SJWs Retreat After Hairy Lesbian Feminist In Cleveland Threatens To Punch Roosh In The Face

As leftists in denial descended on Cleveland to protest Donald Trump’s Presidential nomination, one group of rabid lesbian feminists and some obsequious, effeminate white knights tried to “confront” Roosh—with hilarious results. After racistly telling him to go back to the Middle East, one blonde lesbian SJW in particular took an extreme liking to the Return Of Kings proprietor. With evidently hardened nipples, she threatened to punch Roosh in the face, right in front of local police monitoring the neighbourhood around the Quicken Arena, site of the Republican National Convention.

In typical SJW fashion, though, the lesbian feminist refrained from carrying out her threat. And, hopefully because of the gravity of the event and the potential presence of more serious violence elsewhere, the police did not arrest her, as they almost certainly would have if a male of one political persuasion threatened to punch a female of another one. Along with her fellow lesbian misfits, the blonde lesbian SJW then proceeded to falsely call Roosh a “rapist,” despite earlier refusing to give her name.

There is a probably a good reason why the girl did not identify herself. After all, she could very well be aware that female author S. Jane Gari ran into a lot of trouble this year for making a similar spurious allegation, where litigation is pending. Conveniently, for a group that falsely called Roosh a rapist, the blonde lesbian SJW and her friends did a great job of deliberately hanging around him. So much for trigger warnings and the need for personal safety from supposedly big, bad men.


Lesbian showing off her hairy armpits.

Tellingly, like a bunch of mollycoddled kindergarteners, their libelous song of “rapist” quickly fizzled when they did not get the reaction they desired. In a world where fake rape accusations usually make a man drag a pretend tail through his knees, Roosh presented an example that others can follow. He simply lapped up the attempted taunts of the lesbian SJWs and their feminized male companions. The SJWs were subsequently stunned and distraught at his indifference. Bear in mind, too, that Roosh is a man who has been literally hounded, slandered and/or hunted by mayors of major metropolises like Toronto and Montreal, weak-minded celebrities like Jemaine Clement, mobs of bar-goers, and hundreds of newspapers.

The power of mindset and recorded video trumps SJW lies

Face down the barrel once and you can do it again.

Already schooled after the libelous chants, the lesbian feminist SJWs turned to displaying their prodigious underarm hair for the camera. How exactly a group of people who claim to be concerned about rape are able to switch the subject to their lack of feminine hygiene beggars belief. Oh wait, it doesn’t, as this previous video of the lesbian feminist SJWs demonstrates. Akin again to schoolchildren, they use the “power” of clapping, bad dancing, tone-deaf chanting (“Trump hates kittens!”), and swinging around in circles to apparently change the world. The conservative preacher they want to face down merely continues his street sermon.

In addition to Roosh’s recording of the epic SJW backdown, Mike Cernovich also captured the lesbian feminists’ later pathetic retreat on Periscope. As he filmed the vanquished leftist cowards, Cernovich made the astute point that when cameras roll, SJWs are not whole. They cannot in these situations later make their typical false allegations of assault or sexual assault. Rather, they are exposed for the zombie, cowardly sheep that they are.

Points Roosh made during the main Periscope video need to be discussed as well. Just as he predicted within earshot of them, the lesbian feminist SJWs soon ran out of energy, folded their arms, and turned their backs to form a safe space. The best they could muster after the ill-fated chanting against him was to tell him and his companion “to go kill yourselves.” When that failed, they had nothing else in their arsenal or womanly toolkit to use.

Another insight is the average SJW’s inherent insecurity. Having been told by their compatriots that they’re beautiful, calling them ugly, as happened in the video, immediately torpedoes their air-filled self-esteem. So does calling their bluff, such as when Roosh dared the threatening blonde lesbian feminist to strike him as she had vowed to. The final humiliation, filming them on camera after their retreat, probably caught them at the exact same time that they half-realized the stupidity of letting themselves be filmed whilst acting so childishly and stupidly. Having been challenged, they sunk back into their proverbial chairs, never to be heard of again.

Onwards and upwards for Roosh and Return of Kings–and our readers

The smirk of a winner.

We should not be complacent, but the inability of SJWs to keep their fury going shows that we can weather storms and come out fine on the other end. And even when the fury is long-term, we can keep going. Roosh’s efforts against the SJWs this week is a microcosm of that reality. Plus, outrage earlier in the year against our planned meet-ups, inasmuch as they involved serious threats of violence, did not ultimately derail us.

Win or lose in November, the rise of Donald Trump augurs well for Roosh and Return of Kings, too. So does the continued presence of viewpoints like ours through other outlets, whether at Breitbart or via Twitter-banned anti-political correctness crusaders like Chuck Johnson. So, right now, you as readers are surrounded by positive examples of how to face down SJWs who attack you for who you are and what you believe. Of course, be careful to not expose yourself too much, especially in the workplace, but you can soldier on when the critics come after you.

Meanwhile, spare a thought for the butthurt lesbian feminist SJWs consoling each other amongst their puddle of tears. Hopefully they’ve shaved their armpits by now.

If you like this article and are concerned about the future of the Western world, check out Roosh’s book Free Speech Isn’t Free. It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against social justice attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help maintain our operation.

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195 thoughts on “SJWs Retreat After Hairy Lesbian Feminist In Cleveland Threatens To Punch Roosh In The Face”

  1. Freedom ™
    American Values ™
    Community ™
    Diversity ™
    Healing ™
    Everything theyve built will fall.
    GO ROOSH !

    1. These pictures represent Democracy and freedom. The naked Theater picture does not represent democracy, it represents liberalism.

      1. The Founding Fathers never intended America to be a pure democracy but a Republic with proper legal procedure. Democracy is mob rule where 51% of the population can decide to enslave or kill the other 49%. Democracy equals two wolves and a sheep deciding what is for supper

        1. Democracy may be setup for the 51% to rule, but the American system is setup for the 45% to rule. I mean, of any western political system, America has the WORST minority representation. You literally only have 2 political parties…

        2. Seems to me that other countries who have many parties in government just have the same socialism under different guises.
          That said, it is not true that we have only 2 political parties. There’s a strong case to be made that only 2 of them are actually in power, but Senator Bernie Sanders makes a strong case that there are at least 3 parties in power currently.
          Additionally, we do have some division within the 2 political parties, and a lot of overlap between them (ie: most Republicans support the Democrat agenda).

        3. Worst? According to who?
          There are plenty of poltical parties in the US– including nazis and communists. For some reason their messages don’t resonate with the public.

        4. “Worst? According to who?” Me. Here is why it’s the worst. Of any political system in the western world, America has the least representation of political minorities of any system. It has gotten to the point that you only have too parties. Why is this? Well, the US elects it’s representatives though single member districts, this means that one party could get 51% of the vote in every single district, and still end up getting 100% of the seats. Another problem is that these representatives thus don’t have any loyalty to America, they only have loyalty towards too groups: the 51% of people who agree with (most of) their policies; and the people who fund their campaigns. Why should they give a shit about the 49%? Why should they give a shit about what is best for their country if they just have to keep that 51% happy to stay elected?
          “There are plenty of poltical parties in the US– including nazis and communists. For some reason their messages don’t resonate with the public.” Don’t be ridiculous. Fascism and Communism are not the only other alternatives out there. Lets look at the Libertarian party. In 2014, they received 954,077, which means they should have gotten at least 5 seats had seats been given out proportionally. But instead, they got 0. When you have a system like that, do you think the public will even bother looking at anyone besides the two shithead parties you guys have now?

        5. “Seems to me that other countries who have many parties in government just have the same socialism under different guises.” That is beyond the point. You don’t have to control the government to be of influence. For example, the Swedish Democrats (right wing) were actually able to block the government (socialist party at the time) from passing their budget. In America, plenty of parties actually do get enough votes. Had the seats been given out proportionally in the 2014 house of representatives elections, both the Libertarian and Green party would have won seats, and I think they could have won more had people not voted strategically due to the single district system America uses, but due to this system, they won 0 seats each. Now explain to me how this is fair, productive, or in anyway healthy for a government system?
          “There’s a strong case to be made that only 2 of them are actually in power, but Senator Bernie Sanders makes a strong case that there are at least 3 parties in power currently.” What is this third party?
          “Additionally, we do have some division within the 2 political parties” But the problem is, once your average voter actually gets to the poll booth, you don’t have shit for choice. Both parties have already chosen the whitewashed candidate, and you get no real choice.

        6. Firstly, the Green Party and the Libertarian Party in the USA are frauds, unfortunate extensions of the Democrat Party.
          Bernie Sanders’ third party is whatever he wants it to be. He is historically an Independent in Congress, not part of the Democrat party.

          once your average voter actually gets to the poll booth, you don’t have shit for choice.

          I disagree with this. Over 61 million people voted in the 2016 Presidential Primary, which is more than voted for Mitt Romney in the 2012 election and nipping at the heels of 0bama’s numbers that year.
          When millions of those people went to the polls, there were still pushing 20 choices total. In state/local elections, my ballot is filled up with beaucoup choices; more third-party types like Bernie could win those as they are represented.

          You don’t have to control the government to be of influence.

          And we have this on display quite often in the USA, where subfactions of parties demonstrate their significant influence in Congress.
          Tl;dr: The USA has about as much “empowered diversity” in its two party system as Euros (et al) have in their myriad-party system.
          Also, election systems that are not “first past the post” in the USA are historically controversial, derided and can safely be assumed to be bogus.

        7. “Firstly, the Green Party and the Libertarian Party in the USA are frauds, unfortunate extensions of the Democrat Party.” That is irrelevant to the point. The point is that you aren’t fairly giving out seats in your legislature. What benefit does this provide?
          “I disagree with this. Over 61 million people voted in the 2016 Presidential Primary, which is more than voted for Mitt Romney in the 2012 election and nipping at the heels of 0bama’s numbers that year.
          When millions of those people went to the polls, there were still pushing 20 choices total. In state/local elections, my ballot is filled up with beaucoup choices; more third-party types like Bernie could win those as they are represented.” Okay, and if you don’t vote for the top two, well your vote is basically a waste.
          “Also, election systems that are not “first past the post” in the USA are historically controversial” Such as?
          “derided and can safely be assumed to be bogus.” What exactly makes them bogus?

      2. The Founding Fathers ™ Democracy ™.
        You’re mistaken.
        The Third Reich is an example of an K selected society.
        Democracy is a R selected society and it leaves the door to liberalism/degeneracy.
        Democracy is an aberration that has only briefly existed in human history. I wont repeat what the other commentators who responded to you have already said. I know its hard for you to hear and Im sorry about that. You can stick your head in the sand and call it liberalism if you want or you can learn.

        1. Democracy K Select and Fascism R select? That is the biggest stretch of an over used, shitty, outdated theory, I have ever seen…

        2. The Third Reich’s over, it failed. That’s evidence enough of how successful it was. Besides, I’m not going to support Nazi ideology and betray the sacrifice of the American Men who died trying to fight it.

        3. So you rather reject a perfectly good idiology because you have an Americanism fetish? Well you know what? FÜck Americanism. America has done more to spread this SJW bullshit and to ruin the world than probably every other country combined…

        4. Yes, I reject Nazism . I don’t have an America Fetish. Germany and Europe is several years ahead of America with Progressivism, Liberalism, and SJW Ideology.

        5. I didn’t say America was ahead, I said they started it. When Frankfurt School was fleeing Germany, who gave them refuge? Oh yeah, America. In the 1960’s who didn’t suppress second wave feminism, multiculturalism, and general SJWism? Oh yeah, America, where it then spread throughout the world.
          As for Europe being ahead in SJWism, I am not sure if this is true. European Countries all have much more restrictive laws on Abortion, homosexuality was legalized at about the same rate, and homosexual marriage was legalized later in most European countries (most of them still don’t have it), the “transgender rights movement” basically doesn’t even exist as far as I can tell.
          So please tell me, what do you have against fascism?

        6. I was having a thought yesterday about this.. it is said that white supremacy carried to its logical conclusion is what we saw in nazi Germany, which is why there is a bit of an inhibition nowadays to allow it to be pursued at all. Of course there would have been some good and sensible things in the ideology of that time, such as the reality of racial differences, but now it all has to be flushed down the toilet instead of just the bad aspects of it. Now we see the logical conclusion of liberalism carried through all the way. In the European case, with Merkel, well of course we can’t stop anyone at the borders, they also deserve everything we have who is to say otherwise, it would be against some human rights to stop them.. Looking at Bataclan, Hebdo, Brussels airport, Nice etc we can see where this is going to end up if liberalism is followed further to its logical conclusion. You get a race of people more primitively in touch with reality marching in and starting to conquer. Seems neither of these two philosophies can be taken too far..

        7. American men didn’t fight the Nazis to stop Nazism. They fought to keep the soviets from seizing all of Europe. It was a land-grab disguised as a fight.

        8. Hugo Boss as the man. I have seen a discussion on the History channel where it showed Hitler personally sitting at a uniform catwalk show to pick the Nazi uniforms. I can’t imagine any leader, male or female, today getting down in the dirt like that.

        9. Neither of these Statements have anything to do with what I said. Progressivism is pretty much a uniquely American political movement and doesn’t exist outside America and Canada, one of it’s initial leaders in it’s rise to popularity is Theodore Roosevelt probably the most badass politician to graze the face of the United States, the Soviet Union wasn’t an SJW organization in the way we talk about SJW’s either. SJW’s didn’t exist until the creation of the “New Left”. What school of thought did the New Left grow from? Well, the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory, even Wikipedia, which usually aligns very much with the more popular opinions on issues, openly admits this:

        10. I hate to break it to you but you’ve missed the mark here.
          Progressivism started in Europe, which makes sense as it is rooted in Communism, a concept or European creation. It also explains why most all of Europe is Progressive today, eg: France, Holland, Sweden.
          The Progressives in Europe even courted Churchill back when he was still an up-and-coming political force. BTW, TR was far from the most badass politician ever. He’s up there a decent ways on the “list”, the highest (hypocritical) socialist politician, but he’s not even the most badass American politician.
          Europe also sired socialism, which quickly-and almost literally-died in what would become the USA when the early colonies tried it and starved as a result. Sadly, centuries later the Euros would successfully re-import it to the USA.

        11. Which is odd as if we hadn’t helped the Soviets (and the Brits) then Germany would’ve stymied the Soviets.

        12. 100% employment a couple years from a society where underage girls sold themselves on the street. Are you suggesting that because they couldn’t take on the entire world their ideology was a failure? I guess we should all switch to Vietnam style communism then, as American democracy doesn’t meet your standards either.

        13. No, that was a group that was majority jewish in their leadership calling themselves bolsheviks.

        14. “Progressivism started in Europe” Proof?
          “which makes sense as it is rooted in Communism” Those are completely different concepts. Progressivism is about making pro labour policies in a capitalistic system. Communism is about the Labour Unions basically running the show.
          “a concept or European creation.” Actually communism is a creation of (((redacted)))).
          “It also explains why most all of Europe is Progressive today” Americans consider Europe” progressive”, but it isn’t a term commonly used in Europe. Most “progressive” European parties just call themselves labour parties.
          “the highest (hypocritical) socialist politician” What exactly did he do that was hypocritical?
          “Europe also sired socialism, which quickly-and almost literally-died in what would become the USA when the early colonies tried it and starved as a result.” You seem to not understand my original point. You also fail to make any distinction between Marxism/Socialism, Progressivism, and Cultural Marxism.

    2. That doesn’t represent Democracy, it represents Liberalism/Libertarianism. I can think of a few functioning democracies, Switzerland and Singapore of the top of my head, however, most of them are freakshows. A Little bit of autocracy can be great for Society.

      1. Singapore puts you in prison for life if you are caught with drugs. Democracy has to be expensive to participate in to work.

    3. A democracy can only be as good as its average person. Too many idiots think democracy somehow magically turns a clusterfuck of stupidity into some harmonious ballet of reason.
      Proponents of democracy as a cure-all for society’s ills are the half wits that ensure it fails.

      1. Democracy needs to cost something to participate or it turns into a highschool tier clusterfuck popularity contest. We removed the requirements to vote over the past two centuries and we wonder why the country is failing. 90%+ of people do not have the merit to vote.

        1. If it only cost the people who wanted to participate that would be fine. But democracy always ends up fucking
          with people it shouldn’t.

    1. It’s so typical. Hairy, ugly feminists shouting and being overly hysterical while their manginas lurk in the background waiting for their opportunity to white knight.

  2. “They firmly held their ground as the horde of pro-rape, bearded misogynists invaded their safe space. But they would not be frightened, for they were strong, independent, and more powerful than Roosh and his merry band of followers had expected. These virtuous women drove them back into the abyss from which they came. And they stood over them, victorious, ready to usher in a new day.” – Salon’s version of events.

    1. It is all a matter of spin and leave us face it a lot of these airheads have been spinning like tops most of their lives.

      1. To quote Lenin, “The worse the better.” Let the water boil faster and maybe most of the frogs will jump out before they die.

    1. ISIS beard? I don’t even think he is Muslim. If he is, he is Shia (as Roosh is of Parsi descent), which hate ISIS with a passion of a thousand suns…

    2. You say that like it is a bad thing. Jiddu Krishnamurti: “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” So, I say, degenerate and proud. When is our parade?

    1. It reminds me of that south park episode where Mr. Garrison goes home to visit his parents and confront his dad for NOT molesting him as a kid.
      That episode came out in the 90s, and that sub-plot was GENIUS and way ahead of its time.

    2. Did you see how triggered she was when he said “unless you visit a refugee camp”? This was awesome, I literally laughed out loud.

  3. AHAHAHA! that faggot with the pink shirt and bow tie! It’s like he got a hipster costume from a dollar store

  4. Is there an unwritten law that liberal women have to be unfuckable? Not so long ago, I remember that the prevailing wisdom was that all the hot chicks were liberal. I didn’t see a single person in that video that I would fuck with someone else’s dick if you paid me.
    Knowing that women are easily influenced by these types of things, I think there ought to be a concerted effort to steal the female vote by portraying liberal women as what is shown here: bitter, frumpy nags that are angry because they don’t get any action. Melania Trump should lead the charge on delivering this message.

    1. Those hot chicks were probably liberal and they many of them probably still are. However, there is a difference between Liberal and Social Justice Warrior. E.G. “MTV News”: SJW vs. Shoe On Head: Vanilla Liberal…

    2. Honestly I don’t think liberal women are inherently worse looking than conservative ones, but they typically make more shit decisions that make them unattractive.
      For example: single motherhood, abusive relationships, fucked up hair, #allbodytypesmatter mindset, shitty chest piece tattoo that fucks their tits up, etc.

      1. I agree. That is why you always see attractive and feminine women on the conservative side and complete monsters in the other.

  5. I don’t understand how some women with so much SMV potential will choose to throw it all away to chase after some feminist ideology. Drop the nasty attitude, clean yourselves up, learn how to cook and have some morals. If you did so, guys from all over would be attracted to you and you could get some favorable attention other than a faggot looking dude with a pink shirt and bow tie.

    1. Why bother go into a marriage when you can be chased around by boys for the next 10 years? That is what they are thinking, of course, they will regret it in 10 or 15 years, as do all women for the last 3 generations…

      1. This is because pre wall women are foolish enough to think that the endless buffet of male attention will never end.
        That’s why smart women start looking for an Alpha provider during their best years (18-25) while honing their domestic skills.

        1. For a minute I thought you meant pre Berlin wall falling, and then I was like, oh, the Trump wall lol

        2. You guys are 100% right on all points you made on this thread; I also want to note how miserable lesbians (female SMV losers/rejects) are. Especially young women like the clowngirls in the video, they are setting themselves up for a miserable later life munching 40 year old box (at best), but TFB for them.

      2. <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!bc734p:….,..

    2. It’s because they have allowed themselves to be indoctrinated by the poisonous feminist ideology. They are being shamed for being attractive and feminine by ugly women so they crumble under the peer pressure.

      1. They’re a bunch of hags that found each other with a profitable market that caters to their defective asses.
        They need to be treated like the come rags they are until they get the picture they’re not designed for supervising or making important decisions.

    3. They have redefined what it means to be a woman. The things men love about women have been demonized by feminism. Submission is ego death.

      1. If only those feminists realized how freeing submission really is.
        When I submit to my husband, I am free of the worries and difficult decisions that come with being depended on. It’s much harder to be the head of the household than it is to submit. Submission is freedom and relaxation.
        Between a woman who has to suppress her feminine nature to survive alone in the ruthless world and a woman who can embrace her God given talents for serene nurturing, there is no contest between which one is truly enjoying her life and living her purpose.

        1. If a woman makes herself look good then she can snag a wealthy bloke and never have to to work. Young women are too, well, young, to realise how awesome that would be.

        2. You’re absolutely right. I do feel the to need to add that a man doesn’t have to be wealthy in order to keep his wife at home. He just needs to have a decent income and reside in an area with a low cost of living. Young women have been sold a bill of goods when it comes to “independence”.

    1. Meliania is 46 and looks better the most American women half her age. This could cost Trump votes due to the “jealousy factor.”

      1. Plastic Surgery and makeup…
        Isn’t it odd though, that most politicians have pretty much perfect skin at 50 or 60+?

        1. Drives me nuts when feminists and their manlet lackeys say that a Victoria’s Secret model body is “unrealistic.” I mean, I’ve been with several women who had that kind of figure. They’re fairly common in other parts of the world like EE. Used to be common in the US up until 1990 or so.

        2. Sadly, judging by the snail mail catalogs I see for it, whoever is in charge of models for photography at Victoria’s Secret has a hatred of beautiful women.
          Too many emaciated, underage looking gals in there 🙁

        3. “Too many emaciated, underage looking gals in there”
          Fags calling the shots. That was always the inside joke about “Sex in the City” as it was written by homosexuals (de)based on the lifestyle of 4 NYC gay men.

        4. If you’re more of an Ariel Winter type, cool. Too thick for me, but to me she’s the one example that the MSM brings out of a supposed victim of “body shaming” who isn’t actually fat. I can see how a normal guy could be into that body type. One man’s 6 is another man’s 9, as someone (Roosh, I think) once said.
          On the other hand, if you really think this (pulled from the VS site and pretty typical of a VS girl and the type of girls I used to date in EE) is “emaciated” and gross, you’re some kind of fat-accepting SJW feminist troll:

      2. Shes very classy. I have to confess i did not hear nothing she said, i was just looking at that genetic pool.

    2. I noticed that right off the bat. Can’t believe the wad who wrote her speech. Gross incompetence or deliberate sabotage.

  6. I hear libs are blaming guns for their low turn out at this thing for what I am hearing not many are showing up.

    1. I blame AR15. I hear he drinks heavily and gets abusive.
      Considering the militant wing of the democrats, it could be the snowflakes don’t want to get in the cross-fire of the cop killers.

        1. I don’t know about PTSD, but Gersh Kuntzman was seen with two black eyes. He sobbed he tripped and hit the door, but we all know AR15 was up to no good.

        2. He also might’ve had some trouble walking, but something tells me that wasn’t AR15’s fault.

      1. I think these thugs are good at dishing it out but can’t take it, beating up on some ordinary joe or lady trying to exorcise their rights to free speech om something they don’t care to hear as police look the other way is one thing but the thought of that Joe giving them Argument AR-15 or that little lady having Mr. Colt or Smith &Wesson speak for her loudly or some big ugly biker pounding the sh!t out of them if they try it is totally different.

        1. They are bullies, hence they are cowards.
          “..little lady having Mr. Colt or Smith &Wesson speak for her loudly or some big ugly biker pounding the sh!t out of them if they try it is totally different.”
          Welcome to Ohio.

      1. Assault truck control and assault axe control, please. We must use the correct terms to have a viable dialog.

    2. Welcome to Ohio. We’re armed to the teeth, the citizenry.
      And now we know the secret to keeping them at bay. Hold events in flyover country.

  7. Make sure you watch the full video through the link as otherwise you’ll get the wrong impression.
    Genuinely admire Roosh for standing his ground and trolling them like a master

  8. As long as the globalists and the governments controlled by them continue to back the SJWs, then they’ll never be truly beaten.
    If you make it too hard for the globalists to use them as political pawns, then they’ll be cast out, and when that happens they can then be taken out to the woodshed like other movements.
    If it happened with the mensheviks, the SA, and the various non Muslim or illegal immigrant voting blocs of the Democratic party; then it can happen here.

    1. They are only in the initial stages of the loud barrel-shape transformation. Think of it like a Pokemon evolution! Queeria evolves into Hippopotomax

      1. lol
        Edit: Typically they realize that is happening towards the end of the transformation and lock down a magina/blue pill guy…

    2. Feminine?! Skinny (Black haired cunt)?!
      Eh dude, I hate to tell ya this but you need to get out more and travel the world :-).
      The blonde looks like she might take a cock provided someone likes her shit posture like a wet noodle and lower face like someone stomped on it hard when she was a baby enough to give her some.
      The black haired one looks half way between a dude and a girl, and if you stick a dick in her mouth you are pulling out a stump man. For sure.

      1. I was being pretty liberal with the use of those words. Most Lesbians I have met/seen are either full on sea cows or full on androgynous. Quite a few Lesbians are just straight women who are resentful that they can’t have men, and I am sure these women could easily get in a relationship with one of their “male allies”.
        Edit: The low video quality made it hard to tell at first, but the black haired one looks like a tranny…

        1. I have had the misfortune of meeting a large and wide variety of them, and the stereotype is mostly there but far from constant. Women are resentful not because they can’t get with their beta supplicant thralls but because they actually want to be reamed by the alpha who would never give them a second look. They don’t want the beta cock, nature tells them not to touch it. I even had one “lesbian” say that I might make her change. Haha not my crusade, not a total loss, a 6 but ehm, no.
          My neighbor is a Russian girl who is very feminine and only wears skirts and dresses but she’s just had her butch move in. Fat as fuck, short military style dyed flame red hair and always dressed like a man.

    3. Living in a gay marriage state, ignoring the “lipstick” lesbians, I see that the the stereotype of the almost-but-not-quite attractive “femme” partnered with the mannish “virago” does play out to a T.

    4. Feminine?? Common man. You’ve been in the USA too long. Come to eastern Europe and enjoy actual feminity.

      1. I was being pretty liberal with the use of that word. Most of the Lesbians I have seen are seacows or psuedomasculine.

  9. The more I live, the more I think a theocracy with officials appointed both on their piety and competence is the best form of government.

    1. I want a theonomy, with officials appointed by “casting lots” among Christian fathers in good standing at a church of orthodox theology.

      1. I’d have militias with elected officers based on their fighting ability and the confidence of the people fighting under them, similar to the Zaporizhian Cossacks in the mid-17th century. They’d also serve as police officers in times of peace to save money. All military equipment will be supervised by a group of trusted people who have some sort of stake in not using it to overthrow the government, namely through wards or some sort of financial deposit that can be seized if they commit treason.
        I’d have an assembly of all land and business owners to decide taxes (and only taxes, given God isn’t really one to weigh in on monetary policy). I’d also have a decentralized system of money creation, with those money creators being issued specific guidelines and permits to prevent excessive inflation and a punishment system to make sure they don’t break them. Something like bitcoin, with the algorithms or method of creation being sufficiently complex to ward off excessive inflation (hence why gold and silver were always popular materials; there’s few enough of it to prevent inflation. The Song dynasty in China reverted to this after they realized paper money was way to high in inflation. International Jewry doesn’t care though). That money would be invested into worthwhile ventures. This is also designed to prevent a central bank from becoming a tool of the International Jewry or the globalist elite.
        I’d have a council of good-standing priests knowledgeable in law elected somehow to preside over criminal cases. I’d have people who know civil law voluntarily chosen to preside over disputes by virtue of both parties agreeing and their decision holding weight of law.
        As for the business laws themselves, I’d have the famous 7-year jubilee enforced to prevent people from charging excessive interest (i.e keep interest low enough to get repaid or don’t be repaid at all; guess which one they’ll choose). I’d also have church funds designed to give interest to hose investing and devoting a share of it to helping the poor, similar to the zakat in Islam or many Church funds today.
        All males will own a rifle and be denied access to one should they be deemed insane or hold a felony. These men will be called up to serve should they be needed.

        1. nah look sorry for the emotional outburst. But im dead against theocracies and from some experience. Saudi arabia is a hell hole but i have some respect for the Iranian government which i know wont go down well here but their is a race of people to admire. I hadnt read your other message till after and I have to admit I liked lots of what you said. But appointing men according to piety is folly to me.

        2. The Saudi bedouins don’t give a fuck if their nation is a shithole. They’re busy counting their money while traveling around the desert like they have for milennia. I once had the honor of meeting a Bedouin chieftain, who, despite being an investment millionaire, still travels around like his ancestors did, using his vast wealth to purchase anything he needs should it arise. This man had over 20 children, whom all had several dozen children. He did whatever he could to insure the future of his progeny. RoK’s tendency of demonizing the shit out of Arabs and brown people in general is just Roosh’s way of attempting to recruit white nationalists to buy his books, rather than a commitment to ideological consistency.
          King Faisal, who was murdered by his nephew in broad daylight for defying the US, famously told the American government that they could bomb the crap out of his country and that he’d rather live eating dates and traveling like his nomad ancestors did rather than submit to their overlordship and surrender his precious oil. That kind of ballsiness and refusal to bow down in the face of illegitimate authority is something I greatly admire in Islam and is something that the West and the alt-right could learn from, rather than constantly demonizing the same people who despise feminism.

        3. I think you are looking at it from a very narrow view. That of a millionaire chieftain !!!! And even at that there is far from harmony among the ruling elite.
          You choose to give the whole country a pass because one dead king showed balls but the entire country is a shill of the USA.
          The defiance you like in islam is nearly always shown from the Shia branch and in our time non more than Iran. You want to talk about showing balls and standing up to america you really can’t look any further than Iran. They do it alone without the army or resources either Russia or China have. Its refreshing and inspiring to witness.
          As for Roosh doing it merely to get white nationalists to buy his book is a huge leap I’m not willing to make. I do agree with you though its silly and ive even heard people on here claim they wouldnt even be able extract the oil with out western help !!!

  10. Very well trolled Mr Roosh
    Up until this year I wouldn’t have seen ‘low energy’ as anyway near an insult – yet it describes these ugly fucks to a tee
    I’d be willing to bet that one of these got the shit kicked or fisted out of them by another member of the group later

        1. Quite a few cities used to actually have ordinances against being ugly…
          I’m half joking with that, they were called ugly laws, but they were involving the physically deformed and disabled…

        2. Just read up on them – that’s fucking hilarious
          I think most of these crones could be tried for ‘disturbing the flow of public life’

  11. The last thing one would do when confronted with an actual rapist is to taunt him verbally with the chant “Raa-pist, Raa-pist”. It’s absurd validation that one can never take these children seriously.

        1. Brazil I been hatin on your country for obvious reasons but now I see the light in that crazy Brazilian smile. Shine on my friend.

    1. The last thing one would do when confronted with an actual rapist is to…
      Unless one wants to get raped, of course.

    1. Which man is going to sleep with these hideous creatures though? That’s why they have turned to women-no decent man ever gives them the time of day because they are too ugly to give a man an erection.

        1. xD
          Aw, c’mon. Don’t read into it too much; such scamps don’t deserve such overthought. Dump one in her hair, then haul ass. Nutty bitch will probably have an epiphany that phony dyke shit for attention isn’t working out. Women need to realize their job is getting back to their roots…cooking, nurturing and draining balls.

      1. Yeah, no kidding. As much as some angry cunts are, I still wouldn’t subject Americans to those filthy “refugee” savages.

      2. You’ll never see these feminists protesting againgst real rapists because Moslems are higher on the oppression pie chart.

  12. Believe me, you’re safe. Nobody wants to rape you.
    …………unless you visit a refugee camp.

    OMFG best taunt ever, her facial expression was priceless. The impotent ANGER!!! Definitely a 10 out of 10 for this.
    The only thing that could make this better would be if someone could identify her name for Roosh to add in the article.

  13. This is nothing. I’m looking forward to RNC 2020, when Roosh is invited to speak in prime time and the dykes will have to blog about it because the cops will beat the crap out of any SJWs that dare show their faces.
    As for the 2020 DNC, what 2020 DNC? With their leaders and bankrollers in jail or Canada the Democratic party will collapse.

    1. We should do to the Democrat party like Golden Dawn got done to them. Ban Democrats. One good turn deserves another

    1. Holy shit Roosh….too much. So much seriousness lately, it is so great to see you bringing the funny back in such a huge way!

  14. Shit… the cameraman could’ve filed assault charges on the lesbian SJW if she really showed off that armpit hair. I would’ve 😉

  15. Funny stuff.
    It’s kind of amazing how often stupid looking people end up being stupid. These chicks look about as smart as a bag of hair. Then they speak and make me realize that they’d come in second to the hair.

  16. <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!bc735p:….,….

  17. Lol Roosh you are looking more and more like a special forces Quagmire but I like the look brother.

  18. “With evidently hardened nipples, she threatened to”
    Lol started my day off with that little gem. Thank you sir.

  19. The brunette with the hook nose and caterpillar eyebrows has THE most hideous tatoo on her back (hairy armpit picture). Looks like a 7 year old scribbled a half llama half deer on her back. The deer llama has a heart disproportionately placed on its chest, how embarrassing. God those women are ugly. Stretched and mutilated earlobes, disgusting. And look at the blonde folding her arms and pouting like a child after her feelings were hurt. So strong!

    1. Unfortunately lesbians can pass on their DNA by getting impregnated via artificial insemination from sperm donors.

  20. @0:19 of the video… Seriously this is why i love Mike Cernovich : ” Trust me , no one is ever going to rape you , you are so safe” I laughed for a good while, he don’t just preaches his mindset , evidently he lives it too!

  21. Vote for Drumph (Trump for new guys) He talks about helping vets,workers,military strength and he wants to clean up this god damned mess! Time will tell.

  22. Yo Roosh maybe you and Trump could exchange words on the basis that you hate the media’s scandalous actions as much as him and the fact that you stand up for men in general with your work.
    In order to change family court laws and reform all of that treasonous system.

  23. Roosh, just as an aside to the awesome face-off/stare down: is your beard always that wild looking? I get the whole beard thing, but yours is looking a bit on the unkempt side. Maybe it’s just the camera angles, but as my grandpappy used to say: an unkempt beard is the sign of a man who isn’t meticulous in his day to day.
    As to the rape bullshit, of course the whiny SJW tried that shit. They don’t have a valid argument, so they default to trying to attack the messenger’s credibility. If they can’t do that easily enough alone, they’ll call in support from their little beta bitches. Of course they implied violence they didn’t want to follow through on, because for all their “men and women are equal” bullshit they know they’ll get the stomped if they start a fight.
    Good job putting the whiny bitch in her place.

  24. Wish I had Roosh’s confidence. The only way I could think to silence them is to baffle with “but I am a virgin” counter.
    Of course with new-rape where fingers are now penises you can be a virgin and a rapist… or maybe fingering a girl counts as losing your virginity?

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