9 Reasons Nazism Should Be Kept Out Of The Masculine Right

In the wake of the recent incidents in Charlottesville, where the whole right wing spectrum has taken a gigantic hit in credibility and sympathy due to the actions of a single Nazi-affiliated wacko, I think now is a good time to re-assess where we stand in relation to the more extreme factions on our political corner.

To put it out in the open, the masculine right should have NO sympathy or comradeship with old Nazism or it’s featherweight modern interpretations whatsoever. Spot it, shun it, or walk away in a 90-180 degree direction. Here are nine brief reasons why, and feel free to add more.

1. A forever browbeaten Germany

Cuck Country

Nazism and it’s legacy has thoroughly browbeaten and humiliated what should be the proud people of Germany. A country which has been responsible for a sizable percentage of all the world’s technological and scientific advancements for several hundred years (starting with the monumental Gutenberg press in 1440), saw most of it’s gorgeous and irreplaceable cities turned to rubble in World War II, and it’s people have had to endure over 70 years of agonizing Third Reich references and their related put-downs.

Due to this history, it’s modern day citizens are conditioned to embrace self-destructive SJW agendas like few others in the world today. Additionally, right wing sentiments in the country are looked down upon with immediate suspicion or even outright scorn, no matter how sensible they may be.

2. They killed a lot of masculine style for future generations

Nazism has arguably made dressing in incredibly handsome (no homo) and well-tailored suits uncool for entire generations of men in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Particularly if they share similar color codes with Wehrmacht or Gestapo officers (grey or black). As for any symbolic imagery, that’s a complete no-no or “cultural appropriation” at best.

In it’s wake, dressing well in such a manner has become a source of ridicule among young people. It’s akin to being lambasted as a “one percenter“, while butt-ugly Antifa rags, giant tattoos, piercings, and dyed hair are supposed to be “beautiful” and “inspiring”.

3. Their actions look bad on us

Neo-Nazi’s hijack many of the ideas and virtues of the masculine right and make it appear like we are both fellow travelers. Not only is this association entirely unwanted on our part, when they screw up it severely damages the reputation of any right wing cause (which the fake news media uses as defamation fuel) and turns off many potential converts to the red pill. Many others accordingly become even more belligerent SJW’s due to their perceived tag-along status.

4. The Confederacy is falsely merged with Nazism


The Confederacy was a constitutional Republic (like the USA and France which both fought the Nazis)

Neo-Nazi’s tendency to display their flag in close proximity to the confederate battle flag has made both Nazi Germany and the Confederacy appear almost indistinguishable from each other in the eyes of historically retarded leftists. The Confederate States of America is now called “fascist” when in fact it was a constitutional Republic like many modern Western nations. Also, short of just two battles between professional soldiers at Antietam and Gettysburg, they fought an entirely defensive war against mass rape, pillage, and arson.

The left wing media, SPLC, Antifa, and other organizations then tactfully use these photo ops to try and obtain full legitimacy in their take down campaign of Confederate monuments and memorials. All with absolutely no input from local citizens.

While not giving tacit approval of the Confederacy, it is nonetheless blatant intellectual dishonesty with how the left twists this episode of American history to suit their current narrative. Neo-Nazi’s and their nearby flag waving give the left all the fuel they need to make this dishonesty a “truth”.

5. Degenerate and belligerent tattoos

Unlike their 1930’s and 1940’s counterparts (who made dressing super stylish uncool), Neo-Nazi’s tend to be big fans of donning degenerate “don’t give me a job” ink in all the worst places. The number of articles in Return Of Kings where we clearly expresses our disdain for rampant tattooism is simply too many to count.

6. They make up most of what the left can mock about the right

SJW Media: Yes……. “denounce” and genuflect to social justice!

The few Neo-Nazi’s give endless fuel to social justice obsessed websites and Youtube channels like Huffington Post, Al Jazeera Plus, MIC, ATTN, and MTV News to always have a moral checks-and-balances system in place against the Caucasian right, in case another high-casualty Islamic terrorist attack (inevitably) happens or they are feeling increasingly boxed in by embarrassing incidents.

Honestly, if Neo-Nazi’s and the KKK didn’t exist at all, the left would struggle so much to have any regular attacking fuel against the ‘white right’ on social media it’s not even funny.

7. They completely shun blacks

See those girls over there? Let’s go wing it buddy!

Is there a fair bit of mud-slinging about black crime rates or black male-white female interracial relationships on the masculine right? Sure there is, I’ve even addressed the crime factor several times and it’s undeniably a big problem in the United States.

However, does that mean that black men (or non-white men in general) aren’t welcome in this sphere? Of course not. Guys like Donovan Sharpe provide a valuable insight on the red pilled black male experience, and black men in the comment section like Psquare and Red Hood’s Assault drop among the best tidbits of wisdom that one could ask for.

Some big mouths aside on the keyboard, a large gathering of masculine right regulars would be pretty much guaranteed to produce more genuine black-and-white friendships than any pretentious pow-wow of liberal hipsters.

As for Nazi types, they wouldn’t even try.

8. They don’t seek self-improvement

The masculine right loves fitness, quality reading, game, entrepreneurship, minimal or no body modifications, and otherwise imperfect (but good) citizenship. The only time you’ll see Neo-Nazi’s who appear to have been doing any lifting or quality reading are the ultra-tattooed one’s who just got out of jail. Let’s just say this creates a lot of conflicts of interest…

9. War (What is it good for?)

And finally, as awesome as it would have been to see a functional big-ass ‘Ratte’ tank in the flesh, here on the masculine right we are not particularly big fans of violence and war, which is what the Nazi’s did all throughout Europe and the Atlantic for more than half a decade.

Countless lives lost, gorgeous buildings gone forever, and irreplaceable works of art gone missing means that Nazism is an affront to those who take pride in western civilization.

The modern incarnation of Nazi’s, however incredibly small and non-threatening as they are, is just as bad as the violent SJW’s who are hell bent on taking down western civilization themselves. Primarily because they give the SJW’s a sense of legitimacy for their destructive actions. So stop it, both of you.

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960 thoughts on “9 Reasons Nazism Should Be Kept Out Of The Masculine Right”

      1. Do us a favor, and stay out of pro-Trump rallies. The “antifa” Fascist are more in line with your views. Socialist who want to keep blacks and Jews on the Democratic voter plantation.
        Of course, they will try to assault you, but I’m sure you can beat them into compliance.

      2. I don’t hate anyone. Except mountain lions. I definitely hate mountain lions. Does that count?

        1. Mountain lions dont run around raping, stealing, rioting and demanding welfare checks and “muh civil rights” like those damn monkeys do..

        2. People of every kind of race, ethnicity and religion run around raping, stealing, rioting and demanding welfare and “muh civil rights”.

        3. Which leads to eating an entire large pizza with double cheese and extra pepperoni while crying on the phone to mommy.

  1. One of the BEST articles I’ve read on this site. Kudos to the author, have all my admiration and respect for this article.

  2. The imagery of the Nazis has remained negative these past 70+ years, and it promises to remain so as long as we continue to dwell on WWII.
    I am, at present, unconvinced that any who would use Nazi symbols and references are aligned in any substantial way with the general movements of liberty and restoration of American culture and identity. Why would they be – they’re using iconography of a long-dead foreign party which the United States directly opposed.

    1. It’s not the point. I get it, it’s ridiculous to do that publicly. But the long dead foreign party was one that strived to end bolshevisms and international jewery

      1. Lessons can be gleaned, but there is still a negative connotation to their symbols on every side.
        It’s like marching with burning crosses to symbolize immigration reform – sure, you could make a case that someone in the KKK had a right idea about immigration (not saying they did – just making a hypothetical), but burning crosses have a very negative connotation.
        “We’re not the 20’s, 30’s, or 40’s Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei. We are something else, something uniquely American and new on the scene of American political theory and philosophy.” This is the way we should approach our symbols and “branding”.

  3. Only tangentially related: on this day in 1998, Bill Clinton became the first sitting president to testify before the Office of Independent Council as the subject of a grand-jury investigation.

  4. 10. They are stupid fucking degenerates with low IQs who worship a man who killed mostly whites and instituted leftist policies.

        1. They defended white people by firebombing Dresden and killing 400,00 white people in a single night?
          That doesn’t compute

        2. It was a White-on-White war on the European front, which makes perfect sense given the demographics and all.
          There’s really no political hero in that whole mess. WWII is mined out, and just about everyone involved at the political level had well-known problems.

        3. If ((they)) hadn’t strong armed the rest of Europe in, it would simply have been Germany vs Russia. Not like we don’t don’t know ((who)) was running Russia and killing millions of white Christian Russians while trying to export communism to the rest of the world.

        4. It is well known that Dresden was crowded with hundreds of thousands of refugees from the East fleeing the advancing Soviet forces.
          If the Jews can claim 6 million, you can better believe I will cite 400,000 killed in Dresden. Anything less and you are a liar and a revisionist.

        5. Well……that incident certainly resides in the “my bad” file, but on the other hand, civilians DO tend to die in wars.

        6. I’m not so sure it was that simple. There were other plans in place. Not sure if mention the ally with Communist Russia

        7. When did I ever say that? HAHAHA!!!
          I ain’t never said such stupid shit in my life.
          You must be new around here too.

        8. Well, you clearly haven’t been paying much attention to MY posts.
          You couldn’t pay me to say something that stupid.
          That requires being a Jew first.
          I must have misplaced my yarmulke. Heh.

        9. Lol and? New to the comments yeah because I’ve been banned for calling Forney a cuck a while back. Used to be a ‘conservative’ until I realized it’s all controlled op suck off Isreal bs. I wouldn’t call myself a nazi I just think there is a deeper meaning to why liberals and cuckservatives are so terrified of it

        10. Ah, another pedophile Reichfag who worships the part-Jew Hitler crawling out of his residential shithole.
          You must be a Jew.
          Great argument. Go hang out with your Antifag leftist homos. You both loathe whites.
          They’d love you.

      1. I know that, you pedophile homo.
        Hitler killed far more Whites than Jews, dumbfuck.
        English, Russians, French, Western European heritage Americans, etc. They ain’t Jews. Far more than 6 million (heh) of them died.
        Go back in your time machine and suck Himmler’s dick.
        The low IQ Reichtards are out in full force today.

  5. What happened to laughing at the whole idea of Nazis? Neo-nazis have never been scary, except those fresh from prison, and they’ve never been particularly effective at…well, anything.
    Everyone left of Mao is a “Nazi” these days. Even on the Left, they call each other “Nazis” for not toeing that day’s particular line. It’s meaningless and arbitrary – let it remain so.

  6. The worst is the love of Utopia.
    Real men live one day at a time and know the world will never be fixed, only improved if we tend our own gardens.
    Utopias are for hysterical sissies.

  7. When neo Nazis and commies beat each other senseless in the streets, we all win. Fuck collectivists. All of them.

    1. National Socialists are still socialists.
      An examination of Nazi policies makes this clear.
      The fact that they wanted an Aryan ethnostate is irrelevant.

      1. uh oh looks like we’ve got a pro Capitalist stooge here: tell me again why Zuckerberg and Soros deserve tens of billions of dollars to fuck the world over? Because they worked hard for it dirka dirka dirka because capitalism is the bestest system in the world dirka dirka dirka

        1. They don’t.
          Looks like we have a Nazi stooge here.
          Funny how you think I support Jewtards because I oppose Nazis.
          Show me the quote where I support Faceberg.
          Go on…

        2. Bem, when are you going to stop slamming your head against that brick wall?
          Don’t feed the spergs.

        3. That is all the more reason to not allow individuals to amass such wealth: they end up sowing unrest and toppling nations.

        4. A group of national socialists that are bought and used to further the agenda of one of the worlds most infamous jewish globalist can in no way be in contact with what it truly means to be a national socialist to begin with. Aside from that, it seems their ideology has taken a backseat as their greed got the best of them, what kind of national socialist would sacrifice their cause for the sake of their enemy, for money? “Neo-nazi”-globalists are no “neo-nazi´s” at all. They just assisted a jewish coup for the sake of materialism.
          Seems to me as just as much a jewish tool as ISIS, just another army that´s financed, trained and armed in order to serve the agenda of the jews.
          Do you think the Nordic Resistance Movement would fall into the trap just the same?
          This article writer would do well to familiarize himself with that organisation, it would just shatter alot of his talking points in an instant.

        5. Oh Bem buddy ole pal that is not nice. You have to encourage him to stop speaking about that. Something like ” hey peach buddy people like their money. ” hhave a great day pal.

        6. How do all you anti-Socialist guys feel about a businessman outsourcing his production to a foreign country because it would be cheaper there? I think that he should be prosecuted and if found guilty he should be heavily fined if it’s his first offense. If it’s his second offense then he should be imprisoned and all of his property should be confiscated and sold to the highest bidder with the proceeds going to the government. So that makes me a Socialist, doesn’t it? And oh yes, I believe in preserving the White Race and improving its quality through a eugenics program where the government would pay healthy White couples with high I.Q.’s to have children. So that’s Collectivist, isn’t it? Too bad – I am just not afraid or ashamed of such labels, just as I’m not afraid or ashamed to be called a racist. There are a lot more of us around now than there were just a few years ago and our numbers are growing every day while our attitudes are becoming more and more hardened.

        7. I like the Nordic Resistance Movement and I hope that they come to power in all of their respective countries someday.

        8. To the first point, it makes you a NATIONALIST, that is you support free enterprise tempered with a degree of local loyalty.
          But tinkering with social policy to prop up a so-called “white race”….I think that makes you a kook.

        9. So, National Capitalism rather than National Socialism? Fine, I have no problem with that. This is why I hate these restrictive labels like “Capitalism” and “Socialism” that try to pigeonhole everything so precisely.
          As for me being a “kook” for wanting to financially promote the creation of more beautiful, healthy and intelligent future generations, well, so be it.

        10. I agree with you there, Bem. I have never been 100% comfortable with any “-ism”, and that’s probably true for many of us on this forum.

      2. And if we are about to cut them loose that is a point we need to push hard. Totalitarianism belongs to the left in both of its extreme and evil incarnations. National socialism and marxism communism are both antithetical to any kind of conservativism

        1. I bet you soend 10 hours a day on your smartphone wacking off too… with all your come together hippi bullshit

    2. Only white collectivism can save the white race from extinction in the face of forced multiculturalism. What kind of ideas does the establishment fear the most? I think that the last few days should give you an idea as to what that is.
      White people need to bond together in order to survive, anything less is either a gamble (at the very best, and which might prove extremely harmful as well) or a safe bet for white people to go extinct.

      1. Do not get carried away Bro ! I don’t see any body or Country “forcing” multi-culturalism upon their people. No body is stopping white people getting together, No body is stopping white females getting married to white MEN, etc. etc.
        Blame it on the so called “globalists”, Businesses, Politicians and “vested interests” for this cowshit (CS !).

        1. Nobody is forcing but they are encouraging it through propaganda, making it socially acceptable, calling people racist who don’t support miscegenation.

        2. But at the end of the day people accept those beliefs and enforce them. Non of this degeneracy would have gotten this far if the masses( whites included) turned it down.

        3. Most people just go with the flow. They don’t step back to think about and ponder changes and issues and how it will affect them and their families. Citizens of western countries live very nice lives by comparison. They have no interest in doing something hard when they can watch football and drink beer. It is akin to the frog in the pot of boiling water
          A lot of this relates back to the Jews. Many of them(commies on the left and zionist neo-cons on the right) have socially liberal views. they promote cultural and societal degeneracy. They finance these issues, mobilize supporters, and contact and donate to politicians to get these issues passed into law. The dissident right does not have this type of organization and resources. If the roles were reversed we’d be living in a traditional society.

        4. “No body is stopping White females getting married to White MEN…”
          But White females are currently allowed by law to procreate with non-White males, and White males to procreate with non-White females, and anyone who tries to stop this is prosecuted, so this is the reality that negates everything else.

        5. So in which dimension did white people actually have a say in whether they want for mass immigration from third world countries in the first place? In which dimension did white people have a say in whether their countries would be turned into multicultural dystopias in which white people have to pay to sustain luxurous lives of non-white immigrants and financially support their ever expanding rate of child births which are bound to turn the host nation into a minority and eventually push them out completely?
          If this isnt forced upon white people, then what can it be? Because they never had a chance to vote over it, and arent allowed to voice their opinions to the full extent. White people, especially those that put up resistance towards this tyranny, are portrayed as “evil, bigotted, racist fools” in the media, in Hollywood, by the politicians, and so forth. Not a single party in the parlament from where I come does acknowledge the existance of a swedish ethnicity. What do you call that?
          The globalists are jews, so yes, I blame it on them as well as the power/money hungry idiots who they´ve bought.

        6. Quite insane !!
          White MALES are also allowed to visit so called “third world Countries” and get married to non-White females !! And no body (read: 99% of non-white MEN, not including Blacks) gives a shit about the un-feminine, whorish, slutty, arrogant, bitchy, shameless and ungrateful white females !!!
          In contrary, non-white females will do anything to get married to a white MAN.

        7. The people who are making it a propaganda are, unfortunately, your own people !!! Call them a leftists, loser or pile of shit; but they are your own people !

      2. A family is a collective. A tribe is a collective. A nation is a collective. A country is an abstraction existing on a defined geographic area. The military is a collective. All of the collective examples that I gave here are necessary for a people to survive in a world full of predatory neighbors.

      3. What kind of ideas does the establishment fear the most? – Unite the Right or ROK Meetups. Offline consolidation of the movement is what they fear most.

      4. Your logic is not lost on me, as higher “education” in this country actively promotes curricula themed “ending whiteness,” a mainstream political party salivates at the phrase “demographics are destiny,” and the historical culture of the country is being erased by academia, media, politicians, and maniacs. To counter that movement with a movement that uses Nazi ideology and symbolism from a war that ended the lives of tens of millions of Europeans and 250,000 Americans is counterproductive and juvenile. Using American flags, symbols, culture, and a firm demand that rights eviscerated in the 20th century be exercised muscularly and proudly goes a lot further in getting mainstream America behind you. Furthermore, the loons that show up must be purged and isolated.
        What the Spencerites and their merry band of autists did was play into the media’s hands and create the false dichotomy that you are either with ANTIFA or a Nazi in this fight.
        Spencer and his ilk reek of being agents provocateurs to enable the hard left to label any resistance to their plans as Nazism.

    3. What you do not seem to understand is that when an ethnic group work cooperatively together within a capitalist society, you’re toast. They just kick you out, as an individual.
      And the US? Well, in march 2014 Netanyahu held a one hour speech in you Congress, earning him 27 standing ovations. Thats what you do to a king! And that is supposed to be a secular republic? What a capitalist utopia!

  8. Definitely agree with this article, no place among us for these people especially since they reject masculine men of other races and faiths with their nonsense. The deranged evil idiot they admire set masculinity back for generations.

    1. the masculine men of other races are raping your kids and selling you a 30 year debt for a roof over your head… and spiking your water and food stupid

    2. There is some truth in race realism, but that does not mean all men of a particular race are undesirable. That’s the real problem with this nonsense – if all blacks were on board with non-leftists nonsense, as many on ROK are, it would be idiotic to pick fights with them just over their skin color instead of uniting against our common enemies. Same with any other group of people. I judge individually on merit, period, even among whites.
      I understand the points about demographic annihilation of the white race, and I do agree to a point that there is an insidious agenda in the media to reinforce it. But if that’s your concern, spend less time trying to pump and dump the
      few good white women remaining, and instead wife them up and keep them
      spitting out a kid per year for the next ten years. Whites aren’t being forcibly sterilized, they are choosing not to breed.

      1. The problem is you can breed all you want and still be drowned under a non white immigrant flood. There are more factors than just number of offspring….and it still leads to the issue of feminism/birth control/my body my choice bullshit this site has been addressing from day one.

    3. Waffen ss was most diverse fighting force in ww2. Masculine men of other races isn’t gonna save western civilization you complete and utter bafoon.

    Ugh, fed up with all the dumbass that is surrounding the latest Marxist stunts on the rotting corpse of the USA.
    Ill just dance off the stage left and try not to get any of the rotten corruption and idiocy on my shoes left behind by the brain dead fringes going to war. They want a civil/race war, have at it, leave me the hell out of it, and don’t try to drag me into it. That last part will have regretful circumstances if you try. Im not playin. Ill hose your remains of the stage when you are all done, so the adults can use it next.

  10. The core of any racist philosophy is to blame others for your problems. Completely incompatible with my brand of traditionalism, conservatism, and self-reliance. The problems and difficulties in my life are mine alone to deal with and solve.
    I suppose those carrying the Nazi flags don’t quite realize it, but they sound pretty much like the whiny leftist feminists, BLM members, etc.

    1. They are whiny leftist biatches and don’t even realize it.
      Fucking morons. Go suck Hitler’s cock, faggots. You know you want to.

    2. Collectivist ideologies appeal only to people whose lives are so meaningless that their only source of pride is the achievements of successful individuals.

      1. Thank you. It kills me inside when I see that. I agree that the white race as a whole has done a lot for this world when it comes to freedom, philosophy, technology, and a variety of other things. But what irritates me is when a lot of these guys try to piggy back off of the accomplishments of the guys that have contributed. Yea those guys did great things but what have you done. Just because those men were great doesn’t mean you are.

    3. your ideas don’t work in real life so put them back in your ass where you got them from, Baltimore a 95% black city and every other balck city is in complete shambles, ghettos don’t make thugs, thugs make ghettos.

      1. Sure they do. To the extent I have a problem with Baltimore, my solution is to stay the fuck out of Baltimore. Problem solved.

        1. yeah, great idea, so when all the niggers start flooding to the rest of the state because we are paying them to reproduce like roaches, them what?

        2. you need to study history, immigration act of 1778 said only whites were to be citizens of the USA, because the founders knew that if you let blacks and Indians be citizens this country would go straight to hell.

        3. Who’s jesus? joshua was the son of yahweh.. and yes the bible does say to hate thugs and criminals and rapists and thieves and money changers,, Joshua himself said i john 8:44 jews are of their father the devil.

        4. He’s the troll but your the one using a Robert C. Byrd discus account. The same Byrd who Hilary idolized and was the Grand Kleagle of the Democrat KKK.

        5. As intended, the handle produces maximum maximum cognitive dissonance among communists. You not only jumped into the trap, but wallowed in it.

        6. Hell turning America back to the meritocracy it was inthe past would solve a lot of these problems. You have a problem with low iq and/or lazy people breeding well without welfare they would have no incentive. And if they did they would have to become hard working .

        7. Sure Jews promote degeneracy but come on it’s time to just man up and accept responsibility. Whites outnumber and out gun the Jews. Not to mention that at the end of the day the Jews don’t force this behaviour. People chose to live for the pursuit of pleasure. People choose to support degenerate beliefs and lifestyles.

        8. “Ending the war on drugs”
          So blacks can just deal drugs without fear of getting arrested? I think a better solution would be a PP on every corner with free abortions, plan B, condoms, and vasectomies. Additionally, jails should offer black convicts reduced sentences for getting a vasectomy. The way to truly improve our country is by reducing the black population and closing the border from non white/non european nations.

        9. Amen, and that’s also why they allowed only property owning white males to vote. And that is the way it still should be.

        10. LOL ok. Take out all the minorities and this country’s center-right conservatives become to moderates. What percent of white males did Trump win? 65% or so? and that includes Jews!

        11. Jews finance these issues. Additionally, they are highly intelligent and largely agree with one another on social/cultural issues. They control the media which controls the opinions of the population. Let us not forget jews started communism.

        12. I don’t deny they have been more effective at spreading their narrative in this country over that last +100 years. We already know they have on average higher IQ’s. They realize the importance of collectivism amongst their own people while encouraging atomization for the goy. Whites still haven’t figured out the last part and we have been getting slaughtered because of it. Spergs and Lolbertarians love individualism!
          With that said, are they the choosen people? Absolutely not. If they were the choosen people, Hitler never would have happened and they wouldn’t face so much discrimination.

        13. Well hell from what you said I would assume. And last I checked hitler lost and Germany completely got its balls chopped off.

        14. Depends on how you define “failure”. I think putting nigs in jail and encouraging them to kill each other over snitching is a great success. Now we have to offer them vasectomies for reduced sentences.

        15. Why do we have to stay out of baltimore? Why can we not reclaim our territory? why do you advocate for retreat?

        16. I would also allow men who have served in the military to vote regardless of whether they own property or not, with combat veterans getting two votes each and wounded combat veterans getting three votes each, and combat veterans who are permanently disabled from combat to get four votes each.

        17. I agree that conscription should be mandatory. Military service would help greatly to strengthen masculinity in America.

        18. you know good well you would be the first one killed in a fire fight. Real life is not like Call of Duty.

        1. No socialism! Socialism only leads to communism, they are kissing cousins, so to speak. The problems we have now are because of welfare. That has allowed the state to increase the power over the individual, decreased the value of the family, and increased the divorce rates and imprisoned men with the family courts system.

      2. To be honest Marxism and socialism is what destroyed the black community and now it’s destroying the white community. The black community was actually improving but guess what happened. The war on poverty and the war on drugs with a topping of no fault divorce.

        1. That’s a bunch of bullshit. The black community was NOT improving. Just because you are at a 1 and you improve to a 2 before going back to one does not mean you are “improving”.
          Blacks were always shit and they will remain shit.

        2. look we all know you desire to be a big boy someday. You don’t have to act tough. We love you for the little man you are .

    4. For sure bro. Explain to me again how illegal/mass immigration of incompatible low IQ people is not my problem. That instead of a safe white neighbourhood I get to live in a “vibrant” neighbourhood with my lower middle class family to afford to live, with all the inherent risks for my family and especially my kids.
      Self reliance does not equal being free from needing people on your side. You think the outsiders give a shit about you?

      1. Explain to me again how illegal/mass immigration of incompatible low IQ people is not my problem.
        You took two big huge leaps to get here from what I said.
        I can’t defend what I don’t believe, nor can I defend what I didn’t say.
        I happen to agree with you 100% that illegal and mass immigration is a problem. And it very well could be a real problem you face.

      2. I mean I do agree with you that the lottery visa which brings in a lot of the poor immigrants with barely any skills to the United States should be eliminated. But at the same time you go to any top college in the United States and go to any of the engineering, computer science, or life science class. You will find a large number of asian immigrants. And you’ll also find that a lot of the white kids are really fresh off the boat from europe or light skin rich arabs. As I went through grade school, I noticed that most caucasion kids are very lowly motivated to apply themselves in school and most don’t even make it to 4 year colleges. My high school had 60% of the kids go to the local community college and I’m from a pretty solid middle class area in NY. You can blame the education system as much as you want but you have the children of first generation immigrants mostly of asian descent go through the same system and end up in a lot of the prestigious institutions in the country. Why can’t the white kids do the same? As such you need a steady supply of educated immigrants coming to this country, and giving the US citizenship to keep it competitive with rest of the world. I’ve had incredibly smart friends who have had to leave once their student visas ran out after college graduation because of how strict the H1B is. Not denying that some corporations use the H1B visas to hire workers for cheap and fire local workers but you need to have and put in a proper system where H1B workers get equal pay and can contribute to our economy.

        1. I have seen the same thing. Immigrants coming here, working hard to build a business, pulling together to work and buy rental properties, etc. The problem with a lot of indigenous modern Americans (of all colors) is they have grown up in relative affluence and think the world owes them something. The running joke in India and Pakistan is they want to come to America, where the poor people are fat. The poor in New Delhi certainly aren’t. Here the poor are not only fat, but they have cell phones and many have cars. That’s hardly poverty stricken and certainly no incentive to get off your ass and do something productive. Most middle class white kids are in the same boat, only mommy and daddy are the welfare providers. They all need a little more hardship.

        2. Exactly, I always remembered how white kids would act when I (of south asian descent) or any of the other 2 or 3 asian kids in our class would always get the top grades. They would act like we were doing good because we’re asian and it comes naturally to us. Not the fact that we were studying our asses off and our parents would punish us severely if we got poor grades. Not like white kids who would get “grounded” and sent to their rooms with their nintendos or play stations SMH. I remember I didn’t even get an xbox till the 7th grade and my parents would take it away whenever I did bad in school. Now if I ever play COD online I’ll literally run into 5 year olds screaming and cussing at me lol. And they wonder why their kids don’t do well later in life. The greatest generation ruined the baby boomers, the baby boomers further ruined the millenials.

        3. Why can’t we take immigrants from Europe rather than Asia? Why can’t we motivate and encourage white kids to go to school/study those subjects/take those positions? Why must we replace ourselves for the sake of “global competitiveness”?

        4. I really don’t know man because I am not a white person hahaha. South asian here buddy guess I’m part of the problem lol. I guess europeans aren’t doing too good either in the global field cause the white kids there got lazy. That’s why you don’t see that many international europeans in colleges as you do with international students from Asia. Btw Zyzz was of Kurdish (middle eastern) descent.

        5. lol his first name is Aziz and he’s an ethnic Kurd. There are also tons of muslims from Russia, i.e. Tsarnaev brothers who did the boston bombing.

        6. Huh. Do you mean to say that this guy, the guy commenting behind the handle Zyzz, who clearly despises everyone non-white, has assumed the identity of an Middle-eastern/Asian?

        7. Yea lmfao he’s assumed the identity of a middle eastern muslim. These white nationalists can’t even be proper racists rofl

        8. I wear Hindu monk bracelets on my wrists cause they look cool and girls like them, doesn’t mean I’m Hindu. And zyzz was prolly an atheist but he’s still of middle eastern descent and is descended from muslims as evident by his first name Aziz lol. Here’s his wiki bio if you don’t believe me. I know muslims who are named Mohammad go by “Mo”, and Ahmed go by “Ed” lol.

        9. Trust me I know more about zyzz than you do. He was raised orthodox. And his parents immigrated from Russia to Australia. He’s white enough for me.

        10. in the words of Jessie Custer: ” Why is it the greatest champions of the white race always turn out to be the worst examples of it.”

    5. How do we know if actual “Nazis” were carrying flags that day? We don’t know if they were actually government agents, or perhaps members of Antifa.
      There are disturbing reports that Jason Kessler (the leader of the group protesting the removal of the Lee statue) did the following:
      * worked for CNN as an assignment editor
      * was strongly involved in the Occupy movement
      * was a supporter of Obama
      Does that sound like some alt right “Nazi racist” to you?
      This entire situation was controlled opposition on both sides.

      1. I’ve heard this, but nobody really knows the truth except for Kessler. (And even he might not, if he is as mental as he seems.)
        In a way, I don’t think it matters much who he was and what his background is. The conversation is happening, the damage is done, and we may never know the truth. And even if we know the truth, it’ll be too far removed in time for it to make a difference, not to mention suppressed if the truth doesn’t align with leftist interests.
        So as a practical matter, I judge it best to approach the subject as if he really is a murderous Nazi racist.
        Now, in a more academic sense, the truth is extremely important. For both long term and introspective reasons, it’d be helpful to know who is among us and what they really believe, or if this was a set-up, and how best to prevent these sorts of fuckwittery.

        1. Places like CNN, WaPo and NYT have realized that the truth is really irrelevant. They can publish front-page lies, get everyone worked up and pissed off, then print a retraction in the back of the paper, or in an obscure area on a website that no one will ever actually read except lawyers looking to get them.

        2. Those are the basic mechanics of it. Their standard has been reduced from ‘verifiably factual and thorough’ to ‘contains elements which may plausibly not be untrue in some context’. And we find ourselves here.
          Too many people either want the lies, or still haven’t fully caught on. On the bright side, lost credibility is not easily regained.

        3. I won’t approach the subject that way. Kessler is not a Nazi; he’s actually something worse.
          Jason Kessler subverted a movement, and now people are injured and dead. On top of that, the alt right is now being showcased as “murderous racist Nazis”.
          Subversion by the globalists and Antifa is a SERIOUS PROBLEM. Antifa has already been caught LARPING as “rednecks” during that idiotic “Redneck Revolt” scenario, but this is much worse.
          Now we have to check into the background of every leader in every organization, so that we don’t see another false flag event.

        4. You can certainly approach it any way you see fit. I won’t say you are wrong, only that I don’t quite see the point in letting the narrative the bulk of the country is seeing get away from you. As it stands right now, your position isn’t accepted or even known by the vast majority. And I think it is unlikely to penetrate their consciousness, no matter how hard you try.
          Anyway, if what you say is true, his own people were the ones injured and dead. So there’s that.
          You’d do well to know the background of those you place your faith in anyway. I’m sorry it took an event like this for you to realize that, but it was true all along. Incidentally, the media doesn’t care and won’t help you.
          As for what the alt-right is being showcased as? To this day, I still can’t figure out what the alt-right is. Too many competing claims, too many opportunists in the mix. I only know I’m not a part of it, so it’s tough for me to get too worked up about it.

        5. Voxday’s 16 points of the alt-right is generally considered to be the actual tenets of the alt-right. He is also far from an opportunist. It is disingenuous to consider this a “claim” given its wide acceptance of those in the alt-right

    6. Good luck with your conservative traditionalism, I’m sure when your country is brown theyll all care about traditionalism and conservatism as well. Idiot. You’re running out of things to conserve.

      1. How do you get through a single day alive making so many unverifiable assumptions? Other people don’t find it very pleasant to be in your company, do they?
        On second thought, don’t answer that. Because you likely have a rather distorted view of your relationships.

        1. This is probably the dumbest response I have ever heard. Essentially denying the issue by redirecting your response with ad hominem attacks. You must be a cuck

        2. You do realize I was responding to someone that said “Idiot. You’re running out of things to conserve.”, right?

        3. Yes, because you think blacks, browns, and other non whites are going to care about preserving confederate statues amongst other things? Again, this is why you’re a sperg.

        4. you think blacks, browns, and other non whites are going to care about preserving confederate statues amongst other things
          For my part, I will refer interested parties to my open comment history, where it is completely plain to see if I have discussed my belief that blacks and browns and other non-whites care about the things I care about, and if I indeed care or do not care about Confederate statues. Amongst other things.
          Because attempting to be thoughtful, appropriate, and rational in ones responses is the classic definition of sperg. I just can’t help myself.

    7. But how many members of the “alt right” were actually carrying Nazi flags? Were any of those people actually government agents or Antifa members LARPING as “Nazis”?
      Jason Kessler is a FRAUD. He’s supposed to be the leader of “Unite the Right”, but he’s not “alt right”. And he’s not a “Nazi” either. People who love Obama are not into “white supremacy”.
      This entire clusterfuck was based upon a lie.

    8. If my problem is blacks are invading my neighborhood should I blame myself for living in an area that attracts blacks?

      1. No. You shouldn’t be blaming anything on anyone. Assigning blame get you nowhere.
        If you have a problem with it, just solve the problem.

        1. So flee my neighborhood?? Perpetuate white flight?? When will whites stand up for themselves and defend their neighborhoods??

    9. If one cannot identify their problem, then they are doomed to fall victim to it perpetually.
      Traditionalism, conservatism and self reliance are unachievable if you ignore the parasites and subversives that undermine and influence you.

    10. “The core of any racist philosophy is to blame others for your problems.”
      This is true of some racists,
      but not all – some are racists because they don’t want the unique beauty of their people to disappear from this world forever. I am in the latter group. Whatever problems I may personally have I blame only upon myself. I would hold this same view whether I were a homeless pauper or a billionaire. I have traveled around various countries in Europe and seen the variety of European national types and found much beauty there among the women, whether blondes, brunettes or red-heads. I see the genetic gems that have resulted from tens of thousands of years of survival of the fittest going back to the Ice Age. These women cannot be allowed to disappear from the earth forever just because some blue-haired ugly screeching SJW harridans and manlets and assorted freaks want them dead, or because some Cuckservatives think it’s more important to make money by importing cheap labor that will then breed us out of existence. No! Any White man who doesn’t care if the beauty of our women vanishes from Earth forever is not a man.

  11. Yeah, posting shit like this is going to alienate a significant portion of your readership at ROK. Going through pickup artistry in it’s heyday, then the rise of peak sjwism and open hostility towards white culture (and people) by minorities (read middle Easterners and blacks) tends to red pill one long before Roosh and Roissy were a thing.
    If you think unchecked immigration is a great thing so you can bang random foreign girls, that being a white God among dark skinned people is awesome so it makes it easier to get laid you are actively part of the problem.

      1. Roosh promotes traveling to experience different cultures and their women. Most guys can’t do that, ergo they look for that experience here.

    1. Where in the hell does JC mention anything about immigration in the article? Your fallacy of the day Is “strawman”

  12. What a cuck. At some point, you run out of places to run away to. We can see where this is going, the trajectory is clear. We can see what will happen to us in the not-too-distant future. What do you propose we do…besides complaining on the internet?
    Those people – and make no mistake, everyone not a communist is a “nazi” now – are at least standing up and fighting back. Clearly, they were only defeated by the armed intervention of the government which used the police as an active antifag ally. The exact same thing was done in Berkely, CA and there were no “klansmen” there were they?
    The dynamics have changed. Trump was “literally Hitler”, remember? Anyone that supported Trump was a “racist” or a “nazi”. It was a constant drumbeat from the judeo-media that Trump was a nazi…and people voted for him anyway! He won because of the wall (which was loudly, constantly proclaimed to be “racist”) and immigration reform (which was also deemed “racist”).
    We’re at this point because no one stood up and fought back decades ago!
    PS – “7. They completely shun blacks” Ha! Anyone with functioning brain cells does that, you cuckolded sissy!

    1. Oi stormcuck! On a scale of 1 to 10, how hard did you fap when your aryan gf was getting her pussy obliterated by a black man?

        1. It’s weird how no one wants black females, not even their own men. They are literally unwanted.

      1. Kill yourself. Go down a liter of anti freeze please, do it for everyone here you pathetic cockroach

    2. Jesus, Roosh really attracts some lefty faggots. I found your post well written and far from shocking/controversial. This is why I never posted, even before ROK. Red pill kindergarten class, with the inmates writing for the asylum.

    3. Fair enough but whats stopping the alt right in developing a new symbol? and actually being creative. Living in the past will make you lose this battle, the Nazi’s FOUGHT and LOST thats the difference, History is written by the victors. The meme war was great because it pulled in so many disenfranchised whites and blacks alike- Trump has 80% of the millenial white vote thats huge, and 20% of the millenial black vote, a record for republicans post 1965…This battle can be won, but not by latching onto loser flags- its not that the confederates/Nazis were right or wrong, its that they lost the WAR
      Create a new symbol and Win the war with it, thats all there is to it

  13. I don’t really expect that much from Roosh’s readers tbh. What self respecting white guy hero worships a brown sex tourist who has needed until his mid 30’s to even come close to self awareness and some idea of masculine virtue? Roissy was always a deeper and more intellectually bent writer, attracting a much more masculine and intelligent following.

    1. Roosh called this whole mess a couple years back once news came out that millions of middle-Eastern “refugees” were marching into Germany.
      Roosh is not your enemy, and is at worst neutral while contributing ideas and rhetoric to your side. It’s not worth it to waste time attacking Roosh.

  14. no shame in being a racist, it’s the nature’s way
    nazism on the other hand,is just one of the many ‘isms’ to be followed like a herd does, and consequently, not suited for the truly proud and free!

  15. Ultimately I’ll align with any symbols, ideas, or approach that will fulfil the 14 words. Whether it’s the Christian church, Republicans, AltRight, Nazis, Confederates, or whatever. And I agree with the author that most modern neo-Nazis are a bunch of degenerates who make the right look bad, even George Lincoln Rockwell admitted only degenerates were willing to hear his message.
    But if nothing tangible gets done in the next 20 years or so by American or European right-wing conservatives, and Western countries are flooded and controlled by non-whites and Jews, Nazism will be the last stand of explicit whiteness.
    After America and Western countries have been converted to Judeo-Masonic non-countries, I’m going to bet that the swastika is going to be the last symbol whites carry to say that their right to exist on this planet is non-negotiable.

    1. “Conservatives” have conserved nothing. Their continuing failures tell us they cannot be relied upon in the future, either.
      That does not mean we should adhere to any particular label or movement, particularly if it could hinder our further advancement. Our idea – a unified America where people are free, where ethics and reason are as American as apple pie or Superman, where men are men and women are women (and children are children) – is too important.
      4th Generation Warfare – a war of ideas, fought on the mental, moral, and even physical levels by people united by cause and not by banner – is our best hope.

      1. Conservatives don’t conserve, because that’s not the definition of the word. “Conservative” means “moving in carefully considered steps”; as in “playing conservative football” means not taking outrageous risks.

    2. Unless Whites collectively purge J*ws from their intelligentsia and political/economic spectrum the future will be very violent in Western countries, but how on Earth do they gain so much power in host countries?, this is actually worthy of an Oxford or Harvard study, actually impressive when you look at it objectively

      1. What they do is find the segments of society that feel down-trodden and justify their resentment towards the authorities and ruling-classes. Marxism is all about class-warfare, but modern post-modern politics also includes race-warfare.
        Back in Roman times the first Christians decided that strength was evil and weakness was a virtue in the eye’s of God, thereby justifying the hatred of the slave class against the ruling class and leading to a revolt of the masses.
        Combine this with their love of usury and hoarding money, selling sex and drugs, and becoming experts at living within other nations as a roaming clique of two-faced liars for thousands of years. In modern times Jews buy off the aristocrats of ruling countries and hand over their women to create mixed kids, allowing them to integrate into host societies and begin subverting them in the open, claiming all the while to be your friendly neighbour.
        I appreciate their ruthlessness don’t get me wrong. And make no mistake, quite a bit of the white race has degenerated from older and tougher times and many of our best died in WW2. And frankly, while minorities and freaks cheer on the destruction of white identity and their first-world countries, they fail to realise that a world run by psychopathic elite Jews is a threat to all races. The middle-East for example is very red-pill about them, and even the Quran consistently identifies their treachery. I don’t think this conflict will ever stop until we’ve all got our separate spaces where we can live our lives in peace.

    3. Nazi symbols leave bad taste in Normies mouthes. However, I would agree with you, the time fast approaching when something needs to be done through brutal force, without much regard to style or desire to appear civil.
      Left will always portray even the most benign attempts to stand for the white interests as evil and extreme. So why waste energy to try to moderate pro-white messages?
      I respect Spencer. He has giant balls. Of course he cannot do everything flawlessly. But he has courage and he brought whites’ interests into the limelight again.

      1. “Nazi symbols leave bad taste in Normies mouthes”
        To be honest, this is correct and I understand this.
        I’m just finding it annoying how people are talking down about these people as if sitting around doing nothing is morally superior.
        I don’t think Spencer is going to be the true leader if things get serious, but at least he’s doing something and putting his reputation and life on the line.

        1. The enemy controls the Media narrative. Hell, even in my building elevator there’s a screen where they dusplay Leftist messages. Thats why the Right needs to create parallel systems – media, finance, website hosting and such.
          PS. I like how stylish and good looking Spencer is. It makes people more receptive to what he has to say.

        1. This protest was never created to win support for the alt right at all; it was a false flag operation…..with controlled opposition on both sides. The leader of the alt right group, Jason Kessler, was an OBAMA SUPPORTER……who was involved with the Ocuppy Movement, and was former assignment editor at CNN.
          He was also opposed to the 2nd Amendment.
          That’s not a Nazi; that’s a globalist double agent deliberately subverting a movement….and indirectly causing a lot of mayhem and violence.

        2. The only time when violence is justified, is during self defense. There were other riots and protests where the leftists attacked first and when the right wingers retaliated, people’s sympathy for them grew.
          Even if this protest was a false flag, the fact the neo Nazis condoned this violence is not going to do them any favors in the long run.

        3. false flag is a risky term to use, both ordinarily because of the association with conspiracy theory / paranoia and particularly in this instance because of the young woman antifa. The Kessler lead looks solid to me, if the facts are as presented,but that IMO should not be presented in conjunction with the attack on the crowd by Field. Even that were itself a false flag, the moment you embrace it as such you bear on your shoulders the baggage of every previous false flag claim – basically the assertion that we live in a simulated universe. What I am saying is that even if it were a false flag you should leave it out of the equation short of absolutely compelling proof – something I don’t believe exists (i.e. because it was real). The leftist misinformation managers are leagues ahead of the right in terms of anticipating how a claim will appear in the media, a media after all that they are largely in control of anyway.
          So focus on the Kessler lead, make it clear that by false flag you mean ‘set-up’ or ‘trap’ or better still don’t use the phrase false flag at all, because it is very easily dismissed. Power works increasingly through behind the scenes manipulation. But in the foreground it works by controlling the discourse and what can pass as a legitimate. The left will seize upon any claim that refers to behind the scenes machinations and in the absence of watertight evidence position it as conspiracy theory, or paranoia.

        4. The protest resulted in the MSM going totally over-the-top insane with rage condemning the protesters while giving a pass to the violent Leftist counter-protesters, thereby exposing the MSM’s true nature for all to see. The mainstream Republicans then jumped onto this virtue-signaling bandwagon, thereby exposing themselves as the cucks that they truly are, for all to see. If the rally hadn’t turned into such a debacle then none of this would have happened, so really Richard Spencer won in the long run. I wonder if he foresaw this result? If he did, then he’s fucking brilliant. And then Trump came out with his statements, and also Spencer is suing with the help of the ACLU. And I have a feeling that we are going to see a growing phenomenon of White Men who have so far been afraid to speak, finding their balls and telling the assorted freaks and cucks in their lives to go fuck themselves – all because of the in-your-face ballsiness of our guys at that rally. Those terrible, evil “haters” just won themselves a lot of support, and it will be a shock to many when that becomes apparent.

      1. 2 + 2 = 4. There. Now I’m a “math-Nazi.”
        Kathmandu is not in Antarctica. There. Now I’m a “geography-Nazi.”

    1. Ooh another capitalist? Don’t like me recruiting your young daughter to star in a porno? Too bad that’s capitalism. Don’t want me getting your teenage son hooked on heroin? Too bad. That’s capitalism.

      1. As I have said, capitalism reflects the rule of nature, and as such is likely the most viable economic system possible.
        But it leads to abuses if not bound by ethics. Reactionary laws cannot protect against abuses, for they either arrive too late or are danced around by evil men. Ethics, and ethics alone, protects mankind from ourselves.

        1. So because it’s natural for people to be weak and get addicted to nicotine and drugs, we should not just allow it but profit from it?
          Fascism is liberation from Capitalist exploitation. Fascism puts the health and well being of the people and the nation ahead of Capitalist profits.

        2. It is the exploitative Capitalists who want to bring in millions of foreigners and turn America into nothing but a giant marketplace with no common language, culture, or history.

        3. What you have just done is completely missed the argument. The Law will not save you from the evils of men, and fascism is simply a domination of men wielding the power of the sword over the lives and actions of other men. The evil simply moves up and gains more power, and then the Law is rendered impotent.
          Ethics – the regulation of man from within, and the power to discern good from evil – has the greater power and the greater protection. Ethics empowers men to regulate themselves in a way the Law cannot, and it empowers men to identify and assault violations of ethical standards.
          For this reason, the powers that be despise ethics. It is not taught in schools, it is not preached on the street corners or the television screen, and it is not upheld in business or politics.

        4. Ok so when I offer your daughter $5,000 to get gangbanged on camera don’t blame me: blame her for being weak and lacking ethics.
          When your son overdoses on heroin I sold him, don’t blame me, blame your weak ass son.
          muh capitalism

        5. In an ethical society, I would blame you both. My children for failing to act in their long-term best interests, and you for causing them to do so.
          They would receive proper discipline should this occur, and you would be treated in a similar fashion. An ethical jury would not convict, and so all is in balance.

        6. But I am only exercising my right as a Capitalist. In a capitalist society, there is no ethics: there is no concern for your fellow man. I did not force anyone to do porn or do drugs: there was a need or a want or a demand and I supplied it.
          IF you want to place human health and life first OVER profiteering, then you are a fascist.

        7. You are incorrect. Capitalism does not demand ethics, but neither does it inherently reject ethics – it is neutral in this sense. You falsely equate non-essential with absent.
          It is true that, at the present time, ethics is absent, but that is not a necessary quality of Capitalism. In an ethical society, where ethics holds sway over the decision-making aspects of the people’s thoughts, such actions would be aberrant and despicable to the common man, who would act within their own ethical considerations to discipline you.
          Now, such systems are fragile because the nature of man is toward wickedness. We must remain vigilant to preserve a state of ethics and general liberty, else we will become enslaved to the unethical and the evil.

        8. In a fascist society, your body belongs to the state so you are obligated to take good care of it.

      2. Better some government committee decides its ‘for the good of the people’ for her to blow a horse on TV?
        THATS Socialism.

        1. A fascist government cares for its people. Look at how Nazi Germany discouraged smoking and promoted a healthy lifestyle. In a Capitalist society, the businesses and restaurants are encouraged to sell poison to people to make money. Then big pharma and the medical industrial complex profits from treating them for their illnesses. All at the tax payer’s expense.

  16. Nazi’s on average are the far right of the low I.Q/”racist” red pill continuum, at least the traditional ones. Most of them recently are psy ops or bandwagoning. Sort of like how Roosh readers are the far left – the rights version of pyjamaboy who jump on the Roosh bandwagon. Not to say Roosh hasn’t done some good things, but he’s by far not a leader of men or that intelligent….makes you wonder about the masculinity and autism prevalence of his readership 😉

    1. right because NAZIs only made Germany the wealthiest, most productive, most advanced country in the world in less than 10 years.

      1. Up until WWII, they did ok. But that shit won’t work here in the U.S.
        But once Hitler decided to attack other whites in their homelands, it was game over for his ass.

        1. A shitload of bombings and multiple countries plundering you tends to do that but it doesn’t prove the economic model wasn’t sound.

        2. If he was doing it right he wouldn’t have pissed us off.
          If Germany was just duking it out with Russia, everything would have been fine.

        3. Merica backed the wrong horse, and now you’re Zionists bitch until they’ve extinguished all they can extract from you and dispose you like whore.

  17. Don’t think it was ever an issue, however I still not sure what “alt-right” is exaclty defined as, but the left is simply using these sliver of misfits to smear anyone not apart of their cult. In fact some posting here are using the vocabulary of the left by insinuating that the non-left (libertarians, conservatives, independents, etc..) is attempting to join forces with national socialists which is completely untrue. This is a smear tactic and a crafted slur which many have taken the bait.
    Saul Alinksy 101
    10. “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.“
    12. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.“

    1. There is an exception to every rule. The Nazi brand has proved an exception to Alinsky’s rule 10 for generations. No one with any sense wants anything to do with that.

      1. If Nazi ideas were so great, you would think they could just as easily be sold in a different non-toxic package. But for some reason, these clowns want to wrap themselves in a swastika and then wonder why no one wants to listen to them or march in their parade. The truth is that the symbol carries the baggage it has picked up over the years, and no matter how noble your attempt to redefine it may be (I don’t actually agree they are trying), it’s just dumb t not adopt a different set of symbols.

  18. We were doing so well. And then the Nazi faggots ruined everything.
    When they were attacking ppl like Milo, the general public were disgusted by ANTIFA and moved right.
    But when they attacked Richard Spencer and his fellow retards, the general public were disgusted by the right, and moved left.
    The Nazi LARPers need to go. As does anyone associated with Richard Spencer. That moron has single handedly destroyed the alt-right brand. And the most damaging moments for the right since the election have all been because of Spencer. He is currently planning ANOTHER attention whore event on 9/11. Good lord. How much more damage does he want to inflict?!

    1. Spencer is no better than controlled opposition. Even if he is a true believer in liberty, the preservation of western cultures and identities, and American exceptionalism, his poor grasp of tactics and ego-whoring are an absolute detriment to the longevity of those ideas.

      1. He’s a trust fund baby socialist with bitch tits who is astoundingly bad at pulling off any plan he concocts. In that sense, he’s definitely a Nazi.

        1. I guess I’m still struggling to find why or how he even has any pull at all. The first I heard of him was that whole ‘Punch a Nazi’ event.

        2. Kind of convenient that the only “Nazi” the media gives attention to is also the most hilariously incompetent.

    2. I think the haircut is silly: he’s deliberately trying to look like a member of the Hitler Youth. I on the other hand with long hair look more like a member of Antifa … perhaps I should infiltrate?

      1. Might as well. Get in with the crowd, document the atrocities as you can, do your damnedest not to get caught by Antifa or participate in their criminal activities.
        Or punch out a journalist, make them defend Antifa against themselves. That is always amusing.

    3. You weren’t doing shit. The only chance this country has to realize that multi-cuturalism is our demise and end this failed experiment already./

    4. I wouldn’t be surprised if the FBI/CIA have infiltrated the alt-right, they always do this with Movements

      1. I’m sure they have. But at the same time they have not infiltrated Antifa because Antifa and the FBI are on the same page: it’s not the 1960’s anymore where the FBI agents are two old white men in black suits and shades. The average FBI agent today is a lesbian or fag with an adopted Bangladeshi child.

      2. Of course they have, kessler is a jew himself and many suspect that spencer is too,,, but you dont not stand up for your race because a couple bad apples,,, blacks blm and anti fa are lead by feds too, they just too dumb to figure that out

      3. Federal and local law enforcement put a lot of effort into infiltrating any right-wing groups comprised of pissed-off white males… the Klan, “Nazi” groups,, militias, secessionist groups, and the like.
        Little or no effort is put into infiltrating the more whacked-out and violent lefty groups, whether they be radical environmentalists, ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, etc.
        This is the new reality in majority white, western countries. The very demographic group that made these countries what they are cannot fight the system that is hell-bent to dispirit, demonize, and annihilate them.

    5. this nazi thing is pure bullshit. The only “nazi” you will ever see is in a holywood propaganda movie. Very convenient to say the least.

  19. this is retarded, this stupid hippis entire argument centers around fashion and tattoos, what a load of shit, with out NAZI and KKK there is no Right, face it!

  20. Actual Nazi are basically low lives punks.
    The ironny is that if they lived under Hitler’s rules, they would have basically the same fate than the SA.
    When the Left and LGBT were about to obtain some power in the 80, they get rid off the Nambla. And believe me, they were more popular among them than those Fucking Nazis.
    As long as the Alt right is associated with those fuckwits, It will go nowhere.
    Save a life. Burry a nazi.

      1. I have no hate for them. My familly killed enough of them back in time to fix that. Nazism is essentially Larping the Third Reich, actually.
        If you want to do Something usefull, learn Something from the economic strategy of the third Reich, and keep yourself away from a

  21. Look for the extremists on either side of politics and you will find a few things in common. Neither seem to be concerned about their appearance, their manners, their professional development and their overall health. Nazi on one side and feminazi on the other. Both are hopeless wenches who would never be allowed to board my ship.
    And I would like to make a suggestion to the ladies. A girl was killed by one of these idiots at the rally. Be a beautiful lass with class and stop going to these events. Contrary to what you have been told, you are not a superhero and you are not invincible. That is all.

    1. Guy was most likely mentally I’ll. Also, he was surrounded by a group of nogs and white hipsters with baseball bats threatening him and hitting his car. Whether bit was panic/self defence or righteous indignation, I approve. More leftist idiots need to be held accountable for their rioting and subversive, cowardly shit.

      1. New footage shows Antifa was attacking his car with pipes / bats before he gunned it and crashed into that crowd.

        1. Vehicular self defense. Whether the left hides in their basements or gets angry and floods the streets it’s a win. They either need to be deprogrammed or put into line by force.

      2. This crazy fuck plowed his car into a crowd of his perceived enemies because of his ideology. You know who else does that? Muslim terrorists. You are no different from them, which is why we don’t want you on “our side”, why we want nothing to do with you. Eventually, you’ll find a reason to blame your problems on us, because we aren’t “right enough” or we’re not “pure” or whatever, and then you’ll support driving cars into us, too.

        1. They were smashing his car with pipes and bats and he gunned it and crashed.
          He didn’t drive into a crowd of protestors, he rear ended a parked car hence why only 1 person was killed.

        2. If you were going to kill people in a crowd, I think you would rent a big truck not use a dodge charger to do it.

    2. Very astute observation. Look at the far right guys at Charlottesville and so many If them were tatted up 30+ pounds overweight. Just like…. The SJWs

  22. study history, immigration act of 1778 said only whites were to be citizens of the USA, because the founders knew that if you let blacks and Indians be citizens this country would go straight to hell. This was law until Lincoln made blacks citizens in 1878, and they were only 5% of the population back then, and Kennedy legalized non-white immigration in 1965 when America was still 95% white.. now America is only 65% white, that’s why its going to hell full of crime and prison and welfare debt,, ,you people need to educate yourself and quit believeing your grade school fairy tales that alex jones tells you.

    1. Better for the bottom 40% to be your own people in your own social structure than incompatible outsiders who will ((subvert)) and Africanize your country.

      1. that’s exactly right. now the bastards are getting into government, backed by the jews and voter scam no doubt,, and affirmative action, the lowest of people are running our government, look up how many black female police captains you have, it will make you sick.

        1. Well if history repeats itself, again….. there will be millions of dead blacks in the future. Commies always decimate the tools that get them to power.
          The way blacks are protected by the elite, and allowed to do thing no one else is allowed, the way they are given jobs they aren’t qualified for, it sure is hinting to a turtle on a post.
          When the Commies come to collect, the blackies will pay, no option.

      2. Man you nazis are getting lazy. You left off a parenthesis on your echo marks. And here I just thought you were all gay. Lazy too! Wow. Never would have expected it

  23. study history, immigration act of 1778 said only whites were to be citizens of the USA, because the founders knew that if you let blacks and Indians be citizens this country would go straight to hell. This was law until Lincoln made blacks citizens in 1878, and they were only 5% of the population back then, and Kennedy legalized non-white immigration in 1965 when America was still 95% white.. now America is only 65% white, that’s why its going to hell full of crime and prison and welfare debt,, ,you people need to educate yourself and quit believeing your grade school fairy tales that alex jones tells you. NAZI’s made Germany the greatest country in the world because they threw the jewish banksters out, the KKK saved America twice before from southern reconstruction and a complete communist overthrow in the 1920’s..

    1. Not all white people were counted as white back then. It took several decades before Nordicism was dissolved enough for Mediterranean whites to be included as whites. Before that Italians and the Irish were colorfully called white cochroaches and white niggers. Most of the poor whites weren’t counted as white either until it became apparent that they would align with black looking for civil liberties.
      What time period are you referencing because no history book accounts for it?

        1. I heard the drums echoing tonight but she hears only whispers of some quiet conversation. She’s coming in, 12:30 flight the moonlit wings reflect the stars that guide me to salvation

    2. No, incriminating. a (((tribe))) is not accepted here. They like this to stay Return Of Kings, not Return of the Stormfronters.
      Ever AmRen much?

  24. Thanks for the shoutout, there are times when I’ve feared ROK would descend into stormcuckery…I don’t really fault the trajectory, its useless to deny that the white working class demographic around the world has been getting ass raped for about 20-30 years..There anti-white propaganda was so bad it turned me -a self professed marxist into a race realist in search of the red pill…
    I was ready to eject to a new ”black” manosphere earlier this year (website-https://negromanosphere.com/) in which Donovan Sharpe is also a writer, but the commenters and the majority of the writers here are too brilliant, and the commenting dialogue is alot better here than the aforementioned black manosphere site.
    To all my black and white brothers, don’t let these race baiting, second rate negroes and snow monkeys get under your skin(pun intended). Its your divine right to expose the hypocrisy and lies of the ‘ruling elite’. Lastly change starts at home, we can’t keyboard warrior through this. DUES VULT

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more PSquare! It was mainly taking the Red Pill on relationships that brought me here, but the level of intelligence from other commentators definitely kept me here. Add to that Roosh’s desire for truth and honesty, and the goal of increased masculinity and a higher quality of life, and I would stick around for as long as this site pushes that as the Red Pill.
      Also many thanks to the writer for the honorary mention!

    2. I found a common ground with many minorities on anti-male climate in the West. You dont have to bring racial truthes, just talk about feminist hypocrisy or gay agenda and many colored men will nod in agreement and would bond with you over that mutual truth understanding.

      1. That’s all good and I agree with you, Nevsky, until your new red-pilled Black friend wants to date your sister – what then? Are you okay with having brown nieces and nephews?

        1. I get along fine with my Black co-workers but I have never had Black friends (or Black enemies either), and I have lived my life just fine without them. They’re not necessary to my happiness.

        2. I would’t mind having brown nieces and nephews, but then again a) I don’t have a sister and b) I’m only mostly white and c) There is nothing wrong with not being white.
          If he is a good, moral, christian, honest working man with a past of fidelity to his previous relationships, then go ahead. Better my hypothetical sister to date a bro than some rando I don’t know from adam.

        3. That’s a question of DNA vs the mind. Personally I place the mind above all else as everything else is a position of weakness. Therefore discrimination should be by ideology only.
          However if the mind and DNA are supremely connected than the result of discrimination should be the same regardless what you chose.
          If that isn’t the case then it hardly matters, now does it?

        4. But there’s the difference – you’re already mixed so for you, obviously, it wouldn’t make a difference. But for me it’s a big deal because my parents came from Europe and all of my known Ancestors are from there (yes I know, if we go far back enough in time we all converge, but I am talking about what can be reasonably ascertained from genealogy and DNA testing within the time-frame since we all diverged). I don’t want to see my people disappear forever, no more than an Amazonian Indian or an Australian aborigine would want his people to disappear. I don’t want THIS to disappear:

          Your hypothetical upstanding Christian Black guy, with all his sterling qualities, will never be able to father anyone like the beautiful young woman in that video. It took thousands of years of isolation under very hard conditions for her Ancestors to create her, and all of that is destroyed when someone like her creates babies with someone like your Black guy. Better for her to make babies with some White trash loser than with him. Beauty is a powerfully spiritual matter for me. Beauty is holy, especially (for me) the beauty of my own people.

        5. But your daughter does and so does your wife… they would never tell you but they do. They know who the true alpha male is.

        6. I have an IQ around 152, am athletic and am still considered good-looking at age 61, used to be able to carry on a decent conversation in 5 languages, come from a family of very intelligent and good-looking people – sorry, no inferior genes here. As for feeling “insecure”, you’re correct, I feel very insecure about the chances of my people still existing in more than scattered isolated pockets 100 years from now. It would be irrational of me to NOT feel insecure about that.

        7. Red pill black man should be ok with us finding that unacceptable. If they respect themselves they should feel the same way about their women. If they can’t take it? Fuck em

        8. What I mean to say is that discriminating by anything else but actual merit and ideology puts the power of the individual down.
          Collectivism isn’t for men in that sense.
          That said you people say that no one else but Caucasians can uphold western civilization.
          If that is true than it shouldn’t make a difference wether you discriminate by DNA or by ideology.
          If it isn’t true than it hardly matters as western civilization is still upheld.

        9. Such red-pilled Black men (and men of other races) as you describe are welcome as my allies. I agree with you about that. Muhammad Ali agreed also:

      2. The same feminism that ruined white familes absolutely destroyed black communities. 50 years ago most black children grew up in two parent homes now most in single parent households. The rate of imprisonement for black men quadrupled.

    3. The red pill isn’t about race, religion, ethnicity or any of the common picking points various factions attempt to use to keep us divided. The red pill is about reality and the truth of human nature. I grew up in a county that is majority black. There were nice folks and assholes, both black and white. I had quite a few black friends and acquaintances. One black farmer helped me through some really tough times by putting me on his kill permits so I could provide my family with deer meat. He treated me like family and you can’t put a price on that.
      I learned a lot from the uniquely American black culture I grew up around. Unfortunately a couple of Philadelphia “community organizers” came in and restructured our county government with people just like them. So I was paying property taxes that were higher than my black neighbors with more land and bigger houses, while getting routinely shaken down (traffic tickets, which I beat every time in court) by the local police. It became obvious to me what was going on and I moved. But I can speak with authority about institutionalized racial discrimination having experienced it myself. I don’t like it and I won’t do it. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I may not like you, but I’ll have a damned good reason and it won’t be your skin color.
      I have argued for years that we need to put our racial differences aside and understand who the enemy really is. That is the one thing that the globalists, banksters and ruling elite really fear, a truly united population of the United States. That freak show in Charlottesville is, in my opinion, an intentional effort to stir partisan passions and prevent that from happening.
      My wife watched several different videos of the Charlottesville debacle and commented that she was having a hard time telling the difference between anti-fa and the alt-right. She had a valid point. This whole thing stinks of a false flag divide and rule op. We have got to stop fighting amongst ourselves as normal men, put our differences aside including race and organize to take out the real threats we face today.

      1. That naive ideal is unfortunately part of the reason our racial differences can’t and should not be placed aside.
        Someone will always exploit it. Period.

        1. Most people, if you will let them, will take advantage of you. Period. If there is something to exploit many will exploit it. Race has no real bearing. It has a lot more to do with what is socially acceptable and how you were brought up.

        2. Friend … all of our human frailties and differences will be, are being, and have always been exploited but ” we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places].”
          It is a spiritual battle … God loves ALL people equally and we are all equally fallen in his eyes. Man’s true enemy is ultimately at war with God. Though men often become the enemy of other men it’s only man’s ignorance and separation from the true God that God’s enemy is able to exploit to our detriment. Don’t let him get the upper hand in your life.
          This is not Pollyanna religion and doesn’t mean you don’t have every right to defend yourself against an attacker. Just know that that attacker is being driven by the same spiritual forces that might be trying to bring you against him and hiding who your *real* enemy is.
          Something to consider.

        3. There is always something to be exploited. Religion is another thing that is getting exploited. You can get rid of religion and segregate races and the ruling elite and business moguls will still find something to exploit. The important end all message is you got to see through the bullshit the conmen are pulling. The conmen are the enemy.

      2. That Black farmer and other Blacks like him who have treated you well deserve to be honored for that, but as I recently asked another commentator here, what if one of them wants to mingle his genes with your family’s genes? What then?

        1. Funny you should bring that up. I knew some rather low class white women (a single mother and her three daughters). A young black man from a well respected family in the area took up with one of the girls and married her. His family disowned him and rightfully so, she was white trash. That works both ways I’m afraid.

        2. Yes it can work both ways, and there are trashy people in all races who would benefit humanity by not reproducing. That’s why I believe in eugenics.

        3. Eugenics… treating people like some kind of product, yep sounds like business conmen and the ruling elite will easily exploit that guarantee it. And the scary thing it would be legalizing something worst than slavery, turning people into objects and objectifying human beyond what is already happening.

        4. So you think it’s okay that our tax money goes to subsidize the reproduction of morons while high-IQ people who delay having children because they’re responsible people have few if any children? Because that’s a reverse eugenics program that promotes the degeneration of humanity, rather than its improvement. I.Q. is mostly hereditary, and stupid people have more children and start earlier while intelligent people have fewer children and start later. The survival of our complex technological civilization is greatly imperiled by this grim reality. As for business conmen and the elite exploiting a eugenics program, yes that’s a real danger and you are right to be worried about that, but such people will always seek to subvert anything that they can and we’ll just have to do our best to be vigilant about such people. That’s just reality.

        5. Reading your words…look…the Founders KNEW what evils Big Government is capable of…that’s why we’re supposed to have a SMALL government…powerless, except for enforcement of contracts and national defense…it’s in our founding document…following it would have prevented all the current bullshit from happening.

        6. I don’t like Big Government either, and I wish that we could return to the small limited government that the Founding Fathers envisioned, but they were White Men leading a new country mostly populated by White People, in which women, non-property-owners and non-Whites were not allowed to vote. A small limited government can work well in such a country, and in fact it’s the ideal system for such a country. Our current America is nothing like the America of the 18th century, however, so a small limited government is impossible here now because we no longer have the high-quality genetic foundation to make it work.

        7. Again, I disagree. We’re more capable of individual decision making and the power of the individual than we ever were. Look around, we’re typing inside a blog that could have NEVER existed before 2000…nope technology EMPOWERS the individual, as much as threatens him.

        8. We’ll have to agree to disagree on this one then. I guess you have more faith in the current crop of Americans than I do, but I generally tend toward pessimism. However, I would love to see you be correct and for me to be wrong about this.

        9. I read a book…The Sovereign Individual…I forgot who wrote it…late 90’s…it discussed EVERYTHING that is happening, now. Frankly, I should re-read it…however, the case for Individualism is more important now, than ever. Collectivism is a disease, and if things fall apart, you and I, and others like us, will be on the same side. Don’t lose faith in your fellows, there’s more of us out here than they can control without murdering another 100 million…are they capable? yes. Will we let them…ask me when we’re defending a barrier against a horde of hood wearing whackjobs.

        10. Defending a barrier against a horde of hood-wearing whackjobs isn’t a problem, but defending it against an organized, cohesive and well-disciplined fighting force directed by competent leadership is a much more serious matter. You can have the most kick-ass group of individualistic alpha male fighting men on our side of the barrier, but they will be in trouble if the enemy on the other side is well-trained, organized, and led by a skilled commander, even though the enemy might all be a bunch of beta males. We in the West are currently descending into a situation where competing tribes are forming, and the only reason they aren’t in a full-blown war right now is because the current Government still has the police and military to keep them in line. So long as that Government remains in power, individuals can continue to live their individual lives fairly securely, but as soon as that Government disappears those individuals will quickly be picked off by the competing tribes, unless those individuals band together for protection in their own tribes. I don’t see any way around that reality. Choose your tribe now, or form your own, and train hard together for what is coming.

        11. Well, I agree with you, totally. I don’t believe that our leadership would be any less efficient than the leadership of the Left. Our motivations are different, and I’ll say, much better. Individual Liberty is easier to fight for than collectivism.

        12. Individual Liberty is indeed a powerful motivator to fight, but the most powerful motivator of all is the instinct to protect one’s family – most men will do just about anything to protect their children from harm. A man may hate the collective to which he is subordinate, but he’ll temporarily put his hatred aside and give his life fighting for that same collective if he believes that his collective can protect his children from being harmed by a hostile outside force – for example, millions of Russian men in World War II went into battle against the invading German Army even though many of them hated Stalin’s collective tyranny, because they feared that a National Socialist German occupation would endanger their loved ones more. Conversely, something like half a million to a million-and-a-half (Solzhenitsyn’s estimate) Russian men voluntarily put on German uniforms to fight for NS Germany against the Soviet regime because they believed that life would be better for their loved ones under German rule. As Germany began to lose and the Eastern Front crumbled and came ever closer to Germany, millions of German men fought ferociously and died to keep the raping and murdering Soviet Red Army away from their loved ones back home. The most primal and oldest – older than the human species – collective of all is the family, and men will perform incredible acts of heroism and suffer the most agonizing torture and death to defend their families. My parents were from Finland and my father served in the Finnish Army in World War II against the invading Soviets. He was 19 years old when he was called up to go fight the enemy in the East, and he went willingly because he loved his family and his nation (another collective entity) and was willing to give his life to protect them (fortunately he survived and lived into his nineties, awesome Man that he was, my beloved and revered Papa!).
          Sorry about the long rant – I hadn’t planned that. I don’t mean to disparage your opinion in any way – far from it, because I agree that Individual Liberty is worth fighting for – rather, I just want to convey that men will fight for other reasons too that are more primal and instinctive than political or even moral ideals. You’ll have to bear with me because I’m 61 years old so I have had a long time to think about these matters, and these are the conclusions that I have reached. Thank you for a good conversation – it’s good to meet a man of principles such as yourself.

      3. I have argued for years that we need to put our racial differences aside and understand who the enemy really is
        Good idea, but most non whites will not.

        1. I understand that. And many whites won’t either. The solution of course is the right to freedom of association and the right to speak freely. In the first case you let those who wish to self segregate do so. It goes on already, but our PC society tries to deny it and thwart it with forced integration. That necessarily causes friction on both sides. I have seen up close and personal.
          In the second case you let people talk, shout and write away their hostilities rather than attempt to lock them down and bottle these feelings up. Here again, suppression of thought creates tensions that will ultimately manifest in much worse physical ways. But I strongly suspect that is exactly what our handlers intend. With more interracial strife, they can declare states of emergency, strip us of our rights and even impose martial law. Welcome to the race based police state…

        2. You think so huh? No. I grew up in a majority black county and spent over half my life there. I partied with the brothers, worked with the brothers and experienced a great deal of racial prejudice from the brothers. I have dealt with various ethnic groups in the military, in industry and manufacturing. I have seen the adverse effects of our PC policies and affirmative action personally. I am hardly naive.
          What I am trying to get across here is the kind of activism that went on in Charlottesville is playing right into the hands of the ruling elite (I am not convinced that the whole thing wasn’t staged to create a useful crisis). They use this sort of thing as justification for further restrictions on our individual rights. There are plenty on the left reaching across racial lines to fill their ranks. The manosphere had better take a lesson…

      4. I would suggest a certain ‘old time’ solution to all of this. A few days prior to his crucifixion Jesus said “Now is the judgment of this world: now shall the prince of this world be cast out. And I, if I be lifted up, shall draw all men unto me”
        At the moment of Jesus’ death his earthly work was finished and Satan (the prince of this world) was finally for all time defeated, permanently cast out of heaven and confined to earth where he ‘as a roaring lion, walking about, seeking whom he may devour’ ‘having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.’ is now desperate to take down as many of God’s people as he can while destroying all that is good and even the earth itself if he could. In these last days he is being allowed to finally show himself in all the ‘power’ and ‘might’ he can muster … to put his ‘grand plan’ on full display for the whole universe to witness so that we who will choose the path of the righteousness of Jesus Christ in the very face of utter satanic fallen depravity will forever know and remember the ultimate consequences of sin … of following our own ways away from the ways of God, and will never allow it to manifest within our hearts ever again, being a eteranal witness amongst the entire host of heaven of the events involved in the Great Controversy between God and Lucifer the fallen angel who chose to become His adversary.
        As corny and simple as it may be Jesus IS the solution … this is just the plain TRUTH. Just as he said, if He be lifted up all men will be drawn unto him. Certainly from other scripture we know “strait [is] the gate, and narrow [is] the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” and so it will be and not all will enter in.
        Most importantly however Jesus said that his kingdom is not of this world (for this world is judged and will be destroyed just as scripture reveals) but we are to live while we are in it according to his eternal principles of peace and love for “If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.” though as a fallen world life here won’t ever be ‘perfect’ and strife between men will still need be struggled with.
        *Only* in him though is there ‘neither Jew nor Greek …. neither bond nor free, neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.’ which certainly includes ALL superficial earthly human differences such as race etc.
        A correct understanding of the books of Daniel and Revelation makes it perfectly clear that we are now at the very tippy tip of the tippy toe of earth history. Things are NOT going to get better but in fact much worse … with any individual’s only hope to be to place themselves WITHIN the protective arms of the Savior as final prophetic events unfold and transpire.
        The more our eyes are kept on Him and the work He has done for us the easier it is for each of us, no matter who or what we are or have been, to come along side of each other in humble gratitude for the marvelous gift that Jesus in fact IS; accepting each other as brothers and sisters … as literal children … of the living God placing all unfolding disintegrating earthly madness in a whole other light.
        It’s not about us … it’s about HIM. Let God be God. He is GOOD and worthy of our love and worship. “Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.” … All glory to Jesus Christ.

    4. Nazis are collectivists practically in the same vein as communists.
      The only difference being that commis assume inferiority and nazis superiority (handed by genes) but both embrace victimhood still.
      Collectivism is inherently not for men.

  25. Even the most ardent Nazis or KKK don’t want to enslave or hurt or kill non-whites. They just want to be separate from them.

    1. The true white nationalists will say it was a mistake for White people to ever get involved in Africa in the first place. Colonialism was a mistake. Slavery was a mistake.

      1. You don’t get tired of listing that excuse and subsequently not having the balls to own up to the here and now? Colonialism did both harm and good. You’re likely here now because of it. Slavery won’t stop reaping harm because idiots who add no value to society can’t stop referencing it as some feigned idea of superiority. Just apply a meritocracy and stop using the past as a shield.

    2. Most white nationalists would have no problem shaking hands with a black / African nationalist like Idi Amin or Qaddafi.

      1. Most of them do more than shake hands when they when they get home and kiss their wives who were blowing Daquan and the gang all day.
        Blowjob by proxy

        1. How old are you? LOL When they get home? So their wives are stay at home wives? It’s not the 1950s: women work in their cubicle or office 12 hours a day. They have no sex drive let a lone the energy to pursue extra marital affairs LOLZ

  26. Also think there’s a bunch of low IQ sorts taking in and identifying with the Nazism without acknowledging the overall harm it did to Germany and a bunch of other neighbouring white countries in Europe. First point in the article, that Germany to this day can’t live down the after-effects. Still think that the cucked MSM has a very black and white attitude to Hitler and that period of history which is also dangerous. All that stuff needs to have its place ie not censorship

    1. it didn’t harm gemany at all until all the communist nations around the world got together and teamed up against Germany.,

      1. Well, a lot of smart people left and went to apply their skills in the US, and what good was supposed to come out of occupying France, Norway, Poland etc. Was just over-ambitious bombing the UK if they’d kept it all within Germany it might have worked.

        1. I believe taking over countries was a military strategy to take the war out of Germany, in other words Germany would have been in a constant mode of defense since they would have been attacked from all angles. Invading those countries assured the Germans that the war was going to happen mostly outside Germany. In short, those countries would have been a gate way to attack Germany if they didn’t take control of them.
          Which smart people left Germany and came to the US? Most smart people that came (unwillingly) to the US from Germany came after the war, and they were Germans, used by the Americans then sent back to be persecuted for war crimes.

        2. There was also the Lebensraum thing, there is a big article on it here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lebensraum not that some stuff in Wikipedia is possibly propaganda. Will have another look at Zundel. Did see one video once, which was interesting. Only smart person who pops to mind is the rocket scientist Wernher von Braun, but it just seems that Germany was a lot more successful prior to the war, inventing things etc, and America more successful after. I don’t really know the history at a deep level.

        3. I thought of you a few days ago.. Bought a newspaper called „Deutsche Stimme“ to read on a train . Was an accidental purchase, realised only after I bought it it was the newspaper of the very far right NPD party. Was still an interesting read, but am not quite that racist myself, the AfD is conservative enough, smart opinions without (overt) racial hatred. Anyway, there was a large obituary and tribute in this newspaper for Ernst Zundel, he died on the 5th of August 2017.

        4. Yeah, I heard about his death on the following Monday.
          I’m not sure if you’re saying Zundel was racist. He didn’t appear to me that way.
          The word racist is funny because if you’re not 100% in to accepting other races, you’re a racist.
          I don’t think that being particular about race makes anyone a racist, same way being particular on body shapes doesn’t make you shallow.
          I recently got into a discussion with a woman, her brother is gay, so obviously she was gonna be Wonder Woman to the cause.(gay is an oxymoron since fgs are never happy)
          When I told her I didn’t agree with homosexuals. And it seems that the epithet “homophobe” is constantly evolving. In the 70s-80s is was beating up fgs, now it’s people that don’t agree with fgs, if we keep on going like this, in the future a homophobe will be someone who is not a fg.
          Sorry about the rant… but it’s good to read things you don’t agree with, every thesis needs an anti-thesis so you can come to your own conclusion syn-thesis.

        5. I don’t like fgs either, well, also have some distant relatives who went gay and when I think back on all the ones I’ve met from housemates to contractors to coworkers it’s never anything positive. Yes, I probably should not use language of the left like “racist”. Am a race realist and believe that many race generalisations are true. Don’t know much about Zundel except for one video I once saw. Will have a look some time. Am initially suspicious of this title “holocaust denier” that they give him it doesn’t sound like that from the one video I saw.

        6. The powers that be will always categorize people that don’t agree with the status quo as deniers.
          It has been years that I have spent on this issue… and the so called “deniers” always…ALWAYS…. make a better argument… look up “onethirdoftheholocaust” best film I’ve seen. If you can find it cool…if not…then you’ll be able to guess why.
          I just Googled it… it’s not easy to find…. but the best I’ve seen, I envy the dedication that was invested in it.

        7. Hummm seems a few replies have never made on this site.
          Big brother is watching.
          Google one word “one third of the hol o caust” it’s a doc.. incredibly amazing

        8. Yes I also got the feeling the other day that big brother was watching. Started watching, when I have a spare four hours will watch some more. Yes, I think there is too much playing of the victim card whatever the truth about the holocaust is.

      2. Germany was right in recognizing that Communism was a world-wide force that needed to be dealt with, and that there was no way they could effectively do that while manacled to the stupid Treaty of Versailles.
        But then they fukked it all up with mysticism and senseless expansionism…

    2. all you pea brain idiots say “lets not go back to the 1930’s”” like that’s some kind of intelligent statement, the world was in a whole lot better shape in the 1930’s maybe we ought to consider it.

      1. Hitler quite rightly took a stand against things that are still an issue, if not more so now. When you get past all the ‘muh grandad was turned into a lamshade’ propaganda he was ahead of his time. Unfortunately the backlash made him crazy and desperate. Nothing wrong with eugenics (planned parenthood) keeping your culture/race the dominant one in your country, and sending ((them)) packing when they try to subvert and control your economy, then destroy you.

    3. It didn’t harm Germany, it completely revived and revitalized the country form a posts ww1 mess into the worlds greatest superpower. Rather the entire world fire bombing it into rubble because it took a stand against international Jewry destroyed Germany. Thats like someone getting killed by another person for having a really nice car, and you blaming the nice car.

  27. I suspect Nazis and white supremacist who “show up” at these protests are agent provocateurs funded and in concert with leftists organizations to help the media achieve the desired optics necessary to smear the alt right.
    “They” fear the momentum the masculine male has been gaining and will now attempt to co-op or outright villianize the movement.
    As long as they control the narrative and hammer at it weekly our fight Wil always be uphill.

    1. For this reason, we should consider Roosh’s earlier advice regarding influence vs. severity of attacks.
      Many individuals and small groups, operating on the same ideas and principles, concerned with dominance of the moral and mental spheres of conflict, have greater power than a single entity sharing a common banner. It is easy to destroy a barracks, but harder to root your enemies out of all the hills and caves (as we’ve learned in the Middle East).

      1. Correct, you don’t waste expensive satellite guided ordinance on 5 guys trekking in the woods. You must engage them face to face. Antifa needs to bus loads of people and logistics for food, shelter and bail money away from their urban strongholds.
        Small, loosly organised groups of men engaging in guerilla art, civil disobedience and general survival studies should be our current M.O. until the climate intensifies.

        1. Maybe we should find out the NAMES and LOCATIONS of organizations that ship in Antifa. Doing so might provide us with some perspective.
          The mayor and the police were helping Antifa that day, and they are responsible for all the violence that happened.
          What company owns the buses that Antifa arrived in? Who paid for the buses that they use? Who pays for and creates their signs? What’s their origin? Who pays for Antifa’s transportation? Are Antifa members paid via paycheck, or do they receive other benefits more difficult to track? What are the SOURCES and NAMES of organizations that provide Antifa with money and resources? WHO controls these organizations?
          More people need to talk about this. If we want answers, we need to…
          ….FOLLOW THE MONEY.

        2. I like the line of thinking here. We need an intelligence gathering apparatus of the masculine right.

        3. I’m talking about unearthing the names of bussing companies (for Antifa). And what are the NAMES of PRINT SHOPS that create PROFESSIONAL-looking signs for “anarcho-communists”? What organization pays Antifa’s BAIL?
          It’s not enough to look up Soros’ foundations; we need to inventory the smallest amount of information, regarding Antifa’s resources…..and do so, like we’re the IRS.
          Because a lot of this information might surprise us.

        4. I still watch network news from time to time and don’t recall EVER hearing the term Anti-fa’s there.
          Almost every weekend for the last 6-7 years there’s been some sort of violent left wing protest going on with those people involved but, it never gets mentioned.
          It’s amazing how undercover they are and how many people have never heard of them.

        5. It caused a bit of a scandal in Germany recently when it came out that one of their websites was registered anonymously in Panama..

        6. Yup all that and basic outreach, like shoveling snow, mowing grass. The Democratic Socialists of America are putting on an event where they are fixing breaklights for free. Thats the kind of stuff we need to do.
          Give yourselves a nonthreatening name, dress well and stay away from the freaks. That being said, attending mainstream events and being prepared to defend them is also good. We won a tremendous propaganda victory at berkeley because everyone knew we were the ones being attacked. But doing shit like Charlotte? Marching into a hostile city like an invading army? Fuck that.

        7. “What are the SOURCES and NAMES of organizations that provide Antifa with money and resources? WHO controls these organizations?”
          Isn’t that the question that the patriots in The Turner Diaries asked when they drew up a list of individuals and businesses to hit?

        8. Hahaha oh we’ve wasted far larger ordnance on far less, believe me….
          But your point stands, and that’s something that past generations failed to realize. Starting a tribe is of utmost importance.

        9. Virginia governor McAuliffe, the Clinton money launderer, orchestrated the entire event. He couldn’t be happier.
          Despite having assembly permit from a federal judge, he declared a state of emergency to provoke the attack by the communists who had no legal permit to protest.
          Textbook fascism from the left.

        10. That’s how the left is winning. Using economic blackmail and shutting out anyone they oppose. Even Uber and Air BNB agreed to ban anyone they perceive as right wing.
          Our side must develop independent networking systems for social media and essential services.

        11. Box94f

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        12. Ultimately here in short order as we move forward we’re going to find time running out and getting away from us. We *are* at the very end of earth history according to the very clear and correct understanding of bible prophesy. We are going to find, sooner than later, that when it’s all said and done, in the NWO/Globalist/’elite’ earthly system ALL roads [still] lead to Rome and the final question will actually come down to and be as it was in the days of Elijah … who will you worship?
          Will it be Baal? … the little horn/antichrist/sea beast/Babylonian Whore Papal Roman Catholic Church system on it’s self commanded day of worship … ie, Sunday?
          or the Living God on His day; the 4th commanded 7th day Sabbath of the Lord that acts as God’s seal on his 10 commandment law that identifies and recognizes Him as Creator and so “worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.”
          This may very likely sound strange and unfamiliar … if so I simply ask you tuck it away in your mind and watch and see what soon begins to develop and be revealed along these lines. We shall see soon enough. The TRUTH will be known … and will make you free. For hearing and seeing ears and eyes.

        13. “even Uber and Air BNB agreed to ban anyone they perceive as right wing.”
          interesting, so men who are in shape take pride in their appearance and have jobs then

        14. Very good questioning. That how we should all proceed.
          Stop whinning. Anderstand the structure that crush us.
          Act on it.
          (That and ‘Cut the dead branches to save the tree.’)

        15. Nation97i

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        17. Should be easy and cheap to have a handful of “bugs” to determine where the buses and people go after a gathering.

        18. Antifa are the police; they’ve been exposed many times at G7/IMF protests wearing police-issue boots, then being ushered away by police instead of being arrested. Note the two guys who were ‘hit’ in the photo where the car rammed the crowd – they were the only two jacked guys there – police or hired stuntmen.
          15 years ago people in the left were getting wise to the fact the police are Antifa, but now it has been erased from peoples minds.

        19. I believe the left had permits…its in the judges ruling that the city was not changing the lefts permits it couldnt arbitrarily change the “nazis”permit.

        20. As I recall from reading The Turner Diaries, many of the leaders of the left that were put on Turner’s list were indeed members of “the tribe.”

        21. That “tribe” has been split in two for millennia. One of my best friends is a fellow red-piller and a devout Jew at the same time.
          Every “Jew” I know that supports evil, (i.e. abortion, lgbt, etc.), is either an atheist, or as the Talmud would call them, “a self-hating jew”, one with no place “in the world to come”, which, unbeknownst to them, is when Christ returns to rule the world from Jerusalem.

      2. Which is why rebels have removed US hegemony right?
        All this strategy accomplishes is getting your entire country glassed while you hide.

    2. There might be a way to confirm that. Has anyone identified the man who carried that Nazi flag? If his old Internet accounts determine that he’s actually a third-wave feminist, hates “racism”, hates “homophobia”, hates “Islamophobia”, etc…..then he might be an Antifa agent provocateur.
      Or the man in that photograph might be a government agent. The truth is, who knows who he really is?

      1. It would be interesting to know, but I can’t say I approve of ‘doxxing’ him on the web. Seems like a SJW move.

        1. As a general policy, I HATE doxxing….but this is an extraordinarily unusual situation.
          As an example, Jason Kessler is NOT “alt right”. He’s not a “white supremacist” either. The man voted for OBAMA. He’s “pro-gun control”. Kessler was an activist in the Occupy Movement, and worked for CNN as an assignment editor. And CNN has lots of Jews working there. That is the OPPOSITE of the views and actions of a so-called “Nazi”.
          White supremacist Nazis just don’t vote for black candidates.
          Kessler was the LEADER of the alt right movement at the Charlotteville protest. Think about that. That evil scumbag SUBVERTED A MOVEMENT, and indirectly caused chaos, injuries, and death.
          And he did all this crap on GEORGE SOROS’S BIRTHDAY.
          You know, the same George Soros who allegedly funds Antifa?
          The more knowledge we have, the more we can fight our enemies.

      2. Dunno, but it’s worth checking up on these people. Ive not seen anything outside of left-wing media talking about them. Could be straight propaganda and actors. “Look you stupid goyim, we tracked these nazis down and now they’re unemployed pariahs! Don’t you think about it again!”
        We also still haven’t heard a peep from the police regarding the car crash, or his legal council. No statements. He’s been denied bail and kept quiet while the liberal media goes full-tilt on selling it as one of their only examples of “white terrorism” in the last decade. I don’t buy it. The barcelona attack was “suspected to be terrorism” even while they had an armed standoff with the suspects. The libs were pushing this as “nazi terrorism” literally the second it happened.
        Could it be legit? Sure… and I’ll despite him for it, for the damage he did. (Or lack of it. If you’re going to snap ffs at least kill more than one fat girl.)
        I have this gnawing suspicion that the story the left-wing media is pushing is about as legit as the one they pushed for Mike “He wuz on his knees wit his hands up prayin to Jeesus when dat rayciss cop shot him six times in the back of da head exemecutional style!” Brown… which fakenews like CNN continue to spread to this day, despite it being proven conclusively to be a lie in trial.

        1. VDARE has video of the seconds before fake news video of the car accident that killed the cat lady, antiFAKE was hitting car with poles and broke a window before he hit the gas. Check out the Narrative Collapse website to see the innocent black beat in the parking lot attack a white man from behind with a bat 5 sec before

    3. “As long as they control the narrative and hammer at it weekly our fight will always be uphill.”
      Yeah, that´s why the most popular Alt-Right-related site on this planet is that of a supposed “neo-nazi”, Andrew Anglins the Daily Stormer. In fact it´s more popular than the other 3 most popular Alt Right sites combined.
      Uphill battle?

      1. Yes an uphill battle. Unless we control the nightly news, cable news and major newspapers we can only fight the narrative from small online outposts.
        Alt right sites don’t reach the the moderates and “conservatives” still trapped in the matrix.
        I applaud your optimism, but I cement myself practical observations and goals without succumbing to defeatism.

        1. Of course it´s an uphill battle in that sense. The Alt Right doesnt have nearly as much power, influence and people on their side to make a revolution happen this week or the next. It will take years and maybe even decades for such a thing to begin to take place at all. I suppose we both understand this.
          But in terms of what has shown to be the most appealing to normies, a “neo-nazi”-website has won the price. If that doesnt show that such rhetoric is successfull then I dont know what it does.
          Self proclaimed neo-nazi´s appear to be radical and fearless enough to regard as loyal allies who understands the importance of constantly highlighting the crucial elements behind the ongoing white genocide. The optics aside, I consider them the vanguard that needs to exist, partly in order to expand the normies perceptions of what is acceptable to think and say.

        2. I agree. There is a huge potential army of angry young White men in their teens and twenties who have endured and are still enduring a relentless and vicious campaign of hate directed at them for the sins of being White and male. They are young, angry and full of testosterone. They see these White Nationalist guys at these rallies kicking the asses of the very same SJW and BLM types whose hatred they have endured all these years while growing up, and I’ll bet that these young men cheer while thinking “Yes, FINALLY, someone’s kicking those bastards’ asses! I want to join them!” These young guys aren’t going to care about intellectual arguments about why White Nationalists are bad, and they sure as hell won’t be swayed by emotion-driven “ad hominem” attacks against the WN’s either. Young men admire strength and courage more than anything else, and a truly ruthless and shrewd leader knows this and will channel their admiration and anger to raise an avenging and conquering army that will storm the very citadels of power in this country and replace it. I hope that the WN’s totally mock and defy all the scorn being directed against them from both the Left and Right (including here at ROK) and go on the offensive, returning to Charlottesville immediately with an even more defiant rally, and then onto the next city, and the next one after that, building up power all the way until victory is won and this stinking rotten System that wants to destroy us all is itself destroyed. Hail Victory and Vengeance!

        3. No, not by itself, but it can sure get the process going. You have to be angry enough to get past the paralyzing fear of ridicule from the people around you and the fear of having your identity exposed, and the fear of getting injured or killed by a howling mob, or thrown into prison, because you just can’t endure the current situation any longer. You have to no longer care if you get called a “Nazi” (even if you don’t think that you actually are one). Then once it gets going a skilled and cool-headed leader can guide it to victory.

        4. Damn well said. So many of these comments here are from STUPID OLD FOOLS – fools from a generation of pansies who idly stood by and gave away our birthrights and let Western culture rot. Fools who cannot stand back objectively from the brainwashing and lies that they received their entire lives to maybe acknowledge that the more murderous Allies might not actually have been so righteous in the Communist Banker WWII victory after all.
          My own grandfather was a voluntary British WWII veteran in the Mediterranean and I asked him before his death about it. I expected his response to be patriotic and it took me by shock when he said “it was a useless waste of time”, “shot at and torpedoed for no reason”, and last but not least “Churchill was a warmonger”. Was a major part in my own red-pilling.
          The only way European peoples across the West even have a mere CHANCE of having a future is if the urgently needed fight-back is harder core than hard-core. Too many so-called “conservatives” do not realise the severity of our dilemma and will not support what is needed. Many will not even acknowledge that whites have a right to exert self-interest, nor will they deal thoroughly with the very destruction of human sexuality via so-called feminism and queer agenda, nor will they tackle the rotten financial system, nor will they be prepared to root out effectively those who plotted our subversion.
          The only way we are even guaranteed SURVIVAL at all is to go FULL SCALE.

        5. Thank you!!! I don’t know what the age range is of the participants on this forum, but I am 61 years old – a fit, muscular 61 and I was doing Muay-Thai and regular Boxing training until recently. I’m going to do my best to keep myself in good shape for as long as I can. Thanks for sharing about your grandfather. My father was also in World War II as a soldier in the Finnish Army up against the Soviet Red Army, so he was on the losing side. May your grandfather and my father rest in peace.

        6. Except the Nazis were SOCIALISTS…hello? You want to appeal to the anger of a population who’s the target of so much hate and vitriol? Absolutely. You want to have an economic system that’s NO better than the one we’re currently in, which is socialist lite and Marxist heavy? Nope…you cannot win. Even the Nazis never received a MAJORITY of support…why? because the majority knew that it wasn’t a good idea…make the trains run on time? sure. Lower unemployment by rearming? Against the whole world? Target a group of citizens, because of a wrongheaded interpretation of a religion and an elite group of bankers, who FUNDED the whole thing? Are you kidding? No, there’s a better philosophy…we haven’t had a Free Market for 100 years, at least…that’s what we should be fighting for…it goes hand in hand with accepting anyone who’s ideas are oriented around Individual Liberty. It’s what the US was based upon…how about we just say, we’re going to fight for the preservation of the Constitution, AS WRITTEN? They’ll STILL be attacked, but we’ll have the high MORAL RIGHT.

        7. Theoretical and idealistic economic arguments are rather irrelevant compared to ensuring a sustainable future for our ancestors. I also don’t think socialism is inherently evil as long is it is in limited forms (e.g., infrastructure, certain transport, electricity, other industries where there would only otherwise be a monopoly, or venture health).

        8. OK, you lost me. Collectivism, whereby the Sovereign Individual is held hostage to the Central Authoritarianism of the STATE is NOT worth fighting for. We need “buy in” from a lot of people who actually BELIEVE that the Constitution is WORTH fighting. Otherwise, fuck it, people like me will just join the better killing machine where the brut is master. Personally, this is abhorant, unfortunately, when barbarism arises, it’s the strong who take control over the weak. I refuse to be anyone’s slave. This includes any form of socialism whereby my life is controlled by the slime who control it now. (I’m being FORCED to participate in this hypocrisy.). Given the current level of dysfunction, people like me will just sit back and wait for the collapse. Collectivism never works, it always fails.

        9. Not sure about Fox News. Breitbart is much better. Breitbart already publishing anti Trump material, mostly cause Bannon sees Trump as a sellout.

        10. I haven’t seen anything I’d consider anti-trump on breitbart. Possibly calling him out on issues he semi-cucks on but I wouldn’t consider trump a sell out. But yes breitbart is filling a void to the right of fox as fox becomes more and more centrists sans tucker and hannity.

        11. Bannon left but I think it was strategic. Bannon has been quoted as saying “he is going to war for trump”. I believe the split was amicable.

        12. There is strategy. The idea is for him and breitbart to take on the rinos from the outside. Bannon handed in his resignation before Charlottesville but didn’t leave until that controversy blew over.
          Trump is clearly not a third term of Obama he has done a lot.
          Washington has always been dysfunctional this is nothing new. Trump needs new republicans in there. That’s why he has endorsed flake’s republican challenger. McConnells approval rating in KY is 18% vs. 60% for trump.

        13. Collectivism is the only way to defend yourself when you have been ethnically targeted for displacement, as the European has been.

        14. Given our demographics it is not surprising we are starting to resemble a third world nation.
          I probably don’t have to say this to you but as America becomes more and more diverse the less functional we will become. Diversity is our weakness and definitely not our strength.

        15. Collective DEFENSE isn’t political or economic collectivism, they’re in a totally different class…and I’m not going to argue semantics further. If you don’t recognize the differences, that’s, OK. We’re going to have to unite for a common defense.

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