Cuckservatives Have Started To Adopt Manosphere Narratives

Here’s a kicker for you: housewives are happier than feminists, and happier than women in any other occupation. It may still be a thoughtcrime to publish that truth, but more people are now questioning female supremacy than ever before. You know change has come when former enemies within are now parroting what you say in the Culture War. In a stunning about face, some cuckservatives are now tepidly and timidly echoing what the manosphere has been saying about women and culture for well over a decade.

More about that in a moment. First, here’s how I know we in the manosphere are right. If there’s anything being truly “multicultural” i.e. traveling and banging women across the world will show a man, it’s what a shitty deal men in Anglo America get. As my travels across the world began, I noticed I felt more welcome abroad as a white man than I did in my home country. This is especially true among attractive and fecund women.

It didn’t take long until I didn’t want to come home to such a fucked up culture in which the sexes compete against each other in some strange survival of the fittest operation rather than cooperating with each other. A man also notices he is not scapegoated for supposed, trumped-up crimes against women, and in a sexually libertine atmosphere like that found in Latin American countries (especially the one I currently enjoy in the Caribbean) he notices several other important differences. Women don’t act like entitled bitches. They don’t look down their noses at men. They don’t hate men. They don’t view sex (especially straight sex) as “dirty” and reproduction as something de-classe “breeders” do. They stand by men and their families.

Then there’s the sexless nature of Anglo America today in which even an attractive guy who knows the principles of game has to jump through all sorts of hoops to get laid. The relations between the sexes have become so mercenary as a result of feminism the family has died and reproduction isn’t occurring at a sufficient rate to sustain European and traditional American people and their culture.

Feminism has unleashed the Law of the Jungle on the West

Feminism has unleashed the Law of the Jungle on the West

A sexual jungle has been unleashed, as I detailed earlier this year.

In the past, behaving the way women in the West now do would have been so disastrous the situation would have corrected itself. However, the tax farm we now live on subsidizes this type of behavior with – you guessed it – Beta bucks of hardworking taxpayers. The r-selection paradigm creates an unstable environment (i.e. uncivilized one) and leads to the following:

  • Single parenting
  • Women with children with many different fathers
  • Early sexual maturity in children
  • Short generation time (children having children)
  • Lack of male participation in society

The natural balance that would have put an end to this, women finding themselves outcast from society or destitute for making childish, irresponsible or fickle choices won’t return unless the system subsidizing it fails.

All the above narratives and the resulting chaos are the result of a 1960s era, Marxist narrative promulgated by the CIA via their cat’s paw Gloria Steinem.

Cleansing Cultural Cancer

Sexy housewives may make a comeback as feminism implodes

Sexy housewives may make a comeback as feminism implodes

Feminism has grown like a cancer in a cultural vacuum. However, there are signs cultural chemotherapy in the form of traditional men with the guts to call a spade a spade is having an effect.

Thanks to the manosphere the feminist guilt trip is now suffering its first brush with reality, and the narrative is increasingly falling apart. Bloggers are talking about how the manosphere helped win Donald Trump the election. And now, even the cuckservative, so-called “mainstream” National Review is calling the culturally and demographically suicidal religion of feminism into question.

After we have been lambasted and called every name in the book for questioning the gynocracy to begin with, the cucks are now echoing the manosphere. In a stunning about-face article entitled Feminism: Women Are Made Weaker By It published just last week the cucks wrote:

Which brings us to the second goal of feminism: enabling women to be strong and making women strong. In one of modern life’s bigger ironies, feminism has actually achieved the very opposite. In America today (as opposed to, let us say, Saudi Arabia, where it does take strength to be a feminist), the more stridently a woman identifies as a feminist, the less strong she is. Feminism has created what is undoubtedly the weakest generation of women in American history.

Whaaaat? It gets even better.

Modern feminists are afraid of life. They are afraid of differences of opinion, and especially afraid of men.

Perhaps the fact men have united in droves against the femcunt narrative, and are openly calling for men to Go Galt and Enjoy the Decline is making the power structure take notice. There is a revolt brewing, and the Pareto Principle relegating 80% of men to sexless lives of servitude to the YouGoGrrl narrative isn’t helping.

Even the Bush-family connected and National Review-endorsed, failed presidential candidate Ted Cruz got the memo about the sea change in conservative politics brought on by the ascension of Trump to the throne.

If we’re given the White House and both houses of Congress and we don’t deliver, I think there will be pitchforks and torches in the streets. And I think quite rightly. I think people are so fed up with Washington, this election was a mandate with change and the most catastrophic thing Republicans could do is go back to business as usual.

Even though we are causing a stir, the manosphere and Alt-Right (of which there is some overlap between us and them) is being relentlessly vilified by the Left in one of their infamous witch hunts. Witness Vox vilifying the Evil White Male once again (i.e. Racial Bolshevism) for daring to look out for his own self-interest and not merrily ingesting the hemlock of the Kill Whitey agenda:

The alt-right’s priority, first and foremost, is preserving America’s status as a white-majority nation. To that end, they want Trump to follow through on the most extreme immigration ideas he’s discussed — such as deporting millions of undocumented immigrants and banning Muslim immigration. These steps, they think, will slow what they call the “dispossession” of America’s whites.

The left is nervous. Nobody listens to their wailing anymore. With feminism now being openly questioned in the media echo chamber there are signs their great ethnic cleansing experiment i.e. multiculturalism may be the next narrative to fall like a domino.

The left continues to scapegoat white men for all the evil in the world while turning a blind eye to true atrocities

The left continues to scapegoat white men for all the evil in the world while turning a blind eye to true atrocities

One might ask Vox: Does this mean when Mexico tries to preserve its status as a Latino nation, Zimbabwe tries to preserve its status as an African nation, and Saudi Arabia tries to preserve its status as an Arab nation they’re also committing horrible crimes against humanity? No. The narrative from the left is always anti white self-interest.

Even as the Left clings to the Evil White Male phantasm, they stand idly by as real atrocities against women are being committed like cutting the clitoris off young girls.

We are onto your game, bitches.

So, while we have had a stunning success by making the Establishment, check-pants Republicans blink, our fight is far from over. We have won a major battle in a much larger scale war. But the left is already entrenching itself in trying to label anyone with a non-Marxist narrative their favorite playground name-calling term: raaaacist.

We must not relent until the cancer of not only feminism, but Cultural Marxism as a whole is cleansed from the body politic. We are the white blood cells protecting the immune system of the nation state. And now, even weaklings are taking up the mantle of truth which has its roots in the manosphere.

This was true even in Mark Twain’s day. Twain wrote:

In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.

The timid are joining us. Let’s march on to cultural victory, gentlemen.

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186 thoughts on “Cuckservatives Have Started To Adopt Manosphere Narratives”

  1. Not sure how as a “White Male”, that the author is having issues finding women within the United States. According to an analytical study done by data scientists at Okcupid (dating app), they found that White males were the most sought out race. Asians and East Indians were the least sought out. Look around, you even see Asian and Persian girls frolicking to White men. As a White male, you should feel privileged. Other races envy your kind.

        1. My grandma told me to work for whatever I wanted. Which also applies to women so while I’m glad it worked for you, the concept isn’t likely to yield positive results for most.

        2. I should clarify: I stopped looking, I didn’t stop working, if you smell what I’m cooking. Your grandma was a smart lady.

        3. True words. Have you ever lead a horse to that water and watched as he refused to drink? Your comment reminds me of someone I know. . .

      1. This. Of course there is plenty of women willing to rip us off, but we don’t want them!

      2. Exactly spot on and Christiano hasn’t a clue of which he speaks. the bell curve of datable women has shifted DRAMATICALLY to the left in the USA whereby the largest part of the curve is centered squarely above the NUMBER 3. Not a country I want to live in. I’d rather focus on countries where the curve shifts rightward, and fat shaming is acceptable.

    1. Not sure why you think a stat from the world of online dating is reflective of the real world.
      I would say it’s mostly unattractive women who resort to online dating: decently attractive women have no problem meeting men in real life.

      1. What happened to you today? Seems like you are over due for getting your pipes drained by some chick. Normally, I pass up your comments because of the dindu rants and other racist diatribe you get on, but this, this is pretty pitiful.
        Bite the bullet man. Get involved in game. Get a hobby that makes you happy. Book I have recommended that will help is Mark Manson’s Models. He also wrote a new good book called The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck.
        Or complain more about something or other. Take an inventory of yourself. A good hard look. Game, Alpha Male, White Nation, that is all bullshit. Don’t be one of these individuals who get sucked into a rally cry to complain while dropping all of the valuable gems to improve your life that this site, and commentators, offer for free daily.

        1. Well said. Damn. What the fuck is the major malfunction with this guy here?

        2. Good Catch! The correct author is Mark Manson. Funny thing with M. Millar, I like his ideas for Kick Ass 1 and Ultimates. Devious and wily material. His second volume of Kick Ass and Wanted left much to be desired. Even gave Jupiter’s Legacy a shot. The man does go a bit far with the violence and sometimes for no reason other than to have artwork done for it. If I want good gore Warren Ellis and Avatar Press always have the goods.

        3. Yeah, like man up bro!
          The irony of the redpill till they die pussy slayers, who swallow the globalist multicultural agenda….

        4. Very nice. I’ve been out of the loop for awhile regarding updates to comic fiction & related authors. I concur with your thoughts regarding the Kick Ass 2nd volume & the sometimes over the top depiction of violence. Didn’t read the 2nd volume of Wanted. Was thinking about reading Nemesis but haven’t come around to it.
          Love Warren Ellis’s work on Moon Knight & Karnak Of The Inhumans.
          My friend, you’ve got me excited again 🙂

      2. I would say it’s mostly unattractive women who resort to online dating

        It’s not 2000 anymore where the only people online dating are nerds, psychos, freaks and uggos, dude. Online dating is pretty mainstream now through apps like Tinder and it’s become one of the most common ways people have met their LTR or whatever.

    2. With all this talk about muh white male privilege, for a second I thought I was on Huffington Post not ROK lolz

    3. You will almost never see an Asian guy in his 20s or 30s without a long-term gf or wife.

      1. What fucking world do you live in? FFS, Asians can’t get tail anywhere else in the nation to save their lives.
        Christ, you’re a basket case.

        1. So saying Asian culture is superior to White culture and that Asian guys do way better than White guys in getting relationships somehow makes me a stormfront white supremacist?
          wat da fuq?
          That doesn’t follow…

        2. Resorting to petty name calling. Very mature. No . Asian men do way better with women than white men do. They just don’t seek out to collect notches like white animals do. They’re monogamous and hence free of STDs and STIs. Terrible right?

        3. If you think Asian guys are siting alone at home with a math workbook, you’re deluding yourself. This isn’t the 1980s. Asian men are at the top of the hierarchy: well-educated, well-connected, strong-culture, and way more money than the average American.

        4. Hahahahahahahhahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!
          I know a few Asians who would kill for your fantasy land!!! Kill!!!
          Hell, I know a few people who would kill to have these Asians getting laid!
          These generalities are really killing you.

        5. Spend time on college campuses.
          Every campus has a Chinese Students Scholars Association (CSSA) with hundreds or thousands of members.
          The Asian students basically create a microcosm within the greater community.
          Did you know they have their own separate Chinese intramural sports teams where the girls dress up as cheerleaders to cheer their men on? It blew my mind when I saw it.
          You think White women would ever do that for White guys or Black women would do that for Black men? Never.
          That is the difference in culture.

        6. They have to create microcosms because they have no one in America! They come in on visas, have parents who drop a bunch of cash to ensure they are comfortable, they get expensive vehicles and live expenses paid to finish school. But then they have three tiers, lawyer, accountant, and family reject.
          Once school is done these kids sole goal is to ensure they pay their families back by housing them with highly credible jobs. They rarely get laid during this process. The cooler ones are very Americanized so often they are ripped and class clowns yet struggle to get laid. The few that do get laid are salvaging broken American white women, sampling black women who find no suitors, or have a bethrothed.
          The large portion of Asian men are sexless. Japan had a national crisis and for all their sex, are still expected to die off sooner than the other races. Chinese men are either very traditional and get laid by the only woman they ever had, or they are sexless. Only 1 Asian I know of, is what I would consider good with women. Everyone else was either lucky or scavenging.

        7. Yes, that is true. For almost all Chinese, they will have but one sexual partner their whole lives: the first girlfriend / boyfriend they have will become their spouse.
          But that is what I am getting at: for these men, there is no need for game. The women do not suffer from rampant hypergamy: they pretty much want to marry by 25 and if the guy is decent and educated, he will do.

        8. But the long game began long before they turned 25. What you are addressing is a cultural shift that, if you passed 25 and are not Asian, you have no access to it.
          White and Black are bad litmus tests to use as a cultural reference point. Asians typically have A specific culture to attach themselves to which is very patriarchal, whereas in America, it is largely a bag of the same colors but different cultures. You can have two white people but one ultra liberal and the other conservative with nothing but man and woman being used to pair them. That works but if their personalities clash, no long lasting aspects. Same for black. Being born as you are, you do not have this as a cultural advantage because you aren’t the cultural moor in this nation. None of us are while we live in America. We literally peacemail everything.
          This is why I said game is needed. You do not have much in common with the woman that you can assume off face value and you need a good way to expose her nature and get the truth quick. Plus you need strength of character to be able to handle what this means socially and so on.

        9. Again with the asian stuff. OK, where in the heck are you? My first university was so full of asians they nicknamed it University of Chinese Immigrants. And the asian men were -not- anywhere near the top of the of the totem pole! Any white guy had to watch it going to class because he’d get pounced on by 10 or more asian girls.
          That last part isn’t an exaggeration either. It was honestly annoying. (I’m not into asians.) I knew a couple really stupid guys that decided to take advantage. I think that’s why they both ended up dropping out. Too much drama between the 20 asian girls they were “seeing”. 😉

        10. Ignore that shit. They’re in ‘damage control’ from their key man Lolknee being outed as a shill.
          I get your point I’ve seen it not just with Asians but many different ethnic ‘enclaves’ if you will. Its a beautiful thing.
          GOJ is correct about your typical ‘assimilated’ Asian male isolated from such a tight community. Competing in the sexual market place in multicultural progressive America leaves the Asian male out on his ass.

        11. I hate multiculturalism in general, but it is nice with asians that at least the cultures side by side are not as clashing as various other cultural and racial mixes that are going on, would say it works better than indians too. But don’t see that many chinese man white woman couples I suppose.

        12. America is the great experiment that works but the same has happened in other countries where people of multiple races exist. First there is strife. Then as people realize they aren’t going anywhere and each maintain rights to the land, law is established so people aren’t mowed down daily.
          The Asiatic cultures lucked out with their simplified differences. There are, maybe 7, well known Asian cultures, who all adhere to honoring their family line and ensuring wealth for the future? On both ends the color wars are a horrible way to establish terrain and sovereignty in a country. There is so much multiculturalism just within any one side of the color spectrum with multiple continents housing both white and black people, there is still likely to be high levels of friction to finding a partner just based on backgrounds.
          I see why he envies the Asiatic cultures. They have a simple model and from the outside, it seems to work. But the big problem for me is I have a 5% interest in Asian women and that is only that high because I think some Americanized Asian women (see taller, buxom, long straight hair, clear English, 19-26, and feminine) are sexy. I prefer the ones who are tanned so Phillipines and Thailand are higher on the list than not. But on average I would have no kids if that was my last recourse.
          EDIT: I am glad you liked the book choice. He isn’t too different than Neil Strauss in that he came in, like Roosh, just wanting to get good with women and get consistent access to sex. Much of his growth came from seeing other men get laid without being the clown. The Subtle Art is a very fun read that flows like an extension to his blog I imagine, and captures of bunch of ideas that are discussed to some extent on ROK but at times aren’t dug into as deeply. Would love to hear what you get from it.

        13. This whole obsession in the west with collecting notches and gaming your whole life is silly and childish. All these guys are complaining about hypergamy but brag about pump n dumping a bunch of virgins. Feminism is horrible, but many guys here aren’t much better. I see plenty of bitterness, jealousy, and sillyness.

        14. Well I’ve now got the samples of his two books will read them on public transport in the next while and buy them if they’re my kind of thing..
          As you say, room for strife even within the colour spectrums, the Germans, French and English are all the same colour and they used to have wars with each other a lot in the past.
          Well, if you’re 5% interested in Asians, I’m probably 0% 😉 Have in the past tried to go in times of drought there but just didn’t want to, and it doesn’t help your game when you are trying to force yourself to get it on with a girl you’re not into. Be funny if it happens one day to me as I’ve always kept away from it. Have heard good things about them in bed which made me a bit curious and shouldn’t poo-poo someone else’s tastes.

        15. America only keeps up the illusion it ‘works’ (which it really doesn’t, observe welfare, violent crime, incarceration, etc stats for certain races) because whites are still the majority and more importantly are running the country and keeping the infrastructure going and the bills paid.
          Once the third world races become the majority (and they will, Mestizo Hispanics and Blacks are breeding like rats) it will gradually disintegrate into a hell hole and pathetic shell of its former self.
          I can’t take anyone seriously who uses the US or any white majority nation as an example of why multiculturalism or multiracialism is a good idea. Whites being so cucked as to allow third worlders to leech off their civilization is not a success story. Asians would never tolerate it for a reason.
          Want an example of what happens when whites lose power and it’s handed to a third world race? Look up the history of Rhodesia and then Zimbabwe. From breadbasket of Africa to basket case of Africa in one generation.

      2. That’s because peak feminism and complete globalization hasn’t infested most of Asia yet. Once it does, which it will, you already have a hint of what happens next.

    4. Really?”privilaged white males” are in high demand? then how come their numbers are dwindling in Europe and the USA because of alleged low birthrates?

      1. White males and females are too busy fucking for fun instead of having children. A white woman or man may have 100+ notches and no children. A latin or asian may have fewer than 5 notches but have a family with 3+ children.

        1. But fucking is so much fun and how dare you critisize my life choices! I am an empowered women! said no girl ever.

  2. Make no mistake. Women are starting to reject feminism (third wave at least) because it is men repellent. They’re getting wind men don’t want to have anything to do with this shitty deal. Women need men for their resources, so they do what they do best: deceive.
    As long as the society is gynocentric, men will continue to be treated as second hand citizens, used for their labor. The difference is now you’ll stop being shitted on. You’ll still be working the plantation though. That’s the problem with traditionalism: you guys want so little…
    There is only one solution to reverse this: Repeal the women’s right to vote. Take away some of their rights and return to a soft patriarchy. Men can do this in one day, and there’s not one damn thing women can do about it.
    Are cucks ready to go for that? No, they’re not. And so, not much will change. It’s not women’s fault. It’s the cucks’. Guys on this site are mostly cucks not from another reason but for always selling themselves short to the golden vagina.

    1. I agree. We’re fighting a two front war, and our biggest opponents are other men. The more I see, the more I’m convinced men are to blame. Things will eventually change….. when the majority of men aren’t willing to strangle their grandmother to get a whiff of dirty panties.
      No man can compete with the thirst out there. Even if she wouldn’t fuck the 5,900 dudes liking her selfies, the net affect poisons her ego. Acting alpha is only gonna get you so far.
      I just see too many thirsty dudes (even married ones) out there to have any hope of change. Its gonna take a collapse and a culling. I think you’d be surprised to see some things play out and they wouldn’t fit your narrative. Good looking buff dudes rotting in the gutter and big, mean, ugly warlords sitting in the throne of power. Our definition of alpha is as false as these times.

      1. Very interesting ideas. Yes, the establishment might be shocked about Trump but there could be a lot more stranger and darker things to come, I also wouldn’t be surprised. There’s things many of us in safe parts of the world take for granted, such as not having people break into our houses and slit our throats etc, I don’t know what form it will take but can well agree that something is around the corner that people are not expecting

    2. Strange enough ! “selling themselves short to the golden vagina” !? Do you think there is nothing called a “golden penis” !? You got it terribly wrong. Majority (I sincerely believe ALL) of guys on this site are NOT cucks. Nobody here is “longing” for “golden or silver or bronze or gilt or ungrateful or whatever” pussies/cunts/vaginas.
      A pussy NEEDS penis as much as a penis needs pussy
      A pussy LONGS for penis as much as penis longs for pussy
      A pussy THINKS of penis as much as penis thinks of pussy
      A pussy FANTASIZES of penis as much as penis fantasizes
      of pussy
      A pussy gets as much ENJOYMENT, SATISFACTION and
      PLEASURE as a penis gets from a pussy
      If this world is a jungle and/or if we are still living in medieval ages, it doesn’t even take minutes for MEN to beat the shit out & reverse the kind of Entitlement and Bitchiness the pussies have. Guess you are very well aware of the fact that we are living in a world where Societal & Legal Double Standards favor one specific gender.
      And women are not doing any “favor” by rejecting femicuntism. They embraced that “ism” for their OWN benefit and they are rejecting (or pretending to ?) that “ism” again for their OWN benefit.
      Make no mistake, MEN (I am not talking about manginas) have long back started to “realize” the pussy games and they don’t heed to “women rejecting femicuntism” games !!!

      1. It’s been one year since I left my previous work and I am so happy now… I started working online, for a company I stumbled upon on-line, several hrs each day, and my income now is much bigger then it was on my office work… My pay-check for last month was for 9 thousand bucks… Superb thing about this gig is that now i have more free time for my loved ones…

        1. tip for the writer…. if you want to link to source material… link to the original source and / or a credible publication – linking to another blog is lazy and not credible and doesn’t provide a good intellectual resource. otherwise the internet becomes a chinese whispers of rumor and gossip, this is exactly what men need to avoid.

  3. What an awesome, bitter pill for those who have spent their lives lobbying for so-called progressive values.
    I know a number of female attorneys. In some ways I had gotten used to seeing them get drunk at cocktail parties and bluster about how Roe v Wade gave them immense power as women and lawyers. No kidding, I’ve seen them revel in the power that stems from aborting babies. What absolute sickness.
    Talked to one of them recently. A retired former general counsel of a publicly traded company (you’d recognize the name if I told you). She was depressed, naturally, and commented, “I wonder now if everything my life stood for, has been wrong.” All I could do was nod with empathy.
    Let them swallow that bitter pill. Here’s hoping Trump follows through with the mandate, and drains the swamp completely.

    1. I am in law school right now and basically every girl is either a feminist or a former “gender studies” grad. The same goes for the feminist professors. It actually makes me almost vomit how undateable most of the girls at my law school are now and how much more arrogant and strident they’ll be once they get their degree. My male fellow students and I often remark about how low-SMV most of them are. But with law schools churning out thousands of strident, arrogant feminist “activists” every year, it’s no wonder this country is fucked up as it is.
      The day after Trump was elected, I walked into law school with a big smile on my face. My female professors were all visibly in mourning and so were most of the female students there.

      1. Crusader professions like law, media and education are inundated with SJW’s. Stick to your guns man, we need guys on our side.

      2. I dealt with them too and tripled down. I made unabashed displays of machismo and let them know who was boss. The palpable masculine energy I radiated had many of them either terrified or intrigued-icy glower, long mane of hair, overt displays of power and dominant body language made me feared but I revelled in it and eviscerating beta bitch boys and orbiters brought a sardonic smile to my face time and again.

        1. Law school really tends to bring out the beta in male students. Most (not all, thankfully) male students in my section are arrogant beta dweebs who kiss ass with the professors whenever they can. There are a few hot girls who are attracted to me and flirt with me but most are cockteases.

        2. Yes-it is absolutely sickening. I would go in there with death metal blaring in my ears, a look of disgust or sometimes a smile as if I owned the place. I’d then take two seats so each ass-cheek got one and on occasion put my boots on the table and stretch out to emphasise my frame-I was done with pleasantries and all the niceties because I was in the heart of enemy territory so to speak.
          The hot girls are cockteases without question and I would mess with them and say bluntly ‘You can play with me and think you have me wrapped around your little finger but only one of your friends here is going to get 9″+ of the D to make her supplicant like I know you like-fight it out amongst yourselves because I don’t have the patience to deal with your bullshit’. It shocks them when someone is that direct and while they act like they resent it they love it-that and I would tell them point blank they look about 4/10 and needed to try harder.

        3. Being a rock singer/guitarist I would sometimes mock and draw attention to the BS of law school by going up to the professor’s podium (before they showed up) and bursting into song before classes in front of my 120 fellow classmates. This had 2 effects: my male classmates respected my ballsiness and it made the hot female students more attracted to me and compliment me on my singing. Whatever. I just wanted to show how pretentious the atmosphere was. But yeah, I have this one hot Latina girl in my class who has an amazing ass and always flirts with me. She turned out to be a cocktease so I deleted her number and ignore her now. Life is good though cause I’m fucking 2 girls who don’t go to my school.

        4. Funny stuff. I remember one fat beta bitchboy I eviscerated. Somehow the discussion was on how athletes in sport use drugs to cheat and every single professional athlete does in one way or another. This asshole tried to use a mocking reductio and then subsequently Lance Armstrong admitted to systematic doping which vindicated my position. I saw this fat sack of crap in a hallway and they lowered their eyes/averted their gaze so I made a point of striding right up to them and saying: ‘Hey, fatso, remember that debate we had? I was right-but then you don’t look like you’d know a damn thing about steroids etc. going by how flabby you are. Hit the weights, bitch and next time if you want to go to toe-to-toe with me on an intellectual basis bring some Prep H because you’re going to get your rectum caved in, again’.
          Suffice to say it was hysterical and I made a point of it only because of their belligerence.

        5. When I was in, I found 7 bros who were all about getting drunk as fuck and not giving a shit. Hanging with them is essentially how I made it through 3 years.
          The rest were all “omega” to the max.

        6. YES. I am so sick of all these beta (and omega) dweebs who kiss ass with the teacher and gossip with the lesbians (yes, my school has loads of them) about how evil Trump is.

        7. I’m surprised he didn’t promptly retreat to his “safe space” and later address the school on how “triggered” your comments made him.

        8. Might have-but if I found out I would have kicked his ass. Wouldn’t have been much of a challenge either being that I am a shooter-man as they say and one chokehold would have ended it in seconds.

        9. Law is one of the worst professions.. there’s absolutely no real practical value in it. Lawyers cannot create real trust and honor all they can do is look at theoretical risks that in most cases never exist. Lawyers are all very good at fine details and poking at others with mind tricks and knowledge of arcane, while writing out large invoices – but pretty poor at running real businesses and real world economics…

        10. 1 yr ago I finally resigned from my last job and i couldn’t be happier now… I started working from my house, over a site I stumbled upon on-line, for several hours /a day, and my income now is much bigger then it was on my office work… Last paycheck i got was for Nine thousand dollars… Superb thing about this work is that now i have more time to spend with my family…

        11. Bravo. You are not doing anything wrong brother, you are just being and behaving as a MAN.

        12. Journalism is also in disrepute. The main stream media is all about fake news and covering up inconvenient facts.

      3. By the time they hit law school, most of the decent looking ones already have a guy that they’re squeezing money and gifts out of. The rest are either ugly as fuck, lesbian, or outright insane.
        I knew one girl from my law school class, a single mom, who went through 6 different guys: in her case I always wondered how she explains who these guys are to her 6 year old.
        I knew another who CLAIMED a notch count of around 30 when she started. Unofficial rumors were that her notch count doubled by the time we graduated, and that she had 2 STD’s.
        I knew a 3rd one that had 8 tattoos, took 4 years to finish, had to juggle her antidepressants and birth control pills, and committed herself to a nuthouse twice due to stress. She married a rich dumbass in another section, but I’m pretty sure they’re no more.
        Oh, and all three of these girls were RAGING SJW’s, lol.

        1. I will admit that a lot of girls in my law school seem pretty intelligent.
          With that said, I have generally found that a girl’s intelligence is directly proportional to her arrogance and therefore inversely proportionate to her likability.
          Add to that her being Jewish, as many of my classmates are, and it only increases the arrogance.
          So yes, many girls at my law school are intelligent, but physically unappealing, arrogant, for the most part Jewish and very passive-aggressive.
          I do all my readings, brief, outline, all that jazz but I’m far from being the most gung-ho law student there, as all I can think about during my Crim Law and Civ Pro lectures is fucking one of my voluptuous (non-law-school) girlfriends in the butt.
          As finals approach now, my focus is on just getting it over with.
          And then party, drink, fuck. Then rinse and repeat. At least until the next semester in January.

        2. Jewish girls will only marry within their tribe. Not necessarily all the time but Jews have this superiority complex. They like to fancy themselves as The Chosen Race and see everyone else as goyim(sheep). Funnily enough stupid Christians genuflect and proudly proclaim I Standz Wiz Izz-Rah-El although there are many instances in the Talmud that explicitly calls Jesus a bastard and Mary a filthy whore.

        3. They definitely cast the first stone with their superiority complex, cultural narcissism and then cry victim later..

        4. What year are you? If you’re a 1L/early 2L… I’d probably convince you not to go all the way.
          I made it out ok, most of my classmates didn’t, and some of them probably post to JD underground.

        5. I am a 1L and I think about getting out of law school every day. I don’t think it’s right for me as I am a person who strongly values his happiness and free time.

        6. Jack Redrum, the problem with law (at lower levels of practice, at least) is that you have to put in the HOURS every single day to get paid. It takes constant willpower to maintain, and it does get tiring. My brother who works as a partner in big law basically devoted his life to it, and it shows. Not for me…
          I made the jump inhouse (general counsel) early in my practice, and it made all the difference. When you become a businessman, you’re also earning shares of equity (hopefully), so someday soon you can kiss it goodbye.

        7. The thing is, I am on a scholarship at a 3rd tier school so I am only paying $4000/semester for my degree. If I can keep my current level of aid, I hope to graduate with a dirt cheap degree. However, I am thinking about maybe using my law degree to get into other fields such as HR Management or maybe even arbitration.
          Or perhaps even a wintertime custodianship at the Overlook Hotel….

        8. I’d stay away from HR. Toxic.
          Good arbitrators all have years of deep experience as a judge or senior attorney. Mediation is easier, but saturated.
          What about being an independent attorney in a specialty area? Be an entrepreneur. Set up shop in a month-to-month office sharing space designed for attorneys (there are a few of them around now), build yourself a website and do a little blogging and you’re making money. Network with one or two attorneys in your field so you have someone who will mentor you when needed.
          With your low-debt situation, you could do alright on a very small budget. Whatever you do, don’t let anyone disparage your school or degree. The law is no respecter of persons or tiers of law schools.

        9. One other thing, even if you are a 1L, start developing a network now.
          I did Westlaw research as a 2L during Christmas break, found some good (winning) litigators in town from reported appellate cases, and walked into their offices without an appointment. I told them how I found them, and they were flattered. A couple of them took me to lunch and I was a sponge with a personality. Things kinda rolled from there.
          I got my start fresh out of school as an independent attorney practicing law in an office building owned by one of those litigators, handling cases referred to me by him. Mostly transactional work and small pieces of litigation, which is how I jumped into the inhouse world less than two years later.
          My monthly rent for the first year: Zero dollars.

        10. What are your alternatives? If you have the ability to get a stable job doing something else… do it.
          A good 40% of my class is either still unemployed, given up looking for work, or won’t discuss what they do.
          This is 1.5 years after graduation.
          *Side note… if you’re on loans that’ll exceed 6 figures, get out now (actually get out if loans are above 70k)

      4. Outside the anglo world, in continental Europe, lawyers are not so lucratively paid. It’s still highly paid but it’s not at the extremes in the US. It’s also not really possible in continental Europe to sue people and claim your costs in court as easily. I have a fair bit of contact with them.. Yes we need lawyers, they create and maintain all kinds of rules and boundaries but if their importance in society is given center stage with litigation as sport and revenge, a glamorous activity, it becomes another example of cultural degeneracy with a collection of SJW sickos driving it.

        1. From my limited understanding, the law in France is tantamount to a judge opening a “law book,” reading the applicable law and administering without much ability for your counsel to change the outcome in your favor.
          In many ways we are blessed to have a system based on case law where an outcome can generally go either way depending on how good your lawyer is at arguing rules. However, the reality for many lawyers is not the six-figure salary “big law” lawyers can command but a salary more akin to what nurses make.

      5. Jack:
        I’ve been a lawyer nearly thirty years. Simple but hard rule: don’t date female lawyers or law students. Don’t hook up with them. Most are emotionally damaged and wouldn’t think twice about destroying your career and life with false accusations. Be civil, friendly, that’s all.
        Here’s the really fun part, depending on where you are in your studies; In the third year, a good many of the women will start wondering about their marriage prospects. Truth is, nobody sober wants a female lawyer. In contrast, your SMV will have risen much as you have survived the rigors of study and enter the job market, and you will clean up with schoolteachers and others in creative or nurturing professions.
        Harsh SMV truth in practice: At my school the sorority row was across from the library. These very feminine young women would come to “study” in the law library. We guys loved it. The law women got yugely pissed off. All these years later, I chuckle at the memory and the simple truths laid bare by that.

        1. Funny you mention schoolteacher because one of the chicks I am banging right now is a hot schoolteacher who absolutely adores me and is like putty in my hands. Yes, mentioning law school and becoming a lawyer in an offhand way does seem to raise the interest level a little bit…..

        2. If you get to the stage where you have young, school-age kids, in most decent suburban schools you will see a group of young, feminine women in the teacher ranks.
          By then your female SJW classmates will be on their first divorce, increased antidepressant medication, and anxiously pinging you on social media as their romantic options brutally, swiftly narrow. They are hoping you are as desperate as they. I have seen, and lived, this movie.
          You will, of course, be gracious and send them Christmas cards (not “holiday cards”) with your hot, adoring wife and fun, cute kids.
          You need only enjoy your single malt scotch before the fireplace and watch your kids play with their toys. As for the bitter SJWs? The shiv will be fully in. It will twist itself.

      6. They’ll break down. Assuming they can even get law jobs, lawyers work very shitty hours in very mundane work. It’s not glamorous or ’empowering’ in any way. My friend is an attorney he mostly hates it. They are in for a rude awakening.

      7. If they don’t get accepted, all they have to do is file a gender discrimination law suit! Women would be completely fucked without Affirmative Action.

    2. That’s where you should have said: ‘Yes; everything you were told was a lie and you believed it. Welcome to the end, my dear-the sky has opened.’.

      1. Exactly ! Isn’t it strange (and odd) enough when a female says she gets “bored” if married early, especially after 30 and don’t know what to do (career, education or blah blah blah) ?
        Interestingly, why they don’t think even for a second that their MAN would/could/can/might/may get SAME feelings ! being bored of the same daily ROUTINE, being bored of the same (one & only !) C**T, being tired of the increased stress at WORK, being pressured of constantly bearing the TANTRUMS & PAMPERING, being distanced to PARENTS, having to take more RESPONSIBILITIES as the FAMILY grows etc. etc. etc.
        Being bored ! really !? I have a cure for you femicunts; Don’t make a MAN scapegoat for your own desires and selfishness, Don’t behave as if you are doing any favor to your MAN.
        Relationship needs commitment. If you cannot or don’t want to commit; then don’t start a relation.

        1. Exactly. Nicely put. But it is to be expected when they often have the cognitive function and emotional depth of a toddler.

        2. And then finding an outlet to channel such that has a positive outcome 😉

    3. Wow, I’m guessing she was drunk to admit that to you vocally? Although I have occasionally had a woman admit true feelings of regret to me, it is EXTREMELY rare.
      I know a progressive 30 something lawyer who is now looking at artificial insemination, as she realizes her best years for attracting a mate are over. She looks really good for her age, but she simply can’t attract the same quality men she could 10 years ago. Whereas I’m attracting way hotter women than I ever dreamed of 10 years ago. It may not be fair, but it’s the way the world is. Better for everyone if they realize it soon.

      1. spicynujac, she was not drunk, but is a professional colleague – someone I worked with a few years ago. Was a very powerful woman. Yes, the admission was very surprising.
        I think more women are coming to a red-pilled realization on their own.

        1. Hopefully some younger ones will get it. Hate to say it (no I don’t) but it’s kind of too late for women after a certain age.

        2. Age has a way of doing that. I’ve mentioned before that at my gym I have personal trainers who do quite well training corporate women. Many of them are 40 years+ and reality has hit in them in face. Theire lives are empty and their lonely. More than a few have mentioned that if they could go back in time they would do things a lot differently.

        3. I am now trying to red pill other females who are secretly completely disatisfied, depressed by and baffled by the constant anti family messaging of society.
          Believe, more women know or suspect its all a farce deep down, but we are so into ingroup preference and status quo, it anoys the fuck out of me that more women are not openly indivdual, also lots of parents still think that despite their knowledge of reality, their daughter will be ‘different’ and wont become a depressed sjw. People need to do more homeschooling asap.
          A friend of mine from uni met up with me. Shes black and volumptouous (in the right way) could stand to loose a few pounds but she has a market for sure, But her face is lower than 5 😶
          Shes 29 never had a ltr and only had flings with hot black guys, who are players or just young n horny.
          Her best friend is a volumtuous mixed race girl but waaaay more attractive, she had a partner from age 19 and now shes 29 he has cheated and theyve split. Shes been trying to get him to marry for about 7 years. He seems quite imature and shes more ‘ambitious’. I think he was the equivalent of the bad boy thug types, good looking, but rubbish prospects and a bit of a player. He may mature now shes left him, but whatever, hes still got time. She hasnt however, i told my friend like 6 years ago she needs to leave him asap and find a marriage ready man probably an older one. She stayed.
          My friend heard me say how she is fucked and u could literally see the light bulb go off in her head. She was like….
          So i should concentrate on older guys?
          Guys my age have too many options? 🤔😳😰
          She understood.

        4. The feminists have shot themselves in the foot by making promiscuity mainstream. Men view women in three categories 1) undesirable, 2) sluts, 3)unicorns.
          Undesirables can be fat, feminist, or whatever. They are overlooked. I have a niece like that, she is overweight, and consequently has been treated badly by men. I feel bad for her, she is a smart girl, but has developed a bad attitude towards men, and her clock is ticking.
          Sluts get lots of attention, on the short term. They are desired, but not respected. The bulk of women fall into this category. They have a blast from their late teens and into their mid 30’s. Then comes the wall, they did nothing to earn respect, or any sort of value to men. Your friend sounds like she fit into this category. Being in a relationship for 7 years and unable to marry, her boyfriend obviously viewed her as a concubine and nothing else. Once her looks faded, he looked elsewhere. Had she maintained her virtue early on with this guy, her relationship would have gone one of two ways. They would have married or he would have got the picture and moved on. She still would have had respect and her youth. Now she has neither.
          Then there are the “unicorns”. Women who are traditional in their views, and maintain their virtue. Lots of guys view them as unattainable unicorns because if all they are looking for is sex, those women will see through it and avoid them. If the woman concedes and has sex, then they lose their unicorn status.
          My wife was a virgin on our wedding night. That is something I am very proud of. I also like the fact that she is supportive, and is a full time mom.

      2. It is perfectly fair and you are right ! both in terms of Nature/Biology and Society/Culture. Females knew and realize the “difference” between MALES and themselves, when it comes to “ageing” but they behave as if they are invincible.
        As the saying goes; “you reap what you sow” !

    4. I had an old college acquintance who I was in touch with on-and-off. She married a friend of mine and right after she got her degree, she ditched him and chased after her career. I heard she had a second divorce, childless and is now single pushing 47. I have zero sympathy for these women.

      1. Women in general (especially the current generation) doesn’t deserve sympathy. They never accept and acknowledge the achievements, innovations, inventions and sacrifices of MEN. They have no respect to the MASCULINITY.

      2. Many listen to SJW not to reality of being human. Not everybody wants to be exploited by the Kyriarchy. Remember some of your most deadly enemies are unhappy men.

  4. In the immortal words of Scar Face – In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.”

  5. The older I get the smaller the number of fkks i give to these feminist dorks. The problem will solve itself eventually. Over here in europe a nearing economic collapse will segregate between people working stable and valued jobs (e.g. in medicine, engineering) and basically worthless time wasting (gender studies and other crap). lets lean back and enjoy

    1. I think your disregarding that the mass of unsless eaters can vote to garnish your wages and seize your assets.

      1. Eventually there will be no more wealth to seize. Those in power will have a choice between feeding the producers or letting it completely collapse. Look at Venezuela and Cuba.

        1. Any time governments have been totally overrun with socialists, everything grinds to halt from redistribution. Once “power to the people” happens the government can’t unwind it easily. It’s easily forgot in the US, the reason we have a representative democracy is to avoid the golden hord voting themselves raises.

    2. You might be right, but unfortunately, these parasitic leeches will find a MAN to feed on, enjoying “comfortable & tension free” life; in the name of getting back to “traditional roles” !!!

  6. The tide is not turning. I did write a post as to why but it got moderated / marked as spam, et. I am not sure if it’s discussion software or the moderators on this site. Either way, with that being said I used to post here quite frequently under the username “guest” but at one point some months ago I’ve got banned. The old timers might remember me. It is very disappointing to see a site that trumpets freedom of speech doing this. Anyway… whatever. It’s not my site so who am I to criticize?

  7. Yeah but theres one small problem with the whole house wife thing you didnt take into account. To raise a family in todays society you have to earn a 6 figure salary or both wife and husband need to work to provide for their family. We dont make what we use to, its very hard to afford cars a house giving your kids braces and a college fund on a one person salary. The days where dad went to work and made a dam good living while the wife stayed at home are pretty much over unless again you make a 6 figure salary.

    1. That’s very true. Most women I know with young children would very dearly love to be at home full time. They simply can’t. And where I live it takes two incomes just to afford a modest dwelling in a neighborhood where your kids aren’t likely to encounter crack whores. Two incomes are needed just to stay afloat. Moreover, in some families the woman makes more than her husband.

    2. It is still theoriticaly possible to raise a family on a one person salary. Think of all the money people in the USA spend on frivalous things such as that 4k 50″ Flat screen for 4500 or taking a loan out for a car that they have no business owning because they only make 45k a year and the car cost 46k or buying food from a grocery store that can be harvested, grown and made.

  8. Dennis Prager has always been like that. He’s better on sexual issues than the rest of the cuckservatives. But he’s still a big beta. He thinks that men aren’t getting married because they’re childish Peter-Pan Syndrome boys who need a woman to civilize them, as opposed to the fact that society’s rules have been re-written in order to cater to female feelings and we have ended up with a terrible system where women are monsters and marriage is for suckers.
    Cuckservatives have always criticized feminism for not living up to its own egalitarian ideals. But that’s not the real problem with feminism. The real problem is that egalitarianism is a lie, not that feminists don’t practice what they preach about egalitarianism.

    1. Total nonsense that Peter Pan syndrome. There are hordes of manginas/kidults who would not be able to adult but by and large, speaking for myself at least, I would be extremely reticent to enter into an arrangement that is ridiculously stacked against me and where I stand to lose something like $2 million in assets among other things because of so much as one argument whereby they call it quits. No thank you-iron clad prenup and everything is recorded for posterity otherwise no dice.

      1. I agree about the Peter Pan nonsense. Not long ago young men got tired of sowing their wild oats so to speak and thought how nice it would be to go home and chill with a devoted wife who was actually more concerned about her family’s well being than anything else. They looked forward to a life like that. Now they look around at their divorced buddies who are getting ass raped by child support and get to see the kids one weekend a month and the ex has boyfriends coming and going who have more impact raising the children than they do and just say fuck that shit and don’t get married nor have children. Then they grow old alone and scream at kids to “GET OFF MY DAMN LAWN AND DONT COME TO MY DOOR ON HALLOWEEN!”.

        1. It’s a sad and sickening time. I will buck the trend and find someone who is devoted to me. They are rare but are out there and I will also keep my end up by building myself up into an embodiment of manly virtue.

        2. Manly virtue is an important consideration that is often overlooked here. When vows or promises are given they should be honored. There is nothing manly or cool about a man who doesn’t.

    2. Beautifully said. A cancer isn’t good because it does what you expected it to, it is still cancer to begin with.

  9. My community outreach to the left would be a fist. Feminism only resulted from a shit test that the american male wasn’t willing to say immediately no to…. I think Trump had it right in pre-election; now he has to govern tough. He seems like he could be tough; but I have seen too many leaders turn into weak pussies when they get into office. Not prosecuting hilary was the start of it. He negotiated by giving her everything she wanted. I promise not to hurt you by prosecuting….. and what she do? Forced a recount and likely is willing to figure out how to gain blood. … that’s not very tough dealing with the leftist crazies.

    1. I wouldn’t necessarily look at it as a weakness on Trump’s end. Nixon was pardoned in 74, mostly because it was in the best interest of the country to move on ,instead of dragging it out and giving Nixon “what he deserved” so to speak. Wikileaks did plenty of damage to Clinton’s reputation and her public image will never be the same. It would obviously be ideal for her to be in jail for the things she did, but it is in the best interest for the country to move on from this and focus our efforts on significantly more important issues.

      1. One of the most important issues is corruption in government. Prosecuting Hillary would send a loud message that we are a nation of laws and no one is above the law.

    2. I wonder if Trump said those things so Obama won’t give her a blanket pardon prior to leaving office? After Obama is out it would be easy for Trump to say”it was an ongoing investigation by the FBI and Justice Department I didn’t have anything to do with it”. After Obama leaves office he would be powerless to help,FBI says there was criminal intent, Justice takes over, Hillary is prosecuted and Trumps hands are clean.

      1. I’ve been thinking the exact same thing. In reality Trump doesn’t have to prosecute her but rather that could be done by the FBI per congress. He often sets fools up to be punked big time like he does to the press. The guy is pretty crafty and I would love to see him double cross that dyke bitch, Hillary. He seems quite capable of it, especially when she no longer has the DOJ packed with her minions. Would like to see Slick Willie, Huma and Weiner all go down with her.

    3. “Feminism only resulted from a shit test that the american male wasn’t willing to say immediately no to”
      Yeh, Ok. It was born out of thin air with no specific goal or agenda from any insidious group and all we have to do to stop its decades of devastation is just “Man up”

  10. Good to see this article. It might seem like small beginnings but it is enormously significant. The wider MSM may or may not catch on, but I think slowly, or perhaps even very quickly it may have no choice but do to so, lest it perish in denialism. The feminist narrative in particular is perhaps the weakest of all the progressive narratives – it’s the most easily attacked because it’s the most visibly silly, and most demonstrably out of sync with tangible reality, but even more importantly it depends at root almost entirely upon the the silly idea that all men stand in relation to all women as oppressors (what I refer to as marxist gender class theory). This is the hidden – and nearly always unstated – basis upon which the feminist idea of gender equality depends: if you can demonstrate the falsehood, even in part, of the former then the entire edifice must necessarily collapse. In fact it already is collapsing, people no longer believe it in the main, but the MSM, academia, and wherever feminism is institutionalised, is unnaturally keeping it alive. We need to keep hammering them until the arguments they use and the underlying premises of those arguments are demonstrably unsustainable. Believe it or not we are very close to achieving that. There is a paradigm shift taking place but we still need to help bring it to fruition

  11. Let’s get one thing straight – the Manosphere is definitely within the alt-right. The Manosphere is definitely to the right on the political spectrum and we are not apart of mainstream Republicans or conservatives therefore we are comfortably alt-right

      1. I always thought it was the White Nationalists/Storm Fronters that coined the term “cuckservative” therefore outing them

  12. Besides eradicating feminism and cultural marxism we must cleanse our country of multi-culturalism. America is a white nation. Always has been – we must reclaim our country!

    1. This is a country for white men, and by God, as long as I am President, it shall be a government for white men.

      President Andrew Johnson, supposedly.

      1. No I am just sick and tired of seeing my country being handed over to minorities. This is our country. We built this country. We made it great!

        1. If I was a beta cuck I would be advocating multi-culturalism and open borders. Alpha’s seek to protect and defend their country, culture, and communities. It is obvious non white/non christians are the problem in this country. We did have these problems in the ’50’s. The country was overwhelmingly white and blacks were kept in their place.

        2. Minorities ? Which minorities are you referring to ? The Native/Red Indians who have been massacred !? How did you built this Country in first place ? It’s quite obvious that any Country will be made “great” by its own people.
          Again, coming to the minorities, if it’s not about “Native/Red Indians”, are you referring to:
          Satya Nadella ?
          Sunder Pichai ?
          Ajay Bhatt ?
          Amit Singhal ?
          Dr. Samba Reddy ?
          Shantanu Narayen ?
          Vinod Khosla ?
          Amit Singhal ?
          Ram Shriram ?
          Vinod Dham ?
          Sabeer Bhatia ?
          Vic Gundotra ?
          Sashi Reddi ?
          Krishna Bharat ?
          Premkumar Reddy ?
          Harvinder Sahota ?
          Ashutosh Tewari ?
          (list doesn’t seem to end here !)
          All of the above people (MEN) are from Bharat or India. Immigrants (in this context, Indians) are not living on EBT cards or Welfare system (which results in leeching out Tax Payers Money), are not Looting Shops/Malls, are not doing Mass Shootings, are not doing any Drug Trafficking, are not doing any protests and not killing On-Duty MALE Police Officers/Police MEN (on a side note, I didn’t really understand why the Independent, Empowered and Strong PUSSY Police Offers aka Police Women were NOT on Duty, when those “protesters” killed 5 Police Officers !!!), are not shouting or writing slogans of “Brown/Asian Lives Matter” !!!
          If you are referring to Illegal Immigrants and/or Refugees (there is a Somalia Refugee camp near my place !!!) and/or Asylum seekers and/or People who come to this Country to blast Bombs and kill innocent Civilians, then it’s understandable and I am with you.
          My dear Brother, this Country was and always been (and will be) land of Opportunities. As long as the Immigrants contribute positively, get along with locals and share the good and bad; there should not be any problem.
          PS: Whoever killed those 5 Police MEN will ROT right on this planet.

        3. minorities ie: anyone who is not white. that includes indians, black people etc. It’s nice that they “contribute” but they also change our culture in ways that are undesirable. I am ok with immigration as long as we bring in people who are white and Christian. I am not trying to live in some multi-cultural cesspool.
          No, America is a great nation because it was founded and inhabited by great people(white people). We had laws in place that limited who could come in and who could vote and make decisions in our country.
          No not all countries will be made great by its own people. Every country that is not in Europe, Anglosphere, Japan, or South Korea sucks. The countries not mentioned are all inhabited by their own people. Those countries sucks because the people who live in those countries suck.

        4. It’s clear that you are a moron ! The People & Countries you have NOT mentioned are always been GREAT. Until they are “invaded, massacred, oppressed, looted and forcefully CONVERTED by the English (I am not talking about the “whites” who are “cesspools/residuals/criminals/retards” and who have been “kicked out” by the English to <>, New Zealand, Australia etc. !!!), I am talking about “the English” ! Didn’t get it !? Well, I have clue; Colour vs Color. Got it !? I am talking about “the English” !!. (In general, it’s always been quite easy for westerns to get the details, information and knowledge from already existing “Civilization & Culture” and then “changing” the same to “suite” their whims, showcasing & projecting the “positives” as “negatives” and claiming everything was theirs and they are the first !!!)
          There is no point in arguing with people like you who have no understanding of (or conveniently ignore, because you have nothing to loose !) History, Humanity, Culture and Religion. Don’t worry, I am not here to PREACH about Religion(s). For me, people who PREACH about their own Religion & force/lure others to CONVERT to theirs are equal to SHIT.
          And you have no problem with immigrants if they are “white” and … (I don’t want to talk anything more about Religion; which I believe, honestly, is out of context on ROK). Coming again to the “white”; Are you referring to the “depigmented & pale skin color” ?
          Got something for you (I could list a hell lot of sites & info that CLEARLY, HISTORICALLY & SCIENTIFICALLY proves the reality, but I don’t want to do that. It will serve no purpose !!):

          “They lacked versions of two genes—SLC24A5 and SLC45A2—that lead to DE-PIGMENTATION and, therefore, PALE SKIN in Europeans today.”
          “People living in NORTHERN latitudes often don’t get enough UV to SYNTHESIZE vitamin D in their SKIN so natural selection has favored two genetic SOLUTIONS to that PROBLEM—evolving PALE SKIN that absorbs UV more efficiently or favoring lactose tolerance to be able to digest the sugars and vitamin D naturally found in milk.”
          This will be my last response to you. Anything more is like arguing with a Child !
          To ALL my Brothers here:
          I apologize if what I have said had offended some of you. I also think there is nothing wrong with the original poster and his opinions (free country & free speech); other than that he choose the wrong platform. He literally seems to have no knowledge of the current Dynamics of Global Economy, Commerce, Competition, the resulting Impact, Sustaining, Survival and Best Interests of his / this / OUR (or any other) Country. Long Live the HUMANITY, Long Live BHARAT and Long Live the UNITED STATES.
          PS: On a fun note; first lets deal with the Societal & Legal Double Standards against MEN & MASCULINITY. Then we can leisurely argue/fight among ourselves (white, black, brown, yellow !!!)

        5. many here confuse American nationalism with whiteness. A lot of black men see it the same way as the white alt-right brothers here. They see the bullshit of “african American” culture. That shit was put out by the liberal elites (black and white) to divide us. The BLM bullshit for instance forgets that white people are fucked over and violated by government thugs as much as anybody else. And at one time freedom loving white men were ready to blow cops away.
          Until liberalism took over black men lived as white men today. Marriage,family,church etc.

        6. Greetings Brother. I might have been a bit emotional ! I understand everything and I guess it only requires common-sense. I know how (and why) this Government, in general, makes the majority (whites, especially MEN) as scapegoats. Believe me, the Government back in my Home country does the same but obviously, that’s entirely a different issue (I don’t want to go into those details but I will give a clue; “majority” in India ? and on what basis !? color ? nope !).
          But the problem is, Brothers like the person whom I originally replied to, doesn’t understand where the actual problem is and tend to react a bit “harshly”, by looking at the “unrelated and superficial” layers.
          Importantly, I sense something “fishy” here with a few Commenters. May be they are taking it granted and assuming that President Trump will encourage violence and unrest. That will NEVER happen ! Trump is a shrewd Businessman and can clearly see the big picture. He will not succumb to any pressures and He knows what is good for His/This Country. This is the time we need to support our President, instead of blaming each others.
          ROK has always been a “impartial” platform for MEN (white, black, brown, yellow, whatever !!!). Let’s be United and strive to regain the Respect, Authority and Glory of MASCULINITY. And then,
          leisurely, we can argue and fight among ourselves !!! Ha Ha Ha !

    2. No body is forcing you to be a part of or to embrace “multiculturalism”. You know about “your” Country, didn’t you !? No body is PREACHING you in “your” Country ! No body is seizing or claiming rights on “your” Country !
      It’s very simple ! don’t you know that !? Start a petition and ask/demand/protest “your” Government to not to allow non-whites (and, as you posted below; non-christians) into “your” Country ! you see, it’s very simple ! Your words appear to be a bit Aggressive/Violent but for GOD sake, when/if you protest, do not kill On-Duty MALE Police Officers; remember; “Police MEN Lives Matter”. No body is coming into “your” Country with Force/Aggression/Violence, so you don’t need Force/Aggression/Violence to cleanse “your” Country !!!
      By the way, is United States (I mean “your” Country) “multicultural” !? In what sense !!!
      OMG !!?? I am living in the west since the past 12 years but never noticed, observed or realized that !!! OMG !!??

  13. One of the things I have never understood about feminists is their obvious contempt for women who choose to be wives and mothers. There are still a few out there and they still want that and it’s still possible for Mama to stay home and raise the children while Daddy brings home the bacon. No, Daddy may not be able to afford all the latest toys and gizmos but, his will be a much more pleasant household than most.
    My children are grown the youngest graduated high school in 2010 however I was astounded when I realized when they were in high school that among their circle of friends my wife and I were the only ones that the parents were still married to each other. When I graduated back in the day ALL of my close friends parents were still married to each other. What the hell has happened? We are devolving back to barbarians and cavemen.

    1. Inside every feminist is an authoritarian screaming to get out. They hate any woman who wanders off the plantation for it destroys their entire narrative.

  14. Dennis Prager – the author of the article in the link – has been saying that for a long time.

  15. I was taking care of a female elderly history professor. She was sitting up in her stretcher surrounded by her text books. We began talking about the change of American culture and quickly she addressed the moral decay of women and their “freedom”. I remember her well because she wore the type of glasses that had the necklace around the neck and as she spoke she slowly lowered them off the bridge of her nose to her chest as she gave freeedom to her thoughts.
    “You know, I appreciate the gains women have made to advance their educational careers. But…….does there have to be a fucking parade every time we cross the street. When they turn 60 and are all alone because no one can stand them, no one will clap.”

    1. “gains women have made to …”. It’s been possible ONLY because MEN “allowed” them to.

  16. That’s all fine and good, but I have yet to see the cucks not take a big AIPAC dick in their mouths of trembling anticipation.

  17. Zimbabwe tries to preserve its status as an African nation…they’re also
    committing horrible crimes against humanity

    Actually, racist dictator Mugabe is party to many such crimes.

  18. The trouble with feminism is that it has turned unusual female behaviour into the norm. There have always been women who prefer career to having a family; good luck to them, if they can compete in a man’s world good for them-I don’t want to stop them, however, this is not normal female behaviour at all. Given the option, i.e. money being no concern, many women would rather be at home. Those selfish bitches who DO have the option and continue to work when they have children in their formative years are beneath contempt.
    Oh and contrary to popular feminist bullshit, men never hated the unusual, childless career woman at all: ‘Oh Cindy, she’s just one of the guys’ etc, men can accept difference without hating it. However, there was no pretence that she was a normal type of woman.

    1. Right. Men think that if a woman wants to be single, childless, with a career, that is her choice. She reaps the benefits as well as suffer the consequences of her decisions.
      The feminists want all the benefits and never take any consequences.

      1. Feminism is about removing consequences. Cucks and manginas strive to remove any and all consequences from women at the expense of other men.

    2. So true. Everybody can do whatever they like, as long as they are doing it fairly. As you said, we are not bothered if they think they can or want to “compete” with us. Problem comes when these shameless, inferior bitches take undue advantage of societal & legal double standards;
      Corporations mandated to give a set percentage of jobs to bitches (even though there are more qualified, experienced, intelligent, hardworking and bright MEN), Lowered standards and/or entry requirements for bitches etc. to name a few.
      These bitches were always been selfish, manipulative, cunning, arrogant, whorish and experts in playing victim card.
      They somehow feel “empowered & strong” by imitating MASCULINITY ! What a disgrace !!

  19. You know, ‘rape culure’ comes from a legitimate subject. Rape of men in prison.
    But another ‘well intentionned’ group (feminists) took credit of the subject and made of it the narrative it is now for their own profit.
    BE VERY CAREFULL with those ‘cuckservative.’. They seem weak and lost, but they are Professional looters too.
    If you let them, they will join you, give subventions, beguin to take credit, excite division, take back public opinion of the masses with professional medias, and neuter you.
    That was what feminist did with Gays. They do all the fights in the 70s, and feminists took all the crédits.
    Sure, gays seems privilèged, but in fact, they are at the bottom of LBGT organisations. And at the same time, they still are their very backbone. Talk me about cucks…
    Manopshere need allies, for sure. But be very carefull, or your ‘allies’ will become your new Masters if you don’t care…

  20. Another great article from Relampago. This phenomenon of “cucks” in politics is present on both sides of the Atlantic. There used to be something called a “champagne socialist”, someone who hung out with the middle or upper middle class but loved to talk about the plight of the poor or disadvantaged races. It’s not the same thing, I see it as close to what in the Thatcher era was termed “wets and dries” The cucks are softies and hypocrites who are basically mainly concerned about being in power, being seen, and towing whatever line is needed to stay that way but not really standing solidly for any principle. Had never heard of the National Review, but had a look and yes, they are cucks. Am very keen to see multiculturalism fall “like a domino”. In Germany they debate whether there should be a „Leitkultur“ but they’re too cuck to actually embrace it. You don’t have to spend long in the presence of muslims to develop a contempt for their culture and dress sense, not to mention the periodic explosions and shootings and it is fantastic that Trump and the manosphere authors have got a pair and can tell it like it is.

  21. That was to be awaited by the cucks. These people simply follow authority and right now we are leading in the new culture war so they will slowly start to follow us. This is the clear evidence that we are becoming the new mainstream, and not the lites.
    Think on that while hearing this:

    Don’t you think of the greatness to come?

  22. Good article Relampago. I would say we are entering the 2nd stage of Schopenhauer Stages of Truth.
    “The left is nervous”
    Look at the leaders of the left. Aged, frail baby-boomers who made their careers in a world that doesn’t exist anymore. They double-down on the same clapped out Marxist tripe that they have been mouthing since LBJ was president because that is all they know. Thoroughly corrupt– not to mention intellectually and morally bankrupt– you can smell the desperation. Hillary Clinton falling down in a continious loop is their icon now.

    1. it’s been the same case through history that the underground and ‘secret’ societies policed the ruling elite and in time pulled them down. the masons were originally against the monarchy and put power into the hands of a new group of people who it would seem did a tremendous amount of good in the world…. their days are coming to an end as they have become the new monarchy.
      it is slightly suspicious though that the city of London and the British crown and ‘the corporation’ basically maintains the CIA FBI MI6 etc. for it’s personal gain… and quite possible if it’s not engineered the public sentiment of Trump etc. is allowed for the time being to placate the public factions that are most volatile (ie alt right), while letting the left wing lot protest and jump up and down…. it’s been a common theme through history… Trump is really more of a fashion shift than a real change.

      1. “I Trump is really more of a fashion shift than a real change.”
        We’ll see shortly. I think alot of people in the I95 corridor were caught off guard with the election and are trying to recooperate and reassess. They surly know that +100 million firearms were purchased and Amercians are pissed off and should realize that indicates something.

  23. The “manosphere” and the Alt – Right are both part of the same broth. Let’s not draw lines to separate us as the Marxists do. We’re all at war with the same multi – headed Marxist monster poisoning our culture.

    1. It seems to me the alt-right was the PUA wing of the manosphere in the early days when we were developing our knowledge and learning female nature. Once we got past “women are fucked up” and found they were normal (female nature) the real target the government and liberal culture the alt -right was developed into a new mens culture.

  24. I guess vacuuming the kichen floor will also become a “thing!” Someone teach that girl how to use a mop!

  25. The CIA is behind cultural Marxism? Where do you dreamboats come up with this stuff? Are you snorting roachpowder?

  26. Best article I’ve read on ROK in at least a month. Relampago, congratulations my man…you have a finely-tuned X-Ray vision into this modern world of ours.

  27. The major problem now with land-based immigration is not people coming for employment (and some being seasonal) but not feeling they can reverse the trend of violence from whence they came. A wall is being re-active/defensive. What I feel may have to be done is arming those who come here to go back home and fight! You can’t just empty out countries, because, eventually, the criminals have no one to prey on or do business with, then they too migrate out.

    1. The elites never allow the issue of population pressures to be discussed. Not even in the sciences.
      I’ve visited many of these places where “they just want to escape the violence”. They want to escape an overpopulated 3rd world shithole. By allowing so many of these “refugees”, America turns into the place they escaped from.

  28. Adjust for inflation. Most lawyers coming out of law school are getting paid what legal secretaries got in the 1950s. This is why law schools are full of women – the credentialist scam has suckered them into paying for JD and BA, only to earn a high school graduate income.

  29. Cuckservative? Alt.right much? Where’s Pepe the Frog? He’s mandatory, ya know. And brownie points for giving him Trump hair.

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