I was not a “dupe” to work so hard even as an employee.
          When I left IBM in 1994 I doubled my income and my income has been excellent ever since with the conspicuous exception of this period where I am working on behalf of other men to defend their rights and to secure their rights against their governments.
          And even though I have asked more than 100,000 men to help me? They won’t. You would think a few of them would help, wouldn’t you.
          I have been self employed for the last 12 years. But while I am being persecuted by the guvmints I am not able to do my normal consulting work here in Europe. So anyone who is a business owner outside the EU and wants BI work done by one of the top BI people in the world? I would very much appreciate a consulting gig for a while.

      1. Personally I wouldn’t do it for my employer’s gain but I do it frequently for my own. Work hard first to play hard for the rest of my life without worry.

      2. I openly admit that I was very beta….I was beta by choice. And I worked vast numbers of hours to provide for my wife and children over the years because my wife refused to work even though I put her though college and helped get her a job at IBM.
        When you are the sole income earner for a family of 6 you work a lot. And I was not shown the respect I earned by doing that.
        At one point in 2006 I worked 47 days straight…..many of those days were 36 hour days……it was, in part, to pay the bills that we incurred when my step-son had cancer.
        Are you going to call me a prole or a “beta loser” when the result was that one of your peers, a young man of 24, was able to save his life from cancer because of the efforts I put in to support him and the rest of the family at the time?

      3. At least when you are young and healthy there is immense satisfaction in doing a hard job well. There is also a sense of comerardrie with the men with whom you share the job. I am sorry you have never experienced this. I will agree that you can not do this all your life, and I work bankers hours these days. And I ge paid more then I did whan I was in the trenches. Experience and knowledge are usually rewarded.

    3. I, and MANY MEN, have regularly worked 36 hour “days” from 9am to 9pm
      the next days…go get some sleep…and come back at 9am again

      IT just sounds like an absolute shit business. I know there is bragging rights to be able to pull an all-nighter but the self-sacrifice is the only thing about it is that is heroic. What are they sacrificing for? Because somebody didn’t want to tell a bunch of higher ups or clients something that they didn’t want to hear and so low-balled the budget and/or schedule of the project? For crying out loud, you’re setting up a new CMS system not fighting Persians at Thermopylae. If nothing else, you better be getting rich.

      1. It’s mentally challenging work and that can be hard to find, I enjoy the reward of solving problems, learning many new things and constantly adaptive g to new challenges. My time in IT (for a large Canadian brokerage and now a big five bank) has taught me a lot of good personal skills, and yes, I do get paid well. My last two bonuses were 15% of my annual, because I deliver on time and on budget.

      2. That is the nature of systems testing or going live with large systems. You work a lot. Also, in marketing and bid preparation you work a lot as well. Like I said…working 36 hours straight is pretty standard.
        When I did a bid once for a large telephone company we had so little time to do it that the other guy finished up in hospital with pneumonia and I was so tired in the end I lost my sense of balance and had to spend 24 hours in bed to recover.
        Those of us who rise to the top of the BI world worked very hard to get there.
        When I was working I made very good money, yes. It is why I am able to spend so long to stop and help out other men….not that they appreciate my personal sacrifice to their benefit.
        When I get back to work I will earn good money again. And since I only need to support myself now I will be very well off. Right now I am persecuted by three governments for standing up for the rights of men like RoK readers. And they do not appreciate my efforts one little bit in the main.

        1. Ultimately people make their own decisions and live their own lives. As the old cliche goes, to each his own. But I’m just not comfortable with the idea of people sacrificing their health on any long term systematic basis for their career (this excludes work related accidents). Moreover, it just seems unnecessary. Is there any particular reason that IT workers have to work so much crunch time that doesn’t ultimately boil down to inflated expectations, which translates into inadequate time/money budgeting? Finally, IIRC I read somewhere and my own experience firmly agrees that people actually become less productive past a certain work ceiling (say, for example 50 hours/week, another off the top of my head figure though). The ceiling is higher for manual rather than mental work but still present.
          If all this sounds a bit too maternal, don’t get me wrong I have huge respect for “superhuman” physical exertion. I usually think of it in terms of athletics but really these tenacious IT men are pushing through their pain avoidance and comfort seeking to an amazing level. While I admire the self-sacrifice, I can’t help but wonder if its misdirected.

        2. Hi Aaron,
          “Is there any particular reason that IT workers have to work so much crunch time that doesn’t ultimately boil down to inflated expectations, which translates into inadequate time/money budgeting?”
          The crunch time is not across the board. Those who put in the very long hours is a relatively small percentage, usually 20% or less of the project team. Sometimes as little as 10%.
          It does not have to do with budgeting or schedules. It is the nature of the work. Everyone plans for the systems testing to be very time consuming for those who are involved and everyone plans for the moves to production to be very time consuming for those involved. Those not involved generally work normal hours.
          More people and more time generally does not help much. When you go live with a new system there are usually many other factors to consider and there are generally very large amounts of money impacted or lost per hour of down/transition time.
          Those men (and it is always men) who are willing to do this work are usually rewarded with better promotions and pay rises….at least we used to be. So it was very much worth the effort. Like I said, when I left IBM I doubled my income. When I was a people manager for a software firm I was making much more than any of my staff some of whom were older and more experienced than me.
          I really enjoyed my first three years at IBM. They were some of the best years of my professional life. And I was 22-25 in those years. I have IBM to thank for giving me wonderful opportunities. I have offered to help them more again many times but they don’t want my help so I generally compete with them, very successfully so, which is why they don’t like me over there any more.
          Because of my willingness to be on the leading edge for so many years I was able to relocate to Ireland and do consulting gigs out of Ireland. I was making EUR1,500 per day back in 01/02. That is very good money in any ones language. It was USD1,200 a day back then…that was before the USD collapse to eur1.40 of course. 9/11 changed all that unfortunately…and now Indian IT people have driven the rates of people down a long way.
          IT is a good business to be in if you can make it to the top of the tree. And I am at the very top of that tree. People do not believe that I am but I am.
          Feel free to check out my software in my store. I wish all those men who send out emails to their mailing lists would buy my emailer….it really works very well.
          My ETL software (SeETL) is unique in the world and has enabled me to build data warehouses 2x as fast as anyone else in the world. That is how I have been winning my business these last 10 years. I can get the job done 2x as fast as anyone else can get it done at about 50% of the total cost that would be expected.
          I compete against the likes of IBM, Oracle, Teradata, Tata Consulting Services etc. Here. Check this out…and sure, feel free to buy my emailer! LOL!! I really wish all those men in the man-o-sphere who are business owners who need good marketing analysis systems would buy my software….
          And I wish those men in the man-o-sphere who work in large firms who need software like mine would push the orders through. If men in the man-o-sphere helped me out by buying my software that would make it easier for me to take on the guvmints to defend their rights.

        3. I have worked in two environments where the types of hours that PAN is talking about are common. The first was in the Navy. I spent a year in overhaul where I worked 106 hours one week and 86 the next. Then I was an engineer at a Nuclear power plant. When the plant/unit was down you worked until you dropped. The reason was that the cost of an hour of replacement power ran in the millions.
          This is my limited experience. I am sure there are many many cases where men work where the hours are long and hard. I seldom to never see any women working these hours. They flake and men take up the slack. Or conversely they never enter into fields where these types of hours are necessary. This is why they get paid less; they work less.

      3. Where did you get the idea I was talking about setting up something so simple as a CMS?
        I am talking about large complex systems. The size and complexity of which means that a great deal of work has to be done in a very short period of time when it comes to systems testing and going into production.

        1. It was an example that I pulled off the top of my head, not really sure how on the nose it was. The point was compare something what is ultimately a commercial transaction, however prestigious and rewarding, to something genuinely heroic.

        2. You think it is not genuinely heroic to provide food, shelter, clothes, education and everything else needed for your children and your wife?
          There are few things a man can do that is more heroic than to be the sole provider for his family. The fact that this is done via commercial transactions is neither here nor there Aaron.
          Now. I would have preferred Jennifer work as she said she wanted to when we signed our mortgage but you can not force another person to work so I did what I did for the benefit of my former children.
          This is one more reason why I will not accept the crimes I have been subjected to. I was a great father and husband and I demand to be treated with the respect I have earned. I demand compensation for the crimes I have been a victim of.
          It is a real shame that other men, 99%+ of them, take the position that men like me should just accept criminal acts by women. Look how many men here have made comments to that effect.

        3. I more or less address some of this in my reply to your other post below, or at least the discussion should proceed from there. Some additional thoughts:
          Your wife shouldn’t expect you to work to the point of wrecking your health, nor should she trash her family over whatever selfish nonsense motivated her to do so. Our retarded electoral base shouldn’t permit politicians and judges to make ridiculous divorce laws. Or to go further upstream, our retarded electoral base shouldn’t be propagandized and indoctrinated to find all of this acceptable, the only possibly moral and just outcome even. If that isn’t the world we can ever live in, there is always nihilism (Roissy’s poolside) but then again that is as meaningless as anything else. What to do, what to do? Hmm, that’s a toughie.
          Can I get your opinion of this Rollo essay:
          Relational Equity
          As for your activism, I get that you’re fighting the good fight and I wish you well. I can’t muster much more enthusiasm than that, I guess I’m ultimately a pessimist and don’t think reform is likely. People don’t read/watch political news to become better informed, they do it fulfill very basic primal human needs: for a group identity and to struggle with opposing groups.

        4. Aaron,
          “Your wife shouldn’t expect you to work to the point of wrecking your health, nor should she trash her family over whatever selfish nonsense motivated her to do so.”
          Yeah, right….and once you have kids and they go with the mother 100% of the time what can a man do? Not much. Which is why I am changing all that.
          “What to do, what to do? ”
          What we are doing is creating the second economy for men to live in which is outside the jurisdiction of any governments. When you live outside the jurisdiction of the government their feminist legislation no longer affects you. This is how I have lived for some years now. It works fine as long as you can generate your income in such a way that the government can not steal from you. That is why we created the Mens Business Association.
          We have solved all the problems that men complain about. It is just that they do not want to use the solutions. And that is not my fault. Their is their own responsibility to use what I created for them.
          “I guess I’m ultimately a pessimist and don’t think reform is likely.”
          Again..no reform is necessary. All a man needs to do is follow my advice and he can step out of the legal system any time he likes. Of course the early ones are pioneers and we have been persecuted by our guvmints a bit…but as more join in it will become safer and safer.
          Like I said. If men just took my advice and gave me the help I asked for? They would not be in this situation any more. Those who do not take my advice and do not help? I am no longer concerned with them. You can’t help men who will not listen and will not help others.
          I really do wish that the many men who publish stuff in the man-o-sphere would start talking about A-MAN-ZON and MRIBA, and MBA and things like that……we need advertising across the man-o-sphere to get the second economy going.

        5. As far as the article goes….no woman care about how much a man has done for them or their kids in the past. I saved Jennifers sons life from cancer.
          When no one else could reach him I convinced him to fight for his own life. Even THAT does not count when a woman is wanting to steal from you. Even HE would not say a word in my defense or support despite the fact I helped him save his own life.
          THAT is how badly men are treated now in the west…..BY OTHER MEN it should be well noted.

        6. Well, you’re subject to the laws of Romania, which fortunately eastern Europe is less far gone than the Anglosphere & Friends. How that will play out in the long run is anyone’s guess. Western elites and their NGO proxies are very keen on pushing new left ideas into eastern Europe. On the other hand, western power and credibility is in decline so it’s anyone’s ball game.

        7. “Well, you’re subject to the laws of Romania, which fortunately eastern Europe is less far gone than the Anglosphere & Friends.”
          No I am not. I live in Germany. And I am not subject to the legislation of Germany either. I have been in to a german court and denied the jurisdiction of the court successfully. They have not bothered me since April 2012.
          I have been talking directly to Angela Merkel on these points. She has agreed by non-response I am not subject to any legislation of the government of germany.
          I am, of course, subject to the local laws of the community in which I live. Things like “thou shalt not steal” etc and I am quite happy to obey those laws.
          Governments can not make laws. They make legislation.

        8. I jumped to the conclusion of Romania after a quick glance of your website. You know what they say about assumptions.

          I have been talking directly to Angela Merkel on these points. She has agreed by non-response I am not subject to any legislation of the government of germany.

          As for not being subject to the laws of Germany, this sounds a bit like the sovereign citizen movement. I haven’t read about their theories or don’t know if there is anything to them. The thing is, even if you somehow found a technically correct loophole that works on paper, countries are never governed by documents. There is no such thing a constitutional government. Not even the US. Not even the US in 1788. How well the “looks real good on paper” solution translates into real world effectiveness is dependent on strength. Between you and the paper, you will need plenty of strength relative to whatever you to overcome. The two questions naturally are:
          1. How strong is the paper? Paper doesn’t doesn’t have intrinsic strength Is faith in the paper strong? The dollar has power because people, businesses, governments still believe that the US has rock solid control over a huge assets in the form of land, infrastructure, +300M tax serfs, etc. Is the population more less unified to defend the constitution even to the point of violence? If no, well then you will get a living document instead.
          2. How are strong are you? What is your relation to the informal power structure? The powerful get to the skirt the law much easier than the weak. Big banks get to bend the rules, mom and pop tool and die shops don’t. Do you have a lot of clout? Do you own a major news outlet? Are you chummy with politicians, authors, opinion leaders? If no, then you’re loophole probably isn’t going to impress the goons down at city hall and you will then have the pleasure of having a series of fines tacked onto your initial problem.

        9. “As for not being subject to the laws of Germany, this sounds a bit like the sovereign citizen movement.”
          Most people who call themselves “sovereign citizens” are very mixed up and have no idea what they are talking about. I am a sovereign. A sovereign can not be a citizen of anything. I understand what the term “citizen” means now and I can assure you I am not one of those.
          And the german guvmint can not make laws. No guvmint can make a law. Laws exist and can be discerned, not created.
          “The powerful get to the skirt the law much easier than the weak.”
          They get to skirt the legislation. No one gets to skirt natural law. We are all subject to natural law whether we like it or not.

        10. Wow, all-nighters just to bring food to the table? Look, there is a French dude taking six-week vacations after his 37 hour-week! And he is probably happier than you, and (guess what?) more productive! (as shown by lots and lots of statistics over the years).

        11. French civil servants more productive? You must have got your comparative figures from the Greek government.

        12. Yes Pablo…I worked very long hours to provide the money to keep my family in the manner to which we had become accustomed.
          You see my wife had a good job at IBM and we signed up a mortgage for our second house. Less than 2 years later she refused to go to work any more so I was the sole income earner for a family of 6 in Sydney which I can assure you has a higher cost of living than Paris when salaries are taken into account.
          Many people say that I should have sold the house and moved and they have an argument. However we lived in a very good area with great schools and great facilities for the children…..some of the best in all of Sydney. We also lived in bushland which was very hard to achieve in Sydney.
          So I worked very hard for the benefit of my wife and children. Who knew that men are so hated in the west now that a man doing this is actually criticised rather than praised, eh?
          Who knew that men would be criticised for not being selfish and putting their own desires before the needs of their children and providing the best possible situation for their children.
          When I was little I was told that a man doing his best to provide for his wife and children was to be praised and was to be shown the respect he has earned. But, in the west, men are hated now for doing this. Men are hated for not doing this….indeed, the consistent theme is that men are hated by everyone in the west no matter what they do.
          Here in Germany? Men and women alike have praised me and supported me for being the sole income earner for my family for 16 years of an 18 year marriage. Many women here would like me to marry them if I would be the sole income earner again, as you can well imagine.
          Not only that? I have put in 4,000 unpaid hours and USD500,000 of my own money to secure the re-introduction of the rule of law into Australia and Ireland and to educate men on how to rescind their consent to be governed and live in freedom outside the criminal legal control grid they live in.
          Guess what? I am also criticised much more often for that than I am praised. And I am certainly not supported. Not even to the tune of men buying my book for CHF10 to start to recoup some of the money I have invested in THEIR futures.
          Apparently even making all efforts a man can make to save the lives of other men is to be criticised by men in the west. And again, men in Germany who know what I am doing praise me and assist me.
          One might ask the question as to why men in Germany are so much more respectful of me than men elsewhere. By the way, Paris is my favourite city and I do love being in france……so not a direct criticism of france or the french. The french people treated me well as soon as they realise I am australian and not british.
          By west I mean anglosphere, ok?
          But it does beg the question…why to men in the anglosphere criticise men even of my quality. After all, I am in the 0.1% of men at the top of the tree when it comes to quality of my character. Very few men are my equals when it comes to quality of character like honesty, honour and integrity. And yet the 99.9% of men criticise me rather than follow my example….that is worthy of an RoK article if you ask me.
          Tom Lykis has long talked about how men attack and attempt to tear down men who are better than them in the west.

      4. I’d say that the boasting of these 36 hour sessions actually speaks ill of the male employees. I know that IT is a different beast, but in most fields, extra hours DO NOT indicate extra productivity. There’s all kinds of studies that show that both genders work their best when they’re on the job 40 hours a week or less.

        1. It’s not uncommon for the elites in every field work 80+ hour weeks on a regular basis. Even their off time is dedicated to educating themselves and making connections for their work.
          The top 1% earn around 35% of taxable income in the US and hold around 40% of non-house wealth. Do you think they care about about productivity dropping when working 40+ hour weeks?

    4. Yeh you never see women pulling a 36-48-hour shift in anything. There’s a reason that men dominate IT, oil, etc – long hard hours equate to better pay and perks.
      Shhhh, don’t let teh wimminz learn that. They’ll start campaigning (whinging) that they don’t get paid “in proportion” to make up for not actually working that much.

    5. Agree 100%
      I’m an Australian living in Hong Kong, and everything above is true.
      Australian women are protected by the most left-wing, politically correct laws on the planet. Thus, they have no idea what real work is.
      Hong Kong, on the other hand, is more of a free-for all, with very few employment protections.
      If I was running a business, I would never hire a woman except to sit at the front desk, look pretty and greet the clients.

  5. In Wilkes-Barre, the local city government was cutting an old FDR era program where they paid women MORE, repeat, MORE than men for the same hours based upon women needing the extra money for child-care.
    The women didn’t like the idea. Apparently, equality only suited them when it somehow meant more money.
    It was cut nonetheless simply because there was no money to fund the program anymore.

  6. When feminists pull their “nyah nyah nyah, women are equal and getting more stuff and we’ll always be in power! Ha ha!”, I chuckle because if there’s one thing that modern women are good at is…
    being Victims.
    Most career women blow their money crap that makes a man with a drinking problem and strip club hobby seem frugal by comparison. A single Gucci bag goes for $5000 and career women all seem to have one. Or they buy expensive, marked up diamond jewelry (made from blood diamonds.) Or they buy a house at the top of the market.
    And this is why older men out on the dating circuit usually find lots of single mothers struggling to get by. Even with alimony, “child” support, and affirmative action… they’ll blow it. Somehow. They’ll always be victims. It’s the ONLY thing feminists are good at on their own.

    1. They’ll blow their money on crap, and try and get their hands on yours. How many career women, who have hit the wall, have you met that have had good, well paying jobs for a number of years, only to have blown it all on vacations, expensive bars, designer shoes/clothes/handbags etc.. then go looking for a sucker to buy them a house in a blue chip suburb, pay off the high credit card debt and become stay at home moms???. I know plenty of chicks like this, but I’m glad that men are becoming smart and having nothing to do with these sorts of vampires.

      1. I remember and still see articles about how women are “winning” equality because they get more degrees (via AA) or houses (via another government program) and then… the housing bubble happened and these women wound up with mortgages twice the size of their home and student loans in the six figures.
        So if these women want to get out of these messes… let the bank foreclose and join the peace corp (which will get student loans forgiven) or even join the military (nobody is going to shoot at them unless they volunteer for combat, or maybe not?)
        In any case, why should a young successful man, which are probably pretty rare nowadays, rescue these damsels in distress?

        1. Any man who marries a woman worth less than himself is a sucker.
          Would you go to a casino, where the odds are.
          1. Black – lose 100% of your money to support a fat wife, and a couple of screaming brats.
          2. Red – lose 50% for the next 18 years, and never get to see the brats.

      2. 90% of dating sites inventory that are real people… women right before they hit the wall with kids looking for a sucker.

        1. And the proportion that are real people as opposed to made up facades put up for marketing purposes? IDK but I have heard and read that the majority of the most desired sexual category on any site is fake. If they are marketing mostly to women (i.e. women are paying the bulk of the fees) then fake men’s profiles will be put up in droves. If they are mostly or entirely charging men (think of the overseas dating sites) then the bulk of the female profiles will be fake.

      3. That is standard practice for career women: they are always spending. Most of the female lawyers ive ever known in my life blow most of their income on clothes, holidays and good times. I know two financial advisers that tell me that their female clients are by far the most irresponsible with their earnings, and that they are less likely to save and invest.
        There are too many male suckers out there willing to rescue these women from financial ruin and this needs to stop.

        1. “There are too many male suckers out there willing to rescue these women from financial ruin and this needs to stop.”
          Why make these manginas stop paying?
          Change your perspective and sleep with their wives instead…much better.

      4. I agree 100%.
        The mindset of the majority of women, is that it falls to the man to walk into a marriage with a good part of a house paid off, and then continue to be the breadwinner in the partnership.
        The standard defense is always that “women are the ones who have kids”.
        Having kids is not a right, its a choice. And if you cannot afford them, then don’t have them, and don’t use them as an excuse to beat men up about inequality in the workplace.

    2. Yep, most women are crap at handling money. They can be making fuck loads of money and still end up in shit cos they squander it and get buried in dept.

      1. Women are generally terrible at handling money because they have no idea what a hard days work is. When you don’t know what it takes to make a buck, you treat it like dirt.

        1. On the other hand, there’s the upside. Where I am I deal in pianos, among other things, and I can tell you that ex-pat Russian MILFs are the best customers ever. They come from a culture which appreciates music and art a lot, they seek status, and they want to buy the best. So they come and spend a lot of their rich husbands’ money. Haha.

        2. Exactly…. my sister has worked a total of about 6 months in her 42 years. Because there has always been someone to fund her lifestyle. My parents, husband 1, the government, husband 2, etc.etc….
          And as a result, she spends money hand over fist, because she has not idea of what it takes to actually earn it.
          Most women have no idea what hard work is. They think that 3 hours of overtime each night at $200/hr, sitting in front of a computer is hard work.

  7. Thanks for this article. Their notion of comparable worth is straight out of a fairy tale. Basically, women demand that secretaries earn the same as security guards for instance, and demand the government to intervene with laws. They don’t care that the reason secretaries earned less was for economical and market reasons.
    So in the name of equality, I demand the government to make male bartenders earn as much as female bartenders! It doesn’t matter that big tits and nice faces influence clients to tip women more. It’s the same job, so why can female bartenders earn 30 – 40k a year and male bartenders earn half of that? Not fair.

    1. Back in the 80s I had a discussion about comparable worth with a secretary. At that time comparable worth was a much more hotly debated issue than it is now, thank god for small favors. She wa pissed as hell that the landscaper working outside her window made more per hour than she did. She rattled off her educational certifications as justifications for why she should get paid more. I noted that the landscaper was also a woman. She said that did not matter. I then said she could easily get the job of the landscaper if she wanted to. She recoiled in horror. What go out in the rain and get dirty? How dare I suggest such a thing. When I aske if maybe that was why the landscaper was paid more, you know market forces that fewer people were willing to do the hard physical work involved so they paid more to get people to do it,

  8. They will keep repeating this bald faced lie endlessly as a mantra, because what they truly desire is not equality, but special treatment. In short, what they want is equal pay for UNEQUAL work.
    It is well known that women take more time off than men, that they are often the ones that choose to drop out of the workforce to raise their children, that they are less likely to take business risks, that they are far, FAR less likely to do physically grueling, demanding and unpleasant work, and so on. Those making the “gender pay gap!” complaint know these things all too damn well, and they think it’s unjust that men’s output isn’t all the more redistributed to women who, as a class, do not produce as much.
    I want you to play a game: Every time you see a person working at a physically demanding and unpleasant job, and every time you see a person working in a safe, air-conditioned and pleasant environment, take note of their genders. You’ll find that it’s overwhelmingly women who work the more pleasant jobs, and, if you think about it, that IS a form of compensation.

  9. Not surprising the fems don’t take this article viral. They can’t argue with these facts. They know there’s not a real gender gap and, give them credit, they are smart enough not to reveal that what they really want is same pay for less work or easier work.

  10. If anything women are getting overpayed (excluding the control they have over their husband/partner’s income).

  11. Feminism: the Princess Principle of Privileges, Preferences, Payments, Power, Protections, Pandering, Pampering and the Pussy Pass.
    These stupid creatures. With MGTOW and the Marriage Strike, they will lose the source of 90% of their historical income and wealth: extraction from males.
    Remember gents:
    No marriage.
    No joint property.
    No cohabitation.
    No kids in the USSA.
    Instead of “joint property” the new standard is “HOOMS”:
    Hands Off Of My Stack
    Hands Off Of My Stuff
    Hooms does it belong to? Me!
    You are a strong, independent woman.
    Pay for your own shit, rent, clothes, crap. Pay for me.
    We want reparations and affirmative action.
    Women pay for dates for the next 1000 years, pay “sex support”, child support and alimony the husbands they dump.
    Your body your choice? No limits imposed by tradition?
    My body, my choice: no limits.
    I inaugurate the LGBTUMHK movement:
    Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender….
    I celebrate all life styles.
    Any beta who is stupid enough to get married deserves his fate:
    If his wife is fuckable, I will splooge on her cheating ass in his bedroom

    1. I do so wish that married men, especially the ones with kids did not comment here.
      Because their thoughts, views and opinions are fucking worthless to me.
      Bunch of fucking pussy-worshipping beta faggots.

      1. With their bootlicking mantras; “happy-wife, happy-life – and their “honey-do lists”.
        Ball-less homos.

      2. Some awaken a bit too late… Then must get out of enemy territory with at least all limbs intact.

    2. • “the Princess Principle of Privileges, Preferences, Payments, Power, Protections, Pandering, Pampering and the Pussy Pass”
      That’s Awesome(!) ….. And Alotta Alliteration.

  12. I can’t believe Obama used the 77cents on the dollar lie in the State of the Union address. Michelle must give some good head.

    1. Beta manginas even if they are the POTUS never get good head or any respect in the bedroom from their masters….sorry…wives.

  13. I have never believed in the pay gap between the sexes. They roll it out every year, and make a big deal about nothing. Women work less than men, in safer, less taxing job roles and take on less responsibility…Period.

  14. Great comprehensive overview of the situation! However, you forgot one of the most important ones: Salary negotiation. Men are more likely to not settle with the initial offer; they often ask for more.
    Also, I used to work in a different office that had a department that was primarily women in their 20’s and 30’s. They had an agreement that they could leave at 4PM as long as they were in the office at 7AM. For a while, that is what I assumed they did. After a while I started just waking up earlier naturally and coming in 15 to 30 minutes early to find the office empty. What I found out is that every single one of them was coming in at 7:50 and setting up their computer in time so it looked like they had been working by the time the rest of the crowd rolled in at 8:00. They would still leave at 4:00PM every day. It was an interesting trick, and I started making jokes around them and the managers that hinted at such activities.

    1. while i can appreciate the angle, i’ve since concluded that it’s overly sophisticated. as such, i really wish to kill off this logical answer to an illogical re-frame.
      when you actually work, you want to actually get paid. you’ll get pissed when people get paid for working less, because you can sense that they’re taking disproportionately. taking disproportionately with simultaneous blind belief that they have skill warranting such pay. and you’ll eventually sense the truth: those that don’t work around you end up taking from you, if not by indirect dollars, then by indirect prestige, position, opportunity, etc. it doesn’t matter what metric you want to focus on; salary negotiation or otherwise, this will re-emerge. and the theft will cost you your own pay, no matter what pay you seek in life.
      conversely, when you don’t actually work, you don’t know what’s right or wrong, and you’ll stay in place. when you don’t perform, you won’t get mad when other people don’t perform. in fact, you’ll be happy when they don’t perform because it’ll make you look better. and you won’t complain terribly when you get fired, because you didn’t actually contribute anything of worth, so no earned worth was taken from you.
      in truth, these patterns are independent of sex. but in even greater truth, when timeless facts of women’s behavior are added to this, it means that women take far, far more than they ever give back. or ever could. or ever had to, given such pussy passes. women know all of this. and they lie about it with wicked duplicity. and the knaves and betaknights pander to such pussy at the expense of everyone’s future.
      all facts restated, history repeating, and stories retold in the context of the times. but stories retold with unnecessarily sophisticated re-visioning because the re-frame was accepted. so don’t. the performance gap has never been new; look back at reports from every decade on record. the pay gap was a lie in 1800s sufferage, in 1900s feminism, and in the 2000s banana-crazy-ism today. it’s amazing how much is willfully forgotten, all purposefully deleted from public memory by thieves and their enablers re-framing themselves. their re-frame betrays life itself. don’t be them.

    1. Always report strippers to the IRS for income tax evasion.
      They belong in prison behind poles, not straddling them.

  15. Yuan totally crushes it with this fact:
    “Ultimately, the fallacies above can be summed up in one real-world test: if it was actually cheaper to hire a woman for the same productive output in the same job at the same company (75 cents on the dollar for example), companies would only hire women and slaughter the competition with significantly lower costs of operation.”

    1. I have used exactly that arguement in so many discussions with feminists, and women who claim not to be feminists except on the “equal pay” issue. It never put a dent in their minds or words. They just cannot hear it. It passes through some filter installed during their formative years, and they just are incapable of connecting the dots.

  16. First class analysis. This myth should be laid to rest once and for all.
    Here’s an eye opening documentary produced in Norway, the country considered the most egalitarian in the world. It turns out that the more freedom people have, the more they choose to work in the fields they love most (naturally), and the bigger the division becomes in the male – female ratios of traditionally male or female dominated professions. Proof that innate preferences rule the roost, not ‘glass ceilings’, sexism and other bullshit. Also keep your bullshit-o-meter ready for some of the crap pseudo science of the interviewed leftist / egalitarian / faggist ‘researchers’.

    1. I saw that a while ago. It is amazing how arrogant the social science academics are in that documentary. Very revealing. They can not tolerate any form of intellectual dissent and place unreasonable standards of evidence on their opponents that they themselves couldn’t possibly live up to when the pendulum is reversed.
      The paranoia is somewhat understandable but they misunderstand the biological perspective. It is not a fatalistic position.

  17. This is bullshit. There sure is a gender wage gap.
    Women make more than men. A lot more.Get out into the real corporate America and see what some of these women make. It will make you vomit.

  18. Brilliant. Their common tactic are walls of stats, walls and walls of numbers because women are worse at maths, they assume it’s correct so they don’t look stupid.

    1. No. They just make them up then quote each other so often that the original source is unknowable and has to be taken on faith. Remember that Feminism with a capitol F is a religious cult.

  19. Also, if I could hire people who did exactly the same amount of work for 25% less money it would happen so fast the carpet would light on fire from the friction burn of expensive men being rushed out the door and cheaper women being hired. Anyone saying a sex wage gap exists is saying the capitalism isn’t all THAT ruthlessly profit motivated.

  20. Even in fields where women dominate like education, men are the ones that get things done and the pay is equal too. I’ve worked in various secondary schools and most of the women leave early and do fuck all beyond what they are expected to. On top of that they are more liked by the students because they can get away with using ‘compassionate’ and ‘friendly’ language which makes them favoured. E.g darling, sweetie etc.
    Whenever i used to attend staff meetings held by women they always came off like time killers. They shared no useful ideas or information whatsoever. In fact, so many times ive wanted to leave the profession because of the shitty women i have to work with: female teachers are invariably bitches. The only thing that keeps me there is the love of the vocation itself; i have other revenue streams that would shield me from poverty in the event of termination.
    Men earn more because they work longer hours and are more serious about what they do. For women work is just about status and earning bragging rights which men don’t care about. For men work defines their identity, as unfortunate as that may seem. For us it’s serious business. I make shit money as a teacher but i work fucking hard for it.

    1. And just like in any other workplace, only the alphas get the most respect by women. In this context alphas=gym teachers.
      Same shit everywhere, but you gents already know that

  21. The gender pay gap has been exposed as a myth for over a decade.
    I lost whatever tiny bit of respect I had left for Obama when he used the “equal pay for equal work” line in the State of the Union speech last night. He did it for the cheap applause, knowing that everyone in that chamber had to pretend to be deliriously in support of “equal pay.”
    The women in the room were bouncing around, giving high fives to each other, some of them crying, like God had just spoken.
    And it was utterly ridiculous, absurd, and embarrassing. Obama is smart enough to know the sex pay gap is a myth. Yet, he goes with the lie. As did everyone in that room. As did all of the news media.
    Our country is so screwed up that nobody cares about the truth anymore? It is so screwed up that our government will do untold damage to “correct” a problem that is entirely based on a myth?
    Not surprising. But it is still incredibly sad.

    1. The same guy who thinks there are 57 states in the union? You’re giving him way too much credit.

  22. Thank you for bringing to light all the variables that comprise the “77 cents per dollar” mantra that is touted around by every young feminist (especially around college campuses). The fact of the matter is, raw wage data does NOTHING for even a person with a scintilla of a brain looking to process this data. Discrepancies in health benefits tapped into, career goals and patterns between men and women, child bearing patterns, net output within a field, job difficulty/desirability, position valubleness etc. are all components of that “statistic”. Not that I would imagine any feminist to be statistically savy enough to try to critique their studies from which they draw their info.
    “Men make more than women” is about as statistically informative as saying, “Surgeons make more than fry cooks”.
    I would love if someone would be so kind as to putting the “seminal” studies that are used in the Feminist 101 classes so that their methodologies and facts can be debunked by novice statisticians, or just anyone looking to arm themselves with debate amo for those fools.

    1. What makes you think that there are any methodologies or facts are used in Feminism 1010 classes?

  23. This article presents a whole lot of evidence….none of which gives any valid reason as to why women should be paid less than men. Men have always dominated high-risk positions as far as physical vulnerability goes. Women, however are only becoming increasingly involved in similar positions, while men, alternatively, are becoming more accepted in careers such as nursing. Of course women go on maternity leave…that point became so redundant throughout the article. You expect that all working women will chose not to have children? Good luck providing earth with new generations of consumers. This article is weak.

    1. it did give a valid reason: women’s massively deficient providing. a deficiency terribly unequally rewarded in women’s favor, in ways far more than just dollar-pay, increasingly exploiting entire generations. an exploitation that falls onto every one else, which means men. would you tolerate this? should you?
      ‘should’ depends on the ‘want’ and where the ‘want’ comes from. for instance: should working women choose? then should working women pay? they should. new generations will be made, regardless.
      ‘women’ and ‘paid’ and ‘men’ and ‘providing’ and ‘new generations’ and ‘consuming’ are not magic. they are connected, not liberated. should you get to connect them however you please? can you? good luck trying. it will just come off as weak.
      in the mean time, you should liberate yourself from logic. it feels great, and their are no expected consequences to the earth.

      1. Yeah, deficient providing. For sure. If all women were to die one day, I’m sure men would have no issue whatsoever raising the next generation with ease and skill. You are truly and wholly inept.

        1. Actually, studies also demonstrate that custodial single fathers provide better outcomes for their kids than custodial single mothers do, so we’d actually do a better job than if the world suddenly wound up occupied by single mothers.

    2. Actually, he’s not arguing that women SHOULD be paid less than men. He’s saying that they GET paid less than men BECAUSE of choices they make and hours they work.
      The article is incredibly well-researched and well-written. It’s anything but “weak.” However, I can see why that would be distressing to a feminist like you.

      1. Incredibly well-researched? Are you kidding? Where is the works cited page? NONE of the statistics mentioned here are cited. Articles like these would never be taken seriously by any publishing company. This website is small for a reason. This community of misogynistic women haters will STAY small, because it truly is a MINORITY among all men.

        1. Uh, did you literally not read the article and skip to the comments? On just a cursory glance, he links to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the OECD, and a Harvard NBER working paper. That’s not even an inclusive list.
          I get that when we argue something, we require a formal “works cited page”, while feminists merely need to make a statement and have that suffice as evidence in your retarded world, but for most rational people you sound like an ignoramus making that claim.
          And considering the explosion of attention feminists give to this “small” group, to paraphrase MacBeth, you ladies doth protest too much.

      2. Hmm, well-researched? That’s interesting, nothing is cited. At all. What a “serious” and “academic” article.

    3. “This article presents a whole lot of evidence….none of which gives any
      valid reason as to why women should be paid less than men.”
      Because they aren’t — provided you compare apples with apples. The gender pay gap is a myth.
      “Of course women go on maternity leave…that piece of data was
      needlessly repeated over and over again.”
      Because that’s the most significant part of the myth that there’s a gender pay gap. Children or career: pick one, because if you try and do both you’re going to be mediocre at both. Day care doesn’t help; dumping kids into day care for full weeks at a time is one of the worst things you can do to them in terms of their development and attachment to parents. You girls have been trying to get this shit right for thirty to forty years and you still can’t find a mix where you can have the same career as a man and not have your kids end up as drug users. It’s time to quit while you’re behind.
      “You expect that all working
      women will chose not to have children? Good luck providing earth with
      new generations of consumers. This article is weak.”
      Ironically, this is the part that proves feminism is nothing but consumerism’s slave girl. This is why every corporation in America loves feminists: because the more of you idiots there are, the more fools they can sell shit they don’t need. But go on back to your newest iPhone and keep being a good little consumer. Women with your mindset are heading for demographic extinction.

  24. Women porn stars make much more than men porn actors. The guys make peanuts. Where is the outrage??

  25. as someone whose mother makes 6 figures on her own i agree that this is bullshit, maybe the rest of you aren’t working hard enough

  26. If women are paid less than men for the same work done then employers would hire only women. Go figure.

  27. In the western world Feminism should’ve ceased to exist once women got the same rights than men did.

    1. Yes, if you assume feminism is about equality.
      It is not. Feminism is about supremacy. Equality is a red herring.

      1. It used to be about equality. I know some older generation feminists that are disgusted by third wavers.

  28. Gents,
    we are going to be announcing MRIBA to the world over the next few weeks….any man can join in and use the services of MRIBA to improve his own lot.
    Feel free to read the About Us page. That says it all. We are launching it with my software but we are about to add more products and services to the page. And as we win business we will be looking for people to come work for us too.

  29. How much you “earn” is completely and utterly meaningless. What matters is how much you “keep”. The “wage gap” is the 4th big lie of Feminism, and like most Feminist lies, it’s power is in distracting you from the real issue.
    What matters is how much income you get to keep. Women have higher assets than men. They are wealthier than men. This is true worldwide. For example in Japan, women control the money absolutely. Men slave and kill themselves to GET the money, then they give it all to their wives. In the US and europe, middle class, upper-middle class, and lower class women have vastly more assets than men.
    This is because men give 50%-890% of their earnings to women (either their wives or their ex-wives). Those wives spend the money, and in a divorce, they get an disproportionate share of that money. It we counted alimoney alone, that would be huge, huge, huge but never mentioned of course.
    So it’s completely and utterly meaningless how much men earn vs. women earn. This is why Feminists love arguing this point. They can never lose.
    The absurdity of the feminist position is easily seen with this analogy. Consider black sharecroppers living in shacks in the 1920s. By Feminist logic, the sharecroppers would have been considered “more rich” than the white guys who lived in the huge mansions. Because Feminists would only count “how much do you gather from the field”, and by that logic the blacks were rich because they gathered most of the crops. Feminists would totally ignore the fact that 95% of what the poor sharecropperes gathered, was taken by the rich white guy in the mansion.
    Just another example of what utter and disgusing liars Feminists are.

  30. 341 Firefighters were killed on September 11, 2001.
    All were men
    And on that day, the US National Security Advisor was a woman.
    Women can have equality when they have goddamn earned it.

  31. One of the reasons women are getting hired more than men is because of equal opportunity initiatives, that are present in quite a lot of companies nowadays to encourage under represented groups to be hired. Through this system quotas are set based on race, gender, social background etc. For this reason if a woman has similar qualifications to a man she will always be hired over him. Meaning that the only men that are hired will generally be more qualified than the women. First of all this system should be equally disgusting to feminists as it is to us. Categorizing people like this to increase the image of a company makes a mockery of any kind of civil rights or feminist ideals because it works under the assumption that everyone is inferior to white men and therefore need a hand up. If a woman is truly feminist she would not accept any kind of help that is only gained through the assumption that she is inferior. That’s like if you were sitting on the street and someone mistook you for a hobo so threw you a couple of quarters… You’d be really offended!!!
    It is also ridiculous though because it leads to a work environment where only men who are way better qualified will be hired over a woman for the same position which leads to discrepancies in the skills of the employees and skewed statistics and infographics claiming that men get paid more. One of the worst examples this system is ironically found at the United Nations who have very strict policies in hiring people from developing countries, particularly women. For this reason the UN will actually not hire ANYONE from countries like the UK and US anymore (unless they are forced to by the governments of these countries through grants or pressure but that is another story!) simply because there are already too many people from these countries who work there. A British male candidate could be the best qualified person in the world with a degree from Harvard and 15 years relevant experience, but if there is a woman from Bhutan with a University degree and a couple of years irrelevant experience she will get hired over him.
    I do not agree with everything on this site and although I am a man I do believe in gender equality. However I like your site and think it is very necessary to present both sides of the argument. You shoot down the MANY myths that surround feminism, which a lot of women are uncomfortable admitting. If there is ever going to be true gender equality women need to stop: 1) Using erroneous facts and data to trick people into thinking they need more help than they do, 2) Accepting handouts and advantages over men as these are only given under the assumption that women are inferior, if you were a true feminist you would reject anything discriminatory, even if it was beneficial to you, 3) Stop blaming societal pressure for EVERYTHING if you disagree with someone in society, don’t play a long with it!
    I personally believe that women are not weak and pathetic, but just as strong as men and can actually make decisions for themselves. Yet the way some women prance around in miniskirts in freezing cold weather just to impress a man, play a long with double standards because they don’t want to stand out from the crowd and blame men for all the problems in the world. You would think women actually were inferior.

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