5 Things I Learned After My First Trip To Japan

ROK readers are familiar with so-called love tourism and to travel to regions such as Eastern Europe, South America and Southeast Asia with the intent to meet feminine and moderately to highly attractive females. Needless to say these excursions include other activities as well, since men tend to partake in a variety of interests and hobbies (although the sex drive and the activities that it leads to are perhaps the strongest among them all).

East Asia—such as Japan, Taiwan and South Korea—offers manifold slim female figures but also many ugly faces, to put it frankly. However, the number and share of those who are both on the thinner side and have cuter faces are definitely high enough for a monthly trip or longer to be worthwhile.

Relatively attractive males—such as myself, although I do certainly have my flaws and cannot compete with celebrities—typically go for SMV 7-8, using both nightclub game, day game and online game, and adjust the strategies according to cultural differences and the current location and context. Typically, one needs to use less game than in the West but still be smart enough to avoid both too competitive locations and places full of foreigners, and figure out logistics. In East Asia and Southeast Asia I tend to sleep at either a regular hotel, at which I bring the catch, love hotels, or in some cases at the girls’ cribs (the two latter have come up as preferable options in Japan).

Moreover, universal traits such as to be confident enough to dare to talk to strangers and just be fairly good-looking, underlie any kind of result in East Asia and elsewhere. If one sees Western guys with clingy Asian 5s, then it is most likely because they are male equivalent 5s, or less, themselves.

Regardless of the exact outcomes, the experiences can teach you some lessons about both yourself and the world. My first trip to Japan taught me several things.

1. Hyper-feminine girls are the best

Before I left I had a girlfriend of European descent at about SMV 7 and we had a pleasant sex life and good personal chemistry, although her neurotic tendencies caused some damage to our relationship.

But when we broke up I felt the urge to try something different, and at least subconsciously, more feminine. My ex-girlfriend was of course not androgyne and on the thinner side, but could still not match the hottest Japanese females’ ultra-feminine character. One concrete example, an individual whom I met in Shibuya in Tokyo: 5.2, 90 lbs, high heels, slim legs, long hair, short skirt, well-groomed, and—perhaps most importantly—had a loyal and sacrificing inclination.

Of course, we should be careful to generalize in misguiding ways, but as far as anecdotal evidence based on numerous accounts goes, one rarely or even never experiences these traits among Western counterparts. For instance, the girl waited for me for over 20 minutes so that I could get back to my hostel to collect cash for the love hotel at which we continued our early morning rites. She also clearly waited a good while for me to have the nuts, albeit being tired, during our first love session.

2. Thinner girls are hotter than ”normal” girls

A large share of us tends to be attracted by girls within a continuum of various height-weight ratios between, let’s say, 5.1-5.9 and about 90-130 lbs. Some are quite thin (although not anorexic) and some are so-called normal. We consequently think that small tits are okay but larger, even fake tits, are good too. Beauty comes in quite many, but obviously not all shapes and sizes.

What I learned from my experience in Japan is that few things can compete with a petite hot body. It is not so much the front as the rear side of her female corpus that appeals to one’s taste: the sculptured back and the firm ass, bulging like a solid yet spheric pale apple, and which manifest themselves as heavenly exotic fruits during a sequence of coitus more ferarum. After that I have been going after these types of girls, regardless of ethnic background, rather than the ”normal” types, whose asses tend to more paste-ish without the clothes on.

3. Western males and Asian females is a win-win situation

I am not an Asian fetishist, and like I stressed in the preamble of this article, I am fully aware of all the uglies. But when it comes to attractive Asian females and corresponding Western males, things might sometimes be like plus and minus poles. And the best thing is that it is a win-win situation for both sides.

Apart from the celebrities and some jacked fitness guys here and there, I think that East Asian males generally lack game, and appear to largely rely on the proximity factor. So when the more handsome and charming Western guys arrive, the local girls can temporarily escape their boring daily tasks and have some fun, for a night, week, month, or in rare cases perhaps more than a year.

This represents intercultural exchange of the most intimate kind, and is even better for mutual understanding than trade or boring academic research. One can only have an insider’s perspective after one has been – literally—inside of a local girl. Only post-colonial nonsense and feminist resentment can consider these beautiful acts as something “problematic”.

4. Romantic love is more exciting than ONS

As much as a decent ONS is thrilling, regardless of location, some romantic element is often preferred in my opinion. Many guys are made up of both alpha and beta elements. We may create a superficial charm facade, try to appear somewhat better than we actually are, and make a bald move in the right moment, but many also thirst for some love and intimacy.

It is perhaps not love in the strict sense to hang out with a cute foreign girl for a week, have dinner, walk hand in hand, laugh, smile, fuck multiple times, and then say good bye before separation, but it is still preferable to a drunk fuck around 5 PM. That is also why love tourism is not only an euphemism used to distinguish it from sex tourism, but a relevant and substantial term.

5. Language is a very important aspect of communication

If there is anything I lacked during my visit to Japan, it is more well-functioning verbal communication. In that respect I actually missed my histrionic career girl back home to some extent. As much as I love the exotic dimensions of traveling and meeting foreign chicks, communication with too few words might in some cases reduce the completeness of the entire context.

For the very same reason I do in some regards prefer foreign girls who speak decent English, such as Filipina girls or Japanese or Korean Americans currently living in Asia—if they have not become fat—or for some reasons more cosmopolitan Asians.

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130 thoughts on “5 Things I Learned After My First Trip To Japan”

    1. True but there are always new men coming to ROK who don’t know this. Also, the subject of foreign women is the biggest ass chapper to western women who are outraged over being outsourced.

      1. Once it is clear to Western women that they are not the only game in town, they generally step up their game and drop the cunt façade a bit. Noting wrong with looking and trying out the exotic ones and if they are better, go for it.

      2. I know more about Japan than any of these dudes writing. But I still love to read their stories. Some of it is wrong, some spot on, some twisted.
        But they are telling what they saw, I enjoy reading it with my morning coffee (or my afternoon beer or evening wine)
        It is snowing, haven’t get shit to do. Why not read an article on pretty Japanese girls or ugly bitches at Berkley.

  1. ONS occurs because of a woman’s perceived market difference between you and her. If she’s an 8 and you register as a 10. You can bang her 1st night. Remember that the faster she puts out the more you are fucking down. You cannot change the system

    1. bullshit. The time from face to face to lay depends first and most on the type of buttons you push.
      If you push the “sexy button” ONLY you will get many fast ONS and short flings but no relationships. Facetobang time is shortest because women put on in the sexy but worthless guy box. (ripped, young, no job, casual wear, motorbike, cheap condo, cheap date, jerk, good dancer, escalates fast, talks about sex etc)
      If you push the “provider button” ONLY you are a beta. You will be seen as “unsexy” but a potential social father for her children (note: social is not in all cases biological). Your facttosex time is the longest because her goal is a relationship with you and the sex is her way to buy it. (good job, expensive car, expensive cloths, expensive phone, expensive date, big house etc)
      Good game is, when you are aware of these dynamics and can use them( use them!) to your advantage so you get the result you are looking for.
      You game a potential FB differnt than you would game the potential mother of your children for example. Different goals require different tools.

      1. You don’t know how it works at all do you?
        Read up on hypergamy and then you’ll understand the human female better. A woman who puts out quickly does so because she perceived that man as much higher on the genetic food chain than herself.

        1. Grasshopper you may want to re-read the above comment until you grasp its meaning and it starts to make more sense to you.
          Or it may be too complicated, in that case there is not much i can do.
          Both her powerful and rich boss and her ripped personal yoga trainer can get her to spread her legs.
          The time it takes for this to happen and the reason why she does it may differ greatly.

      1. I hear you. I got addicted to it once, and had to nip it in the bud. Some called me yellow for stopping. Oh well.

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    1. The one and only Asian chick I hooked up with gave me a blowjob on the toilet. Right then, I knew she was the one… or number two.

        1. I got head in a bus once by my kurdish ex. Those middle eastern girls are goddamn sucking machines.

        2. you might want to re-word that. eating pizza has taken on a whole new meaning thanks to John Podesta and friends.

      1. I spent the new years eve a year ago with my sister and her friends, one of them was vietnamese. When I went to my room to change my dress she followed me and asked me about all the paintings on the wall (which I made) and shortly after that we made out, I pulled her down and she sucked my cock. That’s the only conversation I ever had with an asian woman.
        After I got my bachelor degree in spring I will visit SEA for the first time.

    2. Theyre not too bright tho, Bob. One asian nurse i was seeing told me i had a cataract.
      I told her, “No silly, i drive a lincoln.”

    1. They also have a lot of ads featuring Hitler 🙂
      The east asians are secretly going full 1488.

      1. In Japanese , the closest sound to both R and L is a sound somewhere between the two. I was a summer exchange student there in high school and was surprised to discover the true pronunciation of Godzilla. In the U.S. we say God-ZILL-ah. In Japan, they say Goh-dzi-rah…with that L being closer to an R but not entirely a R. “Rick” in our group learned to answer to “Leek!” as it was pronounced by excited young ladies trying to get his attention.
        Or, as in this case, “jelly beans” sounding like “jerry beans” to western ears.

      1. next (first?) time you go to a karaoke bar, reserve the room in the name of “Jerry Beans”.

      1. Okay, that’s hilarious. In a similar vein to the infamous “Darkie Toothpaste”.
        Right up there with the old joke about the hillbilly seeing an elevator during his first time in the big city.

  2. Asian guys don’t have game because of the way Asian families shelter their kids and because the crushing amount of school and real work prevents most of them from developing the strong individual goals and interests that would make them attractive. In general this is a good thing for society but when you add a self-serving corporate/communist system and an overabundance of western people and culture to the mix it makes for a lot of unsatisfied men.
    As globalism stops paying dividends, politicians in places like Japan and China are going to play the populist card—”our companies sold themselves to foreign interests and invited white people to corrupt our women”—and it’s going spread alongside Asian redpill sentiments. Imagine the way lots of whites see Hispanics and black people, and you get some understanding of how a silent majority of disgruntled Asians view the influence of the West. It’ll be interesting to see how things play out.

    1. There are actually Anti-white migration protests in japan though Japan is one of the Top 5 most ethnically homogenous countries on the planet. That’s one of the reasons the jews want multicultural societies: as long as a society is totally homogenous they are very intolerant against outsiders. When you flood a state with 10% migrants there is already a big breakdown in in-group preference and cohesion.

    2. Most Asian guys don’t have game because it isn’t needed. $25 works better. Japan is only a small part of Asia! (Korea is worse, don’t even bother looking for girls in Korea)

      1. I’m an Asian guy living in an Asian country and I can confirm
        Clubs and bars are very expensive, due to absurd booze taxes. Daygame is highly inappropriate; it simply won’t work here. Worse, it might land you in jail if the girl screams ‘molest’.
        I still get laid, but the game burns big holes in my wallet (nightclubs and dating).
        Meanwhile, prostitutes are relatively cheap, due to immigration from neighboring countries. It’s simply more economical, and it makes game kinda pointless here.

        1. Very strong anti foreigner feelings, especially towards White foreign male with Korean girl. Not so much in big cities, but rural and small towns. Not to mention dating is not Korean culture. Introduced by family or friends, then marriage on second meet. Philippines and Thailand, very easy casual sex.

    3. My impression is that Japansese dudes are just becoming more beta. I am actually sad about that, as I see my Japanese father-in-law generation. He is a tough dude. I admire Japan. Even my own generation, as an American, I was popular in Japan. Able to get girls that dudes making more money than I could get.
      But there was some strong local competition. I have not been back in a long time, but it looks like this generation of Japanese dudes has totally given up. I have a knock-out beautiful Japanese niece. She can’t find a man to marry her. She is a little spoilt, but still ok.
      A few years back, her fiance left her, chickened out of marriage at last moment. Family jokingly says you cannot even say a word that starts with K around her. (Kekkon is word for marriage in Japanese, and poor girl does not even want to hear any mention of the topic.
      She is close to 30, but I really hope she finds a worthy dude. Not looking good though.

      1. Did you read Aziz Ansaris book on dating ? He shared some interesting data on japans scene. Apparently they have less sex than any other country.
        Hate Aziz, he’s a total pussy beta, but his research for the book was astounding.

        1. “knock-out beautiful Japanese niece. She can’t find a man to marry her. She is a little spoilt, but still ok.”
          Her expectations are too high. Or should I say: Her FAMILIES expectations?
          Lets bring this thesis to a test: What would happen if she had a BF who is her age (or a year or two younger) and still a student at university – say technical engineering. His parents are retired with lower middle class background. No savings or house to inherit. He has got no saving and is working part time as a bouncer to finance his studies.
          She got a job right? So it would be on her to pay most of the bills the first 2-3 years of their relationship until he has finished his degree and will start with a real job. At that point he would want children and expect her to stay at home, living from his salary alone a modest life.
          Now would she say: Yes I will?
          Or more important what would her family say: The same?
          I doubt it. Way too high expectations is the root of the problem in such situations. Not just in japan. South american upper class is just as bad.

      2. Of course Japanese men have given up. Their economy’s been in recession for 25+ years. It’s why many of them have retreated into anime, manga, porn, and hentai. They know they have no economic future, let alone marriage.

        1. Chicken egg situation. Who needs marriage when anime girls are purest? Who needs money if you don’t have to support a wife?

    4. It’s their height. Asian men are short. That is their disadvantage. And plus most of them hang out with their own kind.
      I seen asians do better when they hang out in white social circle.

  3. I do see a few attractive Asian women here and there, but overall I’m just not that into them really enough to take a trip to Japan for them. Latina or East European women do it for me. I’m just not into really skinny or petite women.

      1. well yeah, I meant to say I would definitely love to visit Japan to see JAPAN and all that it has to offer, including the architecture, sites, food, culture, entertainment, etc. I wouldn’t go to Japan just for the women.

  4. Number one sign of an Asian fetishist…When he says he’s NOT an Asian fetishist lol.

    1. I actually wonder why this has to be called a fetish. If you prefer women of your own race and you’re white nobody calls you a white fetishist. I prefer Indian and Paki girls because I like their olive skin, black silky hair and facial features.

  5. “Western males and Asian females is a win-win situation” – tell that to the Hapa community. There are many blogs out there from WMAF-sons who are miserable.
    And then Elliot Rodger comes to mind.
    There’s some weird shit going on:
    WMAF-couples: ugly kids
    WFAM-couples: beautiful kids
    It’s sad but that’s the truth.

    1. I think being a midget is why those Eurasian kids are miserable. as long as they get height they will be fine

    2. Agree but I think he meant in a short-term dating context. More like a quick fling on a 1-2 week visit. Have you seen Eurasian Writer’s channel on YT? He’s definitely saying what needs to be said.

    3. Nah. I’m a hapa product myself. White Dad, Asian Mum. Which reminds me. I do need more shotgun shells and big knives and armored trucks. Oh well, back to work. That stuff doesn’t pay for itself 😀

    4. I’ve a feeling the ‘miserable sons of WMAF couples’ meme is probably rooted in weak fathers. The stereotype of weak/socially awkward beta-male men marrying Asian women has some truth to it though it’s obviously a huge generalisation. Being mixed race will always result in some level of identity crisis and combine that with a very weak/unmasculine father who fails at being a father figure or strong male role model and you get the miserable Hapa males who are cursed with not being so ‘prized’ for their looks as their sisters, and are not fully white while also (generally) lacking solid grounding in either their mother’s native culture or the masculine side of their father’s culture.

    5. nonsense. WMAF ugly kids, only if the WM is ugly or the AF is ugly. if both have a nice face and body, the same will apply to the children.
      if the western male is inferior and can’t land a top quality asian woman it’s his fault.

  6. Dude, stop ! I have been happily married for almost 25 years to a Japanese girl. But………
    You are making me really miss being in my 20’s living in Osaka.

    1. Hehe. I banged a 6 in Osaka (ONS). Met her at Pure Club 6 AM. Not too bad but weird sounds sometimes.

    1. Do you think a german man will have good chances with a jewish woman?
      By the way I never met a jewish person in my entire life. Seems like jews avoid germans. Wondering what’s the reason for that..

      1. Ive met a few, hooked up with one. Big tits, could cook, and had a nice family. Shame about them not liking germans, heard they were a gas.

      2. You’re exotic, I’d say take a chance on Jdate or JSwipe. It’s the whole forbidden fruit factor.
        As a Jewish woman these are my honest and Un PC assessments: find a girl who went to summer camp, they give the best head from practicing behind cabins in High School. Slut shaming is rare in the Reform community, most are DTF. If you’re looking for a woman to marry, you probably won’t be so lucky with a jewish girl, even if they date goyim their moms want jewish grandchildren.
        The Matzoh Ball held in December in major cities is twenty something Jewish women looking to get dicked down. You will score even if you’re not Jewish. Jewish women either are little hotties or don’t take care of themselves. Really pay attention to how their moms held up for long term potential. Pubes like wire wool is accurate but most shave and groom meticulously. I have only ever seen a legit bush on middle aged women at the JCC. Jewish women are most likely to ball out for permanent laser hair removal and have every beautifying procedure in the book.
        Nose jobs are really only common in the tri state area and LA, unless yours is tragic, and people will let you know. I think there’s less PC BS within the Jewish community. If you look like shit your mother will tell you. Most Jewish families are from income areas where health is a status thing as well as money. I’m from the DC suburbs which is massively Jewish, it’s very competitive, Jewish women are trendy and care about their bodies. Old frumps regularly work out at the J, girls went to Soul Cycle regularly in High School in addition to sports teams. Jappy trends are very body conscious and you make your body fit the clothes: lululemon pants, other yoga pants, hoodies, crop tops. If you can’t cook at all you’re a loser, if your bubbes recipe for soup is crap, you’re also a loser.

        1. Some refreshing honesty here. Thanks for that. I find it super curious that your 2013 debacle in the media never mentioned you’re Jewish. Frankly, I’ve never considered JAPs as “white rich girls,” to be completely honest. True white rich girls (from a WASP daddy) tend to have much more class and wholesomeness than JAPs, although they are not nearly as deviant in bed, unfortunately. Preppy WASPs would also not let a photo displaying such ratty nail polish be published in the newspaper, Rachael…
          Having said that, I recently had to punt a Jewish Colombian child psychologist who absolutely took her love of the 50 Shades of Grey book / movie much too far… She still wore the mislabeled “Star of David” around her neck that her sexually abusive father gave her when she was a child — thus explaining her devotion to the field of psychology. Poor little JCP…

        2. Well she sounds like a nutcase and that transcends religion. I went to private school with preppy WASPs, I am absolutely not one of them, and I look like shit in J Crew.

        3. Meh, if she’s hot enough she’ll have no idea your foreskin even exists until after she’s drained your balls.

        4. That’s my point. The Jewish-centric media painted you as a rich WASP because heaven help us if a Jew is ever represented in a negative light… Regardless, kudos to you for your well-intentioned comments on this site.
          Furthermore, from my personal experience, the religion that sparks the most “neurotic” and “deviant” behavior is Judaism, hands down. Woody Allen is a very appropriate poster boy for his tribe! A distant second would be Mormonism, followed then by Scientology. Just my 2 cents.
          You’d probably look pretty good in some Ralphy and Burbs, no?

        5. The important thing for people to note, is that no Gentile woman was ever disgusting enough to come here and make the comments you made, and the reason is simple, the Gentile women still have some respect for their men.
          You, being the diseased vermin that you are, have zero.
          Not for your fellow males, and not even for your sisters either. ::laughs:: and certainly you have nothing for our God. The culmination of years of abuse and self contempt. There is literally nothing too low for you, no abuse too extreme. You will sell out anyone and anything. The perfect whore.
          If it were up to me, Id personally have you beaten to within an inch of your miserable life. But it isnt up to me, the men of your community, in their typically gutless crass cowardice made the choice of convenience over pride or honor, or the higher concepts of integrity and dignity. I know, these words are all foreign to you. Pride? Honor? Integrity? To you, the only pride is your paycheck. So with you, so with your father.
          The only good thing, the only bright light in this, is that your time is just about done. One way or another those of us with self respect wont have to put up with this for much longer.

    2. Plenty of stories about Zukerbergs sister on RoK.
      Generally pubic hair like wire wool.

      1. Which one? I only know Randi who is behind that cartoon cutie Dot.
        If you want to believe and you want to explore.

    3. I see you do not understand that most American women now days are de facto jewish. The behaviors of the ‘jewish aperican princess’ have been popularized through feminism, which serves both for group solidarity and justification of bad behavior. If you doubt this, try watching an old movie “Goodbye, Columbus”.

      1. Excellent insight. We have all been indoctrinated as jews, regardless of our denomination. Porn, pedophilia, prostitution, homosexuality, feminism, consumerism, communism all spring from the jewish mind.

        1. I was making a much narrower point about ‘princess’ behavior, which is a very well documented phenomenon in Jewish culture, and is a result of a culture which, for over 140o years in the West, was heavily beta males, dominant females, inward focused, with females selecting males for either demonstrated commercial skill or intelligence. Alpha behavior was systematically bred out of the race.
          Jews did not invent ‘Porn, pedophilia, prostitution, homosexuality,’ – the Jews were unique in the ancient world in have excised these from the set of allowable behavior. Marx certainly was of pure Jewish descent – and a strong anti-semite too – read his response to Moses Hess about starting a Jewish Nationalist movement in Europe. But, by that same logic, Jews invented (or more accurately discovered) Market Economics – Ricardo, the Vienna school of Economics (Wieser, von Mises) Milton Friedman,David Friedman and many others. Ayn Rand was a fierce opponent of most of the evils afflicting society today, including the social ones that you noted,, and was 100% of Jewish descent.
          Consumerism is an attribute of all market oriented economics post WW2, including China, and Jews did not invent that. But,being especially successful in business after WW2, they certainly made the most of it in the US.
          Jews invented Hollywood (see the book ‘An Empire of their Own’), and with the relaxation of standards starting in the 1970s, were leaders in both mainline and niche market products, of which porn is one. Jews did not control those standards, but certainly took advantage of the opportunity their collapse offered Hollywood. Note that porn is an international industry, and the part in which the Jews lead is in the San Fernando Valley.
          Coming back to where I started – Jewish presence in Feminism is greater than in any other field of intellectual endeavor where Jews participate. Whilst Jews composed about 30% of Law, Finance, Medicine and other processions, Jewish females are estimated to be at least twice that number in Feminism.
          I conclude that it is the combination of female domination in Western Jewish culture and Frankfurt School Marxism that made for this result.
          So, I hope it is more clear now where I disagree in part with your position.
          Details matter.

  7. The prettiest girls (by western standards) are in the Philippines. They have a very wide choice of racial types, but mostly in small sizes (under 40Kg) only. You can get a 20 year old 10/10 for the night very easily.
    Doesn’t matter how young, old, buff, fat, hansum, or ugly you are, it’s still $25! (including the hotel room)

    1. IMO, Korean girls are much prettier than Filipinas.
      Korea has the best plastic surgeons in the world…

      1. But in Korea it’s hard for foreigners to get their hands on them, and often they expect to marry on the second date. Korean men are also very aggressive and protective of their women, you risk a beating by being seen out with one.

        1. I’ve been there 4 times.
          I’ve never been physically threatened, but have been stared at by middle aged guys outside of GS25 or 7-11 drunk on soju. If you stare back, they will keep staring. It kind of a thing with them, a staring contest. They won’t be the first to look away. I am sure American guys who are jerks can get themselves into a beatdown. I try not to be a jerk in a foreign country.
          Mostly I have had good experiences there. People were friendly to me. Wanted to practice their English and tell me about their son or daughter who went to college in the US. The only time I really saw some real hostility was when I got into an argument with the girl I was with and an old grandma gave me the daggers.

        2. Yes. In Busan, with my on-again off-again Korean girlfriend. We got into a bad argument at the Jagalchi fish market, and walking back to the subway it escalated. And the old grandma gave me the eyes of death when she saw us going at it.
          And also, if you are referring to Korean guys showing jealousy…yes as well. Climbed Hallasan in Jeju with her, and had Korean couples celebrating with us at the top. And on the beach at Sokcho as well. I treat them with respect for the most part they treat me the same. I have really only been to Seoul, Busan, Jeju, and Sokcho. Can’t speak for the “hillbilly” areas. Or the military areas either. I suppose in Osan or someplace similar if an American grunt gets rowdy, things can turn pretty bad for him. But really, that would be his fault, no? And really that is mostly due to the bad behavior of blacks, hispanics and low class whites. Decent, respectful, intelligent people usually get treated well by the same.
          Not sure if this makes a difference, but I am somewhat bigger than the average Korean. 6’1″ 170/175lb. Average for here, but big for there. Not overly muscular, but certainly fit and trim. But I would like to think it is my respectful attitude that makes the difference.

        3. Go for attractive and more or less cosmopolitan Koreans. Close the deal at the second or third date. Not that hard and no strings attached but it is obvious that Korean girls want to do stuff. They are more romantic and friendly than Western chicks.

    2. Really? Nah, Filipinas have gross faces. Some might be more curvy, but even then, many are skinny as rails with hideous faces. On average, Northeast Asians are far more appealing, and if you have to go SE, Vietnamese are a better choice based on looks alone.

      1. Viet women are good looking but they are seriously clingy. You practically have to change your number to get rid of them.

  8. Good article close to what I witnessed and dealt with on my visits to Japan – Learn some Japanese guys before you travel to Japan a lot of Japanese do not speak any English with heaps of opportunities to strike up a conversation with Japanese girls goes wasted when neither of can talk the others language. Its been said numerous time how much better a women look when they lose weight in Japan where thin women are the norm even the most average face becomes that much more attractive when its not surrounded by two foot of blubber.

    1. Or 5 feet of blubber. Saw my first American just 3 days ago in a long while. I’m not sure how she fit in the chair. Moreover, I’m not sure how she could get out of the chair without said chair remaining stuck to her person.
      Could be a medical miracle there if she managed it! 😉

    1. Well yeah, what else would you expect would happen after communists wiped ou tall of their traditional values. Good thing there’s not a lot of superficial status symbols that they want more than a white guy.

    2. Asian women are over hyped, and if you do decide to go to an asian country for the women, just know that you’re nothing more than a trick to some of these women.

  9. Since you promote race mixing with your title “Western males and Asian females is a win-win situation”, you would certainly not mind if asian men hit on white girls?

    1. I went to places like Japan, South Korea and The Philippines to get laid, not married, or to have an Eurasian bastard (even though my beloved progeny would likely have an high IQ and favorable facial features). Can only speak for myself, though.
      If some white chicks want to spread their legs for Asian guys, it’s not my problem.

      1. “If some white chicks want to spread their legs for Asian guys, it’s not my problem.”
        This is the mentality that affects a lot of young whites today. They just couldn’t give a fuck.
        The hedonistic, selfish pleasure that you get on will affect the society as a whole and it’s people like you that corrupts our society by being oblivious and only seeking short term self pleasure. In the end, this will hurt society in the long run.

        1. Asian guys that end up with white girls are the more masculine of the Asians I find. There’s a comparison of AM/WF children vs WM/AF children, the former are much more sane than the later. Most likely because most WM that go for AW do so because they cannot get WM.

        2. No this is wrong. I don’t only seek short-term self pleasure, especially not if one looks at life in a larger perspective. But I simply will not intervene in the business of an hypothetical or real Asian man and a white woman.
          But since you think that sort of phenomenon is your business, I leave it up to you to handle, Mr. TSK (The Servant Knight).

        3. Well when I see non-white men hit on white girls, I automatically have the urge to cockblock them and attempt some sucker punch. It infuriates me.

        4. ” because most WM that go for AW do so because they cannot get WM.”
          So you are insinuating that white men are gay?

        5. Ethno-centric impulses are natural, even though indoctrination or other factors might lead to that some, or many, start to think that multi-racial couples is a good thing in itself, regardless of context and circumstances.
          However, in current times one appears to be a loser if one displays it; at least generally. Like the Korean betas who try to cock block Westerners with every means at their disposal. Some might argue that it is healthy and provides demographic stability – and that Westerners should do the same – but still it is a sign of weakness.
          I think that East Asian nations will never be as dominant as Western counterparts because of the obvious lack of self-confidence.
          The historical exception would be Mongols, who are genetically related to Korean and Japanese – a population group which obviously was very dominant for a period of time.

        6. East Asians are not seen as dominant in the eyes of westerners because they have different culture. We judge them based on our western criteria.
          In fact some of the things that we westerners do are considered “cocky and rude” in their culture. I wouldn’t say Koreans are beta (knowing them and being stationed there long time ago). However, I will say they are culturally different and I will just put it to that.
          Ethnocentric impulses and cockblocking foreign men is not considered a sign of weakness.
          I hit on Korean girls all the time and I don’t feel they were cockblocking me. The best they did was stare at me but they weren’t physically hostile.
          Now when I tried this shit in Turkey, I almost got stabbed before so it’s different in different culture and country.
          When I seen non-white men hitting on white American girls, I cockblock them with threat of violence and physical intimidation so it goes both ways.
          Men are protective of their tribe (race) and “their” women.

        7. Fair enough. Just so you know, I have a positive outlook on Koreans and Korean culture in general. They are friendly and civilized. If Korean males cockblock at bars or nightclubs it’s not a big deal. It’s not like it’s the end of the world.

        8. Oriental men fucking white women is not a problem. They bring culture and intelligence. The majority of.whites would prefer mixing with them than any other non Caucasian.

        9. I disagree.
          When your kid comes out with slanted eye with a bad driving record and small micropenis with garlic breath, you will think twice.

  10. LOL at yet another putting Asian pussy at the pedestal.
    “Hyper feminine?” More like, Anglo women are hyper masculine, to the point their standard of masculinity are actually the Vikings, due to a hereditary trauma of pre-Crusades Anglo/British/Celtic women, collectively dickriding the Vikings.
    Jeez, the Anglo-led West became a sausage party, because of that one factor I mentioned, alongside the fact you wankers got wrongly taught about putting pussy on the pedestal. Shit like that directly/indirectly led to:
    –False Jack the Ripper accusations, hence the entire existence of Australia AND New Zealand, starting as prison colonies
    –spoiling women
    –false rape accusations, hence the race-based lynching, despite practicing the very idea loose Anglo American women are deliberately using American black men as substitutes for their “tall, dark, and handsome” Viking fantasies
    –Eugenics from Victorian England

    1. One Night Stand.
      I think. 😀
      And yes, there should be a glossary of all the ridiculous acronyms. 🙂

  11. I should state I travel to Asia often but that’s not the point. The point is the author should mention his opus is for young guys, yes, being over 70 makes my game completely different and word love is not in my dictionary. Plus he should realize words don’t have value.

  12. Romantic love? Dinners? Asian American women of any stripe?? The author is one shit test away from being dumped into a spiral of beta depression.

    1. As far as anecdotal evidence goes, I met quite many Korean American girls who were good-looking and behaved well, and had not become fat. It was rather like they shaped up after coming to Seoul (my observations told me so). Some were a bit slutty but many appeared not to be and the language was a benefit.
      I think that the most appropriate category, for obvious reasons, is cosmopolitan Asians who mainly keep their culture but speak fairly good English and are open to meet Westerners (hybrid culture). A week-lasting romance is nice. A bit beta, yes, but that is also part of male behavior (if one is not a total psychopath).

  13. Japan Olympics in 2020!!! Yes, God willing I am going and will be spending the cash! Boku wa Nihon ni iku tsumoridesu yo!

  14. Yes to ALL of these, especially point 1. I very rarely saw women in Japan that dressed trashy. Them dressing and acting like women drove me crazy! I couldn’t get that in Texas (still can’t cause women here are boring and trashy).
    Point 3 I had to be careful with because I didn’t want to be “charisma man”. You’re not wrong in your statement though. I had a NUMBER of Japanese women approach me or welcome my advances. I guess because I was something different but it was pretty cool. Again, I avoided being “charisma man” the entire time so not much came out of it.
    Great write up!

  15. Romantic love is more exciting than ONS
    Sure is. The greatest thing in the world after orgasm is romantic love, but fortunately you get to have both. It’s a roller coaster ride that lasts for months, but it, like everything else, has a cost.

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