You Should Go Out When The Weather Sucks

Not everyone is fortunate enough to live in a climactic paradise of perpetual sun, skimpy clothing, and smooth vajayjays. If your city is less than ideal in this respect, you need to push through the inertia and hit the streets twice as hard when the weather is bad.

The simple act of getting out in these situations will help minimize several demographics that stand in your way of gaming beautiful women:

1. Couples

“Oh honey it’s rainy out, let’s stay in and play with Pookums/watch a movie on the couch/avoid overtly acknowledging the monotony of our existence.” People in relationships are actively looking for reasons to stay home instead of patronizing the “creepy” bar scene, and are unlikely to brave the elements so they can pay $15 for a pair of Miller Lites. This also cuts down on committed women who are out with their friends, since the combination of bad weather and not looking for men is often enough to keep them home in pajamas even if they want to be social.

2. Bros who only care about getting drunk

“Fuck this rain, brah. Let’s kill this 30 rack of Keystone and play Halo.” These creatures may or may not pose a serious threat to your game, but they can take up space, make it more difficult to get a drink at the bar, and generally sour the atmosphere of your favorite laid-back pickup spot.

3. Large groups of girls out for no particular reason

Only when they are period-free, went to yoga class, are feeling adventurous, someone else is paying, and Halley’s comet is nigh will typical American girls get off the couch, put makeup on, and go out in public. Crappy weather is just another barrier to achieving this activation energy. Women in big groups are often difficult to approach and more likely to have a cockblocking mother hen among them, so their absence improves your expected value for every approach.


Which populations does bad weather not dissuade as much?

1. Girls who are out looking for men

2. Guys who are serious about the game.

“Bad weather game” is frenetic. You must be ready to bounce venues early and often, and the usual patterns of demographics and timing at your favorite places do not necessarily apply. You should be prepared for worse guy/girl ratios and fewer people on the scene in general.

The upside? You are likely to see a higher percentage of approachable girls, since they had a compelling reason to put themselves in a situation to meet people despite the obvious inconveniences. Bad weather can work particularly to your advantage if you have good logistics — say, an apartment within quick walking distance. Craft your approaches towards dropping small bait about about your lifestyle, and be ready to have a good reason (new music to listen to, a special drink, an impressive view) to suggest moving to your nearby warm and dry lair.

Going out in bad weather may seem counterintuitive, but it presents one option for optimizing your nights out and maximizing the power of your approaches when others are unwilling to grind. If your game is tight and you are looking to take fewer but higher-percentage shots, you need to go out when the weather sucks.

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16 thoughts on “You Should Go Out When The Weather Sucks”

  1. “Craft your approaches towards dropping small bait about about your
    lifestyle, and be ready to have a good reason (new music to listen to, a
    special drink, an impressive view) to suggest moving to your nearby
    warm and dry lair.”
    Oh…it’s that easy ? Is that all it takes ? lol….seriously…you guys…sometimes.
    Great article nonetheless;some interesting and valid points

    1. Tight game(plus looks if you took the time to lift weights and kick ass in a MMA gym) and yea it’s that easy. Sometimes the girl will actually join you without you asking all the way to your house. You’ll have to invite her to join you as she seamlessly enters into your journey so she doesn’t feel like some weirdo following you around or she’ll bug out and leave unexpectedly. But yea mileage may vary.

    2. If your logistics are taken care of, as it suggests in the article, then yes something as simple as talking about music is all it takes.

  2. I live in a sunlit region. On rainy days there is a certain kind of introvert romantic melancholic people who go out just to enjoy the unusual feeling of rain. They require a very customized type of approach, in my experience.

      1. I was born in a town that had not seen snow since my dad was 8 years old and did not see it again until I was about that same age. Today, decades later, when I visit the town again I see photographs of that day when the town became white. I see those framed photographs in bars, in homes… It captivated people’s imagination. Quaint Christmas cards once became true.
        To a lesser degree, something similar happens with rainy days in arid regions.
        One of my daily activities is to take long walks. It has become second nature to notice who is taking a walk and who is going somewhere. When it rains you can see some people who are rushing to get home or to the nearest cab or subway. But you can also see others who are in no hurry at all, just enjoying the rain.
        The city where I live now is Madrid. Sometimes we go through several months of dry weather with no rain. However, there is a large mountain ridge nearby that gets triple rain than the city. Because of this, Madrid has many large well-watered parks. And that’s where you can see people taking walks.
        These people are the exception to the rule that Spaniards love to drink sangria in loud beach parties under the summer sun. They are generally quiet, introverted, melancholic types, unlike the typical Madrileño or Andalusian who will approach you as a true echaopalante (thrown forward).
        So, obviously, the approach that easily succeeds with the extroverted outspoken easy-going Mediterranean is not the best in this case.

  3. You forgot one thing: Why would girls ever go out during shitty weather (rain, snow, very cold…)?

  4. I live in Boston and we just had one of the most epic snowstorms in recent history. My roommate and I went out on Friday night during the brunt of the storm and there were A LOT of people out. The extreme weather gets people out of their comfort zone and they are much more friendly, open, and relaxed.
    One interesting story from the night are the two sisters who approached us and struck up a conversation. Both were in the 7-8 looks range, keep in mind, it wasn’t a night to get real done up or look your best. There was already a foot of snow on the ground and the wind was blowing upwards of 50 mph, but, they looked good. I digress. Within 3 minutes of a pretty normal conversation, the better looking of the two offered to buy me a drink. Now, I’ve been out a lot in my life. I’ve NEVER had a chick offer to buy me a drink this quick. In fact, when a chick does buy me a drink, it’s after a much longer time investment (at least an hour).
    There is not much else to this story as my girlfriend arrived 5 minutes after this, but it was odd to say the least. These chicks seemed hungry…and not for food. They were out with some of their guy “friends” but clearly the extreme weather had them riled up. Was it 100% the weather? Who knows? But I have a hunch that it was.
    Long story short, there is some validity to this post. The shitty weather is a perfect opener, it cuts down a lot of our defenses and opens us up in a way. That may sound a tad corny, but I think it’s true.

  5. P.S. To answer the “Why would girls ever go out in shitty weather?” Short answer, “cabin fever.” Look it up.

  6. Not saying don’t go out when the weather sucks, but the first warm day of the year it seems like everyone is out, the mood is more festive, and great pickup atmosphere’s ensue. Of course, I live in a town where the bars can be hit-or-miss; going out on a rainy night makes things more difficult…

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