4 Types Of Women Within The Femininity Matrix

This femininity matrix identifies women worthy of your time, effort and resources and those that will lead you to ruin. It provides practical strategies for maneuvering each female archetype towards wife material. This follows on from the 4 Types Of Men Within the Masculinity Matrix.

In a well-known but largely misunderstood Biblical verse, God commands each man to love his wife and the wife to submit to her husband. Ironically, these tasks are the hardest for each gender to perform respectively. Loving women is not the idealization of women. It does not equate to praise, presents or platitudes. True love includes chastisement for character improvement and appreciation for good behavior.

Female submission is respect and reverence for her husband. Critical for success, this requirement is rarely seen in modern relationships. We have it backwards. Women say “I love you,” hoping to hear it back. After introspection, which would you rather hear from your wife or girlfriend?

(a) I love you
(b) I respect you

Now, which of those statements is harder for a woman to say? I propose the following dynamic:

Man: I love you
Woman: I respect you

Respect is not just the key

Respect is central to judging a man’s character. To establish if a woman is worth investment or is for divestment ask yourself (i) Can this girl respect men and (ii) is she capable of respecting my God ordained authority? Beyond her mid-20’s she is likely incapable of respecting men, but instead is contentious and will attempt to usurp your authority and power. Remember, man’s greatest weakness is woman and woman’s greatest weakness is the desire for power.

Like Eve, modern ‘princesses’ are seduced by the promise of power derived from forbidden fruit. These women are deluded, believing it doesn’t bring death, metaphorically or spiritually.

Like Eve, modern princesses are seduced by the promise of power derived from forbidden fruit. These women are deluded, believing it doesn’t bring death, metaphorically or spiritually.

This article was written for men to characterize women, not the converse. Women cannot accurately judge themselves, being exceptionally prone to denial. Four character types exist. The two attributes dividing quality women from standard issue are respect and independence. From this, four main subtypes arise, (1) the lazy housewife, (2) loser, (3) feminist and (4) wife material.

So where does your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister or co-worker stand? Use this guide to identify and subsequently exploit vulnerabilities in each female archetype.

Women mistakenly believe they are judged by the exact same criteria as men.

Women mistakenly believe they are judged by the exact same criteria as men.

1. Lazy housewives

The lazy housewife is the most debated label of all archetypes. Suggestions such as “gold digger” or “trophy wife” have been thrown around in debate. The lazy housewife is an archetype with some level of respect for men. These women search for an easy life and to be taken care of.

They believe they deserve fortune, status, a respectworthy man and also a free ride. Problematically, she is dependent. This may be dependency on her support network, family, friends, or the state. She is not naturally inclined towards initiating any meaningful enterprise. Further training is necessary for the acquisition of skills to become a good homemaker and raise morally sound children. Don’t throw her out yet! She is still capable of respecting you if you are worthy. She has the potential to become a decent wife.

In this age of degeneracy, all a man requires is respect.

In this age of degeneracy, all a man requires is respect.

There are limits to your return on investment since any forecasted profit margin diminishes with ageing stock. To increase your ROI on the “lazy housewife”:

Foster proactivity, responsibility and purpose: The overriding goal is to transform your lazy housewife into a woman deserving of bearing and raising your children. This is not in exclusion to biological requirements of youth, fertility and health. Proactivity is unnatural to the lazy housewife. A princess mentality fostered by permissive parenting has resulted in dependency. These women can find purpose in raising children. Being thrust into adulthood may possibly help her overcome this.

She may resist engaging her pre-frontal cortex. Force her to think abstractly. Replace celebrity gossip with substance. Register her in a course that enriches rather than degrades her mind. Topics such as child care or education are recommended. You may have to reignite her natural instincts for childbearing and rearing after years of feminist propaganda.

You may decide to keep her even if she isn’t inherently intelligent, but is an honorable, caring mother and decent homemaker. In this case you should be responsible for your children’s education. Raising morally sound children is critical, compared to education alone. Skills and knowledge can be acquired at a later date but a stubbornly depraved heart leads to destruction.

Control her social circles: She is fallible. Like lost sheep, women blindly follow trends within their social circle. She is easily influenced by her newly divorced, promiscuous, adulterous or overly materialistic female ‘friends’. They will encourage her to be equally miserable by partaking in their corruption. Threats to your partnership must be eliminated. Preventing someone’s ruin is to love them. It is not logistically or emotionally easy, but it is right.

Micromanage her: Lazy housewives are prone to morph into slovenly daytime TV addicts. This cannot happen because she is your child’s role model. Due to her lack of initiative, you need to make plans for her to follow. Break up tasks and command the execution of each sequentially. Want a roast chicken dinner? Write a shopping list, give it to her and tell her to buy the ingredients. Give her the recipe a few hours before dinner and tell her to get cookin’… You will have a halfway decent homemaker if you accomplish this. As they say, “winner winner chicken dinner”.

Only for winners.

Only for winners.

2. Losers

Unless you are a sucker for punishment, don’t venture there. These women have either been dealt a bad genetic hand or they have eaten too much cake. Their primary failure is their inability to respect men. Some choose to hate and disrespect men in response to a paucity of male attention, even pre-wall.

Post wall, there are less takers and some choose to self-mutilate to carve out a niche presence within the market. They have a low capacity for change due to a high external locus of control, blaming the world for their predicament. They won’t go to the gym, eat healthily or even take shortcuts through cosmetic surgery.

Why? As an alpha you have better options. Loser women were never locked away in the tower but were the ugly cock-blocking stepsisters to the better-looking princesses.

Why? As an alpha you have better options. Loser women were never locked away in the tower but were the ugly cock-blocking stepsisters to the better-looking princesses.

Don’t Bother: Seeing the damsel in distress, the white knight desires to rescue her from herself. Understand that the damsel won’t fit through the tower door. This is life. A majority of these women have no chance of rehabilitation because of their inability to accept personal responsibility. You may have to leave them in the trash heap.

Fun Game: One is a Buzz Feed ’journalist’ the other is Majory the Trash Pile. I forget which is the correct Answer.

Fun game: one is a BuzzFeed ‘journalist’/harbor seal the other is Marjory the Muppet Trash Heap. I forget which is the correct answer.

3. Feminists

MRA’s, MGTOW’s, neomasculinists and self-respecting women love to hate feminists, but why? Feminism has been a major contributor in the devolution of society, corrupting the workplace, relationships and the family. Rockefeller Foundation fundingGeorge Soros and CIA subversions have advanced this ideology. Even so, these disastrous outcomes would be impossible without female supporters and activists. These may not be the ugly banshees with odd colored hair we find humorous. Rather, they are also superficially feminine women who have prioritized their ‘career’ over family. Many incorrectly self-identify as anti-feminist.

Young feminists inherently desire a man to respect and submit under. They believe their prince will come. Older feminists have given up hope.

Young feminists inherently desire a man to respect and submit under. They believe their prince will come. Older feminists have given up hope.

Feminists are not all intellectually challenged. They have successfully subverted language, influenced workplace and reproduction law reform and have massacred education; replacing quantitative measures of outcomes with emotions. This insidious movement has distorted the definitions of masculinity, femininity and also their true development. This is demonstrated by disagreement with the “husband material” label by readers of my previous article.

The word “husband” has been corrupted, now synonymous with being a cuck, chump, or weak. Unapologetically, I do my part in reclaiming its true definition. It denotes a man who is strong in mind, body and character, who is masculine, a leader and protector and provider for his wife and family. A weak, effeminate man unable to lead his household is not a husband. He is a failure.

Feminist beliefs are illogical and cancerous. This malignancy is spreading due to the lack of male authority in society. Feminists do not respect male authority and scheme to subvert this. In a previous era, independent women made great wives and mothers. *Cue outrage* Hear me out.

The difference between wife material and feminists is an attitude shift. Instead of respecting men, they choose not to. These women need security. In this world of unstable marriages and weak men, feminists sought security in themselves. This act of self-preservation resulted in a self-fulfilling prophecy.

In replacing femininity with masculine trappings to survive the corporate wilderness, she became less appealing to the alpha man she desired. These women require strong traditional male leadership under a man worthy of respect in order to submit. Under the right conditions, they make proactive hard working homemakers and mothers. Their natural initiative and intelligence have been misappropriated for the workplace. Societal conditions favoring the formation of leadership in men have been broken. We need to relearn what our forefathers-forefathers knew. A return to kingship, so to speak.

The princess can only be saved if she is young: If you are a teenager or a man in your early 20’s, there is hope. Find a younger girl and stamp the feminist out of her. Parts of her will continue to cling to feminist propaganda. Convince her of her inevitable destruction following the life script she has accepted. Give her an alternative life plan. Submission under your alpha dominion is what she truly desires. You need to gain her respect to even begin to break her. Use hypnopaedic repetitions of your support of motherhood. Make her feel secure in your leadership.

She must understand your provision is dependent upon her submission. There is no room for compromise. Your job is made harder if she has already entered the workforce. She has initiated her plan B and will be resistant to liberation, unless you prove yourself to be worth the risk.

Play upon her fears: Fear is the feminist’s greatest strength and weakness. Fear drives her towards career success. She amasses social and financial capital, an insurance policy in case she fails to attract an acceptable mate. Exploit her weakness. Do not underestimate her fear of losing social and financial capital, beauty and power. She will typically repress these fears until one day she is confronted by her post-wall unfiltered selfie.

An effective strategy is repeating anecdotes that expose these fears. One example could include, “I have noticed that women lose their youthful spark after 25. After this, they find it harder to get married”. She may verbally disagree, but this will plague her mind unless she has a great capacity for repressing truths. Avoid directly referring to her failings unless previous attempts have only furthered her denial. Wear her down. Once you provoke an existential crisis, insert your solution.

Her greatest fear. Use it wisely.

Her greatest fear. Exploit it wisely.

4. Wife material

Not naturally occurring. They are designed, sculpted and maintained for this very purpose. Men delude themselves in believing they possess naturally occurring wife material. All women suffer from this same delusion, believing they are worthy to be the wife of any man. They also believe they should be treated as wife material without personal effort. Upper-right quadrant women forged from the nuclear furnace are even more rare than upper-right quadrant men.

The perfect wife must be virtuous. This cannot be trained, but safeguarded. She submits to her husband’s authority. She must not bend to societal norms, but do what is right instead. She critically evaluates decisions based on their benefit to her household and not herself. Foster a hard-work ethic. Teach empathy to keep her heart kind. Keep her aligned to your values in order to raise morally sound children. Keep her in line and your children will follow. You are the leader, so show her the way.

Like unstable isotopes, the wife material archetype requires energy to keep things from blowing up.

Like unstable isotopes, the wife material archetype requires energy to keep things from blowing up.

Don’t be deluded: If you believe you have found a woman that is wife material, ask the questions: (i) does she respect men? (ii) is she capable of completing a common goal independently? (iii) has she ever been a harlot? (This one is a deal breaker). If you happened across wife-material, think again. No woman can attain this position without refinement. Don’t be easily fooled. Some women utilize red-pill knowledge to create the perfect wife facade. I’ve seen it happen, the results ain’t pretty.

Men have to lead change

Remember, nobody has a perfect wife. If you think you do, you are delusional and she will only disrespect you for it. Take responsibility for her improvement. They are incapable of accomplishing this by themselves. Use the carrot or the stick accordingly. If they are dependent, use the carrot of purpose to help them learn responsibility. If they disrespect you, ‘beat’ them with the stick of submission.

Women who respect men are a severely endangered species. Their dwindling populations are caused by the destruction of their natural habitat, the nuclear family. Their forced journey into the wilderness for provisions is due to the emasculation of the male population. The lone alpha provider gains respect from lost females. Their strong leadership fosters correct female behavior through providing purpose and drive, guarding their genetic legacy from self-destructive degeneracy.

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139 thoughts on “4 Types Of Women Within The Femininity Matrix”

  1. Independence is masculine, dependency is feminine.
    The article is well-written. From my experience, independence (more times often that not) is a negative trait in whether a woman will make good wife material.
    Back in the old day, virtually all women were dependent on men. Even today in many third world countries, there’s plenty of women that are still dependent on men and make great housewives with some working from home or from within their villages.
    Women were never meant to be independent and were meant to be dependent on men.
    There’s many traits that can be used to filter out unsuitable women from wife material. An important one is respect for God which should be on the top of the list and hence, a theist-atheist axis would make more sense.
    The ideal wife should respect her man and respect God: know her place in the family and society at large.

    1. Tbh I fucked many theology students.
      They are like nurses – the biggest sluts around.
      But I agree on the fact that women shouldn’t be ‘muh independent’.
      They should know how to manage a household.

        1. Most can’t learn how to cook today….
          They say that being independent is why they won’t but in fact it’s because they cannot concentrate long enough anymore. Thanks to modern schooling and the smartphone….

        2. very good and accurate!
          Women follow fashion and fads like maniacs, if their signalling was geared towards patriarchy the fact that it would make them feel better would only be a bonus.
          Women maintain civilization by repeating and passing its values, but men make it and shape it. Today divisionalizationing powers rule the world, so women follow that!

        1. The ones in STEM are ugly as hell. You can’t distinguish them from their male counterparts.
          At least here in germany.

        2. It wasn’t any better for STEM in the US either. There were some serious “Dear God what is that THING” moments!! 😀

        3. This is universal. You should have seen the ones in computer science…… retch.. However they knew they captured a niche market and so their SMV’s were inflated, but only within that building.

        4. No shit. They come fast and repeatedly, swallow and usually have a multi dimensional thought process. Reinforce her kindly the ways of logic and reason to keep the Televitz and stupid high drama pals at bay. Those ones will fail and integrate in to a group of other cuck women., therefore being less to no presence corrupting your mate and possible children.
          Only downside she may not clip her pubes. But, that’s negligible. Pussy is pussy, all the women of yesteryear had it and no man whined like a faggot about it. Bring on the fur. Aroo.
          The Don 2016

        5. Wait, if India has STEM education then why do these H-1B indentures barely know how to turn a computer on?
          Maybe India really is “pulling a Mexico” and only sending over its dregs.

        6. Do fags whine about pubes?
          …as for the complaint today, men of yesteryear weren’t ever expected to engage in alternative acts in that region.

        7. Because …. turning on a computer isn’t handled in a book? 😉
          And you’re right. I’ve been noticing an uptick lately with I’m-a-totally-qualified-foreigner not knowing simple basics. But on the other hand they’re hard workers so I can’t fault them for that.
          Sure is a stab in the back to Americans that major in STEM disciplines though.

        8. tbh I like shaved pubes too. I don’t “whine” about fur but I sure see lots of those who prefer fur whine about how most girls today shave, and ridicule men who prefer bald, often just short of calling us paedos.

        9. I’m from the North-Eastern region of India. The beautiful Indian girls that you see have a higher chances that they come from this region. So there’s never a shortage of beautiful girls from where I come from.

        10. I’ve noticed a preference from Indians for NE or Kashmiri girls but I prefer Punjabi or Bengali girls.

        11. Kashmiri girls for their petite feminine looks and NE girls, also for their feminine features and nature, but the major selling point about NE Indian girls is that they tend to be most open, friendliest and least misandrist of all Indian women. Especially those ethnic tribal women.
          I personally favor girls from my region over others. I don’t find Bengali girls to be appealing. They tend to have a loud mouth and a huge attitude.

        12. I remembered something when you said about prefering Bengali Girls. For your own well being sake, I seriously advice you not to date a Bengali cunt. This is an article written by one, about what you’d expect when you’re dating them.

      1. Dude, if a chick is studying theology, paradoxically the odds of her being of sound religion is not that high.
        I went to one of the biggest, at least ostensibly, orthodox religious universities in the country. The religion department is frequently a real hive of heresy and goofballery.
        Of course this may just be my perspective.

      2. “Tbh I fucked many theology students.”
        That’s because only rebellious women pursue theology degrees, what with the Biblical requirement for a male clergy.

    2. Good but I need to add that a wife who is totally dependent upon her man is a nightmare of its own: Imagine one woman who lacks the independency to protect her children from a disaster, or loses it and panics if they cut themselves, or cannot find good recipes to cook etc.
      Independency for housewives is good, as long as they want to be dependent to their man for what he should be doing, in fact they are independent on what they should be doing.

      1. “Stop what you’re doing and come here and help me with the baby. I can’t take this anymore.” is bullshit. “I don’t know how to make that (recipe)” is bullshit. Don’t get mad at her. Time to look for an extra sister wife.

      2. Yes these are the childish women calling their husband every hour at work because they cant make a simple decision.

    3. A woman who is dependent on her husband will work harder to please him.
      She must have good morals which make her abhor divorce and celebrate submission as well as homemaking skills.

      1. I also want to be dependent on a man and would celebrate submission because knowing I’ll be totally useless on my own I won’t have any other choice … I mean because I would have good moral standards of course.
        Yeeeah let’s homemake skills !!

      2. A woman who is dependent on her husband has no other choice. That sucks. If he dies do you have a good life insurance plan? What will you do if he leaves you for a prettier, younger woman?

        1. The life insurance plan is wonderful. I am already younger than my husband and better looking than he is, so I don’t worry about your ridiculous comments meant to tear me down.

        2. Not a good way to represent your husband.. And my concerns were not an attempt at tearing you down. You are already there

    4. Nothing could be further from the truth. When you see society and social media encouraging women to be “independent”, you know that something is really wrong.
      If you go by our society’s definition, independence is the last thing that you’d need in your future wife. Never in my life, I’ve come across a “strong independent woman” who had a stable and satisfied marriage where both the couples are happy.

    5. Back in the old day, virtually all women were dependent on men.

      They’re still dependent. But they’re just dependent on the government instead of their husbands.

    6. They’re still dependent on men. Men built and maintain civilization. We always have and always will. Many of them just like to pretend that they’re not by disrespecting or fucking over their husbands.

    7. Concur. I also had this thought when beginning to read the article. Independence is what is required of a fully functional adult, nothing more. Glamorizing independence is the wrong focus; rather, “wife material” would manifest sincere “interdependence”. This is where some form of submission comes in to play-it is a necessary dynamic of any healthy relationship. Too much independence is not natural for a woman, it’s not feminine, and leads to the destruction of a proper authority structure in a household. If she’s independent, she can easily consider leaving and not enduring a relationship-a weak decision that will lead to the feminist hype (you don’t need a man, girl) and her self-destruction that she will eventually realize. (Unless she is being physically abused or similar scenario that is likely a rare).
      I applaud the author’s reference to the Bible. There is time tested wisdom there that i would encourage any man to study. It ,to me, is undisputed and captures the essence of men/women. Women must be led, and be virtuous as Proverbs 31 presents. Men we also share the responsibility to be real leaders. We become one with them when we marry, yet we must lead them as we would children. The Bible even discusses marriage as a “great mystery” – therefore, risk management is prudent when confronting the unknown.

    8. A woman can be independent within the frame of dependence.
      A “wife material” woman may be dependent on her husband materially, but she is independent in the sense that you can put her on autopilot and you can depend on her. You don’t have to micromanage her; she knows what her role is (that of a supportive wife) and she fulfills it without your needing to breathe down her neck. You don’t have to tell her to stay in shape, to keep the house up, etc. – she can do this independently.
      The loser, on the other hand, needs to be micromanaged. Give her an inch and she’ll slip into an abyss of uselessness. She needs constant supervision. If you married one of these, you done fucked up.
      Think if it like a good employee vs. a bad employee – they’re both dependent on the boss for their income, but the good employee exhibits significantly more competent independence than the bad employee.

    1. Especially if they are (((the chosen people))) and try to keep everyone out of their own country while they are traveling to greece to promote multiculturalism:

  2. OT: Fox News Contributer: “Our enemy is (((Cultural Marxism))).”
    Wow, since when are Fox News Contributers telling the truth?

    1. How is it that Chuck Woolery doesn’t know that Ted Cruz is a conman and not a conservative?
      Kinda odd that he says he likes knowing the history of the enemy, cultural marxism, but yet hasn’t looked at Cruz’s history to learn that he is a cultural marxist.

      1. Alright, I confess I voted for Cruz in the primary.
        As he revealed his true colors I was appalled. When he backed the leftist rioters who assaulted Trump supporters because Trump’s rhetoric inspires “that kind of thing” my immediate response was, “What a rat bastard.”
        Goons are attacking your tribe and you decide that now is the time settle an internal score. Same thing with the convention speech. I don’t give a shit if he insulted your wife or your father, the fate of the republic is at stake. You squash that down and get back on mission.

  3. True. This week my wife met an old girlfriend of mine who emigrated stateside when she and I were 19.
    We’ve maintained vague contact for years (sometimes going a couple of years without any). Anyway, she’s back, and looks like a younger Penelope Cruz. I knew this already via pictures etc
    My Wife’s jaw hit the floor. I’ve been treated pretty fucking well this week.
    I’m convinced women thrive on jealousy

  4. Again excellent article and thank God someone has finally stated this here:
    Rockefeller Foundation funding, George Soros and CIA subversions have advanced this ideology.

  5. That is probably the best way possible for giving a theory on how to judge and manipulate women, mainly though to protect men. Job well done to the writer, this will be of the most important articles of the manosphere!

  6. Well, it’s this one thing that I disagree with the author. It’s the fact that women can be independent and respect men. I’ve hardly came across such women, but I did come across women who supports my claim.
    One of the example is my own mother. Both of my parents work, but my mother is the primary breadwinner. My mother always used to disrespect my father, complaining that he never takes part in making important decision regarding family matters, that he’s lazy, apathetic. Actually, she secretly desires that my father takes up the role of an Alpha Leader of our family. Failing to do so has caused my mother to hate him even more. But I don’t think that it’s entirely my father’s fault. I think the reason behind this has a lot to do with my mother being the primary breadwinner working in a 9-5 and the loss of “Alpha Provider” identity that my father felt from it.
    As the author stated, the role of the Alpha Provider is to provide, protect and lead his family. But how can you fulfill that “Alpha Provider” role if the woman you’re in a relationship is already independent ? How can you help such kind of women to improve her femininity if she works in a 9-5 office job, where it’s environment is not very welcoming to her femininity ?
    If that women is independent, pray tell for what reasons does that woman need a man for ?
    I find it very oxymoronic that such an independent woman needs a man to lead her.
    I don’t care how “feminine” or “beautiful” they look, but I find careerist feminist woman to be the worst kind of women to have a relationship with. Never heard of such woman having a deep satisfied relationship and respect of men. I firmly believe that being independent and having respect for her man are mutually exclusive.
    But I’m not suggesting that a woman should be parasitic housewife to her husband. I agree with the author on the lazy housewives part.

    1. “But how can you fulfill that “Alpha Provider” role if the woman you’re in a relationship is already independent?”

      “Easy”. Stop her from working in her ‘career’ and put to work within the family. It’s what she secretly wants anyway.
      Another way of looking at it is having a submissive but hard working wife. Another difficult combination. I’m not saying it’s easy; but possible with effort. Good things never were easy.

    2. I think the ‘independent’ woman the author is describing is a woman who can independently juggle tit feeding two infants, steering two more rugrats with her left foot as they traverse in circles on an 8’x8′ carpet, stirring the pot of spaghetti with her right foot, and changing diapers with her teeth as she simultaneously knits sweaters with her hands. That’s the kind of independent woman I would love to have.
      Unfortunately in the west, the pool of women relegated to homemaking tend to be the leftovers of public schooling, the ones who lack the brains or drive for any sort of employment – the dependent/losers. Some of these women are so stupid, they need help with everything, even whining for help with the challenging instructions on a box dinner. Everything is hard with ADHD/compulsive menthol smoking/daytime TV slouching/hypochondriac/ princess complex mass-phlagia afflicted women.
      Today in the west there is no societal crutch or guidance for our prospective woman breeders, no positive drive for the propogation of western seedlines as we had in the past. Our society is not only letting us down, it’s killing us. The main breaker switch for societal support has been turned off with western women. We’re on our own. Our survival is in our hands. We have to weed out the needy and stupid women on our own and we must give utmost attention to the intelligent and abled women, socking them into wedlock and breeding them young.
      It’s a tradgedy that the women excluded from the workforce for lack of brains sadly end up first in line for getting knocked up repeatedly instead of the choice stock. Intelligent pussy withers on the vine and turns rancid. And the quality stock seed of the west ends up IN THE DOUCHEPAILS of women’s restrooms in the corporate offices. Those are our future leaders, our future builders and our lifeblood IN THE PAIL and then into the dumpsters. The real brainy women need to be removed ASAP from the workforce and and begin filling the shoes of the fat half-retard women who take in monkey dick under the nanny state assistance programs and who function as state controlled breeding mares.
      As far as being ‘independent’, western men and women alike are left to our own devices. If we wish to survive, the state won’t help us. It will be an obstacle at every turn. Get used to fighting the state ‘independently’. We might as well learn to love fighting since there will obviously be plenty of it ahead for the determined survivors.

      1. It’s just easier to pump and dump low-hanging self esteem-challenged fattie fruit than to game and bag slender STEM sisters.

    3. It doesn’t sound like your mother wanted to be “led”, she wanted someone to provide equal weight in household decisions instead of her having to do everything.
      The thinking here is so black and white. It is certainly possible for a woman to have a career and respect men, but she will have her own ideas and want to be a partner in decisions.

      1. I disargee. If you’re around my family you’d understand clearly. I believe that it’s impossible for a careerist woman to have respect for their husband. And this is something that I’ve concluded way before I was introduced to the manosphere, confirmed by the latter. And it’s not from my mother’s example that I’ve came to this conclusion. I have seen countless such example, none of which had a happy and a satisfied relationship. I even have a cunt of a careerist aunt, who usually disrespect her husband ( my uncle ) and it’s not because he’s a scumbag, he’s the nicest guy that you would ever meet.
        I even have an example of a careerist cunt who didn’t took care of her husband when he fell sick, simply because she thought her career was more important than her husband’s health.
        The main complaint from my mother is that my father doesn’t “lead” in the family.
        It’s a possibility that a woman has a career and respects her husband, provided:-
        1) The woman and the man adopts feminine and masculune roles in the relationship.
        2) The man has a strong frame, and doesn’t take any BS from his woman.
        3) The woman values her family way more than her career, and won’t hesitate to leave her career in order to care for her family.
        4) The woman in question has a job that doesn’t put too much pressure on her due to the cut throat competition in the job market.
        4) The man is the head of the household. And the woman allows her man to do so.
        Under such condition, would a woman with a career will be satisfied in her marriage and respect her husband. I have even come across such a woman, but the majority of careerist women aren’t like that.
        It’s the given fact that women in a relationship wants to be led by her man, to be the captian of their ship. It’s in the nature of women to seek men who are superior to them, who would serve as an immovable rock for them. This nature is called hypergamy. And don’t fall into such feminist/egalitarian nonsense that women want an equitable relationship with men. Such a relationship will be destined to be doomed. It’s the reason why a majority of the relationship fails today, all because of the fact that couples follow that “equal partnership” relationship nonsense.
        A man and a woman who follow their respective masculine and feminine role have the most satisfied and happy relationship. That’s the norm which is present since the dawn of civilization, present across all advanced cultures. That was until feminists came and declared, such a relationship between men and women is oppressive, and replace it with a redundant “equal partnership” relationship, which has a very higher failure rate than your healthy, complementary, traditional relationships. And it’s really ironic, that such “equal” relationship doesn’t always remain equal, eventually it would be woman who would have the power in the relationship, and once she’s gained that power, her respect and love for her husband will eventually fade away.
        Marriage isn’t about 50-50 partnership, one of them will have the power over the other, and it’s preferable that men have that power, since it’s in woman’s nature to respect a man who has that power.
        I stand in my belief that a typical careerist woman makes the worst mothers and wives. The purpose of a masculine man who adopts the alpha provider role in a marriage is to protect and provide for his wife and his children. The two things that a strong independent careerist woman deprives the man of. So the only thing remaining for that man is to lead his family. But that purpose is also being deprived of by your typical careerist woman, since most of these women believe that “they need a man like a fish need a bicycle”, and believes that it’s beneath their dignity to even consider a man’s opinion to be valuable. Plus no quality masculine men, would ever get attracted to a careerist woman, since such quality men are usually attracted to feminine women. Careerist women destroys their femininity by being exposed to a cut throat competitive job market, where they are forced to adopt masculine manners in order to survive. Such woman usually attracts low quality males ( beta males ), the type of men these women eventually get bored off and soon start to despise them. I’ve came across various women who were satisfied with their traditional feminine role. But met too many careerist woman who are very unsatisfied with their marriage, even though they married a guy most women would consider an ideal husband. Some of them didn’t hesitate to divorce them.
        “she wanted someone to provide equal weight in household decisions instead of her having to do everything. ” Fucking A grade bullshit you dumb twit. My mother wants every decision to be taken by my father, every time. Even as minor as decision to lend some money, even though my mother earns more. And it’s not that my father doesn’t try to make any. Every time he does, my mother used to put him down. Whenever he tries to help my mother, she always find some flaws to criticise my father unfairly. Whatever my father does, she finds a reason to get angry at him. So how on earth could you expect my father to make any decision in such situation ? I’ve never heard my mother speak anything positive about my father, and it’s not because he’s a scumbag. Never in his life my father raised a single hand at my mother. Hardly talked ills about her, while my mother told ( actually brainwashed ) me and my brother how bad and a shitty person my father is. At one point, she even made me hate my father. Hell, my brother till this day hates my father so much that he wants to kill my father, even though my father did nothing to him.
        Not only my mother shows her aggressive nature to my father, sometimes for no reasons her aggression also falls on us, especially when she comes after office. I can recall some of my memories when my mother used to neglect and abused me when I was a baby. Right after my birth, she resumed her job, leaving me at the care of nannies and relatives.
        My mother is anything but feminine, and my father who used to have some masculinity, has lost his love for her, all because of the fact that he lost his masculine purpose in his marriage. And I can’t blame him. Any man who lives with such woman that drains his life, who makes him lose his primary purpose, will eventually lose attraction for his woman. Today, I don’t have any love for my mother simply because I never knew what an actual mother’s love is. She believes that she can buy my love with stuffs. Neither do I have a love for my father as well, since my mother made him distant from us, I didn’t get any active influence. But I do care for them, and I’m grateful for all the things that they have done for me.
        But I’ll never know what it’s like to grow in a family where both the parents followed their compatible traditional roles, where both parents has an actual love for each other. I actually feel jealous of those kids who did grew in such families. It’s my greatest misfortune to be born in a family of a careerist woman. And I never wish anyone to be born to such women. In fact, compared to other careerist cunts today, my mother is a saint. At least she cares for her family.
        This isn’t an isolated situation. I came across many people who had a similar experience. But many of them are too afraid to admit that they grew up in a dysfunctional family, and they all had one thing in common, the one that I’ve mentioned. There are some research that shows that children who grew up in such families, where the mother is a careerist women, tend to have learning disorder, are more likely to fall for substance abuse, have poor health, perform poorly in school and tend to be very distant from their parents. Do you actually want children to suffer from such misfortune.
        This is the kind of story that you’d never hear in the media. Because society and media will vehemently try to sell the fallacious idea that a careerist woman is an ideal woman for any man to marry, since such woman are independent, and could help their partners in financial situation. Women are constantly lied that they can have a successful, 9-5 office job and a healthy marriages with kids. That they can easily juggle their family life and career, by citing misleading example of women from upper class family, who can easily afford nannies and butlers to take care of their family. Whereas the true fact is that a majority of careerist woman can afford them. And the biggest irony is that for these mothers and wives to live their “strong independent careerist lifestyle”, they have to exploit other women ( such as nannies and maids ) to maintain their household. Even more ironic is the fact that women are sold the lie that working in a soul crushing office cubicle, 9-5, is their rightful priviledge. And I believe that any woman who falls for that is a biggest fool.
        Work has never and will never be a priviledge. It’s a responsiblity. But people like you have a low opinion of women, who thinks that a woman’s only worth is their career.
        Finally, to clear your confusion, I’m not against women pursuing any form career. But I won’t entertain the idea that women can have their cake and eat it too. Especially if that woman works in a corporate or other 9-5 dead end jobs. They shouldn’t think that they could have their ideal marriage life. Not only they would cause themselves and their men great misery, but also to their children who are unfortunate enough to born to them.
        Also, I don’t believe should just sit in their household lazily, which is where I agree with the author. She should work for the household. And I believe that woman can pursue their career once their kids starts going to school. Though I believe that’s unnecessary. But our society would make you believe otherwise.

  7. Love the disgrams. Where were these things in 1994!? Fuck me would have saved a lot of grief and taught me better time managment skills!!

  8. Here’s how it works in my family. The wife stays at home and looks after the children. She cooks, washes their clothes and looks after the house and garden. She’s the type of woman who would hate pursuing a career. Maybe because she hasn’t been to college. So I pay for most of the stuff we need but the wife also earns her own money. I give her no money at all but I built and paid for her a little nice atelier in the garden where she paints and sell pictures all over the world through a website.
    You’d think that’s an ideal scenario and it is for me but the wife being a woman and all still finds reasons to complain and moan. Whenever it happens I cut her off completely and stop even buying food for few days. Force her to spend her own money. If it does not work I might disappear for few days. And if that does not work I give a hard slap on the bottom. And if that does not work then it’s … sex … rough sex! LOL
    So gentlemen, whatever you do always expect troubles. Women’s mentality is such that even if you put them in paradise, they would find reasons to spoil it. And you know why women spoil it? If you do too much for them, they actually hate it and lose respect for you. They crave deprivation. To be respected in a house you need to caress with one hand and whip with the other.
    Remember what Eve did!

    1. I seriously hope this is tongue in cheek. Not providing food for your family because you don’t like what your wife says? A husband is the steward for the family – a wife isn’t a servant – she is a partner, even in a traditional household where the husband is the leader. A husband should respect and cherish his wife, and expect the same in return. Not rough s— as punishment!

  9. Excellent excellent article. This article should be printed in tri-fold pamphlet form and sent home with the pink/blue baby hat and the bag full of mini hotel soaps, plastic hospital slippers, Gideon’s Bible, plastic bedpan and other freebies when you leave the hospital with your newborn baby.

  10. I’m sorry , but feminists can’t be independent when so many of them are collecting welfare and government assistance. The ones that are employed relied on Affirmative Action to get hired.

    1. I think the feminist agenda has taken two giant steps forward and one step back:
      Step 1. Get women out of the living room and into the workplace. (1940’s to 1980’s)
      Step 2. SJW crazy, equality this, wage gap that, not enough female CEO’s this, hair dye that…. etc… (1990’s +)
      Feminism has now normalized itself on step 2 when we should really look back to step 1, or even earlier (the vote). This is why I defined feminists as: “Rather, they are also superficially feminine women who have prioritized their ‘career’ over family. Many incorrectly self-identify as anti-feminist.”
      The ones you are talking about are really losers and are bare no resemblance to the feminists of yester-year.

      1. But, ironically the more they want to be like the CEO in a company the more they support the patriarchal structures they supposedly hate so much. These people are either extremely stupid or extremely dishonest. Either way they’re idiots and a waste of space in the truest sense of that concept.

    2. Even if they weren’t dependent on welfare or AA they’re still dependent on men. Why? Men build and maintain civilization. It’s never been any other way and never will.

      1. Completely agree, but even considering the average feminist independent at a base or fundamental level is foolish in its own right.

  11. This chart is very simplistic.
    They’re people, men or women who’ve no interest in all this gender crap. They work away as dedicated physicians and clinicians dealing with the daily disasters we’ll all encounter someday, no matter what side of the desk we sit at.
    These people, regardless of “gender” or sex, (perhaps the majority) can see through all this BS. It’s largely people who contribute nothing of any practical worth to society, like people in academia or those who work for google that fall into these regressed ways of thinking.

    1. Regressed ways of thinking? We’re still monkeys at the end of the day, and disillusioning yourself doesn’t exclude you from the game.

    2. You make a good point in fact. People aren’t lab rats that fit into little pre-defined, neat little categories. Life doesn’t work like that.
      The women are American and in that case this simplistic graph fits PERFECTLY. Although most of them are in the bottom two sectors.
      😀 😀 😀

  12. I really find this article to be funny, like an onion article. This is going to come off as a backhanded compliment, because the author intends to be serious.

    1. Care to explain your reasoning?
      I suspect it is because you don’t think women can be manipulated/exploited/trained. Are you MGTOW?

        1. Yeah. My rationale is that you can’t win a culture war without humor. If the subject matter is really heavy, you need light hearted humor for it to be accepted. I would say my style is dissonant, where the pictures don’t match the graphics.

  13. Being mindful of your wife’s social circle is wise.
    When our first son was a newborn and I was a young (21) stay-at-home mom, I was invited to a “moms group” by a neighbor that met at her church for light socialization and craft time. Seemed great on the surface, but it only took me two visits to notice pretty much all the moms were in some bizarre competition to see who could have the least amount of sex with their husband and still stay married. .
    My husband is my first and only, but they acted like I was some kind of raging slut for giving him a couple of blowjobs a week or two after birth, and resuming sex again after my 6-week post-partum check up. Crazy!
    I left quickly, but if I had been lonelier or more easily influenced, that hive mind would have had an effect on me, too.
    Now that we’re expecting our fourth baby soon, being a SAHM is an easy-breezy routine for me, but those early days can be isolating for some moms. Pay attention to who her friends are, and how they act towards, and talk about, their husbands…

      1. Exactly. Half the men here who speak ill of women and not finding a good girl, have corrupted women like nothing. They think their strengh is giving promiscuos women what they want, but real strength is refraining from a woman even when she throws herself at them.

    1. Totally agree. It’s good that you left, you made the right decision.
      We have known this couple for about 10 years ago from a church we went to. He was a really great guy, she was a bit of a feminist. They recently got divorced. She cut her hair short, dyed it green and hit tinder every second night of the week. She then proceeded to tell my wife of her tinder “exploits” citing how great it was. While in front of both of us she asked us hopefully if we were getting divorced. Yeah, she wanted us to get divorced so she wouldn’t be so lonely. After that encounter my wife said she shouldn’t see her again (smart wife).
      Another couple we know got married recently (about 2 years). He was such a beta guy and she was a feminist. We have an area in our city full of pubs and clubs, mainly for single people to mingle on weekends. She forced her husband to live there just after they got married instead of in the suburbs where he worked hard to buy a house for them both to live. After a year of rocky marriage she started asking my wife to hit the clubs with her. My wife’s reply, “Why would a married woman go to a club on the weekend and get drunk? That is a recipe for divorce.”. I expect that relationship to last another year before she cheats on the poor guy (if she hasn’t already). Luckily some women have common sense, but others will get suckered into it fast and need men to apply the boundaries.

      1. Or in a group with other women.
        I can imagine the conversation.
        “Oh my this tea is lovely. Just wonderful!”
        “By the way, I gave my husband a ….”
        😀 😀

        1. Women brag about whos boyfriend has the biggest dick or earns the most. Women with other women is the horror to eardrop as a man, robs you of all illusions you might have had.

    2. Go go guuurrrrrrl. Make him your priority. Have a happy baby!!
      Congrats to both of you and your wonderful little family.

    1. He did mention this specificly – its a dealbreaker.
      I am not 100% sure it is impossible but i am 1000% sure it is not worth the massive effort it would take.

  14. Previously, men used to be out in the world and women took care of the household at best.
    Now, men are out in the universe and women can take care of society at best.
    Nothing has changed, just comes in a different bigger package. Good luck explaining that to the weaker sex though.

  15. Sorry but there are not “Wife-Material” Girls anymore.
    No matter how perfect a girl seems, never ever ever ever dare to marry her you stupid fool.
    -> The Chameleon Syndrome
    Q. What is the chameleon syndrome?
    A. A quasi-supernatural transformation, the
    chameleon syndrome is the predatory female’s
    unholy ability to become whatever the script
    calls for in “hooking” a man. She will adopt
    his viewpoints, his attitudes, his hobbies, and
    his dislikes. Her personality will change to suit
    his. She will enroll in classes, become a gourmet
    cook, stop smoking, switch religions, accept
    his friends, humor his jealousies, develop
    a relationship with his relatives, or whatever
    else is called for. She will change colors in the
    rocks like a chameleon! Of all the traits exhibited
    by predatory females, this chameleon
    syndrome is one of the most lethal.
    Q. Why?
    A. Because, amazingly, the predatory female
    is completely sincere about her new behavior.
    She isn’t consciously aware of any deception.
    She transforms involuntarily. She could take
    a lie detector test and pass. There is nothing
    crooked in her mind. Consequently the male
    detects nothing amiss because there is nothing
    amiss. Everything is normal and natural. The
    predatory female has matched herself with the
    surrounding landscape; she adapted to her environment
    for mating and survival. The male
    innocently concludes he has met the “right”
    At The Stroke Of Midnight
    Q. How long does the chameleon syndrome
    A. As long as it takes to subdue the male,
    which usually means the bonds of holy matrimony
    and the enforcement powers of the
    judicial system.
    Q. Then what happens?
    A. The adaptation is no longer necessary, the
    spell is broken, and the colors begin changing
    back to original. “We’ve grown apart,” is
    the familiar statement. “Our values have
    changed.” In truth, the chameleon has simply
    relaxed to its natural, more comfortable
    Q. You say “more comfortable exterior.”
    Are you implying the predatory female is
    uncomfortable in the adapted colors?
    A. Although unaware of it, she is often ill at
    ease. Most people have seen an acquisitive
    woman working hard to bring a man to the
    altar. She may lose weight, become nervous
    and fidgety, cry a lot, or develop insomnia.
    These are signs of a chameleon chafing in her
    temporary exterior and compose more trademarks
    of a predatory female.

      1. Ahh. Here we go with the bluepill who thinks Asian or EE girls are completely different.
        They are the same you fool. 🙂

        1. Nice try but I already -know- they aren’t. 😀
          Of course, that’s not to say you -can’t- find a decent American girl. It’s just… harder. Fewer fish in the school so to speak. 🙂

    1. weakness and fear. Thats what i can smell here.
      Read the article again. You might understand. Wife material is not found, it is forged.
      The problem with modern women is not that women are so “horribly bad” it is that *MEN* are so horribly weak.
      It takes a strong (in both body and mind) and grown up (not a man-boy) to even think about becoming an alpha provider.
      THAT is the problem. Women simply adapt – like dogs do – to a weak master.

      1. Sorry to break it to you but some things just are not in your control. Thats one of the things.
        Just like your ability to keep your girl away from cheating. You can do some stuff that could help prevent it (your inner game etc) , but even if you’re game is always 10/10 she can cheat.
        Admit it and don’t fool yourself.

        1. Jordan, you are right and wrong at the same time.
          You can not fully control others, not your wife/gf nor your coworkers or friends. Thats true.
          What you CAN do is, control yourself.
          Maybe your wife or girl friend cheats on you, maybe not.
          Why do you care so much?
          You could for example have an open relationship where you are allwed to have 1-2 girls on the side and she could fuck with somebody else.
          In our modern age, the only thing where cheating realy matters is children. Children can be DNA tested so if she cheated on your or not, you can be sure the children are yours.
          Everything else is just your own inner game.

        2. If you’re all fucking someone else while your children sit around absorbing this information why even get married in the first place?

        3. You dont have to get married. But you can. Do it to give security to your wife and the children.
          Also you do not do this in front of your children (unless you are muslim who have 3-4 wifes at the same time) but outside the house.
          Like you work longer hours. She makes a business trip. You get the idea.

      2. Yeah ok you can go swimming in radioactive waste to show us how manly you are. But I don’t respect what you define as manly
        People don’t have to follow your desired vision for a society that continues with more fucking children

  16. My girlfriend is having our first kid in March. I get her lots of right wing audiobooks and she loves them. We’re both big Trump supporters.

  17. Contrary to the point of this article, women love and respect men when there is mutual understanding, love, and respect… Additionally, many women will even love men who don’t respect (and thus don’t love) them.. The problem with this is it can lead to further heartache and a lack of commonality down the road. If you think you can lead by forcing a woman to think, act, etc., just the same as you, there is a lack of love and respect in the equation. Women and men need to work together to make a relationship work… Forcing someone to love how you think they should love isn’t true love at all. Return of Kings comes up short yet again..

  18. There is a lot of truth to this article. A baby girl is the same here as anywhere. Over time, they are shaped into the various types of women by their family, religion (or lack of), and their society. By the time they come of age, they are mostly set in their ways. You can put some effort to mold them into the woman you want, but it takes effort. The further from the mark they are to start with, the harder it is.

  19. What’s the difference between a loser and feminist? I wouldn’t put those as the opposite spectrum. They are the same extreme. Women that turn into feminists tend to veer towards being a loser.

    1. Pfft. Women drivers. Let me guess, you got lost looking for Jezebel and ended up finding the right side of history here on ROK.

  20. “If they disrespect you, ‘beat’ them with the stick of submission.”
    I believe in the good old domestic discipline.

  21. I like it all except for ‘play on her fears’. That one will undermine her healthy self esteem and come back to damage and bite you both later, if it doesn’t turn her away to begin with.

  22. a failure to regulate all industries harms women and minorities
    especially, while also believing that any attempt to regulate the
    abortion industry harms women and minorities especially.
    gender is meaningless yet men are evil.
    science should inform politics but that human life begins whenever a mother darn well says it does.
    gender is fluid but sexual identity is fixed at birth.
    minorities aren’t responsible for crimes they commit but white people
    are responsible for things their great grandfathers might have done.
    Christians must be forced to bake a cake for same-sex marriages because
    #tolerance but Rockettes have the right not to dance at the
    presidential inauguration.
    sugary products should be taxed out of existence but marijuana should be legalized.
    having a gun makes you more likely to be shot while also believing that
    free birth control makes you less likely to get pregnant.

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