It Takes Balls To Start A Profitable Blog. Do You Have Them?

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Or are you are afraid because you don’t have any balls?

It takes balls to start a blog. Here are three reasons why you don’t have the balls to run a profitable blog:

1. You have to live your life to write a blog

If you don’t live an actionable and fruitful life, no one is going to care about your blog. No one cares about a guy who is invisible and doesn’t really even exist. Running a blog requires you to actually go out and live a life where something happens. It is not done by sitting in a dark room, browsing 4chan and jerking off to Japanese schoolgirls.

Do you have the balls to live your own life? Go out and prove it. You have to go talk to that girl you like, face your fears and make something out of yourself. Nothing is accomplished by avoiding action. You are not a pussy, are you? You will take action, set up a blog and that’s why you will have meaning in your life.

Face your fears and the fears then get replaced with confidence. Confidence is the thing that gets you everything you possibly want: girls, money and meaning. Your blog will provide you with incentives to take action and live a life of success. A blog is the reason why people get the little extra push to build their beach body, pick up girls or make more money.

You have to have balls to take action in order to run a blog. Are you bad enough to do that?

2. It requires effort to run a blog

Writing a blog is like going to the gym. It is hard work. Hard work is what turns coal into diamonds and that’s why you have to do it. It takes time to write posts for your blog, but that time is invested into something which will bring you future success. Not being afraid to work hard means you have grit, focus and discipline – qualities every man should have and has to possess in order to fulfill their potential.

Most men lack these qualities today. Most men are pussies. They shy away from hard work and that’s why they never build anything great. Most men have nothing to make them proud. A blog is the equivalent of building a house in today’s world where mental skills are favored over the physical. You build a blog, and you can proudly look at it and say: “This is where my hard work got me.”

Nothing gets accomplished without hard work. You don’t build a good body without going to the gym, and you will not build a good blog without putting the work in. BADNET has made it almost too easy for you to set up a blog, but you still need to write the posts by yourself. If you really put all the hard work in, you will turn your blog into money, success and fame.

Are you capable of working hard enough to build something of your own?

3. It takes heart and soul to write a blog

If you live according to the expectations of everyone else, everyone will know you are an imposter. Not only that, you will be invisible to everyone around you. Writing a good blog takes heart: you have to have the courage to write about things everyone else is afraid to say. You have to pour your soul into your blog and let people take it all in.You have to be willing to say things which go against the grain and make some people upset. You need to be ready to say what you know is right and be tough enough to take the heat for it.

After you do it the fear is replaced with confidence. You did it. It’s done. You let people know what kind of a man you are and how little shit you take from babies. You know you aren’t a pussy and that’s why you don’t care about pussies calling you out. You will express your masculinity regardless of feminine men crying about it.

That’s what defines a real man. A real man has the balls to do what he needs to do and will stand tall when the whole world is trying to change him. A real man will take action regardless of feminists or social justice warriors complaining about it. A real man will start a blog and say what he needs to say whether it is socially acceptable or not.

A real man has no hesitation to call himself a BAD guy. Do you?

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56 thoughts on “It Takes Balls To Start A Profitable Blog. Do You Have Them?”

  1. It takes balls to start an actual, physical business. Any faggot with a macbook pro can start a blog. GTFOH

    1. Millennials, man. They want to be rich and famous for just being the special, unique snowflakes they each are. Sacrifice and hard work is a sucker’s bet.

      1. Can’t wait when facebook is considered so last year, and not even hipster posers can argue for its utility.

    2. Even though this is a sponsored post, I think this went over your head.
      The main thing someone should get out of it is : Live a life that’s interesting enough that you could start a blog on the side that people would read. The blog isn’t the end goal, it’s a byproduct.
      Let’s face it, people who break the 9-to-5 mold and accumulate some renown are interesting. Or else, we’d never read QC’s biographies of interesting historical figures.

      1. I’m with ya, but ‘unemployed person’ is 5 syllables and doesn’t hit as hard as my choice to use the two syllable “faggot.” Not used in this case to denigrate a gay person but rather anyone.

        1. “No one goes to hell for denigrating faggots, they just go to jail!” ~ Joseph Stalin

  2. As soon as I read the title I knew right away this was going to be a sponsored post by Badnet. I used to read BoldAndDetermined but his posts have become so cringe-worthy, constantly talking about how bad-ass he is with his bad-ass blog

    1. one time he made a post talking about his daughter and I swear his character broke for a minute. “my sweet little puddin’ pop the light of my life”

    2. Yo man, changed my mind about victor. I met a kid that knows Victor Pride, Mike Cernovich and Chris from GLL personally. Said they’re all 100% legit. Victor actually does make between 5&10 k per month. He said Chris from GLL has pulled in well over a million.

        1. Yeah swear to god. He went to my high school, graduated a few years before me. Said he was in what’s app chats with them a while back. Has their phone numbers.
          Said Victor makes so much mostly because of his deal with HostGator. Its obviously his referral program. He gets a percentage of everyone who ever opened a domain through him, everytime they make a payment. Which can be anywhere from 1-4 times a year. Myself included.
          Also said Victor, as well as Mike from D&P, both made a lot of their money through real estate before, but their incomes from their sites aren’t exaggerated.
          He said Chris from GLL makes the most. He works mainly through affiliate links and did it well.
          I asked about his article views only being in the 1,000’s.
          He said he’s not sure why that is, but his forums are so unbelievably busy that there’s no way the number is accurate.
          I’ve been considering starting a blog myself, not so much for profit but as a resume. He said he could put me in touch with all of them.

        2. I also would argue that these guys want to keep their blogs looking modest at most to keep their “average joe” factor about them. People will feel like their getting their info from someone who is more like them and for them, as opposed to just some business venture looking to make a buck. I’ve purchased 30 day’s of discipline from him, as well as the Domain like I said. The kid who I know also purchased all of Victors eBooks.
          Also, for what it’s worth. I wrote an eBook for shits and giggles last year, and threw it on amazon just to see what would come of it. No advertising, nothing. Just put it up and forgot about it.
          I just got my payments from amazon for 2014, turned out I made 25 bucks total, and I didn’t expect to make a dime.
          So for someone who puts in as much effort as they do, I really can’t see it being far fetched.

        3. it’s no secret that i like and support those three’s blogs and have found immense benefit from their work.
          I think if anything they underhype* their value [*yes i know you’re rolling your eyes when i say this but i’ve found it to be true for me anyway], because the moment you say you’re making it large everybody does one of two things
          1) hates you/ can’t relate to you/ think you’re full of shit etc etc
          2) wants hand outs from you like you owe them something
          They strike a pretty good balance keeping it humble, keeping it real.
          And the number one thing i like? there’s zero whining.

        1. Donmeh Jews masterminded the Armenian Holocaust.
          Some things bear repeating, like a hammer to a hard head.
          Lol, what kind of patriot are you?
          CamelJockey has twice your IQ.

    3. Victor Pride has never really hit home with me like Cernovich has. They’re best buds and seem to plug each other, but I find Vic too cheesy. Dude thinks he’s batman. Plus, he claims to be this rich baller living the high life, but only ever lives in dirt poor asian countries.

  3. While I respect that this is a sponsored post, and that the advice is for the most part sound advice – and it does take some work to have a blog – I have to say that there is something missing here.
    And that thing is, blogs are bullshit.
    I think the entire structure around blogs and the ability to make a living from them is all a bullshit scam. I’m not saying the sponsor is running one. In fact I doubt they are – they are merely pushing a service. It’s business.
    But no unknown Joe out there is going to just start a blog and get some degree of success from it.
    But.. what about all those others who have?
    Well – who are they? Most of them are insiders. How many “real” clicks to they get? Ever notice that there’s an entire army of leftoid “bots” ready to swarm in the name of the social justice cause of the day at any notice?
    What do you think all that “persona management”, bullhorn, bots, and related infrastructure are doing in between those times?
    This is why you can go be a total ass-hat feminist mangina SJW writer using poorly written snark and fake irony about shit only “they” care about and all of a sudden you can make a living off it – and then you also get flown out for “talks” and paid for that too but outside of the blog you get enough time to write shitty books that get all kinds of free and instant press from the SAME system.
    See how that works? When we say “Cathedral” it’s not some inside joke.
    So some swinging dick is not going to start up a blog and get any money out of it. Maybe enough to buy a beer or two.
    The best a fellow can get from blogging is if he’s doing something highly focused and technical, a blog that actually gives real answers. Like if you are a good welder and blog about welding and actually have posts of “this is how to solve problem XYZ”. But this means you have to have REAL skills and not be some millennial at age 24, living at home with a fading Obama poster on the wall, whose only achievement is racking up student loan debt.
    So I think this article should be best served with emphasis on getting a life and real skills first, blogging on real knowledge, and offer the readers real solutions they can work with and then you get a following and that’s when they are glad to patronize your affiliate links.

    1. “I think the entire structure around blogs and the ability to make a living from them is all a bullshit scam.”
      As I posted the last time this ad ran, just a couple of weeks ago , back in the day the scam ran like this:
      You bought a book from a magazine ad that promised to tell you how to make easy money. The book instructed you to place magazine ads to sell the book.
      Here we have a blogger selling blogging services. Different media, same shit.
      The reason he is selling blogging services is to make money, because you, wait for it, wait for it . . . can’t make money by blogging. You have to use your blog to sell something. Roosh sells books and infomercials.
      The problem with selling blogging to sell blogging is that you can’t create an economy by taking in each other’s wash.

  4. Somebody needs to make an article on the instagram ”models” who are actually hookers that get pissed on, shit on, and do all manner of other degenerate sex acts for $$$ by rich arabs and others. Search tagthesponser.

    1. Yes I read that site over today. I’m actually working with a client that knows a lot of these people and he said everything that these girls do is true.

  5. I’m writing a travel blog from scratch but not really just for fun. It’d be cool to make money off of it but if don’t I wouldn’t care too much

    1. The travel biz will likely cost you money out of pocket. What you will get is a certain amount of free travel.
      Here’s how it works: an airline has an underperforming route they want to promote. They have a run with empty seats and so you get a call asking if you can be at JFK at 8 AM the next morning.
      And so you get a free flight to wherever of their choosing, but that’s all you get. Your expenses to and from airports and in country are your own. On occasion you will get a full package, but for the duration they own you. You will go where they want you to go and see what they want you to see.
      Or perhaps it’s an underperforming resort that will give you a free room, but you have to cover your flight.
      On your end you must publish flattery or perish. You must also say yes to most offers, or you will be dropped from the call list.
      My parents were travel journalists for 20 years. Bear in mind that they dropped it because the Internet pretty much killed the biz.

  6. I’ve been running an adult art blog for over 2 years now. I got this notification from blogspot the other day:
    Dear Blogger User,
    We’re writing to tell you about an upcoming change to the Blogger Content Policy that may affect your account.
    In the coming weeks, we’ll no longer allow blogs that contain sexually
    explicit or graphic nude images or video. We’ll still allow nudity
    presented in artistic, educational, documentary, or scientific contexts,
    or where there are other substantial benefits to the public from not
    taking action on the content.
    The new policy will go into
    effect on the 23rd of March 2015. After this policy goes into effect,
    Google will restrict access to any blog identified as being in violation
    of our revised policy. No content will be deleted, but only blog
    authors and those with whom they have expressly shared the blog will be
    able to see the content we’ve made private.
    Our records
    indicate that your account may be affected by this policy change. Please
    refrain from creating new content that would violate this policy. Also,
    we ask that you make any necessary changes to your existing blog to
    comply as soon as possible, so that you won’t experience any
    interruptions in service. You may also choose to create an archive of
    your content via Google Takeout (…).
    For more information, please read here (…).
    Sincerely, The Blogger Team
    So I’m being asked to censor myself and my art. I have to delete anything they deem “inappropriate”. After this email I’ve pretty much decided to leave blogspot an move over to wordpress.

      1. I wasn’t making anything really off the blog. I had just started putting ads on it using Google Adsense and I reached a point where I was about to start getting checks with them for revenue. I however did get emails regarding commissions from clients that visited and viewed my work on there.
        I’ll probably just end up shutting it down myself and moving over to wordpress or tumbler to carry on.

    1. this is why you run your blog on your own website, not a freebie ‘gift’ by wordpress or google blogger. (you’re the product not the consumer, you have minimal rights)
      take the plunge set up a site, and run wp on it.
      OWN the site.
      There is a massive change in mindset when you pay for things and own them. You care more, and you’re more involved.
      I have a site i’ve been running since january that i have done zero promotion for. I have a handful of posts up there and maybe about 5-10 that are sitting as drafts that are not even published yet. why?
      because by paying for the damn thing i’ve realised i only want to output the best.
      the beginning of a blog/website is going to always be a learning experience. but i dont want shitty generic articles that anyone with half a brain can crib notes from manosphere’s best to whip up.
      So i’m taking my time. sometimes its a waste. right now if you saw my site you wouldn’t be impressed.
      but its there, and i’m working on it, and i’m working on writing about things i have experience on, deeply and fully. Not blowing smoke up people’s asses.
      You already know this stuff anyway if you’ve been blogging for two years. but i ‘m just elaborating on a broader theme.
      i want to make money from my site, not have it be just some mid tier diary blog that dies a 6 month death.
      To that end i’m producing it completely under another identity. I’m not going to even mention its name on the manosphere (even in passing) until ive done atleast 100 articles. And i wanna experiment with how i can make money (services, aff links, products , books etc etc) so when i’m talking about a thing, my successes and failures, people can see its genuine.
      James altucher once said that you have to bleed on the first line of every article. That you gotta be half scared when you hit publish because only then you’re best work is really outputted. Shit that’s divisive.
      It overcomes the malaise and really separates people into those that love it, those that hate it, and those that are indifferent to it.
      That’s the issue. Most people aren’t going to even bother to do half of that shit.
      They start a project and expect that it’ll be done in 3 months. Anything worth its salt (in reality) takes 5 or 10 years to make.
      I agree with wallstreetplayboys said in a way when they mentioned about not starting a blog for money because it is a long and hard graft and you have to be the top.
      But one thing that doing it does, is force personal accountability.
      If i’m working on my blog, that forces me to be accountable on my other purely business based experiments and projects (always multiple sources of income).
      And in particular an aim towards content thats timeless not lifeless. Something that is so good, it can sell in 5 years just as it can today.
      Good copy, good rep (built, earned and trust over a long time) and a good product (that there is a market for) can do that.

  7. I don’t need to start a blog, I found an easier way to make money online. Oddly enough, I found it on a Disqus comments sections. Someone shared how their cousin makes $6000 a month online from home, all I had to do was click the link provided. t’s definitly the nicest job I have ever had . I started this nine months/ago and almost straight away began to bring home over $72 per-hour .

        1. it saddens me that its so easy to project authority (even as a joke) without any substance to back it up

  8. Pretty good post. Good kick in the ass for me. I see the challenges ahead and know the hard work will never end but, that what drives me and I am sure others: Being told “you can’t” or “it will wont work”. I know I get lazy from time to time with my blog but, posts like these help me re-focus again.

  9. “You know you aren’t a pussy and that’s why you don’t care about pussies calling you out.”
    Which is why your insinuation that if I don’t have a blog I must be a pussy isn’t an effective advertising technique.

  10. Apparently if you are alpha, badass and killer enough you can make money with your blog but even if you are all that blogging is just a scam, even his spartan entrepreneur book is better with the affiliate marketing stuff ( it’s still a scam although it is more realistic).
    His content is gold and his advice legit but blogging sucks, the most interesting man in the world isn’t guaranteed to make money with a blog, Victor is really good at motivating people but if you want to make money get real skills. Victor is right most of the time in his content( he himself said real skills were important in his blog) but his badnet stuff is getting out of control.
    Getting called a pussy because I don’t do what real men do seems more like a shaming tactic then an actual argument. Again he isn’t exactly wrong most of the time but you gotta keep your head on your shoulders.

  11. Does this actually work on anyone? Calling them pussies and telling them they have no balls in some lame attempt to shame them into starting a blog?
    Reminds me of single moms telling men to “man up” and realize how great it is to date a 27 year old with four children from three different fathers.

  12. As much as I love Victor’s posts. I think he does go OTT in some places.
    While his bravado attitude towards life is commendable. I really do think it’s not rocket science to start a blog/business and is within anyone’s grasp.
    All it takes is passion and the willingness to help people. If you have those 2 things, the hard work will come naturally because it’s what you genuinely want to do.
    No amount of testosterone injections or hitting the weights will matter. It’s all basic principles.
    There are loads of effeminate beta guys who are killing it in the blogging/business world at the moment.

  13. It take a fun life to blog = Most have money to spend on fun activities = then can blog more fun stuff. Now, what if your life sucks and you do not have money? That’s right blogging is not for you.

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