The Horrifying Merger Of Feminism And Fat Acceptance

Throughout the last year and a half, there has been an unsettling change taking place in the United States. This change I speak of is an offshoot of the feminist movement entitled “Fat Acceptance.” This movement aims to coddle the insecurities and shortcomings of overweight women, creating in them a sense that they are in fact beautiful and worthy, no matter their body size.

Now I must stop first and say that being overweight does not innately make a woman to be unworthy. I do believe that a woman’s worth lies is many more characteristics than simply her body weight. But one fact we must not ignore is that most overweight women tend to have qualities that aren’t exactly, well, admirable. These qualities include laziness, lethargy, gluttony, and self-esteem issues.

The trait that I can firmly say almost all overweight females share is their lack of ability to take responsibility for their own actions. These women often refer to a variety of explanations that are used to justify their obesity, while exonerating themselves from blame. These explanations include:

1. “Obesity is genetic, it’s not my fault.”

This is the most widely used excuse for obesity that exists in the world today. This reasoning is an absolute sham. There is absolutely no scientific evidence that suggests simply genetics can cause obesity. While there is strong evidence to show that one person may have more of a genetic tendency to become overweight than another, this by no means is a reason valid for one to blame their gelatin-like consistency on. Many celebrities in the public eye who have a family history of obesity have been able to overcome their genetic tendencies with hard work and dedication to a healthy and active lifestyle.

2. “I don’t have 3 hours a day to be in the gym getting thin.”


This excuse may be somewhat valid—they may indeed not have a full THREE hours to be in the gym working out each day. However, three hours are not needed. Two hours are not needed. Nor is even one hour needed.

Research shows that an intense workout of only 30 minutes a day can jump-start weight loss in women, especially when the large muscle groups such as the hamstrings and quadriceps are incorporated into an explosive and intense workout. These muscles are some of the largest in the body, and allow for increased after burn of fat, and a higher metabolic rate up to 5-6 hours after the workout. If women cannot find just 30-45 minutes in their day to actually be healthy and maintain the body they reside in, then a priority change is certainly in order.

3. “I have children.”

Now I’m not going to dispute that taking care of children can be quite a burden on a mother. The constant stress and time obviously takes a toll. But as they care for their children, so a mother must also take some time to care for herself. Children do take time, but as we all know, there are 24 hours in a day—24 hours that I’m willing to bet are not completely used on the children or even other activities. This particular excuse of blaming their obesity on their children is not valid. This excuse it in reality an offshoot of excuse #2.  What this excuse truly reflects is a woman who has exceptionally poor time management skills.

Furthermore, the child care excuse includes another component. This component is the weight that is gained during pregnancy. Many women online and in magazines constantly rant about how hard it is to lose the weight after the children are born.

Sure, losing weight is hard. What in life that is worth it isn’t hard? This is the message that we must provide for those who have accepted the poisonous lies that their muffin tops and back boobs are of no consequence of their own actions. If these truths are told, the issue of these excuses could one day be a thing of the past.

Twisted Ideologies

One further disturbing piece of insidious ideology women across the United States have adopted is that they are entitled to have things their way. In an article I recently read by a fat accepting feminist, this feminist shamed a hard-working mother for touting her amazing transformation from overweight after pregnancy, to toned and fit just a few months later.

This feminist claimed such a metamorphosis was nearly impossible. Among the reasons listed for this “impossibility” were time constraints, but also her personal wants.  One rather noxious statement this feminist made was as follows: “She should be able to eat what she wants, when she wants.” This was a reason given for why she couldn’t lose post pregnancy weight.

Disturbing Realizations

This  statement struck me into a stupor. How could an adult woman be so naive, ignorant, and downright entitled? This questioned brewed in my mind for days after reading her foolish words, opening my eyes to the fact that in America today we have thrown out all common sense and logic.

Yes, we do live in a free country, but that doesn’t mean we should be shameless with our behaviors. Sure, we are all able to do what we want when we want within the law, but is that really a good idea? We are able to smoke cigarettes, and many people do, but is that a healthy idea? We are allowed to eat glass if we really wanted to, but is that a smart idea? I say this to make the point that there are many things out there people want to do, but that simply, and wisely, should not be done.

Dire Consequences

This feminist woman likely also believes she should have everything in her life her way, and that all others must conform to her demands. Her statements show that many women in our country have adopted ideas that are at war with their own bodies and health. They just want to have a good time and live life on their terms and whims.

However, if said women keep living in this dream world, they will be rudely awoken by a tsunami of health problems including hypertension, high cholesterol, joint deterioration, cancer, sleep apnea, and a barrage of other obesity related diseases and disorders. It truly is sad to know that these consequences will befall those who adopt these ideologies, which is why I am doing my best to warn them. I fear that this feminists outlook on life will only be altered after her health has already drastically deteriorated, and finally realizes the error of her ways.


By saying “I want to eat what I want when I want”, women are indicating they believe they have the right to do as they please. The freedom to do as they wish. What they don’t understand is that these attitudes will only take away the freedoms and rights from them later in life.

Perhaps they want to walk on the beach with their granddaughters? They won’t be able to because of joint problems and the issue of their mobility being confined to a wheel chair. They will be unable to travel the world when they retire, as they will have a myriad of health problems preventing them from leaving the immediate area of their hospital or bedroom. They will constantly feel tired and lethargic, never wanting to go out, and therefore missing so many of life’s beautiful moments.


However, the most tragic consequence is that their lifespans will certainly be shortened because of their choices. They will be taking away from themselves the right to live out a long life.  All because they couldn’t keep their greasy hands off those microwaved pizza bites they just had to have. BECAUSE IT WAS THEIR RIGHT.

The Dark Road

It is sad the path, that of the fat feminist. It leads to a life of destruction and loneliness. Of illness and turmoil. I now quote Robert Frosts poem “The Road Not Taken.” The quote reads: “Two paths diverged in a yellow wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

This poem illustrates that there are two roads. The road to a life of health and enlightenment, and a road leading to a cliff. A cliff where at the bottom lies a pit full of feminist ideals, and the bodies of those who followed them to the bitter end. I hope that in reading this article, I can inspire in many the ideals of hard work and dedication, leading to a life of health and sober knowledge of the realities we face. To provide inspiration for a life that does not lead to one final leap off a cliff side, across a ravine, fatty arm outstretched, sausage fingers grasping for the last pizza bite, only to end in a dark pit of despair.


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199 thoughts on “The Horrifying Merger Of Feminism And Fat Acceptance”

  1. “Now I must stop first and say that being overweight does not innately make a woman to be unworthy.”
    really, dude? fucking really? no self respect, lacking shame, ambition and consideration for others does not make a woman a piece of shit? what does then?

    1. fucking exactly… dont fall into their trap of prefixing everything you say with some supplicative “im not racist/fatist/whateverist” bullshit, thats where they derive their power. plus we know you dont mean it anyway. fuck fat peoples feelings – theyre worthless.

    2. What makes you think fat people don’t have any ambition in their lives just because they don’t have ambition to lose weight? I know several fat people accomplished in many areas of life.

      1. I wouldnt exactly call being able to eat three double-Whoppers with cheese in one sitting an “accomplishment”.

        1. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about their published work, their inventions (two I know are waiting on patents), and more stuff like that.

        2. So fat people have never invented anything? I guess my uncle and ex-college professor don’t exist then.

        3. Sorry but I do not eat three double- Whoppers! I will be a highly accomplished women after I get out of college. I have like a 4.0 right now.

    1. Yup. Gender does not play a role. If someone does not respect their own body then why should they expect respect from others? We don’t respect substance abusers so why should we respect the obese?

      1. Totally disagree Ddjembe. I respect everybody because I respect life. Even substance abusers. Does that mean I will enable them? No, because enabling harms them and myself. But I will show them the same base line of respect I show every human being. And more importantly, I will empathize with their condition and feel compassion for them. If they ask me for help, I will do what I can do help them overcome their addiction.

        1. Why? Do you come from a culture or personal background that has no concept of respect and empathy for others?

        2. I understand where you are coming from, but I think you are throwing around the word ‘respect’ too loosely. Yes, we should help and emphasize with those in honest need, yet respect is something that is earned.
          Basically, I feel like you are throwing around ‘respect’ as a word just like people throw around ‘love’ when referring to inanimate objects. Someone may appreciate food, but in order for them to honestly “love” it, their positive feeling towards it must be unconditional.

        3. No, respect is the word that I mean. First, its a respect for life, for all of existence. That trickles down to respect for each human as a unit of life by her or himself. Rather you are confusing respect with love or with “emulation worthy.”
          Gluttony is not emulation worthy. However a gluttonous person is worthy of respect, NOT because they are gluttonous, but because they are a unit of life.

        4. Nature does not know respect. There is perennial struggle. There are entities being killed and entities doing the killing. For most species on the planet, life is a bloody mess. Every moment is a struggle.
          Survival of the fittest is a solid concept. Fatties are not fittest. They will not suvive without protection. Do not protect them.
          You say you respect all life forms. Good. These fatties are making a mockery of the struggle that all other less fortunate life forms have to go through every minute of their lives.

        5. I agree. One shouldn’t judge fat people, like one shouldn’t judge necrophiliacs, or pedophiles, or transvestites. They’re all special, unique snowflakes. And everyone knows snowflakes are cool, they’re made of ice for heck’s sake. But only a person with a heart of ice would look down on someone just because they’re different. So what if you like to have someone take a shit in your mouth? So what if you enjoy raping babies till they bleed? I’m sick of all the judgemental people. We’re all equal. Love conquers all.

        6. Respect is earned. If you respect every single person you meet you’re Forrest Gump. I respect anyone who respects my most important commodity: time. How much respect I then give them is directly linked to the amount of respect they give themselves. So I won’t be a complete cunt to a fat chick just because she’s fat, but I’ll never treat her as my equal. That would be dumb as she’ll get a falsely-inflated sense of self worth and the fall down hard when she steps into the real world.
          Understand for a second that I am right and you are wrong. Fully realise that fact, then re-assess how you go about your day.
          If you’re only taking the stance that we should respect everybody because you’re one of lumps of shit most men here vomit in their mouths seeing, then you have two choices: Stay at home, work from home, don’t leave home unless it’s absolutely necessary, no one wants to see you. Or you can lose weight. Your choice. But don’t expect men to EVER see a fat woman as anything other than fucking disgusting.

    2. Unfortunately, fat feminists get all the “respect” they need from white knighting manginas due to the horrify merger of feminism and manginism. Here’s an example:
      Woman does not want to move to the U.S. to live with husband (she would prefer to Eat, Pray, Fcuk in Spain without her husband). So she asks for advice and a gaggle of mengina rush to help her get her husband deported. Sickening.

      1. Its actually more complex than what you portray. Her husband is in the US illegally and he wants her to also overstay her US visa and become illegal also……
        “I have a multiple entry visitors visa for five years. I went
        to USA last year and lived there for one year with my husband (6 months
        entry and other 6 months of extension).
        I left USA legally. Now my family wants me to go back and live with
        my stupid in-laws and husband in USA. I don’t want to go but I have
        family issues and I have to go. Is there a way I can get deported from
        the airport?
        How can I get denied at the airport from entering USA without getting
        in trouble?
        (My husband overstayed his visa and he’s now an illegal immigrant there.
        The problem is, if I get an entry he’ll make me overstay too and I
        don’t want that)
        I’m from Pakistan, and we have a Pakistani passport. I also have a Schengen visa and am currently a Spanish resident.”

    3. there is no black and white, fat and thin. A little fat is good for health. The quantity of fat the persons in the picture have is disgusting and I agree with you, but those are the extremes.

  2. If you’re still not upset for the lack of exercise by obese females AND males, just remember, you’re helping to pay for that through higher insurance rates, hospital visits, etc. I’ll also throw in people on “disability”.

    1. We are taxed so other people can be fat.
      And after the tax, they shame us because we do not like them.
      Fuck this gay earth.

    2. What fucked up country do you live in where your insurance premium isn’t calculated based on just your own health risks?

      1. Well, to the best of my knowledge, this kind of socialized health insurance applies for most countries in Europe. As a healthy male, you pay for the aging baby boomers, the chain smokers, the (chronically) ill, and the fat and the lazy.

        1. and we call your type of people ‘chumps’. cause you get fucked by the system and are a-ok with it.

        2. Who is ‘we’? Yes, we get fucked by the system, but if I’m not mistaken, “Obama care” has its own problems.

        3. LOL. I live in Africa and my medical insurance premium is based on my age, fitness, alcohol consumption and even level of education.

        4. Yes, I’ve heard that burning chicken feathers while dancing around a fire is quite effective for many ailments.

        5. Dude, my country produces some of the best medical personnel and research in the world. Hint: my country of residence isn’t Uganda.

        6. Nigeria, I know you must be from there. I am in medical school and they must put something in the water there because all you Nigerians are doctors , dentists, pharmacists, and PhDs in the hard sciences. HBD that shit all you CH lovers! Seriously though, it is Nigeria right?

        7. You have the wrong idea about the failed state of “Nigeria” my friend. It’s a shithole throughout, despite massive oil reserves and other natural resources. The reason thru seem so educated to us is the intense brain- drain. Those Nigerians with ability cannot remain in their land of birth and thrive. We get the smartest of the lot. And there are tens of millions of them, so considering that fact their intellectual presence here is not impressive. They still in net numbers remain within the bounds of standard HBD concepts.

        8. I’m glad you can afford the massive fees, along with paying for the decaying public services through taxation. You need good healthcare when it’s common to be carjacked and murdered at any ” red robot.”

        9. Premiums are based on the statistical averages of large numbers of people according to age, fitness, tobacco use, alcohol consumption, and education. One can model averages of large numbers of people, but not predict how any one of those people as an individual is going to turn out. That’s how insurance works.

        10. I pay less than the equivalent of $100 for both myself and my wife. It’s not a medical scheme, it’s medical insurance.

        11. I would guess South Africa. South Africa has by far the worlds best medical practitioners. They also have some of the largest most advances hospitals in the world thanks to the efficiency of the Apartheid government.

        12. Similar? India and Nigeria? Sure South Asia is more or less a huge shithole, but India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc. are head and shoulders above Nigeria. I’ve been to both and there’s a huge difference in degree.
          Don’t get me wrong, I strongly prefer West Africa to South Asia but there’s a huge difference in organization and intellect. The material culture of India alone dwarfs that of Nigeria, and Nigeria is one of the few regions that contained functioning pre-colonial states outside of East Africa.

        13. Hey don’t get me wron, I love South Asia and its indigenous Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Sikh cultures, but I was asking about this … “Those Nigerians with ability cannot remain in their land of birth and
          thrive. We get the smartest of the lot. And there are tens of millions
          of them, so considering that fact their intellectual presence here is
          not impressive. They still in net numbers remain within the bounds of
          standard HBD concepts.”
          – We got brain drain from India and it has a population size of over 1 billion. Several Indians say its hard to get ahead there so they ex-pat. Of course now many are returning and thriving because the Indian economy is doing better than ours. But one could argue that their intellectual presence here in the West is not impressive considering the 1 billion plus population size. So from an HBD perspective??? Of course keep in mind that many smart Indians don’t want to leave their families, culture, traditions, environment, landscape to be tossed about in a lonely, foreign cultural vacuum just for some extra cash.

        14. Yup, but I fall into a certain risk category. Only people who look and act as I do will pay similar premiums. My actions don’t affect the premiums of those people who are healthier or closer to death than I am. That’s how insurance works.

        15. Yea this is why I tell black men do not join up w/ white men on anything. Notice in the comments that they went anti black which almost ALWAYS happens no matter what the topic is. We are talking about fat acceptance & it turns into how inferior blacks are almost every fucking time. Black go your own way & DO NOT join white men in any mra movement.

      2. Every private insurance of any kind, even in Europe, calculate your insurance premiums on your own risks. But that does not mean that you do not sponsor others who happen to have a contract with the same company. Even the most healthiest specimen can get hit by a drunk driver and therefor needing care that can extend beyond any amount of money that he will ever pay in insurance premiums. That is why insurance companies are dead set on gaining new members.

      3. And there you have it, the ignorant statement of the day.
        Buddy, I am going to go ahead and let you in on a little secret, your premium is not calculated solely based on your own health…anywhere in the world.

    3. I could not care less how fat and monstrous these women are…..and how they DEMAND validation and to be seen as beautiful (like the repugnant photo above) despite their disgusting visibility.
      Like all feminists/single mothers/fatties…..I will not deal with these creatures in anyway shape or form….and will do my best to avoid them…..I actually see them as a different species all together.
      As a MGTOW I won’t even acknowledge their existence if I can.
      Also as a MGTOW I know that because of the political system we live in (in the UK and also the US)…..there is nothing I can do to change the system….it is too late for that.
      As a MGTOW I know that marriage is a rigged game…I know I can’t change it….I instead choose not to participate and play the game.
      What I CAN do however…. is to use every trick in the book to pay the LEAST amount of taxes that I can….therefore depriving the Government the resources it requires to support the monstrous benefit system………and I do it very well.
      If the game is rigged against you….. then you have the right to cheat.

      1. I totally agree and I have been saying this for a long time.
        Men should do everything they can avoid paying taxes. We need to starve the best of government. And in turn that will starve the land whales.
        Own a small home, to reduce your property taxes. Own an old car that you think is cool, to reduce your vehicle taxes. Use every angle possible to reduce you income taxes. This can include earning income overseas and just never bringing it back into the US. Be a frugal consumer in order to avoid sales taxes. If you live near a state without a sales tax, take a bus there to do your shopping. Better yet, live there.
        And, if you really have balls, go live in a foreign country. Earn your income there, do your spending there, and report as little income to the IRS as possible (there are legal ways to do that).
        Fuck the US. It sucks. Why pay taxes to provide welfare to a land whale so she can stuff her mouth? Why support a government that attacks you, as a man, at every turn? Why sit around and let them accuse you of conducting a War on Women? Why pay for Obamacare, which is loaded with mandates that force you to subsidize the medical insurance of women?
        Hell, women in the US are not even worth fucking. Better sex (and more) is available in foreign lands.

    4. Yes, but remember that, as a car free cyclist, I can say the same thing about drivers.
      Are you sure you want to drive down that particular socialist route?

      1. So you buy no products that were moved by a combustion engine? and you make every serviceman that performs work on your house walk or force your landlord to do this? And you forgo all emergency services? And you naturally don’t ride your bike on any roads.

        1. In your knee jerk reaction you have missed the point that it wasn’t driving that I was attacking.

        2. The point is still valid you still need drivers to drive in order for your life to function. You don’t need fat people to be fat for your life to function.

        3. Well then, you don’t need skydivers, football players, joggers or Monopoly players. Put them all in the pile, the committee will be by to pick them up.
          And we’ll have to give up communicating. Our computers aren’t needed either.
          You see, you don’t get to decide what is needed.

        4. You aren’t understanding me on the need. I have no desire to pay for skydivers but they can pay for themselves, same with football players and fat people.
          In the health insurance market that means you pay higher premiums for engaging in activities that provide no societal benefit
          The reason you pay for roads and the increased medical risks drivers face is because you are receiving a benefit from them.
          Now if you want to go find 10 acres some place and set yourself to live off the grid with no help from anybody then god bless, you don’t have to pay costs for things that you don’t use directly.

        5. “Now if you want to go find 10 acres some place and set yourself to live off the grid . . .”
          I live less than a block from the railroad siding that services the bulk goods store in an urban centre, The containers are loaded from ships directly onto the flat cars.
          Which is all beside the point. Again, I was defending driving in my initial post, even though I do not actually depend on it, in any way, for anything in life that matters to me:

        6. Actually, that’s no longer legally possible. The Feds are now throwing people off their own paid for land, precisely because they are off the grid

  3. Read the Robert frost poem again. The roads are the same, the walker only pretends they are different in hindsight. Lit 101

  4. i dream of a day when the president imposes a fat-tax. the more you weigh, the more you gotta pay for food. wanna eat yourself to an early grave, go for it tubby, but not on my/our dime.

      1. All insurance is paying for someone else’s healthcare. Private, Public, whatever. It’s a pooling of risk. And it’s not a ponzi scheme because they don’t payout to everyone. Actuarial tables?

      2. especially when they account for something on the order of 50% of all healthcare costs despite being only a third of the population.

    1. The Celts did that; you could pay a fine if you the belt was too tight, or so I’ve read :/

    1. Really? You think so?
      Keep in mind that he should be writing at a college-level. The article is a little rhetorically-odd. Then again, most young people can’t write for shit, so who am i to say?

  5. LOL at the guys body language in the picture above the article title (lower left). Says it all.

  6. I got to say I am very impressed with this article, particularly since it was written by a guy so young. A bright future awaits thee!

  7. Thanks for explaining that Kaffrey. I was confused by the term “fat acceptance” on here yesterday as I had never heard of it. I guess its a full fledged movement of some sort? I gather its not yet mainstream as I doubt most of the people I know IRL have heard of this. The first photo you used – is that staged or did some random fat passenger on a subway train actually stand there like that in front of strangers while someone took her photo? If someone wants to be fat I have no problem with it and I never make fun of fat people, either to their faces or behind their backs, but I do have an issue when people subject me, as a stranger in public, to near nudity. Its bad form and lacks decorum, decency and social etiquette.
    “Now I must stop first and say that being overweight does not innately
    make a woman to be unworthy. I do believe that a woman’s worth lies is
    many more characteristics than simply her body weight. But one fact we
    must not ignore is that most overweight women tend to have qualities
    that aren’t exactly, well, admirable. These qualities include laziness,
    lethargy, gluttony, and self-esteem issues.”
    I know a few obese people who are intellectual geniuses. Yes, they are physically lazy because they live in their heads all day, theorizing and philosophizing. They are not mentally lazy though and they are published authors.

    1. Google “fat acceptance tumblr” and prepare to have your eyes burned and your mind blown a bit.

  8. “However, the most tragic consequence is that their lifespans will certainly be shortened because of their choices.” – Remind me how these selfish pigs dying off early is a bad thing?

    1. Sigh.
      At this time, IMHO, it is time for “adults” to see that people dying early, and being in unnecessary physical and emotional pain, reduces our society, as well as the person.
      We’re losing what they could contribute if healthy

  9. People are always going to do what benefits them (or what they THINK will benefit them) and try to do so with minimal effort. In this era of pseudo-celebrity with social networks and SJWs, it is no surprise that we have fat acceptance movements and the like. These movements are houses of cards though, since they have no basis in anything but large numbers (and girth). A handful of fit intellectuals could be the wind to send their card houses into disarray.

      1. Really? Fat people don’t bother me. I only find really sculpted, fit bodies on men and sculpted, fit, curvy bodies on women arousing, but the sight of a fat person (no matter how fat) does not bother me whatsoever. I think some of you just want a reason to be hostile, so you act as if it personally offends your delicate sensibilities to see a fat person.

  10. Women who are fat after pregnancy have the easiest workout available to them: breastfeeding. Breastfeeding burns about 500 calories a day and has significant benefits over using formula for the infant. Breastfeed your children instead of using formula, and you will save money and lose weight. Stop using excuses about convenience to justify denying your child the best health possible while denying yourself the chance to lose weight.

  11. There is something satanic with ideologies that focus on debauchery and ugliness. Especially when the evil results aren’t accepted as evil but as good as anything else as long as the standards (of prettiness, intelligence, inner drive) are altered.
    Self-betterment, beauty and striving towards the gods is the way forward.

  12. It always amazes me at the double standard women employ. Men just have to accept us because we’re fat. No…men are visual creatures, always have, always will be. Do you see women dating homeless men with no money or bringing him home to meet the parents? Hi mom and dad this is Ted he’s got no job and sponges off me. No…but society will accept that…well why should she date him he’s a loser with no money. However if you say the opposite if you’re a man…who would date her she’s fat? Oh how rude and insensitive!Women look for security (that’s of course after she’s had a few kids with loser bad boys) but that’s acceptable to. You cannot change basic programming of men and women. society is trying to change it but it’s impossible and makes a real mess of things which we are now experiencing.

  13. 30 minutes or less, once a week is not only enough, but plenty of exercise to build muscle and reduce fat.
    Leanness is made in the kitchen, not the gym. As the old saying goes, you cannot out train a bad diet. Many of the old time body builders and strong men spent no more than a few hours a week exercising and otherwise spent as little time moving, in any way, as possible, so that the calories ending up going to making muscle and bone, rather than waste heat.
    But they also ate well, i.e, in a good or satisfactory way.
    The whole aerobics theory of fitness combined with the “burn it off” theory of weight loss has been incredibly damaging, to the extent that few people who actually engage in it these days rarely even have any idea what exercise is and what it is for.
    And I say that as a road cyclist of the lightweight, climbing variety, thus my bias would be opposed to what I have said.

      1. I am converting from European style road riding to English style Time Trial/Track riding and hill climbing. Thus I need to go from a lightweight climber to a medium weight powerhouse.
        I have put on enough muscle since I began my off season strength training in December for people to notice and remark.
        I superset compound movements. Once a week. Takes about 15 minutes. 30 minutes is for the untrained who can’t handle the intensity.
        Give me 30 minutes a day and I’ll not only muscle someone up and lean them out, but I’ll make a real athlete out of them. The tricky bit will be getting them to not exercise during much of that. The time will be used training technique.
        That and eating only what I give them.
        Let me ask you a question: Why do you think it should take 30 minutes a day to build muscle? On what basis do you make that assessment other than “Well, it just does, doesn’t it?”
        OK, that’s two questions I lied.
        The fact is that most exercise that most people do has little to no actual training effect. All that it produces is waste heat, not adaptation.
        As for the leaning out, you get leaner while you sleep. Think about that.

        1. Why do I think it’s daily? Well, I’ve never heard of one single trainer, whether it’s Tony Horton, Shaun T, or any fitness mag) claiming it only takes 1 day a week, and based on their success in the fitness world(Beachbody company, Men’s Health, Muscle & Fitness) I think they might know what they’re talking about to say the least.

        2. “I’ve never heard of one single trainer, whether it’s Tony Horton, Shaun
          T, or any fitness mag) claiming it only takes 1 day a week . . .”
          This is incorrect. You have heard of exactly one, although your claim illustrates my point exactly.
          Because it’s what you have heard.
          ” . . . and based on their success . . .”
          Have you heard about their failures? And given their successes, that only demonstrates that what they do can succeed. It does not imply that some other method fails.
          Consider this, that if 90% of what they did produced a null result and 10 % a positive result, the net result would be positive.
          Proven success!
          Another possibility is that 100% of what they do produces results, but 10% of it produces 90% of the result.
          In fact, in cases of performance it is usually the case that the last 10% takes 90% of the effort to achieve.
          Would it be a failure for a 300 lb. tub-O-lard to become a 165 lb. hunk, instead of a 185 beast?
          I have heard things you have not heard. I have applied them and find that they work for me and fatsos.
          And you have heard it also.
          “I think they might know what they’re talking about to say the least.”
          They might. They also might not. On what basis do you judge?
          The essential question to ask is not “What do other people do?,” but “What works, and why?”
          Because even if what those people do returns positive results, there might yet be another and perhaps better way.

  14. Weight loss requires discipline and self control. Quit stuffing your cakehole with food and exercise and you will lose weight. Food stamps need to be regulated. No Count Chocula or sugary drinks at the tax payer’s expense

    1. Or they could just tax sugar the way they tax tobacco and even the most thick EBT users will realize that $50 for a box of frosted flakes is a raw deal.

      1. Take the frosting off and you’d still be better off eating the box. The flakes themselves are sugar ( and cardboard, really).
        And what they want you to eat.

      2. They do tax sugar. Problem is, they subsidize corn. Hence, the plague of HFCS in the USA, which is even worse for making people fat than sugar is.

        1. I was using sugar to denote a class not specific to cane sugar. In fact, I feel if you are going to take in sugar its raw form, honey, maple syrup, etc. Is the way to do it.

      1. You know, the funny thing about “fat acceptance”-they mean fat acceptance for women, not men. The other day Jennifer Lawrence was saying it should be illegal to call someone fat on tv. She meant it should be illegal to call a woman fat on tv. These women screeching about fat acceptance wouldn’t give a fat-ass of a man the time of day.

        1. “The other day Jennifer Lawrence was saying it should be illegal to call
          someone fat on tv. She meant it should be illegal to call a woman fat
          on tv.”
          And you know that …. how?
          There are plenty of fat ass men on the FA tumblrs the other commenter pointing me to.

    1. It’s always sad to see graffiti scrawled on broken down old buildings. Tear it down and put up some beautiful new construction in place of this eyesore.

      1. Srs though, I say put people on welfare to work on beautify jobs. People that can work but won’t.

    1. Men burn fat faster than women, so I imagine men won’t need more time. But you’ll still need time to perform a proper excersize.

    2. secret to burning fat is weight training for both men and women. more muscle burns calories even sitting at your desk. too many people run for an hour and think…good workout…but that’s it. they don’t keep up their muscle mass as they get older it’s just cardio for the moment. protein and weight training is key to loose weight. doesn’t have to be tons of weight just weight. you could do 20 minutes of pushups, situps, single leg squats, and pull ups and be good to go for the average joe.

      1. Spot on. Besides, so much cardio actually meks you to loose muscle, as ti liberates cortisone, supressing androgens like testosterone.
        A routine of low-high intensity cardio for 20 minutes coupled with strong compound lifting is quite effective.

      2. Excellent point, an increase in lean muscle mass is the ONLY way to increase your metabolism. since 70% of your calories are burnt by your metabolic rate, it makes sense to increase your metabolism to lose weight while you sleep!

    3. U only need 30 mins a day of any type of exercise. Try to get your heart rate up so it’s a little hard to talk. Eat 80% healthy and treat yourself to 20% unhealthy.
      – Personal Trainer

      1. That’s a good point-
        I learned early on I don’t have to shut out cheat foods completely-maybe 1-2 times a week I get whatever I want.
        Also I try to eat really tasty healthy food.
        I can hardly stand to eat fried foods anymore. Some fast food tastes like cardboard to me now after eating healthy for so long.

  15. Fat people sadden me. I cannot even imagine how incredibly depressed they are. When I acquire an injury in basketball, I am forced to live their lives of work and television, and that monotony along with lack of physical activity is incredibly depressing after a day or two. I guess if you forget about that rush that is obtained from being active then you just forget how bright life can be.
    Also, am I the only person bothered when fat women spend a lot of time and resources on hair, make-up, and clothing? If you have all that time and money, how can you make an excuse not exercise? I would say the same thing about fat men, but they don’t really wear make-up or spend delicate time on doing their hair…

    1. Keep in mind that fat people still seek the rush that we experience from physical exertion. Problem is, they get it with sugar and fat which is short lasting with hard, fast crashes.

      1. That is so untrue! I do like sugar but I love nice men more! I have had over 4 boyfriends and I am not skinny! The sad fact though I will never be really skinny. Even if I did lose a lot of weight my bones are built big. You can tell by putting your fingers around your wrist if your fingers touch you have a normal bone structure. If they don’t touch you are big boned. Mine don’t touch and that means my bones will always be bigger. You should get more educated on people!

    2. Good point.
      Dolled-up hair and lingerie on an obese woman is like putting lipstick on a pig, as the old folks used to say.

  16. yet the average American easily spends 5 HOURS daily watching TV.
    excuses, excuses everywhere.

  17. Fatness is slovenly. I have no room in my life for the slovenly. Not after living for 2 years with a fat, slovenly cook who was too lazy to clean. Slovenliness is just one of the steps towards letting everything go.
    As kaffrey states: it is an indicator of far more deep-seated issues. Issues you do not want to be dealing with.

  18. They try to pound us in the ass with gayness , feminism and fat acceptance.

  19. To all the females reading this.
    Just ignore it. Go eat a nice big frozen pizza. Throw on a couple of extra handfuls of Mozzy-rella. And extra Hormel Pepperreronios.
    Cool it all down afterwords with some Ben and Jerrys.
    MMMMmmm YUM

  20. feminism has become a vehicle for any woman who feels they are on the edge of society, put upon or set back in anyway … EVEN if the reasons for their being so are perfectly genuine. For example wolfing down junk food and adding on the kilos is your own fault and any prejudice you might experience about your body shape and life choices are your problem.

  21. Feminazis destroy families and people lives with their dysfunctional beliefs. Being overweight is the leading cause of all health problems. How mental are people believing that it’s OK to be overweight!

  22. Please keep these articles coming! You have no idea how many ana/mia/ednos girls go to rok just to find this stuff. Nothing is better for motivation than to look at fat people.

  23. I saw a study recently- it looks like the average obese woman does vigorous excercise about an hour a year.

  24. There’s probably no better weight control mechanism than viewing the morbidly obese feminist photos on RoK. I’m not going to eat for a week and I just tossed my dinner after seeing that subway riding cow.

  25. Well, okay, I might accept fat women in a general sense that they shouldn’t be rounded up into camps (well, maybe exercise camps), but I will at the same time completely ignore them.
    “Fat Acceptance” is nothing more than a litany of excuses. It goes beyond merely wanting to eat what they want when they want without judgment. When they also attack and “thin-shame” fit women, as the reaction to the fit mom with 3 kids (one 8 months old). I’ve seen reactions along the lines of “no one should be that thin!” and “thin women all have eating disorders, and if I try to lose weight, I’ll get an eating disorder!”
    Excuses. Someone below mentioned the recent Mayo Clinic meta-study that showed that on average obese women got about an hour a year of “vigorous” exercise (such as walking) a year. Less than one hour of exercise a year How can someone live with less than a hour of exercise a year? Laziness and excuses.
    The real problem is two-fold. One is that these women aren’t just looking for “acceptance,” they’re really saying “I’m fat, but find me attractive and love me anyway!!” Sorry, not going to happen. Fat women are repulsive.
    The other, bigger problem is that by “acceptance” they mean that society should shape itself around their laziness, lack of character, and selfish desires and adopt public policies (read: money) to further shielf them from the consequences of their actions (and inaction). Which is why, of course, it’s a feminist cause.
    But I also see a light at the end of the tunnel. Feminism is starting to over-reach. What with the faux Rape Culture movement (one drink overturns a woman’s agency to consent to sex, but not a man’s; and the idea that a man’s guilt is presumed upon accusation without the need for due process) and the clearly transparent fat acceptance groundswell, feminism is becoming a parody of an equalist movement.
    There’s a slight hope that people will start to see this over-reach for the ridiculous thing it is and start to roll things back.
    But I’m not holding my breath…

    1. “What with the faux Rape Culture movement (one drink overturns a woman’s agency to consent to sex, but not a man’s”
      I’m assuming that’s because men are “penetrators” while women are “receivers”.

  26. The most retarded part is they act like they are proud of being fat. I guarantee you they are not proud of it and would not rather be fat than in good shape.
    I say this because i’ve had weight issues alot of my life, but recently i’ve lost 25kg and have been consistently going to the gym for 6+ months, and I feel better than ever. I never pretended I was proud of my weight or happy about it as a copout.
    Though it can be a painful experience dealing with some of the reasons you are overweight, like safety issues, using food to cover up emotions etc.. it is well worth it in the end, because when you deal with that you can then make progress.
    The thing I see with these fat women is that the more they try to lie, defend it, say ‘oh i’m proud and beautiful’ etc the deeper the problem will get.. the more they defend this passionately the more the problem will stick.
    Instead they need to explore the reasons why they hold onto the weight, an interesting thing happened as I changed this internal bs that caused me to be overweight, my tastes naturally changed and now I more naturally eat healthily. It is still a challenge at times when I crave other foods but it is a challenge that is worth it for how much better I feel.
    The last thing is it’s funny how it’s only women doing this bullshit, you never would have found me when I was at my heaviest standing in my underwear in public saying “i’m still a handsome man”.. I didn’t delude myself thinking I looked good like these women. And you never see other men doing this bullshit, only women.

  27. Imagine being one of those poor bastards in that first picture. Just finished a shit 12-hour shift at work and you spot Mount Cottage Cheese standing, disrobing and trying to fly. Just trying to process the smell would be incapacitating.

    1. I don’t understand that photo. I think it is photoshopped and the lady is superimposed upon a photo of a subway because the other passengers don’t look like she is even there. BUT if she is there and the photo is real as it is, I still don’t get the purpose of someone standing on a train in their underwear with “beautiful” written on their body. It comes across as conceited and prideful.

  28. An idiot drunk nearly killed me while I was riding my motorcycle at 8am on a Saturday. He blew .16 when the cops caught up to him.
    My lower left leg was shattered. After my accident I spent a year recovering, 3 months of that in bed. Then it was 6 months in a wheelchair, 3 of that learning to walk again, with 3 more months on crutches. I’m lucky I can walk, and dang happy I can. Let me tell you, I appreciate being able to walk, even if I can’t run anymore. Nothing, and I mean nothing, teaches you that faster than not being able to walk. (I had a broken upper left arm as well, which made my recovery longer)
    I put on a LOT of weight in 6 months. Like 100lbs of weight. Depression, I was told I would never run again but *might* be able to walk unassisted, and being used to eating fuck knows how many calories from when I could run.
    I looked in the mirror a year later and said ‘fuck me, I am a fucking fat ass’ and headed for the gym. Now I do have a limitation: I’ll NEVER run again. Not possible. Nyet. So guess what? With cardio and weights, it is ~3 hours every time I go to the gym. One hour for (cardio) walking, one hour (+/- 15 minutes depending on how busy the gym is, and the particular weight training session) for weights, 30 minutes in the sauna (or my leg will be locked tight the next day), and shower / shave time. I need one hour of walking, just to get that hard cardio, at a severe incline just to burn the same calories I would running.
    I’m back down to better than my pre-accident weight, 168lbs and (roughly) 13% body fat. I eat a ton of healthy food, I’m never hungry. Yes, you can lose weight if I can. No, it’s not easy. Guess what? It was hard for me too. Guess what? It’s still hard for me, some days I can barely walk without a brace. You probably don’t have my disability (I’m technically 15% disabled, but I didn’t get a SODA because I didn’t want it following me forever) so you can too. Pick up a slow cooker cookbook. I eat beef, pork, fish, chicken, rice, beans, fruits, vegetables, and so on. I don’t eat ‘light’ per se, I eat healthy, fresh food.
    Now, for the guys / few gals here that are in shape and go to the gym. Encourage people at the gym when they just start. Don’t be snarky, and don’t make fun of them, offer encouragement. Remember, that 350lb man or woman made a conscious decision to go to a place that has many healthy (and better looking) people in it. They know they’re going to be stared at, possibly even mocked behind their back. Don’t be that person mocking, be the person helping another onto the right track. I will never mock a person I see putting in the effort to better themselves. They’re going to be slow at first, clumsy, and so on. Just be nice and encourage them to stick with the work.

    1. Good comment Joe, and welcome to the site!
      “but I didn’t get a SODA because I didn’t want it following me forever” What is a SODA?
      I always assumed that the obese people I see in wheelchairs have some debilitating condition that disables them from walking and because of that, they gained weight. However the article and commenters here seem to assume they they started off healthy and thin and then let themselves gain weight to the point where they are unable to walk.
      I wonder what the percentages are like for both groups?

      1. I don’t know an answer to the wheelchair question as far as percentages. Where I work however there are a ton of fat women (no pun intended) who daily are shoving candy, fried foods, pop and 2000 calorie “coffee” from Starbucks into their maw in a never ending stream. They are huge. And they complain, daily, loudly, about not being able to walk up stairs (when they have to, if the elevator breaks) or being tasked to walk from their desk to another desk with any urgency. I guarantee you that most of them are only a year or two away from wheelchair/electric scooter status, and they are doing it to their own damned fat arses.
        If you DARE to admire a thin, pretty young girl in their presence you might as well put plugs in your ears to stop the incoming shaming that they attempt to pull.
        I have zero sympathy for them, their “plight”, their “joint problems” and “breathing problems” and every other assorted piece of bullshit that they gripe about constantly while shoving as much crap down their gullet as they can. Zero. None.

        1. “If you DARE to admire a thin, pretty young girl in their presence you
          might as well put plugs in your ears to stop the incoming shaming that
          they attempt to pull.”
          I’d think they’d be embarrassed to show such blatant jealousy.

      2. I didn’t know either until I was faced with getting one. It’s a statement of disability from a doctor. I was borderline, because while I will never run again, I can walk without difficulty, carry more than 50lbs, et al., but doing heavy work I pay for it. Let’s say if the profits for the companies that make generic ibuprofen has gone up, thank me.
        Many, and I mean most, have no debilitating condition other than their weight. That and issues caused by that extra weight. I was a rare ‘perfect storm’ of bad luck. My arm was broken in just the wrong spot, and my leg was shattered so bad, that my recovery was ridiculously long.
        My old boss has a wife that weighs like 300+ lbs. She uses a cane, and she’s only 2 years older than I am. Her weight destroyed her knee cartilage.

    2. You are a dumbass for riding a motorcycle on public streets.
      Dont you know how many idiots are out there?

  29. This article disgusts me! You don’t know how hard it is as an overweight woman to try and conform my body to the standards of men like you. I had an eating disorder for years after a boyfriend of mine broke up with me bc he was ” unhappy with the state of my body”. Screw men you are all pigs ! I’m glad my girlfriend judges me by my heart and not the number on the scale !

    1. ‘eating disorder’ = self induced psychosis. You’re free to do what you want with your body but don’t complain about the consequences.

    2. I continue to ponder how someone can have an “eating disorder” and be overweight at the same time.
      Perhaps the eating disorder is opening too many cans of Pringles per day?

  30. I have a fairly large(in more ways than one) family and I think about 80% of my family members are at least overweight. About 3 of them are if not, obese, extremely overweight. I’ll go ahead and assume the younger, healthy weight individuals will also get fat as they age as well. I’m 6’2″, 210lbs, and if I eat pizza one night, the next day my belt will be tight but I bet some of them have close to 50in. waistlines and are over 300lbs.

  31. The interesting thing is the women who used to be fat and now are loosing weight or have drop a good amount of pounds. We can see the bullshit of the fat acceptance movement and how in the moment you decide to loose a few pounds, not neccesarily become a size zero, but try to be healthier, this whales are ready to jump and attack you for not adhering to their beliefs, like you are trying to hurt them with your self improvement. I’m sorry if I don’t like looking like a ballon. I might not be a supermodel,but I’m happy I at least can see my wasteline now.

  32. People who already are confident in themselves do not need “acceptance” from anyone else. Fat Acceptance is a joke.

  33. First, I am not sure why the author spends so much time advising these land whales about the dangers of their gross obesity. Why bother? There are advantages for us, in fact. They will have trouble procreating, so their genes will die out. Then, they will die early, so we will be rid of them faster.
    As for the merger of “fat acceptance” and feminism, that seems rather logical to me. Feminism is looking to expand its ranks. The US is full of fat women. Just walk around any town (especially Seattle) and you will wonder if you are in a cow barn. Heifers everywhere. So, feminists, who mostly tend to be fat and ugly also, have founding a marketing ploy to bring more women into their ranks.
    That’s sad for the fatties, of course. They are just getting used by the feminists. Which is unfortunate because if any group or ideology really cared for the land whales, they would be telling the fatties to eat right, exercise, and lose their greasy fat.

    1. The problem is there are no standards left anymore and people will procreate with anything. Instead of these abominations dying off they are being kept alive by free healthcare.

    2. Oh you two are both fucking wrong! I am not an abomination..I am a fucking human being and I deserve to be treated like one. I don’t have free healthcare…We buy our healthcare! I am pretty healthy I would say I drink tons of water and eat granola bars. I try all kinds of different foods..I don’t live off sugary snacks all day! I also am not a “land whale”… I am a attractive woman with curves. My bone’s are big and I am only 5’1..if I was taller I would look more proportionate, but that’s just not how I was built! I hope you get a boss who is so you call a “land whale” and they read your ignorant posts! You guys don’t even have good names what the fuck is a Wi Tu Lo and Che?? I am by no means ugly and get complements all the time. I don’t know what you will accomplish by this but I for one think you two don’t belong on the earth.

  34. It’s really quite simple, consume less calories then you burn and you will lose weight.

  35. My taxes (and in my country, I’m on the highest rate), pay for these pigs to stay home, watch television and eat themselves stupid. They are paid to stay at home and damage the children they breed by multiple men… Appalling !!!

    1. They should be force sterilized past a certain weight.
      Any obese woman who gets pregnant belongs in prison for reckless endangerment of a child. The human reject of a man getting the seacow knocked up should be snipped and charged with party to a crime.
      You shouldn’t be afforded the right to reproduce when you make it blatantly obvious you can’t even take care of yourself.
      And parents who allow their kids to get fat belong in prison too. Force sterilized for life.
      How difficult is it to teach your kids how to eat properly and enjoy playing outside..? My parents didn’t have to do shit aside from provide the food I ate. Any parent too incompetent to do *that* deserves no mercy, deserves to have their fat kids taken away and raised by people who actually know what they’re doing, deserves to rot in a jail cell, deserves to be stripped of the chance of ever being able to foolishly bring another innocent life into this world again. Why let them get away with it as if its nothing?? They shouldn’t be BREEDING when they’re too f***** stupid and lazy to raise their offspring responsibly.

    1. Me too. And I’ll need to get my camera out, because the day that is allowed to take hold I’ll want a pic of the pigs flying.

  36. One thing I find hilarious about fat acceptance is that the male equivalent wouldn’t fly in a million years. You don’t hear anyone advocating for broke guy with a heart of gold acceptance or “nice” guy/beta/provider acceptance. To the contrary you have popular media barking at men to collectively step up while at the same time crapping on “nice” guy betas as really not being that “nice”/creepy and undeserving of sex or any kind of loyalty. Women have no tolerance for unattractive men (i.e. betas) beyond what they can extract from them, why is it so wrong for men to have a similar outlook?

  37. How wonderful to showcase young writers on RunOn of Kids. I’m sure the targeted market of high school and college boys appreciates the nod! Making fun of fat women seems to be the most critical component of the men’s rights movement today, but I’m not sure why. When you are used to Rosie Thumb and her four skinny sisters, anything human sized would be intimidating…

    1. Ah, chronic masturbation accusations, how typical for an asshurt landwhale. Whats really sad is you probably shame men for that out of envy, seeing as the fupa bulk is likely to be so enormous by now, you cant even reach your own genitals, can ya big girl..? 😀 Obviously NO ONE would ever sleep with you; so I do believe we’ve just figured out where your shitty attitude is coming from – decades of bottled up sexual frustration.
      It is, indeed, incredibly easy to make fun of fat women. But rarely do men do it with the intention of putting someone else down to raise ourselves up. We do it because you disgust us, we’re sick of seeing you everywhere we go, and we want you to either lose weight, or do everyone a favor and pay for some good ole fashioned black market euthanasia. You’re generally despised by people for being fat. Those who don’t make you feel that way are just doing a better job at hiding it from you.

      1. What makes you so sure I am fat? You sound very angry, which is much more unhealthy and unattractive than being overweight. I believe in respecting living beings, and the bitter venom that you spew belies a seriously wounded psyche. I do not have a weight problem, but I know and love people that do struggle with obesity and I hate to see them treated this way. I am sorry for your loss of empathy and I hope that you can heal whatever hurt is filling you with so much hatred. I would prefer to live in a fat body to living with a heart full of rage. Peace and healing to you.

      2. I don’t really feel any which way toward fat people. Occasionally, I’ll have a mean thought, but I can always trace it to something internal (I had a bad day or am feeling particularly angry). However, they certainly don’t disgust me despite the fact that I only find trim bodies particularly attractive. Why are you so angry?

  38. Hypertension, high cholesterol, joint deterioration, cancer, sleep
    apnea, and a barrage of other obesity related diseases and disorders are all misogynists and should be ashamed of themselves.
    Hypertension in particular must be gay and lives in his mother’s basement with his small penis

  39. Good lord. This “thick” gal says she “settled” for men she didn’t even like because …..

      1. Actually she was repeating what the guys said. The video is about her asking guys who love thick gals what they love about them. First they talked about body, then personality. But that’s beside the point. My point was there are guys out there dating thick women who may think those women are really into them when they may not be. Like she said, she dated guys and would hold onto them for a really long time despite not being into them simply because she was insecure about her weight and thought she wouldn’t be able to get anybody else.

    1. “And I was like… and he was like…and like big… and like thick…and like cushion for the pushin’… and like he thought like… and I like was no way… and he was like…”
      Shoot me now, please.

      1. Just another reason to date Asian or Eastern Euro: no “like” every third word.

  40. They can eat all they want if they go fully raw like this woman. She eats only raw veggies and fruits, with small amounts of nuts and seeds. Her meals are huge. Larger portions than obese people eat. That’s because if you eat only fruits and veggies you don’t need to restrict the portions.

  41. how do you rok people, feel about “thin privilege” on,omegle some feminist attacked me about, it.i do not belive in it, i mean what are the privileges….also the feminist wanted me to join them but, she called really stupid why would i join someone who insults…,me. and on omegle. my domain.

  42. Allow me to enlighten you with some feminism. No one–not fat women, not skinny men, not professionals or homeless people or you name it–exists for the pleasure of someone else. Therefore, you don’t have the right to tell women what they should look like. When these women talk about accepting their bodies the way they are, what they want to make clear is that they are not going to be basing their self worth on anyone else’s judgment of them. They don’t need your approval. It doesn’t matter to them that they don’t have it because they don’t exist to please you.

    1. Well congrats, we have reached the promised land, where nobody feels an ounce of shame for their poor behavior. Glory be.

  43. I overweight men are on this site complaining they wouldn’t date overweight women?

  44. Yea this is why I tell black men do not join up w/ white men on anything. Notice in the comments that they went anti black which almost ALWAYS happens no matter what the topic is. We are talking about fat acceptance & it turns into how inferior blacks are almost every fucking time. Black go your own way & DO NOT join white men in any mra movement NOTHING!

  45. I have seen this Western brain shit percolating the vast emptiness of space and brainfucking westernized Indian youth. They feel fat is OK. They feel being gay is OK. Slutting away the most fertile years of life is OK. The western SJW clan’s Asian spawn is nowhere less parasitic but alarmingly more potent.
    I tried helping a few guys out of this cesspool. In vain.
    Showing the middle finger to Biology is not prudent. Being fat is not a badge of honour. It was and is a shame. Being gay is not cool. It is a shame.

  46. Right on. And if those fatties could wave a wand and become slim and trim, they’d do it pronto.

  47. men or women – fat is NOT beautiful
    It’s gluttony, unhealthiness, slothfulness, gross, smelly and a surrender to inaction- it’s a choice for most (& it’s a constant battle for me)

  48. Why is it always fat women? I’m confused to that. I have fat male friends, and most of them are like, “Accept me. Don’t accept me. I don’t give a fuck.” The women are like, “I have to push myself in your face and I want the government to force you to accept me.” What is that shit?
    It might also have something to do with my fat friends are avid powerlifters. So they’re fat, yes, but extremely strong and confident.

  49. You make many valid points but some of the language you have used in this article is very condescending (“can’t keep their greasy hands off the microwave pizza bites”) which really negates your credibility as a concerned authority on anything.

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