A Practical Solution To End Islamic Terrorism In The West

After the terrorist attacks in France last week, in which seventeen citizens and policemen lost their lives, it’s difficult to find mainstream commentators in America or England discussing methods to prevent future attacks. The reason is clear: stopping Islamic terrorism would involve profiling Muslims in a way that goes against the hollow and meaningless “unity” narrative our elites have embraced. Their recent remarks are infused with less testosterone than that of a horny beta male trying to lay a girl on Tinder:

“I ask you to remain united – it’s our best weapon. It shows we are determined to fight against anything that can divide us. We must not be divided.” —Francois Hollande

“I’ve accepted President Hollande’s invitation to join the Unity Rally in Paris this Sunday – celebrating the values behind #CharlieHebdo.” —David Cameron

“I want the people of France to know that the United States stands with you today, stands with you tomorrow.” —Barack Obama

Such language, and the flaccid action that is sure to follow, will do nothing to prevent another attack. Instead of giving practical solutions on stopping terrorism, or at least decreasing it, we instead have to pretend that all humans are inherently good and that by treating Muslims with more love, unity, and openness, they will lay down their arms (and somehow forget their Syrian war training) to sip on foamy cappuccinos and nibble on French baguettes and foie gras. If French culture was more enticing than 72 virgins, this method may have a shot, but alas, too much coffee does give many people an uncomfortable case of the jitters.

I propose a different method, but before I do, those in the West have to ask themselves a question: Do you want to halt or decrease Islamic terrorism in your country or not? If you don’t then continue on your current progressive track by allowing millions of immigrants into your country with no program of integrating them into your cultural value system. In exchange for having your multicultural utopia and kebab shops, you have an increased chance of being shot in the head with an AK-47 or blown to bits if you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.


To end Islamic terrorism in the West, I earnestly propose a program called Cartoon Sensitivity Examination (CSE). It must be required for all Muslims who intend to visit or inhabit a Western country. Let’s use France as an example for how the program would work.

At border control, a follower of Islam will be politely escorted to a cartoon examination room. He is first shown two anti-semitic cartoons and asked for his opinion. Then he is shown two tasteless Jesus cartoons and again asked for his opinion. Finally, he is shown two cartoons of the prophet Mohammad in the most debased and vulgar manner, having sex with an animal, fellating a pig, or engaging in homosexuality with a Jew. Special biometric cameras will examine his reaction for rage. The border control agent will then ask him the following questions:

a) “Are you offended by the cartoon against your prophet?”
b) “Do you believe these cartoons should not have been published because of the offense it may cause the Muslim population?”
c) “If you were president of France, would you pass a law prohibiting publication of these cartoons?”
d) “If your brethren decided to kill the cartoonists, do you believe Allah would send them to paradise, or at least thank them for their service?”

If the immigrant answered yes to question C or D, he would absolutely not be allowed entry into France. He would be escorted to a return flight back to his homeland.

If the immigrant answered no to question C or D, but biometric data conflicted with his answers, he must be subjected to a rigorous background search, and if he passes the checks, he must agree to close surveillance by the state security apparatus along with voluntary check-ins. But if he is conclusively linked to radical imans or mosques that have produced terrorist activity in the past, he will not be allowed entry. This will match the current accepted behavior in the West of a man falsely accused of rape being denied employment opportunities.

Due to my Muslim name (my father is Iranian), I would also be subject to such an examination. I would answer no to all four questions, and biometric data would reveal not an extra heart beat of perturbation from looking at them. I would have no problem with taking the exam even in the United States, of which I am a citizen. My father would also pass this test; he is even more overtly American that I am in some respects, fully acclimatized to his adopted home.

My proposal is that simple, because being grossly offended at cartoons is the quickest, cheapest, and most effective way we can identity fanatics who are wholly incompatible with Western notions of free speech and free press. Look no further than the 2005 cartoon controversy in the Muslim world which resulted in riots, murders, and over 100 senseless deaths, all because of cartoons. Not a single soul should be allowed into a nation while not adhering to its most basic heritage and principles of law, and who can so easily become motivated to gunning down artists or other innocent citizens because of an editorial drawing. They must be kept out for the protection of society, and if you disagree, maybe you do not care about the safety of that society.

My program gets trickier for natural-born Muslims. I propose that they must undergo the cartoon sensitivity exam at 18 years of age, similar to how men in America must register for the selective service at that time, and then re-take the exam every 3-5 years thereafter. All welfare and governmental benefits will be withheld from those who attempt to skirt the examination, and since Muslim immigrants seem to be heavily dependent on generous welfare, I expect a 99% compliance rate, especially if we withhold welfare from mothers whose sons did not submit to examination.

If a natural-born Muslim failed the examination, and shows that radicalization is deep in his heart, he must be surveilled closely or imprisoned indefinitely. You earlier said you wanted to end terrorism in your country, right? I’m pretty sure I saw you holding a Je Suis Charlie placard at the unity march earlier. Well, this is how you do it: get rid of those who possess the same anger and motivation to kill that previous terrorists possessed, and ensure that this profiling is only done on Muslims.. Un-democratic laws must be applied on people who don’t believe in democracy if you want to allow them to live in your country.

What the US did after 9/11 is an example of how not to react to a terrorist act. Instead of only profiling Muslims (including recently converted Muslims), they spied on every citizen within its borders, even collecting meta data on postal mail. Maybe this protected us obliquely, but its main objective was to surveil those who threaten the very authority of the state and to tighten its tyrannical control over the populace. A non-Muslim citizen should not be inconvenienced one extra minute of the year for actions that he has zero propensity to execute. This includes young blond children.


By now you’ve probably realized that cartoon sensitivity examinations, surveilling, and imprisoning Muslims will come at a hefty monetary cost. This is true, but then we have to ask ourselves the following: why do we need low-value immigrants who aren’t doctors, engineers, or other advanced professions in a Western country when there is no hope they can improve that society? Why are we opening our doors to immigrants whose belief in superstition and fairy tales is immune to basic rational thought, and who are so baby sensitive to words and drawings that they believe killing others is the best recourse to relieve their hurt feelings?

The middle class French citizenzy needs Muslims as bad as middle class Americans need Mexicans. In other words, they don’t. The elite requires these armies of perpetually offended immigrants to keep wages low and destroy national identity in favor of globalization, and so the cost to keep out undesirable people would be greater than any value they bring into your neighborhood or city. Can we vote instead on opening our borders to Polish and Chinese immigrants, who have shown to solemnly respect the nations they immigrate to? Otherwise, we may need to think twice about letting in Somali refugees or Yemeni men whose professional resume contains a bit too much mention of his studies on the Koran.

The best way to identify if a proposed policy would work is to apply it to the past. Would my cartoon examination proposal stop the Charlie Hebdo attacks? The Boston bombing? The Lee Rigby beheading in England? 9/11? Well, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that most of those terrorists would probably attack the examiner directly when shown the offensive cartoons. Maybe it’s not elegant or high-tech, but if you want to identify and keep out murderous idiots, simply show them a cartoon of their prophet having gay sex. Identify these fanatics, ship them back home or monitor them closely, and enjoy your Western civilization, or at least what’s left of it.

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568 thoughts on “A Practical Solution To End Islamic Terrorism In The West”

  1. Many of the standard explanations about threats to Western society have merit: multiculturalist policy, feminism destroying intact families, etc., etc, but there is one thing that lies at the feet of westerners, the abandonment of Christendom and all of the social cohesion that it brings. This is coming from someone who does not come from a religious background.
    Secularism has never figured out a way to provide the same sense of community and personal association that membership in church does. From de Tocqueville to Robert D. Putnam, observers have noted the strength of community, particularly in America, was strongest when Christian religious observance was highest. It radiates the civic associations and social relationships that were the true fabric of democracy. This is what has gone away. Muslims form their communities through the same mechanisms, as do many ethnic groups. The only way to defeat them is to out community them, out family them, out network them and out birth them.
    This is a monumental challenge today.

    1. If you were president of France, would you pass a law prohibiting publication of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons?

      1. I don’t know.
        Given the likelihood of existence and the track record of crazies like Charlie Hebdo in the country, maybe I would favor something like that for public safety.
        I just don’t know.

  2. “The middle class French citizenzy needs Muslims as bad as middle class Americans need Mexicans. In other words, they don’t (…) Can we vote instead on opening our borders to Polish and Chinese immigrants, who have shown to solemnly respect the nations they immigrate to?”
    This is it, you just nailed it. We simply don’t fucking need them, at least not in such large numbers. If the West really requires immigrants, then we should open our borders only to people of certain countries and backgrounds. The multiculturality experiment can now serve as a precendent of which nationalities are more suitable than others for letting in thousands of their citizens into our countries. If we abide by this rule, theres no need for cartoons.

    1. A logical immigration policy would reveal that the native cultures are so sick they are resorting to outsourced breeding and slave labor, to reduce public panic the elite hide what is going on with a chaotic policy based on “humanitarianism”. Of course the problem could by solved by simply cutting back government, but that’s not something you can ask government

    2. if it wasn’t for Mexicans, you’d have no food at all in the US, Mexicans do all the dirty work and they work harder than any fatty gringo……

      1. The USA is very fertile. We would have food, it would just be more expensive. Which probably wouldn’t be a bad thing if you’re a fatty gringo. We don’t need all the convenience shit that’s constantly imposed upon us anyway.

        1. no one to pick it, no one to transport it and no one to cook it…. go in any hotel or restaurant and see who’s doing the real work…. you want to take your turn for $10 an hour ?

        2. Bullshit. You can’t back that statement up. Supply and demand. Mexicans came HERE to take those jobs because they were willing to do them for less. Those jobs were filled by non-Mexicans long before they showed up. There’s nothing special about Mexicans that would prevent others from doing those jobs.

        3. actually if you do a little history, Texas, Florida and California were all Mexican before they were American….
          the welfare state is scared of immigrants because it’s already bankrupt and can’t support the current pension system… since America was built by immigrants, suddenly fingering immigrants is basically fingering everyone… and Mexicans by and large do at least assimilate culturally… don’t for get the cowboy hat, denim jeans and cowboy boots were all Mexican inventions…. as is half the cusine in the US.

        4. Seriously, as a (White) Hispanic, I always enjoy reminding my fellow “brown” Latino brothers…”yep, before you were here, NO ONE picked oranges, or fruits, or did lawn care or construction…the Grapes of Wrath was based on no one’s (white) experience, and the Brooklyn bridge was built by Black Egyptians, and trash just sat on the street in white neighborhoods”.

        5. Actually they weren’t, they were Hispanos, and/or Spaniards…for example, when La Raza speaks of Aztlan, the falsely believe that CA was Mexican somewhere in between being Indian (it wasn’t Aztec anyhow) and Gringos. They “Mexicans” that lived there before were White Spaniards. The same people everyone supposedly hates (slavetraders, Indian killers)…let me pull my card. These are my people, you know nothing. George Lopez would have been cleaning outdoor shitters, as would have Cain “Brown Power” Valasquez.

        6. If you go far enough back in time, all lands had “immigrants” at some point. Stating that people’s ancestors were once immigrants isn’t a valid argument to defend a current policy. Who cares who invented those things? White people invented a lot of shit they’re using in Mexico. Completely irrelevant to this conversation.

        7. I mean if you go back far enough most white people were blue collared factory workers at the outset of the industrial revolution. But now that most white people are in the middle class, most just can’t go back to working the coal mines. I’m not going to pretend like I know anything about the Mexican immigration crisis, but I would think that if all the illegals were kicked out there would be a lot of jobs that just wouldn’t pay enough to keep the guys working them in the middle class.

        1. while the niggers and white trash collect food stamps, someone needs to empty the garbage and flip burgers….

        2. Apples and orranges, my friend.
          A. This country needs cheap labor for sure. It doesn’t necessarily need to be Mexican but it happens to be.
          B. Mexicans actually appreciate this country and the opportunities it’s afforded by it.
          C. The Muslim attitude from what I can tell (in Europe anyway) is one of arrogance while taking for granted all that is available in these new countries they’re allowed to live in.

        3. Because they view leftist Europeans as trash the same way many of us do? Who wants to assimilate into a xenophilic and spineless culture that hates itself?

        4. Not that I really care but, originally, 25% of the US belonged to Mexico or Spain. The US seized them through wars and I bet Latinos will get them back within 50-100 years.

        5. The way that muslim immigrants act in Europe goes farther than arrogance… They literally make threats of violence against the native populations for all sorts of reasons. Like they order us that we can’t laugh at their fictional pedo prophet or else they will kill us, and that we should respect their stupid foreign cult. They act with hostility.

        6. I know, I know, everyone’s a leftist pussy. Regardless you still play by the host country’s cultural rules, It’s as simple as that.

        7. I’m with you on that. The blind respecting of that, or any other Religion, is something I have zero tolerance for. Respect is earned not, it’s not a deserved.

      2. In terms of productivity and output white America is more important than any other group because white Americans dominate the labour market in so many areas. Mexicans might “flip burgers” as you crudely put it in another post but who is manufacturing the grill? Who is maintaining it? Who designs and engineers it? Whilst some of this is done by mexicans the majority is done by white americans. You also need to remember that employment is only really important to the economy if it helps it to grow. Poor mexicans scraping the barrel mowing lawns barely register as useful. Mexicans also don’t help poor white/black Americans because they keep wages low regardless of work ethic. Real wages have barely increased in decades for most Americans and that’s not a good thing for most of us. Mexicans seeking a better life can’t be blamed for everything but certainly Americans of all ethnicity who are of low income would benefit with less immigration, if only to help raise wages. Additionally, white farmers are far more important than Mexicans for America’s food supply.

      3. Yes, America was a starving third world nation before all the illegals showed up…

      4. If Mexicans are such hard-working people, then why millions and millions of them are on welfare? Why do they cost billions of taxpayers’ money every year?

    3. You don’t open your borders to people who are hostile towards you. That would be like the Jews moving in Nazis to their neighborhoods to create “understanding and tolerance.” Then leftists are shocked when people start getting killed.

        1. “But… but…. if we just FORCE people to live together, they’ll eventually start getting along… amiright?”

      1. (progressive) jews have been pro-immigration since the second world war (particularly in US). Since jews and muslims don’t mix well in the ordinary run of things there’s always been the possibility of some minor friction to say the least

        1. Jews are actually leaving France in droves now. France has the largest Jewish and Muslim populations in Europe too. Apparently those don’t mix; I mean who would have guessed right?

        2. That was my point. But ‘progressive’ jews have at least in some countries been very pro-immigration, including with regard to muslim immigration (consider Sweden for example) yet in a place like France this has it seems increased anti-semitism, in a few cases with deadly consequence. You could see this as an unintended consequence or as ‘elite’ progressive jews selling ordinary jewish people down the river

        3. Secular or religious, many Jews in Western countries are conscious of their immigrant origins as separate from the rest of the population. Many French Jews, for example, are of North African origin and came over when France left Algeria and Tunisia. Open borders/immigration are advantageous to migratory people. If you accept that Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people, then Jews anywhere outside of it are de facto immigrant communities and therefore favor immigration. But of course, those policies have brought in anti-Semitic Muslims as well… and therein lies the tension.

        4. I’m sure that’s right in the main, but while it might be a natural pragmatic bent for some secular’s by which I mainly mean progressives (although I accept they may not be one and the same) there’s a strong ideological element beyond that.That’s the case even if in itself it might be a fringe element. Derrida himself was an Algerian jew, self-describing himself as a Marrano if I remember correctly and seeing himself as the archetypal ‘other’, the immigrant par excellence – I have some sympathy with that almost ‘existential’ status of jews, whose homeland is ‘exile’ as much as it is the promised land of israel, but then you get someone like the infamous Barbara Spectre in Sweden announcing the moral imperative for sponsoring immigration as a means of overcoming racism and by extension anti-semitism. The question then arises, how significant are such ‘fringe’ attitudes and whether the inevitability that immigration in a place like Sweden would be overwhelmingly Muslim in nature (rather than jewish) could genuinely have been unanticipated. If it was not unanticipated the further question arises why promote the mass immigration into a country of a class of people who have a track record of hating you? Why? My suspicion is that progressive jews, a subset of secular jews, have betrayed ordinary jews, such as those who died in the kosher shop.

    4. This would have been a good idea 50 years ago when the borders first started opening up, but frankly it’s too late.

  3. This colorful practical solution won’t be implemented by the current political elite.
    So, regime change at home is the precondition we need to address before this.

  4. The problem with western liberals defending free speech is that they have long ago lost faith in their culture and it’s values. So they will make a token and toothless gesture in support of free speech while emphasizing above all else that muslims and Islam must be protected. They will even go as far as to say that Muslims are the real victims here and express their fear for Islamophobia. They view dhimmitude as a viable alternative to much “weaker” western values.

    1. The problem with western liberals … wouldn’t last an afternoon if they lived in Muslim neighborhoods.
      Not long ago I heard of a group of people in France who went to posh neighborhoods early in the morning with a loudspeaker blaring Muslim prayers with the warning that this was what was coming.

      1. There will be a minority who will happily defend those who eat them. Just like liberals will excuse black brunch and being mobbed by black protestors in Ferguson. How large that demographic is has yet to be seen. These people have put minority groups in place of their traditional family and they are extremely permissive of their behavior.

        1. Fair enough, but you cite cases of racial tension in the US. I was thinking of the Muslim problem, mostly in Europe.

        2. There’s a similar demographic over there, I’ve found white people who converted to Islam and are more worried about the negative impacts to Islam more than dead (white) people. They won’t be the majority of natives, the majority are getting pissed off enough to vote in “right wing” parties. But they will fight and tooth and nail to protect their pets.

        3. bullshit – let them pull that shit in Dearborn / Detroit – actually, don’t hold your breath because it does not happen, ever. we let them stay and they stay in their place.

    2. And what are our current culture and values, I wonder. Because if it is abortion, normalization of homosexuality, rampant feminism and stuff like that, my faith in these values was indeed lost long ago.

  5. If the western media really believed in free speech they would have all run the charlie cartoons on the front page in every city around the world. That’s the only way to deal with this.These gay street rallies for “unity” mean absolutely nothing if they are all now intimidated and practicing self censorship. The muslim terrorists won.

    1. Yeah, but publish not just their cartoons about Islam, lets publish their cartoons about everything else. And when people saw their cartoons mocking gays, feminists or celebrating domestic violence, then there would be an uproar. Wait… they had offensive cartoons about these themes too, right?

    1. What do you mean “even CNN”? They subscribe to the leftist narrative. Want to get biased reports? Go visit cnn.com.

    1. Savage chimps. Their sacred puppet Muhommad (shit be upon him), who was known as ‘the Obliterator’ during his lifetime, once presided over 900 beheadings. A supposed holy man, watching as his henchmen sweated and toiled all day long, resharpening their blades, and hacking heads off until the air was heavy with the smell of blood. Is it any surprise that they’re a violent bunch when taking their direction from a genocidal demon?

      1. Your point, even if it were true, is irrelevant to Snake’s point. Nice red herring/derailment attempt.

        1. read some history before you blindly support a fascist regime….. 2029 is going to look much like 1929 if people like you think that the media speaks the gospel truth….
          the only apology needed is that feeble terrorists attack one pathetic newspaper, while the media frenzy goes wild and governments put in more fascist laws and allocate more money for brown shirts and militarized police….
          if the terrorists were real, half of Paris would be ablaze by now….. as would London, Berlin, Washington and Amsterdam….
          anyone with even the smallest IQ can understand that if you want to annihilate an enemy as radical Islam does, you don’t punch him on the nose and then walk away….
          imagine 100 guys running about Paris with AKs and RPGs…. hundreds dead…. absolute havoc… real terrorism, we have never seen it….

        2. More derailment attempts. Muslims shouldn’t be in Europe was the original point, just so you know.

          if people like you think that the media speaks the gospel truth

          Ad hominem. Nice attempt to try to cast doubt on my character. You forgot you don’t know me, kid.

          if the terrorists were real, half of Paris would be ablaze by now….. as would London, Berlin, Washington and Amsterdam….

          Nice mental gymnastics there. Paris isn’t ablaze, therefore terrorists aren’t real. If criminals were real, we’d all be dead, right?

          anyone with even the smallest IQ…

          Learn how to construct a rational argument and then get back with me.

      2. Why do you want muzzies in Europe? Muslims have their own countries and they should stay in them.

      3. One thing for sure is that there will never be a trial… false flag? They are sure using it like one.

    1. Like Putin said, if you want to live in Russia, you must speak, eat and behave like Russians. This kind of ideology should be applied if the local population don’t want to see their culture and beliefs diluted.

        1. It’s part of a torrent of insanity, but as they say, even a clock that’s stopped is right twice a day.

      1. And what does “Like Russians” exactly mean? Russia has been multicultural since the times of the Empire. Not the product of immigration but the result of conquering the Caucasus and Central Asia.

        1. His message was aimed at the Muslim immigrating to Russia; here’s the full : http://www.snopes.com/politics/soapbox/putinduma.asp
          And just to spark controversy, according to Dailymail.co.uk, Tony Blair said we should befriend Putin (and China) if we want to fight Islamic extremist:

        2. What about the Muslims who were already there? Haven’t there been Muslims in Russian for centuries?

    2. There just shouldn’t be American bases in virtually every Muslim country.

        1. Just remember Muslim have allowed Churches and Synogogues for centuries in their lands. And also have allowed believers to fill those houses of God.

        2. yes, because only unbelievers can be slaves or pay interest/taxes.
          Not all of us are idiots.

        3. Everyone paid taxes, not just Christians or Jews. The people of the Book had to pay an extra tax called the jizya which granted them the right to govern themselves on issues not pertaining to the state and to be absolved from military service with a contractual obligation on Muslims to defend their lands. This tax was sometimes abused in history by some corrupt caliphs/sultans would tax them exorbitantly (which is allowed in Sunni law but not Shi’ite law), but by and large it was a fair deal. So much so that Middle Eastern Christians preferred living under Muslim rule than Byzantine rule or Crusader rule. An interesting fact for you is that at the time of the Crusaders 50% of the native Levant population were Christians, yet none of them jumped in to help form the fledgling Crusader-Christian-Holy-Land states. Also many Christians and Jews were high ranking government officials in Islamic countries throughout history. Lastly there were many Muslim slaves in Islamic history; they weren’t just unbelievers, so I don’t know where you got that idea from.

        4. That depends very much on what you mean by ‘their lands’. If you mean Christian and Jewish lands, conquered and exploited by Muslims for slaves and revenue, then yes, they tolerated those people because they knew there were too many of them for a campaign of forcible conversion or full expulsion.
          But if you mean Muslim heartlands where not only the rulers but also the people were Muslim, not a chance.

        5. At the time of the crusades, there was a strong push to only have ‘infidel’ slaves. One of the things that started the crusades was moors from Turkey raiding deeply into European territories, as well as purchasing slaves from eastern european raiders. Poland was (as usual) deeply effected by the constant raiding, as was most of eastern europe, and a large chunk of western europe as well.
          The crusades were, by the large, punitive in measure… and yes, I understand that ‘not all islamic cultures were like that’. Just like not all romans were kiddy-diddling psychopaths and not all saxons were berzerking smurfs.
          I do challenge the ‘christian and jewish leaders of muslim countries’, as the only cases I have heard of where infidels were leaders were in annexed territories, where a very few of the more enlightened muslims stole a page from the Romans and installed a local ruler as a governor.

        6. I don’t understand what you mean by the first part. Sure incoming slaves from outside the borders of Islam were non-Muslim but there were already millions of Muslim slaves living within the borders, and this was the case both before and after the Crusades. And as for the justification for the Crusades, I’m fine with the Crusades being punitive, and I acknowledge the problems Europe faced. My point was not to condemn the West for the Crusades but the point out that Christians in the Middle East preferred Muslim rule.
          In regards to the last point, I didn’t mean that Christians or Jews were ever heads of state. But many of them had high positions, such as an advisor the the Caliph/Sultan, high ranking scribes, ministerial positions and so forth. To my knowledge no historian has disputed this, it’s an established fact. If you want a good summation look at this part of the wikipedia page on this subject: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dhimmi#Dhimmi_communities

        7. Yeah that’s just not true. The populations in former Persia almost all converted to Islam (i.e. 98%+ conversion rate) and that’s been the case probably at least for the last thousand or so years. And there are plenty of Churches in Iraq, Iran, etc. It’s only until these American funded brainwashed salafis came into the picture that Christian churches started being attacked. Literally there have always been Churches everywhere in the Islamic world perhaps with the exception of the Hijaz region.

        8. “The populations in former Persia almost all converted to Islam (i.e. 98%+ conversion rate)”
          That’s only partially true. At first, the Arabs had conquered Persia and taken control of it. The administration and the political elite converted, either out of opportunism or through the exertion of force by their new masters. As in Christian Spain and parts of Italy and the Balkans, the sheer number of non-believers made it impossible at the time to start an aggressive campaign of conversion. At first, the Zoroastrians were left alone and did not convert, but progressively the Muslim rulers introduced higher taxes and more humiliating laws for their non-Muslim subjects. Even then, it took the Muslim rulers several centuries (from the seventh to the eleventh centuries) to convert a majority of Persians to Islam. And even then, a fair amount of them fled the persecutions and the excessive tax burden put on them and survived in parts of India and very rural parts of Iran. That’s why Zoroastrianism still exists, albeit mainly as a tiny ethno-religion.
          “It’s only until these American funded brainwashed salafis came into the picture that Christian churches started being attacked.”
          That’s such hogwash, I don’t even know where to begin. Except for a few major historical churches, Muslims had the tendency to ‘deal’ with Christian monasteries, libraries and churches by chasing out or murdering the inhabitants and burning them down. And remember, it’s the Saudis and not the Americans who fund the Salafi and Wahhabi movements. As I said to someone earlier today: if you wanted to smash islamism, a good step would be to start by bombing Riyadh to the ground.

        9. Not interested in wikipedia revisionist truth by consensus. If I want to know what a spark plug looks like, or the books written by GRR martin, I will go to wiki, but islam is far too touchy of a subject to have even the remotest validity.
          Although, historically, yes, I understand what you are saying. clerks and servants. which are the exact same positions in many cultures that slaves and eunuchs could aspire to.

      1. then get your muslim asses out of sweden & finland! i dont see saab jet fighters in arabia nor the finn infantry units in riyadh, do you?

    3. Europe left the Middle East and North Africa. Muslims have no right to follow them home.

  6. Great article, Roosh. Many will think it’s too hard-core, but they are wrong. Completely fucking wrong, with no idea how to protect their own families or communities. Most are still too soft, and still too conditioned by our multi-culti overlords in the media and academia. How many more thousands need to be killed in the west in the name of Allah before this finally sinks in?
    I would only add that they’d have to enjoy a big fat juicy American BLT during the interview process, compliments of the state. A very small price to pay indeed, in order to test for crazy.

    1. Thousands? Wait until the Umma installs a Muslim administration in a nuclear armed country like France or UK…..

        1. which, last i heard, was stage 2 armed by the Pakistani Military when things got heated btw Pakistan & India after the mumbai terrorist attack. So hair triggered ISIS supporters launching nukes is very much a possibility

  7. Why do muslims want to move to non-muslim countries and then try to change them? Why don’t they just stay in bum fuck egypt?

    1. They want the welfare checks that white progressives pay out to lazy moochers for votes.

    2. Because Americans are funding terrorists to suicide bomb them in their own country, or doing the favour directly via drone bombings.

  8. This was a terrible occurrence that happened in France, however the plight of the Palestinians inflicted upon them by the Zionist Government of Israel… I’m afraid will now be lost to the French public. Which is ironic because last year (December 2014) France supported the Palestinian State and now you have the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu taking full advantage of this tragedy to possibly turn the mood of the French Government and Public away from their previous support for the Palestinian State which is Truly a shame now.

    1. Lol, the “plight” of Palestinians. Are you joking? Palestinians are a bunch of terrorists. “Victim” and “Palestinian” are two words that don’t go together.

      1. “Bunch of terrorists.” That is kind of a big sweeping incorrect statement isn’t it? Last time I checked Israel has an illegal occupation going…and are keeping the Palestinians in permanent debt. I’m not against the Jewish people just against the Israeli Zionist Government.

  9. These two pillars are outside the Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia. They are basically saying “White Australians, you cannot have your own neighborhoods. They need to have lots of Muslim diversity to make them “better”.
    What are those “worse off” All-White neighborhoods like? Probably having low crime rates, high property values, safe and productive schools, and the highest chance of breeding more straight white males (eg. Elon Musk) to invent amazing stuff in the future generation. But nooooooooo…. diversity will make it “better”.

    1. If you consider how easy it would be to sabotage a nuclear power station, destroy electrical power lines, strafe rush hour traffic with AKs and RPGs, hijack a petrol tanker and blow up a bridge, sabotage the water supply, leave fertilizer bombs on multiple pubic transport, take out freeway intersections, cut fibre optic cables in major cities, and so on and so forth… you have to wonder whether real terrorists actually exist…. if they do, they are certainly doing a piss poor job of it…. I mean if you are organised enough to do 9/11 – where the fuck is the follow up attack… lots of low key events day after day…..
      more people die everyday in car accidents – you are more likely to get stuck by lightening or bitten by a shark, or die from an allergic reaction to a bee string or peanut allergy, than die from terrorists…. you are far more likely to get shot in a convenience store stickup or carjacking…… where’s the war on hoodlums… ?
      the whole terrorist thing is nothing but hysteria to keep the fascist state and military industrial complex in business…
      has anyone made the connection between France recognizing Palestine as a state, the collapse of the Euro and this sudden out of the blue attack…. ask yourself where are the bombs on the Paris Metro, Paris Airport, Hundreds dead in Paris freeway attacks etc. ? and who apart from the fascist EU police state and Israel benefit from this ? Where is the benefit to ISIS or Al Queda… they look weak and stupid and achieve nothing other than getting the ‘enemy’ to allocate billions of dollars of equipment and personnel to this never ending farce…
      I’m more scared of slipping over in the shower than of these terrorists….. better have a war on cheap Chinese bathroom installations….

        1. it’s lucky i don’t work for ISIS… if I did Paris would be without power or water by now….. with panic evacuations as local nuke plants go meltdown…. it’s not really terrorism…. more like reality TV, with pop guns…..

        2. To be fair, ISIS is a fairly impotent group outside of Syria/Iraq. They are merely another “bogey man” the government uses to scare us.

        3. The truther attitude is distastefully ‘know it all’. But let’s see if they’re right.

        1. A million man march in response is hysteria. I didn’t know Charlie and he seemed to be a bit of an arsehole, so I’ll be damned if I’m going to march in his honour.

        2. If truthers are full of bullshit then why has Alan zabroski, former head of the us pentagon, made the claim that Israel did 9/11. The war on terror is a Jewish plot, you are just another proper charlie

        3. People are growing tired of the muslims and their apologists. It isn’t like this is an isolated innocent. Hence, not hysteria.

        4. It is classic hysteria. None of these people knew Charlie Hebdon personally. The impact of Muslim terrorism on everyday life is practically nil. You are more likely to drown in the bath than be killed by a terrorist. This is a shocking event and humans being humans they are overreacting to it. The government knows this and is taking full advantage to increase their totalitarian powers. You have been hoodwinked.

        5. The cartoonists were killed to terrorize people into not criticizing Islam. Free speech is precious, the west attained it and now it’s slipping away. It’s not about a few dead bodies.

        6. Free speech concerns your right to criticize the government. It has nothing to do with relations between individuals. As far as I can tell this attack was personal.
          My view? The cartoonists were foolish. It was only a matter of time before someone caught a bullet.

      1. well, considering the fact that one of our nuclear power plants got sabotaged last year (in Belgium), this ‘follow-up terrorist attack’-scenario is not that far-fetched.
        The regular media didn’t point out who did this. However, according to the more conservative news outlet ‘t Pallieterke, the investigators already found out who caused the sabotage, but aren’t allowed to talk about it because that story would be too ‘politically incorrect’. Whether this is true or not, it is a possibility worth considering…

      2. Thank you for making this point. Anti-Terrorism is the new state mandated religion. It is used as an extremely effective method of population control.
        I find it very interesting that in Britain they are debating arming the police as a response to the attack in France…. where virtually every policeman is armed.

        The obvious way to prevent terrorist attacks of this nature is to allow the population to arm themselves, not to give increased powers to the police state. If Charlie and his friends each had an AK, this attack would never have happened.

        1. Europe isn’t going to be a better place if everyone carries a ‘fiyur-arm’ like in America.

        2. The obvious way to prevent terrorist attacks of this nature is to allow the population to arm themselves, not to give increased powers to the police state.

          Fuck yes Englishbob.

        1. The rallying cry willl be, “No more John Wayne toilet paper that is rough, tough, and don’t take no crap off nobody.”

      3. That’s because terrorism is done by morons with the intellectual level of camels. If it was done by white men, you’d get more dead. Just look at Breivik who killed dozens of people alone.

    2. Wasn’t the whole purpose of multicultural programs that they were supposed to create tolerance and understanding? All it has created is hostility.

      1. Maybe the multicultural programs that were to create tolerance and understandings were the offensive cartoons.

    3. When we, ‘the Manosphere’ can actually talk freely, non-anonymously, without fear of losing our jobs, then, and only then, will I listen to the types of “free-speech warriors” who seem to care so deeply about freedom of speech, as long as it’s the “right kind” and spoken by the “right kinds” of people.
      Until that happens, I say fuck the free-speech warriors, fuck Islam, and fuck whoever pisses it off by means of violent expansionist policy.
      We, ‘the Manosphere’ have only just begun to find our freedom to speak. Our voice – on account of never being heard before – is wayyy more important than any of the entities currently maneuvering around this backwards religion – from the spineless media; to the rudderless political systems, and the totalitarian idealists who enable them.

      1. Dude, this article is proposing exactly the opposite of that. Vetting people by their political opinions and religious beliefs? This article could easily be titled “a practical solution to ending mysogyny in the West”. Just replace Islam with “red pillers/manosphere affiliates” and you have a SJW’s dream.

        1. I understand by your handle that you’re Muslim and you don’t want your religion to be denigrated by me. (If you note, I wasn’t just critical of Islam, I was critical of the entities that attack Islam [by means of violence] too)
          I understand where you’re coming from, i really do, but how is what I’m saying in any way opposite (or even similar) to Roosh’s proposal to show Muslims cartoons before entering a country?
          I’m saying that until there is free speech for the manosphere, then we shouldn’t really be worrying about religious squabbles (nor should you). They are just distractions– pacifiers. Islam (and countless other ideologies before and since) had their chance. It’s time to let the men have a turn.

        2. Well said. Not only that, these “religious squabbles” are a tool of the government to keep us all fighting each other instead of the real enemy.

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        4. Eh, sorry, but when an art curator at a museum in NYC had a painting exhibited at her venue that depicted the Virgin Mary covered in crap; I did not see Catholics declare a crusade against anyone. Let alone kill 100 people around the world.
          When Christians see disrespect shown to them, they don’t usually grab a bunch of locals at a grocer, and then kill them because they are Jews. Whatever the past of Christianity may entail, the Crusades, Inquisition, Indulgences, and all the host fo things that actually split the Church because men like Martin Luther would have none of it; that was hundreds of years ago.
          You don’t see the same blind animosity shown towards those they disagree with. Not for hundreds of years.
          Muhammad, I don’t believe he was “The Prophet,” came hundreds of years after Christ and his followers came, died, and claimed that He was “The Son of God.” They did not preach Jihad. They preached forgiveness, despite being beaten, boiled alive, skinned alive, imprisoned falsely, ostracized, crucified, fed to lions, whipped, stoned, run out of town, shipwrecked, raped, stabbed, and living in poverty.
          The Prophet as you call him ordered a Jewish woman to be murdered in her home for talking bad about him. That is in your texts.
          Call it whatever you wish. But ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, the President of Syria, Sadam, Osama, the Islamic murderers in South/Souteast Asia are all the same to me.
          And I will have no part in it.
          Muhammad claimed that Christ said he was a muslim. Over 500 years after his death. Yet He, and his followers have been catloged in their writings as best as we can tell, and written about by eye witnesses, and peer reviewed as best as the Ancient Romans could. Not once is he ever attributed with saying that He was anything other then the “Son of God!”
          Not.one.time. There were even five popes in the Catholic Church’s earliest times by his (Muhammad) arrival.
          Why were those popes not talking about a man who preached death and destruction against everyone who did not believe what he claimed if he was preaching peace?
          Try and explain to everyone here what the Jizya tax is.
          You know what I mean, what you charge “People of the book” who don’t convert before you take their daughters for marriage against their parents wills. LIke Boko Haram. Another brand name of the “Peaceful Muslim Mujahadeen.”
          Go ahead, get mad. I don’t care.

        5. Yep, Islam AND feminism needs to be criticized (without fear of death OR fear of losing our jobs)
          They both use terror and fear to control and subjugate.

        6. Educate me if I’ve missed any relevant events, but I’m not aware of any terrorist attacks resulting in loss of life and grave injury carried out by misogynists, MRAs or red-pillers.

        7. You were going good untill you said misogynists! Islam can be (rightly i feel) criticized for being misogynistic. (It’s more misandrist, but you’ll never hear anything bout that..why? see: above.)
          Concerning your claim that there hasn’t been a red-pill/mra terrorist (and hopefully there never will). I think it’s really important to discuss male violence (and not just male terrorists) within the context of the manosphere. We need to OWN our potential for violence, instead of learning about it from smug faced feminists. We all know our potential for violence …but rarely do we hear our potential for good. Whilst none of us are probably saints, red pill imparts a wisdom where men learn to channel and control our primal instincts …for good. It teaches us to walk away from the types of women who LOVE the drama and sense of control they get from an agitated and distressed man.
          (aside: I’ll bet less drama queen wives and girlfriends have been hit as a result of red-pill than any white-ribbon.)
          I’ll also bet there’s a lot more happier and healthier men who are in control of their lives right now because of red pill wisdom. This must only be a good thing for helping those who could be vulnerable to turning to violence, crime… or even terrorism.

        8. Please do so, no one has stopped you to not criticize Islam.
          But while you are at it, try not to do so by making nude sketches of Prophet and sticking a star fish up the arse of that sketch. This is not criticizing, this is called Insulting.

        9. If Allah is all powerful and all wise, why would he need anyone to defend him against insult? Why couldn’t he strike down anyone he wants to kill through lightning, or through drowning or some other elements? Why does anyone have to kill in his name?

        10. Let’s be honest.
          Terrorists who do heinous crimes like that don’t ACTUALLY do it for Allah. They do it to spread terror and chaos. All the Muslim institutions, including Jama-i-Azhar, the most prestigious theological university of Islam has condemned the act of Charlie Hebdo Massacre.
          When I tell people to respect others’ beliefs it is because of two reasons.
          1. By not “insulting”, (and by insult I mean insult not difference of opinion or objections one might have against Islam – expressing those is totally okay) you are not giving terrorists to do crazy shit like this. Ensuring safety of everyone.
          2. By not insulting, you can ensure Muslim support in such incidents who actually believe that entire West has turned against them and they are poking to see if they are alive by publishing nude cartoons and labeling them as Muhammad (PBUH)
          3. You have the right to free speech, and so has everyone else, You can actually say whatever you want to say about Islam, but why used words which are insulting when something similar can be said in a rather neutral way? Having right to offend doesn’t mean you must always use that.
          One last thing – what is the purpose of repeatedly doing same things which incited uproar the first time they were done? Cartoons by Danish cartoonist, caused an uproar, but now after sometime some artists stands up and makes a movie on Muhammad, then someone stands up and makes a cartoon of Muhammad – knowing that doing so will elicit similar response. This is more the matter of ego than it is about freedom of speech. Suppose there is a dog which bites everyone who pats him, you pat him it bit you, now would you do it again just because you can?
          Terrorists are those dogs who just need some fucking excuse and become a trouble for the rest of the Muslims who share nothing with them.

        11. Seriously, do you think terrorism will stop people from “insulting” any religion and its leaders? And what gave you the right to regulate someone else’s free speech? Who made YOU the word police? Why should a cartoon cause an uproar? Jesus has been mocked from the time he was on earth until this very day. No one has been killing anyone for that. Why should you be given the right to forbid anyone from saying whatever they want to say, even if you find it offensive?
          Note that I am not in any way that it is OK to insult anyone. I am not at all. I simply do not see the sense in trying to force your ideas on someone else. Some people claim to be atheists. They believe that all deities, including Allah, are myths. They don’t even believe that Mohammed or Jesus existed. You now want to tell me that you have some God-given right to kill them because of their foolish ideas? Really?
          What if they claim that they believe in some god—say Saturn, and that that god told them to kill anyone who does not believe in it or who ridicules their belief system. Would you be OK if they tried to kill you?
          It is absolute nonsense, actually, to try and force your beliefs on another adult. Kids, maybe, because they have not yet become set in their ways.
          And, who told you that if people do not ridicule your beliefs publicly, they are not doing so privately? Or you want to tell me that a true God would not be just as mad with those who ridicule him privately as those who do it publicly?
          The most important way to stop others from making mockery of your faith is to show them through your life that your faith is indeed worth emulating. People that know you should see the positive effects of your faith in you that they will start asking how they could become like you. The idea of forcing people to accept any belief is archaic and unworkable in the current world.

        12. I won’t Shahrez mate. But spare a thought for the poor dudes who got lynched by the femi-nazi’s for making an ‘offensive’ dick joke? (see: donglegate)

        13. I agree with you at certain points what you said mirrors exactly what REAL teachings of Islam suggest.
          Let’s get some stuff misunderstandings out of the way:
          No one, is supposed to kill anyone over his not believing in Allah, or Moses or
          Muhammad or Jesus. Quran has 2 sets of instructions parallel to each other, one was for the time it was being slowly revealed and other was for the rest of the times. Summary of the part of religion, that is supposed to be acted upon till the end of times by the Muslims is summarized in Khutba-e-Hujjat-ul-Wida. Many of the points given there are part of UN’s charter.
          Now with that out of they way, let me tell you why I am asking people to criticize and not insult.
          1. Masses get offended, when people specially people of West make fun of the Prophet, but do they get offended enough to kill someone? No. Terrorists use these opportunities to tell people that look there to the West they called our Prophet this and this and this so here take this money for your family, wear this jacket and blast yourself you are doing Jihad.
          Not insulting, might not stop terrorists who will always find next excuse to carry our heinous crimes but it will steal from them an excuse they use to incite anger in people.
          2. It is not about God getting upset when someone offends, it is just people. Say, if a person keeps humiliating me, or something I believe in on my face it will upset me. I am not telling people not to insult because God my get angry, Allah is beyong this all. I am telling not to insult because this creates tensions and hatred.
          “Qul hu Allah o Ahad, Allahus Samad” And say God is one and he is Indifferent (to what you might think of him)”.
          3. What you said is true, to the T. Muhammad, if you read Quran in proper context you’ll see, didn’t spread Islam by torturing people, he did it by being Sadiq and Ameen (Truthful, and keeper of what was deposited to him under his care). It was his character that inspired people not his power or hate or anything else.
          We, Muslims have no character to speak of, this is very true. We have nothing, no Islamic quality to inspire people, we have left the religion and are Muslim because we happened to be born in a Muslim family.
          Only if we have had a bit of character, all this might not have happened. We should actually become a model so that people even those who hate us may become inspired.

        14. Freedom of expression does not exist without the right to offend. Its true that some people deliberately go out of their way to offend, that’s just life.

        15. Often criticizing big city mobsters or making vocal personal insults to the butt ugly ‘yano’s’ (Ital’yano’ mafiosos) for stinking up the historically Dutch setlements like NYC (formerly New Amsterdam) will get some shit faced ‘burrough boss’ on your tail with hit faggots. They’re just as ‘yahoo for cocoa puffs’ hyped up and roided up as the NYC boot boy cops.
          Islam has it’s reactionary nit wits as well.
          But the Italianos, seriously I love you guyz’s pizza ok. But you got a relative that runs dope or vice in my country, hey that’s like putting a shit stain on my star spangled flag right? That would be like ME taking a crap on your mama’s carpet. Not nice, eh? Police your own. Everyone should police their own.

      2. For sure. Always found it ridiculous with these cartoons. Yea freedom of speech but it requires that you have something to say. And those who really DO have something important to say (like us) are not allowed to speak.

        1. Freedom of speech does not require that you have something [important] to say. That’s why it’s free.

        2. The difficulty arises when people offend through criticism, legit or just to annoy. Who can tell the difference. The first type of offence cannot be curtailed just because others use this right to wind up Muslims. Ps I think Mohammad was not a good role model due to track record.

      3. Half the stuff I post here would get me sacked if I was identified, if not outright jailed. I’ve already been sacked IRL for not parroting liberal platitudes.

    4. We provide a bloody paradise for useless, welfare-sucking immigrants down here in Australia. Come one, come all, stay long, refuse to assimilate, we don’t care. By prioritising the interests of unskilled migrants over our own people, we prove that we’re forward thinking and socially tolerant.

      1. It’s a bunch of ass kissing by white Marxists with colonization guilt. They think it will make them look better in the eyes of the world, but it just makes them look weak. It doesn’t matter what you give to them, they’ll still hate your guts for eternity and demand even more.

      2. Really? I thought Australia had the strictest immigration policies in the world.
        I think you guys should check out Europe and North America if you want to see real liberal immigration politics at work.

        1. I concur. My sister in law is from another country, and trying to live and work in Australia. She has to live in a specially designed community, and take classes, before she can get her papers. It is something like a year and a half. She also has to pay. Guarantee, if the USA did something like that, Mexicans would declare war in our streets.
          Because then they could no longer hand out in town, nor raise an Mexican flag above the American one at their high schools, which we pay for, and their businesses.

      3. Unless you are a Kiwi. In which case, the OZ gov’t tells you to piss off. Despite the fact that Kiwis and Aussies get along fairly well, historically have been in the same mud, same blood…
        But the fact we beat y’all every now again at league means we are not welcome. Not multiculti enough.
        The immigration policy should be: Kiwis, Pacific Islands, Singapore… but not Indos, not Islamics from the Lebanon, and not the Somalis.

        1. You are kidding yourself if you think that Kiwis and Pacific Islanders struggle to get into Australia. They are literally everywhere, especially in Queensland. They easily qualify for welfare too.

        2. Not always. Get sick, and after acute care is over, you better get back to Kiwiland. Same thing apples to Aussies in NZ: we reciprocate.

      4. Get rid of welfare. Problem solved. But, hey, aren’t you an immigrant? I am assuming you are white. A certain irony in an Australian complaining about immigration.

        1. Well considering how the Aussies got there, no wonder they did not want the Queen visiting.

    5. Australia will be over-run by immigrants who don’t culturally assimilate any year now. Its already pretty much happened.

    6. I don’t know about diversity, but Roosh’s idea is precisely NOT the way to deal with Islamic terrorism (and probably stems from his own heritage and desire to distance himself from muslims as much as possible, so shouldn’t be taken seriously). Every time you have a terrorist attack, it’s swiftly followed by more surveillance, more harassment, and more control over everything.
      Islamic terrorism has never been unpredictable. Virtually everyone could have seen this attack coming. It brings up the question of if just tighter security in Charlie Hebdo’s offices wouldn’t have prevented the whole thing. Each time a terrorist attack happens, it’s revealed that intelligence agencies had ample clues, they just chose to do nothing. It makes me wonder if there are powerful people who are perfectly fine with sitting back and watching the world burn.

      1. I am in agreement. During 9/11, NY was a volatile fear based city to live in. Everything done for 8 months was obediently obeyed so as to protect ourselves, all to gain more information about us with extra resources to protect us. We would have given up access to our lives just for some safety.
        Doing this to Muslims while a solid play, do not forget where we live. America is known for exploiting the emotions of its populace to support dastardly intentions. Best believe if we were to vote for a move to screen Muslims, it would be written in such a way that even more laws would put the squeeze on us all. Terrorist by association? Terrorist through propaganda? This nation is about protecting interests. Sometimes that may mean my life too. Often it means the country’s image and future wealth.

      2. I simply don’t understand why we need Muslims in the West to begin with. Simply ban their immigration altogether unless they can prove beyond any shadow of a doubt they bring something to the West. The vast majority of immigrants don’t. I’ll enjoy my cheaper maid, but if we’re to be honest, if we did a cost-benefit analysis of the people who moved to the West in the last 60 years, 80% of them have no business being here(probably 90% for Sweden). Maybe start repatriating the ones that are already here, except those whose staying benefits Europeans.
        Time to admit this American imported mixed race society model is shit and scrap it.

        1. That’s a slippery slope argument. Those in power could easily say they don’t “need” 90% of the population – and they really, really don’t. They only need the menials who are willing to work for them for minimal or zero pay. Anyone who even thinks about negotiating a salary is unneeded and would be deported.

    7. What about the marches by AFL players these days for gay rights? Not that I take any interest in the game anymore but can you imagine the likes of EJ Whitten marching for homosexuals?

  10. Perhaps muslim immigrants are just useful idiots to those hiding in the shadows and pulling the strings. The entire “nothing to do with Islam” narrative is the same across Europe and in the US, and seems to be centrally planned. The shadow elites probably know these muslims are incompatible with western civilization and are counting on them to create havoc among the native populations, ultimately enabling them to implement their totalitarian playbook one small step at a time. In the end, the populace won’t know what hit them.
    But then again, maybe I’m just seeing ghosts.

    1. That’s fine until those flint stones disrupt something the elites value. It’s like letting a fighting dog off the leash for an intruder. It might turn on the master after its done with the intended target.

      1. The only ones who are continually taking damage from immigrant crime is the ordinary law-abiding citizen who doesn’t live in affluent neighborhoods like politicians and judges, for example. If there is some kind of endgame, it won’t come to anarchy. It could be these politicians and judges are useful idiots as well.

        1. It seems like pretty much every policy is steeped in further eroding the middle class and deeply dividing between the wealthy and poor.

    2. No, that’s probably accurate. It would not be surprising at all if a good segment of leftists really did import outsiders just to spite the dominant identities in their countries.

    3. I’ve long suspected you are right. An external foe is always useful in getting domestic populations to go along with things they would otherwise scrutinise and resist. Besides the extremity of the extremist jihadi’s is a useful way of pushing people toward’s ‘progressive values’. Progressivism has exploded in tandem with extremism and arguably has served the elites well. Did they really not anticipate what was going to happen in libya, egypt, syria? Since when was the west actually that keen on ‘democracy’. Moreover for the above to have some basis there is no need for them to be directly pulling the strings – they merely have to let these events happen. Extremist Islam has in my opinion been cultivated, rather than genuinely opposed

      1. “Naturally, the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia nor in England nor in America, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship or a Parliament or a Communist dictatorship.”
        “[ ] voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.”
        – Hermann Göring

        1. yup… Italy is already pushing through new ‘anti terrorists laws’ – bound to come in handy when the Euro goes bust and people start trying to oust the political elite…. Meanwhile in the UK, all teachers in schools must now look out for extremists students from nursery school onwards, and those fingered will go to re-education camps…. fucking Stalin looks like a Buddhist monk… this shit is real…
          this all sounds lovely, but the actual bill can be applied to anyone, not just muslims….
          The actual bill goes into travel restrictions, education camps, internet censorship and school teachers spying on school teachers to spy on students.
          Soon enough non Nazis won’t get places in Universities and objectors will be in ‘re-education camps.’

    4. It’s hard not to draw this conclusion, especially when you realize that after every terrorist attack it’s revealed that intelligence agencies had ample evidence of a forthcoming attack but people wound up doing nothing.
      And this attack? Come on, you’d have to be retarded to have not seen this one coming.

    5. Dude, Western civilization is collapsing independent of Islam. The low fertility rates, terrible fiscal planning and outrageous government spending has nothing to do with Islam. Muslims just serve the classic position of “external enemy that’s going to destroy us!” The reality is that Islam is less of a threat than the Soviets were 30 years ago and the Germans before them 60 years ago. Everybody needs to calm down.

  11. That Roosh is willing to be subjected to a stratified treatment condition is the difference between himself and the SJWs. That level of intellectual honesty is far too often absent in societal dialogue.

  12. Great article. Unfortunately society today feels that the best way to stop violence is to take a selfie and use a stupid hashtag. Pathetic.

    1. It’s the modern version of prayer. A completely useless act that does nothing except make the person performing the action FEEL like they are helping, without them actually doing anything.

  13. Roosh, I caution you on your blatant hatred for Islam. You’re not Western and neither are you European. This is NOT your fight, stay out of it. You may be American on paper or Western in education but to Westerners whom you so willingly dick-ride for, they just see you as some Middle-Eastern Muslim with an unpronounceable name, just like the people you are now so callously bashing.
    Secondly, Freedom of Speech can’t be used to defend an insult. If I call Mike Tyson a transsexual nigger monkey I know he will rip my jaw off with one swift punch. It would be stupid of me to then when I get punched have the audacity to say ‘Oh he resorted to violence and terrorism! He is savage! Its just my freedom of speech! Why is he so offended and have his feelings hurt over something so little as calling him a transsexual nigger monkey?’. People didn’t deserve to die, but still, when you insult someone, expect a violent reaction; just simple human observation. You wouldn’t take a personal insult with a smiling face saying ‘You have the freedom of speech to say that and I respect you for your opinion’. No, it simply doesn’t happen. When you are insulted you get angry and might resort to violence depending on the gravity of the insult.
    Roosh, just stay out of this one please. You’re like a middle-eastern muslim Uncle Tom right now, lol Uncle Roosh. It will surely backfire on you. When something doesn’t involve you just keep quiet and move on your merry way. I like you and ROK but please don’t get tangled with this.

    1. Agreed. I don’t agree with the forced diversity of the West, but this is not a good place to instigate racial conflict.

    2. when you insult someone, expect a violent reaction; just simple human observation. A lousily biased human observation that is.
      Those cartoonists routinely insulted Christians and Jews. They never received any violent reaction from Christians or Jews.

      1. Nowadays few Christians and Jews are really believers, most are full-blown atheists. But I doubt those cartoonists made made a single joke about concentration camps, or would have published a satire about John Paul II going to Hell when he died.

        1. Actually Charlie Hebdo fired one cartoonist for making cartoons about Jews for being anti semetic.

        2. If that’s true, then Charlie Hbdo is full of shit. Not saying they deserved the violence, they’re just full of shit, that’s all.

      2. Red herring bro. Try drawing a cartoon like that about the Virgin Mary in 15th Century France and see what happens. The reality is that most Christians don’t actually believe in their religion any more, which is why they accept its ridicule. If you really believe in Islam/Christianity than insulting the Prophet Muhammad/Jesus is like 10x above a well-placed insult above another man’s mother.

        1. Most Westerners can’t even understand a metaphysical objectivism which
          is so absolute and you’ve surrendered to the slavery of God’s love as
          the basis of the system. Most Westerners can’t even begin to understand
          what that’s about partly because they’ve drifted into such a degree of
          secularity, all religious ideas leave them slightly cold in present

    3. 1. You’re confusing opposition to Islam with racism against middle eastern ethnic groups.
      2. Mike Tyson would be the one breaking law by attacking you in response to an insult.

      1. Roosh should not be involved in this fight. An insult is an insult. If I insult you, you would not just smile and say ‘oh well freedom of speech’. He is not western or european. Ironically he is the same group he is bashing now.

        1. So is Roosh a Western European? No, than he should stay out of it. Let westerners or europeans handle this one, its their fight

        2. Injecting race into it is the easiest way to give liberals a free pass in claiming there’s no legitimacy in immigration control. The entire reason the US is filled with Mexicans now is because the government painted all the anti-immigration people as being racist against hispanics, so no one took their economic arguments seriously. It doesnt’ matter how valid your opinion is, people reflexively stop listening once they hear “racist” out of fear of being associated with an ostracized group.

        3. I truly believe if Westerners and Europeans want to tackle this issue it should be something like this:
          You can’t tackle it completely but here goes my proposal
          1. Increase fertility rate of native population
          2. All immigrants who are convicts, criminals, or doing any crime be stripped of citizenship and deported.
          3. Or the Most drastic is to expel all immigrants (highly unlikely)
          Assuming natives can out breed the immigrants that will be the solution but obviously they won’t so their stuck in a problem. Which is why I say its their fight and they should come up with a plan. They are the ones who invited them in in the first place.

        4. “Increase fertility rate of native population”
          Given feminism has been making strides in western europe, how would you do this? Native fertility rates have been decreasing steadily.

        5. I don’t know. Maybe tax breaks or other government benefits. But honestly I don’t think there can be any real solution to this nor can fertility rates increase that dramatically. It was only a proposed idea. It can only be alleviated. It seems all this chaos is preplanned or preorchastrated.

        6. You’re probably right about it being preochastrated. Given the realities of the sexual market place, the dating market, the economy, and women regularly discussed here on the manosphere, and my believe Europe hasn’t reached peak feminism just yet, the future for the natives seems bleak.

        7. This Otis Jenkins dude is trying hard to derail the conversation by making it about race. Based on his name, I’d assume he’s quite experienced in that.

        8. Imagine a movie. The main character, the typical macho man with balls of steel, gets insulted in the face by an idiot. Then the main character, instead of insulting back and exercising freedom of speech, punches the other guy back. Most of the male audience thinks: “Oooh… so cool. He takes no shit from no one”. So I sense some dissasociation here of some kind.

      2. Don’t bother with him… He is black. Blacks often have the same violent mentality as muslims do. Both groups constantly kill people for no reason then pretend they are the victims.

    4. Insulting speech is protected under free speech, you transexual nigger monkey. Hope your head gets cut off and flushed down a toilet in pakistan by the terrorists you are defending.

      1. lol keyboard threats are cute. I am merely saying this is not Roosh’s fight. The fact you got all emotional with the threats is rather amusing. Insults are not free speech.

        1. Insults are protected under free speech, and as a tolerant person that you claim you are you wouldn’t think being called a transexual nigger monkey is “insulting” but just an alternative lifestyle. Hoping your head gets cut off by the terrorists you defend isn’t a threat, just a hope.

        2. haha. okay man. Never said I’m tolerant. I hate LGBT freaks. Hopefully those terrorists will get to them first, lol.

        3. Take a 1st amendment course & understand what free speech really means.
          free speech means that anything goes unless it is knowingly slanderous or libelous (satire is protected because it is reductio ad absurdum – its too absurd to be true) &/or causes a ‘clear & present danger’ (yelling fire in a crowded theater, or terroistic threats that involve a time & place with intent to harm/injure).
          insults are very much under the domain of free speech because it is a) reductio ad absurdum b) it does not pre-suppose a clear & present danger.
          see the insult guest just lobbied at you for an example of protected free speech.

      2. Props to you Otis! I have no idea what Roosh has against Muslims. Is he using his Armenian roots to bash Muslims? Who knows. I mean, this guy insults Russell Brand who happens to be one of the biggest Red Pillers out there. To hell with Roosh and this fucking website. I know enough of my red pill shit to waste my time on his racist ass.

    5. Iran (where Roosh’s father is from) is not part of the Middle East. There is nothing Middle Eastern about Roosh. FAIL

      1. Roosh might be a far descendant of one of the Achaemenid kings of the old Persian empire.

        1. Who cares where his ancestors are from? Americans have ancestors from all over the fucking world. What’s your point? Are Chinese Americans not allowed to have opinions on China? Are African Americans not allowed to have opinions on Africa?

        2. I’ve stated my main points in my previous comments above. If you would like you may re-read them. Not trying to make it racial but merely pointing out the irony of a Middle-Eastern muslim bashing Islam talking as though he is Westerner or European.

        3. He was born in the USA. Is Connie Chung or Lisa Ling not allowed to write their opinions of China on their own blogs? You’re a concern troll.

    6. There’s just so many retarded things about your comment…
      Firstly, Roosh wasn’t even raised a muslim. Also you simply can’t compare immigration to the US with immigration to Europe. The United States is a country of immigrants, who until very recently, were more than happy enough to give up (most of) their previous culture, in favour of American values (like Roosh’s parents did)
      “Freedom of speech can’t be used to defend an insult” -If you only see insult in the Charlie Hebdo cartoons then you’re failing to understand the meaning of satire. Also your comparison insulting Mike Tyson is just plain retarded, the magazine was actually trying to make a statement about cultural changes.
      “When something doesn’t involve you just keep quiet and move on your merry way” -By the same logic, he shouldn’t get involved in Gamer gate, freedom of speech affects us all and you clearly don’t value it.

      1. My main point is that this isn’t his fight. Is he Western or European, yes or no? Secondly I am merely pointing out the irony of Roosh bashing the same people he is part of. The shooters saw an insult in the cartoons and so did 1 billion people, it doesn’t matter what you think of it because you’re not the one being insulted. I’m saying Roosh should this one out because of the irony.

        1. Roosh may not be muslim but the people he’s defending (Westerners and Europeans) will see him as middle eastern therefore by default, muslim.

        2. Roosh is part of our people you spineless piece of shit. That was the whole point of his article.

        3. speak for yourself you lowlife piece of garbage. he needs your advice like he needs head from some fat americunt

      2. American values? Americans have a value system? What values? Isn’t that why this website exists because Americans have lost their values?

    7. the Muslim terrorism issue involves EVERYONE… the on going war against terror that is used to prop up the fascist military industrial complex……. to the point you can no longer get on a plane without government fingers up your ass…… on close examination looks little different to Hitler’s fire in the Reichstag… Terrorism and Muslim extremism, is the straw man that promotes something far more evil….. anything that cross examines that is a good thing….
      Does it not strike anyone as odd, that Muslims have lived in Europe for centuries, and certainly all of the 20th century without any of this cultural clashes…..
      Back in the day they were not needed, communist sympathizers and separatists like Basques and IRA were the ‘problem’, although they too were most likely a straw man used to garner sentiment against the soviets…. now muslims serve the cause instead….

      1. This Muslim terrorism fear seems eerily well planned and pre-orchestrated. It could be for the reasons you’ve stated. I’m no conspiracy theorist but things doesn’t seem right in the world; it feels as though there is some dark hand steering everything going on, some sort of totalitarian agenda at work.

        1. Mark my words – this whole Paris shootdown, there is a higher power of play here. It just makes no sense that Terrorists would kill, and then run, and then call a French reporter and tell them eloquently that they are part of Al-Qaeda. They might as well have worn a bomb to their chest and blown the whole building and themselves. Why run? This whole thing is one huge propaganda.

    8. This is NOT your fight, stay out of it.

      This is Roosh’s website, he can write whatever the fuck he wants.

      when you insult someone, expect a violent reaction

      An extreme reaction to a mild offense. Also, victim blaming.

      I like you and ROK but please don’t get tangled with this.

      Concern trolling.

      1. Don’t bother, he is black. They think they are victims because someone called them a “nigger”, so now it’s justified to murder 10 people for no reason. Black mentality and muslim mentality have a lot in common.

    9. Its called inferiority complex. Roosh is desperate to be white, yet will never be accepted by whites (anglo saxon.) I’ve seen dozens of guys like Roosh, desperately trying to be white, but get rejected by the ones he is desperately trying to emulate.
      Sad and pathetic if you ask me.

      1. How about instead of analyzing if someone is white, middle eastern or a martian you discuss the actual content of what he is saying.

        1. Because his article is horse shit and prejudice to Muslims who are not a part of this whole ISIS Al-Qaeda movement, and Roosh is inferring that ALL Muslims are part of the same system. Entirely untrue.

        2. so prejudice invalidates observable facts? i do agree that not all muslims are terrorists but you cant deny lots of terrorists have been muslim. the website the religion of peace reports 21,000 plus dead at the hands of muslims since 9/11 in nearly 100 countries worldwide.

    10. People didn’t deserve to die, but still,
      The endless rationalizations defending Muslims is sickening.
      when you insult someone, expect a violent reaction;
      Only if you’re a donkey with no self control.
      Here in the West, we publish cartoons everyday that insult someone. Lots of someones if the truth be told.
      No Amish people running around with pitchforks stabbing people, no Christians running amok firebombing magazine studios, no Mormons massacring a dozen people, and no Jews rampaging burning down buildings.
      No one deserved to die over those cartoons and anyone who thinks they did is an idiot.

      1. The Muslim is wrong but your response just proves that we do not react violently (or even with a bit of indignation) because Christianity is dead in the West. As simple as that. Try printing some of Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons in 17th Century England, Spain, France or even in Puritan America and then tell us a story mate. BTW as far as I know no one is drawing as strong cartoons of Mormons or Amish people in America or Europe for that matter, well maybe C. Hebdo might have published some, but I don’t by that kind of shit.

      1. i like that top left one, it says (in french), if mohammad came back, ISIS would cut his head off for being blasphemous because he declared himself prophet. muslims are just loose wingnuts man!

    11. Roosh’s opinion is probably due to his desire to distance himself from his muslim heritage. It shouldn’t be taken seriously. It’s not really an actionable plan, it’s more of a way for him to say, “Hey, guys, I am totally not cool with these murders, alright?”

      1. An analogy of Roosh’s statements are: “hey, we aren’t cool with white cops being shot down. Fuck black people and lets get rid of them”. This is what this article is projecting except with Muslim people. This is racist, prejudice, and hatred towards a sect of people who have nothing to do with the few black sheeps of the world.

    12. So insulting a fraudulent pedo prophet means it’s acceptable to murder about 5 jews for no reason whatsoever that have nothing to do with the magazine in question? Nice mentality, asshole.

  14. Interesting satirical proposition – satirical, because the immigration and the current conflicts are elite-created. There are a multitude of ways to deal with it, but it won’t happen of course. Instead – we will see more of this:

    1. “the immigration and the current conflicts are elite-created”
      The question is: out of incompetence, greed, or an agenda?

        1. more guns and troops for the police state, more laws and security protection for the politicians, more power for the elite….. ISIS is barely an inconvenience…. they are almost an ally !

        2. Actually ISIS was an ally until it served the State to categorise them (for our benefit) as the Big Bad Wolf.

      1. My take is greed and agenda. They don’t make errors on that scale. We should not confuse the true powers with the bumbling PR figure-heads that are supposed to rule over us. The foundations, CFR organisations, non-profits, government agencies work 24/7 365 days/year on the programs all around the world, so that everything runs more or less smoothly with some tweaks here and there. Besides – it’s written in many books really – old books at that.
        For example it is little known that the Chinese are supposed to emigrate to Africa and take over that continent. I read it in books which were 70 years old. l.co.uk/news/article-1036105/How-Chinas-taking-Africa-West-VERY-worried.html And no the West is not worried. 1 mio. Chinese are already there and more to come.
        The Western countries must be destroyed so that they will never be able to rebel against the coming authoritarian regime. The Western Whites have always been rather combative and rebellious in nature – even when they were massively overpowered. So they will be so much weakened in their own countries that they simply will not be able to unify. And the wage pressure is helpful too for a variety of reasons.

        1. western whites seem pretty weak to me. They do as they’re told and their culture is falling apart. A girly group of men without a pair of testicles between ten of them. Muslims are a lot more alpha.

      2. Like Zel said, it’s greed and agenda. greed in the sense of cheap labor for corporations and the agenda is to divide and conquer the population.

  15. Your security theatre program would fail, just like the 1,298,342 government programs that failed before it. Government has proven time and time again it is incapable of successfully running anything. It’s only goal is to increase its wealth and power year after year through more consensual fleecing of the cattle like population. It is the only “industry” where catastrophic failure results in more personnel, bigger budgets, bigger salaries…
    There is no simple solution to the forced diversity agenda. The society as a whole must put its collective foot down and say enough is enough. Admissions officers need to stop taking every hard luck story with an 80 I.Q. Managers need to stop hiring quota babies who aren’t qualified for positions. People need to stop being scared to death to state the obvious.
    I don’t think it’s going to happen.

  16. This IS pretty extreme Roosh… the sensible answer to unwanted multiculti is simply to limit immigration and enforce assimilation for existing immigrants. If they had turned me and my family away at immigration on grounds that they didn’t want any more Asians, I would not find that unfair. This way society doesn’t need to contort itself into bizarre ways of enforcing equality or trying to oust a hostile foreign demographic.

    1. we aren’t saying we don’t want more – we are saying that we don’t wan’t more of the lowlifes who we detract from society and add nothing – there is plenty of room for people who want to help

      1. i agree with this & roosh. muslims wouldnt be so bad if they were hippie sufis instead iftjihad-intolerant asshole wingnuts. as it stands, you cant have free speech in your own land because butt-hurt muslims

  17. I agree with you in spirit.
    First of all, I want to say that these tragedies are nothing but false flag
    operations operated by Intelligence agencies (Mossad, CIA, MI-6, etc.) to
    create the conditions to impose a Police State in Western countries and to
    wage war against Middle East Nations. Even ISIS, the new evil Islamic Monster
    is run by Israel with Western support. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the ISIS leader is an Jewish Israeli citizen, real name Simon Elliott.
    Anyway, I’d like to focus on the other issue: The integration or assimilation of Muslim immigrants in Western countries. I just simply believe this is not possible for one simple reason: Islam is an openly unapologetic political militant religion and this
    feature is incompatible with Western Secular Democratic Liberal Values.
    Religions are ideologies created for the purpose of social bonding and
    cohesion. In this regard Judaism, Christianity, Islamism, Hinduism, Buddhism,
    Paganism are basically the same tool for the same purpose. In the West, Europe
    Monarchies were the political system of the nations while Christianity was the
    official ideology of these States. Since the coming of Industrial Revolution
    Monarchies were substituted by Republics and Secular constitutions substituted
    the Bible; creating powerful states such as most of Western Europe and the United
    States. Free speech, tolerance, economic liberty and political rights are the
    products of these changes; and they are values that are the standard in our
    societies and top everything else. Even conservative politicians and social actors
    (whatever they hold these days) don’t make demands using religious arguments
    any longer, because they understand and accept these higher values. This doesn’t
    mean that Christianity is dead in the West; the cultural core of the West is
    Judeo-Christian and liberal.
    This is not the case of Islam. Muslims believe that Sharia (the Islamic Law) must be the official religion of every place they live in and they ask it without remorse. I don’t
    know the virtues of Islam. However, I don’t think it could be very different
    from Judaism and Christianity since they are together the three Abrahamic
    religions. What it’s evident is that Islamic practitioners don’t accept other
    ideology than theirs and they want everybody to accept it through the State.
    Since there is no evidence that they could be appealed by Western standards any
    time soon, I don’t see any point in discussing how to integrate them.

    1. I think you have exposed so much with your comment! This was a straightforward analysis..and has exposed a lot of what some of us think but don’t say!

    2. Judeo-christian is an oximoron and a term invented by the neo-cons, to sell the clash of civilisations and the police state that comes with it.
      Beside that point I mostly agree with you.

      1. Neo-cons certainly don’t have a monopoly on the police state. Marxists love them a police state.

    3. I don’t think it’s necessary for Muslims to accept Western values to live in Western society; all they have to do is be willing to abide by the law of the land. Also to be fair, Muslims did extend this exact courtesy by letting Christians and Jews govern themselves within Muslim lands so long as they paid their taxes. They did not enforce Shariah law on Christians and Jews, except in regards to certain issues (for example some capitol offences and crimes, although most civil disputes and petty crimes could be solved by a Christian court if both parties were Christian. Likewise for Jews).

    4. The reason nobody uses religious arguments in an open forum is because Christianism in the West is dead. The moment “tolerance” and free speech, derivatives themselves of the Christian (not judeo-christian, that term is an oxymoron) Weltanschauung, we can safely assume Christianity is not what we believe…

  18. Remember the huge wall around the city in “Judge Dredd”?
    That´s what the European Union really needs.

  19. This article made me laugh a lot more than it should have. That being said my answer is no to all four questions however this is not the answer.
    How about France and much of Europe even does the following things instead which would work a lot better-
    1- Stop allowing in refugees by the boatload from countries that have seen nothing but war as that will lead to citizens who do not know how to behave when not in the middle of a war.
    2- Get over the colonial guilt mentality meaning just because you ruled over a specific region 100 years ago does not mean you now have the responsibility to leave the doors open for people from those nations. For France you see this in the large number of North Africans and you can see the same thing in the UK with South Asians.
    3- Remove soldiers from Muslim theaters of war, most Muslims in the third world do not see this as any sort of help so why bother.
    4- Immigration quotas if you must allow people in there must be a yearly quota and it should involve professionals being given top preference.
    5- Stop buying Saudi, Qatari or any other emirates oil. Every dollar that supports radical Muslim ideologies comes from money given to the oil monarchies through western tax payer money (ironically). Salafist Islam is the fastest growing sect amongst Muslims in the west, all those white fighters you see in ISIS are salafist converts.
    This is a start.

    1. “3- Remove soldiers from Muslim theaters of war, most Muslims in the third world do not see this as any sort of help so why bother.”
      I imagine they see it as western imperialism, whatever the stated aim

    2. Two things. First of all point 2 is historically incorrect; the West did not open its borders to Muslim countries because of colonial guilt, they did so in order to retain cheap labour. Since they could no longer exploit Muslim lands they just brought the workers over to their own countries.
      Second of all, none of this solves the problem because the West’s fertility rate is too low. They need immigrants to maintain a stable economy.

      1. They also opened up to Christian, Hindu and Sikh “countries”. Actually, the reality is virtually all of the countries the UK opened to (for example) were secular countries.

        1. They opened up to countries that were former British colonies in which secularism was imposed, so the point you’re making is kind of self serving. Sure the British opened up to countries with predominantly other religions but I don’t see what that has to do with the topic at hand; the point I was making was that the reason for opening borders was not colonial guilt.

        2. No need to be defensive. I am contributing to your comment not disagreeing with it.
          The point is to make it clear there aren’t miIllions of Muslims pouring over the borders which seems to be the latest paranoid wet dream.
          The answer to the problem of low fertility is for the government to get out of people’s families.

      2. Not true. There is massive unemployment yet they are still letting in immigrants.
        Japan (and Singapore, South Korea, Turkey ..etc) has a stable economy without immigrants who, for the most part, are a burden on the economy in Western Europe.

        1. And they are all Asian. It would be like the U.S. letting in people from England, Canada and Germany.

      3. I did not say specifically Muslim countries, UK for example has more Indians then Pakistanis however both are considered South Asia and were once under British rule. Indians in the UK are mostly Hindu or Sikh but that is besides the point I was making.

    3. “because you ruled over a specific region 100 years ago does not mean you
      now have the responsibility to leave the doors open for people from
      those nations.”
      Then you would have to also remove Western companies from there and let the Chinese take over. I’m not against but then you’ll have to accept the Chinese as new rulers of the world.
      “Remove soldiers from Muslim theaters of war, most Muslims in the third world do not see this as any sort of help so why bother.”
      It has never been help in the first place. Military action is driven by geopolitical interests. Western countries are not charities.
      “Stop buying Saudi, Qatari or any other emirates oil.”
      In this times of cheap oil, I don’t see that happening. Get real.
      If you really wanna make a difference, get involved in politics so at least you will understand that theoretical answers only work on paper. To rule a country, you need to be pragmatic.

      1. If the chinese had a population size similar to the US, I might agree. They have a billion disenfranchised people. Protests every week as a result, except you never hear about it in the press. Not enough fresh water, food, you get the picture. Multinational corps have taken over, not china…

        1. I don’t mingle with Chinese internal affairs and I don’t understand why you think you have a right to do so.
          My point is simple: if white people want to kick out Black and Muslims from their countries, Western companies have to leave the Middle East and Africa. I’m totally for it and I would be the first one to pack my things and go.
          If you can’t learn to live without our cheap resources, expect other fanatic Arabs to come at your doorstep and kill you at gunpoint. I don’t hope it will happen but I know it will.

      2. I am aware that my solutions are likely never to happen, it was just my opinion as to what is the best way to deal with such problems, if the elite actually wanted to deal with them which quite frankly they do not. Likewise Roosh’s solution is also likely not to ever be implemented.

    4. The most important thing:
      The Europeans have totally lost this ability right at the end of WWII. Back then the mighty American marketing apparatus, basically, made little Americans out of the Europeans and they forgot their real heritage after decades of brainwashing.
      Today everybody is running around wearing shirts and all kinds of other stuff with huge ass American flags on it. Try the same thing with Austrian or German flags and they throw you in jail because you´re showing too much pride for your country. Everybody is brown nosing and complying to everything America orders (via media and politics).
      More national pride within the populace and the immigration problem would be handled way more effectively. With no pride of heritage at all, you don´t care about immigrants overrunning your country…you just want to hug every single one of them and give them a gift basket. A pussified brain can´t think about future consequences, they only think about the here and now.

    5. 1- Stop allowing in refugees by the boatload from countries that have seen nothing but war as that will lead to citizens who do not know how to behave when not in the middle of a war.

      Why don’t people check the easily found statistics on immigration before rabbiting on about it?
      Net immigration to the UK was 243,000 in the year ending March 2014 (0.4% of our population). Of 560,000 people coming to the UK, 2/3 were non-EU. 228,000 came for work, 178,000 came for study (so these immigrants are mainly coming for productive reasons, not to sponge off the State). Only 23,000 came for asylum (hardly by the boatload and not necessarily from Muslim countries). At the same time, 316,000 people left the UK.
      Of the non–EU immigrants coming to the UK 15% are from India and 15% are from China (neither of which likely present a large number of Muslims). As many come from America as come from Africa (and not in significant numbers). Point being, the numbers of Muslims coming to the UK as a percentage of all immigrants is likely insignificant.

      1. That is still massive replacement immigration year after year. And many do go on the dole and commit crimes against native English people. Let African, Asian and Muslim nations start taking in people of different races then we can talk.

        1. Mate the majority are productive people from non-Muslim backgrounds. If people want to come to your country it’s a good thing. It suggests your country is growing.
          In any case, the best way to deal with dole scroungers is to end welfare. The best way to deal with criminals is to let people protect themselves.
          You cannot win by prohibiting immigration. That means other countries will shut their borders to you and you will have an end to free movement of labor. Think the Soviet Union everywhere.

      2. UK was just an example I was referring more to Europe in general which is currently facing refugee crises from places like Syria who travel through Turkey then Greece before spreading throughout Europe. It makes sense that UK does not really have to deal with the same problem in reference to the rest of continental Europe since they are the farthest and not connected to the rest of the Europe through land.

        1. Fair enough but it would be useful if you bolster your argument with numbers and facts. Which countries have a significant number of Muslim refugees and how many of them are there? Additionally, I cannot believe there is a single country in Europe that doesn’t have an immigration quota.

  20. Breivik is the only man this far who has demonstrated any real commitment to ending the threats to the West. All this talking head hashtag bullshit activism just makes us look weak and triggers their predatory instincts. At some point we will have to stop playing defense, and I fear that point has already passed.

    1. A zionist free mason killing white people is doing a commitment to ending the threats to the west … Good one mate.

        1. Then you’ve dishonestly represented his intentions by suggesting he was just “killing white people,” knowing full well why he targeted them. Disingenuous.

    2. what was Afghanistan and Iraq? Unless it really was planned all along as wesley clark suggested

      1. although the neo-cons could have been improvising on the opportunity presented I suppose

    3. “Breivik is the only man this far who has demonstrated any real commitment to ending the threats to the West.”
      By killing his own people?

      1. You don’t have laws against apology of terrorism in the US ?
        That looney could get you in trouble, if you do have such laws.

      2. He killed people who were spreading lies and rhetoric that directly leads to the rape and murder of the host population in the West.
        I don’t condone shedding innocent blood, but his heart is in the right place. You have to figure that eventually people will get sick of importing third world rapists into their population.
        It begs the question of what innocent truly means.

      3. Sorry Roosh but in order to have any real change you have to start at home. Breivik identified people who were responsible for the pushing of the open borders and the genocide of his people. Simply because they look like him does not mean they are without fault or their actions should be excused.

      4. True, true. Killing dozens of helpless teenagers is nothing but atrocious. If he wanted to go ‘rambo’, I know of places in the Mid East where his beta fury would be more than welcome..

  21. I want to go back to before 911 when the only thing I ever saw concerning Muslims was something about a sword and saving a princess.

  22. Instead of giving practical solutions on stopping terrorism, or at least decreasing it, we instead have to pretend that all humans are inherently good and that by treating Muslims with more love, unity, and openness, they will lay down their arms (and somehow forget their Syrian war training) to sip on foamy cappuccinos and nibble on French baguettes and foie gras.

    It’s the “kill them with kindness” method. It relies on the idea that your enemies will eventually get tired of beating you up, feel sorry for you, and then you’ll become buddies. It’s a very “Christian” way of dealing with persecution. (“Turn the other cheek.”) However, it hasn’t worked at all for Christians in the middle east, has it? According to the Quran, the only solution to this problem is to convert Europeans to Islam. There can never be a compromise. Only sustained ideological (and sometimes physical) warfare. Sooner or later there will be a showdown between Islam and Western culture. The reason being that Islam is not only a religion, but a political ideology. The two are not compatible.

    1. As stated in some negotiations books, compromise is often the least effective way to solve a problem. In french, there is a maxim that says Mettre de l’eau dans son vin (“put water in your wine”), after you put water in your wine, it never taste as good as before and you’ll feel like you wasted good wine.

    2. “Islam does not compromise. Islam does not relinquish territories it has conquered” -Geert Wilders

  23. Real tired of all the conspiracy theories, it makes it real difficult to come up with any viable solution, everything DOES NOT have a complicated answer. Politicians like/want 5th world Muslims for a couple reasons.
    1. It’s easier to get your people to go along with a totalitarian government when you have part of a populace who already subscribes to a totalitarian religion.
    2. It keep leftists in power, most white people understand for the most part that government cannot provide everything for everyone, after the fall of communism in Eastern Europe it was a going to be damn near impossible to get us to subscribe to communism as a viable form of government unless you’re a mentally retarded college student.
    3. There’s a small business interest who wasnts/needs cheap low IQ labor. (This is a minor issue compared to the others).
    So, how do we fix this???
    3 steps:
    1. Deport all Muslims, start with the criminal ones and ones who have terror ties, this will be questioned the least.
    2. After step 1 is complete deport all the sympathizers (i.e. the rest of the Muslims) there are next to none that I have ever met which put their new nation ahead of their death cult religion, period. Own up to it.
    3. Make it clear that any terrorist attacks from their mud huts will have dire consequences, destroy the houses of these POS like Israel does when/if they do.
    4. Escalation…….If things do not change we continue to escalate until we drop bombs which take out entire cities, 1 of 2 things happen in this case….
    A. We solve the problem because there’s no more terrorists because they’re all dead OR they change their ways.
    B. The problem is still solved because their country is now a parking lot from dropping a nuke on them.
    I will say in closing that this can be done, and easily as well. If we can kill tens of thousands of innocent civilians in Dresden during WW2 when the UK and US knew there was no militarily targets there and we can nuke the Japanese then we can have collateral damage with 5th world Muslims. Lets be honest, Germany and Japan are societies which have more value and do much more for the world from a value standpoint than N Africa, Syria, Iraq etc.

    1. “After step 1 is complete deport all the sympathizers (i.e. the rest
      of the Muslims) there are next to none that I have ever met which put
      their new nation ahead of their death cult religion, period. Own up to
      Actually I’ve met some patriotic muslims. And a few french muslim soldiers died in Afghanistan.
      You guys jerking off to civil war in Europe should go fight it. Alone.
      You’re all scared pussies that can’t think straight at the first sight of violence.
      You’re like the hysterical cunt provoking a bar fight.
      Be my guest : go kill some muslims and die for Israel, money changers, oil, the gay pride, feminism and fast food.
      And do not try to go after the powerful people that imported them in the first place, because that could actually be the right thing to do.

      1. Maybe you should go have a nice circle jerk with all 5 of the “patriotic” Muslims you’ve found, only fools believe that any significant portion of the Muslim world or Muslims here in the west really are “patriotic”.
        I will say also that I am under no illusion that Israel is our friend or want anything to do with gay pride (how you have pride about a mental disease I dont know), feminism etc, these are all destructive to our people. With this being said, there was a time that these things didn’t exist in the west and simply saying “well thats the way things are now” is no longer an acceptable answer.
        And I do believe that the people who imported them should be dealt with without a doubt, no where did I insinuate that they shouldn’t be.

  24. Why not just demand that the officials of the French and US governments stop fomenting such movements by bombing Muslim nations into oblivion, while destroying the environments they use to make livings and otherwise subverting them socioeconomically? Proposed policies like these are nothing more than reactive actions that do not treat the systemic issues of why these people hate the West so much. Unless you’ve been asleep for the better part of modern Western history then it should be of no surprise why these things are happening. The West is reaping what it sowed during slavery, colonialism, etc. The West cannot have it both ways as they either need withdraw their occupying forces and let the organic political movements in the countries that they occupy run their course, or risk the wrath of extremists who have an increasingly larger recruit pool to draw from. The choice is theirs.

    West including Canada cannot be defined simply by the rejection of
    Islam or as a collection of legal norms. It is a culture created by a
    specific people and
    it will be destroyed if that people is dispossessed. Europeans
    everywhere have the
    self-evident right to secure their homelands for themselves, without
    regard to the claims others make upon it.

    1. Absolutely, and it’s a natural right, its morally wrong for certain politicians to barter away this right.

  26. Its funny how the world is making such a big deal about Islamist gunmen killing a couple of people, when no one wants to talk about the thousands and thousands of years of destruction committed against millions by the Zionists.
    Look at all the death and destruction committed by politicians and the west:
    -Thousands of Iraqis dead
    -Thousands of Afghans dead
    -Thousands of Libyans dead
    -Thousands of Syrians dead
    -Thousands of Middle Easterns killed by drones
    But does anyone care about the deaths of those Muslims? Nope. Its all about propoganda. Zionists are the real evil.

    1. Its a double standard and hypocrisy at its best. And the fact that people only want to cherry pick religious fundamentalism, in this case, Islam, goes to show you how out of touch and stupid and ignorant people are.
      Zionists- own and control the media and governments, thats why people never hear of it. But radical Muslims-ooooh, thats the only problem to focus on.
      Morons everywhere.

    2. Two things the US can do to prevent another 911 is to restrict or eliminate immigration to the US especially from countries known to harbor people who despise the United States. The next thing we need to do is to remove ourselves from all our overseas adventures. As Ron Paul pointed out the attacks in the US are a result of our own foreign policy. Besides nobody appreciates the umbrella of protection we provide anyway so lets just go home.

  27. Mohammad wasn’t a transexual nigger monkey… just a pedophile who first ripped off the judeo-christian religions so he could later delcare war on them…

    1. partial credit. he wanted the jews of bany quaryza to bow down to him, when they didnt, he went full jihad & then the march to mecca began.
      btw, i heard that only reason that islam even rose to power in the 600’s was because rome was too weak against the sasanid (persia) empire and the sasanids were too weak to open up a new front in desert warfare (no resources in the desert to fight for). moe had a brigade of about 1500 followers, couldve been easily wiped out by either empire’s well supplied desert division. shame it didnt happen

  28. I’m biracial (African American/white), but I definitely see the need for immigration control. I don’t want the US social and cultural landscape to be transformed by foreigners with highly dissimilar values. Narrow the immigration valves and give more preference to high-skilled immigrants, I say. Also, Hispanic migrants are surely preferable to otherwise similar Muslims since Hispanics are almost entirely of Christian background.

  29. The only way to prevent Islamic terrorism in W Europe is to remove Muslims from our countries. Not too hard is it?

    1. they can stay in the US, we can keep them in check – but they need to start paying taxes, no incentives. I love schwarma and most of them are glad to be here.

  30. Two more ideas:
    1) infiltrate all mosques. When it is identified that imams at a mosque preach radicalism, hit the mosque with a cruise missile at prayer time.
    2) whenever we observe some ridiculous protest because they are outraged that Billy Bob Bumfuck from BFE Bumblefuck Kentucky wants to burn a Quran or laugh at cartoons, and the protest turns violent, hit it with cruise missiles till nothing lives.

    1. Nice logic; so how are you different than the terrorists you’re killing again?

        1. Just like they did with the french magazine recently assaulted? They did not attack some random magazine office, you know.

      1. I’m different because I’m only in favor of killing violent muslims, or those that are content to surround themselves with violence.
        For what it’s worth, I apply the same logic to all religions.

        1. You just proposed sending missiles on mosques filled with women and children. And also any protest that gets violent (hello, were you watching the occupy wall street protests, the protests in Greece or in Ukraine, etc.? Virtually every protest has the potential to be violent the answer is to use non-lethal force not to bomb the hell out of an inner city block killing more civilians that perpetrators. Not to mention that the CIA is on record for infiltrating such protests and instigating violence.

        2. Sure every protest has the potential to turn violent, the question is whether the violence is targeted toward me. When it is, I favor overwhelming force to crush it. You talk about women and children. I see them as supporters and enablers of terror at best, and combatants themselves at worst. These aren’t people sitting through a peaceful prayer session. They are willfully indoctrinating themselves with violent hateful jihadism.
          There’s an undercurrent in your responses that we have to be better than the enemy we fight. I have never understood this. Side by side, there can be no doubt that our society is a better place, even with it’s festering faults, than ISIS. But once we’re at war, we need to win the war. Which society is better is not the question. The question is who will prevail and impose itself on the other.
          Perhaps I’m just jaded because I have actually been to war against these fucks, and have come to believe that all they understand is violence. But Even in combat, I was able to distinguish between peaceful Muslims and combatants, unlike our enemies. However, I have no problem with the idea that we should take warfare to the doorstep of folks beyond those that carry weapons themselves. That’s an idea as old as warfare itself. If you support the enemy, you are the enemy.

      1. Did I say that?
        Also, please point me to the Christian and Jewish radicals interested in killing me, and I’d happily kill them too.

    1. So you think violence is the only solution to the tensions raised by inmigration. Well, they seem to think the same about the problem of getting insulted and the local authorities doing nothing about it. So you both have that in common, at least.

      1. You still don’t get it, do you? The Muslims in all those Sharia no-go zones aren’t interested in negotiation. Sharia is a political & legal system that is inseparable from Islam. Can you please tell me how it can be tolerated in a democratic system where EVERYBODY is supposed to be equal under the law, said law being created by representatives of the people, not handed down from a god.

  31. I think that attempting to placate or humanize terrorists, their reasoning and the like had done nothing but yield a liberal cycle jerk that makes countries like ours look ridiculous and weak minded.
    If one is caught perpetrating a terrorist act that results in the loss of life, they should be made that they can never accept participate in another act again. Their hands should be severed in a most gruesome fashion and it be televised worldwide. Acid, a garbage disposal, gasoline. Be creative.
    They also should have a brand on their foreheads, showing to the world that they are not only criminals but violent radicals.
    So long as we give them more rope , they will continue to try and hang us with it. It has to stop now.

      1. But they are trying to be PC with a group that cannot be reasoned with, and is driven to unspeakable acts of violence with a fraction of a provocation. I’m no advocate of torture, but this is a foe that does not fear death but knows that we do. So the best way to dispatch of these foes is to leave them in a state where they can no longer participate in their jihad, and are begging for death and send them home maimed.
        Word will spread fast that you cannot act like a lunatic with no fear of retribution on basis of affiliation with violent religious factions

    1. Hands severed? My, you are already learning something from their customs! Multiculturalism works!

  32. Why is everyone flipping out about muslims its the niggers who kill the most people domestically out of everyone.

  33. I like this site because every discussion reminds me of the ones i overheard at VFW halls growing up as a child

  34. 1. remove kebab
    2. keep borders tightly controlled
    3. get rid of the EU
    4. Europe for Europeans

  35. Trying to stop Islamic terrorism with more unity is like the stupid woman who tries to change a bad boy jerk into a nice guy: He just fucks her and leaves her and she’s too dumb to realize and keeps looking for excuses

    1. Look dude, most victims of terrorism are Muslims themselves. I agree with this but just don’t generalize it to all Muslims.

    2. Most leftists suffer from battered wife syndrome. They get victimized yet demand for more instead of stopping it.

  36. Have you ever walked through a majority muslim/ immigrant neighborhood in western Europe? I have and it’s not pretty. Third world immigration into the EU and other first world countries has been a complete failure. Terrorism is nothing compared to the billions of tax dollars being wasted on free housing, welfare and other ‘perks’. I’m all for a rich, progressive and safe multiracial nation. But, i’m afraid this seems to be an impossibility when multiculturalism keeps getting in the way. The blame shouldn’t be on third world immigrants but toward the spineless governments for creating this mockery.

  37. Things were much better back when there were multiple monarchies and kingdoms in Europe, all white of course. Even Russia, where I once was. It baffles me that people call men idiots and fools for saying there is an agenda, well OBVIOUSLY there is. Look at America, for instance, a country where it is criminal for a man to give money to a woman for sexual favors and yet they openly encourage sodomizing and try to pass it off as a harmless “alternative.” The breakdown of family, long past reversible, tradition, and honor, all for what? The greasy pockets of a few higher up bankers in lofty mansions enjoying the fruits of being rich while the rest of the world has to tear itself apart in passivity, confusion, and utter madness?!?! They have taken away the identity of the white male, the european male, those who were builders of civilization, and vilified them to no end. The Globalists? Death to them all.

    1. I agree with this with the caveat that it was necessary that those monarchies be ratified by the Church. Without the Church in the equation, the monarchies themselves are insufficient.

  38. At first i thought this manosphere thing was going to be a multicultural social inept nerd gathering but all it every seems to be is whites….hmmm

    1. deport every single one of them – they do not belong in a civilized country – democracy is too good for them

      1. starting to believe it’s an intellectual thing – they are flat incapable of handling what any normal human brain should be able to rationalize and move on from

        1. You clearly have never had a conversation with an educated Muslim. Why don’t you inquire as to what their philosophical opposition is to the Western notion of freedom and its corollary, the Western notion freedom of expression, and to have them expound their own alternative theories of freedom and freedom of expression.

        2. Your idea of freedom of expression is burning young womens’ faces with acid as a punishment for being raped and bringing dishonor to your family. Fuck cultural relativity, if you people want to do that to each other then do it in your own caves instead of cities we built with all the free time we had because we weren’t busy blowing each other up.

        3. None, yet I believe in Him nonetheless. But I just got proof you are a smartass, so there is that at least.

        4. That’s a great question, but not one appropriate for this forum. It’s also irrelevant to the point that I was making; Muslims could be wrong about the existence of God but still show flaws in the philosophical reasoning given for the Western conception of freedom.

        5. Look man, take a scholarly approach to this subject, not a redneck approach that believes Fox News. Our conception of freedom of expression is not that. In fact you won’t find a single fatwa by any significant scholar in Islamic history that tells you that doing those things are NOT forbidden in Islam. And there is no punishment for being raped in Islam, there is a punishment for the rapist (death. None of that 7 years prison stuff, if someone rapes they’re dead. If someone is raped, there is no punishment, only pity.) And honour killings are not permissible either. There is a punishment for adultery where the actual act of penetration (i.e. you can see the actual PiV, not under the covers or anything, but the actual penetration) is witnessed by 4 men from different angles. If the people in question are not married its 100 lashes, if they are married its stoning. But seriously to get 4 witnesses seeing it like that means that it’s a public act of adultery. In fact even camera evidence is not permissible in a Shariah court because Jurists believe that part of the reason the law is set up like that is because if 2 people do it privately its not supposed to be punished. That’s what it takes to stop hypergamy my friend, and it’s hardly that extreme when you take into account all the conditions of implementation.

        6. 1. The rape victim would have committed the crime of sex out of wedlock and be punished accordingly
          2. It’s 4 Muslim male; must be four, must be Muslim and must be male
          “because if 2 people do it privately its not supposed to be punished”
          because if two people commit adultery in private it is not supposed to be punished
          because if I rape my victim in my private dungeon it is not supposed to be punished

  39. Ahh… So the so-called “Manisphere” is indeed populated by a bunch of dumb bigots… Fascinating.

  40. I’m not sure if it’s Occam’s razor or some offshoot of serendipity or fate, but I recall a philosopher who postulated that all the COMPULSIVE HOARDERS when they die would be captive in some sort of purgatory with all the COMPULSIVE WASTERS. . WHAT A RIOT.
    This would be the most HILARIOUS pairing imaginable. Man I’m sure I could watch it for hours and be tickled to death.
    Hey – that gives me a brilliant idea how to balance and equalize things. On the same line of thought how about this: Send the refugee immigrants from Muslim countries TO ISRAEL – ALL OF THEM. IT’S PERFECT. Wasn’t that the M.O. for the public school FORCED BUSING theater back in Little Rock, Ark.?
    Also, Scandinavian and southern European countries suffering from negative population replacement birthrates need to TRADE RELIGIONS with the middle eastern countries. Don’t trade people – JUST THE RELIGIONS. Seeing HEIDI on the Swiss Miss box in a BURQA with her blonde pigtails jutting out would give me such a SUPER BONER and the Methodist ‘Christian-lite’ tambourine clanging peace and love tabernacles of western suburbia would turn the fiercest jihadists into instant soft white MASHED POTATOES. Heh . .

    1. Russia, at least up to recently, required HIV testing for certain visas. I don’t think it’s enforced anymore.

  41. Does noone understand political correctiveness is what’s getting us in hot water? we start on the political correctness, then we slack off, that somebody does something because they have the right to do so, and then a whole bunch of people die from some other assholes’ believes. Maybe if we abolish political correctness and not take bullshit from terrorists, we wouldn’t have to worry about slipping up because that would be our normal mo. after that, they go to attack us, we beat them back into the stone age.
    it’s almost like the terrorists are not killing people to adhere to their religious belief, but the scare us into doing nothing so they could sit back and laugh at how stupid we are for patrolling our selves to such an asinine extent. Political correctness is basically the root of all this bullshit.

  42. Immigration is fine. Only when they contribute positively to society. Dubai is a good example, just fill your city with sexy Russians and educated capitalists.

  43. The post-industrial immigrant cycle:
    1. “My homeland sucks. We are too far behind to catch up. Better move to someplace better.”
    2. “I am not getting ahead here because I am incompatible with the modern world. Better demand changes to make it like my homeland so, at least, I can hold others back.”
    3. “This is now my homeland. The more capable people have fled, advancing other places ahead of us. Things are starting to suck.”

  44. Roosh, how about the feminists propose the same thing except they vet for people who have “mysogynistic” beliefs? Come on man, you’re going against the mainstream of American society and what are considered American values (i.e. equality between men and women) and yet you have the temerity to attack Muslims for not conforming to Western values?
    Obviously a troll post, but I want to identify a very big flaw in the logic of Roosh here. His proposition is obviously satirical, but the underlying idea is that Muslims should be vetted before immigrating because they don’t accept Western values.
    First of all, if you take the number of violent Muslims in the West as a percentage of the population, you’re literally talking one in a million. It’s retarded to come down on one million people for the action of one of their members. In fact, Black men in America are far more violent as a demographic than all the Muslim terrorist attacks combined; should Black men also be vetted with some stupid test and shipped back to Africa? Second of all, Islam has many categories within it, and all of these terrorist guys are radical salafists, so if anything you should only vet radical salafists (which by the way the Americans have been funding since the 80’s via their proxies in Qatar and Saudi Arabia). Generalizing to all Muslims is just sheer ignorance. Especially given your Middle Eastern background Roosh, you should have the intellectual curiosity and honesty to investigate such things.
    In regards to the Muslims’ refusal to accept Western values; they don’t need to to live peacefully in any society. Muslims can refuse to accept the principle of capitalist democracy and materialism, but still live in Western society. What you should be vetting for is not who accepts Western values, but rather who is willing to abide by the law, simple as that. Otherwise, anyone who is counter culture should be kicked out and the result is some stagnant closed society, kind of like an Orwellian police state. This is just stupid and antitethical to a core American value itself: the freedom to believe whatever the heck you want without anyone interrogating you. Notice the irony in your proposition, Roosh?
    Lastly, Western society would collapse without immigration because the fertility rate is too low. The West opened its borders post-colonialism not out guilt but because they wanted cheap labour still and so they just brought the workers into their lands. Its for this reason that the majority of Muslims in Europe are the bottom tier of society. In North America it’s totally different where Muslims are the second most educated minority after Jews. Nevertheless, the point is that instead of complaining about immigration just up your own fertility rates and remove the need for immigration. Something tells me that when immigrants are no longer needed to stabilize the economy *shock* the government will no longer keep its borders open! It’s true that other immigrants (e.g. Chinese, FSU) might better conform to degenerate American culture than principled and honourable Muslims, but it’s too late. This isn’t the 60’s where borders are just beginning to open.

    1. A more retarded load of bullshit I have seldom heard. Tell you what, tomorrow I will come back and address your stupidity point by point. Tonight? I have more important things to do.

    2. We don’t need immigration from Muslim countries. We have plenty of other folks that aren’t insane that want to come here. Simple.

      1. Yeah look I agree with you, but you should have thought about that in the 60’s when you first opened your borders. And come on man, you think Muslims are insane? Go to your local mosque and grab a cup of coffee with them dude don’t just be that ignorant internet guy. We’re like everyone else, and in fact in North America we’re the second most educated minority after Jews. We’re not unreasonable people barring the brainwashed radical salafist minority (which is gaining more popularity due to American funding via their proxies in Saudi and Qatar etc.)

  45. Roosh,
    Does your proposal make sense ( Is just just good old basic common sense) ? – Absolutely
    Would it work and be effective? – Absolutely.
    Are these the reasons that it will never ever be implemented in the world ( and this emasculated, politically correct, supplicating mangina run American government ) in which we currently live ? – Absolutely.

  46. Why do liberals have a soft spot for Islam? They’ll bash Christianity all day, but the moment someone brings up Islamic terrorism, they deflect nervously and talk about the Crusades or Timothy McVeigh instead.

    1. And why do conservatives have such hatred for Islam? Admittely, there is a lot to dislike about it, but islamic people seem to be conservative in their own way, respectful of their traditions and their authorities. Would not it make sense to try to find points in common instead of keep digging about our differences and tossing insults? If I was to hang out with an average person of the islamic faith, I suspect we would have more in common than I do with most of my leftist friends.

      1. Two things.
        Islam encourages tribalization of formerly civic patterns of social relations. It encourages endogamy that borders on incest. Cousin marriages. We can’t mix with that in the west.

    2. Because they are scared… They are so scared of islam that they act like submissive wives toward islamists in fear of making them angry. Meanwhile, they are not very afraid of white Christian men, so they’ll bash them instead because they are safer targets.

    3. Too bad Judaism isn’t bashed like Islam and Christianity. I think they should all be treated equally.

  47. We in the West say, well, the vast majority of us, that we do not want any more terrorist activity on our soil and are sick and tired of supporting individuals via the tax payer.
    Immigrant types claim, well, the vast majority, that they are oppressed, experience racism, and are not treated equally by the country they crash.
    The answer is simple: Stop immigration, send each and every individual who is unhappy to the country of their choice (taxpayer supported), and close the border.
    See? How hard was that? You all can vote me in and give me six months and it will be accomplished….
    Seriously though…. this isn’t some difficult issue here. They don’t like the west, we don’t like them. Buh bye then…..

    1. This would be a great solution if not for the fact that the West requires immigration to keep its economy from collapsing. The fertility rate is too low, by the time you retire there won’t be anyone to pay the taxes to keep you alive. Have fun when Gen Y’s grand kids mandate euthanasia to deal with the economic burden.

      1. I need to look into that issue it would appear and do some research. I have yet to hear of a primary source citing fertility issues in the states and, if true, that causes concern as I do know (from a primary source) that specific mental disorders have become much more common over the past eight-ten years (autism for example).
        I have had some (which is incredibly rare for me – unheard of to be honest) conspiracy laden theories of late in regards to specific conditions and the rate of condition growth over the past decade and if the citizens of the country are equally dealing with fertility issues that, even more so, would lend credence to my current theory.
        None of which I can prove by the way. I am certainly not the type of person who just blurts out bullshit for shock value so I am not going to infest this forum with a theory that cannot be substantiated.

        1. You need an average of 2.11 children per woman at MINIMUM to maintain a stable population (i.e. keeping the same number of people throughout each generation.) Every western country except Iceland falls way short of that, and that’s with immigrants already boosting the numbers (as compared to the native white population’s fertility rate which will be even lower.) Here’s a link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_sovereign_states_and_dependent_territories_by_fertility_rate

        2. Ah, you said fertility issues which means that men and women are having medical fertility issues. Miscommunicaton and misunderstanding on my part as I was under the impression you were eluding to a medical discrepancy.

        3. What i meant was that white people refuse to have children any more for hedonistic reasons as well as the complete breakdown of their family structure. This, combined with the you-go-girl careerism of women, and all the other things we talk about on the manosphere, results in very few children per white woman on average. It’s not a medical issue, it’s a social issue.

  48. This system already exists. It’s called Twitter. Whenever a confident young man expresses rage about cultural Marxist third wave feminism or any aspect of lefty progressivism, the thought police create a media sensation and personal boycott effort to ruin his life. So be careful what you wish for unless you don’t mind revolutionary Marxists getting control of the system you set up to test for thought crimes.

  49. I have a much simpler policy: No ragheads. Not for work, not for asylum, not for school, not for anything.

  50. If I could I would ban all Muslim immigration to the Western world but that won’t happen because of corrupt and decadent leadership. So here’s my idea of a more moderate proposal: Reclassify non-Westernized forms of Islam as conspiracies and not religion, making them illegal. In other words, if your version of Islam is not a palette swap of mild mainstream cafeteria Christianity, it has no place in modern Western society and is an existential threat. Enjoy being deported. Go blow up your own country.

  51. Sorry, but the amount of ignorance (not stupidity, simple ignorance of islam and it’s traditional tribalist practitioners) in both the article and the thread following it are staggering.
    The middle eastern leaders understand how to stamp out a movement that is causing damage, and absent western interference are quite capable of maintaining order. It is very simple… if a man rebels, you do not just punish him… you destroy his family, tribe, clan…root and branch. Individual deaths simply spawn more rebels, but a tribal destruction is the example you need to make, which will cause the rest of the tribes to fall into line.
    Islamic terrorism is not a war against the west, it is a war against the jews. The WTC? Who do you think controls the american economy? It was a blow struck against Jewish wealth. America is the enemy only because we are well-known puppets of jewish interests (at least according to islamic strategists)
    The aim of terrorists is not to destroy America, it is to make it too expensive to continue playing bodyguard to jewish interests. Whether it is right or wrong is immaterial… without enormous support from jewish puppet states, Isreal would cease existence overnight. Their Goal is to either encourage or scare us into betraying our Yiddish masters.
    We cannot stop terrorism, or even slow it down, unless we make one of two choices:
    1. Start controlling the middle eastern tribes exactly the way their own leaders do… ie, a terrorist’s family, even women, children, parents and grandparents are responsible for their actions and will be eliminated ruthlessly and instantly.
    2. Expel all jewish controls, and judaism completely from our government/mediafinancial sectors, and immediately cease all aid and diplomatic contact with isreal.
    I am not saying either solution is right, but they are the only two that will work.

      1. Absolutely not. I am just sick of America sending it’s wealth to a bunch of ungrateful fucktards, as well as a ridiculous worship of a hole in the desert populated by people that frankly, hate ‘christianised’ countries even more than the ragheads.
        I am ex-military, and at this point would just as happily see that entire region, from pakistan to lebanon, all the way down to the indian ocean, depopulated. It’s a diseased penis spreading veneral filth all around the world.

    1. You do realize that if America “stopped playing bodyguard” and Israel was unleashed against those who would do them harm that those countries wouldn’t stand a chance, right? Israel doesn’t fuck around when they are threatened and I wouldn’t put it past them to turn their neighboring countries into a parking lot if given the chance.
      So, if anything, the terrorists are either as dumb as they look and want Israel to smash them back to the stone age, or….. your theory is utterly incorrect and they are, as advertised, the same asshole cowards they seem to be.

      1. Hehe. Right. You do know that Isreal’s ‘advanced technology’ is almost entirely funded by the US, right? as is a huge amount of their economy.
        Isreal 25 years ago, at the height of their abilities, might have stood a bit of a chance, but today? You don’t seem to realize that only the threat of Euroamerican repercussions has kept Saudis, Iraqis, Palestinians, and even the Iranians from turning their little nation into a free-for all.

        1. Yes, I do know that, which is the exact reason I wrote what I wrote and am so adamant about them being able to lower the hammer down in full force if push comes to shove and they are threatened. Unlike the US, they won’t hold back and they will send everything and I do mean everything outbound to smash whoever they feel is the aggressor. Israel is no joke in terms of military tech and prowess and is especially specialized in covert details.
          Even if every single Arabian peninsula nation came knocking they would obliterate them back in a weeks time, it wouldn’t even be remotely close. Who would challenge them? There isn’t a single Muslim nation that would even come close to matching them and, unlike the US, Israel wouldn’t try to nation build after and would just the area to rot. Point being, they wouldn’t care about sending any ground troops, en masse, in to those areas and would just throw 1000 bombs down, possibly a nuke, and sleep like a baby that night. One Israeli drone or bomber could, without even the slightest bit of resistance, crush Riyadh this very moment…. one….

        2. The Israelis would nuke Berlin and Paris if they were abandoned to face Arabia alone.

        3. They really would if they had to. Israel is the one country that doesn’t fuck around when it comes to that kind of stuff. Hell…. they would even nuke us if they felt we were threatening them.
          Look at what they do when Hamas shoots one missile into their country. They proceed to bulldoze miles and miles of housing areas and everything that entails. I laugh to myself while I type that up because, seriously I wish people (not you) would just get the fucking point, Israel has a LONG history of not putting up with shit and for anyone to think that methodology has changed…… wow….
          Put it this way. There is a reason that ISIS, AQ and the larger terrorist groups haven’t attacked Israel. Think about that for a moment. Why would the biggest and “baddest” terrorist groups in the world bypass a close proximity “enemy” and their most “hated” one at that to put all that planning into EU or the US? It’s simple….. they know that if they attack Israel then Israel will wipe them out and then leave the country to the birds. They know if they attack the EU or the US that the bleeding heart fags and failures of life will prevent those countries from wiping them out and know the country will drain itself building a country back up again after fucking it up in the first place *Which by the way is astounding since the Middle Eastern countries are, easily, some of the richest in the world in terms of annual oil finances*.
          It’s to the point of:
          “Hey Ahmed, I don’t like that market over there. What do you think?”
          “Hmm, good point Mohan, let’s convince one of those 15 year old dipshit kids at the Mosque to attack the US so the US can bomb the market and then pay for and build a mall for us in its place!”
          “Great idea! Yeah!”
          “Mwhahah! For the molester! Death to the infidels!”

        4. Have you looked at the map? DaEsh is not even close to that part of Syria Israel border

        5. You, apparently, are missing the very massive and clearly obvious sarcasm. However, thank you Ruby…. your input on this crucial issue is both dazzling and informative.

  52. I would vote for this cartoon policy to be enacted in a heartbeat. Such a simple solution, yet still nothing is being done. It just seems like the more fanatical terrorist attacks there are, the quicker people become to defend Islam and say these attacks are ” just the extremists”. So no matter what solution you come up with to prevent these attacks, all those deluded, ” accept every culture and religion even though they might do absurd shit”, idiots will shoot down the idea. Why would anyone be against something that will protect their fellow countrymen?

    1. Okay if you’re intentions are so noble why not institute a similar policy for African Americans men since they currently are a greater safety hazard than all Muslim terrorist attacks combined?

      1. In a heartbeat. Many Zanj are Muslim anyway. Blacks could be relocated to Florida and walled off.

      2. Way up here in Canada, the black population does not pose a serious threat. In my city, a pretty high percentage of crime is committed by muslims. However, down there in the USA its different, crime rates are much much higher. So to answer your question, yes, I am 100% for any policy that weeds out violent maniacs from society, regardless of what colour they are or what religion they follow.

  53. I am getting a little tired of the west’s sensitivity for the muslim bull shit.. try to open a christian church in one of those fucked up countries, see what happens.. fuck them all, just release the intercontinentals and let’s get it over with.. One on mecca, one one medina.. fuck this shit.

    1. There have been churches open ALL OVER Muslim lands for centuries. The only exception is in Mecca and Medina where no non-Muslims are allowed (seriously you’re going to complain about that?

        1. Bro most victims of terrorism are other Muslims themselves. ISIS has killed more Muslims in the last 2 years than all the Islamic terrorism in the west combined x10. I know its messed up but we’re trying to deal with it. Things weren’t always like this, the terrorism stuff started like 40 years ago.

        2. Those are sectarian issues… it’s different.. i don’t pretend to understand them. I agree Bush stirred the pot over there (what an idiot).. just keep it contained.

        3. We’re trying but when you got a bunch of brainwashed guys who only know how to kill that’s what they’re gonna do doesn’t matter where they are, you know what I mean? You can take a thug out of the hood but you can’t take the hood out of the thug.

        4. You forgot some digits, here I’ll fix that for you…
          “the terrorism stuff started like 1,400 years ago.”
          There we go, far more accurate now.

        5. Well fix it then smart guy. Have some fucking fatwa against female genital mutilation to start and all the other wacky customs you guys practice….

        6. Bro we’re trying. There are several fatwas against female genital mutliation, only certain African countries practise it because it’s a cultural thing they have. I’m being completely serious, these types of things are virtually unheard of in other parts of the Islamic world. It’s not that easy to change people’s ideas especially in the midst of economic problems, political problems, wars, western interference and funding of warring factions, etc.

        7. Yeah let’s look at the digits. How about the 4 million people killed in the Vietnam war, or the 60 million killed in WW2 or the 20 million killed by the Soviets. Muslim terrorism isn’t even a blip on the radar in teh 20th century comparatively, don’t be self righteous.

        8. Female Genital Mutilation is not rare in the Muslim world. Cousin marriage very common also hence the wacky , crooked kids you see in England. I’m sure you’re a righteous guy and practice the spirit of the religion but if say 5% of 1.2 billion muslims are crazed ,zealots thats a big problem. Plus you have the overlay of tribalism too which combined with religion is more toxic. Also Islam is does not have a centralized authority to change it’s doctrine like say the Catholics. You can’t have a Vatican 2 or a Pope to change or modernize Islam.

        9. Muslims have adopted the Jewish tactic of using negroes to be he muscle. The big shit who beheaded Rigby, the turds who shot up Paris. Also blacks.

      1. There are ZERO christian churches in Saudia Arabia. No other religions are tolerated there. Zero synagogues , Zero Hindu temples…
        All islam all the time.
        Ditto for Iran and most other Islamic countries….

        1. Bro that’s just completely false. Iran has sizable Jewish and Christian minorities TO THIS DAY that have lived there since before Islam. In fact, Jews and Christians each have a member of parliament in the Iranian government. Christians and Jews have had Churches/Synagogues in every Islamic country with the exception of Saudi Arabia. Here’s a link for more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dhimmi#Dhimmi_communities

        2. Iran has a very small number of other religions as you pointed out. A smattering of jews and left over Zoroasterians .
          Saudi Arabia—0
          Religions in these countries are under constant threat. Have Dhimmi status

      2. orly? muslims are tolerant of middle eastern christians alright /sarc
        burning churches & destroying graves are par for the course im sure.
        meanwhile, when Basher Al-Assad’s crew scores:
        “Many support the government, which says it is protecting the country from foreign-backed Sunni Muslim militants who will persecute non-Sunni minorities, including Christians.”
        (source: http://english.alarabiya.net/en/perspective/features/2014/04/19/In-Damascus-Christians-briefly-ignore-war-for-Easter.html)

  54. “we instead have to pretend that all humans are inherently good and that by treating Muslims with more love, unity, and openness, they will lay down their arms (and somehow forget their Syrian war training) to sip on foamy cappuccinos and nibble on French baguettes and foie gras.” Priceless, brother, priceless…

  55. This policy will work but the minute one was put in place in the USA, they’ll do it to everybody “in the name of fairness” meaning it’ll only be enforced on unprotected minorities.
    This means Joe Blow who got offended from the Jesus in Piss art will be getting a know on his door from a negative facebook post from 4 years ago while screening the muslims “will have too long a backlog to matter”.
    You see this is because the west is ALREADY overthrown.

  56. I support this kind of interrogation. But that said, this whole Muslim threat is blown way out of proportion (assuming you live in a Western, non-Muslim nation).
    Muslim radicals are way, way, way more of a threat to other Muslims. 12 people got killed in the Paris thing, which is tragic.
    But shit, how many more people have been killed by non-religious mass murderers? I’m talking about peeps like the Virginia Tech shooter, the Massachusetts shooter, the Norwegian shooter, etc. Hell, I’m more “worried” about a cop deciding I’m not being quite compliant enough than some Muslim nutjob.
    We should definitely keep an eye on these crazies and prevent them from spreading too much. But the guys who REALLY need to worry are other Muslims living in Muslim countries.

    1. The issue with Islam is that they appear to have wiped out settled Christian, Hindu and Buddhist populations in most of the ME, Africa, India, Central Asia.
      Muslims out!

  57. We need a Vlad Dracul aka Dracula. Ol’ Vlad the Impaler. Member of the “Order of the Dragon” a military order whose duty was to protect the faith from the Muslim hordes.

  58. So Roosh, what are you going to propose next? That Black people should undergo tests to see if they are offended by White people propaganda and then send them off out of this country? What an offensive and horse shit article. You’re ancestors are immigrants themselves (Iran/Armenia), so unless you have some bias against Islam, this article is horse shit!

  59. What Roosh proposes is too complicated. I propose something so simple even the moosleems would understand:
    a) No more moosleem immigration
    b) Expiry of visa for all not-yet-nationalized and individuals known to be problematic, leave the country in 14 days or be shot
    c) Expulsion of all Clerics and professionals (doctors, lawyers, engineers, business people): sell your shit and leave within 30 days or be shot
    d) Stop all entitlements for immigrants (social security, health care …) immediately
    The mass would be sure to follow their leaders fast and without hassle.
    Yet, to be able to do this would mean to first cut the tribe out of all influence. And, as things stand, we all know too little about the tribe and their allies to be able to make a sensible targeting assessment.

  60. “simply show them a cartoon of their prophet having gay sex. ”
    You’re drawig a very strict line here. I don’t see cartoons depicting homosexuality as a positive thing.
    I wouldn’t kill anyone for his sexual orientation but I couldn’t pass that test. Many Christians and Jews couldn’t either.

      1. That’s my point. Muslims are not the only one disgusted by these kind of picture. While killing is out of the question, we shouldn’t tolerate these documents either.

        1. “In the US a Christian crucifix in a bottle of Urine is consider “art.””
          (White) Christians take too much shit. Show some balls and defend your religion… without killing anyone of course.

  61. They should have done the same to Roosh’s family when they went to the US. He is Turkish and Iranian.

  62. There is a much better way regarding to whether allow muslims in your country or not; Zero Benefits, Zero Quotas, Zero Privileges, halal doesn’t get its way to school meals
    Muslims that nonetheless keep wanting to get in, let ’em get in; they’ll be law abiding and hard working people

  63. Jst lol at a bunch of downtrodden men who have been left behind by their society criticizing muslims society. You boys should become homosexuals and feminists, join your cultural zeitgeist and let the real (muslim) men take over.

    1. Even though insulting, there is some wisdom in your words. Instead of criticizing muslim society so much, we should criticise our own society. It is far from perfect.

  64. When there is no muslim in a certain geographical location, there is no muslim terrorism. Simple as that.

  65. Roosh,
    Good article but I am not sure if it is meant entirely satirically or not.
    Aside from that, I do find your approach problematic. Partly, because if we introduced some form of opinion assessment for immigrants a) you are introducing thought police (which is totalitarian at its heart) and b) like all anti-terrorism measures, it would soon be focused on all citizens not just immigrants.
    You actually hit on this problem when you spoke about how, instead of profiling, the US security forces used their powers on all Americans, rather than targeting those most likely to commit an offense. It is important that your realize that this is intentional and not the result of incompetence by the US Government. In other words, what governments want is for us all to be continuously surveilled and controlled by the Surveillance State. This is how the government entrenches itself in a given country. Part and parcel of this, is either eliminating your right of self defense (taking your guns) or at least gutting it so much that the population cannot adequately defend itself against either criminals or the State.
    A further plank in this strategy is to create fear amongst the population. Previously they used fear of drug gangs but now it is fear of terrorists. In reality, you have very reason to be afraid of terrorists but the government uses occasional terrorist attacks to increase its powers over us. Your ideas here, were they implemented, would increase the power of the police state significantly (i.e. their power to punish us based on our thoughts). So what if I think people who insult Mohammad should be killed. As long as I don’t act on it, it doesn’t matter. Likewise, there are many people who think, unfairly, that some other group of people should be killed, for whatever reason. But we don’t deport them as a result.
    The best way to prevent terrorist attacks (aside from ceasing attacks on Muslim countries but that’s another debate), is to let people defend themselves. If Charlie and his dead friends each had an AK, they would all be alive today. I doubt those three maniacs would even have tried.
    If the citizens have a complete right to self-defense (i.e. an unrestricted right to any weapon you can afford), then “soft targets” like schools, malls and offices, would cease to exist and we would all be safer.

    1. The surveillance state is a side effect of having blacks and browns in the territory of the state.
      Armed police forces are likewise the result of dealing with blacks n browns.

  66. Economic instability, a cultural or spiritual sickness amongst the masses, an enemy that can be identified, a state that wants ever more control of the populace. A million people marching in Paris is just the beginning, there may have been a line crossed here, the war drums haven’t begun but a thousand year crusade is just over the hill. These are interesting times and the economic wasteland along with fatherless families is not only a problem amongst the anglo populations of the west. A son of a muslim immigrant with no hope who hears the cries of the local leader of the mosque about the evils of the west finally has someone to blame for the false promises sold to him by consumerism and leftist propaganda. It is only a matter of time before more of these attacks happen and people start blowing themselves up.

    1. So we have to fight for our way of life, the holy values of consumerism and leftist propaganda? Dont count with me when these war drums sound.

  67. Interesting proposal. I have a hard time imagining any more efficient way to let the Islamic extremists win the war of ideas and convince the Muslim mainstream that it is right about how the West hates all things Islamic. If this really were implemented, all it would accomplish would be to teach Western Muslims how to fake it to pass the tests, after which more of them would get radicalized and more attacks follow. Biometric lie detection is unreliable enough to be inadmissible as evidence in court. Intelligence agencies routinely train their agents to fake it to pass biometric lie detection.

    1. Yes, not unlike the showing of homosexual porn to asylum seekers looking for refuge from persecution for their backdoor habits in Africa…..

    2. Eventually, the biometric technology would improve to the point where we can detect lies and accurately predict people’s future actions. We should expand the proposal to cover every potential troublemaker. Ideally we would introduce this technology first in schools to determine which students would become criminals and we can either imprison them permanently or use the appropriate drugs and psychiatric care to correct their criminal tendencies.
      In case we miss potential criminals at school (or if they suffer some form of mental deviation due to exposure to radical influences online) we can use drones (the technology exists now) as a constant monitoring of people as they go about their day-to-day business. Based on how they behave, the biometric analysis will flag potential threats and security forces can react before the crime. Of course, this doesn’t mean killing the criminal but rather, as before, using the appropriate combination of drugs and psychiatric care to correct the criminal tendencies.
      In this manner (and as the technology advances) we can virtually eliminate all crimes (including terrorism) and usher in a new era of complete safety and security for all citizens.

        1. Dredd was a snarky British take on American cops. Written by a guy who probably didn’t understand that American cops are fighting a holding action against blacks in metro areas.

      1. Not sure if serious or a modest proposal. This is after all the Internet. If serious, have fun when your feminist overlords use this tech to detect your feelings of disgust at seeing fat women.

        1. If you have problems with my proposal you are obviously an apologist for terrorism. I also don’t understand how you could be against using the powers of the State to keep us all safe.

  68. I’m afraid the figures do not lie and at the moment 10% of the European population is of Muslim extraction. At present replacement rates Europeans will be in a minority in their own countries in 50 years time. Muslims are outbreeding Europeans by almost 2:1.
    They are already talking about a Muslim president in France in the next 20 years.
    And these figures do not take into account present emigration figures or the proposed membership of the EU of Turkey. If Turkey joins it will be a gateway for all sorts of fun and games.
    I was always told to be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. Looks like the SJW’s have their multicultural utopia on the horizon…..

        1. Just a slight change of subject. I used to go to a club called “Utopia”. It was a hotbed of drunken boorish women anxious for a good rogering. A couple of friends of mine relayed a story to me once where they picked up two girls there and brought them home. They each received a blowjob from the girls and at the mid-point, my two friends caught each others eye and said to each other “switch”.
          They switched the girls around and each finished their blowjobs in the other girl’s mouth.
          Probably not the kind of Utopia that the SJWs envisage.

  69. Roosh has gone full potato since these paris shootings. Sorry Roosh you’re losing it. Perhaps it’s time for you to move on.

    1. Roosh may well understand that these incidents will form the justification for his/his folks expulsion.

  70. I have a more cost-effective solution…maybe stop pissing those people off? If Islam truly is a religion of violence, why antagonize them unnecessarily? “Gee, we had no idea that when we drew pictures of Mohammed f**king a goat that it would come back to bite us.” If I stood at the corner of Florence & Normandy with a sign saying “I hate n******” I would expect to get shot in the face rather quickly. My freedom of speech would be meaningless. The magazine deliberately provoked those people…for a decade…and were warned repeatedly to stop. Being a sh**head doesn’t make one alpha, it just makes one a dumbass.

    1. The Emperor has no clothes? Are you serious?
      Unfortunately, most people don’t have your level of basic common sense. I always say, you only have Freedom of Speech to the extent that you can defend it. So if you want to have the freedom to provoke maniacs, you better have a lot of guns and a lot of people to carry them.

  71. Roosh, you are still blue based on observations of your extreme reactions. Define the west and your role in it.

  72. “If a natural-born Muslim failed the examination, and shows that radicalization is deep in his heart, he must be surveilled closely or imprisoned indefinitely.”
    Makes me wonder where to draw the line between self-preserving discrimination and censorship.

  73. In the US, there appear to be labor oversupplies at both extremes of the educational spectrum (e.g. high school or less and Master’s/PhDs). What we really need are skilled workers closer to the median who are versed in a variety of mechanical/industrial techniques that the current American labor force is largely unfamiliar with. These individuals would be key to reestablishing the nation’s manufacturing infrastructure. I’m guessing Asia, Latin America, and Russia would be good source countries for these folks.

  74. Being shot in the head with an AK – 47 or blown to bits if you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time…stick a pin in the schoolyard shooting of your choice, I can also mention the Unabomber, the Oklahoma bombing and a number of other terrorist actrocities…Roosh, you make what you think Europe is facing sound just like good old ‘Murica, even before the current flap about Islamist violence. I’m assuming your suggestion is satirical, and even if it worked, there’s always some idiot sufficiently hacked off at the status quo to reach for firearms and/or explosives then go on a murderous rampage…

    1. Regarding mass shootings in the US, I’m all for sticking it to the NRA and regulating hardcore firearms more tightly. Two problems don’t make a non-problem.

      1. I’m for letting anyone have any firearm they like. Terrorism and mass shootings would stop instantly. Hard to shoot a classroom of kids when they are shooting back at you.

        1. I’m a complete novice mate but I am deadly at 20 yards with a tactical shottie. Since most civilian gunfights occur at close to pointblank range I think I’ll be fine. Thank you for your concern though.

        2. If you read about mass shootings in the states where no one is actually killed the shooter is almost certainly a black.

      2. Blacks in the US should have their doors kicked down looking for firearms. House to house dogs etc.

    2. Not only that. He doesn’t live here. I appreciate that he has visited a fair bit but he still seems to adopt a very American attitude concerning Western Europe. For someone who is a part-time migrant to Europe himself and of a Muslim background I find his suggestions strange.
      Not only that, we have been dealing with decades of right-wing terror attacks here which have been far more deadly than the Muslim ones. For some reason this has been left out.

      1. When it comes time to cleanse France, UK, Germany et al, you’ll have no where to hide. Roosh’s proposal only delays the inevitable anyway.

        1. If you have to use the Unabomber as an example for your Rightwing terrorist mah niggah, then you are digging deep into ideology and chronology.
          He was a Theroux style anti-white anti-west prig.
          You don’t fear whitey. You are a parasite.

        2. Yup something is going to have to happen, the muslims are only gonna get so much slack, people are getting fed up with it.

      2. “Right wing terror attacks” haha you must be talking about the Weather Underground,Christopher Dorner,John Wilkes booth,Nidal Hasan,Aaron Alexis,Seung-Hui Cho, James Holmes,Amy Bishop, Andrew J. Stack,James J. Lee, Jared Loughner,Harris and Klebold, Lee Harvey Oswald. All those names I just mentioned had one thing In common Left wing leaning liberals. I live in the USA and have yet to see right wing attacks that have been happening for decades. Maybe you don’t live in the USA?

        1. What was Lee Harvey Oswald convicted of? Just asking.
          Anyway right-wing terror attacks happen all the time but they are just called by what they actually are (and what this most recent attack in Paris actually was) and that’s crime.
          The reason many of the Muslim attacks are referred to as “terrorism” is that it serves the politicians. It is interesting that there was no talk of increasing surveillance and police powers in response to the far more deadly Brevik attack for example.

        2. Give me some examples otherwise your just spreading misinformation. Brevik is the only one i see. I don’t see Islamic terror attacks as right wing it is there religion.

        3. Breivik was a patriotic Norwegian. I’d not endorse his methods but he did shatter the Norwegian Labour Party. Literrally.

        4. Brevik is the most famous one. And the worst terrorist attack in the US (until 9/11) was conducted by Tim McVeigh. Another famous one (although he “only” claimed two lives) was the Olympic bomber Eric Randolph. Our white supremist breathren on this site will remember the UK bomber David Copeland.
          There are scores of these terrorists across the UK and the USA and they are a constant threat. I would say, that 9/11 aside they have been far more deadly than Islamic terrorists simply because these guys seem to be better organised and better trained (many of them former British and US military). Also with the focus being on Muslims for 20 years they are able to hover under the radar. Worse, many people in their own countries support them.

        5. The Norwegian Labour Party’s youth leader stated two days before the Breivik attack:
          “The peace process goes nowhere, and though the whole world expect Israel to comply, they do not. We in Labour Youth will have a unilateral economic embargo of Israel from the Norwegian side.”
          We also have Malaysia barring Jews and three of their flights “mysteriously” disappearing.
          And now we have France’s parliament recently voting to recognize Palestinian statehood.

        6. Breivik got 20 years, that’s it. A divided judiciary? Some might argue what he got comparatively would be befitting of a Norse folk hero. In the US a student loan default can get you a visit by US marshalls and pot plants in your attic can get you 20 years. What a crock.

  75. Roosh proves the axiom that Paris is every man’s second country. Seeing the French humilated and prostrated by Algerians makes me just as sick. Something in civilization dies when the French are in such dire straits

  76. Do what they did to the japanese americans during WW2, round em all up and put them in camps, when the war is over release them. When the muslim culture decides to play nice then we will stop profiling them until then profile them. (These guys are smart, they use our own liberal policies against us).

  77. I have a simple solution. Ban migration. Have SIS or CIA arm Muslims from the Banlieu, Ghetto, Tottenham, Tower Haramlettes give em a stipend to go to Syria and have them not come back. Suspend passports and citizenship. Bar them from allied states. The gunmen were all in Syria at one time or another.

  78. Roosh, whilst I admire you greatly for your principled stand against the femcrazed maniacs destroying western culture and also your obvious entrepreneurial acumen, you are so wrong in laying the blame for terrorism on Muslims. The reality is that a close_knit ethnocentric collective of psychopaths are responsible for all the recent mayhem. Here’s a hint, these maniacs control the financial system, the media (yes, the media that has helped destroy western culture). They control the political systems of the west, up to and including presidents and prime ministers. These people are maniacs who hate the human race. For your info, France just recently turned against them and suddenly we are all Charlie, or should that be, we are all proper Charlie’s. Muslims are used as patsies by these scum, you and the rest of the world bought into their mediated illusion

  79. Let’s not fall into the trap of believing religion has much influence on day to day decisions people make. God mostly tells people to do what they already want to do. The core problems in the middle east are poverty and male heavy demographics. With no job and no pussy jihad starts to look compelling. If the middle east were a solidly middle class place where everyone was getting laid none of these idiots would be shooting up Mad Magazine. Poor, unsexed young men is not a recipe for a stable society.

  80. Look at that TSA shit looking at a small child, these idiots are running a mockery and should be shifted to the real borders to catch all illegals.

  81. Hi Roosh I really think you have it all wrong with this Muslim terrorist thing. There are “countless red pill websites and references” like whatreallyhappened.com etc that explain and prove that other entities besides muslims are committing all these acts of terrorism. Sure the finger is pointed at muslims but this is a part of this globalisation agenda to justify our western governments to continue their imperial objectives in the middle east. I know western men (that are muslim) that live in the west and mainly follow western values that promote this fantastic website.

  82. If the immigrant answered yes to question C or D, he would absolutely not be allowed entry into France. He would be escorted to a return flight back to his homeland.

    Won’t work.
    Taqiyya is a legal doctrine in islam that allows adherents to lie about their faith as long as it advances the cause of islam. An immigrant would simply lie about these sentiments and would be let right in.

  83. I have another solution. And it’s the FINAL solution :)..j/k..but really, why go through all that trouble ? Just dont let anyone from arab or pakistan in and throw everyone already in the country out. Problem solved.

  84. First they will come for the muslims then they will come for the masculine men etc. This is another step towards a totalitarian state.

  85. ummmm okay.
    This not only transcends mortal boundaries of stupidty to the point of insanity, it also shows how RedPill followers and Gamers know nothing about religions and how people’s beliefs work IRL.
    Showing Muslims cartoon where Holy Prophet is portrayed doing various stupid activities as suggested by Roosh. Well why not show Jews, some pictures where Moses is portrayed as such too? Why not show Hindus some cartoons where Seeta is being raped by a gang of Goons? Why not show Sikhs some cartoons where Baba Guru Nanak is shown doing some crazy shit which Roosh prescribed for Holy Prophet? Why not show pictures of liberals in which the cartoons depicting their mothers and sisters are being raped, and those women are being pounded, by strangers or where they are indulging in the act of fellatio with a pig or maybe a donkey and then check all their heartbeats and shit as Roosh so humbly proposed.
    Sucker, if you have sold your religion, your beliefs, your self worth and you and your pathetic father disown the culture you were born into to get citizenship in America, then trust be not everyone is that much of a bastard. People, have the right to be passionate about what they believe in, not violent, but passionate. Why just implement your stupic cartoon examoinations blah blah for Muslims, show equally provocative pictures for all of the people and hopefully you ll succeed getting all the psychopaths in the country which has adopted suckers like you.

  86. That test wouldn’t work. Muslims believe in ‘Takya,’ which means they are allowed to lie to nonbelievers for the greater goal of Jihad. They could simply lie.
    The best solution is to ban the Koran, outlaw Islam and deport all Muslims. The ban would have to be announced suddenly with no debates or votes. The secret service would have to spend the year preceding the ban compiling lists of those who frequent Mosques.
    Deporting all middle easterners would be easier but this would have the unfortunate side effect of depriving us of valued countrymen such as Roosh.
    Right now, public opinion would not accept it but public opinion does change…

  87. Unless the west allows itself to be turned into a Muslim caliphate, the only option will be concentration camps, mass deportations and genocide – in other words, eradication of the Muslim out of western culture. Basically the west will have to turn into Nazi Germany. Probably quite possible given enough time and cultural/societal stress.

    1. “concentration camps. mass deportations and genocide” if we apply what you say I would not like to see it happen to us westerners in Muslim countries. Considering we are over there doing it to them now any way.

      1. I’m not saying I would like to see it happen, but can you outline alternatives that are realistic with what is happening in the world? History is generally a violent convulsion and highly reactive. There will be only one of two ways to go, as I outlined in my original comment.

        1. Mate we need to be very careful at who we are pointing the finger at. research a little as to who is really behind all these attacks. Getting rid of those dudes might not solve the problem.

        2. OK. I’ll bite. Who really is behind these attacks? I wasn’t really pointing a finger I believe?

        3. If you don’t want to be sucked into the MSM bullshit about all of these acts, check out whatreallyhappened.com. They will eventually take away our freedoms if we keep believing and acting on what the MSM is spinning.

  88. When
    it comes to Islam, I criticize the ideology and its followers. I can’t
    understand how anyone could take a good look at Islamic texts and tenets and
    come to the conclusion that theyre in anyway tolerable let alone great. I don’t
    advocate or condone violence, but I am compelled to call a spade a spade. I
    don’t care if these people are brainwashed they should know better. No ideology
    can be active without adherents. I hold people accountable for embracing
    barbaric ideology. You can defend moderate Muslims all you want, but at the end
    of the day, they worship a tyrannical deity mechanism that operates on mind
    control and threat of torture. They may not say it out loud, they may claim
    otherwise but they will at least acknowledge that Islam means “submission”.
    Submission is always a bad idea. Submission leads to fascism.

  89. Good thinking Roosh, but you start of a wrong premise : that western leaders actually want this situation fixed.
    Also, your solution makes sense but will never be accepted because it would be seen as discriminating to muslims.
    Another wrong assumption that you make is that common French people have any say on that matter. The political and media elite have turned against their own people, in France. I just don’t see what leverage middle class French have to change anything about this situation. And I’m talking about the minority that has not been brainwashed by leftist media.

  90. Lolz, and how does your “practical solution” address false flags roosh?

  91. The only thing worse than those goatf*ckers reverting to their barbaric natural state in a hearth of Western civilization was having to endure the spineless useless polticians telling us all it had nothing to do with Islam and it’s pigf*cker pedophile Mohammed.

    1. Why cant we engage in intellectual discussions where we can prove our points in a civilised manner. Instead of commenting in barbaric ways and ironically calling other people barbaric. Its time to get educated, stay chilled out like real alpha males and stop sucking on those blue pills 🙂

      1. I know, it’s just there’s something about Islam that really brings out the truculence in me. Probably something to do with how f*cking backwards, barbaric and rotten Islam is.

        1. If you don’t want to be sucked into the MSM bullshit about all of these acts, check out whatreallyhappened.com. They will eventually take away our freedoms if we keep believing and acting on what the MSM is spinning.

  92. I love the muslims here who say yes you can criticize islam but avoid naked cartoons of muhammad , because you know those terrorist guys down the street use that as an excuse to kill…..
    Yeah whatever… any culture that kills because of cartoons is totally fucked in the head. As people have mentuonned, christianity is mocked daily on shows, on art ( the piss christ etc) . And they feel no psychotic rage to kill.
    Islamic organisations and the UN are pushing for a law against religious blasphemy, which means any criticism .
    It exist in the state of Victoria Australia, where it has been used to punish a christian preacher who quoted from the Koran and made his audience laugh. Of course, it will never be used against atheists or muslims.
    Make no mistake, islam is out to conquer the world with its joy- killing psychotic culture.
    From the gang rapes of swedish women to the decapitated buddhist monks in thailand , to the demands for women only pool times in France, everywherr is a strategy, often cloaked in “reasonableness” to impose their law.
    Its nice to see the UA Emirates have listed CAIR in the Usa as a terrorist organization… maybe the naive useful idiots in the administration can wake up and not have the wool pulled over their eyes.

  93. I remember a bakery in the 17th arrondisment in Paris. A muslim man and his 17 yr old daughter. Lovely people, refreshingly kind after the rather stuck up bourgeois native french women bakers.
    I have no issue with, i welcome these types of muslims. The problem is they have about as mich chance of stopping the extremists as the good Germans had of stopping the rise of nazism in the 1930s. Nazis need to be stopped with controlled violence, Israeli style, its the only language they understand.

    1. if you want to know the truth instead of getting sucked in to the MSM bullshit. Check out whatreallyhappened.com and you will work out who is behind it.

  94. [contents of the security screening have been removed pursuant to Section 320 of the Criminal Code of Canada]
    Thanks heaps, Dudley God-Damn Do-Right …

  95. I dont think these leftist have the backs of these muslims. Like I go to a very feminst college and I was going through the campus newspaper and you can see their bias. They just like to side with any protest that comes up.
    For example they side with “freedom of speech” and siding with Hedbo, but I turn the page and I read the scandal at the dentistry of that university of alleged sexism and siding with the mob once again,which seems rather hypocritical on their “love of freedom of speech”.
    Even got the feeling in classes, women are very quick to criticize anything about male but males hesitate on females for the shitstorm of course. But you can talk alittle bit of politics as long as you dont hurt the feelings of women.
    There are so many women only and gay only clubs, but when they have ethnic clubs,its open to everyone and its “women and gay friendly”.
    but all in all, I dont really care for this, people get shanked and beaten for trash talking.

  96. The so called intellectuals fail to see Islam threat to the Humanity, science, development. Forget religious diversity, humanity and all nonsense. Just eliminate Islam from your neighbourhood. It is your duty to make the society safe for your next generation.

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