Jennifer Lawrence Is A Terrible Role Model

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Welcome back to another edition of “You Hypocritical Slut!” This week we feature a critically-lauded media darling straight out of Hollywood, California! Jennifer Lawrence, come on down!

Who Is Jennifer Lawrence?

For those of you who don’t know her, Jennifer Lawrence is a young American A-list actress most notable for being the lead in The Hunger Games series of movies, and for winning an Oscar for Best Actress for Silver Linings Playbook. J-Law is also a media and public darling, widely hailed as a role model for young girls in this vilely Patriarchal world of ours. Just listen to some of the love that gets thrown her way:

Jennifer understands that its not easy out there for teenage girls and actively wants to be a good role model. Speaking about getting in shape for her ‘Hunger Games’ role,  Jennifer said, ‘I’m never going to starve myself for a part, I don’t want little girls to be like, ‘Oh, I want to look like Katniss, so I’m going to skip dinner.’

Amusingly, this same article also lauds over how one of Jennifer Lawrence’s maids found a butt-plug. Pride in the body god gave her, then slavery and sluttery! What a great role model. It is amusing that J-Law’s maid found the butt-plug though, since as Marie Claire tells us:

As the cover star of the latest issue of French magazine Madame Figaro, the 23-year old actress, who is currently starring in the second installment of The Hunger Games franchise, revealed why she doesn’t want that celebrity essential: a personal assistant. [emphasis Billy’s] ‘I want my life is as normal as possible.’   Jennifer told the magazine. ‘One of the dangers in the film industry is that things are too fast. I do not want to burn the stages of my life. I want to keep it simple, I do not have an assistant.’

Instead, Jennifer says that the ‘[the person] that helps me is my best friend’ and that the two have known each other for 22 years. ‘At the end of a day of shooting, I can go home and hang out with her, and not share time with someone who works for me.’ Despite wanting to lead as normal a life as possible, Jennifer realises that she has become a role model for young women, especially since taking on the role of Katniss in The Hunger Games. ‘[It] would be hypocritical [of me] to deny that girls take me as an example, and say that I don’t have responsibility to them. Because clearly, I have. I know the influence of celebrities on young people. I was a teenager, and I want to send a positive message.’

Hypocritical you say, Jenny? Like how it would be hypocritical for someone to not want to hire one person to answer their phone and schedule their meetings, but then on the other hand hire someone else to clean up their house? Or perhaps Jennifer Lawrence just doesn’t realize that most early 20-something women don’t have maids. Maybe J-Law is just out of touch.

After all, she says she wants to send positive messages to young girls—then tells stories about butt-plugs. I guess we’ll leave it to the young girls to sifter through the messages J-Law’s trying to send. It’s not like a young girl going through the hormonal tempest of puberty in a culture which is trying to turn her into a slut (and then laugh at her for said sluttery at the same time) has anything more important on her mind than trying to figure out what the hell her idol is trying to say.

There’s just no imagination in Hollywood. I wanted to show people “Winter’s Bone” for the performance, but it ended up having the opposite effect. People were like, no, she’s not feminine, she’s not sexual.

Jennifer Lawrence, Self Proclaimed Role Model For Young Women

Regardless of her flip-flopping nature, it’s still a good thing that Jennifer Lawrence can be a role model to young girls. As she says about Katniss, the strong empowered female hero of the The Hunger Games franchise:

Speaking on the eve of the world premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, in which she stars as heroine Katniss, the actress said: “Growing up I didn’t have a female hero the way that Katniss is. I think she’s a wonderful role model for young girls. I’m happy that they have a character like that.” Admitting that she has said no to directors that have asked her to lose weight, she insists on managing unrealistic expectations and said it is more important to look strong and healthy. “We have the ability to control this image that young girls are going to be seeing,” she told Newsnight.

Jennifer Lawrence was born in 1990. I guess she made a concerted effort not to read or watch a single movie, book or television show growing up in the 1990’s, since I can name several shows off the top of my head featuring strong female leads from after 1990: [Daria 1997-2002,  Buffy The Vampire Slayer 1997 – 2003, Xena: Warrior Princess 1995 – 2001, Sailor Moon 1995 – 2000, Sabrina The Teenage Witch 1996 – 2003, The Babysitter’s Club 1986 – 2000, Sweet Valley High 1983 – 2003,  Kim Possible 2002 – 2007] And that woefully short list excludes the numerous shows, books, and movies where strong women are simply a part of a team instead of the leaders (e.g. Power Rangers, Digimon, Harry Potter, Animorphs).

I was born in 1991 and I grew up with older and younger sisters. Believe me, there were more than enough strong, empowered female role models in the media. At this point I’m tempted to say Jennifer Lawrence is talking out her ass, but that’s very unlikely since, as she has blunted stated in the past, she likes putting a plug in there.

So why is there so much love for the obviously hypocritical Jennifer Lawrence? Good PR. J-Law constantly talks about how much of a down to earth person she is, and around the time of the first Hunger Games movie, Jennifer made a big deal about being a “fat” actress in Hollywood. Since we live among the fattest generation of humans ever to have existed in history, the public ate this up. Finally! Here was an actress who didn’t starve herself! She’s just like us!

In fact, I freely admit that, when I first saw Jennifer Lawrence and Gabhorhey Cidoobey Precious, I could not tell who was who. Though both of these incredibly talented actresses are merely curvy by modern standards of fat measurement, can you tell which of these good female role models is “I’m totes fatzone” Jennifer Lawrence?

“In Hollywood, I’m obese. I’m considered a fat actress, I’m Val Kilmer in that one picture on the beach.” (Source)

Maybe there is something to that, though. Perhaps, under those form fitting clothes of her, Jennifer Lawrence is fat. Well, unless J-Law is an attention seeking whore who takes and has had naked pictures taken of her, we’ll never know will we?

Jennifer Lawrence Is Either A Liar Or Idiotic

Look at all those jelly rolls! Sarcasm aside, Jennifer Lawrence is not fat. Clearly she has never been fat, judging by her perfect non-photoshopped skin marred by not a single serious stretch mark. Oh yeah, a bunch of nude selfies and pictures taken by others have emerged after Jennifer Lawrence’s phone was hacked. Jenny-kins, whom has proclaimed herself (and been proclaimed by others) as a role model for girls and young women has taken numerous naked selfies with the numerous men she has slept with. Remember girls! You can be whoever you want to be! But if a hot guy tells you to take your clothes off so he can degrade you by taking naked pictures of you THEN YOU DO IT!

I’m excited to be seen as sexy. But not slutty.

Nothing screams sexy like a girl bending over as if she’s about to blast out two pounds of chicken wings. Men, is the above what you hope your daughters will one day be? Because in a world where Jennifer Lawrence is honestly considered a role model…

“There are actresses who build themselves, and then there are actresses who are built by others. I want to build myself.”

From the look of all her leaked nudes, J-Law’s first focus should be building a top for herself. It’s not enough. All the money, the fame, the attention she gets; Jennifer still feels the compulsion to strip down and take a naked selfie of herself in order to assuage her ego. Every modern woman is the religion of herself, and she is always in worship. Also, take note of the ‘le artiste’ smugness of that last quote. Jennifer is a serious woman doing serious things!

“Where are the Robert Redfords and Paul Newmans of my age group? I love James Franco, but where’s the next James Franco? Where are the hunks who can act?”

Where are all the real men? she cries, like every other worthless woman out there. Well J-Law; they’re busy doing important things, not standing around taking narcissistic selfies of themselves all day in the latest fashions after their shopping trip. Jennifer considers herself in the same league as Robert Redford and Paul Newman. Yes, that really sounds like a girl who has self esteem issues. Oh, I forgot to mention—in addition to being a proud fatty, Jennifer Lawrence has also been a victim of a bad childhood! So there’s even more reason for awkward girls and young women to love J-Law! Like they didn’t have enough already amirite?! Jesus Christ…

The Oscar-winning actress also shared details of her childhood, and how she was prescribed medication to help with anxiety issues.

‘My nickname was “Nitro” as in nitroglycerin. I was hyperactive, curious about everything,’ Jennifer said.

‘When my mother told me about my childhood, she always told me there was like a light in me, a spark that inspired me constantly. When I entered school, the light went out. We never knew what it was, a kind of social anxiety. But I had friends.’

But wait, Jenny has also said:

I like when things are hard; I’m very competitive. If something seems difficult or impossible, it interests me.

That hardly sounds like how someone with social anxiety would act…

I always felt dumber than everybody else. I hated it. I hated being inside. I hated being behind a desk. School just kind of killed me.

Hate arises from something we dislike, things that we find difficult to deal with. In Jennifer’s own words, she loves difficulty. It interests her. So what the hell is it Jennifer? Who are you really?

I’m from Kentucky. I used to be very personable and make eye contact and smile at people, and now all I do is look down. When I’m at dinner and one person after another keeps interrupting to take pictures, it’s like, ‘I can’t live like this.’

So she used to be personable, except she was dead inside and anxious, but that was difficult so she loved doing it, but…but… But speaking of butts! Here’s J-Law flaunting hers for someone else like a well trained dog. Note the direction she’s looking. It most certainly is not “down.”

I’d also like to note here that Jennifer Lawrence, for all her bluster (and others’) about her being a great actress, was discovered not through talent, but because someone saw her on the street.

According to HollyScoop, Lawrence was first discovered at the age of 14 in New York by a, “passer buyer,” and made her first on-screen appearance in Devil You Know.

What is more likely? A talent agent walking around New York saw a dour, chubby girl with her face to the ground, her hands probably wrapped tightly around her backpack straps, trudging along the side walk with a defeated look and thought, “Now there’s a star!” Or did this person (with a well honed “talent agent’s” predatory sense) see a pretty girl in good shape, all smiles and radiance, and think, “She’s hot, and in a few years she’ll be legally bangable. I bet I could make her an actress for cheap.”

For all the hate he receives, at least Justin Beiber was discovered because he could sing. Jennifer Lawrence. What a great model for young girls. Be hot, lie about who you are as a person and walk around hoping that someone will discover you. The modern American dream.

In Conclusion

Jennifer Lawrence is either an idiot or a liar. Regardless of which, she most certainly is not a role model for any women of any age. At least she shouldn’t be: unfortunately in our culture of talentless whores being propelled on the broken backs of men, I have to conclude that perhaps J-Law is a role model for the modern western woman. Selfish, narcissistic, slutty, a rampant liar. Jenny will tell people whatever she thinks they want to hear to make them like her. She buys credence with women using her mouth (“I’m like, totally just like you fat, socially awkward rejects lol!”) and she buys credence with men by using her body.

I am just a normal girl…

At this point, Jennifer Lawrence may very well be. What a sad commentary that is for modern women.

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  1. Hollywood is a heavily funded propaganda machine belonging to which war tribe?
    A: Apache Indians
    B. Reptilian space lizards.
    C. Oy Vey!
    Consider the question carefully and circle your answer.

    1. Isn’t Fox Studios owned by Rupert Murdoch?He generally doesn’t seem to find of progressive liberal ideas. Didnt JFKs father own all the Hollywood studios at one point?

      1. No. He was shagging Gloria Swanson though who’s been dead for 30 years and who none of you millennials would even know.Think Rudolph Valentino generation.
        Howard Hughs did have some interest in films along with his airline businesses but Hollywood is mostly a Jew run business. And btw, actresses, models, showgirls were always considered whores (or very close to it). It’s a job sort of like being an athlete where you have the few at the top and the other girls who are generally good looking either waiting tables or living off some man. In fact, even some of the top actresses may have been whores before they got a good role and made some money and there have always been rumours about them that the studio hushed up.The general public really knew nothing about the “stars” in the past except the nonsense put out by the studios (same today I guess). It came as a big shock in the 80’s when Rock Hudson that stud who all of the females got the gina tingles for turned out to be a homo who then died of AIDS.Some of you younger boys don’t even have a clue the way things were and I’m talking about as recently as the 1980’s not 1880’s.

    2. Just the fact that this chick is so celebrated and fawned upon by “the slippery minority” should be all the proof you need that this woman is rotten.

      1. I think, if anything, young girls should be confused by the message that she is sending (as a so called role model).
        Which one is it – the attention whore or the other one?

      1. That’s why I pirate all mu movies and music. Audiobook are about the only thing I still pay for.

        1. I could give you an invite to a site where you can get those for free, too. If you want. 🙂

    3. List is off the mark. Apaches aren’t a favorite of conspiracy theorists. They need to be replaced by something else.

    4. Yeah. As usual, the answer “the jews” explains everything. Who is responsible for global warming? The jews. Who are the typical anti-global warming activists? The jews. Who are the most liberal? The jews. Who has the most conservative “anti-western” ideas? The jews. LoL at least try being original if you can’t apply solid reasoning

      1. Typical Joo diversion. Hollywood is strictly lefty. And Hollywood is what we are talking about!

        1. Who runs Hollywood? C’mon
          by JOEL STEIN
          I have never been so upset by a poll in my life. Only 22% of Americans now believe “the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews,” down from nearly 50% in 1964. The Anti-Defamation League, which released the poll results last month, sees in these numbers a victory against stereotyping. Actually, it just shows how dumb America has gotten. Jews totally run Hollywood.

        2. Two words: Social Media.
          Recreation is more important than edification in the minds of most Americans.

        3. People were smarter in the past. Or perhaps I should say that it wasn’t possible to completely brainwash people because the technology wasn’t there.Anyone born after 1980 is completely conditioned by the media to react to things in a kneejerk fashion. Boomers couldn’t be brainwashed because there were only 3 stations broadcasting and they all shut down at midnight and the shows were all innocuous stuff like Leave it to Beaver and censored, just like the films. TV’s had tubes in those days and you really couldn’t have a TV on all the time because the tubes would burn out like lightbulbs do and have to be replaced(gets expensive) which is why telescreens were not always on in the background doing their subliminal brainwashing. Before TV’s people may have gone to the cinema on the weekend for a couple of hours of censored film but that couldn’t have much effect and certainly not the same as something coming directly into your house like a TV. Boomers aren’t effected by this stuff and can pretty much distinguish reality from TV but imagine if you were exposed to this stuff from birth a few hours every day. You can really brainwash a kid using very subtle techniques by the repetitions of these subtle messages and form his opinions about ANY subject without him even being conscious about what is happening. He just believes he’s a normal person because he doesn’t know anything else and may even think that when exposed to normal behaviour that that’s abnormal! I can think of a few things just offhand where in only a few years the attitude toward them has been changed. Most people would have laughed or been puzzled about things like homo marriage, bizarre definitions of rape, or females believing they could start having kids at 40 etc just a few years ago. When you’re young time passes slowly and a year seems like a long time while to an older person years sometimes seem like yesterday and he remembers that these new ideas seemed insane at the time and now people are starting to believe them.I only hope that someone invents a time machine and you boys can go back in time one day, not far, just to the 80’s. It would be amusing watching you all agog at things. No cell phones, Internet, video games etc except Pacman at an arcade but at least there’d be girls around and you wouldn’t be playing an online game with some girl on the other side of the world. Unless you were a complete omega pyjama boy you’d get laid.

        4. How would Google make anyone smarter? You’re inundated with a lot of misinformation, disinformation and just petty trivial nonsense you shouldn’t even waste your time on. The average kid or 20 something is not sophisticated enough to sort it all out but the puppetmasters behind the scenes know what they’re doing.

        5. I think google actually makes people more dumb. No one bothers to read anymore. If they can’t recall something, they immediately google it instead of flexing their mental muscles to remember. Google is killing our brains rather than enhacing them. Sad.

        1. “We”? Speak for yourself, buddy. I also doubt you’re a jew. But anyway, some jews play one side, other jews play another side, and yet “all jews” are blammed for playing both sides. It’s a typical collectivist mentality, the same mentality that is allegedly being fought against by ROK readers when it comes to feminism. In reality though, just like many feminists, a lot of the readership here is either dishonest or hypocritical or both.

      2. See Joel Stein article below, also check out what your fellow member of the tribe, Al Goldstein, had to say about who invented pornography and why. It is ridiculous to claim that your people do not control the media when every Hollywood studio is owned and ran by jews and almost every major media outlet, television and print, is owned by jews.

        1. I’m certainly not moses nor god, so I am not responsible about what “my people” *allegedly* do. Of course hollywood is very jewish; LA has a very large jewish population (about half a million), and LA is a very multicultural city; hispanics and other ethnicities are typically in other fields, either because of their “typical skills” from birth and/or historical reasons. Few people are interested in competing in hollywood, but again, Hollywood is not exclusively jewish. There are many non-jews in hollywood who can set-up their own studios, production companies, etc. Jews just happen to be disproportionately integrated because they are disproportionately integrated in every field that requires some sort of intellectual output. Natural skills and culture play a role here probably. Not sure what you’re suggesting be done about this, but I see nothing wrong with having a culture and heritage that allows for such integration. If anything, jewish success should be emulated. Asians are overrepresented in Tech; do you suggest racial quotas for industries or what are you suggesting?
          As for Porn, you make it sound like Porn was invented by jews and that only jews participate in it. I guess all the japanese and European and even Israeli Porn (which would harm Israelis, allegedly?) doesn’t count.

        2. In high school I had a job at a swanky hotel gift shop. They fired the manager and brought in a woman from the home office. During the first private office talk she had with everyone, the first question she asked was “are you Jewish.” I’m not, but being a punk I said yeah, that my dad wasn’t but my mother was and I wasn’t raised in the faith. I honestly don’t know why I lied.
          Anyway, my job became to spy on my co-workers, and spy on the workers in all the other hotel shops. (There was a big shopping mall in the hotel. The owners were mostly Jewish.) Then the manager and her family took me under their wing and I was invited to synagogue and soon became a de-facto member of the Indianapolis Jewish community.
          This is no lie. I saw the inside view of how they regard non-Jews, how they do business, and all the rest. Believe me, all the stereotypes people have of the Jews are true. But nobody can call it like it is because they’re afraid to be labeled anti-semite.
          Jews don’t intentionally do “bad things,” because they don’t see their behavior as bad. They’re simply Jewish, and if they cheat you in a business deal it’s because they think they’re smarter. What non-Jews consider dishonest or immoral behavior, the Jews just see as life. And they don’t understand why people hate them.
          It’s like the issues we talk about here between men and women. Women aren’t bad people. It’s when their societal impulsed behavior is dysfunctional it becomes bad. With Jews, it’s not that they’re Jewish; it’s how they behave.

  2. Social media has fostered out of control narcissism in today’s females. When this ‘scandal’ broke, I was like damn, are there no young famous women out there who do NOT take naked selfies?? If they are good looking (Jennifer Lawrence, etc) they must take a picture of themselves – preferably naked. (Hell, they probably take them even if they are not good looking)
    Often I will see a hot woman at the gym and invariably she will eventually pose in front of the mirror and take a selfie (presumably to post on social media)
    My sister-in-law came to visit and I took her and my brother around town and she had to stop every 5 minutes to take a selfie in front of every new building. My goodness it is out of control

    1. being a whore is the most natural calling for them. Its immediately the most honest profession for them suited to their talents and which they can be themselves

      1. lol. i really have to wonder, once again, what kind of women you associate with. you’ve got to be pretty far down the social pecking order to make statements like that. like bottom rung far down.

  3. I never found her particularly attractive. Walk an afternoon in Amsterdam, and it’s “JLaw who?” or “Kate Upton? Who?”. Take any European city for that matter, and there are plenty of girls on the streets who blow those two overhyped broads out of the water. Hell, there are hotter girls to be found in any decent gym.

    1. I think that these girls general look is attractive to the masses. E.g ugly people can identify with beauty and their own. But they can’t relate to the beautiful. When they see Jennifer Lawrence it more than likely is their “every man”. They relate to the girl who looks like she eats the popcorn too.

      1. You guessed it, these types of celebrities are not for men to look at, they are for women to aspire to. So, they can’t be leagues ahead of the marketing demographic they are appealing g to because it’s about money after all. Women need to think, “I want to be like her and I can if I just buy the right things..”. Same reason bland Kristen Stewart was chosen for those roles so women can relate to her. Too hot, and it will illicit reactions of jealousy.
        Media, pop culture, the Internet: it’s all for women, and it’s mostly to get them to spend their money. It’s not for us, so don’t waste your time with it. Like it says in meditations: is your cucumber bitter? Throw it away.

        1.’s all about the marketing to female consumers (not men).
          If Jennifer Lawrence can sell whatever bullshit story to these women, then bingo…we have more female consumers buying the same shit she buys (or recommends).
          Oprah was the best (I think) at doing this shit. Women were flocking to her show, stores and websites to buy all of this useless shit that she promoted.

      1. Her backside looks like one of those “Billy” bookcases from Ikea. There is just not a single hint of curvature to be found.

        1. Wow, she’s really let herself go, she’s only 22. Have women started racing to the wall or something?

        2. “I never found her particularly attractive. Walk an afternoon in Amsterdam, and it’s “JLaw who?” or “Kate Upton? Who?”
          With half of american females now considered obese, just not being a land whale makes her “attractive”.

      1. I’m not putting anyone on a pedestal. In my opinion, it’s not too difficult to find better specimens than Lawrence or Upton in Europe. They’re nothing special. Perhaps if you’re used to American women. But I’d have to acknowledge European women are also on a downward slope. Think weight gains, and all sorts of bad habits. It’s just not yet as bad as in the U.S., and it’s easier to find someone who passes the boner test.

        1. As annoying as the women are here, there are plenty of examples that put JL to shame. You don’t have to travel to Europe to find them.

    2. Indeed being stationed in Europe was a “red pill” moment for me because I noticed how almost every woman looked good and was feminine, and without 50 lbs of makeup and a life dedicated to deception through wardrobe. All those pretty blonds in a simple skirt and hardly any makeup was a contrast to Amerikuh and the fat slut/lesbo/mangirls it’s infected with. The usual stuff.

        1. West Germany just an hour from Luxembourg – great jumpoff point for Trier, Lux, A-Dam and for a road trip, Denmark.
          I must have approached everything female in a skirt under the age of 30.

        2. I’m a fan of the European women, but only from the east. They come to the east coast to work during the summers. Thin and feminine.

      1. Unfortunately for the average man, the more attractive women in the US are typically found where there is money. If you live/work in these areas there’s plenty of eye candy.

      1. Haha!
        > It seems that the population of africa has been completely obliterated
        > Nothing of value was lost
        Best of all.

      2. You guys have no imagination. It amazes me what crap entertains you because you’ve become so dumb and incapable of art.
        It’s so sad to live with a bunch of manboy idiots.

        1. You should be careful about what you defend; women that can’t keep their tits in their blouse and men that can’t keep their dick in their pants are role models only to degenerates.

  4. The biggest concern I had when this story broke was the beta males and feminists literally crying rape if you look at these pictures online. They said without consent it is sexual assault to view the pictures. My mind shuddered. This is not a joke. It has started a theory I have that feminism is not about promoting sexual equality as it is about depriving men of sex and enabling women to have unbridled sex. Women only need a few alphas to keep them satisfied. The slave beta would love nothing more than creating a state where betas catered to a women’s every need bar their sexual-That’s alphas business!

    1. I think you may be onto something there. I was reading the comment section of another website where a man had responded to the proposition that “don’t take naked pics if you don’t want them online” is “notoriously gendered, and often targets women who’ve been sexually assaulted.”

      Right, because Chris Brown totally doesn’t have photos of his tallywacker floating around the internet…

      to which a woman replied:

      You remind me of those people who say “Don’t wanna get pregnant? Don’t have sex” cause thats fucking practical…

      Her response is, at the very least, a Freudian slip; If not a tacit admission of women’s desire to secure unlimited sex while depriving men of basic sexual arousal.

      1. It’s more like an admission that women think attention whoring is a female birthrigh. You can’t compare sex to a selfie

        1. True but in this case there are parallels.
          For example: Abstinence really is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy. Don’t want to kid? Don’t be a slut. Simple.
          Likewise, nothing is 100% private or secure if its on the internet, especially if it involves a mobile device or third-party storage.
          That said, it would be prudent not to keep sensitive information on internet. Personally, I keep the nudes of women I’ve fucked on an external hard drive hidden where no one could possibly find it. This is why men are the logical sex.
          Further, you’re overlooking how the woman, without provocation, insisted that Abstinence wasn’t a “practical” form of birth control because women clearly love sex too much to ever give it up for any reason whatsoever.
          How does her response logically follow what the man’s initial comment? More importantly, why did she feel absolutely comfortable making such a comment in the comment section of an article asserting it was sexual assault for a man to even view the photos in question?

        2. She could blow you or take it up the ass. Sex that’s 100% effective in preventing pregnancy.

        3. 1. Anal doesn’t prevent pregnancy.
          2. How does getting a blow job refute or even address anything I just said?

        4. I’m not trying to refute you. I’m trying to get you to understand the bullshit sentiment behind her protest comparing a selfie to sex.

        5. It’s become a trend amongst teenagers to practice sodomy exclusively because they assume it’s a contraception but kids have been getting pregnant. Sperm live for approx. four days and all it takes is a sloppy pullout job. It’s uncommon but it happens.

      2. Anthony Weiner’s weiner pic was publicly displayed and nobody called it rape. I think some male celebrities’ nude pics were leaked too.

      3. When we see Perez Hilton a gay man being shouted down as a “rapist” for releasing the photos we see the true nature of feminism. We see they it’s women wanting to have all sexual experiences they can have with none of the consequences. If there is evidence then some men may not want to invest in them. They may not get the movie part because the fantasy of them being the one is broken. In Japan a female popstar apologised for having sex. Not that she regretted the sex. She regretted getting caught. Because now the herbivore men no longer show interest in her.

    2. Don’t be so narrow. What you describe is only one way in which the control they seek manifests itself. A Feminist could just as easily send an alpha to jail via false rape charge for dumping her. It’s not just about cockblocking betas. Remember abortion is her choice.., but child support from men is mandatory.

      1. “Remember abortion is her choice.., but child support from men is mandatory.”
        Agree. It’s hilarious when I hear about the phrase “it’s her body and her choice” from a woman or white knight……yeah, but it’s my wallet, fucker.
        Men should at least have the option to say they ‘disagree’ and only pay support for a limited amount of time (4-5 years maybe?). This bullshit of 18 years is ridiculous.
        We don’t have equality in this country (otherwise, women would be lining up at the court house to protest how men are not being treated equal by the system).

        1. Abortion is legal in America then no child support at all unless he consents. Fuck 4 to 5 years. Bitches can’t be allowed to have it both ways.

        2. Best solution for young fellows: Frozen Pop. A sperm sample from the prime of your life when you are epigenetically strongest in liquid nitro and then get the semenefrious tubules cut, but NEVER tell the women so when she tries to cuckold you she can be disgraced (and maybe even sued) .
          Then when you hit 40 and have the career and wealth down pat you go to a real country and get a 25 year old bride and use that top shelf load.

        3. don’t want to be liable for child support? keep your dick in your pants or your own hands. then you won’t have to worry about all those scheming women trying to get their hands on your money to take care of your kids.

        4. Don’t want to jump through hoops to have abortion? Then blow him or take it up the ass then you don’t won’t have to worry about all those scheming men trying impregnate you.

        5. hmm. never worried about that. don’t know many women with half a brain who do. apparently you don’t know too many women with half a brain.

        6. Hey…i’m with you on it. But erasing the whole thing (18 years) versus what we have today is a large mountain to climb.
          I was trying to chip away at that shit because you know any politician will use it (for more votes) and women will line up for their next “rally” to stop it (even though it does not represent equality at all).

        7. Classic. The man holds all of the responsibility for the “act”…the woman is just the poor helpless victim.

        8. Sure you worry. That’s why you have abortion rallies, buttons and bumper stickers. But keep pretending…

      2. I agree but what I put forward is not that feminists are blocking men but betas are blocking men. Not just standard white night ” she’s had too many drinks, put her in a taxi” kind of stuff. But on a large scale betas want to preserve their status as betas. They attack females who disagree. As being the Uncle Tom equivants. When realistically they are the ones who fear a beta breaking rank and file. If a beta gets lucky then there was a flaw in the system.

      3. Not in my day so it’s up to you boys to turn back the clock on these things to the point where a female who makes a false allegation is completely ostracised and shamed.

    3. Feminists can find victimhood in everything, their entire movement is fuelled by it.

    4. They’ve already succeeded in that goal. They constantly re-defined consent to the point that now if a girl isn’t acknowledging every penis thrust with signed paperwork, it’s rape. If a man shows any signs of sexual desire, it’s rape, unless he’s a hottie.
      This has created an entirely new class of men who’s sexual strategy is to supplicate to female whims by adopting every single thing women say they want in a man. Then they hang around women until women run out of excuses for saying no to sex.
      My biggest revelation came when I realized that PUAs are actually in this camp as well. It’s just that their mode of supplication is about building a female-friendly body in the gym and developing female-friendly pick-up tactics. PUAs chastise one another over not being ‘alpha’ enough — not being desirable enough by women. Even Roosh used to be like this, although he seems to be gradually coming around and realizing the truth.

    5. They said without consent it is sexual assault to view
      This is funny especially since these girls make their living on being exhibitionists and seeking publicity.
      A few alphas who didn’t want to share resources, like pussy, could never stay in power. I’m sure that even in caveman days the strongest guy couldn’t monopolise everything because the betas would just kill him.

      1. Haha that’s why betas need big government socialist program’s. use numbers to protect them. Now some people are saying the images of some actresses are under age and this child pornography. Should not therefore that actress be prosecuted for publishing and distributing child pornography. Big claims like these would require understandabley a huge burden of proof. But not in feminist land. In feminist land making the accusation is the proof. A non guilty verdict is the only flaw in the legal system in feminist land. Feminism is the weapon to which The US constitution snd our freedoms will be destroyed.

        1. First of all, these girls are not children even if under 18. When I think of a child it is an immature sexually undeveloped female and any fool can tell the difference. The “child” stuff just being under 18 is some new definition and it certainly isn’t what people think of when you say kiddie porn.
          Second, simple nudity regardless of age is not porn. Porn must involve some sexual activity. Many of these freaky feminist inspired prosecutors are so sick that they can see porn in everything even if it’s a fully dressed kid and the 18yo definition of a child is used. A 17yo in her bikini at the beach may be porn to them;or a dressed under 18 posing “provocatively”, whatever that means. Many teen girls go topless at beaches so if you took a beach scene and they were in the pic then some wacky DA can call it child porn.If that weren’t bad enough they even consider some 25yo girl a “minor” if she looks under 18 lol Men are being prosecuted for things that are not even crimes and intimidated into pleading guilty for a lessor offence which is why these DA’s can say they have a 98% conviction rate (plea deals count as a win for them)
          If simple nudity even with a real kid were a crime then those pics of Brooke Shields would have been taken down from old websites and the owner prosecuted.Many people have seen them and at the time they were taken no one gave them much thought. Just some naked kid with makeup on.Even the most neurotic spinster wouldn’t bother to complain about them back then.I don’t want to put a link here but if you were to type in Gary Gross Beth Schiffer Auctions you’ll find them. These pics were supposed to be exhibited at the Tate Gallery In London a couple of years ago but the usual feminists had such an hysterical fit that they were removed. Yes, times really have changed in a short period. The lunatics have taken over the asylum.

    6. Yes, this. Think “ants and bees.” The queens with all their drones and workers, all expendable and entirely gelded. Feminism fits the overall supreme collectivist agenda.

    7. I think women can have sex as they please and men can too. You’re also getting confused with radical feminism and normal feminism. Don’t be ignorant, because it makes us men look bad and small minded.

      1. Radical or moderate. Radicals always set the agenda. People can have sex with who they please where they please when they please. I’m not going to police it. Will I endorse it-hell no! Will I promote female chastity by not dating gangas and telling them that is a reason- yes! To quote Shakespeare “he who whips the whore most wants to use her” I don’t want to repress anyone but I will not invest.

  5. I just looked her up on Wikipedia. Turns out, her and I was born on the exact same day (August 15 1990) and she the same state i was(Kentucky). Small fucking world isn’t it?

    1. Yeah what are the odds of being born on the same day as someone in the same state? Actually pretty high, go to any hospital any day and you’ll see multiple babies being born on the same location, same day

      1. The odds that a baby was born on the same day in the same hospital as Jennifer Lawrence aren’t that high.

      2. Difference is that she is a celebrity. How many people actually become celebrities? Not very many.

  6. God forbid should a young woman enjoy a private intimate moment with a lover. Why do I get the feeling you wrote this in your mother’s basement jacking off to the pictures? While you spend your life writing crappy articles Jennifer will go on and win more Oscars, making even more money, and giving more money to charity in a year than you will make in your lifetime. Bitter? Yes you are!!! Get back on your meds and give you hand a rest.

    1. While you spend your life getting emotional about a “crappy” article, Jennifer will go on and win more Oscars, making even more money…etc

      1. lol not emotional just pointing out the hypocrisy clearly there are a few narcissistic men here that fancy themselves as kings but are nothing more than court jesters

        1. Sorry dude despite what you’ve been told and what you’d like to believe SIZE DOES MATTER!!!!!

    2. Making more money in a few months than most productive people will ever make in their lifetimes, for engaging in make-believe games in front of a camera, says less about the working man’s lowly station in life and more about the warped, degenerate values of this culture.

      1. You’re suggesting that artists are not productive? Everyone is an actor including yourself. If you’re unhappy with the working man’s lowly station in life THEN IMPROVE YOUR STATION!

        1. If you consider anything Lawrence has done to be art… I think that pretty much sums it up.

        2. I do consider film to be a form of art as do most educated people. That is really what sums it up intelligent educated individuals recognize art.

        3. I agree with you that Tarkovsky and Tarr directed movies of substance that is lacking in today films. Sadly, art house movies are rarely distributed in theaters across America. The young dictate the box office and more intelligent movies are passed over in order to make money. As the British say movies are dumbed down for American audiences. Art reflects life. I myself prefer older movies and French movies than most of the movies today. I do believe that JL is a very talented actress perhaps the best of her generation. Winter’s Bone being her best performance in my opinion. She is also a big fan of Russian literature which cannot be said for most people her age. She’s more than a pretty face with a hot body. I think people tend to forget that.

        4. Oh boy…we have another ‘educated’ live one on our hands here.
          The door is ——————->

    3. If you put something on a TCP/IP capable device, and consider it private, then you are a fool and an idiot. Full stop.

    4. Typical feminist insults. “U jack off in ur mothers basment wile writing this!!!”. We see that very often on ROK, try being original next time, dipshit

    5. And so why can’t the author potentially enjoy a private moment in his mom’s basement without your clichéd ridicule? Might it be because you are a selective cunt

      1. lol if you think calling me a cunt in anyway offends me you are really delusional clearly the men here believe they are superior to women and therefore scream their own inferiority. Men, real men, are not intimidated by confident successful women nor do they blame them for their lack of success poor lowly working class men. They call these women sluts because they can’t get laid. And they call women cunts when they can’t articulate an intelligent conversation. Poor you grab some lotion and a sock and call it a night.

        1. I call you a cunt because you don’t listen to reason, not because i didn’t just give you a good one. But whatever makes you feel better…cunt. And getting laid by sluts is the least of my worries… that’s easy. it’s finding a decent woman worth keeping that is the problem. But hey if you wanna think about my cock in a sock. Have at it.

        2. Here’s the thing a good man can find a good woman if he is deserving of her and looking in the right place. No good woman is going to want a man who follows the ideology of a site like this. Just spending time on this site today I can tell the men here are angry, resentful, and incredibly lonely. That is not a woman’s fault. Take a look at this article on JL as a perfect example. He says that these pictures were taken with several lovers. How can he possibly know this? He is deliberately painting her as a slut to further his hateful agenda. And you guys agree with him and you wonder why you can’t find a good woman? Seriously? The bottom line is you don’t like yourself and you blame women for your lack of fulfillment in life. Work on yourself first and become the man a good woman would want before you blame someone else.

        3. Yep…and there it is…the “real men” shaming line.
          But the “real woman” is so positive, so empowering.
          You have to love these “educated” types…I mean hypocrites.

        4. lol this whole site is filled with hypocrisy. You all claim to want a good woman but what you really want is a woman will bow down to you even though you treat her with such disrespect. You guys have no idea what it means to be masculine and therefore you are doomed to spend the rest of your lives alone blaming feminism (which does not mean man hating but rather equality for women) for your failures. And if intelligence offends thee than read a book or take a class. Good women don’t like stupid men. The amount of men who are followers of this site are so small compared to the population you’ll make no gains in your flaw ideology. Why would you want to waster your time on such non-sense? Clearly, you enjoy you lowly uneducated working man plight and would rather blame others than take responsibility for your own weaknesses and failures. Returned of the failed Kings is a better title.

        5. funny how you don’t like to be shamed yet you have no problem shaming women that is a perfect example of hypocrisy lol

        6. I call it like I see it. If I’m wrong I’m wrong…but I won’t continue to let feminists control which language I can (or can’t use). It’s time they were held accountable (because they want equality). It’s really that simple.

        7. “You all claim to want a good woman but what you really want is a woman will bow down to you..”
          No, it’s bend over for me. Which is why I’m not upset at Jennifer.

        8. How do you think the feminist movement began anyway? It began by men believing that women were inferior to them and had no rights. No right to own property. No right to vote. No right to work outside the home. No right to chose their occupation. No right to equal pay. No right to education. No right to birth control. No right to protect their own bodies. No right to enjoy sex…..etc. Yes, there are women in the feminist movement that dislike men but they are a small majority and most likely suffer some type of abuse by a man. The above article offers the same logic as woman who has been raped being told she was raped because of the clothes she was wearing or a coed being date raped because she went to a party. Or a woman told that her husband cannot rape her because she is married to him. I find it hard to believe that any intelligent man would believe these things and yet here is a site celebrating these injustices. Perhaps, some of the men here would be happier in the middle east hanging out with men who share this same mentality? Or maybe a cult where they marry little girls where they can brainwash them to suit their fancy? Women are more than baby machines and sex toys. Women enjoy sex too and have the right to enjoy it. And if you notice in these photos of JL and the other women they were taken by or taken for the men they are in relationships with…men they love in private. What’s wrong with that? Why not write an article on the perverts who hacked their accounts and traded their images on the deep web? What kind of man does this and what kind of men applaud it? The answer is simple no man a good woman will ever want. And really is this the kind of man you guys really want to be?

        9. Yeah, right. Don’t compare the feminist movement ‘back when’ to this stupid shit you see today. The right to vote and own property is one thing. Women have continued to bitch and complain as they have received more rights and it’s now at a tipping point. You could give them everything and they’d still bitch about something they didn’t have….it’s a joke, today.
          You want equality but all you really want is a pass to act the fuck up in public (and for everyone to give you pass on it because you’re a woman).
          No, that shit isn’t happening. You see someone acting up (man or woman) then you call them on that shit. Women are no different… special, free rides here (not from me).

        10. Except this woman in question is not only bowing down, but naked and for selfie…
          I see you don’t let reading comprehension get in the way of some good feminist rhetoric.

        11. No. Here’s the thing. The whore factory known as feminism keeps making women fatter, sluttier and dumber… All the while screaming “There’s no good men”. So

        12. lol, calm down junior you suffer from a severe case of Madonna/Whore complex. Do you have a girlfriend or a wife? I’m guessing you don’t. I’m guessing most men here don’t. Why is that? Are you fat? Are you dumb? Are you a slut? Or are you a latent homosexual? Because I think thou dost protest too much!!!!

        13. Naw you fat cunt. Seems like you suffer from a severe case of Penis Envy… only women can be sluts

        14. So you’re not a slut just fat and dumb lol got it. You are angry because women won’t conform to your view of what a woman should be. They never will. But you can spend your days and nights bitching about how women make you feel like less of a man. Ah poor you narcissist. Why is it that this site advertises Viagra and porn addiction? Must really suck to watch so much porn and not be able to get it up lol. You guys are losers and that is your problem. You just want someone to blame. The truth is you like being a pig snorting around in the mud for shit and feeling sorry for yourself. You are pissed because no woman would lower herself to join you. You like bitching. You’re not Brad Pitt and that pisses you off. No woman will ever truly want you because traditional masculinity is dead. And no amount of anger or bitching or degrading of women will ever change that. Buy a blow up doll and get used to be a lonely, angry, bitter, little man.

        15. Naw. You’re angry because we won’t accept your fat, sluttiness, or bad attitude. And quality men never will! So get accustomed to ending up with losers and cats after we’ve pumped and dumped you until your vag looks like a corn beef sandwich.
          The whole world is now slut shaming the feminist icon Jennifer Lawrence and you can’t stand that! HaHa.

        16. JL has never been a feminist icon but she might be now and I suppose you’ll blame her for that instead of the pervert that leak the photos in the first place. You guys are your own worst enemies. You are actually destroying you own agenda. And what’s most amusing you are too damn stupid to even realize it. Non of you have made any valid points. You’re pissed about you lot in life and too lazy to change it so you blame women for it. If you guys are the opposition to feminism then feminism is safe. You’ll shit enough bricks to build a pyramid when Hillary Clinton becomes your next president lol. This site is nothing more that a
          bunch of pussies crying about their pathetic lives. I really enjoy busting your tiny girl balls. The pics are down feminism(accepting and treating women as human beings) wins!!!!! Corn beef sandwich really is that the best you could come up with? lol Pussy.

        17. Naw. She became a feminist icon as soon as she opened her trap about food, little girls and body image. But keep up the lies.
          As for Hillary… unlike Obama she’ll suck off rich…cause well she is rich. And that’s good for me. And better yet all her feminist bullcrap will get tabled by the Senate… which is gonna be Republican come November.
          Yes. Corn beef sandwich. What a jaded whore you are.

        18. My husband and I and both my brothers as well had the best financial years under Obama and regardless what party is elected we will continue to do so. Wise investments and job security works wonders for the bank account and retirement funds.
          JL became a role model when she spoke about body image and how as a little girl her friends refused to eat carbs so they could be skinny that is quite different than being a feminist but since you hate all women I can see how you would make the mistake.
          Let’s try something. If you are an executive then you are college educated and therefore have the ability to actually make a logical argument instead of just childish insults. What feminist issues are currently in the senate or what feminist issues do you expect to see in the senate? And why do you oppose these issues? How do these issues affect your life and society in a negative way? Be specific I know you can do it.

        19. You had the best financial years under Obama? Really. No way. So did I. He must be the best potus ever.
          My success came despite Obama policies, not because of them ya dumb ass. You lack common sense so how the hell are we gonna talk about anything?

        20. Financially most people do better under a democratic president do the research moron. And you ignored my questions just as I expect you would because the truth is you are blowing smoke out you ass and know nothing.
          I read some of the comments and articles written by your lord and savior, your alpha male in your little dysfunctional wolf cub pack it’s hilarious!!!! Asking this man to teach you game is like asking an infant to teach you to pilot a fighter jet lol. You’re basically following an ape into civilized life. You guys are stalled in the evolution of consciousness and there truly is no hope for any of you. You can’t get laid so you blame women. You hate women because all of you had dysfunctional relationships with one or both your parents. So, you’re basically trying to fuck your mothers. I’d tell you to seek therapy but narcissistic people think there is nothing wrong with them and that it’s everyone else who has the problem. Misogynic as all of you are combined with narcissism means that some of you are sociopaths. A lot of you will form addictions if you haven’t already along with deep bouts of depression. I’m really grateful for your cult leader for creating this site for you all to focus your attention at least most of you are not a danger to society but only to yourselves.. As one person said you are dinosaurs stuck in a tar pit soon to become extinct. If you study the evolution of consciousness you will see why you are destined to fail. The new alpha male will rule the gene pool. And in your little group you are not even the alpha so how can you possibly be an alpha in the real world? You guys are a cliché. So it is here I leave you knowing I could return one year or five years and find most of you still wallowing in your pathetic states. I truly was not a feminist until I met you guys. Thank you for showing me the light and for giving me an idea for my next article and if I’m feeling really ambitious an idea for my first book. You can start practicing to say Madame President Clinton now!!!!!!

        21. Curious, what are your credentials when it comes to psychology? Or are you offering the typical argumentum ad pop-psychology so prevalent to dismiss any idea which makes one uncomfortable?
          He doesn’t agree with me? Why…he must have some serious mental problems!
          How charmingly Soviet.

        22. MA degree. Not all of you have serious mental problems but your alpha does. He is textbook. Why am I getting this message in the first place? I unsubscribed.

  7. My prediction, and I’ve been saying this since I saw her performance at the Oscars, playing the role of actress Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Lawrence will go full-Amanda Bynes before she is 30. Fake personality, crazy eyes, barely contained cluster-b disorders, but I am sure I am not telling anyone here what they can’t already see for themselves.

    1. Yep, agree. It will happen when she is no longer the Hollywood ‘flavor of the month’.
      It’s happened to many….she is no different.

      1. I get the feeling she’d be more of a slow burn. You have to admit her and Bynes aren’t really in the same category as far as career prospects. Bynes isn’t anywhere close.

        1. Go back a few years and look at anyone one of them (Brittney, Bynes, etc….). They were all these “little cute girls” for awhile….and then it hit.
          It doesn’t take much and it doesn’t take long (my opinion).

  8. I had only heard of her but never seen any of her movies, but since I saw the nude pics, I can say: 8/10 WB.
    Love this quote: “Where are the Robert Redfords and Paul Newmans of my age group? I love James Franco, but where’s the next James Franco? Where are the hunks who can act?”
    Beta faggots are doubling down on their beta-ing….even as the pop culture object of their affection is telling them that they gross her out and she wants a strong, manly dude.
    Look at this bloated, beta fucker thinking that this millionaire actress wants a meek, bumbling Nice Guy (Trigger Warning: NSFL):

  9. I shamefully confess that I would bang Jennifer Lawrence 10x over a single night and after that, toss her out of my house to find the next hot chick…please don’t judge me for my desire…lol

        1. If you’re swimming in pussy attached to women with 8 or above looks then more power to you!

    1. She’s quite attractive. But that wasn’t in question, and Billy showing her hypocrisy of trying to make herself sound ugly in order to be a ‘role model’ starkly displays the schism between her words and her actual physical attractiveness.

  10. Since I’ve all but given up on the (pipe) dream of finding a good woman to have a family with, I’m all for this slutty behaviour. I won’t discourage it at all. Women are gonna be women, makes no sense to be pissed about it. Western society has gone too far to turn back without major upheaval. Let’s enjoy the decline.

    1. Now that’s the spirit that triumphed at the battle of the bulge (that’s WW2, btw).
      “Hey, these Germans outnumber us, out gun us and we’re all cooks and other assorted REMF’s while they are hardened front line shock troops, we should go ahead and just surrender and spend time basking in a POW prison away from the danger.”
      To that I say: Nuts.

      1. I admire your optimism. I prefer to be realistic (You’d call this pessimism). Maybe the fact that you’re from a better generation allows your hope to spring eternal. But for a Millennial, it’s pretty much all over. Vicissitudes of life, my friend. Trying to save this society would be worse than the tale of Sisyphus, since I doubt we’re able to get the giant boulder to move.
        A cultural revolution isn’t going to happen without some serious earth-shattering event acting as the catalyst. This website certainly won’t be the reason women suddenly snap out of their societal programming.
        Show me your plan for undoing 2 generations worth of brainwashing perpetuated by the media, the government and the education system. Things will progressively get worse until the powers that be no longer benefit from the way things are. Then they will go about effecting some change to ensure they maximise their wealth and retain their power.

        1. This my friends, is an interesting issue of debate.
          I think CaptainCapitalism goes on a whole tirade of “don’t bother trying it is all fucked anyways. Enjoy the Decline”.
          I’m born ’86 and even though I’m fighting an uphill battle I aint ready to quit yet. But I do identify more with your point of view.

        2. The most we can do is carve out safe haven for ourselves and help our friends and family to see a bit of the truth.
          Perhaps we can find good women.
          But let’s be real. We are in no position to effect sweeping cultural changes. These so called sluts are gonna do what they want, regardless of whether we pontificate on some obscure website or not.

        3. Women wont change because men want them to.
          They’ll only change if they need to… as in… if men stop paying for all their shit.
          The best you can do is work on your career/economic self-reliance and learn Game. Maybe travel so you can see things from a broader perspective.

        4. We dig out of this hole the way it was dug for us, that is, by degrees. Talk to a man in the 1930’s and describe to him what the world would become and he’d scoff at you and mock you. What happened was done slowly, incrementally and via cultural manipulation, and will be undone in the same way.
          The trick is to make our viewpoints edgy and trendy, one small point at a time, and get the memes inserted into the mainstream as if they were subversive. Nothing makes kids more interested in doing something than it being seen as edgy or subversive. This is not a new strategy and it’s not that hard to implement, in fact, given the internet it’s rather easy to start memes and cultural trends. Simply put, study propaganda and long vision ideological movements for cues.
          As an example, I’ve heard the term beta male spoken in public this last year more than I’d heard it spoken in all the years prior. Alpha male has existed for a while, but suddenly “beta” is showing up, and used to describe basically what we see as a beta male? That’s one of our memes being absorbed into the culture.
          We are, at this stage, just short of becoming society’s version of the 1950’s leather jacket wearing beatnik. That’s a good thing. They were reviled by the establishment but adored by the young because they were so out of mainstream and edgy.
          What afflicts Millenials (no offense) is that lacking an instant and quick solution, they give up. This is going to take time. Believe me, you do not want to see the decline for real, and you don’t want to be on the other end of it when it happens. You will not be immune to it, nobody will.

        5. Unfortunately there will be no safe haven. When the U.S. (and by extension, the West) become giant Venezuelas the world will become a dangerous, terrible place for everybody. Thinking we can camp out somewhere and not be affected is unrealistic.

        6. Fair points, and I must say I defer to your greater life experience. Maybe I should reconsider my admittedly somewhat defeatist position. Presentation would indeed be the key to getting our message across.

        7. Reminds me of Christmas dinner with family last year.
          My grandfather started questioning my older cousin about his relationship to his baby-momma girlfriend.
          He was basically asking “Are you two going to get married? You have a daughter. You should get married and start building something of value. You are both mid-30s”.
          They replied something like “Well we like our freedom (they are not happy). We don’t want to be tied down in that way. It is 2014 things are different now.”
          My grandfather welled up with anger “You are going to become old and you with have NOTHING! What you think you have is NOTHING! No family… no legacy… no stability… nothing”
          They laughed him off with the whole “Oh Nonno you are so cute hahaha”.
          From the other end of the table their daughter, a 12 year old girl, replied “I agree with him”.
          Everyone changed the subject.

        8. My point is…
          The young people might realize that the dysfunction of feminist “families” might not actually work…
          Why are those older people so alone and angry? Fuck that shit…

        9. The non-adult youth is where it’s at, focus wise. They are quite receptive to our message I believe.

        10. Agree on the stop paying for their shit. But women do change because we want them to, we’ve just forgotten how to communicate that message. That’s why Game works, because it causes women to conform to our wishes despite their own rationalizations. We need to take the concepts of Game and apply them to culture.
          Baby steps, but steps nonetheless.

        11. Exactly, Feminism is a lie. As soon as enough people suffer from that lie… It will be attacked and fall.

        12. I know. Trust me that came to mind immediately.
          I saw my other cousin transform already and it will be interesting to observe her long-term development (she is currently 20). The things she has told me already are things that were utterly unheard of in our generation.
          When she was 17 she was hanging out with male strippers at their sketchy venues (places where typically 30+ year old women hang out for bachelorette parties or whatever). Raves. The whole shabang… and she comes from a wealthy background. I aint against young partying but you can see that there is absolutely no restrictions on what this girl can get away with.
          She hangs out with trashy friends and what really gets me is they all ridicule her little brother for not being alpha. The poor young guy is trapped in the suburbs without any hope of getting a woman. He plays video games all day and I worry for his normal development.
          I’ve only become truly aware of this whole culture over the last 4 years. When I was growing up, sure I was a weirdo loser, but I had enough resources to pull off getting laid, going to parties, teach myself guitar, get into weird situations with friends. I feel like I squeezed through the beginning stages of this culture shift. If I grew up now I’d probably be fucked up.
          I can really see how young men nowadays from a very young age can get sucked into a world of pornography, wasting time on internet chat board (irony), video games, and lack any kind of normal development that we used to see in optimistic and energetic boys.
          What does the current culture and economy offer young men besides ephemeral moments of hedonistic pleasure?

        13. Here’s what I meant about the girl, because it wasn’t a comment on culture.
          The female brain changes during puberty. It wires ‘sideways’ from what I understand. Science has thus far concluded that this wiring helps with ‘multitasking’ so women are better at raising infants. I suspect there’s more to it. I suspect that this wiring helps women dissemble. I love that word because it means more than just lying. It means dancing around the truth. It means constructing and maintaining complex interwoven narratives. It also means constantly shifting the goal posts in a discussion.
          I suspect that mature women are ‘wired’ to think this way, and it’s at least half the problem. Even with the same old sexual preferences, they would still be better if they could be strait forward about them.
          A 12 year old girl is intellectually mature enough to respect her elders and identify virtue, as well as problems in the world. A 15 year old girl has begun to think like a woman. I attribute the very real rewiring of the female brain during puberty to this change.
          And it’s a tragedy of biology.

        14. Interesting. If you could pull up some kind of scientific grounding for this we could put together an interesting argument.
          I don’t know if I would characterize it as a tragedy per se… I think the tragedy is that we no longer know how to leverage men’s strengths and weaknesses.
          Multitasking as a skill has tremendous value. I think I have a male brain in the sense that I absolutely hate multitasking… Let me get my hands dirty with one job at a time… I’ll go into depth… I’ll try and understand the underlying principles… I’ll work til I’m exhausted. But expect me to fire off hundreds of useless emails, while focusing on a different task, while pretending to be nice to a bunch of sycophants, and I find no satisfaction whatsoever.

        15. Typo in my other comment.
          We forgot how to leverage men’s AND women’s strengths and weaknesses.

        16. Problem is, there is a great deal of complexity involved with life. Sure, our natures haven’t changed much, but our way of living sure has. Modern technology is a huge part of all of this.
          Everyone praises modern tech. without realizing that we didn’t evolve to live like this, not this quickly.
          We’re experiencing the consequences.

  11. When even MULTIPLE young hot, famous celebrities with all the reasons in the world NOT to take nudes still do them (Aubrey Plaza & Victoria Justice are probably the two girls apart from Jennifer Lawrence & Kate Upton who are the most famous in this leak), show these to any guy who thinks the random 7.25/10 with the cute personality he’s got oneitis for will be any different.

  12. Maybe she has maids, but the story you linked to references a hotel maid, not one she hired. Too much digital ink spent on a forgettable actress.

        1. She admitted a while back it was a whole box of them. But it was a while ago. I don’t have the receipt anymore.

      1. Of course.
        She played a whore in the film, Which means Ms. Lawrence didn’t need to act one bit.

    1. One thing about her is comparing her pictures from when she started out to just maybe 2 years after. Seems to be on an accelerated pace. But it could have been her not taking care of herself.

    2. Fat! Nigga you must be crazy, that bitch badd! Did you not see those natural, perky and firm 32E tits. That bitch had the best body of all the celebs leaked. If you find anything wrong with the picture below… I pray for you son.

        1. Not if she rub her body with shea butter… but it’s definitely her. The tattoo had me confused to, it’s more than likely a temporary tat. But compare her tits in that photo to the one below and you’ll see they’re the same.

      1. From what I’ve gathered, this isn’t Kate Upton. She doesn’t have a star tattoo on her mid-section.

        1. I can’t knock you on that one, but a pretty face and big boobs goes a long way to make up for it.

        2. She doesn’t have any hips at all. From her chest, it’s straight down. My fridge has more curves than her.

        3. But she doesn’t have a pretty face….. Nevertheless she is the rare famous woman you can tit fuck.

  13. I don’t really see an issue that she uses a butt-plug or that she has sexy photos.
    I’m out of the loop though. Why are these photos in the public’s hands? Did someone hack her phone or did she post them or something?
    I do see what Billy is saying about her being a role model by pretending to relate to the average person being totally rediculous. And she IS a role model to the modern woman in the sense that half-way attractive young girls I know actually do play the victim card as a social lubricant.
    “I have anxiety problems! I have emotional problems! I’m so depressed and had a rough childhood! My ex-boyfriend was abusive! I’m fat! I’m ugly! I smoke because I’m unhaaaappy!” and then they just wait around for everyone to come to their rescue over no actual problem… I know girls like this. When their sycophantic audience is gone though they act perfectly normal.
    Just as an example: I went on an international flight with my lab and the female student made a huge fucking scene about it because she is a “bad flyer”. I’m talking public yelling, over-drinking, emotional tantrum, creating drama for the other lab members and making the whole thing fucking awkward. Fast-forward a year where me and her are on another flight just the two of us… she acts perfectly fucking normal.

    1. The real risk here is that ALL of the women will get the nude-selfie bug and then go out of their way to make sure they are not stored securely. We’ll see a day when you can find all kinds of nude selfies secured just enough to find them, but not enough to get them openly enough not to be accused of committing a crime for finding them.

      1. Ever since Paris Hilton I automatically assume that every celebrity “leak” is staged. Probably not the case here but I had a glance at the material and most of them are quite flattering. Sure, these women may huff and puff but secretly enjoy the attention.

        1. Attention whoring at it’s finest (the photos – selfies or nudes – are just another prop – to say look at me).

    2. I don’t give a fuck what she does on her on time. But, it’s another example of a Rush Limbaugh moment (hypocrisy) – he called out drugs and drug dealers (to go to jail) and then got caught popping pills.
      It’s the hypocrisy and then the defending by the women (and white knights) for her actions. She sits in most (if not all) of her interviews and promotes herself as a role model (and a victim of some sorts) for young girls…and then we see these photos.
      So what message do you think those young girls will listen to now? Again, the hypocrisy (just like Rush Limbaugh).
      Remember…It’s about equality…lol.

  14. If she went public on TV about her butt plug collection then there is 99% chance these pics were intentionally leaked as a publicity stunt to generate clicks. Anybody who defends her as “victim” is a simp. She knows exactly what she’s doing.
    Go baby go…

  15. Did anyone see all of her pics? There’s one with cum all over her face and oozing from her mouth. People who legitimately look to Hollywood stars to be role models are insane. I have a question, though. What would be our reaction if Jennifer was married and took those pictures with her husband?

    1. My reaction would be the same: regardless of gender, celebrities need to stop photographing and videptaping themselves in compromising positions.

        1. I love the fact that Lena dunham is running her mouth again.. her pics were probably excluded for reasons of.. well, taste.

    2. My reaction would be, if I cared to offer one, that if you take pictures and place them on an internet capable device, and expect them to be perfectly private, then you’re a fool and deserve your fate (not you personally).

      1. I’ve made it a policy years ago to only keep pics on my phone that I would show without hesitation. Mostly candid snaps with friends/girl friends or me doing something awesome. It’s social proof the sneaky way. Because chicks will rifle through your phone when you’re not looking.

        1. Indeed that drunken buffalo Bill dance if not deleted entirely needs to at least be stored away from the internet. 😀

    3. Those aren’t her. Not saying she hasn’t done that, not even saying there isn’t pictures of that somewhere. Those aren’t her though.

  16. These “female role models” have always been bullshit. They’re just the same women saying the same shit, it’s a feminist echo chamber. There are so few women who truly deserve my respect, men as well, for that matter. They have no truly original thoughts of their own, their just like parrots, repeated what their owner has said. The only women who I have ever found to be role models are Esther Vilar, Ayn Rand, and Margaret Thatcher to name a few, all remarkably intelligent women who thought for themselves and embraced the Red Pill, whether they knew it consciously or not.

    1. I don’t understand the outrage.. no one really believes that actors are role models, do they? These are grown people doing play pretend for a living.

      1. Precisely, these are just actors? Why is Jennifer Lawrence a role model for young women, because she played a female protagonist in a popular Hollywood movie, pretty pathetic if you ask me.

        1. Don’t get me wrong. There are a couple of actors who’s versatility and style I admire (been doing amateur theatre since i was a kid) but it doesn’t make sense to model my life after people who live way different realities as i do.

        2. Agreed, George Clooney and Matt Damon are two such actors I admire, however I admire them for concrete reasons, not simply because they played some of my favorite movie characters of all time.

        3. Why? He donates a ton of his money made from acting to charity and is always trying to raise awareness for important issues.

        4. Call me cynical.. I’ve worked in tax litigation and most of these public big ticket donations are tax dodges.

        5. And what are those reasons. I’m not sure I could fuck either of their wives without thinking about some other bitch

        6. Outside of my area of expertise, but even so it’s not as if he can get off paying less money to charities than he would through his taxes right?

        7. That very much depends on the construction of the charitable foundation (tax dodge). Rich guy wants to fight Malaria in Africa and donates mosquito nets worth 10 mio EUR. He also has a stake in the company that supplies said mosquito nets. When all is said and done, Rich guy gets hefty tax deductions for a couple of years AND a sizeable piece of business. It’s rarely that simple and there’s an established industry to “consult” on charitable foundations.

        8. That’s not to say that Mr. Damon isn’t a stand up guy who wants to use his thespian superpowers to save the world. I just dislike his public persona.

  17. Slightly harsh me thinks..give her a break….the girl is 23 for Gods sake !
    She’s doing in her private life what most girls 15-30 are …taking sexy photos of themselves for their boyfriend or girlfriends or trying on a new outfit in the store changing room!
    Just cause she’s made it in Hollywierd doesn’t automatically exclude her from the habits of her demographic and mean she should be a nun ,even if she talks openly about pressure on girls for weight or whatever issue it is.
    What she is guilty of is being dumb about putting photos on iCloud if that’s where they got nicked from…or maybe that was down to her non existent personal assistant!
    She’s a total Knockout either way and great in the only film I’ve seen her in Winter’s Bone.

    1. It’s not that she’s doing naked selfies, but rather that she’s playing “holier than thou” in her interviews and publicly proclaiming what a fantastic role model she is or has become. The hypocrisy is what is being criticized. If she were always some outright ditz who didn’t take herself so damned seriously then there would hardly be anything to criticize, wot?

      1. Point taken…I’m sure you know a lot more about her..I haven’t seen her preaching to the masses yet so maybe it rubs people up the wrong way…I just thought the article was a bit harsh.

        1. Her stand on being a “role model” is pretty well known, she makes it a point to mention it a lot. Other than that, I know little of her and care even less. I do understand that at one time, prior to her fame, she was actually rather conservative as in “right wing” but given how Hollywood loves to destroy anything good, I doubt that still applies. Especially given these selfies.

    2. The problem: she’s a hypocrite and she’s pushing an agenda for both Hollywood and corporate America.
      Any PR person will tell you that even bad news is good for a celebrity because it gets people (at least) talking about you.
      So is she really into being a ‘role model’ for young girls or is she just looking for attention (like most attention whores her age)?
      I’ll let you decide.

  18. you mean to tell me an extremely famous hollywood actress has a hard time balancing who she really is and who the public wants and perceives her to be?
    it’s 2014. every chick has nudes in her phone.

        1. This is the problem with people. They think that something connected to the internet can give them privacy. This is the height of foolishness. If you don’t want these things exposed, do not connect them to a network inhabited by billions of anonymous human beings and expect everything to be hunky dory. Basic. Fucking. Common. Sense.
          The “buh buh buh but everybody does it” excuse is just that, an excuse.

        2. your basic argument is don’t connect anything valuable to the internet.
          so by that same logic if hackers transfer all of the funds out of your bank account to theirs, you have no right to complain because you allowed your money to be in a place where it is connected to the internet. I guess you’ll say that idealism is “Basic.Fucking.Common.Sense.” too
          this is the 21st century. we are all connected to the web in some our most private and life altering ways.

        3. I know my bank is liable if a hacker accesses their system through no fault of my own and empties my account (hard to do by the way). I could imagine that Apple would have to pay compensation if they were negligent in protecting my nude pictures.

        4. I’m pretty sure a person could make a good case for that, especially a person like her who could stand to make a substantial amount of money if she agreed to nudity in roles, or if she ever decided to cover playboy or something — depending on the wording of Apple’s user agreements of course.

        5. I wasn’t aware that naked selfies of oneself were inherently valuable as some kind of intellectual or cultural bellwether, in a positive way. Who knew?
          You also compared banking security to a silly phone app. You do understand that is a fallacy, right?
          “This is the 21st century!” Yeah, well, temporal politics is both false, and the sure sign of a raging leftist. Just because “everybody is doing it!” doesn’t mean that you should. Basic logic here kid. If you take naked pics of yourself and store them on an idiotic iZombie easily hacked phone, then you’re a moron, and you deserve the shame and ridicule you have coming your way.
          Sorry you don’t see it that way. Not my problem.

        6. Perhaps not, you accepted the terms of their licensing agreement where I suspect (will need to confirm) that you waived their liability. You’d be hard pressed to make a case in this instance if that is so. But hey, need to read their LA I guess to say for certain.
          Millenials are really in for a world of surprise as more and more of this stuff happens. There are consequences to giving up entirely your notions of privacy and shame and thinking of technology as omnipotent and transcendent; this is one of those cases. These shameless starlets had better learn something from this…but we all know…they won’t.
          C’est la vie.

        7. You would die withou Monet.
          Quite true, it never pans out well to compare selfies to impressionist artists. heh

        8. if you can’t understand why a famous person can make money with nudity I don’ know what to tell you

        9. You are probably right. If I were Apple, I wouldn’t assume liability for a service I provide for free.

        10. basically you said yourself if a person expects privacy from the internet, that is the height of foolishness and you claimed it to be airtight logic, but in the end, we all expect some sort of privacy and protection from the internet. unless you only agree conditionally with what you said yourself.
          it’s not the fact that ppl do it because everyone else does, the majority of ppl are going to take pictures of themselves anyway. nude and clothed. regardless of their level of fame or social status ppl are vain. basic human nature here kid. in your idealistic world there are only ppl who follow complete logic. in the real world, ppl will follow emotion before logic, more often than not. im not a liberal or a conservative. they are both idiots. nice try though.

        11. I like that.. suing for lost wages of her upcoming career in porn. Realistically, it could work the other way. Meaning she would lose business in the future if her public image becomes unsavory. I recall Disney has such a policy for their movies aimed at teens.

        12. you know when agents are negotiating pay for movies, naturally somebody who is synonymous with young hollywood, they would jack the price for her in a movie way up, if she were to go topless or do a sex scene. but I agree with you, by the time they start breaking out of the kid friendly box, they are in a whole different market

        13. If you can’t understand that feminist whores don’t need to take selfies with nudity I don’t know what to tell you.

        14. You’re still playing temporal politics. That is a tired game, you should learn a new one. Life, culture, society does not move on a linear path, but rather, history is cyclical while human nature remains constant throughout. This is why actually history goes in repetitive cycles actually.
          Because “everybody does it” does not make it right; not now, not in the 1950’s, not in the year 2525. That reasoning should have been disposed of when we all learned from father or mother “If all of your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it?”.
          I don’t care if people follow perfect logic or not (or as you say “complete logic” whatever that means). I do not however grant them forgiveness when they do something stupid that any fool with two firing neurons would have known was stupid. Posting your pics to the Cloud is stupid. There is no other explanation for it. She deserves her fate, assuming she has anything bad come from this in the first place. Given the temporal politics/anything goes types in the world, she may well get even more famous and rich from this.

        15. whatever helps you old man. ppl like you are always stuck in the past and refuse to accept times and ppl as they are lol. this is a week later, I’m ashamed that it took you that long to come up with a response. give it a rest already. we think differently and im ok with that.
          you expect times and ppl to be just like they were 50+ years ago. we get it. it’s just not realistic. draggin this out over a week about a some bitch neither of us knows makes you look real petty man. reply till you die, im done with this shit homie.

    1. I don’t care about any of that nonsense.
      The real fucked up part is where she states how much of a ‘role model’ she is for young girls…and then this shit goes out (typical Hollywood bullshit).
      You live by the stage, you die by the stage. Many of them do it…but to see the hypocrisy is staggering.
      And stop apologizing for her…that’s the problem with women today. Men are always called out for their bad (unacceptable) behavior. It’s about equality….isn’t it?

      1. Yeah, he doesn’t get it. If she were a standard no-standards Hollyweirdo chick, think Miley Cirus, nobody would give it a second thought.

        1. Agree. I love the types who come to the “rescue” of these Hollywood darlings (walk on water much?). She is pretty much an attention whore (like the rest) but Hollywood (and corporate America) has painted her to be ‘just like them’ to sell more movies, junk, shit, etc….
          Message to females: she just like me (yeah, an attention whore…just like you, Missy).

      2. so it’s nonsense that a person who never asked to be a picture perfect role model, finds it difficult to balance the expectations of fans who expect and thrust her to be katniss the “role model” vs the actual person? so being realistic is apologizing?
        I don’t give a shit if it’s a man or a woman. idolizing celebrities past the point of basic humanity and human error is stupid. I say this same thing when they expect a musician, superstar basketball, baseball, or football player to be unrealistic role model. regardless of gender. ppl are only human.
        if you allow your kids to have movie stars as role models you are already failing as a parent. the bigger issue is not how they live their OWN LIVES but why are you expecting them to make good movies and guide your children?

        1. well not everyone is not charles barkley, not everyone is just going to flatout say I am not a role model. they forced it on her she accepted. what does that have to do with what she does in private?
          yet and still is that an excuse to allow someone from hollywood to be a role model for your children, when you should raise them yourself?

        2. My point: she is the one saying she’s a good role model for young girls but acts in just the opposite manner. So which message is the real message to young girls (I’m an attention whore…but not really)?
          We just need to call women out on this bullshit and stop giving them a pass….bottom line.

        3. I get what you’re saying I do. but just because a person has a sex life doesn’t make them a bad role model. what adults do when the children are asleep is none of their business. I can see if she uploaded these herself on twitter or something, but these pics came out against her will.

        4. You can try to change the subject all you want… but Jlaw still wasn’t forced to be an outspoken role model.

        5. The leaking of the photos (in my opinion) shows you a part of the real person while the nonsense she spouts on TV is just that…nonsense.
          She is the one promoting herself as a role model (not other people)….there lies the hypocrisy.
          Your argument would be valid if the studio was the culprit but it’s not…she’s the one actually saying “she knows she’s a role model to young girls…blah, blah, blah”.
          A man gets burned at the cross for this same type of bullshit…see the double standard here?
          Start placing blame (and shame) where it belongs – man…or woman.

        6. I think you’re misunderstanding me. hypocrisy will always be called out male or female. my point is simply this, if some hacker didn’t leak her pix everybody would still be ok. the idea of a role model that you cannot personally interact with is silly. you don’t even know that person.
          the media is where all of these unrealistic expectations come from. men and women reporters, bloggers, writers, tv personalities etc. create the illusion of an unattainable moral high ground. everybody enjoys sex.
          im pretty sure right now, it’s somebody’s pristine female role model fucking/sucking somebody. possibly on tape. but nobody leaked it so everybody’s ok pretending like she’s an adult woman that doesn’t like getting fucked. ppl like sex and are sexual beings. liking sex doesn’t make you morally a horrible person lol. ppl are always let down when they expect a person to be something other than human.

        7. And I think you’ve been programmed to accept the feminist narrative as a standard (and it’s ok…we were all there at one time).
          Point being…we didn’t have to see “leaked” photos to know what Jennifer is like…she’s a fucking woman….we already know (attention whore). Especially her generation.
          You could get away with a “maybe” if the woman was a little older (but probably not). You need to spend more time here. As your manosphere doctor, I’m recommending you seek treatment at your local man cave for shelter…or visit ROK three times a week. We have to get you “reprogrammed” – right away.
          That last bit was a bit of fun..I know what you mean, 3is.

        8. lol dog im not siding with feminism. I’m just not stupid enough to think that women are going to be what men expect them to be, rather than what they are (even if they are celebrities). this whole shit is not about her being a woman, but the fact that because she has a sex life she can’t be a “role model”, when everyone has a sex life.
          furthermore if you let anyone program your mind, you are not as “red pill” as you think you are.
          I come to this site for a laugh from time to time and every so often a decent debate. not knowledge. this stage yall are at as far as the game goes is shit I’ve been doing since high school. my uncle owned a strip club. I grew up around strippers, prostitutes, and pimps. lol trust me, bitches and the game are nothing new to me.
          I would run circles around you and take your bitch just for the sport of it. so fall back with the know it all shit. you really don’t know who you’re dealing with lol. reply till you die. im done.

    1. Jennifer Lawrence’s net worth is (apparently) between 35-40 million. She is literally adored (like a Goddess) by legions of men and women, and her name is known throughout the world: probably more-so now, with her nudes leaked. She is in the prime of her life in terms of youth and career. It’s unlikely she even has to pay for most of her trips around the world, since in their prime celebrities get comped a crazy amount of goods and services
      And even with ALL that, in order to make herself feel good J-Law has to flop her tits out and take a naked selfie. I can understand the naked selfie phenomenon amongst lower class women, but they all do it – no matter the race, station, class, upbringing, etc, the highest aspiration every woman seems to have is to be an objectified whore. Everything else is secondary to them.

      1. Billy many of her pics … the cum shot … the anal r not hers as confirmed … most of the pics r atleast 4 years old when she just started in Hollywood … she puts on weight easily but has to meet hollywood standards in her films thats why she took pics of her when she was in her lean shape n stored them to get back to that size when needed. She is wonderful person n a genuine human beinglike the cast n crew working with her always say even before she became famous. She is never done anything remotely controversial to deserve this if not 4 the satanic bastard who did this to her. She is a dream role model for any girl or human being in general . She has of course no knowledge of I cloud back up but that isnt her mistake …in her position there could be any other girl whom we could claim as a role model taylor swift or meryl streep or any great celebrity.
        She made her career around indie movies with genuine talent n avoided any glamorous roles till now . No one can become role models just becoz they want to be ..they have to be chosen …Jennifer was chosen to play katnis because she embodies many of her qualities n so did young girls n Jennifer never mislead them in any way she only used the logic to prevent herself from starving n young girls from doing the same. I am sure Jennifer will get of this but she deserves sympathy 4 what has happened to her not blame .

  19. I really don’t find her at fault for taking nude pics and sending them to whoever her lover was at the time. Damn near everyone does it. It would be different if she took them and posted them online herself. But, she should have known better and learned from the mistakes other actresses have made in the past. If you are an attractive female actress, don’t take nudes! Your account will surely get hacked one day.

    1. She could just fly there and blow him cause she’s rich, but go a ahead and keep making excuses for this slut.

      1. Or maybe…just maybe…she has a job making, I dunno, movies? You can’t just leave the set to go suck some dick. Think.

    2. Again, it isn’t the fact that she took the photos or sent them to her boyfriend, lover, etc…
      It’s the hypocrisy where she goes on every god damn TV show and states that she is such a role model for young girls (and then this shit shows up).
      I guess it would have to be something like her saying “don’t do drugs” and then she gets caught smoking a pipe before some of the fucking people out there will wake up.
      Limbaugh did it with pills years back (after calling out drugs and drug dealers). He’s a hypocrite…that’s what a hypocrite looks like, folks.
      She’s a hypocrite…it’s that simple.

      1. So, she isn’t allowed to be sexual in any form? It would be different if she said “hey girls, don’t take nude pics and send them to your lover. Also, don’t have sex, if you do, make sure it’s missionary!” A hypocrite is someone that gets caught doing something they preach against. JL never did that, if you find an article that states otherwise, then I shall admit you were correct.

  20. With girls, Nature has had in view what is called in a dramatic sense a “striking effect,” for she endows them for a few years with a richness of beauty and a, fulness of charm at the expense of the rest of their lives; so that they may during these years ensnare the fantasy of a man to such a degree as to make him rush into taking the honourable care of them, in some kind of form, for a lifetime—a step which would not seem sufficiently justified if he only considered the matter.

    1. Very true. Schopenhauer makes this same point in his essay, “On Women.”

  21. Here’s a short video me and my friends made of us literally proving red pill theory and seducing married women

  22. That’s one of the advantages in being born with the looks genetics. I’ve read countless stories about how many girl’s modeling and acting careers were kicked off with them just walking around and someone spotted them and said “hey how would you like to be a model?” Nothing Jennifer does is that unique or special but someone thought she’d look good on screen and in pictures. There’s a million other chicks that are way hotter and she just got lucky.

    1. Did you see her in Silver Linings Playbook? Give credit where credit is due. She is a good actress, nude photos aside.

      1. I haven’t seen anything she’s been in to be honest I rarely see Hollywood movies. I’m sure she’s talented I’m just saying she’s a chance meeting on the street from being a movie star and a waitress at Waffle House.

    2. Yep, agree. She’ll be in movies like many others before her (remember Tara Reid) until she hits the wall…and then it’s bye bye.
      There are not too many who actually have the talent to act and stay in the industry past that time.

  23. 2 pounds of chicken wings? Maybe the maid had to pick up the butt plug after cleaning up the said chicken wing detritus… pebble dashed wall….eeeeeuuuuuuuuuu!!!!

  24. Since ancient times, the acting profession has never been known for moral virtue. Actors must show up on-time and sober, look good, remember their lines, and deliver them with fake but realistic emotion. What does any of this have to do with being a role model?

    1. The sad part is that many will look to her as a role model – versus a teacher or any other profession that truly deserves it.
      Yeah, it’s that fucked up, now.

  25. When she hits the wall she’ll probably become an activist and attack gun rights or some other liberty that nobody should need permission or acceptance from her ilk to enjoy.

    1. I’ve heard that she is (was?) pro-gun, owns or plans to own a shotgun, and that she told PITA to go fuck itself when they criticized some choice she’d made that offended them.

  26. How deeply insecure are these women that they feel the need to take naked pics of themselves to entice men? These women are supposed to be the most desirable women in the world and they still feel the compulsion to act like whores.

    1. At least, despite what they say, they know that men are physically attracted to women. The hypocrisy is their alone.

      1. I think they do it to advertise. They know there’s always the possibility that someone else will see them.
        That and it’s just one more tool to keep men’s noses wide open, thirsty. Control.

  27. Blah blah blah blah blah.
    Who gives a shit about who this chick is or what she says and does? It won’t matter in the end, and nothing gets done by talking about celebrities.
    Ignore it all and just keep on working on your own projects.

  28. Just read the about section of this site lol it’s not 1950 and thankfully your definitions of what men and women are supposed to be are no longer relevant in todays society nor will it ever be kinda makes this whole endeavor/site here pointless and a waste of time good luck gentlemen in fighting a losing battle long live the king rotflmao

    1. Yup. It’s not 1950 so everyone, not just the neighbors will know what a slut you are, but the whole internet. Haha. Welcome to “progress”.

    2. Kings of the circle jerk, furiously developing their forearm muscularity as one collaborative. Funny stuff. What a bastion of humorous little Rumpelstiltskins. I love reading their man meltdowns 🙂 Oh no, do they think some one is a slut. Oh no, do they think some one is frigid. Oh no are they angry that women wont fuck them/will fuck them/etc.. Seriously, what doesn’t make these little bitches angry?

      1. what? shamed by a bunch of whiny neuters in a circle jerk like you? that’s gonna happen. You must really wield a tremendous amount of power young executive, you erudite little boy.

        1. Oh boy. Another contrived feminist narrative.
          But deep down inside you know that slut is as popular an insult as ever. That’s why you feminist whores scream “stop slut shaming” every chance you get.
          Ps. I don’t hire your kind

      1. Seriously?
        I just posted up a website that offers free accredited level courses on subjects ranging from personal nutrition, physiology, physics, economics, finance, etc.. and you can’t think of one fucking reason why worth an internet post on a website dedicated to personal development?
        You my friend, sound like a fucking idiot.

        1. I get that.. but i was wrecking my brain to find a connection to Kate Upton’s ass. Next time, lead with “Off topic”.

        2. Not me. Teresa Palmer’s set was classy. Never heard of her, but she has nothing to be ashamed of.

  29. By now, most attractive western women have taken nude pics of themselves, not only selfies, but also pics taken by their multiple sexual partners. Their narcissism is out of control, as they try to emulate pornstars and actresses.
    How will it be 10 years from now? I think it will get to the point where pornographic videos will be common for hot and young women, uploading them to social media for instant validation.

    1. I think we’re already there. With smart phones falling off the shelves at thrift stores now, and apps like snapchat which create the illusion of privacy, any 15 y/o girl is a dedicated amateur. Millennial males think if they act cool about it they’re more likely to get laid. The reality is they’re more likely to be cuckold, going down on their “girlfriend” who just got fucked earlier in the day by some other guy.

      1. What came first? Sluts or smart phones? The female at it’s core hasn’t changed. It’s just more public now.

    2. Totally agree. It will definitely get to the point where pornographic videos will be common for
      hot and young women, uploading them to social media for instant
      validation – the land of narcissistic anal sluts. I think it won’t be long when cinema itself shows hardcore sex too. I’m assuming porn whores would be laughing all the way looking at these actresses personal lives. The pot was indeed calling the kettle black. In the end, AWALT. All women are like that.

  30. Not a fan of Jennifer Lawrence.
    Not a fan of Hunger Games.
    Not a white knight.
    But this article seems pretty damn outraged for very little reason. You’re mad because she said that she is a role model but owns a sex toy? Because she took private nude pictures that leaked? That she thinks herself fat when you do not? Seriously? That’s it???
    I think you might just be setting your standards a little too high, buddy. Inhumanly high. Everyone, alive or dead, who has ever been called a role model has aspects about them that are embarrassing, kinky, dark, or violent:
    MLK Jr – Had affairs with many of his admirers
    Ghandi – Slept nude next to his under-aged female followers (supposedly to test his resolve not to have sex)
    Thomas Jefferson – OWNED HUMAN BEINGS.
    Many on this site will rush to the conclusion that I am trying to defend JL. (And will probably try to beta-shame, too. To which I will get a hearty ‘lol’). I will reiterate – I’m not a fan. I don’t really find her that attractive anyway. I am merely critiquing the standards on which you wrote this article and suggest that owning a sex toy and being a role model are not mutually exclusive.

    1. Yeah, there’s a bit of a madonna-whore complex going on here. Today, we see an article deriding Lawrence for sending nude pics to her boyfriend(s). Tomorrow, we might see an article on how to get your girlfriend to send you nude pics.

    2. We’re looking for true equality here…so shouldn’t she be shamed for her behavior?
      She states that she wants to be a role model for young girls…but does the opposite (all her words). But we (men) are the ones who are wrong?
      Women will gladly beat up a man (with comments) if the situation was reversed but these snowflakes get a pass?
      I don’t fucking think so.

      1. I hear you. Although your entire point is predicated on whether one feels that sexuality is something to feel ashamed about. I won’t assume about your own up bringing but I wasn’t brought up to be religious so I don’t see sexuality in that light. To be clear, if I had the whole world find naked pictures of me I would certainly be mortified. But ashamed? No.
        I don’t know who is saying men are wrong or about what (wrong to look at the leaked pics?). If that is what you are referring to then yeah, that is annoying especially since those writers entire professional existence is based on this kind of thing happening. They are the Ted Haggards of journalism.
        And no, I dont think JL should get a pass just because shes pretty and famous. I just also think that private photos of her nudity and taste in sex toys isn’t really something that ought to be used to try to shame her nor precludes her from being whatever kind of role model people ascribe to her.

        1. The bottom line in my point: she is promoting herself as a role model (her words) while acting in another way (her actions). So young girls see her as an attention whore, an actual whore or not?
          Always watch a woman’s actions and never listen to her words. We see this time and time again on various websites. You’ll never see a female profile on a dating site stating: looking for an asshole who’ll cheat on me, beat me, etc….but they many women seem to end up with these types of guys. Words versus actions – because it’s the “right thing” to say.
          Women say they want one thing in a man but act in just the opposite way.

        2. Who the fuck you prude. This site, this commentary is so efette you are the single biggest bastion of estrogen I’ve had the laughable misfortune of encountering. You are a bunch of wannabe fucking mulahs. No one takes manosphere as anything other than a laughing stock whiny neuters.

        3. If it walks like a duck and it talks like a duck…then it’s a duck. But her problem is….
          Jennifer is trying to promote herself as a true ‘role model’ but acts like an attention whore (whether it’s behind the scenes or not…she’s proven she’s an attention whore).
          Those are the facts…and now all of the young impressionable girls will be confused (but not really). Our society, today, makes it ok for women to do anything while shaming men for just being men.
          If it doesn’t fit the feminist narrative, then it’s a man’s fault. Fuck that….we’re calling her out. She’s not a duck…she’s an attention whore.

        4. She would certainly be an attention whore if she posted those pics willingly or had a history of creating media storms (a la Paris Hilton and her ilk). That would be attention seeking behavior of the worst kind. But what happened was JL’s electronic property was stolen and distributed. Property that, for all we can tell, was intended to stay private.
          Does this harm her image of being a “wholesome girl” to some? Certainly. But as I’ve stated before, I don’t think that stolen photos of private nudity are something to be ridiculed for.
          I think we’ll just have to agree to disagree. Good talkin to ya, Driver.

        5. You think I’m religious AND support feminism? That’s funny. Aren’t those natural theological enemies, anyway?
          Suffice it to say you don’t really know much about me at all. And this isn’t about me. This is about JL and the article written about her above. I’ll be happy to discuss with you about those topics though.

        6. Yep, we will disagree.
          Let me know when you’re done splitting small hairs regarding this one and just call her out. I’m sure many of the parents of these young girls don’t want to see their little girls in such compromising pics (or maybe I’m wrong?).

        7. We do know that you’re white knighting for a woman who is preaching she is a great role model for young girls (yes, parents…don’t you want to see your young girls out on the internet performing in a similar fashion?).
          I know…it’s crazy.

        8. You haven’t’ been paying attention. Feminism is a religion. And your whole “leave JLAW alone” argument is based on what those who are brainwashed and in that religion call “slut shaming”.

    3. This has very little to do with Ms. Lawrence’s predilection for butt plugs. The point, friend, is this: Self respect is essential to becoming a role model. Ms. Lawrence may have millions of dollars and millions of adoring fans, but she’s sadly lacking in dignity. How so? We can clearly see from these photos that Ms. Lawrence won’t, or can’t, exercise sufficient judgment and self-control to keep them out of the public eye—or to see to it beforehand that the hired help won’t spill the beans about her sex life to anyone, no matter how much cash the tabloid slimeballs wave under their noses.
      What message does a role model who won’t respect herself send, exactly? Bingo: Diginity doesn’t matter. That’s the last thing we ought to be teaching teenagers of both sexes these days.

      1. For you it is about dignity, for the author it was certainly about the butt plugs (hur hur).
        As for dignity…I don’t disagree with the fact that self respect is absolutely critical to be an effective role model. However, the act of putting your pictures on to a cloud drive you believe is secure, or getting your phone hacked (I didn’t care enough to read how the pics became public) isn’t what I would use as evidence of poor self respect. Poor judgement, certainly, though.
        One might argue that the act of taking the pictures is evidence of low self respect, but this again goes back to sex and shame on which my opinion is already stated.
        On the whole, I’d wager that you have some solid ideas when it comes to public figures and messages that youths receive. We probably only disagree by degrees, if you take my meaning.

        1. Rush Limbaugh was called out years ago when people learned about his pill popping.
          So if we didn’t know about her pics (and she continued) we would just have to accept her word as being a good role model for young girls, today?
          I think someone did us a solid by releasing the pics. It shows the hypocrisy (especially by Hollywood) in actors, politicians, etc…
          Limbaugh ran his mouth, he was caught and he was called out.
          The standard should be the same for any woman (equality?).

        2. The crux of our disagreement revolves not around equality (for which we both adhere to) but rather to what should be deemed as “punishable”, or worthy of ridicule.
          When good ole Rush ran his mouth about pill poppers, casting them as dregs of society, abusers of our systems created to help people with real problems, and social parasites, he was indeed inviting criticism when he was found to be doing the same thing.
          So if JL had talked about the “sluttiness” of girls who take nude selfies and then was caught doing the same then should would indeed be in the same boat with Rush. However, to my limited knowledge of her, I have never heard of her voicing such opinions.
          A more similar comparison would be Anthony Weiner and his Twitter pics. And in this comparison you will find more equal treatment between the two (though Weiner got it much worse than JL for reasons such as being a married man and being a politician).
          Finally, I disagree that what one does behind closed doors in relation to sex or nudity, with consenting adults, is worthy of public contempt even when it is brought to light. Nor does it preclude one from being a role model in other areas of that person’s life (not that I care enough about JL to decide whether she is one or not).

        3. No, you’re right. More parents should be proud to have their young girls look up to Jennifer as a role model (what was I thinking).
          Moving on……

      2. What, somebody is having a discussion about butt plugs and they haven’t invited DGDC?
        Alert Brian Sims.
        Send up the Butt Signal!
        I think it kinda looks like this.

    4. Speaking of butt plugs, one of the funny memes right now out there on the web after the pictures leaked online. A creative use for the golden trophy.

    5. “Not a fan of Jennifer Lawrence.
      Not a fan of Hunger Games.
      Not a white knight.”
      This is not a good way of starting your post, my friend. It does not matter what you are or what you are not, it is your arguments the ones that have to make a stand for themselves.

      1. It’s about context, Anon. It would be natural for some people, (people unlike yourself who jump to conclusions about the speaker rather than letting the argument do the talking) to miss the point and simply claim that I was a fanboy riding to the rescue of my lady love. I wanted to stop that before it started.
        And given that all the responses I have received have been about my point, rather than who I am or am not, then I’d say my attempt at context was successful.

        1. If people needs you stating some kind of disclaimer at the beginning of your post to discuss about your points intead of about you, then the problem would be theirs. Why bother with such guys?

  31. I assume she loves anal, up her ass. Butt plugs, leaked pics of her in the doggy position, and of her sticking her finger in her butt. Says it all. But frankly speaking, her butt is very tappable. I’ve known and experienced that tall (and pale) chicks always love (or sometimes exclusively prefer) anal when it comes to sex. Even Anne Hathaway mentioned about her fascination with anal some years back. Guess Hollywood sluts are usually not anal virgins. The cock carousel is possibly rode by a woman using her anus, not cunt anymore today.
    Thus, she’s a real role model for young (anal) chicks (sluts) today. Oh yes she is. A real role model when it comes to anal play. I’m assuming this controversy is now gonna instead inspire a lot of young sluts to emulate her when it comes to anal love(sex). Anal sloots will finally get the recognition and encouragement they deserve. Anal sex will possibly become the preferred mode of intercourse over vaginal when it comes to heterosexual sex with the younger sluts. Girls will ditch condoms for safe sex, and choose anal instead. We’re gonna surely overtake Latin America soon, as the land of anal sex. Just what our falling birth rates needed.
    Her pics should’ve ideally been captioned “The Bugger Games”.

  32. The problem, as is always stated on this website, is the beta orbiters and ultra feminists that support this kinda junk. If we don’t hold irresponsible women’s feet to the fire for slutty actions, they will continue to run wild in society, spread diseases (Herpes/HPV/and many others), have illegitimate children whom they do not properly care for, etc.. Im enjoying my time away from the feminazi poisoned west.

      1. Well, you see, Jesus loves HER. Therefore, if you’re not sure about Jesus, how could you love her yourself?
        To be fair, that’s a pretty solid rationalization for Christians regardless.

  33. Chubbs just committed psychic rape. People who have seen a certain article will know what I mean.
    To quote 4chan again, on /tv/ it is customary to respond sarcastically to her antics with something along the lines of “she’s so quirky and down to earth just like me XD!”
    More proof that 4chan of all places is sane compared to the mainstream.

  34. Yeah great discussion about the whole sorry affair Billy. This celebrity culture is detrimental to society. You have to wonder is it just the nature of the masses or engineered this way to dumb us down.
    Here is a distraction about Charlie Sheen, now salute the fucking flag and send your son to the middle east to fight our wars.

    1. Agree…it’s definitely more of a distraction so you’re not looking at the people who are really doing the damage (corporations, the government, etc…).
      Just keep paying attention to the nonsense on TV and we’ll just keep robbing you blind…but be patriotic and fight in our wars….fuck that.

  35. I have this nasty habit of trying to fairly represent the positions of others, particularly of others with whom I have disagreements. After all, how can I disagree with a position if I don’t even know what it actually is?
    In that light, I will point out that Lawrence talking about being a “fat actress” was not a self assessment. It was a criticism of the culture in which she makes her living for calling her fat when she isn’t in any way in the “Precious” category.
    She was, in fact, pointing out that she was not, by any reasonable metric, fat.

    1. Exactly. She is not Obese. Not even overweight. She is talking about how in Hollywood and media being even slightly overweight puts you in the Precious category. She is aware tat this is how almost all women are trained to view themselves even if it’s skewed reality. She’s normal but she’s considered fat so she is a role model to other normal and slightly overweight girls who are not borderline anorexic.

    1. When did letting women off the hook become the norm? They want equality and society is ready to pounce on a man at a moments notice for any fuck ups.
      Let’s get with the equality here…lol.

  36. So Jennifer Lawrence is a freak? Damn. I’ve never seen Hunger Games and only watched a little bit of Silver Linings Playbook while heading out the door. The image she portrays in the media seems to be the opposite of what those pictures show. And you said numerous dudes that she has slept with? Damn! I’ve never paid that much attention to her but she never came across as the type that would like anal lol. Once again returnofkings reminds me that yep …their all like that.

    1. …yep the inner whore is there. And the better looking she is the more opportunity she will have to access it.

  37. This article launches off of 2 factual errors in as many paragraphs: the toys in question had not been in use by Jennifer but were a joke gift from a friend; the maid worked for the hotel at which Jennifer was a guest, not her personal employee at home. I wonder what other mistakes the author committed in his zeal to cook up a tangy rant but I couldn’t be arsed to read the rest of it after stepping in such sloppiness so early on.

    1. …you honestly believe a cover story that thin? Prepare to be used and abused by women all your life.

    2. Dude….the article shows multiple pics of her with a look on her face like ‘Fuck me in the ass please’ I guess those are errors too.

    3. I guess the photos are fake as well so we should give her a pass.
      The error is her mouth (saying she is a role model for young girls. Call it like you see it…stop making up (defending) shit.

  38. I have never thought she was hot. Bangable but not hot. She is an OK actress at best.
    She also tries way too hard to be funny and witty while being neither.

  39. One of the pathetic side effects of this situation which readers of this site can laugh hysterically at is the beta males and white knights getting puffy chested on the web saying, “Any person who looks at the pictures should go to prison”, not just with these photos, also including 18 year old Mckayla Maroney’s photos. What is laughable in this situation is the skanky photos these girls snap of themselves and then leave them on the cloud or on their phone to be easily stolen, all while promoting the nice girl image.

  40. Chubbs, you wouldn’t know a “decent role model” if he/she walked up and bit you in the butt! You’re pathetic!

  41. God given beautiful body. Everything else about her is annoying. Her chosen hairstyle says it all. I call that ‘Fuck you’ hair. “You like my long, feminine, flowing locks? Fuck you I’m cutting them off then.” Her entitlement is so ridiculous. She gets to be a mega-star and you can almost sense that she is angry about it. Like she got deprived of being an indignant, victimized feminist. “It’s so unfair that I lucked out and never got a chance to be an angry victim of the patriarchy.”

    1. It’s HER fucking hair. She doesn’t owe it to anyone to have it long. You’re backwards ass is the entitled one.

  42. Maybe if I defend Jennifer Lawrence in an anonymous comment on a website she’s probably never visited she’ll sleep with me! That seems to be the mindset of all these white knights defending this actress.
    I don’t really see why people like her so much. I didn’t really care that much about her before these pictures were leaked and I don’t find her to be very attractive. I think she’s overrated. I enjoyed the article, though, and the white knights, as always, are hilarious.

    1. Or maybe if I call her a whore I’ll feel better about the fact that she’s not sleeping with me my because that’s the kind of entitled dick the author is. Like you.

    2. Agree….and it may have not been such a big deal if she hadn’t opened her mouth about being a ‘role model’ for young girls. The problem is she opened her mouth..and then these pics came out.
      So….Do I want my young girl to grow up looking up to her as a role model? No, I don’t…not if it means she’s posing like an attention whore in pics while saying how much of a role model she is in public, no thanks.
      And I’m sure many other parents don’t want that bullshit either.
      Everyone made the right call when Anthony Weiner was caught in his photos…this snowflake is no different. She doesn’t get a pass (or an excuse) because she is a woman.

  43. Just like Dave Chappelle said once “stop worshiping celebrities so much, just don’t listen or pay attention”.

  44. Why do you think she took the pictures because a man asked her to? And could the maid have been in a hotel she was staying in? You didn’t quote that part of the article so only going by what you have wrote on that one. And she never actually said she thought she was fat, merely said in hollywood she is classed as so which is most likely true and she probably didn’t receive critism over her weight before becoming famous. Hell Jennifer Aniston, one of the most attractive women in the world was told to lost 7lbs before she could play Rachel. Just seems like a rather bizaar article condemming a young woman when all she has done is act (rather well) and get a bit freaky with her camera phone. Maybe you shouldn’t see the sex talk as making her a bad role model because she is encouraging girls to have sex but as a woman of legal age speaking openly about a subject which has a ridiculous taboo placed upon it, if more people talked frankly about sex then there would be a better understanding and a smaller stigma placed on those who choose to do it, which lets face it is everyone at some point.

    1. Well, here we are, talking frankly about sex. It’s because of the sheer matrix of lies that exists that men come to the manosphere in the first place.

    2. I guess if she smoked crack, got caught doing it and proceeded to tell young girls not to do drugs then that would be OK, too?
      At what point do we stop giving these special snowflakes a “pass” and start calling out their shit?

    3. She’s encouraging girls to be narcissistic feminist whores. There is no silver lining to that playbook. Despite your rhetoric about frank talk.

        1. “Narcissistic feminist whore”…
          I do not think that means what you think it means.
          This site absolutley doesn’t encourage men to be narcissistic feminist whores.

  45. By the way posting stolen photographs and then dissecting them actually makes you more sick than the creep that hacked them in the first place.

    1. The really sick part is about all of these actresses taking these types of pics and then they somehow mysteriously they get hacked – and get out to the public.
      Haven’t we seen this same shell game?

      1. You cannot honestly believe these women wanted these images released to the public? They don’t need the attention. And it did not in anyway hurt their careers or their public image. All it’s going to do is send a guy to prison. I wonder if he will think it was worth it when he bends over to pick up the soap in a prison shower. It’ll probably be the first time he has ever had sex with another person.

        1. It never does hurt their careers or public images…..because their fucking women (get it?). And you have no idea how these special snowflakes crave that attention (their actresses…it’s all they do is crave attention).
          As time goes on we are getting to a point where anything a woman does is some how revered as being “open, honest or brave”……it’s a joke and an excuse to behave in any manner. We expect more from our kids and we discipline them when necessary but women somehow get a free pass?
          We’re talking about the behavior of adults (men and women).
          You don’t get a free pass in the name of feminism…fuck that.

        2. And by what measure are you judging this behavior? What right do you have to limit another’s behavior? Yes, we have laws to protect society and these women have broken none of these laws but the pervert that hacked their accounts did. And there is this little thing called the Constitution that protects the rights of all of us. But you still wish to blame these women because they don’t conform to your views of what a woman she be. Clearly, your views on women didn’t form over night. Either you were born in a home with similar views or you were burned by a woman you cared about whether it was your mother or a lover. Like I said you would probably be more comfortable in the Middle East with like minded individuals. The US seems to be too progressive for you. Your definition of a slut seems to be a woman who in the privacy of her own home takes sexy photos with her lover. I doubt if you were on the other end of the camera you’d be complaining.

        3. Stop fucking rationalizing everything that these special snowflakes do in life.
          She’s not a role model for young girls…and if she is then we found out that she’s another delusional role model promoting young girls to take selfie pics (naked or otherwise) and post them – to become adult attention whores.
          The fact that she got hacked (caught) is irrelevant. If she smoked cracked and no one found out would that mean she doesn’t do it? No, she fucking smokes crack…It’s just hidden. Same song…second verse.
          Get a grip and start calling out adults (yes, that means women too) on their behavior (when they finally do get caught). Jennifer a role model….give me a break.
          I guess Kim Kardashian is a “role model” for young girls as well?

        4. Just because you didn’t know JL had a lover and they enjoyed taking pictures doesn’t mean it was hidden. Private and hidden are two different things. Sexuality is not a dirty thing. Most people have sex lives and most people enjoy it.Thing is you don’t get to decide who is a role model or not. Nor do you get to say what people can do in the privacy of their own homes. She didn’t do anything illegal but the hacker did. That’s the point. You don’t get to make the laws. All I hear on this site is men complaining that their lives suck because women won’t behave like they want them too and with no logical explanation as to why they actually think they have the right to say what women can and can’t do. If you found a woman you liked you wouldn’t be able to treat her properly. You’d love it if she went down on you but you’d secretly hate her for it. Virgin/Whore complex is rampant in your ideology. Maybe the name should be changed to reflect the true nature of this site Narcissistic Misogynists Ranting and Crying Forum. Like I said if you guys are the opposition to feminism then women have absolutely nothing to fear lol The only women need fear any of you are the ones who marry you and any daughters you may have.

  46. Just a few years back that congressman anthony weiner was dick picking all his chicks and a chick showed the pics to someone that didnt have his permission to see them. The pics eventually got out to the media. He was publicly shamed and laughed at by women. His political career was ruined. He was called a creeper and a scumbag. Brett Favre had the same situation happen too.
    But a women sends raunchy photos and they get out to the public…and she is a “victim” now.

    1. These women are in the business of providing entertainment for the masses. Weiner is a politician. Slightly higher standards should apply.

      1. And what about bret favre? Was it wrong for him to send dick pics to a chick he was banging? Hes no different than jlaw…but she gets the victim card and he gets made fun of, fined by the nfl, and labeled a creeper. Its a blatant double standard.

        1. You could get into a another topic entirely with the way people respond, especially men, to when an athlete does something the public feels, even justifiably, he shouldn’t have.

      2. It wouldn’t matter. We will always find an excuse for the female (lol..I mean the victim). But, the man will always pay for his “crime”.
        Yes, it’s all about equality folks.

  47. Many folks are talking about her rights to take nudes. Here my opinion:
    There are certain parts of town that you have the right to walk or pass through but you don’t. Why? Because it’s a bad area, crime is high, and it’s just not safe. Again, you do have the right to pass through but you choose not to because the risk is high. It’s not right to be a victim of a crime but you know it’s not worth the risk.
    J-Law should have known that she is a larger target for this type of crime. She has the right to take any photos she likes, but it’s just not a wise choice.
    On top of that, she has claimed to be a role model so it heightens her responsibility and risk. Simply, she doesn’t care or is dumb. If she doesn’t care then even feminist should be upset with her.
    Lastly, to all betas and feminist defending her, if you can not encourage this type of behavior of your children and especially daughters, then you cannot defend her. She is responsible since she is in a position of influence on them.

    1. and how many times are these actresses going to perform the same stunt for attention??
      Jennifer: Someone hacked my phone and took my pics…but I didn’t mean them to get out to everyone. But, since they are out…let’s capitalize on them as much as possible (and or play victim for media attention).
      and she’s the darling “role model” for all young girls…great. You’re role model isn’t a whore…she just acts like one (and takes pics).

    1. Fake feminist double standard: a woman’s social currency is increased by acting as whorish as possible, but nobody is allowed to call her on it.
      These “victims” will profit as there is no such thing as bad publicity for a cunt getting exposure.

      1. Agree…they call it freedom. They’re free to be or act like whores now…no one can disagree or say anything about it (especially men).
        I guess freedom of speech is next in this country?

        1. I’ve perused your comments, Jasmine, and there’s a lot of truth in them. But you constantly make one mistake – you compare female and male behaviour without taking their biological differences into account. Technically speaking, these differences will define the most rational way to achieve success for either sex. In economic terms it’s simply not a very good idea for a woman to be a slut. In general, I believe, sluttish behaviour(men and women) is contemptible. But society will always feel much more contempt for female sluts

  48. what the fuck!??? the author of this piece is a disgusting misogynist and i can’t believe that people are actually agreeing w him on this…

    1. I’s crazy. Parents should want their little girls to pose in such sexy photos for all to see….a great role model.
      What was everyone thinking…turn off the lights..let’s get out of here.

      1. If you get laid a lot or want to get laid a lot you’re also a slut and a hyprocrite. Sfu Idiot, many girls don’t even have fathers anymore. As I pointed out it’s contributing to the problem just like you are.

  49. Granted that there are more well known names in this situation, I only heard about Anita Sarkeesian and her thing through this blog site, but to me the story now is comparing the FBI involvement in this to the FBI/police involvement in the Sarkeesian “case”.
    One is about sex and also privacy. The other is about violent attacks and death threats. Which gets more diligence for justice?
    Or you can go into the guy with Kate Upton is just as violated but will people say it’s different because he’s a guy.

  50. I am one-hundred percent disgusted with you people! This misogynic author berates anyone he so chooses to in a one-sided, racist, sexist, in a strictly opinion based manor and you imbeciles concurr with this total bull shit! He blatantly disrespects Ms. Sidibe by misspelling her first and last name. Also, he posts the VERY SAME PICTURES that he is talking about! If you have a problem with them, DONT POST THEM YOU IDIOT!
    In conclusion:
    The writer (to put this frankly) NEEDS TO SHUT THE FUCK UP, stop being a berating, hypocritical asshole, and stop publishing this misleading and poorly written bull shit.
    Thank you for your time 🙂

  51. life is a series of decisions based on how you want to feel. you can do anything you want in life as long as you can live with the consequences.

  52. Most of these are on Supposedly many more will be released. The guys pretending to be Muslims on the comment section are fucking hilarious

  53. The pictures were quite disappointing. Decent 6-7 looking chick, but the short hair at the top pic makes her a 3.

  54. Anyone read this article? I was *almost* inclined to empathize with some if it’s points, till the author posed her own “nude” at the end of the article as some sort of phony whore solidarity aka attention whoring and “look at me, I’m a normal girl”

    1. I don’t read huffpo because the writers are morons, but thanks for the link. The author is a total attention whore. Her article before that complains about being catcalled while in flip flops in Manhattan. Clearly a narcissist who feigns being offended so she can boast about herself and her posh lifestyle.

    2. I got banned from HuffPo a while back. Its all about apologizing for women and blaming men for their unhappiness. If you don’t fall into the compliant beta male category who parrots the latest feminist rhetoric you’ll get banned sooner or later. Totally transparent.

  55. Not that this despicable posting really deserves a response, but you are inaccurate about a few things here. The full story about the maid finding the butt plugs is that they were given to her by a friend as a joke. She hastily hid them under the bed of her hotel, where the hotel maid found them and neatly arranged them on the counter.
    But when it comes to showing private photos of somebody that were intended for only one other person to see and were taken forcefully to be spread across the internet, who really cares if she IS into butt plugs/sexting or is a hypocrite. It is always a violation of privacy to forcefully take and spread such photos. I’m disgusted that they are posted on this site (or anywhere) and that they are seen as fit for ridicule and judgement by the commenters here (or anywhere). Despite the point some make about a double-standard for men in this realm (which may have some validity but arguing as you are in this way about women will not win you converts), what is transpiring here and across the internet regarding this issue is wrong.

    1. Thanks for that link. Looks like RoK got intimidated by a scary letter from some pop tart’s litigation hustling attorney and pulled down their already censored pics. Nobody controls the net. Some guy in Russia can keep it out there forever.

  56. This article in a nutshell – 1. Girl has active sexual life and is very popular. 2. I will never have sex with her but instead of crying about it, I will call her a liar and make her look like an idiot for telling press about her problems in childhood and having a maid (it’s so normal to have an Oscar on a shelf at the age of 23 but if some other woman dusts that shelf, it’s an abomination). 3. I’m also an asshole for using someone’s private pictures to make a point in my stupid article so more people will scroll through this bullshit.

  57. Our pictures got taken down by J-Law’s crack lawyer team. See my opinion on it in my next article.

    1. Considering how “The Fappening” was Google’s number 1 search and Yahoo’s 4th yesterday, if this site got singled out from all the other websites posting pictures, then I can say in my opinion that Return of Kings has entered the mainstream.

      1. It’s typical behavior of your average woman today.
        An example: a woman dresses in a tight top and shorts and she loves receiving the attention from any guy she considers good looking. But if any other “average” looking guy checks her out then he’s creepy or she’s disgusted by it (and will gladly voice it to everyone…maybe even get the guy arrested).
        This is society with today’s little snowflakes. They want all the good and none of the bad (and if they feel it’s bad then they’ll get the authorities, police, courts, etc…after you).
        It’s not equality and it has nothing to do with it……women want control and power.

    2. Anybody who partakes in The Fappening and goes around calling her a whore and a bad role model is both a hypocrite and has the IQ of potato chip. Lol.

  58. You know what I find a lot of these commets insanely insulting, insensitive, borderline taunting and lacking in any kind of insight and full of ignorance and single mindedness. Some of you men seriously can’t see the problem can you? Really? Are you all really this disconnected from the truth? Wow.
    First and foremost I blame the current “sluttery” and “feminazism” largely on men for failure to take control of the situation to begin with. You wanna know what’s really going to help stop this behavior and downwards spiral? Is to STOP ENCOURAGING THE SLUTTERY AND PAGEANTRY with your example. What you are witnessing is the collective rebellion of women (and some men) against the destruction of the vital nuclear family consciously and unconsciousy. When in reality it’s just a cry for help and love. Love really is the answer and the solution. All we need is love, afterall. However, you can continue to blame women for being attention-whores or actual whores who are bent on controlling and destroying men when you reality, you can only blames yourselves. Maybe if you didn’t treat fatherhood like a plague to be avoided before (player/playboy) and/or during fatherhood and realized just how critical that protector/provider role is you wouldn’t be witnessing these currrent generations of jaded and hell-bent women today. Perhaps if you encouraged the growth of inner beauty and healthy self-esteem plus self-respect FIRST AND FOREMOST and not place so much emphasis on outer beauty then you wouldn’t be seeing these “narcissistic sluts” in society and more of the women you deem worthy of a meaningful relationsip who are becoming “so rare”. But no, the problem is either women are too a) fat,  b) ultra slutty succubuses and/or c)angry feminazis when you are failing to understand the root issue and how a women can go from stable to feminazi Lilith from hell. Lol, you’re pathetic men. The poor fat girl wouldn’t be fat if she wasn’t on fucking fat-inducing prozac, paxil, etc. to begin with in order to deal with her self-image, self-esteem, social anxiety/BPD/BDD shithole of an issue since her early childhood and teens because she has father abandoment issues where she is now starting to believe she’s not worthy of a man’s love due to her belief of there something being wrong with her. Since, now this fat (or if lucky, still thin) girl is now even more unloveable she grows deeper in her depression upon discovering that her only worth as a human being is how skinny and physically beautiful she is. Her life purpose: to be a decoration but the real kicker is that she is to be a disposable decoration because father abandonment is apparently not enough. This is the fate that awaits every single girl in what legitimately looks like every conceiveable nation A-Z and group of people on the face of the earth. This girl reasons the decoration-objectifcation is bearable as long as she can be convinced that she will secure a loving relationship with a man to make up for her missing father. She further cognates that she will never recieve the love of a male she so desperately craves and DESERVES it if she’s fat/wrong body type or ugly/non-supermodel looks. Because she knows if she is fat/uglg not only will she be unworthy and thus unloveable she will be constantly insulted and humiliatied soley based on this to the point wher r stipped of humanity: she’s a whale, cow, pig, etc. As far as she’s concerned she might as well be dead. So if she hasn’t commited suicide or has become a lesbian yet, she then decides to a) join a gym and from an addiction (she’s not emotionally stable enough not to), develop an eating fucking disorder or if she has money-plastic surgery. While that’s “progressing” she somehow manages to train herself into being a certifed makeup artist/hairdresser if she lacks the looks or hair (usually of the straight and long variety. Yeah because: fuck you black girls) of the naturallly beautiful girl. Once she manages to achieve anything between 7-10 looks on the hotness scale she is now ready worthy of a loving relationship. She will now work overdrive to showcase both herself and her newfound “confidence” to attract as many suitors as possible even recruiting social media as the more likes and comments the more worthy she is. She will now develop a narcissistic, attention-whore mindset without ever truly knowing if she’s worthy enough but she’s sees men ogling her, so she clearly has the requisite looks she just needs to wait for them to approach. And appoach they do left and right. She will find a mate any day now. Or so she thinks, because she soon finds out that a disproportionately amount of men feel entitled to have sex with her no strings attached/date her just to show her off like the shiny new toy she is, without actually wanting a relationship with her since they’re gonna end up getting bored and find a new hot chick (toy) to bang in reality. She tries again and again, lending her body to a new guy each time in hopes of securing her desire for love. After many dissapointments she is now neither worth the time, effort nor devotion. She’s been tricked into thinking she was ever worthy. She will now essentially begin to sell herself (her integrity-her worthiness of a meaningful relationship) and sleep around like the “cum bucket” she is because she has finally internalizes that men simply do not “naturally desire” commited relationships and on top of that she’s probably not worthy of one either so she just gives up in bothering to secure one because there’s really no point if there even ever was. Her father being the first man to prove this to her and all the men who pump and dumped her into this now cemented truth. When she wastes her youth and looks away without securing marriage or a family only to see other women probably not even deemed as attractive as she being able to have the loving relationship she almost killed herself over she is now beside herself with rage and bitter resentment. The numbness and hoplessness of her “slut era” turns into utter demonic rage reminiscent of those of her childhood and teen years but with less sadness and with now actual hatred, resentment and anger at both herself but now at the demonic species of men. She could probably kill somebody. They lied, they are capable of committed relationships with women they just denied to give it to her because she is, has never and will never be good enough in any way and she decides enough emotional abuse is enough. She is now a “feminazi”.  She will now fight for women everywhere as herself. It is now her newfound mission to destabilize public enemy #1: The Patriarchy. She becomes a feminazi. But only to be disrespected by men further. At this point, she does not care what you have to say about her looks, she already broke her neck over that and that proved futile in her quest for love. She does not care what you have to say about her sexuality as she’s slept with enough men to know that whether she’s straight, gay, or bi, monogamous or hyper monogamous men will leave regardless and she’ll always be a whore. You cannot break what is alreay broken. Basically she’ll always be an unloveable fat/ugly whore no matter what whether she is or not.
    Idk what the truth behind J-Law’s or the other 100 celebs antics are all about. It might just be that they are MK-Ultra victim sex slaves, part of some weird O.T.O satanic like sex club hellbent on destroying humanity by attacking the family or just broken and desperate individuals themselves. But these baseless, misogynistic and hateful comments are a reflection of the widespread abuse on women everywhere. The final kick to the face as a cherry ontop of all other abuse recieved and endured in some capacity throughout a lifetime for many if not all women.
    Very few women ever escape this hellish matrix ESPECIALLY and almost certifiably so if coming from a broken home which is why as you point out in your “4 kinds of women” that the “real women” is rare. Well, no shit she’s rare. A stable (non-divorced parents and non-dysunctional) family is rare. That’s why she’s rare. She isn’t any more a real women than any other “demon succubus” women you are so fond of picking apart without knowing which ones are are product of freak genetic textbook psychopathy (not even 1% of population) or rage and that’s not even including the rape, rape/incest, human trafficking, foster care, war zone demographic either. Fuck, even beautiul/thin (never been fat) girls from good homes will undergo the indoctrination into debauchery to feel as though she’s worthy. It’s a war against humanity by starting a war against the woman. Whoever started the trend, is an evil genius trying to annihilate humans for sure.
    So until men stop exhibiting and promoting the exact same behaviours you accuse women of 24/7 you can shutup and pat yourelves on the back for contributing to the problem as now you can hopefully understand why the man it has always been essential that the man be considered and STAY the head of their household. If not, humanity will not survive much longer.
    But you can continue to mock the emotional hell of “crazy” women on top of sexually objectifying them to death: 
    Universal Hot Crazy Matrix:
    If that^ doesn’t scream the reality of #yesallwomen IDK what does. Why is this matrix universal? Because ALL women are oppressed universally.
    This was a surprisingy wrtitten by a man which further illustrates what I’m talking about:

    1. Men as victims double yawn. Better get used to feminazis then because you apparently don’t want to apply the solution. I agree, though, there’s no point, society is beyond f#cked. Men are hypocritical and feel entitled to sex without a relationship which is psychotic and illogical. Prick.

  59. I can’t believe you referenced Sweet Valley High and Sabrina the Teenage Witch as examples of strong female role models. Clearly, you never read the former or watched the latter. I pray to God my daughter (if I ever have one) doesn’t grow up to be as shallow and fickle as Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield. Or as dumb as Sabrina.

  60. Also would like to point out how this author an other similar hyprocrites likes to call women sluts when he himself is probably a slut or would jump at the chance to be one if he could actually get laid. XD

    1. Sluts as a term applies only to women not men.
      This is down to basic biology. It’s very easy for a girl when young to get sex. She need not try, she need not have any accomplishments or personality – just by being female and under 25 she is instantly desirable to millions of men. Therefore sex is very easy for a woman to get whenever she wants.
      Men by contrast find it far harder. An 18 year old boy holds little appeal for many women unless he is unusually good looking or rich or confident. A man who is successful at seduction has achieved something difficult and this makes him more alluring to women – they will talk about him being a James Bond type or whatever.
      A woman who is promiscuous becomes less attractive to the opposite sex. A man who is promiscuous becomes more attractive to the opposite sex. This basic difference, often erroneously called a “double standard” (it is no such thing, men and women being very different), will never go away whatever the feminists say.
      So we can either deal with reality of put our heads in the sand. Willful ignorance is rarely a good thing I think.

  61. Want to know the secret to preventing your naked pictures getting out there?

  62. im usually on board that chicks can be ridiculous attention whores. but
    im trying to look at this one objectively and i gotta be honest here. i
    dont see these naked pics as evidence as this one being an attention
    whore. i get the whole ‘im so fat’ crap when we know shes not thing. but is
    there any evidence out there that these pics were taken for the ”
    numerous men she has slept with ” or a “hot guy who tells you to take your
    clothes off so he can degrade you by taking naked pictures of you ?” my
    understanding is that she was with one guy for a long time. i ask my
    girl all the time to send me naked pics but its for me when im on the
    road. and i love it when she offers one on her own. its hot. i’ve got
    no intention to degrade her. im a man of respect and integrity: im not
    going to convince my chick to send me naked pics and then call her a
    slut if she does it to make me happy. jennifer lawrence could be a
    ho-bag for all i know. if she pulled the “whoops, I accidently posted
    these pics to twitter or whatever’ line, then i’d call b.s. but i dont
    think someone hacking an account and posting the pics makes her an
    attention whore. like i said, she may be, i dont know this chick, but
    im not gonna force a narrative on this thats not there. thats a
    credibility destroyer. feel free to cue me in if im missing something.

    1. …except that women save what they think are their best pics for the purpose of re-sending them after she’s moved on to the next guy… then play the victim when they lose control of them…
      And it this case these pics aren’t selfies, she didn’t push the button, somebody else did, so she has no clear copyright even if its her camera. So yes she enjoys being an attention whore but hates being called on it.

  63. Lawrence may not be the perfect human being – but who is? I’m not going to judge her for owning sex toys, and if the hotel story is true, then what that maid did was contemptible; part of being a hotel maid is respecting the privacy of those whose rooms you’re cleaning.
    And naked pictures? Who hasn’t had a woman send them naked pictures? Does that mean that every woman who does so is a useless whore? You might as well say that every woman who enjoys sex is a whore – that the only decent wife is a frigid virgin.
    We’re all products of our times, and the purpose of sites like this is to be better than we were – with the admission that we started out worse. There are plenty of female celebrities who are promoting outright poison, if we’re going to target anyone it should be them – not a girl who’s trying to be a better person, even if she does falter on occasion.

    1. “You might as well say that every woman who enjoys sex is a whore – that the only decent wife is a frigid Virgin.”
      Nailed it! That is how OP sees it.

    2. yeah, im not going to shoot myself in the foot by shaming the ladies for sending naked pics. all thats going to to do is make them stop sending them. and as for the whore attention label i just dont think it applies in this particular case. in my book its fine for a girl to enjoy this kind of stuff in private and with one dude. unless this is proven to be a publicity stunt, im going believe this was never meant for us to see and/ or bring lawrence any public attention. its the whole ‘ accidental ‘ leaked sex tape kind of shit i think is ridiculous.

    3. “You might as well say that every woman who enjoys sex is a whore – that the only decent wife is a frigid virgin.”
      You have completely misunderstood. Nobody said she should be frigid but if a woman expects a lifelong loving devoted marriage it is in her best interests to make sure she is a virgin. The statistics back this up and are pretty brutal.
      Women used to use this to their advantage – to find a suitable man when younger and enjoy a life of devotion, in nearly all cases the man staying loyal until the day he died. Today? No way – if the women want to be promiscuous then men will enjoy it but won’t look at those women in the same way, it’s just a fact of life.
      Longterm girlfriends who enjoy sex are not whores though they are very unwise to give away their virginity without the promise of commitment and love. Girls who have one night stands or flings will find it very hard to find love later.
      This is the problem – feminism has hurt these girls, by saying that they should just do whatever they feel like when very young and insisting that all protection of them that their fathers and society once offered is some kind of oppressions then they, like all young people, are liable to make mistakes. It is very sad for those women when they get to 30 and suddenly realise they did want love, chivalry, caring devotion, family life and the feminists have hurt them so badly.
      Your distortion of a complicated and serious sociological questions says a great deal for the simplistic and shallow understanding of human nature that feminism relies on.

      1. say,. you might do well in the middle east. Sharia law will keep those women in line for ya. They aren’t human beings after all. Don’t you just hate when you can’t control your slaves?

        1. What a pitiful attempt at a smear – sums up the intellectual emptiness of the trendy left. I notice you don’t address one single issue I raise – funny that.
          Actually, if you had any knowledge of history, you would know the systems we had – nothing at all to do with Sharia law – came about from Christianity long before the floodgates of mass immigration were opened to the west.
          But then again that would have stopped you making you silly cheap smear. The facts – pesky to you aren’t they?
          I also note you put things – women not being human and being slaves – that I never said and specifically opposed, I argue for a system that valued women, and let them fulfill their dreams and find love.
          For your next message I would like to be compared to Hitler or Stalin.

        2. I am the trendy left? nope. The trendy left love to put women into a neat little box too. The democrats pander to woman by implying that the only thing they worry about is their reproductive organs. Some women actually care about more issues than their birth control or their access to abortions. Pathetic. And I did address an issue you raised, the bottom line of your post is that women’s only “dream” should be to find love. Everyone, I assume wants to find love, but why is it that you’re ok with men being promiscuous and yet women must remain virgins? ” if the women want to be promiscuous then men will enjoy it but won’t look at those women in the same way, it’s just a fact of life.” Why is that ok? Lots of things are “facts of life” but that in no way means they are ok or should continue. Slavery was once a fact of life, at one time- but that had to change. I don’t feel being a slut is ok for a woman or a man. It shows lack of control and a poor character, not to mention the health risks. What does it say about someone, male or female that would “enjoy” screwing a promiscuous person? They don’t even respect and love themselves (I’m not talking about narcissist ‘s type of love) or respect themselves enough to wait to find love so they sleep with a similarly disgusting person. I mentioned sharia, because that system has women remaining virgins till marriage also. They are quite controlled in all aspects of their lives which should merely revolve around breeding cooking and cleaning and they must know their place. We know what happens if they don’t. As for feminazis, they are ruining things for women. they seem to be more bent on bashing males than on helping women. They are the gender hustlers that do nothing but keep women down and make men view all women in a bad light. They are to women as Jesse jackson and Al sharpton are to black people. I wish they would shut up.

        3. Well the attempt to conflate traditional values and morality with Islamic terrorists is an often used rhetorical sleight of hand by the trendy left that was why I said that.
          Much of what you write sounds nice just totally unrealistic and doesn’t take account of the fact that human beings are not blank slates who can be reprogrammed in a certain way.
          The comparison with slavery doesn’t hold water since that was a system imposed through strength and though it characterised most societies at many points it has been absent too. One might the same thing about monarchies. Or communism.
          Not so the fantasy of male-female “equality”. The difference between men and women is deep, unchangeable and just a part of being human. No matter what anyone does, or however much you say it’s unfair, girls aged 16-23 are super desirable to almost all men and they know it and will exploit it.
          In the past this was put towards love and marriage for the most part. Today it’s put towards casual sex and acquiring free stuff. It seems we have to make a choice and the former, I venture, is better for society. I think most who read here enjoy the latter system, I know I’ve enjoyed lots of sexual conquests. But it is a bad thing for society.
          It’s incredibly easy for any young reasonably attractive girl to get sex, within the next hour if she wants. Or probably 10 minutes. For men, even rich or good looking ones, it is always more difficult. That has never changed and never will.
          So it will always be the case that women become less desirable as wives when they have been promiscuous and men become more desirable if they have seduced many women. You might as well try to change the fact that night follows day however “unfair” it is.

        4. No it’s not that it’s unfair, it’s just very sad that men like you put so much of your self worth into how many despicable promiscuous women you can bed. Doesn’t that seem creepy and slimy to you? You want the women to be pure and morally upright but not the men. You can compare slavery with men who like subservient little virgin brides- what difference is it to impose slavery on someone through strength or by “taking care of the little women” financially? The government does the same thing with minorities and women. Human beings are not blank slates, yet you want women to be just that so they can be programmed into virgin house maids for men who seem to be pretty blank since you thinks its ok for them to make things up as they go along enjoying promiscuous women. Where’s their good character? What are they doing to be worthy of a virginal women that you seem to be suggesting is the only “good” kind of woman? What of the man? Who wants a man that screws anything that will walk? I guess part of it is so that the virgin has no one to compare you to. I get that. the fragile male ego and all. Ha ha ha, as for your experiences, –sexual conquests? is that what you call it? Doesn’t take much to “conquer” a slut does it? yikes! Hopefully you don’t end up with disease or worse. That kind of explains your view of women. You’ll think differently when you mature. Your logic is that of a man in his early 20’s. Not all men find a giggling teenager that lies there like a mannequin sexy- and be careful posting comments about your desires for 16 yr olds. As you get older you want more than the sexual aspect of the whole thing. Neither men or women get more desirable when they have seduced many partners. Seriously, who told you that men do? Maybe in their own minds, but women, unless you have a lot of money and you are ok with dating gold diggers or prostitutes definitely do not like male sluts either. Good luck to you. Shalom

  64. Yeah I knew she would get her crack team of beta orbiters to take down the nudes too bad I and 1,000’s of others have them saved to our hard drives…dumb slut!

  65. How is she a “whore”? Nowhere in this article (or any other) provided evidence of her exchanging sexual favors for monetary value. Consider not being so stupid before posting things such as this; it just makes you look like a desperate, unloved, jealous person.

      1. So happy you pointed out the door; now when you’re leaving through it I can give you a kick in the ass and get back to business.

    1. Someone tried to troll me and ended up deleting their comment. Nice job, it seems like you’re learning!

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