How Strong Men Were Transformed Into Beta Males

Recently, I was invited to spend some time up at Martha’s Vineyard by a couple that we are friends with. At one of the restaurants, I found a peculiar handwritten document that must have been inadvertently left by a previous patron. While I have no clue about the veracity of the document, I found it interesting enough to reproduce for the ROK readers. Here is document. I only inserted pictures and headings for ease of reading, and some links that I thought explained what the author was saying.

The Letter

My dearest nephew, D. Congratulations upon your graduation from Harvard Law. Now, you are ready at last take on the role you were destined for—a ruling member of the globalist elite. All of your training up to this point has been to prepare you for this role. I trust that you will be up to the task.

You had asked me at last October’s spirit cooking event about how we keep the masses under our control. I apologize that I have not had a chance to write until now. Here I will discuss only one of the most important aspects of our rule—how we made the men into docile beta males.

The reason that it was necessary to make men passive and submissive is because men are the only thing could possibly pose a threat to our rule. Even a small group of intelligent men working cohesively could pose a grave threat to the current stability which we now enjoy. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you understand how we effected this change.

Ending manual labor

One of the first things we did was make manual labor something that is looked down upon. We pushed the message that blue collar work was demeaning. Our effort happily coincided with the increase in automation which eliminated a lot of manual work. Of course, there are still plenty of manual labor jobs to be done, but the men of the first world do not wish to do them. Rather, they import third world immigrants to do the manual labor. This has many benefits for us, but it would take me too far from my present topic to explain.

In any event, the danger of manual labor was that it gave men strong bodies. A medieval peasant was fit. He ate fresh, healthy food and his work was his exercise. By removing men from bodily labor, we’ve succeeded in creating soft, physically weak men. Weak bodies make for weak, timid minds that are easier to control.

I must warn you that there is a disturbing trend for men to once again build their bodies through weightlifting and martial arts training. It will be up to your generation to put a stop to this before this toxic masculinity begins to cause trouble for us.

Girl Power

You are aware of how many benefits we have derived from the pushing of the feminist message. One of the best ones is that it browbeats men into becoming docile betas. A boy growing up in 2017 will be subjected to millions of subtle messages through the media and education that he is inferior to girls. He is told that girls are better at fighting, raising children, and making scientific discoveries than boys. Girls are better leaders. They are calmer and have more self-control. They will be better mothers—hell, they would even be better fathers—than men could ever be. Girls are perfect and never make mistakes. Despite being superior to boys in all things, girls are downtrodden by the patriarchy.

That’s the message of feminism and we make sure that every boy who grows up feels inferior to girls. The result is that they grow to become weak men, unsure of their own abilities. In other words, they grow up to be betas, and that’s the way we like it.

Corporate food

We’ve done an even better job at convincing men to eat garbage. The sugar lobby has performed marvelously convincing Americans that carbs are good and fat is bad. Although that myth is, unfortunately, starting to die, we still have men addicted to corporate food that makes them fat, weak, and compliant.

More distractions

The ancient Roman emperors knew it. The way to placate the masses is through bread and circuses. Not too long ago, the only circuses we offered were sportsball and movies. Thanks to advances in technology we’ve added porn, social media, and video games. The modern “man” now has abundant ways to waste his time and spend his money (all of which comes back to us).

And we have great plans on this front. Scientists, under our direction, are working on VR sex and sex robots. Once these technologies hit, we predict that about 80% of men will become herbivore men and just drop out of the sexual market altogether. The only people who will reproduce will be us and the few stubborn masculine men out there.


Man in his natural state is a social creature—spending his time ruling the community, providing for his family, and defending his tribe. But as you know, groups of men getting together in real life is an extraordinarily dangerous threat to our ruling position. That is why we have created a society where men are detached from their families and communities. Men now spend more and more time absorbed in the distractions we’ve given them. The concept of a tribe is now, thankfully, unheard of in the nations we rule.

There is little threat that men will be able to overcome being atomized. Even when they do try, we are quick to put a stop to them. A couple of years back a men’s website called “Game of Kings” or something like that tried to host a meetup. We quickly ran a bunch of media stories accusing them of being rapists. The “Kings” were forced to cancel their meetups and acknowledge that we were their true rulers.

Boiling down morality to economics

One of the biggest obstacles to our rule is that men continued to believe that in morality—the idea that there is a right and a wrong. For example, a man from 1900 would have laughed in our face if we asked him whether he preferred to have a wife or a VR sex machine. He would have chosen a wife because he believed it the right thing was to start a family—not just mere self-gratification.

To counter the obstacle that there are certain things that are inherently right or wrong, we started a multi-decade program to convince people that there is no such thing as morality. Our program has been a smashing success because we have succeeded in convincing most men that the only morality is whether something makes a profit.

  • Is it wrong to host a porn site? Not if it turns a profit.
  • Is it right to import hordes of third world immigrants? Yes, if it might raise the GDP.
  • Is it wrong for Hollywood to push anti-American messages? Not if the movie studios can justify that it will increase international movie sales.
  • Is it acceptable for companies to dump toxic chemicals into our drinking water? Yes, if it is good for jobs.


Well, I am not accustomed to writing so much and my arm has gotten tired. Of course, this is information that I would never send electronically—there is too much risk, as was painfully clear from the recent hacking of one of our own. I have much more to tell you, but prefer to do so in person. Perhaps at the Spring spirit cooking.

Post script

The letter was unsigned and there was no indication of who the author was. I leave it to ROK readers to judge for themselves whether the document contains anything of value. As for myself, I live by the rule, “if the ruling elites are pushing something, do the exact opposite.”

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147 thoughts on “How Strong Men Were Transformed Into Beta Males”

  1. Lol, obviously a fake letter written by the author. But the overall intent of the article itself is effective and genuine.

  2. About this point: “Atomization/Isolation”
    Interesting that the Internet actually helps to create atomization and isolation in many ways. If you’re spending all of your time online – in forums and whatnot – you aren’t out there fraternizing and discussing serious matters in the real world. Sheesh. I’m going out and getting away from the computer for the rest of the day (seriously), because that thought really got to me just now.

    1. Best decision you could make, honestly. I’ve found taking time away, completely unplugged, serves as a cleansing and to refocus priorities and clarity, if you take my meaning.

    2. I’m waiting for the weekend, as is my custom.
      We need to run daygame to find quality men in our areas, as well. It’s a different game, but we do need to find men with whom we can fraternize and discuss serious matters.

      1. True. That would help the situation immensely. For now, I’m just going to unplug. See you all later.

      2. Try ‘gaming’ gun shows, gun shops, and shooting ranges. But many of the men, however, have some BP mentality.
        On another note, while the patrons at gun shows are overwhelmingly men, I’ve noticed than many of the women at these events, both young and middle-aged, tend to look much better than the 20-somethings on OKC.

        1. Girls at gunshows generally are far more conservative/traditional, and were almost always raised around a strong father and probably at least one brother in the family.

        2. Man, you should see the chicks on OKC in the dc area. I gotta deal with a bunch of fat chicks and lefty looking lunatics

        3. not only in dc, even here in france, we see the same shitty lefty people. OKC is a leftist rat hole

        4. Forget calling it France. Your politicians indoctrinated Arab immigrants into your country. From what I’ve heard I hear it’s basically an Arab country right now. You better start spreading your seeds to outnumber them because they fuck like no other. Hang in there bro!

    3. One thing I’m finding when I’m getting to know new guys is that they can have red pill views in many areas (politics, work, health, exercise, etc), but when we start discussing women, they’re bluer than the worst blue balls you’ve ever had. I think the path to true awakening is dispelling the gender myths. Once you truly understand the amount of bullshit you’ve been fed about that, you start to see A LOT of things differently.
      The good news is that things like the Slut March, watching Ronda Rousey get annihilated by two women, and all the tranny nonsense is starting to make some of these men at least start to question whether or not they’ve been sold a barrel of bullshit.

      1. What is essential is that these purple men have fraternity. When they spend time with other men discussing the reality of things (including their particular problems with particular women), they will begin to discover the patterns.
        From the patterns, they will receive enlightenment.

        1. That’s really what it’s all about: pattern recognition. A man could get divorce-raped and still think, “NAWALT, I just happened to marry the wrong woman. (Or worse) It was all my fault. I should have treated her better.”
          I think a man who walks through the fire, recognizes his own weaknesses and strengths, and who is able to recognize that men all around the world continuously get burned by the same flames, will ultimately be enlightened.
          It is nice having online communities like ROK and RVF, but it’s even better when you’re able to meet in person without going underground. Unfortunately, that’s where we are at this point in time, so we have to play with the cards we’ve been dealt while trying to ring more and more people in.

        2. I still have hope that some red-pill lurkers live around me. I just need to find them.
          I already found one, but he doesn’t lurk here. He’s an ex-military engineer around my own age, and that fraternity coupled with his experience and natural mindset produced a masculine mind.
          Perhaps we could start casually mentioning key words that relate to names of local hotspots. Make the odds of finding other RoK’ers a bit greater…

        3. That’s a good idea. I actually have two friends from back home who I’ve known a long time. They are both red pill in their thoughts, and they’re both hardcore players. I used the pet shop line with one of them to see if he lurked. He didn’t bite. The other one I don’t see as often, but I have a feeling he’s lurking around these parts based on where he’s been in the world and the way he carries himself. If not, they could become valued members instantly.
          With new people, I throw subtle truths around to gauge their reactions. It’s fun to do. Even if they don’t lurk around these parts, it’s good to meet people with similar beliefs.

        4. Hmm…that’s the ticket. Just ask something similar, like how they feel about Kratom or where the pet shop is, and go from there.
          It’s a fun non-sequitur that most of us would get, and if they don’t get it we can handwave it away.

        5. uttering the word kratom is like a secret handshake for peeps who hang around here

        6. I just have to be careful, because I live among hippies and there’s kratom in every pot shop.
          The weak, non-RoK kind. The kind that pussies take.

        7. Gotta drop small lines, see how folks respond. My father always gives the wrong responses, and even if I didn’t have outside evidence, I’d know he’s beyond helping.

        8. My dad looked much the same a few years ago. Super conservative who followed the neocons, blue pill with respect to women, etc.
          But he is an observant engineering-type, and he can see patterns. All it really took was for me to start directing his observation a bit, and the pieces have mostly fallen into place.
          The two keys that really opened doors of inquiry:
          – “It just seems like women are like children – they seem to want to live under authority with strict rules, and they will keep pushing until they finally hit the limit.” (Effective because I was that child)
          – “What have conservatives conserved?” (Effective because he was focused on what liberals changed, not how conservatives failed to stop them)

        9. Mine is similar, but he’s a stubborn narcissist, and as much a child as his female partner.

        10. My father is the same. He’s always been a momma’s boy, so there is no hope for changing his beliefs about women.
          My brother, however, is starting to come around to these ideas about women. I’ve been dropping subtle hints for several months, and now he’s starting to see what I’m seeing. There is still work to do, but the man has been divorced, has 3 daughters, and a new wife. If he doesn’t recognize female nature from that alone, he never will. Fortunately, he’s starting to come around.

        11. I’d be curious as to how much he’s got left in him. He suffers from a ton of artificial, self-induced stress.

        12. “Hey, don’t suppose you’ve got any Kratom on you? No? What’s Kratom, you say? Have a nice day.”

        13. “who is able to recognize that MEN all around the world continuously get burned by the SAME flames”
          Applause; It’s so “soothing” to read ! The above phrase concisely expressed TONS of feelings and realities.

        14. Yes the war on deplorables makes open-carry of truth hazardous to ones safety, career, etc.
          When I’m sitting at a bar or brewery having a pint and there are a few men around, I always lob a few red-pill grenades into the casual small-talk conversation to test the mettle. If nothing else, to slow the rising tide of pluralistic ignorance.
          A few times, red-pill men have caught on and it has ended in a lively and engaging conversation. Its rare. But when it does happen, the women take interest. Two men who just met who are meaningfully engaging, laughing, and carrying on are automatically on their radar. We lead, they follow. Every time.
          Unfortunately, I live in Hillary/BLM/Rainbow land as well. Which is a shame, really. I moved here a few decades too late. If I didn’t hate the cold so much I’d already be up in Montana or Wyoming. But even then, the fucking pussies are bent on ruining the entirety of the Rockies, so might as well make my stand here.

        15. Men with daughters are even more beta they commit a lifetime to being one with no chance out of it.
          The Chinese were pretty extreme on how they treated their daughters but they weren’t wrong about rather having a son than a daughter

        16. so let me get this straight. you complain about SJWs (“I live in Hillary/BLM/Rainbow land as well”), but you are a SJW yourself (“deplorables” “red-pill” “We lead, they follow”, all very SJW things to say). typical SJW. delusional, false sense of superiority, hypocritical, retarded, unintelligent, etc…

      2. It’s not going to be easy to overcome the billions of years of human male evolution that causes men to be protective of women, and downright irrational and illogical about them. I’m MGTOW as hell, and I can’t imagine speaking meanly to a woman, much less ever punching her in the face, no matter what she did. One of the reasons I’m MGTOW is because women seem to badly need the serious beating that I cannot bring my self to supply

        1. The problem doesn’t lie in men’s natural tendencies to protect women, but rather in the exploitation of those instincts by the media, government, and others in power. You don’t have to Ray Rice a bitch to get her in line. Some you do, but if you’re smart and never take women like that seriously, then you’ll never be put in a position where you have to whack a hoe. Although I am AWALT in my thinking, there are women who behave well because they’ve had positive influences surrounding them their whole lives. There is always some drama with women–it’s their nature. But some cause way less than others.

        2. Treat all women like your kid sister, torment and tease her, just no violence. Bonus points if you find one that had an older brother. He already got her ready for you and wasn’t hitting the vajayjay either. Win-win.

        3. Iv slapped woman around…she deserved it..then all the white knights came over and so I peppersprayed them all and walked out of bar listening to their screams for water. No ones going to tell me I cant hit a woman.

        4. She only deserved it if she began the violence. Other than that it’s no better than sucker punching someone. I won’t even begin to describe what a bitch move pepper spraying someone is.

        5. So im supposed to just sit there and take a beating from 5 white knights? And who said using pepperspray is unmasculine? Who told you that using riot control weapons is unmanly? She slapped my face for no reason thinking it was funny so I fucking slapped her back..and what else was I supposed to do against 5 white knights all with their gayness oozzzzzing out?you are questioning the masculinity of pepper spray, and associating the weapon with a common tool for women, I would discard that notion. Pepper Spray, Mace, and other chemicals are often used by both male and female professionals in many fields, including law enforcement, and military. For some instances, it can be used as a distraction prior to engaging an attacker in a more effective manner. In other cases it is used as a non-lethal option to deter, disarm and detain an attacker, or escape from danger without the need to resort to excessive violence or risk unnecessarily escalating to deadly force, its a better option than a gun or a knife..and its better than getting the shit kicked out of you because a few homosexuals decided its wrong to hit a woman in self defence. I dont see pepperspray having any effect on the “manlyness” of police or security guards. So please do explain how using pepperspray to protect myself from a gang of fags is a bitch move…do explain..

        6. typical SJW, advocating physical violence to groups theyre offended by. guess its morally alright for a gay person to walk up to a straight and punch them in the face just because their precious fee fees are hurt right?
          in fact, fuck getting over ourselves and realizing we arent as important as we think and realizing that being offended doesnt justify physical violence, lets all go around beating people we dont like! fuck being civilized and acting like a normal human being with self control amirite?

      3. Some people and groups lag behind in the red pill sex ed but they excel at the politics. Certain alt right groups will tend to white knight for unworthy and disloyal women because viking goddesses in horns were promoted to the WNs in their earliest publications. They considered a racially loyal woman as one who screwed white guy(s) plural. Western queens are also popularized. The Brits, Canadians and Australians put the damn bitch on their currency. ANY TIME you officially declare a worshipful female for your state, you’ve just dealt a kill shot to the body politik. I WANNA SEE BALLS AND ANGRY MEN WITH BEARDS AND SWORDS on my currency! All the US has is Susan B and Sacajawea commemorative coins that don’t even fit in a gumball machine. NOT ONE queen bitch do you see on any of our floppy paper money.

      4. I notice the same things. What gets me is a guy who is red pill about women (or something else), and totally blue pill about other issues. You might both be red pill about women, or whatever, but when you bring up another red pill perspective, the guy’s brain shuts down and he uses the C word (conspiracy nutjob). That boggles my mind but indoctrination is a powerful thing. Some guys can’t shake it enough to look at an issue without bias, consider the evidence on both sides of the fence, and draw their own conclusions. They cling to their beliefs in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. So it goes…

        1. usually its because their careers rest on the fact that they consume the political blue pill. so they go along with all the bs we see today with immigration and the war on western culture. but they are PUA/red pillers getting some poontang so they are still in a dream world. problem is it will catch up sooner or later… You aren’t red pill unless you see the entire world through your red pill glasses.

      5. “tranny nonsesne” im sorry but WHAT? gender dysphoria is a mental disorder. thats objective and a fact. whether or not youre offended by trannies is your own problem, i dont care about SJWs being so easily offended that they just see a tranny and it triggers the everloving fuck out of them. but if you deny reality, i dont even know what to say.
        this is like a transgender going “cissy nonsense” because theyre offended by cisgenders. whats objectively nonsense is this post. i dont know how you SJWs dont ever just take a step back and realize that all the false SJW bullshit theve been fed is completely false and retarded and hypocritical and delusional.

      1. The modern world has brought us unbelievably beneficial technological advances. Childhood mortality rate is down to almost zero, lifespan is up to nearly seventy five.
        Have you ever talked to a mental health professional?

        1. I don’t think most people here doubt that with any advancement comes good, as well as bad. Technology is a neutral thing, it’s in how we use it that defines not just its value to us as individuals, but to society as a whole. Lifespan improvement, infant mortality decreases, ease of travel and communication, not having to worry really about having a roof with heat (or cool depending no the season), the ready access of cheap foods, has taken the edge off of the universe for us and made life much more leisurely. But surely, this has come at some price.
          The point(s) made in the article and by TSL about atomism are very correct. While the right more or less embraces rugged individualism, the Left and many neutral parties are taking on a more…atomistic…view of life. Me, me, me me me, nothing but me, the world serves me, I am entitled to the best, the world owes me. You know the type. This comes directly from being raised by parents (assuming there is even more than one) who themselves are distracted by shiny baubles, just as much as it comes from overt technologies like iZombies and the such.
          A tool is neutral. Don’t cast any tool as only good or only bad. I guarantee you, somebody will find a way to prove you wrong without even trying.

        2. Oh, I agree. Western civilization has produced the best tools. We’ve used them for incredible good and incredible evil.
          My point to the would-be savage was that he should see the good side too. I don’t think his head is screwed on too tightly.

        3. i think most people on here are in agreement to the concept that we should be focusing our efforts on using technology for “good” vs. “evil”. However, the global elite are great as scrambling men’s brains as to exactly what is “good” and what is “evil”. This is the cultural programming we are seeing today.

    4. Since I’m stuck inside due to whiteout blizzard, I’ll extend my $.02.
      This point caught my eye too. Over the last few years, I’ve become a bit more reclusive. I honestly don’t know if this is due to spending time online or the fact I’m getting older. Regardless, I deleted Facebook a year ago & this past fall rid of Disqus for few months. However, I missed discussions on this site & therefore recreated my account.
      Strikes me most guys on this forum know the value of going out & interacting with others. Frankly what I find concerning is younger generations growing up with smartphones. When I’m out it’s ALARMING to see how little kids are completely GLUED to a phone screen, oblivious to world around them. I’ve wondered how such undivided attention to an electronic device during the formative years is possibly altering brain, inevitably creating a new generation unable to function w/out use of various device before them.

  3. Modern betas in the West would likely go this far simply to receive a smidgen of attention from a woman:

  4. Frankly, whether this is a real letter or not (not that I don’t trust you guys) it says a great deal. It succinctly describes so many of the ills pushed on men.
    What it naturally pushes toward is what should we do to counter it, as individuals? First and foremost, we just need to do the opposite of what the letter says:
    – Do something with your hands. Build something, and take pride in manual labor. Talk up trade schooling and the trades.
    – Work out, learn to fight, and fear not the word “no.” We have natural power to dominate, and we must both hone this power and learn to treat it with discretion.
    – Eat real food. Cut the carbs and boost the saturated fat (not PUFA – it goes poisonous so easily, and it messes with your biology).
    – Rule your distractions. Control them with schedules, detox from your favorite distractions, and learn to find distraction in valuable work (like going from an office job to gardening or woodworking or welding).
    – Connect. We have already accomplished this to a degree, but we must find other quality men and build each other up, reinforcing one another.
    – Seek wisdom. This is the heart of philosophy, and this is why they do not teach philosophy any longer.
    We can overcome all manner of evils, as men have done for millennia. But we must first identify those evils and learn to defeat them.

    1. Many years ago, a man could get a manual labor job that paid a living wage. And with minimal education. My grandfather moved from the South to the Detroit area in the 40s and with a 3rd grade education found a living wage job at the Chrysler plant. I think a big part of the “requirement” for extended periods of education and the relative scarcity of decent paying manual labor jobs is population control.
      For one, if you are in school until well into your 20s and don’t really get established until your 30s, most people are single and not having kids. They keep you in school until you graduate high school only to say you need another 4 to 6 years at least of school. Unless you’re going into a specialized field, why? What are they going to teach that can’t be taught in 4 years of high school or 14 years of school. The average person starts pre school at 4 and graduates HS at 18.
      2. Women always want a man better than them in some way. Manual labor jobs tend to attract more men. If those jobs are low paying, it will put them under most women’s radar. But jobs that cater to female strengths are higher paying.
      3. It’s so expensive to have a family now days so people limit the number of children they have and wait longer to have them. As a single man, 35,000 a year is more than enough for myself. But with a family, I would need the wife working as well and we’ll have to limit the number of children to 1 or 2.
      4. Demonizing men for preferring younger women. Isn’t it odd that every other sexual coupling under the sun is allowed and encouraged and celebrated except for an older man/younger woman? That’s because that is the coupling statistically more likely to produce the greatest number of children. I’m only 30 but many people will still look at me in disgust or call me a pedophile or pervert if I’m with a 19 or 20 year old girl. So as a man, I finally get established in my 30s and am told that the only women socially acceptable for me to pursue are same age or older women.
      But think about it. How many babies could a 30 year old man produce with a 19 year old girl over her fertile years? Now, how many babies could a 30 year old man produce with a same age woman? With a 30 year old woman, the clock is ticking. At 29 years old, a woman has a 1 in 4 chance of pregnancy on the first try or approximately 25 percent chance. By 40 it’s a 1 in 20 chance or a 5 percent chance on the first try. So fertility plummets in a woman’s 30s.
      At 19, a woman has a 1 in 3 chance of pregnancy on the first try or a 33 percent chance. So between 19 and 30, the typical womans fertility drops about 8 percent, but 20 percent between 29 and 40.
      So a 30 year old man with a 30 year old woman won’t produce as many children as a 30 year old man with a 19 year old girl.
      Its about culling the herd.

      1. Lots of good points, but let me just note this one problem:
        “Many years ago, a man could get a manual labor job that paid a living wage. And with minimal education.”
        That was a brief moment in history. It has been extinguished. The working class is back to where it’s always been.

  5. Strong men were transformed into beta males through the process known as “decadence”. Societies of unimaginable wealth eventually don’t need a strong moral core and strong people (I say strong people because the women in those cultures are oftentimes very strong and moral). They only need a few alpha males to keep it afloat. Hence the sexual conundrum we face atm.

    1. Don’t you mean we need STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMYNZ(tm)?
      After all, the future is female. I know, because a failed Presidential candidate implicated in dozens of felonies and treasonous activities told me so.

      1. I keep using this example Tai. My grandmother was a self-made millionaire and pawnbroker who’s the most red pill person I ever met. Female empowerment =/= Feminist pornocratic nonsense.

        1. Those self proclaiming independent women, do not think independently or critically. They have herd mentality.
          Baaaaaaa…. Strong
          Baaaaaaa…. independent
          Baaaaaaa…. Feminist
          Baaaaaaa…. Tinder
          Baaaaaaa…. STEM

        2. Remember the whole “STEAM” nonsense they tried to start? They wanted “art” to be every bit as significant as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (though, at this point, there is a degree to which an art degree teaches as much valuable information as a physics or math degree – look at the employment stats).

        3. I have not heard of ‘steam’ until you just brought it up…..
          ….looks up “STEAM”
          WTF, this movement is real?

        4. My grandmother doesn’t claim to be “independent”. She views herself as the matriarch of a family.
          You’re pretty much right.

        5. Many of my female relatives are in STEM. They do not like the kind of bland, substanceless “empowerment” organizations like Girls Who Code promote.

        6. From

          – Arts education is a key to creativity, and
          -Creativity is an essential component of, and spurs innovation, and
          -Innovation is, agreed to be necessary to create new industries in the future, and
          -New industries, with their jobs, are the basis of our future economic wellbeing.

          Now believing fine arts or gender studies degrees creates jobs is pretty darn imaginative.

        7. If it ever got traction, it would swiftly have become STEAMBOAT (Science, Tech, Engineering, Art, Math, Bothering People, Other crap, Athletics, Teaching).
          It actually made me look into STEM, and I realized that T&E don’t really belong with S&M (didn’t mean it to sound that way, but it’s funny so it stays). Tech and Engineering are basically advanced trade education, but science and math only really prepare you for an academic career in research, if you’re lucky, and paying down debt on a barista’s salary if you’re not.

        8. I know a female architect. She can’t stand the womyn’s shit either. It finally came out during the 2016 election.
          Don’t even get me started on these cunt empowerment clubs. I just discovered there’s even one for female sports “reporters.” AWSM (Association for Women in Sports Media.)

        9. If I recall correctly, Aristotle himself held it in low esteem.
          It makes sense, though. He was a man of ideas, and engineering is about transforming ideas into realities. Aristotle lacked the time and mindset to be an engineer, so he disregarded it.

        10. My dad’s family is from the Donbass region (the place that’s revolting against Kiev). They’re Don River cossacks.

        11. what do you call the mentality here and in every SJW “red pill” safe space if not herd mentality? exactly. typical SJW. delusional, false sense of superiority, hypocritical, retarded, unintelligent, etc…

        12. Safe space? This is not a closed page. Nor does everyone agree with each other. Some may be PUA’s, MGTOW’s or in my case traditionalists. We have different goals, aims and most importantly life values. Personally I feel like these SJW’s are casualties of the culture war; a symptom of a sick society, rather than sound-bytes to provide a laugh.
          Why are you here? Was it loneliness that drove you here? an anger that needed to be expressed?

      2. “The future is female.” Is it not fascinating how such propaganda (indirectly declaring men are void) isn’t considered sexist?
        Yet …
        A male senator citing decorum rule to stop Elizabeth Warren’s endless attempt to tar Jeff Sessions as a RACIST is “MISOGYNISTIC!”

  6. dude you aint lying about the manual labor…i know first hand. ive worked in tire shops and sawmills,and even when i didnt work out and eat right,those jobs still kept me in shape to a pretty decent degree. now im working a really sedentary job where im mostly sitting in a chair all day,and i packed on 25lbs what seems like practically overnight and my muscles are getting softer. granted im about to kick it back in gear with my workouts again,and ive already started to eat right in hopes to offset the sedentary job. to be honest,im actually hoping to get another job in another tire shop if theyre willing to pay me half decent.
    point is,you dont realize how much hard manual labor helps keep you in shape until youre not doing it anymore.

  7. This is a good article but I don’t believe the elites – such as those who graduate from Harvard Law – are themselves insulated from the effects of the agenda they push; in fact, they are perhaps most acutely affected by them.
    You think these educated, well-positioned elites have healthy large families? No. They partake of the lifestyle they push: hedonism, travel, conspicuous consumption, no children or few children (and having them later in life). They are hoist with their own petard.
    These elite schools like Harvard love to trumpet how half of their incoming class is female and a certain % of color. You think those career bitches are going to stay at home with 4 kids after graduating from Hah-vard?

    1. Additionally, the more well-educated a woman is, the more likely she is to miscegenate. It isn’t the Girl from Kentucky working at Taco Bell or KFC or Walmart that ends up married to some Asian guy but a good number of the women who major in STEM or get their JD or MBA marry an Asian or Indian guy.

    2. An you think the men who are of the elite class are all physically superior specimens? For every 1 Chad from the Harvard crew team, there are 10 balding chubby out of shape Melvins.

    3. Look at the case of the billionaire CEO of Snapchat Evan Spiegal, marrying some 30 something woman 6 years his senior who has a kid from a previous marriage!

        1. Miranda Kerr, like a lot of other “supermodels”, is no doubt physically beautiful…but never done it for me.
          I prefer a 7 with a cute smile, a cheeky sense of humour or the eyes of a porn-star (different from the 1000 cock stare), than a 9 who looks completely devoid of personality.

        2. “the eyes of a porn-star”
          It was explained to me as “fuck face”. It took me a while to recognize it, but now I can. It’s a certain liveliness, wide eyes — not innocent wide doe-eyes, but an I’m-game-for-anything eyes.
          That pornstar that Charlie Sheen had, forgot her name. She has the natural “fuck face”.

      1. Frustrated 25 y/o jewish tech nerd with little experience with women falls ass backward into money by accident and sets himself up for frivorce. She probably only gives him sex once a week and no head and he thinks he’s got a good thing going. I observe techies as the new labor force of the economy, as I am surrounded by them all day, and they have much in common with the struggling beta characters on BBT (tv show).

      2. That guy is as beta as they come. Just saw a story about how she’s not fucking him until they are married. Doesn’t get any more pathetic. You’re a god damn billionaire entrepreneur and still put up with the ultimate shit test from a older women already turned out by Orlando Bloom.

        1. Yeah, but she’s probably fornicating with every Tom, Dick, and Harry within a country mile while he pines for her at home! What a chump!

        1. She probably sends him SnapChat pics of her partying down in clubs and he thinks its ok. lol

      3. Apparently she isn’t giving him any pussy until they get married and still lives across the street from her baby daddy Orlando Bloom.
        I’d make a large bet that he drops in regularly to pound her when her clueless billionaire bf isn’t around…or maybe even when he is lol. Bloom is a G.

        1. Branson does all right for himself. Tough break with virgin america it was good while it lasted. The american market rewarded airlines that are more expensive and provide lower service. wtf

    4. holy shit, well arent you retarded. “healthy large families” is an oxymoron. there is NOTHING, i repeat, NOTHING healthy about having more than one child, or any children at fucking all. the world is EXTREMELY overpopulated in case your dense ass hasnt realized. yes, lets just pop out more and more babies and contribute to the total destruction of the environment! great idea, very well thought out and rational as well.
      the only (illogical, irrational, and completely fucking self centered) reason people have children is “b-but its muh birthright to carry on my worthless fucking bloodline!!1”. well guess what? it isnt your birth right. you are not entitled to having 5 children you selfish, worthless shit.
      “You think those career bitches are going to stay at home with 4 kids” again, not. fucking. healthy. instead of bitching about it like the unintelligent SJW you are, you should be thanking them for further reducing (albeit just a little) the destruction of the environment. like holy shit, its actually a bit incredible to me how unintelligent SJWs are. nothing wrong with getting an education, a job, and supporting yourself instead of mooching off your partner, your parents, or the government like so many lazy males and females do these days.

        1. “chump” lol more like “person who cares more about the environment than any selfish wants”. seriously, nobody gives a fuck about your bloodline.

  8. Good article only the letter twist, I believe, is made up to make it look more plausible. Still all these things listed are true plus lots more. Here’s what my “insider” had to say:
    People will have to get used to the idea of change, so used to change, that they’ll be expecting change. Nothing will be permanent
    Everything has two purposes. One is the ostensible purpose which will make it acceptable to people and second is the real purpose which would further the goals of establishing the new system.
    Numbers of people living at any one time on the planet must be limited or we will run out of space to live. We will outgrow our food supply and will pollute the world with our waste.
    People won’t be allowed to have babies just because they want to or because they are careless. Most families would be limited to two. Some people would be allowed only one, however outstanding people might be selected and allowed to have three. But most people would be allowed to have only two babies. That’s because the zero population growth rate is 2.1 children per completed family.
    Sex must be separated from reproduction. Sex is too pleasurable, and the urges are too strong, to expect people to give it up. Chemicals in food and in the water supply to reduce the sex drive are not practical. The strategy then would be not to diminish sex activity, but to increase sex activity, but in such a way, that people won’t be having babies.
    . Contraceptives would be displayed much more prominently in drug stores, right up with the cigarettes and chewing gum. Out in the open rather than hidden under the counter where people would have to ask for them and maybe be embarrassed.
    The sex education is to get kids interested early, making the connection between sex and the need for contraception early in their lives, even before they become very active.
    Abortion will no longer be a crime. Abortion will be accepted as normal, and would be paid for by taxes for people who could not pay for their own abortions. Contraceptives would be made available by tax money so that nobody would have to do without contraceptives. If school sex programs would lead to more pregnancies in children, that was really seen as no problem. Parents who think they are opposed to abortion on moral or religious grounds will change their minds when it is their own child who is pregnant. So this will help overcome opposition to abortion. Before long, only a few die-hards will still refuse to see abortion as acceptable, and they won’t matter anymore.
    People will be given permission to be homosexual, they won’t have to hide it. In addition, elderly people will be encouraged to continue to have active sex lives into the very old ages, just as long as they can. Everyone will be given permission to have sex, to enjoy however they want. Anything goes.
    Families would be limited in size. We already alluded to not being allowed more than two children. Divorce would be made easier and more prevalent. Most people who marry will marry more than once. More people will not marry. Unmarried people would stay in hotels and even live together. That would be very common – nobody would even ask questions about it. It would be widely accepted as no different from married people being together. More women will work outside the home. More men will be transferred to other cities and in their jobs, more men would travel. Therefore, it would be harder for families to stay together.
    There would be profound changes in the practice of medicine. Overall, medicine would be much more tightly controlled. The observation that was made in 1969 that, “Congress is not going to go along with national health insurance, is now, abundantly evident. But it’s not necessary, we have other ways to control health care”.
    Religion is not necessarily bad. A lot of people seem to need religion, with it’s mysteries and rituals – so they will have religion. But the major religions of today have to be changed because they are not compatible with the changes to come. The old religions will have to go especially Christianity. Once the Roman Catholic Church is brought down, the rest of Christianity will follow easily. Then a new religion can be accepted for use all over the world. It will incorporate something from all of the old ones to make it more easy for people to accept , and feel at home. Most people won’t be too concerned with religion. They will realise that they don’t need it.

  9. “Scientists, under our direction, are working on VR sex and sex robots.
    Once these technologies hit, we predict that about 80% of men will
    become herbivore men and just drop out of the sexual market altogether. The only people who will reproduce will be us and the few stubborn masculine men out there.”

    Japan is Exhibit A in this movement. It should also serve as a warning to the Western world as to where we’re about to arrive.

    1. How do you take a VR sex robot on a date? Do you buy her a box of batteries and take her to a power plant?

  10. There is a serious issue here. The West has lost meaning and purpose, and is now circling a plug of debauchery and narcissism.
    A very deliberate change of track is necessary

  11. “..we’ve succeeded in creating soft, physically weak men. Weak bodies make for weak, timid minds that are easier to control.”
    No lies there.
    Just the inundation of media imagery involving soft, flabby, unathletic men has added to that as well. It’s essentially propaganda in how they keep manboobed goons everywhere doing nothing more physical than drinking beer and women are in spin-classes where all their colleagues have 6 pack abs.
    “Woman = dominant and active even when it has little to no social utilization
    Man = lazy and ineffective, inefficient”
    I understand the concept of inspiring motivation, but given the stats and the reality that we all live in and observe, it’s safe to say that it’s not inspiring women on a significant scale and probably never will.
    Indeed there are a lot of fat dudes out there too, but showing hordes of 12 year old boys fat enough to have tits really ain’t helping things on their front, like in that cringey Audi super bowl commercial (it’s also evidence of pederasty). But since we’re in an estrogen swamp, excess bodyfat tends to trap estrogen in body, which is obviously good for women, but terrible for men. It’s almost as if their goal is to dupe men into becoming estrogen sponges and the female sex becomes the super-soldier propaganda icon. That is more toxic than “toxic masculinity”.

    1. Funny that you should write this. My gfs son is 14 going on 15 this year and still isn’t showing any signs of hitting puberty.He’s on the pudgy side, man boobs etc. I was wondering if the fact that excess bodyfat isn’t keeping is estrogen levels so high that nature isn’t able to run it’s normal course.

  12. It is no coincidence that feminism got started following the American Civil War. This was the first war where young men were killed and injured on an industrial scale. Unfortunately, this created a lot of damaged men and spinster/widow suffragettes.
    The same thing happened in Europe with WWI and WWII. Being a strong brave warrior/protector just meant getting slaughtered by machine guns.
    The corporations and liberal politicians have been taking advantage of this ever since then. And it has been snowballing getting worse every generation.

  13. “A medieval peasant was fit. He ate fresh, healthy food and his work was his exercise.”
    LOL such a romantic. You turn that shit in to my former college history professors — all conservatives — and you’ll be enjoying a fresh, healthy D at the end of term.
    Yes, our bodies are optimized for ***some*** manual labor. Meaning, once every few days, we drag a deer carcass back to the cave. But eight hours a day? Hell no. Who picked that number? It didn’t even exist until the Democrats mandated a forty-hour work week for factory workers. Before that, it was twelve to fourteen hours a day in the “dark, Satanic mills” of Dickensian London. God knows how much “work” the medieval peasants even did.
    Tell you what. Teleport yourself back to rural France, circa 1150, for one year. Be sure to stay over an entire winter. Then come back and let us know how fit, fresh, and healthy you feel.

    1. The 40 hour work week originates in Britain and was a talking point/protest point of unaffiliated 19th century labor unions for decades. By the time Wilson jumped on bored with the idea in the early 20th century, it had already been taken care of independently by unions negotiating with industrialists across Britain and the U.S., for the most part (but of course, not fully). The Democrats, as usual, were the last to jump in and act but the first to take credit.
      Otherwise, I do agree with your point. The medieval serf was usually worm infested, malnourished and lived a harsh, brutal life. The luxuries enjoyed by princes and kings in those times would seem rough, crude and primitive to even your average welfare bum today.

    2. “Tell you what. Teleport yourself back to rural France, circa 1150, for one year. Be sure to stay over an entire winter. ”
      there were definitely years of hardship and famine, BUT in prosperous years, or ‘normal’ years peasants only worked about a half year – more hours during the harvests, then periods of rest (festivals, saints days, lents, fasts etc).
      We have definitely made advances in nutrition (or understanding it) and medicine that eliminated childhood disease, but overall, assuming a society where a serf had access to proper nutrition the assertion is correct.

    3. We are designed for manual labour. There are studies showing a minimum of 9 miles walking per day is how we evolved. Look at Stone Age societies that remain, all the guys are in above average athleticism compared to civilised society. As for hunting animals for meat – one deer equals a few days walking and stalking, and failed hunts. You can’t, with a spear or bow, just hunt a deer in an hour like you’re shopping for it.

      1. You’ve proven my point. Walking, running, stalking — none of that is manual labor. We spent 2 million years evolving as Paleolithic hunter-gatherers, not as load-bearing livestock. Neolithic agricultural work is very new.
        Check out the Paleo movement. It makes this distinction clear.

  14. Propaganda is a HUGE part of it. 1955 saw the advent of the TV on society. By 1970 only 15 years later, the feminist movement was in full swing. You want to have a traditional marriage? get a wife that will not watch hours of Oprah and Soaps during the day, destroying her brain.

  15. Its almost like the letter you ‘found’ was a dialogue piece from a movie script that was not yet finished.

  16. Male weakness, at least in America, is nothing new. American men have always been plough-horses and slaves for their wives. Not a very masculine way of living if you ask me. Feminism and modernity have just made this situation extremely obvious.

    1. Men are workers by nature. Obviously they are going to want and need to work to survive and finance having a family. What is weak about that? They build America from a wilderness in 300 years of effort. Far from being weak, America is (maybe ‘was’) the epitome of male strength.
      Even elites like Lord Bertrand Russell (a huge enemy of malekind) lamented American men and their obsessive “tinkering”, i.e pragmatism, which is the biggest threat to the elites desired status quo.
      Pre 1968er and post 1968er (sexual revolution) America are very different constructs.

      1. The problem is that American men did all that work just to satisfy the consumerism of American women. That is why I consider all married American men to be slaves or indentured servants.
        There is nothing wrong with a man working if he is truly doing it for a higher cause and women just happen to benefit indirectly. Unfortunately, the reason American men work is because they pedestalize women and consider themselves to be beasts of burden.
        The important thing to realize is that work is a means and not an end. Beyond minimum requirements, material things do not bring happiness. Work is just something that allows us to do the things that actually make life really worth living. American men do not realize this truth because of their slavery to female consumerism.

        1. You do not seem to understand anything, and, as is usual here, are just typing words for the sake of argument. It is mans nature to be productive, and womens too. It is our nature to provide for families, and thus for women, and they exchange that commitment with monogamy and raising children. It all worked extremely well prior to the sexual revolution, as each gender knew their place, value and obligation to each other. Consumerism isn’t an issue. Women have always desired nice things which make them comfrotable, it is their nature. Consumerism, in any negative sense, only exists insofar as we no longer produce, so consumerism is detacted from a working understanding of value (from being involved in the production / manufacturing process). There are two worlds which shouldn’t be spoken of as being the same – one is the pre-sexual revolution and one is this post sexual revolution society. They are completely opposite systems of gender organisation.

        2. Your argument is just the typical Anglo defense of marriage as dishonest prostitution. The arrangement is collapsing because Anglo men are waking up to the scam.
          Also, consumerism is a dead-end lifestyle choice. Producing for the sake of producing only brings misery.

        3. “There are two worlds which shouldn’t be spoken of as being the same –
          one is the pre-sexual revolution and one is this post sexual revolution
          society. They are completely opposite systems of gender organisation.”
          This myth is a typical taking point trotted out by Anglo conservatives. The only thing the sexual revolution really did was to release the few restraints that were placed on Anglo women. The main pillars of Anglo culture, namely the worship of women and the repression of male heterosexuality, were simply taken to even higher levels during and after the sexual revolution.

        4. Your opinion is illinformed bullshit based on nothing more than your ass-umptions. The reality is the West had a successful form of marriage relationships, which gave 100% of the legal power in the relationship to the husband, and this is precisely what motivated men to work and build this civilisation, whilst other men, e.g Muslims and other 3rd world primatives (e.g Maori) still operated on a matriarchal form of marriage (polygamy), where the group/ harem control the one, wealthy, husband, whilst the rest of the men in society resort to fucking goats and children, as they are shut out of the relationship market.
          Far from our culture worshipping females, it was the most restrictive of females, essentially getting them to submit to monogamy instead of polygamy (which is their natural biological instinct), yet this system of patriarchy/ monogamy was done with the aid of women who accepted it, hence the Western reverence for chaste females, as we understand they are essentally going against their own biology in order to commit to one man and create his lineage, in exchange for that man, and men as a group, becoming motivated to provide for children, in conditions where, unlike Africa, women probably couldn’t surive alone. Go anywhere outside the colder climates, and it is nearly all matriarchal – and backward, with non-stop warfare by the underclass of men cut out of the marriage market.
          Anglo culture now might oppress male hetrosexuality, as this is now an oligarchal/ matriarchal society (they’re the same thing), but prior to the 60s, it clearly wasn’t. Go back to late 19th century Protestant Germany, England and America, where the rule of husbands was almost absolute, and look at the creativity and discoveries being made in industry. That is masculinity. No doubt you’re a mudskin that thinks male hetrosexuality is best observed in the pathetic lives of African negro hunter gatherers. I’d take our idea of it over people whom hadn’t even discovered the wheel or fire.

        5. Men are waking up to the fact that marriage has been subverted from one where power/ authority was in the hands of the husband, to one where it is now gone beyond even being reversed, it is a slave contract where a man can be cucked and forced to finance his wifes child even if they aren’t his, or pay alimony to a barren wife, or forteit his assets he earned before the marriage to a barren wife, all of which go against every principle held by the institution of marriage 100 years ago.
          As for consumerism, we are now in a deliberately designed consumer-economy, i.e a post-industrial, controlled-disintergration of industrial society (in the West), and a phase of this is to have China produce cheap goods and have us buy their shite on credit cards and become an debter service economy which no longer produces goods nor understands the productive creative process, or true value of manufacturing (which we did do even as recent as the early 90s, when the central banks, in order to push this model, hiked up interest rates to 15%, which crushed industries abiltity to refinance). The problem is hippie losers who do not understand what has transpired since 1973 and the disolution of the Fixed Exchange Rate, and every knock on effect and policy from that, and they now oppose consumerism yet label everything since the start of the Industrial Revoluton as being part of some consumerist conspiracy. Yes, producing for the sake of it is a dead end, but that is only a recent model.

        6. “Far from our culture worshipping females, it was the most restrictive of females”
          Only in a superficial sense. Anglo Puritanism has always placed women on pedestals and regarded men as beasts of burden. Anglo cultures have always been matriarchies. The vast material wealth combined with spiritual emptiness present in the Anglo world is due entirely to the fact that Anglo cultures are feminine and female-centric and always have been. Anglo feminism only made this fact obvious for all to see.
          I do not think material advances are bad things as long as they are put in their proper place and not worshiped. However, Anglo culture has always worshiped material things due to its feminine nature. The repression of male heterosexuality in the Anglo world has always been and still is used to power a female consumer economy.

        7. “No doubt you’re a mudskin that thinks male hetrosexuality is best
          observed in the pathetic lives of African negro hunter gatherers.”
          This comment demonstrates the irrational fear that Anglo cultures have towards male heterosexuality. Anglos think that male heterosexuality must always be used to power a female-centric consumer economy.
          The Anglo model may have worked, at least in material terms, for some time, but it is fragile due to its worship of women. That fragility is being exposed now in modern times. When one really gets down to it, there is little fundamental difference between the Anglo world and Sub-Saharan Africa. Both are matriarchies and have always been in that state. The much greater material wealth of the Anglo world is due to its greater natural resources and the repression of male heterosexuality to power female consumer desires.

        8. There is no irrational fear of stone age primativism. Europe was once Stone Age too, and Africa is now developing along the lines of our model, patriarchy, i.e family and the nation state, as opposed to hunter gathering where females are the family, and the males just roam around without ever really applying their brains intellectual ability. Yes, our system is fragile, but it is not out of worshipping women, but because it is in opposition to females biological nature. The modern culture of worshipping women didn’t exist like it does now 100 years ago; yes, they were desired, but once married, they were effectively workers for the husband. It isn’t like women were married and just sat around like precious snowflakes, they still had to work on farms, in the house and in factories, and raise kids.
          You still do not understand the concepts of industrialisation, which you erroneously call female consumerism. In cold climates, it is necessary to problem solve and make winter as easy/ survivable as possible, be it using higher forms of energy, or new material, and new methods of growing and cultivation. We do not have year round growing seasons. Our creativity is a direct outgrowth of the basic need to overcome nature (in winter) as well as to discover and understand the universe. People didn’t map the stars, create navigation, create the various evolutions of ships, then canals, steam engines, trains then air flight out of female consumerism, but out of a desire to make life more bearable and to overcome natures elements, and to explore. It is true women are huge beneficiaries, but it couldn’t have been done without female commitment to monogamy, as there would be no incentive. The real issue with the West is that we have always been oppossed by the oligarchy, which practises matriarchy/ polygamy, and, whos banking cartel scam/ monetarism has latched onto the productive process to force men to work harder than necessary for the same amount of fiat money, which they own/create. Now that we are almost free, and robotics/ automation is coming online, which should basically free humanity, the elite are planning to get rid of the masses under population control, and prevent them being truely free with full automation.

        9. You don’t to define what the Anglo world is and have it be true. Look at the legal rights of women 120 years ago and tell me they’re matriarchal or on a pedestal. Far from it. They were property passed from father to husband, with almost no legal rights, other than the rights not to be raped and abused. You say men were beasts of burden, then look into living standards and the worklives of women in Northern Europe. They still worked just as hard as men, in other areas of cultivation.
          Prove that the West, especially prior to last century, was spiritually empty. Show evidence. All of the great European poets, musicians, artists, architects were not marxist materialists. Only an idiot would dismiss the great European arts as materialistic, given it is so clearly, so vastly, superior to anything any of the mudskin people have achieved.

  17. I am happy in my marriage, but I am hesitant to recommend it for my son. He should go to Asia (which is what I did). Better women.

  18. This ‘letter’ reminds me of a book I owned and read, several times, in the 1990s. It was presented by the Alpine Society. The book is ‘The Occult Technology of Power.’ Copyright 1973. Approximately 70 or 80 pages.
    In this usage, the word ‘occult’ was used to mean hidden or secret knowledge; not witchcraft or the like.
    A capitalist wrote a letter or series of letters to his son to indoctrinate and prepare him to accept his place in the order of things. A banker holding the whole world hostage, secretly, so that he and his friends could continue to get rich off the misery and ignorance of the masses.
    The book talked about how the education system, the media, war, etc.; are all designed to extend the control of the bank (not banks) over every facet of a society or nation. Assassination is mentioned as a tool they dare not shrink from. Basically, how to commit fraud and never get caught.
    In the final chapter, if I remember correctly, the capitalist mentioned that one day, should the masses catch on to their scheme, they may have to move on to a more advanced form of deception.
    I am not able to remember much more about it. But I recommend it to ‘those who wish to know.’ It does clear up plenty of things.
    Anyway, thanks for the article here.

  19. TLDR: deranged feminist take advantage of men’s natural instinct towards chivalry and protecting women and wanting to get laid.

    1. Even the dog seems to see that things are really fucked in this idiot’s life. He’s like “Damn man…seriously? Just walk away dude, I’ll follow, just walk…”

    2. “Hey everyone! Just wanted to show off another man’s baby that I’m going to force this idiot to pay for.”

  20. My grandfather survived the road to Rome in WW2 with a M1. Took out pillboxes and tanks with flamethrowers. Shot down planes with a 50 ripping the pilot in half. Chopped off SS heads. Disarmed mine fields. Set stacks of bodies on fire to kill the smell.
    He told me, if you take out one you did your duty. If you take out a coward on your side, they send a killed in the line of duty letter to his folks and that’s all she wrote. I’m with her will be the first to go.
    My grandfather’s actions were not in vain. I never want to fight. Yet I know how I react / act in a gun fight. Fuck these people, they don’t count. Their delusional little propagandist games on weak willed chumps count for nothing. Nothing but hubris and getting ran over when reality hits.

    1. Your grandfather fought for the wrong side, so it was in vain. Jews won WW2 and European culture pretty much died, and is now being systematically destroyed by the jewsh elites who started and won WW2, thanks to American and British dupes who bought into the ewish lies about Hitler.

      1. What was your grandfather doing? Flat footed, emptying bedpans, or enjoying winter in Canada would be my guess.
        You really don’t get the concept of being a man do you? Trust me, what you have stated has crossed my mind. Just given 70 years later people still have head up ass, rather hard to fault that generation. Also rather hard to fault teens getting drafted.
        What a pathetic pointless pile of shit your life must be if attempting to insult dead WW2 vets is on your to do list.

        1. My grandparents fought like the obedient dupes they were, and helped destroy the greatest economy in human history (Germany 1933-1945) up until that point, whilst helping 60 million Europeans to be sacrificed to jewish interests, and 18 million Germans after WW2 to be murdered by allies and the Soviets. Prior to WW2 most people celebrated the “Peace in our time” of Chamberlain, so they obviously didn’t want to fight their ethnic cousins, but they did so because they were not man enough to stand up to the propaganda. You can moral grandstand all you like, history shows that without WW2, there would be no communism (as Germany would have eradicated it) and there would be no drugs, sex, rock&roll counter culture of the Frankfrt School, and everything that has happened since. Those who fought in WW2 for the allies are directly responsible for the first stage of the jewish destruction of Western civilisation. There are many who later realised they fought for the wrong side, but the rest are utterly beneath contempt.

        2. My grandparents fought like the other 95% of the population who were dupes and bought into the propaganda – even after the majority celebrated the “Peace in our time”, whom didn’t want a war but fought it because their elites told them it was their “moral” duty. Your moral grandstanding, like WW2 vets, is bullshit. WW2 vets were the cannon fodder which started the systematic destruction of Europe by jewish elites. They have no honour or integrity, but are to blame for allowing themselves to be jewish pawns. The more aware WW2 vets soon realised it was a massive scam, and they can be absolved of guilt and forgiven. The rest were scum and traitors to their race, and never even realised it.

        3. I really do agree with the majority of what you say. Where we divert is simply I have much respect for the moment to moment horrors men endured. Politics and social engineering to the side. Even today with all our knowledge, that crap still works. Those trends have still not reversed. Right now, you and I have to take great care that we don’t inadvertently feed the damn beast.
          My bad for going off on you. We have more in common then not.

    2. Sorry Ender, but Anglo Saxon is right – your grandfather did fight for the wrong side. Doesn’t diminish his courage, but he was duped as the rest of America was by the (((Roosevelt Administration))). We are all paying the price today.
      And if you really want to learn something about courage under fire, read “Campaign in Russia: The Waffen SS on the Eastern Front” by Leon Degrelle, a Belgian. He joined up as a pvt in 1941 to fight the Bolsheviks in the German Army, later transferring to the Waffen SS. Finished the war a general, decorated with the Iron Cross, the Close Infantry Combat Badge, the Knight’s Cross, and the Oak Leaves to the Knight’s Cross…pinned on him personally by Hitler himself. An amazing book by an amazing man who’s been written out of our history books. I practically got PTSD just reading it, what these men endured is beyond description!

  21. Globalism isn’t bad. Much of the things you don’t like happening is by corporate greed. You speak of these ruling elite like they’re diabolically intelligent and have a deep dark principle of evil like they gather in their volcano base or skull island base to discuss their next plan of world domination. They’re not diabolically intelligent, they’re just intelligent to know how to play their cards to make bank. Some are just very lucky or got a very good inheritance like Trump.
    Also medieval peasants had it far far worst. Eat healthy food? If you’re talking about free diseases yes they ate some of that and hardly ate.

  22. Good article. For more introverted people like myself, the onslaught of technology, video games and other forms of electronic stimulation have probably kept me more isolated than I would be if they did not exist at all. I think all this technology can make one ‘lazier’ and not want to go out as much, since your ‘needs’ can be filled artificially through dopamine releases of gaming, porn, Netflix, etc.

  23. Game never ends. You thought you got the girl and now you are settled, it ain’t done yet.
    Maintaining the girl is just as difficult if not more (than obtaining her).

    1. Lol, let her leave and get another one. Women are a dime a dozen. It’s their job to keep you.

  24. This is a well written piece. It reminds me of Screwtape. What the demons meant for our harm will be for our gain. Already we are re-forming into stronger tribes. Also, without the demons, we would have never known the x-factor that made Judas what he was, a gamma.

  25. ahahahaha this article is a joke. 4/5 feminists ive seen or casually stalked on the internet merely believe women are equal to men, not superior like your false claims state, and should be treated like equals. of course you will see lots of feminists who believe that women are superior, with any ideology with millions of followers, you WILL see radicals. just like you will see radical male SJWs who believe males are superior to females, radicals who believe whites are superior to blacks, blacks are superior to whites, etc etc.
    but pretending ANY of these groups (males, females, blacks, whites, etc) as a WHOLE believe that theyre superior to whatever opposite group is just plain retarded, and delusional.
    and lol at anyone genuinely using the term “beta” unironically. if you do this, its overwhelmingly likely that YOU are the “beta”. god i hate all these SJW terms. “mansplaining”, “beta”/”alpha”, “fatphobia”, “white genocide”, whatever, the list goes on. lmfao. its like you dont even need to make fun of or embarrass SJWs, they do it theirself. lol

  26. The sneering attitude towards manual labour disgusts me. Every great cathedral and every home ever built was brought into existence via manual labour. It is one of the most simple yet rewrading acts a human being can take part in, and yes, it does make you more masucline physically and mentally.

  27. There’s a lot of debatable shit in here.
    Do most of the men who lift weights ever read? Yeah, people in the past had stronger bodies because they did manual labor. maybe human beings need to read and study more. and maybe the BRAIN is the most important muscle in the body, not the biceps.

  28. In reality men who are confident with themselves (the author would call them ‘alphas’) don’t see feminism as a threat at all. Real men like strong women, we aren’t intimidated by them. If you’re intimidated by feminism its because you like to prey on women who are weak and insecure because those are the only women you can get, so you’re threatened by the idea of women becoming stronger and more self assured because you fear those kinds of women won’t sleep with you. Its pathetic, women deserve equality and if you treat them with respect they’ll take notice.

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