The Academy Awards Reminds Me Again Why I Don’t Watch Movies

When was the last time I watched the Oscars? Probably never. I don’t know any of the movies, and the actors’ clothing is uninteresting to me. Do men watch the Oscars? Apparently some do, but I have better ways to waste my life. I’ve heard though that the commentary is about more than prom dresses, so maybe there’s a good justification to tune in.

I Hate Movies

Some seven or eight years ago, a movie about gay people won an award or was nominated. It was either Milk or Brokeback Mountain. I can’t remember which. Probably both. I knew literally no one that saw them except my secular-liberal Catholic aunt, who went with her suburban housewife friends from the parish.

I figured out early on as a teenager that the Academy Awards was all politics, so I lost all interest in it. If they were going to support movies based on social consciousness and not artistic merit, then the whole system had no credibility in my eyes. Same thing the first time I opened Rolling Stone magazine. People get pissy about their listing of the 500 greatest albums or the UVA hoax, but I wasn’t aware anyone read Rolling Stone anymore.

I’ve also noticed over time that the more rave reviews a movie receives, the worse of a movie it is. Everybody and their kid brother told me The Avengers was amazing. I’m not much of one for superheroes or special effects, but I decided to see it anyway because of all I heard.

Turns out the whole thing was two battle scenes with no real plot or character development. I kept waiting it to turn good, for the plot to pick up or for a character to learn an important lesson I can apply in my own life, but aside from a few lines from Captain America, the whole thing was boring and sterile.

Remember that scene from season 15 of South Park where Stan is watching previews to the movies and all he sees is shit? That whole two-part episode is the story of my life.

If I want to see a movie, I’ll wait until it’s in the cheapo theater or just buy it on DVD for $15. I haven’t paid to see a just-released movie since The Dark Knight Rises, and I probably won’t again until Love And Mercy comes out this summer.  If I’m going to piss away $11.50, I can make a bottle of bourbon last far longer than a two-hour movie.

Patricia Arquette’s Political Pandering And The Left’s Cannibalism

So this year a wealthy actress named Patricia Arquette won an award and said something about equal pay for women in her acceptance speech that ideally is supposed to be about film-making. This obviously was immediately praised by feminists and celebrities. The best part is that she implied people have fought too much for blacks’ and gays’ rights, so by the next day the rest of the internet liberals were attacking her with their micro-activisms (which a friend of mine predicted as soon as she said it).

Then you had the feminists coming out again to defend Arquette. It’s quite beautiful how historically liberals have always had a tendency to devour each other. Divided they stand, united they brawl.

“To every woman who gave birth to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation, we have fought for everybody else’s equal rights,” Arquette said in her speech. “It’s our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the United States of America.”

The only reason she won an award is because she’s a white cishet. What a shitlord. Check your privilege, Arquette.

Also, does anyone find it weird how much feminism focuses on material gain? It takes a special kind of loser to bitch about low pay on camera when all of her employees and viewers at home are making less than her. That kind of loser no amount of money or social validation can turn into a winner. No wonder celebrity marriages always fall apart. I guess now that rape culture has been debunked, the pay gap myth is all they have left.

What kind of idiot gets their beliefs from a celebrity? In all the talk about Arquette, I don’t recall anyone writing about her credibility as a social critic. But she’s all out of good looks, so parroting pop-liberalism is the only way to keep herself in the gossip column. First the Oscars is considered sexist because they focus on the dresses, and three hours later they are on the cutting-edge of gender equality.

Arquette’s Award-Winner

I hadn’t heard of Patricia Arquette, so I had to look up the movie. it’s something called Boyhood. I have no idea what it’s about and couldn’t give enough of a shit to look up the Wikipedia page until I decided to write this article. I’m going to guess it’s smug coming-of-age white guilt onanism like To Kill A Mockingbird. Let’s find out together.

Excerpt of the synopsis from Wikipedia.

So based on the above, we can fill in our white-guilt checklist.

  • We have it taking place not just in the south but in Texas, which for some reason is generally considered the most southern—and hence the most backwards—of the southern states even though many southerners don’t consider Texas to be part of the south. [Cue comments section fighting.]
  • There is a Bible and shotgun as a gift from elderly people. Old people, as we all know, are behind the times with their outdated morality. Jesus and assault rifles were great in the 1400s, but this is 2015, and our new world demands a new set of absolutes.
  • The movie features alcoholic abusive men but probably not any women, even though you don’t need many years of life experience to know that women are far more batshit insane on alcohol than men are. You know that “Isolate, Intoxicate, Initiate” piece ROK had a few months ago? One of the best summaries of game I’ve ever read, but be careful how much booze you give her. A man can drink hard liquor for hours before he’s sloppy stupid all over Facebook, but a woman goes from giggly buzzed to violent wasted at Mach speed. To quote The Break-Up, “Apple martinis. That normally does the trick. But just two. Three, she’ll get sloppy and you’ll become a baby-sitter.”

I’m surprised there wasn’t any rape or racial tension. They should at least have had the old grandpa sitting in his front porch rocking chair snuffing tobacco and making a stray line about all the coloreds that have moved onto the block. He should have a leather KJV Bible flapping in the wind and an old Ford truck in the distance.

The main character also needed a closeted homosexual brother. But at least the mother chose to major in psychology, the bullshit major of choice for middle age female college students.

Based on the rest of the Wikipedia page, it seems like there’s no climax or clear ending, but I can’t really tell that without seeing the movie. Maybe I’ll watch it in three years when it’s on Netflix Instant.

The Elephant That Should Have Been In The Room

Finally, there was no mention at the awards ceremony of the century-anniversary of The Birth of a Nation, the innovative 1915 landmark film that popularized the movie industry (now available in its three-hour entirety on Youtube). They could have said, “Well, while we certainly disagree with the message and many of the consequences of The Birth of a Nation, we are at least grateful for the opportunities in cinematic art that it opened up. It’s important to remember history, no matter how dark.”

But instead they’ve decided to pretend the Jim Crow south never happened. I’m not sure what the rationalization for this is, because if someone tried to bury the Nazi holocaust in the annals of history, these same people would raise a fuss. I mean, sure, most people have forgotten that the Nazis killed five million gypsies, but at least we still remember the six million Jews.

And so in honor of our warts-and-all American heritage, I’d like to quote Roger Ebert from 2003,

All serious moviegoers must sooner or later arrive at a point where they see a film for what it is, and not simply for what they feel about it. “The Birth of a Nation” is not a bad film because it argues for evil. Like Riefenstahl’s “The Triumph of the Will,” it is a great film that argues for evil. To understand how it does so is to learn a great deal about film, and even something about evil.

Well said. Here’s a teaser:

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268 thoughts on “The Academy Awards Reminds Me Again Why I Don’t Watch Movies”

  1. If I’m 18 years old again, I don’t spend a single dime on Hollywood. These people are overwhelmingly leftist and you’re funding your own demise. They’re making it so easy anyway. Movies are getting more and more horrible. I’ll still watch the next one or two Scorsese films and then I’m out for good. READ.

    1. Anything by Richard Linklater is worth taking a look at as well. Hollywood’s not total crap, just about 97% of it.

      1. I like his flicks; Cameron Crowe’s stuff too. Have you seen “A Scanner Darkly”? One of Link’s better movies.

    2. Only show im currently watching is Better Call Saul and then Im back to exclusively reading. The redpill has killed my love for shows I once liked. Band of Brothers for example.

      1. Hold up. How was Band of Brothers ruined? I probably shouldn’t ask this as I really enjoyed that series.

  2. I watched the walking dead yesterday and it had a gay scene where two characters made out – I could’ve perhaps put up with it, but it has so much social programming in it recently, like many other shows and its too overt… I think I’m going to have to stop watching it, and I don;t watch TV anyways so I don’t miss much from when I used to. The problem is this internet debate they have on today in Congress in the US will mean further restrictions on free speech in the internet, where it just becomes a tool for social programming by bankers-corporations and all dissenting views are silenced.
    Interestingly, in the US and UK, 98% of all media is owned by people of mainly one grouping/ethnicity…

    1. Transparent TV plots are now such that we the audience were invited to believe those guys were probably evil, until they’re gay which must mean they’re saints.

      1. There have been only two antagonistic characters on ‘The Walking Dead’ that haven’t been Straight White Males. One of the black inmates during the prison arc, and that white female cop who ran the hospital.
        Women, Gays, and Minorities are by and large off the hook, and the victims of the straight white male patriarchy.

    2. “Interestingly, in the US and UK, 98% of all media is owned by people of mainly one grouping/ethnicity…”
      – NBC/Universal Studios is owned by the Jew,Brian Roberts.
      – CBS/MTV/Paramount Pictures/Viacom is owned by the Jew, Murray Rothstein (akaSumner Redstone).
      – ABC/Disney is run by the Jew, Robert Iger, who is Chairman & CEO.
      – CNN/Time Magazine is primarily owned by the Jew, Aviv Nevo, with the Jew, Jeff Zucker, as president.
      More info at link:
      Must be some kind of conspiracy huh?

      1. Dreamworks SKG – Spielberg, Katzenberg & Geffen
        Miramax – Weinstein Brothers
        Warner Bros.
        “Hava, nagila hava, nagila hava, nagila -va-ness-makha…”

    3. Yeah….. Those Social Justice Warrior “Jooz”. Even a ‘Walking Dead’ zombie can figure that out.

    4. Just stop watching and pick up a book. Old media, I suspect if it survives at all, will serve a niche for latent women and dramatic homosexuals. The new media, which is here albeit under severe threat can nonetheless, and hopefully will (fcc legislation notwithstanding), serve as a vastly superior substitute. The media experience is about to become very individualized, similar to your iTunes and with that means you’ll have full control over what content you want to include filtering out pro-homosexual propaganda.

  3. I never watched the Oscars and never will. The Academy Awards is nothing but a joke, and this year’s award ceremony was a platform for feminist propoganda. I remember hearing Patrcia Arquette’s speech on wage equality on the Tom Leykis show, and everyone was pissed and rightfully so. You want better money, then get a better job, you feminazi bitches.
    From the reversal of traditional gender roles, to the gay and homosexual propoganda, it is clear that there is a sick agenda present in the mainstream media. But the great thing to hear, was that this year’s Oscars received some of the lowest viewership. The economy is going down the toilet, people are losing their jobs, men are committing suicide, and the last thing anyone really cares about, is golden statues.
    The golden era of cinema and television is over. Everything that comes out of Hollywood is rotten to the core in terms of quality and material, and not surprisingly, it can be associated with the cultural decay of our world. From the economic collapse, to the declining standards and decay in fashion, literature, music and nearly everything else in society, it all correlates with the end times.
    Always maintain your morality and self respect.

    1. This is a very biased and myopic view. I am a film buff and I watch all the Best Picture nominees every year. There are tons of great films that are devoid of sickening feminist/leftist agenda. 2014 was a great year for films and 2015 is poised to be just as great. Good films are made every year. I hate feminist propaganda just as much as most readers on this site but these heavily one-sided opinions are played out.

      1. Who wins though? Actually a serious question, I haven’t seen the Oscars since the 1990’s.

        1. The films that have won Best Picture in recent years have been mostly free from sickening, in your face propaganda. How can anyone completely disparage the Academy Awards if you DON’T WATCH THE FILMS. If you don’t watch the films your opinion is uninformed.
          Yes, there is political agenda. There is political agenda everywhere. But I do not detect any overwhelming bias as purported by this article.

        2. Yeah, there’s no overwhelming bias in Hollywood movies. Because some movies aren’t biased. Ok.
          I suspect you’ve just committed a logical fallacy, but I’m too lazy to be arsed to look it up right now, and need coffee, heh.
          I’ve already noted that there are good movies. These are not however the big bill big ticket movies, except American Sniper (granted).

        3. “How can anyone completely disparage the Academy Awards if you DON’T WATCH THE FILMS”
          You don’t have to sniff every turd in the world, to know that the ones laid is the best bathrooms will still fucking stink.

        4. Gravity as well, since we’re talking 2014. Now you highly competent alpha males get out there and sacrifice yourself so some SWPL chick can have fun in space and survive a stream of stupid decisions through no fault of her own.

        5. Gravity was absolutely retarded- that director made a good flick called Children of Men like 10 yrs ago

        6. I never said anything about bias in Hollywood. I said bias in the Academy Awards. I specifically did not mention big blockbusters. I said that there are tons of good films if one would only look. It is completely off base to broad-brush the entire institution of the Academy.

        7. Argo, Lincoln and Django. Anti-White and Anti-Iranian. If they weren’t examples of AA bias I don’t know what is.

        8. Didn’t it strike you as interesting how weak and helpless Sandra Bullock’s character was without George clooney though? That could be an unintended gem of red pill thinking ensconsed within a typical “equal rights” type of hollywood movie.

        9. Yeah that was awesome.. the same guy did Gravity? So unrealistic and silly. I liked most other things he did. He even did a good Harry Potter movie–the only one that was dark and gritty (I’m being serious!) but people thought it was too ‘scary’ or something.

        10. Ehhh… I remember it vaguely pissing me off. But it’s been a while now. I think just the way that they could kill black people carelessly and nothing would happen. Yeah lynchings went on. But slaves were still people, just indentured to work at a certain place. And they were worth a lot of money. You wouldn’t just go kill one because hey, sounds like a fun thing to do today (although I may be confusing it with the opening scene to the Butler)– that was completely made up and not in the book.

        11. Nah, dont need to. I dont doubt its a solid flick, but best flick of the year? Why? All it does is gin up the anger of blacks at whites- do we really need that now when things are barely hanging on?
          Same thing applies to that Sniper flick, just makes americans angry at them middle easterners. propaganda.
          Her shoulda won, deals with where we are going as a society, rather than where we were- 150 yrs ago.

        12. I liked the film version of Children Of Men as well…except it varied from the book in one crucial point. It was the men who were seemingly universally sterile in the book & the pregnant girl gave birth to a fertile male who would be producing sperm in just enough time for the ‘Omega’ females to be inseminated & become pregnant. In the film version the child born was a girl, ruined it for me.

        13. wow, so an agenda ruined that movie too? I had no idea it was based on a novel.

        14. It made no sense…in the book by P. D. James, humanity is saved because, of course, a viable male can impregnate a near unlimited number of females…whereas in the film, well, great, the last human was born, but her father was the last potent male so she’ll likely be the last to die is all.

        15. I know. It’s hard to tell these days, “women’s films” and “art” are becoming so open with hypergamy that it’s difficult to tell if they are telling us something as men, or simply relaxing “amongst chicks” at a wine social. Your thought deserves some consideration either way though, no question.

        16. Similar to what Bridgeport said, sounds like what you are suggesting is sifting through a toilet bowl of turds to find a pristine peanut? Are you overjoyed when you find that peanut? Is it the greatest peanut on earth now because it was surrounded by turds?
          This coming from someone who does have a lot of movies I hold dear….Braveheart anyone?
          I really can’t be bothered to even try anymore because hey I really don’t like turds!
          If I’m gonna waste my time I’ll just play video games. Fuck Hollywood and every traitor in it.

        17. Yeah it was retarded. No arguments. BUT the first time I watched it I was stoned off my nut and the space atmosphere was immersive as hell. I highly recommend smoking a fat joint and watching it.

        18. 1. It’s propaganda for the very fact that it was made. Back in the times of slavery there were a tonne of black slave owners. I doubt the film showed that… which brings me to your second question.
          2. No, haven’t watched it. I’ve had a pirated copy on my harddisk for about 3 or 4 months and I can’t bring myself to watch some baboons crying about injustice. I did watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes though, good film.

        19. You wouldn’t casually kill a slave anymore than you would blow up your car now for some minor annoyance. They were valuable, and killing another man’s slave was a criminal offense (except in self-defense, which you would have to prove).

        20. I came across an article yesterday about how The Equal Justice Initiative recently discovered there were more lynchings in the US than previously thought.. the total was just under 3,959 lynchings in the southern USA from 1877 to 1950. That’s less than 55 a year. Now, these were horrible atrocities often committed for no reason whatsoever to innocent people, sometimes boys as young as 12.
          But consider there were 388 people shot and killed last year in Chicago. Yeah, there are more people today than in the past, but the point is lynchings, while awful, were relatively rare as compared to other killings. With that in mind, and considering there was on average 1 lynching per state per year (although it certainly didn’t average out this way), just up and killing your slave for no reason seems quite absurd.

        21. also it seems in the film version it were women who couldn’t reproduce. otherwise it wouldn’t have made any sense, they should have been searching for the father instead of fussing about the mother.

    2. i always like to imagine these dolled up bitches, in their hotel bathroom squatting on the john, cellulite and all… taking a dump after the show… the picture is not quite so perfect then… hahaha…. i guess that’s why people prefer to shit in private.

    3. Just stop. They cant make mind blowing shit every year. Its a creative and artistic industry. There’s always going to be an overwhelming amount of shit.

    4. If you watch old movies like Birth of a Nation or non-Western European foreign films, you can tell a major difference in cinematography. The way they linger on small shots instead of jumping from one emotion to the next. The Russian film The Island (Ostrov) is a fantastic and beautiful exposition of this (if you don’t mind hyper-religious films, although it isn’t preachy).

      1. Cinematography is no longer important. Just saw the original Thomas Crowne Affair- what innovative camera work!
        Also check out Grand Prix starring james garner- there were cameras on EVERY formula 1 car, no CGI in that movie.

    5. I noticed that men, like myself, are by far the lowest of any award shows viewer demographics!
      Also, the movies that we straight non-BS males pay to see at least have shit we like. With a particular standard of writing, explosions, and hot chicks for us to go for.
      Although feminist are trying to kill that too.
      They are reaching critical mass boys. And I don’t mean their ugly manjaws, or their waistlines blue whale girth of cellulite, french vanilla lattes, and Krispy Creme “fund-raiser boxe addiction.”
      When the the male viewers completely check out, I don’t see feminists able to make everyone continue to push us out. Their goose is cooked. They are of course too stupid to realize it fully. Merely their hind brains response going red-alert. But they are conditioned to hit snooze on that too.

    1. Actually I would have watched but I have been unemployed for over a year and my cable was cut off by Bell. Oh well.

    2. I think they are. Its not just the oscars its the box office in general, news (especially progressive i.e. msnbc and cnn), music and tv viewership. Its the whole media that is suffering and it should be no surprise (to clarify mainstream media). Putting politics aside for a moment everyone from sjw to red pill can’t deny that the quality is awful. But, that’s the thing, you really can’t put politics aside because whether its infusing stories and plots with politics, politically correct treatments and political nepotism (as in you can’t work in hollywood if you’re anything but a staunch leftist) it all contributes to the overall deterioration we’re seeing.
      And its very telling that we are. Entertainment, like caffeine, nicotine or sugar, is addictive, so, it really says something if the ratings across the board are going down. Its so shitty that its breaking addictions…who would have thought that possible. We’re literally watching drug users using less because the quality is diminished.
      Speaking of “art” etc, recall Simon and Garfunkel’s famous line “the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls”…well, Paul, maybe back in the 70’s, but, today they’re written in the comment section if you and your “liberal” ilk can bring yourself to read…you know read. That said, look up any of the recent articles regarding the decline of ratings and practically every comment mentions being fed up with politics.
      In the end, which I believe will be here shortly, they’ll look back and see the arrogance and ignorance of this industry that not only did nothing to stem the disruptive technological forces but that hasten their own decline, if not, committed suicide by focusing on disconnected politics insulting the very fan base they depend on. So long as we can keep it free the web is the future of entertainment and it will be decentralized, which means, it will be very hard if not impossible for any one ideology to control.

      1. My mother tells me the story of her first date with my father. He was expounding on how technology was going to lead to the death of western civilization. He was saying that back in 1964. His insights couldn’t be more prescient today.

        1. interesting- what set him off? People’s eyes glazing over at color tv??

        2. There was a rather insightful group of people in the early to mid 1960’s who saw this coming. They were mocked as troglodytes and cave men of course. I believe that some high ranking board member of the NYSE walked over to some computer nerd at around the same time you mention and pulled the computer hookup cable the nerd was installing out of the wall, or something like that. And he was mocked.
          2015 and now you can basically assume that the market is absolutely rigged, as well as the ballot box. But hey, those cave men were so backwards!

        3. RFK saw it coming too.
          He gave a great speech on the 68 campaign trail about his concerns we were becoming overly materialistic, and how this would be bad for the nation going forward. Ive tried to find the text for this many times, I wanted to post here, but no can do…

        4. It was not technology but Humanity that did itself in really. Societal rot was already in the air before the 60s, the 60s was the time the cancer metastasised, enabled certainly by certain technologies like the pill…

        5. My father has always been a very insightful guy. Totally marches to the beat of his own drum. Grew up in a blue blood family, sent to prestigious schools. Much was expected of him. Instead he threw it all away. Married a crazy jewish girl ( my mother), moved to northern NH and produced six kids. Outside of a brief stint teaching high school English he spent nearly all his working life doing blue collar work – mostly in a sawmill. Only guy I know who spent most of his life working in a sawmill but quotes Dostovesky and Kirkegard regularly. He detests progressive Marxists with a passion.

        6. The NYSE is absolutely rigged. Lay people will point to Warren Buffet as proof that you can make a ton of money in the markets. I laugh to myself. The guy operates on economies of scale . When he buys stock the volume is so large that he’s actually buying a massive percentage of the company. His stock acquisition will actually drive the price up. The man on the street can’t pull this off. He’s left to the whims of the behind the scene players and the Fed for his “success”. Its like trusting a thief to guard your house.

        7. Man left to his own devices will almost always self destruct. Thats why its incumbent for a culture to be guided by a moral compass based upon Judeo – Christian principles. Without – we end up with what we have today

      2. “But, that’s the thing, you really can’t put politics aside because whether its infusing stories and plots with politics, politically correct treatments and political nepotism (as in you can’t work in hollywood if you’re anything but a staunch leftist) it all contributes to the overall deterioration we’re seeing.”
        Once you recognize the SJW agenda, most TV/Film becomes unwatchable.

        1. Agreed. I find myself drawn toward older stuff where the focus was still on exploring film as an art medium. It is much more respectful to the viewer. It’s certainly not patronizing like the ilk of today.

        2. Documentaries are actually what I’ve been watching mostly these days. Thanks for the input.

        3. A lot of old films deal with subject matter that Cultural Marxists would have spasms of impotent rage over. I rewatched Taxi Driver the other day and was blown away by how relevant its message still is. What movie today is willing to feature a character like Travis Bickle?
          The perfect representation of the decline of the film industry and Western societies in general to me is Larry Wachowski. The guy went from being the co creator of The Matrix, (and by extension the concept of the redpill), to a transgendered freak who now goes by the name Lana.
          That being said, foreign films are still cool. Asians make some great shit and they arent deterred by political correctness.

        4. Asians make some great shit and they arent deterred by political correctness.

          I like tentacle porn, too 😉 In all seriousness, though, I agree. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Taxi Driver, and I was probably too young to fully understand the significance at the time I watched it. I’ll have to watch it again.

      3. I think you can work if you’re not a Leftist, but you have to hide your pro-liberty side until you’re fucking huge.
        Clint Eastwood is a self declared libertarian who hangs out with the GOP, Bruce Willis is as well. Kurt Russel is a libertarian, as in card carrying. Charleton Heston was staunch GOP (yeah, I know he’s dead now, but he’s still fairly recent). Mel Gibson is far right (hence the huge efforts to bait him into destroying himself by his leftist cunt wife and The Academy who hates that he makes amazing movies).
        So it can be done. But to your point, you can’t let’em know until it’s too late.

        1. classical liberal? sure. try being an honest, genuine conservative. they’d put you in the stocks!

        2. Mel Gibson fills that bill. So does, oh hell what’s his name, John Voight (had to look him up). And again, Charleton Heston. Bo Derick. James Earl Jones. Vince Vaughn. Chuck Norris. Adam Sandler. Kelsey Grammar. James Caan.
          The list goes on.

        3. Yeah, I know. Was going more by “conservative” or “right” than anything. Sometimes actual conservatives and libertarians hang out with the GOP. God only knows why.

        4. My bet is like many of us they started out as poor, liberal actors then got some money and age and experience and became more conservative.

        5. I highly doubt Clint was ever leftist. He radiates “fuck you, socialists” with his aura. But back when he started, this wasn’t a bad thing. The rest, eh, dunno. Some yes, some, maybe not.

  4. I gave up a long time ago on the Oscars and Academy Awards. I’d rather bury myself alive than fry my brain to some Progressive/Liberal bullshit grandstanding with millionaires congratulating each-other over who had the best “acting” skills. Besides, the overwhelming majority of the “movies” that get nominated and/or win are the ones that try to push the liberal white guilt card to the peak.

    1. “. Besides, the overwhelming majority of the “movies” that get nominated and/or win are the ones that try to push the liberal white guilt card to the peak”

    1. Yeah, but at least she got a nice $125k “gift bag” just for dragging her arse out of bed. Maybe she can donate it to her underpaid staff.

      1. Gift bag? HAHAHAHA!!!
        Reminds of The Sopranos episode where Christopher robs the gift bag from Lauren Bacall.

        1. that was the ep when chris said “We love watching Law and Order: the SUV”. funniest fuvking line from the entire series.

        2. “Fuck Ben Kingsley. Danny Baldwin took him to fucking acting school.”
          -I was in stitches for days after watching the whole “Cleaver” storyline.

        1. Ah, didn’t know that. Doesn’t alter the point, but I do appreciate the factual correction.

        2. oh yea, I know, wasnt trying to be a dick, just saying its even worse…

        3. Can you imagine if every shit-fuck that attended just donated $170,000 to some functional charity?

        4. Whoa whoa whoa now hoss, that’s just crazy talk!
          Donate? Their own resources? Are you shitting me?

      2. Slow down, patriarch. I hear the men’s gift bags had $125,000.01 worth of gifts. See. Wage inequality. Check your privilege (even though you didn’t get a gift bag).

        1. I just checked my privilege, and it’s doing great! Thanks for the suggestion!
          What’s funny is watching the Left eat its own. They’ve been doing that a lot as of late. It’s not stopping the regression back to a feudal dictatorship that they’re pushing for, but at least it provides some level of entertainment that an actual man can enjoy.

        2. It was the cheap-shit condom that added that cent there. How dare them not give girls condoms, too.

  5. Celebrities or stars of today are shit compared to the Golden Age during the studio system. And don’t get me started on that cock-carousel-riding-super-slut Ellen Barkin either who has that thousand cock stare or I’ll go on a rampage.
    Brokeback Mountain only won because it was a fag movie. If John Wayne were alive today he’d be rolling around in his grave.
    Today’s stars will never match with those of yesterday because they have something today’s stars severely lack: grace, elegance, charisma, and charm.
    Give me:
    Marlene Dietrich
    Gary Cooper
    Jean Harlow
    Cary Grant
    Joan Crawford
    Clark Gable
    Carole Lombard
    and Duke plus 50 more
    I’ll watch them any day!

    1. I suppose the only actors that can still qualify in terms of masculinity, that are still somewhat present in Hollywood, are Denzel Washington and Clint Eastwood.
      But I agree with the above list. Timeless actors in timeless movies.

        1. Yeah, he’s cool.
          Captain And Commander was a fantastic film, and utterly devoid of any feminine influence.

    2. If John Wayne were alive today I doubt he’d be rolling in his grave. Alive = not in grave. heh
      But yeah, agree 100%. Once Eastwood is gone, it’s over, and hopefully somebody turns out the lights before everybody heads home.

    3. The shit goes back much further. Go back and watch the 1972 TV show Kung Fu with David Carradine. Practically every episode is some evil white patriarch persecuting the poor indians, or slapping around some sloot. It’s one of the earlier appearances of blatant SJW shit on TV.

    1. Well cancer is the new rape. Men stopped believing women claiming to be raped in their past on the first night they meet, so the new hip thing to do is say you have cancer for attention and sympathy.
      Usually means they have a mole that’s changed shaped and needs removing. Takes about ten minutes, I’ve have a bunch removed. No cancer so far in any part of my body.

  6. McCarthy had it right when he went after the communists in Hollywood. Think about it….the movie industry was full of real card-carrying communists. Holy shit. Today’s Hollywood carries on in the tradition without the label.

    1. Hollywood actors have to buy into communism (while wearing a $10,000 suit, driving a lamborghini, and living in a mansion), or else they will seem ‘out of touch with the plight of common folk’. Hollywood actresses have to buy into communism because they are too self-absorbed and small-minded to think of anything other than their cunts

    2. I wish Joe were still alive today, so that I could shake his hand and thank him for giving it the good fight, and let him know that he was right and to honestly apologize for how his contemporaries and future generations treated him.

  7. Some of the older movies one can watch and come away with a warm feeling inside (I recommend 7 Brides for 7 Brothers as a good date movie). New movies leave me feeling almost disgusting inside.

  8. I’d like to believe the low viewership means Americans are finally getting over this idiot obsession with a bunch of pompous doinks who are famous for playing make-believe. I’d like to believe that, but I’m sure it’s not the case. Entertainment is all america has left to offer the world, other than low standards the worst women to ever disgrace the planet.
    Within fifty years, every one of those oscar statuettes is going to be melted down and used to bargain for some moldy bread, dog meat, or one more gang-rape free night in the underground bunker.

    1. I think the internet might be a solid competitor to traditional television celebrity culture.
      Who cares about which famous bitch is hot right now when I can just go on Google Image and see 1000+ hot chicks within 5 minutes?
      Also, I think social media has allowed girls to make themselves into celebrities. They don’t need to emulate the people on TV anymore… their competition is their sisters.
      Just a theory.

      1. The evidence of this is showing up in ratings across the board. Old media is dead it can never compete with the versatility, customization and immediacy of the web. Its not even a fair comparison. But, its no surprise that in 2015 it lingers on because we have an entrenched crony capitalistic (cabal/monopolistic) system, which is hardly capitalism, that is working in concert with political and special interest groups – progressives. They all have an vital interest in sustaining this paradigm for as long as possible. On the other side, however, the ability to implement mass social engineering will be extremely difficult if not impossible. Academia will still be infected but eventually, the web (online learning) will disrupt that too.

      2. Women and manginas care. They are fucking herd animals and need the perverse sense of community that comes with loving or hating some “celebrity.”

  9. The Oscars are nothing more than a giant circle jerk. The actresses wear strap-ons and peg the men while they are there.
    Vulgarity aside, it did serve the purpose of knowing what movies to not watch and which actors are Alpha and not. Turns out George Clooney is not an Alpha.

    1. You should have seen that when he played Batman so many years ago. Smiling was his character choice to impose fear in the hearts of criminals.

    2. Duh. He married a post Wall used up sloot. That pretty much destroyed any alpha cred he may have accrued.
      Plus I’ve heard that she may well be a beard. From more than one source.

      1. That’s pretty natural actually. When a woman calls another woman a slut, for instance, it is usually because a high-class woman is trying to keep a low-class woman in her place. It has nothing to do with promiscuity.
        In this case, none of these women would mind if they were 36 and married to him.

  10. I could have sworn the film industry was dead by 2002 with No Country for Old Men being the remnants of a time forgotten. Once, I loved movies too. The passion in the performance. The detail and truths they were eager to speak on. Maybe this was back when less movies were centered around female stars or trying to emphasize some overdrawn stereotype. It has been so long I can’t even remember. I applaud the people attempting to watch the Oscar’s, Emmy’s, Tony’s, whatever as losing those brain cells to get what’s up in the world is a heavy price to pay. There should really be a book award show, detailing the bests and boldest books to shape our time. Might be better off as movies are mostly ego stroking for these lame actors/actresses.

    1. I can’t even name the movies that come out most years, that’s how little I care anymore.
      It’s the same crap every year for the most part. Another sequel to this, another sequel to that, another comic book movie, another politically correct remake of an old movie.

      1. Did you see “The Equalizer”? It’s basically Denzel Washington killing white gangsters from Russia with garden tools and anything else you can from a “Home Depot” rip-off.
        If it was the polar opposite, a white man doing the same thing to a battalion of Crips or Bloods, it wouldn’t get off the drawing board and the man who had the gaul to even come up with such an idea would be fired.

        1. The Equalizer was ridiculous. Denzel was LITERALLY a Captain Save-a-Hoe! Why would you risk your life fighting gangsters just to save a prostitute? Smh…hollywood teaching that blue-pill bullshit.
          I’m very selective of what movies I watch, preferably foreign films.
          The best foreign films I’ve seen recently was The Raid and The Raid 2 (Indonesian action film series). Both these films had very low budget costs yet had better plot and action than any Hollywood action movie ever.

        2. The year Denzel was nominated for an Oscar he came out and pretty much said if he didn’t win it it’s because he’s black.
          Sorry, dude, anti-white racism is still racism.

      2. Spot on. I was getting ready to make a similar comment. All remakes, animated, and comic junk anymore. Yes. Booorrriinggg…..

      3. Exactly! Disheartening really as this used to be a field I fantasized about working in. I don’t even listen anymore when a woman says she likes a comic movie as this usually means she wants to bed the actor. There are a whole new class of Thor fans for that reason alone. Although of the comic book movies I’ve seen Winter Soldier was worth bringing to the house.

        1. Well, on the bright side, the Thor movie featured a chisle jawed, white, highly masculine, martially inclined alpha male. There’s something to be said for women looking at him and swooning.
          Just looking for a silver lining man. heh

        2. I agree there! But when the woman in question could eat your body weight and then some in a day, you have some issues. Still I’m grateful that the tried and true still gets the drawers to drop.

        3. I know. Mentioned it on another thread last week. They have to destroy all masculine things, even our 1,000+ year old mythology.

  11. I think the last movie I saw in a first run house was – Star Wars.
    I did see The Secret of Roan Inish in first run, but it opened in second run houses.
    I don’t think I’ve been to a theater at all since To Have and Have Not was finally released on DVD.

    1. I’ve been to a theater exactly twice since the millenia flipped.

  12. Ms. Arquette bitches about income inequality but wears a dress worth more than most people see in a year and walks out with a $160k goodie bag.
    Being oppressed must really suck for her.

    1. I thought it really represents feminism. Rich old white women telling other women how to live.

  13. From my standpoint this entire industry, mainstream media, is ripe…stinking festering ripe for massive disruption and the other side it will look NOTHING like it does right now. And that’s a good thing.

  14. I dont watch it, yet that one Arquette segment was all over the morning news- you cant escape the disinfo. That and doogie howser in his underpants. classy.
    And yeah Avengers sucked balls, no comic movie will ever top The DArk Knight or Watchmen. Check out a little seen comic movie called The Losers- waaaaaay better than Avengers…

    1. ” . . . that one Arquette segment was all over the morning news- you cant escape the disinfo.”
      Although this is the first I’ve heard of it. Thanks RoK, if not for you I might have made a clean escape.
      I pulled the plug on the TV when A&E canceled Nero Wolfe, possibly the best television production ever made, and the last one worth watching.

      1. When was that? 2003 here. Pulled the plug in 2003 and never looked back. Fuck these people.

        1. The Google tells me that was August, 2002. It was replaced by some crap “reality” show.
          Fuck these people indeed.

  15. When was the last time I watched the Oscars? Probably never. I don’t know any of the movies, and the actors’ clothing is uninteresting to me. Do men watch the Oscars?

    Men make blockbusters. Women bitch.
    (Please note that the only woman in this infograph is a m2f transsexual).

  16. Patricia Arquette is the granddaughter of Cliff Arquette (aka Charlie Weaver) It seems that feminists have no problem with nepotism .

  17. Patrica Arquette basically said “we (feminists) helped you people, now we want our payback.”
    The liberals who watched her said “fuck off.”
    I admit I was entertained.

  18. Articles like this really irk me. If you people with your completely biased opinions would just stop for a second to filter out the propaganda films and take notice of the well crafted films that are released every year you would realise that there are several genuine film makers out there who are about the art and not about feminist/leftist agenda.
    “All movies are trash” and other sweeping generalisations are completely ignorant viewpoints.

    1. name one good movie that doesn’t distort the truth, glamorize violence, or keep some overpaid hack in a job…..

      1. Check out Her with Phoenix and Scarlett J- she is an A, HIS personal AI, and she cheats on him with other AI. Pretty red pill if you ask me.

        1. it took $23M to make that fucking drivel…. give me an iphone 6 and a roll of $20s and I can do a better job.

        2. Direct ripoff of the novel Idoru. Rockstar marries a virtual groupie. Awesome book, but they failed to rip off the awesome part.

    2. okay, rattle off a few. I still dig movies. St Vincent starring Bill Murray was good, just saw it recently.

        1. bill murray must hang out on rok
          How fucking cool would that be?
          I’ve wondered on occasion if some celebs (not necessarily actors, I mean generically famous) people frequent the manosphere. Limbaugh seems to nearly quote some of the articles on ROK and Heartiste on occasion, as in, I swear I’ve heard him say some things that I *know* were in the article(s) or comments section that were non-generic and non-expected.

    3. Lets see the kind of films that come out from the belly of the beast known as Hollywood:
      -Most new mainstream movies are some bullshit Marvel comic book movie. Seriously, how can any grown man watch these kind of movies made for kids?
      -The other group of movies are some stupid low budget independent digital horror movie that looks like it was made by some amateur.
      While you may talk with some truth, it nonetheless does not excuse the above facts. Look at the kind of movies that come out and see the kind of intellect level these films display and the kind of people that go to see this kind of trash.

      1. hey, I loved the Avengers. Right up until Cap threw black widow at a space motorcycle doing maybe 200 miles an hour and she caught it, one handed.
        Super Heroes are just a new face on an old mythology. They are the new gods (and sometimes the old gods) the modern day version of heracles, Perseus, Odysseus, and Achilles.
        As aspirations go, they are not inferior to their original legends, and thus your question of ‘how can grown men watch these kinds of movies’ simply reveals your lack of aspirations, creativity, or ability to perceive anything outside of your own solipsism.
        Yes, you have to wade through a lot of progressive crap, but generally ‘superhero movies’ tend to contain the bare minimum necessary to pass Faggotwood’s acid test, and those movies that try to push the propaganda too hard alienate their core demographic and flop… (Iron Man 3).

        1. If you buy that argument, you are just accepting the new dumbed down standard. The old mythological stories had far richer symbolism than anything you will find in superhero comics, and they were written thousands of years ago.

        2. I am Greek and Norwegian. This trash is purposely twisting and distorting MY heritage. It disgusts me.

        3. Boo hoo. If it weren’t for ‘foreign twisting’, your ‘heritage’ would probably be long forgotten by now.
          Look at the mesapotamian, Aztec, and Babylonian heroes… Never heard of them? Yep.

        4. I have read the real thing, and frankly, I find the modern story arcs to often be far better reading than ‘The Illiad’.
          Frankly, while I respect the ‘original stories’ the idea that no one in the current era is capable of telling a decent hero story is arrogant tripe, touted by stilted ‘intellectuals’, egomaniacal nihlists, solipsists, and those who practice professional faggotry.
          A good story is a good story. It doesn’t matter if it is two or two thousand years old. While I would be the first to admit that a lot of crap comes out on the comic book shelves nowadays, it’s retarded to insist that it is ALL crap without bothering to even peruse it.

        5. Perhaps you should address that lack? Breaking into comic books is not easy, but as a keen judge of their shortcomings as literature, you should have no problems overcoming that obstacle.

    4. Your criticism is akin to some medieval serf saying “Yeah, sure, almost all of us are illiterate and live in mud huts, but it’s not as bad as all of you naysayers keep going on about. Why, look how well the Holy Roman Emperor and his court live. See! Things are just fine!”
      There are still some good movies out there. You have to really look for them though, and that means you have to sit through an awful lot of pure grade A shit to get to those few nuggets (pardon the pun).

      1. This negativity most of us have on this site has to be unhealthy on some level. What’s the purpose of bitching about movies or even tv shows that offend us? When I am watching something that turns out to be offensive to my ideals I stop watching it. It’s really that simple.
        There are tons of good films in circulation. Every film that was nominated for Best Picture except The Imitation Game (to a very small extent) was mostly free from in your face propaganda. Say what you want about American Sniper but based on my watching, it neither affirmed or denied the morality and/or utility of the war.
        How many of you people even watch these films to have an educated opinion?

        1. You people?
          The reason people critique the entertainment industry is because they *do* have huge influence outside of our small niche. That influence translates into armies of feminists and white knights and socialists passing or endorsing every single form of tyranny known to the human mind.
          Just turning away from the poster of Joseph Stalin hanging on the town hall doesn’t mean that you’ve neutered Joseph Stalin.

        2. ‘educated opinion’ is the first squeal of the progressive retard. As if, somehow, opinions, no matter how logical, are invalid unless you have been ‘trained to think your way’.
          if you were a mentat from ‘dune’, you might have a point… but a school for ‘learning to think logically’ hasn’t existed since the time of Aristotle.

    5. I fucking dare you…right now go turn on your tv any channel and within 5 minutes you’ll see some kind of progressive propaganda either in the shows, movies or advertisements. Go do that. Are there good movies out there, yes numb nuts, of course there are, that’s not he point. Were those high quality movies honored at the oscars or pushed by hollywood…no, fucking no. We have to be critical and, yes negative, healthy or not, of the media because if you haven’t noticed controlling the media and infusing it with progressive politics is why we have fucking feminism in the first place! We need to acknowledge, confront, analyze, inform and reveal this in the red pill community so that one day…one day good art can once again be produced.

    6. I took some photos of the Academy Awards. When I get the film developed I will mail them to you. In the meantime I’ve got some Polaroids.

  19. I don’t care about mainstream Hollywood I just want my John Horse and my Paul Roberson films.

  20. It always irks me when actors get on screen and talk about how important for kids to go into STEM jobs. If you like STEM jobs so much, Hollywood, then why the F don’t you become scientists and engineers?

      1. That’s what you call putting your money where your mouth is. He is the exception, not the rule, I’m afraid.

        1. He’s also a powerful, highly masculine man. It’s no surprise that he *does* instead of whines.

        2. Frankly, I watched the first ten minutes of ‘expendables’, and when I realized that Dolph Lundgren, after his completely logical, no-nonsense method of dealing with the pirates, was going to become the movie’s ‘villain’ for it, I turned it off and took it back to redbox.

        3. I know. Typecast from his first major public appearance. Shame because he could be cast as a very potent Ragnar Dajneskold (sp) (or somebody similar)

        4. Dolph as Ragnar would be f**king awesome! I really wish they had done a great job on Atlas Shrugged. I walked out of the first installment 15 minutes in.

        5. Same. I was hoping for something so much better. But its indy, mostly, so what can you expect?
          The cast I have for a *real* Atlas Shrugged would make it legendary.

        6. I watched the first two on Netflix before I read the book. I didn’t think they were bad, but they definitely weren’t great. They could have done a better job. And having different actors in the 2nd one throws it for a loop. It was neat to see Teller in a rare speaking role though.

      1. That would be boring, though. Ironman’s suit would cost $20M a piece, and the development cycle would run for a decade. People would have to sit through countless boring, pointless meetings that resolved nothing and existed purely as a self-congratulatory exercise for the host(s) of the meeting. Oh wait, that’s what the Oscars are. Maybe they would like the STEM field!

  21. There’s no reason a white woman working as a Starbucks barista should make less than a structural engineer.
    -feminist mentality

  22. The people who run the Academy Awards hate movies too. If the show celebrated people who make quality entertaining films, and those films, I might actually watch.
    They seem to hate movies and everything to do with making them. It’s a politics show made by assholes.

  23. Blair, you’ve got the whole movies all wrong man.
    You don’t go to The Avengers to learn a profound lesson about man’s tragically existential position in the universe… Or to learn about what America truly stands for. You go watch the Avengers to see The Hulk smash a city.
    I also thought Boyhood was the best movie to have come out in years. Not only is it a groundbreaking achievement for film production (i.e., the movie was shot periodically over 15 or so years), but I also thought it contained some solid red-pill truths.
    Boyhood demonstrated the difficulty in keeping a family together in modern America. It showed how impermanent and unstable the main character’s family/love life was as he grew up. It showed the path of the single mom career bitch, and it hardly sugar-coated that situation at all. She is portrayed as having a hard time, but also as being a leech and putting men into seriously difficult positions. I actually thought it was a pretty balanced film… It wasn’t obviously anti-feminist or trying to prove a point but rather an observational piece. I didn’t walk out of the theatre with the impression of white-guilt really much at all, I walked out of the theatre thinking about the decline of the western family.
    If anyone hasn’t seen Boyhood and has any interest in film do yourself a favour and watch it.

    1. need to check this one out as well as Gone Girl. Snippet in the paper says affleck didnt trust the female lead, had a really dark side to her (ie she wasnt acting so much as just being herself in the flick).

      1. Gone Girl was really good as well.
        That movie is way less forgiving than Boyhood.
        It shows the extreme of the kind of evil women can be capable of. Takes lying, cheating, hypergamy to the extreme.
        They should have just called that movie Evil Cunt Girl.

        1. I still watch movies, but not in the theater. Gone Girl is queued up for a powerful mess o’ watchin’ once it gets to Netflix.

        2. Gone Girl was good, but being an avid reader on RoK and knowing the red pill truths the female character had no surprises with me. The blaming the husband for her problems, the resentment, the using of others to justify her reality, playing the victim at every turn, straight up lying and doing so convincingly. I wasnt even surprised when she went back to the ex. Run of the mill type shit for female behavior.
          Go see it.

        3. I heard that many people reported women laughing like they were watching a comedy or like they were taking real pleasure in seeing the husband destroyed by a sociopath bitch. And I actually saw a defense of the response of females by some woman in LA Review of Books, I think… needless to say, a feminist. Fascinating how much shit they spin to defend vile female behavior… the Hamster, PhD.

      2. yea rosamund pike was a complete psycho on that movie. Her eyes and demeanor…..somewhere that same person is part of her normal personality.

  24. It took you to be a teenager until you realized the Academy Awards was all about politics!? That makes me feel pretty good because I was 7 when I learned the same thing. In 1977, Annie Hall wins Best Picture instead of Star Wars and Close Encounters doesn’t even make it as a nomination. I haven’t paid any attention since.

  25. Birdman was pretty fuckin’ entertaining actually. Acting -top notch, fantastic cinematography. But of course The Academy Awards is a fucking joke, obviously. “The Gay Superbowl”. Who gives a fuck? Brings to mind Adam Carolla on the Hollywood “left” and a clip I recently enjoyed which was impressively brilliant shit.
    “Adam Carolla on Hypocrites From The Hollywood Left”

    1. I only disagree with the concept of ‘paying their fair share’.
      We have a moral responsibility to pay as little tax as we can get away with.

    2. as Rupert Murdoch said” If you are not a liberal when you are young, you have no heart, if you are not a conservative when you are older you have no brains…..”
      these assholes never grow up and he summarizes exactly the same thing at the end of the clip…….

      1. I think that’s an older quote or from somebody else… not sure. Yeah there’s something to it but he means by “liberal” just an emotionally unstable, ignorant, idealistic, dangerous moron, more than simply a person that may be in favor a policy that is considered at odds with conservatism, and would get you called a liberal by a Fox News host, because of either being at odds with traditional culture or considered unsound economically and/or increasing the size of “big guvment”. Of course this is to be considered the same thing.

        1. Seemingly more famous now for his quotes. He also said, paraphrasing here, if women get the vote, we’re bloody well f*cked for good.

    3. That was amazing. Thanks for posting. Adam’s point about how Hollywood types talk a lot about people paying more taxes and then do everything they can to hide their own money from the tax man is spot on.
      When one rich person is making millions but living on $80,000 while giving the rest to the government then that person might deserve to get a little on the high road about people paying “their fair share”. Otherwise it’s all BS posturing.

      1. It’s a great clip, really sheds light on those people when ya hear it. I dug it. Carolla is a savvy guy and talented communicator..

        1. Awe come on man you can’t laugh at yourself sometimes?
          This vid is the only troll-job of the manosphere that I like.

        2. Meh, it felt more like a standard hack job of tinfoil hats, with ‘red pill’ replacing the typical conspiracy theorist thing.
          I am quite happy to laugh at myself, but I do generally want there to be some… you know… humor.
          Funny is a response to painful truth, and unfortunately, the only thing painful about the video was the guy’s repetetiveness.
          semi-right conspiracy whacks do indeed make movies like that, but watching them is like watching a cow drink from a trough… it’s not funny, it’s not painful, it’s just boring… and making fun of boring is pretty much boring as well. If I made a video of 10 minutes of cows drinking from troughs, I wouldn’t exactly consider it comedy gold either.
          Perhaps I just haven’t contacted the meme of ‘red pill’ meaning ‘blowing your mind’. Mostly, Red Pill videos I have seen are just dully presented facts that are painful or angering… Most red pill guys admit that ‘going down the rabbit hole’ doesn’t make you happy, they are driven to it out of intellectual honesty or masochism, not ‘coolness factor’.

        3. Fair enough if you didn’t think it was funny.
          I don’t know if it is a strength or weakness that I am easily amused.
          If you posted a video of cows eating at a trough for ten minutes I’d probably be thinking to myself “Is this art? Do these cows represent the future of modern society? Maybe these cows need to take the red-pill.”

  26. Feminists also started a hashtag during the Oscars because actresses were only being asked questions about their dresses. I fucking hate Twitter.

    1. Well, they’re right. The interviewers should have been asking them questions about particle physics and nanotechnology. I mean c’mon man, equality!

    2. Twitter is seriously the most stupid thing ever created. And what makes it worse are the stupid twitter campaigns that get hashtagged by celebrities and SJWs, like #bringbackourgirls. Who the fuck would take that seriously? Even terrorists laugh at that
      Boko Haram mocks international “Bring Back our Girls” campaign:

      1. Twitter was fairly cool in the beginning, before it went mainstream. Now, most tweets are so full of stupid hashtags they’re unreadable. Every now and again I’ll see what Roosh and similar people are saying on Twitter, but otherwise I ignore it like the rest of social media.

  27. I will believe women are getting abused when there’s an epidemic of females getting curbstomped.
    Actually, not even then.

  28. Boyhood should have simply been called “Clichehood”. It’s every White boy’s “struggles” growing up tossed in a blender. Single mom so stressed out, loser stepdads, bratty sister, girls, drugs, bullies… It even starts getting predictable not even halfway through. Long-winded, boring, inconclusive at the end garbage. The gimmick of having been made in over ten or twelve or how ever many years was the only thing at all remotely cool about this trite borefest.

  29. My dad saw this years awards. I laughed when he told me that most of the 40yo skanks shouldve been dumped on the streets a long time ago.

  30. I’ve never paid attention to those elite award shows. I came to the realization years ago that none of them reflect my interests.
    Occasionally a movie comes out that I enjoy, but I watch it on Netflix. I refuse to go to theaters. Why pay $10 and sit through a half hour or previews and commercials when I can sit comfortably at home with a beer and pause as often as I need to? Plus I don’t have to worry about people sitting next to me or right behind me when I’m on my own couch.

    1. Plus I don’t have to worry about people sitting next to me or right behind me when I’m on my own couch.
      Exactly, all we have to worry about is uncle NSA monitoring all of our TCP/IP traffic and keeping tabs on every single thing we do online. Heh.
      I am actually with you, just felt the need to mention NSA spying in light of the impending FCC takeover of the internet in these united States.

      1. With NSA monitoring, it’s a risk you have to run as to whether what you’re doing is important enough to them to pay attention to. I like to think my traffic isn’t important enough to them, but you never know.

        1. I understand. It simply bothers me that they’re monitoring *anything* without a warrant backed up by probable cause.
          This all started with roadside checkpoints in the 80’s. Some idiot judge basically said “Why no, it’s not a violation of the 4th Amendment because they’re doing it to random people and everybody is subject to the stop”. As if that makes even the slightest bit of fucking sense. Yet somehow, to a twisted legal mind, it does.

    1. Less and less so actually.
      Watching movies made for adults about comic books has lost its luster.

  31. Great article! You hit the nail on the head about so many things. Unfortunately, after what you said about The Avengers, we must remain mortal enemies.

  32. The ignorance in this article is amazing. You hate movies and rarely watch any, but feel entitled to criticize a movie based on it’s wikipedia summary…

    1. Would you not agree that the vast majority of Horrywooooddddd movies, especially those nominated for an Oscar, in the recent past are absolute dross?

  33. On point.
    Hollywood is essentially a homogenized collection of uber leftist sciolist elitists who think themselves better than your average rank and file Americans and demonstrate as much with their out of touch, pretentious, banal commentary.
    I’m going to go “bold with it” and say that only leftist manginas and homosexual males watch the AA’s, Oscars, etc. It goes without saying that feminist females, yentas, and bored or nagging housewives constitute the majority of total viewership.
    I do have one little nitpick: i don’t care much for roger ebert’s opinion because he was also an elitist who would favor artsy fartsy so called “wonderful” movies more often than not.

  34. I entirely see why the male actor gave his one lined speech now. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. So he’s just going to say thanks and head off the stage.

        1. “Mohammed got you in the back like groceries”
          lmfao…yet at the same time…fuck this gay earth…

  35. on other sites discussing patricia arquette some have pointed out the obvious truth that porn actresses are paid a lot more than their male counterparts, and that in both cases – Hollywood and the porn industry – this reflects the nature of demand. Since there’s precious little difference between Hollywood and porn in terms of the morals involved surely the solution to this outrageous inequality would be to let Arquette and her fellow th-les-pians suck some on screen cock like chole sevigny did. Obviously you’d have to let them say it was for artistic purposes. Added bonus – nobody would be talking about their dresses because they wouldn’t be wearing any

  36. Sure, many of todays films have a liberal agenda and are not worth watching for that reason alone…that’s one of the reasons I prefer watching older films…There’s many great British, French and Italian films(along with Bergman, Kurosawa etc) from the 30s right up to the 80s.
    One of the reasons Hollywood is so crap these days are that there are no actors with any personality/character…Burton, Harris, Marvin. They’re all dead. Now all you got are SJW, eco-warriors, corporate clones, in a word tossers. The golden age of cinema is well and truly dead.

  37. The REAL best movie of the year, SNOWPIERCER, didn’t get a single nomination.
    Fuck the Oscars and their pandering Libtard agenda.

    1. I’ve never even heard about this movie but I just checked out the trailer and it looks interesting.

    2. an acquired taste surely, with slightly socialist, global warming overtones. I got through half an hour, marvelled at Tilda Swinton’s wacky impressions before losing interest.

    3. You know I saw Snowpiercer on Netflix, and it was quite an interesting film. Definitely odd but by the end it gets it’s hooks into you,

  38. The Oscars-and indeed, the entirety of Hollywood-are not intended for male consumption.The film business is a religion of Matrarchy, and the temples are the theatres of America.
    Case in point-the recent “flop” that is Michael Mann’s Blackhat. The reason the movie failed wasnt because it was poorly made, or because of a casting problem with Chris Hemsworth. It failed because women could not remotely relate to it, and the business of modern cinema consists of men going to girly movies but NOT THE REVERSE. If cupcake doesnt like the movie becauz her pal/family/blogger hated it, its dead to her.
    Michael Mann does not pull punches or insert feel good feminist fluff. He researches his real life subjects, and shoots the movie around well trained actors.Which means blonde white women cant begin to understand it .If the latte and Ugg crowd dont emotionally relate to your movie, its commercially fucked. That is why Robert Rodriguez’s excellent Sin City sequel crashed and burned too.
    In the years to come ,directors like Michael Mann, Tarantino, Rodriguez will face compromising to Matriarchial directives, or pulling the eject lever on modern film.

    1. Sin City 2 was good then? I want to see it but wasn’t sure when it was coming to DVD. Interesting about Blackhat, will have to check it out now.

  39. The Giver was a rare and fresh respite from the bs hollywood leftist agenda. I highly recommend it.
    Not coincidentally, it only performed modestly at the box office.

  40. Cool quote from Death Wish, a movie that probably wouldn’t get made today. Charles Bronson (Paul Kersey), a bleeding-heart liberal whose wife is murdered and daughter raped, has a change of heart.
    Paul Kersey: Nothing to do but cut and run, huh? What else? What about the old American social custom of self-defense? If the police don’t defend us, maybe we ought to do it ourselves.
    Jack Toby: We’re not pioneers anymore, Dad.
    Paul Kersey: What are we, Jack?
    Jack Toby: What do you mean?
    Paul Kersey: I mean, if we’re not pioneers, what have we become? What do you call people who, when they’re faced with a condition or fear, do nothing about it, they just run and hide?
    Jack Toby: Civilized?
    Paul Kersey: No.
    As an aside, awards shows really just fashion shows. Nothing more.

  41. Off topic but I always find some stupid man-hating feminazis on instagram creating art to hate all men and promote lesbianism. These man-haters need to be exposed.
    This is extracted from the exact page I found this crap art from. Below are all these man-haters instagram names and comments.
    Finished this, based on women finding their place in male dominated industries #illustration #drawing #girl #women #girlboss #likeagirl #mountain #men #feminist #equality
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    jgbrasier Nice, like the style
    melanieg92 Love this!!!
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    twistbygail Not only finding, but seemingly conquering and leading. 👍@meganpelto
    thediscovernetwork Beautiful!
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    meganpelto Thank you!! I am glad you like it:) @feministfeminist @fucking_feminist There will be more work to come:)
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    meganpelto Exactly:) thanks! @twistbygail i have high hopes for the future

    1. don’t worry in those heels she’s sure to do what madonna just did at the Brits, and its a lot further to fall by the looks of it

  42. Film makers are lazy as fuck. When it comes to southerners hey only have one film to make and that is how much everyone outside of the leftist cities suck.
    I think there’s nothing wrong with movies that criticize a culture. But that is ALL THEY DO. There are too few films that portray southerners and their culture in a positive light, and it’s tiresome. And pathetic.

    1. “If you don’t speak up the world will happily forget you completely”
      as norman finkelstein once pointed out

  43. I personally couldn’t be bothered to watch the Oscars. But I don’t know what was more bizarre Patrica Arquette’s speech ( forgetting that most rich celebrities are women ) or that the she even won an Oscar for a movie I personally heard of in the first place.

  44. Movies, reality shows, news, are loaded with politically correct bullshit. I have stopped watching most of it, because my tolerance for stupidity has been exhausted.

  45. If someone told you “a woman got grabbed and kissed by some fat weird guido at random”, I’m certain you’d say “so when did she cry rape?”
    Surprisingly, when this happened at the Oscars:

  46. I must confess that I watched the award show–at least most of it. I knew going in that it would be a total left-wing stroke session, and it was. I’m a big movie guy, but at the end of the day, I know actors/entertainers don’t make the world work. They play dress up for a living, so that hardly qualifies them to run their mouth about serious political topics–even if they have the right to.
    I think all these high school drop-out actors could take a page out of Elvis Presley’s book. He was asked about his views on war protesters during Vietnam and respectfully declined to comment claiming “I’m just an entertainer”.

    They had all bases covered at the Oscars. Feminist/Equal Pay=Check. Gay Agenda=Check, Black Oppression=Check, even the director of Birdman had to ruin the evening by ending the show with a pro-illegal immigration line, which I thought totally fucking sucked considering I liked the movie. Back in the 70s when Marlon Brando sent the Indian girl to accept his Godfather Oscar, there were enough conservatives in Tinseltown that booed it for the crass bullshit it was. Of course, now, I guarantee it’s encouraged by the Semitic producers out there.
    I bet Clint Eastwood wanted to just go home instead of being there. Surrounded by a bunch of arrested development, fruity baby-boomers and Gen-Xers promoting their “causes”. Haha. Hollywood hasn’t been worth a shit since guys like Paul Newman, Charlton Heston, Robert Mitchum, James Stewart and Gregory Peck dropped off. Even the old school Hollywood liberals were more conservative than the blatant Saul Alinsky fanatics that prance around today.

  47. ~270 comments swooning and opining on 2hr long day-time soap operas, and not a single mention of masonic/satanic/illuminati infrastructures within hollywood, mkultra, etc. Worse than that is the double-standard around here. If sports are mentioned it’s “dewd, you are literally. ghey. brah. Another man’s name on your back? That’s like the gayest homofag. Bread and circuses dewd. I can’t even”. Once movies are being discussed it’s “I dunno, Clooney really took his character development to new places by allowing his stubble to grow. Now that’s a MAN’s chiseled jaw. Obviously chick flicks are SJW, but did you see when that male model looked like a viking, or the guy had a gun or a fast car? Movies are fuckin’ ALPHA DEWD!! (airbrushed model) is sooo hawt.”

    1. I always believed that those of the manosphere would be the first to fight against the AC when the illuminists’ plans come into fruition. Suggest writing an article on how the illuminati has systematically created every single problem (feminism being a single drop in the ocean) we know while offering the cure for society leading to the NWO, and owr.

      1. That would be beyond my scope, and I’m too underinformed about the PTB. I plan on reading some of Makow’s books, in an attempt to get a better handle on it. And I see roosh is reading the culture of critique,which goes into it, as far as I know. Seth datta is a commenter here who seems to have a very good grasp of it, and I’d like to get his recommendations or see an article by him. The problem with illuminati research is that it’s very difficult to find legitimate and trustworthy sources. Can you recommend any?

  48. Boyhood sucked. But not as much as watching Chris Pine stand up and weep while a rich and famous rapper/actor praised a hooker-beating plagiarist.

  49. “What kind of idiot gets their beliefs from a celebrity?”
    The lower 75% of American society. This includes males contriving inspiration from genetically gifted sports figures.
    “Small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events, great minds discuss ideas”

  50. Just saw( sorcerer 1977 ) . One of the recommendations from the (8 films with masculine virtue article ) by quintus Curtiuos the movie rocked. Just thought I’d mention it with all this talk of shit in film . And just in case anyone on here missed that article

  51. Gone Girl was good. It showed how the law and media will always take the women’s side. Even if it is a bit ridiculous and unrealistic.

  52. You notice all the winning films having something to do with being victims? What is this shit

  53. I’ve never paid to go see a movie in the theater. My parents took me and my siblings to the movies when we were kids and also rented movies from the videostore when we got a VCR in 92′.
    When I was old enough to go by myself, I got free advance screening passes from my connections. I rented movies from the local videostores and occasionally bought movies from second-hand stores, although watching bootleg movies at my friend’s house wasn’t out of the question.
    Nowadays, my habits have changed. Having your own store does that. I still get free movie passes and other promotional materials from cinemas and distributors. These I usually give away to my colleagues and customers, and I’ll only go see the ones that actually interest me, if I have the time.
    I can pick up tons of used DVDs at garage sales for $1.00 each or less. Some I’ll watch, the rest I’ll resell.
    Any movie that I really want to see, if I can’t see the theatrical release, I can always wait until a decent quality free (torrent) download becomes available.
    And then there’s Youtube for streaming whole movies and TV episodes, or just my my favorite clips from each.
    Why pay full price for any movie that, with rare exceptions, is just one long meandering storyline punctuated by some romance (to appeal to the female demographic) and chase scenes, fight scenes and explosions (to appeal to the male demographic). Just look at Micheal Bay’s Transformers franchise.
    Check out the Cinema Sins channel on Youtube to see all the fricking plot holes in these things.
    You need a ton of suspension of disbelief to sit through these. But that’s what the Red Pill is all about, cancelling your suspension of disbelief. Just apply this mindset to politics and organized religion, and you’ll be a lot better off than the average sheeple.
    As for the Academy Awards being nothing but a big celebrity circle jerk, check out this article on the In The Know site:
    Just scroll down to the section on the Oscars and you’ll read about its occult origins and what really goes on behind the scenes.

  54. Man, how do you criticize something you haven’t seen? Boyhood got an award for the best actress only, if I remember correctly. The film of the year was Birdman. Whiplash was a close second and they’re both brilliant movies with no propaganda. Although you do have a point with those award speeches. Talking about being discriminated because you get 5 million a month instead of 10 million is just ridiculous to me (at least that’s what Lawrence gets who complained too). Gee, if you land such contracts at least be discreet about it.

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