Tattoos Are Not Artistic, Unique, Or Rebellious

Everywhere you look these days there is someone who has undergone some sort of body modification. Whether it be dying their hair green, getting a septum piercing, or a tattoo on their arm; they’re not difficult to spot.

I have to admit, a lot of these things are pretty cool. I think some tattoo sleeves on guys look badass, and certain piercings on chicks are hot (you know which ones). However, I find it difficult to fully grasp why so many people, especially Millennials like myself are undergoing body modifications considered deviant by society.

Of course, young people have always rebelled against their parents and society by going against societal norms. Yet, this trend differs from past ones like bellbottom jeans and leather jackets. Unlike hippies of the 60’s who could ditch their ragged clothing for white-collared shirts a few years later, many Millennials have made permanent alterations to their bodies; this is where the trend needs to be observed more closely.

Before we get into it, I want to make note that I am not accusing everyone who has a small piercing or bleaches their hair of having major issues, but many younger people these days do, and we should figure out what they are and what’s causing it.

To start, we must define what this trend consists of. From what I can see, there are three major categories of body modification that today’s teens and twentysomethings are partaking in: Tattoos, piercings, and hair alterations (Hair dye, as well as short hair). We must ask: why?

Does it make them more attractive? For the most part, no.

Does it give them higher social status? No, in fact in the eyes of many it lowers their status.

So two of the main reasons primitive cultures underwent body modification can be ruled out.

One main reason people take part in the growing trend is that because it is human nature to desire to conform and be a part of something greater than ourselves. Those with multiple body modifications usually socialize with one another and partake in that subculture. These modifications serve as a means of an individual saying, “Hey! I’m one of you.”

While body modification is still considered deviant behavior, it has become much more mainstream. The trendsetters who decades ago were getting tatted up, have now paved the way for those who want to “rebel” against the society that has suppressed them so severely with their internet, fast food, and air conditioning.

What Happened To Real Art?

With body modification, namely tattoos, the body serves as the canvas and the tattoo as the art. Both the tattoo artist and the customer have collaborated to come up with the artwork, and their body will serve as the canvas. While this is an interesting way of presenting art to the world, to me it is more troubling than creative.

Most people’s tattoos are supposed to have meaning, so by getting something inscribed in one’s body it negates their ability to effectively communicate that meaning to the world, and instead they let the tattoo speak for itself. Take the death of a loved one, a popular tattoo to get. Instead of being able to tell the world how the loss of this person felt and still feels, they have forgone traditional mourning in favor of a permanent body modification. To me, this screams emotional repression and ineffective communication.

Also, instead of putting artwork on a real canvas and framing it in one’s home or a museum, one permanently etches it on the body. Does this imply that the great artists in history have been erroneous in their masterpieces? Should Michelangelo have tattooed his masterpiece of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel on the Pope’s back? Of course not, and this brings up an important point. Centuries ago, even decades ago, artists devoted their work to God, loved ones,  their country or anyone who could appreciate art whereas now artwork is devoted to the individual.

This epitomizes the growing trend of narcissism and the self-absorbed nature of today’s youth which can also be seen with developments like the creation of the selfie stick and sex selfies. Is it a coincidence both of those trends have “selfies” in their name? No. Tattoos, piercings and hair dye are forms of selfies too. Perhaps people will start calling them “art selfies.” While narcissism has its place for a select few, according to psychoanalyst Erich Fromm:

“…it seems that [while narcissists] are very much in love with themselves… they actually are not fond of themselves, and their narcissism—like selfishness—is an overcompensation for the basic lack of self-love.”

While the people who undergo body modifications would be the first to preach love, they are the ones who lack it most. Many of them lack self-esteem, so they undergo body modifications in hope that these exogenous altercations will compensate for the self-love they are bereft of.

Often these people also lack accomplishments to take pride in. Most people with tattoos haven’t started their own business or created a ground breaking medical technique, or even something as banal as having a child. For most teens and young adults, getting a tattoo or piercing for them is a milestone, because most don’t have any other milestones in their life to take pride in.

They’re Not Special

So they get a tattoo, or a piercing, or dye their hair blue.

Now they are “unique.”

Now they are “special.”

Now they have something in life that brings them excitement and change.

Another aspect of body modification that can’t be ignored is the self-destructive behavior. At first, even I found it hard to consider getting a piercing or tattoo to be self-destructive behavior, but if we look at the definition of it we can see that it does fit the bill:

“Any behaviors that negatively impact our mind or body by the life choices we make. Most people are unaware of their self-destructive habits. Usually there is some problem with handling or expressing feelings. Self harm/mutilation is a pattern of intentional self injury not death. (

Not all body modification is considered self-destructive behavior, but getting multiple piercings and tattoos are classified as forms of this type of behavior. To quote Mr. Fromm again on what causes this behavior:

“…the drive for life and the drive for destruction are not mutually independent factors but are in a reversed interdependence. The more the drive toward life is thwarted, the stronger is the drive toward destruction; the more life is realized, the less is the strength of destructiveness. Destructiveness is the outcome of an unlived life.

A Solution To The Trend

I don’t write this article to lambaste or poke fun at those who hold this topic dear. No, I write this article so that those with multiple body modifications, those considering them, or those with family or friends considering them ask: Why? If that question can’t be answered effectively, then one needs to attack the root of the problem and find an alternative way to fill that void that a body modification is supposed to provide.

We see that self-destructive behavior is the product of an unlived life, so to fill that void one must simply live life to the fullest. It’s easy for Millennials to confuse living life with “YOLO,” but the latter is actually not about living life, but rather pursuing selfish, hedonistic endeavors to fill a temporary void of boredom and unhappiness.

Decades ago people expressed their desire to be unique by cultivating artistic talents, or taking up intellectual or entrepreneurial pursuits. In the age of the smartphone, despite technology being at its current apex somehow all these things have tragically been pushed aside. It would behoove anyone considering a body modification to take up one of these constructive pursuits before making a lifelong commitment to deviance and mediocrity.

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301 thoughts on “Tattoos Are Not Artistic, Unique, Or Rebellious”

  1. As Dave Mustaine once said when asked about why when coming so close to getting a tattoo he decided against it – “You wouldn’t put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari would you”

    1. The bad tattoo epidemic has always made me recall the quote: “I wanna be different, like everybody else!”

      1. Great quote indeed mate it sums up most of the social thinking in society today, although this applies mostly to women who religiously follow one trend after another while under the fatuous presumption that they are somewhat unique and individual, the sad thing is that many beta men have fallen into the same cycle here at an alarmingly increasing rate. I’m 19 myself and damn nearly anybody I meet in my age group is either a mangina, lazy and complaining of an average life (rather than getting off their arse and actually doing something about it) or (as far as women are concerned) an Uber feminazi. Bad times indeed, but my friend it’s time to sit back and enjoy the downfall…..

        1. Amen, man. I’m 20 and everyone around me is either a vacuous loser or a liberal shit. I’m almost embarrassed to be part of this generation.

        2. I’m in my early thirties and I’ve never witnessed such an utterly lost and degenerate generation than those who are now in, say, the 15-25y age bracket. No offense, of course. I’m sure there are exceptions. Always moving around in packs, to scared to do anything on their own. Guys taking a leak with the toilet seat down, like women. Twenty-somethings still dressed like pre pubescent boys. Thinking they know everything there is to know, because, hey, they followed some dumbed-down lectures and have a piece of paper to show for it.

        3. I’m a few years younger (28), but I have personally met college students who complain they cannot cook ramen. It’s both mind-boggling and horrifying.

        4. Racking up the credentials, but having difficulty executing simple tasks. Sounds familiar. Most people these days also seem to know nothing about electricity and wiring. Changing a bulb is pushing it.

        5. I’m in the same age bracket as you so I feel your pain. Recently I got to know a very beautiful (and in excellent shape) trainer that is contracted at my gym. She is only 17 but is already got her personal training certification and heading off to college in 2 weeks. Where she’s aiming at getting her BA in science in 3 years. She’s what I would like to think is a unicorn. She hasn’t been corrupted by vile feminism, loves to work hard, very expressive, not covered in tattoos, and sweet. If not for the big age difference I’d ask her out. What I fear (and have told her) is that she’ll fall victim to feminism while she’s at school and ended up becoming just another “americunt”.

        6. You absolutely should be embarrassed to be part of this generation. That is if you have any masculinity whatsoever in your body and mind.

        7. She will be getting gangbanged by frat boys in no time. These days scoring with college girls even if they are smoking hot isn’t even an achievement. Just go out to whatever bar/club their group frequents to have some casual and or public drunken sex. You don’t even need game anymore. Just get blackout drunk and put your dick in the nearest cunt. It literally is that easy nowadays.

        8. Come on dude, it isn’t that easy. I do agree that the girl will be getting plowed though – by at least a few guys during college.

        9. “Thinking they know everything there is to know…”
          To be fair, thinking that you know everything and that you’ve got the world all figured out is kind of the defining characteristic of the teenager/early-twentysomething. I’m not going to judge youngsters for being like that because most of us were exactly the same at that age, I certainly was.
          The wisdom of ‘knowing that you know nothing’ only comes later (or never, in a lot of cases).
          What’s different, I think, about these millennial fags, is *what* they think they know, and believe. As you hinted at, the current levels of effeminate/feminist/equalist SJW bullshit are pretty much unprecedented, and are producing a generation almost completely detached from reality.

        10. I knew everything by the time I was 22. By the time I was 23 I had forgotten everything.

        11. Just want to add to this comment. Most RoKsters would enjoy “The Black Swan” by Taleb. It basically talks about this kind of stuff, how we really don’t know what we think we know.
          The universe is infintely so complex, yet the randomness/luck factor of so many events is never accounted for. People feel like they always have to have an explanation for everything. There has to be a cause for every event, and in hindsight, we act like we all saw it coming even though we got completely blindsided and will continue to fall victim.
          Saying something was random or even admitting “I don’t know” is a lost art. Very good book.
          Sorry for the rant

        12. It is true your generation is a group of entitled ignorant losers. I can understand your embarrassment but just by recognizing the weakness of your fellow millennials you show promise of being able to rise above.
          Even more vile than the ever present gen Y “we are all unique but exactly the same” persona is the hatred of privacy. Why does everything you do have to be broadcast to the world (that does not give a fuck) on social media and the like?

        13. Why should i be embarrassed of something that I am not responsible for nor part of it(being a teenager doesn’t necessarily mean i behave in a certain way), And you should probably blame those raised this generation or rather didn’t raise it.

        14. Good to know there are other fellow 20 year olds reading this website. I started reading into red pill stuff at 18 and wish I could have started earlier. It’s a good life, wish I could have saved my father though.

        15. because you’ve lived so long and seen so many generations come and go, right?

        16. “The wisdom of ‘knowing that you know nothing’ typically only comes later (or never, in most cases).”

        17. There’s alot of things worthy of embarrassment that you may not have had any choice in the matter.
          For example let’s say your dad is a faggot. You wouldn’t be embarrassed?
          Besides, being embarrassed for your generation is a sign of wisdom and maturity. Without the shame it shows that you have no discerning capability.
          And yes I do blame piss poor weak ass helicopter parents and single mothers for raising(or lack of) the most worthless generation we have yet to see on this gay earth.

        18. The NOW generation are a bunch of losers, lowlifes and scum…I don’t give a fuck about the now generation.

        19. Sorry man, but you lost me as soon as you started bragging about her college ambitions. She’ll be a career obsessed feminist indoctrinated whore in less than two years.
          Literally reprogrammed to be little more than a self important slut. Chances are she’ll be next to no good for marriage, and completely uninterested in giving you kids or being a good wife.
          I tell young cats I meet now, AVOID college chics. 99% of the time, a college education and careerist ambition is the not in any way a net benefit in a woman you are seeking a LTR or marriage with.

        20. Thanks for the input. I didn’t want to come off like I was bragging about her. Those are just some things she’s told me about herself as I’ve gotten to know her. I’ve found girls to be a lot more friendlier at that age before they get indoctrinated at school. I’m hoping that at least she’ll be able to stay that way since she’s going to be working with live stock and large farm animals.

        21. Not picking on you, but maybe you can explain this to me based on your observations.
          Three milestones for my generation were getting a part time job, a driver’s license and a car.
          The independence that came with a driver’s license was euphoric. I was off the leash, and under my own control, at least while I was in the car alone.
          Buying my own car (with money I made from mowing lawns) was a huge affirmation of my value and manhood. Now I could get a real girlfriend and go on real dates.
          This seems to have been replaced by getting one’s first tatoo. These tatted kids seem fine expressing their independence with ink, while having mommy drive them around because they are too damned lazy to get a DL. Don’t even think about having them get a job to buy a car. Individualism is edgy and fine, but working and paying insurance? That is over the line man!
          Like I said, I’m not picking on you, but why is it more important for a lot of kids to have tats rather than a car and some independence?

        22. Hey Man, you should ask her out. It doesn’t have to be anything serious. She sounds like someone worth pursuing … I wouldn’t let age an difference be the deciding factor.

        23. Thanks! Sadly she already left for college. She told me she’ll be back for the holidays though.

        24. @dontregretathing:disqus is a female troll. Women are not allowed to comment here but there are some who do anyways. On a side note, of the roughly 776 million people around the world who cannot read and write, two thirds are female. Is this a Coincidence? I’ll let you be the judge.

        25. Thanks for letting me know, was wondering the connotation of the comment left but didn’t want to say anything.

        26. Enjoy the downfall,,,you parasite. I have tattoos and I am actively trying to better myself and the world. Get the fuck out of my country

    2. Wow he nailed it with that quote. It would just feel like I defiled my body by getting a tattoo.

    3. Compares himself to a Ferrari.. Fuck a ferrari its a waste of energy and resources, an illusion of importance. The meaning of the art on the bumber sticker would probably do more positive change for the world if it had some depth to it. This Dave needs to realise he’s a bag of water, the same as all other humans on the planet, that his entitlement can be stripped from him anytime someone chooses. I suggest he Redirect his focus on making the world a better place with all his ‘ Value’

  2. My ex-wife was supposed to get a very small tattoo on her upper arm or back of her shoulder of a small elephant. She came back with a large tattoo of a Bible verse on the inside of her forearm.
    It looked absolutely idiotic, and she will regret it when she finally hits the wall with zero SMV.

    1. Because it’s a Bible verse it’s supposed to be less slutty.
      As an atheist, there’s only one Bible verse I’d ever consider getting tattooed on my ass.
      “Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.”
      -1 Timothy 2:11-12

      1. There’s also Leviticus 19:28
        You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks on you: I am the LORD.

        1. Exactly. Churchian whores that get tats of bible verses are possibly the dumbest bitches in the world.
          indeed calling a woman a hypocrite is quite redundant.
          “I b a krischan gerl but I dun kno anytig da beeble sayz”
          If ant type of women needed a punch to their fucking faces its these stupid fuckin morons.

      2. As an atheist I can safely say that there are plenty of barbaric passages in that iron-age book. She should get something from Leviticus or Deuteronomy tattooed.

  3. The article is wrong.
    People who get tattoos because they think they are a special snowflake deserved to be mocked. That’s the only way this stops.
    The only legit reasons to get a tattoo are membership in the Marines or a Prison Gang. That’s it.
    Anyway, studies show that 99.1% of women who get tattoos have had at least three sex partners. So Tatoo == slut is a true situation.
    And the Okcupid blog showed that women 4/5s who show visible tattoos get twice as much male attention as 4/5s without tattoos, but that this additional attention comes entirely from male 1/5s and 2/5s (high quality men are actually much less interested in tattooed up women).
    So tattoos on women mean that others will know that this woman is a slut: plus she’ll receive twice as much attention from creeps and less attention from in-demand guys. Sounds like a great deal.

    1. This is usually true, but I actually know a few tattooed girls that have to be virgins. Maybe they just havent been unleashed yet.

    2. I dont know why men here are complaining. Tattoos are a blatant slut sign and an easy conversation starter for approaching. Tattoos have saved millions of men from catching feelings for a slut.
      It usually means they love rough, kinky sex and are submissive as hell. Just game them up, put your hands around her throat and choke her until she turns blue in the face while you fuck her as hard as you can. Problem solved.

    3. it could be worth tattooing your girl, with a logo of your choice…. a bit like getting your pet tattooed…..

    4. But hurting people´s precious feelings lead to social ostracism far faster than any tattoes…

  4. About 10 years ago I would see women walking at the beach with only a tramp stamp. Now there are women with tats over their entire body. They’re getting worse every year, and it’s often accompanied by them cutting their hair short.

    1. It’s self harm. No woman would deface her own beauty if there wasn’t something mentally wrong with her.

  5. I completely agree, especially the part about lacking an achievement to be proud of, at least in early life.
    This summer, I’ve spent more time outside than before and the number of women with large tattoos is frankly surprising. Surely they’d resent some of those decisions over time?
    And if they were actually like bumper stickers, you could always peel them off..

  6. Ugly women think they level the field when they can persuade beautiful women to get tattooed. More proof that you can never trust a woman’s advice not to be in her own self serving interest.

    1. I suspect that women’s lib itself was started as a way to make ugly women more relevant. Women that would have never gotten attention before now have entire websites to attention whore on.

      1. It is. Feminists need to be “strong and independent” because #1 they fear they’re not good enough to attract a man to provide for them, or #2 they are lesbians and don’t want men at all.

      2. I’ve said it on here before. The people most concerned with “equality” are those of low-status because they stand to benefit the most by asserting their “equality.” The truth is, there is no such thing as equality.

    2. Absolutely true. Women will give other women terrible advice to sabotage them. “Oh, you cut all your hair off? You look so cute!” When bitch actually now looks like Lindsey Graham. Never seek advice from a woman.

  7. The sharians could improve a little on their humor still. Like tattooing brick walls on unmarried non-virgins asses. Add a Sam Kennison ”eeeerk – CRASH!”.

  8. Woooo hold on a minute lads are you saying that this fat piece of shi…. erm i mean ‘strong’, ‘independent’ woman with ‘curves’ and ‘individual art work’ isn’t attractive?!?!? Well its all your fault fellas with your impossibly high standards for female body figures, I mean how dare you even begin to question the CONSCIOUS LIFE CHOICES SHE MADE HERSELF all the blame is with you for not liking this waste of oxygen that could quite conveniently be turned into food stuffs that could feed the African continent for three months on end.

    1. Like cutting, I think it is a psychological defense, they can’t control their appetite, so they control what’s on their body, and decorate themselves like a cupcake. So not only are they likely slots (who are into pain, because they can’t feel anything else), the chance of underlying psychological or personality issues is greatly increased. Definitely a DNF.

    2. Haha. Damn, you cracked me up with that picture & the caption above that.
      I’m thinking about the amount of bars of homemade soap she can potentially contribute with her assets.

  9. With male levels of thirst reaching its apex, it shouldn’t come as a surprise young women can get tattood all over and *still* have their pick of men. Mr. badboy mctingle likes her for a pump-and-dump, mr. toothpick-legged hipster likes her for a LTR, and mr. bearded mangina likes to be her emotional tampon.

    1. I think a lot of the problems with women in this society would go away, if men weren’t so damn thirsty. Thirst is what helps women control men, but if men starting saying no, women would be forced to better themselves to meet men’s standards.

      1. Well said brother, you’ve hit the nail on the head we would witness a societal revolution if male thirst was wiped out once and for all but hell we both know that it aint going away anytime soon I feel physically disgusted when I see a walking obesity case followed closely by a crew of normal looking men – smh.

        1. Legalize prostitution once and for all…that thirst will disappear quickly. Not to mention the side effect of plummeting nightclub attendance.

  10. The psychology of tatts is people think that if they change their surface appearance it will change them. If some suburban cul-de-sac dwelling dork gets a tribal tattoo it will somehow make him a badass. A dentist with a skull tatt thinks he’s now a stone cold killer. It is delusion. I think it is also represents regression to the primitive. Modern, western folk have this fetish for the primitive. I see beautiful young ladies with these massive tatts and it is tragic. Tatts are a permanent disfigurement. Google “old people with tatts” and it is gross. That cute little mockingbird you got on the small of your back , with age and gravity will turn into a droopy , drunk looking condor.

    1. There is a very beautiful girl that works out at my gym. I’ve talked to her numerous times and she’s pretty nice (although I’ve noticed she never asks me any questions that aren’t about her) for the most part. She however has tattooed all over her body poem lyrics, flowers, people’s names, and things like “Voodoo Child” sprayed across her thighs. She wants to model professional, but works full time as a waitress while going to school. I’ve seen her work and she’s pretty good. However I think with all the modifications she’s done to her body, she’s never going to get mainstream modeling contracts. If she didn’t have all the tats covering her best features, I feel she could easily land a lot of better gigs. Just my opinion.

      1. Beware man, beware. That girl might as well be a serious mental case, the tats suggest as much.

      2. “Voodoo Child” represents a shallow, pop-history understanding of voodoo as a religion descended from African tribalism that is practiced today.

        1. True, a lot of her others are just rhythmical nonsense like “A kaleidoscope in motion, she’s never a clear picture” tattooed across her entire chest. Giant butterflies, roses, and her BF’s name on her shoulder. Really gaudy stuff.

    2. “I think it represents regression to the primitive” – So true.
      Many people find modern, bourgeois life shallow. They want to look like primitive warriors to mask their insecurity in dealing with a changing, globalizing economy and a confused, sterile society lacking sensible gender norms.

  11. I suspect that much male tattooing in the West among the younger generations has less to do with art or trying to be unique, and more to do with being a means of influencing female sexual selection.
    Take two young men who are ripped. Equal looks, equal abilities, equal finances.
    One has a bunch of tattoos on his arms and his neck, and the other does not. Which one is going to acquire more attention from his female generational counterparts?
    It’s peacocking. When you’re surrounded by degenerate cunts, degenerate behavior and/or social indicators which suggest degeneracy, like tattoos, are going to get you laid. It’s a sexual marketplace version of the Sneetches by Dr. Seuss.
    If the price of admission to the panties of young women was having “I’m a fucking retard” branded across your forehead, you’d see legions of young men rushing out to have that shit burnt into their flesh.

    1. Exactly my point, most guys do it for women, and most women do it because their deepest fear is to be replaceable, so they will do anything that allow them to think they’re unique. Both are bad reasons to get tattoos.

  12. My opinion is simple:
    -You have a tattoo and you aren’t either a gang member/former prisoner/former navy seal/former badass marine —-> you’re a huge faggot.
    -You have a tattoo and you’re a woman: you’re a slut.

  13. The other day at the grocery store I spotted a gorgeous natural redhead, a solid nine. Great body, great ass, great tits. She seemingly had the whole package- until I noticed the left side of her head. Skrillex haircut (shaved half her head), and the shaved half was completely covered in tattoos. She’ll never land a quality man. Would I bang? Absolutely. Would I date her, introduce her to my parents? Fuck no. If enough guys would treat her like a complete slut early and often (she looked early twenties), she could possibly grow out her hair and put this phase behind her. But the thirsty beta orbiters she no doubt has will kiss her ass and treat her like a queen. It’s a damn shame.

    1. Once she whores around she can never “put this phase behind her” she is permanently damaged. The tats and shithead hair cut actually benefit men because they can see what they are dealing with right away and treat her accordingly.

      1. It is nice to know when you’re dealing with a second-class citizen before they even open their mouth. Agree with you on that one.

      2. Agree. Nothing like a good “caution” or “warning” sign as you enter their zone.
        The good: at least you know what you are getting into at that moment….no LTR with this one!

      3. Great point! Makes me want to tell the next skinstyle moron I see “I’m glad you have those tattoos”.

    2. You know this skrillex and tat thing with women…It’s grating because they just don’t realize how fake they are, how much of a poser and conformist they are, and worse, the whole time they actually believe that the opposite is true. Its a very pathetic trend. And the whole “tude” that goes along with it…like their some bad ass. Fu*cking enough you dumb waif.

    1. This dickhead has adopted self-mutilation in an effort to stand out, in the absence of any real accomplishment and as a substitute for developing an actual personality.
      Having met more than my fair share, I’ve noticed that with types like these – white people with dredlocks is another dead giveaway – they tend to be real arseholes, insufferably pretentious, and utterly vacuous morons as well.
      In short: twats.

    2. There’s a local tattooist that point blank refuses to do face or hand work because he doesn’t want to be responsible for fucking his customer’s lives up.
      Needless to say there’s plenty more who couldn’t give two shits.

        1. Don’t think he does there either. Any area that will be hidden by a suit he’ll do, anywhere that ain’t he won’t.

    3. Actually, this is a woman named Farrah Flawless. Most people in the body modification community know her and knew her when she was Pauly Unstoppable. Alone, she owns two tattoo studios, a piercing studio and she has been a fully trained and qualified piercer for at least 14 years. She makes and sells wooden and naturally crafted tunnels and plugs for stretching, while also featuring in many body magazines, and the Guinness Book of World Records. She is also a classically trained artist who works with oil and acrylic paints.
      So come back to me when you own 4 businesses and complain about someone elses lifestyle choices that have no effect on your life.

      1. They do affect my life people with tattoos are given false status because other people think they are “edgy”. Those same dumb fuckers with tattoos wanted to fight me all the time in jail so yes it is a fucking problem.

  14. Regarding tatoos on women. They are fucking disgusting. The only time guys would call a tatoo hot on a chick is because the chick is hot to begin with. She would be even hotter without that repulsive graffiti on her body. Every swinging dick knows its true but most probably wont admit it because they are too much of a fucking pussy to say the truth.
    Women with tatoos are easy slut signs though so that can be a plus. But requirements for a longer relationship on my end were these simple things:
    No tats
    No kids
    No cig smoking
    At least 10 yrs younger than me (33)
    Great article and I think you couldve been even more blunt about the truths of tatoos especially regarading them on women. I don’t mind them on men and some do even look somewhat cool…..but then again I’m not trying to fuck those dudes.
    On women however it just tarnishes their female form which already has a very small shelf life. Any true lover of the female form and feminity should HATE tats on women.
    Also these days anyone getting a tat just shows how you are a fucking lemming that just goes along to get along and you have absolutely no individuality because everyone and their fucking momma has tats now. Its disgusting seeing old women with their worn out nasty tats and saggy skin parading around showing that garbage. I just want to beat them over the fucking head. Fuck all you tat having whores. May you all rot in cesspools of shit where you belong fucking animals.

  15. I know a girl who wants to be the US Secretary of State some day. She has a tramp stamp. She’s a grade A kiss-ass and a cookie-cutter liberal, but one with absolute faith in our government. The perfect sycophant. Her aspirations may be unlikely, but aren’t entirely out of the question.
    Our nation’s future.

      1. An idiot with a tramp stamp, dude. Hillary and Kerry are legitimately her heroes. She drinks Democrat Kool-Aid by the gallon.

        1. “She drinks Democrat Kool-Aid by the gallon.”
          Why wouldn’t she? If she gets the right connections into the white-shoe liberal establishment it’s like winning the lottery. She won’t have to worry about anything for the rest of her life.

  16. 100% agree. Tattoos show that someone has absolutely no self-respect. They are a window into a severely damaged mind. Girls with tattoos and excessive piercings should be kept no further than an open relationship. No commitment for damaged merchandise.

  17. I have been debating getting a sleeve on my left arm. I live in eastside LA and 90% of people have tattoos. I do want to get something that has meaning but I feel that it is more rebellious not to get one. Most of the guys and girls with tats are absolute posers which is the last thing I want to be.
    Who you are has absolutely nothing to do with what you have or your tattoos. I’ve taken up skydiving as a hobby rather than get a tattoos. Again, most people with tats are total tools and degenerates who would never have the balls to jump out of a plane.

    1. Hey, my humble advice…do not get a tattoo. You said it best, practically all the people with them today are total posers and, as follows, their straight up fucking losers too! The way to “stick out” and be “edgy” is to have no tattoos.

      1. …and get ripped. Stay fit, look clean and people will still see you as a bad ass motherfucker.

    2. “Most of the guys and girls with tats are absolute posers which is the last thing I want to be.”
      Then don’t be one. It’s not tattoos that makes them posers, it’s having done nothing in their life to show for it. And honestly I wouldn’t respect those posers more if they didn’t have tattoos.

  18. I dated a woman and she had the best line I’ve ever heard regarding tattoos.
    I asked her if she had one and she replied, “Hell No!”
    I figured there had to be a reason behind such a strong statement.
    She continued, “No matter how cute you are in your 20’s, if a woman gets a tattoo, at some point she just ends up looking like a dried up barfly.”
    And although she didn’t have any, I ended up finding out, she was a totally insecure slut.
    She dumped me before we had sex, so I never got the opportunity to get an STD. (lol)

  19. Forgot where I read this, but a pretty good line (Paraphrased):
    In the sixties, long hair and was a fuck you to your fifty year old parents. Nowadays, tattoos are a fuck you to your fifty year old self.

  20. I actually used to be a tattoo artist. Strangely enough I only have one tattoo that I’ll get lasered off pretty soon. Few run ins with the law taught me to not to get my body tagged. Def not the normal covered in tatts artist. One thing that I noticed is that alot of chicks who get alot of ink come from pretty fucked up childhoods. They get so used to the pain they experienced that the pain from tatts and piercings almost seem therapeutic to them.
    A shitload of dudes who used to get them would outright tell me they were doing it to attract more bitches lol. I eventually stopped doing it, because honestly I got tired of the corny shit that I would have to draw just to get paid. The only thing I miss about it, was how easy it was to just have a constant supply of chicks who enjoy kinky sex on deck. Chicks eyes light up real bright when you say you do tatts lol

  21. The only people who should have tattoos: Rockstars, MMA fighters, men in the armed forces, and gangsters. That’s it.
    We should be thankful that tattoos have become so accepted in modern Western society because it makes it easier to filter out LTR-unworthy women.

    1. Bingo. The only way to get a tattoo should be to earn it. Msgt chevrons, jump wings, a Ranger tab, or a little seal balancing a ball say a lot more than a bunch of random doodles on your body.
      As for the girls, that ink is going to look like skin cancer on your stretched, flabby skin after a few years. Unless you’re looking for a necrophiliac, it’s going to be a big minus.

      1. I don’t think pro motorcycle racers should get tats because they would be associated with those stunting faggots.

  22. I think it was Sinatra who said, “I don’t need a tattoo – I know who I am.”
    I heard that as a youth and it spoke to me, even if I didn’t know who I was. Twenty years later, I am still ink free.

  23. Ugh, I see so many women with garish tattoos that ruin an otherwise attractive woman. I think she’s trying to ruin herself; she’s trying to advertise that she’s damaged goods. Giant tattoos is the new wrist cutting on women. Then you have the people who want to appear rebellious, but aren’t. Kind of like how at one time blue jeans were rebellious, and now they’re not. Then rock music was rebellious, and now it’s not. A decade ago tattoos were rebellious, and now they’re not.

  24. Women are so clueless.
    A woman’s long, healthy hair and her unblemished skin are two of her most valuable attraction assets — its been that way for hundreds of thousands of years and will be for the next hundred thousand.
    These chicks cannot make the simplest decisions for themselves without screwing up and harming themselves. This is why our forefathers kept them strictly under the control of one man (her father) until she was put in the strict control of another man (her husband, approved by her father).

  25. i remember my sisters once pestering about why i didnt have a tattoo ,as they had many as did much of our friends, to which i replied to my art history major sister who was the the most vocal,”would you paint over David?”, they haven’t brought it up since.

    1. “would you paint over David?”
      No, but if Michelangelo had understood that the original Greek statues he modeled it on were originally painted he might have done so himself.
      I suspect, however, that there would have been a distinct lack of randomly placed butterflies and Chinese characters that he didn’t know what they meant.

  26. I have a dermatologist relative who told me that if the only procedure he ever performed was removing tattoos his patients regret, his schedule would be just as busy as it is now, when he does not do any aesthetic work.

    1. Sounds like a good field to get into right now because business will be booming for those guys.

  27. We need tatt shaming….. They are classless, gross and silly little cartoons…. One thing I do notice is that a ‘certain’ demographic is always sporting them without fail…. If anything, at least they make the ignoring and eliminating of morons easier, and less time consuming..

  28. Of course doing something excessivly is stupid. I have tattoos but not full body tattoos or any length of sleeve and I know what they mean and have a meaning. These clowns though are trying to hard

  29. Tattoos are retarded.
    That’s about all I have to say aboit them. The people who use them are predominatly insecure.

  30. You should separate getting the tattoo from the acts of narcissism in our society. Its not just tattoos.
    I personally have no issues with tattoos itself as long as the one getting it realizes what it is and what it means. Most people in the US have no clue. They stopped by a parlor because some woman they just met wanted her name on his heart. They modify it after 10 years because it looks awful and it gets worse.
    Stick to this: if you are with a woman and you see a tramp stamp…run fast and hard.

  31. A girl with blue hair may not be that much different, but a girl with plain mousy hair just looks plain and mousy.
    With tattoos, I think it all depends on the quality. Bad quality tattoos just look ghetto. Good ones are sexy.

  32. After short haor, tattoos, we need soe one to address the smartphone trend. Is it me or all of these are correlated, i keep seeing girls with short hair, short shorts, tattoos, piercing and a deformation around the neck that screams smartphone overusage.
    They’re gone.

  33. How do we get through to all those blubber butts out there that a leg tatoo does hide the fact that they have big fat ugly legs?

  34. Tattoos are just rank conformity.
    People may say “belief in traditional sex roles and values is also supporting conformity.” And yes, it is.
    However, traditional gender roles and values are aspirational. Getting a tattoo is not. A tattoo is just buying a toy really.
    Being a part of a greater society and being the best man/woman you can be is a life style.

  35. Does it give them higher social status? No, because in primative cultures (such as the Navy) a tattoo is given in acknowledgement of social status already attained in the eyes of the wider culture. Even a hereditary clan marking is only given after a rite of passage into adulthood. You must prove your worthiness to be considered an honor to the clan. The tattoo is not meant to “express yourself,” it is a means for society to express iteself. It is chosen for you.
    You cannot become the King by putting on a crown. The crown is bestowed upon you because you are the King.

  36. There was a wonderful little book that came out 4 or 6 years ago, simply called “Spent”. Forget the author. He is a marketing psychologist and made a good case that ALL our purchases, actions, etc. signal the type of person we are and are advertising for potential mates.
    Anyway, one interesting thing was that he thought that kids that self-mutilate (kitchenware in body piercings, tattoo’s and more seriously, self “cutting” are deep non-verbal signaling that : “I have endured insult or injury to my body and YES I have healed. Therefore, I am worthy to reproduce!” Oddball, but interesting. Being able to heal from tribal induced mutilation is unambiguous proof that your immune system can handle the rigors of reproduction.

    1. “Being able to heal from tribal induced mutilation is unambiguous proof
      that your immune system can handle the rigors of reproduction.”
      Scars do that, too.

      1. Yep. And men that carry scars (and still are strong) look sexier than everyone else. Why? They suffered bodily insult and healed. Great confirmation that their genes are strong due to good healing.
        Y’know, love (sexual selection) makes the world go ’round.

        1. “Levon wears his war wound like a crown.”
          A battle scar was most likely not self inflicted.

  37. Tattoos suddenly took off in the first half of the ’90s. I went through university and only one person I knew got a tattoo, I went back to college a year after graduating and suddenly everybody was getting one. Piercings took a bit longer catch on. And they’ve been with us ever since. The one thing I have noticed that has changed in the last few years is that people are getting more, and more visible tattoos and some of the designs are seriously questionable. Once saw a young woman with thick black anchors tattooed on the back of her knees!?

  38. They may not be truly rebellious and are often not very unique, but women find tattoos hot.

    1. They find tattoos hot (now). Women are a fickle bunch and in a few years it will be something new.
      Ever see tattoos on older men and women (faded, skin has changed shaped, etc…)? It’s not pretty.

  39. Last weekend I went to a strip club for the first time in several years. It was immediately striking how tatted up the dancers were. Most of them were covered in tattoos – legs, arms, back, stomach, and some even chest. There were only 2 girls out of around 15 that did not have tats in the stomach and back area, and only one had none. Let me also mention that this place had all caucasian dancers so it was not an ethnic thing.
    This is a definite change from the last time I went to an SC ~5 years ago when maybe they would have something on their shoulder or a tramp stamp. This is something that has really picked up in the past decade.
    In the 90s tattoos were a big trend but people would get one or at most a few, usually arm or leg. Now so many people are covered in them.

  40. Imagine your parents had offered to get you a tattoo when you were 8 years old. What tattoo would you have gotten? Imagine the same offer had been made instead in your teens. I’m not the same person I was even 5 years ago. Whatever tattoo I would etch onto myself would no longer represent my feelings or outlook or whatever it is supposed to represent.
    Also, I would say that nowadays, I think that if you do NOT have a tattoo, you are a “rebel”. YOU are the one going against the grain now. Frankly I find as many people with tattoos as without, if not more. Especially among the very young, and even more so among girls. It’s a major turn off. I’m almost impressed when I meet a girl without a tattoo (most girls will at least have a small one somewhere hidden because “it’s so cute”).

  41. Why? To get pussy, of course. And the “drive for life” is the same as the “drive for destruction”. Ultimately, your gain means another’s loss, that’s what it means to be an animal that eats other living things to survive. Obviously it’s unhealthy to be directed at the self but I think it’s a failure in logic to consider tattooing self harm unless you’re talking about in terms of social prestige.

  42. tl,dr
    also, I think this may have missed the mark. I don’t think you really pinned down the driving forces entirely. But I’m not sure- I couldn’t get through it all. Lolozlzozlzoz

  43. I’m not gonna knock tattoos, I like them although I don’t have any, but I will say this. The tattoo epidemic is merely a symptom of a greater societal issue, and that issue is that we’re entirely style over substance. And honestly, that’s why game works too. Game and tattoos are suppose to mimic dominance, regardless of whether you are dominant or not. Tattoos is game inked into your skin. Like dominant behaviour, tattoos we’re exclusively of the realm of people who’d tested their mettle.
    Related to is what one commenter said on the article about “useful idiots” (I think it was lance): We care more about celebrities than “game changers” such as the ghengis Khan’s and modern day game changers. People who actually do shit and prove their worth and merit being called bad asses. People who pretend on-screen to be the game changers are more valued that the people they are impersonating This is the the same disease, style over substance.

    1. What a great comment.
      What I find interesting about how our society views superficiality, is that as you say we have become very superficial and yet we constantly rail against how superficiality is bad.
      But more interesting is what we deem superficial: beautiful and thin women, classy fashions, the white picket fence, etc. Anything old fashioned and traditionally beautiful.
      None of those things are genuinely superficial. The thing beautiful woman has to stay thing, classy fashions require skill to make, the white picket fence is something you earn.
      Our society is so superficial, it cannot see the deeper value of these things and instead projects its own faults onto them.

      1. “The thing beautiful woman has to stay thing, classy fashions require
        skill to make, the white picket fence is something you earn.”
        The “hard” superficialities and deemed superficial, the “easy” ones are allowed. It’s our laziness being reflected.

    2. The greater societal issue is the goalposts of society. We are so far detached from nature, spirit and our true selves that our minds are suffering. So many people not willing to play the game, the sorts of people that aren’t really being allowed to play the game anyway. Capitalism at its finest.

  44. “Those with multiple body modifications usually socialize with one another and partake in that subculture.”
    That’s for sure… joiner-ism comes at us in so many forms, some subtle and others pure dumbass.

  45. Reasons to have a tattoo
    1) You are/were in the special forces
    2) You are part of a gang
    3) you want people to know you are emotionally damaged

  46. It’s an image-head culture. TV replaced books for most people and thinking has gone down the drain. Tattoos are such perfect proof. How many ‘bad boys’ are just wusses without the balls to ever even leave their hometown? But an Asian character tattoo (from the strip mall tat parlor next to Krispy Kreme) will credit them with having all kinds of seven-seas adventure as far as anyone knows. I can’t think of a more perfect symbol of America right now than tats. Stupid, empty, cheap, superficial, classless, short-cut to merit.

  47. I always thought butterfly and rose tattoos were slutty. Other tatoos dont bother me too much (If the person has one or two). But I also think its disgusting when a person is riddled with tatoos. With women my disgust increases 100fold.

  48. Why the sudden tattoo craze? Simple: girls like tats.
    Guys respond to what girls want.
    Why are the girls getting tats? Simple: girls follow fashion trends.
    Girls follow the herd.

  49. I got a trusty shellback tattoo the first time on WESTPAC.
    I was proud of it, because it was a mark of having endured the worst sort of crap men can do to abuse each other without doing permanent damage.
    The next westpac, hazing was outlawed and our captain (NOT a trusty shellback!) was a pussy who refused to go through it. They sat around singing sea chanties and drinking pop.
    Two seamen got ‘trusty shellback’ tattoos after that.
    I was disgusted. I wish there was a good way to get rid of the damned thing, since the honor and endurance that it bespoke has become a travesty. I still have my PO ‘bruise’ and Chief Tat, but that is still a worthy contest.
    Although I hear that there are newly frocked PO’s that are still capable of using their hands the day after getting frocked, and despair.

  50. On men who cares? But as for women I think they should have their head shaved like WW2 collaborators if they ever get tattoos.

  51. Thanks for writing this. You’ve expressed what I’ve been feeling for some time. To quote Raywolf’s article from a couple of weeks ago, tattoos on women are “not very feminine.”

  52. The real irony is that whereas tattoos and piercings perhaps used to be a way to express non-conformity, now it’s exactly the opposite.

  53. When I got a nose ring in the late 90’s they weren’t quite as common here. In the U.S they were quite big, but not here. I really stood out then, but I took it out about 4 years later because i woke up one day and realised i looked like a total asshole.

  54. Sometimes I think to myself, “It’s sad that there are people born with deformed or permanently ugly faces and bodies having to watch normal or beautiful people willfully vandalize and deface their own healthy bodies.”

  55. U MAD said: I think a lot of the problems with women in this society would go away, if men weren’t so damn thirsty. Thirst is what helps women control men, but if men starting saying no, women would be forced to better themselves to meet men’s standards.
    Very well said my young friend but you’re on the wrong side. This place is for thirsty guys who are encouraged to approached every woman out there and when she says: “Fuck Off”, you are supposed to congratulate yourself and keep approaching.

    1. A good observation. It also encourages miscagination. Which tends to end badly for all parties.

    1. If I accede to Parmenides there is nothing left but the One; if I accede to Zeno, not even the One is left.

  56. Tattoos were traditionally the province of cannibals, sailors and whores. The mainstreaming of tattoos indicates societal dysfunction where the marginal has become the mainstream.
    Those who have chosen to adorn their bodies with such “art” usually react defensively, decrying as “judgmental” anyone who openly reacts negatively to tattoos.
    Tattoos have become a fashion accessory and are usually more widely prevalent among the working class. Yes, if you have tattoos, that says things about you and people will judge you. I find them to be unattractive and slightly barbaric.

  57. I’m a blood donor so getting tattoos would be out of the question for me anyway.

  58. Hey, as one of the resident old guys, I’m very impressed with the comments here. I thought this would be sure bait for the snowflakes, but nope, there’s a uniformity to the comments.
    I’m happy to see all these tattoos. I have several from my days as a simple sailor when I was first going to sea, all thankfully on my torso. All maritime themed, because I wanted to look like an old salt before I actually was one. I wanted to belong.
    I like seeing these women with the shitty dyed hair, split ends, piercings and tattoos everywhere. I like when it looks like they combed their hair using a firecracker. When my boys are a little older, these things serve as a massive warning sign, and they’ll know not to invest any energy in these pigs, and that helps me sleep at night.

  59. “Having an Asian tattoo doesn’t make you spiritual. It’s an inch or two above the crack of your ass, and it translates to ‘beef with broccoli.’” – Bill Maher

  60. Hipsters have ruined it in the u.k. More sailor tatts than there are sailors. Is a sleeve cool if your dad paid for it? Doesn’t seem to matter. Grown men following teenage street fashion, pathetic.

    1. Jesus mate I thought I was perhaps going insane but the hipster epidemic especially here in Scotland is off the chain especially when the commonwealth games were on here in Glasgow every park or Cafe was infested with these pseudo homosexual parasites.

      1. If Glasgow has fallen there’s no hope anywhere. I’m in Bristol, skinny beard guys everywhere. I was a bit of a goth kid when i was 14, then grew up, these guys are in their 30’s and essentially doing the same thing I was 16 years ago.

        1. We have a similar problem in the East Midlands. Most of the guys have the girl twins from the rugrats style hair.

        2. Yeah, it’s one thing to be in a world of confusion when you’re 14. Most of us were without a strict dad to guide us. There are all kinds of spastic thoughts and carrying whims to some extreme. No big deal. But the real problem is what you said;
          —Guys in their mid-twenties and up still carrying on like adolescents, wearing shit clothes like some surly, rebellious eighth graders. I’m from Seattle and cannot stand the lack of adult bearing. Guys who are well into adulthood are still trying to pull off the pseudo bad-boy/gangster or tortured artist looks. Like middle-schoolers playing dress-up. If you can’t see the decay then I don’t know what to tell you. The way these idiots put on rags to go out in public is either a very strong symptom of a shit culture or it’s the outright trigger for it all. Put on a tie and leather shoes and see if you go out and act like an idiot that day. You probably won’t.

        3. Clothes maketh the man! I admit I’m usually in tshirt and shorts, due mostly to working in gyms and being a bit lazy. People can wear what they want, but when it becomes so contrived and attention seeking, that’s for kids experimenting with identity, not men. Live and let live, but these idiots are ramming it down our necks here.

  61. This article misses one very important and obvious motivation – pain. Some people get tattoos for the same reason other people eat chilli. When someone’s life is as comfortable and boring as the modern office worker’s, they will seek out pain.
    Women, in particular, often seek *emotional* pain, aka “drama”. But getting your skin tattooed or pierced can also do the job, as can rough sex.
    The pain they are really seeking, I suspect, is the pain of childbirth.

    1. Yes, but whereas in the past it was mostly sailors and biker types who got tattoos, now it’s gone mainstream. I’m going to make a subjective comment that I find most tattoos and body piercings to be really ugly. Another ugly trend these days is girls shaving off all of their pubes, but that’s for another essay…

      1. Whoa definitely gotta disagree with you on the pube thing. Clean shaven is so much more attractive than bush.
        It is literally the only thing that has improved about women in the past 20 years.

  62. just moved to bohemia. Some lovely looking women, but I’ve never seen so many tattoos in my life. Damned shame

  63. U all blame my generation. Who the fuck raised us? These problems aren’t our fault.

      1. It’s a fair cop, but society is to blame.
        Only for me, of course. For society to be blamed I can’t allow society the same cop out. That would just ruin everything and I’d be just as responsible for my own actions as they are.

  64. Now that majority of people have tattoos, I feel special and unique by not having them

  65. RoK continues to hit the ‘cultural decline’ nail on the head with articles like this.
    Well written and excellent points made across the board

  66. Poorly written, insular, bigoted and insulting this article fails to understand the perfect commitment to artistic expression that is a tattoo. I don’t see why it should affect anyone if this is chosen as an art form by a person, but then this website is so fucking obsessed with trying to impose things upon/control people – namely women – that I’m hardly surprised.

    1. Um, how much “artistic expression” went into that Spiderman or tramp stamp or tribal tattoo etc. that every fat body at the pool seems to have eternally etched on their bodies?

      1. It’s not your body, why does it fucking concern you if someone wants to have a spunking aqua man tattooed on their back it doesn’t concern you nor affect you.

        1. You’re taking personal libertarianism a step too far.
          People have a right to do whatever they want with their own bodies and I can’t stop them, nor should the law. They should be able to do drugs, be a slut, get a tattoo, whatever. But I am also fully within my right to criticize their stupid decisions. When people do stupid things it makes my society less interesting and more vulgar and annoying.

        2. You said it was artistic expression, I say there is no thought involved, just a bunch of uncreative non thinkers following a stupid trend.

        3. “When people do stupid things it makes my society less interesting and more vulgar and annoying.”
          I’ll give you two out of three.

    2. Is it artistic expression to the person tattooing the tracing, the person who picked it out of a book of pictures and paid for the tattoo, or the preson who came up with the actual drawing?

      1. Strawman fallacy, the argument I’m making is that you shouldn’t care if they have a tattoo or not it’s their decision. But to answer your question tattoo ARTISTS are called that for a reason, the person actually getting the tattoo is offering their very body as a canvas which may be interpreted as being artistic if you want to get artsy fartsy about it, and then of course the person who drew the original drawing of the tattoo (which by the way is not always the case for every tattoo, some are inspired by other things) is an artist, and a lot of the time this also happens to be the tattoo artist themselves as tattoo artists are proficient sketchers in most cases and regularly catalogue their work for their customers.

        1. I shouldn’t care? Whaaah? No, dickhead I care, because I can think what I want to think and when I see bullshit, I call it bullshit. So, I think that the current trend of tattooing is a bunch of conformist and weaklings.

    3. Matisse used to employ an assistant to scrape his canvas clean every night, destroying entirely his day’s work.
      With that lack of perfect commitment to artistic expression it’s no wonder he never amounted to anything in the art world.

    4. Artistic expression? Ha, ha, little snowflake! Its not “expression”, though, you fantasize that it is…its conformity, plain and simple. In fact, its imitation too. Culture, today, is extremely top-down, which means, the lemmings take queue from what is fed to them, and guess what, mainstream media is the trough and it is controlled by a short list of huge corporations. That’s right, corporations, but worse, a small cabal or monopoly of corporations exploiting every little insecurity or snowflakeness they can…taking this to the bank and, yes, laughing along the way. Consider – a tv show “la ink” comes out and then women get tattoos…chicken and egg, note, it was a tv show that did this – how pathetic!
      Conformity and imitation DO NOT “express” independence or strength, it shows weakness, because the conformers are too weak to be themselves instead they imitate to feel apart of something, in this case, covering themselves in tattoos. Admittedly, we all conform to varying degrees because this is a human thing, the trick is that as you mature and learn to survive on your own, the practical necessities of conformity decline (they never go away completely) and then you can minimize your conformity.
      The tattoo trend is particularly grating because it used to be such a fringe thing in society and the signals it projected were generally backed-up, such as, “badass”…after all most tattoo’d people were x-cons and military. Was there a distinct flavor of conformity at work within those sub-cultures, yes, but you had to earn it whether it was gladiatorial fighting in prison, gang initiations or boot camp/combat. Today, this trend has no such prerequisites, which only exposes the conformity all the more…again, that means these people are getting tattoos to fit in (weak). Also, the tattoos are meaningless vs. say a marines or gangsters (earned many times in blood). This consumerist tattooing is a stark contrast to the former culture and one that is, speaking of artistic expression, unbearably ugly from an aesthetic point of view.

    5. In 100 years nobody will know what tattoos you had, and the “art” will be dissolved back into the soil and become the food of worms. In 100 years the statue of David will still be standing strong and proud as a high achievement of art.
      They do not even compare. Tattoos are about as “artistic” as comic books.

    6. People have the right to make their own decisions in life. Other people also have to the right to judge, ridicule and discriminate said people for their own poor decisions in life.

  67. In my early twenties, I was shy, insecure and frustrated. I had not yet traveled anywhere interesting or outside the USA, had not really worked for a living yet, learned a foreign language, read any books of worth (outside of comic books) and could not talk to girls. I remember that at this time, what I wanted most badly, was to get a tattoo and own a motorcycle. I felt my problems would be solved if only I had a badass tattoo and drove a motorcycle. Well, I never got either, but I started going to the gym, I studied overseas while in college, and continued to travel, teaching myself foreign languages and becoming a voracious reader. By my late twenties I forgot all about needing a dumb tattoo to get chicks cuz I was already boning them during my jaunts overseas. I wanted tattoos and a motorcycle at my most insecure period of my life. Now I honestly have not interest in getting either.

  68. I think tattoos draw attention away from her banged out vagina that looks like a corned beef sandwich?

  69. There is too much conformity in clothing and dress. The people who only wear the same look alike t-shirts and jeans as the rest of their herd then get tattoos –but still look alike.
    They always talk about how “brave” and “individual” they are by getting a tattoo. But then they clothe themselves in the most boring, conformist, dull way.
    They have trapped themselves into an unnecessary mental dead end where conformity in clothing is compulsory, and individuality is only expressed in look alike tattoo choices. I’d rather see them be brave and individual in the clothing they wear, and throw away their worn out clothing after six months to refresh their looks.
    You can’t overcome cheap, boring dress with $100 worth of tattoos. It’s also a lot easier to throw out clothing after it becomes dated, dull and faded than a tattoo that becomes dated, dull and faded.

  70. Couldn’t agree more. Tattoos may have been edgy and non-conformist 20 years ago but they’re not now. Most of the time they just make you look like a douche and/or a slut.

  71. Its about ATTENTION.. They want to gain attention from others that they are a “Baahdd Ahsss” (in the stupid idiot white girl voice..) Idiots

  72. I just cannot mentally get into tattoos. My girlfriend had my name tattooed on her rear and it still took me ages to get used to it.

  73. Wow, I agree with everything in this article, some of the comments, not so much.
    People mistake tattoos for being interesting. What makes a person interesting is not how you look, but ideas and actions.
    I have a dear friend who’s tattooed from head to toe. She’s hardworking, has a job, etc. but when she was seeking a new job a couple summers ago, she complained that she had to cover up her arms and neck so that people didn’t judge her by her tattoos. She said she felt discriminated like a black person. I had to remind her that unlike her, black people didn’t pay a ton of money to get large brown tattoos.
    On a side note, if I had a tattoo, I’d get one that made it look I had small pox or the plague.

  74. I don’t have a single fucking tattoo. Waste of fucking money.
    Though lately, as I realize I’m an older fuck, I want to get a tattoo on my left chest:
    “DO NOT REVIVE!” Don’t bring me back from a stroke to be some slobering vegetable shitting and pissing in a bedpan; if I have a heart attack, don’t bring me back just to slowly die of cancer a few years later. I want to die, ONCE!

  75. RoK really needs to lose the old man bullshit. Articles like this just scream “square suburbanite frustrated that he’s left out of the party”- the image that RoK’s critics want to paint the community with. It buries any legitimate discussion.

    1. Why don’t you contribute to the discussion by posting a “legitimate” comment for or against tatoos instead of name calling, profanity and ad hominem statements? Comments like yours do as much damage to the credibility of the site as the quality (or lack thereof) of any of the articles. (And for the record I think this article makes a positive contribution to the site.)

      1. Posts about “the kids” with their “hippity hop and their short haircuts and their damn tattoos”- particularly when they’re in a community that I suspect is predominately guys in their 20s and 30s- just sound affectedly crotchety, like some kind of weird put-on-misanthropy.
        If you don’t like tattoos, don’t get them. I guarantee you people with tattoos are thinking a lot less about your absence of tattoos then you are about their presence.
        And I DO bitch about tattoos sometimes- where I live every guy in his 20s has a bunch of sailor jerry anchors all over their arms- and yeah, I’ve made some caustic comments at the bar to people with about it, but extrapolating the trend into some kind of sign of social decline is arm chair sociology masturbation bullshit.
        And Jesus Christ, Dave Mustaine is a fucking geek, he makes boring metal about dragons.

    2. So in essence, it’s not “legitimate” to question body art. By whose standards do we define what is legitimate to discuss, your perhaps?
      All topics are legitimate for discussion. Period. Full stop. If you take offense at a topic, as you have, it suggests that you have inked yourself up. Is this correct? Doesn’t matter really, because frankly the author is quite correct in pointing out the absurdly conformist drive behind the modern need to cover oneself with ink. It’s absolutely collectivist.
      Nothing is more conformist than mass non-conformity.

  76. Women are so beautiful the way the are that any tattoos on them is like graffiti on works of art or lovely sunsets. From a short distance away tattoos just look like grease on mechanics after a hard days work.

  77. So I stumbled upon this site solely because of the tattoo commentary. It’s obviously not the place for me, as I’ve never disagreed so strongly or been so disgusted by a majority of the posts somewhere in my life. I find SOME tattoos interesting and sexy, despite not having any myself. Not that I wouldn’t get one, but I’ve just never thought of an idea that was meaningful enough to put on my flesh forever. I’m also in med school, so thought it best to wait until being accepted before getting one, although it would likely be in a place easily covered.
    That said, I find the misogyny here and the judgement of people to be pretty appalling. I mean, obviously there’s one end of the spectrum where tattoos and body modification become self-mutilation and obviously the person has mental issues. But tattoos can also be art. I’ve met (and dated) women with tattoos that were confident, FAR from promiscuous and wonderful people. To stereotype someone just because of piercings or tattoos is ridiculous. If it’s not your thing and you don’t find it attractive, by all means, feel free to state your opinion. But some of us DO find it attractive, and not because it is the sign of a “slut”, but because we think it’s beautiful. Not to mention it can often be the sign of someone with higher than average intelligence. Of tattooed women I’ve met (obviously only anecdotal evidence), most were of far higher intelligence than the norm. I suppose it matters where you’re meeting these tattooed women as well…at a sleazy bar? Well then chances are higher your assumptions are correct. At college or a bookstore, on the other hand…
    Anyway, I’m FAR from a male feminist but good Lord, some of the comments here are scary to any man that values a woman for anything beyond being a sex object.

  78. Yeah getting tattoos and piercings especially in the punk scenes is popular and no matter if you love the music or embody the attitude. But if you don’t have the tats or the piercings, you’re a poser. To me that shit never really appealed to me. And it never will either.

  79. These lowlifes who are destroying the beauty of gullible and misguided women deserve harsh punishment.

  80. I commented to a friend recently that the way this tatoo craze is going, I am beginning to feel like the rebel for having never gotten one.

  81. Im a tattoo artist and shop owner. l admit the quality of people coming in to the shop isnt very high but it does make a very well paying job for someone with artistic skills, also in my opinion this job is over flowing in red pill values. I have a couple tattoos myself, none visible, theyre for my own enjoyment and in my mind i guess you could say theyre a reminder of the times ive gone through change, none really to impress people with. Now adays “getting blasted” is more of a fad amongst millenials and it will soon come and go, as a matter of fact, the way i see it the market has actually died down a bit…dont get your panties is a bunch ladies, if you dont want your children getting modifications keep them in line. If the dumbass next to you got a facial tattoo let him be, just be happy it wasn’t you.

        1. Personally I’d only use cybernetics to enhance my ability to perform my job & for self defense. But like tattoos in the present, I’m sure there will be people who’ll go overboard and make themselves look like some cartoonish villain.

  82. Tattoos, like yellow and black stripes on an insect or three leaves on a plant, are nature’s way of saying “run away.” That person is either carrying a massive amount of damage inside, or else feels that a symbol of their identity needs to be cut into their skin so as to keep it from disappearing. A guy with tats will beat your ass and steal your girl, a girl with tats is crazy or a slut or both.

  83. So almost 50% of American women have tats, 50% are fat leaving us with 1/4 of the population to choose from, and they’re many more constraints to add to this equation. If we really came up with some estimates and several variables I’d say through our equation we’d end up with some pretty slim pickings.

  84. I can agree with a lot in this article, and disagree with even more. Most of what he is saying is hearsay and generalized but the gist is pretty right. I work as a tattoo artist in New York and some of the clients I work with really shouldn’t be getting tattoos just on the basis that the concept is god awful or the design is something that is obviously a picture they found on the first page of Google images. But there is a difference, I believe, between this group of tools and a smaller group in the whole of the tattooed population.
    I worked as an illustrator before working as a tattooist and that’s the main reason I started tattooing and collecting the tattoos, the work. Its shitty to think that the industry is being defined now by the terrible people that really do get a tattoo to be “a part of the club”, like the countless amounts of girls that come in to get their favorite quote (that they probably only came up with while walking up the stairs to my shop.) It’s a conflicting situation for me; on the one hand the mainstream success of the tattooing field has brought in a ton of people that I never expected I’d be tattooing…. ever. Stock brokers and their trophy wives (the wives always want white tattoos or finger tattoos… which I don’t do), teachers, doctors, and of coarse every idiot 18 year old with shit parents. I’ve talked more kids out of getting terrible tattoos than I can count. Anyone under the age of 25 really has terrible taste… in everything. And I love this and hate this. The increase in business means i can draw for a living… which is all I ever wanted to do really… but of coarse i have to deal with the hamsters.
    The push into the mainstream has also brought some real, REAL talent into this industry. It has made many feel, myself included, that a tattoo can be something more then just a tiny blurry skull or hula girl on some aging veteran’s arm. Real art that artist pour sweat and tears and other peoples blood into. I mean look some of these up!
    Mike Rubendall
    Adam Hays
    Cory Norris
    Mike Moses
    Thomas Hooper
    Seth Wood
    Guy Aitchison
    Josh Duffy
    Kate Selkie
    Matt Lambdin
    Tye Harris
    Dave Tevenal
    Just to name a super small handful of great people that started in the past decade and earlier. Most if not all of these artists use tattooing as just one media of creating. Many are successful painters, sculptors etc… tattooing is just another form we get to use to create something from nothing. No Michelangelo wouldn’t have tattooed the Sistine chapel on the popes back and saying most or all people with body modifications are lacking in love or self respect is like saying every person in a bar is just trying to get fucked.. some people just like the taste of beer. It’s too generalized, and ignorant.
    I like to think there is a smaller group of people inside of this massive group of shit that see the tattoo industry for what if could be. When a client saves his skin for months to get a tattoo by the artist he has to travel to go see. That respects the effort put into it, and is proud of piece when completed.
    Now the fool walking around the city with some crappy, scratched up tattoo, blown out and sickly looking, obviously I have no respect for… he is a part of that now massive glob of shit this article is outlining. But saying tattoos cannot be art just shows you never took the interest to see whats really out there. Reality TV, Shit heads on the street with crappy tribal nonsense, trashy women with cupcakes on their arms and legs… they are awful. People are stupid and they buy into that, but I haven’t met an artist yet that has any respect for tattooists on reality tv. Inside the community of artists that I know we always try to hold ourselves to a higher standard, praising those who raise the bar and shitting on artists that make everyone else look bad. We have our own Michelangelos and Van Goghs that inspire us and push us to be better at what we do.
    In the end I guess you can think what you want. I just thought this article was so biased and harsh that I wanted to throw my own experience in as someone who is actually working in the industry.

    1. Totally biased. And then putting tattoos in the same category as piecing and hair dye? Really? It’s just a trolling article not to be taken seriously.

  85. A lot of conjecture and leaping around but just like there is a difference between a five year olds painting of mommy and a full blown portrait by a talented artist, there’s a difference between some misspelled ‘thug life’ and legit tattoo art. Also skrillex hair bitches are more fun to fuck than some dainty fem who’s too eager to please and just take it. It’s no fun dominating those chicks.

  86. I’m investing in tattoo removal equipment. The next big trend is to be non-conformist by NOT having ink all over.
    Big $$$ in getting rid of all the doodles all over chicks’ thighs, arms, chests, etc etc etc. And more guys than you’d think are willing to pony up to get their crappy stars etc removed.

  87. I love it when people show me each and every one of their tattoos, and after they are done showing it they ALWASY say ” and it really means alot to me” HAHAHAHAHAHA no it doesnt

  88. I’ve just started tattooing and while I am also aesthetic in other fields of art, it is a skill I mean to master. It’s an age old skill that requires patience and talent. It also requires safety and much preparation to prevent cross contamination. While I can understand that tattoos have lost meaning and are trendy and gotten to look cool. But let’s get this straight. Guys with tattoos get laid more because women see them and check off certain things in their mental list. Rok is about being blunt and getting your dick wet while possibly catching a woman of worth. While you won’t find a woman of worth 9/10 with tattoos you will get your dick wet because tattoos get you laid.

    1. Its going to change like frozen yogurt. If you’re getting laid more now its not for the reasons that you think a tattoo represents. Women are herd creatures for the most part, a tattoo is now a signal of conformity and thus comfort. That’s what you’re playing on. However, you’ll be running with the pack and thus competing with them versus being unique. In years past a tattoo could get you laid because you stood-out and it played on the whole bad-boy I’ll fix him or sense of adventure lever in women/game. Now that everyone, including the women, have tattoos you’re just wearing a varsity letter jacket circa 1980s and 1990s or Gerbeau Jeans. Its the same thing. That said, right now the best thing to do is to look the opposite of the “norm” then you’ll stand-out and attract out-sized attention for relatively little effort and, thus, yield a higher and more efficient amount of pussy. Get NO tattoos and dress in a Brooks Brothers polo with a golden fleece and demonstrate impeccable manners (try stoicism) and you’ll create the effect you think you’ll be getting with tattoos.
      Confession – I have two tattoos, one is a tribal and one is an Eagle Globe and Anchor with “USMC” underneath. Yes, I’m outspokenly against tattoos and think its conformist and weak. But I got mine in the 90’s well before this fad and when this strategy i.e. standing-out could be implemented successfully. Back then it helped to portray an image that evoked intrigue in women and thus aided in yielding more efficient pussy. Note: it was only one part of the picture, personality and game were still very much required. Importantly, the tattoo only worked so long as you could stick out…hence the value here is that you be unique. As stated, not only do many men have tattoos but so do the women, in fact, the women have become outrageous with this…so you’ll just be the same as everyone, which defeats the whole purpose of this strategy. Not to repeat myself, today if you look clean cut with no tattoos you’ll stick out. Do it now, because, right now there are other men figuring this out and once they’re successful and their friends see it, then the herd follows…in short order the women will then realize where the social value is and follow suit. Additionally, women will also rapidly come to terms with just how foolish they’ve been and literally gasp when the smack-face reality of their conformity is permanently on display all over their bodies! Give it a couple years maybe months and tats will be out of style the only thing that will be popular will be removals. Tats will revert to their mean and take their rightful place in the fringes of society…when and only when that happens, if you want, then you can implement that strategy.

      1. Couldn’t agree with you more. Hopefully it doesn’t go out of style just yet, since it’s becoming one of my side hustles to tattoo ha. But yes, one more thing that was hilarious when I was home (new Orleans). I went to Bourbon st which is a rarity for me and I was cashing out of a bar/club before I noticed the bartenders hand. She didn’t have tattoos visibly anywhere until I noticed her hand. She had a tattoo of a dick jizzing between the top of her thumb and pointer. I was literally ‘lol’ing. My friend said she must be good at hand jobs.

  89. I’m very white, and prone to problematic moles that could develop into cancer (I’ve already had a few removed). Tattoos would exacerbate this problem by potentially hiding future moles underneath them. I have considered getting inked up, extensively, out of some vague sense of self-insecurity, but the fact of the matter is that my life might depend on me not getting tattoos.

    NOW CHECK THIS ONE OUT…×716/nm490_hflan_572.jpg
    Can you pay my bills?
    Can you pay my telephone bills?
    Do you pay my automo’ bills?
    If you did then maybe we could chill
    I don’t think you do
    So, you and me are through

  91. This is a great article that makes many good points. I feel very fortunate that I grew up and dated during a period when it was unheard of for young women to have tattoos (the 70s and 80s). My dad had two tattoos from the Navy and he always hid them under long sleeves and told us that we should never get tattoos because they mark you as lower class. In general I think he’s right, even though my son has one now. There are some good people with tattoos, but in general tattoos are only good for identifying criminals and dead bodies. I have never dated a woman with tattoos. To me the tattoos are a sign that the woman is not a good match for me, so in that sense they are good because I won’t waste time on having a woman like that in my life.

  92. I am an ex-con and almost all my friends have tattoos in my book the only people who should have tattoos are people who have been in the military or been locked up in jail or prison. I will probably never get one because people tell me I am very funny and bright I went to jail because of one stupid mistake but it did not ruin my life. There is only one reason you get a tattoo in the first place. It’s not because you want to be different or interesting it is because you aren’t and you need to compensate. The only reason people get tattoos is free attention without earning it. If you have tattoos and you have never been locked up you are a fucking poser I don’t care if you’re a rockstar making 30 million a year very few people should have them. I love my friends but of all of them people say I am the most fun to have around because I don’t have to prove I’m a tough guy by putting ink under my skin. I got into plenty of fights in jail and I don’t need an image on my skin to speak for me if you put your hands on me I will seriously hurt you I don’t need tattoos for “protection”. Just my 2 cents.

  93. With traditional forms of art, artists give life to the inanimate, like a rock or canvas, therefore making it more interesting and valuable. Tattooing however takes a living breathing substance and attempts to give it life – ultimately reducing its value. The latter I say because tattoos are an automatic entry into second class status. those who disagree ought to check out some job applications and their criteria.

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