3 Types Of Women Who Refuse To Wear High Heels

Feminists have frequently touted that they shouldn’t be held to societal standards in things like fashion, hygiene, and even attitude. They’ve started campaigns for not grooming there hirsute bodies, neglecting to shave their legs and under pits. However, normal decent women saw through their sour grapes ploy. Feminists decided that if they couldn’t get women to stop grooming themselves, they would go to a new uncharted territory: They decided to make campaigns for women to stay obese and attack fashion. One of the main targets are high-heeled shoes.

Why is feminist America trying to make American women more like Lena Dunham than Audrey Hepburn? High-heeled shoes back in the day indicated a fashionable woman who tries to look as best she could. Now, they’re saved for sex workers. Even women visiting the President of the USA back in 2008 didn’t have the decency to dress in heels. They wore flip-flops.

This sign of female rebellion against looking good and being a proper female should be met with force. A force of not showing them any attention, or bestowing any chivalrous actions. A woman who won’t wear high heels should be boycotted and shown no love. Here are the three types of women I’ve observed who don’t wear high heels:



The main group that would be propagating delusional hamsterisms about high-heels would be feminists. Every few months some irate feminist writes a blog post about how being presentable to the public is the patriarchy oppressing them. They would spew articles about things like makeup, shaving hairy body parts, or even being told to have a smile out in public, which grates the feminist. The reason most feminists out there despise high heels is because it relegates woman by themselves. Most women buy high heels that are designed and marketed by men. This fact shows the obvious life has a male bias, since it’s mostly men designing and producing these shoes.

The high heel is a shortcut for improvement to happen, and we all know that self-improvement is the enemy of the feminist. It makes the legs of even an average girl look tall and slender like a supermodel. It bumps up the curves more than any Instagram filter could ever achieve. Don’t show any women who can’t even put on a pair of heels a modicum of attention. They’re looking for attention for being a mentally ill contrarian. Shame them and then ignore them.


Lazy Women

Thankfully, most American women are not feminists. I know what you’re thinking. “They believe in a lot of feminist screeds.” That’s true, but most American women don’t buy it fully. A lot of them just use it as a justification for being lazy. The college girl who goes to class in her pajamas isn’t making a political statement. This laziness is why the overwhelming majority of women in America have stopped wearing high heels. It takes work to learn how to walk in heels, and tires one’s body when standing up for hours. That’s why flip flop use has grown rampant in these past 10 years even for formal events. I’m talking about galas, graduations, and even weddings.

A woman who isn’t willing to put in work to present herself in a decent manner is a terrible woman. You will hear these chicks talk about female empowerment by not wearing heels, but it doesn’t make any sense. I’ve personally witnessed many foreign highly-educated women who are willing to put in the work to look good. These women don’t have bullshit majors. Many are Slavic, Mediterranean, or Asian women with prestigious degrees. If these woman who put 40+ hours a week studying to be a pediatrician can put on a pair of heels when it matters, so can American sloths who spend the same amount of time on their iPhones.


Fat Women

The waistline of the average woman in western societies has ballooned. That has also increased their foot size and girth tremendously. Most high heels are designed for women who have the mental fortitude to make sure their feet aren’t as wide as an iPad. Fat woman literally cannot wear heels because of the laws of physics. The amount of weight they put on that tiny little heel could break a bridge. Fat woman are like the guys who are so fat that they have to use mobility scooters in super markets. They block the aisle and disgust the normal shoppers. Shame fat women for disfiguring the beautiful female form. High heels are the least of their concerns.

Notice the correlation among all of these types. It shows that women who don’t want to take care of themselves need to be shamed. Any time you see a woman in flip flops at a wedding, graduation, gala, or any formal event, make sure you call her out. Shame them in real life and through social media. Take pictures on Twitter of chicks wearing flip flops to a formal event and make up hashtags. If we want women to be truly feminine and pleasant creatures, we must show them the proper incentive to do so.

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317 thoughts on “3 Types Of Women Who Refuse To Wear High Heels”

  1. To be fair, there is also the ‘natural’ look woman who enjoys the outdoors and isn’t too pretentious. She can be feminine and take care of her looks while avoiding high heels.
    But she is in a minority.

        1. Russian girls know how to wear heels come rain, snow or sun. In Europe you can usually tell who the Russian girls are on holiday because whilst all the Germans and others will be in walking shoes the Russians will be in high heels. Brits often wear heels too in summer but can be distinguished by their overweight, slutty appearance and general drunkenness.

    1. Yeah – some hot yoga chicks do not wear high heels either, but again those are in the minority.

      1. Hot yoga chicks make up for it by wearing skin hugging yoga pants; and usually that’s right after yoga so high heels wouldn’t be common in the that situation anyway.

        1. Hot yoga chicks are smart enough to know better than ruin their feet with high heels just to please a crowd of losers who think they’re still in college.
          Grow up.

        2. Are you a man? If so you are brainwashed by feminsist agenda my man. Women SHOULD wear heels and paint nails. Wearing heels doesn’t ruin anything…but this anti-heels movement is just a mere campain anong many others. There is NO FEMINITY without heels and painted nails, and without long hair an so on! Yoga girls are just stupid, not smart my man!

        3. Probably insulting other people it’s a sign of intelligence! In this case you would be a very smart person….but guess what? You are not! Because insults doesn’t mean that you are smart. It’s actually quite the opposite!

        4. Kinda like thinking that women should wear high heels and that high heels don’t ruin anything are statements uttered by unintelligent people. High heels look great, but any woman who feels like she has to wear heels has a problem. If you want to see people in high heel that badly, then you and your friends start wearing them.
          I detest flip flops, and I think most flats look ugly but that doesn’t change my sentiment. High heels are great for those who don’t mind wearing them and they do affect your feet. For those who don’t like wearing them, or polishing their nails; good for them! Doing what some bone head guy thinks you should do just for the sake of fulfilling his aesthetic tastes is the dumbest thing any woman can do.
          I’m curious to know what well educated woman would even take the time to give the likes of you the time of day.

        5. No, they shouldn’t, because it looks fucking retarded. *shrug* Hot women don’t need to elevate their ankles and slather paste on their nails… Also, you’re all retarded

        1. She probably will not because I bet the instructors are hotter and smarter than you.

        1. I do yoga and there are plenty of great looking women there. Seriously. Maybe it depends on the region but it’s ace down in the big easy.

        2. Just saying most women worth substance that are or somewhat in shape, practice yoga in my general area. As for the heels behind the head, yes, maybe so but wouldn’t you rather a flexible sex partner than one that lies there waiting to be fucked like a dead China doll.

        3. Definitely a great place to find chicks. Plus guys who do yoga are usually very athletic. Girls love it.

        4. Maybe it’s because you’re black and scare all of the attractive women away

        5. And you must be a Republican to actually believe I meant anything in my message/bad joke lol But keep pulling shit out of your ass. I hear conservatards are good at that. Shall I hang Jesus on my wall with large nails as well too?
          See?! I can jump to crazy conclusions as well based on a small amount of words and hurl out ignorant insults and assumptions lolol Dipshit 😉

        6. And both of your responses show a lack of intelligence, since you can’t understand sarcasm and also a lack of maturity, since you feel you can dish out insults but, wah, can’t take any back.
          I hear the SJWs calling, they want one of their little bitches back.
          Get off the internet if you can’t handle people that are as classless as you

      2. A lot of the yoga pants are an illusion, You really can tell if its real or not by looking at the hamstrings sweep up to the glutes. Most of the yoga pant wearing chicks are lazy and fat, so they get something that makes it appear as if they are fit squatting chick. Again those are the majority though.

        1. I meant the vegan, alternative, but also quite feminine yoga-chicks – loosely affiliated with some hipsters. While usually completely indoctrinated liberally, they are too relaxed to fight us chauvinist pigs and instead will settle for fucking us.

    2. I prefer a little pretension. Seems necessary to avoid clubbing, smokingm tattoos and other uncouth and unwomanly things.

    3. I was just gonna say this. My ex was a hippie chick who loved the Grateful Dead and jam band music in general. Her style was long, flowing skirts and flats. This worked for her. Heels didn’t fit her style.

    4. My wife is a south Asian with an engineering degree, and a masters in engineering I paid for. She is hot, and she wears high heels in summer, and stylish heeled boots in winter.
      She makes an effort to look nice, and sometimes I catch myself telling her to not cook, clean, and take care of me so much. Living in the states now since moving back from overseas has me worried that some feminist blimp that no gas good air lift will bite her and turn her into a feminist zombie nazi.
      Well, then I would have to put them both down. And they would then take me to their hall of justice, family court. Also full of whithering simps, and their feminist blimp zombie nazi overlords.
      Sometimes, being a man ain’t fair.

      1. Or she will divorce you. Once she has the degree you paid for and a visa she may have plans which don’t include you.

        1. Oh snap! Hopefully she did divorce his crazy dumbass. Some of these people remind me of one of my dumbass teenage family members who has been brainwashed by the dipshit Alex Jones. Fucking paranoid out the ass about tap water for fucks sake

        2. Been together almost 8 years, and she just gave me another baby, and we might get to having another. Besides, if I ever get my freedom back, I won’t ever do it again. I wanted kids, I have three awesome sons. Cheers.

        3. Ooooh, the fluoride tin foil hat argument. I got caps put on when young, and still no cavities. In my late thirties. But, I won’t deny you your law degree at Costco. While you’re pulling out another pair of pajamas from the dispenser, be sure to pull out another idea of I give a fuck while you’re at it.

        4. I think you just proved how crazy you are by writing this retarded fucking comment lol Not surprised you had to order a wife in order to get married

      2. Please change your name. The real and awesome Jesse James would’ve gunned your pussy ass down if he were still alive

        1. Ooo, look at you tuff guy lolol Where’d you pull that line, outta your son’s ass? Might wanna cut that shit out, MJ

    5. I don’t date women who don’t wear high heels. In fact, I’m even sure that those who don’t even qualify as women.

      1. Good, maybe human kind will get lucky and some skank will stab you in the neck with her heels.

        1. But he’s tall, White, has a British accent, and has money, so he can pay for your trip to take your token cliche Eiffel Tower selfie.
          Because God knows you women never pay for your trips to good old “safe” White, Christian, and English-speaking Western Europe you take any opportunity to brag about when nobody asked to begin with.

        2. All the women i’ve dated earned their own money. But hey, these smart girls do not go out with losers.

        3. It is not really required for a woman to earn her money. If she does good for her, but againt financially independent women tend to be more picky when it comes about men. However this does not mean in any way that they have good taste in men. Financially independent doesn’t necessarily mean smart. In present days earning money means that you are a brainwashed slave for some kind of corporation. And this is true even if you are a top manager. The higher the position, the heavier the brainwashing. Smart people don’t agree to be USED by others. If these financially independet women were trully smart they would choose men with more traditional views. But they instead choose more “open minded” men…Contrary to the mainstream beliefs “open minded” is not a good thing!

        4. Uh huh… so you’re also saying that all independent men who have high positions within organizations are brainwashed idiots? Or does this only apply to women?
          Funny how some of you nerdy red pillers are the exact opposite of the extreme feminists that you hate lolol
          Go out and get laid fags

    6. Yep. But most guys here would not understand as they’re not in a relationship. They can get no woman which is why they hate women so much.

        1. Pretty easy to guess tho. Considering most feminazis are fatass virgin women who whine about how useless men are, it’s pretty easy to come to the conclusion that most of the men here are fatass virgin MGTARDs who whine about how useless women are.

  2. I completely disagree with this article. High heels and makeup are deceptive strategies that women use to appear what they are not. I want to see what I get and to not to have bad surprises later.

    1. No women needs high heels, the main requirements are long hair and low body fat. High heels will make a sexy girl sexier but honestly have you ever been completely deceived by a girl in high heels? it’s not like a hot girl suddenly changes into a freak when she takes her shoes off. Make up can hide a lot of sins, but usually you can tell if that’s the case because they look like they applied it with a trowel.

      1. Careful what you wish for. Let’s at least agree that walmart women should always keep their clothes on………ALWAYS…….. ;-(

        1. Sweet Jesus! I just got a look at that now that it is enlarged on this site. My apologies…………….. ACCCCCCCCKKKK! I’m blind!! or wish I was while looking at this pic. ;-( Look away Shrillary. look away

        2. I swear, I laugh as hard at that now as I ever did. Thanks! I don’t know how Flip kept a straight face.

        3. So I see you dug up the reason why I said,
          “the fallout from your lady being a long-time heel wearer will cost your family one way or the other. Take that from a guy who’s been there.”
          not cool for outing, but well played.

  3. Reason 4, they are with a man who is less than 3 inches taller than her
    Reason 5, they actually plan on dancing
    Incidentally, the super high heels (greater than 4″) make their feet look awkward which completely detracts from the lift it gives their butts

  4. Women wear high heels. Women who shun their femininity are second rate beta males. Youre not gay are you?

        1. They were originally a shoe designed for archers on horseback. They were curved to fit into stirrups. Those shoes were not meant to be walked in. Short prissy aristocrats took on the fashion of wearing them to seem more manly and taller.

        1. I understand some shoes have a heel for utility purpose. Durangos have a bit of a heel too. Lumberjack, wear whatever you want. Whose to complain, the birds?
          Isnt the point of Women wearing high heels to make her feet look smaller? The opposite of a Mans foot. Her ass bigger or to create an artificial lordosis effect?

        2. Females will (instinctively) walk around on tip toes to attract men’s attention.
          High heels simply make it easier for a female to sustain this.

        3. Yeah a good “cowboy” boot has a heel on it for “digging in” and per the old saying “digging in our heels”. When the calf you’re roping reaches the end of that rope, you ain’t going to be staying put with loafers on.

        4. Yes I think a lot of women who are thinking they have (or know) they have big feet will wear “boot cut” jeans or even bell bottoms with heels because raising the heel draws in the toes making the feet look smaller.
          Of course if a man wears padded shoulders or elevator shoes everybody freaks out.

    1. OK I have heard of this drive before and it was when a police department participated (led there by a report of abuse from that department).
      It’s got to be the dumbest thing I ever saw.

      1. I saw a picture of soldiers from the Canadian Armed Forces tottering along in red heels once, too. It was just embarrassing.

    2. These guys absolutely suck. I guarantee that none of these guys are getting sex, gay or otherwise. They just want an excuse to wear heels.

  5. There seriously needs to be an all time ‘must read’ section prominently posted on this website for the top articles. There are so many new articles each week I think the message is losing newcomers….not many are going to spend hours going through the archives here. IMO definitely ‘how black America has predicted our future’ and the ‘war brides’ one by Rollo. Every man needs to read those, I think new visitors don’t even see those on here.

    1. I don’t blame him. Swollen, dirty, unmanicured toes and heels, with serious swankles. Buy a pumice stone and use it!!

  6. 4th Reason: They’re taller than the average man.
    I’m dating a 6’2″ girl and have said she should wear heels and that I don’t care if she’s taller than me by an inch or two when she’s in them (I’m 6’4″). It’s not a feminine thing for here because she has that in spades, but a self conscious thing since she’s already taller than most men.

    1. She’s doing you a favor.
      If she wears the heels and becomes taller than you, her hypergamy will start kicking in… how can you be better than her if you arent even taller than her?
      She’ll start looking at taller guys.

      1. But she won’t find one…. so she’ll just be a dissatisfied bitch. I hope he ass fucks her regularly.

        1. No, I come here because it is a vagina-free environment. And I value that.
          You don’t have anything better to do in your life than trolling on a blog designed exclusively for men ?
          If it is the case, you have my pity.

  7. Lol at the girl on the left. Why wear any clothes is half of your ass is hanging out for everyone to see. Western girls, I swear…even a dog has more shame.

  8. Robin Williams called lesbians ‘women in comfortable shoes’ and now he’s dead. Was it murder?

    1. Nah, just another data point suggesting strongly that male feminists are depressed, but desperately try to hide it.

      1. if getting getting shafted by two ex-wives didn’t dent his feminism (I wasn’t even aware of it) that would be his funniest joke to date.

  9. More so about attitude. Gotta get to know the woman. I know a woman that looks just like Kim K (killer curves, voluptuous and all, real figure) yet very modest with her figure…. Sweet attitude and all. She is the minority. I refuse to take a woman serious that has her tits/ass cheeks hanging out.

    1. super wide hips and mushy butt that doesn’t curve out, just kinda slopes in down low because her legs are so skinny?

      1. Ok maybe I exaggerated…. The hips are mean af along with the bust.. But it’s all natural lol.

  10. Haha, yeah, women who don’t wear high heels are less attractive in a way you can’t quite put your finger on. Damn those slovenly feminists, like poison they are!

  11. High heels are often used in an attempt to avoid the appearance of squatty body. They aren’t always necessary for a slender woman.

    1. I was going to say that. Adding the height makes the hip width to height ratio look better. That’s what I always thought the love of heels was.
      If she has a nice body, don’t care if she has heels or not.
      But I will say, heels that are too exaggerated, like the platform heels, look like they’re trying too hard. Same as if they don’t walk very well in them.

  12. does research no longer exist? Audrey Hepburn lived in ballet flats and leggings. A quick google search will show you that ouside of films, premieres and red carpet award ceremonies she rarely if ever wore heels.

    1. Then fuck the bitch. She is American, even back then she was nowhere near the paragon of feminity that gynocentric USA made her out to be.

  13. High heels are not so much the appearance but the intention. If a woman won’t wear the “dress shoes” for some occasion or a date, she should be dropped as that may be just the tip of the iceberg. Can I go and wear running shoes to a job interview? How would a woman judge me if I went with her to some event and dressed in running shoes or flip flops?
    So since when do they get a pass? Oh wait. Vagina. That’s why.
    A lot of women who wear heels with pants are trying to bring their toes inward because they think (true or not) their feet are too big.

    1. Or emasculate their poor, short significant other whose very gender identity is threatened by the idea of a woman appearing taller than him.

  14. I like high heels personally, but I’m glad my daughter doesn’t wear them – of course dad factor, but also for the missing “4th reason”
    ingrown toenails, leg tendon or nerve damage, bunions, overworked/injured leg muscles, knee osteoarthritis of the knee, plantar fasciitis, low back pain, spinal shifts, etc.
    yeah, sporadic wearing won’t cause these, but women are addicted to attention and receive more wearing heels.
    If a guy doesn’t plan of having daughters or is solely into 1-night stands, then I guess it’s a “who cares”, but if you end up getting married, fallout from a long-time heel wearer will cost your family one way or the other. From a guy who’s been there.

  15. The lack of femininity from the ‘women’ in the west is just sad. Why did i have to be born in the generation that ‘women’ became fat, hyperfemanzi, un-marriageable cunts? Seriously. It’s just depressing.

        1. We have it better than most men around the world,and even our grandfathers.
          A lot of guys around here just like to complain and bitch instead of using things to their advantage.

        2. Our grandfathers had better women, and so does all of Asia and eastern Europe.
          But hey you got a cool laptop eh?

        3. Goes to show you then what matters more in the world. I’d trade cars and air conditioning for a woman who is not too fat to walk and looks good with the glow of sweat on her any day.

        4. Some people value their iPhones and hipster beards more than they do quality in other areas of life. Sucks.

        5. Yea. Unfortunately he’s picked up the bad habits of snippy bitch culture… which is to reflexively respond with hashtags and hipster phrases like firstworldproblems. He put zero thought into his comment.

        6. Yeah I’m getting tired of that snarking crap. It’s time to start shaming people who do this hashtag clicktivist crap.

        7. why the fuck are you guys so negative?
          There’s plenty of cute girls everywhere who are down to fuck you if your game is right.
          Even if that’s not your style for whatever reason there’s still the minority of church girls holding out till marriage,or going abroad as an alternative.

        8. Why the fuck are you so stupid?
          Yup it’s easier to get pussy….
          But today’s women are fatter, more entitled, less marriagable, and cuntier than ever….
          Why should we even have to go abroad to find decent mothers for the next generation? Previous generations didn’t. Well?

  16. Women squander large amounts of money on heels, only to complain constantly about how their feet hurt. This is the fault of men, according to feminists.

    1. Okay, but there are still dress shoes for women that aren’t high heels. I think the writer’s point was that women are rejecting the notion of dressing nice more than that they are rejecting a specific fashion that’s only a few centuries old.

    2. It’s probably a safe bet that any woman who has foot problems, is a woman that you would want to steer clear of, anyhow

  17. Tall women too. My gf isn’t super tall (5’8″, 115 lbs for reference) but she rarely wears them because she feels “big” or like she’s towering over other people when she wears them, to use her words. I can appreciate that she doesn’t want to feel like a giant, but she does look like a supermodel when she wears them so I insist for political and networking events.

  18. The same could be said about men in suits. Men used to wear suits on a daily basis, now they look like ragamuffins in their t-shirts and jeans.

      1. You guys are regular sleuths, you know? She’s black too, doubly offensive to you, I’m sure.

  19. Personally, I feel women should get a ticket if they wear flip flops and their feet are all nasty with chipped off nail polish and the bottoms of their feet look like they have been moon walking in mud! Just saying, it’s inexcusable!

    1. Oh yes let’sgrow our government so it can overstep it’s bounds more. liberty is practically dead, but doesn’t mean you need to kill it more.

  20. Imagine there are countries where a girl wouldn’t dream of going out in sweats..those and house clothes she would gasp if you told them to go to the corner store

  21. Disagree with this article. There’s nothing more agitating than some cunt stomping around in her high heels trying to one up the men around her or to gain attention. Lots of chicks wear high heels to A) be taller than men B) as a power ploy. I think it can be annoying. That being said a lot of women wear high heels because they’re sexy.
    My wife doesn’t. She wears feminine French flat shoes. She doesn’t even know what a feminist is, even after she looked it up in the dictionary. She just thinks high heels are probably uncomfortable or not really for her. She’s a “good” Chinese woman. The kind that everything Western just flies over her head and she’s stuck staring at the ceiling for a minute then goes back to thinking about babies.
    But yeah, if feminists don’t like high heels, then I’m pro high heels. Whatever they hate I like. Maybe it’s an American thing. Out here there’s not really many feminists at all to make an issue about anything.

    1. I always come back to this. But foreign women; Asians and Latins, at least that I know of, are not wearing heels as a ‘power ploy’ but because it makes them look waaaaaayyyyy sexier. I love high heels. I don’t care if a 5’8″ girls becomes 6’2″. Just leads to an amazon fetish. I can’t get enough of them.

      1. She’s got to be above a 6 for the heels to work. A 3 or 4 in heels is like putting lipstick on a guy with no teeth or like putting perfume on a pig as they say. A 5 is desperate but an 8 plus it has the opposite effect. 8’s and 9’s become absolutely stellar and pretty much BLOW THE LID off the scale. If she’s extremely tall to begin with though, she should be careful with heels. They may make her appear like a towering tranny from a distance or like some big intimidating tiger lady.

        1. “A 3 or 4 in heels is like putting lipstick on a guy with no teeth or like putting perfume on a pig as they say.”
          Now you know why feminists oppose high heels so much.
          They enhance their competition.
          But can do nothing for them.
          It’s just like the PUA hate crowd.
          THEY are too short or fat for game to work for them so they don’t want any man thinner or taller than them using game.

    2. “There’s nothing more agitating than some cunt stomping around in her high heels trying to one up the men around her or to gain attention.”
      You are wrong.
      There’s nothing more agitating that some fat cunt stomping around in flip flops trying to one up the men around her.
      (At least the heel wearers give us something to look at.)

    3. Lots of chicks wear high heels to A) be taller than men
      Let me guess, you’re short aren’t you?

  22. High heels is sexy. Accentuates the curves on a woman’s ass.
    I appreciate chicks who wear sexy lingerie (garter belt, stockings) with heels, to bed.
    One of my favorite sex positions is to fuck a girl from behind is with her standing slighting arching her butt to ease penetration (both vaginal or anal), while I pull her upper body close to me, as I spread her ass cheeks with one hand and knead her breast with my other, and I kiss her neck. High heels serves this standing position very well, because her holes are then on the same level as my crotch. Works both with tall and short chicks.
    This is why my favorite line during sex to women after I’ve undressed them is “wear your heels, face the wall and arch your back a little”. Spread her ass, slide it into her from behind, and bang away.
    On a sidenote, I’d bang the trashy girl with the camcorder in the cover pic on the right wearing the flip flops from behind, in the same position as she’s standing.

  23. This is definitely an issue, Americunts have totally given up on emphasizing their sensuality, and lack of heels plays in to this. Sorry short guys, but heels are necessary. Just find a shorter woman, and keep breeding midgets

  24. I don’t find anything sexier than a summer dress with simple ballerinas.
    Always had the impression that heels are cheap and deceptive.
    Now ballerinas, on a swinging butt, Goddamn it, now that the 6 months winter is starting in finland.
    Thanks God though we did not get the UGG craze here. Guess its too cold.

    1. Finland eh? I think pua Richard Laruina once mentioned his preference where to settle and finally rest his dick. I can’t imagine Finland with its woman president, but she is probably an alien imposter like most heads of state or at least their puppetmasters. I assume the Finnish women there must be genuine though. Ruina seemed impressed by them. He didn’t specify if he was referring to the nordic (tall blonde) or the baltic (shorter) finns. Are there still uncorrupted lapp chicks?

      1. no i just have my own taste in women, im not a blank minded twat who follows suit with others like a sheep.
        i think for myself and dont let other cunts tell me what is and what isnt good. thats excatly why im not a white knight.

  25. I never liked high heels that much. Most women don’t know how to walk with it and look like they’re going to fall on the ground at any moment.
    I prefere ballerinas. Much more gracious.

  26. I like a girl in high heels. It adds a touch of class. Of course, most women these days are sorely lacking that quality, heels or no heels.

  27. This is utter non-sense. High heels are a stupid cultural trend. A real woman is ready to handwash clothes, cook, sweep, mop, take care of babies all day, and doesn’t need retarded clothing to hinder her.
    A woman show only dress well in her room with her husband and only for her husband. Other men should have limited access to looking at her. I’m not advocating for hijab, but high heels are a proto version of those machines in Harrison Bergeron.
    You know what kind of women wear high heels? lazy women who can’t open their own doors, are sterile, don’t do shit around the house, and live off only on being sex objects. I want a woman who is so busy all day protecting the family unit that she doesn’t have time to follow social trends of a decadent culture, and when she does have some free time, she’d be so tired that she’d rather dress comfortably.

    1. High heels aren’t some new wizz bam fashion trend Andres. I happen to like the elegant, graceful woman over the house-peasant, personally.

      1. You only see that as elegant because you’ve been trained to see western foot binding as elegant, just like the chinese saw female’s deformed feet as elegant.
        Women wearing heels cannot run, hike, climb, or be efficient in anything but being a sex object.
        And yes, women wearing high heels has been around for what? 100 years? a new wizz bam fashion trend with a speck of human history. A woman should be inherently elegant, without any modification to her naked body.

        1. All preferences are learned from one’s environment and upbringing, including yours, ergo, your retort is a non-sequitur.
          A woman wearing flip flops is in grave danger if she rides on the back of a motorcycle. A woman wearing swim flippers cannot effectively scale a mountain. I could go on with more non-sequiturs that match your notion that a woman in heels cannot hike.
          All you are doing is debating taste. That is a futile exercise. Your taste is not the objective standard by which the preferences of all others are to be judged by, sorry.

        2. All preferences are learned from one’s environment and upbringing, including yours, ergo, your retort is a non-sequitur.
          A woman wearing flip flops is in grave danger if she rides on the back of a motorcycle. A woman wearing swim flippers cannot effectively scale a mountain. I could go on with more non-sequiturs that match your notion that a woman in heels cannot hike.
          All you are doing is debating taste. That is a futile exercise. Your taste is not the objective standard by which the preferences of all others are to be judged by, sorry.

        3. Yes, taste is learned, and the guy who wrote this article is also talking about his taste. However, some actions are inherently harmful for the individual. Mutilating one’s body, regardless of taste, is inherently harmful. If there is a culture that chops off it’s, say, left hand, they have that taste. Nevertheless, they are harming themselves.
          If one may say this about mutilation, then other types actions are also harmful for the body. And wearing high heels may not be as extremely harmful like chopping a hand, but it’s still very harmful for the human body.
          Here is some of the harm that is caused by wearing high heels:
          can cause foot and tendon pain;
          increase the likelihood of sprains and fractures;
          can create foot deformities, including hammer toes and bunions;
          can cause an unsteady gait;
          can shorten the wearer’s stride.
          can render the wearer unable to run;
          can also agitate lower back pain;
          alter forces at the knee caused by walking in high heels so as to predispose the wearer to degenerative changes in the knee joint;
          can result after frequent wearing in a higher incidence of degenerative joint disease of the knees. This is because they cause a decrease in the normal rotation of the foot, which puts more rotation stress on the knee.
          The practice of wearing high heels is not too far from chinese foot binding, and whoever uses high heels is deforming and harming their body. This is not a matter of taste.
          But if it were a matter of taste, then some tastes are better than other, and some tastes propell humanity to reach greater heights. A culture that mutilates and deforms itself for the sake of aesthetics is highly inferior to one that prefer efficiency, effectiveness and clear goals over aesthetics.

        4. It is difficult to take you seriously. First, women have never worn heels day in and day out. Second, everything has dangers associated with it. I hardly consider the chance of bunions on the same level as foot binding, in fact, seriously, that’s just silly. But hey, who can you trust as a source of your points if you can’t trust a highly feminized government which is wholly dedicated to the leftist feminist agenda?
          Here’s an exercise using your “logic”
          Hazards of Large Breasts:
          Source: http://www.healthywomen.org/content/ask-expert/1289/large-breast-problems
          One study of 31 women who had large breasts (and subsequently got them reduced due to these symptoms):
          81 percent had neck and back pain,
          77 percent had shoulder pain,
          58 percent had chafing or rash,
          45 percent reported significant limitation
          in their activity
          52 percent were unhappy with their
          Conclusion: Big breasts are bad and any society that can perform breast reduction surgery but doesn’t mandate it is inferior to one that does mandate the surgery.
          Hazards of Cats
          Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2168089/Women-cat-owners-likely-kill-higher-chance-infection-parasite-feline-faeces.html
          Death through cancer
          Source: http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702304675504579389012616148346
          Dangerous infections through bites which can hospitalize healthy people.
          Conclusion: Cats are dangerous to own due
          to feces transmitted parasite and dangers of their bites, ergo, a society which allows cat ownership due to this clear danger is inferior to one that prohibits the ownership of cats.
          Hazards of High Testosterone
          Source: http://www.healthline.com/health-news/men-too-much-testosterone-linked-to-shorter-lifespan-112213
          Shortens lifespan
          Conclusion: Men should not lift weights or perform other activities which raises their testosterone to high levels. Societies which encourage men to lift weights
          and be healthy are inferior to societies which promote a docile existence and calm physical activities.
          Hazards of Sex
          Source: http://www.menshealth.com/sex-women/sex-danger
          Penile fracture
          Friction burn
          Cock ring swelling
          Suction marks
          Bite Wound
          Sore Penis
          Sore Balls
          Conclusion: Sex can cause discomfort and even dangerous fracturing of the penis. A society which
          allows sex is thus inferior to a society which prohibits sex.
          Hazards of Breathing For The Individual
          Source: Obvious
          Potential increased for famine/hunger
          Cellular degeneration and aging
          Conclusion: Dang, this is worse than foot binding for certain! I suspect, and I think you’d agree, that we need to eschew breathing.
          Here’s the summary: You don’t like high heels. Ok, great, that’s your call. You however feel a strong urge to engage in exercises of absurd confirmation bias in order to justify your position. A sore back? An inability to run? These are hazards analogous to foot mutilation through binding? Who the hell runs in heels, and who in the hell can’t take off heels if the urge to run hits? That is idiotic. This entire exercise really discredits your position (but not your aesthetic choice).

        5. It’s hard to take you seriously as well, you seem so deluded that I’m not certain if you’re just trolling, your position just seems absurd. You like high heels. Ok, great, that’s your call. You however feel a strong urge to engage in exercises of absurd confirmation bias in order to justify your position.
          Then again, you’re talking to a minimalist who strongly condemns aesthetics.
          The sad thing is you think my position is a macro, just like the position of the liberal prick who wrote this article. Liberals have the tendency to want to tell everyone else what their preferences should be and then offend everyone who doesn’t think like them.
          On breathing and having large breasts:
          The individual’s naked human body’s default is the measure of all decisions that individual takes concerning it. One is born with breasts of whatever size, and chopping off breasts is mutilation. Again, the human default is to breathe, if one stops breathing, one harms the default body, and thus it’s mutilation.
          On sex:
          There are strong arguments against having sex, none of which you mention in your silly list of things which can be avoided during sex.
          On high testosterone:
          There are better arguments against having high testosterone.
          I gave you a source from scientific research made in a university following the scientific method and whose finding were published in a government medical journal… you source magazines *sigh*
          If you read the source I gave you it’s about how wearing high heels harms the lower back.
          I am saying that there are legitimate reasons for a woman to not wear high heels, specially those who don’t play into this vision of easthetics that sacrifices comfort and efficiency. You say that it’s my call to choose a woman like that, okay, that’s not what this article is about.
          The baboon who wrote this article is saying: “A woman who won’t wear high heels should be boycotted and shown no love. Don’t show any women who can’t even put on a pair of heels a modicum of attention. They’re looking for attention for being a mentally ill contrarian. Shame them and then ignore them.”
          I’m saying that’s messed up. A woman who takes care of her body by not wearing high heels and does all kind of physical activity to take care of her body is by miles better than an anorexic slut who wears high heels. High heels deceive you into thinking she actually has a good body.
          And yet, this guy says that we should verbally attack a woman who puts the work to actually have a good body, and praise the girl who deceives us into thinking she has a good body. Yeah, sure, high-heels are his preference and that’s his call, but he’s sending people to attack women who are not of his preference. And he does that with a blindfold not acknowledging that good women have good ethical reasons to not wear high heels.
          Also, a good christian woman who decides to follow what the bible says about how she looks, and chooses to abstain from vanity and the world of the carnal and sensual until marriage will find herself being attacked by a group of blind men. I don’t see this guy mentioning either that highly religious decent women are very unlikely to not wear heels.
          Matthew 5:28
          But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.
          I’m not a christian, but woman who doesn’t want to be seen lustfully because of her religion, should not, like this idiot says, be “boycotted and shown no love” or shamed.

    2. Andres you have a point.
      However you also miss the point of the article.
      In *poor* societies the women have a lot of duties and a lot of work to maintain the family unit as you call it. That is honorable.
      But even within poor societies there is an upper class.
      Within rich societies this upper class becomes the middle class and thus mainstream.
      This article has this middle class american, european or upper class middle east/south america/asien as targets.
      Here the women do not engage in hard physical labor at all.
      They will live in comfortable homes with everything modern tech has to offer. Maybe work in an office building with air condition and good earnings.
      These women, if married and with kid (singular) will often have nannies and/or maids for the dirty work and have plenty of free time to browse the internet, play with their mobile phone or spend an hour in the morning to look good.
      For these (princess, decadent) women, there is no excuse to not look as good as they can because it is the only thing they have to care about.

    1. That isn’t the most intelligent thing I’ve seen you write Flavinous. I’ve seen many women who can walk gracefully in high heels. Maybe you should expand your observations beyond women who are trying high heels on for the first time. It’s something called grace, and there are still women who can pull it off.

      1. If circus performers can learn to walk on stilts and clowns learn to ride unicycles, then surely a woman who walks in heels regularly will master it.. or something.

  28. To all of you who are supporting women for not wearing heels, you might wanna take a trip to central and eastern Europe.

  29. Once, on the way to work, I stepped on a girl’s foot at a crowded train station. She was wearing flip-flops and I was wearing Timberland boots. She was trying to muscle in front of me which is why I ‘accidentally’ stepped on her foot. She called me a “fucking bastard”. I ignored her. Then she started to cry and said “aren’t you going to apologise?”
    I said “yeah, right after you called me a fucking bastard.”
    Moral of the story? Wear heels and act like a lady. Wear flip-flops at your own risk.

      1. It was probably too crowded on the train to give her a proper kick on the arse. A man has to make accommodations for his environment.

        1. Haha. I like your style.
          I wasn’t serious. I was just busting bobs balls because a few days back he was upset that Ray Rice hit Janay Palmer back “too hard” after she smacked him in the mouth and charged him.

  30. The way feet that have been in heels from age 13 look is enough to put me off them. Maybe for nights out, but i don’t want a woman who can’t walk at a reasonable pace, run to get things done, climb stairs with her arms full and whose feet look like they went throgh a meat grinder. Happy to sacrifice a bit of ass curve illusio for that.

  31. We can hate on these types of women all we want. But there will be a niche of guys out there somewhere who will show a liking for them. You only have to go to a typical porn site and search the categories section to see what I mean.
    As men, we’re not as fortunate. There is only one standard women prefer, and that is the tall, mascular guy with chiselled features with millions in the bank.

    1. There is only one standard women prefer, and that is the tall, mascular guy with chiselled features with millions in the bank.
      Oh come now. Any guy with good social charisma, even if he’s five foot ten and not “chiseled” in features, can hook up with hot women. Chicks are fuckin’ giving it away for free these days. Don’t buy into the Elliot mindset that says you need to be physically perfect and rich to get chicks. It just ain’t so. I’ve seen guys pull great women around me all the time, and I am in fact 6’3″, muscular with chiseled features.

      1. Just as men do fuck and even marry 5s and 6s every day.
        Does not mean Joe average would not rather marry a 10 if he had the chance to.
        Women dig jerks, but if this jerk happens to be tall, muscular and rich it certainly does not hurt.

    2. Oh boy. The feminist indoctrination has fucked this one up pretty good. Repeat after me. Women do not value looks in men nearly as much as men value looks in women…. Nature calls this gender.

      1. Wrong… Looks DO matter! Just not as much. We just have more things we can work with that can compensate for lack of it.
        If you take 2 guys with equal game with one of them being better looking, and the girl will pick the better looking guy. Because looks have value.

        1. Read what I said again… “Looks DO matter! Just not as much.”
          Looks = Value… If you don’t have it, you have other things to work with as a man which makes us fortunate compared to women who are judged mainly by their looks.

        2. “As men, we’re not as fortunate…”
          “as a man which makes us fortunate compared to women…”
          You sound crazy. You know that right?

  32. I’m all for women in high heels. As a man who prides himself in dressing well, there’s just something very appealing about a woman who puts time and effort into her appearance. Women who walk out of the house without their hair brushed, wearing a sloppy t-shirt and old jeans are unattractive. Yes, there is a middle ground, but I prefer women who put out the effort to dress up.

  33. Yeah high heels can look nice and flip-flops suck. Ever seen 40+ year old woman’s feet that wore high heels all the time? They are hideous. It will make you projectile vomit so hard you can feel the top of your own sphincter in the bottom of your throat.
    I’m a runner and heels on anything aren’t good, period. They change the way your body was designed to walk. Nike shoes don’t trump millions of years of human evolution in a positive way.

  34. I’ve never been a fan of high heels. Maybe it’s because of the way it makes a woman’s toes look like my grandfather’s.

  35. Haha!
    I hate women who wear high heels all the time. Can’t stand the dumb bimbos.
    Give me a smart woman who only wears high heels for special occasions over a trashy harlot who wears high heels for a mere friday night out any day of the week.
    As for your apparent idea of the “classy” lady who dresses snappy and maintains an air of class.
    Why the hell would I want to reinforce the “princess” syndrome!? Fuck. that.

      1. Hah! Not deserving what you don’t want isn’t really something that’s going to matter to you, is it?

      1. if you wear them all the time you are screwing your feet up for no good reason, which is definitely dumb.

        1. i wear them when i am at work (makes me look taller) and when I go out 🙂 so not ‘all the time’ lol and i also make sure they fit right and are well made

        2. Oh dear…
          Why would it matter if it doesn’t hurt now? If your spine is good now then all that means is you have time to wise up before it’s too late.

        3. You respond to a guy who’s stated that he considers those who wear high heels all the time to be dumb bimbos by effectively stating that you wear high heels all the time, then respond to the information presented regarding spine damage by stating that you are not in pain right now and in fact run in them just fine (something well known to be dangerous for your ankles) like this is a reasonable response, and then come out with “because i have like a LOT of heels and I love wearing them?” which is such an obvious flamebait that I’m inclined to call you dumb simply for lacking subtlety.
          Sorry but no, not falling for it.

        4. So did my cousin for 45 years…..and now she’s bent and hooked over and uses a heating pad for her aching back.

  36. No offense but this article was a fail. I know several ugly/fat sluts who use high heels (mostly for partying). Ive seen these bitches post the pictures on facebook and the sad thing is so many betas hit “like”.

  37. Carrie Bradshaw must be having a coronary. Not to mention Sarah Jessica Parker. Next to smoking, shoes are her life. Yea, her soul. So, is this yet another commie conspiracy to destroy America, or merely the end of western civilization? How should I know? But I do have a few thoughts. First, like many, I have this suspicion the anti-smoking movement has played a part in this country’s growing obesity. But who wants to go back to a smoking culture? Even though most models and actresses smoke to help control their weight. But lie to their adoring fans about it. Second, growing acceptance of marijuana. Which as we know, causes epic munchie attacks. Which is no problem for models and actresses, because they can afford to counteract this side effect with cocaine. But most people either can’t afford that, or don’t want to break the law just in order to control their weight. And third, these type of shoes are expensive. The higher the heel, the more they cost. So part of the explanation has to be the poor economy. Until that gets better, most women can not afford fancy high heel shoes like that.
    I also have to dispute the claim that most shoes are designed by men. No, they are not. They are designed by gay men. Gay men who long to live in high heel shoes, even if they are not trannies, or transvestites. But find it is just not sociably acceptable.

  38. You know, high heels are not that important. Take it from a guy.
    Those are indeed three types of women that don’t wear heels. But definitely not all. Not even a majorty, even if you add them up. Look, I’ve came up with many more “types of women that don’t wear heels”.
    There is the woman who values her mobility and balance, who likes to be able to use her feet without restraint, for example to do such a charming thing as balancing on a wall while you walk next to her, or race you, just to lie in the grass with you as you both catch your breath.
    There is the woman that wears practical shoes because she spends 8 hours a day on her feet, like waitresses, nurses and other jobs.
    There is the woman who doesn’t want to slow others down or be waited for because of wearing impractical shoes.
    There is the woman who wants to pay attention to other people, well anything important, instead of watching out for sewer grates all the time.
    There is the woman who doesn’t want to ruin her spine by walking in unhealthy shoes.
    There is the woman who doesn’t want her sex live ruined by being worn out at the end of the day.
    There is the woman who doesn’t like to sprain her ankle and be handicapped for days.
    There is the woman who doesn’t want to cheat the eye of others, especially their lover, by artificially prolonging her legs.
    I bet I could go on like that for quite a while, but I guess most readers got the essence of it by now.

    1. That’s the biggest crock of shit I’ve read today. Women don’t want to be women anymore and that’s the root of the problem. They want us to act like gentlemen but where’s the incentive? I want a classy woman, one who gives a shit about the way she looks. I work out, take care of my body & appearance & I expect anyone I date to do the same. If she can’t be bothered to make the effort to present herself to me with some dignity then she’s a waste of my time & this high value male will have nothing to do with her.

      1. Yeah. Aside from the lack of actual relation to my comment, your reply is not worth any further attention.

        1. It has complete relation to your comment. You’re making the implication that it’s not important for a woman to look her best and you then proceed to spout off a list of excuses. Sounds like white knight behavior to me.

        2. Oh, and there comes the “white knight”. Is the “mangina” next? You have just proven your lack of discussion skills.
          It’s also a distinct sign of lacking education if one is not able to tell the difference between reason and excuse. Hint: It has to do with causality.
          Putting words in my mouth is not a good move either. Sure, your heel-loving buddies might agree, but actual smart people will have given up on you by now.
          Hm… skimming the other comments here, it doesn’t seem likely that many smart people will actually read your comments here. You should be fine. Bye.

    1. acceptable maybe; if medicore is good enough for you.
      Certainly not hot.
      On the other hand dont whine if your hotter, more sexy dressed fellow females grab all the good guys while you are left with Mr. average beta boredom.

  39. While this article has resounding truths to it, and I totally agree, I have to insert an observation. This is regarding women who do wear heels but are in the same vein as the sluts who feed off their beta orbiters and sustain on attention whoring (and outright whoring as well), the so called “sexually liberated” females dressing like street walkers and whore heels, befit of pornstars, strippers, and prostitutes (actual occupational prostitutes that I actually have more respect for than the average western feminist female). Look at these pole dancing “fitness” classes. Sluts in training, all the while seen in stripper/hooker heels. These are also the type of women that fall in the pump and dump category.

  40. Dude you’ve never worn high heels before in your LIFE so how could you comment on what women should do? Not only do they hurt, but they deform the feet if you can’t afford to buy nice, expensive designer heels. If you were a woman, you would understand how completely impractical heels are. And another thing; women weren’t put on this Earth to please you. Women are actual human beings with their own desires, opinions, feelings, etc. Your anger against women stems from your entitlement as a white American man. Its the same reason that one college kid killed all those sorority girls because he never got laid. What he didn’t realize is that women don’t owe him or any other man SHiT. If you have a “western” woman (just say white because that’s exactly who you’re speaking of, not the other million western ethnicities) and she doesn’t take your needs and wants into consideration, I.e. sex, weight, affection, not yelling, then you need to leave HER, not declare all women bitches. Blanket statements and stereotypes are always wrong, c’mon you all know that!!! And one more thing, there’s nothing wrong with a woman keeping fit, wearing heels, being feminine and affectionate for her man. The man has to ALSO sacrifice and give to his woman. You want your woman to wear heels on a daily basis; are you dressing fashionable and hitting the gym on a daily basis? Probably not…

    1. “And another thing; women weren’t put on this Earth to please you.”
      God said you are.
      Men said you are for 1000s of years.
      I say thats your reason of existence.
      And you know why?
      So you attract the best man your looks can buy you.
      The both of you can then produce the best possible babies.
      And babies is the sole reason we have women in the first place.
      You are not built for hard physical labor. You are not built to lead an empire. You are not built to fight. You are built to have babies.
      Who does not understand this simple fact is arguing with nature herself.
      Nature is always right. Nature always wins.

      1. Well guess what? Everybody doesn’t believe in God or your God for that matter; Men said what? I don’t care; and what you say definitely doesn’t matter since I don’t even know you. You don’t know what I’m capable of. There are women athletes and bodybuilders that can fight you and any other man on this thread and win. Hilary Clinton just may be the next leader of the free world. I don’t need my looks to attract a man because I can go to school and become a lawyer, doctor, or any other highly paid position. I really don’t even need men to have a baby; there’s sperm banks for that. Reasons dismissed.

        1. You are reallllly smart, are you?
          “women athletes and bodybuilders that can fight”
          -> Sure, women beat the crap out of men like Mike Tyson day by day – in your dreams.
          “I don’t need my looks to attract a man because I can go to school and become a lawyer,”
          -> Men give a shit about your education. It does not increase your value in the eyes of men at all. All that matters to us is your youth and beauty.
          If you are a fat and ugly landwhale (dumb bimbo and ugly fatty are often one and the same!) it will NOT get better once your debt ladden college is over.
          ” I really don’t even need men to have a baby; there’s sperm banks”
          -> Yeah and electricity comes from the wall. Hence you did a great job showing the world how incredibly shallow and entitled feminist lesbians think. Dumb bimbo x2.

        2. Yup you’re right, I am really smart.
          Your comment:
          “You are not built for hard physical labor. You are not built to lead an
          empire. You are not built to fight. You are built to have babies.”
          You’re right; we are built to have babies, but whether or not there’s a woman in the world who can fight Mike Tyson (which is a dumb comparison because most MEN cannot fight him, so what did you really prove there?), there’s women who can fight; who can rule a nation; who are lesbians and don’t really care about what men think of them (let’s try not to gay bash, but then again from your statements you clearly hate women) and can go make their own money so they don’t have to lure men into marriage with their looks.
          Your comment:
          “Men give a shit about your education. It does not increase your value in
          the eyes of men at all. All that matters to us is your youth and
          I’m sure you didn’t mean to make that first statement, but yes there are men that care about education. There are men who won’t even consider women to be their girlfriends without a college education, because they would rather have an equal who they can have intelligent discussions with and someone who can help them build profitable lives, not a grown baby that they have to take care of.
          But you wouldn’t know anything about that, would you Maldek? No, of course not! LOL Please don’t downgrade all men to your level. There are many great men in this world that know exactly what the worth of a woman is.
          I can see that my comments are really riling you up over there behind that computer screen. Don’t you love internet trolling? 😉

        3. This makes Jesus sad. God never said that, he said a suitable helper, and that they are to love women as they love themselves. Don’t let ignorant fools steer anyone away from salvation. In heaven, there is no male or female, no marriage; they are like the angels.

  41. Oh wow, I am neither fat, lazy, nor am I a feminist. It’s kinda hard to ride a horse and tromp through the woods in heels.

  42. There is nothing more attractive to me in a woman than her wearing heels. Not necessarily high heels, even shorter or stockier heels. I just hate women wearing flat shoes. I think they’re all unfeminine and plain ugly. If a woman wears heels and has nice hair, there’s a 90% chance I will be attracted to her. I’d rather have an average woman who likes wearing heels than a Kate Upton-like beauty who’s always on flats.

  43. Or, and just maybe, it is because heels hurt really freaking badly???? And we don’t like the double standard that we have to shave everything off and spend an hour and hundreds of dollars on our faces to be “presentable”? While men can keep their armpit hair and wear comfortable shoes???

  44. I have lordosis, as well as delicate narrow ankles, do you know how much heels can hurt? Do you know the crippling effect they have on posture? The women in my family were raised strictly Catholic and at the time, heels and makeup where seen as classless. The only exception to heels were the very short ones.
    Some women don’t like wearing heels, some women feel incredibly uncomfortable wearing tight work out leggings in public. I don’t understand the hypocrisy on this site, you say it’s unfair how women use their sexuality to get what they want, yet you have post like these saying we need to display our femininity through looking sexy?

  45. I think that there are a lot more reasons to not wear heels
    I loved heels, but had an accident and had a couple of operations on my left foot. Cannot wear heels any more. But that doesn’t mean I’ve thrown the towel in. You can still appear feminine in flat shoes.
    Plus, even if I could wear heels again I would willingly sacrifice them for my boyfriend. He’s a bit shorter and feels a bit self concious occasionally. So not all girls who don’t own heels are fat, feminist or lazy.

  46. Ever stop to think that they may hurt some women? Not all men wear neckties, where’s the article bitching about that?

  47. I don’t get high heels. It started as a fashion trend during the Middle Ages when the English nobility took a liking to the riding boots of the visiting Persian cavalry. They had elevated heels forming a notch in their boot soles so that the footholds on their saddles wouldn’t slip off as they would were the soles flat. The nobles took it to a new level by wearing high heels as a status symbol which added a few inches to their height and were a little difficult to walk in. I’m not sure when women started wearing them, but they’re impractical. You can’t run in them nor stand in them for long periods of time and wearing them can cause back problems due to the misalignment of the spinal vertebrae.
    In some cultures, women don’t shave their legs to the point where they resemble little girls which is how a lot of traditional Africans view this Western-inspired practice.
    As for slathering your hair and skin with the petroleum-based sludge that passes for beauty products that were created as a ploy by a multi-billion dollar beauty industry to make women feel ugly without them…
    I personally think that femininity can be expressed without high heels, makeup or shaving. Obviously personal grooming has to be meticulously attended to, and body odors may need to be masked with natural antiperspirants and perfumes and not this synthetic crap. As for shaving…a little trim here and there won’t hurt, either.
    Just my two cents.

  48. I don’t think you should generalize all females in this way, without the backing of any data. I don’t wear heels, because I just don’t like them. I am definitely not fat and I’m not lazy (given the level of my pursuits and achievements). Why would I wear uncomfortable shoes with a higher liability? By liability, I mean higher probability of tripping, spraining an ankle, etc. There are so many classy ballet flats out there, there is no need. I know men enjoy the look of them, but since I don’t care about wearing them simply to have men leer at me, I definitely won’t wear them. That also doesn’t make me a “feminist” by your definition, as I engage in proper hygiene protocols. I just don’t enjoy superficial attention.

  49. High heels destroy the arches in your feet and give you varacouse veins all over your legs later in life, why the hell would anyone wear shoes that are uncomfortable and bad for your body?

  50. Everywhere I look all I see is feminist this and feminist that. I’m a girl and I’m tired of seeing this. If a woman doesn’t want to wear heels it doesn’t mean she’s fat, lazy or a feminist. She probably doesn’t like the discomfort that comes with wearing them or maybe it doesn’t fit her style.

  51. What about the women who are tall as it is without heels? And when they do wear heels, it makes the men around them feel the “short guy complex”?

  52. Oh honey, you have a lot to learn. Heels are pitiful torture devices for the modern ignorant Kardashian-type of woman who is afraid of the outdoors and seeks validations from other shallow types… Natural beauty is hot. Yoga girls are on fire. Us girls in Hawaii walk around bare footed half of the time and were fucking smoking!! You shoud join the circus ya clown!!

  53. I love high heals; but growing up my fat bitch of a step mother would never let me wear them. Now as an adult I can’t properly walk in them, and I hate it. I’ve been practicing with them, and wearing chunky and kitten heals, but they don’t look as elegant. I really hate that bitch for holding back my femininity because she was jealous of the fact I did not look a like a overweight troll. She’d even make me lop off my long hair!

  54. High heels are significantly unhealthy. They destroy the gait, place unnecessary stress on the bones of the toes, mid foot, and ankles, cause unnecessary pain, and can cause plantar fasciitis. Why would any of that be worth it? To look good for chauvinistic shit bags like yourself? Articles like this are what show the world that American men are idiotic bags of protoplasm that can barely form a cogent thought. Before anyone says anything about “feminists,” keep in mind that I am male.

  55. It’s only in the last ten years that I’ve started wearing high heels, and I do love them, but in order for them to be comfortable and reasonably safe you have to buy very expensive brands. It’s important that the heel is designed to fit directly under your centre of gravity. That way, your weight is resting on your heel and not your toes. Even now though, I don’t wear them daily and I never wear them if I’m going to be expected to do a lot of standing or walking. My suggestions only minimize discomfort and health problems, nothing about raising your feet will ever be healthy.

      1. Heels are great in certain situations, and look lovely, but very active women (the exact opposite of lazy) can’t wear them for many day to day activities. In any event, long term wearing of them will ruin your feet and shrink your tendons. Ask an orthopaedic surgeon what they think of high heeled footwear.

  56. What in the actual hell did I just read? A dissertation by a nit-witted buffoon hell bent on shaming anyone from fat to those who just want to be comfortable.
    I can only assume this was written by none other than the old haggard Joan Rivers herself, who couldn’t accept that she was just plain old ugly.
    As far as saying the law of physics keeps fat women from wearing heels…you truly are a fucktard! Absolute dumbest thing I have read in eons.

    1. You just read the truth. Women need to act like women if you want to land worthy men.
      Deal with it.

  57. All you lazy women need to get a clue. You want a high value man, then become High value women. Yes, that means you play the part and actually look like one.
    Anything else is just laziness on your part.

  58. Interesting that you should mention Audrey Hepburn in anarticle telling women they need to wears heels. Because Audrey Hepburn almost never wore heels.

  59. I actually prefer a women in flats. Heels are not attractive at all. I wouldn’t want them to be force to wear something that hurts them or make them walk awkwardly.

  60. Why is nearly everyone here not staying on topic?! We were supposed to be discussing this article, which is written by an asshole! The reason I don’t wear heels is that I tried and found that I have no balance whatsoever! In fact I have fallen twice in heels; the first time, I fell into a brick wall and got scratched up! The second time, I fell in a parking lot and put a big bloody hole in my knee! So, let me get this straight: I am supposed to be in agonizing pain, kill my feet and possibly kill myself while wearing heels just so you guys can feel like big men and think about how fuckable we look?! I don’t think so, pigs! I value my body and my life!

  61. What a load of crap. My life, my choice and I choose to treat my body right. High heels are really painful to wear for long hours, you said it yourself. I don’t understand how you can put down someone for choosing comfort over pretentious pleasing. If high heels was the fashion for men (which they was originally) would you like being forced to wear them to be socially acceptable??

  62. I don’t even know if I’m allowed to be commenting on here. I’m a girl.. A woman.. same thing. Whatever. Anyway, I just wanted to thank the author for writing this. Whether the majority of women like it or not, it’s truth in one way or another. I think what women don’t like about it is the fact that it’s difficult for them to revert something that’s already progressed so rapidly so they deny the possibilty for change. This denial likely seems in hopes to preserve comfort. I’ve noticed similar responses upon presentation of this issue on several different occasions with a vast majority of women through the years; attributing to both the lazy women and the overweight women, it seems they go hand in hand. And I always thought there was nothing worse than a man who has lost interest..

  63. Is this an article from the Onion?!? Is this serious? I thought a basic principle of writing is to be educated on the topic like feminism, or women… or their grooming. If you did, you’d understand that feminist or well-adjusted women in general are against being judged on their looks. So you’re attempts to rally other fuck heads like yourself to shame women for what you think a woman should look like is not “proper incentive”, it’s just a malicious thing to do.

  64. I’m pretty sure high heels fuck up womans feet. How can my women run around their kitchens making me sandwiches with crippled feet?

  65. I disagree; there are only two types: the ones who do and the ones I won’t date.

      1. Awww. You followed me to another posting. You have a crush on me, don’t you, princess? Passive/aggressive threats are an indication of a sense of powerlessness, just like you must feel powerless over the tingling in your loins whenever you think of a man.
        Obviously, you have no idea what I look like, so you’re flailing about, trying to find a way to hurt my feelings so that you think that you’ll matter to me. Guess what? You never will–not to me, not to anybody else. Enjoy your obscurity as you mop floors for a living.

  66. I’m about 5’10, and I don’t wear heels often. It looks silly when a tall girl in heels stands next to a man of average height. I’ll still look feminine, but I refuse to be an awkward giraffe.

  67. Yup, I’m all three of these categories, feminist, lazy and fat. And you know what I also am: smart, a scientist, successful, happy and have a lovely partner. I work doing what I love (science stuff in the lab which most people that comment here could never, in a million years, be capable of doing) and I get lots of joy from the idea that your (potential) children (in case you manage to convince somebody to reproduce with you) will be working for my children. Oh and I never wear high heels because I don’t believer my role in society is to be looked at like a painting by other people. See you losers!!!! I’ll teach my kids not to be mean bosses to your kids.

  68. Common now! Im 5’8 i dislike wearing high heels because i dont like towering above men. I wear them when im dancing only. I don’t date but will wear them if my husband is a lot taller.

  69. HIgh heels really hurt. I don’t have to attract anyone but my husband, and he doesn’t care about them. I would if he did though.

  70. On that last bit, I’m kinda fat (overweight but not obese) but my feet are so small I couldn’t find high heels in my size until little girl beauty pageants became a thing. In case you numbers people are curious, I’m 5’1″, 145 lbs, size 4 shoe.

  71. Yeah I took an arab princess to a country wedding and she didn’t believe me not to wear heels…had to go barefoot hahaha. Freakin rich arabs

  72. Not surprised you all follow a raghead faggot. Maybe you should switch to a different pill, or maybe be original and come up with your own gay slogan instead of using movie lines like little tween virgin fucktards
    Also author and virgin faggots, you do know that men wore high heels first? Perhaps we should reclaim that bit of fashion from all of these useless women? GO MEN HEELS

  73. My podiatrist says (and my feet tell me) that high heels are bad for women. I’ve never been able to wear them, and I am as feminine as feminine can be. Plus, I will never get a stiletto caught on the curb and fall flat o my face, or break a hip.

  74. Article states, “If these woman who put 40+ hours a week studying to be a pediatrician…” (eyeroll) and you would have to bring up one of the lowest paying specialties in medicine wouldn’t you.

  75. I’ve already spent too much time seeking some understanding of this subject. The biases are so blatant for any sensible reasoning. HAVE A NICE DAY!

  76. Frankly, I find any heel higher than three inches distasteful. So much of what people term classy seems to be merely a synthesis of expensive and sexy. An average-height woman wearing a pair of five-inch heels with a sleeveless dress whose hemline is four inches above the knee, a sight not uncommon at the “galas, graduations, and weddings” the author mentions, sends a positively obnoxious sexual signal. Such a woman is a caricature of femininity. That her chosen vice happens to be lechery instead of gluttony does not make her much better than the fat behemoths at whose expense we have so much fun (and rightly so) on this website. Neither has much respect for herself, and neither wants to put in the work necessary for wholesome gratification when cheap pleasure is so abundant.
    In the broader manosphere, I fear that the fixation upon sex with loose women is all too easily transformed into castigation of wholesome women, or at least many of their traits. It is paramount that we refrain from doing this, even if unintentionally, as these are the sorts of women who we should ardently desire as wives and mothers of our children.

  77. There is another group. Those women with medical issues that are exacerbated by high heels. Terribly painful spinal issues and some foot, ankle, and leg too. Wearing them all the time takes a toll on the whole, even healthy body.
    That being said, flip flops aren’t the only other option, and you can still wear dresses and take care of the rest of your body and hair in a feminine way. There are plenty of attractive and comfortable shoe designs that are flat or very low and do not offend either the eye or the body. Don’t count a woman out (or grievously insult, behave badly toward, and negatively categorize her) solely because of the height of her heel. This particular woman wishes she could still wear high heels (or could have worn them in the first place if she was born with her injury) and is very sad that she can’t.

  78. Audrey Hepburn was famous for NOT wearing high heels…..She was a tall woman and the studio bosses banned her from wearing heels because she towered over her leading men. She popularized ballet pumps in the 50s and 60s.
    And that woman in the first pic looks trashy because her ass is barely covered by her shorts, in stark contrast to the classy woman with more modest style.
    I prefer folkish clogs and traditional footwear myself.

  79. So “Fat women” can’t and or shouldn’t wear heels? Ha you can kiss my ass! I am 250 pounds (which most consider to be overweight but I guess I have it the right places) and wear 8 inch heels when I go out and guess what? guys love it. Weight has almost nothing to do with wearing heels sure it makes it harder for some women but it doesn’t really affect the fact that we do anyways and also we don’t dress ourselves to impress sleazebags like the author of this article. Don’t like it then good for you we’ll find someone who actually appreciates us. There is absolutely nothing wrong with not wearing heels which also incedentally causes long term health problems if they are worn too often. And shaming people on social media is not okay! You must be attempting to compensate for your “other shortcomings” by making up for it in false bravado because why else would you be so disrespectful? Well either that or you’re just an asshole

  80. Sorry but must be said. I think women in Heels look Stupid, it’s unattractive as there is nothing smart about wearing disfunctional footware.
    Feminists wear heels, dude they love that kind of shit.
    Just saying if a girl thinks she will attract more men trying to make her ass and Calfs look bigger. Than I feel sorry for her, as it’s more attractive at least for me too see a woman who actually uses her legs as intended.
    Oh and Yoga pants are no better, I want to see a women go Hiking in heels and Yoga pants and watch how fast she gets left behind. or gets her ‘pants’ all ruined because of the brush .
    If she can’t keep up not worth stopping for, Heels actually originated for Horse Riding. Not Walking, so say what you will but my opinion is my opinion.
    Nothing Lazy about Runners or Boots. In fact, most women can’t dance as well in heels as in proper foot ware. It’s why you see girls carrying their heels and it’s only 2am.

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