The Top 3 Muscles That Make Women Want You

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Hey man, it’s Mike Chang. You might know me from YouTube as the #1 most subscribed fitness trainer. Or you might have even watched a video on my sixpackshortcuts channel.

But here’s what you probably DIDN’T know…

I’ve been a daily reader of Return Of Kings since 2012. Before that, I used to be your average frustrated blue pill chump. I was actually on track to get married and to have kids with the crazy girl I used to date…lol.

But (thankfully) in 2012 we broke up, and that led me to finally question everything I’d been taught about women, masculinity, and the world. That led to me discovering ROK and finally taking the red pill.

I’ve personally learned a ton from ROK, and I think it’s safe to say I’ll probably save over a million dollars over my lifetime from learning not to spend ridiculous amounts of money on WOMEN. So I contacted Roosh to see if I could use my expertise to help fellow ROK readers.

Now, you probably already know that most fitness advice out there is uni-sex advice intended to “improve functional fitness” or to “improve general health,” whatever the fuck that means. But my approach to working out is different because my goal with working out is to get myself a body that gets maximum attraction from women and maximum respect from men – with minimum gym time.

Let’s be honest… You don’t care about being a bodybuilder or Crossfitter. You don’t want to spend your life in the gym. You just want to know how to get a body that will attract women and make guys respect you in the shortest possible amount of time.

To do this, you can’t use conventional training. So rather than just doing the same workouts everyone else does, you need to find out what type of body a woman REALLY responds to and design your workouts to build that body.

Specifically, you need to find out which muscle groups REALLY make the most impact on your attractiveness to women, and focus on these muscle groups. This is the enlightened, “red pill” way to work out.

Now, here’s what makes this tricky… the body parts that create the most attraction in women are NOT what most guys think.

So in my opinion, here are the 3 most important muscle groups that will attract women, along with a few simple exercises you can add to your routine to develop each one. This is based on a survey of women done by Men’s Health, and I can also confirm this from my real world experience.

#3 Powerful Forearms

It’s the most exposed muscle on the body so women see them a lot. Now, I don’t know if working them out non-stop is going to get you any woman you want. However, I can say with absolute certainty that this muscle isn’t as effective as #1… but it will still help a bit.

Tips To Get Powerful Forearms

Use Thicker Grips. said, “as barbell thickness increased, so did neuromuscular response.” This means that using a different kind of grip will cause your body to respond and build muscle as a response to the change. For example, changing the grip when you do bicep curls will increase the way your muscles respond by activating your forearms to build more muscle. How do you do it?

  • You can simply buy grips that you attach to the bar (the best known brand is Fat Gripz.)
  • Or you can take advice from Men’s Health and, “ Simply wrap a towel around the bar” or dumbbells for added thickness.

Do More Deadlifts.

According to, not only do deadlifts activate every single muscle in your arm… but, “The forearms, in particular, are worked tremendously.”

#2 A Nice Butt

Yes guys… women can be shallow too. It increases their physical attraction to you, which “flips a switch” in their minds to see you as a more tempting mate… you know, for sex.

Tips To Get A Better Butt:

Use A Wider Stance When You Squat. 

An academic study done at the University of Padova concluded that a wider stance will activate more of the gluteus maximus.

Do Barbell Hip Thrusts.

Bret Contreras, trainer of Olympic and professional athletes said, “”The move activates your glutes better than any other exercise, you can really load it up, and it’s completely safe.” So you can pack on the weight and see the results.

#1 Six Pack Abs

Don’t take it from me… here’s what Men’s Health said, “You could have biceps the size of bowling balls, but if you’ve got the beginnings of a gut, any discriminating woman will think twice before considering you boyfriend material. Their fear: A little excess midriff meat now means one fat, sloppy bastard in 10 years.”

Tips To Get Six Pack Abs:

Do Fat Burning Exercises – Not Ab Exercises.

Most guys turn to ab exercises when they are trying to get a six pack. However, the key to getting rid of the fat around your stomach and the love handles area is to do fat burning exercises… not ab exercises. Why? Well, because there is a layer of flab covering your abs… so in reality doing ab exercises can make you look worse if you still have a bit of fat to lose.

Activate The Afterburn Effect.

If you didn’t know already, the Afterburn Effect is your body’s ability to burn fat for up to 48 hours after your workout is over. And, it’s the most effective way to get six pack abs because you aren’t just burning calories during your workout… but, you are burning calories while you are sleeping, watching television, and even when you’re eating.

If you want to learn more about the Afterburn Effect, click here to learn the fastest way to get six pack abs.

Enjoy THIS free video.

Mike Chang

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139 thoughts on “The Top 3 Muscles That Make Women Want You”

    1. Yeah I’d agree. I wouldn’t buy his products in a fit, but you can learn a lot from how he runs his business.
      Just take the good stuff that he does, and use it ethically.
      But don’t buy his shit.

    1. surprised, known youtube personality doesn’t mind associating with RoK, perhaps he has some balls to him.

  1. The only muscle women really care about is muscles in your thumbs, the ones you use to open your wallet.
    The guys with those other muscles don’t need a wallet of course – they’ll be doing it on your dime.
    So here’s a pro tip: stay healthy and get in shape FOR YOURSELF.
    I’ve spent countless hours in the gym and I’ve had enough of these guys who do 50 situps and then check their hair and they are the ones wearing the painted-on-tees and MMA pants in 2 weeks of getting started.

    1. Yeah ROK can get gynocentric sometimes. The only reason you should work out is for your own health and well-being, not to impress a girl

      1. Chicks are impressed by the demonstration of physical skills rather than mere physique, although they will enjoy that nice physique when you get them into bed.

        1. Agreed, a nice Physique is good but it is mostly viewed with your cloths on, so in the beginning focus on bulking up and losing that beer belly build up your arms, lats, pecks, butt. these Areas that are noticed even with your cloths on.
          6 pack Abs take a lot time and they are only useful on the beach or after the woman is in your place.

      1. I’ve been working out since I was 14. I’m in my 40s now and wearing the same size clothing I wore when I stopped growing.
        And I didn’t do it “to get laid”.
        And it has NOT changed one thing about my experience with women, all left up to other factors.
        Meaning that as a teenager living in an area adjacent to a very affluent suburb, the out of shape guys getting Corvettes or Mustang GTs for their birthday and on their way to inheriting “old money” were the ones getting laid and I’m talking high purebred pussy here.
        It did not stop me from having some of the most horrible people I have ever met in my life, Heck even the bullies from my youth grew up and improved. The “girls” did not. They only got worse. Now they look as bad as they act.
        So all I got out of it was health, not being a fat fuck. I’m not 100 percent healthy though. I managed to stay in shape through a horrible marriage with an orchestrated attempt (intentional) to drive me insane (because that made her “feel alive” when I had breakdowns) but still I never stopped working out so I got through that but my stomach appears to have damage that, 8 years after getting out of that toxic life, has not fully healed. Really bad ulcers never do.

        1. thanks for sharing your story dr. jeep. i found myself nodding along to your commentary. these sponsored posts are bullshit. ‘working out will get you laiiiiiid!’ what is this, fucking maxim magazine?

        2. Thanks for taking the time to share. I’m sure the Endorphins kept you sane… I’m surprised they didn’t keep you from getting ulcers though. Keep on!

      1. Lol! Reminds me of the scene from Office Space where Peter asks his neighbor what he’d do with a million dollars and his neighbor replies two chicks at the same time… chicks dig a dude with money.

      2. What is bizarre about that color square chart is that it shows that a 50 year old dude will get less messages making 100K A year, then a 50 year old making 80 k.

    2. I know some guys that are jacked but have zero game and can’t approach a single girl in the club, and then I know guys that don’t lift but have amazing game and can always pull chicks.
      Like you say, if you’re lifting to get chicks you’re doing it wrong. Lots of guys lift thinking girls will automatically flock to them, but if you’re socially awkward then you’re just a guy with muscles that still can’t get girls.

      1. Exactly, which is why it’s important to lift for you. Women and more respect from other males is just a bonus. I consider fitness one of the pillars of manhood, but it is no substitute for Game.

    3. I have to say, I think that’s mainly an American thing. Girls in Europe seem a little more… dare I say it… independent.

    4. So fucking sick of your MGTOW posts, dude.
      We get it.
      Like, seriously, we do.
      But I still like fucking women, and occasionally I like talking to them. A world without women isn’t a world I’d want to live in.

  2. fat burning exercises just make you hungry. Go true paleo. Eggs, meat, green veggies, some colored veggies and fruits sparingly. Get at least 20 minutes in the son a day (longer if you aren’t white) and then try to get 9 hours of sleep a night. Oh and plenty of water.

    1. Solid advice willbest! I would suggest a daily vitamin, plus gym 4 times a week and everything willbest said.

    2. Sleep is so key. My friends can be real fags- they always try to shame me for sleeping too much (9 hours) and then brag about how they only need 7. They don’t work out.

    3. Add to that Leangains, personally while paleo is fine, Leangains sounds far more doable for the average person. This Afterburn that Mike mentions sounds brosciencey, every type of exercise has ‘afterburn’.

    4. Paleo is a fad and a complete waste of time. All exercise can burn fat, what on earth are you on about? Eating special food will make a negligible difference as food composition is not the key factor in fat loss or body composition: calories in vs calories out and macronutrient composition are. The science is clear on this.
      Get on pubmed and other science sites and start reading legit research instead of spewing baloney.
      Courtesy of Dr Mike Israetel.

      1. sigh… the point of paleo is to stay in ketosis. And if your body is in fat burn mode it isn’t going to bother you with hunger as long as it is getting protein and other nutrients. You can run 1000 calorie deficits and not even care. And you don’t exercise while you lose weight that is counter productive. You don’t want your muscles sending signals demanding energy. It just makes you hungry.

      2. If whatever diet you are doing and it’s working for you, then stick with it. It’s your health, not mine.
        I know that I’ve tried the conventional wisdom bullshit (low fat, whole grains) and my health got worse. I struggled and was miserable and it was not sustainable. Doing paleo was what worked.

        1. If you’re going to call something bullshit, at least know what you’re talking about. Clearly, you haven’t looked at any research.
          Of course you’ll be miserable if you cut out most fat, you complete dumb ass. I swear I’m going to have to write a fucking article for this site. No sports scientists or anyone with a clue will ever tell you to eat low fat. Fat is essential for proper hormone functionality. But they also wouldn’t tell you what Paleo cultists tell you.

        2. Going paleo (esque ) got rid of my adult acne. It also alleviated arthritic symptoms that had come on due to repetitive movements in the type of work that I do

        3. He didn’t call it bullshit – you fuckin thin skinned twat. He made a point that was contrary to your own and did so politely -sans the ad hominem attacks that you use.

      3. A fad?
        After doing it myself, I noticed an immediate lowering of BF (I used to do hours of intense cardio and couldn’t get rid of that belly).
        Now I don’t do any cardio I just eat right, lift, and my weight is stable at 195 instead of my former, hi carb/lo fat diet 230 at 6’4″ with 3 hours of intense cardio per week at least. Ah those healthy whole grains and low fat foods!
        I feel better, get better erections (47 y/o), look better, and best of all the GURD I experienced for years and treated with Prilosec, went away for good. No more drugs except the fun ones occasionally. Mrs Gavin appreciates the new me — hat tip to MMSL for getting me on the bandwagon!
        So keep eating that wheat and carbs if it works for you. But carbs fuck me up in all sorts of ways, that prior to changing my diet, I wasn’t aware of.
        If Paleo and HFLC diets are fads, I’ll say they’re working for me like no other diet I’ve tried.
        I’m here to tell you that HFLC diets work for a large number of people to get their BF% down, get to healthy weight, not feel hungry all the time (hello HCLF diets), and have excellent blood chemistry.
        Every Body is different.
        Check out Mark Sisson and Mark’s Daily Apple if you want to know more about it.
        Criticizing the entire movement as a ‘fad’ calls your credibility into question. As much as anybody who advocates ‘healthy grains’, statin drugs, low fat diets, and the now disproven ‘lipid hypothesis’.
        If Paleo is a fad, then by God it’s a good one if it gets people off the standard American diet and helps them achieve their natural healthy weight, especially the women.
        I mean, what heterosexual man objects to seeing more women at their healthy natural weight rather than a bunch of muffin top disgusting lardass warpigs that stuff their faces with low fat snacks, diet sodas, and high carb synthetic foods?

      4. Not a paleo man, myself, but I have to question the chart above.
        Recent research would suggest that Macro nutrients have a substantial effect on Calories in-out (read: carb-digestion causes insulin spikes and hunger pangs), and that Nutrient timing is less critical than that. It would also seem that intermittent fasting can have a substantial effect on weight loss, despite negligible difference in daily caloric intake.
        As for paleo, I perceive that the emphasis on “ancient” food sources impacts the macro nutrient ratios in a manner which should reasonably improve overall health and weight control. It is not the only (or necessarily best) option to accomplish this, but it is a good one.

        1. Did you understand the chart? The chart clearly lists macronutrients and calories in v calories out as the primary factors. The combination of both is key for a someone doing resistance training. You could if you really wanted to eat create a deficit and lose bodyfat with any food, even twinkies, but if you don’t have sufficient protein you’ll lose muscle at a very high rate.

          And actually, the last research by Brad Schoenfield, which is less than 6 months old, shows that fasted cardio makes no difference, in fact, it may actually make things worse. Though they still need to do more research to determine the last part.

    5. Anyone is going to be hungry to some extent while running a calorie deficit. You need a strong mind to go with your strong body to overcome the natural urge. I’m not knocking paleo but the reason *any* diet is working is because you’re taking in less calories compared to your calories burned. Cutting out all bread, pasta, rice, and sugar did the trick for me, but it’s not some magic method, it’s just eating less.

      1. Exactly it’s will power more than anything. I’ve just started a diet of cutting out all those things, it’s gonna be hard but as you say no diet works unless you stick too it.

      1. I was offering a weight loss regime. You can get less sleep once you are done cutting and get the definition you want.

  3. I have used six pack abs – yes I paid w my own money
    It does an outstanding job to get you lifting in a manner that gives you immediate results, at least if you already do regular cardio.
    The workouts are of reasonable length. They never take more than 45 minutes.
    They use normal gym equipment except for calves. I’m not really sure what else one can do for your lower legs.
    No six pack abs for me. However I’m almost 40. I’m not sure any workout even w insane dieting can do that. I’m certain however if I had started when I was 21 I would have been shreded quickly. Right now I am happy w the physical results.
    Bad cancellation policy. When I used them, you could not auto cancel the subscription . You had to send an email. Ended up getting overcharged as a result. Hopefully they have changed this. I would have been stopping people on the street telling them they needed to try six pack abs except for that.

  4. Nope. I’ve gotta say this is disappointing. #EpicFail on this one ROK. His advice is garbage and so are his methods. He cons naive 18 year olds into thinking he got into shape by doing towel rows and other such nonsense. He got ripped by doing what every other fitness model does: drugs.
    Before the hate piles up, I have zero problem with people doing steroids, TRT, or other PED’s to get the body or results they want. Steroids are only illegal because they want to keep men emasculated with low T levels. Just don’t bullshit me by telling me you got those results only through “hard work, dedication, and eating clean” or that you’re “natty”. Mike over at D&P has done numerous podcasts with fitness models and former pro bodybuilders who have unequivocally stated that all these guys are on drugs, so don’t be fooled, gents.
    I’ll let my man Infinite Elgintensity explain to everyone here why this guy is a grade A con artist.
    If you can watch that video and still think this guy’s legit, then I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. He is a Bro Scientist of the highest magnitude who simply knows how to market shitty fitness advice to young impressionable men. I’ll leave some of his other greatest hits below as further proof. This website is supposed to be about helping young males become men with real, practical advice, not promoting charlatans. If you haven’t, I highly recommend you check out Infinite’s videos where he debunks other fitness and strength training myths as well.

    1. “Before the hate piles up, I have zero problem with people doing steroids, TRT, or other PED’s to get the body or results they want. Steroids are only illegal because they want to keep men emasculated with low T levels. Just don’t bullshit me by telling me you got those results only through “hard work, dedication, and eating clean” or that you’re “natty”. Mike over at D&P has done numerous podcasts with fitness models and former pro bodybuilders who have unequivocally stated that all these guys are on drugs, so don’t be fooled, gents.”
      Yeah I can’t help but notice that is little Timmy spends one too many minutes on Tumblr and decides he’s really a girl he can get estrogen and maybe taxpayers to foot the bill but if a grown man wants to use some steroids or T for fitness or age suddenly it’s illegal and he could be charged if caught.
      How do you spell Gynocracy?

      1. Exactly, Dok. And good luck getting on TRT at all. Most doctors try and tell you that you don’t need it and refuse to write you a scrip, so then you’re going the Anti-Aging Clinic route, which is frowned upon and somewhat shady to say the least. If cycled properly, steroids are harmless. It’s the abusers who die from overuse that the cultural Marxists use as horror stories to convince ignorant people to demonize them.

      2. TBH im considering going on a cycle of test in my 30’s. It’s just counterproductive to take test when your body already makes it. And most of those fitness models are on steroids or some sort of HGH…think about it if steroids were legal clen and other steroids would dominate the market. It would take over all those bullshit supplements that claim you can lose weight and make gains. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry, you think they want to legalize something to lose profit? It’s almost a similar situation with marijuana and how its becoming legalized.

    2. I have gotten some valuable advice from Mike in the past, and I am pleased to hear that he has been a regular reader of ROK from the beginning.
      In particular, I’m grateful to Mike for being the first person I’ve ever seen to thoroughly explain the concept of “keeping your shoulders back” during a bench press. I actually reference this particular video to this day when I’m trying to explain the proper pressing form to novices.
      He showed in that video how you should really be flexing the middle-traps rather than merely rolling your shoulders back. I’ve since seen others make similar videos (POG’s “Retract the Fuckin’ Scapulae”), but Mike was really my introduction to the finer points of proper lifting form. He opened up some new avenues for me to explore on my own about how the rest of my body should be oriented during any particular lift and how I should be focusing on all the details…rather than just lifting weights.
      Mike also taught me the value of “intuitive” training from time-to-time. That is, when you’re feeling a certain lift, then go with it and add an extra set or two rather than cutting it off at some predetermined time. My set schema is three sets per exercise, but I now incorporate a fourth or fifth set depending on feel and performance.

    3. “It’s not hard to advertise grass to sheep.”
      I’m conflicted by Elgin. His lampoons are amusing and spot on, and he’s a lawyer. I don’t know whether to hug him or put him up against a wall.

  5. In my observation, women are impressed by the V-taper that makes the hoes wanna rape ya, a wide back to get the hoes in the sack, male cleavage (AKA those pecs that guarantee you some sex), bis and tris, to make them hoes open up their thighs, and finally, delt so the hoes will let their booty get felt.

        1. I bet you are not an average joe. i bet you do average things to average hos

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    1. Broad shoulders, narrow waist. They want a man with monster shoulders and 30 inch waist, which is difficult to achieve, because you have to feed your upper body while starving your lower body.

      1. Fat is systemic.
        Musculature is not. It is adaptive.
        Gymnasts who do dips, levers and ring work all day don’t have any trouble with it.

        1. The key words “All Day” this is not realistic for the average Joe who works 8+ hours a day, has a social life, family life, etc.

        2. The gymnast was used merely as an obvious example. For someone who is not a gymnast, and thus doesn’t need a gymnast’s skill, it can be done in as little as ten minutes a week, without going to a gym.
          15 minutes if you don’t skip legs. You might want to think X, rather than V.
          That’s the time of the commercials in a half hour TV program for upper body. If you have time to watch one half hour program a week, you have time to build a v taper, without even having to do work during the program itself.
          And if you have been eating enough to get a little soft, you have been eating enough to build a little muscle. With the stimulation of resistance exercise your body will repartition its resources away from fat and in to muscle. There is no problem making your shoulders bigger and your waist smaller at the same time. This only becomes difficult once you are already fairly muscular and fairly lean, at which point you will be 99 44/100% ahead of the general population anyway.
          Hell, if all you do is pushups, following High Intensity principles and the progressions through planche and handstand, you’ll end up ahead of 98% of the population in only one minute a week. Your progress may be a bit slow, but it will be steady.
          If you can’t find one minute a week, the problem is that you need to unfuck your life.
          And unless you are going to be a professional body builder, ignore the nutrition advice of body builders, and unless you are going to be a woman, ignore the advice of dieticians.
          Follow the old time strong men. Eat steak and eggs. Cook the eggs either soft boiled, or over easy in the steak drippings. When you think of it, throw in a bit of nature’s multi-supplement: liver. As little as 3 oz. a month will do ya.

        3. This man speaks of facts ^. A man can come up with his own 10-15 minute routine of Isometric based exercise, and combine them into brutal Circuits – and net seriously amazing results in a few months regardless of Genetics. Diet is a huuuuge consideration though if you’re ‘not’ a Hard Gainer.
          (Circuits people – it’s what’s for Muscle.)

      2. I’ve always had a 28-30 inch waist – in mid 30’s now. This is mainly due to an overactive metabolism. But here’s a quick tip to make your abs fucking awesome with little to no effort (just concentration): tense your stomach while you’re walking. Bam. That’s it, works wonders. Another tip: dance. If you can’t dance, learn. Dancers have fucking awesome bodies.
        As for shoulders: go for a swim. Women LOVE swimmers bodies.
        Else: go to the gym (obviously).

        1. That’s rough. Try this: 10 pushups every hour of every day of the week that you’re awake without fail…. I still haven’t been able to do a single full day of that.

        2. Huge thumbs-up from a female here. You understand what female eyes like. My husband cycles recreationally and does tai chi for flexibility and he has legs, waist and ass that most women would die to come near in terms of definition and slim hard muscled lines.
          Dancer body mm mm good. 😉

    2. I have to say… I am dubious about the six pack abs. Not only are they notoriously hard to achieve (its going to be a lonely woman waiting for that guy) you can’t see them unless the guy has his shirt off. Most guys won’t be walking around stripped to the waist. Also, in most cases she won’t see your forearms either.
      The first thing people notice about you is your neck and shoulders. If these are impressive, she can obviously infer what the rest of you looks like.

      1. A while back Bruce Jenner used to wear a shirt that showed off (in photo below), but it seems a bit gay even for a dude who was getting plenty of pie, and he had more of a flat pack. But what society demands now of a ‘fit’ man today is some bizarre, unrealistic comic book cartoon character. And if anyone is following Jenner’s life today, it doesn’t help that he has turned into a freak show.

        1. I have a sneaking suspicion that everyone knew he was gonna go tranny before the Kardashians became famous, that it was their plan all along to have a “celebrity” go full retard in front of the world to try and encourage others to do the same.
          Tin foil hat stuff, I know. Don’t really believe it. But it’s kinda coincidental that the LGBBQ’s are pushing trannies as the new normal just at the same time that Brucie decided he wants to mutate himself.

    3. Btw, I looked up the survey on Men’s Health. The other 7 body parts are essentially the ones you and I described. I would say, work ’em all.

    4. Absolutely. A wide and thick back is a key component. Lots of deadlifts, dumbbell pullovers, and chin-ups. Also, get your shoulder to waist ratio in check. If you have naturally narrow shoulders, losing a few inches off your waist and widening your back can make up for this. The goal is a V-Taper, as the gentleman said.

  6. Disagree on forearms. Women go for shoulders, abs, and glutes. But women can’t see abs and glutes with clothes on.
    If you’re working the shoulders, your arms and chest and back will also be getting a work out at the same time. If you’re just working the forearms, or bicep curls, you’re neglecting other parts of your upper body.

    1. Yes, shoulders and back…chest actually as well…in my prime broads use to come up behind me and start feeling my shoulders. Remember shrugs as well. Heavy.

  7. Seriously ROK, Mike Chang? Of all the people who give fitness advice you pick Mike fucking Chang ….

  8. I actually agree with this article, but Mike Chang is an absolute jackass. Was wondering why the author had one of his videos embeded in each paragraph, then I realized it was a sponsored article.

  9. I think it’s awesome that Chang has been a reader since 2012. That actually makes him an old timer.

  10. I can’t believe all the hate on the comments here. Mike is a positive, red pill guy, who cheers me up just with how happy he is, and he is supporting the red pill community by sponsoring a post. Do you not understand that finding win/win solutions like this is how men build civilization?
    As for his methods, I am not a fitness trainer, but he’s doing something right. Just look at that muscly bastard…one of the most ripped asians I’ve ever seen. Just because he’s not the most famous name on the block doesn’t mean he’s got nothing to teach.

    1. i know. jealousy like snakes in this article. crazy. this dude ripped as fuck. he doin something right.

  11. This article in a nutshell
    first four paragraphs – hey bros mike chang here, I’m fuckin famous and shit but check me out, I read ROK too (no i don’t) we’ve got so much in common, pay attention to what i’ve got to say for the rest of the article!
    paragraphs 5-10 – If you’re like me you only lift for pussy because working out isn’t about building your body and strength out of your own competitive spirit… its to become eye candy for bitches, and even then why the fuck would you want to put in more time than you have to to get that shredded physique? Who wants to work hard for something when theres “short cuts”
    Entire 3 part list – since you only lift to get laid (because lets be honest, who actually does deadlifts because they enjoy testing their strength) do these 3 lifts and you’ll be fuckin jacked like me and dripping in bitches. I’m cereal guys! It works because ask men. com told me so
    Last two paragraphs – something something bro science something something lift for 45 minutes and then spend the next 2 days doing nothing and somehow burning fat because “afterburn effect” something something Click here! Visit my site! Buy my shit!!!
    …I get it, ROKs gotta pay the bills but come on this is getting ridiculous

  12. I stopped reading after “Hey man, it’s Mike Chang”…that guy is the biggest fucking fraud ever

  13. Thanks Mike. I appreciate the originality of your ideas and ultimately the thrust of your presentation.
    I see what you did here. You flipped the ‘bro three’ and presented them in such a way that developing them could result in a well rounded and aesthetic physique. Very nice.
    First, instead of talking about, “chest, bis, and delts,” you talked about, “forearms, glutes, and abs.” Forearms can be the most visible when it comes to upper body, glutes when it comes to lower body, and abs are for the pool/beach.
    One of the things I like about your presentation is that you did not just recommend wrist curls, glute bridges and crunch variations. You imbedded the development of these muscles into larger concerns such as the overall development that’s involved in deadlifts, the lower body development that’s involved in squats, and the aesthetic presentation of fitness that requires a proper diet. That is: deadlifts (with variation) to build forearms, squats (with variation) to build glutes, and a proper diet to build abs. May as well make it an even four with dumbbell pullovers cloaked as some sort of “rib cage expansion” exercise.

  14. Hey Mike, I’m sorry you have a bad rep pretty much everywhere. If you want to redeem yourself, I suggest you enter a bodybuilding competition or powerlifting competition, or at least tell people what you actually know: how to get 6-pack abs and get way stronger. It doesn’t take a genius to know that (calories in/calories out + building muscle + 1g protein/pound body weight + intermittent fasting) * time = lower body fat percentage +more muscle => 6-pack abs. The best way to do this is obviously progressive overloading with strength training, followed by bodybuilding exercises once you hit the 300/400/500 mark. Just tell them this, it’s not fucking tough. Squat, bench, deadlift, and overhead press, twice a week for each lift, 5×5 (then 3×5, then 1×5), adding 5 pounds each time along with 8 hours of sleep a night is all it takes.

  15. Please everybody check out “Infinite Elgintensity” and what he has to say about Mike. I’ll leave it at that.

    1. Because he puts out terrible advice and lies through his teeth. He’s a snake oil salesmen. His audience are clueless people and gullible teenagers, they’re ripe for scavengers like Mike Change, especially since the fitness industry is probably the biggest bullshit spewing industry in existence.
      The Youtube channels with the most legit advice and information are the ones with subs below 100k, excluding Candito. In most cases, they’re even lower than that, somewhere in the 10 – 50k range.

  16. Dude Mike Chang is a fucking douchebag. Keep that shit off of here. Another fitness “guru” peddling bullshit workouts and supplements.

  17. why yall hatin? did you watch the actual videos he posted? this man does work. dont see the problem with him.

  18. Fuck gay ass mike chang this blog became a joke as of lately…it used to be pure gold now it just beta shit worrying about women that much is beta as fuck

  19. I don’t really mind the sponsored links, as I genuinely believe the mods will filter the most garbage out, but is there any chance you guys could put a visible tag on the front page, with the sponsor name in the “author” field? If nothing else, it should minimize the “X is a hack” comments that we’re seeing here.

  20. Mike Chang is a fucking prick and a con man.
    Using other people’s names and reputations to attract attention, no fucking business ethics whatsoever, constant clickbait garbage, generic supplements, and bullshit methods (see: 1 minute cardio). He’s a fucking PARIAH among the Youtube fitness community and NOBODY except lazy, naive newbies take him as an authority.
    This is a fucking HUGE step back for RoK having this loser on the site. I don’t care if he claims he’s red pill, he’s not a role model or a worthy sponsor (and what kind of true red pill guy thinks having those 3 muscles make women want you?)
    EVERYONE should up-vote this comment. It needs to be featured so Roosh sees it and so that guys who don’t know better will.

  21. “You don’t care about being a bodybuilder or Crossfitter. You don’t want
    to spend your life in the gym. You just want to know how to get a body
    that will attract women and make guys respect you in the shortest
    possible amount of time.”
    You don’t know me!

  22. Is it just me.. or is working out a new trend? I see many men and women “workout” and post many IG photos claiming that they made “gains” lololol

  23. If you are online dating and have 6-pack abs, show them off and you are sure to get more traffic. Otherwise, simply having a relatively flat stomach with no spare tire will be enough for people who actually wear clothes.
    Otherwise, lats, delts and biceps are probably the most noticeable – a wide upper body.
    As long as you don’t have a fat ass and legs (and unlike women, men are not genetically predisposed to it) you are good to go.
    Pecs (chest) would certainly qualify as number 4 but as with abs they will not be immediately visible, except maybe in profile. If you are wearing a tight T shirt or tailored shirt, then yes. YMMV; maybe they could displace delts in the top 3.

  24. Most women have a completely ill-informed and downright stupid idea of what “a muscular man” is. They have no sense of proportions or balance of mass. They may see a sixpack on one guy, and they think he’s huge, even though he’s got tiny everything. They may see a random flex of tris on another but he’s got no legs, they still think he looks hot because of the way the sun was shining on him that day. Women are complete retards about muscles. They don’t even know where shoulders end and back starts. They are into whatever their emotions tell them to be into at any particular second. There are no top 3 muscle groups that women go crazy over, so this mike chang bullshit is completely off the table. The only thing you can learn from his videos is that he trains and enjoys it. Also, he takes a lot of hate and ignores it.
    A buddy of mine has more mass than me, his shoulders are wider and he’s got good proportions. I’m taller so I lack shoulder width but I’m more defined. His girlfriend tells him my sixpack is hot, completely ignoring my lack of shoulders. He rants about it at the gym. I rant too. Another buddy doesn’t lift but is into other sports. He has zero pecs. His girlfriend thinks he’s quite buff. Fucking women and their bullshit.
    Only one thing is for certain: if you don’t lift, you’re at a disadvantage and you must compensate.

  25. butt YES. biceps YES. abs, not so much.
    If all you do is deadlift and workout your back, that is all you will ever need. a POWERFUL BACK has been the thing that elevated me from ripped guy that made girls look into ripped guy who girls stare at when I walk past.
    you can’t overtrain your back either. just keep perfect form – and train every damn day if you want. I used to when I built my back from scratch.
    You will walk a different way too – the lats will bulge your arms out. A powerful back will get women wet and men to shake your hand.

  26. six pack shortcuts is the biggest fucking joke out there. who in the hell would feature Mike Chang in an article? he’s the laughing stock of the fitness community.

  27. How to build muscle as fast as humanly possible…That’s what we all want to know.Most of us don’t have the genetics of an NFL running back or pro bodybuilder.So it’s not all your fault.I was mixed-up until I got this plan,see my review of it:>bestfitnessandmusclebuilding(dot)com/ms2<

  28. Speaking as a woman, I have to vouch for #3 more than the other two. Aesthetically, it’s what we get giddy about after a few drinks. The others are fine and should exist anyway.
    A man who has regular good sex will have a nice ass. Just a simple fact I’ve observed in guy friends. I even used it in my own workout routine after thinking it through. Shockingly enough, reading a book and hip-thrusting into my futon for 45 min a day took my ass to a very nice place. So it works for both genders I’d think.
    But there’s something utterly MALE about forearms and hands and actually the tops of feet. No woman on earth will have that ropey look of a man. A young guy actually has this defined look to his forearms that immediately draws the eye. Again, in large part it’s probably because it’s not at ALL a female characteristic. It signals male on some primal level for me and every girl I’ve shared notes with.
    Yes, we want a svelte guy for the rest. No one wants jiggling paunch and flat ass guys with triple chins. Ugh.
    But where physique can vary widely among female friends, with some dribbling over a swimmer build, others wanting a more beefy man, and my own tastes leaning heavily toward a dancer’s sleek lines, the defined forearms seem to be a must among all of us.
    If it helps at all!

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