How To Free Yourself From The Need For Women

You depend on women for validation. So do I. We all do. Possibly the hardest part of the red pill to swallow is accepting that we all desperately long for the attention and affection of females.

We’re biologically programmed to want to have sex with them, and we’re socially conditioned to seek their approval. There’s no way around this. It feels good to be inside of a woman. And it feels good to hold one in your embrace, or have one by your side.

However it’s part of our masculine pride to deny this reality. We are too proud to admit this fact, and we often live under its shadow as a result. But the thing is: you must come to terms with this simple truth in order to be able to free yourself from its chains. And the only way to do this is is internalize the following critical distinction:

While we all WANT women, we do not NEED them

Depending on where you are in your life you’re either longing for a hookup buddy, a harem of such buddies, a girlfriend, or a wife. Or you have it. Regardless of which category you fall under, this concept is equally important to adopt and believe.

For example, if you’re single and looking for women to hook up with, but not wife up, this is important because it will remove the outcome dependence that corrupts your game by communicating your thirstiness and NEED to bed her. Or maybe you’re in a relationship. In this case realizing that you don’t NEED the relationship to work out, no matter how badly you WANT it to, will keep you from acting like a needy bitch, communicate yourself honestly without worrying about rocking the boat, and allow you free your emotions from the current state of the relationship (e.g. you can’t sleep because your girl is mad at you).

These are the two most common scenarios to which applying this principle applies. However it’s main benefit is something far more important:

When you recognize this, you can live the rest of your life without thinking about women

Don’t lie: how often do you think, worry, or otherwise cause yourself anxiety because of women?

I know that when I’m single I tend to stress about whether or not I’m going to get laid this week, whether or not that new lead will text back, or if my night out will be successful.

On the other hand, when you’re in a relationship, it’s common and normal to worry about your partner. Is she upset with you? Why is she acting weird? Who’s that guy she’s texting?

The thing is: all of these anxious thoughts are caused by your attachment to the outcome of the relationship, the night, the date, or the new prospect. By reminding yourself that you don’t NEED whichever of the above you’re stressing about to work out, that you only WANT it to, you can put it off your mind and focus on the task at hand whether that’s hanging out with your buddies, working out, or working on your business.

You WANT women, sex, and awesome relationships but you do not NEED them

While female connection and sex are great things that we all want, we simply do not need them to in order to be happy and enjoy all the other areas of our lives. You can still crush your career without sex or a partner. You can still go on adventures without women. You can still bond with male friends.

By constantly reminding yourself of this simple truth, you will slowly reframe how you view women in your mind. You will begin to stop seeing them as objects that you MUST deal with and conquer and start seeing them as awesome opportunities that can only add value to your life. The ironic thing is: your game and your relationships will actually improve as a result.

A key part of developing the confidence necessary to embody this belief is adopting the correct habits. I just released a new step-by-step course that teaches you how to adopt the right habits. Click HERE to check it out.

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460 thoughts on “How To Free Yourself From The Need For Women”

  1. Great article. As I was bending my date over on the weekend I remember thinking the effort I expel to engage in something that really isn’t that great. I think the idea of having sex outweighs the actual act of doing it and the only real great sex I have had has been when in a relationship.

    1. 95% of women are pretty much clueless in the bedroom and do very little….. what’s more they resist any attempt to school them or make them break the envelope… even if you do teach her tricks and she performs great, it’s only temporary to ‘impress you’… in time it just goes back to zero again….. and you had to make a considerable investment (and constantly steel yourself against all her BS).
      This is why the PUA and bang culture, as great as it is for self improvement, largely relies on men fooling themselves…. getting naked with some sweaty 20something broad at 4am after too many vodkas and cigarettes…. I’d rather fuck a goat….
      There are women who are professionally trained in massage that can have you howling before you even get naked… there are women who are amazingly skilled and can do things with their bodies that put any man to shame….. but most are too dull and mediocre to consider that path…. and you won’t meet them in a bar….

        1. I’d rather do that than chase randoms that provide nothing in the way of a satisfying experience and seek only their own validation and amusement all at my own expense…… that’s not to say that chasing randoms can’t be fun or interesting…it’s just that in general as an occupation with a satisfying endgame, it’s largely disappointing…. it’s a lot of male bravado and not much else… which is exactly what this article and commentator is talking about…..
          let’s say : the chase is better than the catch….
          and you reject a girl you’ve seduced and got naked and see what happens…. robot malfunction…. they don’t know WTF to do with themselves….

        2. That made me laugh so hard. Wonder if Roosh will ever tire of the same ole repetitive in and out ?

        3. Half did that couple of weeks ago, non intentionally by the way… I did not expect the instant bitch mode. It’s like a switch got flipped, no gradual transition… Nice to evil within seconds.

      1. I know, right!? Ran into this problem last night. Sure, they tell you you’re great in bed, and they get off a bunch of times, but are they willing to put in effort for you? Nooooo…

      2. I happen to like sweaty twenty something’s. don’t care what they do in the bedroom as long as I cum and I dominate/make them cum via penetration.

        1. I would rather have a twenty something that is clueless in bed with a bangin’ ass body, than have a thirty or forty something that can rock it like a pro but looks like eighty pounds of cottage cheese in a trash bag.

        2. Then you can go to very affluent areas and find 30 and especially 40 somethings who have bodies as tight as 20 somethings.
          I’ve seen 20 somethings who look like trash, and 40 somethings who look amazing (because of their socio-economic status).

        3. Or you could bypass the affluence, the entitlement and the drama it brings.
          No matter how good they may look, old is old. I don’t bang ugly nor old.
          Go to Thailand or the Philippines and be waist deep in beautiful approachable women.

        4. looks 27… somethings going on I tell ya… women in their 20s looking like their 30s…teens looking 20s…banged up and haggard…

        5. IMHO they are better when they know what having a cunt is all about…. it’s a bit like a vintage V8, the pistons are all flowing and suspension is bedded in….. what do you think the pimps running escort agencies do the first week they get a new 19-20 year old girl in…… have to ‘test’ her enthusiasm…

        6. Good point, I’ve been noticing how kids in their late teens look closer to 30+ these days, must be something in the water/food/air/vaccines.

        7. Every Sunday in my local paper, theres a cupid- type article, you can vote online for which woman is best suited for the man. All these chicks claim to be mid/late 20s, but look close to a decade older. Either they are lying about their ages, or theres something else goin down…

        8. The crappy diet (malnutrition and bad/’fast’ foods), the drinking, the drugs, the partying, the smoking, the sex with the ‘bad boys’…
          It all adds up, and the results are NOT ‘nice’.
          Makes me GLAD that I’ve never married.

        9. But is there a reason why bad habits seem to disproportionally affect the females? These guys look their claimed ages, and are fitter than the girls…

      3. Yo Ray..You seem to have a cold ass outlook on the game and these bitches..U were married right?..Man I’m 32 and never been fuckin married with no kids..And the way it sounds…I should stay far the fuck away from the shit

        1. I’m 32, and I am still thankful to this day that I have NEVER been married, and will NEVER be married.

        2. Ever notice how almost everyone you know *jokingly* says “mmm.. yeah never get married, my friend”. Well, at least I used to think it was jokingly. Then I realized, why are all these people saying something if it’s not true? It can’t all be sarcasm. The best advice is don’t do it, or at least postpone until age 40 or so, or as long as possible. The cool thing is, it becomes less and less desirable as time goes by. It’s even better if your sibling will give you a niece / nephew. That’s all the procreation I need.

        3. unless you are a migrant worker picking cotton, with absolutely nothing to lose or a have a mid six figures income and hard asset to support a family, it’s just not worth it…. without the confidence and stability that comes from having solid finances, it takes you straight into peasant land…..
          let’s face it the middle class ‘comfortable’ existence is easy on a few grand a month as a single man, but add a wife and two kids into that… it’s a great deal of money….
          behind the SUVs and the MacMansions, are people struggling hand to mouth like peasants in the favella….. up to their neck in diapers and grumpy three year olds…..

      4. American chicks seem to be particularly bad, or at least the ones I’ve dated. When I went to South America this year, it was literally like having sex for the first time–absolutely amazing. With other LTRs, sometimes it’s hard to get/stay aroused; with this girl it was like 6+ times a day, she literally exhausted me and it was fucking amazing every time.

  2. They’ll invent drugs that eliminate the instinctual desire for women and sex. Either by eliminating the craving itself or by inducing the states only sex and females could previously provide. And there will be virtual reality and sex robots. Women got the upper technological hand the second half of the 20th century and first quarter or so of the 21st –from inventions created and manufactured by men for them (This gave birth to feminism and the thanks men got was spit in the face).
    This will change.

        1. I’ve heard there has been a TON of research put in to suppressing, and even eliminating, sexual desires. No bullshit, that’s how Corn Flakes was invented. I’ve heard of salt peter being able to suppress sexual desires, but that’s kind of, like…WW2 era “fixing of the problem”.

        2. Oh yea I’ve heard about Corn Flakes. Chuckle. Well that was one of those 19th cent. (early 20th?) a-holes w/ wacked-out ideas about masturbation being EVIL, etc. Makes you realize as bad as things are now, they’ve been worse in other ways for sure.
          EDIT: The Chinese could use an anti-sex drive drug.. They’ve got a serious, serious dilemma that’s not going away.

        3. apparently they spike the coolaid in jails with something that suppresses erections and libido….

        4. it was mentioned in an article on here by a guy that was in jail for a week or so….. he said he had a lot of trouble getting it up when he got out…. go back through the old articles, you’ll find it…..

        5. The Kellogg guys were huge ultra conservative religious nuts and they are the main reason most American guys have their penis cut. These guys thought that circumcision would stop or slow masturbation (fail). In Europe, one way the Nazis figured out if you were a Jew was by checking your weiner. All the non-Jewish guys had intact shlongs. But most guys 20+ in the States were cut, thanks to this propaganda. The good news is that the majority of boys born today in the US are uncut.

    1. There are already drugs that do this. They give them to child molesters (suppress all sex drive). Also, there are a lot of steroids that you can take (trenbolone is the most well known, also deca has this effect) that will do exactly what you describe, remove all desire/need for sex.
      However, what I find much more likely for the masses is the “vibrator” scenario. Any man on this site who’s ever watched a woman use a vibrator knows something that they wish they could forget; a vibrator makes a woman cum harder, faster and longer than any man can. Doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy sex, but, if they just want to “bust the best nut possible” it’s off to “Hitachiville”.
      This is a minor inconvenience for men. Women aren’t with men to bust nuts anyway, they are with us for the status/provisioning and other “soft” characteristics. I think Roosh had an article here a few months about what happened with he stopped caring if women came with him; the tl;dr version “Nothing”. Nothing changed at all, same number of callbacks, same success (or lack thereof). Because, even if you make her cum, it’s nothing like the Hitachi will make her cum when she gets home.
      All of this goes totally off the rails when you apply it to men. If there was a device out there that cost 50 bucks and would make a man cum harder, every single time, than any woman could ever hope to achieve, there would be a major fucking problem. Because, in the end, most men are with women to bust nuts. If the nuts they give us are substandard, a lot less men are going to be spending the time/money to get with women. The same does not apply in reverse.

      1. “If there was a device out there that cost 50 bucks and would make a man
        cum harder, every single time, than any woman could ever hope to
        achieve, there would be a major fucking problem”
        I believe it’s called amyl nitrate and a BJ from an old gay bear… but i’ve never felt inclined to venture in that direction…..

      2. They will be making dolls, fuck that, ROBOTS, who look just like human.
        As soon as the fix the glitches and idiosyncracies that make a robot a robot and a human a human (ie: the robot moves very mechanically, stiff and predictable), men will find no need for a human woman.
        Imagine if they made robot sex dolls, who moved just like humans but only had one function, to have sex?
        Maybe cook meals, clean, etc., but you can design the robot to look however you want: tall, toned, blonde, blue eyes, fat ass, size d tits, TINY waist…….

        1. Yeah, that just brought to mind an image of George Jetson having sex with his robot maid, Rosie. Not a pretty picture.

      3. Problem is the desire to fuck is quite strong, almost separate from the orgasm. You take away one or the other and you won’t be satisfied. Your body knows the difference.
        When I went through a long dry spell I masturbated to get rid of the nagging thirst, but it’s always temporary and I feel as though my health was suffering.
        I’m now abstinent during dry spells and it feels ten times better.

      1. You need to free yourself from the need to be a fuckwit. Go and fuck yourself, arsehole.

  3. Really, there’s far more benefit to not giving a fuck. I’ve found a pretty good combo in not giving a fuck, understanding feminist rhetoric on their level, and understanding the truth of human nature (my own as well as hers). For example, if a woman is exhibiting predatory behavior (note – read ‘The Predatory Female’ if you haven’t), I can give myself a good laugh shutting her down via feminist-inspired rhetoric of my own. If I start to feel “seduced” it’s easier to remind myself “attraction” is a psychological response to physiological and mental stimulus (or, as I feel was better said by Radiohead – “Just ’cause you feel it doesn’t mean it’s there.”). Perhaps it’s so easy for me to take this stance because I’ve given up on the possibility of finding what I want in a woman.
    I’m 30, never been married, never cloned myself (had children). It’s remarkably hard to find a woman that can match that criteria that DOESN’T look like a dumpster fire. Maybe she looks decent, but then she’s probably got at least 1 brat in tow, and I absolutely refuse to “pick up somebody else’s mess”; I give zero fucks about the circumstances. I also refuse to attach myself to “She-Thing” just because she matches the other criteria. In short, I’m not getting what I want out of the deal, so fuck it.

    1. When you really wrap your head around the female imperative it becomes very difficult to see a woman’s love for you as anything other than your own fantasy projection.
      To be a white-knight/mangina is for men who are too afraid to carve out their own path in this world on their own. Most men want a script to follow. Some men simply cannot wrap their heads around the idea of life without the validation of women… such an idea seems absurd… they cannot fathom any other purpose for their existence.
      While I do realize that women are necessary to procreate, and I do know the blissful feeling of a woman’s all consuming gaze during post-coital silly banter, I simply cannot justify sacrificing my own dreams and goals to worship a woman… It is all too apparent that not only is she a limited and flawed being (we all are), but that her potential height of success is not mutually exclusive from my very own destruction…
      Biology dictates that under anything less than ideal conditions the love that we experience will dissolve and all that will remain is a chasm in the fabric of our being. Many men are now paying attention and instinctively realizing… they do not live in the ideal conditions to foster and grow these kinds of loving relationships and communities…
      2015 should be an interesting year as this time-bomb that is third-wave feminism starts to feel the great weight of its own disgusting rolls of cellulite begin to press down upon its shaky heels…
      Inevitably feminism will by its own accord be brought to its knees… it is only a matter of time…
      Hold fast gentlemen.

      1. Ive had nothing but friends with benefit situations for the past 3 years. While I do love the casual sex and the ability to control when and where I deal with women, there is an enormous emotional void in my life, no matter how much I try to avoid it. Many other men I talk to feel the same way and this can lead men to make questionable decisions. Im convinced that the guy we call a beta in the mall with the fat whale wife and 3 kids just settled with anyone that would show him some real affection. In more favorable conditions, he could bag a girl 5 times her SMV. Im sure we have all considered settling down with the 6.5-7 that wont stop texting us, trying to convince ourselves that her tight body makes up for her average face.
        All humans need intimacy and feminism has done a very good job of producing the most emotionally distant women theworld has ever seen. Sometimes I think these girls have taken the red pill and are acting aloof. The depressing truth is that they dont even have the ability to connect to anyone. This causes a nation of men starving for real feminine affection.

        1. “Sometimes I think these girls have taken the red pill and are acting aloof. The depressing truth is that they dont even have the ability to connect to anyone.”
          I fear this is also true and its a new development in this troublesome situation. I have seen it and they are simply resisting any attempts at game or whatever else have you from your average salaried man. I don’t know what to expect for the future but it doesn’t look good at all. It seems to me we’ll go out with a whimper instead of a bang.

        2. you only think you are starved… imagine feeling how you do now, only inside an LTR…. it’s 10 times worse….
          i think everyone today is staved of human connection… go talk to someone – anyone… they can’t get enough conversation… i had a business meeting on skype the other day and the guy who i never met or spoke to before couldn’t stop talking about his vacation and places we’d both been to by coincidence and etc… he wanted a friend not a business associate….
          i’ve been on both side of the fence and when i was alone and living alone i had the same nagging sensation that i needed female warmth, connection, affection, conversation etc…. but it’s an illusion and what you end up with on the otherside is far worse….. even the best LTR is crap…. it becomes like a cliche, a parody of itself, you feel like you are literally walking around in another man’s life, making comments and conversation that is dry and forced and fake… I’d rather live on a desert island and never see another soul again…. better that than this false, starved, useless draining connection that’s not a connection at all….

        3. girls have taken the red pill
          Funny that you said it. I think women are the most Red Pill beings. Think about it…

        4. Ray, it’s exactly how I feel now. After a combined 25 years of LTR (marriage) where I literally was living somebody else’s life, I am living alone now.. about 9 months into it.. I am alone, no friends, no social circles (these will be rebuilt in time) and I simply can’t get enough of it. I feel alive again.. I have my own interests, I read a lot, I think a lot (something I was not able to do before), and it’s all absolutely day and night. Yes, the nagging feeling is there, but it’s somewhere way down and it almost doesn’t bother me at all..

        5. I don’t see it that way at all, really. If anything, I see it as being set free…completely free. Now you can go climb Everest if you want. Fuck, you can build a summer vacation home there, if you’re so inclined. I think too many guys have been suckered into the “easy legacy” of having children.
          It’s weird to me, like “Okay, a couple human beings have my last name now. My job here is done. Maybe they’ll do something awesome.” Fuck it, go do awesome yourself. I’d rather die alone and accomplished as “The Most Interesting Man in the World” than be shackled down to some life-force stealing harpy and a system that keeps she and her hellspawn fed and reproducing, all the while being confined to daydreams about “what could have been”. Why willingly be “another brick in the wall”?
          On the rare occasion one can find another human being worth allowing the accompaniment of on their journey, that’s awesome. I just think a dedicated ‘explorer’ knows their ‘hired help’ has the potential to act out of self-interest and flee when confronted with ‘giant spiders’ or ‘Mayan temple guards’ and other ‘boobytraps’. Also, should they stick around long enough to reach ‘the treasure’, there’s always the threat of them acting out of self-interest AGAIN in staging a double-cross in attempt to take the ‘treasure’ for themselves. For all the creature comforts company can offer, you’re still far more likely to succeed in your missions and goals if you go it solo, Indy. “If you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself.”

        6. 6.5 that’s too high.
          I think most men settle for 4s and 5s these days.
          I believe Roosh in one his articles on his page about how American men have just taken the scraps.

        7. Good work Arm. I too just ended a long (21 year) marriage. Weak social circle – check (for now). Few (but valuable) friends – check. A sense of release – CHECK! Able to focus on self-improvement and things that matter to me – check. Still reconciling the want/need equation with women – but coming around. As time goes by I am realizing I do NOT NEED a woman, and I only periodically and for specified reasons WANT a woman. Drive on.

        8. While true, if they didn’t they would never get anything because there aren’t many 6+s available in the US.

        9. Damn dude, I was there, but only a 3 year relationship, never married. I was shocked at how much more I read now and think! About things I want to think about!
          In the relationship, things were rocky frequently, and I would feel like I needed to be thinking about things related to that relationship, as opposed to developing my interests, business ideas…
          But it really blows not having a woman to have conversations with. I think you can have a type of conversation with a woman that you can’t have with others.
          But the truth of the lonliness you experience when you’re with someone is overwhelming.No one hears you scream.

        10. Armageddon. I was in a marriage with a BPD woman for almost 15 years, and I understand the reboot completely.
          I would encourage you to establish new social circles, however. It is easy to get used to becoming a hermit. Balance out that “alone time” with people who share common interests. (In my city, was a way for me to start getting out there more, and I also made clever use of social media to find niches for myself.)

        11. “It is easy to get used to becoming a hermit” – Amen. That making friends shit gets harder as you get older, or at least past a certain tipping point.
          ” I also made clever use of social media to find niches for myself.” Curious about this.
          Haven’t found Meetup to be so great.

        12. The depressing truth is that they don’t even have the ability to connect to anyone.
          The cold, hard truth of the matter is they had to drive out the natural feminine tendency toward emotional intimacy in order to ride the Carousel. The act of sex has physiological, emotionally-bonding effects on women; in order to cope with fucking different men with abandon, their brains get “rewired” in such a way that the ability to emotionally connect to a man is lost.

        13. I can’t say that I made any friends from Meetup, but just the action of going out and being around people who shared my interests kept me from social atrophy.
          In my case, I used Twitter to connect to the local music scene in my city. I am a fan of live music, and many of my friends now are local performers and fellow music fans. It was an effective launching pad for me, but it was important that I use it to get out and spend time with others in person rather than remain content with the fake “friendships” that many develop using SM.

        14. I think we in the manosphere have kind of fooled ourselves into thinking all men can be alphas. But they can’t. There are always going to be betas, and they are going to want feminine affection, and be willing to work hard (and sacrifice a lot of sex) to get it. And dig it: There’s nothing wrong with that. We can more than afford to give them what they want. That’s what marriage is there for (well, *was* there for). But modern society has denied men of even that, hence all the MGTOWs.

        15. Technology has made us starved of human connection even though we’re ironically more ‘connected’ to everyone than ever before.
          I really think that for humanity to persist it’s going to have to take a long hard look at how technology is used, and build a social structure that uses it way differently. Maybe even a return to more traditional relationship structures. A man can dream…

        16. well when you’re feeling like him inside an LTR then that relationship is not working. get out, try a new one
          but the dude was right, EVERYBODY needs to fill their emotional needs. not matter how much you pretend that you can be an independant super PUA lone wolf, no man is an island and if you completely emotionally isolate yourself from the world you’ll grow weird

        17. get rid of that fucking shit avatar already.
          that dude isn’t right, you can fill that need any number of ways, it’s all just a physiologic process, you can control it, you don’t have to go crazy, saying you’ll go crazy without filling some mystic need is the part that’s actually nuts, and by the way, pretend is the problem, if you’re pretending, you haven’t internalized deep enough, there’s a deeper level still, stop avoiding it.
          now, go avoid growing weird, and get rid of that fucking shit avatar already.

        18. My recommendations for guys recovering from years of LTR’s: Latin America. Nothing like sweet, submissive, beautiful latin women to bring back joy in a man’s life.

        19. I think the manosphere has misunderstood what an alpha is. Every man, even alphas want female affection; if they didnt there would be no need to have women in your life at all. The difference is that an “alpha” can control his feelings of lust and love, while a beta desperately throws his heart around in search of validation.
          Celebrities and athletes like Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Kobe Bryant, etc. could literally smash a new girl every night for the rest of their lives, and even they choose to get in LTR’s. I know these marriages are not monogamous, but they still make sure to lock down a girl that shows them more love and affection than your average groupie.

        20. I guess 4s and 5s are the only women capable of giving their true emotions to a man these days. Their souls haven’t been destroyed on the cock carousel.

        21. The last paragraph – perfect. Human beings should be the master of their emotions, not the other way around. It takes discipline and many people are unwilling to believe that they can control how they feel to a large extent.

        22. I´m argentinian, and feminism is becoming a plague here, following America’s steps. Wouldn’t recommend it.

        23. Are you kidding me? The Goddamn 4’s & 5’s are [often] even BIGGER sluts than the 7’s & 8’s. At least the latter has the luxury of choice and subsequently get to be choosy as hell, the lower SMV bitches will hop on the 1st psuedo-alpha/bad boy dick that shows up. Either that or they’ll be raging feminist dykes.

        24. Most important post right there.:
          “where I literally was living somebody else’s life,”
          Everything is geared to take all that a man has, including his life, without actually killing him (so he can keep working, paying taxes, and being an economic mule).
          Welcome to liberty.

        25. “The cold, hard truth of the matter is they had to drive out the natural feminine tendency toward emotional intimacy in order to ride the Carousel”
          No, son, they had it driven out of them when they were conceived “by accident” (ONS or as a trap maneuver), by IVF (due to the fact that males and females are biologically altered by environmental insults now, such as hormones, toxins, etc.). Then when they were pulled out with a suction forceps after their drugged mother was forced to lie on her back for 6 hours, and taken away from their mother to feed on sugar water from a rubber nipple by strange people (modern medical advances, you know.) Then “day care”, “preschool”, etc. indoctrination factory, they end up with sympathy for “causes” and sometimes animals, but forget about humans, particularly “male oppressors and the patriarchy”.
          They learn to apply a condom to a banana in school when they are 6, how to seek physical pleasure with anything that breathes and walks on two legs, to expect and demand respect no matter how sick in body/mind they are – no worries, there’s a pill for that, miss.
          Plus, gender roles are fascist, you know, stifling really, and it’s actually moot because there is no male figure around anymore (even on the off chance parents are married, man is an emasculated drone).
          What Western Female says, “I am the Woman and you are the Man, let me do the girl stuff and you be the man”? And then is happy when you do?
          How can you even expect that anymore?
          In how many LTRs have any Western guys even met the girl’s family? How many Westerners even have any semblance of family anymore?
          The phrase, “spinning in the bowl” comes to mind, a few more, smaller circles, and it’s down the sewer.
          What a shame.

        26. “but they still make sure to lock down a girl that shows them more love and affection than your average groupie.”
          Wishful thinking, they do it because their media advisor told them they better do it before their fans notice that they are “weird” (ie, fag, different or multiple broads every day, etc.).
          If “fans” can’t identify with a “star” the star is fallen.

        27. I do.. I will make sure they’ll going to end up all right.. At least I’ll do what I can given the situation.

        28. > they do it to get something or from peer pressure, they loathe it,
          especially the fake sluts who get it on in clubs, the more outrageous
          their acts, the more you can be sure they hate it.
          That rings true for a lot of guys as well. Most PUAs I know are bored and completely tired of sex. They just do it for peer pressure and ego. Ego-trip sex.
          What does it say about our society that sex has gone from a pleasurable, bonding activity to something you do to take an after-sex selfie and post on fakebook or twatter or whatever.

        29. That’s why we have this place. ROK comments is our men’s social club. The added extra of telling SJWs to bugger off and not getting into trouble. 🙂

        30. All men can be alphas, if only society is sufficiently atomized. Men don’t sort into “alpha” and “beta” at birth. It is a completely cultural construct. Some little hunchbacked wimp will be alpha in a world where everyone else is a debt slave, and he’s a bankster.
          But only as long as the debt slaves can be made to believe there is some sort of justification for this kind of nonsense. Once they wake up, like the Somalis did in the 90s……..
          What’s needed for every man to be an simply a lack of fixed social structures above the level of he nuclear family. Or at most the extended family. Which doesn’t preclude cooperation on a case by case basis. As long as any man, or subgroup, who feels he is getting the short end of the stick can simply withdraw, he becomes very hard to dominate. Hence remains alpha in his own domain.

        31. “What does it say about our society that sex has gone from a pleasurable, bonding activity”….
          It says that the eugenics movement has successfully inverted social values and human character to where the persons who “have the most sex”, ie., PUAs, porno actors/actresses, prostitutes, bar/club “sluts”, actually enjoy it least. The most “chaste” are the biggest abusive, exploitive perverts: teachers, clerics, other authorities responsible for “weaker” persons in their charge (“step parents”, prison guards, etc.).
          It says that “normal” persons become jaded, bitter and even hateful, trying to learn to successfully pretend to have/be what the defeminised pitiful yet dangerous monstrosities would offer their cesspit-orifices to, all the while despising the lack of humanity and decrying the “inability to bond”.
          It says that most males, western or otherwise, can’t live with the way things are now, but wouldn’t understand or know what to do with a female that actually liked (or even loved) sexual intimacy just because she finds it a pleasurable activity with persons she finds sexually desirable (and for no other ulterior reason).
          Even the “hip hop” dynamic often cited here, of “super alpha thug” and his many “hoes” – all that’s about is some “man” who desperately needs to prove he’s not really “gay” by drilling broads who hate sex but let it happen so they get reassured that they are desirable and can then trap some weakling male who actually has a work ethic in the real world.
          How often does the sex immediately decline in quality and quantity until neither exist in most LTRs and marriages? How many persons married for a decade or two, with numerous offspring, still spontaneously lean their still lovely (to them) spouse over a chair and drill her with the same intensity, excitement and abandon as some slut who after just meeting, just scored some nose-candy from him in the washroom of a popular club on Saturday night? And she loves it? And that kind of thing happens frequently?
          This is distressing and not simple, society has been unbalanced by design and the effects are obvious and hideous.

        32. I don’t know, I had a grandfather who passed in his 90s, a known player but took care of my grandmother until she died. I think that’s probably the healthiest relationship to have. Where a man gets some ass on the side and takes care of the mother of his kids.

        33. Sure, that relationship passed “the results test”.
          Don’t be surprised if grandma had a number or two of her own in all those years.

        34. You could be right as women are not only good at cheating but I find men tend to want to turn a blind eye to save the ego/pride. I have a younger sister I believe is cheating on her husband, but the worst part is I think he probably suspects something but would rather not believe (denial).
          She goes places and refuses to tell him where (uses some feminist excuse) and at odd times needs to be alone when checking “email” on her phone. She’s a terrible liar…
          Men can be such masochists.

        35. Amen. Ive never met a slut that wasnt a complete emotional wreck. They are not designed to have multiple sexual partners and heartbreaks before the age of 21. Girls are getting pounded out so young, their souls dont stand a chance.

        36. “Don’t ask – don’t tell”, maybe.
          On the other hand, some women just need some “strange” sometimes, a “little on the side”, and it doesn’t impair the marriage, just like some guys do.
          Maybe they have an “agreement”, but don’t admit it; would you?

        37. I picked and have settled with a 7 but with a soul that’s a 9.5. I actually really enjoy her company. She’s a wonderful wife who treats me like a king. She’s almost always smiling, thinking of thoughtful gestures, domestic, chaste, works hard to always stay in shape. She didn’t come with a sordid past. No cock carousel for her. In my past I had some hot ones but to a T all had a “spirit” that was rancid or came with serious character flaws.
          Having a good woman can be a great benefit . Having a bad one is a huge hindrance.

        38. Youre a lucky man, thats the way to go. Her character and personality is going to raise your children and be attached to you for years, not her looks. Finding both is a unicorn.

        39. After observing her husbands behavior I very much doubt it. He’s all about the family and she’s all about herself.

        40. In other words, she’s just another one of those dirtbags who’s always on her way to somewhere “better”.

        41. It basically comes down to the fact that everybody is weird so it’s not something to worry about. Own yourself, smash life, and it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks really.

        42. That’s a bit like saying “everyone is beautiful in their own unique way!”, which is theoretically true but then you look at a 400lbs landwhale and struggle to keep that sentence alive. everyone is a bit weird, yes. and there are certain cut off points off weirdness where not many people want to have anything to do with you

        43. “if you completely emotionally isolate yourself from the world you’ll grow weird”
          That last part is true. But for me, that weirdness, was enlightenment. Which has made gaming easier, but made life much harder.

        44. The key for both sides is whatever you do on the side do not disgrace the spouse and keep your behavior the same at home. Follow those rules and the marriage will be successful.

        45. Nothing like a girl with a sweet name like Valentina that has a heart shaped butt, wide hips, rockin’ thighs, and sweet as a cupcake.
          I too once gave into the idea that all these foreign women just want green cards. But if you take a trip down to Colombia or Peru, you’ll see for yourself that the women really are just plain better. So much more fun to talk to and hang out with (better conversation with American women even when there’s a language barrier).

        46. Argentina is like all the bad things about the west tied together with all the bad things about the rest of Latin America. All of the bad, none of the good. Argentina sucks

        47. Agreed, I have had better success meeting women at a busy sports bar then meet-ups..
          I attended a Fun Friends meet-up and tried talking and dancing with a few women there to make a long story short many of the women I tried to talk to were abusive that if another men talked to me this way there would have been a fight. Women preferred to dance with each other ignoring or abusing the few men with the balls to approach. After 4 failed attempts to talk and dance I was pissed but instead of making a scene I left. The woman at the door asked me why I was leaving so soon, so I told her quickly she looked around the club noticed this trend too. When I told her this was a friends group she was shocked at the level of clicks and how few people mingled in a meet-up. She was nice enough to refund my cover. The next day I mentioned my experience in the Meet-ups comment section, I was quickly attacked by women and white knights saying “this is a meet-up not a hook up.” Maybe you tried to hard.” Gave a creep vibe”, Just go to have fun and just let it happen. ” Not to mention some the hate comments I received for blaming the environment. I told the meet up coordinator that if asking for dates is discouraged this needs to be stated.. My point is that meet ups usually suck for single men. Focus on meet ups where you have a common interest, language, cooking, Hiking, etc…

        48. I agree with you brother. Just got back from Medellin. I love those women. Plotting my escape.

        49. Even when there’s a language barrier?
          Because there’s a language barrier.

        50. 2 out of the 3 Colombians I dated spoke enough English to have a conversation. With the other one, we just made it work without talking much. It was awkward at first but I had a hell of a time with that girl.

        51. Hey Jeep you still exist?
          Are you still out there?
          I see that you moved on from ROK, which is cool, but I just thought I’d say hi. You know, for like no reason.

        52. Very insightful words there. Thank
          you for sharing.
          I can sympathize, but not truly
          empathize, with you speaking of “the void.”
          I’ve been married a few shy of 20 years to a wife that has markedly improved her smv since I married her at 19. We’ve
          had our ups and downs (with way more ups). Two sons that I’m very proud of.
          My friend, I can assure you, a good
          find is out there. Don’t strive, though.
          Like Yoda says, “You will know.”

      2. Good post, but women CAN separate emotional validation from the sex act and today even your average woman is constantly being validated far far more than she should in POF, OKCupid and what else have you. To women gifts (resources) = love. For men the willingness of a woman to sleep with us IS the manifestation of her love. So when your girl refuses you sex she is refusing you love even though she may not realize it.
        This is a great article that shows ways you can try circumvent it and I have pretty much followed it to some extent with my life so far. Actually if you want to seriously progress in your career and learn new skills a woman or the pursuit of women will hold you back because it will take valuable time off your projects. But the desire to procreate will always be there and within this culture it is maximized. A society where you have a big chunk of the population not procreating will be abnormal and unhealthy to say the least.

        1. the only thing you can say about game and PUA, is that a man will tend to carry himself and socialise with other men and women in a much more confident way, when he’s getting some…. I certainly know this for a fact…. pussy can bring some lady luck into your career…… other men shut up let you lead and other women, admire you….. it’s got to be natural though and that of course either leads to the dreaded LTR or dry spells…. so if confidence and persona is based too much on having pussy on tap… you’re screwed when it’s unavailable for a few months…. nonetheless, the geeky guy that can’t get any comes across like an instant sap.

        2. Of course as the saying goes.. women want to fuck men that other men want to be and other women want to fuck. I am certainly not a PUA nor do i consider myself great with women. In fact, I hardly ever get it but still I’m doing well enough for myself as far as having a job is concerned. But there is something new in the air and it is worse than ever before. It seems to me like they are hell-bent on bringing down any man with a better position than them by any means necessary. I see it with people i used to know who have LTR girlfriends, For example I had the opportunity to meet 2 friends who I hadn’t seen in a while who are in LTR’s. I had not met their girlfriends before but because they know I’m more independent and doing better than their boyfriends they didn’t even talk to me. Not even a look in the eye. Yesterday i went to a local dentist who is an assistant to his wife and I kid you not in the middle of the session they start arguing and his wife tells him how she can sue him and deport him. With dead seriousness. It’s like they have figured out something big about male nature and now they want to use it to completely dominate men. Mind you none of these people are born Americans and women from my country of origin were not like this AT ALL.

        3. there’s definitely a wave of sentiment against men, it’s not exactly hysterical women, but women who have no endgame, no idea of what they want, no concept of team work or creating something for the greater good, not even for their own kids…. it’s almost like they are demonic….. if you are lucky you can appeal to their better nature, their human side and turn them around, but it’s like those movies where the crazy mafia boss keeps killing and torturing people, but somehow it only brings him more pain…..
          women have that hate in their hearts, but they don’t get it… the more men they hurt, the more they hurt themselves… this is one of the definitions of hell…. the more you make others suffer, the more you suffer yourself…… everyone is fucking and fighting and there’s no relief…. the only relief is found in doing more of the same, but it’s a hedonistic pleasure that leads straight back around to pain again….
          One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest is a classic in this regard… an absolute Bible of the aggressive psycho motherly influence putting it’s shit all over the cheeky, happy go luck man…. for no purpose other than validating her own pain…. problem is when you validate your own pain, all you do is validate and bring more of the same….

        4. hmmm I don’t know. I think you are correct IF the man “gets the pussy” on his terms and by “the sweat of his brow” (so to speak).
          If he gets the pussy through compromise, not being himself, “settling down”(for low quality pussy) I think it will have the opposite effect.

      3. “When you really wrap your head around the female imperative it becomes very difficult to see a woman’s love for you as anything other than your own fantasy projection.”
        It took me 50 years to figure this one out. Our reality has nothing in common with theirs. Period.

      4. It’s worse than biology.
        In order for feminism to be tolerable for more than 2 seconds, they not only have to play on biological “need”, but emotionally foster a need as well.
        What’s one of the first things a feminist will say in an argument? It’s usually “What’s the matter, can’t get laid?” and if she wants a parting shot (as she loses the argument) it’s “Have fun trying to get a woman with that attitude”. (It’s a statement that is a monument to the collectivist nature of women, that you pissed off one of them and now the entire Borg collective will not answer your phone calls).
        The entire media “system” is geared towards a shaming maneuver, not so much for a decision a man makes, but for a decision he might arrive at. Pretty much this: give up the pussy? What are you gay or something?
        (I wonder why the gays are not getting angry at the feminists for this, as this trivializes gayness and to do that is a mortal sin to them).
        The mind control is so strong that a lot of men act as if they will be sucking cock against their will (and probably crying the whole time with everybody they know watching) IF they refuse pussy for whatever reason. Like it’s a rule, enforced by some Doctor Strangelove reflex that you are going to to slob knob and not be able to help it, all because you did not worship, sacrifice all, compromise all, give up, and give in, to the vagina.
        Think of the sport of Ice Curling. Yes Ice Curling. You have to move an object over ice, and do things to the ice to help the object move a certain way at a certain speed.
        Feminism is the object, making women intolerable. But the media is the guy with the brush, conditioning the ice.
        And a lot of men are conditioned as I described. Going gay at worst or “becoming a total loser” at least, if they don’t give into the pussy. Or to be more accurate, give into the intolerable tyranny (on a personal level but they do vote so it goes macro) of they who have the pussy and are also conditioned to be mini-tyrants who never grew up and live in a set of delusion all their own and engineered towards those ends.
        Once more I have to hand it to the millenials. In Generation X we were so sold on the lie it was incredible and nobody started to wake up until the late 90s, when it was hard not to notice all those Oprah-watching fat cunts demanding this that and the other thing while declaring they were perfect. Too many men found themselves working 6 days a week to pay for the SUV that SHE wanted because the mini-van was “too housewife” (while she goes to the mall with said SUV dressed in large T-shirt, sweat pants, and flip flops – short haircut and all).
        But the millenials had the balls to say “fuck this” and while their alternatives have not been …. impressive… (furries, other weird shit, video gaming/grass feeding) at least they are raising the alarm. In my day, a fellow was too scared to be shamed by his peers – or he left the country.
        I too hope to see feminism getting carpet burns on the knees and elbows in 2015 – but “the system” is getting desperate and what’s bringing down feminism is bringing down a host of other “cathedral” pillars and this state is going to go out like a werewolf trying to tear out throats on the way down. We see feminism going full retard right alongside our banking, political, and media systems and the police state too.

        1. This is the most uplifting and entertaining comment so far. Thanks for making my night a sweet one man. Survive to watch this shit burn another day.

        2. “…you pissed off one of them and now the entire Borg collective will not answer your phone calls”
          Thank you, sir, for the first honest laughter I have had in days.
          I can just picture them ignoring Picard’s calls, “Damn it, Number One! They’ve adapted to our Game modulation!”

        3. You know I thought about it once, going gay I mean. That shit couldn’t really be that bad could it? I mean there would certainly be less drama and less emotional bullshit. Just 2 dudes drinking beer together, watching football games and giving each other blowjobs. Basically bros with benefits. LOL,
          Now, don’t get me wrong. I like pussy like the next guy. But still, can’t deny that going gay doesn’t sound as bad as people portray it. Especially in the cultural climate of today, where society expects you to settle for a land whale. LOL

        4. Right now it is the best time to be gay. No wonder why the media glorifies it, they know times are desperate for men so in order to avert a possible sex meltdown they prop up homosexuality as an alternative. Just my two cents..

        5. You’re saying an uncomfortable thing here but this leads to an interesting conclusion for me:
          Really, humanity is in deep trouble. When the birth control pill came along, the days of our old views were counted. The reason to do anything was to have sex. Now that this is becoming too much of an investment with little return and alternatives for sexual release on the horizon (abstinence, robots, drugs, whatever) we are facing nothing less than the absurdity of the existence of our species.
          It’s weird and sort of sad how one gender turns out to have had a supportive role all this time. Humanity needs to wisen up and get spiritual + scientific fast to survive this crisis because this isn’t going away.
          We’re getting to a point where we will have to (and be able to) ask ourselves: What do we want to become next? Is this worth fixing? What the fuck do we do now, and why? What do we do with gender? A human is a human right? What we’re experiencing here is the awakening of humanity and the end of how we knew it. Every value and every axiom will be invented new.

        6. Let me guess you tried to say “Faaaabulous” but it didn’t sound right and you stuck with the pussy.
          Seriously though, if it’s cruelty to make a gay person to heterosexual things, then is it not cruelty to make a heterosexual do gay things?

        7. The Greeks and Spartans were set up that way, Romans, too. “Men for pleasure women for procreation”.
          The Golden Age of Islam modified it to, “Women for procreation, boys for pleasure, a ripe melon for bliss”.
          Look where that got them.

        8. “When the birth control pill came along, the days of our old views were counted”
          But not for the reasons you think.
          “The Pill” was unneeded for reproductive control, all anyone had to do was clock the ovulation, and just abstain from intercourse no more than about 5-7 days a month.
          The pill was needed due to the well-known psychotic effects it causes due to messing up the woman’s hormonal cycles and balances.

        9. Something like that. LOL
          And I agree, It would be more than Cruel. But the amount of bullshit we sometimes have to go with women can sometimes be a pain in the ass too. Which is why I did thought about it in the first place… I thought: “My, O my. Those motherfuckers aren’t even aware how blessed they are that they don’t have to deal with this harpies…” But then I thought: “Fuck that shit man, real men don’t wish for a nice pleasant life. They wish for adversity, they pray for it, They feed upon it! ” So instead of learning to like dicks I punched myself in the face for sporting such an idea and decided to man the fuck up. Can’t deny that I sometimes still have moments of envy towards them, mostly in moments when I feel like hitting a bitch. Might be because I realize that if It was a dude I wouldn’t have to resist the urge to throw that punch. LOL

        10. Well on this note, I have known fat ugly women become lesbians simply because they could not get a man.
          And there as an article from a few years ago, I think the feds were having a study as to why so many lesbians were obese. Chicken or the egg? 😀
          I think a lot of men have asked “What do I have to ‘go gay’ to get laid around here?” mostly in jest but overall a naturally wired heterosexual will joke about it but never seriously consider it. I would not suck dick even for money.

        11. Just my opinion, I’d quicker be buying one of those Tengo things ,fleshlights or tabletop fake vags before I would arrive at the odious decision to smoke chode or pound another dude’s ass. You can shine it up and have the media make it sound like the greatest thing since the first time you beat off, but at the end of the day It’s just gay.
          No matter how much money they have, or stylish clothes , trendy hangouts,etc. –Most people cringe around them because something is inherently off.

      5. Remember Clark, if your country is invaded and you are killed, your woman will be sleeping with the soldier who killed you.

        1. I can’t think of a harsher truth about women than that… I once read about American women sleeping with German POWs during WW2 and threw my hands up.
          If that doesn’t make a man stand up and say “Fuck this shit”, than I don’t know what ever could.

        2. Remember, dok, if your country is invaded and you are sent to the “work brigades”, whilst you break your back doing whatever slave labour the occupier can think up, your woman is getting gangbanged by the enemy REMFs in the supply chain for a bag of sugar, coffee and a few cigs, so you can have a nice cuppa when you come home after a hard days work.
          Now, don’t you love her even more knowing how much she does (gets done?) for YOU?

      6. “..third-wave feminism starts to feel the great weight of its own disgusting cellulite begin to press down on its shaky heels.”
        (golf clap)
        Excellent choice of imagery Clark. While the weight starts to make their heels shake, here’s to the red-pill aware male community knocking the chair out from under its feet in 2015. The noose that American culture has fashioned for the feminist movement will do the rest…
        Let it be a quick demise. I look at each passing year as one step closer to that end.

    2. I upvoted.
      I went about my business, then I re-read your comment and regretted that I could not upvote again.
      This comment is my second upvote.

    3. The ONLY time I give a woman with kids a serious look is when she’s a widow. Any woman with kids is otherwise only seen as a dangerous but possibly convenient, lukewarm, wet hole. Widows don’t even get an automatic pass, it depends on what killed their husbands: He died because a drunk hit him, ok. He died because he was a drunk? Nope!

    4. “I’m 30, never been married, never cloned myself (had children). It’s remarkably hard to find a woman that can match that criteria that DOESN’T look like a dumpster fire.”
      I know the feeling. It’s basically impossible to find an Americunt whose attractiveness hasn’t collapsed and/or isn’t coming with substantial baggage (mental instability, exes, reformed slut, bad finances, children, etc.). Alternatives in foreign/younger girls present other challenges.

      1. Women don’t have just ‘baggage’ anymore, and they haven’t for a long time.
        It became ‘freight’ back around 2005.
        They have ‘cargo’ now.

        1. Currently deployed and I love reading ROK to pass the time.
          My job deals with cargo and I died laughing at this comment XD

    5. Would you be so kind as to provide the name of the author of that book? (If not, I understand) I can’t type “predatory” and “woman” into google without my computer exploding into 3,000 results that have nothing to do with a book. Or the right book, at least.

    6. *in reference to an inquiry to the book’s author. The reason I’m clarifying in this manner is because, in attempting to respond to the comment directly, my computer’s anti-virus alerted me to malware it had just blocked. Perhaps just a case of convenient coincidence, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.
      If you feel that’s a bit of an over-reaction, perhaps it is. First, however, I’d like to direct your attention to real-time mapping of cyber attacks.
      If you take any bit of time to educate yourself in what you’re seeing there it can be equal parts fascinating and terrifying.
      Also, I present you with these two videos. Now, please, excuse the presentation. Yes, the host is rather ‘effeminate’ and the topic is a VIDEO GAME about hacking. HOWEVER, the “meat and potatoes” of the video is all the scientifically backed evidence of how easy it is to hack various things. So, look past the presentation, and absorb the useful information that IS there.
      Game Theory : Watch Dogs Warning! YOU’RE NOT SAFE! (pt. 1)

      Game Theory : DEATH by Hacking (Watch Dogs pt. 2)

    7. Regardless of what you think about buddhism, they got one thing right: attachment is the root of all unhappiness. Nothing wrong with hook-ups, but never become attached.
      You’re right that society has largely failed to produce marriage-able women. The bar isn’t even that high. A marriage-able women just has to look average (a 6 is perfectly fine, probably ideal actually), be nice to talk to, and be caring and faithful. But good luck finding a woman like that, at least in the USA.

      1. “Since women refuse to be good examples, they must instead serve as dire warnings.”

  4. I’m in the final stages of separation. Even though we’ve been separated a long time now, because we have kids the separation can never be complete. We only see each other a few minutes a week and at holidays but it’s gotten to be too comfortable in my opinion. I always feel this magnet pulling me towards her, always that need for validation, even though I don’t care what she thinks of me. I’m consciously trying to break that this year. Old habits are hard to break but I know I’ll be better off without it.

    1. play her game externally, while feeling sorry for her, because she lost far more than you did……. and she probably hasn’t learned a single mistake or changed anything of herself that made you split in the first place…. the more you close off, the more curious she will become and the more that pull and attachment will increase…. in a sense it’s a lose, lose, but eventually you go numb and just don’t give a damn…..
      all the kids on here wrestling with women trouble, because they can’t
      get some trollop from the bar to the bedroom, have no idea ….. when
      there’s children involved it’s a whole other ball game…. you can’t
      just tell her to shove it, or give her a piece of your mind… you have to be decent… there’s only one baby momma so in that sense she’s always special and you shared time together that cannot just be swept away as nothing….. you also need her respect, because she’s the children’s mother and you don’t want her thinking of you as a bum… so there’s always going to be that tension there… i don’t see any way to remove it….. even rocking up with a couple of blonde twenty somethings on your arm is more trouble than it’s worth… just makes her more bitchy….
      the only way you win is by degrading her in your mind, but that’s sad too because she’s your children’s mother… but that’s all she is… just a mother….. that couldn’t hold a man for the distance….

    2. I know what you mean. The divorce my ex wife and I went through was a hard thing, but every step along that road was one that was taken because of her choices. Yet, every time I am compelled to spend time with her and my kids, I end the night by drinking to inebriation. The odd thing is, she is now sporting a lesbian hair cut while claiming she isn’t.

  5. The first step for your complete deprogramming begins with the realisation that women are not as beautiful as we make them to be.
    Arthur Schopenhauer:
    It is only the man whose intellect is clouded by his sexual instinct that could give that stunted, narrow-shouldered, broad-hipped, and short-legged race the name of the fair sex; for the entire beauty of the sex is based on this instinct. One would be more justified in calling them the unaesthetic sex than the beautiful. Neither for music, nor for poetry, nor for fine art have they any real or true sense and susceptibility, and it is mere mockery on their part, in their desire to please, if they affect any such thing.
    Esther Vilar:
    Aesthetic standards are necessarily subjective and each aesthetic judgment one
    makes is an act of personal choice. But subjectivity easily turns into an excuse, and
    man is only too pleased to allow himself to become a slave. A man assumes that,
    since woman adorns herself with the obvious intention of drawing all eyes toward
    her, she must have some reason for her action. So man finds woman beautiful
    because she thinks she is beautiful. Indeed, he is very grateful for being allowed to
    share this opinion.

    1. i choose this example because she’s considered the cheese at the current time… take a cold hard look at this and tell me it’s beautiful….. it’s just another soggy female….

      1. Yes, when the mask falls off what we have in front of us is a stunted, narrow-shouldered, broad-hipped, and short-legged creature. But what a woman learns from very early age is how to cheat about her true appearance and age.
        An example of women’s desire to appear youthful is their generous use of hair dyes. Throughout their reproductive lives, women stay keenly attuned to the attributes that attract men. It would not have escaped women’s perceptive notice that Caucasian children commonly begin life with a lighter shade of hair than they will exhibit as adults. Men unconsciously associate dark hair with maturity, gray hair with old age, and blond hair with youth. Because men constitutionally prefer youthful-looking females, women dye their hair blond more than any other color. All women, including non-Caucasians, have intuited that gentlemen prefer blondes
        No other female animal has to “dress to the nines.” Lionesses never experience a bad hair day. Young bucks fight over old hinds as fiercely as they do over young does. Ailing or disfigured female chimpanzees never worry that they may become wallflowers. An ovulatory female’s age, disability, complexion, figure, or hair tint virtually never interferes with a rutting male’s sexual fixity. Nonhuman males nearly always respond to a female when she wafts her ovulatory signal.

        1. Are we really resorting to being extremely critical of aesthetics just to convince ourselves we don’t need/want sex/women? Pathetic. Own up to the attraction we feel for women, and be able to control it. That’s the answer.

        2. Who said we don’t need sex from women?
          In the animal kingdom the males are attracted to any female so long as she’s ovulating. But as the human female does not display any ovulatory signals, the male humans have invented this false idea that we are attracted to the beauty of the female body. Nope, we are only attracted to youth and health. Any woman over 30 regardless of her level of fitness is useless from an evolutionary perspective.
          From an aesthetic perspective the female body is far more inferior than the males. I’m sorry if this ideas kills your boner but it’s true!

        3. “Are we really resorting to being extremely critical of aesthetics just to convince ourselves we don’t need/want sex/women? Pathetic.”


        4. Considering how much modern girls indulge in alcohol, drugs and sex, 30 is even generous.

        5. Actually, by 30, in most cases it’s on the way to “game over”, look up the real medical fertility:age ratio charts, sorry you got lied to.

        6. 27?? Great. I am 30, I am still a virgin ( apart from some sexual abuse from my cousin that happened when I was a child). I don’t do drugs (apart from caffeine). It took me until I was 29 to get out from under my controlling catholic mother. So what am I supposed to do with my life now??

        7. Date.
          Its not like you cant conceive, but primetime for easy conception is 17/18-24/25…30 isnt a sentence for not having kids, its just not as easy. good luck to ye…

        8. We didn’t “invent” this. I never had a conversation with my penis prior to pitching a tent after looking at an incredible ass. Let’s not get carried away…

        1. Too bad you can’t just plant the seed, and when it’s grown harvest it and leave the soil behind.

        2. you can, but generally the kid is a bit pissy with you after 16+ years as an absentee father…. but people have done it….

        3. They ALL do that. They think doing yoga two or three times a week and some low-impact cardio for fifteen minites the same amount of days then prancing around in full Lululemon gear gives them the audactiy to dub themselves “fit”. Their workouts are a joke and a half yet their gall is immeasurable.

        4. I thought this was just a local girl you were hooking up with until you posted this clothed pic. Jennifer Lawrence. She looks pretty average in the naked pic. Attractive, but nothing you can’t find in any decently large city.

        5. my point exactly ! and when you take the rose colored lenses off entirely and look at it in the cold light of day… sure it gives you tingles, but it’s not even that attractive and in fact quite physically compromised for the benefit of producing babies…….. or to put it politely ‘a meat and milk factory’….

        1. sure you’re male ego would but take off the rose colored lenses and really look…… it’s just another soggy female… she’s not even that perfect…. her legs are too short, her hips too long and wide, her tits a little small and uneven, her hair a fake blonde, etc….. she’s young and she’ll soon bloat up a little and show signs of wear and tear…. etc.

        2. Yeah I’d hit that but knowing during the time that putting a ring on that body type will have the effect of hitting the inflate on an emergency life raft.

        3. I’m not saying let’s put her on a pedestal but she really isn’t that bad. You can get nitty and gritty with almost anyone on the planet if you look closely enough. Even the hottest celebrities look like shit if you catch them at the right time of the day and at the right angle. She also looks like she’s at least in her early 30s, so I’d argue she’s looking pretty good considering.
          If the manosphere is all about complaining that you can’t get a 10 when you aren’t a 10 yourself, count me out.

      2. She passes the boner test, unless you’re gonna put a ring on it or a bun in the oven, what else matters?

      3. Im gunna be completely honest i didnt even feel the slightest sensation in my penis when i looked at this and i dont know whether i should be worried about it or not.

      4. I wonder exactly how many schmucks she sent this to who had no idea whatsoever about each other?

    2. The good things we see in women are what we project on them, the things we want them to be. Men are the ones who are selfless and compassionate and considerate. Women do not possess these characteristics.

    3. Thats what did it for me. When the veil comes down and women are seen for what they really are, the need to have them around evaporates. Its really some kind of spell nature puts over men because very few men can tell you of a woman that actially brought good fortune and long lasting happiness into his life. Women bring temporary highs, just like drugs, and the come down can be catastrophic.

      1. what’s more is that even when they do bring good things… social connections, business ideas, funding etc…. they can be useful, but in my experience it’s always been my talent and sweat that made it happen, whilst in my mind I was ‘grateful’ for her ‘invaluable’ input…. then down the track I’d build some other venture all on my own and see that no fem was required….

    4. Precisely correct. Not everyone can relate to what you’re saying here, but I entirely agree. Once your brain starts deconstructing what your eyes are seeing, the problems really start. At the club, at the sight of “dancing hotties”, I don’t even get horny anymore. All I see is reproduction bots shaking their limbs. Recently I spoke to a buddy of mine on the dancefloor in between tech house, lasers, smoke and chicks in tight dresses about how weird looking females are. I seem to have lost the ability to “fall in love with their shape”. It may just be a phase but we were shrugging our shoulders at our conclusion: “I want to want to fuck them, but I don’t anymore.”

      1. We get TRULY horny at the sight of young and healthy female bodies, the fertile soil. Everything else is the male hamster trying to justify our cultural conditioning to worship the female.
        I was just now with an young and healthy Greek girl, 22 years of age. I was horny as fuck as she was slim, healthy and behave like lady. As soon as I satisfy my sexual appetite she’s no longer that different from all other females.
        The idea of the beautiful female is just a glorified pussy. To someone from outer space surely men would appear infinitely more worthy of admiration than women, for man has intelligence as well as beauty.

  6. Excellent work Jefe.
    If you want a woman, then by all means go for it.
    If you sense that you need her, then you are probably compromising yourself by paying her any mind at all.

  7. Good article, but my answer is simple: the more you know women and how to deal with them the more you realize that they are unnecessary. Today I invest in myself, I live single in my own house and I’m more independent. After the invention of microwaves, washer and porn, women have become even more obsolete and useless in this world. Some years ago my only hobby was pick up girls, but nowadays I only get laid when I cannot travel around my country (Brazil) and when I finish all my games and books. (And I realized that watching the women’s despair when I tell them that I am not interested is hilarious and better than sex). 😀

  8. I made an observation recently while looking at pictures of old friends and girlfriends on Facebook (as well as friends and neighbors I see every day) about what types of couples seem to stay together and at least appear to be happy. There are two types. The most prominent type appears to be the ones who after having kids let themselves go. They are plump but appear to be happy with their lives. Then their are the ones who are both active together, hiking, biking, etc. Though from what I’ve seen they are fewer in number and most of them are still young and only recently had children. Whether they will stay thin and happy together is hard to tell. Mixed couple only seem to work if the guy is tall, thin and geeky and the girl is short, curvy, and has a nice personality. The people who are chubby both accept each other for who they are and don’t consider for a moment that somebody else would be as attracted to them as their partner. But if the woman is obsessed with her appearance and constantly tries to be thin then she’s always comparing herself to other women and is never happy with herself and she’s always comparing her husband to other men and always finds him lacking. Of course there are people who stay together but hate each other just because they have kids but that’s another thing altogether. Any one else see the same thing?

        1. True but I know most of these people. I’m not one to friend every friend of a friend. If I don’t know them we’re not friends. So I know which ones go on lots of trips together, which ones do nice things for each other, and which ones are divorced or separated. Just seemed like a pattern to me.

        1. there are certainly some happy people in the world, but what happens on facebook is everyone (mainly women) start competing to be the happiest, liveliest, most vibrant etc… right down to posting their lunch….then it becomes fake and forced and it’s not real….. i feel like starting fecesbook and posting my turds….. cracked out a corker this morning after last night’s vindaloo….

      1. Facebook is an extremely unrealistic world, I only use it to chat with friends and see some news.

  9. I’ve been celibate for 21 years.
    It is both a painful and difficult road, the Buddha called people who resisted sensual pleasure and the “flow of the world”; “those who go against the stream”. It is a point of pride for me to be independent in my practice, and from the enticement, the walls and shadows of this world.
    The historical Buddha described such people often has ones who “weep, with a tearful face” and as “suffering from dejection”, but their fruit is the accumulation of merit, sanity and the fruit of paradise (sagga) in the afterlife.
    To be secure in one’s existence, both in this life and the hereafter, is a security all men should know.
    The costs far outweigh the benefits; years of learning how to tiptoe around women’s feelings, strenuous self-improvement, improving one’s looks, learning to feign nonchalance, all for a chance at something that is stringing us out.
    Approval, non-approval, she holds us on our toes by the weight of her decision, we may supplicate, or look the other way (in askance), but ultimately she decides.
    Virginity, celibacy, are the only rational choices we can make. Burning our passions, we struggle against a tide, a giant middle finger is held to all those who want us to play or get crushed by the Game.
    But our fruit is Peace. And out Dignity.
    How much more to say of Fame? Career? Wealth? Would I even care about the approval of someone, who analyzes how I shake my hand?
    No, I tell them I wiped my asshole with that hand and tell them to fuck off.
    Enough is enough, I was born Alone, I will die Alone. I know I am, I remain immovable amidst this tide of demerit and sensuality, amidst it all this Rock remains unmoving.
    Neither beckoning the woman, the mother, the father, the teacher for approval or knowledge, secure in oneself, I dwell alone, heedful, ardent, resolute. Enduring.

    1. I dunno… Used to think that way too, but then are you really free if you have to fight temptation. Maybe it’s better to acknowledge that you have a body and feel desire and simply learn to control and use that desire in a positive direction.

      1. Probably not, but if I feel differently in the future I’ll let you know (which I probably will).

    2. Sigh…if only it were that easy. Years ago, way before Game or the red pill was discovered, I had a college friend who was into this average looking chick. He got friend-zoned and then descended into an absolute depressive hell. He stopped going to the gym, ate like shit & gained a massive amount of weight. He also got involved with hookers and drugs. All this over one stupid average looking chick.
      Last I checked, he’s slightly better but his now gf is a land whale and I can tell he’s still coping with his low self esteem and depression. I suppose it’s a blessing that he hasn’t done an Elliot Rodger shooting spree but the point here is that it’s very hard for the average blue pill man to divorce his need for a woman to validate his sense of self.

      1. Elliot Rodger killed more people using a knife and a car. The “shooting spree” was just an attempt to restrict gun control.

  10. You need women to have children and if you dont have children, you are a human failure. This is meninist tripe.
    Men are more able to live without women than women can live without men (see mining camps and oil fields, gender ratios of), however we do in fact need women. That doesnt mean you cant keep a proper frame.

    1. I had this discussion with ghost of franklin on another article….
      A man is never judged by his wife and kids… he’s judged by his accomplishments…… no one remembers Steve Jobs wife and kids, nor Churchill, nor Washington and they never build statues of them or name streets after them either… .
      Take John Lennon for example… he had two sons from different women.. both are crap musicians… Bob Marley had dozens of children, not a single one has come close to his genius…. what has the children and grand children of Churchill achieved ? zip….
      Wife and kids is just window dressing….

        1. “You also never hear about their parents either.”
          Cornelia Africana, daughter of Scipio Africanus, mother of the Gracchi.

        2. Shouldn’t you be at your daughters ballet?
          And its true. A well known person, you rarely hear of the kids or parents of said popular person. There are some small exceptions. But majority,no.
          Post a pic of your ugly Xmas sweater your wife picked out for the ballet.

      1. And without someone having children, they and you wouldnt be here. Our primary purpose on Earth is to have children. Anything else is secondary. The immediate children may suck, but the genes are there somewhere and will reappear. Not to mention that traits like that do tend to run in families, with quality going up and down, but overall better than the general population.

        1. bullshit… takes two decades for an adult to form… during that time a parent can make many mistakes and leave the child with emotional wounds….. actually easier to do when you are a loving and attentive parent… and thus many adopted and ghetto kids grow up to be fantastic, while middle class routinely churns out total idiots….
          there are three parts to it… the DNA, the childhood and the mentoring as they pass through teenage years, into young adulthood….
          just because a kid has the DNA guarantees very little…. just because you procreate guarantees nothing in your ability as a parent or mentor… not least since society pays absolutely zero attention to this role in life….. it’s supposed to happen automatically….. and you are beyond arrogant if you think you will be any good at it, just because you have a dick in your pants or a woman to ,pump some seed into….
          if you really cared about passing on DNA, go on a fucking spree in peasant towns in latin america and asia…. or leave plenty of samples at sperm banks…..
          if you really cared about being a parent and mentor to children and youth, you would have spent years educating yourself in that area….and also understand that insisting on your own DNA is just egoistical bullshit…. there are literally thousands of children starving to death every day….

        2. Parental influence surely plays a role, but at the end of the day you are creating a completely unique person. You cannot predict how that new being will be based on the parents.

        3. that’s debatable…. but it’s certainly true that we are able to procreate far better than we are able to raise well rounded and useful human beings….. we don’t need any more taxi drivers, truck drivers, airline pilots… these guys are all out of business in 5-10 years….. all automated….
          what we do need is some geniuses to leap our technology forwards…. some real philosophy to replace the stale old 17th, 18th, 19th century writings, a new religion or spiritual approach to existence that actually makes sense and is not some tired old crusty tradition from 2000 years ago…… we need many things but we do not need more peasants….

        4. Actually you can make pretty good predictions. Broken home, single mom, poverty = thug in a hoodie looking to get shot by a cop. Not all the time, but a good 80% of the time minimum.
          Two parent family, traditional values, good upbringing, solid CONSISTENT and fair treatment = decent, honest productive member of society. Not all the time, but a good 80% of the time minimum.
          If parents had no influence, if external factors had no influence, we’d have Einsteins wafting out of inner cities regularly and jackabout losers consistently floating out of nice homes regularly. The exceptions notwithstanding, this is not happening.

        5. Not even close. You can put the entire world’s population into a 5 square mile grid, with ample arm room between them. Most of the world’s population requires very little resources to even sustain.
          Overpopulation makes me laugh when I’m riding between Cheyenne and Thermopolis Wyoming. Yeah, sure, overpopulated.

        6. “but it’s certainly true that we are able to procreate far better than we are able to raise well rounded and useful human beings….”
          Agreed. Its mostly stupid people breeding.

        7. I know. I was going to state in the same comment: But its all relative in terms of country population vs. country land mass, and world population vs. world land mass, as well as population density. I like my acreage, space and I want the world and all the hot box to myself to fuck,.

        8. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs says differently, postulating that Physiological Needs (food, shelter, clothing), Safety Needs (personal and financial security, health, safety net), come first. Love and Belonging come next, which I suppose could include children, although one can certainly find love and belonging without children, and children are no guarantee of love / belonging.
          Harry Browne tackled this “trap” in his great book, How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World (I think Roosh reviewed it). Some excerpts: “The influences that come from school and neighborhood, as well as from yourself, are not totally within your control… So, in effect, you’re inviting a stranger to live in your home for 18 years [more like 30 these days] or more. There are risks involved–plenty of them. You’re committing a large part of your future to satisfy a desire that may be only a part of the present.”
          “If you like children, there are ways to enjoy them without becoming a parent. You can be a YMCA counselor, den mother, school helper, or Boy Scout leader–limiting your exposure to children to the ways you desire. When you become a parent, however, you’re bringing a stranger into the world with the requirement that you get along with him–no matter who he is.
          Pardon me if I don’t feel the need to spawn children, don’t feel that adding citizen #7,000,000,001 is a priority for the human species, or don’t feel like I have any sort of “responsibility” or “duty” to procreate.

        9. The population density of Wyoming is 7 people per square mile. The US has a very low population density because it is a large geographic land mass, and a very new country, but even its density is 84/mi. The typical population density of a country ranges from 100-1,000 (this is a complex topic and you can’t compare these numbers directly, as usable land varies greatly in different regions). There are limited resources on the planet. The price of oil has quadrupled in my lifetime and I am only in my 30s. Watch in our lifetime as clean water becomes one of them. Hell, clean water is a scarce resource today. You can no longer find clean water naturally in the USA (it exists in Canada) unless you go to a chemical treatment plant.
          What a ridiculous statement to say one could cram all people on the planet into one small space with arm room between us as if we were cattle. People need housing, places to work, shop, recreate, and places to grow agriculture and especially meat (very resource intensive) for them to consume, not to mention fresh water for them to drink and some way to remove all the feces that 7 billion people would be pooping out into your 5 square mile radius (I didn’t check the math because this kind of comparison is silly).
          Also, take a plane ride or go to a mall and tell me you really want *more* breeding going on. Personally, I’d prefer a population the size of the 1950s US, when it was manageable enough where neighbors knew each other and it was possible to have some personal connection with even the US president. Now we are a faceless factory, churning out kids to feed our cold, corporate world. Sure, you probably don’t see that in Wyoming, but it’s coming.

        10. We need the things you mention, but I do not see them happening in my lifetime. Sadly, the “stale” 17-19th century philosophies are not even studied or discussed at least in the USA so I do not expect anyone to improve upon this thinking without understanding and building on what has come before. And we desperately need a new religious belief system, although Buddhism is not bad. But holding on to ancient fairy tales in 2014 is quite silly.

        11. -And without someone having children, they and you wouldnt be here.-
          It doesn’t always have to follow that course , just as ALL humans are born naked doesn’t mean that they have to be naked their entire lives. If scientists really put their earnest best effort without any hindrance opposition whatsoever then I believe that in 20 years men and women will no longer need each other to propagate the species, courtesy of the chamber of genesis.

        12. Actually, its not debatable.
          All of recorded history thru 1820s- approx 1.5 bil people
          by the 1920s- 2 bil people
          today- 7 bil- plus
          We’ve more than tripled the earth’s population in less than a century- this cannot continue.

        13. “Our primary purpose on Earth is to have children”:
          That is very true if you are basing your argument on Genetic research. Else, it is pure brain fart.

        14. Actually he separated, and divorced from her then went and married another younger (and presumably hotter, but I have no idea, not having seen a picture of her) woman after striking up a relationship with her less than 8 years after his divorce. She was with him until she died. There is nothing mentioned regarding leaving his first wife “to focus on his work”, he was a patent clerk with ample free time to research with or without a woman in his life.
          All of this to the side, your observation is something of a non-sequitur to the post you were responding to.

        15. Population density does NOT mean “maximum you can fit in a mile”.
          Actually I did get the number quite incorrect.
          ~If you allot 3 square feet of ground space per person (standing room only) they would take up 20,702,201,664 square feet (742 square miles – the same as a square 27.25 miles on each side).
          SO yeah, rather large numerical error. But, given the size of the earth, it still rather repudiates the whole “overpopulated omg!” fear.

        16. Actually it can continue up to the point that technology can no longer sustain it. I suspect we’re nowhere near the actual tipping point yet.

        17. The West is depopulating, third world hell holes are flourishing. Yet somehow we’re supposed to go ahead and suicide ourselves in the name of preserving “the planet”, whilst third world savages breed unchecked.
          I really don’t see the logic behind most of these “earth is too full” types. If they cared about overpopulation they’d be advocating birth control and abortion for Africa, India and other third world shitholes.

        18. This is a pretty foolish thing to say. Overpopulation is a very real problem and all its ramifications such as deforestation and over exploitation of oil resources to compete with the ever growing needs of that 7 billion.
          So if your riding from Wyoming always remember you’re not seeing the whole picture.

        19. “All of this to the side, your observation is something of a non-sequitur to the post you were responding to.”
          Point taken.

      2. Lets say sex dolls are perfected. MGTOWs devote their lives to self-improvement and achieving greatness, and then dont have children. If this mindset becomes more common (as feminism and marxism have), birthrates collapse. You enjoy it for 70 years and then its all over.
        Thankfully, unlike feminism, it just takes one man having children with lots of women to benefit from all that MGTOWs have brought to society.

        1. Aye. The MGTOW movement is fitting in PERFECTLY with the goals of Marxism and feminism. Vast population reduction. They are every bit as happy about this as the lesbian frauds who pump out a continual stream of feminist bullshit propaganda pieces.

        2. The world is overpopulated though…I get what you are saying, its “part of the plan”, but the world cant sustain all of this population growth, a boom that started unchecked in the west in the 50s/60s, stopped, then spread to the rest of the world in the 60s onward.
          Nigeria, at the current growth rate, will have more people than the US in a few decades. This country is the size of Arizona and New Mexico combined….

        3. yeah, its all very sad. You see the new Judge Dredd movie? Opens up showing a megalopolis from Boston to DC, giant walls around the monstrous city…seems possible…

        4. The world is sustaining the current population just fine.
          It’s not our place to aid or abet a movement that wishes for billions of people to stop existing.

        5. No, no the world isnt sustaining the current pop just fine.
          We have hit peak everything, from energy to clean water to crop yield. If you want a few books/links to read, I can give you them. Its not my place to drop unfortunate truths on people who may not want to know. Hell, I wish I didnt know…

        6. You’re wrong: stupid people multiply by the hordes.
          The human race will never be in danger of extinction by such a scenario. In case you didn’t know, poor peoples’ favorite pastime is fucking and topping up society with more losers or scholars…
          MGTOWS can’t offset this with their stubbornness.
          Don’t even mention immigrant countries of origin – they’re efficient breeding grounds for first world future citizens.
          We’re 7 billion and counting my friend. MGTOWs won’t stop this juggernauth.

      3. I disagree. Children are a reflection of their parents – Ghandi is judged by how he fucked up in his own family for example. I come from a relatively traditional EE background, and I believe the best approach to feminism is to be the “bigger man.” We’re in this together. I do agree with the article that introspection and understanding of your unconscious drives is vitally important – don’t project your mother complex onto the female!

        1. I never heard anything about Ghandi’s wife and kids… NEVER!…. and I couldn’t care less if he had trouble holding down some bitch and raising a couple of brats……. who gives a damn… and tell me pray… did his children go on to exemplify his work as a pacifist and bring world peace to the planet… fuck me… i’m still waiting…. i wish they’d get on with it.

        2. “did his children go on to exemplify his work as a pacifist and bring world peace to the planet”
          His children did better than Ghandi at world peace. Ghandi helped get millions of people killed in Hindu/Muslim conflicts that came out of India breaking free of the UK. Almost certainly only a matter of time before Muslim Pakistan (formerly part of British ruled India) and modern India destroy eachother with nukes. Good job, Ghandi.

        3. – I come from a relatively traditional EE background, and I believe the best approach to feminism is to be the “bigger man.” –
          In other words, “Man-Up and take it like a man” LOL “traditionalist” women are just feminists in conservative garbs.
          – don’t project your mother complex onto the female! –
          -Children are a reflection of their parents – Ghandi is judged by how he fucked up in his own family for example.-
          Gandhi was still a much greater man than these losers who even failed to have children, gnomesaint?

        4. – I come from a relatively traditional EE background, and I believe the best approach to feminism is to be the “bigger man.” –
          In other words, “Man-Up and take it like a man” LOL “traditionalist” women are just feminists in conservative garbs.
          -Children are a reflection of their parents – Ghandi is judged by how he fucked up in his own family for example.-
          Gandhi was still a much greater man than these losers who even failed to produce children, gnomesaint?

      4. Jefferson. GhostOfJefferson.
        Nobody remembers the wife and kids because the wife and kids did not accomplish the greatness. However, the wife provided the support the man needed (in way back times) to allow him to focus on his greatness, and the children provided the genetic forward assault to guarantee his genius might be carried forward.
        Lennon was a hack. He married poorly as well. Marley actually has a son who has done quite well in music. Music, btw, is not the sole measure of greatness. Churchill came from a long line of great men who achieved many great things, and “lady DI” was a relative of his.
        Wife gives you support to make your mark much in the same way a refueling jet gives an SR-71 the fuel boost it needs to do it’s magic, and children give your superior genes a chance to continue. Ideally of course, not so much with Millenial types.

        1. women can be supportive, but it’s effectively a zero sum game at best… for all the investment and effort that goes into maintaining a relationship, the benefits are not that quantifiable… and it’s always at the eureka moment she has a hissy fit, which can often be enough to change a project from an all nighter on a high – into a crashing disaster that never sparked…. it’s a mistake to under estimate the draining effect that women have…. they always want something, need companionship, company, even sex can be a demanding pain in the ass… I remember one girl losing it because i didn’t fuck her often enough, during two months when i was chronically ill… no support there, she just wanted what she wanted…

        2. I always hated John Lennon because of all the fine-ass Japanese women he could have had he had to go marry the ugliest one.

        3. it’s not that i admire any of these people it’s just easier to choose public figures that surfed the world stage than my grandpa joe……. i guess it really depends what you are into, but it would be nice to achieve something professionally, something that puts you on that level… not fame or fortune, but accomplishment and respect that cannot be denied….. take Paul Tudor Jones for example, you probably never heard of him… networth about $8B from working his hedge fund…. amazing trader, taken some monumental financial hits in his time…. there’s a documentary from 1986 where he loses $6M in a day that’s a fucking hit…… he went on to put financial minds into NYC soup kitchens and raises tens of millions a year for homeless children…. smart, accomplished, respected – and now married with kids, but not in the beginning…… and no way he would have got there with a wife and kids around his neck…

        4. Actually she came from a wealthy family directly connected to the Churchill line, I was just wrapping up the lose ends on the Churchills. You can make great people, or dastardly people, but each are judged by their contributions.

        5. Seriously man, and frankly his leftist socialist whiney music sucked hind tit (after he left the Beatles).

        6. Whereas McArthur was married when he accomplished his magic in WW2.
          We can play the game all day man. Point being, YOU determine how great you will be, not your wife (or lack thereof). There is no magical well of energy that runs out after X number of units consumed. Your model, that you seem to suggest, is that of the modern helicopter parents with the pastel wearing manboobed stay at home dad. Yes, that kind will devote life to his wife and lose every time. Actual men with a vision and drive will use his wife (and family) as intended, as a support system and furtherance of his line.

        7. Yeah, I’ve answered your “zero sum game” thing before on another thread, it’s not, but I won’t belabor the point.
          If all of your relationships are failing because you’re not particularly social, as you’ve mentioned on another thread, that is not evidence you can extrapolate to other people and apply as a truism.

        8. i don’t see where the support system comes in ?
          it doesn’t support me to keep a nice house, eat better food, be more relaxed, get a better night’s sleep, live a healthier lifestyle, have peace and quiet, have meaningful relaxing entertainment and it’s certainly got nothing to do with my work, there’ s no intellectual support, emotionally it’s quite taxing and requires keeping face the whole time…….if there’s drama it requires a steeled mindset to calm it, if not you’re generally on the hook as entertainer in chief on your downtime….. so where is this mythical support system ?
          the man is the support system for the family… it doesn’t work the other way around…. not really…. fringe benefits maybe…. support system… i can’t see it… it’s like arguing that the high rise building is the support system for the foundations and underground car park…. it’s not… the foundations and under ground construction support the building….. it’s a one way equation….

        9. Women were a bit different back then. They’d rather sell their souls to the devil while drinking poison than actually support a man nowadays.

      5. “A man is never judged by his wife and kids… he’s judged by his accomplishments.”
        Wife and children and their relative quality are accomplishments.
        “no one remembers Steve Jobs wife and kids, nor Churchill, nor Washington
        and they never build statues of them or name streets after them either”
        DWM. Dead White Males. George Washington, some racist slave owner. Churchill, some evil guy whose bust Obama took out of the White House and sent back to the UK. Watch all those statues crumble and the street names change. The memory of Steve Jobs won’t last nearly as long as the other two.
        The culture/nations/peoples that would have remembered those guys has collectively chosen suicide by thinking like you.
        “Take John Lennon for example… he had two sons from different women.. both are crap musicians… Bob Marley had dozens of children, not a single one has come close to his genius”
        Neither Lennon nor Marley made real music, they made “tunes” for druggies, socialists, and the idiot masses. Real music will still be taught and played in 400+ years like Classical Baroque. Bach, Vivaldi, Brahms, etc, that’s real music.

        1. Don’t get started on some diatribe that the only “real music” is some 400 year old European, church-controlled tonal system (yes, the tri-tone was once considered verboten). You show your ignorance. Ever hear of Duke Ellington? George Gershwin? John Coltrane? I could go on literally for hours.

    2. >>if you don’t have children you are a human failure.
      First off This insecurity is yours. Ok, in fairness yours and possibility a majority of humans. LOL. The Herd is what it is. Second point: you consider a large % of the greatest men to have ever lived “human failures”. And in the very near future human beings will either wipe out hundreds of millions of themselves, possibly go extinct, or learn to live above the level of chimpanzee. Also, I don’t know you, and not judging by your comment, don’t you think many people do the world a favor by Not breeding and spamming their fucking mediocre DNA ever where?

    3. You’re retarded if you believe you’re a failure for not having kids. There are plenty of failures with many kids. Do you believe in “keeping your legacy alive” and “keeping the family name going”? LOL Unless you’ve made a major contribution to society, no one will give a damn about your family name.

      1. On the flip side, nobody in Einstein’s family made diddly squat contribution to humanity before he arrived. The Newtons, prior to Isaac, were nobodies for thousands of years. And the Write brothers came from a long line of nobodies with nothing added to society prior except “managed to reproduce”.
        We’re all a roll of the dice, including your kids. You never know if you’re going to get a lucky seven, or snake eyes.

      2. This is true but however you still need to procreate, if you fail to do that, you have pretty much failed your most biological function as a human being. Even though you might be a failure in life you did pass your genes and that has a huge psychological effect on you. At least it does for me.

        1. No you don’t NEED to procreate. You just think you need to. It does not matter at all of you pass your genes on or not.

    4. – You need women to have children and if you dont have children, you are a human failure. This is feminist tripe. –
      I know many girls and women who think Jesus as the ultimate apha male despite failing to produce any children. For Christ’s sake, they even refer to him as their ‘Lord’ , gnomesayin?

    5. – You need women to have children and if you dont have children, you are a human failure. This is feminist tripe. –
      Then what about this dude, you’ve gotta admit his K & D ratio was quite awesome.

  11. Absolutely correct: you WANT women but you don’t NEED them. If you needed them you’d die without them.

    1. Atomistically. From a DNA perspective you do need them, if you want your line to continue. Sad (honestly, sad) but true. So if you’re an atomist, which in women we call solipsism, then you’re golden. If not, well, you kinda need them if you have designs outside of your next trip to Maui.

      1. There are 7 billion other people out there “continuing their lines”. After I’m gone, I’m not too concerned about mine. If you want to make a difference in someone’s life, mentor someone your own age, or work on a cousin, niece, nephew, neighbor, etc. I’ve seen too many sons turn out to be addicts, thieves, dumbasses, etc. and too many daughters turn out to be sluts (there are some good posts about that here, even when raised correctly) to invest that much of my life in my “offspring” who may or may not respect or help me, and due to their generation and society, will be taught that they owe nothing to their elders.

        1. You get exactly what you invest with children. If you install a rational moral code in them from day one, things like school, friends, etc. all get filtered through this lens. Mistakes will be made, but the ultimate framework you give them AND maintain through consistency and rewarding virtue/punishing vice always brings them back to the correct way of living.
          Got a son and daughter. They’re doing great.

      2. The system developed before there was any understanding that sex was reproduction. Men don’t die for lack of it because there have to be guys ready to take over in case the alpha dies as well as to lend muscle to keeping the family/clan going — and also to outsmart the alpha and his females to get it on the side.

  12. people here acting like it’s such a huge effort to get laid…come on. it’s not hard to pull a decent 6-7 piece of ass. I agree that you shouldnt need women, but I can’t understand why dudes here are giving up on women because it’s “such an investment”.

    1. The actual experience of sex is enjoyable (hopefully and usually) but so much goes into it that emasculates the man and crushes his soul. He generally must lie to the woman (tell her a bunch of nice shit or exaggerate or promise things or just compliment her with things you don’t really believe about her), and then you must validate and approach them and engage in stupid soul-crushing discussion with them.
      The other day I went out to a bar, meeting a female there, and befriended 3 others who joined our table. The 3 new girls were absolutely horrible, texting and checking social media, and discussing who graduated college where and what type of BS job they had now, and how one was an “artist” living in NYC who just had her first art show after like a year, and it was in a 10×10 room and no one bought any of it (wonder how she is supporting herself there). I can’t even remember much more, because I try to forget the awful things they introduce to your brain, but even though one was an 8.5+ I just could not find motivation to engage her and give her validation as someone who deserves my attention or presence.
      Then if you do go through with the deed, you either go back to their hellhole where you see all the stupid things she surrounds herself with in her apartment or you bring her back to your place and have to dispose of her later. Sure, it’s not a big sacrifice to get laid, but sometimes I just don’t have the mental energy to expend and feel like I am killing myself a little bit by interacting with these vapid creatures.

      1. bro..most of my bangs have come from meeting a girl somewhere, getting her number. calling/texting her up a couple days later,picking her up,going back to my place,and banging. no soul crushing conversation. All of this woman hate IS NOT ALPHA. in fact it’s very very beta. you guys are half a step away from the beta pusses still crying about being friend zoned. my bangs rarely elicited a feeling of disgust. I feel good afterwards, just two attractive adults doing what we were made to do. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: THE CURRENT SOCIAL ATMOSPHERE IS TERRIBLE FOR BETAS AND LOSERS,BUT OVERWHELMINGLY GOOD FOR ALPHAS. A true alpha male in this climate is the happiest guy in town.

  13. Yeah, or you could do what Spartan and Theban warriors did to help each other forget women, and suck each others’ dicks. The vast majority of Ancient Greek men formed romantic attachments to other men, none more notable than the bonds formed in the most elite military regiments. The idea that such activity is an affront to masculinity was an invention of Abrahamic religions to keep men dependent on and loyal to women.
    The task of keeping that shame alive, and thus keeping men controlled, has been handed from traditionalists to feminists who now do so by ensuring homosexuality’s effeminate image is upheld, and thus prevent masculine men from wanting to have anything to do with it. Every time you shame another man for his androphilia, you are doing exactly what the Gynocracy wants.
    Feminists know how disasterous it would be for masculine men to form romantic relationships with each other. They’ve read the history books and they know what a real patriarchy looks like. And it looks like a bunch of warriors, leaders and citizens who can’t be manipulated by women at any level, not even a sexual one.

      1. Fair enough. But even if you don’t want to, those other men with bisexual potential leaving the arena of heterosexual courtship means less competition, and thus more pussy, for you.

    1. then the weaker feminine “bottom” men would take the role of women in the absence of male sexual desire for women, and would use manipulation/bitchassness to meet their ends. basic human sociology, someone will always fill certain roles.

      1. Right, and you’ve been involved in how many such relationships exactly, to be able to state this with such authority? In all my years of being romantically involved with other men, the situation you describe has occurred precisely zero times. The myth you are speaking of is an invention of the matriarchy and you’ve clearly swallowed it down as eagerly as I swallow dicks.

    2. Methinks you have an ulterior motive. In antiquity the Romans liked watching Gladiatorial duels to the death, feeding slaves to wild animals, etc, etc….. so we should follow their example???? Please practice your cottaging someplace else…..

      1. I don’t see how watching gladiatorial duels, sacrificing slaves, etc. helps liberate men from women’s sexual power?

      1. I don’t see why I should. Encouraging men with latent bisexual potential (not necessarily you, but others on this site) to go homo would reduce the number of men who are competing for women’s attention, thus re-balancing the sexual market in heterosexual men’s favour. Discouraging homosexuality in other men just makes it more difficult for you to get pussy. Congratulations, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

    3. Bro, Everything you said was 100% correct. And yes, the Spartans were the greatest warriors this world has ever seen. Thermopylae and all that shit. Hooray. Christianity is a plague. Jesus Christ is the biggest pussy in the history of planet earth. I curse Constantine for propagating that faggot, omega, bitch boy, jew.
      But I refuse to lick my own shit off of a 13 year old boy’s cock like the Greeks.

  14. the vast majority of women are poison, if you’re looking for a stable relationship with them then you’re screwed.
    I gave up on having anything long term with them, they’re not worth the hassle.

    1. it’s not the hassle – it’s the negative detrimental effect they have on you…. stress, drama, distraction, illness, you can even lose your sex drive in an LTR because she makes no effort to rock your boat…..

      1. The hassle sucks for prob a….majority I’d guess. Most guys do not like pick up and dating is extremely stressful. Most even know the infamous problems of LTRs but they still want LTRs because of the pain and waste of time of dealing with new bitches. But you’re damn right about longterm negative effects of women. Too bad most younger males will learn the hard way!

        1. Yeah, I tell my women friends the reason they can say dating is fun is this; if I could stand somewhere wait for multiple people to try to get to know me to take me out, take my pick of them, wait for them to call me and set up a place and time for an activity they choose (which I can of course scrunch my nose up at and have them totally rearrange everything), pick me up, pay for me, entertain me by carrying the whole conversation and then take me back home without me having to so much as kiss them or ever talk to them again. Hell! I would have a blast too.

        2. The lack of awareness of females.. Talk about privilege. To what extent does a woman lack awareness and understanding and to what extent does she know but simply does not care? Either way does not reflect well on the so called fairer sex. Women regularly exhibit a lack of understanding and empathy (favorite term of liberals/lefties these days) when it comes to men.

        1. That is the bumpersticker on my car, alomg with “My child is an honors student”.

  15. #1 pitfall of women is the time-thieves they become. They want to compartmentalize their lives, much like they do men, or anything else.
    When men compartmentalize women they start to win in life, even if that means putting them in a category no more important than the color of socks you’re wearing.
    All the b.s. texting, chatting, et al is what makes them feel stable and what wastes your time, productivity, and reroutes your fate.

    1. yes, exactly – and try maintaining a relationship with anyone (even a beta man), if you don’t stoop and operate on their level….
      if you don’t say happy christmas to the office colleague he’s pissed at you… if you don’t butter the boss the right way, no bonus for you …etc… women are like this ALL THE TIME.

      1. Because they have much bigger and more childish egos than men.
        Anytime a woman challenges a man on his ego he should dismiss her opinion as shit

    2. Right on… No matter what happens your life is subsumed by their wants and desires. You end up being their slave. Such is the power of pussy i guess.

  16. Jefe, we do not ‘all’ depend on women for validation. Most young men, perhaps.
    I don’t ‘deny this reality’ due to ‘masculine pride’. One of the biggest mistakes of prior U.S. generations was assuming that ‘everybody’ requires the validation of females for good spiritual and/or mental health. In fact, the opposite is true.
    It is females who should seek validation from men, not vice-versa. The validation of men only comes from Father — God.

    1. Ray I like that.
      I think about that every time.
      Women don’t go through the struggles like men do. We are still told to “suck it up and be a man,” (whatever that means, right?) while all they have to do is sit around and wait until they find a self-reliant, independent, resourceful man.

    2. After being baptized, Jesus came up immediately from the water; and
      behold, the heavens were opened, and he saw the Spirit of God descending
      as a dove and lighting on Him, and behold, a voice out of the heavens said, “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well-pleased.”

      1. Best possible example, thanks. This satisfaction also was revealed to certain apostles during the Transfiguration, as Father re-affirmed his choice under witness of Moses and Elijah.
        This world (satan’s world) conditions us to please Woman, and to make her our functional deity. Many modern ‘Christian’ churches are knee-deep in Romanticism, repeating the cultural errors of the Thirties though Sixties. They don’t serve God, they serve their female congregations and female communities.
        In the world that’s just ahead, the daily motivation of most folks will be to please God. Impossible as this now sounds, the ‘monetary system’ of the future will be behaving in ways that delight and please Father.

    1. So being needy and looking for women’s validation is hetero, but being your own man, looking down your own path, and choosing your way in life is homo?
      Explain please.

      1. You’ll have to wait until his girlfriend gets back from the club before she gives him an explaination to give to you.

  17. It is true we do not need women to exist as we need oxygen or food, shelter, water, etc. However we do need a reason to work other than mere selfish existence or we fall into depression. Perhaps the biggest difference between natural apex alphas and the rest of us learning to merely mimic their behaviors is this: an apex alpha really can be happy with a completely selfish existence. They require nothing outside of personal gain – whatever they define that to mean – to make them happy which is why they can be so non-chalant about women.
    A typical male needs a reason to work usually in the form of someone else to inspire him. This being ideally appreciates his efforts and gives him love and devotion for his sacrifices. This simple formula has been the focus of feminists attack for 100 years. Convince women that men are not worthy of any appreciation, get women “independent” via various income transfers and set asides, hand them extra “rights” in every legal area particularly family law, and you create a society that is by all accounts a tortuous hell for any normal man. Apex alphas who never need any motivation beyond looking out for number one flourish in this environment as does female cuntery, and every society destroying force imaginable.
    We the the ordinary workers must face the fact that we will never have what we need, we will not be loved, cared for or appreciated in the ways we want, and those who could do this hate us for these needs and will feel nothing but mild amusement if and when we swallow the business end of a shotgun. Yes the society needs ordinary men doing work to make it function but this reality is not on the radar of those who tax us, use us, and spit on us. Time to withdraw – this cannot be fixed and only fire and destruction will bring the changes needed. It’s too late for us but maybe the young children can have a better world.

    1. “A typical male needs a reason to work usually in the form of someone
      else to inspire him. This being ideally appreciates his efforts and
      gives him love and devotion for his sacrifices.”
      If you are one of those men, you need to take a real hard look at your life. Get a hobby. Learn something new. Get a dog. Train him. Feed him. Go on walks with him. You can trust him with your life.
      The society is beyond repair. Be selfish, my brother.

      1. Wise words indeed and you are preaching to the choir. Wanting a woman as anything more than a f**k toy in this day and age is not only foolish its a huge weakness – you are setting yourself up to be used.
        I am 44. And I am in the best shape of my life. Lifting weights everyday, making a good deal of money with no dependents or responsibilities, I am living the dream from the outside. Unfortunately I am one of those men and I admit it. I am not defending it as a lifestyle choice to be sure, I completely agree with you and realize my weakness the way a recovering drug addict knows that there is no such thing as just one more shot. The want however is there. Yes its a fantasy and yes in this day and age its unrealistic. 100 years ago it was common but now a nice girl who won’t ball bust you, fuck you over, divorce rape you, or just plain make everyday a painful experience is rarer than a dodo bird riding a moa.
        Good luck and thanks for your advice. Just dealing with my weakness one day at a time.

        1. When a man detached himself from the need of a woman, he can only achieve great things. Look at what a single man can accomplish:

        2. ^^^ This is all this guy does. I don’t think he’s married or has kids. I gotta see this doc. Bet he’s some Zen guy

        3. You have won half the battle by recognizing your weakness. The next half is erasing the weakness from your mind.
          I too had made myself vulnerable for a short period of time before I started seeing through society’s lies. Sacrificing my life for some parasitic creature that does not give a shit about me is not what I wanted to do.
          I quit looking for validation from others. I am happy. I wish to remain so for the rest of my life 🙂

    2. Get a dog. My fondest memories are when it was just by dogs and I. Talk about unconditional love; probably the only unconditional love you will ever experience outside your parent’s love.

  18. Look, you are not “required” to do anything. Get a degree, marry, have children, etc… In fact, you are allowed to be selfish if you want. Sample everything this short life has to offer as you wish. Too many people, I think, live their lives whether consciously or sub-consciously, relating where they are and where they are going to what is “assumed” to be what you are “supposed” to do. You are not required to follow any predetermined path. Do what you want to do. What makes you happy. Period.

  19. Yes! Exactly, Jefe!
    I’m 32 and though I would always want a harem of tight, white 21 year old chicks, I don’t need them.
    I can’t let them be the number one source of my happiness or priority for living a good life.
    I once gravitated towards a specific article (or perhaps articles) on ROK that talked about how (and I can only paraphrase) that a man’s life is not complete unless he is constantly fucking women, especially women from the ages of 18 to 24. That’s a horrible notion, because that makes one believe that life is not the best unless you’re fucking a woman(en).
    I believe women should be a compliment to your already good life, not a prerequisite to a good life.

  20. “You depend on women for validation. So do I. We all do.”
    Speak for yourself, brother. Those days are over for more and more of us.

    1. I think Jefe is a younger guy, and I definitely see where he’s coming from. American culture, especially commercial culture, is CONSTANTLY trying to normalize (and valorize) the male need for validation from females. Commercial television, including sports programming, is the absolute worst. It emasculates boys and men while selling them a version of masculinity that furthers the Feminine Imperative. The minds of boys and young men in America are drenched daily in the ‘requirement’ that they seek validation and approval from women, while serving as their Protectors. Otherwise, they aren’t real men.
      Constant propaganda, after three or four decades, eventually takes its toll. Guys are fifty years old before they start to realize the truth. By then, there’s a whole new generation of boys (increasingly fatherless) to propagandize.

  21. How can you guys depend on a woman for validation when they don’t give a shit about you as a man? They only want 20% of men and the rest are just castrated atm machines to them. Fuck them, wine, dine if you want but always on your terms. If she won’t put out then dump her ass and find one who will. I need food, sleep, but not a bitch

    1. “They only want 20% of men and the rest are just castrated atm machines to them.”
      Nope. This might sound good in some “manosphere” echo chamber but it is simple not true. Ugly, poor shit bags, worthless subhuman welfare scum are propagating worthless children. We’d be 7′ tall UFC fighters, MENSA members, flying around on jet packs if your statement was true.
      By Odin, I wish your statement was true.

      1. He didn’t say they were the “top” 20%. I find a lot of the women I have known to have had very questionable judgment in the realm of men.

        1. The 20% women go for is at both extremes of the male spectrum(true alphas, accomplished, successful men and the opposite dark triads, aka bad boys). The remainder of men in the middle of 80%.are pretty invisible to them without game.

        2. You’re correct. Women adore this mysterious, arbitrary 20% because they adore thugs losers scum and drug dealers just as much as millionaire cunts who pump and dump them. They want the top 10% and the bottom 10%: they hate the 80% in the middle; they hate average.
          Its becoming clear that this 20% is the group of men who affirmatively and absolutely treat them like garbage to be discarded.
          Can we learn something from this?

      2. Good point.
        The thing to remember is men build societies while women (or in charge) destroy society. So naturally, they want to populate the world with scumbags.

      3. Actually that is true. Women think the top. Men are scum. Alpha fucks. What men value is not what women value. Also. Intelligence is not an attraction trigger for women

      4. BLTN:
        Your statement would be correct if women were selecting for Mensa members. They aren’t. They are selecting for dark triad traits, psychopathy being the most attractive to them.
        The top 20% of men in a WOMAN’S eyes aren’t Mensa members or guys pulling down 1M/yr. They are guys who ride motorcycles, sell drugs, rob people and engage in other anti-social activities (not that riding a motorcycle is anti-social, I used to ride all the time; I’m talking “Sons of Anarchy” motorcycle riders, not “Joe Harley” from down the street).
        That’s the whole problem, women aren’t selecting men based on “good” criteria. I doubt most of us would be on here if women were selecting men based on their ability to provide for a family and their loyalty to that family. Women only look for those characteristics when they are desperate and, the moment “Mr. Motorcycle gang” comes back into town, they hop quickly back on that dick.
        If the “best” (hottest) women in the world were with the most intelligent/caring men, I don’t think we’d have much to talk about. But that is certainly NOT the case; the “best” women are typically with men who are, in many other’s eyes; scum.

    2. Marriage worked a lot better when it was treated like a business to both partners and was more consistent with nature. A man gave a woman a house to live in, in return she slept with him, did his laundry, cleaned his house, and cooked his food. That’s really not a bad deal at all, but now feminism has pushed women in to the workforce and shamed good women, and now nobody is happy.
      If your marriage is only tied together by Disney movie fantasies of finding “true love” and “there’s someone out there for everyone,” it is sure to not last very long. There has to be a tangible exchange in Marriage. There has to be a yin & yang effect.

  22. I will say i enjoy that older men post about their experiences in here. It makes me believe more and more in the way i feel about modern “dating” culture. I use to think that maybe i just sucked and maintaining relationships because most of my sexual encounters have come in the form of one night stands it actually lead me to try and change my approach but then i got no play whatsoever. So now i just try and play the nice “beta” guy for girls that bit on that stuff and then if i dont get laid just go to a club after and work it out from there

  23. “You depend on women for validation. So do I. We all do. Possibly the hardest part of the red pill to swallow is accepting that we all desperately long for the attention and affection of females. We’re biologically programmed to want to have sex with them, and we’re socially conditioned to seek their approval. There’s no way around this.”
    At this moment I’m convinced that men are more misguided and lost in their own bullshit than women could ever be.
    Good luck, gents. Good luck.

      1. Notice how there wasn’t a single logical argument point being constructed? Just a disparaging remark being made with no supporting case.

    1. Wow, so many of your previous comments were pretty accurate. Then you completely fell off the rails with this. And the citation frrom the intro paragraph? When it is exactly what the author rebuffs? Are you outside of your mind right now? High? Drunk?

  24. This is something I’ve needed to work on for awhile, women have become central in my life. I’m constantly talking to them or about them with friends or in places like this.
    It’s nice to be reminded and refocused toward a real purpose like self improvement, because the gratification I get from accomplishing personal goals is ten times as satisfying as getting a girls number.

  25. Sadly, there will always be white knight pussy beggars. Thankfully, the female worshippers will provide me a lifetime of entertainment watching them chronically get fucked over by their gods.

    1. Yes, it is always mildly entertaining when I go out and see some beta guy holding hands with a fatty. It just always blows my mind that some guys are willing to be with a 3/10.

      1. It actually makes me cringe when the male is obviously of much higher quality than the snarl-pig he’s with. If he’s in decent shape, good facial features, well dressed, clearly doing well for himself, and he’s holding the hand of an openly bitter looking fat ass tatted up Millenial chick I often get the strong urge to walk over to him and give him an instructional smack across the face while yelling “You can do better than this dude! Get some self respect!”.

        1. the dinner bill is much more expensive with a fattie. If you take her to a buffet, then you might as well forget about getting laid for the next 48 hours.

  26. Personally I find myself with pure boredom of women in general. Apart from their bodies that are falling apart at drastic speed (strangely, even the female form is starting to fall apart in my brain), they have nothing to offer: No warm/nurturing nature, no hobbies, no interests, no opinions, no security, no female skills. Everything they do only serves the goal of being selected and having their egos validated by branch swinging. The female brain hasn’t caught up to the sickness of the culture that feminism has left behind and I don’t think it will anytime soon.
    Although my life has drastically improved since taking the red pill and I feel great, I must be depressed I’m not even horny anymore. Just think of the tedious work and enormous amount of bullshit you have to go through, just so her simple brain can decide whether or not to open her legs. I literally don’t give a fuck for the feeling of approval by women anymore. When you understand their psychology, approval by women becomes utterly worthless.
    This even messes with my game because I’m tired of appearing funny/interesting and displaying alpha traits and spiking their stupid emotions and all this bullshit. I know exactly what they are thinking when I say this or do that and it bores the living shit out of me to observe their predictability.

    1. What you are experiencing brother is enlightenment. The light has been lit; now go and create something, light a fire in other minds like this post.

  27. I just took the red pill. Im in a transitionary state right now and need some shit cleared up quick. I get being masculine and tearing down feminism for what it has been created to be is a necessity for the manosphere or whatever. Trust me, Im done getting screwed over and being the nice guy. Some articles on here are contradicting though as far as approach, game, rules, and ideals go. I need to know what level of respect, if any, I will give to women in general. We’ve been brought up to believe all women should be respected, but I think not all women are fucking goddesses of impact. Some need to be dominated and have their egos destroyed. Also, what are the rules regarding women who are friends and nothing more? Women I have no interest in sexually or don’t need sex from but will get with them either way. Why am I apprehensive to hand out the red pill to my friends when it’s clear that it fucking works? Lastly, Im three months away from hitting 21 and applying all this shit that matters. What’s the first step and/or most importantly rule or mindset I need to have, what do I need to understand or read to get with this change and be MORE.

    1. Buy a copy of Roosh’s book “Bang” and Machine-Gun approach. Like all skills, you don’t start off as a lvl 100 shaman warrior.
      Basically, you don’t practice something until you get it right, you practice it until you can’t get it wrong.

      1. awesome wording Tusker. I always tried to be alpha from 22 years old. I kept getting it wrong until 40. spot on brother!

    2. don’t put on some cloak of fake attitude…. learn inner confidence, positive body language, speak like you mean business… but don’t puff up like a drunk hockey player… relax and find your zone…
      be indifferent and cheeky to women, and pretty much everyone… it takes practice and many mistakes, it will come in time… being confident and assertive doesn’t mean being rude and demeaning.
      you don’t try to convert people, let them learn from their own mistakes, when you are a confident and worthy individual, people will naturally seek your advice, until then you are just shooting hot air and wearing down your own energy…. live and let die… the student seeks out a teacher, it’s no one’s job to pontificate….
      we write stuff here for our own benefit and for feedback… not because we know any better than anyone… it’s a big temptation to try and shout the discoveries to the world, but the world will by and large look at you like an imbecile and find your weak spots… better to hide your light, especially to start with…
      eat well, exercise, read, remain conscious, numb yourself to insecurities and become outcome independent…. lose friends that don’t matter and that are weak, let them chase you, let the girls chase you…. at the beginning it’s lonely, in time you gather more gravity and things are ‘attracted’ to you…. allow yourself time…

    3. I am not paid to say this, but when I was 20 years old, I wish I would of had the BANG audiobook. I would sit & meditate with my eyes closed & listen to the words of Roosh V as if they were meant for me to hear when I was your age. (Even though I am not particularly crazy about the voice-over guy for that book)
      If you can’t afford it for now, think of it as an investment. In the mean time, some Youtube videos of 2003 Tom Leykis or more modern Roosh V will help you forge your own basic logic, philosophy & manifesto for your journey.

  28. All the good logical points in this article will fly straight out the window the minute the next smoking hot girl smiles right at me. Because lust and infatuation aren’t logical. So, awesome points and all, but I’m in my 20s, and whenever I meet someone gorgeous I’m not gonna remember a thing about how I don’t really ‘need’ her. Her physical presence is gonna have much more power over me than this online article. Sad but true.

    1. look at the girl and know she’s had 100 she-thought-they’re-the-shit cocks before you, look at the girl and know you’re 101, look at the girl and know, know, that there will be a 102nd she-thinks-he’s-the-shit cock after you, and then see if you’re still smiling a shit-eating grin.
      turning off your dick is simple. it’s not about you, you’re a clown. it’s not about yea, she’s had some, but rather the greater truth, she’s had alot, and she’s thought they were all better than you, every time, even now, and well past tomorrow.
      now, repeat. you will feel better.

  29. Saying something, typing out an article, even logically realizing some idea or concept in your head is one thing. It might even be really easy. But actually internalizing it is so so so hard. Because internalizing something is like muscle memory, it’s a state of mind that automatically kicks in without you having to consciously thin about it. And muscle memory is only acquired after you’ve completed and perfected the same motion or action 1000 and more times

  30. From the Pussy Wasteland Article comments section, nothing more to be said…
    First, the real silver lining. Even if you lose, you win.
    Given everything you have heard about marriage, read about, the statistics
    of it, how miserable married men are, then if you are beyond a dry spell and
    into a 100 year drought, then in the end you still win.
    Because you avoid marriage and truly destructive and parasitic reality of
    having a woman in your life.
    So you have this chance to build your own life, alone, of rock, concrete,
    and steel, and no one will be able to take it away from you.
    And you will have it when you are older and need it.
    Second, I want to impress on you how long life is. People keep saying
    “Life is short”. But it isn’t. It doesn’t end when you’re 35. You are
    nowhere near old at 45. That designation doesn’t even begin statistically until
    55, and I promise, at 55 you won’t feel a damn bit different then you did at
    30. 65 is the new 55. That’s when you will finally admit to yourself “Ok,
    I’m old”.
    So even if you are in a bad place right now. It won’t last forever. Life is
    baseball, it’s a long season.
    The key is using the time to accomplish the important things you need to get
    done to properly connect the various phases of your life in a constructive
    manner and to prepare for the next phase. If you can’t or won’t move now, then
    prepare to move. If you are not lucky right now then prepare to get lucky.
    Lift weights. Every day forever. Nothing fights aging like lifting weights.
    Then when your day comes, you will be prepared. Nothing changes your
    relationship with women more than having muscles. Nothing. Short of 10,000,000
    dollars. I’m 6’3″. Muscles are more important than height. Much more.
    Having height is a check box. Having muscles is an attractor.
    Save money. If you are not in good place now, then don’t throw cash away on
    stupid shit. Save it then later when you will have more options and saving
    gives you resources to do something with them. Ideally when you 45, you get out
    of the country. That takes cash. Save money, reduce the nature of how you live
    so you can save.
    Protect your skin from the sun. Wear jeans instead of shorts more of the
    time. Wear a long sleeve shirt. Put sun block on your face. Wear tennis shoes
    instead of sandals. Avoid the sun. I promise there will be day at sometime in
    your future where you have an opportunity. And while you are getting dressed
    for it you will look in the mirror and you will beg God for one more day to
    look young. It may not seem to be a big deal to you now. But looking 45 when
    you are 50 will be a big deal one day. Wrinkles, sun damage on your arm from
    sticking it out of an open window, on your hands, even on your feet, will add
    up. Fat, wrinkles, skin blotches do more to make you look older than gravity
    will. Grow a fucking beard now if nothing is going on. Save your face until
    later when something is going on.
    Go back to school. Night school, online school, whatever. Luck is where
    preparation meets opportunity. Prepare to be lucky.
    Get aggressive at work, about work, about your career. Start a blog about
    your occupation, your profession, then use the blog to meet people in your work
    sphere. Say “I’m writing an article about your thing. Could I talk to you
    about it.” Then get them into a LinkedIn relationship.
    Basically, inner game.
    So surviving a pussy wasteland is done by making you a better you. This time
    without a woman in your life is a gift. You are just too young, dumb, all full
    of com to realize it.

  31. The EASIEST way to free your self from the need for women is to engage in Prostitution and Porn. Nothing devalues something by consuming a lot of it. Those two things can get you there pretty quick. BUT you have listed these two solutions as things to stay away from. Feminists and the government understand this very well. Dont know why this isn’t obvious to you. Your choice.

    1. Wrong. Prostitution doesn’t evacuate the need for female approval and neither does porn. You’ll get used and eventually need more than that.
      I’ve done it.
      If this were meant to work, Germany would be the happiest place on earth for men.
      Going full monk or enterely devoting yourself to an ideal (batman-style) would be the ideal solution.
      But how many men are truly willing to do that ?

      1. Well you might be right because i was thinking of the physical need for women and sex, because i think that, that is actually all we need from women biologically. You are talking about the notion that women can love us back the way we love them. Which is a socialized issue. I dont think that women fall in love with us, evolution did not give them that ability. SO get rid of your socialization, and the stop teaching boys that they need the love of a woman, it doesn’t exist, all that is needed is for her to extract your resources, she will put on the greatest act to get it too. Go and read the book by Esther Velar.

        1. I already read it.
          I fully agree with you.
          But what I want to say is that men do not go after women only for sex, but also a lot because they’re trying to fulfifll a need of achievement, that they feel they have to waste on women.
          And prostitutes and porn doesn’t replace it.
          You’ll surely have noticed, that when you get that sense of achievement in other fields about which you’re very passionate, you don’t care that much about women and your sexual needs.

        2. I agree with using strippers and prostitutes between the ages of 18-21. It devalues pussy and you can use a condom and still get pleasure. Once it is no big deal to you, approaching women is much easier.

  32. Awesome, awesome post. There is a lot of non-sense crap in RoK, but this single piece is worth the whole site.

  33. Perhaps castration may be the ultimate, best solution to not need women, but still want them LOL, although the concept of want implies a certain degree of need. It’s hard to dissociate from the relationship between want and need since one implies the other one somehow.
    Anyway, I want women, but I feel that right now I’m not horny, and thus I don’t need them. Maybe it’s a question of time, of the level of horniness. And also of control of desire. I self-impose that I don’t need them consciously/mentally, but then, after a while, it’s the body’s subconscious/biological desire that corrupts my mind.

  34. I became an Alpha male after getting involved with group sex with my Melanie and it going beyond my control. Alpha is the way to be. We don’t need women.
    Edit: Melanie, my ex gf

  35. The more I read this website is the more I wonder about the link with first world societies, feminism and horrible women. It seems to be that very prosperous societies are prime for this degradation. I live in the Caribbean, and while feminism is definitely present, it is not even close to being as bad as how it seems to be in the U.S. I know a good amount of generally decent women who are attractive and also have nice personalities. These are educated women, mind you. Granted, the whore culture is getting more rampant because my age group is plugged into American media. Cable TV, the internet, the music etc. However, these sluts stop riding the carousel much earlier than women in the U.S., with most starting their husband hunt at 21-23. I don’t know if it’s just my social circle, but most of the guys I know are players and not beta.
    I travel to the U.S. twice a year. I’m finishing up law school where I live and I have been a green card holder for a number of years. I’ve been in tune to game for about 3 years now so I do pretty well for myself. This website has seriously got me contemplating whether it’s a good idea to move to the U.S. some day. Maybe I should stay where I can find a good amount of decent women.

    1. It’s not so much prosperity itself that makes for fertile ground for feminism, but rather the socialist policies in those prosperous nations. The welfare state turns women into insufferable “I-DONT-NEED-NO-MAN-TO-TAKE-CARE-OF-ME” *finger wagging, head bopping* wenches.

        1. It’s a little complicated but I’ll try and gather my thoughts on it (rebuttals and informed opinions from anyone russian or living in russia would be helpful too);
          1. They don’t eat like pigs feeding at the McDonalds/KFC trough.
          2. Even in the best of times, communist russia never had a welfare program as extensive as the USA has currently, where lower-class women are incentivized and encouraged to churn out one bastard child after another from different sperm donors.
          3. There are more women than men in russia (I think this is the biggest reason for their feminine appeal). The luxury of choice was, and still is, in men’s favour over there (thank the two world wars for that), meaning that women can’t afford to get fat, sloppy and entitled because their men can simply drop their ass and pick up a younger, hotter and tighter chick that would be willing to do her ‘feminine duties’ instead, unlike america where finding women who don’t tip the scale past 180lbs @ 5’4″ is a hard find outside of major cities (like NYC) and upper class neighborhoods.
          TL;DR version wealth does play a role, but socialist programs that disenfranchise men and reward women just for being born with a vagina (welfare, affirmative action, unreasonable divorce and domestic abuse laws), media outlets that ridicule, mock and shame men for their masculine ways and promote degenerate movements like fat acceptance plays a bigger role in turning women into insufferable cunts,
          This link below is helpful too, culture always plays a part in the shaping of any society, and especially its women.

    2. If you live in Caribbean, I’d say that for me personally, there are only a hand-ful of places in the mainland I’d research as a possible destination…
      You get (from what you described) a good pool of local talent & also tourist chicks i’d have to imagine….

  36. Speaking as a happily married male, I do not envy my single fellow soldiers one bit. Most women these days cannot fit the basic criteria. Finding a fit, intelligent, interesting, child free woman is seemingly impossible nowadays, unless you drop down to college age girls. But, if you are the type of male looking for a LTR, they are also a potential trap. Most want kids, most have shitty eating and drinking habits. Oh, and then there is the worry of finding a crazy one that falsely screams “rape”. Fuck…that.

  37. The ultimate and most dignified resistance form, would be full celibacy.
    But who has the will for that nowadays ?
    I would be very interested in reading Brother Cui’s approach on celibacy.

  38. My last relationship was in 2004. Thats it. 10 years without a static woman at my side and know what ? It´s great. I have no lows that are caused by an emotional retard with whom i cant talk to like with a buddy. Like having a different oppinon on a matter without an emotional outburst of the opposing side and guilt and all this depressing female shit they throw at you (dont do this and do that blahblah) just to make your mood fucked up.
    I appreciate myself way more and know what. Since i have this I´m myself and no one else I see woman with different eyes. I can lie at them and dont feel any guilt. I give a fuck about cheating them just to get my goal done. Fuck them. Do what you feel is right and dont attach yourself to them. No wonder that you can compare our human females to spiders. There is a reason why you should never be emotionaly engaged with them in our times. And here is my short experience.
    I was an asshole and the girls loved me.
    I was such a knight who did everything and they bent me over and spit into my open bloody wounds.
    Thats telling!
    Peace brothers 😉
    I dont like celibacy. Fucking is great. Just to be sure you dont be an idiot afterwards and think that having always a mediocre fuck later on is the same as love romantic bullshit. There is no love. Just habit or a realy good companion with tits.

    1. “Oh and i dont sit and pee. I would never ever allow any woman again to tell me I have to pee like a woman.”
      My life is now complete knowing how urine exists your body.

  39. This article is depressing, unless your incarcerated, seriously mentally retarded or lacking in some other way that prevents you from enjoying women, it’s counter productive to try to rationalise or justify your lack of success with women. There’s no crime in being INCEL ( involuntary celibate ), if you are voluntary celibate, for instance in the case of a Monk or a Priest, then that’s a different discussion, and yes those Men don’t need women, but then again those Men don’t seek pleasure.

    1. You dont understand the article at all. Read again!
      There is a difference in your thoughts when you know = feel = has internalized and realized that you can want them but still you dont need them. Means you dont have to pussyworship and beg (in the new age language dating the way our precious woman wants it) Thats a feeling of self esteem and not a depressing fact. You value yourself more then your wish for them that is caused by their presence! Pretty simple. This is an anti slave mentality that means freedom from feministic brainwash!

    2. What he saying is like this.
      From your house to your work it is 10 miles.
      If you can walk 10 miles you have a choice. You can use your car or you can walk. You do not NEED your car. If fuel prices would be 1000% from now you could decide to rather walk for example.
      If on the other hand you are not able to make it more than 2 miles with your bad leg, you do absolutly need a car. You have no choice. If fuel prices go to the moon you will still buy because have no choice.
      Got it now?

  40. i completely agree with what you’re saying jefe and its a noble aim, but i think the majority of men require externally validating factors of abundance (i.e fucking enough that they can believe they are selective/chefs rather than scavenging/thirsty) rather than the fake-believe it, until you make-believe it style of mindset.
    its like krausers article on the difference between abundance (externally validated) versus alpha (internally generated)
    His main premise being that most male celebs by virtue of their access to high quality women and socially perceived high value are abundant, and subsequently reflect a lifestyle and behaviours that come about from that. Its environmentally led not belief led. The problem with this is though, when fame wains, so does their self value.
    Alpha mindset people are internally generated winners. These are people like victor, people like mike, and so on. They did the hard grind, but more than that they believe in themselves to an almost insane degree which pushed them through above and beyond the rough patches.
    My point is that for many from transitioning from beta or lesser to alpha/redpill/whateveryouwannacallit a degree of truth is required.
    I can tell myself all day that i’m great with women and i don’t need their validation, but unless i field test this, and through experience over and over prove to myself and my inner doubts that yes i am a picky eater and selectively want the finest cuts of meat instead of a bottom dollar get-it-while-its-hot foodgrabber, that mindset ain’t going to stick.
    For most to have a alpha mindset independent of needing women (commonly known as not giving a fuck) you need to have had many women in the first place to realise deeply, implicitly and subconsciously that you don’t really need them at all. And that requires experience and putting in the hours. There’s no way of winning without putting work in*
    *There is one exception to this, succeeding in something, an area of life, skill or achievement (usually life threatening, overcoming illness whatever) that has truly made you not give a fuck.
    If you grew up in wartorn liberia and lifted yourself out of poverty, and came and worked hard and rose up in a western country, are you really gonna have any trouble slaying pussy? hell no, because your experiences were sufficiently brutal that overcoming them has embedded the not giving a fuck mindset deep into your system. Thats what the value of well directed, well placed hard work is. You just don’t sweat the little things as much. Thats not to say you can take it easy, there are times in my life where i’ve had sufficient shit that has made me temporarily reach that point mentally of being ‘based’ or whatever the word is. But overtime that feeling wained again as the subtle bullshit minutiae of life ate away at me, and i let myself grow weak all over again.
    TL;DR: For most gaining abundance comes before achieving freedom. The exceptions being achievement or overcoming an obstacle so severe or difficult its made you a person that no longer sweats the little things. This feeling can be temporarily achieved, but real mindset shifts only take place through experience that hits the very centre of who you are as a person.

    1. True.
      In short you are saying:
      The degenerate, soft
      western guy who was pampered all his live needs constant external
      validation how great he is, because deep inside he knows if he lost
      everything he would be reduced to nothing.
      The barbarian who
      knows nothing about manners, does know one thing. How to survive under
      any circumstances. Because of this he gives a shit and nothing bothers
      him. He started with nothing and still crushed. Should he loose
      everything he could regain it again.
      THAT is real confidence. This is what makes women wet.
      It is also the reason why 85% of man are betas or worse even when they are red-pill, have a good job, and did learn some game.
      is the lack of hard real-life experience. The taste of your own blood.
      The look in the eyes of the other after he received that knock-out blow.
      Beeing put in a cell. Going to bed hungry. The list is endless.
      These things make you strong.

  41. So what about the bible when it’s says “is not good for a man to be alone”? Does god knows about the consequences of men being alone?

        1. Exactly, just a bunch of guys. I could compile a “bible” from the posts in this blog alone and call it a religion. Add some festivities during the solstice and equinox and Bob’s your savior 😉

  42. I don’t want to free my self for women, I still love women. Just find a away to talk to and sex with

  43. Much as I don’t like to admit it, I’m just a happier, better man when I’m getting laid consistently. I’ll never be over my need for women.

  44. I dont give a fuck about getting pussy or not to be completely honest you probably think im lying but im not i really could not be bothered. Ya ill go out and wheel girls and if i get some pussy which i do – I dont want to brag but im a pretty handsome mother fucker but if i dont i dont give a shit ill keep it moving and enjoy the rest of my night. I dont understand these fuck tards who actually wont take an L for the night and go empty handed they need pussy and will go to any costs to get it even if they have to take a pig home theyll do it, i dont know about you guys but if i was horny and didnt get something i wanted i wouldnt resort to some fat or ugly scraps thats left overs at the bar when the night is done and they turn the lights on and everyone is ugly as sin. Ill take an L go home make some booty calls because you always gotta have some girls on your team sittin on the bench if you know what i mean and if that dont work throw on my favourite porn star and jerk off i dont a fuck gotta get that nut when you gotta get that nut. One of my boys had this BETA and i mean fucking B E T A point dexter fuck boy roommate this mother fucker use to get all spiffy and go out to the bar and would never get any pussy and this mother fucker would come back from the bar CRYING because he never got any pussy and my Alpha buddy was smashing bare pussy b this guy was PULLING left right and center while his beta roommate would sit in his room and listen to this guy put in work on the sluts he would bring home and ball his eyes out probably jerking off to it that freaky mother fucker .

  45. Don’t get the whole “woman are mean I don’t need a woman craze” I think there is Homosexual undercurrent to that. So your not going to be with woman now, ok are you going to start fuc##### dudes? Think it is misguided in the fight against feminist culture .

    1. Feminist shaming here. Not liking women doesn’t necessarely means being a poopster.
      It itsn’t a binary system.

        1. Not saying that you are, just saying that this binary thinking system is the source of their power.

  46. So how do you fight the need when all of your cousins are either married or have a girlfriend? (Im the only one in my clan thats single and I honestly think it sucks)

    1. why fight the need? approach every attractive woman that you would date and ask for their number. it’s a numbers game. Once you get what you want, then you hit it, quit it, or date it. Why is that a tough concept to understand ?

      1. Im not really good with girls bro. I only had 2 girlfriends. However im a former blue piller who digested the redpill around fall 2013

    2. I promise you that much of the time these family members of your are envious of that fact that you are living by your own rules & you’re the master of your own domain.
      Remember…You’re not dating somebody, you’re dating everybody. Enjoy your freedom & tread carefully.

  47. Your outlook on “not needing women” is completely different when you can have sex at the ring of a bell. I remember when I had a dry-spell in the past. It lasted at some times over several months. Didn’t put much effort in meeting women. I remember how much I wanted to F something decent. You can rationalize all you want when you see a hot chick, biology is stronger. You need women as a hetero sexual man. Now, being aware of the female psyche, the dangers and bs of relationships is a good thing, but you don’t have to forswear women.

  48. Not all men are cut-out for a life of peace, quiet, loneliness & solitude. Some require that female companionship as my father does & some dream of a life with a big family. I thank God with each passing day that I can live a life where I don’t desire a child, a roommate or a girlfriend. Although I will admit, having a nice looking girl in a semi-dating relationship is very invigorating for the first 3 or 4 months.
    I think each man should think of himself as the stock market. Each passing day you are not married & have no kids, your stock goes up. So why would you sell your stock? If you’re a man who wants to have children & devote himself to 1 woman, ok, sure, whatever. But I would advise to plan this for sometime at the age of 40 & after a pre-nup assuming you own property, make decent money, planning a child, ect.
    Mans physical prime = ages 25-40
    Mans stabile prime = ages 40-55
    Womans physical prime = ages 18-30
    Womans stabile prime = post divorce &/or childbirth

    1. Wow, I guess you have never looked at average 40 yo guy? They are FAT SLOBS, very short, or sometimes both.. Some have no hair whatsoever, they are BALD. Or then they are superthin, no muscle-tissue… Uhh.. 🙁 I’d say mans prime is between 18-30.

  49. DO:
    1.) What you want, when you want
    2.) Put your needs, wants & feelings first.
    3.) Use your acquired knowledge & skills
    4.) Channel your desire over any insecurities
    5.) Accept yourself always
    6.) Present yourself in a way you want
    7.) Pick-up things you like…not stuff that’s trendy
    8.) Live in your own reality
    9.) Control the tempo on your interactions with women
    10.) Have high expectations of women
    11.) Expect your woman to be attractive & kind
    12.) Be willing to walk away
    13.) Choose how to spend your free time
    1.) Ask a woman for permission
    2.) Qualify yourself
    3.) Concern yourself with rejection or social failure
    4.) Let anyone’s judgment, laughter or dirty looks stand in your way
    5.) Explain faults or failures
    6.) Brag about your successes
    7.) Validate yourself by means of a woman
    8.) Care about what others think
    9.) Conform to trends
    10.) Waste money on shit you don’t need
    11.) Apologize for your sexual needs
    12.) Hide your intentions with a woman
    13.) Wait for a woman to serve your needs
    14.) Let a woman lead the interaction
    15.) Service a girl with free food, drinks or gifts
    16.) Accept a woman’s bad behavior

  50. There is something that separates men of esteem and men of mediocrity.That something is control. Control not over other men, because that is something that comes with greatness, and greatness is first required.
    Self-restraint, self-awareness achieves self-esteem for men of gold. Having no control over your impulses, your biological imperative, makes you akin to the everyday man. These men are toyed with, simply through their internal secretions, and conscious decision making is something these men are not aligned with, no matter how much they may believe. Fighting these unnecessary urges and feelings is the feeling of
    greatness, giving in every time gives them no value.
    Choosing when to give in, is most important.

  51. We need other people, community. I think we need women, it’s just that women are completely worthless for fulfilling their duties (some of them), so it makes it hard to find a good woman to work with.

      1. Only if one is a total fucking moron.
        Humans are social creatures. Only special types of psychopaths have no need for human contact.
        The author has said eliminate the ‘need’, not the want. Just remember to place women in the same category as a good dog, a great ride, or a decent dwelling… They are a possession we are capable of doing without as a person (although obviously we cannot do without them as a species)
        If your car is wrecked, your dog keeps attacking children, your house falling apart, or your woman worthless, you need to ditch them as quickly as any other unworking possession…
        Just remember the most important thing… men do not NEED women for survival… women NEED men for survival. Mindy Irwin is NOT equal to Bear Grylls.

  52. I learned from my x and gals is that I don’t need the stress and I can just walk away.

    1. We only want you women for that floppy, loose sandpaper hole, nothing more. Don’t flatter yourself, Bunny.

  53. Just fuck them. That’s all they want anyway. A night, a week, a month, by then, they’re all stale dated anyway. Then, the next, and the next. You don’t need any PARTICULAR hole, just any hole will do, they’re interchangeable. I think that’s what the article was about. It certainly takes no effort to find a hole to poke, women are so easy and accepting of dick if not roses and dates. Funny how feminism works. We get more of what we want, fucking, dump them, find another, rinse, repeat. I’m not sure why these guys complain about our slutty, feminist society. Keep your distance, free-lance so your own career prospects aren’t damaged by feminism then enjoy the decline. Easier still is to disabuse them of any notion they’re equal, anything but dopes, weak and as useless as can be except for those three holes. Simple concepts. There is no woman equal to any man that doesn’t allow himself to be weaker. No woman can’t be put in her proper place. None. Not one.

  54. Sex with women is a biological need, so unless you want to become a eunuch, plan your life accordingly.

  55. My uncle is 55, think that he doesn’t need woman. Guess what? HE IS BEING SINGLE AND VIRGIN. WOMAN WILL NOT COME TO HIM. That silly “I don’t need woman” doesn’t work.

  56. Don’t publish articles like this. 😉 I am dating a guy who is very nice but completely fine with or without women

  57. Once I lovingly stopped giving a fuck, my life changed dramatically. I don’t need women in my life for it to be grand. They are icing on the cake. Not the cake.

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