5 Signs A Girl Has Daddy Issues

Daddy issues in a woman can be a man’s best friend. And also the worst. On the one hand, meeting a girl with a fucked up relationship with her father can mean a modest, docile dynamo-in-the-sack who’ll come over to your house on short notice to have rough sex and bake cookies for you afterward. On the other hand, it can signal that you’re about to embark on a clusterfuck rollercoaster ride with a head case—that’ll likely end with the cops coming to your house, you having to repaint your car, or having to call Verizon Wireless to block a number from reaching your “handset.”

Whether she’s the product of an absentee father she’s constantly looking to replace or some transparently Freudian princess complex, you should know how to recognize a girl with daddy issues.

5 Signs a Girl Has Daddy Issues:

1. She’s excessively slutty or harbors twisted sexual fantasies.

Let the thinly veiled rape fantasy be your guide. It’s no secret that all girls like rough sex, to a degree, but your daddy-issues case will take that truism to a whole other level. They crave eyebrow-raising levels of pain and domination (“kink”). They cling to older men like a pair of Lululemons.  They engage in major-league attention whoring. That doesn’t just mean changing their Facebook profile picture every other day, it means being turning up on the Girls Gone Wild commercial or doing porn despite her upper-middle-class, suburban upbringing.


2. She engages in some form of self-mutilation.

Self-harm comes in a variety of forms—nearly all of which speak to some deeper pathologies. Even in age where the tattoo has become ubiquitous, excessive tattooing, piercing, and mangling of their signs of femininity (e.g., chopping their hair off) is a telltale sign that a girl’s home life didn’t include a healthy relationship with a father figure. Cutting, of course, is the Cadillac of self-mutilation. Obsessive nail-biting is often a comorbid symptom of all of them.


3. Is delusionally over-confident.

Not all daddy issues result in self-loathing; some, in fact, lead to an overblown sense of self. Over-fathering—things like being called a “princess” every day for the first 18 years of life—can render a girl into a deluded brat with entitlement issues or, worse, a talentless twit who thinks she’s on the verge of being discovered. The next time a girl brags about not being able to cook, fails to thank you for a kind gesture, or doesn’t apologize for being late, it’s probably because “daddy’s little girl” never was taught those behaviors aren’t okay.


4. Is intimidated by a self-assured, masculine man.

Nothing causes a woman with issues with men more anxiety than a man just acting like a man, which is why I’m certain a majority of today’s Tumblr-style feminists are little more than the damaged products of poor or nonexistent fathering. Girls who have an irrational fear of male sexuality (everything is “creepy”), label any masculine guy pejoratively (“douchebag” or “dudebro”), or who routinely pick physical fights with men are generally displaying their deep-seeded resentment toward their fathers.


5. Has body-image issues or “issues around food” (i.e., an eating disorder).

People who supposedly know what they’re talking about are constantly telling us eating disorders “are all about control.” That is, girls who feel like they’ve lost control over their lives obsess over controlling the one thing they can control—what they eat. And who, invariably, supposedly smothered these girls into the eating-disorder clinic? Their overbearing fathers. I’d be shocked if anything less than 90 percent of girls with eating disorders have documentable daddy issues.


A girl is with daddy issues is the third rail of your sex life. While dangerous, she will keep your tunnels from ever backing up. Proceed, but proceed with caution.

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  1. just an observation
    There’s not a lot of gender stereotypes that can apply across the board.. “All girls are X,” “All guys are Y…”
    but girls that have a bad relationship (or no relationship) with their father really tend to have dysfunctional relationships with guys – especially uncommitted relationships
    its a shame because there’s not much that can change this
    The reverse tends to be true too – good father figure = healthy view of men

    1. GLL I agree with most of what you write and I dig your site and videos. Your comment is pretty spot on this time around too. I disagree with some of your male enhancement product
      reviews, but when it comes to how women are and getting laid you are pretty much spot on. Stay up dude.

    2. The amount of higher class, educated girls who either make a Freudian Slip during casual conversation by referring to me as ‘Daddy’, or start calling me ‘Daddy’ unprompted during sex would depress the hell out of me if I really stopped to contemplate what leads their minds to those places.
      I suspect the majority of women have some kind of issue with masculine authority, coupled with a sexualised attraction to an idealised version of their father. If women are going to tar all men as rapey, it’s high time we start calling them out on their incest issues.
      There’s two mainstream shows on television that currently have a female character fucking her husband or boyfriend’s brother, to no societal outrage whatsoever. Women are creepy.

  2. In any conservative and unbiased validation, 3/5 of those statements are true, particularly the borderline rape-crave as I experience with my girlfriend and another FWB. Most deserved of comment though is reason No.3 and the ‘Over confidence’ clause of it. Their egos are brilliantly engorged by their apparent sexual powers (both are extremely attractive), yet both are almost pathetically submissive in bed. They just don’t fight back…

  3. Daddy issues where the father was completely absent are the worst and they usually stem from the mother. I call it asshole syndrome , where the mother ( usually attractive) dates an asshole who gets her pregnant and leaves, or to keep him she gets pregnant and he leaves. You then end up with a beautiful girl that has a stupid mother and no father. For examples check your local strip club.
    Then there is the omnipresent father that gives his daughter everything and has never told her the N word ( no). Tell this bitch the n word ( no, I do not want to be your boyfriend , or no I do not want to go to the formal with you) and you might get a false rape charge, kicked out of school, or set upon by white knights.
    Do not forget the spineless father that was Mom’s pushover, then you get bossy bitch who tries to dictate your every behavior and belittles you in public if you do not act as she wishes. Common statements run something like: ” you still play video games?”( while she watches e news all day), ” why do you want to hang out with your friends without me” ( she does girls night twice a week), ” why do you look at porn? ( when she has been too tired to fuck you for weeks because of work. Dump this bitch and she will try to destroy you on social media while swearing up and down she is the best thing that ever happened to you.
    Good women come from good parenting, that is a fact.

    1. Take no shit from any woman…especially spoiled bitches. Let them know the standard early on and when they cross that line, check them or kick them to the curb. Unfortunately you will still have to deal with the crazy….temporarily.

      1. Been missing you my brother, have not been posting because of my huge workload currently. Good to see we still seem to agree mostly , stay up!

      2. Dealt with women like this myself, ticking time bombs, there sense of entitlement will come back to haunt you ten times over! Last girl like this took it upon herself to make my last year of college a living nightmare, I had white knights attacking me nonstop and the whole faculty upon me! If she has no dad? Then be careful dating her!

    2. I get that it may not seem like the most normal kink and I fully agree that for some of us it’s caused by some fucked up shit that happened to us, but I don’t think girls (or guys) should be judged or looked down upon for it nor should people try to use it to their advantage if you know we have issues don’t do shit that’s gonna add I to it like leave us suddenly or add to our image issues

    3. dude that last line nailed it – i agree 20000%. Avoid chicks with family issues – most of them are screwed in the head and they don’t even know it..

    4. Just finished a 4 months relationship with a girl who never met her father because her mother divorced him when my girlfriend (now my ex) was a baby. Also, and according to my ex, her mother never let her meet her father.
      Now, let me tell you that this relationship was an absolute pain in the a**. At first she was an overly affective girlfriend, but that rapidly changed into moody behavior for no reason. 1-2 months into the relationship she started avoiding physical contact, looking at me with despise (as if I had done something terrible to her), and overall emotionally abusing me (it’s the first time in my life that I receive emotional abuse, I didn’t even know what it was before).
      Also, I had never met such an attention whore. She couldn’t stop posting daily enticing pictures on social media, accompanied by captions with sexual connotation. Since the beginning of the relationship I felt that no matter what I did, the attention that I could give her was minuscule compared to the one she actually needed from strangers from all over the world.
      At the end she broke up with me without even telling me. She just stopped answering my messages, and started posting pictures with another guy on FB.
      It seems to me that she never learned to be respectful towards men and possibly deep inside she has some resentment issues. Her mother had boyfriend after boyfriend her whole life, and had children with a few of them. Needless to say, those men are nowhere to be found anymore.
      I have this feeling that my ex thought of men as as temporary sperm donors, and not as long term providers, like most women think of men.

  4. This article is gonna go real viral, real quick. Brace yourselves for the shitstorm caused by feminist and angry daddy issue women….cuase they can’t handle the truth….hamster will off the rails….for all of us to laugh at.

    1. It will. What’s even better are the links he sprinkled his article with.
      Some people write tons of articles hoping one will get success, tuth can write an article and be sure it will go viral, impressive !

    2. This will not go viral because it is not broadly inflammatory to narcissistic women. When you talk about daddy issues you externalize a woman’s problems allowing the blame to go outside her behavior and blame her father. This means she does not have to change personally because the fault lies with someone else. When you make the problem the females behavior ( cutting her hair short, slutty behavior , having an eating disorder, ect.) her narcissism kicks in because the underlying issue becomes internal and assaults her ego. For a viral article Tuthmosis should try assaulting their ego/ identity more directly.

      1. Indeed. As long as they can blame others and escape responsibility, most women are not concerned.

      2. This one won’t go viral for the reasons you stated, same as the last one. There was nothing insulting about “9 nice things a woman can do for a man.” Nothing at all.

  5. More to it than just these 5. On reading “Man’s search for meaning” by Viktor E. Frankl, he writes about a clinical report from his practise (he was a neurologist and psychiatrist). Young woman complaining of being frigid, she was sexually abused by her father. It wasn’t the abuse but her fearful expectation that the abuse would have an effect on her sexual relationships in the future. This “anxiety resulted in excessive intention to confirm her feminist and excessive attention centred upon herself rather than upon her partner”. She was incapacitated from achieving orgasm and couldn’t surrender to her partner. Would abuse by a father be considered “Daddy issues”? When I read this section of the book it reverberated with me, it was my ex…..

  6. Man this just proves how important a dad is. Even a guy will get all fucked up without a dad.
    Dads, who enforce discipline and never spoil the child are the cornerstone to a well rounded individual.

    1. Add the qualifier “good dad” and I might agree….a little.
      Not to disparage my old man – he matched a lot of the descriptors for a good old fashioned alpha – charming, charismatic, insanely strong and athletic, entrepreneurial, self made and intelligent….but he also had a slight predilection for coming home at night and beating the shit out of my mum and terrorizing the entire family for 30 years. Yep, she stayed with him and we were to the outside world, especially the church congregation, the consummate family.
      Full forward in time and my younger brother is totally drug fucked with kids scattered all over the place to different women, my sister pregnant at 18 and married to a carbon copy of my dad…won’t even delve into my issues (hahaha), but needless to say there’s reasons why I’m here at this site.

      1. If he was a piece of shit like that then he wasn’t an Alpha – he obviously had some demons and a complete lack of self-control and discipline that are characteristic of someone who has some form of deep-seeded insecurities. Sounds like your father is a prime example of the kind of male figure this article touches upon. Not so much absent, or smothering, but more the abusive selfish asshole type.

      2. Damn bro I feel bad for you. I never even had a dad so I don’t know what that is like. A good dad is necessary.

    2. So much of a civilized society is predicated on the existence of strong fathers and families- the absence of which leads to most of the problems railed against on this site. It would be good to see some articles that address this and offer positive guidance in that direction, rather than just ones outlining how to exploit our diseased society for instant personal gratification. Or should we all give up, embrace high time preference, and dive head first into the shit pit?

      1. the old saying goes, if you can’t change it, adapt. That is why people either adapt in the US or leave.

    3. Dont mean to offend you. Based on real life scenarios.
      You mean the biological dad or the guy your mom was fucking when you were a child…? If in fact it was, “the guy,” than you were raised by a beta father. Never raise other dude’s kids… No other way around it.

      1. your own biological father who is somewhat alpha to guide you on the right path.
        A non-biological father could not do that because it goes against evolution to feel real care for someone who is not your flesh and blood. The exception being if you were a priest in an orphanage guiding young misguided kids on a correct path(probably the only time raising a kid that is not biologically your own is not beta).

        1. Reminds me of a lion documentary I once saw. When one male lion beats another for control of the pride, the first thing he does is eliminate the other lion’s cubs. Then he impregnates the lionesses, free from the burden of raising someone elses kids.

        2. so based on evolution, i can’t have feelings for people I’m not related to? so romantic relationships are for??
          didn’t know incest was preferred here…

      1. African-American culture? Not all African-Americans grow up without a father y’know. You mean a certain segment of the African-American population that is messed up.

        1. That would be in excess of 50 percent of us. If we only include the south we are talking 70 percent of us, thank god for the DC area and Chicago or we would damn near back in the fields. What ever white people are going through is magnified ten fold in the black community.

        2. True. Wasn’t it Return of Kings that pointed out that all of the horrible things we’re predicting for the state of modern man and the family unit, has already been the case for black people for decades?

        3. cmon man lets not NAWALT the hell out of this issue, there are a lot of single fathers around, and we know some people grow up with the appropriate level of parenting
          heck a lot of the manosphere have dads who didnt teach them what they were supposed to teach them

      2. This does not explain why AA culture is “messed up” (if it actually is). Single parent families are symptom rather than a cause of problems in impoverished areas of the United States.

        1. Black people are fucked up due to slavery, single mothers and poverty. When white people point out that Italians and Germans came to America and did well, note they came by choice and were not subject to Jim Crow laws post slavery. It will take 75-100 years for us to get our shit together if we are lucky and it will take government intervention in early education and proactive behavior by black men. I am black and I am here to tell you it is fucked up royally , and feminism riding the coat tails of our civil rights struggle is an unacceptable perversion that infuriates me. However this is not the comment section to truly delve into race so lets call it a day and stick to the daddy issues the article highlighted,

        2. True this is not the place for this discussion but there is always one idiot (not you) who needs to grind their axe against black people no matter what the subject matter.
          For my part (as a black man) you will never hear me say black people are fucked up because being “fucked up” is not unique to black people. Where I live now I see plenty of “fucked up” white people. Also, I simply won’t speak negatively about black people when I see so many successful black people around.
          Really, that guy obviously has issues with black people, for reasons of his own. I just wanted to indicate that single parenthood is an effect not a cause of any “fucked uppedness” of black people or any others living in government mandated poverty.

        3. About a quarter of American children are being raised in a single parent household. Over 70% of black children are being raised in a single parent hh. There is significant evidence that supports the claim that children (regardless of ethnicity) raised in a single family hh are at a severe disadvantage. I certainly think those discrepancies suggest that the AA culture is more accepting of single parent hhs.

        4. I don’t have issues with their ethnicity but I do care about their culture which is diametrically opposed to one I would consider ideal. And single parenthood is a systemic CAUSE of a lot of problems. A child born into a poor family with both parents raising the child is less likely to remain in poverty than one that is born into poverty of a single parent hh.

        5. That sounds like thinly veiled racism to me. Why single out AA “culture” when there are plenty of other ethnic groups with this problem. Sure its disproportionate amongst black people in America versus white people etc. but so are other things like poverty.
          While single parenthood may be associated with other problems, it doesn’t spring out of nowhere. There are reasons why it occurs in one group more so than others. Maybe rather than quoting bald statistics it would make sense to consider the structural reasons why.

        6. Yeah, I tried opening a new KKK chapter in my local town but the Klansmen didn’t want a Jew among their ranks.

        7. Being a Jew doesn’t disqualify you from being a racist any more than being black does. I accept this.
          Anyway my view is that it is government that is accepting of single-parent families (typically females) throughout the West, because it rewards this type of behaviour. And I would say that the common denominator amongst single-parent families is not race (i.e. AA “culture”) but low income environments and the availability of government subsidies.
          If you are truly concerned about this problem, I would suggest focusing on the causes of this problem rather maligning one particular ethic group for their disproportionate struggles with it. Speaking for my own AA family, we most certainly do not “accept” it.

        8. I get so tired of hearing black people bitch about slavery. You’re not a slave. In Africa they sold each other into slavery to the Europeans for profit. Maybe American blacks would prefer to be back in Africa where there’s famine, disease, overpopulation, and corruption? I know a guy who grew up in Africa and moved to the USA. He LOVES it here. LOVES it. He can never NOT tell me how much he loves it here. He constantly tells me how no one here appreciates that we have the rule of law. Where he lived in Africa he had to bribe his way out of everything, including the police. Everyone is corrupt to the extreme. The things their politicians do there pale compared to anything in the USA, based on the stories he’s told me. Whether or not black Americans will admit it, even if it’s not ideal for them, being a descendant of a slave was the best thing that ever happened to them.

        9. Single parent families are the more the cause where poverty is the result. Don’t think backwards. And say thank you to Feminism on the way out.

        10. It’s been nearly 150 years.
          Government intervention appears to have made things worse.
          1970’s style provacative behavior by black men has made things catastrophically worse.
          Maybe we should try something new and stop helping. Maybe treat them just like everybody else; live or die based upon your own merits.

        11. And the cause of single parent families? People having kids when they shouldn’t. Why do they have kids when they shouldn’t? Because they weren’t raised right, without both parents. Why weren’t they raised right? Their parents experienced the same thing. The cycle continues. What is the root cause? non existent modern family upbringing. So yeah, kinda does explain it.

        12. So one half of people shouldn’t be trying to gain equal rights? That concept “infuriates” you?
          What do your sisters and mother think of this sentiment?

        13. We moved that way during the 1990’s with “workfare”, where Government welfare required the able-bodied to work, even a nominal amount at a menial job. Newt Gingrich and a GOP congress dragged Bill Clinton to it kicking and screaming. It became one of the best and most significant components of Bill’s legacy. (He didn’t understand it, but he took credit for it.) It resulted in lower unemployment and higher self-esteem. People broke the cycle of dependence and indolence that work-free welfare creates. Then Barack Obama came along and dismantled everything that Clinton and the GOP congress had done. Welfare roles skyrocketed and lives that had been trending upward crashed into desperation.

        14. His point is that they are better here and he is right. You are name calling and the problem with no solutions just its everyone else’s fault.

      3. yes, notice that it’s african -AMERICAN culture….the west is fucking shit up. when our goverments make it so easy to fuck off your child and rely on someone else. the africans were influenced by america’s culture, and when you include racism, education and employment opportunities, then yes that culture is messed up, but only because you made it that way.

    4. I called my dad two weeks ago and thanked him for not abusing me and supporting me all while not making me a pussy. If you have a great dad, give him a call this week and thank the old man.

        1. You arent missing much. All my dad taught me was good manners, good posture and to take care of my health before anything. Everything else I figured out on my own. Dont need a dad for that stuff. Just do it. Strength comes from inside you.

        2. I think a dad is important for building inner strength and for pushing the child onto a right path. Sure some people do it without a dad…but most do not. Only father will push the son to get rich or get money and enforce good qualities upon the son/daughter.

        3. Maybe the little that he taught you laid the foundation for everything else you accomplished on your own?

    5. you don’t know shit about how discipline should be taught to a kid. shut the fu*k up! fu*kin idiot !

      1. DW, I was raised by a feminist mum…but the red pill along with being tall + good looking showed me what useless sluts women are and my genetics allowed me to get women with minimal talking.
        Problem is I do not have that masculine drive to achieve something better beyond pussy…but I’m hoping that will change in a few years time.

    6. Sorry, the LGBTQ community forbids us from talking like that anymore as fatherhood and motherhood have been renounced as unnecessary and antiquated – being replaced by generic parenthood. So talk of the necessity of a father’s involvement in the lives of his children and likewise of a mother, is hereby deemed bigoted. As it has been decided that kids don’t need mothers or fathers, they only need parents. Why two? Nobody knows anymore, when one parent or three is apparently just as good.

    7. Correct. Throughout history young boys were expected to undergo rites of passage to enter into adulthood and become men. Just look at the statistics of young black males with multiple arrests and prison records as an example of what happens when there is no father.

    8. I think you kind of missed the point of this article. It’s not about absent fathers – it’s about fathers who do not instill any values. Excessively praising a child for what they do is actually a form of abuse. Excessive putting down and excessive praise for things that child does (as opposed to what they are) have both been linked to higher likelihood of developing pathological narcissistic traits. In both cases, the child hides behind a false self. Narcissists actually do not love themselves. They have never learned how to love themselves. They have learned how to put up a false front to get praise from.

  7. This is so true. Sluting around is often a consequence of daddy issues. Women who never felt esteemed by their fathers will try to get it from other men. Frequently by recurring to the ultimate opposite sex validation: sexual intercourse.

  8. A strong, independent woman, who’s father left the family early in her life, will become thoroughly and scarily unhinged when you deal with her bullshit by walking out the door.

  9. My compliments on a great piece, especially point 3, over confidence. It seems to work for them as much as males with one difference. When we develop self-confidence it is usually as a result of becoming very proficient at something or we eventually find our way there. Most females described in this point occasionally work hard during a sprint to some success, but it is usually short lived and not repeated or maintained. I find it most amusing when they crash and burn personally and professionally. I dated a few of these. They are always the “forty and out club.” They sometimes make it to six figure salaries in their last two years of corporate America. Then they get packaged out or now just laid off. Last one sounds kind of funny. They can never find a position that pays the same and often look to settle down. It is amazing how they know that it will happen and start working men in their mid to late thirties. The foolish men think that they will have a high earner in their partnership, not. You can get a lot of good sex here if you are a corporate type that meets their standards.
    The term “talentless twit” brings to mind one in particular who is hitting the wall in more ways than one, see CNN at 7 Eastern Time. You can have all the money in the world, but it is obvious that she is done.

  10. I’m LOL’ing hard at the tweet about the short hair… LOLOL… Don’t these women even read what they write?…
    “I’m not ‘damaged’… I cut my hair to spite my father”
    LOL.. self-contradiction in the same sentence…

    1. “Don’t these women even read what they write?…”
      Why would they? Plenty of white knights hitting the like button.

      1. Well, with one-liners like that, maybe these women are trying out to be the next Groucho, Chico, and Harpo Marx.

    2. Her father (if he’s self respecting and authoritative), would have shaved off every visible strand of hair left on on her body, had he read that tweet.
      She’d probably spite him again, this time by letting it grow back in a disheveled cavewoman-like fashion.

  11. I think there are deeper issues here, with the amateur porn stars. After the revolution, these kinds of women will be collected and brought to a facility where the property medical investigations can be performed on them so that we can understand exactly how they are biologically deficient.

    1. Mentally unaware. Most amateur porn stars do not realize how much men watch porn and they truly believe no one will find out. Most women cannot begin to fathom how men feel about porn, sex, and physical attraction based primarily on looks because that is not how they feel so it does not matter to them. Men actually take the time to think about how others live and think because we must , women do not have to so they typically don’t .

      1. A poor risk analysis perhaps explains it. Thank you for the response. Intelligent commentary is rare on this site of untermensch looking to get laid with high school dropouts.

      2. This is still a fine point though. I can’t tell you how many discussions that I get into with other men about different cultures, different types of people, etc. The mindset and logic of other people is almost always a sure-fire hit for a conversational topic with guys. Whenever I’m at my best friends house, we’ll talk about these kinds of things and his baby-momma just sits there in a belligerent stupor. She thinks it’s “weird” for us to discuss these things, and she’s also tried to convince my friend that the Long Island Medium is an actual psychic hahaha. As far as I’m concerned, good. People are easier to best when they’re not actively figuring/trying to figure things out.

        1. With men if you do not take into account how women think you do not get to have sex with them.
          If you do not take an opponent’s state of mind into consideration you will lose the contest.
          Women do not have to do anything and sex will happen for them. A woman can have Tourette syndrome, be overweight, and have excessive body hair and will have plenty of sex partners.
          Most women never engage in direct competition ( logic based not emotionally based) so they never have to think outside of their narrow perspective. That is why women do things that boggle the mind of men and seem to defy logic, but when you understand how women think their behavior is predicable . Almost logical, strangely ….

      1. Actually, I am a prolific write and pseudonymous writer in many far right circles. But, since the “manosphere” is the ghetto and gutter of our movement, we get fools such as yourself who are too stupid to understand conversation and intellectual inquiry. Instead, you posture.
        Go back to jacking off to porn.

        1. Reading some of your comment history you may call yourself a “prolific writer” but you know jackshit about the fractional reserve banking system, derivatives and swaps.

        2. Why is this site such a magnet for bitchy faggots delusional about their own self worth? Who sits there and wishes to make everything personal in a fashion such as this? How does expressing the desire to understand a peculiar aspect of female psychology inspire some basement dweller with rage to the point he must search through the comment history of a poster?
          If you use the word “fractional reserve” then you have no understanding of banking. As I said to another idiot who believes economic texts, read some Wicksell and his theoretical concept of the “One Bank”, which was written in the 1890s, and get back to me. If you haven’t read any Wicksell, then you have business making any claims about knowledge of banking. He is fundamental, and was greatly influential to all other 20th century economists, including Minsky, Hayek, and Fischer. If you’re too lazy to study all of these economists, I would carefully read the works of Steve Keen.

    2. Women who usually have rampant anal sex are the ones most prone to psychological disorders and possession. Anal sex is a kind of mind programming, and females who indulge in it are the ones most susceptible to personality disorders.
      Marion Knox talks in detail about it in the link “Sodomic mind control”.
      How anal sex works psychologically on the female brain
      Pornstars and female sex workers usually indulge in it as an occupational requirement. More than the physical hazards of this activity, the mental hazards are even more worse, which often results in the commonly seen personality disorders among these women.
      The present generations of American women have been quite accepting of anal sex and has led to its popularity in recent years, and this has complicated this scenario by possibly creating more psychological problems among the mainstream female population, associated with this activity.

    1. you can get a rape father too bro i fucked this paki chick whose dad raped her boy did she have issues (issues i abused hard)

  12. We can attribute this to the direct result of the decline of Western civilization. Young women today are the first generation of women that were born and raised completely immersed in the modern “progressive” culture of contemporary American ideals and socio-political norms. This means most of today’s young women were not raised in traditional households like our parents and grandparents were. Many of them were raised by single mothers, or by parents who both held full-time jobs and appointed nannies to raise them through much of their important developmental years. They were raised in a time where the media and academic systems tell you that all children are special unique snowflakes – where men have become emasculated and being a father-figure is not what it once was.
    Now we have desperate, thirsty, downtrodden men who have been marginalized. These men wind up single fathers by women who “can do better” and still want to ride the carousel despite having popped out a few children. Forced to pay child support for 18 years with meager visitation rights. We have teenaged motherhood glorified on reality TV in shows like “Teen Mom” and “16 and Pregnant.” We have women being pedestrianized and encouraged to shed femininity. We officially live in an age were sexual roles and identities are so askew, that people are being culturally bullied into sick and unnatural behavior. Fathers that have sex with their children, or ignore their children, mothers that use their children as trophies to gain resources, parents that are either absent or smothering. There is no natural standard anymore, and the youth of today are suffering because of it.

    1. Reading this reminded me of when I went to this blonde girl’s dorm my freshman year after meeting her at a party. She was not bad looking and decent body, just another Friday night bite I wanted. I went to her room and she was watching Teen mom or one of those garbage shows. I started making fun of her and the whores on the show. She got genuinely angry and started babbling. I remember going “pfffff” and leaving. Guess what? Senior year I see her at a bar and she BALLOONED and looked like she maxed out on her Zoloft dosage.

  13. There is only one way to treat these chicks. Fuck them! Fuck them hard. Fuck them long. Fuck them fast. Fuck them freaky. Fuck them wild……but fuck them. Enjoy the insane pussy for as long as it pleases you but already have an out prepared. All women are predictable due to their emotional handicap. Girls with daddy issues are even more predictable. You can set your watch to their kind of craziness. You are not their to fix these women. They are easily manipulated. Enjoy them and have an out prepared when it’s time to jump ship.

      1. The fuck and chuck. Much like the pump and dump, but their ass actually bounces when it hits the sidewalk…

        1. If only you shining examples of masculinity were as luminescent in the real world as you are on social media. Then all women could avoid your sociopathic asses and be better off for it.
          What’s absolutely insane is not the idea that a girl is fucked up as a result of fucked up shit, but that you’re willing to exploit that …..Just to cum. Wow. That’s some sociopathic shit.

    1. Fuck them until they fuck you. The latter happens when they tell you they’re pregnant.

      1. Only if you slip up my friend. Only if you slip up. If your not using condoms, I’d make her take the birth control shot and make sure you’re there to watch it.

  14. 1)She is a feminist
    2)She is a feminist
    3)She is a feminist
    4)She is a feminist
    5)She is a fucking feminist

  15. Loved the intro comment–On the other hand, it can signal that you’re about to embark on a clusterfuck rollercoaster ride with a head case”–very true. Been there. Done that. Got the tshirt.

  16. I love young women with “Daddy” issues… If they didn’t have them, my bed wouldn’t be warmed by so many sweet young things… Bless their hot, tightly, little bodies, and screwed up little heads….

  17. To add on with some psycho-babble
    Woman with daddy issues usually develop BPD(borderline personality disorder) or Narcissism

    1. “Woman with daddy issues usually develop BPD (borderline personality disorder) or Narcissism”
      So they *all* have daddy issues then?

    2. I’ve read somewhere, can’t remember, maybe Last Psychiatrist, that the author noticed an interesting tell when it came to BPD girls: they all obsessively pulled their sleeves down over their hands.
      From the few confined cases of girls I know, I have noticed the same behaviour. Coincidence? Just a “girl thing”? I don’t know.

  18. Some more points could be added (from my prior personal experience after dating girls who had Daddy issues):
    6. Uses phrases like “Where have all the strong men gone”? and expects you to “man up” all the time.
    It is the duty of a man to be a man, act like a noble man. The worst thing is to act like a noble man, for a slut’s demands.
    Girls who use the phrases like “where have all the real men gone?” are often sluts, and usually have a poor relationship with their fathers. Most of the time, these girls had little or no presence of a father while growing up. On the flip side, it can also denote excessive attachment to and pedestalization of an overly masculine father. Either way, denotes an unbalanced relationship with their fathers.
    These girls won’t hesitate to put you in situations where you’d have perform “heroic” (yet foolish) acts, to prove your masculinity and “man up”. Don’t date these girls.
    7. Comes from a broken family (has separated/divorced parents).
    No brainer. If she’s grown up with her divorced/separated mom, she’s gonna eventually perceive your identity as a man, just like how her mom does, how she’s grown up seeing her mom perceiving men. Be prepared for shit tests left, right and center. This girl is broken and usually fluctuates between being a slut and a madonna. Avoid her.
    If she’s grown up with her separated dad, she’s more problematic. Find out what’s her Dad like, and how he treats (or has treated) her.
    If she’s been Daddy’s princess, you’re gonna have to deal with princess-like behavior from her.
    If she’s been neglected by her Dad, then expect yourself to pay for her Dad’s neglect (she’ll often visualize her father whom she hates, in you).
    8. Extremely submissive, clingy and neurotic to the point of masochism.
    Men like women who are traditional and submissive.
    But a woman who gets too dependent and clingy to the point of neurosis and masochism, usually has had an unbalanced father figure in her life while growing up. She’s wants you to emotionally “Daddy” her – both in and out of the bedroom.
    9. She has done drugs or had a brush with the law
    If she’s done illegal activities like drugs or had a run-in with the law, you can assume she’s had a non-existent father, or hates her father (to undermine his authority). It’s a no-brainer to know that these girls are poison.
    10. She has been involved in multiple relationships where she’s been abused.
    If she’s been involved in relationships with men where she’s been treated like a doormat, you can deduce that she’s not seeking a partner, but the non-existent father she searches. Don’t try to be a hero or her Daddy to “save” this girl – she’s got too much emotional baggage which will only add to drama in your life .
    A girl with a healthy sense of self respect is the one you must seek.

    1. “This girl is broken and usually fluctuates between being a slut and a madonna.”, this is true of a online female friend that I occasionally talk to, she wants men to acknowledge her as an equal, but when they do, she tells them to “man up”, this chick wants people to acknowledge her as a lady yet she posts nudes and semi-nudes on facebook, and posts threads about her life like she’s some celebrity in groups that have nothing to do with her personal life.

  19. I can, assure people that this article is 100% factual, having dated more than 5 “wannabe” emo/punk/metalhead chicks… they all had daddy issues, and they all did anal/any thing I asked in bed (swallow, hard-core, handcuffs etc). At the same time, they were docile and highly vulnerable to complements.. something that I happily embarrassed… they were easy prays really since they all have a need for a daddy figure.
    The bad part is, whenever/if you end with them, they won’t hesitate to blame it all on you, and they will throw anything you ever did against you for the sake of being able to say “he’s not worth the time” bla bla bla, “I’m better without this cunt”.
    *I’m not english*

  20. Most Daddy issues Girls have, also are influenced (either directly or indirectly) by their mothers. Girls often grow up to resemble their mothers, in logic, thinking and personality.
    If you wanna know how a girl would turn out later on, be sure to observe or meet her mother.

  21. I dated a girl for a while whose father and brother died in a car accident when she was 10…. this girl was a keeper for sure, because although a little clingy, she was hyper sensitive of what it meant to lose her man, and just wanted a settled family with stability etc… she was also house trained like a guide dog for the blind…. her apartment was perfect, and she could take care of herself real well… (without being a hardened feminist career girl).
    The one that shouldn’t have let get away…. she was a bit manipulative though….

  22. You forgot the most important one…mommy issues where mommy has some deranged personality disorder like BPD or narcissism and passes that wonderful way of dealing with life onto the daughter through abuse as a child. said woman then grows up just like mommy and the west is full of this. hard to spot and will destroy your life before you know what hit you. look at mommy first. does mommy treat dad with respect? is mommy cocko for cocoa puffs…and if she ever says…my mom is so crazy or mean I don’t want to be anything like her…..RUN. don’t be a captian save a ho as she’ll turn on you and be just like mommy

  23. Yes to #4 – these are the girls who will pass a tall and confident man and not make eye contact or smile but just have a bitch face.

    1. There’s two sisters in their 70’s up the road who moved in together after both of their men died. I’m always struck by the friendliness, charm and confidence they possess. They hold their heads high and will say ‘hello’ to a passing stranger, with a smile. Everyone in the street goes out of their way for them. I helped repair their porch on the weekend, and they repaid the kindness by making sandwiches for the men and baking us cookies to take home.
      So why does every girl under 30 now look like she’s sniffing a turd, and is unable to look me in the eye as she talks, even when she’s in a receptionist or sales job where being good with people would be an asset? Avert your gaze then they’ll stealthily appraise your body with stolen flashing glances, but actually looking you in the eye with a smile and being able to hold down a charming conversation? Forget it.

      1. Great comment good man. Today this pretty cute girl was jogging past me and she smiled at me, not a smirk but all teeth and wide eyed. It was very cute and I without hesitation smiled back a genuine smile. How could you not? I have other girls that jog pass me and it’s obvious their attracted (start fiddling with hair, adjusting their clothes on a jog) but won’t even make a second of DIRECT eye contact or smile. I guess they are too stupid to realize that men will actually respect and protect them when they are cute and not looking like they “sniffed a turd” as you brilliantly said.

        1. I have grown so accustomed to the cold icy “bitchface” that when an attractive female actually does smile at me, I just ignore her, or give her a cold icy look back and wonder what the fuck she wants from me.
          These bitches have really fucked things up.

        2. I had an optometrist appointment last week, and the receptionist didn’t make eye contact with me once, even when she took me in for the pre-exam. She did, however, did the standard ‘girl stealth’ thing of checking out my neck, my chest, and my biceps whenever I was looking away for any reason, (like checking my wallet), and she snuck a good look at my crotch when she lead me into the exam room.
          When I left, I took a phone call outside, and noticed her checking me out through the window, quickly looking away when I looked in her direction.
          These are the strong, empowered women with careers. Yet, most married-with-husband-and-kids girls I know are friendly, welcoming and can hold a conversation.

    2. I can not STAND when a girl gives me the bitch face… and all I did was smile and say “hi” or “Good afternoon” to her. Like really, what’s wrong with this witch?

      1. You had the audacity of gracing her oh so special self without handing over your wallet…

      2. Always let them initiate. If you do happen to smile and they don’t reciprocate then you can do what my buddy did, turn around, and shout “FATTIE”

    3. That is all you get from pretty much any woman in my city. Either that or they are just staring at their stupid smartphones. I guess they pussy here is in such high demand and we have such an oversupply of thirsty beta simps they have no interest in meeting any new men. Pity really.

      1. To be honest, the most common expression I see from the average woman out and about is one of complete vacancy. They’re sitting at a café, park bench, library or a bus stop, but they’re staring into space, but not in a way that suggests they’re lost in thought. There’s just nothing happening in their heads. It’s bizarre, and really damn common.

  24. How do you define “daddy issues” My parents were(and still are) married while I was growing up. My dad was neither absent or overbearing. Yet, I meet several of the characteristics you say girls with daddy issues possess. I would loooove to know what these are!!

    1. Women lack the ability to introspect with complete honesty in any way that threatens their ego and leads to accepting uncomfortable truths about themselves. Which is why in your first message you mention ‘several characteristics’, then, as the need to protect your self-image from this harsh reality grew, you rationalised away ‘several characteristics’ to ‘only #5’ by your second message.
      Every male here recognises this process, and know that all women do it to varying degrees. I call it reducing Cognitive Dissonance, but the popular term here is running her Rationalisation Hamster.

      1. Numbers 1-4 don’t apply to me, plain and simple. I have encountered many, many females who fit the mold of 1-4. They make me giggle. They are the poster children for whack jobs with daddy issues. I was implying that an eating disorder does not necessarily come from daddy issues. Don’t get me wrong, I have issues; football fields full of them. However, not everyone with an eating disorder is a self mutilating butch haired stripper dancing for 65 year old truckers in their uncle’s basement.

  25. I love ROK articles like these-it’s like a consumer guide and can save a man many hang ups.

  26. Even in age where the tattoo has become ubiquitous

    When I was a kid I insisted that the girl that I’d marry in the future have ZERO tattoos. None. Nada. Zilch. I thought this was a fairly easy requirement that could be met.
    Flash-forward 14 years later from my ten year old self and now it’s a rarity to find a woman WITHOUT tattoos.

    1. Yeah all chicks seem to follow the trend of getting tatted up now a days. They are basically followers that do it because everybody else is doing it.

      1. most people are sheep. Half the degeneracy of today is a result of this mentality. shame.

      2. And tatts are as played out as those retard-o-fuck hipster/nerd glasses and the “duck pout”.
        I would never been seen in public with a girl with visible tattoos. They shout out low class whoreage.

    2. Completely agree with you on the tattoo thing. I HATE them on girls. Regardless of what a girl looks like, anymore than one or two small, discrete tattoos (like a butterfly on the ankle or something) and I immediately see her as a trashy stripper. Whoever got middle class white girls into getting tattoos needs to be burned alive.

      1. The thing is I’m against even THOSE. When I say zero I mean zero… now those, I won’t be ashamed to be seen with them in public but I still wouldn’t marry her, IF I choose to get married or do some form of it.

    3. I have no tatts and would stay the hell away from the likes of you. You sound like a total asshole.

      1. Can you point out to me exactly what I said that makes me sound like a total asshole? What I said was a pretty straightforward comment based on what I see or have lived through.

  27. Well, from the list above, that would exclude almost 90% of the women out there. It’s rare not to meet one that doesn’t have some head case issue going on…..

  28. Wait wait wait, girls with daddy issues are the main ones who will fuck you easily and ask little in eturn. You get you one of them overconfident raised by daddy good luck getting laid easily, those are the girls who already have male attention and don’t need to fuck you for it

  29. I’ve been in relationships with two girls with daddy issues. After the second I finally learned that a girl that has not conquered her daddy issues is only worth a one night stand. It’s harsh, but these girls just aren’t ready for a relationship.
    #3 is pretty spot on. It should also be added that this is all a pseudo-confidence. Along with fake confidence comes with always being the victim. If you stick around long enough, you will never hear from their mouth of an instance where they were in the wrong. They are also instigators (no reason why they have issues with their father).
    Anyways, I don’t know how much of my observations were due to the fathering itself. Both of these girls came from broken homes. It is probably due to the lack of an constant authoritative figure.

  30. All girls, by definition in our screwed up culture, have daddy issues because in the eyes of our culture, all men are creepy, sex-crazed, slothful idiots incapable of “understanding” women. I’d go as far as to say men who have daughters are in danger of being branded as weirdos for producing female offspring.
    So even good men who raise good, responsible daughters may have girls who have daddy issues because girls are indoctrinated by everyone and everything around them to see the daddy’s a overbearing, uncaring, dumb brute beasts. It’s very for girls with great dads to see them as such when they’ve been brainwashed.

    1. Why do you think a hundred years ago the Chinese left their baby daughters along the side of the road?
      Because they were smart.
      The parents that is.

  31. “There’s no system for grading fathers, but if your daughter grows up to be a stripper, you fucked up.”
    – Chris Rock

    1. This commenter’s name proves the undeniable link between occultism and feminism.
      Return of Kings needs to feature a full length article about “The occult origins of Feminism.”

  32. Unfortunately, modern democracies do their utmost to replace the father with the State. In Britain, for example, a young girl gets paid by the State to have children out of wedlock and is awarded a home to raise the child(ren) in. The father is not needed to educate the child since the State does this instead. And if a married woman gets tired of her neutered husband, she can divorce him but keep his salary and wealth.
    What need of a man in modern society?

  33. My father was a narcissist, and it was mostly because of his manipulation and anger that led to a trickle down effect, where I, the youngest, had a lot of the family’s issues eventually projected on to me. Not to mention the fact that I am the only male in the family besides him. This is what happens when a girl has daddy issues: she projects it on the nearest life form she can. And most likely it is a male that they perceive to be ‘lesser than’, or someone they can somehow rationalize being taken advantage of.
    Most girls have daddy issues, but they may not resort to eating disorders or substance abuse or self-mutilation. And if they do, they are good at hiding it, because they know this is blatant symbolism that communicates those type of issues. Look up borderline personality disorder, it’s the psychological condition that screams ‘daddy issues’ and women/teenage girls are more often diagnosed than men.

  34. if I had any of these behaviours, I would find myself having a not so pleasant lecture off my dad about assessing my life choices better, and probably being told to grow up or fuck off.
    Also, am I the only one who thinks its creepy when grown women refer to their boyfriend as “Daddy”?

  35. #1, #2, and #5 seem pretty good to me. Not that I would want to be in a long term relationship with these women. But a short term relationship with “crazy in the head, crazy in the bed” checks is fine every once in a while. Especially with eating disorders. I love those super skinny anorexic bodies sometimes. Plus, those checks can usually deep throat – they are very hungry for you to love their bodies, so hungry to please. They swallow ever time.

  36. Yes, I love those anorexic chicks. It just makes my dick look huge when her legs are smaller than chicken bones. It’s so great when she screams in pain as I crush her bones like kindling. Nothing is sexier than ketosis breath! I know she’s starving herself just for my approval, which I’ll never give because that’s beta. Makes me feel like a real man to watch her suffer.

  37. I had severe Daddy-issues which resulted in me becoming a prostitute. I have since escaped that world and have come to know God as my Father. He is the creator of healthy, Father-led families. He is the ultimate good Daddy. His Fathering and love is making me whole, day by day. Because of Him, I display less and less the behaviour written about in this article. He’s good.

  38. This article accurately describes a young woman who tried ruining my winter. How liberating, to finally have someone explain to me exactly how, and why, she is broken, was always broken, and will always be broken. Makes way more sense now. For a minute there, I thought it was me. Thanks Tuth, I owe you a beer.

  39. I’m into “kinkier” things, I have a pixie cut and have dealt with self-harm in the past, I’m pretty confident and I’m a feminist. Does that mean I have “daddy issues”? Fuck no.
    My father was and is never around and the only contact I have with him is that he pays child support and pays for my insurance. However, I’m glad that he wasn’t around and am much happier with just my mother. That does not mean I have daddy issues. Daddy issues are an incredibly stupid concept, anyway.

  40. LOL. This article was so relatable. Maybe I do have daddy issues. I like kinky stuff, pain, and I’ve battled on and off with an eating disorder. I also like to flaunt my naturally thin figure to get a rise from people bigger than me. Love your articles, and keep doing what you do! <3

  41. I have daddy issues but none of this is true for me. But I’ll agree those are the typical signs.

  42. You know, I’m so glad I don’t know Tuthmosis in person. Because every single article I see is basically saying, “Woman, you don’t have real problems, you’re just deranged and over privileged and ugly and fat and no man will ever love you unless if you revert back to before women’s rights.” People like you are why I’m glad feminism exists because you’re a complete and utter douche bag, Tuthmosis.

  43. As a girl with “daddy issues” I can actually confirm all but one of these, I was never called a princess by my father and he didn’t make me a spoilt brat

  44. The whole concept of “daddy issues” is fucking wrong. It’s sad that we are shaming girls and making them feel like they are “sick” and “messed up” just because they’re father left them and they aren’t allowed to be sore about it? Single parents can do a great job at raising kids. Two parents can do a great job at raising kids. Equally, both can do a shit job, too. I just find it sad that there are guys out there who are like “ooh stay away from her she got some daddy issues!!!! Lmao!!” Just stop.

  45. As a single dad, all I can say is that we do not show up in the media, nor as heros in any obvious way. I don’t think we are popular because we subvert the dominant paradigm 😉

  46. I think that all of these points are spot on, but really though.. why are so many of the people on here posting things like “fuck ’em then chuck ’em” as though they were objects? It’s this kind of mentality that only worsens the situation, and it makes you just as bad if not worse then the fathers that raised these women. If you think someone isn’t going to be good for you, just leave them be; there’s no need to use these women… as you know, they already have their fair share of issues.

  47. I can only relate to number 4 on your list. I never considered myself to have “daddy issues” until now at age 21. I didn’t think I fit the criteria because I handle things a lot differently then other women who may also have daddy issues. In my case, I cling to my mom. I also heavily go out of my way to avoid men. I never feel comfortable around men. I never dated. Never kissed a guy. Never had sex. Never had a relationship, and I never desired one out of fear. My dad…hardly knew him. He was in and out of my life, left me and my mom behind when I was nine. But while he was in my life, he caused nothing but negativity.
    He used to start fights with my mom (even over the littleist shit), argue with her, hit her and she would have to call the police. She tried to make it work with him BUT he never wanted to change his ways. We couldn’t go out anywhere with him without him starting an argument with sales people at a store or picking fights with strangers walking down the street. He started an argument with my uncle when he came to help her pack her things when she left him (I was nearly 2).
    She told me about how he fooled her in the beginning. Made her think he was a God loving church person who did good deeds, and acted/pretended like he really cared about her. Truth is, he was just using her. After she got pregnant with me, he started to change…as she put it. Suddenly the ‘real’ him came out and he started abusive (physically and emotionally), manipulative, controlling, jealous, etc. She left, but being the good mother she is, she wanted me to have a bond with my father…..so she allowed him to come and visit me still. But he never stopped the error of his ways. It started to make me uncomfortable the way he treated me. He was abusive towards me, over controlling, and if he didn’t get his way he would just walk out on us. My mom got tired of all that immature bullshit, so she told him either clean up your act or get out, and he chose himself over us.
    Looking back it’s obvious to me he had serious mental problems he never took care of. He dislocated my shoulder when I was 7, accidental or not I never forgot about that. He left me feeling rejected and hurt, and this has greatly affected my view on men. My mom tried very hard to convince me that my dad has always loved me, even if he had a strange way of showing it, but that doesn’t matter to me. I view him as a coward and a pathetic excuse of a man. I recently spoke to him for the first time in 13 years – after I made a facebook post trying to find him. My successful college graduate business oriented half brother (who is related to me through my father) answered the post. We met for the first time recently, but that’s a different story…. Anyways, my bro gave me my dad’s number — but this was after he told me my dad had seen my facebook page for a few months, but didn’t say anything. THAT angered me. I called him and asked why he didn’t bother trying to contact me if he had saw me. His reply was “I don’t use social media so that’s why”. I mean….what the fuck is all I can say to that.
    Also, during that phone conversation he blamed my mom for everything including the reason why I don’t love him, the reason I don’t want to bond with him (even though she heavily encouraged that EVEN TO THIS DAY), or for “making” him leave. Newsflash ‘Dad’: nobody made you leave. You were selfish and decided to live another life without us. That’s nobody’s fault but your own. And how dare you disrespect my mom by saying “she wasn’t all that”. NO, you weren’t All That. At least she did the one thing you never were able to fufill to your daughter which was be a good parent. My mom went to hell and back for me – even on the sidelines dealing with her schizophrenia. She put food on the table, took me to school, helped me with my homework every week, made sure I had clothes, shoes, bought me pets, video games, anything my heart desired. When I got picked on in school, guess who was waiting for me when I got home so I could have a shoulder to cry on? That’s right, mom. Who taught me how to ride a bike? Mom. Who taught me about morals and values? Mom. Who taught me how to write a check, cook, sew, act like a lady, etc……my mother did. You never so much as wrote a letter, sent a birthday card, or called me after you left when I was 9. So your opinion on anything doesn’t matter.
    I have to say, what I dislike about my dad the most, is that he never could take responsibility for his own actions. He lost my respect because of that. I could easily forgive him now if he could just say to me “Yes honey, I know I fucked up. I know I wasn’t a good father but I’m sorry, I’m sorry for everything I put you and your mother through.”. That’s all it would take. But since he can’t, I can’t forgive him.
    Yes, I’ll admit I do have borderline personality disorder. It’s also tied in with depression and anxiety disorder. However, like mentioned before I avoid men, sex, drugs, and alcohol. I hate the taste of alcohol. I decided to be straight edge like CM Punk (hehe). I stay to myself because I’m aware that something’s wrong with me. And I don’t think any men deserve to have all of my issues put on them.
    I tried to explain to my therapist (a woman) that I feel more comfortable around women but never feel comfortable around men….and she chalked it up to my lack of dating experience. But I’ve always known it was something worse than regular shyness. Everytime I’m around men, from since I was probably 13, I was always quiet as a mouse around them. They’d ask me what was wrong like “why are you so quiet, you’re pretty but just too quiet” and I’d be like I don’t know. But I knew. It was fear.
    I didn’t want any guy knowing personal stuff about me because I didn’t like feeling vulnerable. I still don’t like that feeling. When you let a guy in, and you have the types of issues that I do, it’s like….you are crossing your fingers hoping this guy you let in doesn’t hurt you like your father did. You’re hoping he doesn’t try to play games with you, control you, or leave you. You just want a guy who genuinely cares about you, for once. Now I don’t know if I’m considered normal or not, but I think every girl wants what I want.
    With that being said, looking at the comments from males who read this article, it honestly scares me even more and makes me really want to avoid men at all costs. I see nothing but immature boys who I question whether or not had a good upbringing themselves based on how they perceive and treat these types of women who have ‘daddy’ issues. I think they themselves have issues, some even sound bitter, and need to work that out…
    My general feeling is that I don’t hate men, but I definitely don’t trust any of them. And looking at these comments, they give me a good reason to justify how I feel on the matter.
    I hope that in time I will change my ways and learn to open up and trust. But til then, I still hold resentment over my father’s actions and truthfully, I have every right to do so. He was a bad influence and I’m happy that I didn’t grow up around him because I would’ve lost my mind. In truth — I see only 1 good thing about having a shitty father — it’s that it made me much more aware of abusive traits in men and seeing the signs early on so I could avoid said men. So I guess, thank you in that aspect.

    1. That was a lot to share — good for you (no sarcasm). Your trust issues of males and resentment are completely understandable. If you feel that any of these feelings are severely affecting your relationships and normal way of living, please seek a therapist or counsellor, if you haven’t already done so.

      1. I’ve been to many counselors, but unfortunately it can’t help the feelings I still have towards my dad. And look at the douchebags posting, seems like they’re the ones who need counseling. I can guaran-damn-tee they need it MORE than I do.

  48. Some of these are retarded, honestly. 1 and 3 make sense. Number 2 is generalizing. A woman who had a good relationship with her father can’t have a lot of tattoos? What if her father had a lot of tattoos? Number 4 is just bullshit, and I think it is the writer’s response to feminazis. When women have daddy issues, they usually crave attention from men and can be sexually aggressive. A self-assured man shouldn’t intimidate her, it should interest her.

  49. All my life, my dad has been nearly absent because of his job and when he arrived home he was either drunk or sleeping. the extremely rare times when the whole family was together it would always end up with a fight between my mom and dad or my older sister and my dad and i would just be quiet. apart from all that, he has been a good father,he never offended me or forced me to be someone i’m not,maybe that’s why i only relate to the first point (i’m a gay guy by the way)

  50. Then people claim that I have that when I actually don’t. I’m no whore,I don’t mutilate myself,I’m not intimidated by self-assured men, I’m not even confident,not a drop of confidence within me. What I want is a wonderful,respectful husband who pulls his own weight and doesn’t need someone to be pushing him to do things,just like I pull my own weight and do what I do. It just so happens that I find the physique of middle-aged men attractive,and that’s where “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” comes in,also in part of the fact that I don’t find boys my age attractive( they’ve got them baby faces which are atrociously disgusting and I am referring to the boys of age 20-39) boys my age are highly immature,and we don’t understand each other,I’m more into the things that older men would know and like,and understand whereas I’ll be confusing the young man to the point that I would bore him and he will end up leaving me or cheating on me. I love my father,I love my grandfather,I love my great great grandfather etc., So why do people assume that I have father problems just because I am attracted to middle aged men (40+)?? I would never want to date my father,the thought of it sounds disgusting; I would never want to date anyone who resembles him in anyway,shape or form. I want someone different from him. Why is it so hard for people to understand that you can be attracted to something,or like something without having some magical psychological complex?? How about gay men?? Would it be fair to say that they are looking for a male to love in compensation for the father they never had??? I don’t think so.

  51. Some of these popular comments are incredibly disgusting. (the internet of course) People being apathetic, judgemental assholes. *claps for humanity* I just hope karma shits a big bag of turmoil on those people.
    Of course, you really have to think — what sort of people this particularly harmful article targets and magnetizes? Probably pathetic (mostly) dudes who aren’t getting any and can’t handle women doing their own thing (bitchface for the win). I’m guessing they got rejected quite recently and then justified an outlet as being — ‘she must have daddy issues’. But also girls/people who don’t need to be shamed for their past experiences.
    At least the girls/people here who know what they have — these issues — and can act defensively against mofos who attempt to take advantage of this type of human being.
    And the dumb fucks who refer to BPD (borderline personality disorder). Adolf Hitler had BPD, as well as Marilyn Monroe. BPD is found in 2% of the general population with a higher prevalence in women. And narcissist personality disorder is more often diagnosed in MEN and such patients tend to “treat sex partners as devices for their own pleasure or to brace their self-esteem” ultimately to “nourish their sense of self-importance” (Goleman, 1988) [Essentials of Abnormal Psych – NEVID]. Sound familiar ehhh?
    To any reader of this comment, go forth and do your thing, your life and future lives upon the experiences you have surpassed but no way limits you — let NO ONE persuade you that you are broken or damaged. That is up for you to decide — proven by the things you create and the people you will make laugh.
    Now I have to cram for a psych midterm, fuck.

  52. Everybody please chill out on all the arm-chair psychoanalysis.
    Just like men watching porn doesn’t reflect some deep-rooted mental disorder and won’t grow hair on your palms, women’s rape fantasies and desires for pain and domination are not pathological. In fact, they are very, very normal, if not universal.

  53. Pretty sure my dad didn’t cause my eating disorder. Fuck you and your vast misunderstanding of eating disorders in general. That won’t help you get laid.

  54. Fathers are often encouraged to abandon their families by women and THEIR single mothers who thrive on total dysfunction while these women are also encouraging their sons to act ultra feminine. It wasn’t that long ago where homes consisted of a mom who took care of the home and a dad who took care of the family. The daughter did as told by parents and that was it. Now women are running around fucking any man that says hi and fathering his child 9 months later. No one cares about commitments or building families. Then they raise these disgusting antisocial brats who eat nothing but junk food and text message all day. Let’s not even talk about the mass of black men who not only abandon parenting but have multiple kids out of wedlock

  55. I was my Dad’s princess until he disappeared. I have a hard time with relationships and will never get married. All messed up by my deadbeat father.

  56. I agree with most of this article. My daddy issues come from a father who wasn’t loving or affectionate or even moderately nice to me. Just like there’s daddy issues, there’s also mommy issues!

  57. i was raised by my mom (im a guy without issue thank goodness and spent more years seeing my dad but they never did), and my 2 sisters without a dad.. oh my how screwed up they are today, at almost 40 yrs, no man can last with them, they have constant family arguments that date back to their teen years (im not kidding – its actually embarrassing), and have no “real” true friends – they are closet bitches with a nice smile and apparent manners. The apparent lack of true love has pretty much rendered them useless in society as female co-parts.. They also treat me like i dont exist so ive given up after trying for years..
    Feminists that try degenderize the role of a man in a family better go see a therapist – 99% of wannabee feminists i half met had daddy issues. its a proven darn fact of life. Avoid these chicks – learn to spot them – they have fake smiles, boast about their “man” checklists – at the same time complaining why they’re still single.
    Some extra signs she has daddy issues:
    When she points out gender based comments made by you early on in the relationship – esp when its not even related to anything
    When things become a “trade” – give and receive, but with the added consciousness.
    When they ask you to say thanks (or other general niceties)
    All these “Treat me like a woman” signs are tellers.
    The logical irony of feminists that try and degenderize people, is that to de-man a man you have to accept that he is a man in the first place. What utter stupidity.

  58. X) clearly someone with qualified psychological expertise in this field, from a completely valid and trusted source…tehe. They say write about what you know, not what you vaguely and incorrectly guess.

  59. Lol yep !!!! This post explains it to a T. Unfortunately I was born with the crap father that was a legit creep in many ways to women while married to my mom. Never once did he see me as his princess and every time I saw a man in public looking lovingly at his daughter I thought it was all a lie. I haven’t dated for 7 years because my father has ruined my perception of how a man should behave towards a woman. I attract the same cycle of douchebag users and I gave up. Despite therapy. My father is a sore topic since he has mental illness. I have dogs now and thats it. Sad but it helps me cope with the situation..

  60. lol these are all wrong.. she will obviously be emotionally unavailable, fear abandonment and thus avoid commitment. probably leave you if you start having a great relationship because she’s afraid you’ll leave her, so she’ll you before you get a chance to. yes she will be super insecure and probably have temper issues but these are just ridiculous (the self-assured male? are you sure it’s not an insecure hot-headed man you are talking about? those are not self-assured and how can she be over confident AND insecure?? and weird sexual fantasies? no above all, she’ll probably want a stable sex life maybe be even a little bit boring )

    1. There are several different ways a girl can react to a poor/nonexistent father figure. The way you mention is one possibility, the things this article mentions are another. I personally am sort of a mix of both.

  61. My wife had a great Dad, and she’s just as Daddy-obsessed as any girl. Doesn’t have the problems you list here – self-mutilation, etc. – boy when she’s ready to roll, boy she’s real good girl!

  62. My father passed away when I was 10. I’m 25 now. “daddy issues” all depends on the individual.. Some females will play the victim, and the rest believe they got what it takes to be a good person regardless of who is or isn’t parenting. I’m sorry to hear that a lot of you in the comment section had those type of horrible experiences with ladies that lacked a fatherly role model.. Please don’t expect every girl with a single parent or crappy father figure to be a balemic self-mutilating nymphomaniac man-hating princess..at that point you are associating with the wrong females

  63. Does this include a desire to manipulatecontrol others? I was once the bitch of a girl who has 4 of these signs

  64. this once again proves that psychology is bullshit. apparently you can detect Daddy issues by:
    either she hates her Body to the Point where she mutulates it, Or loves it so much that she has a delusional self Image.
    she loves and craves men so much that she tries to fulfill their fantasies, whores around and/or loves to be dominated OR she despises mane and becomes a feminazi.
    OR just has an eating disorder…… so basically you Claim that every “abnormality” or extreme is caused by Daddy issues…. thats just stupid. so if she believes in ghosts and and thinks she had been abducted by Aliens once her father is to blame 😛

    1. I admit it is entirely possible to have a wonderful dad and still grow up to be a basket case (mommy issues, crazy genes, environment outside the family, etc.). But as a daddy-damaged daughter I can confirm that for me at least, this is quite accurate. Also on this point “she loves and craves men so much that she tries to fulfill their fantasies, whores around and/or loves to be dominated OR she despises mane and becomes a feminazi”- she could also end up like me and FANTASIZE about the most twisted, kinky things imaginable while simultaneously running and hiding like a dog at bathtime at the merest suggestion of ACTUALLY having anything to do with a man.

  65. I do have daddy issues ,and they are all caused by my woman-hater dad who was abusive and thought that all girls are stupid whores, I think this site encourages guys to adopt my father’s world view, I bet many people who visit it frequently will have fucked up daughters, that’s just sad!!

  66. I’m a 50 year old guy that have a 20 year old girl that turned out to have daddy issues… I ended up with PTSD !!!
    She fucked me up more than I fucked her !!! And I lost 40 pounds in 4 months, fucking her senseless !!

  67. I’m a guy, 28 yo. My dad left me, my sister, my brother and my mother to go to work in Germany when I was like 4 yo then asked for divorce when I was like 7 yo. We are from Romania and moved to Italy when I was 13 yo.
    Growing up without a dad and no other real male figure to teach healthy discipline and to guide me through adolescence has been a nightmare. Every day I wish I was dead for all the pain I had to go through all my life until now.

  68. Oy, you morons are making this race issue? Seriously? Alright. I’m black. I’m white. I’m native american. What section do I fit into when it comes to stats on fatherless children? Or does only my skin color matter in this debate?
    My father was a man not worth remembering. I don’t remember his name and have no desire to know him. I had a father figure (My grandfather) who was 3 times the man my father could eve dream of being. He went through 10 surgeries and chemo before finally being put to rest and in that time he treated me like a smart, capable young lady and did everything with me a father would for a daughter and then some.
    And yet I don’t like myself. I have body image issues (No I don’t starve myself). I am a sexual person, I am fascinated by bdsm. I like pain to a certain degree. At one point I did harm myself. I used to wonder why my father couldn’t love me when my grandpa and grandma and mom, who were way better people then him, did. I used to look back on how much my mother and I struggled because of him and blamed myself for it. I have issues (Though, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with bdsm and I’m not ashamed of it). I self sabotage, I lash out when wounded. Maybe I need therapy.
    I do wish you could keep your petty race shit out of this topic.

  69. Poor article, dude. My ex was the dictionary definition of daddy issues. What you did are not wrong, but you could write better.

  70. Yep, 100% backed by science.
    Why are these all because of “daddy issues?”
    Why would they be anything to do with the father?
    Some of these are usually explained by other factors… People get eating disorders usually by bullying in school… hell, most problems usually come from multiple sources, not just one. Sometimes people feel pressured to grow older, or what not… Hell, I don’t trust people due to the people I’ve met outside the home… Being naive taught me not to trust people… Because people are dangerous…
    I have nothing against men… but saying one is fearful of “confident men” is ridiculous… There have been so many times that guys have randomly tried to stroke me or grope me or push me into whatever… Being tough on them put them back into their place..
    This whole thing is absolute crap. Whether for fun or not- I heard a discussion amongst friends about daddy issues and was curious to see if it was a thing… so far, the only real source is Freud, who is outdated…
    Growing up is a very important part of learning about the world, and unfortunately, parents can’t predict how life is going to end up… and nobody can prepare them… So either way, we’re all going to be fucked up… So if these girls you’re describing have these issues because of their daddy….
    Then your fucking lack of respect for females and no understanding of them… and obsession over sex and feeling the need to put the females down by mocking them as much as possible… is possibly because your mummy didn’t give you enough love growing up.
    Not trying to attack- just making my point. Hope it’s understood.

  71. It’s interesting that there are people who use this website. Even more interesting that it exists.
    However, where is the female version of this website? Where can I find a man with mommy issues?
    (Note: I’m being sarcastic :/ )

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