7 Tips For Building A Harem

For many, the zenith of the player lifestyle is accumulating a harem—a rotation of hot young woman available at the drop of a WhatsApp message for no-strings late-night hook-ups. All men like variety—after all, who wants to keep unwrapping the same present?—but more importantly, in today’s ruthless dating marketplace, spinning plates is necessary for the guy who seeks to remain free of unwanted attachment foisted on him by predatory females. To paraphrase Russell Brand, one girl on the go is just too close to none. But how should the aspiring Hugh Hefner go about building a rotation of girls, and can there ever be such a thing as too much abundance?

As a man in his late thirties of average looks, height and income who is dating four girls at the time of writing, all attractive and in their twenties, I thought I’d offer ROK reader seven tips on harem-building and maintenance. Just to make it clear, my girls don’t know one another, so the focus of what follows is on concurrent-relationships rather than setting up ménages, which deserves a post in its own right.

1. ABC: Always Be Closing

Understand this: maintaining a rotation of semi-casual sexual partners is a game that never ends. There is no plateau where you can relax, lay back and admire your kingdom. Like Iceberg Slim, you need to be out there pimping consistently. If you’re starting from scratch do the following: learn game, go out and find a girl willing to sleep with you, then immediately rinse and repeat. There can be no let-up.

The truth is that every sexual arrangement you initiate will inevitably go one of two ways: either the girl will disappear after a few lays (to continue riding of cock carousel with other players) or she will push you for greater commitment. Because these relationships are by definition casual, there is no security in the game, so rather like a crack dealer working the block in Brooklyn, you need to get out there and keep hustling, because if there’s one thing you can bet your life on, it’s the inconstancy of women. That said, the sense that you are a player will in the short term make you more attractive to your girls, but as time goes on and you eschew any sort of provisioning role, even the most hardy is likely to bail for greener pastures. Adopt an ‘always on’ strategy, and be proactive in approaching women wherever you are — in the street, in coffee bars, on public transport, etc — and ruthless in closing the deal.

Harem 6

2. Don’t Get Attached

Again, like Iceberg Slim in his seminal novel Pimp, it is imperative that you prevent yourself from becoming unduly attached to any one particular girl if you want to maintain a lifestyle of sexual abundance. Of course, one of the desirable functions of maintaining a harem is that it should prevent you from undue emotional attachment—after all, in theory you’re less likely to develop oneitis over a girl if you’re sleeping with another three at the same time.

In practice though, there is a danger that you will develop stronger feelings for the foremost of your girls (read: the hottest) and subconsciously beta yourself before her, only to experience a level of hurt when she rides off on the next cock that won’t be assuaged even by the knowledge that you have others to fall back on. Don’t allow this to happen: clamp down hard on your feelings, and remind yourself on a daily basis that your objective is not a long-term relationship with any one girl, but a lifestyle of abundance. Be ice cold.

3. Be Very Good At Text Game

Given that the very nature of casual sex relationships is that you won’t see each of your girls that frequently (probably once a week or less) then it is essential that you become proficient at texting , WhatsApp and Facebook messaging etc. In 2014, very few girls of the 18-29 year-old age range that you will be targeting actually speak on the phone, and so you will need to get good at handling your harem remotely, via message.

If your text game isn’t already strong, then do whatever it takes to strengthen it. Buy a reputable guide on the subject, read reports online, and post your own text conversations on forums for analysis. Basically, the trick is to balance sexually charged messages with comfort (so the girl believes there’s at least a vestige of a relationship there) while at the same time pushing back on her demands to see you or to spend more time with you. Your task will be to ensure that you see the girl you want to when you want, while keeping the others ‘warm’ so that you can meet with them on other nights when you’re free.

You also want to be in a position to replace a girl at short notice when one flakes on you a few hours before she was meant to come over. Keep them sweet with regular, short and sexy texts — they should be intrigued and always wanting more.

Harem 3

4. Cover Your Tracks

It should really go without saying, but one of the most important things you must do is cover your tracks (unless of course you have engineered a situation where one or more of your girls know each other and / or you all sleep together). Assuming this isn’t the case, then you must be very careful not to leave tell-tale signs to alert the girls to your extra-curricular activities.

Each morning, you should do a sweep of your room, removing anything incriminating—hair grips, earrings etc. Be particularly vigilant about this as girls are well-known for ‘accidentally’ leaving personal items around to ‘mark their territory.’ Have several sets of bedding and be prepared to change these at short notice. Open the window and use a room deodorizer to mask any odors. Make sure any roommate you have is discreet. Lastly, for when the shit hits the fan, learn to lie well. Never try to oversell your explanations—give her a plausible-sounding response to her suspicion and let her take it or leave it. And remember that the most effective way to lie is to utterly convince yourself that you are telling the truth.

5. Avoid ‘The Conversation’

As stated above, any on-going sexual relationship with a girl can really only end one of two ways—with her drifting away to pastures new, or pushing you for greater commitment. In the latter cases, what you must do without fail is to take any steps possible to avoid ‘the conversation.’ This is the awkward moment when the girl you’ve been happily fucking for the last few weeks wants to sit down and discuss ‘what’s really going on’ or ‘where you’re headed.’

If you play aloof, make yourself unavailable from time to time, and always hold the ‘lover not provider frame’ (i.e. don’t do anything that remotely resembles the behavior of a boyfriend) then the chances are she’ll get the message and you’ll avoid this. But if you do find yourself having the conversation, then whatever you do you must be evasive. A rookie mistake is to accede to her demands for exclusivity, thinking that if you don’t the poon tap will be turned off. It won’t, but even if you do lose her, better to be rid of a chick who’s making demands early rather than allowing her predatory nature to entangle you further.

6. Be Physically Fit

Go to the gym daily, run and eat right. Drink a lot of water and avoid alcohol. Don’t  smoke. You’re going to need every atom of fitness you can acquire. Once you have a rotation of three or four girls on the go you’re going to be fucking a lot and you need to fuck them good. If you’re not emotionally investing in her, then the sex had better be outstanding, otherwise she’s walking.

Harem 5

7. Realise It’s Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be And It May Not Make You Happy

Banging a group of random chicks can be tough. Not only will you have to put up with their bullshit—jealousy, suspicion, shit-testing, tantrums and demands and so on, but you will also have to contend with the inherent instability of your position. It’s quite possible to have four girls on the go one day, only for two of them to drop off the rotation overnight. This is why you should always be closing, but also make sure you have a good group of close male friends in whom you can confide who know what you are doing and are non-judgmental about it. In the end, it’s the support of other men that will pull you through the hard times.

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144 thoughts on “7 Tips For Building A Harem”

  1. #7 is spot on. I had a casual rotation of four going mid last year and it was just mentally exhausting. You have to masterfully divide attention and time. Your alone time and time with guy friends also takes a hit. I can understand how some guys may love it because it is almost like playing a game, but I am fulfilled through playing sports and music and this greatly distracted me from those things.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. I prefer a catch and release program as well. I think you really have to enjoy it if you are going to successfully manage a harem.

      1. Catch and release is the best policy…
        Besides sex only gets worse with the same girl over time…

        1. When sex gets worse over time, you should start with yourself; it´s not always her fault. People who have sex for a longer period of time know their bodies and fantasies better so they have greater potential. You should try some fit and sober 30 yo instead of drunk 19.

        2. Why don’t you older ladies start teaching the 19 year old ladies to stop waiting until thirty to sane up and sober up? Instead of putting the blame entirely on men, as usual?

        3. Stop blaming young women for your bad taste 🙂 You can´t even tell a diference betwen a guy and older lady 😛

        4. Nah, sometimes the first bang is far and away the most passionate of the entire relationship. When you’re both brand new to each other, don’t know where it’s going, and fuck like it’s the last time you’re ever going to. Othertimes it takes a while to get in a groove, but guys with lots of options generally don’t see the same girl enough to hit said groove unless the sex was awesome the first time.

    2. EXACTLY! I’ve found that the most girls I could juggle at a time while maintaining some semblance of a life and sanity was three. Any more than that and I found myself dropping the balls. If I keep it to three or less, I can manage.

      1. Exactly, EXACTLY! Three is really the practical max. You can have a group of 10-12 orbiting at a give time, but only 3 really getting to beat your meat on a regular basis. The other 7-9 girls are there to hot-swap one of your regulars if/when necessary.

    3. But, you should once in your life, at least, sleep with 3 or more women at the same time. It is very good for your self-esteem.

    4. Speaking of #7, as far as I’m concerned, the whole thing isn’t even worth the trouble. Owning a harem is like being a drug lord. You can be on top of the world but sooner or later (usually sooner), you’re going to get toppled. Whether it’s from a rival or from someone on the inside, you’re going to go down. And it can happen in a flash. Only in the case of the harem, when it’s an inside job, it’s your girls who do the shooting, instead of your trusted bodyguard.

  2. Attached women are great for harems. They already have the dutiful boyfriend at home that isn’t giving them the high hard one anymore so you swoop in for the kill. You generally won’t have to worry about them asking for more since they already have a relationship. You won’t have to see them often since they usually can’t get away too much without making their guy suspicious. That being said, there is always a chance they might talk about leaving their guy for you-DO NOT ENCOURAGE THIS!
    The tough part is sniffing out girls willing to step out on their guy but it typically just takes a couple cocktails and some heavy flirting to gauge it.

    1. ” That being said, there is always a chance they might talk about leaving their guy for you-DO NOT ENCOURAGE THIS! ”
      Best advice ever, so true.

      1. Girls who wants to get out of a relationship will use a beta to do so…
        don’t be the beta the supports her while she gets out…
        be the alpha that bangs her and move on…

      2. Example of the reverse:
        I remember meeting a girl in university that was sleeping with a professor. She kept telling us that he kept promising that he was going to leave his wife and kids for her. This is what she wanted so she kept sleeping with him. Obviously, he was lying just to prolong the casual relationship.

        1. He was such a hero, every man should embrace him… Lying to women to get them into the bed is so low. And taking advantage of his position, shame on him.

        2. Did I applaud him? I merely told a story. Both parties were in the wrong. Women shouldn’t sleep with married men and married men shouldn’t disrespect their families with adultery.

        3. “Women shouldn’t sleep with married men”
          It’s more like married women should not fuck around.
          Married men are allowed to fuck around if their wife sucks. Rich and powerful European men are known to have mistresses… no big deal in Europe.

    2. The problem with having attached women for harems is the risk of STDs. Same for girls who are in keeping you in “rotation.”
      Indeed, attached women are an easy catch, but with the risk of especially HPV, you can’t really to raw dog them. Just keep that in mind. The better option is to find a unattached girl for a harem. It’s gonna be a bit difficult, but it’s a safer and more satisfying option. You’re gonna have to play the short term fling card with her, but’s it’s worth it. After you’re bored with her, change.

      1. Yes, RoK hasn’t really addressed the STD risk of getting around, nor the limits of when a man thinks he has enough (women or of sleeping with randoms).

        1. The day a man is tired of sleeping with randoms is the day he dies. True, he may slow down with age, but while the lifeblood is in him he will still desire variety.

        2. That’s what condoms are for. Never had an STD in my life, despite rampant drunken raw dogging too many times to count. Guess I’m just lucky.

        3. Different men have different goals in life, a thoughtful consideration of the types of questions would be a nice addition is all.

      2. Most STDs are curable, and as long as you stay away from the lowliest skunks from bars, statistically it would take at least two dozen of rawdog fucks to get one.
        It is more likely to be hit by thunderstrike than to get VIH from unprotected sex with white and latin women middle class and up.
        Exception: herpes and HPV. It is quite probable a man with more than 10 unprotected sex partners already has a strain. Most strains have no symptons, though.

        1. lies. xdr and tdr strains are already spreading quickly. they’ve been under selective pressure for the last 60+ years, so the past looks std free, but the future will not be. in this case, the past does not predict the future risk.
          that said, you don’t die from most. if you’re healthy enough, you’ll recover. most do. but again, lies to say what does exist doesn’t.
          btw, i’m sure you know, but viruses and bacteria are not the same. please don’t cite viruses as exceptions, they don’t need your citation for already being different than bacteria. both are bad, but in their own ways, with their own prices. prices which, again, most healthy people can pay, even though they won’t like it. they are not exceptions to this rule.

      3. “you can’t really to raw dog them.”
        You can’t raw dog a virgin nowadays.
        These bitches are all filthy animals.
        Forget the experienced women (single or not).

      4. Valid point sir. I agree you’ll need to wrap it up tight with this situation but that goes for randoms as well. Got to keep yourself healthy

  3. How to get a harem:
    #1: Have money
    #2: Money
    #3: Money
    #4: Money
    #5: Money
    #6: Money
    #7: Money
    #8: Refer to 6-7
    That’s pretty much it lol. Any guys who tells you different is trolling.

    1. exactly…. doing all that dancing just to get laid is going to completely sap your professional life…. the only exception apart from professional players that make money writing books and giving classes, is a buddy of mine that runs a bar/restaurant on the beach and lives in a water front condo just next door… he keeps 3-4 girls on tap, but he can also spend most of his time in the bar (where his drinks are essentially free) or the condo… so it’s easy…
      for anyone else that works in an office type job, or has high pressure executive level demands placed upon them, its hard enough just to keep one bitchy twenty year old on the go…
      and texting – forget about it – thumb typing into a 2 inch screen is the slowest and least effective way to communicate anything beyond a street address or phone number…. strictly for chicks and they are welcome to it.
      you want to bang lots of girls… it’s easy…
      it’s so much easier to make money and use it to get pussy, not just cheap hookers but throw parties, offer benefits, contract a girl friend, sugar daddy, there are many many ways….
      and what money does is instantly firewall any female BS.

      1. “been there and done that.”
        Did you lose everything in the 2008 crisis or what? If you were really living that lifestyle and had to abandon it, that would suck some serious balls.

        1. no actually in 2008 i pulled a 200% return…. i remember one day right at the height of the lehamn collapse, my PC crashed while I was out and I had a short position open in gold, which was falling like a stone….
          i came back home and saw a $2000 loss on the screen, but it was frozen… when i rebooted, it showed a $20,000 profit and i spent a couple of minutes trying to figure out what the hell was going on…. until i saw the charts and gold was falling off the page….
          amazing days….. when the surf’s up you gotta go for a paddle….

    2. Nah. Money ain’t needed. It helps, but it’s not strictly necessary. I had a soft harem consisting of 1 main squeeze, and 2-3 secondaries, sometimes a quaternary thrown in the mix just for fun. All the while, I had an income of somewhere barely north of the poverty line, just barely. I’m self-employed, with masterful control over my expenses & impulse buys. My main squeeze often bought dinner, or we ate at her house. I never went out with the other dames, just “hung out” at their crib or mine for drinks/movies. Most of these dames were/are attractive, fit, professional women.
      As commenters above noted, it’s a lot of fucking work to maintain 2-3 bishes on rotation. I’m down to just one young hottie now so I can focus on my career & businesses. Just cutting down to one dame, and focusing on work, I”m up 50% from last year at this time.
      Ironically I find that my prospects are not greatly diminished, I still keep a few in the pipeline in case my main squeeze doesn’t pan out. If anything, my prospects are actually increasing since my business puts me in contact with a large number of fit, attractive women who cycle through on a regular basis.
      Despite that, or perhaps because of that, I’m actually attempting monogamy for the time being. I found a hot young libertarian, fit, low N girl whom I connected with strongly. So what this means now is I hang out platonically with chicks, maintain my normal frame, push-pull, tease, kino, with even more outcome independence (great for frame!) but I don’t go for the close. It’s amazing, some chicks will actually push for the close when I refuse to do so.

      1. i think that’s true mastery, to seduce girls and NOT bang them… and it’s true they do go crazy… i’ve had pleasantly straight professional girls, show up with bottles of vodka and cocaine, determined to get into my pants… it’s one of the best forms of entertainment…. especially if you can get her to bring a friend over…. you can make them perform like circus animals once they get desperate.
        at one point they lose frame and just go all out hookerish…. this is when the cucumbers come out of the fridge and i sit back and watch.

        1. Patience (self control) is the real weapon for men…
          Ghost her and see if she comes back with blow.

    3. No. How to get a harem:
      #1: Have game
      #2: Game
      #3: Game
      #4: Game
      #5: Game
      #6: Game
      #7: Game
      #8: Refer to 6-7
      Sure, money helps but it’s not necessary – or big money isn’t anyway. I make a decent wage, but I live in London where I’m surrounded by multimillionaires, and it hasn’t made any difference: I’ve still had strippers and Russian beauty contest-winners on the roster. I rarely shell out on more than a few drinks. Most of them I don’t even take for dinner. My only real expense is cabs – I own an apartment in a shitty part of town and public transport can be a buzzkill. But thinking you need to be a tycoon to pull off a harem is a limiting belief.

    4. This is some hardcore Beta Matrix bullshit. You can get laid, easily, with little to no money. Ask me how I know 😉

      1. The stars have to align. Yeh sure you can get laid with little to no effort if your 6′, muscular, good looking, and have nothing but time (i.e. unemployed) to spend picking up chicks. Back in the world of reality, it’s called money.
        “Bullshit” is telling the average guy he can get laid (especially by beautiful women at that) being broke. The question then is, “why aren’t they already?”

    5. This is so blatantly false it makes me sick. Feel free to send me an email and logistics willing I’ll GLADLY coach you through my Intro course on how to successfully create and maintain a harem.
      [email protected]

      1. That was an awful article. If you have to beat your kids to get them to do things or stop doing things you have truly failed as a parent and as a human being. That’s the exact kind of totalitarian nonsense you’d expect from state-licensed media. You aren’t instilling any form of morality or drive into them, but rather teaching them to be afraid of pain. Unless you plan to keep kicking the shit out of them well into adulthood, I hope that you’re equipped with some other splendid ideas.

        1. not true… all animals have to build neural pathways from birth, the primary way this is done is through painful experiences.
          the electricity of the jolt of pain is what kicks the brain to wire itself correctly.
          children are generally covered in bruises, bumping their heads and knees constantly, funny thing that most adults aren’t. the pain slowly builds brain circuits to stop the clumsy accidents.
          the odd smack from a parent, provided it’s a last resort and done in good humor is perfectly acceptable. it’s the attitude that goes with it, the method of delivery, not the action itself.
          all these kids with OCD and ADHD would jolly soon snap out of it, if their teachers and parents gave them a good snap on the wrist or ear.
          we’re all so molly coddled we’re tuning into a society of politically correct blobs, like Wall-E…. and meanwhile our planet turns into a giant garbage dump.

    1. What the fuck does this have to do with building a harem? This isn’t a random link dumping ground.

  4. Three is the magic number. It’s enough variety to be interesting. Four is too many. I like women but I need rest, too. And sometimes I don’t feel like going out at all. I need my hermit time to be social the rest of the time. I had five for about a week, and that was just stupid. My phone was constantly going off and there are only seven days in the week. I couldn’t keep track of what was going on and I spent an inordinate amount of time texting. 2-15 texts per girl per day, the time really adds up. Plus, you forget the thread of the conversation and do stupid shit like repeat yourself or send the wrong reply to the wrong girl.
    Not to mention, going out all the time gets expensive. When you’re getting laid often, it’s not so important to have sex again. You get lazy and blow off a girl. This is bad, it is the seed of destruction.
    Nobody has mentioned the dual SIM phone or two phones. I never really bothered so someone else can take up this topic.
    The most important thing that this article doesn’t mention: holidays! Come Valentine’s Day, White Day, or your birthday, there are going to be a whole bunch of women who expect you to be with them on the same night. My advice is to be out of town on these important dates, preferably on an unavoidable business trip.

    1. Stop banging women, Is not worth it, I impose my lifestyle because I know is superior and I am sure it will be better for everyone else, ok?

      1. It’s a lot of work to become wealthy on your own merit. Some may say it’s not worth it and just give up.
        It’s not that “It’s not worth it”, it’s that you are not worthy of it. You haven’t put in the work.
        You are on the wrong website with an inferiority complex that deep man.

  5. Before I got married, I had a stable of four regulars and three semi-regulars in Tokyo where I lived. I was not well-off financially. I was able to do it because I was a shift worker and was able to arrange my work schedule to facilitate my time with my girlfriends. They all knew I was a shift worker with an irregular schedule, so if one complained about not seeing me often enough or my not being available on a weekend or holiday, I could just say, “Sorry, I had to work.”
    I agree that you need to be in good physical shape and getting enough sleep and having a good diet. Otherwise, you will soon start having sexual performance problems because the demand will be too heavy for you. What I liked most about it was that each of the women was completely different from the others with a unique personality (although all were Japanese), so it kept things fresh and interesting.

        1. you make it sound like pinos will jump on your dick the moment you leave the airplane. you still need to game them, just perhaps tone down the asshole-game and up the nice-guy-game. in the end, SEA women are still women, you gotta woo them

        2. I have no interest in SEA women. I like Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, and I’ll add South Koreans to the list (I wouldn’t go for them, but if they went for me, I’d take it).
          The fact remains that Black men are stuck with our hands in those countries, while it is incredible easy for other races of foreigners to bat way out of their league. Hell, the same applies in the Phils too, I’m just not attracted to them.

  6. Having a harem of girls is like having a litter of puppies: Their cute and fun to play with but soon they’ll be shitting everywhere and want to be walked in public with you. Play with the puppies then give them to the nice guy who wants a companion

        1. I think there is a middle point between mysoginia and self-hating men like you appear to be.

  7. I found it was important to pick a hair color and general length and stick with it. Women shed more than you would expect. In bed, in the bathroom and elsewhere. If you have blonds and brunettes, you will spend too much time cleaning up.
    It works out for me as I prefer Latinas and Asians with long (black) hair. It doesn’t have to be just the right length. Just close enough for plausible deniability.

  8. Just be sure that if you’re juggling a harem of women she’s more than likely spinning double the amount of guys like so many plates. The exponential effect of all that sexual swapping out pretty much makes getting an STD a certainty.

  9. Depends on the guy, but I have found one that is in an LTR and then one on the side is optimal for me. The side chick is usually a previous bang, sometimes a semi-regular short term bang I met at a bar or party, or just a chick at a conference. Rotate them in and out as needed and in times of famine you always have the LTR as a fallback.
    I tried casually dating three girls at the same time. What a logistical disaster. After awhile each girl wanted at least one weekend (Friday or Saturday) night. Problem is there are only two of those and three girls. So you sub in a weeknight for the third girl. Then the other two also want a least one weeknight. Yeah you see my point, you run out of days pretty quickly, With no time to yourself and having to constantly manage the logistics a man gets mentally exhausted. After five months I was done. Went into an LTR with the cutest one and kept one on the side until she figured out she was the side girl. No problem easily replaced.

  10. Under number 4 “Cover Your Tracks” – you forgot to mention, “don’t have facebook” – maintaining mystery is vital to harem management. Being a socially open book on social media sites heightens the chances that you’ll be discovered and game over.

  11. I did know a guy who had a harem once, He had ledgers written up on each girls likes so he wouldn’t get them mixed up, plus a big wall map of the city [Taipei] showing which restaurant he’d been to with which girl so the staff would get suspicious.
    It seemed like a lot of work to get some arse, but I respected his art.

    1. The irony is that ignoring their likes, names, .etc is something that Roissy argues will enhances your game.

      1. to a point. i suppose you could get away with calling a chick the wrong name once. but do it often and she’ll get suspicious/paranoid, and then you’ll be in dutch. myself i’ve used this wrong-name tactic to great effect with a bunch of women – but remember, once and no more!

    1. I have spent a good amount of time in east Asia and have been married to a Filipina for about 6 years. My observation with black guys is that there is some plus and some minus. Like every guy, black or white, some girls will go for it and others will not. Believe it or not, most east Asian women are not interested in any non-Asian man; and prefer only men of their particular ethnicity. So, this is something we all deal with.
      I used to have a beard. What I found was that it turned off some girls to the point of it being a total deal breaker. Other girls liked it. Those that liked it really liked it. In total it was a wash. No one gets all the girls, and how many do you really need to get to make you happy?

  12. I already knew Number 7. And I don’t even have a harem. It’s like being a drug lord, you can pretty much get shot from one minute to the next. Only it’s the girls who will do the shooting instead of your enemy or your boy. More trouble than it’s worth, so, no thank you.

  13. Covering your tracks implies you need to hide what you’re doing. Like it’s wrong or something. It isn’t.
    If you can’t do what you do unapologetically and out in the open, it’s weak. I understand being pragmatic but if you adopt the frame that “this is who I am, this is what I do, take it or leave it”, a surprising amount of women will “take it”. So really no conflict between practicality and openness exists here.
    High value men don’t worry that other women will find out about their activities. I mean, does Hugh Heffner have to cover his tracks? Hell no!

    1. i’m not buying it. the only way a chick would be cool with being part of a rotation is if you yourself are merely one cock in her rotation. standard MO for any woman is: first get yourself a provider,aka the fall-guy. once that happens, she can scout for more exciting cock on the side. should you happen to be one that provides the excitement, fine, she’ll accept being a plate, cause her basic desires are already being met by the beta.

      1. I’m not saying the girls are necessarily cool with it. Most girls will keep pressing you for exclusivity and testing your terms and boundaries. But if you bring enough value to her life (fuck her good) and are unwilling to budge from your position, she’ll still see you.
        The other point of trying to keep a harem girl faithful to you is ultimately futile in my experience. Girls fuck around so much it’s crazy. If she wants to fuck around on the side, I say ‘God Bless’.
        My approach is to be her best option so she doesn’t feel the need to fuck around. But even that’s romantic. There’s ALWAYS a better option.
        For me the main thing is that I get to do exactly as I please and I don’t ever have to apologize for it or lie about it. And it works for me.
        Of course some girls occasionally get attached and then after a while can’t take it anymore and drop out of rotation. But that’s just the nature of this particular beast.

        1. “For me the main thing is that I get to do exactly as I please and I don’t ever have to apologize for it or lie about it. And it works for me.”
          The men who gets hurt when their girl leaves are the ones who sacrificed their time/money doing stuff they didn’t want to do or missed out on guy trips etc…
          If you play by your rules only, you don’t get hurt when she leaves because you didn’t give her anything out of you…

    2. Probably if you are at the top of your game. For me a more “pragmatic” approach works too.

    3. Most women will leave if they believe they won’t get commitment, hope make them last longer.
      It’s possible to be open about it, but the rotation will have to be a lot faster, you’ll have to find more girls which requires more time than most of us have.
      As for Hugh Heffner, he paid them.

      1. That’s the objective. You want the girl to leave after you have used her for her vagina and slapped her tits around for a while.

        1. I prefer “a while” to be longer, it allows you to have more girls at the same time or the same number with less effort.

    4. Vincent Venturi – you are the true alpha male. True Alphas have no need to hide the fact that they’re sexing multiple women. Women are likely to accept an honest alpha like you because they feel you respect women and because you present a challenge. We like to think we’re such the total package, we’ll make both your heads ring and have you wanting to commit monogamy.

  14. If a man manages to get a harem he’s doing something right so instead of hiding it, he should proudly tell a woman she’s girlfriend number 3 and if she doesn’t like it she can leave.

    1. if any man is stupid enough to fall for this advice, he deserves to lose a plate. what woman would gladly accept they’re part of a rotation? i would rather take my chances with the cover-up, it can be done right if you’re smart about it.

      1. No woman would gladly accept being part of a harem, but some women don’t mind. Eg those women who accept being part of a FWB relationship can’t complain if their friend sees other chicks.

        1. I think you are naive about women. Most to all women will be willing to be part of a harem if the conditions are right. This is the natural state of women. Of course, widespread polygamy leads to the destruction of the civilization which chooses it, but what the hay, I am sitting poolside with popcorn.

      2. Actually alot of women are attracted to men viewed as difficult (but not impossible to attain) it does no harm to show a woman you have other options and can walk away they are insanely jealous.

  15. Take a good look at those girls in the pics and just think that you’re never going to get them omega pyjama boys lol

  16. Great article. Guys who don’t do this really don’t understand how mentally and physically tough it can be. I’ve had situations where one girl has stayed over unexpectedly and I know another girl is coming over for some afternoon delight so I have to get rid of the first girl, sort out my place to rid it of evidence and get myself ready for round two with girl number two as though I haven’t had sex since the last time we met.
    Needless to say, there’s been some close shaves in the past.

  17. Why should you lie to you sex buddy? Everybody hate liers, don´t be just another guy that lied to her to get her in the bed. You´re not so cheap, are you? If she asks, don´t let her live in another lie. Be honest, be proud of yourself, be a man.

  18. It’s ironic you encourage lying at every point (why be ashamed? sounds beta) while portraying the women as ‘predatory’.

  19. RE;4. Cover Your Tracks
    Better to sleep at her place.
    I once have one girl checking my broom, and she indeed find another’s girl hair.
    I mean, they excel at finding information about you. If there is something, they will find about eventually.
    Never underestimate this female skill.

    1. Of course, suggesting by your actions (but always denying with words any other involvement) that you have options (other women) is paramount for your game.
      But this have to stem from you having decided to let them “know” not by your sloppy behavior.

  20. Seems like a helluvalotta work for so little reward, why go through so much trouble just for the sake of a wet hole?

  21. “You also want to be in a position to replace a girl at short notice when one flakes on you a few hours before she was meant to come over.”
    This is so true. It happened to me last week. Wednesday afternoon a girl who was coming over that night flaked a couple of hours before. I ignored her flaking excuse text and subsequent FB messages until the next day, responded as if nothing had happened, and had another girl in the sack 48 hours later. Now flake girl invited herself over tonight, texting that she will have to leave by 9:30 because she goes to bed at 10:00. Translation: she’s thinking about spending the night.
    Maintaining options (spinning plates) is vital at all times.
    And I don’t know what the backs of earrings are called. They’re those tiny things that fit over the back of the post to keep them in place. Girls leave them around intentionally. I hardly notice the damned things, but girls will spot one from across the room. Be super vigilant about these.

    1. I’d be thrilled to have one “7” under age 30 who would dote on me and polish my knob.

  22. I refuse to let any woman dictate their standards of acceptable behavior onto me…..Covering my tracks is speaking that I give a damn what they think about me, and not going to build any lasting respect. They can join the harem or go

  23. I like to use different identities for different women. Roger Daily is one of them, and not one bitch has been smart enough to get the joke in the name. A few years ago I was Nathan Endswell, and before that I was Richard Long. It obviously only works for women you can pick up online and do not plan to see for too long. But the cheeky thrill of using joke names is a vital part of my game, or at least what was my game.

  24. This is why I’m openly and ethically polyamorous. I never have to worry about covering my tracks. All women I’m with know I’m with other women. A lot of times they even KNOW the other women. And they’re all cool with it because that’s how I screened them in the first place. All cards on the table the moment I realized they were invested in me. Zero drama. Much pussy. Very success.

  25. And by the way, one of the most powerful moves in a Harem master’s arsenal is the “Girl Drawer.”
    Girls will all try to mark their territory. When they ask where their bobbypins/bra/hairclips/whatever is, tell them it’s in the Girl Drawer, with all the other stuff girls have left at your place.
    That quickly nullifies any romantic agendas she may have for you. Having an open box of condoms on your nightstand is also a powerful move.

  26. Thanks for these vital tips.
    I came this close to having a harem of women, then I read this article and called the orgy off.
    It could happen to anyone.

  27. came a little late to the discussion, but for just one week, I kept a rotation of 5 girls, it was extremely exhausting, both physically and mentally, all I did was fucking around, spent 0 time in my hobbies, 0 portuguese study for my upcoming trip to brazil, barely saw my friends, shit, I didn’t even read ROK.
    Got so tired that I decided I would drop one of them (in the end, dropped 2).
    like some1 said in the comments, 3 is a good number.
    the article says that you should confide these things, but it’s hard to do it when most of your friends/coworkers are a bunch of beta providers who are stuck with their bitchy fat gf’s . Most of them spew this moral talk when they hear me speaking of red pill, harems and stuff, hence, I wrote here.

    1. Agree about confiding. I have a select few long distance contacts that I talk to about these things. Others resent me if I talk about it

  28. This is probably the best blog out there. Its definitely something that will fill the void of Patrice O’neal’s passing in 2011.

    1. Four is the prescribed number, Muslim men can have 4 wives . It also depends on the man, but generally speaking more than 4 is too big of a pack for most men to be able to train . Remember you have to through them bitches treats every now and then to keep them reeled in, and more than 4 can get real exhausting real quick

  29. The best way to go about this is full out in the open. No secrets, just make them comfortable with the idea of your polygamy. Unless they know, it’s not a real harem IMO and I just can’t recognize it as such. It’s just lying and cheating, and a lot more work for the rewards.

    1. Agreed. They can join my harem or GTFO. I see no reason to cover my tracks as it subconsciously increases my value in the woman’s mind.
      Not that she’ll ever admit it though.

  30. Lmfao this article, if you need to hide your harem girls from each other then you’re doing it wrong.

  31. I feel sorry for you because you will never feel real love. Someone must have hurt you really badly in the past, to make you so unable to connect with women in any meaninful way. So sad.

    1. Women in this country are incapable of real love… Unless said love is for cash, attention and consumer products. The fact of the matter is we men have choices when it comes to women: fuck or be fucked. Which one do you think we’re going to choose?

      1. Lol, exactly my thought…am in the process of building up a harem, the girl am currently banging I’ve been training her for 3 months, till. Now she is at the point of helping me to find a chick for us to have a threesome

  32. Just to be clear: Drink a lot of water is strictly an American thing, because we all have diabetes or pre-diabetes, ALL of us. I have an Asian friend who describes Americans by the fact that he’s never seen people so in love with drinking as to carry around a gallon milk jug of water. And traveling in Europe as well I was perpetually thirst as I usually am in Asia (McDonalds has no refills).
    The Asian guy I know moved to Europe after marrying a French woman, and assured me, it is not a west/east thing but strictly Americans that are so ungodly thirst. That explains why I was constantly thirst in Europe where the restaurants sell you a tiny like 12 oz sparkling water for $3-4 euro and don’t even have free water. Until I’d get back to my friend’s pad (a few days later when we traveled) I literally had no room in my budget for the amount of water an “American” as myself wanted to drink and would have to put up with non-stop thirst. Then I’d guzzle like a gallon at his house.
    He was plenty content with the water in the food, beer, and occasional water. It’s also a lie that you need water to survive, in the sense most Americans imagine it. There is PLENTY of water in your vegetables and other foodstuffs (if you are eating real food). You could go a long time without eating a glass of water if you didn’t have diabetes and were eating real food.

  33. it’s hilarious to see so many insecure liars here. Thinking that treating women like shit somehow will elevate your status is another sad aspect of humanity. Humans are shitting on everything. The earth, different animals (actually all animals), different races, the opposite sex lol. Very focused on treating our own species like shit. WHether it’s different skin color, or belief system. Reading this “article” and these comments could almost make me believe we’re living in 1920, if it wasn’t for the platform I’m using to gain the info of these sadly dimwitted opinions. You idiots have been hurt in the past, and chose not to move on. MOVE ON MORONS. At least have the fucking decency and self respect to come out in the open and not claim to be something you’re not. Weak behavior is what that is. If someone doesn’t want to be with you because you want to fuck multiple girls, that’s it. Someone else might not mind. So get your head out of your butt, and while you’re at it, remember who the fuck birthed your miserable ass into this world. Your mom. Who is not a man. Yet perhaps she’s the one to be scolded for your sad upbringing

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