Charlie Manson’s Legacy Shows That Women Are Attracted To Evil Men

Many a dutiful middle-class accountant, schoolteacher, or lawyer believes that the key to attracting and keeping a woman is being nice and providing for her. Charlie Manson, who died this week, would have begged to differ. As a man confined to a prison cell for most of his life, this cult leader, serial murderer, and, yes, cultural phenomenon, nevertheless commanded a female following that the rest of us can barely imagine.

Manson’s real legacy, albeit often a morally reprehensible one, is demonstrating that men who flout the rules and even criminal laws very often stand a much better chance of getting laid by hot women than conscientious men who simply try to be good. There are few, if any rewards nowadays for well-intentioned men who do as they are told, or try to please a woman in the way society or their run-of-the-mill fathers taught them.

Girls like this may not be 10s in an age where almost every woman wears copious amounts of cosmetics, but these Charlie Manson followers constitute more than what most men get nowadays.

Inasmuch as we should promote a sense of morality in our communities, women will not get wet over this. Many of them will, however, get wet over a Charlie Manson. This is the brutal but necessary truth even red-pilled veterans must continually swallow.

Manson may be an outlier of sorts, yet plenty of other men somewhat or greatly approach his Dark Triad-style personality without going to prison or not for as long. Much of the time, they are reliably rewarded with young, fertile females as the good-doer white collar professional watches on and scratches his head in disbelief.

There are certainly costs involved with actions and lives like Charlie Manson’s, namely incarceration, premature death (though not in his case), and a frequently penniless existence. Still, many outwardly successful and financially affluent men, essentially the moral superiors of guys like Manson, struggle to attract any decent form of female attention for their entire lives and languish in supreme loneliness, married or not. Where’s the justice in that? There is none and that’s the point. Good men do not get women wet, at least not because they are good. Don’t believe the fairytale.

Let’s start to unpack Charlie Manson

Most men today would struggle to sleep with a woman like Patricia Krenwinkel, let alone get her to carry out a serious crime in their name. Krenwinkel was one of the people, most of them women, who committed the Tate murders.

I will not be attempting to provide, as you probably noticed, an exhaustive account of Manson’s life. A lot of writers have tried that before and numerous others will attempt to do so in the coming years. Instead, our focus here is on dispeling some of the lies that continually accompany male-female relations. I encourage you, after reading this article, to read up on Charlie Manson and his success with women in greater depth.

Remember, no one is suggesting you should go and murder people in the hope of getting pussy, but few would doubt the raw power Charlie Manson exerted over many females throughout his lifetime. With respect, how many of us could ever get women to work as hard and as dangerously for our goals as they did for Manson?

Sans a world-changing talent, especially for something like sports, merely good men have next to nothing to offer increasingly hypergamous women. They will be lapped and sexually beaten much of the time by Charlie Manson types with few moral scruples. Men like Manson also eclipse close to all of us who have taken the proverbial red pill. Nihilistic or plain evil men oftentimes have the romantic advantage and we should be honest enough to admit it. They tap into female desire in a way that most guys can never dream of. Yes, you can count men with game, too.

More women want to have sex with a man in prison than someone who follows the law

They don’t look the best without hair, but would four women keep a vigil for an average or perhaps even famous man like these four did for Charlie Manson? Most men can’t get their wives to reliably make them sandwiches anymore.

You know an aspect of female psychology is very strong when otherwise non-woke outlets like The Guardian report on it. Charlie Manson’s appeal to women is nothing short of legendary, akin to the fawning female desire spawned by Adolf Hitler and various American serial killers, including Ted Bundy. Leftist rags may not fully appreciate the allure of a Charlie Manson and the commensurate problems with women it exposes, but they cannot help but recognize it.

The legacy of Charlie Manson continued to be made until he was on his deathbed and will live on long after his body has gone cold. Where can we start with his prison antics? More recently, for example, he had tried to smuggle his sperm out of prison to impregnate his then fiancée, a woman in her 20s. Whilst this obviously indicates the lack of sex he was getting, since he was denied conjugal visits, the fact a woman would want the sperm of an octogenarian puts him well ahead of the average young man who struggles not to marry a landwhale his own age.

Decades ago, a number of young women risked their freedom by smuggling contraband items into jail for Manson… in their genitals. And prior to his more famous prison life, his hippie-esque abodes during the 1960s became centers for constant sexual activity, drowning Manson in more pussy in a few short years than several men get in a lifetime. For a diminutive man of about 5’2″, he had a giant way of connecting with women.

So how do one emulate the success of Charlie Manson in stoking the tingles of women? Aside from killing and a general life of crime, which I do not recommend, the next best thing is learning game. It will not get you the notoriety of Charlie himself, let’s be clear. That said, it’s a start.

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132 thoughts on “Charlie Manson’s Legacy Shows That Women Are Attracted To Evil Men”

  1. Charlie had game like no other I’ve seen. Clown game like you wouldn’t believe, dark triad, bad boy with a high enough intelligence to spout a bunch of weird pseudo-philosphy that also helped him in game. When he was out of prison, he was nothing but a chick magnet.

    1. In 1967 Manson put out an album ‘Red Snake – the Way of the Wolf’. The lyrics were mind bending; “the bugs are mad” . . “a spider crawled up a guy’s nose and ate his brain”:
      He was a natural and had incredible cult leader game. Outside the LA courthouse, his girls sang and waited on him like he was a prophet:

      The singing girls are in a communion like state of harmony. So blissful and at peace. Wholly given to their master. Manson has completely tamed their hamsters. He succeeded in cracking the pussy code.
      It appears the key to cult leader game is singing and leading like a piper. It’s much harder than mimicking a natural alpha. You’d have to be naturally charismatic. Manson’s addictive personality was natural and to mimic such a personna, one would not only have to be charismatic, but you would also have to be similarly creative and driven by equally strong motivations.
      Guitar game would be a good start to refining your charisma.
      You should be able to crack a tune anywhere pussy calls and the guitar acts as a pussy magnet.
      Once the girls loosten up and chime in with their voices, they lose themselves in your charisma and their silly cubicle jobs are the farthest thing from their minds.

  2. I dont think that hot or smart women are attracted to these criminals. I have noticed that mostly, who are attracted, are women who have some kind of issues. Borderlines etc and people who want to “fix” or who want to get just famous or piss their family Again, they have issues.

    1. That is somewhat of a blue pill statement. But I will agree that there are still a lot of women with self-control who won’t do things that are bad for them, no matter who their hindbrain responds to.

      1. Thats not blue pill. Just my experience. My ex is dating pathological liar and she thinks shes cool and also seems to think that everyone admirers her or are jealous or whatever. But honestly, no one doesnt care and im happy i got rid of her. She has serious issues, she is afraid that all normal men dump her (what is true) and then she settles to one who cant run away, because she is his provider.
        Anyway, its same thing when some blue pill guy would date some former slut and thinks that he can make her good wife/mom.

        1. Yes, it’s the same with men. “Smart, hot” men are often attracted to beautiful sluts. But like women, a lot of men have self-control and don’t indulge what they know is bad for them. It’s the same with men with game like Manson. I bet if he wasn’t a homeless, decrepit bum, he would have pulled half of Hollywood.

        1. This. Better get that in your thick skulls you all.
          70% of women at least are mentally ill, we see that every day. You must act accordingly with them.

      2. Do you believe that the women this article posted above are truly sane? Chances are every single one of them is deranged in the head- like attracts like. The dark triad fantasy is undoubtedly real and works but I think extrapolating this phenomenon to Manson is a little bit of a stretch.

      3. Not entirely, Jim Bob. Even though there are patterns in terms of what people find attractive. There are always exceptions for every rule.
        Nevertheless, the more extroverted someone is the more attracted they are to charm and charisma. Manson had both of those. Women are insecure, but borderline women are insecure to a degree so extreme you’d really have to see to believe. THEY are the ones who flock to guys like Charles Manson. And a big reason they are such suckers for bad boys is because of their impulsive temperament.
        My sister, who’s married and has kids(she’s 36) has Never dated guys like this and she certainly could have found them if she really wanted to.
        You need to remember that countercultures attract a lot of narcissists and people with mental health problems but who still have good social skills.

    2. Like I said below, when I got laid the most was not when I had a lot of money, friends, hobbies, and stability. No, it was when I was living out a hedonistic dark triad fantasy. On the regular girls came to my apartment to get treated like a hole with legs. I would be managing multiple women. I was basically a guy that ROK would dismiss as a blue pilled loser.
      Nowadays I am all responsible trying to get my life together and lo and behold I am not experiencing the same level of females chasing me as when I was living as a narcissistic and self destructive loser.
      All women want a man they can save.

      1. All women want a man they can save.
        I agree and that idea is greatly overlooked in the so called manosphere. Women go for men who are assholes of various stripes for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the special feeling these dark triad men evoke in so many women.

  3. Fame.
    Fame is an incredible aphrodisiac for many women, regardless of how it is attained it is an increase in status.

  4. Women are attracted to bad, uncontrolled guys because of the female instinct which is stuck in prehistoric times.
    Even some couple of thousand years ago guys like Manson used to be strong tribal leaders. They represented the elite genes of strength and aggression that women wanted to pass on to their children for better survival.
    Instinct hadn’t changed till then as very short period of time has passed in terms of evolution. When it comes for sexual instincts we hadn’t evolved a tiny bit.
    Peace be upon you, brethren!

      1. How could there be a single thumbs down? Even if you are a raving feminist you know there is a real truth here.

    1. You’re right, before modern technology, policing and prisons were not possible. So someone like Manson would survive and pass on his genes. Before, no warfare technology to kill on a massive scale. Winning war meant getting people to kill for you. The spoils of war(women) would go the the victor.

  5. It’s unfucking-believable. Women always complain about how there’s “no good men left” while ghosting decent men with jobs to become willing cum dumpsters for evil fucks like Manson.
    It’s also interesting that women get all twat misty for guys who rape and kill women — Ted Bundy, Richard Ramirez, etc. It’s almost like fucking men who murder women and children is some sort of twisted status symbol.
    When an 80 year old guy with a swastika tattooed on his forehead (that’s been in prison for 50 years) can pull a hot, 23 year old fiance who moves to a different STATE just to be closer to him, it’s easy to despair for the future fate of regular men.
    The logical conclusion here seems to be, if you want to be knee deep in pussy, rape and beat the shit out of women on a regular basis.

    1. I have gotten laid most when I was living a self destructive anti social lifestyle. I didn’t have the status nor the social proof. I was making $16/hour and pushing a small Japanese sedan. I dressed nothing special and my looks weren’t super great (I wasn’t ugly but not my most handsome).
      I had little to no friends, hobbies, and was quite blue pilled.
      What I did have were my narcissistic, dark triad traits where I only regarded my own pleasure as important. And guess what. Sex like crazy from many different women. They’d come to my shitty apartment, get choked, slapped, and pushed around like bitches, and they’d go home happy and text me the next morning how they had such a great time.
      You guys with your responsibility and 5 year plans are doing it wrong. You’re over there trying to show women how attractive you are by being stable LOL

      1. It was because you were younger at that time, not because you were ‘bad’. I have the same experience and have just come to this conclusion. Younger = more attractive.

  6. It’s difficult to learn how to be an ass. I was at the gym recently, and after reading the board, asked the 18 year old cashier what was in one of their protein shakes. She then read the words directly off the board to me. I sarcastically replied that I wanted to know if it was made with that artificial shit. Here is a child who has no known skills, works for minimum wage, yet has the utmost self-confidence in her ability. I’m a 33 year old man with a university degree, eking out six figures in a STEM field, own a house in one of the most expensive counties in the country, and I’m the one with low status. It’s mind-boggling. The only thing I knew to do was to treat her like crap in response.

    1. I’m with you bro. Down here in San Diego, I’ve been jumping over the border every weekend to date women who actually respect men.

      1. I was surprised about how gay San Diego got from ’97 to 2011 when I was there last. No shortage of SoyBois, GayBois. Butch Lezbos everywhere.
        Are there any straight women even in that town anymore?

    2. Take it from a douche who doesn’t make six figures in STEM nor owns an expensive house in the Mid-Atlantic:
      Women largely are turned on by what many of guys call losers, douches, and crazy. On paper the girl should pine for the responsible engineer with money savvy and life experience. Instead they choose the anti social, retard acting men with tattoos and chin strap beards. Your first mistake is thinking women do things that make sense to YOU

  7. I’m surprised ROK authors and editors still think Charles Manson was an evil man. Pretty much everything he predicted is coming to pass. You guys obviously don’t believe Roosh is an advocate for legal rape right?
    I’ll take righteous hobos over Hollywood pedophiles and globalists any day of the week.

    1. CLARK
      The hippy movement had no economy to stand on. He did not predict that.
      “Self righteous?”
      About the Beatles? Not even a meaningful band like the Doors but a pop band that specialized in boy band froth.

      1. The economics are irrelevant to Manson’s point.
        Manson’s thesis was that World War 2 never ended and that the Jews are still trying to destroy the white race. He thought John Lennon’s “Imagine” and the hyper-liberal values that they were promoting was heralding the collapse of Western culture. He hated the Hollywood class that’s made itself into the moral authority of America (and the entire West by extension) and attacked them.
        He made the mistake of thinking that he could ignite a race war (i.e. Helter Skelter) or make a real difference through vigilantism by revealing the corruption and perversion of the Hollywood class.
        He made a difference in that he made himself into an icon for American revolutionaries, but ultimately all he accomplished was giving the hippy generation a bad trip.
        Manson is more interesting than his Hollywood class portrayal of “super evil crazy man”.

        1. Hollywood was not as Jewish in 1969 as it is now. The people he killed were all Gentiles. Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys was no Jewish or Terry Melcher.
          He had a Jewish follower (Catherine Share) who was extremely loyal to him.

        2. Hollywood very much was as Jewish in 1969 as it is now. Who do you think founded the major studios? The difference is Hollywood did not make the kind of culturally destroying films that it so gleefully does now. Hollywood was kept partially in check by the Hayes code. Also audiences in the past would not accept the kind of Marxist drivel so common today. It took generations to dilute, degrade and destroy the culture, but the Jews have run Hollywood almost from its inception.

      2. If Steve McQueen had been at the house (he was supposed to be there, he was actually banging some strange that’s why he didn’t show up), I somehow think the ending of the Tate-LaBianca murders would have been quite different.
        He started concealed carrying all the time afterwards.
        McQueen was NOT someone to fuck with even if he wasn’t packin’ heat.

      3. You do not know nearly as much as you think you do. Hollywood has been under Jewish dominion since the 1920s. Up until the 60s the Irish Catholic lobby had a minor victory in regulating it’s obscenity. But it did not last. Michael E. Jones goes into much detail on the matter.
        But Charles Mason was right to despise this disgusting pseudo-aristocracy of hypocritical charlatans we call celebrities. His timely death puts an accelerated spin on the scandals that are now bringing down Hollywood.
        God will forgive Charles Manson; his heart was in the right place. His actions are merely reflective of the disgusting country he lived in.
        I feel sorry for him, he was hard done by his whole life, but he made a solid effort in revolting against the disgusting moral climate he had to endure.

        1. “His timely death puts an accelerated spin on the scandals that are now bringing down Hollywood.”
          I hadn’t made this connection until reading your post just now. Almost prophetic.

      1. Well you’re right, and if you have peaceful solutions to preventing the West from being taken over by endless waves of third-world Muslims and sub-Saharan Africans, then all the power to you.

        1. Muslims and Africans will not take over the US system. They are not smart enough.
          Jews have the influence they have partly because they are more intelligent than Christians.

        2. You know Gen-X the two are not mutually exclusive. In fact the Jew MO has always been to unite and mobilize massive underclass masses against their arrogantly oblivious enemies.
          In this take the sedated, smug White class is totally unaware of the amassing threats of violently fanatic immigrants the jews are organizing against him.
          It is very real. 1917 will repeat itself and no one will be more shocked than the decadent beastly white man. We allowed ourselves to become this degraded and corrupted. And if we’re lucky we will pay our dues in gulags all over again. But annihilation is the most likely outcome.

  8. Kinda makes me regret that I didn’t go on a high school killing spree as a bullied teen but I was too afraid of jail. Now those motherfuckers probably have a better life than mine.

      I don’t buy that US Jews want a situation like Paris where some Sarkozy-type liberal invites every Muslim in the world and the first thing the Muslims do when they arrive in France is pogrom the Jews (Which has happened since 1990).
      Jews do not believe that Muslims are going to be their brothers against Anglo-Celtic Christians in America or Africans. Look at the Jewish-Black tension/riots in Crown Heights or Brooklyn.
      Hispanic immigrants from the Spanish-blooded upper-class (Miami Cubans like Pacino or Garcia) see Jews as direct competitors and have since the Inquisition. They are willing to co-opt Mestizos as field hands or street dealers of their cartels.
      If Jews actually believe that immigration is good for them after the Detroit and Newark and LA riots that pogrom’d out the pawnstore owners and deli owners back in the late 60’s I’d be shocked.

      1. Jews don’t care about their “lesser brethren” when they become casualties.
        Also, when did Pacino (obvious Italian surname( become Cuban?

    1. LOL
      You are too young (20’s) to remember the 70’s and 60’s “free love era” before AIDS. Every man was getting laid by hairy-vagina long-haired hippie women.
      It would never happen to Manson today-he just got out of jail at the right time.

  9. David: “Down here in San Diego, I’ve been jumping over the border every weekend to date women who actually respect men.”
    Holy shit. I peed my pants I LOLed so hard at that.
    I see from the comments section that after all these years ROK continues to scrape the bottom of the barrel.

        1. Ok that is fair. I don’t pursue foreign women or believe in leaving my country to go get laid. It is too pussy elevating to me implying the ridiculous grass is greener mentality.

    1. Plenty of gorgeous Latino women out there. The bottom of the barrel are the 75% of murkan women who are landwhales and/or psychos. There’s a pretty blonde girl who works in my office. Suddenly she gained 30 lbs and dyed her hair bright reddish pink. That’s bottom of the barrel.

    2. San Diego is gayer than shit. You’d rather have him practice day or night Game where all the females are militant feminists and/or fat miserable cunts?
      I was digging the Latinas when I was there too, awesome women, sometimes really put together. I don’t blame him at all.
      Like Roosh wrote a few months ago, let’s tone down the race baiting shit. This isn’t the Daily Stormer.

      1. CORINTH Race-Baiting
        I’m no Hebe but everybody is always going on and on (And on) about Jews. You’d think from all the “Because of the JOOOOS” stuff it was daily Stormer

        1. People think that the issues are JOOS instead of degenerate ideas (Marxism, Bolshevism, Nazism, et al); come on, man.
          The best form of government is non-government (i.e. Anglo-Saxon Protestant Ethics), and I’m a damned Catholic of Latino-Sephardic stock.
          I know some here will hate me, but I am a follower of Roosh and the Red Pill, I’m Catholic & multi-ethnic, and I’m 155% right. So BRING IT ON, FAGGOTS.

    3. Jerking off to internet porn is more pitiful than paying women for sex.
      Generation X was used to using prostitutes because we did not grow up with internet porn as a masturbation device.
      We actually screwed live females.

      1. Jerking off to internet porn is also free. And as my Jewish masters taught, follow the money and keep your wallet tight.
        Also can’t get AIDS from masturbating.

        1. Jewish masters and all the blacks are born athletes with bigger cocks.
          Seems as if the white is really out of luck.

        2. Not sure what is so out of luck about being considered the world’s most dominant and attractive race.
          Even with money, Jewish and Black men are universally revolted.

        3. FITZ
          To hear Anglo like you describe it blacks have the big muscles and big dicks that get all the chicks and Jews control the economy through their gutter-rat cunning.
          Actually, you might be right. The Anglo-Saxon probably does not have the slightly higher IQ of the Jew or the big dick and power of the black. He cannot win over the girls with cash and he cannot win them over with masculinity because he is a pallid, lanky descendant of weedy Puritan dissidents.
          Now mind you blacks (And I have screwed a few black prostitutes in Detroit because they are cheap) have a bad odor when they sweat so white women who like the BBC (How small IS THE ANGLO PENIS 4 inches?) have to endure this.
          Yes, the Anglo-American removed from the Brit grit society that produced his ancestors has evolved into a weedy, pallid consumer whose function is essentially to subsidize the recreational fucking of sub-equatorial Mestizos and Blacks while contributing to the wealth of parasitical populations of Jews who realize the real money is in the media and write stupid scripts over lines of cocaine and Tequila in the Hollywood Hills which the Anglo forms lines in the street to watch like “Transformers 5”.
          East and South Asians in America are of course immune to all this as are the Italians who come from ancient corrupt civilizations that distrust the government and its media organs.
          But the Anglo-American is a sheep who evolved in a Feudal system over 1000 generations in England to say “Yes my Lordship” so Princes and Queens have been replaced by drug -addled celebrities like Charlie Sheen who fuck 13 year old Jews in the ass on their lunch break or 5’3 Scientologist fanatics like Tom Cruise and the Anglo-America worships them.
          Mestizos themselves seem to have adopted a 30 year old film starring a bunch of Italians like Pacino doing hokey Cuban accents with an ending that resembles low-budget ninja films of the 80’s as the blueprint for their existence so of course Anglo are not quite alone in eating the shit that a few blocks in California shove down their throats.

        4. Yeah, pretty sure White women aren’t in a massive frenzy to fuck the black cock simply because despite their universal bad boy image, Black men manage to have abysmally low SMV. You’re better off as an Iberian looking Latino whom girls can mistake for Italian or something. But Black men’s SMV in the US is enough to make alleged cock size irrelevant to White women.
          American White women are overwhelmingly ethnocentric and won’t date or fuck Black men. Those that do are outliers and otherwise ignored by their community. The others are European immigrant women but they largely are swayed even more by established American White men with money. Generally the higher SMV a woman has, the less she will consider Black men worthy of her vag. Studies have shown that on superficial online dating sites Black men are largely shunned in favor of Chad type guys. Some preppy innocent looking White boy is always going to attract American women of all races way more than even a Black guy with money. Middle class White guys have a higher chance of slaying than rich Black guys.
          The stereotype of Black guys as thugs honestly doesn’t help them THAT much. They also have to counter the fact they are stereotyped as lower class losers, untouchables if you will. White women who are liberal and “educated” are still racist with their vag even if they pay lip service to the “plight of African Americans”.
          Also most Black men features just look super foreign and exotic to many White women. Their skin is too dark on top of this. American White women prefer skin tones a bit swarthy but I mean swarthy like a Swede not like a Sicilian. Blacks then just are seen as alien and too behind to even warrant a White woman’s attention. They may be more “alpha” in mannerism but women by and large (especially White women) consider them broke lowlives who also have odd facial features and incredibly dark skin.

        5. FITZ
          You make a good point. Italian-Americans in my community slayed all the chicks who looked Pacino. The popularity of Stallone and Travolta helped this.
          I should add that on the FEW occasions that I knew a white man with a black wife she was not abandoned with children seeking welfare.
          If a Mulatto has a white father generally he has grown up in a two-parent house with a sturdy provider.

  10. Charlie never killed anyone. He was running a con on disaffected suburban rebels who stayed really, REALLY, drugged up and it got way out of hand. Tex Watson (hyper aggressive all-star football player) was the murderer and Patricia Krenwinkle tried to cut the unborn child out of Sharon Tate’s womb. Charlie was pissed that they killed and told them they really fucked up. That’s when they moved out to Spaun Ranch to keep a low profile.

    1. Obama and Bush didn’t kill anyone. They just ordered others to do it. That doesn’t absolve them of the crimes. They should have been butt buddies with Charlie.

      1. A bunch hick whites from the South and the Flyover elected Bush because he told them he had stopped drinking and been “born again”.
        If it were not for the stupid rednecks Gore would have been elected which would not have been great but unlikely the disaster of the Bush years.
        Don’t look it as East and West Coasters for Bush. Nobody voted for him.

    2. The women that followed Manson were fucking deranged out of the gate. Manson simply tapped into that shit.
      They were also filthy fucking scum. One of them took a shit in the stairwell after finishing the murders.
      (heheheheh, “tapped”)

    3. You are right that Tex was the killer, but nobody tried to cut the unborn baby out of Tate’s womb. It had to do with drugs. Tex was going to take them to Jay Sebring’s hair salon to get money from them, but Tate tried to flee, and both she and Jay were killed.
      You are also right about Manson being upset about them killing. He just wanted them to get the money or drugs to give to the Straight Satan biker gang that was leaning on them because of bad dope that they sold to them.

  11. It is simple, these men act as psychotic as women. How man times have you heard a woman say dumb shit…probably lots. Well, most smart and intelligent men will go, “that is dumb as fuck”, and then the women will get all mad and angry and be like “he doesn’t love or respect me”. However, these assholes will be like “oh, ya, that’s cool”, and women like that. These women can actually connect mentally with these men, because in many ways women are just like them.

  12. The next Charles Manson will be a neo-Bolshevik true believer who inspires trust fund useful idiots to do the dirty work of civilization destruction.
    Cupid Stunts will be in for a rude shock when their Muslim Western Civilization destroying comrades make Sharia the law of the land.

    1. WALTER Communists will inspire rich kids to implement Sharia law.
      There are not enough fucking Muslims IN the US (Never will be either) to do jack-shit. Muslims by and large are stupid low IQ people from Somalia or Pakistan.
      They cannot do dick in the US.
      Mestizos might but again they are jungle savages.
      Jews have influence because they are MORE INTELLIGENT than whites on average. Not by much, but enough.

      1. “Jews have influence because they are MORE INTELLIGENT than whites on average. Not by much, but enough.”
        It also helps that their core philosophy is essentially pagan (i.e., in the sense of the folk’s existence and success is primary). At present they are far far more organized as a nation than whites, who still seem to be totally fucking clueless about what’s about to happen to them and their progeny.
        I think the biggest problem whites currently have is that their spirituality has collapsed. All that’s left of modern Christian doctrine is the liberalized slave morality aspect. All the good that’s left of Roman Catholicism that the average European involves themselves with is the architecture, works of art, and the vague suggestion of a historical true right-wing Traditional order as embodied by the formal patriciate. Protestantism has been integrated into post-modernism as far as I can tell. And Orthodoxy is currently maintained in Eastern Europe due to poverty, geographical isolation, and the need to fill the ideological gap after communism fell.
        Overall, Christianity has lost its ability to rally Europeans both physically and spiritually in my opinion. The symbols still carry psychological weight, but the doctrine is too confusing on its own to organize powerful action. As attendance continues to fall, the Church maintains itself by taking the marketing strategy of total inclusiveness, and is thus no longer a spiritual force specifically belonging to and precious to Europeans. The “Roman” element of Roman Catholicism has been lost, as I like to phrase it.
        Aryans have many good qualities, but they need either a better core philosophy, or they need to escape “democracy” and embrace some form of true aristocratic leadership. I agree with you that the average white person, and average person in general, is not that bright. They are easily molded and led by external guiding forces in the absence of any authentic spiritual life.
        I agree with you, and most of your posts on here in general. But I think you’re wrong to think the Europeans living in America are somehow safe from being overwhelmed. Give it another generation of immigration and anchor babies and you will never see a Republican federal government again. Not that there even really is a difference between the two parties anyways. There’s also the risk that a Caliphate in Europe could eventually pose a threat.
        I’m not trying to push black pills or anything. Just trying to diagnose the problems.

        1. CLARK
          Jews and Asian-Americans and East Coast ethnics (Italian, Slav) come from corrupt civilizations ruled by Kleptocrats for 2000 years and are incredibly cynical. Same with South Asians. Unlike the Anglo-Celtic in Indiana who regards the media as some kind of pulpit these folks don’t trust or believe in anything except the almighty gold coin.
          “Overwhelmed” is the old Red Man vs White man war-Amerindians from Latin America and this is because of Spanish white Supremacy below the border which Indians flee.
          “Aryans”. What you mean is Anglo-Celtic Protestants whose stress on individualism and money puts them at a disadvantage to Italian-Catholics or Jews or Cubans who operate as a network. Partly because at the core Anglo-Celtics have the chilly Puritan individualism where as Jews or Catholics are collectivists at heart.
          Caliphate in Europe…Europe depends on NATO and if they became a Muslim Caliphate Putin would run over them. Again, Arabs and Africans are not bright enough to be a Superpower.
          Arabs are an insignificant group in the US in terms of demographics. They are held somewhat in check BY Jews who do not want what happened in Paris to Jews driven out of France to happen in the US. If you expect me to believe Hymie the Democrat Jew WANTS Muslim Immigrants in New York I do not believe you.
          England is not run by Jews although they have Jews in the UK. So when you speak about “whites” you are actually speaking not about Canada but about the U.S.
          As for Media and all the rest probably Ron Jeremy himself does not know why Anglo-Saxons sit around jerking off and ruining their marriage getting addicted to “BBC” videos. El Chapo does not understand why so many Negros in the US ghettos smoke crack cocaine.

  13. Women are irrational. This just proves it to me. This is probably why that “dark triad” works so well with so many women.

    1. Dark triad men are damaged. Women are damaged. Stable men come off as pretentious perfectionists who will always judge women. So women find solace in wacko nutjobs because these women don’t have to worry about letting loose around them. In essence a dark triad man just makes a woman not feel judged or lifted to a high standard.
      Pedestalizing women is bad from a woman’s perspective because women don’t want to live up to high expectations. They want to be led and told what to do. Essentially these men are so into themselves that women don’t have to worry about ever having responsibility or feeling they won’t measure up.

      1. Best case to do for “pretentious men” is to drop them hoes and get with foreign ladies while letting western females rot. No amount of pussy worth turning dark triad, criminal. You remind me of one of my friends Lazy, pissed off all the time, sociopath but slay the pussy, sad but true.

      1. Ted Bundys story’s such a mind fuck. I read it before finding this site and I remember to be like what? the guy literraly is a femicide, he killed women for the pleasure of doing it and he had girls throwing herselfs at his feet. You can be a male feminist and get nothing from women. Manson was a small man,(not something that qualifies for handsomeness) who would have said it, it completly destroys your image of women as naturally benevolent and nurturing. Strange indeed.

        1. Like I wrote, the motherfucker was good looking, and evidently had major fucking game.
          He was also a sly bastard, he preyed on the instinctive motherly feminine ideal that was still America of the time.
          That shit would never work now. Now he’d just pull some Richard Speck type job.
          Speck–now there’s a motherfucker who could have learned from Roosh…cause damn, he was an ugly fucker. Learn game, get laid, and you won’t need to rape/kill.

      2. well yeah, i mean he knew how to gain trust from people, and no doubt his image help him, (how can you say no to that smile right?) but at the same time, when he was on trial accussed of murderin lots of young girls and women what did he receive? A fan-base just outside his trial with numerous women wanting to meet him, some with flowers and poems. And of course this women knew this man had killed numerous women. A convicted femicide with women making line to meet him, I dont know what to think about it, not all girls fall for a guy like him I am sure, but he’s a femicide (not a handsome singer, nor an actor) who had a fan base thats what is shoking.

  14. It’s not him, or that he’s evil. It’s the celebrity that comes along from trying to be one of his girls. That’s all they give a shit about.

  15. Hey guys Im sick of not having a wingman for daygame. If you feel the same I made a Daygame Facebook LIVE support group. Where anyone can go live while infield, give each support and constructive criticism on where to improve. Join here

  16. Women are obsolete. They really are.
    They are attracted precisely to male behaviors that cause chaos, misery, and death.
    They have zero attraction to male behaviors that build an advanced civilization.
    Every single successful culture came to the conclusion that women have to be strictly controlled, and that there is only one life script that leads to a woman being a net contributor to society.
    Women really are obsolete.

    1. Jimbo,
      You really need to learn Game.
      Women aren’t obsolete until you can learn to grow clones of yourself in a private lab like sea monkeys.
      Wake up kid.

      1. CORINTH
        How many of us see women as genuine reproductive vessels. They are actually 2 (Sometimes 3) orifices that produce pleasurable friction when your penis is inserted.
        I have always said that women would roam the streets like stray dogs if every man woke up tomorrow gay.

  17. Are the women who wanted to fuck Charlie a representative sample of the female population, or outlier freaks with BPD? The author doesn’t know, so this is speculation.

    1. I know the answer because I’m not a 24 year old Gen Y child:
      Manson’s followers were from dysfunctional middle-class houses or were already deep into drugs with the remainder being under-18 teenage runaways (The youngest of whom was born in 1953).
      If I gave you 5 hits of LSD or Peyote I could influence what you thought too.
      Also, Manson was born in 1934 and 10-15 years older than the rest of them.
      Catherine Share, the oldest, was a Jewish woman of 26 or so who later said she did not participate in the murders because she was too old to be controlled by “Charlie”.
      Manson was not THAT impressive. In the 1950’s he’d merely been a street bum and jailbird because the drug of choice was booze. It was only in the late 1960’s that drugs caused thousands of young people to be on the streets of the West Coast. Ten and fifteen years later during the Disco Era, he would have been laughed off because LSD gave way to Cocaine.

    2. This is true OMC. Guys like Charlie know how to find their own brand of “yes girls”. I think articles like this are more male hamstering in the vein of “women don’t like me because I am too sane and normal!”

  18. “Supported” by the Beach Boys, the US govt, and various Media companies Manson was a fairy-tale created to instill the notion that the 60s hippie-left was crazed. Notice how Manson was able to bluster undeterred thru his Fidel Castro style, doomed parole speeches on TV every few years. Anyone here actually believe that Patricia Krenwinkel is a real name? Or that the Manson “family” girls, or Sharon Tate herself, were even female? How about Roman Polanski the pedophile, who like Woody Allen, goes on and on making crap films with seemingly no financial or societal burden? Since ALL evil men in history are essentially hype women are simply indulging their own selfishly perverse sex fantasies related to it. Hint- Being evil will NOT get the CUCKS on this site laid.

    1. Rubbish, Dennis Wilson broke off his friendship with Manson after a few months. Sharon Tate had a baby so she was definitely a female.
      Yeah, Polanski was a drug addict and rapist. Plenty of them around.
      Woody Allen? Good Lord, again with the fucking Jew thing. Sure, all the Jews in NYC met on a Sabbath to organize the Manson murders.

      1. Don’t let me down GEN I am one of your biggest fans and some of your posts are great.. but sometimes you do not dig deep enough! Dennis and Brian BOTH were producing Manson who is technically STILL under contract to Capitol EMI (Run from England). Sharon Tate was the Bo Derek of her time… a total fraud. Look at these pictures if you think these are real you have a problem. Polanski and Allen BOTH were facing 50-70 YEARS for underage child rape and molestation but met with the judges privately and walked away FREE. All the J people involved met in HOLLYWOOD to create these fake stories and the childless SHARON “DIED” ON THE SABBATH.

        1. DR. MABUSE
          I’m convinced Jews themselves come on this site and write conspiracy theories to amuse themselves.
          Manson despised Jews, though one or two of his followers were Jewish.
          You’re probably writing this for shits and giggles.

        2. GEN Xile fails again. Take the time to do the research .. I gave you a good link. -Manson, Son of Sam Burkowitz and Hitler were all using the swastika and yet were of the ‘chosen’ background. Serial killers are a SCAM, not a conspiracy, to keep the FBI and alphabet groups chasing ghosts on behalf of a panic stricken populace of TV addicts. Wake up dummy.

      1. Robert. You fool. There are exactly 10 people in the entire United States with the name Krenwinkel. Patricia’s “family”. Look above to my GENX response. Look very carefully at the casual photos of Sharon with her hair pulled back. If you cannot see what is going on I will happily set you up on a blind date with Bruce Jenner.

  19. The attraction power of Charles Manson and guys like him with women is no attestation to the strength of these guys but more to the stupidity of women then add to that the types of pathetic politicians they vote for.

  20. Charley’s pull with women was truly beyond legendary. He had at least an order of magnitude higher pull over women pre 1969 arrest than Jeremy Meeks would have today. Manson influence over his women was actually terrifying.
    Squeaky Fromme, a primary member of Charley’s harem, tried to assassinate sitting American President Gerald Ford. At her sentencing for the assassination attempt, the prosecutor recommended severe punishment because Fromme was full of hate and violence (Ideologically possessed by Charley and his environmentalist ideology). Fromme threw an apple at him, hitting him in the face and knocking off his glasses. Fromme said “I stood up and waved a gun for a reason.” “I was so relieved not to have to shoot it, but, in truth, I came to get life. Not just my life but clean air, healthy water, and respect for creatures and creation.” This is an early version of the militant SJW religion and virtue signaling. It’s an example of a women’s mind hacked by the evolving SJW religion. Fromme sent a letter to Led Zeppelin when they were at the very pinnacle of their rock star game, they burned the letter, even they were afraid of this bitch. In 2009 Fromme was released from prison, she is now free.
    Thinking about it, part of the game Charley was running could be called “SJW game”. Charley was a master of hijacking women’s empathy and getting reflexive submission to his dominance. For instance Sandra Good was nicknamed “blue” by Charley to represent clean air and water. Charley anchored them into his then a very novel and new environmentalist feel good mumbo jumbo/religion. This kind of stuff was stunningly effective. Maybe some versions of radical Islam could be a somewhat close in its psychological effectiveness. All this stuff is positively not rational.
    In the late 60’s environmentalist stuff was still outside of mainstream. Today’s SJW religion is a direct descendant of this ideology Charley used. Maybe women do select for higher IQ indirectly. It’s the results of high IQ, the novelty of new ideologies ruthlessly dogmatically implemented. Without modern constraints this often had very high lethality associated with it. Think of a Paleolithic lifestyle which is most of human history, see the Yanomami tribe for what was likely normal.
    I have a friend who actually knew the Manson Family, he keeps saying someday he is going to write a book about them, insane stories let me tell you. Charley literally possessed these women’s souls and they were positively scary.
    Ideologically possessed women can be highly devious and ruthless. See Olga of Kiev an early adopter of the very new Christian ideology.

  21. SAME SITUATION IN POLAND – we got Mr. Trynkiewicz (serious killer – he killed four boys). He’s got 54 years and he’s ugly now – search for Mariusz Trynkiewicz photo. After he left prison he got married with some younger chick (after jail he’s been under supervision).
    So who wanna fell in love with a girl, when girl’s fell in love with a monsters?

  22. “Mrs. Soffel”, staring Mel Gibson and Diane Keaton, covers this very topic. Good movie, based on a true story. Set in prison at the turn of the 20th century, just as progressivism begins its infancy in America. One memorable scene is where, as Mel slyly starts in on a visiting Diane Keaton, the warden’s wife, his brother in the next cell, sports a knowing, leering grin.

  23. Any spooks onboard? The whole thing was a scam, from start to finish. I doubt Manson did any real time in prison, unless he wanted to as he stated many times. If any of it were real the case would have been thrown out when Manson held up the paper with Nixon’s judgement. Study the case and the legal proceedings using a little critical thinking and it becomes quite obvious. Beware an article that describes a man who has never killed anyone as a serial killer. Now I remember why I stopped viewing this crap.

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