Is Sex In The UK Becoming Impossible?

This article must be talked about; it just cries “WRITE ABOUT ME”, and so I will (I am obliged to).

The future of sex in the UK seems to be “if you have a vagina, you can put any man in prison unless he records the whole seduction process or makes you sign papers where you write down everything that happened in meticulous detail.” This is not a joke, this is actually happening.

The Article Itself

Let me dissect the article a little. Subtitle: “New guidance will be issued to all police forces and prosecutors as part of a ‘toolkit’ to move rape investigations into the 21st century” (emphasis in this article always mine).”

To begin with, notice how the law addresses solely women being raped by men, even though in 2011/2012, 6.61% of victims of sexual assault and rape (combined) were men (page 20, figure 3.1). Also, there were 9,000 males raped per year versus 69,000 between 2009-2010 and 2011-2012. I’m guessing, however, that males are irrelevant in the eyes of the law and do not deserve a law to be applied to them; laws must be applied preferentially to one group, not justly to everyone.

It was necessary to quote it in full. From the moment the law gets the Royal Assent (the formal date that the law comes into force, when the Queen signs it), ALL police forces and prosecutors in this country will have to change their views of rape, of consent, of sexual assault and of how to pursue claims related to those. Thus, it will change the whole methodology itself.

Further, it proclaims to be a “progressive”™ change into the legal system. Apparently, if a woman does not inform in a legally verifiable (!) manner anyone who will provide that evidence in a court (police, witnesses etc.) of her consent then she can sue for being raped. This is considered progress™. The word itself comes from pro- (forward) and gradi (to walk): progredi in Latin, meaning thence “to walk forward”. In a way, we are walking forward; however, in front of us I see a cliff and not green pastures.

pic 1

Moving on,

“men accused of date rape will need to convince police that a woman consented to sex”.

Good luck with that, fellow UK males! Make sure you bring papers from your lawyer (your solicitor) with the right phrasing and a pen so your sexual partner can sign them. If you don’t have any, then be sure she consents to a short video of her saying she consents to sex. It could sound like this: “I, (insert female name here), hereby declare that proud of the law, I consent to (number of minutes) of sex with (male name) in (positions named/described).”

With a hand on her chest and tears in her eyes, while singing the national anthem, she would be credible.

“Alison Saunders said rape victims should no longer be “blamed” by society if they are too drunk to consent to sex…”

This is perfectly true; we should blame the evil patriarchy for selling alcohol to women. The only rational answer is to ration the alcohol allowance of each person. Similar to how people in the Soviet Union were only allowed one bread per day per family and one kilogram of cooking oil per week, so shall women be allowed two martinis OR one beer OR half a shot per evening.

Do not teach women not to get blackout drunk; that is a grave error. Teach men to only have sex with women when women are fully sober and to always refuse to hit on a drunk girl. In fact, men should be given breathalyzers and they should ask every woman to blow into it. If she is too drunk to drive then she is too drunk for sex.

pic 2

Men, carry one with you every evening!

“Campaigners described the move as “a huge step forward” in ensuring fewer rapists escape justice.”

They spelt innocent men wrong, they wrote it as “rapists.”

Nevermind, also, that a woman (on the same website) wrote about the absurdity of victims never bearing any responsibility for their bodies, minds, and wellbeing. Just ignore her, she might have been a patriarchal double-agent.

“We want police and prosecutors to make sure they ask in every case where consent is the issue – how did the suspect know the complainant was saying yes and doing so freely and knowingly?”

Indeed, how does the suspect know she was saying yes? Are the following clear indications or are they worthless?

a) the woman was undressing herself
b) the woman was undressing the man
c) the woman was kissing the man
d) the woman did not push him away when he started kissing her
e) the woman did not try to run away or try to hit the man or try to stop him when he was putting a condom on (assuming he had one)

Do the above prove consent had taken place? Does the woman need to explicitly state consent?

“The new guidance also covers domestic violence situations and those where ‘the complainant may be financially or otherwise dependent on their alleged rapist.’”

In other words, if you are married and your wife has a much lower income than you (which means you are a male provider), then she can sue you any day she likes for being raped. Once that happens, you wake up in court for having provided for your family and YOU need to provide evidence that she consented to sex last week. Good luck to all married UK men!

“The most recent figures showed that just 15,670 women reported rapes to the police, often because they thought it would be impossible to prove the offence, or because they did not have any confidence in the police’s ability to help them…”

To address that, Alison Saunders thought it’s a good idea to trust hear-say evidence and bypass every legal requirement that took centuries to develop to prevent malicious prosecution that lacks evidence. Obviously, the police is also not worthy of women’s trust. The police clearly cannot help anyone with anything. In fact, we would all have been better off reporting crimes to Don Corleone.


The only logical conclusion when you don’t like the laws of a country (or when they allow others to end your life in a few minutes, just by talking) the only solutions are a) to change the laws, or b) to move out of the country. Changing the law is impossible at the moment since feminists enact laws. Of course, in the future Sharia Law may gain more power; presently, there are 85 Sharia courts in the UK.

Moving out of the country seems to be the only sensible thing for an individual. Of course, there is also option c: behave well towards your woman and hope (yes, HOPE) that she doesn’t get bored by you and that she doesn’t start loathing you. This is based mostly on luck, for unless you are an alpha provider who alternates between alpha game and romantic game, then you can never be sure of what may happen.

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303 thoughts on “Is Sex In The UK Becoming Impossible?”

  1. I repeat it since years and will repeat it here again:
    1. The men’s rights movement has achieved NOTHING in 100 years.
    MRAs fail because they fight the wrong opponent (feminists). The real enemy are not feminists. The real opponent are WOMEN.
    2. The law is even worse than written in the article. Under Yes-means-Yes jurisdiction you not only have to prove
    * consent
    * ongoing consent (remember: Changing position requires new consent)
    * ongoing enthusiastic consent (remember: Not saying anything is not consent)
    * but also(!!!) the woman’s ability to give consent: Even if she gave consent, she might have been intoxicated, see light blue pic below
    BTW In Britain you don’t have a Statute of Limitations for rape:
    3. Yes-means-Yes comes slowly slowly creeps into the US, too. Beware if you additionally fit the profile of a rapist!!
    Please note how the case in the FEMINISM IN ACTION macro shows that the problem is 100% cunt made: The stupid cunt who accused the male student, the stupid cunt prof who supported it, and the stupid cunt-elected Obama administration that demands these cunt-protecting laws.
    4. This is just the beginning. Just wait until the current wave of students climbs up the ladder to become Supreme Court Justices:

    1. If all funding for feminism disappeared, women would lose all power. They are AN opponent, but not THE opponent. That has to be someone else, someone who is funding all this shit.
      I will agree though, that it doesn’t help that women have been socially engineered to destroy men and society. I laugh, but it is ironic that of all the most effective measures, the empowerment of white women has led to the destruction of western society.

      1. That has to be someone else, someone who is funding all this shit.

        MEN are funding all this shit, because women (the majority of the voting population) vote for laws to force men to fund this shit.

        1. If women suddenly made more money, they would tighten up their purse strings and not give a dime if their money was being taken away

        2. That’s the thing though, they often resonate in service jobs. Medical, education, legal, and mid-management.
          Without production, which is still overwhelmingly male due to the harsh nature of the work, most women stay away.
          When the needle starts going away from 72% male tax, to say even fifty percent females taxed, in order to prop social secuirty, the whole thing goes belly up. ANd our “superiors” (read those with a vagina) will instinctively vote against all measures requiring real equality. And try to entice us back to a Victorian Era style of marriage.
          Good luck with that ladies.
          The Four Horsemen:
          1. The economy is in full effect, men will not allow women to not work en mass.
          2. Vasalgel/Risug/male-pill. Without the ability to trap a man, she will have to work to support herself.
          3. Men increasingly, in relation to the state of marriages, will opt out in ever larger percentages. Again, making women “equal” and having to fend for themselves.
          4. As fewer babies are produced, the tax burden will fall more squarely on the female population. As women receive 57% of SS benefits, while only paying 28% of the tax receive only 42%, while paying 72% of the burden. Men live, on average, six years less.
          The collapse of this sort of gynocentric consumerism cannot last in it’s current state.
          Women will have to either convince men to let them go barefoot back in the kitchen, or start actually being equal.
          Can you guess which one I prefer?
          *Hint* I can cook for myself.

        3. Agreed, Even successful women place income requirements on men they are willing to date. One reason many of them are still single at 45…

        4. Google women getting hit with alimony. I dunno if the specific video I’m thinking of will instantly pop up but the one I’m thinking of, these women are all saying how “unfair” it is that they have to pay out to their ex. One woman shakes her head and proclaims … I’m not doing this! I shouldn’t have to pay for my ex!
          This is what Equality Looks Like!

        5. You’re totally correct. Each election cycle the pandering to women gets worse. 2012 was unbearable. I can’t even imagine how insane 2016 will be. Elected officials have realized an easy in is to cater to women. The way to maintain all the promises to women is off the backs of men.
          A bit of topic but …
          I’m on a trip in the south right now. Wow. I’m from New England and lived in Seattle for several years. The marxist feminist -hit in Seattle was annoying. But the south has to be the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen. Every female here is easily 55 lbs over weight yet has SUCH an insane entitled attitude. Some c-nt rounded a corner last night in Charlotte and walked into me. She literally just stood there n’ expected me, “the guy to move” out of her way after she ran into me. I’ve listened to these heifers bitch about men and complain how guys now suck.
          The only thing more pathetic is observing mind numb guys actually cater to these cows. And watch how these Holsteins flip on the guy when every single expected demand is not met.

        6. ya this is why they always hunt for guys that make more money then them. But if you make less, you should totally hit her leftist equalist shit to level the playing field then we can see more men taking their wives to the cleaners

        7. Yet the problem is … the bulk of women still expect the guy to make more money. To work longer hours and be the financial slave. You see … women want to have the cake and eat it too. They want the work world to neuter men so the environment is more “friendly” to women yet fully expect old traditions which always benefited them — like the traditional rules of the dating world — absolutely never change. I’ve always said when women start getting hit with alimony the feminist will be outraged and legislation will be passed to prevent this from happening to women. The blatant anti-male propaganda on TV, in education and legislation … which keeps growing is mind blowing.

        8. You’re absolutely correct. There’s many stories out of females complaining left n right about how they can’t find a “real man” anymore. As most of us know on this site … women have a near 500 page demand list for men: has to be over 6′ tall, have a certain car, a certain job, earn so much $, be self-sacrificial before the woman, etc. Yet as the education and work worlds increasingly become more hostile to men in favor of ridiculous AA quotas and tax breaks for women, men are putting their hands up and throwing in the towel, not engaging with the B.S. anymore.
          I’m so damn tired of listening to these f-ing women complain about not finding a “real man.” I would also tell you to be cautious of the Women Against Feminist movement. Most of these chicks are simply bitter men are no longer engaging in the old traditions which benefit women. If you listen to many of these women, it always comes out — frustration with no having any “real men” to pick up the total date tabs or throw themselves in front of her when harm is in her way.

        9. Agree, Read: Marry Him The Case For Settling For Mr. Good Enough. by Lori Gottlieb
          In one of the surveys she asks men would you be happy if your patner had 80% of the traits you desire, most said “Hell Yes, that’s a great catch.
          Women were ask the same question, Most said
          “Hell no, that’s settling.”

      2. not just western society but any country thats being influenced by globalization aka americanization.
        Feminists just got control of the alpha wolf(america and western nations) and can dominate the other beta wolves(non western nations)

        1. How much of a mess are things when China is the last, true bastion of freedom? I mean that seriously. China is now the voice of adult reason.

        2. dude you just blew my mind. Guess democracy doesnt work if the public is filled with decadent idiots.
          Anint nothing wrong with a dictator or commie if they know what they are doing, espically for long term gain then short term pleasure which is what we complain about.
          Like people complaing youtube and facebook is banned in china..well when you see how it ruined us with constant librarl bs, I can see why.
          Same story with Ahmedenjiad, CNN made him out to be crazy, but he seemed more intelligent and rational then all our talking heads put together.

        3. In the sense of “where can I move if I don’t want to live in a feminist/fem-centric society”, there would be many countries.
          In the sense of patriarchal countries that actually have the power and the will to stand against western influence, yes it would be mostly China, but also Russia I think.

        4. I’m amazed more “traditionalists” aren’t supporting Russia and Putin.
          I mean, didn’t the West just about ban the olympics because, gasp, Putin said gays shouldn’t be swinging their wangs at innocent children in the street? Therefore it was for “family issues?”
          I heartily agree. Suck cock in your bedroom all you want… but when you want to suck cock on the street while strolling around in your leathers, and inviting children and the general public to watch you do it…
          Time to tone it down, buster!
          But, instead of heeding to the wisdom Putin preached, we told HIM to tone it down!
          Who is the “conservative values” guy here?

      3. White women are also too stupid to realize they will go down with the ship, permanently ending their freedoms and rights. That’s why they are so easily manipulated, they can’t see the big picture problem of fucking a husband over multipled an entire population.
        It’s so easy for politicians to pander to them and tickle the hamster ‘you dont achieve because men are holding you down!’

    2. A big problem with MRA’s is that they are straight, mostly-white males, who are trying to gain the pity of western society. Even though many times they really are victims and have some legitimate complaints, you can see why this strategy doesn’t work very well.

      1. Victims need to be funded and they are not funded, hence why they are unloved in the mainstream media.

      2. Even though many times they really are victims and have some legitimate complaints

        Exactly. All their complaints (since 100 years) are legitimate. But their assumptions (what causes the problems) and their strategies (how fix the problems) are a complete failure.

        who are trying to gain the pity of western society

        Pity and more. They seriously try (as a counter measure to fight women’s studies) to establish MEN’S STUDIES.

      3. Most MRAs are too innocent and assume good faith in their opponents where there isn’t any. You ever notice how feminists make MRAs out to be their number one enemy, even though MRAs are only a tiny minority of anti-feminists? It’s because their weak-willed grovelling just makes the feminists even more disgusted with them.
        Don’t try to play victim Olympics with the left. Attack their beliefs head on.

    3. MRA is proof that begging for acceptance and “rights” is a failure from the start, especially when dealing with people who want all of the power,and know it.
      Real men take their own rights without anybody else’s permission or acceptance.

      1. It brings acknowledgement of the problem without any funding for solutions, nor are there any solutions to be had.
        Thus MRA is important, but is a ‘vent’ group that will bring about no change.
        Nothing short of a revolution will change the shit that we’re in the west. That won’t happen or it will be sidetracked by the moneychangers. Future manly society will be relatively geographically isolated groups in small towns etc, whilst the society goes to shit.

        1. Thus MRA is important, but is a ‘vent’ group

          You wish. They will ban you for ‘venting’ (i.e. insult women).

        2. in my opinion, everything is venting if it brings awareness without changing anything. Mabye MRA can change things, but current trends suggest a worsening of what we currently see. I believe in God, but I have little faith in human agency, where the best intentions get waylaid – I don’t see how anything short of a collapse will change the current societal setup. I’m more and more into doing my own thing and influencing locally, as the internet feels increasingly restricted. That said, I wish all other groups all the best and see you later.

        3. The mistake MRA’s make is using logic.
          You think women and liberal judges give a fuck about what is best for the kid? or how unfair the alimony rules are?
          It’s not like you could simply convince them they are wrong, it’s an emotional drive for control. Fuck em all
          Maybe God wants Muslims to win, seems the only way to cleanse this shit

        4. Runaway Feminist societies will eventually bring about a financial collapse. Just look at the debt ratios of most western countries. That’s Feminism/Socialism, and the enormous welfare state it creates, in action. People will first double down on stupid, like in Greece. Then they will triple down on stupid etc. But eventually they will get the point, and a change will come.

      2. The problem with MRAs is that they believe in equality. Not the feminist view of equality, but equality nonetheless.

      3. “Real men take their own rights without anybody else’s permission or acceptance”.
        And the last time you did this was when?

        1. It’s been awhile but day game some years back, shared an umbrella with two women. Had both in my arms, squeezing ass, within 5 minutes of meeting. They were friends and liked to share. Was this a question to staking claims or a specific legal right?

        2. Hah! Started my road to game fucking daughters to dirty mothers. Moved on to fucking dirty. Now, I’m back to dirty daughters. That level of dirty hasn’t changed at all. The difference is now it is a honed trait that may be the sole reason getting 9s and 10s will take minimal work compared to the average guy.
          Funny enough, that level of dirt always left me feeling rejuvenated. Like I was the man. Twins on the arms? Winning. Sisters of different ages on my arm at the same time? Winning times 2! Best friends on my arms? Bring in your mothers! Truly life generating activities.

      4. So how is ROK changing things? Sounds more like a bunch of guys who will never take any action having a big piss and a moan – who on this site is changing or challenging anything happening out there?

        1. I think a lot of guys on this site are changing things by not buying into the BS anymore — refusing to marry in a system that’s so stacked against men and abstaining from traditional b.s. which still benefit women all while we’re supposed to change our natural habits to “accommodate” women in various other areas.
          I’m 29. Finding this site was incredible. It’s a forum for men in reality to vent. As you’ve seen in media and education, it’s not allowed.
          All through my educational years, I felt there was such an insane anti-male vibe. Then I watched how men I looked up to were treated like crap. Divorced by wives, pay checks garnished and denied access to kids. Then top that with realizing when it was time for college, I had to register for the selective service to receive student loans but females did not. More importantly … they had far more resources and were the majority on my campus. ROK has been a forum where other guys who see it the same way are able to speak.

      5. It’s a good thing I generally only screw women when I travel.
        The trouble is here is that no one asks explicitly for sex. Sex is an act driven by passion. If a woman does not want sex that will be blindingly obvious. For a start, she will not be naked unless you force her, in which case there will be torn clothes and defense wounds on both parties.
        What this law will actually do is cheapen rape. There is not enough space in the prisons to lock up the new legions of “rapists”. As such, at best other criminals will have to be released or rape will simply become a finable offense.
        True rape victims will therefore get no justice.

    4. no rhey dont seem to do anything at all. They dont debate them, they dont do protests, they dont complain to politicans, they are totally inactive.
      this article reminds me why tradiionally it wasnt lady like for women to drink. Not just because it ages them but foolish they are under the influence.
      I wonder is it allowed to have a hidden camera in your room to prove the sex is consensual?

    5. #4 “Just wait until the current wave of students climbs up the ladder….”
      This is the one that troubles me the most. Insane, SJW 8th wave feminists will be 80% of judges thanks to female dominated schooling. The number of normal, down to earth, real Americans is down to about 30 million and they’re not reproducing much at all. Soon, down to 10 million….

    6. I’m not sure if anyone has looked at your other posts (and they should), but you are seriously unhinged. If I was a betting man I would bet that you are sitting in the serial killer realm.

      1. If I was a betting man I would bet that
        you are sitting in the serial killer realm.

        Nearly all of my posts consist of facts, quotes, links etc. I am calm as the summer wind, but you seem to be triggered by facts and projecting.

        I’m not sure if anyone has looked at your other posts

        Hey, why are your posts hidden? Is it because you protect women and feminism and in nearly every one of them?

      2. Yeah, because you are the Manosphere Behavioural Science Unit.
        Go fuck yourself, scare monger.
        Next thing you know, you will say men who are impotent are sitting in the wings just waiting to be serial killers, just like the TV Show “Criminal Minds” where you obviously got your information from!
        People like you shoudl fuck off – you’re worse than the KKK.

        1. With a response like that I would either bet money that you are in fact impotent, because otherwise you wouldn’t have brought it up, or your luck with the ladies is non existent.

    7. Those posters are gold, good sir. Do you know where I might acquire a large high res version of the pink one? That one is the holy grail…

      1. >Do you know where I might acquire a large high res version of the pink one?
        It’s actually a downscaled one. I downloaded them a few years ago from some antifeminist collection (which included approx 1000 of such pics) and I scaled them down because they were something like 8000×8000= too big to post. There are two versions, one with “cunts” and one with “women”. Do you want them both?

    8. For all your idiotic “militancy”, what the fuck are you doing to change the landscape besides posting all the shit that you do. You talk a big hate campaign, but I bet you’re doing fuck all that will effect change.

      1. What are you doing then sir?
        The State has a monopoly of violence via Law enforcement. Its very easy to ruin your life if you really protest, as many have discovered.

    9. I think you are wrong. The fact they are passing these laws is actually counter-productive..for them!
      You see, eventually, one of these feminists harpies is really, really, really going to go too far.
      When that happens, unfortunately for the guy playing sacrificial lamb, women everywhere we recant feminist ideology.
      It will be up to at least 40% of men to have little, if anything, to do with them.
      However, even if 20% write women off, it will have catastrophic events that historians will write about for decades. For thousands of years women have been able to accuse men falsely with impunity. Death was often the punishment for rapists. Since we have DNA testing now, and far better forensic and investigative techniques, women of unscrupulous character are going to throw themselves under the bus.
      It will never be perfect. But it is very likely that men, few men, will ever take at face value the concept of all women being innocent angles.
      The concept of staying away from a bad woman will come back in force.

      1. You see, eventually, one of these feminists harpies is really, really, really going to go too far.

        I’m hearing this “Men will wake up” and “Feminism went too far” since decades. Nothing ever happens, men are not waking up, instead the next feminism madness becomes the new normal and gets codified as law.

        women everywhere will recant feminist ideology.

        Keep on dreaming. Women love feminism.

    10. If you as a man have not bought your first Bitcoin you are a fucking pussy for not doing the very least you can do to bring down this establishment. Take away their power to tax, take away their financial infrastructure, and truly own and protect the product of your labor.

  2. My heart breaks for you youngs. There is no way I would bang a girl these days without binding written consent backed up with video consent, as well as covert video as a back up to post consent actions. Also, they would have to pass several cognitive tests to assure that they were capable of making a consent decision. Hopefully, after notarization and the thumbs up from my lawyer, we will both still be horney.

    1. Will men start making women wait until the 3rd, 4th, 5th date for sex?
      Probably not in most cases, but it might start happening to some degree. I sure as hell wouldn’t bang some chick I just met, particularly if she had been drinking at all.

      1. I read of a case recently where the man had to pay cash (as in divorce level cash) to a woman whom he promised to marry, but only lived with for three years!
        As for British women being parasites, this isn’t the best site, but it gives you a taste of what many of the UMC come to believe:

        1. A large part of me wishing she takes a ton of sleeping pills. She’s a morally bankrupt woman. If I get this right. She’s claiming back dated maintenance for children that weren’t even his to begin with despite subsequently remarrying nearly 25 years after the divorce. Gives me a headache thinking about it.

    2. If you even go behind closed doors with a girl, you’re susceptible under these laws. If a CCTV catches you going into her place, your life is in her hands at that point.

  3. Prostitution is legal in Australia. As soon as this legislation is enacted in Australia (and it will be), business will be booming. Perhaps I should open my own brothel?

    1. exactly this. Men even your michal cerras and justin beibers are not afraid of women. Its other men,the state and shit ton of white knights that wanna jump in.
      Yet these women get a bloated self confidence that they are strong and formidable. Try that in a culture that doesnt white knight or hold your actions accountable or plain not care.

  4. Such a law was always on the cards.I joked with my mates that this would happen 10 or 12 years ago.
    Soon you won’t be able to fuck without a public servant present

  5. The UK is a place full of people who have been betrayed by their leaders, who have intermarried/made covenants with banksters who desire the demise of the people and particularly native white brits. Did the British (banksterism and drugs) empire ever end? Its now become a global enterprise, with the western nations seeking to end white people and enslave the rest via usury. The worst thing is, since it is proven that 87%+ of people don’t think, and you can manipulate the rest with falsified disinformation, the few thinking folk have become even fewer. Consider that western white females cheer on policies that will not only destroy their menfolk and race, but these women themselves will be left defenceless. I don’t blame immigration – I’ve seen nations with much less immigration with the same problems – I blame evil leadership, banking usury and the blindness of many of the people who have been tricked and continue to pay taxes to a regime designed to get other nations enslaved and the domestic British killed.
    The real problem is, that whilst the earth can support up to 30 billion (now revised by the UN to be 8 billion, as we are all ‘useless eaters’), in the UK we have 85 million people (not the 64 million admitted to by the government), where the economy without banksterism can only support 30 million. We have too high a population density compared to US and other countries. So, if we get rid of the bankers, we can only support 30 million, and if we don’t get rid of them, they’ll finish us off anyways. All the political parties are bankster owned. This is the most owned, mind-controlled country. Orwell knew what he was talking about when he set 1984 in the UK, where ‘thoughtcrime’ (anything against the state) was a crime.
    So feminism here essentially is where white women through welfare/incentives/divorce/abortion/etc kill off society, especially the white man. Many men in this society are either (a) evil or shills for evil bankers and corporatism, (b) sex mad older generation who were tricked and got us in this situation, (c) manginas or sexualised degenerate population and, (d) disenfranchised men who have no incentive nor opportunity to improve a deeply sick society. I have lived elsewhere and know it is much better than what the UK has to offer, though a lot of similar problems exist in other places due to mass homogenisation (cultural marxism).
    I truly believe that after much feminism and mass immigration leading to lower indigenous birth rates, the completion of the genocide of the UK will be when all races suffer as the bankers leave us with no assets (having stolen them all). Until then, the mass immigration will further reduce wages, this policy being a fault of the leaders (bankers and think tanks moreso than politicians). I mean, THOSE EVIL BASTARDS MURDERED MY COUNTRY AND ITS PEOPLE.

    1. The UK is a place full of people who have been betrayed by their leaders

      No, the country is exactly the way women want it. Women love immigration, women love harsh rape laws, women love a welfare state.
      Women are the source of nearly every problem.

      demise of the people and particularly native white brits.

      1. Ultimately, the bankers and their associates back movements via unlimited funding(e.g. feminism), which are designed to destroy western societies. The women (and many men) go along with it, being useful idiots, and therefore somewhat to blame. All this ends up with is a hierarchy of blame, where everyone is to blame. But that hierarchy ends with bankers and their associates, not women. Deflecting blame onto women without addressing who financially backs movements internationally like feminism etc, leads to not addressing the root cause – the source of the problem.

      2. pretty much like 90% of it. Dont forget India is a huge hotbed for feminism and when they claim to fight for equality like here theyll use the same isolated incidences to gain power, and the white knights of the west will help them too,even some here that are anti but are ignorant of the country so they feel they need to be saved by her men.
        White knighting needs to be stopped on a global scale and we have to abid to 1 of the game principles of “not tearing down a fellow man”.
        Too many times on the net,even here on rok where will throw other men of other countrys(typically 3rd world or conservative nations) under the bus to show how good our women have it and make ourselves look good.

  6. I dont think its just the rape laws thats the issue, yes far enough there not great, but I think the main problem is and I’ve experienced this myself, and its no wonder, many daygamers, PUA’s and people who teach the London model are venturing out to Europe and Russia, Ukraine, latin america etc
    London inflates womens egos to the point of insanity, with natives its even worse. There is a general vibe when I’ve approach or have dated women in london (You better offer me something of value or you will get brushed aside)
    Women here are more aware of the sexual market place here, due to many things but its comes across when you go out of a date with london centric women or approach them, there behaviours, talk and attitude, in a sense that she won’t even waste time if she doesn’t sense that value, or sexual charisma plus there are plenty of other men approaching her, chatting to her on tinder and Facebook.
    Dont get me wrong London is a great place to really test yourself in terms of pickup and daygame it will show you a lot of things but be rest assured you’re going to have a few scares along the way.
    Foreign women, and generally as I’ve said before non-native women in london are better in terms of how receptive they are to game, pickup etc
    On the last note if you can master londoner daygame, or had enough reference points, your pretty much sorted for any other place in the world if you adapt your game slightly.

      1. Does that mean they still suck off and take anal?
        because many women still count that as being celibate.

        1. An extract from the blog but pretty much sums it up:
          Have you ever been in a crowded bar, a social place, full of noise and crammed with men and women all there with the express purpose of meeting each other yet observed a pair of girls, perhaps sitting at a small table, intensely locked in conversation with each other in their own little bubble. Perhaps you even opened them and were told briskly “they are not there to meet men”.
          Have you ever known a girl, in her late twenties and single, who starts to get more into her career. Perhaps she starts ‘working all hours’. She may get a dog and/or even move out of the city into a small town. ‘It’s the only place I can afford the mortgage!’ she’ll say. She’ll get into baking.
          Perhaps you knew a girl who didn’t go to bars and didn’t get into her career, but she had a very close group of female friends and they did everything together, organizing character building activities each weekend and staying in close contact over social media. Most of them were single. They all went to Ascot and got tipsy on Champagne.
          Or maybe you were out walking one day and noticed a girl wandering on her own through the park, dressed a little alternatively and taking endless same-ey photographs with a huge SLR camera. Maybe you even thought it was a perfect daygame set and opened her, to be shocked at how disinterested, flat and drained she seemed.
          Congratulations, you have encountered a phenomena increasingly common in the feminist women’s desperate attempts to ruin their own lives: the Celibacy Club.

    1. Think it depends where in London you live – I knew many cute women who had low standards in terms of their expectations, but this was not in central london – I definitely thought it offered more hot women than the US and I had to go to hungary to see more cuter girls on a regular basis (though Hungarian society unfortunately is fucked as people stopped caring for each other as human beings, and this is without the mass immigration).
      London may be a good place to learn now, but with increasing cost of living etc, will it continue to be a good place to meet women for most men even 5-10 years from now? Somehow, I doubt it, and having a cheaper and friendlier city to live/learn in would be better. In general, I would advise all people to not live in the UK, even though the whole world is becoming a shitheap, the UK has no real future outside of using your house as an ATM, before that ponzu scheme collapses and everyone turns on each other whilst the bankers laugh.

      1. Yes to a certain degree, if you live in London your far better off than someone who lives outside of London, either way London does have a good traction of hot women no doubt about that if you go to the right spots you will at least see a stunner at most crossroads.
        Living cost is an issue here, I’ve grown up here so I’ve had to adapt but these can direct effect your chances, like living conditions, finding a flat, the price of travel, rent cost, having to live at home, not to mention the price of nightclubs etc.
        I certainly dont have the means to relocate now, but I dont think everyone does its something that has to be worked on, I need to focus on building up my value, settle in my job and then when an opportunity comes then I will take it.
        I’ve heard good things about Hungarian and women there!

      2. out of curiosity where, other than in kensington & chelsea and the posher areas are the women as good as in Budapest? Obesity is a real problem in London.

        1. Agreed; I was shocked when I went to Hungary. All the girls were thin, fit and mostly hot. All the women were white (I have a slight preference for white women). There were so many attractive women everywhere, unlike the UK. It may be a paradise for men to meet women (barring Hungary’s variant of feminism, which is not as toxic as that in the UK/US/etc).

        2. budapest and prague are still vastly better than london for the most part – although its difficult to tell if you’re comparing like with like (what are the suburbs like etc?). I’ve been a couple of times to Berlin recently and I’d have to say it wasn’t much better than London which really surprised me, because I was there in the 90s and the women seemed to be fantastic. Weight is the main issue

        3. I see too many older people in the UK and it is clear that they did not have enough children. in 10 years, we will notice most younger girls being Muslim or Black. That is not a criticism, just a true statement. So men will have to adapt to that new dating environment, and I think that will be interesting.

        4. that’s true. london is rapidly changing. The rest of the country is very variable. As you say it will be interesting

    2. Where do you daytime in London? I’ve considered doing it but it’s an hours train journey to Euston station.
      I am only a 30-40 min train ride to an airport and a £20 return flight ticket to Dublin. The girls there are so much friendlier compared to the UK.

      1. Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus, Enbankment and all these other places I’ve tried out for myself most have there cons and pros but the best 2 are those above.
        I’ve took a break from daygame for now to focus on other things but in the past two years I’ve approach women here.
        Zones 2-3
        South West London
        – Putney
        – Tooting Broadway (High Street) Great little spots to approach, good place to daygame
        – Battersea
        – Hammersmith (High Street)
        – Clapham Junction (High street) A lot of traffic even on Sundays, will be even busier during the week.
        – Elephant & Castle Not much people on a Sunday best to go on weekdays
        – Fulham Broadway
        – Peckham Not really explored enough
        Zones 2-3
        East London
        – Stratford (Westfield) Not great too busy havn’t mastered Shopping centre game yet
        Zones 2-3
        North London
        – Camden Camden highstreet is one of the busiest I’ve ever been too, so much traffic and not enough space to approach. The only places are a few side streets and one long stretch at the far side over the bridge. (Went on a Saturday)
        – Wood Green
        – Brixton
        Zones 1-2
        Central London
        – Covent Garden
        – Oxford Circus
        – Ladbroke Grove (Portobello Market)
        – Piccadilly Circus
        – Marble Arch (Park)

      2. London is good for mass spam approaching and practice, with the occasional hottie. As a big city, it does have most things/everything, but then other cities/areas will excel when it comes to really delivering the goods with more consistancy.

  7. “Where did all the good men go?”
    “Hand me a handwritten and signed letter of approval and I’ll let you know.”

        1. dam if we had bubbles like that floating above every woman we see, wed lose our boners and forget about game.

  8. Cue all the British women complaining that men are too scared too take control an don’t sweep then off their feet anymore. This whole thing is another example of feminists absolving women of any responsibility in any situation.

    1. men are too scared too take control

      And they are scared for a reason. You can lose your job for complaining about women or about feminist laws.

      1. I agree that was the point of the statement, yet women will complain that men arn’t men anymore when it was feminist laws that turned men that way.

      2. Jobs are becoming the new slavery. And for a while, some of these transfers are to feminist ideologies etc. In this modern era, most men are slaves to their jobs and a larger system that is against their own interests.

      1. Yep Feminism hurts women too when they’re all fat an lonely an can’t find a “real man”.

        1. They’ll never foot the bill for it though – they may be hurting, but we as the men will pay the price one way or another, for so many feminists, manginas, and evil bankers/shills.

      1. I knew of a cute girl who had 500 cocks by the time she was 25.
        She wasn’t a prostitute.
        This is common enough in the UK.

    2. Agree..and I think this new law will create a domino effect (that most women will not like in the end). You’ll have men walking away from women drinking because they won’t be sure (at that point) how much a woman has had to drink.
      I don’t even think that a video or signed document would hold up as a lawyer would argue “the poor victim – woman – didn’t know what she was doing at the time”.
      It truly is like dealing with fucking children at this point. Men need to use caution.

      1. Yep I was thinking the same they may even say you forced her to make the video of concentrate or something like that.

      2. Meanwhile a man who is equally intoxicated as his date/woman is somehow fully legally culpable for all choices he makes according to the law.
        This may fly in the U.K. but we need to find a way to nip this shit in the bud under the Equal Protection mumbo jumbo they’ve used to shove “gay rights” down our throats.

  9. We now understand why the religions kept women under such a tight control. When you give them power they start making laws based on emotion and not reason. It will take a modern version of the Salem Witch Trials before people come to their senses again.
    Of course, sensible men have always known that giving women power is a silly and dangerous thing to do. I encourage you to read Assemblywomen, which is a play written in 390 BC. It’s a comedy about what would happen if women were given power in government, and it’s surprisingly accurate. The women basically establish a form of Communism.

    1. Sexual communism – where all the men share all the women. And we all know how communism turned out for Russia – the wealthy backers made sure 100 million white Christians died.

    1. Probably similar, but USA is probably slightly better overall in terms of women. Still, US/UK is like comparing similar entities – both are bad. Go outside the Anglo English-speaking nations to find better women (though nowhere is perfect, admitted).

    1. Sex in the UK is not impossible. Far from it. I get to see people shagging on the street in plain sight, outside the nightclub. Unfortunately, due to social engineering, even native Brits have become booze-addled degenerates only interested in fulfilling their lusts, both genders, whose women are rapidly becoming trolls. It is bad elsewhere, but the UK takes the piss. Finding a worthy long term partner for sex is impossible. But sex? Nah, they all live for it and the manginas will continue to pick up the used-whore bills. There’s not much time left for the Uk to run though, and that is a real problem.

      1. But to say sex in the UK is becoming “impossible” as the title says, is just a bit over the top.

        1. Yes, but it is also true in a sense. The UK is becoming a two-tiered society with super rich and the working class. There will be next to no middle class affluent Brits in the next 10-20 years. Those MEN of the middle class will fear too much that they will get sued in some way/divorce raped, and so due to these fears, they will engage less with women. The rich will stay rich, and the poor having much less to fear from job loss, will fuck like rabbits until the whole ponzi collapses.
          Note that there is some predictive programming – sex is far from impossible, but in 10 years time when jobs are scarce and lads are having trouble paying the bills, they’ll be too busy doing that and loads of other shit. Then it may as well be impossible! That’s the real scariness of the article, that Brits are somewhat blind to what is being done in their names in society and when bad times come along, they’ll be fucked by the works of their own hands and taxes. Until then, they’ll fuck their way merrily until their doom.
          I don’t take my fellow Brits the ones who live here (those abroad are often different), seriously any more, because how can you when your entire conception is of them being a slave in a society that is 100% sure to not exist 10-40 years from now? With mass degeneracy, immigration, feminism, population density etc.. There is no way this ship is going to stay afloat.

        2. But the article states and makes the case for “you are doomed if you have sex in with a woman in the UK”, which is just laughable to be honest.

        3. Agree with your comment; but looking 5-10 years into the UK’s future based on current trends, I read the article as:
          Oppression ahead.
          Men are doomed in the UK.
          So, the natural result of those two statements is a lack of poosy.
          I definitely think the UK (and its men by extension) are doomed in the next 10-20 years. So, if they become broke due to economy and lack of good jobs, surrounded by immigrants where it is all-vs-all, and they keep getting screwed by feminism and its attendant laws, not now but VERY SOON all men here will be having a severe lack of poosey. They feast now, if you can call some of the women here a feast, until they inevitably get screwed by their gov’t/bankers, and then they get no poosey afterwards.

        4. I agree immigration is what will drag down the UK eventually, but not because of poosy.

        5. Why do you think that the West is enacting so many open immigration laws however? Because Progressives have achieved their goal of convincing the natives of the West to voluntarily cause themselves to go extinct. In short, feminism has put all Western nations except, I think, Iceland into negative population growth. Little Ms. Princess is too important to be “tied down” to children now, aborts her progeny if they are inconvenient and men have become too big of pussies to insist on a minimum of replacement level sized families.
          Hence, the need to import hordes of low grade, low brow immigrants. We’re being replaced.

      2. “Nah, they all live for it and the manginas will continue to pick up the used-whore bills.”
        This. I’m always suprised to see how many girls try to press the reset button by dating the captain save a hoe. Its easy to know a girls sexual past. Just do some recon in her social circle and look at her social media history. Sex isn’t the problem in the UK, its finding a worthy mate to pair bond with.

        1. The hot whores consistently date a short, fat guy who is happy as shit to even fuck hist first hot girl. Even then, she eyefucks men in his sight and probably is getting some other cock too. So the whores, the whore-environment, and all the manginas/Cap’n save-a-hoes are the problem too – and this is most of the population, and one day may become close to 100%!
          In future history books; ‘The white race ended more-or-less globally, as well as all races within the UK, as too many women decided to become whores and enact all sorts of laws and enable behaviours that led to the destruction of their own societies. Whilst bankers were largely responsible, they could not have gotten away were in not for the fact that the population, being useful idiots, did all the hard work of destroying society for them.’
          Worthy mate to pair bond with? What’s that? Only manginas who love being tax slaves find such partners in the UK!

      1. You’re a woman aren’t you, Hieronestrus?
        You constantly expose your opinion, which is pro-female.
        I didn’t realize this when I responded to your comments the other day.
        But after watching your comments (now that I know who you are on various threads) I now regret it.
        I should have known better.
        Hopefully Roosh doesn’t ban me for responding to a female… but then again, what should he do with you?

        1. You’re a woman aren’t you, Hieronestrus?
          Answer. No.
          You constantly expose your opinion, which is pro-female.
          Answer. So do a large amount of guys on this site – maybe they’re female as well.
          I didn’t realize this when I responded to your comments the other day.
          Answer. Because you’re a fuckwit.
          But after watching your comments (now that I know who you are on various threads) I now regret it.
          Answer. You probably should.
          I should have known better.
          Answer. That’s what happens when you’re an ill informed dickhead.
          Hopefully Roosh doesn’t ban me for responding to a female… but then again, what should he do with you?
          Answer. Roosh most likely has no idea who you are – but he knows who I am.

    1. If a women claims that she was too drunk to consent then you are in trouble…I don’t know how common it will be, probably not. But it’s still a possibility.

      1. Yeah exactly. It only takes one women who’s pissed off to make that claim. May be worth installing hidden cameras in your room so you can record evidence.

      2. But we know that it is not always the so called victim who makes the first move,it has been clearly shown that it is usually friends of a circle that are up with the revised laws so common it will be and more common will it get as time goes by.Even if a man is lucky enough to avoid rape charges the chances are that he will be threatened to the point of obedience.
        We can moan about the MRA being ineffective but they are better than nothing and perhaps curb some of the worst instincts but until
        an upwardly mobile politician arrives to take over accept that you are basically on your own.

        1. then they have both raped each other but the law says that,as every female is to be classed as a child the male is ultimately responsible.

    2. So what are you going to do now? Take this new law up in the ass (if you are a british man) just because this article exaggerates the consequences?
      You have to understand that these feminazis and their white knight supporters in politics take on step after another, slowly transforming the country into a nightmare.

      1. Mate, you are taking this waaay to seriously. Lighten up, start going out and meeting women, you won’t be going to prison for it.

      2. It is a nightmare – I am leaving because I am firmly convinced that with the economy of Weimer Germany (where we are 55 million people over capacity) that when that ponzi goes down, people will suffer, especially the native Brits who will be genocided by extreme economic hardship and the attendant problems. Most people being stuck in normalcy bias, won’t understand this until its too late, so they will experience this suffering. I plan to get out before this time, which whether it be 10-40 years, IS GOING TO HAPPEN NO MATTER WHAT – it’s already too late. This isn’t defeatist, it’s just true.

  10. It is a perfect example of governments trying to remain relevant. Women are entirely now dependent on the state and this increases the power the government has over the population as a whole. I’m hoping to sell my business and move to Asia somewhere. Still have corrupt governments but at least the pussy is easy to come by and I don’t have to stare at these welfare dependent heathens on the street everyday. I hope the whole system collapses.

    1. I live in Manchester, walking through the main shopping center is like walking in a hippopotamus exhibit. But most of them are with guys or kids. So someone is fucking them.

  11. Most English Birds are quite laid back when it comes to shagging – sure there are plenty of nut-jobs, just avoid them.

    1. The laid backness is cool. But in some ways they’re so laid back they’re degenerate. Sorry, I live here and prefer foreign women. There’s a reason why England is fucked by mass immigration, bankers aside, the women abort their children and the women and men behave like degenerates far too often. I’ve lived in other countries, but was born here, and when I moved abroad, I came to understand when I moved back to the UK that it isn’t normal and really is a fucked up place. What is considered to be normal in the UK is abnormal in many other ‘civilised’ countries, which I’m sad to say, the UK lost a long time ago. Plus, our birds have become complete munters who increasingly look like shit and have fuck all to offer in the long term, in comparison to other cultures (Europe especially).

      1. I live here too – It’s one fucked up country without any doubt. So what can we do about it? Not a lot that I can see…especially as the feminist agenda is increasingly becoming enshrined in law…along with the deification of queers and the ceaseless immigration. Male, white and straight looks like it’s becoming a handicap.

        1. What can you do? There’s too many people with too many different agendas, many of them evil/bad, with no prospect of being able to return things to the past. Its not just the UK; the western world has similar problems – its only the population density relative to resources that dooms England compared to countries like the US, which are much larger in terms of space and resources. I hate to sound defeatist, but if it looks BEYOND SAVING here, you leave. Despite their similar problems, I encouraged many caucasian friends (and friends of other races) to move to NZ/Canada/Aus/US as they have more resources. The people living in those places will exist in future, no matter what their problems are.

        2. No, the UK (and Ireland/Aus/NZ) seem to have considerably worse women than even the US or Western average.
          If this wasn’t true, you wouldn’t see more than 2x as many British men marrying American women as the other way around.

    1. Or and increased use of prostitutes leading to fully legalised prostitution.

  12. If there is no hetero sex, does that mean more homos/bi/etc..? (due to the gender ratio being 1.05 men to 1.00 women, due to male-heavy immigration, and due to feminism/culture).
    Our UK society is so fucked.

  13. I study in the UK. Whatever the author is smoking I want some of it. I even wonder if the author lives in the UK.
    Sex in the UK is in no way becoming impossible, to the contrary, I would argue that it is a great hunting ground for anyone looking to to hunt for anyone looking to sow their oats. I’m shocked at how the author doesn’t critically evaluate the situation. ROK can sometimes be justified in their identifications of rape hysteria but this article borders on paranoia. One doesn’t need to make a girl sign a consent form before fucking(western society hasn’t sunk that low yet).
    False rape allegations are grossly over hyped. In a country where there are at least 30 million sexually active individuals 15000 rape reports in which most of them don’t end up in conviction makes the chances of being convicted less than 0.1%. I’m not denying that there are poor bastards in the UK that get falsely reported for rape. I’m just saying that as long as you avoid girls with clinical personality disorders and use a condom(ever heard of a rapist using a condom?) you should be fine.

    1. keep things in proportion by all means, but re. ever hearing “of a rapist using a condom?”, the changes in the onus of proof discussed isn’t going to affect ‘brute force’ rapists, its going to affect drunk men and women who decide to have sex. Condoms get used in such situations for the most part

    2. In future, all interaction with women will be limited to ONS, using a false name/personal details, always at somewhere unrelated to the man, and flush the condoms when you’re done.
      Is this too far-fetched? It is certainly dysfunctional…

    3. The law the article talks about, if passed, will increase those 15,000 rape reports to easily 10x that. Furthermore, the accused will be put in an indefensible position, “You need to prove that she consented”
      So the article might not describe the situation RIGHT NOW. But it is a good warning for the situation that is *about to be* over the next few years.

  14. More UK gals are following their US counterparts and jumping on the Sugar Dating bandwagon, especially sites like &

  15. This is what happens when people who don’t ever have sex get to make laws governing how people who do have sex get to have sex.
    In other words, it is INSANE!

  16. I think more important is that 99% British porn stars are gross.
    Keep up the good work, USA and Russia

  17. I have a question, to any of you commenting here…. when have you last had sex with a woman, without any alcohol/mind altering substance involved, on the 1st instance of it happening with said woman? Any takers?

    1. when have you last
      had sex with a woman, without any alcohol

      And you know what’s worse? Under the yes-means-yes legislation she wouldn’t have to prove she was drunk. She could just claim it.
      Also this, from the US:
      “college officials expelled an 18-year-old freshman for sexual assault last year after ruling that his classmate was too drunk to consent to sex.
      The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office concluded that witnesses agreed that both parties were drunk but “willing participants exercising bad judgment,” according to a report by its investigating deputy.
      The attorney, Marilou F. Mirkovich, found that the young man did not know that his classmate was too drunk to consent because he, too, was inebriated. But, citing the college’s policy that does not allow alcohol or drug consumption to excuse sexual misconduct, Mirkovich found that he should have known and was responsible for the assault.

    2. Almost never, and as for the sole exception, she had been aggressively chasing me for some time. Booze seems to be practically a requirement.

  18. I want to add a few statements for those legal denialists here…
    This article does not say that once that law gets passed, sex becomes automatically and instantly impossible in the UK without (legally acceptable) evidence of consent; rather, it points out that the legal system in the UK is taking that route and that this is a first step towards that dystopia.
    Obviously, sex in the UK is possible; however, wait 10-20 years until a) more such laws get passed, b) they become increasingly radical, and c) they become publicised. It’s very important to acknowledge that once the majority of women know of such laws and of how easy it is to apply them, they will use them and sex will become increasingly difficult since women will resort more and more to extracting resources from or enacting punishments/revenge on men by applying such laws (and why wouldn’t they? especially since this is the main purpose of such laws).
    You’re all missing the point and taking things literally; just because one tree is being planted amongst a few saplings doesn’t mean there won’t be a forest here in whatever number of years (10, 20, 50 etc.).

    1. excellent points, as to how this article predicts the society 5-10 years from now as this new social engineering takes hold.

    2. Agree and good points. We’ve already seen this happening (in the U.S.) where women do nothing but use the system to gain resources (from men or taxpayers). These women openly (and loudly) state their intentions….and the system readily backs them (because the evil men are just evil). We’ve gone from far right to far left (never stopping in the middle).
      And now you’re talking about a law (in the UK) that will automatically give the women the benefit of the doubt? Sounds like the US court systems with divorce, alimony, child support, etc….
      People (especially men) just need to keep an eye on this shit. Some of this stuff is already happening but many want to keep their head in the sand.

    1. Not all of them. But almost all of them are shit for LTR if you have standards for personality etc..and want to maintain them.

    2. That’s part of their appeal. They’re caked in makeup, begging so desperately for male attention… if you’ve never shagged a few slags, you’re not truly living.

        1. I went to the states a few years back and they are not too far off the majority of gals I saw, not a pretty sight.

        2. All these cranky limeys. Reverse Google image search for the answer. Denial and deflection make you look worse …

        3. No way. Way too much pride in their femininity though with ice cream consumption issues. High heels, teased up hair, booty shorts, lipstick. Not Americans.

        4. I could upload hundreds of images of gross American women, but not point as everybody knows they’re ugly anyways.

      1. LOL! Knew they were English girls straight away. Look like the typical 18 – 25 year old girls from a random council estate in Manchester.
        They’ll have tons of lads chasing after them on a night out in bars/clubs.. That’s how bad it is here. It really is grim up north!

        1. You need to get yourself out the house mate and find some quality birds, you wont find them in a “council estate in Manchester”.

        1. You just summed up girls from Ohio perfectly, I agree with you they are not a pretty sight. But then again, girls from the US are generally pasty white, ugly, fat n sloppy. Go and impregnate them and not girls out of your league.

    3. ya i dont think even IRT would tough em with a 20foot pole…..unless hes swinging it at them.

  19. This is terrible. Women will game this system. Even if there is not a criminal charge they can still sue the “rapist” due to the burden of proof requiring only a preponderance of evidence compared to without a reasonable doubt(at least in the U.S.) Women will be suing or threaten a civil suit to get easy money from men for the “rapes” they commit under the new law.
    Time to carry a love contract on person at all times.

  20. Weather fucking will go on or not is not at issue here..There is no presumption of innocence. The burden of proof is on the accused. That’s the problem with this precedent. And the next question is how long before this is applied in other areas of the law..

  21. I think most men need to move to a more to the thugish life. Don’t pay taxes, live generally under an assumed name that can change..things that will allow you to live free in the tyranny we call democrazy.

  22. Before I read about this new law, I had heard a lot about the UK’s feminized society and culture’s centred around women.
    But because I’m not from there (nor have I been there) I thought “surely it’s not as bad as the USA, maybe those blokes on RoK are exaggerating how that certain part of the Western world is pushing feminist ideals.”
    Then I read about the new law about a week ago (and anticipated/expected a prompt article from this site) and it all came together.
    The UK might not be as bad as the US- in fact, I doubt any country could be- but it’s certainly giving it a run for it’s money.

  23. Also, having ADHD makes a woman unable to consent, according to the same article. So she can claim that she was raped because she didn’t take her adder all before sex. The UK is a joke, hopefully we don go the same road.

    1. ADHD chicks are so whack lol
      I managed to get this one chick’s clothes off and wet as fuck and then last minute resistance in bed she’s all like…
      “Wait a second, are you gonna be my boyfriend?”
      “What?? Uhhh… No…”
      “Than you gotta leave, I can’t do this.”
      “But you’re naked and you’re grabbing my dick, WTF?”
      “Because I’ll fall in love with you and then I’m fucked. I don’t have sex with men who aren’t my boyfriend.”
      “But you’re juicing all over my leg and your hands are on my junk!?”
      We made out for a while longer and she was as horny as a horny woman gets but I decided to gtfo… She was mentally unstable and worst of all she was a practicing lawyer… I am pretty sure if I pushed it she woulda let me fuck her like a wild animal but that was the one time I was actually afraid of a girl going batty and throwing some legal shit at me…
      Because of her ADHD I seriously wasn’t sure if her pussy and her brain were connected or not…

        1. Srs.
          My only wish in life is that in heaven everybody would sit with me for a couple hours and watch all the dumbest moments of my life on YouTube… Free popcorn… Just come by and laugh at my stupid ass life with me for a little while…

        2. Just come by and laugh at my stupid ass life with me for a little while…
          I’m sure you’ve had a better life than many of us schmucks out there..

        1. Are many or most female lawyers feminists? In their self description or implicitly, they’re probably on board with 99% of it but aren’t “man haters”?

        2. I agreed with you up until the man haters view. There are as many if not more in the legal profession than in the broader population at large.

        3. I meant to ask if they’re mostly feminists and if they probably tend to qualify it with standard “but not like those haters” stuff i.e. “I believe in Equality and that a woman should get paid the same as a man”, etc.

  24. How can any rational male at this point not see that MGTOW is the only sensible solution? And yet, I see that choice slammed time and again.
    Btw, MGTOW does NOT mean celibacy. It just means not getting your primary validation from women. You get your validation from your career, peers, friends and family – and from yourself. You in turn *minimize* your exposure to women. You don’t give them the time, attention or validation that they crave. Just let them wither on the vine.
    Women are only good as the the occasional sperm toilet: preferably a mid to high-end escort who doesn’t even know your real name or a plate that you’ve thoroughly vetted.
    In short, fuck women. Literally – fuck ’em. That’s ALL they are good for.

  25. Interesting. Those in power now were part of the most sexually liberated generation during the 60’s , but in this day in age they seek to repress the Youth, Hypocrites .

  26. There is a tidal wave coming that they cannot see. This little blip in the timeline of the existence of man where women believe to be paragons of progress, is a sham at best. The solution to such a farcicle socio-political ceremony is simple, however I will not advocate such methods on ROK, because it still operates in the legal and civil world. Myself, and my dogs, do not. We take what we want, and we prepare the harsh landscape of urban earth to remain untilled forever. Fear not, for only one thing is certain in your life: a lot of pain, confusion, frustration, and then you die an exhaustible death! There is something you can infuse in yourself that gives you more meaning than MGTOW. More men I meet are joining everyday, once they understand from a historical perspective. You will not be able to sway those who live in large cities easily, just a heads up. Stay tuned for where to find out. There is no website/email/texting for inhumane reasons.

    1. More men in court on false charges will generate revenue. That’s what this is about. It is a response to the dwindling marriage numbers.

  27. Confirms my suspicion that the UK is just a few notches worse than the U.S. in terms of feminist insanity.

  28. Not surprising really, feminism is, after all, the new religion in much of the west, having usurped Christianity as the moral bedrock of society a few decades ago. As such, there is nothing that we will not sacrifice upon the altar of feminism. Centuries old legal principles like innocent until proven guilty must and will be discarded if they are incompatible with the feminist demands of the moment.
    This is just how it is now; the entire purpose of western civilization is to accommodate any and every female whim, no matter how ridiculous, no matter how unreasonable, no matter how hysterical.

    1. “This is just how it is now; the entire purpose of western civilization is to accommodate any and every female whim, no matter how ridiculous, no matter how unreasonable, no matter how hysterical.”
      I could only add that many of their whims entirely contradict but when you’re operating in the realm of pure emotional payoff that doesn’t matter at all. Victim/Victor axis of the female mind. Switching back and forth and back again sometimes in less than a minute.

  29. The only positive is that it shows feminists don’t believe women can control their destiny. They have proven that women are not adults equal to men, but children who need to be coddled and sheltered. When a feminist says that women should be equal, point out to them that their “activism” is “progressing” towards the opposite. Women need to be shown that feminists have no respect for them. This can lead to drying up of feminism.

  30. So if you’re in the U.K. and she cries rape you should asked to tried in a Sharia court where she’ll go to jail?

  31. not as bad as you think. short term, it seems a lost cause, but eventually all these women will suffer from the dreaded baby rabies….. what’ll happen when the men say no? sperm donations virtually stopped when the fathers were required to be identified and liable. these laws are pretty unworkable. if they manage to put all these rapists away, who’s going to fund the prisons? women will have to work…..

  32. Muslims are moving in to London and Paris in millions, soon they will put Sharia into practice, let us see how feminism works!

  33. Caving in to Wimyn Suffrage and subsequently allowing strumpet’s to cast ballots is the greatest mistake ever committed by Men.
    Funny how we are still paying the price after more than 90 years.

  34. Option D: violent resistance.
    Men: what kind of outrageous injustice will it take for you to surround Parliment and demand repeal lest you burn it to the ground with everyone in it?

  35. How pathetic are british men?
    So pathetic they elected the leaders which then legislated these laws into place.
    So pathetic they fear to even verbally reprimand a female in public who is belligerent and out of control.
    So pathetic they consent to live in a country which has disarmed them, shames them and jails them at every moment.
    I’m not letting women off the hook though. But cmon, all of us here know how vapid, superficial, lacking of cognitive ability and devoid of any and all morality(absent strict religious systems) they are.
    Europe forsook Christianity long ago and with it came tumbling down all the foundations of a solid civilization and any absolute moral ethos that applied to it’s members.
    For it’s replacement you now have a neo-pagan death cult whom most everyone is an unwitting low level initiate and that is where you receive all of your learning. Good job!
    Now you have “freedom” “equality” and “progress”. Have you said thank you to your masters today? Better get to work mates….the shit on your women’s shoes needs cleaning so get those tongues workin.
    Surely you deserve the leaders you now have as birds of a feather……..

    1. Our good old USA ain’t any different.
      Remember, “Yes Means Yes” was first passed in California, for college campuses.
      Now on the table for the whole of society in the UK and Ontario, then the rest of the US and Canada. I imagine Australia, New Zealand, France, and the rest of the gang won’t be far behind. This will be law in the entire western hemisphere within 5 years or less.

      1. Yes my rant could be applied to all the men in western civilizations. Though as is the case of the USA in comparison to Britain, we still have our fucking guns.
        First we gave weak women “rights” and the ability to affect policy in the countries which we built.
        Now we beg for approval, forgiveness and permission to do absolutely anything in our own homes.
        To my ancestors who helped gain women’s suffrage.
        If only I had a machete and a time machine I could change things.

        1. That all you got bitch?
          You’re mad at the guy who is tellin you the truth instead of your own government which enslaves and brainwashes your bitch ass constantly. Instead of directing your anger towards your true enemies you lash out at the man who tells you like it is.
          You’re the type of guy who puts women on a pedestal and couldn’t wait to shower them with all sorts of freebies off the backs of hardworking men (unlike you).
          Pathetic is you tea swilling limeys whose own women fuckin hate your asses. Pathetic is all you fucks who let Rotterham happen. You’re a bunch of cowards, faggots and incels that line up to get gangbanged by muslims, your women, and your government.
          The bitch is you motherfucker. Now on all fours like the little dog you are and eat the shit sandwich your masters throw your way faggot.

      1. That is one erroneous line of logic from a true winner right here.
        Take note readers, the effectiveness of the social engineering this moron has accepted. Notice his faux machismo in defending his own government disarming it’s citizens….LOL.
        The only people who have guns in your piss weak faggot country are the government…the biggest gang around and the criminals.
        Even if you had guns to protect yourselves your government would send you to jail for using them in self defense like they sent the guy who either shot or stabbed a home invader in his own home years ago.
        Only a brainwashed, limp wristed, brittle boned bitch would make a comment like that. You deserve those muslims coming to your country and taking your women, your homes, your lives and making you apologise for it the whole goddamn time. Because you’re a fucking bitch and you will always be one.
        You’ll make a good kafir slave when they implement sharia law across that shit hole.

        1. Lol, oh deary me..You seem angry, you know what they say about angry men? They are weak. What a weak, insecure, uneducated prick you are. “American football” is for pussies, GUNS are for cowards, just accept it. Keep shooting yourself America, it’s the American dream 😉

        2. In the USA, you’re more likely to die in a car wreck than from a gun. Cars are deadlier than guns. Let that sink in. Of course, the media isn’t interested in covering every auto accident like they are with gun deaths. You’ve been brainwashed by people who have a stake in disarming you, but hey you’re a “smart” British person and I’m a “stupid” American, right? Right? Gobble up that propaganda little birdie.

        3. A child’s brain is not developed enough to understand sarcasm. You’ll understand when you get older.

  36. Challenge to Western women: Renounce your first-world citizenship and the protection it affords you. Move to a Middle Eastern country for no less than one week where Sharia Law is the only law and start talking that “equality” shit and claiming you have rights. Proceed to dress like a two-dollar whore and twerk in public, curse profusely, and tell anyone who will listen how good you are at sucking dick, just like you do here. When the religious police dudes start beating the dog shit out of some poor woman in a beekeeper suit for showing too much ankle bone or for being in public without a man, proceed to engage in your typical harpy screeching and physically attack them for violating her rights.
    When you make it back to the West—scratch that, IF you make it back to the West, enjoy searching for a plastic surgeon that can play Mr. Potato Head with your face due to you having your nose and ears cut off.
    You dopey Western broads don’t know how good you’ve got it.

    1. And a lot of feminists are, by some miracle, finding themselves drawn to Islam. Anything for some illogical emotional payoff. I honestly think they see Islam as not having white males and thus they are drawn to it. It’s so far beyond stupid.

      1. nah, its in a womans nature to submit. An islamic culture or any tradional culture for that matter does just that. Only difference is perhaps the middle easterns dont feel guilt or need to apologize for even some of the guly shit like other cultures do.
        And women want that in men, too much of a jerk is better then too much a doormat.
        We failed the biggest shit test…feminism, while a society with backbone will say back to the kitchen. Like all non western nations would do.
        Put it this way, we look at vikings as a very masculine symbol even though critics will call them rapists and murderers like how we say with todays radicals. But we only make that exception with them becasue we look up to them as strength since they are a wrrior of our western culture, even though those guys are just a modern brown version of them charactistic wise. but we only look down on them since we have a mindset of us vs them.

    1. could level out. LIke religion tends to meld with the culture like iranians are different to saudis, lebanaese,moroccans,indonesians,etc. Same with Christian nations like UK,US,congo,brazil,colombia,argentina,phillipines,etc.
      LIke say they want women covered up while we want skimpy women, the middle grounds would be modest dressing or something like that. I think theyll indirectly influence each other. LIke they feel pressure to western,theyll take aspects they like and we will do the same when we see other communities.

      1. Do you think a Muslim takeover would be a violent one? I’m not too sure Muslims are willing to coexist with “infidels”.

        1. When they immigrate they know they have to co exist with themm like the minorities back home.
          They just dont want to fall in our decadent ways, so thats why they work real hard and strict(sometimes more then their home nation) to keep it.
          And when I say “they” Im refering to their kids. They themselves came here to party it up for alittle freedom,but once they have kids then they start thinking.
          And I dont blame them. Hell Ive seen muslims with hipster glasses, and I was just schocked to see “mipsters” on tv. I was just fuck, no group is safe from feminism.
          But will it be a violent one? No I dont think so,as long as media and politics dont try and build anything up.
          We basically have to live like we were in tribes again. Live on mutual respect. Where we dont mess with other communities then act all shocked when they get mad and act out.
          Back in the day if a member of our group or tribe pissed off the neighboring tribe, We say”wtf were you thinking” and make reconsilations on it. Like scots and english, chinese and japanese, celts and germanic barbarians or paschtuns and balochs or iroquis and huron etc.

        2. By influence, and keeping to themselves and make sure their fertitliy rates stay above 2.11.
          As long as they show a dynamic of masculine men and feminie women, we humans by nature will want a piece of it.
          LIke how we chase asian girls since they are the most feminie women out there.
          Or the case with the Tsarniov bro that married the american woman, she submitted to him. IF it was any beta shed a chewed him out.
          All women want to marry, its in their nature. Even with feminists, everytime they call equality its a secret ” I want my prince alpha dick to serve”.
          Sometimes I think if a couple alphas banged a some feminists then act shocked that they are feminists,act scared and run away, I bet in a heart shed drop her womens studies degree and chase him to the ends of the earth.

        3. They aren’t, once they become the majority other religious/non-religious denominations will face increasing violence and oppression. Then, when the unstoppable force of Islam meets the soggy tissue paper of progressivism, the outcome of that ”battle” will be obvious.
          I’m not all that sure it will be preferable, things are bad now but people aren’t being beheaded in the streets (most of the time). It will be a different sort of hell I imagine.

        4. Gender roles are deeply embedded into the culture. Men know their roles, women know theirs, and they will be shamed if they deviate from them. Women are looked down upon if they are not married by their late 20s. Many Muslim girls nowadays go to college (because they don’t want to get married at 18 or 19) but if one wants to pursue a Master’s or PhD or focus on a career, people will say “she is like a man”…and no man wants to marry someone like a man.

        5. think thats paranoia man. Muslims have been in the balkans for well over 100years and aside from the genoicde everything is good. Like albania is 70% muslim while bosnia is 40%.

        6. ya ive seen those women when they are 30, shell try suckering a white guy to marry her. I know of 2 actually, needless to say their dads arent around so they are kinda slutty…well 1 of them totally is.

        7. They are ethnic Albanians and basically none of them practise. Albania is considered one of the least religious countries in Europe. Religion was at one point banned outright by the crown.
          That’s a world of difference from middle eastern Muslims moving into and outbreeding the natives. You need to look at countries like Sweden to see where things are headed for us, not Albania

        8. well you fered to muslims not middle easterns specifically. THink relgion got banned back in 1920 correct me if im wrong it was the first secular naition from what ive heard.
          They arent really outbreeding the natives its more like the natives are under breeding. But keep in mind those middle eastern muslims been mass emigrating since the 60s but shit didnt hit the fan and seeing backlashes until 911 espically after iraq war we notice shit going down.2008 was like the begnging of that

      2. Turkey is a good example of the middle ground…. Muslim country where the women don’t cover up but are dressed modestly

  37. Think the only reason these laws get passed is just to cury favour to get elected again. If we hold them accountable and speak out every time they pass these laws, we could see a change. Its our silence is whats allowing us to be tread on.
    Our keep tabs of who passed what and dont vote for them because of it. We have to show there are consequences.

  38. I hope one of the lawmakers that created these laws gets falsely accused of rape and sent to prison.
    Seriously, as a man, how could anyone pass these laws against themselves?

  39. Might as well “convert” to Islam in the UK and choose to adhere to Sharia law. At least you will be respected as a man, none of these feminist rape standards can be applied, and the feminists can’t mess with you because of multiculturalism.

    1. perhaps, but they still do activism and trash talking about them. TYpically in the west or funding local feminists overseas. But I guess you just dont hear it often, typically when news happens overseas then they get involved.
      They wont go direct in their face becuse they wont tolerate it, they will do it through a screen or on stage where they feel safe, or the case with femen going to the mosque when no one was there.

    2. exactly, this is actually a very obvious analogy but western men seemed completely oblivious to it until they were totally relegated to an inferior status compared to women…
      What Saudi Arabia, Iran and other Sharia states are to women, the Scandinavian and Anglo Saxon states are to men. Men have to evacuate the U.S. and the U.K. en masse at once (Scandinavia is already a minor footnote soon to be erased as a civilization anyhow) !! After my grad school experiences in the US in 2007-2008, I’m still surprised how the double standards, that are so instantly and blatantly obvious to any educated non westernized man, are still eluding hundreds of millions of American dudes that they prefer living like cattle, willingly castrated and constantly exploited by their feminist state overlords…

  40. What else can you expect in a country which holds up a buffoon like Stephen Fry as a “national treasure”. A man that is known to be bipolar and a manic depressive, a obese homosexual who has just “married” his rent boy boyfriend? What the fuck kind of example of a human is this man? And I use the term “man” lightly…..

    1. britain went downhill when we acceded the empire/police-cop status to the US, which happened sometime during the 40s

  41. what if I was too drunk to know that the woman I had sex with at a party was too drunk to consent? The who drunk excuse is just another one way street.

    1. Doesn’t work like that.
      When a woman is drunk she’s a mindless blob who doesn’t understand consent (or even the concept of consent).
      When you (a man) are also drunk you understand your consent, her consent, and the need to acquire her consent.
      It’s feminist equality.

  42. hilariously sharia law would actually be better than the current-to-be-implemented rape law they’re cobbling together now.
    because in sharia law it requires 2 male witnesses of good standing (so not drugged up ghetto/chav trash), or 4 women (female testimony, being considered less reliable, for obvious reasons) to testify that they witnessed the act of penetration occur to bring a person down for rape. (which i think in the case of a unmarried woman or man, its lashings for the rapist, and if the woman is married its stoning to death the rapist)
    the other method being self confession. (thats what the saudi’s religious police lean on)
    the punishment for perjury being at the judges discretion.
    in other words, the only way for a conviction to go through would be for a crime so grotesque and public that not prosecuting against it would further endanger the wider community and public at large.
    everything else, is dealt with first and foremost privately between groups, before its brought to the attention of the judge and justice system.
    there’s an emphasis on small towns and commnities taking care of their own issues.
    ofcourse the main and in particular case crippling problem is systemic abuse within the system. we saw that with the cases in rotheram etc, where SJW types were reluctant to bring forth cases in which asian men were childgrooming occured, for fear of being labelled ‘racist’.
    within england depending on ethnic category the sex crimes prevalancy are different.
    Some data below, but check the source and take it with a pinch of salt, a lot of the stuff is going to be politically motivated. might be downplaying crimes etc.
    In 2011, 1,4
    87 (97.1 per cent) offenders cautioned for sexual offences were of a
    known ethnicity (see Table 3.8). Of these persons:

    87.8 per cent were White (compared with 85.8 per cent of offenders of a
    known ethnicity for

    4.7 per cent were Black (compared with 7.5 per cent of all cautions);

    6.1 per cent were Asian (compared with 5.2 per cent of all cautions);
     The remaining 1.4 per cent were of ‘other’ ethnicity
    Demographic breakdowns of defendants prosecuted for sexual offences
    In 2011, males accounted for the vast majority of prosecutions for sexual offences
    (98.2 per cent). More specifically, males aged 18 and over accounted for 89.7 per
    cent of proceedings for sexual offences, with similar proportions for
    (89.6 per
    cent) and
    sexual assault
    (89.2 per cent) proceedings (see Table 4.2).
    ,042 defendants proceeded against for sexual offences in 2011 (91.2 per cent of
    total) were of a known ethnicity (see Table 4.4). Of these persons:

    78.0 per cent were White;

    9.9 per cent were Black;

    9.7 per cent were Asian;
     The remaining 2.4 per cent were of ‘other’ ethnicit
    trends within female victims:

    Females aged between 16 and 19 were at the highest risk of being a victim of a
    sexual offence (8.2 per cent) and as age increased the risk of victimisation

    Single females
    and those who were separated
    were more at risk than other
    females (5.3 per cent and 3.7 per cent respectively).

    Females from households in the lowest income bracket (under £10,000 per year)
    showed an increased risk of victimisation (3.8 per cent) as did full time students
    (6.8 per cent), and the unemployed (3.8 per cent).

    An increased risk of victimisation was apparent for females with limiting
    disabilities or illnesses (3.4 per cent) and those who were economically inactive
    at the time of interview due to long term illness (4.9 per cent).

    Factors relating to household location, and housing tenure were also related to
    risk of victimisation. For example, prevalence rates were higher among females in
    the ‘City Living’ Output Area Classification category
    (5.5 per cent), people living
    in flats or maisonettes (3.9 per cent), those living in an urban area (2.6 per cent)
    and in rented accommodation (3.4 per cent for social rented accommodation and
    4.6 for private rented).

    Sexual victimisation rates were higher for females who reported visiting a pub at
    least once a week (4.3 per cent) or a night club one to three times a month (5.6
    per cent). Those who visited a night club at least four times a month had the
    highest victimisation rate of any characteristic covered by the CSEW (9.2 per
    TL;DR: young chavvy trash girls that go clubbing a lot or women who are disabled.
    source: pulling data from here, course it could be biased. one thing civil servants know how to do is sex up data.

    1. Anyway, the key thing to take away is that as the original article pointed out above, this new legislation is a shit law and many many innocent males are going to get fucked over by it.

  43. this is why we need a british lawyer red pill equivalent of mike cernovich, to give us a good breakdown on shitty english law. especially with regards to free speech and sex laws

  44. Many of the commenters here do not seem to understand the point of this article.
    Brothers, in order to assess a situation, you must also be able to predict where a situation is heading to. Many of you are confusing the current state of sexual relations in the UK with a prediction regarding where it will be. Please consider that the author is discussing the effects of a law, THAT HAS NOT YET BEEN IMPLEMENTED.
    For example, let’s say I told you the government were in the initial stages of passing law that would decree all men over the age of 30 are to be beaten with a club every day, and that this would cause massive head trauma to many of you. Many of you would then argue that because you do not have headaches, then the law will cause you no harm. Well, naturally you do not have headaches, because you have not yet been beaten by government goons, and you shave not been subjected to those beatings because the law has not been passed or implemented.
    There is also, a much larger and far more important point within the article that nearly all of you have missed. It is a point that the author unfortunately did not emphasize.
    And the point is that of this law is passed then legal precedent will be established such that EVIDENCE IS NOT NECESSARY TO CONVICT YOU OF A CRIME.
    That means you can be thrown into prison EVEN IF THERE IS NO PROOF.
    Now my dear ones, please think and consider. Put down whatever else you are doing, please, I beg you. For your own sakes, not mine. And try to reason this through. The government has power, sociopaths tend to go to government because that is where the power is, if laws are passed allowing the government to do what it likes to you in one particular area – then what is to stop them from applying the same force against you in all other areas?
    Thus, a sociopathic bureaucrat can have a law passed which allows him to imprison you for nearly any violation whether or not he can produce evidence of that violation.
    Brothers, friends, please don’t ignore this comment. I don’t live in the UK, I am not a man who is particularly social or connected to society, I am like the goat in animal farm, who is begging you not to allow the pigs to carry Boxer away to be killed. Please, don’t be foolish. Be wise. Understand that there are people who think further than just one or two steps ahead.

  45. I’m a non-drinker, and considering most young girls in the UK are binge-drinkers (alcohol; the socially accepted drug of choice), there is an acute danger in going out and ending up in bed with a girl on a night-out. These kind of shallow sexual encounters are part of a normal, liberated society, but for me (the shady, plotting non-alcoholic) they are problematic. Even on dates, the girl will be drinking. I’ll be sober. Who draws the line between tipsy and too drunk to consent? Notice how nothing will ever be said about British women and their borderline alcoholism. They have every right to get blackout drunk, it seems. Rights but no responsibilities.

    1. I live in Poland and surprisingly, this “conservative, Catholic” country also has legal prostitution. Guys can get laid for $30. Its not something that interests me, but I’ve never heard of incel rampages here, so I think there’s a benefit.

      1. And thats exactly my point. If prostitution in the us had never been criminalized, I doubt that there would ever be an incel rampage.

  46. If there are 85 sharia courts in UK then English men should demand that these cases be tried in sharia court (if they are not Muslim claim to be). In sharia court rape still lies on the prosecution to prove and you will be given the benefit of the doubt. The downside is if you are convicted you will probably face worse punishment, but you literally have to have raped someone to get convicted. So unless you actually did it, you should be good. LOL
    Feminists always complain Muslim courts do not convict enough “rapists”.

  47. They are trying to tax sex for men. That’s what these laws are in essence, with money, jail time and a bad reputation. Sex has been freed from the religious persecutors and is now a voluntary exchange in the free market of dating. There are winners (alphas) and losers (betas), and the product which men are competing for is pussy.
    Cultural Marxists/Communists which are feminists, hate winners. This is their way at getting back at men who pump and dump (alphas) them in the current free market place. Also a good way to keep betas supplicant to the pussy. Ugly feminists need a deterrent to keep men from being free to have sex with women because they are competing with other attractive women. All women benefit from this but especially ugly women, who now have even more state power to make men compliant and miserable

  48. Men should have a lawyer on retainer if this becomes law. The US is probably 10 years away from this.

  49. Apparently, the law only pertains to how police investigate rape, and the accused is still innocent until proven guilty in court. Given the lack of evidence men have been falsely convicted on in the past, this is still bad news for men. Merely being prosecuted will cost many men their careers.
    I find it interesting that a woman loses agency to consent after she’s drank “too much.” At what point of blood-alcohol level do women lose agency? Do men also lose agency? Are we also not responsible for other decisions we’ve made when drunk? If someone chooses to drive, but they are too drunk to make an informed decision, are they also innocent of wrong doing? It’s a ridiculous double standard.

    1. Its a silver lining at best. Brits need to protest this BS by either expatriating, or refusing to pay taxes.

  50. i say let them have what they want. all the english men move to Russia leaving the rest behind with the women and the ever growing muslim population.

    1. Agreed, its time for british men to pack up their bags and expatriate. Their 1st mistake was letting the government take their guns. Their 2nd mistake was letting feminist enact their misandric fantasys into law. Let the women try to hold up the country on their own: They’ll fail miserably.

  51. Naturally, if men start recording their seduction of women they will be accused of voyeurism and creating pornography, also crimes.

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