The Lena Dunham Sexual Abuse Scandal Showcases The Double Standard Of Feminism

Day Game

1. Croatian girls are extremely receptive to day game. They want to be opened. Even if she has headphones and seems focused on her music, it can still go well. Same goes for girls on rollerblades (“Excuse me, where can I buy rollerblades like yours?”).

2. Croatia is one of those places where both indirect and direct game work. Pick one that suits the venue and your personality. What I did was open indirect, chat for a couple minutes, and then hit her with a compliment about her “positive energy” to see how she’d respond. If she smiled, I knew I was in.

3. Girls will give you their number even if they have a boyfriend. It may not come out until the first meeting. To avoid this, when I was getting a number I’d jokingly say, “You’re not married, right?” If she had a boyfriend, she would then announce it with a guilty look on her face.

4. Always go for the insta-date, especially if you’re doing street game. Not only will this weed out flakey girls, but it gives you an opportunity to find out what she wants in life. Croatia has a lot of “good” girls who don’t drink at all and want a serious relationship. You want to dump those prospects if you’re not staying long.

5. A common issue you’ll find on the first date is girls who want to bring their friends along. Don’t let them or you’ll get stuck in a hellish group chat. It’s either a 1-on-1 date or nothing.

Night Game

6. You need to push the interaction as far as you can go. If you don’t at least get a kiss, the odds that number will lead to a date is 25% or less. If you get a passionate kiss with some hand-holding at the end, over 50%. It’s easy to get a number from a Croatian girl but you should resist: push for the kiss. It’s similar to what you should do in America.

7. Absolutely do not add a Croatian girl to Facebook. They are accomplished attention whores and will string you along. If you didn’t at least get a phone number, you got nothing.

8. Cockblocking is a huge problem. The best way to fight it is to be more selective about the venues you choose. Large clubs have the hottest girls, but they are harder to approach and you will end up getting cockblocked incessantly.  Hipster bars have the ugliest girls, but you’ll rarely get cockblocked. Experiment in the city to find something in the middle that has the best balance between beauty and attitude. So much of a successful Croatian experience will be based on the venue. Going from the best venue to the worst, you may even feel like you’re in a different country. As a general rule, if you’re in a club where the girls aren’t genuinely excited you’re a foreigner, you should go somewhere else.

9. Since so many girls go out in pairs, it’s better to roll with a wingman than solo dolo. A problem you’ll face if you ‘re going out solo is that a girl doesn’t want to leave her friend alone. What I did was approach girls whose friend was already getting hit on by another guy.

10. Don’t compliment at night. Croatian girls already have an elevated perception of themselves and get compliments all the time. They are not insecure as girls from the Baltics or Ukraine.

11. Don’t call a girl before you bang her. They rarely answer. Text instead.

12. Croatia is slowly embracing one-night stands. With the right logistics, you should be able to get them. They are far easier than a place like Ukraine. The key here is having tight logistics. It should be so tight that you can “take a walk” with her and be at your place to hop in for a quick drink. The girls who are most likely to go for this will be 18-23 and who want a taste of the American sexual culture. Older women will be able to resist your logistical game.

13. Similar to the above point, all your dates should be close to your apartment. If your date venue is more than half a mile away, you’re already shooting yourself in the foot. Even if a Croatian girl is playing aloof, she can turn on a dime once in a private room.

14. The less snobby the club, the more acceptable it is to buy a girl a drink without getting “punished” for it. Croatia isn’t like other Eastern European countries where girls are generally upfront and honest with their intentions—they will play you if you give them the opportunity, especially the higher end venues. Generally speaking, as long as she didn’t have a bitch face when you first approached her, you should be in the clear to buy a drink.

15. The best game for Zagreb, the capital, is to have the best logistics possible. Sadly, Croatian girls flake more than average so you want the proximity of your apartment to act as bait for casual hangouts that turn into bangs. Unless you’re dealing with an older Croatian girl who is into you, you’ll have to play the numbers game and not get hung up on any one girl. Get ready to meet some hardcore female players.

16. If you put X hours a day into day game and X hours into night game, you’ll be rewarded with night game first. You can get surprisingly fast bangs at night that day game doesn’t provide, mostly because aggressive night game easily screens out day girls who are simply bored but not really hankering for dick. If I go back to Croatia, I’ll just move right next to a good bar.

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220 thoughts on “The Lena Dunham Sexual Abuse Scandal Showcases The Double Standard Of Feminism”

  1. Lena Dunham is living the female American Dream- young(er), successful, unmarried, childless, and medicated. What an inspiration to young girls!

    1. May she remain unmarried and childless; females like her are a danger to men and children.

      1. I don’t think you have to worry about that one. Most men have already seen what they’d be getting themselves into.

        1. Hasn’t she gotten the memo from Mrs. Obama about the need to eat healthy and exercise?

        2. For the love of God, post a warning if you’re going to post a picture like that. (EEEEuuuugggghhh!)

        3. The apartment looks cramped but she looks like she’s ready to fuck some more. At least she isn’t trapped in a corporate cubicle. The whole picture screams ‘fixer upper’ with potential as I’ve dealt in real estate. Move the bed to the right and squeeze in a treadmill or bowflex fuck-r-cize contraption and provide her homebound story tale ass with some diet speed tabs and a vegetable juicer. Buck naked in the living room, she sure looks conquered and domesticated. Good job. Just wanted to throw in a little towards a diet and activity regimin.

        4. No wonder she has to bribe people with candy – and she apparently has a lot of it on hand too.
          Hey feminists this creepy pervish person is your spokeswoman.

        5. Lena Dunham is the kind of broad that has to buy a guy a drink at the bar to strike up a conversation.

        6. Jesus! That shit should come with a trigger warning or something. My eyes are thoroughly raped and traumatized 🙁

  2. Between Gamergate, the mid-term elections and now this, the Left is really taking a beating these days. If Honey Boo Boo can get pulled off the air because of Mama June dating a guy who abused her daughter, then maybe “Girls” can get cancelled too? One can dream. Or maybe her advertisers need to know just who they are sponsoring?

    1. I doubt it. The first one (Honey Boo Boo) was about “the man” abusing a girl….the second one (Dunham) was about the woman doing it.
      It’s ok for a woman to do it…but not when the man does it.

  3. ” feminists, and women, will be happy to get in on the intoxicating fun of Power if only they can.”
    Same cunt that cried rape after a friend coerced her into believing she was raped after having sex with a Republican. Even tho she blatantly admitted it was consensual while joking about it and refusing to cooperate with authorities during the investigation.

  4. From its beginnings, feminism was based on an unspoken, unacknowledged double standard as well as hatred for men; nowadays, that also includes hatred for anyone born and not-yet-born male and not born female.
    Feminists remained silent during the Clinton administration when his peccadilloes became public — can you imagine their responses if this had been a Republican?
    Feminists also remained silent about Ted Kennedy all through his career, never so much as a whisper from them about Chappaquiddick and Mary Jo Kopechne left to drown. A Republican doing that reprehensible crime would have had to find another career, as the feminists whould have brought it up every election thereafter.
    Just two examples from an undoubted long list of feminism’s double standards and hypocrisy.

  5. It’s not what Dunham did with her sister when she was seven that has many calling her a predator. It’s the stuff she did to her through her middle teens that is standard behavior for a sexual predator. She even recognizes it a such in her book.

  6. “is that behavior like Dunham’s is not abnormal and nothing to be upset about it.”
    I’ll have to disagree with you. While nothing is wrong with anatomical curiosity, acting on it at such a young age on a child victim who could in no way give consent would be enough for molestation charges (if you are male, at least). If Lena did this on a neighbor’s daughter and the neighbor’s father reported it, does anyone have doubt that the police would at least investigate or suggest a professional evaluation to see if Lena herself was undergoing sexual abuse?
    Lena’s excuse of being curious is hollow considering she is a female herself and could have just explored her own vagina. In all likelihood, she was doing to her sister what someone else did to her.

    1. I typically agree with you Roosh but I must support C.Contrary on this one. Children, especially siblings, are known for impulsive sexual behavior because they simply do not know better. I am no fan of Lena but I cannot condemn her for behavior she exhibited when her age was in the single digits. I have seen this whole thing blow up online and it strikes me as a lot of noise about nothing. I am willing to bet Lena emerges unscathed from this social media storm.

      1. I guess I’m speaking from personal experience since when I was 8 and my sister was 1 (the same age gap as Lena and her sister), I had no curiosity or interest about seeing or touching her naked.

        1. I had no curiosity about seeing or touching her naked.

          Ditto. Is there something you would like to tell us Atlanta Man?

        2. The same American Academy of Pediatrics that claims gay couples can raise children as effectively as a traditional family? I wouldn’t be so quick to admit that.

        3. “The same American Academy of Pediatrics that claims gay couples can raise children”
          Good point.

        4. Its been coming to light recently in the scientific community (hurr… durr…) that fathers play an important role in both boys’ and girls’ childhood development.
          Gives boys someone to relate to and gives girls a healthy relationship with men.
          When the father is totally absent, boys are more likely to turn to gangs, and girls are more likely to give away sex promiscuously earlier on.

        5. Father and mother, both producing a child via their own loins and being the extension of all their full lineage before them IS the absolute best, and only way, to raise a child.

        6. That’s because you probably had good parents. It’s the parents job to teach a child that private parts are private. a 7 year old is old enough to know that. I could understand 3 or 4, but a 7 year old should no better. Her parents obviously did a shitty job parenting. No wonder….have you seen her dad’s paintings?!?!

        7. There are very few institutions that don’t advocate a Leftist agenda, which the Science and Medical establishments are absolutely guilty of. It’s why most MSM outlets disseminate articles such as this…

          Children of same-sex couples are happier and healthier than peers, research shows

          …but stonewall stories such as this:

          “They took turns raping me” New claims of child sex abuse revealed as gay couple accused of molesting two of their 9 adopted children withdraw guilty plea and decide to go to trial

        8. My parents used to bathe my sister and I together to save money. We were always taught not to touch each other in certain areas and we listened. It made clear to us from a young age that only married people touch each other there… didn’t know why at the time but I accepted it and moved on.

        9. I work in academic science.
          Especially in the soft-sciences like psychology… Bias and politics plays just as much a role as objective measures. There is some effort put in to increase objectivity but statistics are never just straightforward, ultimately it is a judgment call, and the people making the judgments have their own agendas.
          In my graduate level statistics class last year I asked the prof in the middle of class during a discussion…
          “So… basically it seems to me that getting research published is really just like getting the puck passed the goalie… sometimes even a shitty player will score just kuz the goalie wasn’t paying attention in that one second.”
          He agreed with me, without trying to take a position on the subject. But he didn’t try to dispute my point.
          Science works in increments… we’re just trying to piece together different data as it comes in to model and better approximate the truth.
          The theory of relativity is just a model… same way Newton theory was just a model and was proven incomplete by Einstein.

        10. When I was like 7 I played with my 7 year old step sister’s vag. I suppose that is old enough to know better, but we were both legitimately curious as to why we had different parts.

        11. Right. And we all know that if the shoe were on the other foot (a boy versus a girl) then there would have been an investigation, right away.
          Ah, equality. You have to love feminists when their quiet (nothing to see here).

      2. Single digits? She admits that the behavior continued until she was 17. I guarantee that means the abuse went on well beyond the age of 17. She just thinks that portraying herself as a minor at the time will soften any ramifications.
        Dunham writes of casually masturbating while in bed next to her younger sister, of bribing her with “three pieces of candy if I could kiss her on the lips for five seconds”
        “As she grew I took to bribing her for her time and affection”
        “Whatever she wanted to watch on tv if she would just relax on me.”
        “I took perverse pleasure in delivering bad news to her – hoping that her fear would drive her into my arms.”
        It is sickening. She is a textbook groomer.

        1. Agree….and you won’t hear any rage from feminists because they’ll try to chalk it up to “kids just growing up stuff”.
          The hypocrisy is pretty fucking astounding at times.

        2. My crazy sister from the story above masturbated during phone sex while I was in the next bed and I told her to stop. I went off on her the next day but being insane it did not even phase her. There is something wrong here and I feel bad that her sister was dragged through the mud like this. I wonder if her sister gave permission or not.

      3. Back in the day when we didn’t have to worry about helicopter parents and busybodies calling the police when they saw children playing outside, I was five or six and running around with the neighborhood kids all day. We experimented, played doctor etc. No one freaked out. No one got hurt. As far as I know everyone grew up well adjusted enough.

      4. How about the stuff she was doing in her teens. It is worth noting she claims it stopped when she was seventeen. Just before her revolations would lead to criminal charges…. well they would for a man anyway.

    2. What you say in the last sentence could be true, but in any case, I think it’s important to look into the (massive) literature available on early childhood sexuality. Very young children commonly explore one another’s bodies, in most cases without the intent to violate another person in the manner of a child molester or rapist.
      Note that the notion of consent (like the notion of someone being a victim), is unlikely to occur to a child of seven. As I say in the article, at such an age humans generally act on sheer impulse. That’s why, with respect to the law, children are not held to the same standard as adults.
      “If Lena did this on a neighbor’s daughter and the neighbor’s father
      reported it, does anyone have doubt that the police would at least
      investigate or suggest a professional evaluation to see if Lena herself
      was undergoing sexual abuse?” Doubtless there would have been an investigation and/or professional evaluation. Still, it would not Necessarily follow that Dunham had done something wrong. It all depends on her awareness (or lack thereof) and malicious intent (or lack thereof).
      “Lena’s excuse of being curious is hollow considering she is a female herself and could have just explored her own vagina.” Again, little boys and girls all over the world commonly explore each other’s bodies, even in cases where their partners in such exploration are of the same gender. Of course, there are cases in which these children have been molested, and so act out the same behavior on others. Still, all in all, most childhood sexual exploration is done by children who are basically normal.
      To be clear, I am not defending Dunham: I am saying that her behavior is not Obviously wrong, or to say it another way, not wrong On The Face Of It. As all pediatricians know, such behavior is quite prevalent.
      My main goal in this article was to set forth the issue in as nuanced a light as possible. Judging a young child by adult (rational and moral) lights is pointless and incoherent.

      1. As your main goal was to “set forth the issue in as nuanced a light as possible,” I’d say you nailed it with this particularly well-written article. A very impressive take.
        And since you’re engaged in a debate with Roosh here, for the benefit of others I’ll point out that this piece echoes themes he made in a post on feminism that is still one of the most scathing and spot-on I’ve ever read (I’ll encourage those who haven’t to look at this and see how true it rings, especially considering everything we’ve seen lately):

        1. Thank you.
          I agree with Roosh, and as I say throughout my work, generally speaking, when it comes to equality and fairness and the like, most people are full of shit and self-deluded: their real goal–with few exceptions—is power and self-gain.
          To maximize power while avoiding consequences and responsibility: this goal is not unique to feminism, though it’s especially pernicious in feminism at this time; the goal is virtually everywhere in human affairs, and stems from rotten human nature itself.

      2. I would agree with you. Exploring the body is not inherently sexual, especially at that age. Adults have made it so, but what she was doing at a young age was basically an anatomical examination out of curiosity. Sure, there could have been some sexual arousal during the act, but I highly doubt it was as refined as that of an adult. If anything, it likely would have come across as generic enjoyment, the same a child would get from playing with a toy.
        As for later on with kisses, well, she said herself that she wanted love, attention and infatuation from her sister. Seeing her parents kiss each other and their kids, seeing other people kissing etc. is the symbol of love for a young child. I don’t imagine she was frenching her sister, but just using kissing as a symbol for how much her sister was infatuated with her. She definitely sounds like a sociopath, but a sexual deviant? I don’t think so.

    3. Even more troubling to me is the fact that her toddler sister had stuffed the pebbles in her vagina “as a prank.” You wouldn’t do that unless your older sister (or sadly, someone else in the family) was regularly splaying your labia.

      1. girls of all ages stuff all sorts of things into their vaginas as a prank. nothing troubling here.

        1. At 1 years old? Stop. No they don’t. They’re not even aware of their privates, really. And why was a 1 year old not wearing a diaper?

        2. oh yeah, i forgot…hyperbole and humor went the way of dodo. Thank you for reminding me. I will try to refrain from saying anything that is not literally accurate from now on. I wouldn’t want to be accused of expecting readers of my comments to be adults and understand the meaning behind a pithy throw away statement. Thank you. Thank you very much.

      1. Have you been to Long Island? I’ve met some of the most rachet white people ever out there.

    4. I think it can be divided into two segments. The really young kid stuff, yeah, that’s innocence, if a bit deranged, and devoid of moral agency and thus, culpability. But it seems clear that as she aged with her sister the innocent veneer turned rotten through outright manipulation, up to the point of delivering news of death with glee to get the sister to run into her arms. That’s just pure sociopathy.

      1. Is it? Grown women manipulate people into emotional dependency all the time, it’s not so unusual as to be pathological. Even my wife, albeit in a well-meaning way, tries to do it. There’s some kind of emotional need there, and I think it’s just their nature.

    5. I’ve had my fair share of people tell me about sexual explorations with siblings when young who otherwise came from happy, solid family backgrounds and were well-adjusted individuals.
      I suppose if we were all Freudians we could relate everything back to repressed memories of childhood sexual abuse, as happened with many therapy patients in the 1990s in America who had memories of molestation planted into their heads that were never there, turning them into victims and destroying fathers and uncles and brothers who’d never done them harm.
      But America’s pedophile-philia and desire to view everything as the result of monstrous male relatives abusing small children is a uniquely (twisted) American phenomenon, resulting from the same anti-sex puritanical bias that led to universal male circumcision at birth (everyone knows boys should not be touching their bodies at such young ages) and sporadic female circumcision of high sex drive young females (who again everyone knows should not be touching their bodies at such tender ages).
      I never had any desire to explore my siblings sexually growing up, but I was always a more reserved child. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that my more impulsive peers have all manner of risqué stories to tell about their curious younger years, and trying to label them all victims of pedophilia seems like it only plunges us further down the road toward centralized government thought policing for imagined crimes that never took place.

    6. You mean nobody ever thinks of doing it herself? Then where and when and how did it begin?

    7. As a woman with younger sister, I have to agree there is nothing normal about this. I would be absolutely disgusted to have even thought to do that to her. If anything I would say we had a sibling rivalry while growing up.
      But anyway in regards to Lena, I find it disturbing that she would admit to such behavior as if it were completely normal. In my eyes, it seems she was either as a humonngo pervert or someone who has been abused herself.

      1. I touched my own vagina as a child because I was like why the fck are there flaps down there? I just thought pee came out your vagina so I thought I wasn’t confused about the hole just all the flaps. I never ever touched another girl’s vagina but I knew other little girls that kissed etc and I did not participate because I did not like that at all. Sometimes I think holy God I survived my childhood without being molested and sadly that’s like a miracle. But…we adopted two little girls from foster care who had been horribly abused. One molested my little brother in a closet within days of being in the house full time. Those girls were sexual deviants as small children and one stayed that way until she became a nut case born-again at 27. Touching OTHER people is key here. They absolutely wanted to make barbies fck and wanted to touch me in the bath and get on top of me in bed. Other girls in foster care molested each other so it was normal to a battered child. Years later my sister was a physco whore as a teenager that should have had therapy and medication. I was living with monsters. I was only in second grade and luckily was smart enough to know that was not right for my age. If it had been a more naive child that child would basically be a sex abuse victim at the hands of another minor. Minors are curious with mionrs but it can easily get out of control because no one knows what they are doing and children aren’t as articulate. It’s the job of adults to curb curiosity into a healthy path. Lena was wrong to write about her sister’s business. Now her sister is reduced to this drama in the public eye and her privacy and childhood is ruined. Lena sounds like she might have been molested and I feel molested females are derragned. Please protect your daughters from perverts. Leave her prom date alone and focus on protecting her childhood!

    8. While I have seen some “doctor playing” as a youth and have seen some self inspection (having sisters close to my age – little girls do get curious about that hole they have) what Dunham describes as doing is way over the top and for a kid nearly one decade older than the other I have NEVER seen.
      Dunham wrecked her sister and is getting away with it.
      I would like to add this is not merely limited to man versus woman. if Dunham was “conservative” or simple not a card carrying protected class, she would be getting crucified the same as if she were a man.

      1. Might be time to write HBO and ask them if they will be keeping their sexual predator on the payroll.

    9. Roosh is correct here, the author dun goofed big time.
      Exploring private parts with children their own age is considered normal, BUT WHEN THERE IS A 7 YEAR DIFFERENCE, IT IS ABNORMAL. From the linked Document. C. Contrary, you should really look at your own sources before you link them.
      From the American Psychiatric Association Website. Abnormal behavior in children includes.
      “Any sexual behaviors involving children who are 4 or more years apart”. check.
      “Sexual behaviors that involve coercion”
      . check.
      The recommendation for these observed behaviors is
      “Assessment of all family and environmental factors and report to child protective services recommended.”, again from the same website.
      Troubling behavior less common in normal children
      “Inserting objects into genitals” check. we can assume that those pebbles didn’t get into a 1 year old snatch by themselves, Lena put them there.
      What does the APA suggest you do in that case?
      “Assessment of situational factors, family characteristics (eg, violence, abuse, neglect) recommended”

      1. Reminds me a bit of an article Steve Sailer posted recently in which a guy claimed to have been regularly beaten up by the Emanuel brothers, Rahm and Ari, when he was a child and they were teenagers.

    10. I agree – this kind of exploring of a sibling’s private parts is just a sign of sickness. The “literature” by Kinsey & co. is notoriously faulty – they even employed pedophiles who “stimulated” infants as young as 2 weeks old for their “research”. The overwhelming majority of the human population does not behave like that!
      And even more reprehensible is her emotional manipulation where she was looking forward to telling her sister that grandma died. That is pure psychopathic behavior! It is tantamount to inflicting someone pain in order to gain something yourself.
      Most feminists are deluded maniacs, but I would add that Dunham is even a psychopath and sexual deviant.

    11. Totally agree. What Dunham did was deranged, I have never personally heard of this happening. Ever. I find myself concerned for any sisters the author of this article might have. Also, I would not care if a bunch of American psychologists said it was fine, these could very well be the same retards who removed homosexuality from the mental illnesses list in the 1970s.

    12. I was once a live-in nanny where the older brother, 5 (autistic?) was molesting and beating the little brother, 3. They had to take separate baths because of it. The older brother was hypersexual and cruel. He grabbed, kissed and groped girls at school. He also groped my breast, crotch and butt all the time. It was terrifying. I quit that family because they were so messed up. I felt he was either autistic or a victim of a predator himself.

  7. The recent outrage over the woman getting catcalled while walking around NY in tight clothes strikes one as an issue of power.
    That nearly all the alleged catcallers were black provides zero power to the feminists who staged this travesty. They really needed white men to appear abusive and predatory to provide fuel for their outrage. It blew up in their face when only poor minority men took the bait; now they are making ridiculous claims that the white men’s harassment was “drowned out by sirens” or that white men catcall in more subtle and insidious ways due to their patriarchal heteronormative hegemony, or whatever contrivance feminists can invent to justify their attention-whoring.

      1. Well they are not racist because they have a Black male model sporting their t-shirts :

      2. Well, the video and many of the responses show that these leftist feminists are no more Black men’s allies than the conservative racialists. Hell, they probably aren’t even black women’s allies because I have not seen them stand up for issues that plague Black women, they only want to have a “SKREEEEE” fest for White/Jewish women and occasionally Latina and Asian women (and that is only because Asian and Latin women are their competition).

        1. Liberal blacks and feminists are fighting for second place on the victimhood totem pole. LGBTs and illegals are tied for first place.

    1. That’s the first thing I thought when I saw that video, after laughing my ass off when they asked me to donate money to stop catcalling. Semi-attractive Puerto-Rican attention whore walks through Harlem in tight jeans. Huge shocker that every thirsty, aggressive black guy “hollas” at her. Shocking!

      1. Have you seen the video with the man walking in NYC, he was harassed by both sexes and much more aggressively,he did not ask for donations after the video.

        1. That’s because he’s the ‘wrong’ gender (and therefore an ‘oppressor’, as well) — so he’s not as “equal” as helpless womyn are. Also, he should not complain — he should just “man up”…(sarcasm off)
          Don’t forget that “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” (“Animal Farm” — George Orwell)

      2. She’s a Jew, built like a Latina, strutting for black guys. The video is as surprising as a Hollywood blockbuster.

      1. Good.
        It shows much more about poverty and ghetto culture than it does about “men in general.”
        Absurd. What bothers me the most about these “awareness campaigns” is that nice girls that I know personally buy into this bullshit…
        I get the feeling that it is these same nice girls, that I would be completely cool with under 99% of circumstances that would be willing to exploit the legal system and destroy men if they felt like it.
        Enjoy the Decline.

        1. Shows more about attention whoring than ghetto culture. These guys were ignoring the other women. She’s DD in a tight t shirt.

        2. It’s both. It shows that women like her are indeed attention whores and that non-East Asian “minority” males tend to lack impulse control relative to whites and East Asians.
          We don’t have to pick sides, here. It’s unflattering to multiple “oppressed” groups.

        3. White knight cultures don’t understand that a woman that dresses like a whore should get treated like a whore. It ain’t about impulse control cause she didn’t get raped did she?

        4. You seem to have a hard time understanding that two wrongs don’t necessarily make something right.

        5. They are doing us favor. Whores should be treated as whores. Why the fuck does your inferior brain not understand this?

        6. Ghetto trash isn’t doing the world any favors.
          No one is sitting here telling men to “man up” and marry some whore or to reward them for their behavior. At the same time, I’m going to guess that your eagerness to defend the dusky ones in that video reflects on your own need to justify your lack of character. You see some of yourself in them, I’m sure.

    2. tight clothes? seriously? she showed no cleavage, and she looked very normal and modest to me.

    1. She revels in this, it’s her trademark now, and expect her to continue to push the limits to the point of breaking. Without her trademark, she becomes a meaningless cipher in pop culture, and she knows it.
      Expect way sicker shit in the future from her. She has nothing else to offer society.

    2. omg that is so twisted and sick….
      She ( Dunham) has no insight into what she does..
      She’s a sociopath…

  8. “…As she grew, I took to bribing her time and affection: one dollar in quarters if I could do her makeup like a “motorcycle chick.” Three pieces of candy if I could kiss her on the lips for five seconds. Whatever she wanted to watch on TV if she would just “relax on me.” Basically, anything a sexual predator might do to woo a small suburban girl, I was trying.”
    The fact that her sister turned gay isn’t being commented on. We don’t know the effects of early childhood proto-erotic experience. While child to child sexual experimentation is no doubt common and always has been and isn’t necessarily abusive, it can as in this case be exploitative and unequal.
    Dunham appears to be revealing this because she’s uncomfortable about something. Even if Grace was always going to become gay, chances are Dunham addressed the issue because at some level she is worried she might be responsible

  9. I always knew the third wave feminists are sociopathic but wow. That’s a whole another level of insanity. On the other hand, you’d give her the benefit of the doubt that she was just writing in jest but not with these sickos.

  10. Oh, and in case noone has addressed this yet google the art the sisters father produces

    1. As a side note, I think the parent’s art is also a contributing factor here.
      Exposing people to sexual images against their will is a crime. It is a form of sexual deviancy. This is also why “flashing” has long been against the law, and why nude beaches require permission—because no matter how open-minded you are, a nude body will have a detrimental effect upon your psyche if you’re not willing/prepared for it. And those are nude bodies not necessarily in sexual positions.
      The explicit sexual nature of her parent’s work, coupled with the fact that they, as children, were exposed to it often messed with them.
      If a gynocologist regularly showed his children his patients, he’d be locked up. If a stripper made her 8-year-old sit in the back of the club and watch her as she performed, it would make news. If a pornographer had his under-age children on set during a shoot, he’d be in jail, with freaking porn stars denouncing him.
      The parents regularly exposed their children to sexualized nude imagery–imagery which is clearly of an adult nature. The forced their unformed young minds to grapple with sexuality long before it was necessary or understandable to them. If that alone brought on this molestation, I would not be surprised.

      1. “The forced their unformed young minds to grapple with sexuality long before it was necessary or understandable to them. If that alone brought on this molestation, I would not be surprised.”
        The only thing I would add is that Lena, and then her younger sister, would not only have been exposed to what amounted to something pornographic, but would have made the connexion at some level with their father’s fascination with grotesque, exaggerated vulvas. In the context I cannot see how they could not be primed to respond in a sexual way to a highly and bizarrely sexualised representation of female genitals.
        At the risk of anticipating this seems to be a case study in how not to do parenting.

  11. What the actual fuck is wrong with this woman? What the actual fuck is wrong with her parents for allowing this to happen?

  12. Proud of you guys for maintaining journalistic integrity on this one. It would have been easy to jump on the bandwagon and brand this women a sex offender. And some here may still say that she is, but the topic is discussed openly without fear of retribution. The author did his research and wrote his article objectively.
    If the roles were reversed, I have no doubt she would be tweeting about how the author should register as a sex offender.

    1. There’s a huge problem with fighting in a fair and principled manner against an enemy who doesn’t do the same.
      You lose.
      This pervert is deserving of every negative attack with regards to this issue, even if it she can hide behind being young at the time. Even if other kids do the same, they certainly don’t brag about it like it is cool and “normal” when they are adults.
      And the question remains, what if a guy made the same admissions? Would the world in general be so forgiving?

      1. it almost instinctive to find excuses for women’s behaviour like this. Whatever this is there’s something disturbing about it

      2. “There’s a huge problem with fighting in a fair and principled manner against an enemy who doesn’t do the same.
        You lose.”
        As I once saw it put: it’s all very well to fight with the honour of Ser Vardis until you’re forced to go toe to toe with someone named Bronn.

  13. Lena’s father, Carroll Dunham, is known for his disgusting paintings of vaginas, and his objectifying, malicious portrayals of women. I don’t have a problem with nude art, but his stuff is pretty sick. So is it any wonder that his daughter would turn out to be a feminist? Feminists, as we know, say they want respect but really they are self-loathing and contemptuous against femininity. You can see that in all of Lena’s “art” as well.
    Lena’s mother, Laurie Simmons, is known for freaky scenes of dollhouses. Miniature dolls spliced to together with objects and arranged in disturbing scenes. And she reportedly did nude modeling in her 20s.

    1. Given all that, it is no wonder that Lena is shocked at the responses about her incestuous practices with her sister.
      That was fairly tame in comparison to her parents.

      1. Carroll admits that he didn’t censor his art for when his little kids were around. I mean, we aren’t talking about simple nude art here. In an interview with LA Weekly, Lena says she feels “self-conscious” comparing herself to these images. Is it coincidence that Lena’s stocky body type resembles her father’s art?

        1. Carroll Dunham trades in representations of engorged vaginal lips with caricatured women wrapped around them. The flashbulb memory Lena has of her own abuse of her sister suggests a fetishised fascination with the vagina of another female. Later Lena makes trades for her sister’s kisses, while at award ceremonies she can be seen kissing her mother full on the lips. There certainly some kind of behaviour getting passed on here.

  14. I get the impression that Lena’s book is less a biography than an implied confession – sort of like the “If I Did It” book by O.J. that got yanked a few years back.
    Nearly all boys and girls go through some sort of “Playing Doctor” phase, but something seems seriously “off” with Lena’s early years – and, as a result, Lena herself.

  15. Isn’t it amazing?
    Had Lena dunham been a male, the entire society, men and women alike would have crucified the man.
    But since lena dunham is female, what we get is even our own authors white knighting for her.
    Instead of taking this opportunity and using it to our advantage, here we are trying to apologize for Lena dunham.
    It is very, very true that a LOT of us men, white knight without the conscious knowledge of it. We think that we are “only doing the right thing” but in reality we are placing women on a pedestal and absolving them of all accountability and responsibility.
    The male sexual instinct is the real culprit here and we need to realize that our sexual instinct has us ‘by the balls’ 24/7. Most of what we men do for women is under the influence of our sexual instinct. And no, do not think that just because the woman that we’re defending is unattractive, it means that our sexual instinct has nothing to do here.
    Our sexual instinct makes us see the female sex as a COLLECTIVE, as ONE, single separate entity. And thus no matter the woman’s attractiveness, we are bound to apologize for her, often without realizing it . This is the saddest, most pathetic part.
    The only ‘honest’ moments that we men get when we are free from the control of our sexual instinct are the few seconds right after masturbation.

    1. Agree 100%.
      Another place where women and men meet on equal grounds is internet forums.
      When there is no pic and everything is anonymous… women actually have to make sense… and they’re fucked.
      But meet in real life and most men would never express such opinions. I’d get fired if I did.

      1. in the corporate world you cannot be the villain, the opposite of what you said in the other article about villains. You’d get fired.

  16. This thing (dunham) is a case study in just how fucked up our society truly is. Where did this beast come from again? Why are we having to listen to her let alone even acknowledge her existence? I mean, she’s fat, unattractive, vile, not talented and just a class A asshole, by all measures. dunham is one thing, though, apropos to her fat acceptance meme, she (it) is the best evidence as to where progressivism leads too. This is it, the progressive ideal incarnate – a below average slob. Anti-merit anti-beauty.

    1. You can dig up and thank Karl Marx for this. Or piss on his corpse. Your call really.

  17. Looking at the totality of what we know, that is, her own words and her parents “artwork” it seems safe to conclude that some stuff was seriously wrong in that house.
    Lena is now acting out her spoiled brat/twisted/entitled-white feminista upbringing…”You dare question me?” as if publishing an autobiography is only for a close circle of friends.
    That said, the real story here is the beating that leftists have taken
    over the past couple of months, primarily through gamergate and now
    this. I would go so far as to say that gamergate primed the pump on this one and people are realizing that these folks like Lena, who claim to speak for all(or at least all women), are in fact freaks, who are completely out of touch with reality.

  18. I love Lena Dunham. If feminism was a stock, this woman was the “sell” signal. They really overstepped their boundaries trying to make this chick famous, and its paying dividends for us in a big way.

      1. Strange. I deleted this by mistake. But it didn’t get deleted it just changed it to “Guest”.

  19. It’s really ironic how Lena Dunham was talking shit about Woody Allen earlier this year when she pretty much did the same thing as him. And I hate how this issue has been politicized as a left v right issue. It’s not just conservatives who are upset with her! I know plenty of liberals who are disgusted with her and want her show cancelled.

    1. “…when she pretty much did the same thing as him.”
      There is no evidence that he did anything.

  20. I can tell you right now that if Lena Dunham did everything she said she
    did, she is a sex offender. And a serious one to boot, likely to
    re-offend. She is in creepy-dude-with-candy territory.
    am a lawyer in multiple states (including NY, where Dunham lives) with
    experience representing sex offenders and alleged sex offenders . Most
    states have similar laws. It may surprise
    you to know that children are often the perpetrators of sex crimes
    against each other.
    I’ve had many a client who molested or outright
    (real, actual rape, not feminist rape) other children. These
    molestations are serious and, if discovered, require immediately
    removing the molester child
    from their parents, placing them in foster care, hardcore psychiatric
    evaluation for the entire period of child hood, and lifetime of sex
    registration. I’ve had multiple clients commit serious molestation/rape
    when they are under 10—including 6-7 year olds.
    I’ve also had
    clients who are sex offenders due to bureaucratic b.s. The guy’s 25, the
    girl’s 15.9999, the age of consent is 16, and she looks like
    24-year-old cheerleader for the Dolphins. He, too, gets lifetime sex
    So I’ve seen both extremes of the spectrum. (As a
    side note, despite what SVU might tell you, sexual molesters
    overwhelmingly target their own sex/gender over the opposite sex/gender.
    And yes, this creates a lot of victims who magically come out as gay
    later. Correlation is not causation BUT……)
    total actions here are of the extremely serious kind. She not only
    “looked” at her kid sister’s vajay, but if you read that anecdote
    closely, you’ll see it’s pretty obvious it was Dunham, not her sister,
    who had to have put the rocks in the 1-yearold’s vagina (1-year-old’s
    physically can’t do that). That Dunham would do something so
    heinous—-and be in denial about it today—speaks volumes about how
    f’d up she still is.
    Furthermore, her other actions are abusive
    AND repetitive. She manipulated her sister for years into close, sexual
    contact —she tricks her sister into lying on top of her while she
    masturbated on multiple occasions. She “tests” ways to get sexual favors
    from her sister: bribing her with candy for long kisses, bribing her to
    let Dunham dress her up as a sexual older being, forcing emotional
    dependency. And let’s not begin on the age gap; sex molestation between
    peers or with 2 year gaps or less is what I’ve seen; anything more than 4
    years is serious pedo territory, and the gap here was 6 years.
    Roosh is right that this is extremely abnormal
    behavior. It is extremely dangerous. A one-off thing this is not. This
    is a pattern of sexualized molestation combined with emotional
    Worse, Dunham was never caught. Most child sex
    offenders, if caught the first or second time will be so therapized by
    the system that they will NEVER reoffend. Half of my cases are
    convincing the local sex boards of this—but trust me when I say that
    any decent psychologist can spot the recidivists, and the one-offers who
    are caught young are NOT them.
    BUT the ones who get away with
    it—as Dunham did, with her abusive/negligent parents—THEY are the
    ones who are the MOST likely to be recidivists. Dunham has lived her
    entire life feeling it’s perfectly ok for her to abuse younger females
    like this, and, at this point, some of her emotional and sexual coping
    mechanisms are ingrained into a pattern of younger female abuse. Dunham
    and her sister have already dropped hints that this is exactly their
    relationship, where Dunham feels that her kid sister’s personal life is
    Dunham’s to exploit if she so chooses. That doesn’t surprise me, but it
    sets off alarm bells.
    If I were Dunham’s lawyer, I would beg her
    to admit to the charges right away and be sent to a psych ward for
    multiple years. This is not just to help her, but to protect the
    children. Dunham’s reaction to stress will naturally be what she always
    did before—and part of that coping was molesting young girls, either
    her sister or others. If Dunham tried to fight these charges, not only
    would she likely lose—because, trust me, once a shrink starts digging
    on her sister, the sister’s trauma (which she is in denial about) will
    flood the court with lurid tales—but her reaction to the trial may be
    to abuse another. I’ve had cases where the guy couldn’t make the hearing
    because the police had picked him up that morning at a playground.
    Given her celebrity status, the trial publicity alone might lead her to
    suicide as well, or attempting on her sister’s life.
    I would like to note that Dunham’s obsession with “rape” including her
    made up story about the college republican probably mask her guilt here
    over her sister and her own molestation. Dunham’s family life probably
    included someone who molested her, which set the pattern in her own
    life. In denial about that incident and her own problems she projected
    it onto an “enemy”, hence why it is a college republican leader whom she
    made up who did it to her.
    In sum, the behavior Dunham claims, if true, is a serious sex offense and should not be ignored
    or swept away as merely exploratory. I’ve dealt with exploratory type
    situations, and this is NOT it. This is abuse, plain and simple, and
    Dunham needs too be removed from society in the short term and
    registering with sex boards in the long term.

    1. A woman writes about this experience…it’s fine. A man write about the same experience it’s “off with his head”.
      Yes, truly “equal” here.

      1. 1. She is a sex offender whether the SOL has run or not. People have still committed crimes even if not convicted in a court of law. O.J. is still a murderer though the jury acquitted him–which, btw, is totally the fault of Judge Lance “I want to be famous” Ito. The bottom line is that Dunham’s admitted actions would get her convicted of child sexual abuse/committed to an institution in most cases (unless Ron Kuby defends the shit outta her, natch).
        2. The SOL: Dunham may have (and likely did) continued the abuse up to her sister’s 17th birthday (the age of consent in NY)—at which point Dunham was 23. Furthermore, Dunham also could have abused her as an adult (still a crime) or another juvenile after. We, quite frankly, don’t know when these acts of molestation stopped–but we do know they were ongoing, and child molesters do not just “stop” molesting; it becomes a conditioned response to stress unless caught early and ruthlessly psychoanalyzed. As she did not get caught, I expect Dunham is abusing someone else, or will be shortly. And that is very scary.
        3. I not only lawyer much, I lawyer well.

        1. I doubt it. If you were a private attorney you would not have the time to be wasting on this nonsense. If you were a prosecutor you would have the time to comment but would be smart enough to know that it is very difficult/impossible to get a conviction without physical evidence or a victim willing to testify, even if there is a confession. Unlikely her sister would talk. Directed verdict like you read about… Even if not then the defense would say that anything she wrote is not a confession but another ploy to gain attention. Given the defendant’s history of attention seeking behavior, this theory would hold water with a jury.

        2. lol. ok, whatever dude. I see now you’re an autstic troll. Having made a good chunk of my adult income doing sex abuse/molest cases, I clearly don’t know what I’m talking about. Clearly confessions by the molester and psychological trauma by the victims aren’t evidence, you’re right, gotta be physical evidence. Good luck writing for SVU.

  21. You hear people say that sexual abuse isn’t about sex, it’s about power. Lena was asserting power over her younger sister. What she did was wrong. I’m disgusted that she thinks it’s just a funny story to tell people. She shows no remorse at all.

  22. “He needs to be chopped down to size, made more passive, more tame, more agreeable, more “equal.”
    It is quite telling that even feminists appear to inadvertently admit that actual equality between the sexes is an impossibility. Why else are they, in their eyes, required to inhibit or destroy masculinity in order to achieve what would essentially be an artificial equality?

    1. That is an interesting quote, it clearly declares that men are in fact superior in ways that feminists abhor. Very interesting.

      1. The quote struck me because I have noticed that virtually all legislative and cultural changes that have occurred have not actually allowed women equal opportunity but rather directed at men with the specific intention of injuring them in one form or another. For example, lowering physical requirements in the military or even the fire departments. Another example is affirmative action for women. This appears to suggest that a woman is simply incapable of competing with men in the workplace without special privilege; hand-holding, if you will.
        The quote I provided in the previous post seems to demonstrate that, according to feminist logic, “men must be held back in order for women to achieve equality”. It is akin to suggesting that, metaphorically speaking, men should have their hands tied behind their backs to allow women to achieve equality. This is obviously is not only a strange admission of female inferiority by feminist activists but also an admission that equality of opportunity is not their goal but rather equality of outcome regardless of how it is achieved.
        Feminists appear to do women little to no favors by accidentally making such admissions via their statements and actions. If women desire to achieve actual equality (a myth in my opinion) they would be significantly better served in this goal by removing the plethora of anti-male legislation that now permeates out legal landscape. It would also be wise to ridicule the feminist pseudo-intellectual class in academia, preferably calling for their resignations. Otherwise, an increasing number of men will simply continue to view women as lesser individuals who require special hand-holding in order to achieve in the workplace and operate among fellow human beings.

      2. I used to work a job doing installs in telecommunication offices. I only know one and met another who were women. Those two women could hack it alongside the men. That’s about <.005% of the work force. The lack of women wasn’t due to “patriarchy” but to the fact that most women do not like to be 25 feet in the air stitching cable, 2 feet from the ceiling where temperatures can reach 90 +. Further most are not physically strong enought. Requirements for the job included living 50 lbs over your head and carrying it approximately 30 feet. I’m not sure that I personally know any women who can do that. Just one example of an industry that is better suited to men. Now for extrapolation. Industry was built by men and feminists know it. They did the work. How many women started companies? A few, but not many and only sighing the last 80 years. Thus feminists want to tear men down to be more equal due to the fact that they have no basis as to why they should be equal. Feminism told women the would find happiness in the work place. So instead of teaching some to be the best woman she can be, they say that women should compete with men. But competition doesn’t bring happiness if you are the loser. Last there is some collary evidence that perhaps capitalists are behind the rise of women in the work place which allowed them to lower wages among other things. Thus these feminists are nothing more than useful idiots and useful idiots always loose in the end.

  23. She’s an incestious pedophile. She’ll get away with it since she’s part of the most privileged group in history(white western women) whilst simultaneously telling men the check their privilege at the door. Not once did this moron think that this would be a bad idea to share this information, this society is sick how it condones this kind of behaviour.

    1. It’s alright…because it’s all white (women), anyways.
      Women would display a man’s photo on the internet to keep everyone “safe” from him.
      This chick gets to make a fortune writing and acting. Ahhhh…you have to love this fucked up place.

  24. Everyone is concentrating on the part when she was 7 years old (which seems made up for some reasons), because that’s easy to dismiss. What is more troubling is that these type of things went on for 10 years. So at an age where she should have known better (12+) these types of things were happening. She masturbated with her sister in the bed and – the way it is written – her sisters presence was a big part of the reason why she did that.

    1. Who is everyone? This bitch was hated before she confessed. She’s fucked up and evil and was so at every age.

    2. She is expecting tribal immunity. Tribe and Sex immunity.
      The exploration as a 7 year old is not unusual. If it continues to happen more than a couple of times it’s just predation.

  25. To begin with, Lena Dunham, though by her own account a “weird child,” was and is not a monster. Her behavior toward her younger sister, however bizarre it may seem, actually is not at all uncommon and indeed quite normal. All over the world, little boys and girls immodestly and naively explore their burgeoning sexuality together. This includes touching in groups, sometimes among siblings.
    Actually, given that the younger sister ended up lesbian, I think you’re being far, far too kind to her.

  26. There’s a difference between curiosity at age 7, and deliberate emotional abuse and sexual coercion until (as far as she admits) age 17. And on top of that, we are supposed to believe a one year old stuffed her vagina with rocks and not Lena herself.

  27. So far only a couple people have mentioned that her sister turned into a lesbian. This could be a coincidence but I highly doubt it; these early childhood experiences likely left a strong impression on her and shaped her understanding of sexuality and intimacy.
    Also striking in my view is that, unlike her older sister, Grace Dunham is actually attractive and feminine-looking – or at least she was when she played herself in Lena’s movie “Tiny Furniture”. So there’s seems to be some sort of lesbian dynamic of the uglier, more masculine woman dominating and seeking the love of the prettier, more feminine woman. And perhaps unintentionally grooming her to be a lesbian in later life.

      1. Bet that study will be “lost” in a few years once homosexuality becomes even more normalized.
        So if I buy an Apple product am I now supporting the homosexual agenda?

    1. Actually after looking at recent images of the sister I have to qualify that a bit. She looks like a fairly high-T woman (as does their mother). Then again hormones can be influenced by external factors.

  28. “The answer would be no, but perhaps the tireless sage Dr. Phil could
    rectify his character as the public looks on, weighing in by Twitter
    while slurping Coke and munching Doritos.”
    Haha I loved it.

  29. C. Contrary: I admire your maturity, nuance, and use of scientific journals to make your argument, but I would much rather see you clamor for Lena Dunham’s arrest, imprisonment, and cancellation of her show because that’s what SJW’s would do if Lena Dunham were a man. In my opinion, the only way SJW’s **might** realize that the laws they clamor for are stupid is when “one of their own” is severely damaged by those laws.

    1. We have a little more tact than to employ SJWs tactics. Although, a taste of their own medicine might just be what the doctor ordered

  30. This is nice and all, but HBO and Random House are still profiting from Lena Dunham. And Lena Dunham is still profiting from describing abuse of her little sister.
    “Girls” needs to be shutdown. Lena’s book needs to be pulled. Anything less is profiteering from child abuse. We can’t allow the lowest common denominator of entitled, deviant cultural Marxists to rewrite the script for what is considered normal, healthy family life.
    If you’d rather not consider child abuse “normal” or “quirky” behavior, I urge all of you to write HBO and Random House and explain your views. The MSM will soon brush this under the rug and call it an overreaction. We need to start hitting the media companies that enable and profit from these culturally toxic narcissists.

  31. Another well-written article from C. Contrary. Thank you Sir for a piece rooted in biology and reality as opposed to the prevailing contextless, one-size-fits-all false template the utopians constantly try to apply.

  32. What is wrong with this Dunham chick?? Why is she talking about this very private and potentially illegal personal matter?? What compels these actor/leftist/lib types to “bare all” . WTF? Whatever happened to decorum and restraint?? A list of what’s wrong with this damaged broad:
    1. I wonder if she asked her family or sister permission to reveal this personal matter to the entire planet. She didn’t which indicates extreme narcissism
    2. She has no insight into what she’s doing. She does not know or has no self insight/awareness to potential damage she might cause to others or herself..
    3. She doesn’t realize that the things she did to her minor sister may be illegal or child abuse…
    4. it is the hallmark of the sociopath ( or folks with personality disorders) to have extreme malignant narcissism…She’s a sociopath…

  33. Great article. Gets to the heart of the issue and makes it hard to turn this into a misogynist spree as the MSM will try to paint it. They still will, but the strain on it is what matters.
    Links to the Street Harassment video, the “It’s not okay to steal kisses” article demeaning a 6 year old boy, and the RoK article on Yes Means Yes will make it timeless.
    Right now, all the context is available to readers of this site but to pull in new people those changes would go a long way.

  34. I know most complain about her looks but her lack of any real talent other than being able to show how awful most young American women are is what bothers me

    1. A man shows how awful these women are in society…and nothing.
      A woman does it and it’s a masterpiece. Fucking hilarious.

  35. I recall when I was about 7 or 8 years old, I was at a friends house with another guy and 2 girls. The girls started pulling their pants down and exposing themselves and my friend and I, in kind, did the same.
    One of the girl’s mothers found out and had ordered a meeting with all of our parents. She was livid at the boys and threatened my parents with police involvement.
    Regardless of the fact that the girls initiated the event and my friend and I had no idea what we were doing, swift action was deemed necessary.
    My father then had to have a serious discussion with me regarding the “incident.” This was the first of many seeds planted shaming male sexuality. I don’t blame him though, he was only relaying to me what he had been taught and was actually scared for me.
    Luckily, we have the internet to share and unlearn toxic programming of many generations. Keep unlearning men. It’s our responsibility.

  36. It’s amazing to me that we’re ready to expel boys for singing sexy pop songs, and yet overlook the fact that Lena Dunham incestuously fondled her sister for attention when she was younger. All young kids explore their bodies around six to nine years of age, but it’s only sexual misconduct when boys do it.

    1. Of course. It’s only wrong or creepy when a man does it but it’s just fine when a woman does it.
      Equality…working wonders in our society today.

  37. I also remember when I was about 4 or 5, a neighborhood girl that was actually older than me would coerce me to lay on top of her and kiss her. If her parents found out, no doubt I would have been held to blame. The fact is is that it wasn’t a bad experience. I’m sure she grew up hot.

  38. So this is the woman who became a famous national icon of sorts?
    Yet further proof, as if more was needed, that our society continues its descent into degeneracy.

  39. Return of the Kings is a hateful screed, read by impotent losers that live in their mother’s basements. Masturbating and playing video games and hating women and the world that has bettered them. That’s what is said by the people that are now defending a women that for a decade molested her own sister and makes money from it. Lena Dunham is a table legged frump with a body like a piano mover. She’s a member of the cupcake generation that has never been told no. The very idea of resistance or criticism is hateful and personal to her. Her life of a well fed white western women is all she knows. The men, the grown and understanding of the men of ROK is poison to her and all of her ilk and I couldn’t be prouder to be of that cohort.

    1. Fucking beat it…door —————–>
      No one asked you to stop by to comment. We don’t give a shit about what women “think” here.

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