A Year Of Outrage

My 2013 was reasonably productive. My first post of the year extolled the virtues of lifting weights, retelling the story of how a few minor gym results had made a noticeable impact on my dating life. Later that month, I talked about how All Girls Like Rough Sex, a truism that I discovered in a very unexpected way and have since repeatedly confirmed. I closed out the month breaking down the 7 most common traits of one of the most cowardly, pestilent characters a masculine man can encounter—the Male-Feminist White Knight.

Later, I told the story of how meeting a foreign girl—who had some respectable girl-game—laid bare just how terrible American women are at securing a man nowadays. I followed that with an essay on the 15 Magical Years of Womanhood where I broke down the story arc of today’s typical girl. My favorite piece, Meeting Melissa, contrasts what it would be like to meet the same girl 20 years apart.


I floated a few alternative items, including a two-volume Dictionary of American Girlspeak and my thoughts on the mighty 1-to-10 scale. I also advised men to avoid helping their “friends” with no game, warned them that All Girls Are Cheapskates, and alerted them to the dangers of working for a female boss.

Things started to pick up when I submitted a piece called 24 Signs She’s a Slut, where I detailed some iron tells for promiscuous girls. It remained quiet at first, but the article soon blew up on Twitter and various places around the Internet. Vice Magazine wrote about it, ThoughtCatalog syndicated it, and UCLA’s feminist magazine even drew up a nice graphic for the occasion. I eventually published a sequel—which, in my opinion, is better than the original—that expanded on the original abridged list.


Soon after 24 Signs, ROK celebrated #fatshamingweek, a fat-bashing bonanza that ballooned on the Internet and was even covered on the local news. My contribution, 10 Tell-Tale Signs She’s A Secret Internet Fatty, gave men some concrete advice on avoiding the landmine field that is online dating.

The capstone of the year was the massive viral event around my 5 Reasons to Date a Girl with an Eating Disorder piece. Apart from garnering over 168,000 likes on Facebook, being tweeted 4,000 times, and crashing the robust ROK server multiple times, the post inspired hundreds of Internet responses. A few responded in Youtube videos.

Others threatened me with graphic death and mutilation in tweets and emails. And, no fewer than three petitions were circulated to “take it down.” National Eating Disorder organizations “spoke out” against it. I was told by several people that they’d overheard random girls talking about it in their daily business.


Several major publications—including the DailyMail, the Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, and Yahoo Shine—covered the event, some of them multiple times. I was interviewed by BuzzFeed at length about the post. Girls Gone Wild wrote the most articulate response to it. And, for a brief moment, typing the first few characters of “5 reasons” into Google would direct you straight to the article.

5 reasons

When the (damaged) ladies at Jezebel finally caved and broke their gag order on ROK–succumbing to their pent-up female appetites–they squirted out a diatribe on #FatShamingWeek, 24 Signs, and 5 Reasons. It didn’t take long for me to notice that a not-insignificant number of the outrage was coming from unambiguously attractive girls, 16 of which I recognized in my follow-up piece.

It also wasn’t lost on me that the spirited reaction to my Eating Disorder article underscored a few facts that some of us take for granted. I wrote about it in the statement I was asked to provide by the author of the most prominent Huffington Post piece, a Dominique Mosbergen. She, needless to say, didn’t publish a word of it:

I’ve learned several lessons from the massive public response to my article. I didn’t write it as a publicity stunt, to drive traffic, or to elicit a reaction (i.e., “troll”)—as many people have speculated. I also didn’t do it as a social experiment, though it’s inadvertently become exactly that. Among the many conclusions I can’t help but draw is that middle-class white women are the most protected and privileged group in our society. We’ve known this, to an extent, when we’re told things like American white women are the principle beneficiaries of affirmative action, or when we see rifts in the women’s movement open along racial lines. This minor event underscored this fact on another level. While I’m repeatedly told that eating disorders are afflictions that strike women of all races and social classes, the overwhelming majority of responses—and the most prominent and spirited ones—have come from precisely that demographic.

Not only do middle-class white women enjoy the luxury of having something so innocuous as a 600-word Internet post written by some stranger be “the worst thing that’s happened to them,” they have national organizations, major publications like your own, and droves of obsequious male supporters climbing over each other to come to their defense. What these women don’t realize is that the discomfort that they’re experiencing— of having their plight and challenges “trivialized” or “dismissed”—is how other demographics feel every day. But, in this case, these women and their supporters feel perfectly justified and, more importantly, enfranchised to lash out in violent (and probably illegal) threats of death and mutilation against me and my colleagues who are merely, and inadvertently, pointing out this uncomfortable truth. Most other demographics, unfortunately, don’t have a national support network ready to come to their aid when someone so much as writes something that hurts their feelings, but they have every ability to simply ignore.

Writing for ROK in 2013 has been a wildly interesting and exciting experience. Here’s to another year of the same.

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113 thoughts on “A Year Of Outrage”

    1. Yep..I have travelled all over the world….and you do not see women with “eating disorders” in poor countries. They are too busy working to make a living.

  1. I wish the feminazis hated me as much as they hate you.
    Being hated by some people is truly a badge of honour and their impotent rage is testimony that even they know that masculinity is a sleeping giant that can easily brush their ridiculous ideas aside.
    I love turning feminists into needy little girls with a quick blast of masculine power and then walking away. These days I find it even more satisfying than fucking.

    1. • “I love turning feminists into needy little girls … and then walking away. These days I find it even more satisfying than fucking.”
      Know exactly what you mean.

  2. SO cute how the brunette in the video talks about “getting” an eating disorder – as if it’s the same as catching a cold. “It was really hard work”, she says. Imagine thinking not sticking your fingers down your throat is “hard work”. Isn’t that ADORABLE? Girls are SO cute sometimes….. I just want to give them all a hug. Especially the ones who “get” an eating disorder. Is she seeing anyone?
    PS. Your photo of the white knight cops is brilliant. Happy New Year!

    1. I had an eating disorder once.
      Then I grew up. That bitch is a childish idiot.
      Crazy girls are also the best lays ever.
      I think its because they know how to let go and be truly uninhibited.

        1. One time when I was in Cambodia I was chatting with an Aussie friend about his latest girl. He said to me “She’s a great root but she’s completely fucking nuts”. We just looked at each other for a few seconds and then burst out laughing. I said “You just described everyone out here including you and me”.
          Crazy chicks give outstanding blow jobs.

        2. It’s true! They will suck you so hard, your forehead will cave in and the sheets will go up your ass.

      1. Its because they have zero, ZERO self respect. They give great rimjobs……..takes a particular kind of debauched slut to clean your asshole after you just made a deposit in the crapper….smell the glove..

    2. And the poor lass wipes away tears at the end. If women want a society where they’re treated the same as men, they had better not expect any sympathy when they pull the crying game.

      1. Thats is how a man should treat life events. if you can fix it and it doesn’t take your manhood away cool. if you can’t fix it…fuck it! enjoy living they way you want for as long as you can. none of this panicking about nothing bullishit!

    3. Agreed. And, again, many of these girls get these eating disorders for attention…it has nothing to do with the media promoting body images or whatever crazy nonsense their pushing. They always try to lump everything together. Maybe mommy and daddy weren’t paying enough attention to her? It happens.

  3. I like how at no point does Youtube brunette even try to contest the points made by Tuthmosis with some discernable logic. Typical attention-seeker revelling in her moment, look at her expressions, she’s loving it.
    Bonus points for the well-timed ‘grand finale’ waterworks.

    1. That is how women, manginas and left liberals argue.
      They tend to avoid facts unless those “facts” are invented by their fellow believers and instead use emotion and other BS rhetorical tricks to try to emotionally blackmail people into agreeing with them.
      They hate it when people calmly pull their BS apart.

      1. They tend to avoid facts unless those “facts” are invented by their fellow believers and instead use emotion and other BS rhetorical tricks to try to emotionally blackmail people into agreeing with them.

        Exactly. For example, if one is arguing against abortion with one of these. One might say “If you look at the statistics, the overwhelming majority of these abortions these people didn’t want to have the baby; not because of rape, not because the mother may die.” So they’ll respond by insinuating that you want an 11 year old girl who’s been abused all her life to be forced to carry a pregnancy or something along those lines-throwing in the WORST possible conceivable scenario to make one feel guilty.

      2. It’s not only limited to these groups – religious groups are well known for steering the conversation to the end point with “you just have to have faith or believe”. You can’t trust anyone when the actual facts are ignored.

    2. I made it to the 0:36 mark before I stopped the video because I knew I had zero interest in a single thing she had to say beyond that. Doesn’t get more cliché than that.

      1. She was mad that you insinuated that vulnerable women are attractive. But when you wrote that in your original piece and just now, I laughed– because I can’t count the times that women crying to/over me gave me a hard on. I never understood why that would happen to me. Here is a woman crying on my shoulder, often because I was a jerk, and I’m hugging her with a boner! How inappropriate, I thought. Then comes make-up sex. The girls enjoy it too! They must enjoy crying too.

      2. And the sad part…the women don’t see the attention whoring at all as a problem. They only see what they want to see – the bad author, a man, Tuthmosis.

  4. Enlighten me on how people even develop anorexia?
    So they have the discipline to basically not eat to point of starvation, but somehow they simply can’t have the discipline to simply eat chicken and veggies everyday in a hearty quantity where they would never even to be able to put on the weight with that diet.

    1. In my case it was caused by a problem with my whole body image.
      I was convinced that I was fat and ugly and resolved this issue with binge drug use and long distance running.
      Well I really worked those pounds off and scared the beejesus out of everyone who cared about me.
      I have never met a problem eater who did not have the same basic issue of poor self esteem in terms of their looks. Solve that and solve the problem.

      1. Eating disorders are caused by a subset of depression but depression itself is a very broad church.

        1. Depression caused by a lack of attention. Sometimes facebook and twitter just isnt enough. Look at me, I have an “eating disorder”…

        2. Depression can be caused by physical problems such as a chemical imbalance in the brain.
          Otherwise it is caused by anger. In fact in most cases depression and anger are basically the same thing.

        3. EVERYTHING they do is for attention. Puking. “Cutting”. Self-harm. Making videos about how much of an asshole you are if you date her while she’s puking. Women collect attention like empty pie plates at a N.O.W. convention.

        4. Don’t forget suicide attempts; women suck at killing themselves. But men, once we decide enough’s enough, we get the job done! Any man who kills himself over a woman or money is an idiot, but suicide is a viable alternative to palliative care, in my opinion.

        5. I think we get depressed when we get angry because we can’t kill the person who made us angry; that was one advantage of neanderthal life: piss me off and you die.

        6. Who was it who said “you can’t be mad at a slut”. It’s easy (and natural) to feel that way…. but you gotta admit, it’s valid. After all, you don’t get angry or “depressed” at a kangaroo for hopping.

  5. My younger sister had bulimia for a couple years, primarily from her gay drama instructors (threatening lower grades if they don’t drop weight, combined with ridicule). Was a difficult period of time for our family, but love and compassion helped.
    That being said, is it a condition that is beyond ridicule, humor or satire? Should guys avoid these women because of their flaw? If someone wrote an article “5 reasons to date a guy with alcoholism”, would it get anywhere near this level of hate?

    1. Give me a break, go tell your younger sister to shut the fuck and stop complaining. Eating disorders are a phenomenon associating with privileged white girls who think that some emaciated boyish looking female model is the standard of beauty. It’s a problem of privilege which has nothing to do with the real world. You want to see eating disorders? Go to the many starved countries around the world such as Somalia and you’ll see reality. Anyone who purposefully induces an eating disorder should just drop dead and die, they are a waste of space. Only white girls in all their vapid shallowness in America could possibly dream of the “eating disorder.”

      1. Or the Philippines, where you can walk down the sidewalk in the middle of the afternoon is one of the largest cities in the world and see an entire family digging through a dumpster looking for a few scraps to eat for lunch. Pathetic entitled American women and their fucking “eating disorders”. Bullshit.

      2. corrupt magazine publishers who know as much about a real man’s standard of beauty than they know about splitting firewood with an ax

        And of course, when the feminists mobilise, it’s not against fashion magazines, or women’s magazines that provide zoomed in photos of female celebs with cellulite or muffintops inviting their readership to hate on their flawed bodies, no, it’s against lad’s mags. Because ‘objectification’.

    2. As a guy with a booze problem (personally I don’t see a problem, but people with badges and guns keep telling me I do), I’d read such an article, laugh to myself and nod in agreement, and carry on with life. The difference between men and women I guess. Sooner or later, it’s going to get to the point where merely offending a woman is a crime, and we cannot allow that scenario to evolve.

  6. Couldnt watch her for more than a few minutes. Skipped ahead to “this article is so not ok”. Then I had enough.
    She typifies the American female.
    Sad situation we are in.
    Tuthmosis, great articles and looking forward to 2014.

    1. You wasted precious minutes. Less than 3 seconds are enough to realize it’s mindless attentionwhoring. Her eyes tell a different kind of story than the faked overexaggerated body language. That aside i am freaked out by the asymmetric face and weird jaw.

  7. The article on the Canadian girl really fucked me up. I’ve been looking for that for the last 23 years and I think I’ve only found it maybe once. The contrast between those American girls and that Canadian girl was staggering and so on point it was astounding. That post filled me with such defeatism that I’ve cut back on gaming considerably ever since.
    What’s the point of practicing Game if girls like that Canadian girl are as rare as unicorns?

    1. “What’s the point of practicing Game if girls like that Canadian girl are as rare as unicorns?”
      Because girls like that are not at all rare in eastern europe.

    2. i’ll hold your feet to the fire. tell me if these make sense to you:
      the canada-girl article revealed to you that you were chasing an illusion. dis-illusioned, you lost the false bravado pushing you forward. with the knave carrot gone, will you go forth and do what you were supposed to be doing in the first place? to better yourself for yourself first?
      didn’t like that point? how about another: if you don’t strive to build yourself now, then how will you know your future girls that fail aren’t in some way your fault? how will you remove future doubt and self-defeat, knowing that you squandered so much time moping around? strive to better yourself now, so when opportunity comes, you will be better able to take it. take it and keep it. it may never come, get over it. but as an added bonus, you will be better able to recognize failure and not over invest where you won’t get return.
      how about one more: mah-cock knave-game is as hollow as it feels. so is whip-thyself beta-knighting. self improvement was/is the point. that is how you will maximize your life. if you were doing it all for unicorns, the world no longer makes them. because it hates you and the spiteful have-nots found out how to sucker punch you where it hurts. get over it. get back out there and fight. make your own pay and don’t get distracted. you have to chose to be a man, and the girl has to choose to be a woman, long before you two find each other.

  8. That statement for the Huffington Post is awesome, just think for a second about the face of that Dominique Mosbergen who hoped to ridicule your piece and then realized he can’t post it as he can’t argue with it.

    1. This has happened more than once, where I’m asked for a comment and it’s too air-tight to publish. They want a raving lunatic, not a well-reasoned argument from an educated man.

      1. You’re a goddamn hero, sir. I actually couldn’t even dream at this point of writing such amazing arguments and eliciting the kind of reactions you’re getting. It’s genius.

      2. Yes..hysterically on my buzzfeed interview with Ryan they blocked me from commenting….also…my recording of the interview failed so I asked Ryan for his recording of the interview and he refused to give it to me….not very honourable.
        You might want to listen to my full interview with Christa Lamendola over the Rachel Cassidy case. She was trying to paint me out as a crazy man….but if you listen to the whole interview you can see that she had nowhere to go….her piece was actually pretty reasonable…and her email address is there too.

      3. Agreed. You may end up making too much sense thus making many of them look bad…lol. It’s pretty much similar to the dead end argument regarding religion. I love the old stand by (you just have to have faith) whenever the argument starts to turn. Yes, ignorance at it’s finest!

  9. And just MENTIONING your piece brings up a whole host of discussions about eating disorders in the comments section.
    Well done, sir. Here’s to another good year for you!

  10. Thanks, Tuth, for bringing us a tidal wave of butthurt as sweet as a celestial chorus of angels. Here’s for another successful year.

  11. Good articles this year Tuth! Don’t let the haters bring you down, they’re just stupid crab people.

  12. Tuthmosis,
    for my money you are the best writer on the site….and that is high praise indeed given the quality of the articles on ROK. Spearhead has spiraled a little into insignificance because all they are ever doing is reporting the same old stuff over and over again and not attempting to particularly do to much useful.
    “Raising awareness”. Like men don’t know that men get screwed over in family courts, screwed over in false rape allegation, screwed over with false sexual harassment or DV allegations, fired for the most innocuous of comments.
    It is almost like men think they have to have 100% of men know something before anyone actually does anything. My court room transcript and video were the ultimate in “raising awareness” and they were not carried by the spearhead as even an article. So much for REALLY “raising awareness”, eh?
    This comment is excellent.
    “Most other demographics, unfortunately, don’t have a national support network ready to come to their aid when someone so much as writes something that hurts their feelings, but they have every ability to simply ignore.”
    I immediately think of the demographic called “divorced fathers”. Fathers who have had their children kidnapped and abused, their houses stolen, their lives, hopes and dreams destroyed.
    You don’t see any national media talking about THOSE people. Yep..a 600 work internet article on women with eating disorders will get a MASSIVE response but tens of millions of mens lives destroyed will get you called a “woman hater” if you even mention it.
    Gentlemen. This is what the rest of your society, especially men, think of you. You are pieces of human excrement to be used and abused as women see fit. And don’t you forget it.
    Every man who pays taxes and is an obedient little slave to the guvmint is part of the control grid that treats men like shit. The majority of people who are judges, politicians and police are men. It is about time men let these men know that this shit is no longer tolerable in the most direct of fashions.

    1. Please stop talking about your court transcript. It was an embarrassing display that resulted in failure, which is nothing to celebrate. I appreciate that you’re trying to raise awareness about divorced fathers but you need to point positive examples of victory not cry victim and write letters to the Queen of England and Prime Minister of Australia declaring yourself your own sovereign if they don’t reply. A court of law is a battlefield and you went in ill prepared and lost badly. Next time hire a red pill lawyer with a winning track record and stfu in court. As for me, I got divorced and it only cost me $1,000 in paper work. I’m in the top 10% of salary earners but I don’t pay a cent of alimony to an ex. I have equal (50%-50%) custody rights to my 2 kids – and I live in Singapore where they have the totally female biased Women’s Charter. That, my friend, is a sound tactical victory.

      1. “Please stop talking about your court transcript. It was an embarrassing display that resulted in failure, which is nothing to celebrate.”
        Spoken like a man who has no idea of what was actually happening in the court room and does not wish to learn either. The transcript PROVES the criminality of David Dunkley and his associated actors in their little pantomime. It is the single most important piece of evidence any man has ever presented into the public in relationship to the fathers rights area.
        “I have equal (50%-50%) custody rights to my 2 kids ”
        So you openly admit you participate in the abuse of your children. Why would you do that? One, participate in the abuse of your children and two, openly admit it.
        “I’m in the top 10% of salary earners”
        Then you could well afford to pay me something for all the time and effort I have put in to secure the rights of your children. Something you are refusing to do by they way.
        “A court of law is a battlefield and you went in ill prepared and lost badly.”
        Again..spoken like a man who has no idea what is on the video.
        And let me guess…you are one of these obedient little slaves who pays income taxes to pay other men to go into the houses of other men and steal their children.
        It is no wonder younger men despise men like you who pay taxes in order to create and sustain the system that is destroying their futures.

        1. Peter,
          I’m not sure what child abuse you are talking about. My kids live with me half the time, attend an international (private) school and are flying off on holiday with me tomorrow.
          And I’m not here to give you a hard time or fight with you. My sincere, constructive recommendations for you are:
          1. Stop playing the victim and martyr, it’s a tactic of weakness regularly discouraged by several authors on this site. Focus instead on their many positive recommendations on how best to construct the life that you do want.
          2. No, the judge doesn’t owe you any money. If you can’t find a lawyer to advocate your $30m bonanza on contingency, then you really don’t have a case. While we are at it, you will not disband the parliaments so I’d stop wasting time on such folly.
          3. Rebuild through small then increasing victories. After Vietnam and the Iran hostage crisis, America’s morale and credibility were low. Reagan rebuilt America’s prowess by beginning with tiny little Granada. We then went on to Panama and then Iraq – the world’s 4th largest standing army at the time. Celebrate these victories so that when you joke on a live mic that you will “begin bombing Russia in 5 minutes” people aren’t 100% sure if you’re joking because of your well-earned street cred.
          For you, this might mean visiting a lawyer and reviewing your custody and alimony situation. A smart guy should be able to find an angle or two to reopen and amend the settlement.
          You’re a consultant. People pay you because you are the expert – relative to them – on a topic of financial value to them.
          Don’t handicap yourself. Think of a good lawyer in the same way – he knows much more than you about the battlefield of the courtroom. A few thousand dollars could save you tens of thousands in the long run, and grant you better access to your kids.
          Good luck.

        2. You damage your own credibility with your bombastic statements. No one can take you seriously when you claim, as you have in many comments, to be “the greatest” etc etc etc blah blah blah.
          You need to rein in your ego, as you come across to me (I don’t know you in person) through your comments as an immature extremely arrogant self-obsessed guy who borders on outright crazy.
          If your goal is to gain support from other men for your cause, try on a little humility and rationality, and lose the insulting antagonistic rhetoric.
          Ponder this: if you can alienate a guy who naturally would/should support you, what are the chances of converting others into supporters who are not necessarily regular readers of manosphere blogs and who are not what we call “red pill”?
          Before you blow a gasket and unleash some insulting diatribe, try some reflective contemplation. I say this with all due respect.

        3. “You damage your own credibility with your bombastic statements.”
          Sweetie. Everything I say in these comments is true. If you like to try and say that telling the truth damages my credibility you are welcome to.
          It just makes you look like a moron.

        4. “If your goal is to gain support from other men for your cause”
          Why would the re-introduction of the rule of law and gaining the protection of the law for men not be the cause for ALL the men who read this site? Hhhmmm?
          Do you even understand what you said? Your claim is that having the protection of the law for YOURSELF is SOMEONE ELSES CAUSE.
          And you wonder why I call you men stupid? Really?
          The project I gave myself was to re-introduce the rule of law to Australia and Ireland. As an added bonus Living Free allows all men in the english speaking world to rescind their consent to be governed and live in freedom.
          And for some reason the very men who have the book that shows them how to live in freedom in front of them say
          “getting me to read your book and live in freedom and getting me to have the protection of the law is YOUR CAUSE and there is nothing I should be doing myself to gain my freedom and ensure I am protected by the law of the land”
          THAT is what the 100,000+ men I have put my books in front of are ACTUALLY DOING…and they are SO STUPID they slag off at me, a man who does live in freedom and is very close to securing his rights via the jury trial process after 5.5 long years of effort.
          And then you men wonder why you get screwed over in the courts? It’s because you are so stupid and because you tolerate it. If you men had two brain cells between you then you would be kissing my arse and paying me to secure your rights for you. Just like so many of you pay lawyers today.
          But you men are far too smart to pay one of the most knowledgeable men on the planet to work to secure your rights for you. After all? You men are being so successful at defending yourselves in the family courts, right? So successful at defending yourselves from false allegations, right?
          Talk about a bunch of dumbos! LOL!!

        5. CV,
          “I’m not sure what child abuse you are talking about. My kids live with me half the time”
          So you are telling me that you are such a crap father that your children not having you in the house to be their father 50% of the time is not child abuse?
          Ok. If you are willing to admit you are such a crap father that depriving your children of your presence is not “abuse” I guess the children are not “abused”, right?
          Personally? I was a fantastic father. I took the position that my ex lying to my children about me and depriving the children of my valuable contribution was abusive of the children. Indeed, even my wife took that position.
          You can read her comments on the link below. It is in my first book.
          Don’t miss Jennifer saying this bit. “I see how I have enrolled them in my stories about you to their detriment. I want them to have the loving relationship with you I know is possible.”
          What she means by “my stories” is that she was lying to my children about me. Notice she uses the word “detriment”. She knows she was abusing the children by lying about me. And when we were discussing the living arrangements I proposed that the two children live with me 100% of the time so that I could undo some of the damage done by Jennifer. Both children, 14 and 16, agreed that they would prefer to live with me for exactly the reason that they had seen so little of me while I had been working overseas so much.
          So yes. The children knew they had been abused too. Indeed, when Jennifer said no, that she want 100% guardianship all three children present harshly criticised her. And one was her 26 year old son who was staying with us for a year recovering from a near death experience with cancer. I saved his life so he and I got along very well. I was the only one who was able to reach him and get him to fight for his life because he respected me.
          Now…when a mans mother can not reach him to get him to fight for his life but his step father can? Who is the best parent there?
          So yes….I take it that it is child abuse to remove from the house the father of the children if he is a half decent father. But most men lie to themselves and say “50% child guardianship is not abusive of the child”…total crap CV if you are a good father like me.

        6. CV,
          “Stop playing the victim and martyr”
          Well I have been the victim of a long series of crimes so I am not “playing the victim”. I have been criminally victimised. Why should I deny that? And “martyr”? I am still alive. A part of being a martyr is being dead. Why would you make such foolish comments?
          “No, the judge doesn’t owe you any money. If you can’t find a lawyer to advocate your $30m bonanza on contingency, then you really don’t have a case.”
          Why would I hire a criminal member of a criminal cartel to advocate for me? My case proves, beyond all doubt, that “The Law Society” is a private society that is criminal in nature, just like the Mafia, and that they take care of their own. They are not there to help us. Have you bothered to read my book? Have you bothered to read about Justin Dowd my family law lawyer in Sydney? A man who was made President of the NSW Law Society for being willing to criminally victimise me in conjunction with his partner in crime David Dunkley? Have you bothered to notice he is a criminal who was lying to me as I reeled him in?
          I mean, have you even bothered to read the case before opening your mouth and demonsrtating how ignorant you are?
          “While we are at it, you will not disband the parliaments so I’d stop wasting time on such folly.”
          Yes we will. They will walk out under their own steam or they will be shot and killed. But they are going to leave Parliament for their crimes. Men in Australia are under arms already and they are absolutely prepared to use them. That is why places like the US have the second amendment…its not for duck hunting.
          “For you, this might mean visiting a lawyer and reviewing your custody and alimony situation.”
          Again. Why hire a criminal? Why are you so insistent on hiring criminals. These lawyers are well aware they are criminals. Hell, Alan Shatter, “Minister for Justice” in Ireland is a lawyer. He has actually put in writing that Ireland has no due process to prosecute a judge that commits a crime. Slight oversightm eh? So Alan Shatter presented a paper to Parliament to propose an oversight committee. I laughed at him and told him that since this omission was somehow mysteriously missed for the last 90 years we, the Irish People, will have our own courts very much.
          By the way? I didn’t pay any alimony or child support and I disowned my former children. I am perfectly happy with my alimony and custody situation. I am now pursuing compensation for the crimes I am a victim of and compensation for the kidnapping and abuse of my former children that caused me to disown them. I wonder how much the jury will decide a child is worth because that is exactly the price we will set on children in the future.
          You do not seem to realise just how important my colleagues and I are and just how well we have these people on toast. You seem to have taken no time at all to learn about what we are doing.
          You, and other high earners like you, would do much better to help us than to give us useless advice. You obviously have very little understanding of what is really going on.
          The ENTIRE system of global governance and global legal system is a criminal cartel inside which there can be no justice and no escape. Which is why we created the second economy and learned how to rescind our consent to be governed properly. So that we can move outside the jurisdiction of any guvmint. That is what we are doing CV….and it would actually be more useful for wealthy men to contribute to this rather than to criticise.

        7. I’ve read your book and quite frankly it is the rambling of a lunatic. My guess is that something traumatic has happened in your life that has led to a mental breakdown. And you are living in an extreme state of denial – similar to the black knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail: http://youtu.be/2eMkth8FWno
          Should you consider my assessment to be “slanderous”, then you can issue me one of your affidavits and claim your 1,000 ounces of gold. Good luck collecting it because I’ve also declared myself a sovereign, set up my own “court du jour ” and you now owe me 1,000 ounces of gold.
          So “let’s call it a draw.” LoL

        8. i’m not sure this guy deserves respect any more. i used to think otherwise, but that’s changing. too often he harps his own, doesn’t contribute, can’t stay on topic, and fucks with us. all the more tragic because his words can be spot on at times.
          he might as well be a homeopathic alternative medicine chiropractor salesman. his bias in reporting his own stories is terribly obvious, as we all keep pointing out. he’ll take credit for success, even insofar as using ROK’s success as his own platform. but he will not take responsibility for failures at the same time.
          don’t get me wrong, his story is a great warning. but at this point, i’m starting to think his full story serves a higher purpose that greatly overshadows the divorce-tale he likes to focus on. the story of how not to be peterandrewnolan, sovereign king of read-my-book and how-to-shoot-yourself-in-the-foot-in-court. it’s a fucking greek tragedy. laugh god damn it.

      2. “That, my friend, is a sound tactical victory.”
        Just by the way? I am now entitled to more than AUD30 MILLION in compensation for the crimes committed against me. Indeed I am entitled to a lot more but David does not really have one million ounces of gold…so just all his property will be fine by me.
        Further. By tying the entire membership of the parliaments in both Ireland and Australia to the crimes committed against me and forcing them to commit more crimes in order to attempt to persecute me I have created the situation where I can remove all members of parliament, alter the legislation, and have the legislation be fair and just for all men who live in Australia and Ireland.
        So yeah…you be happy with your “tactical victory” Mr “I am in the top 10% of salary earners”. What you did was selfish and greedy and helped no one but yourself. You didn’t even help your children because you tolerate their child abuse.
        Me on the other hand? While I am likely not in the top 10% of salary earners though I do ok? I was not willing to take a mere tactical victory over Jennifer. Indeed. I could have had her killed quite easily. No less than 4 men offered.
        What I set out to do was to “help those less able to help themselves”. I set out to solve ALL the problems of men related to their guvmints criminally victimising them. When I set out 5.5 years ago many men thought I was completely insane and cautioned me against such an approach pointing out I would likely be killed for taking it.
        I chose to take that risk in honour of those who died in WW II next to my step grand father Frank Trainor. Frank Trainor carried their message from the battlefield to me.
        I am no less a man than those men who died in WW II securing the future of my mother and father who were little children at the time.
        Sadly? The vast majority of “men” today in the west are FAR lesser men than those who fought and died in WW II. Most men will not even challenge a lying, hypocritical, angry or criminal woman let alone be willing to put his life on the line defending the children of his land from enemies foreign and domestic.
        So yeah. You go ahead and broadcast how you are such a man of wealth who dis-honours his war dead that made his life possible. You go ahead and broadcast how you are willing to participate in the abuse of your children.
        I will broadcast how I have not for one second tolerated the abuse of my former children. I will broadcast how I chose to honour those men who died at young ages so that my parents might have the good life they had, that I might have the good life I had. I will broadcast how I was absolutely willing to die the night I recorded that court meeting knowing how important the recoding was.
        And those young men who see us both comment as to what we did? You being selfish and only thinking of yourself, and me thinking of them, Let them decide who they will respect. Let them decide who they think had their best interests at heart.

  13. More hurt for 2014……lots more hurt….. we build the machines…. we write the words….. we feel the blood coursing through each others veins….. death from above…. smoothie boochies guys…..can’t wait for the billion man march…. duh…..

    1. salient points…..delivered with dysmorphic, lazy writing…..squandered…..
      please, let us ban all ellipses (…) and all forms of ‘meh’. only the absence of capitals will be tolerated, provided necessary punctuation is present.

  14. The girls at Jezebel can suck my dick twice over.
    Keep staying real. Looking forward to 2014.

      1. Yes – seventeen and a half inch black dildo’s strapped on to each other’s cunts.
        There’s a post-Christmas laugh for the whole family.
        (Except the families at over at Jezebel – there is no laughing when food is entering the mouth 24 hours a day).
        I hope one of them takes a glance at this comment.
        It’s my “fuck you” middle finger post towards all Jezebel tits-of-an-eighth-grader and clam-that’s-been-spit-out-by-every-shark-in-the-sea post.

  15. The eating disorder article was hilarious. Here is some simple truth. Anorexia is in your mind. You are choosing not to eat. or worse yet, eating and throwing up. in essence you are the victim or yourself. I.E. you are an idiot! people in countries with famine don’t have eating disorders……they’d just like to eat. If you CHOOSE to starve yourself, you get what you deserve……and what you deserve is not pity, nor sympathy….but contempt. Its natural selection at work….survival of the fittest. foolish people who starve themselves hopefully don’t live long enough to reproduce kids who grow up to starve themselves. problem solved.

  16. Tut, I honestly feel like your content and writing style define this site and community. The quintessential manosphere poster child. Bravo and cheers to a solid year.

  17. Reading some of the comments on the BuzzFeed article nearly made me throw up. Not because of their content, but more their lack of it. These people have no decipherable traces of intelligence, yet they are raised on high for posting something totally unoriginal like “Only Weak Men Are Afraid Of Strong a Woman” when in reality they should be publicly ridiculed. I enjoy your work Tuth and thank you for shedding light on the true state of affairs. Keep up the good work and God Speed sir.

  18. The piece from your HuffPo response you quoted towards the end there is brilliant. Too bad none of the people who need to read this will ever see it.

  19. Bravo. You’ve accomplished great things in 2013. May you continue to make the harpies shriek in ’14.

  20. That chick in the youtube video….. man, she’s fat. Stop shoveling bon-bon’s into your trap, hon.
    “Boom…. it just happened”. … as in. like the same way you became a single mom?

  21. Bravo Tuthmosis, and your virtually flawless writing. You do not cease to amaze me with every piece.

  22. Start a donation page for yourself. I bet I’m not the only one who would like to tip you a few dollars for a job superbly done.

    1. Upon much pointless investigation, yes, but she’s using the picture of some emo guy she fancies as her avatar. She’s actually a somewhat awkward looking young blonde girl.

  23. I am writing a paper for mens rights fiji….I have this in the paper….other men might like to take notice….this is how leaders think about lying to people. People like you men.
    The Lie that Legislation is Law
    When learning about what has been done in the west it is useful to go and read what some of the most successful liars of all time have to say about the art of lying.
    “All this was inspired by the principle–which is quite true within itself–that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods.
    It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.
    Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying.”
    Adolf Hitler , Mein Kampf
    “The essential English leadership secret does not depend on particular intelligence. Rather, it depends on a remarkably stupid thick-headedness. The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous. ”
    Joseph Goebbels | 1941-01-12

    1. Montgomery,
      You do not need to fight these problems. Fighting is what the PTB WANT you to do…while you are “fighting” women you are NOT doing anything that will harm the interests of the PTB.
      If you really want to solve the problems that Truth is talking about you create a second economy. And that second economy is called the Mens Business Association.
      This was founded 2 years ago and I am just waiting for men to realise that while they stay in the first economy they have no hope of fixing any of the issues we are talking about. But with a World Passport that works and a new economy that is global? Men will be able to leave their bad western countries and relocated to a better place with ease. That is the vision…but men are very slow to pick up on it.
      I have been working on getting the World Passport accepted in Germany, UK, Ireland for the last 4 years…I have asked other men for help and they just scorn me. But what could be more important than a World Passport for men on a site like ROK or Happier Abroad?

  24. Why would a “friend” share the link with a “recovering eating disorder” person?
    Bitches be SADISTIC lol

  25. It took that brunette 2 minutes and 50 seconds to make her first point. I’ll never get that time back.

  26. Actually gents, it might be good to put this up here. This was my interview with Christa Lamendola. She did quite a reasonable job and I think she would win quite a few young male supporters for the way she did this interview.
    If anyone wants to write an article about this interview you are welcome.

  27. I like and get the lolz from your articles, especially the slut saga, and the male feminist article, however when it comes to women with eating disorders, I’m going to have to agree with the GWW article.

  28. Bravo Tuthmosis- your articles have been really awesome this year, and I loved that huge feminist reaction to your Eating Disorder article. I’m taking notes..one of these days I’ll start blogging, and I’m gonna use you as inspiration. Thanks man!

  29. Good luck for the next year, Tuth. 🙂 Glad to hear you got so hated by these airheads. And please go out in public with a Kevlar crotch protector in case secret castrators sent by the Feminazi (TM) are there.
    *raises glass*

  30. I dunno, guys, I think this is being taken a bit too far. Yes, the feminists are a little out of hand and want to shove their noses into anything they deem wrong but the matter at hand is that this stuff is kinda offensive. I respect this man being able to shut up so many people respectably and I don’t understand as to why the opinions and accounts of one man are such a threat. I am a female and yet I could care less. Sure, I don’t agree with a lot of this stuff but hell, those who are angry with this site aren’t FORCED to read it. I would also like to say that these females who are threatening him are just as bad. Seriously. What if someone wished for them to get their ovaries torn out or something around that? I think neither sides are right and this stupid publicity, threat messages and rage needs to stop. It’s spamming my damn social networks and I’m sick of this sorta stuff being “more important” than real issues. So, ladies, suck it up; there’s always going to be people who disagree with you. Men, ignore the living hell out the extremists and maybe try to see their side.

  31. A great year indeed. Thanks for the many articles and keep them coming in the years ahead!

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