Mainstream Media Rushes To Excuse Muslim Woman Who Decapitated Russian Child

There is no such thing as female responsibility. Repeat, there is no such thing as female responsibility. It does not even matter if the victims are children.

This is the message that the mainstream media wants you to recite and believe after the horrendous decapitation of a disabled four-year-old Russian girl by her Uzbek nanny in Moscow. The main “reason” for her unspeakable crime, which Gyulchekhra Bobokulova, 38, has admitted guilt over, has changed. At first, it seems she severed the child’s head because, in her absence from Uzbekistan, her husband had started a new family. After that, her central justification for murdering cognitively impaired Anastasia shifted to revenge over Vladimir Putin’s ordering of air strikes against ISIS and other rebels in Syria.

In a macabre display, Bobokulova began parading the child’s head around the entrance of a suburban Moscow subway station. Onlookers, fearing a potential bomb, kept their distance as the authorities approached. These first responders handled the situation professionally and commendably, taking the depraved woman into custody. The same praise cannot be given to those reporting on the saddening events.

The implications being drawn by almost every major news outlet, from the BBC to CNN, is that Gyulchekhra Bobokulova is mentally ill. Such an assumption was especially widespread when the “my husband cheated on me” thesis was coming out. Journalists are entirely unwilling to let the facts we know so far speak for themselves and feel compelled to inject commentary about Bobokulova’s personal life.

As the nanny continues to falsely blame Russian military actions for her choice, what we are witnessing is an institutional need for news-shapers to perpetuate the myth that women just cannot commit repulsive crimes with anything close to full agency. Did the woman’s partner hit her… in 2002? Did she lose her job [probably because she was incompetent!]? Did she claim she was sexually assaulted two decades ago [with no proof]? Everything will be done to search for answers, aside from pure malice, as to why a woman could ever do this to an innocent, not to mention extremely vulnerable person.

The five most infamous American shootings of the past five years have all involved mental health issues

With brain damage from being underweight, possibly due to anorexia, Adam Lanza’s cerebral cortex and other areas of the brain responsible for decision-making were massively eroded, probably permanently. Can the same be said of Bobokulova?

Now juxtapose this largely sympathetic response regarding Bobokulova to the bellows of angry SJWs about white American men who commit killings. Salon has been one of the worst repeat offenders in this area. And one diatribe last year deserves particular scorn. In the aftermath of very disturbed Dylann Roof’s church shooting spree in Charleston, perennial moron Arthur Chu, known for his slandering of Gamergate campaigners, claimed mental illness was a “cop-out” in explaining “white” rampages like those in Aurora, Isla Vista, Tucson, Charleston, and Sandy Hook. Strangely, he counts biracial Elliot Rodger, the Isla Vista killer, as Caucasian, all while claiming in other situations that milky-skinned SJW Shaun King is actually black.

So where can I start with that level of stupidity? For one, Chu’s article deliberately avoided any explicit mentioning of Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook perpetrator. This is because a report less than a year before had indicated he likely suffered from irreversible brain damage. Lanza was so extraordinarily emaciated and malnourished that he weighed just 112 pounds at around six feet tall. It is surprising he could even carry the guns with which he shot people. This adds to the other inconvenient facts for SJWs about him, including his complete inability to touch door knobs with his hands or fingers and his tantrum-level refusals to have a Christmas tree in the home.

Had Adam Lanza been captured, it is inconceivable that he could ever have fairly been found guilty of killing the students and teachers at Sandy Hook. His cognitive impairment via the brain damage and his long history of issues that any sane person would evaluate as serious mental illness would count decisively against him having any proper legal capacity. Him killing himself was the best possible outcome for SJWs. Even if they do not believe in innocence before guilt at the best of times, the death of a shooter means open season for them to twist the situation to their own advantage, notably if the killer is white or can be linked, however tenuously, to conservatives or red pill ideas.

Aurora shooter James Holmes attempted suicide… from age 11.

These kinds of jaw-dropping omissions or grossly underemphasized realities about SJWs’ favorite shootings flow into the Aurora cinema deaths from several years ago. Student James Holmes had a history of mental illness going back over a decade, including suicide attempts that began at the age of 11. He was also known to stare at walls in the presence of co-workers, grinning or talking to himself.

Well-documented or very credible reports of this nature are replete in all five of the most covered shootings of the past five or so years. Besides Lanza and Holmes, Elliot Rodger, Dylann Roof and Jared Lee Lougner (Tucson) either had significant psychological and psychiatric interventions or were involved in pre-shooting events that warranted them, such as Dylann Roof’s behavior towards mall patrons and staff. What Roof did became so worrying for these people that he was banned from that center.

The non-white Muslim factor

In the West Gyulchekhra Bobokulova would likely be found not guilty by way of genitalia.

The rush to judgment over white and male American shooters is absent in Bobokulova’s case not only due to her having the right genitals but also because she is racially Central Asian and, to boot, a Muslim. With veritable hordes of angry, sex-seeking and violent young Middle Eastern men flowing into the European heartland, a proper assessment of this murderous nanny necessitates the idea that there may be cultural factors that explain why poor Anastasia was butchered. That is clearly anathema to the agenda of those who want to both keep the present fake refugees in Europe and invite millions more to come.

Similar to a stupid Cosmopolitan flow chart quiz, like “Should you dump your boyfriend?”, journalists and the elites whose interests they serve tend to ask the following kinds of questions to determine whether to be objective or overwhelmingly partisan:

  • Is the perpetrator of a nominal crime male? (5 points)
  • Are they white? (10 points for a white male, 2 points for a white female)
  • Are they non-leftist? (5 points for politically ambivalent, 15 points if they can be linked to conservatives or another maligned group even with the longest of bows)
  • Are they from another protected group? (10 points for a non-Muslim, 10 points for a heterosexual male)

If your score is about zero after a crime it seems you definitely committed, the story will be balanced (the more likely outcome if you express support for ISIS) or amazingly sympathetic, provided you do not delve into supporting people like terrorists being bombed. The higher your point count is, the less entitled you are to anything resembling sober consideration or the right to a fair trail.

Let’s remember a little girl has died here

Anastasia’s mother Ekaterina and her husband, plus their other child, have lost a cherished family member, but the media is too busy trying to will that Bobokulova had a mental health excuse for taking her from them.

All outlets giving Bobokulova thinly-veiled excuses or mitigations for her crime are doing is spitting in the face of a little girl who, through her heartbreaking disabilities, was already truly vulnerable. It is par for the course nowadays that supposedly extremist Return of Kings is the one championing the obligation to hold an evil nanny responsible for what she has done to a defenseless person. SJWs and feminist-minded journalists preaching female empowerment are the same cretins who want to discount the capacity of a murderer at the expense of a child who had the privilege of feeling her head being cut from its body.

We are living in mind-boggling times. To prop up the “rights” of illegitimate migrants in Europe, and continue the well-spun fantasy that women are not ever responsible when they commit the most deplorable acts, an actual victim, both before and after her death, is being sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.

Rest in peace, little Anastasia.Yet you will not get such peace from those actively helping your murderer.

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137 thoughts on “Mainstream Media Rushes To Excuse Muslim Woman Who Decapitated Russian Child”

  1. God I can’t wait for Putin to turn Mecca into a fucking glass crater. These are maggot-people. Civilization will never benefit from muslims.

    1. It’s going to happen, just a matter of time. We can predict the next nuclear explosion on earth to +/- 50 miles. It will be in the middle east, and it will probably be the Jewish, defending “their” homeland who do it (I say this as a Jew, so cool off the hate). And, honestly, it will probably bring in another era of peace just like the first nuclear explosions did. The situation there cannot be fixed without a loss of religion on both sides (more atheists, very unlikely) or the area being destroyed.
      Frankly, the best thing we could have done for the holocaust survivors is to move them to Montana and let them establish their own country while simultaneously giving warning to everyone in the middle east that Mecca was about to be erased from the map followed by a few nukes, followed by some very dirty bombs that will irradiate the area and make it uninhabitable for the next 1000 years.
      The same concept is used with stunning success on children, 2 kids fighting over a toy, pick it up and break it. Nobody gets the toy. That’s what needs to happen in the middle east unfortunately, none of the 3 parties laying claim can act like adults; we’re dealing with people who are totally irrational (all sides) because of their strong religious beliefs.

        1. Theoore Hertzl had a choice. Move back to the mideast or go to argentina. they chose poorly i think as the ark is a mobile shrine and can be carried anywhere (torah, not the prophets dictates this). they couldve easily sectioned off the wall of the 2nd temple and brought it to argentina.

        2. Any state with a small number of people would have been fine. We should have given them a state, let them establish their own country and helped people relocate out of the state if they didn’t want to be under Jewish rule. It would probably be the most productive state in the union today with great relations with the US and most of our allies. And we could have totally forgotten about the middle east except for oil; they want to live like animals, who are we to stop them. We only care today because of oil and our Jewish allies there. Absent those concerns (and the oil is a small concern, they will sell to whoever has money), we’d view the problems there the same way we view problems in other backwaters of the world; sorry for your troubles, and perhaps you can immigrate here if you have skills that we find useful.

        3. didn’t he propose Uganda for a while, but the idea was shot down
          That would have been kind of curious, a Jewish State in Uganda instead of the middle east

        4. Thats hilarious, but nassau and suffolk counties are going to shit; huge influx of gang bangers on the south shore(MS13, etc) and a heroin epidemic that is conveniently getting swept under the rug…

        5. You would expect us to relocate people who live in a State and allow Jews to move in and make their own laws? We don’t need the Jews or the Muslims.Jews are also not productive if you just left them to themselves. They need the goyim to feed off like leeches.Stalin established a homeland for Jews in the Far East. Go there.They didn’t like it because there were not enough goyim to con and suck their blood. Like negroes they only go where the white people are.

        6. Jews would probably rather be in Israel surrounded by hateful savages intent on killing them than be in long island…just the hair spray, billy joel and insistence that Boars Head cold cuts are eatable is enough to make anyone move to the middle east.

        7. Suffolk has more freaking heroin than you could imagine. I used to teach out in suffolk county. If you weren’t in a very wealthy area…even in working class areas so long as they weren’t super wealthy…there was heroin everywhere.

      1. Thanks for this Hitchens-Dawkins parroting screed. All religion is obviously the problem, baa-aah!

        1. Didn’t know that Hitchens wanted to nuke mecca, but I’m not surprised.
          All religion isn’t the problem. Religious belief, in general, is a good thing for society; we’ve seen what a non-religious society looks like and it’s no panacea.
          However, there are levels. Having some religion seems to be the right level. Not “none” and not “devout”. And we just can’t seem to get the psycho-religious to leave the area around mecca alone; and, because of their beliefs, they cannot be reasoned with. Our options seem to be either continue to fight a war forever, or, get rid of the thing everyone is fighting over.
          Unless the Jews, Christians and Muslims all tone down their religious fervor we’ll continue to have the middle east be a complete shithole and broiled in unending war. Since I think that’s about 0% likely, the most expedient option seems to be to get rid of it.

      2. I wonder if the Japanese Buddhism v Islam has a marked effect on the aftermath and reaction to a nuclear attack.

  2. Mentally-ill or not, it is astounding criticism of our modern world that we still defend them and keep them alive. Should we not put them out of their own misery, when it is in their true nature to committee such atrocities when left to their own devices?

    1. One of my coworkers has a cousin who is institutionalized, screams at the top of his lungs whenever he’s awake, flings himself at the walls, and bites his cheek open so he can spit blood at the nurses and orderlies. And we pat ourselves on the back for keeping people like him alive.

      1. Life is Hell for some people. Our “humanity” prolongs their Hell. What good humans we are! All for our own egos!

      2. It’s pretty much a fundamental principle of civilization that you don’t kill people because they are difficult.

        1. Right, and rabid dogs deserve Scooby Snacks.
          No. We hold people accountable for their actions. The few cases that actually are sick enough that they don’t know what they do, we remove from the rest of society or kill them. Anything else is insanity.

        2. “The few cases that actually are sick enough that they don’t know what they do, we remove from “the rest of society or kill them”
          You mean like the Islamic State does?
          “Anything else is insanity.”
          I’m not aware of any western nations in recent times that have killed people who they knew were not responsible for their actions. The individual in the anecdote hasn’t even hurt anyone.

        3. I mean like any functional society does. And yes Islamic societies are in many ways better than ours.
          You are always responsible for your actions.

        4. Nut houses serve a dual purpose as a ‘cooler’ box in which to put political dissidents into. They segregate them from the public as well as the real nut jobs. In old Soviet mental wards the political ‘patients’ were the clothed ones while the nut jobs ran around naked and shit everywhere. The staff often fed the dissidents meals of soup with a cigarette butt thrown in out of spite. Talk about disrespect.

        5. we’re talking about islamic state here. It isn’t a ‘society’ but a wahabbi funded terror group
          murderers should be held to account for their actions, but in this particular case – from the comment above – we’re talking about a man slams his body into walls. I fail to see why he should be killed for his hitting a wall. There will always be unproductive or irresponsible members of society. You don’t just kill them

        6. I didn’t say he should be killed. You are putting words into my mouth here. I said we remove them or kill them.
          Now the woman in question, who I had in mind this whole time, she should be killed.

        7. nobody’s going to shed any tears over the fate of a woman who decapitates a child but this sub-thread was about some guy’s behaviourally challenged cousin right to life. The suggestion was that because of his behaviour society shouldn’t let him live. I took issue with that

    2. The blank slate, modern denial of human nature. The idea that everybody is equal from the start and a change in environnement can solve even the deepest psychological issues. The idea that there are no people on this earth who do not deserve a second chance.

      1. Yes, denial of human nature and the imposition of various kinds of naive dreamed up ideology is at the base of the problems we are seeing

    3. Only people who practice this “religion of peace” are going out and performing these acts. It’s why (and how) you know you’re being fed propaganda on a daily basis by the media.
      Anyone doing this should have been called out…but they can’t do it because it goes against the latest narrative.

      1. I first heard that from my friends (of Italian desent) from my youth, but it is so true.

  3. Eventually someone at ROK was going to deal with this subject. I actually learned about this from two nonmainstream or nonAmerican sources: the extreme (but admittedly very pro red pill) site Bestgore and the Mexican newspaper El Diario de Juarez. It shows that mainstream media doesn’t really care much to begin with when it comes to female perps, and then, when they have a “personality” like Jodi Arias, they get too much attention.

  4. “Strangely, he counts biracial Elliot Rodger, the Isla Vista killer, as Caucasian”
    The SJWs have this thing they do where they’d accept someone who was 1/4th non-European as a “person of color” especially if they’d done something great(Dumas and Pushkin come to mind), but biracial people who do something bad are considered White. They did this with George Zimmerman, too.
    Relatedly, the growing black animosity towards Whites is a threat to people of many ethnicities. If you’re a Hapa or lighter Arab, Persian, Latino, et cetera most blacks will see a White person when they look at you. Stay safe out there, brothers.

  5. Why the hell did these parents have a Muslim nanny looking after their child in the first place?

    1. It’s because the media told them that it’s a small minority of extremists which is a lie. At any second, third world Muslims could pop off and kill people in the name of the pedophile.

      1. I always said we guard against bear attacks even though they are rare and in the minority. Same applies here. Arm yourself with wisdom and weapons.

      2. And even if it truly is a small minority, it’s that small minority that is being welcomed with open arms into Western countries, and things like this and the Paris massacre will keep happening.

      3. I have to agree. Politicians and the media push a narrative to the public.
        The latest narrative is the poor refugees that need our help and support….so people buy into it. They are shamed on a regular basis to support these people. They don’t want people to focus on their environment (radical, war torn) or their culture (violent)…..they want to think that we all will hold hands and everything will be just fine.
        Everything will be just fine for you and your family if you listen to your gut.

        1. Man, people just don’t understand the amount of inequality and suffering in the world and that we will ruin our own societies big time if we try too hard to fix it. Who wrote here it is easier to make a barbarian out of a civilised man than vice versa..

    2. Uzbek and Tadjik people n Russia are like Mexicans in the US, they do a lot of menial jobs that many Russians dont want to do anymore

      1. “Uzbek and Tadjik people n Russia are like Mexicans in the US, they do a lot of menial jobs that many Russians dont want to do anymore”
        If you remove excess labor provided by invasive out groups, pay for those jobs rise, until Russians/Americans are not only willingly to do them, but eager to do so. To take the other side of the equation is to be John McCain telling Americans workers that they couldn’t hack picking lettuce even with $50 an hour as motivation.

    3. about 25% of Moscow’s population are Muslims.
      people from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tadzhikistan, Azerbaijan and some other ex-Soviet Muslim republic are not considered to be “extremist” and dangerous in general. it’s truly surprising she’s from Uzbekistan.

  6. Typically, whenever a woman commits a crime, the focus of the story is why she did it. Whenever a man commits a crime, the focus of the story is the trial and the punishment he could possibly get.

    1. It’s also who can be blamed for the woman’s actions…typically she was abused or raped or coerced into doing it by a Lover/Husband/Man.

    2. I disagree the focus is usually that he’s “guilty” a la a “rapist” because some whore said so..then the trial etc..
      Unless he’s a disgusting tranny like Bruce Jenner..

    3. Hear hear!
      P.S. The one problem with this article is that it includes the great hoax known as the Sandy Hook shooting.

      1. Adam’s mother lived in an expensive estate. Adam lived in the basement. Mrs Lanza was a divorce raping pig which is so common today that no one bats an eyelash. Like Hinkley and other unfortunate children of cabal connected shitlib parents, the wind up patsies are the very children of the scum that offer up their own blood over to the mind control programs. Shitlib parents are basically all fiery demonic scorned bitch from hell spirited vermin, the men and women alike. How can any parent fork over their own child to the shit pit of hell like that? Well, their men are weak and they can’t even lift the hammer to slam the order of patriarchy down on their women. Once the woman goes wild with her spirit free and loosed, the wrathful spirit of every fiery baby eating she beast from hell attaches itself to the woman.
        Ever look into a woman’s eyes when she winces and gurgles during her period? Don’t. Just order her out into the back yard shed for a week while her head spins. Toss her a jug of water and crackers but don’t speak to her while she journeys to the netherworlds. Can you believe men in the west actually sleep with their menstruating woman in the same bed? And they show these goofy ads on TV about these maxi pad things that they even allow their children to see. Then these women in the ads ride horseback like they’re Roman emperors or they swim like they’re in the olympics. Your water is getting sanguine western man. Unbelievable.

        1. Care to try to back that up?
          Or is ridicule your only defense, which proves you are guilty of your own implication?

        2. Anyone who believes that Sandy Hook Hoax nonsense is a malevolent psychotic mental midget. The same people who believe in that nonsense are usually people who spout garbage about the “Holohoax”. Go to Newtown and tell the survivors about the this “hoax”, SFB.

        3. Again, your main argument is personal ridicule.
          There are shitloads of evidence of the holocaust.
          Care to explain the footage of Sandy Hook’s “parents” laughing and giggling and then being told to “get into character” to start their fake crying?
          I saw them in the news, grieving, and then 36 hours later, I see that the footage I mentioned above. And that pal, is just the tip of the iceberg of what was to be discovered.
          As for Newtown, the city as a whole is keeping it’s mouth shut, and the “parents”, unlike their real counterparts, aren’t lashing out, but instead chose to vanish.
          Their personal histories were dug up, ALL OF THEM are ranking members of gun-control groups, BEFORE this incident. And all of them are “crisis actors”.
          The Medical Examiner actually JOKES while talking about his investigation of the dead children.
          The reporters, when interviewing the kids, are clearly telling the kids what to say while “asking”.

          GIVE this one video a chance.
          The rest is up to you.
          Live long and prosper.

    4. It is the very reason why “the news” on TV is no longer valuable. The people reporting it (today) are giving opinions versus the facts. There is always a narrative that they follow depending on who is the attacker and who is the victim. We’ve seen (and heard) it on a regular basis.
      My opinion is that women, like the one in this story, can be terrorists as well. I believe people living in the west have a hard time with that concept (because they are always giving women a pass).

      1. So true about the media reporting opinions. They started the process by just having “experts” on all the time that would respond to a question from a journalist with an opinion. They used to do that after examining facts carefully and if the experts opinion didn’t line up with facts, journalists would ask follow up questions. That’s what I remember anyway.
        Then they shifted to asking follow up questions only if the experts opinion didn’t line up with what the show is trying to promote.
        Now it seems as though the journalists themselves are spouting off their own opinions for about 3/4 of each show and they’ve left actual journalism completely in a coffin. They have been doing this for several years now from what I’ve seen.

        1. We used to have real discussions about real problems in this country (and how to solve them). Today, it’s nothing but mindless entertainment on the “news” channels. I haven’t watched it for years because there are no more journalists left (or at least ones that I respect).

    5. The “post-natal depression” industry is a case in point.
      Feminists simply refuse to believe that 99.5% of women killing their own children could ever be truly evil. It *must* be mental illness or, even better, them having been abused by men or particularly oppressed by the so-called patriarchy.

  7. Yeah, this woman wasn’t mentally ill. Just a monster wrapped in human skin.

    1. Lots of people have lots of mental and emotional problems. Very few of them are violent, even fewer violent to the point of murder. There truly is a moral component to the violent behavior. Viciousness in and of itself in not a result of being mentally ill. Viciousness is a problem unto itself. Some people are crazy and vicious, other people are sane and vicious; the problem for the criminal justice system is the vicious violence, not the crazy factor.

      1. However you want to look at it, she decapitated a kid and carried his head around a subway station, not unlike what killers in third world countries do.

        1. Liberals of the post modern era don’t understand that there is a difference between civilized people and savages. Savages are not civilized and usually cannot be civilized. You can take the savage out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the savage. Also, as noted by Mr. Spock in the Star Trek TOS episode, “Mirror, Mirror,” it is easier for a civilized man to act like a barbarian than it is for a barbarian to act like a civilized man. I call this the “Asymmetry of Savage Barbarianism” factor of human existence. It’s the reason why civilized people can goto hellish crapholes of barbarianism and adapt, but barbaric savages cannot come as easily to civilization and adapt. By adapt I mean not cut babies’ heads off and parade around in the streets with them.

      1. When it’s a woman they’re never at fault they “just need help”. When its’ a man he’s an evil Satanic beast who should have his balls chopped off and have his head eaten by rats. I shouldn’t be shocked but the incredible hypocrisy I see every fucking day on this type of thing is appalling but many people still can’t see it. It’s downright bizarre.

  8. This is quite an accomplishment. How the author managed such a measured tone is beyond me. My tendency is to get so enraged over the bundles of absurdities surrounding stories like this that a sort of narrative-paralysis takes over and I just want to punch something. Kudos.

  9. I don’t think this had to do with gender in the Russia case (though it obviously plays a huge part). She’s a Mohammedan nutjob, plain and simple. If a man beheaded the poor child and paraded her head around Moscow, there still would have been no reaction. It’s why anything unflattering about the migrants is all but censored in Sweden.

    1. She checks all of the right boxes.
      A woman.
      A Muslim.
      If it had been a white, Christian man then there would be no “poor mentally ill man” story. It would be put this guy to death for killing a child. People need to understand that there is a very toxic narrative going on in the west.

  10. It finally reached the point where I am not shocked anymore, guys. I see these headlines and I know I am supposed to have some reaction beyond a blank stare, but I am just not shocked. I am disgusted and appalled. I cannot manage much of an expression, however.
    If I had a little girl, and this beast killed her, we would have nanny hung up on meat hooks.

  11. It doesn’t matter why people do what they do. Results matter. She killed a child, she deserves to hang.

    1. Bingo I’ say torture, behead and feed to the pig and say Allah has willed it!
      I’m tired of cunts getting away ewiht killing children It’s time for biblical type punishments to be visited on thes Jezabels..

    2. That’s one thing I don’t like about our justice system. A nut job can go on a killing spree and they’ll debate whether he’s sane enough to stand trial. Who the hell cares? They’ve displayed they are a danger to society, sane or not. Hang’em high.

      1. The courts think they have a monopoly on justice. Be it the sjw vigilantes, the courts of media spin or the real brick and mortar courts. I’d rather not watch their theatre show. I find that turning the station and watching mud trucks leaves me more clear minded where I can focus and see right from wrong. I can see the dastardly dooers as well as the benevolent. Don’t even engage the great bitchwoman system anymore than you would engage a typical female in an argument. Your mind will remain clear and able to focus on and target the heart of the problem rather than be distracted by all the spin noise.

        1. I dropped cable tv a couple years ago and I noticed I suffer from a lot less stress and depression than when I had the news and bullshit they’d shove down my throat. My only news nowadays is my local conservative talk radio and this site.

      2. Society has been almost irreparably damaged by people who proclaim crimes the result of forces beyond the individual’s control and ideas held by normal sane people as the cause and result of deliberately chosen evil.

      3. I am with you. I am willing to go out on a limb and say anyone who murders another person (don’t care if it is an angry crime of passion, totally cool as ice hit man or Kevin Spacey from Seven) is totally bat shit insane.
        Unless it is legitimate self defense you are obviously fucking nuts. The crime itself is proof that you are a fucking crazy person.
        So the standard definition for legal insanity is an inability is, in a nut shell (haha), an inability to tell right from wrong — yes, we can get more complicated and talk about mens rea and all sorts of abstract concepts, but at its most fundamental level the question is “is this person capable of understanding the consequences of their actions, to tell right from wrong, etc. etc. etc.
        If you slit someones throat open and kill them then, no, you are not in any way, shape or form a fucking sane person who can understand their own actions.

    3. It’s a shame that women will kill children on the regular and “the news” will always focus on the story of the poor woman being mentally ill.

    4. That’s the way it was in previous centuries.. None of all this in depth examination of possible misfortunes and rehabilitation chances for the perpetrator, who really might contribute something valuable to society one day if we don’t hang them etc

  12. This is no surprise, women had less rights years ago and were seen as caring. Then you give them rights and they show they are actually Sadists, but society refuses to drop “Women are caring” line. I wouldn’t be surprised if this woman got sexually excited about doing it.
    They hired a Muslim nanny and didn’t think anything of it because Women are held up as care givers. Muslims are evil sick pieces of shit but this Muslim happened to be a Woman, that’s why her religious views were overlooked.

    1. I saw a guy break the necks of baby birds a couple years ago. A fat chick was standing next to him with a huge orgiastic smile on her face. Afterwards she said that they didn’t enjoy doing it.
      That’s when I finally understood that most people are fucking psychopaths.

      1. This is no fucking joke. Some of these nutjobs ,,somehow” make it into local administrations and judicial systems – check out judges in tribunals charged for pedophylia. Once you get the power, your inner ,,butterfly” self starts to shine. It could be a high virtuous moral system, or it could be pedophylia. Psychos not only exist among us, some of them still work in public functions.

        1. It makes me wonder, years and years ago you had a ton of criminals running around shooting one another. Now where are they? In Prisons? Not all of them. Most of them go to where they can hide away from being punished. The Government is a criminal Organization filled with crazies.

  13. They peddled the mental illness for all of the shooters/killers listed…including elliot. This is nothing new.

  14. Sorry I thought the title said “Mainstream Media Rushes To ‘Execute’ Muslim Woman Who Decapitated Russian Child” – my mistake.

  15. She’s gonna be tried in Russia though, right? Personally I hope they put her head on a spike outside the Kremlin.

    1. a warning to all muslims who dare behead us inifidels, they will lose theirs

    2. Russia abolished death penalty in 2009. last execution was performed in Russia 20 years ago.

      1. How is it that among the developed countries only the US really has it one would think with some of the events that are happening nowadays more countries would bring it back..

  16. This highlights why women should always be treated like children today. Even if a woman displays the ability to act like an adult they will never have any consequences to their actions. Media and SJW will leap to her rescue and defend any action she takes including murder. No woman in today’s environment can be called an adult, being an adult requires a person to accept responsibility for their actions, something women very well know they will never have to do because someone will always hand them a convenient excuse about why it’s not their fault

  17. Fucking savages, the lot. Look forward to the next article about the Mahadi rebellion and the barbarity of those Muslims as opposed to the Nobility of Charles Gordon.

  18. How General Pershing deal with muslins:
    The legend goes that after continued terrorist attacks on US troops and installations -in addition to the massacre of captured American soldiers- General Pershing sent a mission out to round-up 50 adult male perps. Back at the base, they were promptly strapped to wooden poles, execution-style.
    As the firing squad had been ordered -and to the resolute horror of the Moro captives- a couple pigs were freshly slaughtered right in front of them. They then soaked their bullets in the blood and fat prior to loading.
    After executing the first 49 -who according to the Koran were automatically barred from Paradise (even while dying a martyr) due to porcine ‘contamination’- Pershing had the bodies unceremoniously tossed into a mass grave with the residual pig carcasses/entrails piled-high on top, a yummy snack for the confounded jihadis to enjoy on the way to Hell.
    The 50th Islamist was then cut loose to go tell everybody back at the encampment exactly what he’d just witnessed… and for
    42 years, there was not a single Muslim terrorist attack anywhere in the world…

  19. Rest in peace dear Anastasia. The Lord shall have his holy and righteous vengeance upon all perpetrators and those who mask the crime. Their fates are sealed in both this world and the next.

  20. Adam Lanza’s eyes scare the crap outta me- which meds was this kid on anyway?

  21. It’s a phenomenon I call the 5th paragraph:
    If the offender is white and male, you’ll know in the headline or subheading, but if female, black or Muslim it’s withheld until about the 5th paragraph. Sometimes it’s completely withheld and you have to find another article by another news outlet to get that info.

  22. It’s sorta like when white women become mudsharks. Jews get blamed for brainwashing them, or white men get blamed for giving women too much freedom . Anything but holding the worthless cunts responsible for their own actions

  23. The media’s response is no surprise. Afterall, they celebrate women murdering their own children in the womb.
    Murdering born children with impunity is just the next logical step.

  24. Hipocritical maintream outlets. All they do is frame stories to whatever suits their narrative. These people have no soul. Waiting for Putin’s influence to spread on the West.

  25. Aren’t they saying, by default, that the female mind is defective by male standards? That the female brain irreparably and permanently suffers mental illness?

  26. Ironically, she could probably get sentenced to death under Islamic law. Non-Muslims need to develop a non-Arab equivalent of Islam.

  27. The person to blame in Adam Lanza’s case was Nancy Lanza’s. Every reputable psychologist who had seen Adam had tried to explain to Nancy that her son was a dangerous lunatic and needed to be institutionalized before he hurt himself or anyone else. But no. Her baby was not a ticking timebomb, he was “gifted” (he was at best of average intelligence). And she refused to be parted from him.
    It was fitting that in the end Nancy was Adam’s first victim. The real outrage was that she wasn’t his last.

    1. And the father was unavailable for comment. Natch.
      After the bloodbath, police found homosexual and child porn on Adam’s harddrive.

        1. She had bought him a gun and a cheque was found in her home made out to Adam to allow him to purchase another gun.

        2. Excuse me. I misunderstood. The father was certainly aware that guns were around the house and available to his off kilter son. Nancy did not lock up the guns.

      1. “And the father was unavailable for comment. Natch.
        After the bloodbath, police found homosexual and child porn on Adam’s harddrive.”
        The government has been known to plant what they want to find at a scene. I’ll remind you of:
        1. Fast and Furious. A program whose purpose seemed to have been to give guns to Mexican drug cartels, so said guns can be used in murders of Americans, and thus provide a pretext for gun confiscation.
        2. Overthrowing the democratically elected government of the Ukraine with an armed Nazi coup, triggering secession and civil war while somehow placing the blame on Putin/Russia. Perhaps even shooting down a civilian airliner (or at least hiding that the Kiev junta did it), and again, blame Putin.
        3. Arm, fund, train, and otherwise aid Islamic terrorist groups in attempts to ouster moderate Arab regimes (Egypt, Libya, Syria, etc) while claiming to be fighting these same groups; until Russia begins bombing them in Syria, and the ruse must be dropped, and the support becomes open.
        Would such a regime be willingly and capable of staging a Sandy Hook incident to accomplish their goals? Certainly seems possible, if not probable.

    2. You Sir took the comment out of my head. You did however forget to mention that Nancy bought her little darling a gun. Nancy had an arsenal of weapons in her home. Nancy was an enabler not a victim.

    1. Did any children even die? Pics or it didn’t happen. Seriously. It’s easy to get people to believe anything without proof.

  28. Im glad you mentioned the real tragedy here- the death of a vulnerable family member. Noone else has showed those sentiments, its all about the motive of the nanny. RIP.

  29. You would have to be really deranged and mentally unstable to murder a child. With that said, that is NO excuse. Sane or insane, it’s an unspeakable sin, and should be dealt with using the most severe punishment thinkable.

  30. Mental illness is downplayed in shootings involving white males?? On what planet?
    Narrative works like this:
    White guy shoots a bunch of people–mentally ill
    Black dude shoots a bunch of people–Thug
    And that may well be the case but don’t deny that’s how it’s played in the USA
    And as for that crazy bitch in Russia, I wish I had a dime for how many times reports here mentioned she was “clad in a Burka” (Burka = Muslim). So many of these “articles” on RoK are pure click bait.
    And as for news coverage in the USA. This happened in Russia. Americans don’t care about overseas news unless it’s a catastrophe.

    1. Actually, here’s what I’ve been seeing…
      white guy shoots a bunch of people–white male privilege and MRAs and small penis and etc. etc. etc.
      And with black people, a lot of them who do shoot others are indeed thugs. Sure, some are mentally ill, but you have to remember that they grow up in terrible environments with a lot of drama. A lot of illegitimate parents, crime in neighborhoods, etc. They really do need a turn-around in their communities.

  31. Female teachers that molest their students are largely excused of their actions while men that do the same get the book thrown at them.

  32. If an American Christian man, instead on a Uzbekistan Muslim woman did this crime, you can bet your ass that SJWs wouldn’t care at all about the motives with ISIS at all. They would just use a false argument to prove their point as men being garbage. The hypocrisy kills me, but the lack of attention on the little girl is even worse. The media is raving about this ‘helpless’ woman and her motives but are paying little attention to the gruesome torture and desecration to the corpse of a four year old child. There are no excuses for this woman, she is disgusting and deserves the same, or actually even more painful death and the same post mortem disrespect that the little girl was given. Little Anastasia is not being given the peace she deserves because of mere political correctness, and it just sickens me. This child, Anastasia, deserves better after what happened to her.

  33. Keep up the good work David. Your reporting demonstrates that although we are a group of no-bullshit guys we have a conscious and a well calibrated moral compass.

  34. The Russian police should have went LAPD on her and killed her. To all here I see a woman holding up a child’s head like that I will kill her on the spot with all I have

  35. This calls for the bringing back of medieval execution/torture methods. Seriously. It’s gotten to that point now. Draw and quarter, etc. all that Braveheart ending stuff. Skin her alive on national TV with arabic subtitles as a lesson to her “brothers”.

  36. I’m sick of this ‘mentally ill” bullshit whenever it comes to females or negroes or other minority.The real mentally ill rarely commit crimes and their rate is lower than the average person’s. Most of them want to get away from people not interact with them. The real mentally ill have no idea that they are even committing a crime and they are rarely put on trial it is so obvious but just sent to an asylum.
    You’re right about the libtards always blaming mental illness when a female or black does something but when a white does he’s just a criminal thug. You can read about these things almost everyday.A black pushes a woman or old guy onto the tracks or slashes someone’s face and the libtards blame the gov’t because there’s not enough money for ‘treatment’. They’re too stupid (or have some warped agenda) to use common sense even when it’s explained to them. I can easily prove that these are hate crimes when people slash or push people on to tracks. As I said they always do it to weak females or old men either white or Asian. You never see them try it with some 6′ 200lbs 20yo who looks like he has some muscles because they know they’ll get their butt beaten. People who are truly insane would do it to anyone because they don’t understand what they’re doing or the consequences.These white hating trash also make a good effort to escape after they do it, this is not insanity because the real insane wouldn’t know what they did or run away.
    Here, I just read another case. The comments will show you what I mean about libtards claiming that there’s not enough ‘mental health’ money and nothing about the thug who did it with malicious intent.

    1. “You’re right about the libtards always blaming mental illness when a female or black does something but when a white does he’s just a criminal thug.” Parallel universe alert:
      Woman commits murder; nearly always blamed on mental illness
      White man commits a mass killing; usually blamed on mental illness
      Black man kills; thug, gangsta etc.
      that’s how the narrative works

  37. Blanket wearing, head-chopping harpy ends up being a blanket wearing, head-chopping harpy… and people are surprised…
    I don’t see it as a “woman gets a free pass” thing, so much as a “Islam has waged a 1400-year nonstop war of conquest” thing. Islam has never had a reformation. Ever. It’s the same bloodthirsty, hyper-violent, militarized fighting faith ‘religion’ as it’s always been.
    It’s the giant, steaming pile of elephant shit in the room everyone is stepping over.
    The blanketed harpy didn’t say “I did this because I’m pissed at my husband” – she walked around screeching “Allahu Akbar!”, crap about being a “terrorist” and other filth…
    Why is an effort being made to make this a “woman” thing (not that the argument is without merit) and not a “Islam” thing? These savages are openly hostile to us, our culture, our way of life – WHY even allow them to live among us?

  38. It is pathetic to see how media is trying to picture this as mere mental illness, it is awful, every time a woman commits a crime she always painted as victim, whether she is the perpetrator or victim, she is always be a victim,

  39. This is why, if I ever become a father, the mom will be staying home and taking care of the kid(s) b/c fuck having them looked after by some potential nutter who doesn’t share their DNA and doesn’t love them.

  40. Rest in peace precious child, your family will miss you everyday…your president Putin will not let this go unpunished.

  41. Disgusting, that the news media spins a narrative the government wishes. True reporting is dead.

  42. The real question to ask, if you guys are really as “red pill” as you claim, is:
    Why should anyone trust even a single transmission from the enemy-propaganda media of 155 central banked governments, all with LEGALIZED USURY (lending the entire money supply of a nation at compound interest after printing it from thin air or adding zeros to a figure on a ledger sheet or computer) and legalized counterfeiting (fractional reserve banking)?
    [audio src="" /]
    Not a single image or video would be admitted as “evidence” of anything in any proper court of law without full authentication. Images have been faked since the beginning of photography and nowadays with sophisticated photoshop programs almost any infant can do it.
    It’s not that cruel events such as lashings and stonings for “offenses” such as adultery and lesbianism and bone-pirates do not go on in backwards and fundamentalist cultures. The barbaric penal code of Islamic post-Khomeini Iran, and not the barrage of equally disgusting Jew propaganda from the most racist state in history, Shitsrael, already proves that to be the case:
    It is that “the media” is your enemy and less trustworthy than the worst limited-hangout con-artists and liars you’ve ever been bamboozled by in your life and yet you keep believing “the news stories,” this most untrustworthy source of in-form-ation in the universe, puts out day-in and day-out. Most of the news they put out is manufactured, as this video conclusively proves:

    Also, few of the above laws existed during the much-maligned “CIA-puppet” Shah era with its Western style equality for women, mini-skirts and even gay bars, so this is not in any way calling Iranians “barbarians,” since they are an ancient civilization with much influence over all that came after including the Shakespeare of Germany, Goethe, whose favorite poet was Hafez of Shiraz. but only their corrupt rulers and those who support and keep them in power,
    Remember: ALL imagery transmitted to you by your enemy and by a thousand times proven fraud, should be examined by an expert photo-analyst before being accepted as “evidence” in a “real” news story purporting to describe a “real” event.
    “It is not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is perceived to be true.” – Henry Kissinger
    Here’s the principle of law that disqualifies any witness who has been proven to have falsified evidence or deliberately lied EVEN ONCE:
    falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus
    False in one particular, false in everything.
    This principle of Roman law is still respected and has been appropriated by other disciplines. The concept is that [b]if a witness has been shown to lie in one particular respect in a case, he is not to be trusted in anything else he says.[/b] This is why it is important for attorneys to impeach opposing witnesses in court: [b]it discredits the rest of their testimony.[/b] The object behind the principle is [b]to reject questionable testimony (even if it might be true) before accepting falsehood into evidence.[/b]
    The legal principles of interrogating witnesses have been drawn into the task of evaluating historical sources. Just as a witness in court can be impeached by being shown to have lied, an historical source likewise loses much of its authority [b]if its author can be shown to have deliberately falsified something[/b]–how can we trust an author concerning fact X when we know him to have lied about fact Y? Such an author may corroborate something a better witness says, but has forfeited our trust where he speaks without corroboration.
    So, why would lying thousands of times a year to billions of people and being caught red-handed hundreds-of-times in lies qualify the “mass-media” as anything but the biggest, most well-funded, false-witness of all time?
    Any more-or-less “true” stories you can actually analyze (images included) and verify, these bullshit artists only use as bait, of course, for the much more important and bigger PsyOp fake ones that they really need people to bite on and get hooked in the throat by, since this will traumatize them and put them in a non-critical-thinking “fight or flight” mode for extended periods of time and get them to externalize power instead of INTERNALIZING it. Only when you are able to overcome this fear-mongering and most-often fake and manufactured media-manipulation, be mentally sovereign, think critically and lay the blame where it’s due and not where divide-&-conquer con-artists want you to lay it, can “kings” emerge and bosses too, with long middle-fingers pointed right in the media’s face 24 hours a friggin’ day as icing on the cake. lol
    Hoax Busters Call with Chris Kendall – Transcending Media Manipulation and “externalization of power” with Lenon Honor:
    [audio src="" /]
    [audio src="" /]
    “A hallucination is a fact, not an error; what is erroneous is a judgment based upon it.” ~ Bertrand Russell
    “The most difficult subjects can be explained to the most slow-witted man if he has not formed any idea of them already; but the simplest thing cannot be made clear to the most intelligent man if he is firmly persuaded that he knows already, without a shadow of doubt, what is laid before him.” – Leo Tolstoy
    “The character of a gentleman [I take it] may be explained nearly thus: A blackguard is a fellow who does not care whom he offends; a clown is a blockhead who does not know when he offends; A gentleman is one who understands and shows every mark of deference to the claims of self-love in others, and exacts it in return from them.” — William Hazlitt, in The Ideal of a Gentleman: Or, A Mirror for Gentlefolks, a Portrayal in …, p.65

  43. Luckily we ha a reasonable equality between men/women, in such high profile cases. The judges KNOWS, people wantsShe will get same sentence as a man,by a judge.The BITCH would end up in a Maximum security Insane Facility w/ the worst sentence u can get in Denmark : An indeterment sentence in a max. security insane asylum, much worser than a lifesentence. Then U can ask for good behaviour, after 12 yrs w. n. When it’s a placement that have no time, she can’t have a date, to look forward to! But she ONLY deserves to end her days in a solitary darkness. I HAVE done my time in prisons in DK. I know it sux. BUT- If U can do the Crime, U can do the Time.SHE deserves to DIE asap, cause she’s a childabuser!!

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