Some Men Are Fighting Back Against Anti-Male Hostility By Identifying As Women

Because SJWs and liberals have encouraged the mentally ill to claim whatever gender or sexual identity they desire, politically sane individuals face numerous hurdles in both their public and professional lives. Not only do people identifying as the latest something-sexual get preferential treatment in the workplace, others, particularly heterosexual, biological males, are expected to cater to all the needs of the LGBTQI-whatever else crowd. This includes everything from uttering “correct” pronouns to special or shared bathrooms. Normal men also must adhere to draconian policies on “diversity,” which means never daring to disagree with or criticize the performance of a protected gender or sexual minority.

But has the solution been staring us in the face the whole time? One especially audacious budding politician from the University of Sydney, Alex Fitton, identified as a woman in late 2016 to win one of two student leadership positions. The student body’s constitution prohibited two cis-gender males from holding the office. Fitton represented the Liberal Party, which, confusingly for Americans in particular, is Australia’s main (nominally) conservative party. “Liberal” in this context means classically liberal, in the mould of the French political theorist Montesquieu and others.

Pictured from left to right: friend of shitlord/probable shitlord, shitlord.

Though I still regard American campuses as being much worse than Australian ones, most notably surrounding “sexual assault” kangaroo courts, the atmosphere at universities Down Under has degraded to the point where conservative and social democratic parties have to collude to prevent SJWs from winning student offices. Alex Fitton’s running mate, student Dylan Williams, actually works for the rightwing faction of the leftwing Labor Party. Their teaming-up was designed to act as a bulwark against the more leftist elements of the Labor Party, the Greens, and other SJWs.

Australian (and American) universities are already employing rampant discrimination against biological males. Affirmative action underwrites the procedures of countless faculties. One university, the Australian National University (ANU), recently announced a policy to employ at least 50% women in its “Futures Scheme” for researchers given grants. Instead of awarding money based on the quality of academic work, ANU will be providing money based on whether you have a real or imaginary vagina, or some other distinguishing minority status. The supreme irony of this development is that this university is headed by Dr. Brian Schmidt, an Australian-American Nobel laureate in physics. He of all people should know the dangers of putting identity before competency.

This begs the question of whether men should tactically identity as women or other categories to progress their careers. When pulled off effectively, it could pay big dividends, both personally and in terms of challenging and unraveling the system.

The irony of SJWs questioning Fitton’s gender and gender identity

But I’m a lady!

Chair of the SRC standing legal committee, Cameron Caccamo, said Mr Fitton was now in the process of proving his identity, but had thus far fallen short of the legal requirements.

Hilariously, after he (I mean, she) won the ballot, Alex Fitton faced angry student leftists demanding she “prove” that she was a woman. But with between 60 and 6 million pretend genders now recognised by SJWs, proving a gender identity is as meaningless as describing them. Fitton would have had to sign a statutory declaration regarding her gender identity, a sworn document attracting criminal penalties if made fraudulently. But who am I to judge this brave woman?

I went to school or university with three transgender people, two attempted females-to-males and one attempted male-to-female. I say “attempted” because no surgical procedure will change the fact that these three are biologically female and male respectively. All that really probably changed was some carving or chopping off in their nether regions (I didn’t ever ask) and the ingestion of hormones. And because made-up identities like “pansexual” usually don’t involve surgical or other procedures, a wo(man) like Fitton is really able to pigeonhole themselves as they want.

What this strategy would need

Pepe approves of this message.

Identifying as a woman or a member of a sexual minority would not be for the fainthearted. At a minimum, these wannabe shitlords need to have both the consistency to live out their new “identity” (without compromising their core masculinity) and the determination to mow through any outraged SJWs. Categories like “post-toxic masculinity male” or “neo-male” could be adopted to throw off would-be critics but simultaneously rub it in their faces. To be honest, most readers of Return Of Kings do not identify as “normal” men anyway. For a start, we don’t pedestalize women.

When working with others, allies or otherwise, no comments should ever be made about the reasons for the assumption of a different gender identity. Again, this takes a high level of consistency. Any aspiring shitlord would also need to be prepared to take action to enforce their new identity. Various parties, from human resources departments to university legal officers, may try to undermine your choice. So make yourself watertight.

“How in the hell is this a good idea, David?”

You don’t have to look like this to shitlord.

The growth of affirmative action and other disgusting measures to put underqualified women and others in positions of power is, sans some sort of sudden development or revolution, here to stay. The chief calculation in assuming a different gender identity should be whether a man’s career interests and the potential to offset SJW or feminist fuckery outweighs any awkwardness associated with the new label.

For those who say my proposal legitimizes an awful system, I would counter-argue that openly opposing it, most of all in the workplace or on the streets of campuses like UC Berkeley, is a recipe for being fired, maimed, or killed. We need a greater flexibility in pushing our agenda. Sometimes that means doing it through subterfuge. Provided men do not suck from the teat of the system for unacceptably selfish reasons, the sparingly-used tactical ploy of identifying as a made-up gender might be a very useful way for us to fight back.

For the record, I am not saying dress like a woman or act like a woman. The beauty of the gender fluidity concept advocated by braindead SJWs is that we can twist it in whatever fashion we desire.

So who’s up for some shitlording?

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248 thoughts on “Some Men Are Fighting Back Against Anti-Male Hostility By Identifying As Women”

    1. Red pill is only the awakening, the realization of the truth. Red pill is not a prescription for a response. How you respond will be based on your personal philosophy. For me I became very religious. For some, they go MGTOW/black Knight. One author Aaron Clarey ithink suggests a “45 caliber retirement plan” or something like that

      1. This is a very sound comment. People take “red pill” to be one life long outlook and, as you put it, that is very wrong. That is why it is possible for me to be here and understand the point of MGTOW or the religious, or the atheist, or the demise surfer or the family man, or the survivalist or anyone else….it is because we have all accepted certain realities and, while we have different reactions to these realities, have a healthy respect for one another as men who can make up our minds to deal with the world as we see fit. Like @algol2000:disqus who you responded too, I think that the advice in the article is totally foreign to my way of life, but I think you explain it very well when you talk about different types of men reacting to the same situation in different ways. Great comment man.

        1. Personally, I can respect a black Knight shitlord saboteur like the article suggests, more than an MGTOW

        2. I think I agree with you there too. Of course, I don’t think either of those positions are for me personally. I do understand the idea of mgtow. everyone thinks it at least once in their life I imagine right? go live alone and ftw. It isn’t for me or, obviously, you but I can’t really take a huge shit on it. I just don’t believe it is a path to fulfilment. Rather, I see it more like a drug addiction where you numb yourself from the pain. my problem with the saboteur is that he is defining his life by his enemies rules (even if it is only to subvert them) and thus becomes tied up in a codependent relationship with the people he is sabotaging. But again, the point is…different strokes right?

        3. “my problem with the saboteur is that he is defining his life by his enemies rules ”
          Like yo boy said: battle not with monsters, lest you become one

        4. I always thought of Red Pill as simply shedding mythology pushed by the culture and dealing with things as they really are.
          The reality is this identity stuff goes on at the campuses. All this guy is saying is– those are the rules like it or not, use them to your advantage, do the Alinsky thing of making your opponents live by their own rules.

        5. “This identity stuff” is far from limited to the campuses. Corporate America has swallowed this shit whole. A while back I read of an engineering graduate (obviously male) who had been applying for a job for a year, with no luck. He changed the first name on his résumé from John to Jane. Within a week he had multiple offers for interviews, and several companies willing to hire him sight unseen. The bias out there is that great.
          That leads to another possible strategy. You don’t have to wear a dress or cut off your ding dong, just legally change your first name to a female one (maybe even a neutral one would work). Then, after they hire you, and you show up not a woman, they can’t very well admit that they only hired you because they thought you were a woman. They could try to say you falsified your resume, but that won’t hold water if you had a legal name change.

        6. And thankfully the Gods of Comedy have blessed us with two such names. Pat, and his/her boy/girlfriend, Terry.

        7. I get that which is why I won’t say anything against the technique, but there are other ways of going about these things as well. Different methods suitable to different people.

        8. btw, for instance, while I admit it wasn’t as bad as when I went to school I still went to one of the most liberal schools in the world and we had our share of campus lefty, identity forming, brain washing bullshit going on. How did I handle it? I spent all my time in libraries or with other athletes who all just laughed at the nonsense. I worked hard and maintained a 4.0 CGPA, I never got involved in any groups or clubs or activities other than sports and my social life was almost 100% off campus.

      2. “. One author Aaron Clarey ithink suggests a “45 caliber retirement plan” or something like that”
        I read that about him too. I do wonder if he will actually do it when he gets old. It’s one thing to be 30’s-ish and take the position that one can call it quits with a pistol to the mouth when one gets older, but when that day comes I would imagine it would be much easier said than done.

        1. 30’s-ish and call it quits!?!
          You’re not even into the most prime tail pulling spot in life yet and you’re gonna take a bullet to the brain? Hee-lare-eee-ous! Heh.
          (not you you, I mean in general)

        2. Pretty sure it’s tongue in cheek hyperbole designed to point out the absurdity of our cultural reality

        3. “Pretty sure it’s tongue in cheek hyperbole ”
          That’s what I thought, but from what I understand he is serious.

      3. I’d like to see more work done by the manosphere to differentiate the Red Pill from political or cultural movements like the Alt-Right, MGTOW, nationalism, etc.
        To me, the Red Pill is a mindset, a way of looking at and understanding reality, not a cultural or political faction. The Red Pill doesn’t give you the right answers, it just makes you ask the right questions. When you apply rational thought and reasoning to those questions, then you get the right answers.
        The Red Pill is taking off the blinders, the pink-colored glasses of the distorted feminine imperative that we have been programmed to belief since birth.
        Of course, the Red Pill naturally leads a lot of men to those other belief systems and political views, but that doesn’t mean they are the same thing.

        1. I wouldnt. Fuck your easily definable sub sets.
          Some mystery is a good thing since our enemies largely rely on brain bugs due to rampant stupidity of their ‘foot soldiers’
          Im sure if one were able to gather intel on the 1000 or so antifa faggots, it would turn out to be a closet case clusterfuck that personifies abnormal psychology.
          You wish to fight the fascist left?
          The logistics and financiers behind the bowl cut mouth pieces is a better target.
          Im not fighting Dim liberals over the gutter, thats where they belong anyway. May the dumpster fires warm them very little.

      4. Zippy Catholic has a term called ‘the infra-red pill’.
        If the red pill is the awakening, the infra-red pill
        1) Needs to be taken often.
        2) Shows you what else is a lie.

  1. A few years ago I got accepted after an interview by pretending to be a diversity hire. It was a phone interview. They asked me to describe my 3 strengths. I started #1 with “diversity” and then talked about how diverse I am, “…not only in the traditional sense, but in many other ways as well, such as… ”
    Up until that point I was being stonewalled repeatedly due to being so white and male.
    Now we have gay marriage and transgender angles to work. I can say I’m a bearded woman in a marriage with another woman. BAM two special category check marks,

    1. Kudos to you. I was hired via telephone interview. Knowing that, I “identified” as a black man on my employment application. My company HQ’s on the east coast and I work on the west coast. After working for the company for about 6 months I had to go east for an “all Hands” meeting where I got my first face-to-face with my bosses. I got a few stares but nobody had the balls to call me out on the fact that I’m Nordic white but claim to be a black man.

      1. You bet, it works. I had corporate HR pay me a visit when someone finally caught “Native American” on my application months after I hired in. I told him it wasn’t about me being 1/16th Cheyenne – Blackfeet (for all intents and purposes I look suspiciously Anglo – European, I just tan really well). No, I explained, the real reason is that I was born here in America. This is the country of my Nativity and therefore I AM a Native American. The look on the HR dude’s face was priceless. He muttered under his breath “I never thought about it like that.” Duh. I’ll bet they’re getting points for hiring a minority though.

        1. Fucking brillant Sir!! That is going on my next employment application. I always put “other” for sex because no one will question “other”. I have put down that I am Native Canadian and your explanation is brilliant.

      2. Mom Dad – I’ve something important to say. Although we are regular christian white folks – I’ve come to see myself as a black lesbian woman, whose transitioning to a white male – so nothing has changed at all you just have to be nicer to me and pay more attention to me.

      3. They didnt have the balls to admit that you teabagged them mercilessly?
        Let them suffer in silence.

    2. If you think into it logically – most of the ‘I’m a homo / lesi / trans / etc wierdo’ – out of the closet BS is just a childish cry for attention – probably lacked mommies tit as a baby and daddies back hander as a youth. Therefore any man who feels he’s not getting enough attention should begin identifying in any manner that gets more attention. Eventually the whole rascist, sexist, homophobe war cry will become impotent. It had noble beginnings in the end of slavery and a certain amount of hard red neck prejudice was uncalled for but after that the rest is childish – fight fire with fire.

      1. The Race Card was revoked November 4th, 2016.
        Its not surprise that Dim libs are still trying to use expired credentials.

    3. Its pretty easy really. Identify as a female lesbian. Then you can carry on as normal. (I think I saw something similar in a Holly Oaks episode where some girl decided she was a gay man…)
      One thing that I predicted years ago was that once gay marriage was legal, straight men would start marrying each other for the tax benefits.

      1. This is an easy prediction, since it is a rampant problem in the military, called “contract marriage”

    1. I have revised the golden rule.
      Get as much fucking gold as possible. Live a life of comfort and pleasure and step on anyone who gets in the way or whose stepping upon can add to your coffers.
      EDIT: kidding, but only kind of kidding

      1. Amendment for consideration:
        DEFINE gold prior to dedicating your life to its acquisition.
        Then beat the drowning off with an oar.

        1. “Then beat the drowning off with an oar”
          Thats very “Daniel Plainview” of you.
          Couldnt respect you more.

      2. Your a social animal before being a owner. It doesn’t matter if your a tyran or a saint. Reward your friend to keep (or upgrade) your position, outsmart your ennemies (sometimes, the smartest thing is to crush them, but not always… you may also control them by grabing their balls tight, or be invisble).
        Gold is only a mean to an end.
        If you haven’t a familly, friends, or at least a strong structure, you’re doomed.
        I know quite well tha the ‘fuck you position’ is great. But if you’re only that, you’re just another kind of parasite.
        Trump has ‘fuck you money’. He could perfectly have said fuck you to the world, retire and fuck bimbos to oblivion.
        But he also build a familly, an empire, a strong team, and is actively to fuck up the regressiv establisment. Will he succed ? I don’t know.
        He is not, by far, an ideologist, but as far as we can see, he was faithfull to his convictions ,rewards his few friends, and outsmart his ennemies.

        1. leaving trump aside, because I think that every single thing he does is a manifestation of global scale insecurity, I do think yo are right. However, I think it is up to each and every one of us to define, for ourselves, that gives us meaning. Friends, yes, sure. They are good to have. However, I have not one friend I would ever look to for help and I don’t think anyone who knows me would ever think to come to me for the same. Family? Well, yeah, I have and love my family, but we very rarely speak. I think it is possible to be your own strong structure.

  2. Just identify as homosexual on your equal opps form in the UK to ensure almost certainly getting shortlisted, even if you left a used condom full of jiz in the envelope.

  3. This transgender stuff is actually a finger to feminism. Traditional/radical feminists hate it. It only works because there is an idea that you can have a male brain in a female body — whatever you think of that idea, it nicely contradicts the feminist idea that there is no such thing as male/female brains.

    1. that’s a good point. Trad rad fems believe in the difference between men and women (within an oppression matrix). The post-modern feminists made the whole thing mental (in so many ways) and cultural, so that male and female was performative – a question of habit, practice and identity over time. Now the trans lobby have taken that it’s logical – or rather illogical – conclusion, in a way that sees an inversion of traditional gender on the basis of an effective resumption biological essentialism – except this time, it’s the boy or girl within out of sync with her / his body. It’s so completely nuts that it is certain to bring the whole edifice of absurdity crashing down …..any moment now

  4. This was advocated by the “Turd Flinging Monkey” on YouTube. Go look him and watch the video on appropriating gender identity. It is a great idea.

  5. I’m at the place in life where I don’t need to “belong” to any group to get ahead or “prove” that somehow I belong to a group. My counter to the whole fake “identity crisis” is to be myself in public and laugh at people openly who go to lengths to try and pretend to be something that they are not (such as furries, or tatted up skanks, or any other person that struts his or her insecurities in front of the world desperately seeking the approval of others).

        1. Can you claim self defense in your state if all 6 furries identified as endangered species?

        2. Reminds me of the joke about the guy in front of a judge for killing a bald eagle back when they were endangered. Claims he was lost and starving, first chance he’d had in a week to eat was that bird. Judge drops the charges but then says, but I’d like to know- what did it taste like?
          Defendant, “A lot like spotted owl”.

    1. The greeks had the furies and we have the furries. 6 of one half dozen of the other which is worse.

    2. Me too.
      Shame is the most effective social force, thats why it was the first thing the social justice wankers perverted.
      I can be shamed for being White but Im expected not to shame far left degenerates?
      Lol. Anyone wishing my mouth shut will earn it the hard way. Ill not be shamed by the shameful.

  6. I identify as a cyclops. My extra eyeball makes me all self conscious.
    Also: there was this Swede who made a post on his other site. He claimed that gym managers can call LEOs to administer a drug test if they deem you are too big. 2 year ban from ALL gyms in Sweden.

    1. You are a two eyed cyclops. That makes you a double minority as being a cyclops is a minority and in the cyclops community having two eyes is looked down upon.

      1. Does this guarantee me a cushy govt of college gig? Maybe I should run against deblasio. peeps love an underdog

        1. I feel like anyone who mutters the phrases “broken windows” and “return to law and order” will kill Billy D B. In fact, I have a feeling he is going to lose the dem nomination to none other than former detective and all around fashionable private investigator Bo Dietl who is challenging him for the Dem nod.

        2. “Deese cyclopses aint real americans! how can you vote for a guy like dat?!?!?!”

        3. I doubt you know this Dietl guy, but he belongs on Barney Miller, not in the mayor’s office

        4. I will take Dietl over deblassio any day of the week. Plus, we share an affinity for the same brand of tie.

        5. Dont forget the cat glasses and bowl cut. Let them know you are as deranged on the inside as they are.
          Its like masking your scent to go hunting.

        6. STILL better than any ny liberal hack.
          Didnt you notice the amount of respect for congress and the judiciary being shown by the electorate when we beligerantly installed a guy from the tv to be their boss?
          I had the kind of respect for the federal government that it takes to laugh and put a reality tv star as a hostile head over their department.
          Civil war is closer than any of you think and it wont be the berkeley faggots fighting against us.
          When the fighting starts, berkeley faggots are targets of opportunity, nothing more.

    2. I used to identify as an attack helicopter, but that became too mainstream. Then I identified as a interstellar bionic unicorn, but that never truly captured my vast, hidden resources of uniqueness.
      Now I feel like forcing me to identify as anything is too restrictive and oppressive. I’m such a special snowflake that I am utterly unidentifiable, and I can’t be confined to anything as mundane as a gender, or identity, or reality.

      1. So, you are a diffuse galactic wide intelligence without any true corporeal form? Did I get the about right?

      2. I really, really like that particular vision you have going on. I believe I’m going to nick it and use it at the next appropriate opportunity, heh.

    3. Thats the “freedom” the eurotrash like to talk about when foolishly trying to equate their tiny US subsidized commie paradises to the US freedoms.
      Commies and liberals have chipped away many freedoms, but we are still far and away better off than any eurotrash peasants.

  7. Now that I am back at Equinox gyms I am reminded that I will identify as a woman all fucking day long for access to the sauna in any equinox sports club

  8. No need to split our personalities to interact with the borderlined female ruling class. Probably more effective to just piss all over their shoes. Mark the territory

    1. That’s where I’m at too. Playing their games is fun at first, but ultimately it’s just you following their reality, even if you’re mocking it. That’s letting them set the frame. Your frame should be the one that they bend to, not the opposite.

      1. Agreed 100%. What we should do is putting the Liberal-Bolsheviks to the wall and shooting them, not playing silly make-believe games with them.

  9. In a different way, this has been going on in California for at least a decade.
    In order for a straight man to get a job in some companies, he self-identifies as gay. They are called “closet straights.” As long as they are not asked to prove their sexual orientation (which could be labelled sexual harassment if pushed too far) they get good jobs and benefits. The downside is they have to hide who and what they really are from their coworkers and boss or face dismissal.

    1. I’d create a nice meme for that. Maybe call the affliction Tripperitis.
      There are maybe like 3 guys here who will get that joke.

      1. We need to speak to you about your being “gay”
        Sure, come to my office and…..just knock on my door.

        1. My own reference just reminded me of why looking at pictures of aged former bombshell broads should be illegal.

        2. I’m never in the vicinity of former bombshells, thankfully.

        3. and omg yes, there was some serious bobshelling on that show. Desperate need for gallons of wax, but that was a product of the time.

        4. It would be great if we could classify photos of aged former bombshells the same way we do child pornography. We would hear about raids and shit. It would be great.

        5. she sure was. I see her 2 or 3 times a month when I go out to eat. still WB because I believe in nostalgia fucking, but age has not been a friend.

        6. I have Mexican guys who do my Hosing of blood and hair. I usually use Hose A. But when he isn’t available I call Hose B

        7. She was already well on her way to the wall when she got famous, at least in the states.

        8. No worries – make sure you bring the lube and rubber gloves – I’m a fisting top only. Lately I prefer just to use my foot in your ass.

        9. I feel somehow you are one of these people that missed this particular joke as GOJ predicted

    2. I have been advising young white men for years to mark down that they are a minority on applications. If you get challenged, get agressive and demand them to prove they are not who they say they are. Then ask if they have some kind of blood purity test they want to administer.

      1. It worked for Liz Warren. Her last gig at Hahvid paid her $440k/yr to teach ONE class. Its a winning strategy

      2. That forces them straight into the *real* Nazi category.
        “You want me to prove my ancestry? How many generations back before I’m considered good, Frau Oberstleutnan?”

        1. I like to interrupt such people and state that I never reduce things to matters of race and gender, all uppity-like

        2. Thats the point. It slowly dawns on the HR ditz or college admin rep that they are enforcing racial purity rules that nazis would enforce (and perhaps it reveals something about themselves they haven’t noticed, but I wouldn’t hold my breath).

      3. My son got tired of filling out the college applications. On his least desired school he did in fact identify as an AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter.

        1. I don’t remember, I don’t think so. He got accepted quickly by his top two choices, and focused on visiting/assessing their differences. Not sure if he even opened the letters from the other schools.

      4. I dont think alot of HR depts are prejudiced – they are just desperate to fill homo / koon quotas mandated – which in any real job is nigh impossible since that crowd are too busy claiming welfare or trying to be writers or djs or other such crap.

      1. times when it is acceptable to dress up like a woman
        1) British Comedy
        2) To sneak into the dorm of an all girls school
        3) Outsmarting Elmer Fudd

        1. Fuck that. Put a fox out as bait then shoot the purse snatcher in the back as they run away through a crowded street. Eye the citizens with suspicious disgust as they applaud. Take the bait home. That’s how you catch a purse snatcher in the 70’s.

    1. Yeah, I’m male but identify as a lesbian. Fortunately, a short haired butch lesbian who lifts and has a permanently attached appliance vice strap-on.
      So no change to wardrobe or haircut is required.

  10. So when do we reach critical mass? We’ve got fucksticks like Shaun King and Rachel Dolezal leveraging blackface. We’ve got feminists and trannys, who are ideologically opposed in practice. Now we’ve got folks clearly pissing on leftist institutions. So when will the Left finally eat itself?

    1. That requires self awareness. They don’t actually understand that they’re being mocked.

    2. Let them fight it out a while, burning dumpsters at berkeley is all they have since November.
      Any of you dumb cunts get beat up by antifa, you deserve it for not being smarter.
      No matter the lies in media today, they are on the ropes already and being SMART is the only tactic we should be using while they kill each other.

  11. This is a tactic better suited for short-term trolling, not really long-term shitlording.
    Funny, useful for highlighting the hypocrisy of the left, but ultimately it requires you to give fucks, while shitlording involves no fucks given.

    1. This is awesome. I wish someone in California would try this, and then take it all the way to the 9th Circuit, just to see what would happen.

      1. All kinds of ways to exploit this shit-fest. There are hundreds of animals on the endangered species list. Maybe we can get white males on that list eventually, but until that happens, this might be an effective way to go. I would probably claim to be a Hawksbill turtle; cool animal name.

        1. Why not be a Bustard – very endangered and beloved of greenies. Sounds like you’re an orphan too when you say it.

        2. Right now a threatened box turtle being displaced from a new development gets more airtime on the Jewish propaganda networks than a white person kidnapped, raped, and brutally murdered by a pack of wild Dindus.

        3. But that’s all a “coincidence”, and is no way indicative of any sort of “plan” (wink-wink)…

      2. In an east coast University they required all professors to use the pronouns preferred by each student. And the new rule left open what pronouns the students could choose. One guy wanted to be referred to as “His Majesty”. And the leftoid idiots (but I repeat myself) didn’t blink an eye.

        1. Isn’t it, like, against the Constitution to hold titles of a former ruling monarchy?
          And death penalty was enforced, if I’m not wrong…

        2. It is a limitation on congress bestowing any title; or government officials accepting any title from a foreign entity. I don’t think calling yourself Lord and Master of All Within Your Sight qualifies.
          “No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.”

        3. So ask to be called ‘Sire’ or ‘Master’ ‘El conducator’ ‘El Jeffe’, ‘El Duce’, ‘Meine Fuhrerin’, ‘Great Danube of Thought’, ‘El Presidente’, ‘Holly great Leader’, ‘Shah’, ‘Great Mufti’, “Humble Everything’, ‘His Excellency Goering’, ‘Happy Quiesling’, ‘It sexual Fluidity’, ‘Adolfo Benito Staline’, ‘Flying Chilian Leftist’…so many choices !!!

  12. Here’s how I intend to play this from now on. I allegedly have a smidgeon of Cheyenne and Blackfeet blood, so I can play the “race card” (even though I don’t look the part). I was born here in America so I am in fact a “Native American.” Check off that box. I did my four years in Uncle Sugar’s Airplane Fraternity so I am a veteran. Check. I grew up in a predominantly black community in rural Virginia, learned to dress to impress, how to dance, how to detail a car and “the game” (before I even knew what that was) from my black friends; so I am part black. I figured out that the female of the species loves shiny flowery things while I was quite young. I learned to draw, paint, make jewelry and do calligraphy which puts me squarely in the artsy-fartsy camp. And, I am left handed, so therefore right-brained with more left-brain interties than the typical male. So even though I have a “feminine” brain, I’m only attracted to women. That makes me a lesbian. So, let’s add it all up: My gender is Native American Veteran Black Lesbian. Am I golden or what? 😉

    1. Let’s see… Elisabeth Warren said she was Native American because of her grandfather’s high cheekbones. Shaun King said he was black because his mother was a slut and his father left. Rachel Dolezal said she was black because of her kinky hair.
      All you have to do is find some racial or minority stereotype in your family tree to exploit as “proof” of your status.
      Your uncle is really shrewd with his money? Your mother is a women? Aha! You are a jewish lesbian!

      1. Dolezal had emotional/psych issues because her folks adopted several African-American kids. Don’t know how her parents handled everything but it seemed the adopted kids got more attention which appears to have influenced her more than politics. If I were black mommy/daddy would pay more attention and love me more kind of thing…

        1. Pretty sick and twisted to replace your own child with a couple orphans to the point your nordic daughter now identifies as black.
          Liberals are the slime of humanity.

    2. In order to be a diversity hire as a veteran, you had to serve in specifically detailed times of conflict. I am a diversity hire by virtue (?) of being a Vietnam Era Veteran.

      1. As a small business owner, if you’re service disabled, it allows you to bid on set aside contracts for SDVOSB (Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business). Regardless of when you served. You may have seen the guy who got hurt in an academy prep-school football game as his disability defending his companies actions to the Dem Ducksworth who lost several limbs when she was in the military as a helicopter pilot.

        1. Sorry for omitting the DVA. They deserve any special deference they can get. BTW, does my service relate deafness count.

        2. If you got it documented on leaving. Then you have to file a claim, which will be based on your military medical records.The system was really set up so when you left the service anything an insurance company might consider a ‘pre-existing condition’ would be covered by VA. So, disability has nothing to do with how you got the condition. Normal aging or combat are treated the same.

        3. You have that too? I take my hearing test results home every year to reinforce with my wife that I actually am going deaf, not just ignoring her (heh-heh). She asked me once if I can still hear crickets. I told her “Sure, I hear them all the time I’m awake.” You gotta love tinnitus.

      2. Mike, I was in when Carter was president and even though my unit went on the Iran rescue debacle…oops, I meant “mission”…I probably don’t qualify. Because even though we were “always at war” according to our wing commander (and off poking around in other country’s affairs all over the world) I served “during peacetime.” But that has never stopped any of my employers from recognizing (and probably capitalizing) on my “veteran” status.

    3. After the shameless stupidity they theyve displayed, how can they not just say “come as you are” now?
      If it wasnt for double standards, the Dim libs wouldnt have any standards at all

  13. I identify as a female butch lesbian. I look like a man, I have male genitalia (totally irrelevant for determining “gender” in todays world), dress like a man, and want sex with women like a man. But in my heart of hearts I am a woman. Try to disprove this.

        1. Now you would not have had that expensive orthodontia if you did not have that space between your teeth in the first place, the one you shamelessly lied through about your Gender identity.
          You are just digging yourself deeper and deeper into this hole, you white cisgender scum, you!
          Your identity is a social construct anyway, unlike my identity, cause I am a Trans-nigger (a nigger living in a white male’s body). Try to over-virtue THAT signal, and I will call you a Racist, too!

  14. There’s this bank in my country that allows you to be called whatever you want instead of Mr., Sr. etc. So this guy posts a letter from the bank to him: “Dear Mr. LORD OF THE UNIVERSE” or something. Guess that can be called a minority too.

    1. A very tiny minority of one I would imagine. How many lords of the universe can there be at any one time?

        1. I can feel the pressure of this “there can be only one” cisgender way of thinking. Poor fella.

      1. Parallel universes anyone? But that aside, can I register myself at the bank as “The Bank Managers’ Wife Banger”

        1. That would be fun, and I think it would be ok as long as it’s not “Shitty Bank IT dept Daddy”.

  15. A convicted murderer in Edinburgh apparently identified as a female to get into the women’s prison, where he slept with several other inmates. (S)he’s since been moved to the men’s prison.
    Now if that’s not absolute bigotry and sexism. This person identifies as a chick with a dick, and those savages are moving her to a men’s prison, just because their psychologist doesn’t listen and believe (apparently they’re convinced the prisoner isn’t serious about that gender identity – what a bigot).
    We need to protest and sign petitions about this. Under the new order, no woman (regardless of penis) should have to stay in a disgusting men’s prison with evil men.

    1. There is a prisoner in UK that is an actual pre-op trans gender M-F who was put in a man’s prison. S/he has protested this cruelty and is suing the UK government. Now, I say, any gay guy trying to be a woman would love to be in a male prison. The opportunities would be endless.

        1. Thats where its so halarious…..the whole thing falls to pieces if everyone does it – snow flakes melt in the sunshine.

    2. I identify as a lesbian- but consider myself as having a permanently attached appliance vice a strap on.

    3. I work in the correctional system and a few times I have been called to inspect the equipment to see if the he/she is crested or cloven.

        1. The one who actually had the wiener whacking done was a work of art. I don’t know who cobbled that pussy together but it sure was a genuine work of art. This wackadoodle and “her” husband are in the can for kidnapping a pregnant woman and holding her hostage because they wanted the baby. The plastic vagina can’t make babies – imagine that.
          This he/she is a genuine mentally dysfunctional lunatic.

  16. This article is fucking with my mind vagina and I am soaking wet right now. Just face it ladies, we are even better at filling female only quotas than than you are.

  17. My 10 cents:
    misandrists want to make some men use female pseudonyms…
    You know like those famous female novel writers back in the day, who wrote under male pseudonyms.
    And their plan can easily succeed — beta-schmucks

  18. Disagree. No. For the LOLs, maybe, but seriously: embarked on self-improvement and reclaiming your masculinity, do you have time to play along with the make-believe world of the Liberal-Bolsheviks? Even for monetary gains, I would say no. Start dealing drugs if you are so desperate for cash.
    We have to eliminate the enemy, not playing along with the rules they set.

    1. Too idealistic – if as many men as possible start throwing around gender bender identities – the entire movement becomes mainstream and so watered down – it loses all meaning. If every male identifies as a tranny theres no special snow flakes left. Thats the entire point of the whole LGBTABCXYZ – its no longer the 1 in a million real homo that should be left in peace – but a ‘look at me I’m special’ – its no different to the 80s heavy metal fan wearing leather studded jackets or goths, punks or hippies etc. – Its nothing more than a childish adolescent call for attention. Everyone does it – its meaningless.

      1. I see what you mean, and I still strongly disagree.
        The reason why it is a big no-no is the following:
        Feminism is over. You may have noticed that the latest Cultural Marxist agenda is Gender-bending, which is in part in contradiction with the teachings Feminism. Feminism reached its peak already, it will slowly fade. The next destructive phase is Gender-bending. The teaching is, anyone can select his or her Gender.
        And anybody who plays along with this charade, no matter why, is directly playing into the hands of the Cultural Marxists. If you selected to be of Female Gender as a man, no matter why, because you believe in it, or because for the LOLs or rebellion, you are already playing to the tunes of the enemy piper, you have already surrendered to the subversion.
        No. A thousand times no. Never. NEVER!

        1. Sun Zu and all the martial arts use the attackers force against them. You wont beat the system with stoic ridgity – like christians in Rome being eaten by lions – you beat the system by taking its own force and leveraging it back against it. If every man accused of any crime immediately begins indentifying as female the entire penal system turns into a joke. If all men applying for college or jobs identify as ethnic minorities and gay and or female the concept of equal opportunities and racial and gender allocations etc – the stats become a joke. Guerilla warfare.
          Using the system against itself. At one point there will be so many men being sent to womens prisons and so many women and gays in jobs men will statisically be a minority and second the entire concept will collapse and revert to common sense. Does it have tits and a fanny – its a woman. Does it have balls and a y chromosome its a man.
          There would be no other way to deal with it – water down the whole thing so much its meaningless – a good example would be inflation. You take on enough debt and inflation kicks in the debt becomes tiny. Similar principal. Ethnic and sexual minorities can only get special treatment and make a fuss if they are minorities. Theres no call for more black people in employment in Nigeria. Theres no cry of prejudice against gay people being denied employment in gay night clubs. Lets all turn officially gay and female – problem solved. Who cares its only paper work. Reduce the whole thing to a giant zero.

        2. I would agree – if Hillary won. If the enemy ruled the system the way they used to.
          Wake up, there is a paradigm-shift due to Trump winning! We are not on the defensive anymore, we do not have to conform to the world-view of the enemy any more! We are on the OFFENSIVE! We must not play along, we will never win if we play by the rules set by the enemy, and this suggestion is playing by the rules of the enemy even for a subversive aim, to make fool of the system, but still according to their rules. Still an emphatic NO from my side!
          The correct offensive tactics is never accept any stupid BS social engineering attempt pushed by the enemy, never to conform to Gender Ideology!
          We are waging cultural war here, we are for total war! Do you want total war? Jawohl! Therefore attack them, ridicule them, kill them if we must, but never adopt our thinking any way that is derived from their world-view!

        3. Trump is the right wing equivalent of Obama – the peoples choice – the change you cannot believe in. Trump has two daughters, one in business – not much is going to change. The libtard movement got the wind knocked out of its sails – but its far from curtailed. No big laws in terms of divorce, feminism and gender bending rights are going to change.

        4. Yep, Trump is not the Second Coming of Christ, nor Adolf 2.0.
          But the overall climate in the workd with him in charge would give us a chance to pursue personal and common masculine interest.
          No saviour will save us. We have to save ourselves, individually and as a group. That is why it is important to wage cultural war and to continue identity politics for straight, white, christian males.

        5. Use this Trump era to prevent the Dims from easily enacting their genocidal marxism the next time you idiots vote them into office.

        6. Germany would do much better under him than Merkel Mutti.
          Other than that, the rest of the world would go on without him just fine. Mouthing off about how “Übermensch” Germans are when in fact they proved themselves to be the greatestest cucks in Europe since the end of WW2 would turn everybody else off of National Socialism forever…

  19. does Colin Tap-yer-dick ever smile? I think I’d be happy if I were kneeling on a mountain of cash…

  20. Megan scandal…shocking! BREAKING NEWS!!! This just in…chicks glob a bunch of shit on their faces! For more on this we go to some outraged, uglier-than-me person, because that’s in my contract, for a further report.

  21. I got selected for a SJW Labor Union gathering by checking off “disabled” category in the online application – flight, accommodation, meals plus pocket money all included, I also get to skip a few days at work and will be compensated for it. I intent to have as much fun as possible, sleeping through the conference, leaving as early as I can every day under any excuse like “not feeling well” and going on mini road trips.

  22. This shit is funny. Just I’ll never pander to their crap in any form. These concepts should not be part of my or anyone’s reality. It’s not a game should be playing. The joke is on me even if consider it mocking. I’m a straight white privileged oppressive male that has it made…and I like it that way. I’m the only race, gender, sexual preference combination that can beat everyone on earth down by existing…and I like it that way.
    Yet, props to these guys taking one for the team. Those shit eating grins are fantastic. Nothing but respect.

    1. Are the refugee status a seeing to isn u playing our game ? Crash the gates and bring it out into the light. EVERY female college sports team is entirely filled with men.

  23. This is a good way to take over women’s sports – tennis, softball, field hockey, you name it! If you get blocked just file a Title IX lawsuit. Ha!

  24. I think it would be easy on the campus level as they must accept you.
    Just grow long hair and be a chameleon dressing as a hippie-redneck trucker type one day and SJW the next.
    If you are ever discovered, you could publicly blame the patriarchy for its oppressiion and psychological trauma inducing that caused you to relapse and not express the real you.
    But it is true, a few determined shitlords could bring down the system.
    Moreover, you could throw away all that baggage upon leaving campus.

  25. I always like to identify as ‘two or more races’ when I’m applying or ‘Hispanic’. I would like to put down ‘Aryan’, but that option is not available. I wonder why?

    1. How come it looks like this:
      -Asian/Pacific Islander
      -Native American
      and then,
      “African-American”, rather than BLACK.
      I am so fucking fed up with the term “African-American”.
      Nobody says “caucasian-American”, nor hyphenates their American status with an ethnic modifier other than blacks.

  26. Delta males will be delta males, many ways these pathetic wimpy little guys were always women in men’s bodies which is probably why most women have always wanted nothing to do with them and now they can claim to be lesbians and find out most women still want nothing to do with them.

      1. The Omega Wolf Analogy has its points and I too do not wish to sling mud at our Delta Force soldiers just as I do not wish to disrespect Seals but Human culture has a complex structure there are the Alphas who play the field and the Betas who follow them along with the Gammas who Follow them around occasionally after that are the Deltas who watch from the bleachers because they don’t have the guts to get in and get dirty though they do love to pretend they’re Alphas. After them come the Epsilons the pathetic little Mommy’s Boys full of Self Importance who likes to have others do his dirty work for him and get the girl by impersonating an Alpha. Your Omega Human Male is the equivalent to the Lone Wolf, he’s your basic group of one who plays by his own rules.

        1. You know more than me on that subject.
          I just imagined omega as the least whennit sounds like youve pegged them as epsilon.

        2. You have to understand the human group dynamic and look at the wolf pack then realize though there are some similarities there is far more complexity in the human group.

  27. Although in principle I disagree with this, there’s a powerful element in the backfiring effect. Using their own weapons and all those concepts they believe in very seriously and using them and abusing them for personal gain or turning them into comedy.
    This could be especially useful for males who are immersed in that environment and lacking better options.

    1. No, there is no exposing without confrontation. I think that eventually it would nullify the effects of the practise bring its inherent absurdity to the surface.

  28. Why not cut to the chase? Identify as a trans-victim. I was born a white male cis-het but I identify as a victim anyway. How dare you question my identity!
    Because that is what this is all about, victimhood and the pyramid of oppression.

  29. I had an interview a while back for a public sector position. It was for a technical position and technical in nature and such was the discussion. Halfway through the interview, the HR lady stops to read their policy on them being an equal opportunity employer. It was very weird. That and the poster they had on their bulletin board about how the region was accommodating “refugees”. Through all this, Im asking myself, what does this have to do with anything? I’m here for a job, I’m here because I have technical skills. WTF?
    I now work in the private sector.

  30. This is an easy and effective strategy. You can reap the benefits of a victim protected class or a woman and chnage absolutely nothing about your lifestyle using this simple formula: identify as a woman, that is lesbian and cross dresses. Basically nothing changes in anyway, you are still biologically a man thats attracted to women and still dresses like a man. Congrats, now you have the advantage of affirmative action, and immune to any criticism just by changing your label. Now go out and get hired!
    *Disclaimer: i would never do this, but its fun to joke about and use to expose the BS of the SJWs

  31. Could I just identify as a transvestite lesbian transgender? Then I don’t have to change anything…still wear man’s clothes (the transvestite bit), still stay married to my wife (the lesbian bit), but ‘identify’ as a woman – whatever that means

  32. Troll level: Grand Master.
    Hot blond tells scolding protester she is legally a man, which she is.
    She legally changed her gender to show how stupid the laws are.
    The Youtube comments are worth a read.
    And she self identifies as an Attack Helicopter, because, well, you can do that now.
    Don’t you oppress her!

  33. An even better idea would be to be trans-trans-gender
    Meaning you identify as being a woman who identifies as being male
    That allots you double the oppression and you need to change nothing, other than state “I really just feel like a woman that feels like a man deep down inside, you wouldn’t understand”, and maybe pretend cry a little

  34. To defeat the Jew one must become the Jew.
    I haven’t identified as “white” on a job application in over twenty years. I haven’t gone so far as demanding my “right” to have a urinal added to the ladies room yet, though they do have a nice couch in there.

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