How The Deep State Operates

When looking at the state of the world that we live in today, it is sobering to think that not so long ago, many people thought that it would take a vastly different course. The beginning of the 21st century was supposed to herald the coming of a new dawn for humanity. The United States, having just managed to defeat the Soviet bloc in the Cold War, was the sole remaining superpower left on the planet. It had at its fingertips a level of geopolitical, financial/economic, and cultural power unparallelled in modern history.

The spirit of the 1990’s can perhaps best be typified by Francis Fukuyama’s 1992 book The End of History and the Last Man, where he argued that humanity had reached an end-state of ideological development, and that socially liberal, economically capitalist democracy would become the final form of human civilization. Multilateral organizations were supposed to guarantee global cooperation and harmony between citizens, supplanting the provincialist thinking of the nation-state concept and creating the concept of a global citizenry.

How times have changed.

In the fifteen years since the turn of the millennium, we have seen this thesis turned completely on its head. The fallout from the events of 9/11, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the global financial crisis of 2008 have severely battered the Western democracies in general and the United States in particular.

America is widely perceived as an imperial power in decline, seemingly powerless to stop the ascendancy of newly-rising powers such as Russia or China. The idea of a global citizenry has been completely vitiated, replaced with the rise of nationalist and exclusionist sentiment across much of the Western world – as typified best by the twin rise of Donald Trump and the simultaneous success of the Brexit movement.

The European Union, a supranational organization that was supposed to become a world power in its own right to rival the other great powers, instead lies on the verge of complete disintegration. And the tremors of potential disintegration are starting to rattle a weakened America riven by racial division, gender division, cultural division, and a wealth inequality that surpasses the worst years of the Great Depression.

What is causing this?

Ultimately, many in the middle classes of the Western world are starting to come to the realization that the structures that govern the Western democracies are not working in their benefit. They are starting to realize that things like free trade or multiculturalism do mean economic growth – but not for them. Or that the announcement that the United States and its NATO partners are starting a bombing campaign in yet another impoverished Third-World nation does mean political security – but not for them.

As many begin to realize that corporate control of the Western political process has rendered distinctions between left and right increasingly irrelevant, the growing awareness of the globalism-nationalism divide is shining light upon the structures that govern us.

What these structures are, and how they operate, is the topic of this datasheet. This thread is inspired in large part by my synthesis of ideas generated from two seemingly disparate books. The first is Roosh’s Free Speech Isn’t Free, where he outlines his understanding of Globalist ideology in the course of conducting his State of Man speech whilst dealing with attempts by the Degenerate Left to shut down his work.

The second is a book by a former Republican congressional staffer by the name of Mike Lofgren, entitled The Deep State: The Fall of the Constitution and the Rise of a Shadow Government. This book details the organization of the modern American national security state, and how this structure, which integrates the major organs of America’s military-industrial complex, its intelligence community, and its financial and corporate institutions, has essentially created a parallel government that decides the conduct of the United States’ foreign, military and economic policy with little, if any, input or consent by the American people. I cannot recommend this book enough to everyone on the forum if you wish to truly understand how globalism works.

So with that – let’s begin.

The Origins of Globalism and the Deep State

The ideology of Globalism and the structures of the Deep State, in their modern forms, were birthed out of the crucible of the United States’ involvement in World War II. Americans have lived with the modern national security state and seemingly permanent peacetime military mobilization for so long that it is jarring to remember that prior to the Second World War, America had a smaller standing peacetime army than Sweden, and virtually no intelligence apparatus to speak of. Isolationist sentiment and the idea of avoiding entangling foreign alliances – a sentiment virtually unthinkable today – were common political opinions deeply rooted in the vision that the Founding Fathers held for the United States.

World War II changed all that. The United States found itself thrust into the global struggle to defeat the fascist nations of Germany, Italy, and Japan. By the end of the war, it had created the single greatest military machine in the history of human warfare, able to project military power virtually anywhere on the planet, and backed by a seemingly limitless industrial and financial capacity. It ended the war as the foremost military and economic superpower on the planet. Every other great power had suffered the complete devastation of their economic industry, bar the United States, which now represented close to one-third of global GDP.

In the years that followed 1945, the thinking of the American ruling class would shift dramatically due to three distinct yet interrelated ideas. Firstly, that the Second World War had happened in large part because of the weakness of the international institutions that existed (primarily the League of Nations) to regulate the conduct of the great powers in affairs of foreign and defence policy.

Secondly, that America’s now dominant position amongst the Western powers necessitated the permanent assumption by the United States of a position of global leadership in order to prevent another such war – and the existential threat to humanity that would entail.

Finally, that Soviet Communism was an aggressive and expansionist ideology that could easily overrun the weakened Western European states, leaving the United States as the sole bastion of freedom in a Communist-dominated world – and that an interlocking series of military and economic alliances and institutions were necessary to ward off the threat of Communism. It was from these ideas that the modern structures and institutions of Globalism and the Deep State were created.

The creation of the Deep State itself can be traced to two events. Firstly, there was the Manhattan Project – the massive effort by the United States to develop the atomic bomb before the Axis Powers. It was the largest industrial project the United States had ever undertaken up to that point, and was the first example of what would become the hallmarks of the Deep State: a penchant for intense secrecy, coordination of the military and major industrial corporations (Kellex and DuPont were vital in developing the required methods for uranium and plutonium extraction, respectively), the close yet subordinate contributions of American allies like Canada and the United Kingdom, and a virtually limitless budget outlay.

The second event was the passage of a single piece of legislation, the National Security Act of 1947. This act would unify the Departments of the Army, Navy, and newly created Air Force into a single structure that would eventually (in 1949) become the Department of Defence. It also created the Central Intelligence Agency, which would become the preeminent institution in the growing American intelligence structure, as well as the National Security Council, the primary instrument by which the White House would coordinate the arms of the newly-developed permanent national security state.

Yet the institutions that would be created in the years following WWII would not be limited to internal reorganizations of the United States government. These years would see the creation of such organizations as; the Bretton Woods system of international monetary coordination, as well as the World Bank (both formed in July 1944 as a result of the Bretton Woods conference), the United Nations (formed in June 1945), the International Monetary Fund (formed in December 1945), the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (formed in October 1947, which would later become the World Trade Organization in January 1995), and NATO (formed in April 1949).

Each of these institutions operated in a separate sphere of economic, military, or diplomatic influence, but all with a common goal – to administer and stabilize a global military and economic order that placed the United States, and thus the ruling American political class, as the permanent primus inter pares of a system designed to ensure permanent American hegemony.

What can we determine from all of this?

Firstly, and most importantly, that Globalism is the bipartisan governing ideology of the United States. While it may have global influence, and adherence amongst the ruling classes of many countries, it is a specifically American ideology that is created, designed, and sustained to maintain the hegemonic status of the United States, or, rather, the permanent ruling class of America. For all of the supposed differences between the Republican and Democratic parties on any number of topics, both of their party establishments (at least, up until the rise of Donald Trump) pay fealty to this ideology.

Its precepts are simple:

  • The maintenance of world peace and global prosperity requires that as much of the world as possible be permanently integrated into an American-operated economic, geopolitical and cultural order.
  • In the economic sphere, the countries of the world are to adhere to the neoliberal precepts of the Washington Consensus: free trade, deregulation, wide-ranging privatization, economic financialization, and privately-controlled “independent” central banks.
  • In the military sphere, the permanent superiority of the United States over all over potential adversaries is to be maintained with gargantuan yearly outlays in military and intelligence spending, coupled with a constellation of over 800 separate military installations in 70 countries that gives the American military a global reach, at an astronomical cost.
  • In the cultural sphere, libertine, anything-goes egalitarianism is the universal standard/ideal with which all countries are to be judged. Local cultures and mores are to be systematically dismantled and replaced with individualism, societal atomization, and the destruction of traditional values and their replacement with the cultural Marxist ideals of feminism, homosexual advocacy, and multiculturalism/’diversity.’

Secondly, that the American Deep State constitutes the primary mechanism by which the ideology of American Globalism both administers its worldwide hegemony, seeks new countries to re-align under its control, and further integrates those countries already in its grip. With little to no public recourse amongst the citizenry of the United States (in whose service it supposedly toils), and operating as a parallel government to the rapidly ossifying yet “legitimate” institutions of the American Republic, it administers the American Hegemony and maintains the global dominance of the American political elite over the rest of the planet.

The Security Deep State

While the Globalist Deep State has multiple axes by which it sustains American Hegemony over the planet, its centrally important tools are the institutional arms of the permanent American national security state. We can identify the core institutions of the Security Deep State as the following:

1. The National Security Council, as the bureaucratic co-ordinator of the Deep State

2. The Department of Defence

3. The Department of State

4. The Department of Homeland Security

5. The agencies that make up the US Intelligence Community, within which the two most important agencies are:

—The Central Intelligence Agency, responsible for foreign HUMINT and paramilitary operations, and
—The National Security Agency, responsible for cryptanalysis, signals intelligence, and (increasingly) cyberwarfare.

6. The Department of Justice, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation

7. Certain federal courts tasked with handling sensitive cases involving national security, including

—The Southern District of New York,
—The Eastern District of Virginia,
—And the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court;

8. Large defence contractors, including companies like Boeing and Lockheed-Martin, as well as intelligence contractors such as Booz Allen Hamilton (the company that employed NSA leaker Edward Snowden)

9. A kind of mini-Congress, consisting of

—The Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President pro tempore of the Senate,
—The Majority and Minority Leaders of the House and Senate,
—And the Chairman and Ranking Members of the House and Senate Armed Services and Intelligence Committees.

All well and good, you might say. But how exactly, and by what mechanisms, are these institutions able to operate virtually as a shadow government? How are they able to exist in parallel to, and in many cases more powerful than, the constitutional structures of the American Republic?

There are two simple answers to this: money and expertise.

The first is the most obvious one. Money is the lubricant that keeps the machinery of the Deep State running. It permeates every facet of its operations in any of a multitude of ways. For example – if a defence contractor desires that Congress should mandate that the armed services buy X number of a high-tech yet high-maintenance and seriously overpriced weapons platform, why would it work to cut the cost and improve the efficiency of its items when instead, it can just offer campaign contributions to strategically-selected members of Congress, who in turn can assert that said platform is what is needed to maintain America’s military dominance for the next 50 years?

This is how the American armed forces can be saddled with a purchase like the F-35, which at a looming program cost of over $1.5 trillion dollars for all the roughly 2,500 units that the US armed forces will buy, will be the most expensive weapon platform in American history – despite the fact that it is considered by many to be under-powered, under-armed, and with a stealth capability that will likely soon be rendered obsolete by rapid advancements in radar computing technology.

Given the cost-plus structure of many governmental defence contracts, where the companies will be reimbursed for their costs as well as being guaranteed a certain profit percentage, defence contractors have no incentive to reduce costs – and in many cases have every incentive to wildly inflate them. One can also observe the extremely disturbing tendency of defence contractors to offer campaign contributions to members of Congress who are willing to push for foreign and defence policies that help enrich the bottom lines of those companies. A classic example occurred in the wake of the Russian annexation of Crimea, when the debate raging in Washington was whether or not the United States should offer lethal military equipment to the newly-installed Ukrainian forces. Mike Lofgren recounts how:

at a fundraiser for Representative Mike Rogers (R-MI), the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, the atmosphere among contractors in the room was “borderline euphoric.” By coincidence (or not) the following Sunday, Congressman Rogers, appearing on Meet the Press, became one of the first major political figures to advocate arming Ukraine.

Needless to say, corporate control of American foreign and defence policy for profit is something that is, at the very least, extremely disturbing, and at worst an outright subversion of Constitutional government.

We can also look at the dynamic of expertise. The Deep State hews to an ideology that (as described above) is neither really Republican or Democratic, but attempts to present itself as both non-partisan and bi-partisan, above the mud of traditional party politics. The operatives of the Deep State, rather, attempt to present themselves as the politically neutral technocrat, merely offering their “expert opinion and advice” to those elected to office. Yet such advice carries with it a huge institutional weight, and it is rare indeed for any elected politician to be seen rejecting such advice – especially in a country where military members, especially senior generals, are often regarded with something akin to superhero status.

A perfect example in this regard can be shown by the debate about the War in Afghanistan that took place in 2010-2011. Generals David Petraeus and Stanley McChrystal, who had recently been selected by President Obama to right the sinking American war effort against the Taliban, offered the institutional plan for success in Afghanistan – a massive surge of over 40,000 US troops.

When Obama offered resistance to the idea that the only acceptable option was more ground troops, anonymous leaks began to appear in the Washington press from “senior government sources” suggesting that Obama’s reluctance was threatening the success of the mission. Both Democratic and Republican members of Congress pilloried Obama for not “supporting the generals”, and he would eventually accede to the institutional pressure, authorizing the deployment of a further 30,000 troops. Another excellent demonstration of this power can be seen in another quote from Lofgren:

Perhaps the most telling example of the relationship between President Obama and the Deep State comes from a March 2015 interview of John Brennan, his frequently embattled CIA director. Obama has shown Brennan great loyalty through two presidential terms. How did Brennan repay that loyalty – with a humble demonstration of gratitude and respect, perhaps? Obama, he said, did not “have an appreciation” of national security when he came into office, but with tutelage by himself and other experts “he has gone to school and understands the complexities.” The tone of headmasterly condescension is unmistakeable, giving the listener ample grounds to wonder who is really in charge, the president or his national security complex.

A presidential candidate having little to no experience in national security affairs is not something that the Deep State fears – quite the contrary; that is something that they prefer, for a president without any such experience can offer little in the way of resistance to the experts offering whatever ideologies and ideas they render as ‘reasoned advice.’

That is how President Obama, a candidate who was originally elected on ending wars in the Middle East and mass surveillance at home, has now become a President governing over a Deep State waging an even-greater number of wars abroad and conducting even more warrantless surveillance. Incidentally, it is why many within the former and current senior leadership of the Deep State have come out so strongly against the presidential campaign of Donald Trump. It is not because he is uniquely unqualified – then Senator Obama had exactly as much experience as Trump does now – but because his non-interventionist, “America First” ideals represent the single greatest internal threat to the Globalist ideology of American Hegemony that the Deep State requires to maintain its veneer of legitimacy to rule.

In contrast, Hillary Clinton is one of the foremost operatives of Globalism today. Her presidency would represent the final victory of American Hegemony over the constitutional American Republic.

The Economic Deep State

Second only to the Security Deep State in its importance, the Economic Deep State is the structure dedicated to protecting America’s economic pre-eminence in, and control of, the levers of the global economy. Yet as we have witnessed previously, America’s leading position in the global economy has not served to benefit its population, by and large. Income and wealth inequality have exploded upwards in the years since the 1970s – to the point where the United States has a greater relative degree of wealth/income disparity than it did in the years leading up to the Great Depression.

Today, the 400 richest Americans own more in wealth and income than the bottom 150 million Americans. For the first time in nearly a half-century, the American middle class has been so squeezed that it now represents a minority of American citizens – the upper and lower economic classes now make up over 51% of the country. It is increasingly clear that the Economic Deep State has been deliberately engineered as a form of economic parasite – to strip-mine the wealth of the American middle class and suck it upwards, in ever increasing numbers, towards the 1% and the 0.1%.

How has it done so? And by what mechanisms does the Economic Deep State create its wealth for the American political and economic elite?

The first, and most important mechanism of American economic hegemony, is the petrodollar. Widely discussed though often misunderstood, it is the tool that allows the United States dollar to retain its status as the global reserve currency. Its history stretches back to the 1970s, when Richard Nixon unilaterally ended the convertibility of the US dollar to gold, ending the fixed exchange-rate era of the Bretton Woods system. In order to maintain the status of the US dollar as the global reserve currency (since the US was running massive current account and trade deficits for spending on welfare and the Vietnam War) the US government struck a deal with the Gulf oil-producing states, whose monarchies at the time were responsible for well over half of all global oil production.

The method itself can be relatively simplified to the following system:

  • The United States prints US dollars, which make their way into the global marketplace to be snatched up by other states.
  • Those states then buy oil – denominated in US dollars – from the Gulf oil-producing states, who have a prior agreement with the United States to only accept payment for their oil in US dollars.
  • The Gulf oil producing states, holding more US dollars than they can reasonably invest in their own economies, reinvest their dollar holdings into the United States, generally in the form of stock and real estate purchases, US Treasury bonds, and multi-billion dollar weapons purchases from American defence contractors.

This system is what allows the United States to run massive trade and current account deficits yet still retain the primacy of the US dollar as the global reserve currency. It allows the United States to set a fiscal policy that is predicated on massive military and welfare spending coupled with budget-busting tax cuts without ever having to worry about hyperinflation from printing so many dollars. For any other nation on the planet, in order to obtain $100 USD, they must generate enough economic goods and services to obtain $100 USD. The United States government, on the other hand, need merely print a $100 USD bill.

There also exists other mechanisms by which the Economic Deep State enriches the American ruling class, such as deregulation, mass immigration, outsourcing of manufacturing jobs, and the growing financialization and de-industrialization of the American economy.

However, these all can be tied back to the ability of the 1% to essentially buy its politics – to flood the American political system with such gargantuan amounts of money in the form of campaign contributions that it drowns out the voices of the less well-off, and turns American politics into an enrichment game for the already super-rich. In exchange for voting for legislation that enriches large corporations and wealthy donors at the expense of the American middle class, American politicians can expect to find well-paid careers waiting for them at the end of their service, in the form of any number of chairmanship positions or consulting firms.

A prime example to demonstrate the above is the case of Robert Rubin, who was plucked from a co-chairmanship at Goldman Sachs to serve as Secretary of the Treasury under President Bill Clinton. In his time as Treasury Secretary, Rubin managed to win two massive victories for Wall Street – the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, which mandated the separation of commercial and investment banking, and the passing of the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000, which banned the regulation of most forms of financial derivatives.

For his loyal service to Wall Street, Rubin was rewarded upon his retirement from “public service” with the chairmanship of Citigroup – a bank that was only able to be formed because of his work in pushing for the repeal of Glass-Steagall. Both the above legislative acts would prove key contributors to the Global Financial Crisis of 2008.

The Cultural Deep State

Culture is the third major arm of the Globalist Deep State, and though it may represent a form of ‘softer’ power to the ‘hard’ power of geopolitics or global economics, it is no less important than either of the preceding in sustaining Globalist ideology. I do not think it is necessary to point out here the methods by which degeneracies like feminism, normalization of homosexuality/transsexuality, and multiculturalism have been utilized by the Globalist Deep State to further enrich itself in money and power – far more capable writers than myself have done so at length.

Admittedly, I have had problems before reconciling the relationship between SJWs and Globalists. Most SJWs would proclaim themselves resolutely opposed to many of the actions of the Globalist Deep State, such as its financialization of the American economy and its propensity for engaging in useless wars abroad. I think that the past few years have demonstrated, however, that the Globalists are more than willing to tolerate SJW activism when it is directed in ways that do not threaten their interests. An excellent example in this regard is the differences in treatment between the Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street.

Black Lives Matter is a movement that has received an insane amount of coddling and support from globalist-supporting institutions. It has coverage in corporate media that is favourable to the point of outright deception; it has been allowed by government and police forces to wreak riots and havoc across multiple American cities, seemingly without consequence; and it has been funded to the tune of millions of dollars by super-wealthy supporters seemingly interested in social justice for some reason – including everyone’s globalist you love to hate, George Soros. This is because globalists have an interest in the continual division of society between black and white Americans – they have created a narrative that is indisputably and provably false by mere reference to crime data, and have used it to incite a low-level race war across America for the purposes of pushing for federalization of policing, and ever-greater control by the federal government.

In contrast, the treatment of the Occupy Wall Street movement – a movement that at its zenith could have posed little threat to the institutional power of Wall Street – was markedly different. There exist redacted FBI documents released under FOIA request showing that multiple US intelligence and law enforcement agencies coordinated with major financial firms and banks to infiltrate, monitor and eventually subvert OWS – to the point where an FBI counterterrorism data fusion centre in Virginia was utilizing intelligence gathered by the private security arm of the Richmond Federal Reserve Bank. Here again, we see the virtual fusion of governmental agencies and corporate interests to protect the Globalist Deep State.

Another arm of the Cultural Deep State – one that often does not receive much in the way of mention – is the key importance of non-governmental organizations in pushing Globalist ideals onto other states. These organizations, such as the National Endowment for Democracy, receive millions of dollars from globalist-backed sources, usually either the United States Government, the governments of its allies, or wealthy philanthropists, to spread globalist ideals and ideology into other states in order to create a ‘civil society’ amenable to financial, economic and cultural penetration by the US-led international order.

Here the example that we can use is that of Russia, and its legislative acts requiring foreign-funded NGOs to register as foreign agents, as well as requiring the disbanding of NGOs that threaten the constitutional order of the Russian Federation. The passage of such legislation, as well as legislation that prevented homosexual advocacy to youth in order to preserve traditional family values, inspired outrage in many Western nations and has led to an international effort to demonize Russia for its stand for traditionalist Christian patriarchal culture. Here again, we see the hand of George Soros and his foundation, the Open Society Initiative – a NGO that ended up being banned from operating in Russia under its Law on Undesirable Organizations.


In the years since 9/11 and the 2008 GFC, we have seen an unprecedented weakening in the global power and influence of the American Hegemony. Nationalist movements across both Europe and the United States have been able to overcome institutional pressure and score victories against the Globalist ideology. The American Deep State itself has been battered by the growing dysfunction of the constitutional structures of the American Republic – whereas before it was often able to smoothly operate without fear of disorder, it has had to deal recently with congressional gridlock, budget mayhem, and repeated crises with both the Congressional debt limit saga as well as governmental shutdowns. The Globalist Deep State has been unable to prevent the winning success of the Brexit movement, as well as the rise of Donald Trump. The rise of Trump, in particular, represents the single greatest threat that the Globalist Deep State has ever faced in its 70-year existence.

What is the future of globalism, and of the Globalist Deep State? Regardless of whether or not it is able to defeat Donald Trump, and coronate Hillary Clinton, one of its foremost operatives, to the Presidency, it will still have to deal with the seemingly terminal decline of the American Republic. For all of its corporate parasitism, the Globalist Deep State, and Globalist ideology as a whole, still requires its host – the United States of America – to survive. And as time goes on, it is becoming increasingly clear that the United States is coming apart at the seams, as all multinational empires eventually do.

– A low-level dissident insider of the Globalist Deep State.

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  1. The Deep State is not America-centric. It does not seek to maintain American military, economic or cultural primacy. Quite the opposite, in fact.
    There is no such thing as “American Globalism.” That would be American Imperialism, which is more a leftist boogeyman than a true political force. Globalism is a fundamentally European strategy to which the Deep State adheres. The only people that want America to have legitimate power and might on a global scale are actually the American nationalists. Actual American strength and dominance in any sphere is an obstacle to true Globalism.
    The example of the F-35 from the article doesn’t show how the “American Globalists” want to achieve American military dominance or security. It shows the opposite: the Globalists want America to keep spending trillions of dollars on military equipment, but they aren’t doing it to make sure our military is the best and most powerful. They are doing it to get those trillions of dollars into their own pockets, and they are more than happy to stock America’s military with second-rate equipment that lessens its ability to project power elsewhere in the world. If there was such a thing as “American Globalists” who wanted American to maintain its dominance in the military sphere, they would be ensuring that the American military was equipped with the best of the best, not pawning off dated crap for 100 times the cost.
    America is the Globalist’s fatted calf that must be sacrificed and bled dry to achieve true Globalism.

    1. They dont want true globalism… they just want chaos. So much easier to make money in chaos, especially when you are already wealthy.
      Its nothing to do with the US the US is just the bogeyman – as was the USSR before it. Its the most basic magcians trick. Make you look the other way. Do some reading on the Bank of International Settlements and City of London. The British Empire never died. CIA MI6 Mossad its all part of The Company run out of the City of London. Its quite simple when you look into it.

      1. They desire chaos for everyone but themselves. They want to hold the reigns of power that result in a globalism centralized under their control, at which point they can execute the very chaos you’ve recognized, at lower levels that don’t affect them, at which point they can profiteer from war, destabilize threats from other nascent hegemonies, etc.

    2. While it’s true the Globalists want the U.S. divided, they will use its power to achieve its global objectives. Europe (UK included) is just an empty husk, not even a shadow of its former self and useless when it comes to imposing anything beyond its boundaries. That dirty work has been left to the U.S. until its time comes.

  2. This is a very well written article that goes into a lot of history and factual detail of the #1 ideology corrupting the planet. Bravo. I read as much as I could at the moment so forgive me if I missed some details.
    There’s a lot to say here, so I’ll just say what comes to mind. The 2016 election was best defined as Globalism vs Nationalism. Even if I don’t agree with 100% of Trump’s policies, I have no doubt in my mind that he is a nationalistic president who is fighting the globalist elements of the US. This takes balls of fucking steel on his part. It was not long ago that we all thought globalism was virtually inevitable.
    Clinton would have pushed this country over the edge. That said, the United States is in so much financial trouble that I don’t know if Trump is going to be able to save it.
    Despite Trump’s in-articulation, he is obviously an extremely intelligent individual who is more utilitarian than ideological. He has a high degree of existential intelligence so he’s more than capable of looking at the big picture. His foreign policy statements have me worried at the moment – the US needs to keep a strong military while removing itself from entanglements overseas, so far his words since coming into office have shown that he is setting the military up for more entanglements.
    A few other thoughts: You made some great points on SJW movements being tolerated by globalists as long as it doesn’t threaten their interests. BLM is coddled while Occupy Wall Street (a foolish movement) was not.
    Economically, you explained the petrodollar well. The one argument I would make is that deregulation in most cases is not a bad thing. Regulations are just the government dipping its hands into the economy and creating disastrous consequences. Over “regulation” has only contributed to the development of the deep state. Read Thomas Sowell or Milton Friedman’s writings or watch their videos on regulation.
    Admittedly, at times I’ve had a difficult time explaining globalism to people who are skeptical of it. I will be referring to this article in the future. I will link to it later on my blog next week.

    1. Milton Friedman is a genius and a fine speaker, he clarified a lot of things for me.

    2. I think regulation needs to be done at the ‘tail ends’-that is, extremes. For example, don’t give entitlements, but the poorest should be given food and water. Let the rich do their business, but when they become monopolistic some form of regulation may be needed for inelastic goods and services.
      I wonder how much of Trump’s anti-liberalization is token. It is still early days yet, but he has very clearly shown his support for Israel, which is detrimental to the US in so many ways.

  3. “the American Deep State constitutes the primary mechanism by which the ideology of American Globalism both administers its worldwide hegemony, seeks new countries to re-align under its control, and further integrates those countries already in its grip.”
    Long but very rewarding read. It will be interesting to read what our regular deep state commenters will have to say on this issue.
    Also I would have presumed the author would consider the federal reserve system to be the cornerstone of the economic deep state, even if the post-Bretton Woods petro-dollar system represents the imperialistic aspect of US hegemony currently under pressure from awakening giants in the East (although I appreciate central banking doesn’t begin or end with the Fed)
    One slightly unresolved issue the author addresses is the status of SJW movements: are they something the globalist powers ‘tolerate’ because they distract from real business of the day (for which read ‘creating mayhem, doing evil, and sucking up the world’s wealth) or are progressive / nutcase movements more fundamental to the globalist project. My suspicion is that while distraction is a fundamental advantage of the exploitation of progressive causes I kind of doubt that most of them are reluctantly tolerated: gender revolution / feminism, queer and gay rights, the creation of identity politics and the commodification of human life is IMO something quite central to the grander project.
    Lastly, and a more general point – there is far too much complacency about the idea that globalism is on the retreat. The USSR was a globalist communist project (and plot) and it’s destruction seeded progressive and marxist causes across the western world that had so far resisted it. The globalists are master strategists, and even more than that thespians at heart, who love nothing more than to ham it up, fake and dissemble, and not least play dead just like your lovable Labrador likes to do, only with the prior intention of tearing your throat out the moment you let your guard down. It seems far more likely to me that the globalists and the deep state are improvising as much as retreating.

    1. “SJW movements: are they something the globalist powers ‘tolerate’ because they distract from real business of the day ”
      As long as SJW movement is against bullshit cause instead of using their rage on Banksters, war profiters etc they are quite usefull idiots;
      Plus the solution for the Elite to any problem is to ‘hire half of the poor to kill the other half’.
      Nowadays, Killing’ is more about making the life of any dissident insuferable, desperate, depressed one lonely, but the resulst are the same.
      BLM are the perfect example: idiots attacking the wrong ennemy, , hurting mainly theit own community.and sponsored by soros Perfect.

      1. That’s the main thing, what makes SJWs ‘useful’, namely using those who think they are dissenting as a means to ensure conformity (not least ideological conformity) but I also think that some of that ideology reflects an elite transformative agenda: feminism, the normalisation of transgressive sexual acts etc. are elite ideologies not just distraction. At least one might concede that the elite may not necessarily be indivisible with respect to the above but that a considerable part of it is on board with progressive ideology even beyond it’s ‘useful idiot’ utility as a distraction

  4. This must be the most important political article I’ve ever read; a must read for all Americans and other people of the world.
    As I’ve been saying over and over again, the issue isn’t between the Left and the Right. Culture wars are just distractions to keep the masses bickering over inane bullshit. If Americans don’t wake up, they’re going to let the deep state bring down the nation and the rest of the world along with it—it’ll be a Ragnarok.

    1. All components of the deep state, are Talmudic in origin
      A top down authoritarian surveillance slave state, all jews are told to create highly repressive surveillance dictatorships by their talmud
      The talmud has specific directions on how to take over entire countries, by creating a deep state, globalism & deep states are jewish inventions as the talmud commands jews to create a globalist deep state
      The entire jewish talmud is a manual for creating a globalist deep state, for jews
      The talmud is exactly the same as sharia law, jews say they worship the torah, but the book they really obey is the corrupt globalist talmud
      The deep state is a jewish command to take over goyim government

        1. Sharia law is based on the talmud, islam just like christianity are creations of the jews & rome, theyre both based on the talmud
          The main reason sharia law is so fucked, the talmud is 10x worse then sharia law
          Talmud jews are evil to the core, they blackmail politicians by forcing them into child molesting cults, while the more hardcore talmudists like podesta practise child sacrifice, cannibalism, necrophilia etc.
          Where do you think all the fucked up rituals & rites come from?
          Globalism is an ancient babylonian jewish talmudic cult

        2. So you are saying that a doctrine of clear gender roles and accepted social behavior, was borne out of a doctrine of gender identity confusion and social atomization? That makes no sense.

        3. Islam just like judaism & christianity, have no doctrine of clear gender roles, the whole point is to enslave men to the state using gender roles, by subverting & suppressing natural biology
          This is why jews butcher their mens genitals, christians ban men from having sex before marriage, while muslims place strict sexual restrictions on women creating deranged women, from not being able to fulfil her biological imperative
          The whole point is to create deviant men, easily controlled from sexual frustration
          Jewish religions such as islam & judaism are a plague, designed to create men who have no identity or sense of nationalism, race or ethnicity outside of enslavement to government
          Basically a race of drones with no identity or nationality, grovelling to jews, much like the christians today …

        4. Actually it is the nationalists that want everyone to become slaves to the state. What even is nationalism but putting the state above oneself and one’s family? Basically “if you don’t give your life to the nations military then you aren’t one of us.” Total slavery. And chastity of women does not promote derangement, in fact it’s the complete opposite.

        5. Your country & state are two different things
          State is government, country is your race, your colour, your ethnicity
          You will always have to fight to preserve a 1st world country, what do you want to fight for? A faceless government? Or a nationalist country dedicated to creating policies which preserve your culture, your traditions & your race?
          Women forced to mate with betas, do in fact become deranged

        6. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t promote traditions while rejecting religion, otherwise you just end up with consumerist holidays, drunken Oktoberfests, and not much else.

        7. Christianity (Mormons at least) and Islam don’t have monogamy as an imperative. In fact, the 80:20 rule coincides with the Sharia’s 4 wives per man thing. Alphas are thus more accessible to women while still maintaining family structure.

        8. “Christianity (Mormons at least) ”
          You use mormons as your example from which to extrapolate to all Christians? That’s a terrible idea. Mormons are considered by most Christians to be polytheists whose views are incompatible with mainstream Christian doctrine. That’s like using Ismaili Muslims as the canonical example while ignoring Sunni and Shia.

        9. Nationalism is superior to religion. Also jewish religions ie islam & christianity are NWO religions, which is why theyre garbage & destructive
          Islam & christianity are fake NWO religions
          If you want religion, paganism is superior

        10. Jewish based religons are NWO religions, theyre designed to enslave you to the state while destroying your indigenous ethnic culture & traditions
          Islams polygamy is one of the few things it does right, surrogacy & artificial wombs are now superior to polygamy, hire teachers instead of mothers to raise them
          The 80/20 principle only applies to countries stupid enough to practise monogamy, when women cant get into harems, theyll choose alphas who have soft harems
          Women arent attracted to alphas, this is a false correlation, women are attracted to harems
          The whole notion of womens attraction to thugs & criminals is nonsense, women are attracted to thugs because they give the impression of protecting large groups of women
          Women are turned on by alphas, but they reproduce with men who control large groups of women, as women are herd creatures
          Nationalism is superior to religion.
          Islam & christianity are fake NWO religions
          If you want religion, paganism is superior

        11. Try telling Russians or Poles that their religion is Jewish, you probably won’t be talking again for at least a few weeks. Paganism is primitive and shallow, there’s a reason is died out, it is throughly generic and lacks any kind of intellectual depth.

        12. Paganism is in fact intellectually & ideologically superior to jewish religions, pagan civilisation was far superior to greece & rome, & more technologically advanced, unfortunately the flood wiped out most of the more advanced pagan civilisations
          If christianity & catholicism arent jewish, why are jews the chosen people? Why is there a messiah born in a jewish country?
          Theyre obvious poorly disguised jewish religions for the masses

        13. How do you know the tenets of paganism? I wouldn’t even know which book to read about it.

        14. The thing is paganism is ancient, super ancient, older then the pyramids ancient …
          Paganism is really druidry, all religions & cultures are based on druidry even judaism
          Druidry gave birth to civilisation as we know it, which is why all civilisations are encoded in paganism, it is the original religion & philosophy of our plant, which is why it is so fascinating …
          A good starting point is googling the exodus of atlantean druids
          Another great starting point is, saturn the purple planet, the original home of earth, earth used to be covered in a purple haze not blue
          Google odinism, as its the most popular current white pagan religion

      1. The article is flat wrong in saying that Germany was fascist. People just don’t understand anything. Germany at that time was trying to purge itself of the very same people (jews) that are actually the very same talmudic people causing the problems in America today. The jews at that time had complete financial control over America, Britain, and Russia via the international central banking system. They began a propaganda campaign to fool stupid dumb white men into fighting against Germany in WWII and killing their white Christian brutheran. Once Germany was defeated, the jews ceased control of Germany and turned it into a hell hole as we see today.

        1. True, but nationalised fascism, along with a nationalist dictatorship are far superior to democracy, in keeping a country’s genetic gene pool stable & free from genetic defects
          A democracy is destroyed by the dysgenic effects of the low i.q being able to compete with the high i.q
          Democracy is made even worse by monogamous marriage, as monogamous marriage allows all men to find a woman, with no natural selective pressure for the high i.q, this dramatically lowers the i.q
          Basically monogamous marriage allows the low i.q to monopolise women, while leaving very little high i.q women for high i.q men, this causes an even further reduction in high i.q men
          This is further exacerbated by the pussifying ideology of faggot christians …
          This is why the jews have taken over the u.s & europe, low i.q whites have outbred & outcompete high i.q whites for resources, to the point theyve been able to en masse institute mass welfare programs to ensure the low i.q continue to outcompete the high i.q
          Its a documented fact from the times of Rome to the renaissance, white people had much higher populations of high i.q white men …

      2. If you look at Israel, they have many of the same problems as the US-a private central bank, and a divide and conquer strategy, where the Hasidic jews outbreed others, and won’t enter the military and demand welfare.

    2. We will know in a week or two if Trump is for real or not.
      First they attacked Flynn, then Sessions and other crazy attacks about OMG!! speaking to the Russian Ambasador WTF ? Total BS.
      So if Trump and his team have any intelligence and value and are who they claim to be they will begin indictments against Clinton, Obama and go into full war mode.
      It’s clear at this point that they have been trying to run a Govt and make bureaucratic changes which are not important whilst the citadel is infested with 5th columnists (ie. traitors and treasonous scum).
      So either the Trump administration begins to fight back and actually drains the swamp or it is just a part of the swamp – a faux change and a faux opposition (just as Obama was). If Trump leaves the important swampers in place they will crash and burn as his administration. He also has a tactical disadvantage now, as I mentioned when he won the election. All his opposition has nothing to do now, but attack him, whereas he needs to run a Govt with all the spot light upon him. So either he goes full war mode, Clinton Foundation and etc. etc. and roots out the weeds or he’s either impotent and or fake in the first place.

    3. Indeed, the propping up the SJW’s is largely bread and circuses like the rest of the atomizing and distracting efforts and fabricated “issues” that always demand moar.
      But we shouldn’t ignore from who the moar is being demanded – and that each new demand is already downstream from existing exactions that have done nothing but cannibalize the cultural foundation of civilization.
      Different cultures needn’t be fighting each other, but this doesn’t preclude different cultures from pursuing what is best for them, particularly if one is being disproportionately exacted into oblivion.
      The culture war has brought ruin to the productive culture; inverted values and perverted incentives have rendered goodness into weakness and ugliness into beauty in race to the bottom.
      On an individual level, we see this play out in the sexual market. If we consider the midfuck and subsequent work and retooling it takes for a redpill man to navigate the SMP to his advantage – and what % of even RP men really get “there”, we can extrapolate the lurking costs of change at the societal level.
      So while pitting one “culture” against another, one color or gender against the other is part of the toolbox of globalism and deep state power, this doesn’t mean that the path of reclamation should ignore identity – and the values, beliefs, and norms unique to those identities.
      IOW, the cure for globalism and progressivism is not going to come through more blank-slate, equalist ideologies, but rather from a bottom-up groundswell of men who share certain identities; men who will assert their will into the world, a will that is a reflection of shared values and ideals – things that tend to follow cultural bonds.
      If there ever was a window of opportunity for the people to unite together against the DS/Globalists, it has passed.
      The fact that Bernie supporters can’t fathom how much overlap they have with Trump supporters is indicative of the deeply embedded divisions.
      So just as it is up to red pill men to lead by example such that blue pill men may find reason to wake up, some culture or cultures will have to rise-up under their own power, which naturally includes the pursuit of self-interest, just as it does for individual red pill men. This is righteous.
      There is a lot of inane bullshit sure enough, but all politics are identity politics, and until men wake up and realize that they have a god given right – even duty – to secure a future for their family (hypothetical or actual), culture, and way of life, the goodwill and good nature of men will continue to be consumed in the furnace of globalism until there is nothing left but darkess.
      A harbinger of this is the fact that the dark triad has become the skeleton key of the SMP. We need to shed the meta-Mr. Nice Guy approach in favor of the discomfort of certain truths and recognition of – and respect for, our differences.
      The utopian rainbow of cultural homogeneity feels good, but that juicy steak is not really there. It never was.
      BTW, solid piece Michael.

  5. Terrific piece. Too bad the leftists who really need to read and understand it lack the attention span.

  6. You got balls, i give you that. It’s a radio active subject. Strange to find this subject outside specialised circles, or relayed on tinfoiled reptilian forum to nullify it.
    I advice you to very, very carefull, now.

    1. Not really. Its in the public domain now. For all we know the CIA could be responsible. You can’t manage an idea unless there are people discussing it

      1. The term is known for a long time, but there is very few serious discussion and analysis of this, especially on ‘serious’ sites with some real public.

    1. You mean the deep Islamic state? No such thing. John McCain’s just friends with some beardy moderates that’s all. And Colour Revolution? That’s just a range of hair dye by l’Oreal

  7. I really like this article. It reminds me of a book I have referred to often here (and I recently purchased a copy of it again), The Occult Technology of Power.
    “The Deep State hews to an ideology that (as described above) is neither really Republican or Democratic, but attempts to present itself as both non-partisan and bi-partisan, above the mud of traditional party politics.”
    An example, Chapter 2, Professor Q, On Occult Knowledge As The Key To Power, page 17:
    ” The so-called Left-Right political spectrum is our creation. In fact, it accurately reflects our careful, artificial polarization of the population on phoney issues that prevents the issue of our power from arising in their minds.”
    Same chapter, page 18:
    ” Our own liberty rests not on legal or moral “rights,” but on our control of the government bureaucracy and courts which apply the complex, subjective regulations we dupe the public into supporting for our benefit.”
    If anyone from the Deep State (to be referred to as the Dip-Shit State) reads this, here’s a question to you; once the USA falls apart, where will you go? Who will take the battlefield for you then? The Rockefellers? George Soros? The Rothschilds? The Bushes or the Clintons?
    Those who need the game rigged in their favor to win are not worthy of riches, power, or security.
    If the Dip-Shit State is doing anything right, it is this (based on what I remember of Sun Tzu’s Art of War):
    “All warfare is based on deception.”
    And the war the Dip-Shit State wages is against freedom-loving Americans.
    Thank you for the article.

      1. Thanks for the heads-up. I bought a paperback from Amazon. In the ’90s, the first one I bought in ’94 was from Loompanics Unlimited.
        I recommend any and every freedom-loving person (man, woman, bitch or beast) read this book. If it doesn’t open a person’s eyes, I have no idea what to say.

        1. Good find. Hard copy is still better than e-ink. I’ve put it on my to-read list – although it’s becoming quite a long list

        2. You will be glad you did. It takes only an hour to read the entire book. But it will open you eyes.

  8. Excellent article. Great to see that Mike Lofgren and his book The Deep State…was used as a source, along with Roosh’s indispensable work. Though I admit I haven’t read Lofgren yet, I’ve been aware of him and his web site for some time; I think I first heard of him on an Alex Jones podcast or somewhere.
    So much material covered, tying together the machinations of the “elites’” control of our world, with which RoK readers may have been vaguely familiar, or curious and thirsting for more knowledge. I’d appreciate other commenters sharing links/ideas about this crucial subject.

    1. The Tribe certainly lost a lot of ground in the past 18 months, didn’t they?

        1. His kids are married to Jews, he’s pro-Israel, and there are Jews or Jewish themes practically at every one of his official speeches.
          Is he just playing along with the necessary protocol, is he playing both sides, is he a puppet, or does he have a plan?

        2. He could be waving his Jewish connections in the same way that Milo keeps saying he sucks black cock… to provide a shield against attack.

        3. I’m open to any possibility at this point.
          I believe Trump is sincere but I’m trying to avoid getting blindsided by my admiration for the man. I think it’s good to remain critical of him while giving him the benefit of the doubt. I doubt he would be keeping Bannon around if he wasn’t at least a little sympathetic to some of his reactionary ideas.
          But taking everything into account so far I think your explanation is the simplest one.

      1. They sure did, and it hasn’t even started yet. They’re going to lose more ground in the years to come until finally us white european males can reclaim what belongs to us under natural law. No more affirmative action/EEO, no more welfare, no more privileged white females, decriminalize domestic violence, no more child support, no more no-fault divorce.

        1. Trump has more intimate Jewish connections than any President in history. IDGAF, but the notion that he is somehow going to marginalize Jews in power is 100% false.

        2. He has more intimate connections but he is at war with one of the biggest Jewish institutions, the mainstream media. That can’t be said of any President and they are going batshit crazy over it. I think at the end of the day he is aware of the JQ but obviously can’t say anything publicly. How much he goes against them is something we’ll have to wait and see.

        3. are any of them ‘progressive’ jews?
          I know neo-cons are sometimes considered conservative (hawks) on foreign policy but socially liberal in other respects. I’d be interested to know where Trump’s jewish appointments stand on lgbtq, feminism, BLM, etc.

        4. Trump’s existence is a nod to the power of populism, and at the moment I’d say the best that can be hoped is that he continues to balance populism against the formerly fairly monolithic countenance of the elite (a lot of which is jewish). The whole Trump is Hitler though is pure theatre and probably meant quite deliberately to disguise what to some extent is Trump’s good liberal credentials

        5. Trump himself is pretty indifferent on many social issues. He’s from New York. He’s not a conservative.

        6. He does whatever he wants. Which is nice sometimes. It’s not all positive though. He doesn’t care at all about the JQ and you are delusional if you think he does.

        7. yeah, he’s played the shock jock to establish some ‘right wing’ credentials, but in large part he’s both an insider and pretty mainstream. He could still deliver though, and I’d like to think there’s some very real sincerity in the mix too

        8. I’m politically conservative. Which is very far from being a Republican. Trump is a fine fit for the GOP. Especially in that he’s yet another fiscal retard that will run trillions more onto our unsustainable debt.

        9. I associate conservativism with small government / minimal state and careful spending but if you’re gonna be literally Hitler, it might as well be big project literally fiscally Hitler.

        10. just a follow up, what do you think of this from zero hedge:
          “The first part of this Wealth Transfer process is called Financial Repression. It’s an extremely effective — and nefarious — financial engineering scheme, which we’ve discussed here at many times over the years — notably here, here, here and here.
          Financial Repression is enacted when governments take on too much debt (which they often do!) and find themselves with few politically acceptable ways of escaping that situation. So, in ways both overt and covert, they conspire to use the public’s savings to dig the government out of its debt hole.
          The formula for Financial Repression works like this:
          Step 1: A government (or an entire nation) gets into trouble by borrowing too much.
          Step 2: Rather than pay this debt down honestly via cutting spending (unpopular) or by defaulting (even more unpopular), the government conspires with the central bank to slowly liquidate its stack of obligations by forcing negative real interest rates on everyone — that’s when you get paid less in interest than the current rate of inflation. So if you’re getting 0% on your savings, but annual price inflation for the things you need to live is more like 5% (sound familiar?), you lose.
          Step 3: But there’s a problem. Negative interest rates don’t work if people can dodge the Financial Repression by parking their money safely elsewhere. So a ring fence has to be built — using capital controls and explicit interest rate caps on and across the whole spectrum of interest-bearing securities. Nobody can be allowed access to investments offering positive interest rates. And to prevent people from simply hiding their wealth under their mattresses, cash can be outlawed. (This is what the “war on cash” and the talk of moving to a “cashless society” is really about)
          Step 4: Sit back and watch with glee as everyone with savings silently and steadily has their purchasing power transferred to the debtors, be those public or private entities. You see, lower real interest rates not only reduce the government’s costs of servicing its debts, but they erode the real value the debts themselves. The government is deliberately killing the value of the money we’ve worked hard to earn and save, for the sole purpose of avoiding the consequences of its reckless borrowing. They get a hall pass; we get screwed.
          This is theft, plain and simple — engineered theft of the highest order. It takes from the many, without their consent. It’s not openly debated, put up to a vote, or even openly admitted to. It’s deliberately done behind the public’s back.”

          The irony right now is hat Trump is the big spender, but Yellen is pushing a rise in interest rates. I think the Fed is playing politics rather than going against it’s ZIRP/NIRP rationale

        11. Yes, that’s absolutely happened. As much criticism as the first Bush and Clinton get, at least they didn’t have unsustainable budgets. Starting with the second Bush we’ve had a government budget that is dangerously unsustainable. And now that is the standard operating procedure for the government. The problem is that low interest rates can only last for so long before inflation will invariably set in. Which might be too late already. The Fed is hoping that gradually raising interest rates over a long time period will not make the bubble burst. Personally, I think we should have taken our medicine in 2008. But as I already said, I’m a conservative not a Republican.

        12. Making a policy to fit a negative stereotype is as unsound as governance gets. For instance, the wall on the border will be a waste. Following the laws we have in place and increasing the number of security personnel will be exponentially more effective at a fraction of the cost.

        13. it’s not about effective. It’s about making a declarative act, good or bad (and of course Trump is claiming Mexicans will pay for it , It’s populist theatre

        14. What the fed says it is hoping for and what it is actually hoping for (or doing) may not necessarily be one and the same thing. If you read the article the suggestion is that these crises, like 2007/8 are actually extremely rewarding to the elite and the banksters, and with the whole ‘bail-in’ arrangement the public will end up ensuring the stability of banks that might otherwise create another ‘great crash’ at their expense. Its a racket, and the central bankers are the central part of that racket

        15. Bankers lost major positions at least temporarily when it happened. And a very select few people in the industry could even explain the degree to which the toxic liabilities extended (which is indicative of how complicated some derivative markets are). The fiscal and monetary policies saved the vast majority of elite/bankers who would have been the most destabilized without government interference. Some elite never recovered their positions either.

        16. That’s bad governance. Populist theatre has a role in getting elected. Now it’s time to get positive results.

        17. maybe, but you could also argue a political establishment that simply ignores every ‘popular’ concern is worse. Personally I think the establishment is as mad with Trump as it makes out even if the hardcore progressives are crapping themselves

        18. I’m not suggesting there weren’t elite casualties or that if the system is – to whatever extent – rigged (i.e. to the advantage of the elites and to the disadvantage of everyone else) that it is an entirely controllable entity. Of course not, but equally the idea that there is a free market out there in any meaningful sense seems wrong. If you look at the film the Big Short it emphasises irresponsibility (the taking on of toxic liabilities re. sub-prime mortgages etc.) but you come away with the impression that there were at the same time people who were to an extent responsible for what happened (i.e. who acted irresponsibly) but that nobody really knew it was all going to blow up in the way that it did. Maybe that’s the case in large part, with regard to the specific moment at least, but I’m not convinced the economic powers that be are averse to crises. The latter are opportunities to make money, shake down the little guy. The Glass-Steagal may not have caused 2008 but it did remove protections from the retail sector, created a system in which banks grew bigger and bigger with the result that they became too big too fail, and therefore had to be ‘bailed out’ at the expense of the public purse. Of course some smaller banks were allowed to fail – like Lehman’s though strangely Goldman Sachs did just fine out of the whole thing – there are a few GS/Lehman conspiracy theories centred on the rivalry of the respective chief execs).
          This time around though the public will be protected from any bank failure bail outs because this time there will be ‘bail-ins’ instead. But what’s the difference? It’s like the article suggested: the financial elites engage in risky, speculative behaviour and if their actions cause systemic failure, the public suffers the consequence. So the elite are always the winners and even if a few suffer in a fall out the real risk is taken by the public, the little guy. Of course none of that even addresses the fact that negative or zero interest rate policies is resulting in the destruction of the latter’s – particularly the middle classes’ wealth – while the stock markets go to ever greater highs.

        19. We have policies to encourage spending rather than savings. It is simply not sustainable. The bet is that growth will eventually marginalize the debt. But that only works if the debt levels become stabilized. Which for some inexplicable reason no one seems committing to addressing. The elite generally insulate themselves from failure as best they can, but they are far from infallible.

        20. No, it’s not sustainable, but re. the central banker’s “bet” that spending / growth will ‘marginazlize the debt that does seem to depend somewhat on giving them the benefit of the doubt’ so o speak with respect to good intentions. When you say “for some inexplicable reason” no one seems committed to addressing the debt level you’re assuming incompetence / fallibility or thereabouts, yet these are some of the most brilliant minds on the planet, however fallible they may be. One of the things that has surprised me since I’ve started reading financial news, is the number of conspiracy theorists there are even within the mainstream financial press (i.e. not just zerohedge and kingworldnews or whatever). All but the elite run rags realise something very strange is going on

        21. The most brilliant minds on the planet still make as many errors as good decisions. Humans are severely flawed in every account. They aren’t pulling off any grand scheme. In this case with the debt, fiscal and monetary policy have to be cohesive for the debt burden to diminish. And guess what? The average American is awful when it comes to personal finances so why should the government they elect be any different? I’m a firm believer in personal responsibility on all levels. So while the system does encourage spending over savings, ultimately the individual consumer is at fault for not having the common sense to reject this system. And if enough consumers shared that mindset, that alone would be a positive change.

        22. I agree that everyone should take personal responsibility for their situation to as great a degree as they can, but to focus on that level is simply wrong: the policy makers, be they in government or central banks are creating the incentive systems, ones which people simply cannot ignore. Wishing to live in your own home means taking out debt, in a way that for many involves effectively gambling on the likelihood that interest rates will not go up massively (a fairly safe bet, despite the insistence by the fed that they are going to continue to raise rates). Likewise people will take on more debt as their savings diminish because of negative or low interest rates, or to finance their mortgages if those rates really do go up….most of which could have been avoided if we didn’t live in a massive spend economy and monetary policy hadn’t been turned upside down.
          I get that even the smartest people and groups make mistakes, go down inadvisable routes etc., but the elites do talk to each other, they do make plans, including very grand plans, and since those plans involve money and the financing of debt central bankers (and the governments that arguably do their bidding rather than the other way round) are inevitably involved with that.
          Obviously evidence for the above can be debated. I don’t believe in assuming the worst but doing so is no worse or better than assuming the best, giving our central bankers the benefit of the doubt, as our MSM etc nearly always does. The history of central bank policy simply doesn’t warrant that. Moreover look at the big push towards a “cashless” society – just like NIRP etc this is being planned and gradually rolled out as policy in countries as diverse as India and Sweden (in different forms). Anyone who focuses on the benefits like ‘fighting crime’ or ‘fighting terrorism’ etc while ignoring the potential for such an evolution to provide our financial elites (global or otherwise….and most banks are the very definition of global) with ever greater control over our lives. But you’d have us believe that they are just trying their hardest but are failing because of ‘complexity’ or because there are things like Black Swans that can’t be anticipated or whatever.
          Either way these institutions are not fit for purpose and should be disbanded and replaced by entities with fewer tentacles.

        23. If you have decent credit you can get a fixed rate loan. If you don’t have decent credit then you shouldn’t be purchasing a house.
          Plenty of elites have interests that conflict. They get rich by eliminating as much competition as possible. In many cases the other competition are other elites.
          People don’t give central banks the benefit of the doubt. Most Americans don’t give central banks a thought at all.

        24. “Most Americans don’t give central banks a thought at all.”
          Well that’s a major problem, because arguably they are amongst the most powerful institutions determining the course of their lives, and indeed everyone on the planets, and their origins – or at least the Fed – is err. not without controversy.
          As for the whole taking personal responsibility thing, no-one is going to say that’s wrong, because it isn’t but as an explanatory factor it’s worse than useless insofar as redirects attention away from those who create policy and practice and therefore the incentive systems that people on the ground – be they responsible or irresponsible types – respond to. Moreover if the central bankers / planners or whatever manipulate enough variables – and manipulating variables is what they to do – all of those decisions based on taking personal responsibility may amount to very little: indeed that’s what the savings crisis caused by central banking policy is – a clear indication that taking personal responsibility for your economic well-being by showing restraint and solid financial management will hurt rather than help you: people have learned from the policies of banks and governments that the true rewards will accrue from taking out debt you may or may not be able to afford in the future, hence the the inflation in the value of assets like property that represent an ever widening gap between cost / purchase price and income.
          Moreover, it might be true that elites compete and eliminate competition, but the people at the very top know that the best way to compete with rivals and to eliminate competition is to create cartels and monopolies, which is what too often we find lying behind the pretence of ‘free markets’

        25. It’s not in their individual best interest and anyone with rational thought would identify that. I never fault people for acting in their own self-interest. I blame people for being incapable of identifying self-interest and allowing themselves to be taken advantage of. Western men have created western women. American voters have created our government. Global consumers have created this form of materialism. I’m of average intelligence and I can pinpoint the cause and effect quite easily. If people aren’t capable of identifying consequential decision making, then they deserve to be taken advantage of.

        26. Again, you’re focusing exclusively on personal responsibility. I get that if you ignore personal responsibility and blame structural factors, mysterious elites, or banksters etc, that you may be abdicating responsibility for those factors / variables you may have control over (or a degree of control over) but individuals taking personal responsibility is never likely to subvert those incentive systems put in place by banksters, corporate interest, governments and other malefactors. Perhaps you can approach the issue at both ‘levels – they are not mutually exclusive – but you’re effectively letting the policy makers, whose influence is enormous (and currently destructive) off the hook. I also disagree that western men ‘have created western women’. Sure western men have appeased and tolerated insufferable behaiour – that much is true – but feminism and progressivism has not arisen from the ground upwards. It is largely, or at least very significantly top down, promoted by media, governments and corporations (and banks / central banks feature prominently in this regard). If the structures surrounding the individual are corrupt and corrupting, there is far greater likelihood that the individual will become rotten too

        27. Elites are under no obligation to provide for others. Fundamentally, my position is why shouldn’t the strong exploit the weak? What I can’t reconcile, is a self aware human behaving contrary to their own self interest. I live in a country where the majority of the citizens are obese, live under crippling personal debt, and will be divorced at least once. Their exploitation seems pretty inevitable.

        28. Who is talking about ‘providing for others’? The strong have always dominated the weak, but now they do it by pretending to represent “the weak” or rather the hoi polloi; or by espousing ‘progressive’ causes that claim to be about egalitarianism, or redistribution, or ‘inclusiveness’ or whatever, when they are nothing of the sort. The will to dominate here is hidden, and on account of the above, efficient only because it is hidden. So instead of ruling through brute force the elite rule through deception. Do you think a system based on deception is viable in the long term or can genuinely qualify as reflecting actual strength? By your reasoning why shouldn’t a thief simply steal from you if he can be sufficiently confident of getting away with the crime?

        29. They use the most effective means for producing results. A long time ago the method was putting head to pike. This method is less direct, but remains effective. Strengths/weaknesses are relative to the environment. In modern society, manipulation and deception are the more usual attributes. Adapt or die.
          Most property crimes are based on opportunity. A person should steal if they believe they can benefit from it. I certainly have.

        30. I appreciate your honesty, and certainly there is a “philosophical” case to be made for acting self-interestedly. If we leave aside ethical objections, which might perhaps be based upon sentimentality (or some other form of weakness of perception/mind) then there still remains those ethical-type objections based upon utility (i.e. Mill, Bentham etc.) i.e. we would just return to the age old debate over whether crime does or does not pay, which is also to ask with respect to your assertion, whether you really do benefit from such an act? You might add an ‘ultimately’ to that question, but I would probably be thinking about the intermediate term as well. We no longer have rule by the strong based solely on a monopoly of force (although I appreciate force still counts when push comes to shove) but if such elite rule cannot then only be effected by deceit then what is lost is legitimacy. Those who rule through ‘force of deceit’ if you like cannot benefit from legitimacy, and therefore their rule is permanently under threat from the veil being lifted, and therefore, from dethronement. The only way of severing the link between power and legitimacy is by either lifting the veil or ensuring that it covers completely, if you like hermetically. Neither is truly an option, in the longer term. What sort of power is it, or benefit to be enjoyed if you are permanently under threat of exposure or unmasking?
          It is an interesting debate though. I can neither conceive of a wholly transparent world or a wholly concealed one. Concealment and revelation are built into the fabric of the veil itself, and are themselves integral to the exercise of power

        31. I’d agree strategically, it becomes more difficult to sustain that M.O. based on the 2nd order effects. However, that’s beyond the capacity/concern of most anyone. Which is why I don’t subscribe to conspiracy theories.
          Even when force was the sole deciding factor there’s always the possibility of legitimacy being contested. Our current paradigm isn’t as evolutionarily “authentic” as perhaps we would like. There’s a lot of artificial aspects to compensate for.

        32. I don’t think force was ever the sole deciding factor. Even with conquest there usually (if not always) had to be some kind of pretext – a claim of legitimacy, revenge, religion, divine right, whatever. Today it’s weakness, or victimhood, as a modern preoccupation of the justice system. It was inevitable such a system would be exploited (although not necessarily by whom) but my point is that as a basis for the exercise of power it is unstable, more so than undisguised might is right, right of noble lineage etc. Institutions of democracy or whatever equivalent etc will inevitably be exploited, but when that becomes too evidently cynical, when as today democracy (majority rule, rule by victims, or the dispossessed or whatever) appears increasingly to disguise the obverse (elite rule) then something has to give. It isn’t sustainable.

        33. Financial considerations aside, I think divisiveness is a greater challenge than before. At least in America.

        34. we’ve had divide and conquer for a long while (feminism, LGBT, race/BLM etc.). If that’s being amplified, it may be because some of those tensions are coming to the surface

        35. I think technology is playing a major role in exacerbating the divisiveness in America.

  9. Great articulation. We can see the war on the Trump administration playing out today. Our intelligences agencies are committing blatant treason, running interference and undermining the people’s voice unapologetically. The individual operators remain in the shadows but their actions betray the desperate measures our intelligence agencies/deep state are willing to take in order to hold onto power.

  10. People get into government for the same reason they get into journalism. They want to change the world by righting whatever injustices they perceive. So there is going to be a SJW bias in both of these fields. Fight these bastards at every turn to keep your money and autonomy.

  11. Here’s how to stop them: plan this out several months in advance. Make sure you know how to fish, hunt, start a fire, purify water, and build a shelter. All white men must then just stop going to work. America can’t function on the backs of lazy blacks and clueless latinos, and once they see that whitey has up and left they will look to the yellow ones for how to run a society. As we all know, no asian nation will ever do all the work for useless melanites, and then it will crumble, and once the swarthy hordes have done their pillaging, looting, raping, killing, etc, the survivors will rekindle and build a new world, where walls keep the barbarians at bay like they used to thousands of years ago.
    This is the only way. To deny the racialism is to deny the reality of the world we live in. Either all whites stop working for the system, or somehow convince the melanins that we must topple the order of the secular jews running everything.

    1. You are right. A general strike is most likely the only way to solve the problem short of violence. But we can count on the current crop of pansies to be far too weak-willed for that. We’ll have to think of something else. At this point the economic collapse is inevitable. Just a matter of when. Ever been in a grocery store on the first of the month? Those assholes will be the ones trying to kill you and your loved ones, for all we’ve given them. The second the lights go out and the EBT cards stop working it’s game on.
      One thing is for sure – democracy is dead. There is no getting through to the left. They are like a cancer in our body.
      Peaceful separation is the most sensible answer but it will never be accepted by either the parasites or the blue pill betas who support them. It will take mass bloodshed to reach the point where separation is agreed to by all.

      1. I wondered about that myself before. Like the French Revolution, unfortunately it was the left slaughtering the right at that time, as it was the Bolshevik Revolution. Will the opposite occur?

        1. It was the poor slaughtering the rich.
          The oppressed slaughtering their overlords.
          So not the opposite.

        2. Hahaha what a good joke, specially considering who did the slaughtering and what they did later to their useful idiots…

      2. Unfortunately, all the while God looks down in continual shame. Start stocking up a least a couple months worth of food at least, canned goods, soups, and dried carbs (cereals), water bottles, protein powder etc, in the attic or basement or wherever. The first month of the crash has got to be the worst, and at least you can buy yourself time with an escape plan with your food reserves to head to the mountains or the coasts where the melanites will less likely herd. Most of the roaming bands of swarthies won’t stray from their local territory. This can be used as an advantage. If your community is strong enough locally, band together, I could never reinforce this enough… neighbors must trust each other for survival.

      3. I’ve been thinking about this for awhile as well and agree with your assessment. I don’t see this ending peacefully. No way the globalists give up that easily. The MSM is dying so they are already frazzled. Once Wall St fucks up or another economic mishap occurs its game on. Massive civil unrest and who knows what. People have awoken and there is no way another 2008 situation can happen and the elites can just cover it up and expect the people to understand. Never did I think it would get this point but when you look at the economic fundamentals its horrible. Amazing how the globalists are unwilling to make a single concession. I wonder if they are that deluded or just don’t care.

        1. The globalists don’t grant any concessions because they know that they are fighting a war. Their enemy is the common, decent man. You don’t give concessions to enemies in war. People need to understand that these people are the enemy in a war – they are not merely well-meaning citizens who have differing viewpoints. They are murderous subversive traitors.

    2. lol…that’s awesome. If white men can organize as a whole, that’s exactly what we can do. The world just simply cannot function with any kind of modern convenience without white men. White women as a whole simply cannot run anything nor create anything. Blacks as a whole cannot. Jews as a whole cannot survive without being a financial parasite. I think the white and yellow man of the world can easily reclaim what’s ours under natural law and purge society of the worthless demographic that are beneficiaries of redistribution of wealth, which includes white women.

      1. the world functioned perfectly fine before whites ever existed and will continue to do so after you go extinct.

        1. Of course there aren’t many of these groups at the top they aren’t intelligent enough or too dysfunctional to be at the top. That being said they’re easy to manipulate and be used by those who are at the top (mostly Jews but a fair number of WASPs and other scummy Gentiles).

    3. No. The globalist elite are hoping that the white men will shutdown and cower in hiding. Promulgation is the only way to drive out this menace

  12. Unbelievably well-researched and written article.
    When you truly grasp what is going on, you get a sick feeling that permeates your entire body and spreads out to your fingertips and toes.
    I am awestruck at the people who can just go about their normal lives, knowing that this is what’s going on in the background.
    America was great but we let these rats and weasels and termites and tapeworms infest us after World War 2, and the Boomers were too weak and pathetic to even realize it, let alone do anything about it.
    We have a very nasty pest problem, and our foundation threatens collapse.

    1. It isnt just that, a christian democratic state is highly dysgenic, allowing the low i.q to outcompete & outbreed the high i.q
      The hordes of low i.q are a direct result of the dysgenic effects of democracy & monogamous marriage
      Polygamy is superior as it naturally selectively pressures the low i.q to die out, while giving the high i.q huge resources & highly increased reproductive abilities
      Jews are opportunistic parasites, they see the dysgenic effects of democracy have caught upto white people & are moving in
      Polygamy practising white elites would have kept the jews out of politics & out of our banks

  13. A Message from the Primordial Lawbringer of the CMPML concerning the Vortex of Daemons.
    I’ve been debating Nietzschian philosophy for a while on the International Skeptics Forum, a forum frequented by members of the academic community.
    The discussion was on objective morality.
    I argue the Nietzschian theory that right and wrong originally meant what feels good or bad, in a purely animalistic way,
    and that the so-called ‘thou shalt nots’ only arise due to the influence of civilization. You can therefore always come up with your own system. To argue for consensus
    implies regression; where does consensus come from? Someone or some group or tribe always has to come up with it in the first place, so why not you?
    Academic ‘scientists’ however even though they agree with the Nietzschian theory that group consensus decides morality, cannot accept even the possibility of the
    further conclusion, and settle for group consensus morality as dogmatic thereby acting in the same way as the religious whom they despise on this very issue.
    This is of course complete and utter hypocrisy, but more important is the issue of science.
    The academic community has been polluting science to make it appear as if their version of morality, carefully hidden by the words ‘sane’ and ‘insane’, are objective
    in the scientific sense. And that is simply not so. The words ‘sane’ and ‘insane’ coming from a ‘reputable’ scientist always turn out to be nothing but moral
    judgements in disguise. (Example : When you’re violent, you’re implicitly insane. Why? There’s no science; Violence is _bad_, a moral judgement. The lie is the fact that they
    claim it as a science. Therein lies great suffering.)
    But that was not the reason I got banned.
    I got banned when I started questioning Agile methodologies.
    Agile methodologies, even though they’re ‘just’ software development methodologies, have taken up the meme for religious belief; That’s where the human impulse
    towards this now apparently resides.
    And so RogierSoft will market a new software development methodology : The Beautiful Waterfall.
    It will replace this meme with a new one. Resistance is futile.
    End of Document.

  14. I’ll tell you this.
    You know the ruse is up when you see it in plain sight.
    We have to thank Donald Trump for that.
    I’ve never seen Republicans and Democrats look so similar in my life and a Media so willing to blatantly lie to the people.

    1. “I’ve never seen Republicans and Democrats look so similar in my life and a Media so willing to blatantly lie to the people.”
      I agree. GOP sent 6 Obama-hate repeals to be vetoed over the years and they cannot simply re-issue one of them for a repeal? GOP squaking about tax cuts and immigration? F*ck them.
      I have a friend in DC and he said they democrats are still walking around in a stupor. One representative (d) confided in an elevator he is terrified of his constituents as he will probably be challenged on his seat in the next primary.

  15. Fortunately these people have shown they aren’t as smart as they think they are their global actions over the last few decades has shown they are largely incompetent and depend on luck to actually succeed. Must be all the political and diversity hires (women, blacks, Muslims, and (((neurotics))) don’t make for very good intelligence agents).

    1. oh yes, you are correct. tons of women, Muslims, and Blacks in the Global elite (sarcastic eyeroll)

  16. Its incredible the things that the deep state says in full view of the world. 1969 Warburg in front of a senate committee said “We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.” These are the type of A-holes running the world today.

  17. My specialty is medicine, and the biggest thing that I can add to this subject is that medicine was subverted a hundred years ago by Rockefeller and Carnegie. Many great ancient techniques honed over thousands of years were throne in the garbage and lied about. This is extremely important as we are given more and more toxins in our foods, engineered diseases(all the better to scare you to get a vaccine!) and carcinogens. Yes there are extremely good treatments for cancer that are suppressed, the most famous example of this is Laetrile. Really anticancer foods should be taken regularly, and it should be never an issue. Oh and microwave oven make carcinogens in food(avoid). And surprise surprise the newer 4GEVO band on your cell phone uses the exact same frequency as your microwave oven-what could go wrong?

    1. Junk food causes sedentary, which in turn destroys drive & motivation & aggression, while sedentarism slowly kills you by creating auto immune conditons such as crohns & ibs
      If you exercise 3 times a day you can undo all the effects of carcinogens & mobile phones, also consume tons of organic ghee & olive oil with tons raw organic salads & raw meats like sushi

      1. I think its a wrong belief that exercise is the magic bullet. We can see that from all the people on Biggest Loser who gain the weight back. I was able to regain my health while minimally exercising.

        1. Exercise is the magic bullet, if you spend your whole day on a chair, it will destroy your health no matter how healthy you eat or how advanced your supplements
          Sedentary is the biggest killer, not junk food
          The basic key to amazing health, is to sweat 3 times a day
          A sluggish immune system is the real killer, you have to realise large parts of your immune system only function if you exercise, ie your lymph system & glands
          If you dont exercise around 50% of your immune system shuts down

        2. Thats where we disagree. Certain herbs seem to be able to fix problems that exercise cant. Sweating of course is good for detox, but it doesn’t have to be sweat from exercise. Movement is necessary for the lymph system, which is why yoga and qigong were invented.

        3. Herbs cant fix an immune system shut down from years of disuse, i’ve tried
          Herbs can help, to rely on herbs & supplements as an alternative to exercise doesnt work, especially if you suffer from chronic fatigue, crohns etc
          Choose whatever exercise you want, make sure you do it strenously enough to make you break out in a sweat, do it 3 times a day
          I use stinging nettle tinctures to boost my immune system, i find it more effective then ginseng & maca, i also have an extensive library of herbs & tinctures

        4. Castor oil boosts the immune system. It seems that the oil is unique in it ability to make lymph flow. Whats your thoughts of tinctures vs herbs? I’ve tried a few tinctures and they seemed to have less effect(perhaps badly made?).

        5. Castor oil works, i havent tried ingesting it, its supposed to be even better if you ingest in small doses, it doesnt detox toxins merely speeds up the circulation of toxins, which is why i no longer use it
          If youre working with dry herbs buy blank tea bags, as they can be messy to work with
          I prefer tinctures, for convenience, if youre taking herbs over a long period time convenience is a huge factor
          Convenience is more important then efficacy
          If youre taking large amounts of herbs, concentrate on the basics, focus on improving your blood sugar levels & your insulin response as well as blood circulation
          Also lowering your blood pressure is amazing for concentration
          I also love bufferred malic acid & pruva for removing aluminium from the brain

  18. I understand your confusion with the apparent contradiction in interest that globalist have with SJW. But if you realize the SJW are not allies of the Globalist, but rather tools of the Globalists, it makes sense. Like a garden hoe that gives you blisters but gets the job done, it will be used until the job is done and then be discarded to the corner. And the liberal camp has been more than willing to take on Globalists’ efforts, and more or less disregard those issues that put them at odds with them. The Occupy Washington movement is basically one political light year away from where we are now; labor and environmental issues were paramount to the Left through that time–now they’ve all been disregarded (except for the Global Warming debate). Now they focus on Gay Rights, Women’s Rights, BLM, and the most perplexing–“Islamophobia.” Why these? because these are the issues that destroy traditional American National Culture and in doing so destroy National Identity. Great article.

  19. This article hits several nails on the head. (I’m saying this from personal experience as well)
    You think it was any coincidence with this deep state revolt against POTUS Trump and slimy Chuck Schumer goes on TV a week or so before and says to the Pres., “you better be careful if you try to butt heads with the intelligence community because they have 6 ways from Sunday to get even with you.”
    It’s sickening and incredible that America, in many respects is being run by a cabal of corrupt globalist technocrats from behind the curtain.
    We need to flush this vermin out and support our President in taking the reigns back into his hands. I personally would like to see mass layoffs and budget slashing among all the deep state agencies to get the ball rolling.
    As the author said, and he’s right: “the deep state runs on the lubrication of money”. Throw some sand in those gears…America will survive it and be all that she can be and more on the other side.
    Also….open a a side investigation into Old Chuck-you Schumer. See what kind of dirt he has under his yellow fingernails. He needs to fall. A snake in the grass globalist scumbag if there ever was one.

  20. Barack Obama: Likely Kenyan foreign national Muslim Jihad Warrior who hates America; Attempts to destroy the United States from within by destructive policies and planting his cronies deep within government => Nobel peace prize and no questions asked.
    Hillary Clinton: Gets people killed, tells lies and is guilty of perjury; Belongs to special interest groups and the Anti-American, Anti-people establishment => Investigation halted and news forgets about it.
    Donald Trump: Demonstrates a pro-U.S. (“America first”) agenda and wants to bring back prosperity and security back to our nation => Attacked by news and accused of selling out to Russia, the “evil empire.”
    Enough said.

  21. This article is absolutely fantastic and should be stickied immediately! Excellent work. One thing I think the article is leaving out is why all the nonsense from the cultural deep state? They obviously need high birth rates to sustain the machine, so why adopt the feminist/affirmative action/pro islamist narrative to destroy the culture and make it sterile? Wouldn’t that be counter intuitive? How exactly is the ‘Cultural Deep State’ helping their cause?

    1. Talking about counter-intuitiveness, I don’t understand why the Global Elite has that stupid Climate Change Agenda after reading the part about petro-dollar recycling. They are shooting themselves in the foot, even if I understand how tempting it is for them to have a new global tax levy worth trillions of dollars per year.

      1. I’m not a meteorologist so my opinion on climate change is irrelevant, but yes you would think they’d be shutting down all mention of it from the MSM. Could be a further ploy to destroy the middle class. The less greenhouse gases the people have access to, the less money they can make. Of course the top 10% multi- million/billionaires will not have any of these regulations as their operations are vital to the progression of the Economic Deep State.

        1. Yeah it could be another ploy to destroy the middle-class, together with a plan to force us to live in densely populated urban centres and force us to use the public transportation THEY control rather than have your personal vehicle.

    2. It’s all about controlled growth, controlled culling, controlled everything. How could the Chinese institute a one child policy while terminating large numbers of females born? Part of their plan is to incubate a large ratio of fighting age men. It’s the ratio. In the west, male supplication to shebeasts and mgtow is thrown about and Herr Trump proclaims that it’s time to grab women by the pussy. That should be a slogan chiseled on the DC mall above the pond. Boy did we need to hear that. Our DICKS are our guided missiles. We will win this one.

      1. Interesting points, and yes I never thought about that from China’s perspective. Get a bunch of men that can’t find women and you’ll have many of them give complete loyalty to the military. Makes sense. I just don’t see how weakening the unity of the West can be on their agenda. The Arab federation already makes up the largest voting block in the UN and they’re over a billion strong. Whats stopping them from knocking on our door in 50 years when they are unified and we’re divided and probably even muslim majority?

        1. The muslims won’t unify in and of themselves as long as they remain circumcised and a tool of the deep state. A genitally mutilated animal is broke and trainable. A clipped dog fights on queue. You can take a raging tiger and depending on how much of the genetalia you snip, that tiger can become a purring kitty cat in your lap that fetches the paper. Anyone who breeds dogs, horses or livestock knows this. The circumcised Arab/muslim world moves only on external controls. Same for Jews. Western man must grab control of his own balls and THE DICK shall rise in the west. We will beat and tame the savage world once again WITH OUR MIGHTY WESTERN DICKS! We shant allow them to clip and tame our dicks ever again, rather OUR DICKS shall do the taming. No images or animations on the web can seem to be found to illustrate right now but that’s the general picture.

        2. LOL! Might not be completely appropriate but this came to mind… (first minute of video)

      2. china is fucked. They trusted the white man on his “population control” nonsense and now they are screwed

  22. This article requires a wider audience. It should be on Zero Hedge, for a start. For me, it is a primer for why what is coming, is actually coming; which for me is an engineered WW3.

  23. When you can’t beat them, join them.
    It’s a publicly listed company and looking at the curve I regret I didn’t realise this in 1995. The military-industrial complex seems like the best long term investment strategy, especially now that WW III seems to be brewing. I’m only a bit worried about the P/E ratio which is a bit high to my own liking.
    EDIT: After closer inspection, its book-value per share is also very unfavourable but there are dozens of other military-industrial complex shares one can invest in and so my original point still stands.

  24. Alot of info here to take in, and thanks for posting it.
    Black Pigeon Speaks asserted recently that he sees America transition into a non-Western nation around 2043.
    I assume then he means that he sees the States going caliphate-shithole around that time. Even if America was overrun by mexicans, it would still be westernized because 98% of mexicans are of catholic christian origin.
    This is relevant to what the author of this article has stated – that the globalists need America to survive in order to fulfull its agenda.
    The breakup of America may seem a saddening thing, especially for those of use who spent most of our lives under ‘America the great’ banner.
    But the breakup of america may in fact be the thing needed to counter the globalists.
    If that be the case then perhaps we might see the usa fragment to 5 or 6 separate nation states? It’s a difficult call because in one respect, the people may get tired of Islamic expansion in the USA (assuming shit gets ugly throughout America like it is here in Europe) – and re-congregate in a part of the country to declare it a white christian stronghold. On the other hand, the self exterminating white liberal guilt could simply play out in the exact way it is curently in Sweden, ensuring the liquidation of its native people.

    1. 2043 coincided with whites becoming a minority.
      We are going to have to make our stand before then.

      1. “We are going to have to make our stand before then.”
        You are correct but somehow I see the whites being clueless and or just plain cowards (like white europeans).
        Whites have to be willing to pick up arms and fight, and most unfortunately are fucking pussies and know nothing of fighting nor the importance of cultural self preservation. They just think in the end that somehow, someway it will ‘all just work out’.
        This makes it exceptionally difficult for the small percentage of whites that are willing to fight – they will have two battle fronts to contend with : 1 ) the main enemy i.e. non white / non christian most likely fighting against sharia apes – and 2) whites having to fight against their own bleeding heart, scared liberal Guttenmensch.

        1. We have to meme the race war.
          We need to go beyond full fash.
          We need to constantly tell non whites that whites are racist.

        2. …sounds like someone woke up late for the TrannyRefugeeRapeAwareness Rally.

      2. whites have always been a minority……big deal.
        lets just hope when you make your stand you dont blow up the planet.

        1. The U.S.A was never going to be European long term, i.e. predominately Caucasian because of the desire (as opposed to need) to gain wealth from global trade (exploit currency exchange variances and cheaper labor, Post WWII).

  25. Interesting article, but if you think this ‘new world’ only started after 9-11 then you got some problems. The workings of it were long in motion, one of the biggest was the fed creation in the 1910s.

  26. This should be included in a “hall of fame/ must read” category. One of the site’s best articles. Sounds like it was written before the election though? Great job either way

  27. Thanks for the great article. I have many Leftist/ SJW family, friends and acquaintances. In fact you can call me an extreme outlier. Most of these people are normal hardworking taxpayers. It totally mystifies me the hate that is directed at Trump by them and the love they have for Obama and Hillary. It’s as if the Deep State is telling them how to think and they obey. Yet to the Deep State they are nothing more than useful idiots to be discarded when the time comes like scraping dog crap off your shoes. Can anyone explain?

  28. Most of us would rather live in smaller culturally more united states that are capable of powerful defense than without identity in a huge empire. That’s what all the separatist sentiment is about.
    That conflict will take most of the century to play out.

  29. Licking your finger and holding it to the wind can allow one to gather some rather subtle meterological info. Likewise, a scan of headlines and their relative placing.
    Trump appears to have had a rough day or two in mainstream media. But there have been counterattacks by Drudge, Hannity, Levin on the Russia-gate.
    I think the counterattacks are working. Why ? The NYT continues to assail Trump and leave out facts easy to find. However, the RELATIVE POSITION of the articles has shifted. Now that their attack has been blunted, this dossier is no longer a headline story. Today, Kim Jong Un has surged to the headlines out of nowhere, even if there is no pressing story.
    To understand the deep state machinations, it is important to look at how they frame the reality they wish you to digest on a daily basis.

  30. I finally realized that Trump is the real deal. The mountain of emotional attacks, “leaks”, sabotage with malice directed at Trump over the last few weeks by the powers in the establishment show that they (the globalists) view Trump as a major threat to their Empirical global order. I’m afraid that if they get desperate enough they might try something really dangerous to try and stop Trump once and for all.
    At this point they might rather sink the economy to punish the middle class or start a civil war than let Trump MAGA peacefully.

    1. Yea, he’s real alright, really in the hands of Russia.
      now Ross, Secy. of Commerce and larger investor in the Bank of Cyprus, a WELL known favorite facilitator of Russian Oligarchs’ transfer of money.

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