How To Wage Economic Warfare

Here’s how we as individuals can stick it to the globalist elites who are hell-bent on wrecking our civilization, after they’ve combined the excesses of plutocracy with cultural Marxism, a crappy form of Communism. They’ve failed to lead the public responsibly, and it’s about time we take action to get them off our backs. Note well, capitalism and democracy are not intrinsically bad, but plutocracy and managed democracy are distortions which indeed are bad.

Money is power, and they’re getting it from the public


It’s time to starve the beast.

Objectivism has a concept called “the sanction of the victim”. (I’m not an Objectivist, but some of their ideas are pretty good, and they’re a refreshing counterbalance to fuzzy thinking that passes for leftist ideology these days.) The concept is that the bad guys can’t win if we don’t let them. This is best explained by the following excerpt from the John Galt speech in Atlas Shrugged:

Then I saw what was wrong with the world, I saw what destroyed men and nations, and where the battle for life had to be fought. I saw that the enemy was an inverted morality – and that my sanction was its only power. I saw that evil was impotent—that evil was the irrational, the blind, the anti-real—and that the only weapon of its triumph was the willingness of the good to serve it. Just as the parasites around me were proclaiming their helpless dependence on my mind and were expecting me voluntarily to accept a slavery they had no power to enforce, just as they were counting on my self-immolation to provide them with the means of their plan—so throughout the world and throughout men’s history, in every version and form, from the extortions of loafing relatives to the atrocities of collectivized countries, it is the good, the able, the men of reason, who act as their own destroyers, who transfuse to evil the blood of their virtue and let evil transmit to them the poison of destruction, thus gaining for evil the power of survival, and for their own values—the impotence of death. I saw that there comes a point, in the defeat of any man of virtue, when his own consent is needed for evil to win—and that no manner of injury done to him by others can succeed if he chooses to withhold his consent. I saw that I could put an end to your outrages by pronouncing a single word in my mind. I pronounced it. The word was “No.”

This means don’t let yourself get screwed over.

Passive resistance has limitations, especially when the other side isn’t playing fair. An old cartoon comes to mind, with two prisoners in a dungeon suspended by their wrists; one says something like, “So much for peaceful change.” Ayn Rand didn’t mind the rich getting richer. However, if she’d lived longer, she’d be horrified by today’s elites controlling the public with cultural Marxism and managed democracy. In fact, characters from her novels like Ellsworh Toohey and James Taggart greatly resembled today’s virtue-signaling elites. Rand’s solution, if we go by Atlas Shrugged, would be to retreat to a valley and let the rest of the world go to hell. Since we don’t have any valleys conveniently set aside, I have some other ideas.

How did the ultra-powerful amass such riches? Some were industrialists at the right place and the right time to make a fortune from a shoestring. (I don’t have a problem with people who get rich through hard work, run their companies responsibly, and don’t push destructive agendas.) For others, it was predatory lending, insider trading, currency manipulation, leveraged buyouts, or other financial chicanery. Even so, many of the individuals and companies that push cultural Marxist social engineering got where they were because the public’s spending choices made them rich and powerful. We can do our part to put a dent in their wallets.

Unplug from the media

Now we'll show them who's boss!

The best hairdo in the cabal

Whenever you see Hollywood celebrities reciting leftist talking points—as if being able to act gives them unique political expertise—remember that they would be nobodies if millions of people didn’t buy tickets to their movies. What the public gives, the public can take away. Granted, movie studios have been left-wing since forever, and they would be displeased if their talent said things they didn’t like. Still, the extreme virtue-signaling by some celebrities leaves little doubt that they mean it, such as choosing to adopt children not of their culture.

We already call out movies that push cultural Marxist agendas; let’s keep hitting them in the wallet. When in doubt, do the research. Don’t spend your money on leftist propaganda, or to fund the jet-setting lifestyle of some overpaid airhead moaning about “privilege” or whatever. Eventually, I look forward to the day when we make movies of our own, but that’ll be a while in the future.

Also, get rid of your TV! If you’re hopelessly hooked, then at least cancel your cable bill and get an antenna. Still, “cold turkey” is the better way. You’ll have more time to do useful things. Since much of what’s on TV is either crap or propaganda meant to demoralize you, then you might well notice your mood improving. Why spend hours a day passively staring into a glowing box?

Finally, be very choosy about your magazine subscriptions. You can do without a daily newspaper fix too. Unless you live in a small town, it’s probably owned by a company far away setting the agenda for all you people in “flyover country”.

Unplug from the corporations

Sometimes the problem is obvious.

Sometimes the problem is obvious.

We’ve already mentioned some corporations that don’t deserve your support. Let’s keep doing that, and hit those companies in the wallet too. Ultimately, what’s needed is a database to keep track of companies that do things like fund agitators, piggyback sneaky social messages into their advertisements, cause widespread environmental destruction, “offshore” their workers while management swims in gravy, and the like. This would be something along the lines of Operation Eyes Wide Open, which potentially could even be hosted here. Leftists routinely boycott companies they don’t like; it’s about time we do the same. If businesses saw that virtue-signaling and other irresponsibility hurts the bottom line, they’d think twice about it and focus on their primary mission of making products.

If you don’t care for big agribusiness, then shop frequently at your local farmer’s market. By the way, “all natural” essentially means the same thing as organic. (It’s easy for big agribusiness to get organic certification—they have departments that handle that—and much harder for small farmers not used to all the paperwork.) Your purchases will go to help small farmers near your local community.

Chances are that you have a bank account. Is it with some huge bank headquartered far away from your community, or maybe one that got a TARP bailout because it was “too big to fail”? You can fix that problem. Find a local credit union and move your money.

Take on as little debt as possible. It doesn’t make sense to live above your means, and then have to pay monthly interest charges to the banksters. Sometimes you have to—not everyone is wealthy enough to pay cash on the barrelhead for a car, much less a house—but then shop around and get a decent interest rate. Not being encumbered by credit card debt will help your credit card rating, and allow you to get a low rate.

Where possible, do business with local family-owned stores, rather than huge chains with distant headquarters. Keep the money circulating within your community. Notice a theme yet? This third way is called Distributism, an alternative to plutocracy and socialism. The goal is to put the means of production in the hands of the individual producers as much as possible. This is more relevant than ever; the days when you could get a well-paying factory job fresh out of high school and retire from the same company at 55 with a gold watch and a decent pension are long gone.

The ultimate act of unplugging is to start your own business. This isn’t something done overnight, of course. Rather than quitting your day job, instead come up with a side job that capitalizes on your talents and skills. Once you’ve finally got enough side income to escape the cubicle farm, then you’ll be working for yourself and away from the watchful eyes of the HR department. Self-employment also provides resilience; this is better than having a single revenue stream where your financial future is subject to the company’s economic fortunes and the whims of management.

In conclusion

You should be better off personally and financially by successfully taking these actions. Societally, this won’t make much of an impact if just one person does it. However, if the masses get on board, we can make a real difference, so tell your friends and get them unplugged too.

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257 thoughts on “How To Wage Economic Warfare”

  1. I can tell you that our elites don’t find Ayn Rand’s philosophy threatening. For one thing she supported the basic principles of our elites’ feminist degeneracy: Women’s college education and careers; women’s sexual freedom, contraception, abortion and sterility; open marriages, adultery, affairs and divorce.
    And for another, she supported our elites’ ideology and childish utopianism about race and immigration. Our business and financial elites also agree with Rand’s view that they should have the freedom to do whatever they want. And god knows our popular psychology has adopted Rand’s advocacy of selfishness as the proper way to live.
    Then look at what Rand allegedly “opposed”: Government regulations, taxation, fiat money and central banking. But no one in power retaliated against her by, for example, causing her to lose jobs, censoring her writings or pressuring her to humiliate herself publicly by apologizing for and repudiating her beliefs. Apart from her self-created problems in her old age, she had an easy life in the United States because she attacked the state in the areas where the people in power just don’t feel vulnerable, despite her self-promotion as an enemy of tyranny.
    Many people in our elites may have even read Rand’s novels or nonfiction works early in life, but they dismissed her because they already agree with many things she says that have become parts of the elites’ and even mainstream world view – for example, her atheism, feminist degeneracy and advocacy of open borders – while they ignore the rest as uninsightful or unworkable. I doubt anyone who wields power and influence in our country has lost sleep because of the challenge to his beliefs he found in Rand’s amateurish philosophical works like For the New Intellectual, An Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology or The Romantic Manifesto.
    By contrast, look at what happens to public figures who venture into the areas identified as crucial by the Alt Right involving race, immigration, feminism and gay degeneracy, for example Brenden Eich, Palmer Luckey and Steve Clevenger. Our elites and their proxies attack you vigorously then.
    The difference shows what our elites really care about, what they consider their most powerful tools for controlling and reshaping society according to their plans, and where they feel the most vulnerable to the men willing to stand up to them. Rand’s philosophy just doesn’t cut it now (and it probably never did) because she played it safe by pretending to defy the most secure parts of the state where her criticisms could just bounce off and not provoke retribution from the powerful.

        1. The bolsheviks were mostly jews, had she stayed she would have been part of the oligarchy.

        2. By what kind of logic do you come to that conclusion?
          Christians killed Christians all the time in the past. Jews have killed Jews. Muslims, muslims. There is no guarantee that anybody will be “part of anything” when you’re dealing with political fanatics.

        3. I’m aware of their effect on Socialist uprisings, theory, feminism and cultural Marxism (and, well, Marxism). But that doesn’t mean that Jew A will automatically always save Jew B. That’s illogical when taken in the context of human behavior.

        4. But Joos regards All non Joos as goyim or cattle and have perpetrated the largest genocides in history : Communism, The Black Plague, both World Wars to name a few.
          They also financed Muslim war parties into Europe and why both group said were expelled aka The Inquisition

    1. What the elites control the most is a potential violent revolution. Think about all the efforts to shun violence, while violence has been the #1 tool for serious political changes. The more female presence and more “diversity” in politics, the lower probability of a revolution happening.

      1. Which is exactly why they continually sell people on the notion that non-violent resistance works, mostly through the scripted, fictional exploits of their Twin Iconic Sock Puppets, Martin Luther (Freemason) King, and Mohandas K (Loyal Subject of the British Empire) Gandhi…

      2. When minds are controlled violent revolution is impossible.
        The moment minds are freed violent revolution is not required.

        1. And what would happen to the few free minds who attempted a violent revolution? The majority who’s minds are still firmly controlled would demand for and then cheer for punishment of those who violently rebelled. Except it wouldn’t even get that far. Fedgov will stomp it out long before it got to that point and the people will accept that the weirdos deserved it.
          When a huge portion of the people just say no then fedgov fails and it doesn’t even require a single shot.

    2. But A is A (the Law of Identification) is true and valuable. Discovering and then explaining the Sanction of the Victim is also very, very enlightening.

    3. But no one in power retaliated against her by, for example, causing her
      to lose jobs, censoring her writings or pressuring her to humiliate
      herself publicly by apologizing for and repudiating her beliefs.

      You apply modern methods to a time far, far in the past (relatively speaking). That’s a logical error. You may not know it, but we used to have a saying when people said shit we didn’t like, and it was “Hey, it’s a free country”.

  2. One minor correction: if you expect that the collapse is immanent and that hyperinflation is looming, take on some debt and put it into tangible material goods or property that will hold value. You will easily erase that debt and gain wealth. In the same vein, don’t keep most of your assets in money of any form; keep a fair chunk in tangible material goods. When I reach that magical age of 59 1/2 I plan to pull out the bulk of my 403 and put it into property. Rental income will make the loan payments in good times; the resale of a modest portion of that property will pay the loan in bad times.

  3. Peaceful change is a lie. It’s time to wake up from that failed mindset and do what’s necessary.

    1. Violent change or revolution is impossible at this point. You could try it but there really is nowhere to hide and nowhere to run anymore since technology is the #1 controlling force.
      You do not just have to worry about the satellites,tanks, jets, soldiers etc.
      You have to worry about meta-stealth space ships that can do 0-50k plus inside our atmosphere a low altitudes while negotiating trees and other obstacles at that speed.
      The people who run this planet won the technological game and the violence game.
      Make yourself as comfortable as possible and try not to get yourself killed.
      The future will either turn out very badly due to the controls and or war.
      Or it may turn out to be incredibly awesome for all but keep your guns just in case.

      1. You’re not very familiar with modern warfare strategies and tactics are you?

      2. Tell that to the Afghan freedom fighters who control more land than ever after the 15 yr US zog occupation

  4. Also, minimize/stop using their funny money and start learning how to use bitcoin, gold, silver, offshore bank accounts in banks with much better capitalization and minimize taxes.

        1. This meme could only be better if we can get a picture of him reading a book. You know, literally literary Hitler.

        2. I needed 5 more seconds to send you the same picture. The pictures with newspapers are better though.

        3. Actually yours is a composite and took much more work. Well done.

    1. i did the last 4 years without TV. i did the last year without social media. now i’m back on both. cant say it makes a huge difference in my life one way or the other to be honest

        1. Depends. Lots of new series seem to be trying to break the mold. Breaking Bad, The Middle, Archer, Vikings, etc. Show something other than “Leftistm 24/7”.

        2. You’re right. A lot of new shows have really come into their own. There was a bit of a cable-fueled renaissance.

      As long as men use money (currency) issued by a central bank, they are slaves to that system. You can’t starve the beast because it has an infinite capacity to issue more money, which it then uses to buy slaves to do their bidding. Until mankind learns to live without money issued by central banks they are slaves to the system.

        1. You’re thinking incorrectly. It demonstrates how trapped you are in the system and the thinking it feeds off of.
          LIve life WITHOUT those things. Then you won’t need money. It’s very difficult because people traded self-sufficiency for jobs and paychecks over the last few centuries.
          I’m not there yet, but getting closer every day. I think by the end of next year I won”t need cash for anything.

        2. You’ll have to buy the book(s), get the training, and spend a lot of time transforming your life into one that doesn’t require cash. It’s not something you just get a simple answer to on Disqus.

        3. Buy land with cash.
          Own it. Then build a house, mortgage free. Register it with my and patent. No taxes!
          Grow food build a greenhouse. Barter, hunt etc.

    3. When I first moved into my own little home, I immediately got cable Tv with subscription. Damn, was I proud. I was like: Hey guys come over, I have cable TV (Exclamation marks in high quantity).
      Now I don’t have neither TV nor cable and I don’t miss them even a little. Every time I am in cinema and have to watch those dumb ads, I laugh out loud (hopefully annoying others).

  5. A good rule is to avoid anything that is promoted. A similar rule is to make a list of all the things you see advertised, and then don’t buy any of them. You can start with all the Fortune 500 companies, the multinationals, the conglomerates, and so on. Boycott them all.

    1. Every component in your computer was created by a corporation, probably a multinational one.

      1. At least I assembled it myself and the computer is quite old in terms of latest technology.

        1. So what? Still, it’s all made by mega corporations or shells of those corporations. That you plugged tab A into slot B doesn’t mean that you didn’t give money to the very people you tell us to boycott.

        2. You take all my words too literally – boycott whenever possible and as much as possible.

        3. I take all words, except for turns of speech, literally. Speak straight forward and if there’s an implied meaning, ensure that it’s understood and not just assumed.
          Your suggestion is almost unworkable. Noble as it may be, it’s nearly impossible to do what you state and remain current on any technology or even basic items. Unless you’re going to manufacture your own paper towels, and don’t let me be the one to stop you, then great. Otherwise, multi-national corporation it is.
          Really “whenever you can” boils down to “when Bob sets up a farmer’s market” and…..well…maybe some Amish tool purchases?

        4. If everyone did as much as do, trust me the big corps would have felt it. So it matters and besides it’s a gradual process. If you’re in jail and plan to escape you don’t suddenly start disobeying all the rules.

        5. You’re right
          IF you buy used you take OUT the corporate profit!
          LEt another pay for the depreciation!!!

  6. From Wikipedia – Ayn Rand (/ˈaɪn ˈrænd/;[1] born Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum, Russian: Али́са Зино́вьевна Розенба́ум; February 2 [O.S. January 20] 1905 – March 6, 1982) was a Russian-American novelist, philosopher,[2] playwright, and screenwriter. She is known for her two best-selling novels, The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, and for developing a philosophical system she called Objectivism. Educated in Russia, she moved to the United States in 1926. She had a play produced on Broadway in 1935–1936. After two early novels that were initially unsuccessful in America, she achieved fame with her 1943 novel, The Fountainhead.
    Nobody becomes a famous novelist or playwright (like Ayn Rand) unless the Puppet Masters at the top want it to happen. And if they want it to happen, it feeds an agenda (in this case, feminism, SJW-ism, etc.). With that being said, I’m all for waging economic whorefare. Fuck ’em. Then pay ’em. Pay ’em all. No more problems with females…

    1. Yeah, Rand’s official story of her life doesn’t sound quite right, like how she got permission to leave Stalin’s Soviet Union(!) for the ostensible purpose of visiting relatives in the U.S., and how she gamed the much stricter immigration laws of the time so that she could stay. Bureaucrats can get lazy and fuck up like everyone else, I suppose; but Rand’s version of events lacks plausibility.

      1. Which is more than a bit ironic, because if you research it deeply enough, you’ll find that virtually all big-name novelists and avant garde artists come from Blue Blood families (not to mention most big-name musicians, “brilliant” inventors, etc.). The elite control the literary world – along with everything else. Which is why, as just one example, you see virtually no realism being taught in art schools these days. You see a lot of bogus artwork being produced, however, much of it centering around vaginal discharge, tampons, feces smeared on canvas, etc. The elite co-opted the arts a long, long time ago. And it’s one of their primary tools in devolving humanity, to the point where they actually hump in the street, like dogs (while listening to rap music). Ayn Rand is just one of many before her. And I suspect it’s all scripted. She probably came from an elitist, Blue Blood family in Russia. They falsified her bio (which makes her look brilliant), backed her up with a team of writers, she put her name on the finished product, the publishing houses marketed the fuck out of her, and eventually people believed she was a genius…while those same people blithely waltzed down the path that she suggested they traverse. Same shit, different day…

        1. Jews famously network with and promote each other. I find it unlikely that they didn’t do this for Rand, despite how she presented herself as a rugged individualist.

        2. So do hard core Christians. This is why you have Christian publishing houses that only publish Christian works.

        3. It’s weird. If you really start digging into the backgrounds of famous rock musicians, you start to see the same things over and over. Daddy was a rich elitist…or a military operative, placed high in the chain of command. To the point where there are virtually no exceptions. If it happens once, okay. Twice, no problem. But when it happens about 90% of the time with every major big-name rock musician or rock group, well…look at David Crosby of the “hippie” band, Crosby, Stills and Nash. Crosby came from the Blue Blood Van Cortlandt (mother’s side) and Van Rensselaer (father’s side) families. Curious in itself, but when most big-name rock stars (like Jim Morrison; his daddy was Admiral George Stephen Morrison, of the infamous Gulf of Tonkin incident) are cut from the same cloth, the only way a person can’t see that as a red flag is if the flag is up their ass. It translates to Hollywood, too, same deal. They’ve got a hammerlock (the elite) on all of the arts. You just have to do your own research to really see how firm their grip actually is…

        4. Yeah, just look at Elizabeth Holmes’s background, for an example in the startup world. As I joked the other day, the names and titles of the board of directors for her scam company Theranos look like entries from Jack Ryan’s Rolodex in a Tom Clancy novel.

        5. Exactly. Once you spread all the examples out and look at the big picture, it becomes clear that it’s all cover. They really have it down. Holmes is a perfect example. And her story is repeated over and over with all the, “genius inventor who started a company and it is now worth billions” stories. All of them. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, all of them. Same usual suspects doing the startup funding. Same usual suspects on the boards of directors. And most importantly, same usual suspects owning the lion’s share of all the companies – all of them.

        6. Same for J.K Rowling – she didn’t write any of it herself. She’s just the face.

        7. Makes sense. And then we have Hollywood screenplays. Somebody buys a screenplay. A committee oversees the tweaking of it. In the end, you have an SJW fuckfest, when initially you had a red pill truthfest. If it’s an MSM production, it’s a lie. You can’t go wrong with that mindset.

        8. “We have a winner…what do we have for him, Johnny?”
          “An all-expenses-paid trip to Mindfuck University, Bob! That’s right. You and a guest will spend four fun-filled years, all expenses paid, getting your mind right…you’ll screw chicks with blue hair and tattoos, get wasted, and absorb lies that will maintain the status quo for the rich and powerful…”

        9. I found a few nuggets with rand. But the overall philosophy of hers seems to enable the global kabal. This could be why she got a hand up.

        10. Ever wonder how that fat, vulgar, ugly, stupid, cabbage patch doll faced whore Amy Schumer came out of nowhere all of a sudden and was all over TV? She is related to Senator Chuck Schumer of course

        1. Yup. Not unlike the King Edward (III I think?) – defaulted on all the money he borrowed, then expelled them.

    2. Forget the source. A lot of what she says is logical and rational and correct. A thinking man can take the good of what she wrote, and reject the things that don’t pass the smell test.
      Impeaching knowledge due to its source is not something I approve of generally speaking. A discerning intellect can take value from any given philosophy to one degree or another without having to buy the whole hog in the process.

        1. Yeah, heh. Her well explained idea of A is A put me on the philosophical path that got me to where I am today. It’s a perfect refutation to Leftism at its core. She may have fudged up some other stuff, but that she got right. And the sanction of the victim too, of which truer words have never been written. Life changing.

        2. The most convincing dogma contains the most convincing nuggets of truth. Large groups of people cannot easily be misled if the Pied Piper doesn’t sling at least some truth their way. It’s the end result that matters. Where you wind up, if you decide to chug the whole glass of Kool Aid…discernment rules. For sure. (Unfortunately, most people chug the whole glass and do whatever the Kool Aid-maker tells them to do…)

        3. She was quite dogmatic, that was my first clue that I had to exercise care in deciding what I found valuable and what wasn’t. End of the day, I can take any socio-economic model or philosopher and find a few decent ideas in it, at least most of the time.

        4. Yup. It’s about plucking what resonates. And keeping the mind open, IMHBIOH (In My Humble But Informed Opinion Heh)…

        5. Even Marx. His critique on how the elites monopolize the means for production cannot be ignored by true, patriotic conservatives

        6. Oh, definitely Marx. Valuable does not mean “Good” in the sense of good/evil, it just means that it’s a valid observation that can be used in a practical way.

        7. As you say. Pick what’s relevant from all thoughts on all topics
          Sure bests the SJW “that’s soooo evil” wankers

        8. What’s interesting is that they are at the same exact level that conservatism was in the 1950’s. They’re doing the “It’s agin Jesus!” thing because they’ve lost their true intellectual underpinnings.
          This is a pretty good sign pointing towards our eventual victory.

        9. Libs are 60 years behind us? I can believe that. Perhaps when they bring up the fallacious argument “It’s the current year!” they are actually reminding THEMSELVES.

        10. Marx was pretty spot on as to the ills of ‘the system’ but his recommendations were all wrong.
          Kinda like Micheal Moore.

  7. Chances are that you have a bank account. Is it with some huge bank
    headquartered far away from your community, or maybe one that got a TARP
    bailout because it was “too big to fail”? You can fix that problem. Find a local credit union and move your money.

    That won’t protect your money if the government decides to start giving us the ol’ Cyprus Haircut like happened in Greece a few years back.
    A sturdy fireproof safe (I use two Liberty Safes) on the other hand is great for storing cash and silver/gold/fruit loops in safety. What they don’t know you have, they don’t look for and they can’t confiscate in a “haircut”. And it’s safe from fire and thieves (excluding thieves with high end plasma torches, which 0.0% of the thief population owns).

      1. I used to store Wheaties, but since Bruce Jenner went psycho I figured Froot Loops was a better option to keep the torch in his honor lit.

        1. Funnily enough, he’s not gay. Hell, home fries, he hasn’t even mangled his dick with surgery yet. Yep, that’s right, he’s still got twigs and berries, or frank and beans if you will. It was all one stupid giant publicity stunt. I give an 80% chance to him stopping titty hormones soon. Quietly. That the news will ignore.

        2. Probably so. Another elitist-controlled media mindfuck/clusterfuck. “My karma ran over my dogma, my karma ran over the seaaaaa…”

        3. Oh wow dude, sorry, didn’t mean to be all uppity here. Heh.

        4. yes this is what I don’t get. He is basically like 40% of every episode of the Flying Circus. Just some guy in a dress.

        5. I think it was a publicity stunt for his nasty family OR he was jealous that they were all getting attention and he wasn’t. Just an unsubstantiated guess of course.

        6. As good a guess as any. I can’t even imagine what was in his head.

  8. Rand’s picking apart of socialism is largely on the money, but her own philosophy is too incoherent to be taken wholly seriously

    1. Indeed. Her critique of socialism and its underpinning philosophies was devastating in her time. When she was just publishing, the only philosophical objection to communism/socialism in the States was “It’s agin’ Jesus”. Seriously. Shameful really (and I’m all for Baby Jesus, don’t get me wrong). Her dissecting and denying Socialists their intellectual monopoly was world changing. From the rise of philosophy grounded conservatism (most who credit her) to a revival of Classical Liberalism (libertarianism) to the modern alt-right/manosphere, he influence due to these good works alone was vast.

        1. It was a good speech but long winded, that’s where we see the woman in Ayn Rand. Now compare this to the Gettysburg Address that took Lincoln two and a half minutes to deliver.
          As Joe Friday would say “Just the facts, ma’am.”

        2. Or Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, which valiantly released from bondage all of the slaves in the South whilst keeping slavery in the North and Border states. Heh.

        3. yeah i will never stop laughing at that. This very short lived cartoon was really the best thing that was on TV. There were times where even I was fucking shocked.

        4. oh and that the racist disney princess refers to her vagina as her whites only drinking fountain. God I loved this show.

  9. Rand didn’t invent the idea of human capital, which she describes circuitously in Galt’s Speech in Atlas Shrugged with its discussion about man’s mind as the ultimate source of wealth. People have noticed this in action for centuries, for example how the right kinds of immigrants like French Huguenots improved your country’s economy because they brought practical intelligence, good habits and valuable skills with them, mental attributes they instantiated in their persons.
    She did help to popularize the idea, however. The human capital perspective shows why our elites’ current obsession with flooding white countries with low-IQ nonwhite immigrants, often from violent warrior cultures, will cause a disaster.

  10. Quick aside…I normally don’t like Thursday Night Football games, but take San Diego +3 at home against Denver for two units. And take them to win on the Money Line for one unit (at +$160 for every $100 you bet). And if you lose, well, that’s part of the process.

  11. Getting out of debt is not all its cracked up to be if your able-bodied, can earn, and the debt can be dispensed in a normal market. Owning a low cost house or property is a terrible investment. Upkeep cost on a cheap property that most people can own in cash will eat up any re-sale profits.
    With the modern 30yr. 5%-20% down mortgage loan on $500K+ house in an active west coast market for 1 to 2 years you can walk with $50,000 to $100,000 profit. Worst case you turn it into an Air B&B for a few months to cover expenses, best case you have rent control while you own it. Mortgage debt is one of the few bank sanctioned loans that consumers can go on margin with, without getting killed on interest.

    1. There is healthy debt which comes from carefully manipulating the system and then there is grown men getting buried in debt because they are acting like children

      1. Can’t save the stupid. But its fiscally bad advise to avoid all debt, provided its part of a sound investment plan. I have put more cash in the bank from manipulating debt, than I have from saving cash from W2 wages.
        I also believe that if you live on a coast, east or west you are net better off financially when the time comes to think about retirement. Wages and real estate appreciation on the coasts are better vs the Midwest. The cash you get from living on the coast will allow for a comfortable life a few miles out from the crunch.

        1. Absolutely. Stupid debt is stupid debt. There is a difference between a few glasses of wine and trying to chug a whole bottle of ever clear.
          I agree with you 100% by the way. I live in NYC. I am currently saving the absurd amount of cash I will need to put a downpayment on a condo. The benefits of paying off that mortgage to my taxes will be significant and the cost of living, if I buy at the right time and get a place with a low common charge etc (which is likely due to many real estate connections) will mean that my cost of living will go down (significantly if we consider tax benefits) and I can live in an investment that, at the time of retirement, will very easily be worth enough for me to live a very comfortable life pretty much anywhere in the world that isn’t a major city — for me that its in North Carolina.
          I think the guys here who talk about getting out of debt are talking about absurd college debt, bad credit card debt or just the idiotic burring ones self in debt so they can have toys and shit.

    2. Until the crash happens and you’re left with 50% depreciation
      money doesnt vanish it just changes hands.
      Thx Joos

      1. If that happens everyone is equally screwed. A primary residence is protected under bankruptcy law, so when I loose everything in the crash, I still have some dank shelter

  12. “the days when you could get a well-paying factory job fresh out of high school and retire from the same company at 55 with a gold watch and a decent pension are long gone.”
    I’m doing an internship at the moment and worked 12 hours today (from 7 to 7), then I wanted to write 12 hours on the time sheet and my advisor told me to write the usual 8 instead. Yesterday was the same, tomorrow will be the same.
    And we are talking about an engineering company here. And it’s not only the students doing internships who are working like this – the whole company does it.
    So yeah, these times are long gone.
    The only merit is that you guys don’t need to read so many of my comments. 😉

  13. I’m stockpiling money until I can start a private school that will reverse the indoctrination hold that leftists have on American education. The school will be in democratic neighborhoods and will convert the enemy into an ally. Can’t wait till I reach critical mass and get vouchers passed.
    It will be a new America. One blue city at a time via Trojan horse

    1. Once you get piles of money saved up, you might find its use better put towards things like land etc. The urge to save the world fades pretty quickly after 35, once you realize that it doesn’t want saved and has never wanted saved.

        1. Depends on your overall life view. If you’re into control freak stuff, yeah, you can pull it off. But then, if you’re into control freak stuff then you’re just going to join the Leftists at some point eventually (that I’ve observed in real life). Or maybe you’re the rare one with a focused mission that won’t fade. We all start out that way but it rarely pans out. That said, I hope you are, and good luck.

        2. If I was gonna join leftists. I already would have. Can’t see me switching sides. Thanks for the benediction.

        3. I don’t know you. Just noting how it usually goes. Saruman almost always goes to the dark side, except in fan fiction.

        4. Because it always has with people I’ve known in real life who went on lifelong crusades. End of the day, they end up either in public office, or “converted” due to the whole “control” psychology that the Left embraces. If you can avoid those things, well, you’re well ahead of the curve.

        5. At one time they were normal people, or moral crusaders out to change the world. That kind.
          Look, I’m not arguing with you. I’m just letting you know your odds. If you’re Han Solo and don’t want to know the odds, then that’s fine too. Best of luck.

        6. LOve it!
          Homework might be debating 911 theories or debate the Holohoax. WHAT Happens is they learn to critically think and Uncode the lies

      1. doesn’t want saved
        Ooh, Ohio flavored infinitive dropping. I believe this is the main reason Kasich never got any traction outside Ohio. He actually did this in a primary debate. 😉

        1. I noticed the MSM finally said the other day that Trump has edged ahead of Hillary in Ohio! Just more proof the MSM is full of shit. Republicans own Ohio. The vote-fixers own the voting machines, unfortunately…

        2. Quite so. We have a GOP Statehouse, almost all of our mayors are GOP (well, not around Cleveland of course), the governor is GOP, and most elected officials down to dogcatcher are GOP. The Dems can’t even set up a campaign hq outside of Cleveland. Yet presidential elections I’m seeing “Obama!” What a crock of spit.

        3. I agree and know for a fact that this is true. I have friends in the “100% Obama!” precincts who voted Romney, as did their neighbors. The fix was in.

        4. Eh, it’s rather a fact. I don’t disbelieve conspiracies are possible, but I don’t buy into lizard people or space aliens among us either. I prefer a bit o’ balance. Reichstag fire? Conspiracy. Obama’s second election? Conspiracy. My neighbor slurping flies with his 18 inch tongue as he basks his green skin under a heat lamp? Not so much.

        5. You have to acknowledge the existence of certain conspiracies, in the end. I’ve always found it interesting that the norm is, “conspiracy theorists are crazy”…and yet, the government convicts people of it every single day. Which, by inference, means the government is crazy. But tell us something we don’t know there…

        6. The problem I have is that one can seriously and soberly talk about real conspiracies from a historical perspective, or from a conjecture about modern events. But it rapidly turns into “Lizardz!” from what I’ve dealt with. I’ll listen to JFK stuff and admit there’s a whole lot of fuzzy gray area. I can easily see how people go on about MLK (from one conspiracy vantage or another). I know voter fraud is real, and easily see an “in” for a scumbag like Soros totally destroying the election system. But geez brother, when folks start breaking out into “gray people” and shit like that, and so many DO believe that stuff with nothing but circular reasoning, then I’m out.

        7. Yeah, and the odd thing is, the lizard stuff and grey alien stuff didn’t just appear in a vacuum. The New Age was infiltrated a fuck-long time ago. It’s like, “Let’s encourage them to fill their heads with wild shit so they can’t see the real shit going on.” Kinda like that, I think. I had an activist buddy who gave seminars on government conspiracies in the Pacific Northwest. This guy was the real deal. Had balls the size of watermelons. Spooks would show up at his talks. Black vans would be parked outside. Shady characters, tracking people’s license plates, taking photos. That kind of shit. My buddy got a little too far out there. Died of a brain aneurysm – pop. Tough break.

        8. The ruling class considers itself a different species from humanity. I believe all this lizard and alien stuff is really a play on this very old view the ruling class took for themselves.
          HG Wells “Time Machine” is about how the human race split into two species. Then there is of course the famous quote: “”Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers and ruled will increase until they become almost different species. A revolt of the plebs would become as unthinkable as an organized insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton.” -Bertrand Russel

        9. I can’t tell you how many times I have presented this simple fact to liberals. It used to be deer in headlights then change subject. Now its moved on to calling you names like racist/misogynist/etc…

        10. All they can do is attack the messenger, as programmed (not the message, which is unassailable). They can’t help it, they’ve been indoctrinated and programmed for so many years, they are robots. And you can’t stop being a machine unless you first realize you are a machine…

        11. JOOS killed JFK
          He opposed nukes for israel. 3 mo after his death they got them. And killed his interest free currency.
          ONe of the few US banned books details it. It’s an International best seller written by michael piper called final judgment

      2. hah, I finally came to this conclusion last year at age 22, and I am a lot happier because of it.

      3. i think there are people that want to save it, its just a matter of finding them and building communities. just because it is difficult does not mean that we shouldn’t strive for that. let the liberals eat each other and let us get on with building an amazing place…

        1. That I can endorse. But the public at large really wants none of it. They want comfort, sports, carbs and beer. Nothing more.

    2. You need to package it as a cult, then start a franchise and let the money roll in, then get really paranoid and stockpile weapons and teenage virgins.

  14. Make them live up to their own standards.
    Since the left is socialist, it is entirely ethical to simply pirate their movies/music/games. Sharing is caring. We all own everything. Greed is bad. Etc, etc.
    Help them become the altruistic ideal they espouse. They are begging for help, and you have the power to get them closer to nirvana.
    The converse, of course: If a creator is not a socialist, pay for the content.

  15. I don’t throw the baby with the bath water: there is bad debt and good debt. Stay out of bad debt totally but try to get into good debt.

    1. The article talks about an economic warfare. Any type of debt only perpetuates the current ponzi scheme and helps the enemy.

      1. There is. The fact that governments have mostly bad debt doesn’t mean there is no such thing at all. If you borrow $1m and have to repay, say, $7000/month during 20 years but you purchased a positive cashflow producing asset with it that enables to service the debt and some then it is a good debt. It allows you to control an asset you can’t otherwise afford (I don’t have $1m for example) Now the trick is that it is easy on paper but most banks won’t lend you that much if you have no good track record.

    1. Or make the presses uncontrollable. Bitcoin is an interesting model, at least to build upon.

      1. I think that’s the back passageway in the same funhouse. Even better for the elite though. No hard currency, which is exactly what they want. Transactions totally traceable. Time will reveal all, however…

        1. You can’t trace Bitcoin. That’s its whole point. Switch the signature of the coin at transfer, no record.

        2. You’ll be able to if the elite make it the standard operating currency…and you can bet your last Bitcoin on that one. Outlaw Bitcoin, bring in an elite-controlled model. Bingo.

        3. Well who said anything about talking to the elite about this?
          Bitcoin is already outlaw in practice. That’s why it’s popular. If it wasn’t untraceable it would be just another pretend currency with a serial number.

        4. I think it exists because the elite want it to exist. They get a hardon over the notion of people not having hard currency. Time will tell…

        5. Oh now come on, that’s too paranoid even for a quiet Sunday. The source code is available and any attempt to modify the blockchain would create unusable coins. It’s actually well thought out. Not every attempt to bust out of the prison is secretly guided by the warden.

        6. You have to manually update the coin signature. If you don’t, well, you’re toast.

        7. Depends on who you hang out with. Bitcoin is the globalists’ wet dream. I have the misfortune of being raised in a globalist family. But tell your side, brother. Free speech is the shit. If I don’t back your right to use it, I set a precedent that will one day reach my own doorstep…

        8. I’ve been sniffing around Bitcoin since you could create 10 coins a day on a crappy 2005 video card. The source if modified would be ferreted out within minutes of hitting any major distribution hub. Throw in some back doors, try to get it into change control on SourceForge and fifty five geeks per second will be pouring over the changes. If it already had back doors it would be easily visible to those who read code. Try to modify the blockchain and any coins you create will not be functional as a Bitcoin. It’s a very interesting system.

        9. It sounds like an interesting system. But…I guess, better put, the outlawing of hard currency is the globalists’ wet dream. Bitcoin, in my opinion, is the start of the big push for an all-electronic money system. I hear geeks, cab drivers, all sorts of people talking about Bitcoin. One cabbie said to me the other day, “Isn’t it great! No money to carry around, everything safely stored away.” I mean, what do you say to somebody like that. About 25 years ago there was this “revolutionary” cable TV special that explained how the elite wanted to outlaw cash. Man, the people screamed at that one. “Conspiracy!” Heh. It’s headed that way. Large denominations of bills are being snuffed out in various locales. Banks are being forced to report any sort of cash withdrawal over a certain amount. Why. Because they will eventually push hard to outlaw cash and go with strictly electronic currency. The bankers’ and globalists’ wet dream. Bitcoin feeds right into it. Looks great, sounds great, supposedly untraceable, but…once the legal maneuvers are made and the governments and money-changers control the entire system (which they will, after outlawing the competition), they’ll have their system. Too coincidental there…way too coincidental.

        10. Sure but he’s basically talking about Apple’s iCash (or whatever the fuck they call it) from a conceptual level. I’ll guarantee he knows nothing about how to make it anonymous. Not one thing. You could hand him an iPhone that is connected to his credit card and he’d gush the same way, even though that’s 100% traceable (by design).
          The cashless society push long predates Bitcoin. Think of Bitcoin as a reactionary development created to make e-currency as untraceable as normal paper currency. It’s coming no matter how we slice it (I do believe that they’ll allow $20.00 and less bills, for things like gifts to children, etc), so if we armor up now, well, fuck them. They can’t “outlaw” it since they don’t even known if it’s being used. Sure, they can pass laws, but really, who cares?

        11. Only my bearded dragon was allowed to celebrate that.

        12. Most people will care, if they make the penalty so severe, that only the truly revolutionary will risk it. And you can bet that’s going to happen, if things go that route. It will be very interesting to see how it all plays out. They will probably build a new series of private prisons for Currency Violators. And make tons of money off those, too. Damn, those elitists have all the really fun con games going on…must be great to not only be above the law, but actually be the law.

        13. That will be as effective as outlawing gold. Which is to say, it will be mostly pointless. As you show people this, the law gets ignored, life goes on.
          Nearly 80% of the control these people have is through fear and little more. Get rid of that and the other 20% is just a matter of logistics.

  16. Always a lot of talk hereabouts of “the elite”. Until recently it all just sounded like conspiracy theories to me. I just kind of assumed that we are where we are sort of like a shot in the dark. However, after reading the highlights of Hillarys emails I’m beginning to change my mind. Apparently it wasn’t entirely just a shot on the dark that got us here. I can hardly believe that the press keeps sweeping all that under the rug and continues to talk about a silly statement Trump made 11 years ago. There is no limit to the distance they are willing to carry the water for Hillary.
    There is enough material in those emails to keep an honest MSM talking for decades.
    Maybe it’s about time to start lighting our own torches and sharpening our own pitchforks.

      1. I couldn’t understand a word that cat said but, he sounded very convincing.

  17. That is why becoming even a minimal “prepper” fixes your mindset. If you are dependent on corporations, you are still dependent.
    Meanwhile, with Intergalactic and Gab, a new infrastructure is being created.
    The problem is we push “We don’t care” too hard. We should care and support allies. When Neo was freed from the Matrix, he wasn’t dumped in a barren area and told to walk to Zion.
    Unfortunately, I know not to expect any help from most red-pillers, alt-righters, or the rest. It’s all “buy my book” or “It’s your own fault” (even when it isn’t).

    1. exactly spot on. its not really about “prepping” at all, its about self-sufficiency which is essentially taking back our divine power as per our divine right.

  18. You can’t really beat the system. So why not join the winning side.
    I mean on one hand, you got elites who wants to exploit you whenever they can but on the other hand, you are stuck with masses of sheeples who are ignorant and emotionally impulsive.
    Who would you rather join?
    The corrupted elites but wealthy or the ignorant sheeps but poor?

    1. The thing is, the elites aren’t going to let just anyone into the club. When you start looking up
      powerful people all the same names keep coming up and they are all connected. No room much for new faces there. Now, if they let me in and handed over all those riches for doing nothing more than being a member I might change my mind about them however, the way the game is rigged I’m stuck with the ignorant sheep but , I’m about ready to burn the clubhouse down around their ears.
      Ha, you make it sound like the movie “They Live”.

      1. Like you said, “connections”.
        Nepotism will not die and always existed so it’s better to be on the winning side than being stuck with average masses.
        Plus if you bring very high value (something they can’t ignore), they will find ways to get you on their side.
        Elites know first hand how the system really works and they use it for their advantage. Sheeps on other hand have no clue and even if they do, they refuse to accept it and rather live in fantasy world.
        I rather be in team of power hungry elites and exploit the idiot sheeps than be among the lower tier of masses and be powerless. Plus sheeps easily feel jealousy and have crab bucket mentality and tend to try to bring down their fellow “friends” from succeeding.
        Meanwhile the elites don’t care if you succeed or not as long as you do not sabotage their money making ventures.
        If one knows the game of system and knows how to conduct business in sociopathic ways, they can do business with the elites.
        If you attempt to do business with the average sheeps, failure will be inevitable.

        1. Straigght up dog..I was working some tribes in Montana and those mother fuckers are microcosms of corruption and the feds let those guys off sooo fucking easy…slap on the wrist and they are right back at it. Meanwhile elders and families are waiting on water and all kinds of shit…fucking pathetic.
          Its the same shit they do with foreign dictators and corporations they just give the green light and wait for the benny’s or they wait for them to hang themselves.

        2. You clearly don’t know any “elites” IRL. It’s not enough that they have more money than you, they have to have all the money otherwise you are a potential threat and can’t be used as a slave if you have the freedom that comes with fianacial independance. They are control freaks and they aren’t accepting new members to their club. It’s a mental problem, like how rich and famous actress (((Winona Rider))) shoplifted when she didn’ t need to because she was a kleptomaniac

  19. A couple more wagers here. Too late to make the second one (game already started), but you can make this one – take the SF Giants +116 at home tonight vs. the Chicago Cubs; meaning, you risk $100 for the chance to get back $216 total (adding in the $116 profit). I already have Washington +260 in the game that is going on right now, and is currently tied, 2-2, Nationals vs. Dodgers. In that bet, I am risking $100 for the chance to get back $360 total. Will post results later.

    1. Well I sure bungee-jumped with a cord that was too long on those baseball bets. Net for day: 0-2 ($100 units), -$200. That’s okay. Football is coming this weekend. And it’s a roller coaster. A sine curve with a positive slope…

  20. “I’m not an Objectivist, but some of their ideas are pretty good”
    “Their”? Please.They are just mouthpieces of Rand. If you confront them with an idea, they are like “What would Rand think of this?” Now, i was pretty obsessed with her work myself, but the reason (as I think it is for many) is that I was pussy-whipped and enjoyed having a woman tell me that I can be a man… in a way or two.
    I read this story from a therapist who had a client that was also pretty hooked on Rand’s stuff. This guy had a beautiful girl he loved. BUT this girl was not overly intelligent. And he kept beating himself up over it, with thoughts that went like: Would John Galt want this woman? Is she intelligent enough for me?
    Of course, this example shall not be representative of every “Objectivist”, but if you’re hooked enough to actually call yourself an “Objectivist”, well …

  21. Please dont brandish Ayn Rand’s philosophy as something anti-globalist. She is one of the tribe, just like Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were. Libertarians are one of the most delusional, “colour-blind”, globalist folks I have ever met.

    1. Do I strike you as stupid, globalist, or tribal (I hope not, I’m Scot-English)? It’s a stepping stone to where we are. Young men who get into it eventually drift our direction. The few that don’t get into pot and vote Bernie, fuck them.

      1. It is a stepping stone, I completely agree. I spoke from my personal experience, I had many discussions with Libertarians and had a feeling that they pose absolutely no threat to the Globalist agenda.

        1. Yeah, libertarians agree with enough of the elites’ own ideology that our rulers don’t consider them threatening.
          I just have to laugh at the gutlessness of libertarians like Ron Paul who criticize the Federal Reserve System, for example. No one in power retaliates against them for doing so because our rulers simply don’t feel vulnerable through attacks on the Fed. You have to go after our elites’ ideology about race, immigration, feminism, gay degeneracy and global warming to commit real acts of defiance that run the risk of persecution.

        2. The last part you wrote is especially right on point. Try not agreeing with homo-marriage out loud, see what happens

        3. Not a lot happens. I’ve disagreed with others in the past about it. Turns out, I didn’t explode due to their glares. Weird, right?

        4. Not all who post here are from US. In Canada you can get slapped with a hate crime charge for saying a word. In Europe its worth. America is the last bastion of freedom of expression

        5. In the Canadian criminal code “alarming the Queen of England” is in the same category as murder and treason but nobody is ever actually sentenced to hard time for doing it

      2. I’m middle-aged, and don’t smoke weed. Was for Bernie because he understood the internal contradictions destroying the “free-market” system. For Trump now, because there’s no viable alternative, and I’ve hated the Clintons since 1992.

        1. We have nothing even close to a “free market” system, and his solution is to NOT install a real free market, so yeah, he’s a dimwit.

    2. Engels wasn’t one of the “tribe.” But libertarianism is a deluded ideology, ill-suited for a large modern nation with a complex economy. You need government, and even a certain amount of regulation, just to keep things on an even keel and to prevent the little guy from being totally fucked over.

  22. I’ve read Atlas Shrugged thoroughly, and I notice some odd things which suggest that Rand didn’t think through her own plot very well.
    For example:
    1. When Hank Rearden finally goes on strike and vanishes, people mysteriously forget how to make steel, the steel industry collapses and steel products disappear from the market. Uh, what would have happened to the steel industry if Rearden had just died suddenly instead? I realize Rearden’s actions take place in a complicated situation, but it looks as if Rand views industrialization as a kind of spooky coincidence which depends on when the few people who know how to make steel happen to live, and they can’t pass their knowledge onto others; in the absence of these people, steelmaking otherwise becomes a lost art and industrialization has to stop.
    2. Rand makes a big deal about how rational men can have no conflict of interests; but then Ellis Wyatt, the guy who can extract gushers of oil from shale deposits (apparently Rand envisioned today’s fracking technology), works at cross purposes with John Galt, inventor of the mysterious energy machine. Wyatt, at least in a free society, wants to flood the market with cheap oil for fuel and heating, while Galt wants to make that resource obsolete, at least for those purposes, by supplying the world with unlimited energy extracted from who knows where. I’ve never seen this conflict addressed in all the exegetical literature about Rand’s novel.
    3. The heroes assume that they have to base money on a finite supply of gold, whereas they have the ability to produce mountains of all other kinds of natural resources and finished goods, again if they lived in a free society. Why does Rand make an exception for gold? What if a Randian hero figured out a way to increase the world’s refined gold supply so that it becomes a throwaway commodity like aluminum?
    4. John Galt, a sexually inexperienced man in his 30’s, suddenly encounters his crush Dagny Taggart when she crashes her airplane in Galt’s Gulch. He then handles the unexpected situation masterfully. Which sounds preposterous, of course; men have to learn how to handle women from experience, not from the study of philosophy and physics, Galt’s double college majors.
    Supposedly Hollywood employs men called “script doctors,” experienced screenwriters who take flawed movie scripts and work on them to make them more filmable. Rand’s novel would have benefited from similar help by “novel doctors,” experienced novel writers who could have gone over her manuscript and flagged the plot holes and unlikely assumptions about the real world.

  23. the main problem with this argument (starve the beast) is that we don’t have a free market AND we have a privately owned federal reserve. Since our main necessity economy is taken care of by immigrants and robots, the rest can be printed and handed out not based on free market principles but on the entities willingness to go along with the liberal policies. This is the problem with living in a materially advanced society, and why the west is now crumbling.

    1. If you assume private ownership of the Federal Reserve (in fact it involves hybrid public/private ownership, and Congress appoints the Fed’s governors), then that poses a problem for libertarian theory because libertarians advocate privatizing as much of the government as possible. Why do they express hostility towards this privately-owned business, when in other contexts they would defend it from government interference?

  24. >>> ” I saw that there comes a point, in the defeat of any man of virtue, when his own consent is needed for evil to win—and that no manner of injury done to him by others can succeed if he chooses to withhold his consent. I saw that I could put an end to your outrages by pronouncing a single word in my mind. I pronounced it. The word was “No.” ” >>>
    Back when I was an easy going guy, I lived with a certain woman. Some would say not the choice pick of a woman but she was at least 50% reliable. I didn’t consider her to have the capacity for evil per se so I didn’t feel the need to keep tight ‘reigns’ on a woman. She did as she wished and I trusted her. She never asked ‘permission’ to do anything in particular execpt for asking for money now and then.
    Then one day she strangely asked ‘permission’ if she could begin socializing with a particular person. It was an odd request from her but I shrugged my shoulders and said “yeah sure”. She asked for my ‘consent’ if she could associate with a new female friend she had just met. The new friend rented a house 200 feet away in the neighborhood where we too had just moved. This new friend wanted my woman to ask me permission if they could hang out. The friend said “get the green light with your old man if we’re cool, kay?”. It did seem quite strange she was asking me PERMISSION if she could start hanging out with this new friend. This ‘new friend’ wasn’t vetted but my woman was trustworthy and for the most part associated with decent types of other woman friends. Her relatives and her personal family were the only associations of hers that I learned to be weary of. She had a skanky runaway divorced single mother and a slew of decrepid whore sisters. All of them were bad news. A den of vipers. I’d do everything in my power to avert contact with them but this ‘new friend’ seemed okay.
    The ‘new friend’ was female, simple minded, fat, had young toddlers, but she lived with another man who wasn’t the natural father of the eldest toddler. A baby momma whoremother she was but I overlooked it as being a concern. I had yet to have the full red pill jack hammered into me. If only I called spades back then. But now I call out any whore cuckmother babymomma now. What can they do? Toast me?
    Nowadays I say that any and all cuck whoremother baby mommas are bad news and I’ll preach it to the ceiling if need be. They’re all red flags like the cucks, white knights, gold diggers, all of them. But back then these new folks seemed alright, no threat, and it was good to have friends in our new neighborhood. My woman would visit her lady friend late, play board games, order pizzas and play with their toddlers. The live in guy was a pathetic beta but I didn’t see it. He’d run errands and do her bidding like a stupid lap dog. The babymomma whore had some ability to put a spell on a beta dumbfuck. My woman would play ouiji board sometimes with them, another red flag. My girl and this woman had one thing in common. They were both on some sort of psycho head meds but the other woman was into the wtchcraft spell crap.
    I had a tight and secure house before we met these folks and the ‘permission’ my woman was asking from me in the beginning to ‘hang’ with them should have been answered with “NO” until I checked them out fully.
    This fat bitch friend didn’t work, couldn’t cook, ordered pizzas constantly and would send her cuck boyfriend knocking on our door at all hours saying “my girlfriend says “go get your girlfriend, NOW” “. This guy was the fat bitch’s personal pussywhipped runner/order-taker and he was also unemployed as well. The fat bitch thought she could yank my girl over to her place at any time for any reason.
    Then the funny shit starts. There are plans to eliminate me. The fat bitch turns out to be a crazy witch like you wouldn’t believe. My girl suddenly wears this new bead bracelet that the friend made for her. It reads the name of some guy. The crazy neighbor bitch had done some tarot card reading and somehow determines the name of some true soulmate somewhere out there that is destined to unite with my girl. It isn’t me and I must be gotten rid of. That was the drama of week 1 with these neighbors.
    Then across the block you hear the fat bitch on the weekends screaming at the top of her lungs at the lap dog boyfriend. He makes no sounds and all you hear is the psycho fat bitch chewing the guy out for everything under the sun. Then it’s quiet and they’re probably fucking after watching some retarded porn. Nothing but ups and downs and psycho meds with them always.
    Then week 2 the fat bitch’s 60 yo uncle visits her place and she sends her 10 yo niece to our door to ‘fetch’ my woman. The crazy thing is the niece is only a child but she begins screaming at me with the same tone of the fat witch. The words and verbage is the same exact stream we hear on the weekends from their house when she vents on her bf. The young girl is almost like an animated screaming puppet, exactly resembling the fat bitch herself. You’d never hear a barrage of adult scorned woman bullshit coming out of a timid 10 yo and it was like the kid was posessed and talking like an adult lunatic scorned bitch on the warpath. The kid had to be under some sort of witchcraft spell.
    Well my woman eventually goes over and there’s a full day of packed drama, one thing leading to another and my woman can’t seem to unglue herself from these nutjob ‘friends’. Then the fat bitch tries to set my woman up with her uncle. The uncle comes outside saying that somehow I (me), that I’ll be going to jail tonight and the lapdog bf is standing with a baseball bat telling me to not enter their yard. Then he tells me my girl doesn’t want to talk to me and the cops will be called if I try to talk to her or enter their yard.
    Being young and in my 20’s, back then I always made things good whatever the cost. So I relayed to the bat wielding bastard that me and my woman tentatively planned to go out and get a new living room set that afternoon. She eventually came out and narrowly missed a night of backyard drinking that they had planned with the uncle. The uncle drank alone as I got my woman away and down the road. Some fight broke out with the uncle when we were away and the crazy neighbors actually got evicted the following week for non payment.
    AND ALL THIS because I granted ‘permission’ for my girl to talk to someone unbeknownst to me. Luckily with a more refined red pill outlook, I can much MUCH more easily and assuredly discern people I meet and shred them if necessary. It’s not too much of a leap of faith to be a bit prejudiced toward certain types of people. Any female bitch-run house is always trouble. Now I’ll say “Did the bitch give HERSELF permission to run (said) household? Where’s THE MAN?” . . “This place needs some good old fashioned PATRIARCHY ramrodded throughout, from wall to wall” . . “What a PUSSY HOUSE” . . “place needs a little interior re-PECKORating” . . eeh . . stupid fucking witch bitches. They’re all trouble.
    Almost forgot . . get out and vote y’all

  25. If you are doing it to improve society, forget it. That can only be done when the whole bubble bursts now. Just do it to survive personally when it happens.

  26. So, who exactly is this article addressed to? People who are already readers of RoK? What’s the point then? They already do/don’t do most of the things you wrote about in the article. The other part of humanity, which is a vast majority, doesn’t even know about this or similar websites, nor do they care about looking for alternatives.
    I say the system is awesome, it acts as a filter. I don’t see any reason to change it, other than to satisfy my hero complex. It takes precious resources, like time, away and uses it for the benefit of who knows what. I’d adapt and thrive while concentrating efforts on myself, rather than fight an ever-changing colossus. It has a life of its’ own, just like the universe itself. You, as an individual, either break or bend. And as a collective you just aren’t polarized enough in your views and motivations.
    You know what i find most interesting on this site and basically any other similar website..? The facade of higher purpose, even though the creation of these sites stem from the most basic motivation – self interest. It would be slightly far-fetched, but not entirely incorrect, to claim that it’s hypocrisy…
    Then again, as some guy somewhere thought to himself – road to power is paved with hypocrisy. I’d go even further and state that deception is an art, and a symbol of higher, or as some might say, divine intelligence.
    You people want freedom of speech and fair play, acting as if those are the virtues of the universe. You act just like those marxists you dislike so much by trying to make others go down to your level, because you can not play THE GAME.
    …Or can you..?

    1. I’m new to ROK. The article is for me and other new audience.
      Why are you so stupid?

  27. Me:
    No TV, didn’t raise my kids with one either
    Bank at a family owned local bank.
    Buy less stuff
    Don’t read politics, entertainment news
    Buy real books
    Clothes from Goodwill
    Learn to fix and repair

  28. No cult member wants to admit that an ordinary schlub founded his cult, so cult members naturally tend to pad their cult founder’s résumé and accomplishments. Scientologists have done this with L. Ron HUbbard, for example, making him sound like a real-life Doc Savage. They even call him a “nuclear physicist,” which must have sounded cooler in the 1950’s than it does now, before nuclear technology got a bad reputation. (Hubbard’s record shows that he took only one course in physics, but failed it.)
    In today’s world, by contrast, a cult founder wannabe with no credentials like Eliezer Yudkowsky has to call himself a “Friendly AI theorist” to fool the rubes, because

  29. No cult member wants to admit that an ordinary schlub founded his cult, so cult members naturally tend to pad their cult founder’s résumé and accomplishments. Scientologists have done this with L. Ron Hubbard, for example, making him sound like a real-life Doc Savage. They even call him a “nuclear physicist,” which must have sounded cooler in the 1950’s than it does now, before nuclear technology got a bad reputation. (Hubbard’s record shows that he took only one course in physics, but failed it.)
    In today’s world, by contrast, a cult founder wannabe with no credentials like Eliezer Yudkowsky has to call himself a “Friendly AI theorist” to fool the rubes, because people feel better about computers than they do about nuclear technology.
    In Rand’s case, her Kool-Aid drinkers have gotten preposterous: Rand revolutionized our understanding of philosophy! economics! political science! psychology! history! the potentials of art and literature! even human sexuality!
    Fortunately this self-delusion stops short of claiming that Rand also revolutionized our minds regarding diet, fitness and health, even though other cult leaders usually make pronouncements in these areas. (Look up Hubbard’s quackery called the “Purification Rundown,” for example.) The people who knew Rand could see, and smell, that she chain smoked, seldom bathed, ate a bad diet and never exercised.

    1. You never get tired of smearing libertarians do you? Did one kill your dog when you were a kid or something?

  30. Love this article.
    I’ve written Chex cereal for their miscegenation cartoon on the box in 2013 or 14. Around the same time, I contacted HBO to express my disgust about the abundant amount gay scenes in Game of Thrones.
    Recently, I’ve written to Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream to let them know I am boycotting them due to their biased BLM/anti-white stance. I’ve also written the Seattle Mariners for their unfair firing of Steve Clevenger.
    Have these action made a difference? Who knows. While it could be a coincidence, I can say that the Chex box did change shortly after.
    Perhaps the pen is mightier than the sword, and a vote with our dollars more powerful than a vote at the ballot box.

    1. I’ve also written the Seattle Mariners for their unfair firing of Steve Clevenger.

      Clevenger should have played it safe instead by criticizing the Federal Reserve, like Ron Paul. That way he could have kept his job.

    2. If you organized a sign Petition it would be betttet signed by hundreds or thousands.
      Or did the same on Facebook and a tweet hashtag!!

  31. 1) Depriving the Mqchine of yoyr shekels is ideal, but starting yoyr own business is hard as hell, and at the end of the day i rhink you end up giving up MORE in terms of time and money than if you worked for someone else. Do it if its your thing, but minimizing expenses, simplifying your life,and focusing on substance instead of stuff will make a huge difference.
    2) Ayn Rand had a few decent ideas, but at the end of the day, Capitalism (all me, screw you) is just the other side of the coin to Marxism (everything matters more than me). Make your money and follow your dreams, but NEVER at the expense of your country or your people; without each other we are fucked.

  32. Close your Fed chartered bank acct!
    Opt for a credit union or local savings bank instead. This is the biggest of them all.

  33. As much as you can:
    1- Buy things and do things with cash. Forget automation. All this info is gathered and used against you.
    2- Dine at family restaurants
    3- Do business w family owned businesses
    4- Avoid WF, the 365 and the O brands at Star Market
    5- Nature and outdoor activities are more entertaining than a movie
    6- Teach your family and friends to do the same.

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