The Ugly Reality Of Dating Japanese Women

I’ve been on Return of Kings for quite a while, reading and enjoying my fair share of wisdom, sardonic humor, and women bashing. Lots of women bashing. Now I won’t condemn this because I do it too and I understand the frustration. However, I’ve seen way too many men criticize women as a whole but then start praising Eastern Asian women. Some of these countries include Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, etc.

For this article, I will speak only about Japan; having been there myself. Men on this site preach the red pill but forget that it applies to all women, not just women in certain countries. So with that said, it is time I debunk some of these myths and bring you the reality. What I’ve experienced comes from dating Japanese women myself and speaking with foreign men that lives there. I’ve also had conversations with Japanese men as well that were married or dating.

In Japan, there is a huge emphasis on avoiding shame. As a whole, Japanese society stresses the image of something as of utmost importance. This means that the avoidance of responsibility and duplicity could be more prevalent depending on the situation.

On the bright side most of what I will mention below could be fixed by simply making it clear from the beginning what you will and will not tolerate. There are cultural differences here to consider and you need to try extra hard to get the point across. For some men unfortunately, you will encounter the following problems.

1. Docile and submissive? Lol no

Many men are under the assumption that Japanese women are nice, submissive, and obedient. There was a time in Japan where women were expected to behave this way but it is not like that anymore. Japanese women tend to act this way when you are simply dating them. They will cook for you. They will stop by your house to drop off a gift that was bought for you. All will seem nice and well until you put that ring on. When that happens, the act will disappear.

If she seems just like the misguided stereotype that you’ve read about then trust me when I say that she is deceiving you! Trust me on this. You are being lured into a trap and it will come in the form of an “accidental” pregnancy, stalking, and just everything seeming like it’s too good to be true. Do not be deceived. You should be even more alert if she knows that you are wealthy or of high status.

2. No control over finances

In Japan, women tend to manage the money. The husband works many hours a week, gets his paycheck, and comes home only to give all of the money to the wife. This happens even if the wife is not working, which is also common as Japan still has a large portion of married women who are homemakers. When it comes to making financial decisions, is also common for the wife to have the final say. I’m talking about furniture, vacations, transportation, and more. The wife typically makes all of these decisions.

I don’t know about you guys but I have a problem with this. I ran into this problem with an ex of mine. She wanted access to my checking account and began telling me what I should buy with my own money. I told her that I will do what I want with my money and that she has no business asking me about my financial assets. Of course this was a problem so I broke up with her.

3. Extreme passive aggressiveness

Here is a conversation I had with a woman I was dating. I was staying at her house and this was late at night; not too long after we had sex.

Her: I’m hungry. Go to the store and grab me something to eat.

Me: What?

Her: Go to the store and grab me something to eat.

Me: Get something out of the refrigerator. It’s too late and I don’t feel like leaving now.

Her: Fine then. I had a taste for Onigiri [steamed rice balls] which I don’t have here but that is okay. I will just not eat though I am hungry.

I left out the house and never came back. Of course she called multiple times over the next several weeks wondering what happened to me, but I was gone for good. I just cannot stand such blatant and poor attempts to manipulate me. This is all too common in Japan. The people there do their best to avoid conflict. There is a huge emphasis on this and a strong aversion to complaining, even to your loved ones in private. Being seen as a complainer is one of the worse things possible in Japan. No matter how bad things are going for you, suck it up.


A direct consequence of this is the inability to really speak directly and candidly. In Japan, it is nearly impossible to get someone to be forthright about something. You can ask someone something and they will smile and say “maybe” but what they really mean is a big fat NO. This will include your personal relationships when dating so be prepared for a barrage of passive aggressiveness. You thought American women and their shit tests were bad? Ha! You haven’t seen anything yet.

4. Mental health

Something that really needs to be mentioned is that Japan doesn’t really have a mental healthcare industry. Many women are running around there with some serious unchecked mental issues and you would not have the faintest idea at first. Problems such as abuse can be seen as normal and that behavior will be projected towards you. There is also the chance of her pulling off a disappearing act, leaving you wondering what the hell happened.

5. Your children will be taken away from you

This is simple. You marry a Japanese women and then that day comes when you finally go through divorce. Guess what? She will take away the children. You think it’s bad in the USA when women try to get full custody? In Japan, the wife will take them away from you and disappear. In the United States at least some courts treat some men fairly.  Unlike Japan in which the court system won’t even try to help you.

6. Sex will be withheld from you

Another simple thing that needs to be mentioned is that all too often many men get married in Japan and have their first child. Only to see that his wife has stopped having sex with him. Many men on ROK have said this is a deal breaker so nothing more needs to be said on the subject. There is also infidelity to consider. It doesn’t happen as often as countries like Russia, the USA, or the UK, but it still happens more than you think. Many husbands and wives in Japan have their own mistresses and both are aware of it and don’t care. I don’t think I need to explain why. A belief that isn’t totally uncommon in Japan is that paying for sex isn’t considered cheating.

In conclusion

Does any of what I mentioned sound familiar? I hope so because these are exactly the same complaints men on ROK typically have regarding women out here in the West. What needs to be said is that all women behave the same way generally speaking unless the culture checks that behavior. That is it. I ask that you be very careful when dating, no matter where the woman is from.

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721 thoughts on “The Ugly Reality Of Dating Japanese Women”

  1. I dated J-girls almost exclusively and am now married to one. Allow me to separate fact from KJ bullshit.
    1. True. They’re women first and Japanese second. A Japanese girl can be as big a pain in the ass as any other woman.
    2. False. I have NEVER had a Japanese girl gold-dig on me or attempt to constrain my finances in any way. Author is simply repeating what he read online somewhere.
    3. True. Until you figure out how Japanese communicate/argue, you will be VERY frustrated by their communication style.
    4. True that they don’t put that much emphasis on mental health care. Also true that they suffer way less mental illness than Westerners. This one evens out.
    5. Have no kids, don’t know. Does the author know this from experience? Probably not. More KJ’ing.
    6. False. Total bullshit. Japanese women are no more or less forthcoming sexually than any other type of woman.

    1. See, even #3, which I said is true, is bullshittily portrayed.
      A Japanese woman would never, ever say, “go to the store and get me something to eat.” They’re passive aggressive, remember? It would go more like this:
      Jgirl: I’m hungry.
      WesternMan: There’s plenty of food in the fridge.
      Jgirl: Oh….
      10 mins later
      Jgirl: [whining]: Iiii’mm huuuuungryyyy….
      WesternMan: Food in the fridge, remember?
      10 mins later, she’s just acting like a real cold bitch and you have no idea why. You were supposed to just figure out that she wanted something from the store. A Japanese man would have known – the Japanese have a kind of intra-racial telepathy. But you’ll never even know what the problem is, and you’ll think it’s #4 – she has mental problems.

      1. It’s hugely cultural – people in many Asian cultures are less direct than in the West and social / unspoken cues are way, way more important.
        Even Chinese culture, which seems more direct in some ways, is less direct in others. People who have these issues like Aspergers or low social skills by a Western standard would have even more of an issue there.
        I have heard similar things about France as opposed to the Anglosphere like the first and second meanings of things, but am not sure if this is true.

        1. Safe to ask westernized Japan adopted a Guess culture, especially when it picked up Western trends since it forced itself to modernize.

    2. File the “They don’t pop as much Prozac as white women!” under “attributes”.
      Criticizing Japan for not having “mental health care” like the USA is like criticizing them for not having as much diabetes as the USA. It’s an unintentional compliment.
      Would he rather Asian chicks be prancing about on Prozac at a 50% clip like white women in the US, jacked up on synthetic happiness?

      1. Prozac is not synthetic happiness, there are too many physical and mental side effects. They were invented to replace the amphetamines which were used previously that would at least give you a quick high if you were depressed and which of course would also make the patient become addicted to them until they stopped working and then the person would be getting mostly side effects like Prozac.Prozac is actually worse than amphetamine because it takes a few weeks to work but then you have this constant low level agitation and lack of sleep which can lead to delusions and violence.Even if you stop taking it the t1/2 is 10 days which means that you eliminate it slowly and are still getting those bad side effects while stimulants like amphetamines wear off quickly.Cocaine wears off even faster and I’ve had patients when I was in the ER come in for overdoses but as long as they are breathing normally and their BP isn’t too high there is no treatment given because in 2 hrs they are back to normal.
        The US may have more bogus “mental health” problems diagnosed because it is more of a money making racket both for the psych doctors who tend to be Jews and the drug companies.Many of these mental health problems are just minor everyday problems that are normal to the human condition and are not diseases and the real mental problems are the result of the drug “treatments”.To counteract the side effects of Prosac since the T1/2 is 10 days doctors will try to block it with periactin which is an antihistamine and this makes you even more depressed and you may end up in some psych hospital where the patient may receive other drugs that cause problems. Yes, it’s a nice racket. Get a patient for life who was basically normal and didn’t need to take anything to begin with.Amphetamines were common when I was a student and we used to take them to stay awake or get high, or fatsos would take them to kill their appetites to lose weight which is why they were made CII drugs. But the drug companies didn’t give up and invented this new ADHD “disorder” that these amphetamines could ‘cure’ although I’ve never seen a kid with this disorder so it’s very rare.The kids, mostly boys, are just bored out of their minds and some drugs relieve boredom but there was never any medical condition there to begin with.

        1. ^ truth. there is way too much of a profit motive in ‘health care’

    3. I disagree with you, and agree with the author by a certain percentage.
      You, 20%, the author 80%.
      The thing about Jap women, like any woman, is finding a good one. We all know how difficult that can be. I mean, anywhere, finding a good woman is hard to do.
      Then, if and when you find one, there will still be crap you hate about her. And vice versa, we are both human by the way.
      He is absolutely right about Japanese courts. I have numerous examples I can point to to emphasize the point. I have one rumor that I could not check because I don’t speak Japanese, that the Emperor’s own son, the prince, had custody of only two of his three kids. The other kid, has not seen his father or siblings until he was old enough to do so on his own. Japanese women will own your ass outright, and have your sorry ass deported. My brother in law is going through this, and has not seen his two kids in ten years. His kids do not know they have three siblings.
      Japanese women are only submissive at first, because they want those government bennies. Once they get them, you will find out the hard way if she is a selfie obsessed bitch.
      I have seen so many dudes of so many races marry and impregnate Japanese women to simply outright regret it within 5-10 years.
      And forget taking her lame ass out of the country. A Jap who leaves there country for a long period of time is as rare very, very rare. Say 5 out of a hundred tops. So, if you marry one, plan on living in Japan, and have fun with the in-laws.
      LOL. They will most likely hate you.

      1. PREACH! I lived in Japan for a few years, experienced J-woman and had friends who ran through, impregnated, and married them.
        Just about everything in the article is true. I can testify via personal experience, talking to locals and witnessing it through said friends.

    4. I’ve dated a few. One in particular was insane, loud and embarrassing. She couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t take her anywhere.
      One was a card carrying, proud to be gold digger. She would hang out in hotel bars by herself to meet rich guys and would date them for a few months, enjoying all the money, gifts and dinner etc. She dated me after her last guy dumped her (via his secretary, nice). We banged for a few weeks and then she cut off contact. I wouldn’t mind but I wanted my DVDs back.

      1. “I wouldn’t mind but I wanted my DVDs back”.
        Lol. That was hilarious. Japanese DVD digger woman.

      2. Let me guess… she spoke fluent English?
        I hate when guys date the very specific .1% of the population that has this specific trait – I trait which has an extremely high correlation incidency with cunthood – and then act like it is an example that has anything to do with Japanese girls in general.
        In EVERY COUNTRY that is not native English speaking I have been to it is prudent to avoid English speaking women like the PLAGUE THEY ARE!!! Anything above the average high school student’s level in English capabilities is a serious level 10 warning sign.

        1. Nail on the head. I avoid the parts of the city with English speaking locals. Learning the local language is the only way to capitalize on the girly gold that lies within.

        2. So true! Guys have such a skewed perception of what Japanese (and Asian girls in general) are like because they date the girls who don’t fit into their own culture and decide to chase down beta foreign guys who think they’re getting over(well they kind of are…since the girls are thin).

        3. Bingo! Thanks for putting it so succinctly. For a good portion of any language training is knowing the cultural context in which the language is used. That means any girl who’s learned English as a 2nd language has a real head start on becoming a American style feminazi fairy princess, if she’s not completely corrupted.

        4. Nonsense, and besides you haven’t been anywhere outside of Podunk. Scan your passport visa page, I want to see it and where you’ve been. Don’t worry you name and ID are not on those pages. Papers or shut up.

        5. Bullshit. Every foreign girl under 30 of any quality and had a good education knows English today, and knows it well.
          If you don’t like that then go to some backward dirtwater Flippo village and find some #2 fugly girl there.These are the only types you pyjama boy lower class losers will get anyway.

        6. The lower classes of course who can’t find a high quality girl in the ‘hood or trailer parks and who have delusions of getting a 10 lol

        7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          I guess you haven’t been to Japan. They don’t need English, Japanese have plenty of money among themselves.

        8. Yeah? Well, I can tell you haven’t traveled much and are basing this factoid on mere conjecture.
          I’ve traveled over dozen countries on three other continents: Europe, Asia, and South America.I’ll concede that your theory holds in Australia and Antarctica. I have doubts about most of Africa though.
          I challenge you to put your theory to the test and talk to at least 33 random girls under 30 (statistically significant sample in a normal distribution) and them report back how many of them “know” English.
          Remember, you clearly stated “Every” girl knows English. Also, consider the conundrum of your statement on a forum where Roosh and others who post about the importance learning the local language in international game. Why would these men waste their valuable time learning foreign languages when clearly there is no need too according to your premise.

        9. Wow bro, your claim is so unbelievably stupid I’m not even going to BOTHER coming up with points to counter it. Either you are literally a retard or you are straight up trolling. I’ve lived more than 5 years outside the USA in more than one country.
          Good luck with your life, being so ignorant and disconnected from reality…

        10. Wow, seriously? How many American college graduates with degrees like English lit., Accounting, Nursing, whatever can hold a child-like conversation in a 2nd language? Go to any self-respecting country to where probably 75+% of the native population lives – cities other than the top 2 or 3 most international metropolitan areas. You’ll find about the same % of educate girls who don’t speak a second language very well (English). It’s normal.

        11. It’s really different in Asian and African cultures that have the residue of British colonialism. Also, Scandinavia because their languages are perceived as marginal and are about as related to English as Cantonese and Fujianese are to Mandarin.
          First of all a lot of Asian countries like Malaysia and Philippines speak English as a second language and a lot of cultural groups like Chinese people are strongly interested in learning English.
          Because English is already considered a dominant language – few people want to learn Japanese or Mandarin – a lot of Americans see no need to learn it.

        12. ^ This. It’s like taking a sample group of white women in relationships with black athletes / rappers and extrapolating to all white women. Not normal black guys but jocked out black guys.

        13. Obviously you know nothing of the Philippines (Flippo to racist bastard idiots like you.) Everyone in the Philippines speaks English. It is the second official language. There are 32 different languages in the Philippines and many dialects of each. My Filipina wife speaks four languages, including English. She is from a middle, to upper middle, class family, but I can tell you from experience that even street beggars in Manila can speak English fairly well. English is the language most common to all, so most important newspapers, and national political speeches, are in English.

        14. Phillipines speak English because it’s their only economic growth strategy. It’s corrupt as dick and a free market economy would probably be an improvement there. (the upper classes are so entrenched, they wont even allow foreign ownership, which means you have to have your wife buy your house, after which she’ll just kick you out.) Beware of phillipas!

      3. Nice story but you should write fiction. Why would some golddigger bother with some boy who didn’t have a pot to piss in? She wouldn’t take a couple of weeks of banging to figure this out either. She’d know it from one look at you so stop the BS

    5. My wife is also Japanese and I generally agree with your assessment. I will say more. Two characteristic of Japanese (and other Asian women) that make them vastly superior to Western women are:
      1) They do not seem to have the need for constant drama. They are actually content with a calm, relaxing relationship. American women are so obsessed with drama that they will manufacture synthetic drama just to have drama in the relationship.
      2) Asian, especially Japanese, women understand it when you have to work a lot (into the evening, business travel) in order to “bring home the bacon”. Japanese women can be as much of “gold diggers” as western women. The difference is they will work with you to get the gold. An American woman will complain that you work too much and are not home enough.

      1. I’ve heard they are more supportive as well, but i’ve also heard they fuck around with other men while you are out working. hah

        1. It’s not uncommon, but that’s largely because Japanese don’t expect to get sexual fulfillment from their husbands/wives anyway.
          That’s not what marriage is for.
          In general though, them getting it elsewhere isn’t the concern…the main concern is you getting it from them after marriage. Of course, cheating on your part is no big deal at all as long as you lie about it to keep “face”.

        2. I have good reason to believe this has not happened in my case. In any case, I think this less likely than with western women.

        3. “Don’t worry you name and ID are not on those pages.” <– I quote this retard DrBigg who apparently has been to foreign countries, for what, 3 day trips, and thinks he knows it all? Otherwise he might actually know the basic fact – almost ALL my passport visa stickers HAVE MY NAME ON THEM, yes when you get a work or long-term student visa it has your frickin’ name printed on it.

      2. women understand it when you have to work a lot
        Cos she’s shagging the Flippo pool boy while you’re gone.

        1. Man, you just keep showing your I.Q, that’s your Ignorance Quotient my friend. But keep ti up. It’s quite entertaining.

    6. I live in Tokyo, am Japanese-American, and have been dating Japanese women exclusively for the past couple years. You are spot on with your rebuttal of this list of half-truths and I’d like to add to it.
      RE 2: Traditionally, Japanese women were the family bookkeepers and the men were the breadwinners. Men get put on an allowance of their own money after they get married. But guess what? That’s mostly for Japanese-Japanese marriages. Most of the readers here aren’t Japanese natives and won’t be expected to adhere to this system. Japanese girls can’t control your finances UNLESS YOU LET THEM.
      RE 3: The example is a pile of bull-fucking-shit. Most Japanese people, not just women, would ever straight up order you around to do anything unless they are your superior. You are supposed to intuit that she’s hungry and wants ice cream because of her comments/behavior.
      RE 4: Let’s not forget selection bias here. Most western dudes who come to Japan and date Japanese women do not have significant Japanese language ability and do not date average Japanese women. There are a lot of Japanese women who feel that they do not fit in with Japanese society and thus they learn English and date foreigners. It’s no surprise that the chicks with this anti-social bent will be a little to very off kilter.
      RE 5: Women can take the kids, but they can’t take your money. The Japanese government regards divorce as a private matter and does not interfere much at all in the process. Usually, the man and woman come to an agreement of child support for visitation. If the woman doesn’t let the man see the kids, she doesn’t get any money.

  2. Yup, spot on. Japan is the land of ghosting and gold digging. The highly controlled nature of the society leads to some really weird neuroses. You can only push that stuff down so long before it pops out somewhere else.

    1. china/Taiwan is the land of gold digging. Japanese girls often go dutch on dates or will sometimes expect the guy to pay slightly more.

      1. Some Japanese women will go dutch. A lot of the ones interested in professional gaijin are gold diggers and will take offense if the guy doesn’t pay. China is probably worse when it comes to diggers given the huge gender imbalance.

    1. True. No such thing in Japan. My wife and I share an account and she ordered two ATM cards.

  3. I can’t speak for the rest of the points here, but I dated a Japanese girl a couple of years ago and found her the very opposite of docile and submissive — in fact she seemed overly dominant and keen to control the relationship. I walked pretty quickly.
    Still, the degree to which her personality was shaped by being Japanese is hard to determine.

    1. I can’t speak for the rest of us here, but I would not be surprised if you also dated Japanese men a couple of years ago who found you to be excessively docile and submissive. Choke on it homo.

  4. Don’t be too dark skinned in Japan either. Japan is very homogeneous and look down on dark skinned people. I wouldn’t go and call them racist but there is a sense of inferiority. In Japan all the black people where pimps to other foreign girls, mainly being Chinese. There is also a law in place that states non Japanese aren’t allowed to be in positions of over Japanese. Ie Managers and such. I’m not saying you can’t be successful or pull women there, it’s just a steep uphill battle.
    Source: Black man that was in Japan for 3 weeks

    1. Oh, it’s racist alright. That’s just not a problem in Asia.
      The rest of the world, including highly civilized and intelligent Japan, rejects the elitist American notion that “you can’t judge people based on race.”
      This is Asia, bitch. Yes you can.

      1. It’s funny to read job ads in Asia for their blatant sexism, racism, and age-ism.

        1. “Seeking flight attendant; must be female; must be between 22-25 years old; must weigh 115 lbs or less; must have above-average looks.”
          And no one has a problem with that! Asia is awesome.

        2. What’s more funny is to see men who understandably are annoyed at the world thought-policing them for their “old-fashioned” views on women and then to turn around and see these same men thought-policing others who have a different view on race than them.
          Japan has no obligation to treat outsiders like themselves.

        3. you however, do have an obligation to control your women aryan uber-sissy.

        4. Typical ROK reader/poster on the right there! Guys, don’t you hate it when some bitch has to horn in on your sausage lunch?

        5. Yeah but those are bona fide occupational requirements. Being a flight attendant is considered a form of modeling there. Young women compare themselves to the stewardess height and weight requirements like young American women compare themselves to Miss America or actresses’ height and weight. It is like a gold standard.
          It is much more 1950s Pan Am girl, while being a flight attendant in the West is pretty much open to everyone.

      2. People there are ignorant, not like colonial style, racial hierarchy / Jim Crow racist. There’s also a huge US army guy stigma associated with black guys (and a weirdo English teacher stigma associated with white guys).
        It’s just like general Americans stereotyping Asian Americans as being FOBs / speaking broken English. Which is based on what they see around them due to the high immigration rate.
        Of course usually people who generalize about everyone are kind of stupid and their brain doesn’t handle a lot of information well but people everywhere are dumb.

        1. People who generalize are stupid? Generalisations make up almost the entire basis of human knowledge.
          Culture can be generalised about and so can people. It’s only special snowflakes who believe otherwise. Has nothing to do with intelligence or complexity. In fact, I’d argue that people who don’t generalise are less intelligent.

        2. “people who don’t generalise are less intelligent” but you are against generalisations about people who generalise.

        3. Because those type of generalisations don’t contribute anything to the wealth of human knowledge. They are more based on the ego of the ‘accuser’. They also tend to be political correct.
          Making absolute statements is problematic, but generalising, however, is not. In our cultures there seems to be no division established between the two when they are actually quite different.
          Anyway, that Myra poster above made a whole heap of generalisations above that I’m sure he agrees with.
          When people tell you to stop ‘generalising’, all they are usually saying is that they don’t agree with you.

        4. I wouldn’t say it sucks. I know lots black army guys and white English teachers banging their way around japan. Some people know how to make it work for them.

      3. Highly civilized and intelligent Japan? Troll. I thought you were a Japanese-ball-licking weeaboo, but you’re just a troll. Good one, brah. You got me.

    2. There is no law like that. Many companies here are run by foreigners i.e. Nissan etc.

    3. Or you have to ‘compensate’ by being really, really well versed in the culture and speaking the language at a native level. It’s like being an Asian guy in the US.
      You have to prove that you are just like everyone else in many parts of Asia. It is not like the West where being foreign can be seen as automatically cool.

    4. So wrong, stop telling these lies man. Many black men are successful with Japanese women. The Japanese love black people more than any Asian group does and I don’t believe that you are a black man.

    5. “I wouldn’t go and call them racist but there is a sense of inferiority”
      Dude – that’s what racism *is*.

        1. Here he goes again…I really don’t get how as a black man, you could be so pro America and so anti-Asia.
          Japanese people have been good to me…they may be ignorant about black people, and have fear because of it, but they don’t hate.
          Plenty of success to be had for black men in Japan and in Asia in general–and no one is going to shoot you for no reason.

        2. I never said that my tongue was up America’s ass either. I am only saying that Black men aren’t guaranteed a good time in Asia like other foreigners are.
          I’m in Taiwan right now and would like to return next year. I had a very good time in Mainland too, have a few gfs waiting for my return, but we cannot deny that I couldn’t stroll to any job like a White guy could, or get a new girl every night. They also called me racial slurs but it was ok because just as many race trolls on here say, o was banging their women, but at a reduced rate compared to what other races could get.

        3. OK…so you have to try harder. I think that applies to black men anywhere in the world that I know of.
          So, if you don’t want to be a black man in Asia and you don’t want to be a black man in America, what point are you trying to make?
          That white people have it better? I’m pretty sure all minorities know this already.

    6. There are a ton of black guys banging Japanese girls (in japan) that would disagree with you. Some of them even post here.
      People always get this wrong. Japanese and Asians in general could care less about black people. Their objection to dark skin is about THEIR skin. They don’t give a fuck about you, black or white. They see dark skin as un-Japanese. So they look down on darker Japanese. Thais are the same way. Except for the girls with spay tans but that’s a whole other story.

    7. The CEO of Nissan is not Japanese. And yes, he runs Nissan from Japan. So far you have said a single thing that’s true. Stop posting. Go away.

        1. The point you’re full shit because there is no such law. Everything you’ve posted is total BS. You don’t know shit and you’re too stupid to know it

        2. there was no law. Not when you were there. Not ever. You’re just a lying sack of shit.

  5. I will never understand why so many men have the yellow fever. Asian women are the most disgusting gold-diggers of the female domain.

  6. This is not accurate. (I have been living in Japan for 7 years)
    1. The changes that happen after you put a ring on it, happen to any man who let’s his woman do that. If you don’t establish the rules of the relationship early on you will run into trouble.
    2. See above. Yes there are many weak men in Japan who give all control to their wives and this has been a traditional thing for generations however again, if you establish what is acceptable and not early on this is a non-issue. If you date a hoe that wants you to pay for everything you made a wrong choice.
    3. Who cares? Ignore it and it will straighten itself out.
    4. Don’t date a psycho.
    5. Don’t marry a girl you don’t trust and if you do, move to your home country where you have home field advantage.
    6. Not married yet, but again, if you let it happen, then it will.

    1. i thought we dont marry in the home country (or at least thats what i read about russian hoes)
      also im thinking of going to israel on a pussy bing any ideas on what to do i still got time (19) so any advice will be taken (what i like tan and arab women)

        1. Still trying that old idiotic shaming trope? Tell your NSA superiors once and for all that most here have fully adopted their inner homoerotic tendencies in line with the noble Samurai of old. Why don’t you try applying something new for a change, or is that too much to ask of your retarded lobotomizing puritan conditioning fit only for the lowest of Pavlovian dogs for a change.
          Bad Fido, bad!
          Or do you in fact secretly crave Nippon cock, hum?

        2. Brilliant reply! I can but tip my hat to your profound wile and cunning. Never saw that coming that’s for sure. What else you got in your small black bag of tricks?

        3. already knew that tip but thanks for the advice now if you got anything useful for me please im all ears trying to take in as much of the red pill as possible if not then please stfu

        4. I might be able to be “gay” long enough for YOU to blow me.
          Kneel. Open your throat. And lets find out.

    2. What? A Return of Kings author is wrong about women?! What a surprise! It’s like the gay leading the gayer.

      1. You appear to be a repressed homosexual with your ID, your posting of gay pornographic images and your obsession with gays. Go deal with it and stop posting this garbage on ROK.

      1. Filthy!
        White women are the most thirsty cock suckers in the world.
        Especially the mature ones.
        They deserve all the urine droplets and urethral discharge from diseased cocks in their mouths. They suck piss and lick crap, that’s why they act like that. Never kiss a white woman, you don’t know what her mouth has taken in it.

  7. 2 is harking back to tradition again. When men worked all day and women paid the rent, bills, did the shopping, make and fixed everything in the house and bought replacements it made sense to hand the cash over to the woman. After all, what would you do with it, if you work until all the shops or stalls are close? It was seen as better to give her money so she could buy your food, clothe your children, pay your rent and scrimp and sae/ Of course, nowadays with online bamking, 24 hour shops and the likes, there”s no point to it, but many folks continue the practis.

  8. My take on this:
    1. Docile and submissive? Lol no
    Is there are a docile and submissive woman in the modern world? Lol No. Unless if you’re marrying an orphan peasant girl. Never assume a woman to be docile and submissive if she’s:
    Beautiful: Thirsty guys willing to provide for her
    Sexually open: The same guys will do anything for that
    Rich or Is provided for: These girls are never docile
    Financially independent: Same as above
    Occupies some kind of position of authority in her social or career circle: These chicks automatically act alpha
    So if you consider all these points, you’re already discounting majority of women. Throughout the world.
    2. No control over finances
    This is common in women from traditional countries. Men are expected to give women cash to run the household. I didn’t know in Japan that they had to give the entire paycheck too. But this attitude is very pre 1990’s in other parts of Asia.
    In some parts of EE, women also expect men to a part with their paycheck once you’re married to them, to run the house. In the West, however, women want to your paycheck out of sheer parasitical tendencies, to spend for their own whims, and not for the home. So Asian or EE women atleast fare better, because they’d atleast spend for the groceries.
    But the caveat is Japanese men are super betas because they give all their cash to their women. And so are most other Asian men (Indians, Chinese) who do the same. How can you be alpha without cash? This is something every man must know. No cash, no freedom, no alphadom. Women who demand all your paycheck actually want to betafy you.
    3. Extreme passive aggressivenessThis would’ve been sorted out if you had moved in with her, and given ATLEAST some of your cash to run the home. Then she wouldn’t have asked you to get something to eat for her. She would’ve gotten it herself. I think the girl wanted a relationship with you, that’s why the first demand for your paycheck. No cash, but she still wants you ‘to provide.’
    Passive aggressiveness is something you will ALWAYS find in ‘traditional feminine and docile’ women. How would they then manipulate us to get what they want? We must know that. With women, there is no such thing as a ‘complete package’.
    4. Mental healthYou find this in all parts of the world. Women are in fact emotionally dysfunctional creatures. They are sub humans when it comes to emotional health. That’s why you need to set the rules in the relationship early on, or atleast communicate them to your women, so as not to cross the line. If she does, lambast on her stupidity. That immediately will show whether she is mentally sane or not, depending on her reaction.
    5. Your children will be taken away from you
    Women do this everywhere. In EE, CIS, Anglosphere. Women will take away your kids. Then how would they survive in their old age? Children are always the most important long term ‘investment’ for women. Women produce children for that regard. Not out of motherly love, and all that emotional BS.
    6. Sex will be withheld from youThis is common everywhere. In fact every woman will do it at some point or the other to a man, in every part of the world. It’s only when it gets too frequent that it becomes a red flag. But, if the woman is withholding sex from you, why are you bothering to stay on? Just kick her to the curb.

    1. “Respect” was written by Otis Redding, and is a song about a man’s experience of marriage.
      “I’m about to give you all by money
      All I’m asking in return honey
      Is that you give me my propers when I get home”
      The way marriage works as a way of life in places and times where sex roles are a thing is that the man makes money and the woman runs the household with it. It’s not a bad system – all a man really wants out of life after working 12 hours down mill is a meal on the table and a little respect.

      1. So much better than the Aretha Franklin version which sold by far the most records. And you’re right. It’s not a bad system. It’s just nearly extinct.

  9. 6. Japan has an evil justice system with a 99% conviction rate. 95% of the accused sign confessions. If you get falsely accused of rape, you will be convicted.

    1. You have no idea what you’re talking about.
      Evil? Japanese commit very little crime, and tolerate even less. I applaud them for it.
      As for false rape accusations, real rape accusations are rarely even made in Japan. Turning to the law to settle a private problem is an absolute last resort for the Japanese.

      1. Most white knights do not understand false rape accusations. Yellow fever white knights, even less.

      2. True, they do ave low crime rates. But a ridiculous suicide rate.
        The city of Philly had more crime in a year than all of Japan.
        But living in Japan after you see a bunch of the sites is akin to living in a medical freezer storing disease for research. Cold, apathetic, uncaring, boring.
        A popular statement from Easter Philosophy goes like this: “Soil that is dirty grows the countless things. Water that is clear has
        no fish. Thus as a mature person you properly include and retain a
        measure of grime. You can’t just go along enjoying your own private
        purity and restraint. “

        1. So what do they do for much needed cathartic release when the primal call of their inner wildman arises, apart from committing suicide that is. Does it even exist in them to begin with, or has that part of their humanity also been neatly suppressed to the point of total atrophy as well?

        2. “So what do they do for much needed cathartic release when the primal call of their inner wildman arises, apart from committing suicide that is.”
          The same thing your boyfriend does:
          Release all over your face (see Bukkake)

        3. No – they express it through extreme sexual perversion. Another plus for Japanese girls.

    2. Japan has an incredibly low crime level. While the police statistics are manipulated on all levels, even the adjusted true crime numbers are ridiculously low there.
      Rape accusations are extremely rare. If you commit real rape as a foreigner you have a higher chance of being turned over to the Yakuza for punishment than to see any public humiliating process via police and courts.


      A TAXI driver in Toyama prefecture is arrested for rape and attempted rape, confesses to both crimes, is convicted after a brief trial and serves his three years in prison. Meanwhile, another man, arrested on rape charges, also confesses to the two crimes the first man was convicted for. He, too, goes to jail and serves his time. Is this a story by Jorge Luis Borges, a case of trumped-up charges from the annals of Stalinist Russia, a trick question in a Cambridge tripos? None of the above. It is a recent instance, and not an uncommon one, of the Japanese judicial system at work.
      On January 26th Jinen Nagase, Japan’s justice minister, apologised for the wrongful arrest of the taxi driver and declared that an investigation would take place. After all, the suspect had an alibi, evidence that he could not have committed the crime and had denied vociferously having done so. But after the third day in detention without access to the outside world, he was persuaded to sign a confession.
      With too many instances of wrongful arrest and conviction, few expect anything to come from the justice ministry’s investigation. But the spotlight has begun to shine on the practices of police interrogation as well as on the court’s presumption of guilt. More and more innocent victims of Japan’s judicial zeal are going public with grim accounts of their experiences at the hands of the police and the court system.
      Now a new film about wrongful arrest by one of Japan’s most respected directors, Masayuki Suo, has just opened to critical acclaim. The movie, entitled “I Just Didn’t Do It”, is based on a true story about a young man who was accused of molesting a schoolgirl on a crowded train—and refused adamantly to sign a confession. Thanks to support from friends and family, the real-life victim finally won a retrial after two years of protesting his innocence, and is today a free man.

    4. The way this works is that the Japanese police arrest you and keep you locked up for 23 days. During these 23 days, there’s no lawyer and you are continually interrogated.
      The criminal system actually has a conviction rate higher than 99% (it’s 99.7%). You’re right that the vast majority of these convictions are because of confessions.
      The conviction rate is so high not because of coerced or faked confessions or evidence (they do happen though, more than one would think) but because there are little to no Japanese prosecutors. The legal profession in Japan is amazingly hard to join. The Japanese bar exam is no snoozefest like most States’. The Japanese government employs only 2,000 or so lawyers. The entire government. You know, that thing responsible for enacting legislation and shit? You can bet there are orders of magnitude more than that employed in the US government, and even more in private practice (or no practice).
      So, the good news is that if you can survive the 23 days marathon or a good part of it at least without signing any papers, chances are you’ll just be let go. Without a confession, they likely won’t even bother charging you. Since they have little staffing and little budget, they’ll charge you if you confess or if the evidence is overwhelming. Otherwise, they’ll rough you a bit in detention, then you’ll be on your way.
      Even if you confess, it has to be done in a certain way. The Japanese constitution prevents the government from jailing anyone if the only evidence against him/her is the confession. Your confession is only valid evidence if it reveals something only the perpetrator of the crime would have known.
      It honestly seems much worse than it is. The long detention without access to legal counsel is a shame and immoral, but just don’t sign anything. That’s a test of true manhood : endure stoically until the police gets bored and sends you back home.
      Yeah, 99.7% conviction rate in Japan (88% in the US)…but 43% of people arrested are charged (75% in the US). 17.5% of those arrested under suspicion of felonies (like rape would be) are charged. Statistics speak as long as you show all of them.

  10. The good parts far outweigh the bad. Of course female base nature is similar everywhere and feminism has been trying to brainwash both sexes for 60 years now, yet the Japanese people have still remained somwhat traditional in their gender-relations.
    While you need more Game and common-sense than in other times, you have by far higher chances for a conventional happy LTR/marriage than in most countries around the world.
    1. Submissiveness follows a strong Alpha-State. Some women are more forgiving of Beta-characteristics and you will find way more women like that than in the West.
    2. Finances? Giving a woman money to pay for household bills and expenditures is no biggie. Giving her everything is full Beta-land – even in Japan.
    3. This kind of shit-testing is nothing. It is a different style of communication than in the West. You have to get it! And frankly I find it better than the common bitchiness that is found in the Anglosphere and the EU.
    4. Jeez – yeah mental problems are common, but way less common than in the US. Treatment by psychotropics are just ineffective and in 75% of cases only deepen and increase the mental disorder over time. In the US those women would be fat and drooling away, so you just would not meet them anywhere.
    5. Yes. Double advantage recognized – in your homeland & being a woman. As an American man in the US you can have more pull in the courts vs. a foreign woman who is the mother of your child.
    6. If your Beta-provider-status was the only thing attracting her to you, you get a sexless marriage anyway – no matter what country you are in. Beta-duty sex is a thing of the past.

    1. Japanese girl told me the men give their wives the money for the bills and the wives spend it on hair, make-up and clothes.

      1. That works only until light and gas is cut off. I found that my financially more careful LTRs always saved an additional nest-egg, that ultimately came in handy. If you have married a spendthrift, then you have to control everything with an iron fist anyway. Besides – that is a fault akin to marrying a known slut.

  11. Is there a word for a cultural white knight? Japan has so many problems it makes America look like fucking paradise sometimes. You weeaboos defending the place are misguided at best and retarded at worst. The Japanese do not respect or like you. Why would you defend them so vehemently? This article is accurate.

    1. They may not like or respect YOU, but they regularly have sex with ME. Speak for yourself.

  12. Most societies these days just suck and run on a foundation of bullshit, and the cracks are becoming ever more apparent.

      1. That is quite the urban legend! Wonder where it came from though? Seriously, it would be interesting to know.

        1. It was a myth put out by musical instrument companies so as to get buy to buy more harmonicas.

        2. teenagers who have not gone down on a jap will need to practice their sideways motion on a harmonica

  13. “The husband works many hours a week, gets his paycheck, and comes home only to give all of the money to the wife.”
    Self-respect must be in short supply amongst Japanese males.

    1. They are duly conditioned out of it when young. It is a well-calibrated system designed to produce a certain kind of person, and it works quite well for the rather uncritical conformist majority.

  14. I can’t speak for Japan but some of this certainly rings true in Vietnam. One of the main things is to not marry them.

  15. “and women bashing. Lots of women bashing.”
    Stopped reading after this. The author is a retard. He made it seem like we’re guilty of ‘women bashing’, when in fact every time women have been criticized, they have deserved it.
    With authors like these, who needs feminists? He is here to proclaim that we bash women himself. Imbecile.

    1. Wholeheartedly agree. It’s easy to wipe genuine criticism under the rug as ‘bashing’. Also, observations about the nature of contemporary Western society and women aren’t any less true because guys ostensibly are “frustrated”.

    2. Oh come off it. RoK engages in wholesome, healthy, cathartic, shadenfreudic, woman bashing in addition to a lot of valid balanced constructive criticism. It’s great fun and helpful too.

  16. My girl right now is Japanese from Japan (not Jap-Am). We’ve been together nearly a year. In many ways she’s different than American women, but in just as many ways she’s the same.
    1) She takes better care of her body and appearance. She is disgusted with fat America and doesn’t believe in fat acceptance.
    2) She doesn’t believe in a lot of other feminist and liberal ideas, like “Everybody’s special” and “To all go the spoils.”
    3) She is more feminine in demeanor. Doesn’t fart or burp in public. Closes the door when she poops, and makes me blast music to drown out even the possiblity of my hearing. Sits with her back straight at all times. Cooks and cleans (in fact, she is cooking dinner for me while I write this).
    4) Is easily influenced by me and my ideas. Allows me to lead.
    5) During sex, she loves being dominated. Wants to be choked, called a slut, loves rough sex, etc.
    1) She has the spirit of feminism in her, even if she is not a feminist herself (spillover effect from the West). Wants equality when convenient.
    2) Can be stubborn as fuck at times, and won’t listen to commands just out of spite, even if she would otherwise agree with me.
    3) Extreme passive aggressivity. This seems to be common of all women, regardless of ethnicity or race (maybe with the exception of black women but that’s a generalization. I really haven’t interacted with that many black women).
    4) Wants to dress like every other girl in Asia these days–short, revealing shorts. I tell her any girl that wants to be my girlfriend will not dress like that in public. She resists, but eventually acquiesces, albeit resentfully.
    5) Starts fights over peas and carrots. Again, this is not a Japanese thing or even Asian thing. This is just a Being A Woman thing.
    All in all, she is the best of all the women I’ve been with, and after her, I plan to only date non-Western women. But a bitch is still a bitch and at the end of the day, they’re all insufferable.

    1. “A bitch is a bitch”. Classic song by NWA. The education of a young man should start with those albums.

    2. Your experience seems to be the case more often than not.
      I think that Western men are so disillusioned with their own women that it’s become easier and easier to idealize women of other cultures without doing the proper research.
      If you want to know about a nation or cultures women…take a look at the men. Japanese men are withdrawing from their Sexual Market in droves, a phenomenon we can see here in America, though not as dire…yet.
      Birth rates in Japan have dropped so low (below replacement level, even) that their government offers financial incentives to procreate. I believe that we can see America’s future plight in Japan’s current.
      The only reason that America isn’t ALREADY in that situation is that Western men tend to externalize their frustration and do something about it…after all, the Manosphere and Game *are* Western in origin… while Eastern cultures internalize, as is touched on in the article. Japanese women, bad as they are, are still better than their American counterparts, but their men are more beta relative to their American counterparts.
      We have to remember, all women are the same; hypergamous, childish, liars, etc. What matters is the CULTURE in which they live; does that culture allow them to exhibit their worst behaviors without shame? Does their culture allow them, or even encourage them, to cuckold their men? Does it allow or encourage them to destroy their families because they are “not happy”? Does it allow/encourage them to be fat and lazy while still expecting men to be tall, lean, handsome and well muscled?
      I think it was Roosh who said “water takes the shape of the container it fills.”

      1. Japan has very limited immigration. America has significant immigration. There is no de-population issue for America.

        1. I never said there was…yet. But the problem goes beyond just birth rates; the fact is, more men are doing the MGTOW thing, which is the American equivalent of the Japanese Grasseaters, i.e men who have no intention of getting into a any committed relationship, let alone marriage and kids.
          The more American women continue to descend into slutdom and obesity while simultaneously having an entitlement complex and the power to destroy men legally and financially on a whim, the more men will withdraw from the market, into porn, and soon, virtual sex.
          They will also take lower paying, less productive jobs with less responsibility, as they realize that being nice, economically productive and responsible doesn’t get them any pussy, despite what our entire society tells them.
          Pussy had always been the biggest motivator to produce and create, because women were taught to reward those producers with their pussies. But that has changed; women don’t reward the most responsible and productive men anymore; they reward the ones that give them them the ‘gina tingles, and those men are rarely the more responsible and productive of our society.
          When men, the biggest producers, decide to stop producing since it doesn’t get them any pussy anymore, we begin to see a complete economic and social collapse.
          I just checked, and it turns out the American birth rate is 1.88…the replacement level is 2.1. So it looks like it IS already happening

        2. Native birth rate is irrelevant to population as immigration is more than making up for that. The issue is quality, not quantity. Those from households least desirable are the ones reproducing the most. Effectively turning this country into a society satirized in the movie Idiocracy.

        3. What do you think happens to those immigrants and whatever children they have? Feminism creeps into the minds of the women, and the young boys are exposed to our misandrist culture. Then the cycle repeats. The fact that they are immigrants from different cultures won’t insulate them from the “betatization” effect our culture has. Within 1 to 2 generations, the boys will be brainwashed and psychologically castrated just as native boys are.
          Whether the population is native or immigrant isn’t a salient issue.

        4. I agree with you on just about everything except the production part. Pussy may motivate 84% of the male population, but an ingrained cognitive need to explore, play, create and understand – a drive to increase the bounty of life – motivates the other 16%. When these 16% are free from the distraction of pussy, we’re going to get the next big thing from seemingly out of nowhere.

        5. America has significant 3rd world immigration, so much so that while our scores on international tests are low , we would be second in math if only everyone but Asians scored as well as whites.

        6. Hopefully instead of Idiocracy we can have Elysium. Just have to make sure the last white/asian man isn’t left on earth.

        7. Dude, don’t you date black women and isn’t that being a traitor to your master race?

        8. PISA tests only OECD and partner countries. You would be surprised at the level of math, science, and reading education in 3rd World countries… hint our vaunted white geniuses cannot keep up.

        9. Talk is cheap; I’ll believe this kind of hype when I see a country a majority black country or a majority mestizo country that is actually worth living in, white enclaves notwithstanding.

        10. Yes, it will insulate them because many immigrants don’t assimilate into our society. And it does matter if the population is largely composed of immigrants because they are more likely to be using government assistance. Ergo, we don’t want the poorest and least educated reproducing at the greatest rate which is what we have now.

        11. Sorry, but in the case of Western nations, native birthrate is incredibly relevant. Westerners are in a steep decline world-wide, and while you might think that replacing us with every Sad Sack from Central and South America that creeps across our southern U.S. border in the dark of night is perfectly acceptable, I can tell you that my father, grandfathers and great grandfathers would have something to say about that if they could.
          And idiots always breed like rabbits, no matter where they originate. That Truth will never change.
          American Feminists and other Agendas will wipe out entire family lines if we don’t get busy.

        12. You apparently don’t realize that Western nations are under assault to intentionally dumb us down; institutionally, biologically and chemically. There are plenty of white, black, Asian, Native American and others that are equal victims to these trends. So, comparing our current state to 3rd World countries that aren’t the literal test bed for Globalist control mechanisms like the United States surely is, isn’t really much of a fair fight.
          But things are changing as more and more Westerners are taking the Red Pill and coming to grips with our stark reality. Funny thing about some folks: they bounce back with a vengeance (and gunpowder).

        13. I explicitly stated native birth rates are irrelevant to population figures- NOT the quality of the society where I already addressed your concerns.

        14. Immigration is no longer making up for low TFR in the US. All told even including immigration the TFR is below replacement as of 2011.

        15. The women all assimilate within a matter of a few years, not a few generations. They all become huge feminist bitches.

        16. Those countries only test the elites. Further, there is much corruption. Also, as an educator, the PISA is a racket like everything else. Expensive to administer and cares little about accuracy, e.g. It was mentioned that only half the kids take the test in Shanghai, which is used as an inaccurate proxy for China. PISA doesn’t care. It got its anti-American educator numbers.f

        17. It will keep increasing since we have non-existent immigration restrictions and the immigrants that are getting into the country are having large families.

        18. which is partly why we still see amazing creative stuff coming out of Japan. And, let’s be honest, out of Japanese men working on art, video games, movies, etc. There are plenty of creative women there too, but 99% male.

        19. Japan has very limited inmigration?????? Please, read a little more…More than 2 million Koreans, around 1.5 million Chinese do u think that it is still low???

        20. Net migration rate: 0 migrant(s)/1,000 population (2014 est.)
          Definition: This entry includes the figure for the difference between the number of persons entering and leaving a country during the year per 1,000 persons (based on midyear population). An excess of persons entering the country is referred to as net immigration (e.g., 3.56 migrants/1,000 population); an excess of persons leaving the country as net emigration (e.g., -9.26 migrants/1,000 population). The net migration rate indicates the contribution of migration to the overall level of population change. High levels of migration can cause problems such as increasing unemployment and potential ethnic strife (if people are coming in) or a reduction in the labor force,
          perhaps in certain key sectors (if people are leaving).
          Source: CIA World Factbook updated August 23, 2014.

        21. Not to mention America’s spit out babies like sunflower shells. America has a lot of problem’s, but procreation isn’t one of them. In fact, we’ll be overpopulated in several decades, prolly, because people can’t keep it in their pants; Or, at Least Take Precautionary measures… God damn my Phone.

        22. There is no such thing as “master race”. Only stupid people like you think that White people are the master race just because they look good on the outside, but in reality, the Chinese and Indians are of superiority against the White people. However, at the end of the day, no race is better than other, only superficial idiots who judge people by looks, discriminate by race.

        23. Actually, it is mostly women who have stopped dating and getting married in Japan to Pursue education and careers, not men. There are even advertisements and campaigns aimed towards women, attempting to convince them to become mothers and wives. Of course there are male exceptions, but primarily Japanese females are putting off marriage and child bearing because they enjoy the freedom of having a job and making their own money, and Japan’s job market is sexist towards women who have children. The way it tends to work is that a woman that has a career, and than decides to get married and has a child, ends up never being able to go back to work again. You have also forgotten to mention that men tend to neglect their relationships emotionally, and are away for many many hours. and women are left at home with the child, financially being taken care of, but emotionally extremely neglected. If you were told that you have two options, either be single but free to socialize, go on dates, have independence, or be trapped at home taking care of a child, and have a partner who doesn’t take care of your emotional needs and expects you to basically do whatever they want like a slave for the few hours that they are around, i’d assume you’d definitely pick the first option. Less women want to get married, because marriage has become extremely unappealing. Japanese men realize this, and they even created a group called ‘The National Chauvinist Husbands Association’. Here is an article about what REAL Japanese men admit is the problem:
          I think it is so interesting how so many men talk about how women need to ‘swallow the red pill’, and try to dish out all the blame and all the fault onto women, but can’t handle even a smidgen of blame themselves. I’d love to see a man take the role of lonely housewife for one year, emotionally alone, sexually unsatisfied, slaving away to the same person who you have built up resentment towards, and cleaning poopy diapers day in and day out, and then talk crap about women. Men and women both face problems. A person can believe they are superior, and walk through life thinking they are perfect and that everyone else should wipe their butt, But that person is going to suffer more than anyone else, because they will never make peace with problems that they contribute too, and therefor will always face those problems repeatedly.
          A good human being, male or female, is someone who can own up to their faults and contribution to the problems they face, NOT someone who shifts all blame onto someone else.

        24. I totally agree…the fact is that both men and women have a pretty shit deal in Japan post marriage.
          It just so happens that the man’s shit deal doesn’t change much by adding kids. A bit less drinking money perhaps and no whore money (if he’s so inclined), but since he doesn’t have to do much for the household the family part is pretty much no additional effort on his part.
          Having said that though, I’d argue that Japanese women have it quite good once the kids are in school. True being home with the baby all day long and isolated is probably not a lot of fun, but once the kids are old enough to be off at school, Japanese women (if their husband is making enough money that they don’t have to work part time) have loads of free time to hang out with their friends, go shopping, and do whatever they want once the house chores are taken care of.
          Also, once the kids are off to University the husband is still trudging off to work on a regular basis while the wife can go on trips with her friends since her house chore workload is much lighter.
          Once again, I’m not trying to say who has a better deal…I think both suck ass. Just pointing out that it’s all pros and cons.

        25. Your father’s father’s grandfather came with the boat to the USA… which was not their country… you should not get babies

        26. YES! it is, and this is why they udderly HATE foreign women, their competition, see as a man YOU ARE THE PRIZE, she’s just a weak parasite of udder disrespect. sting ’em and fling ’em like boogers, less they’re worth it and compatible… or as a hole for your cock because, you’re just a paycheck to them, they can’t raise nothing but problems. LQQK around. slut independent strong slut cock hopping no morals, values, respect, manners, brains… etc. = there’s your problem WOMEN NEVER CARE ABOUT NOTHING BUT GETTING WHAT THEY WANT.


        28. Wow, what’s with all the anti-woman tirades here? Was everybody abused by their mothers in this thread or what?

        29. If everyone was like you, the average IQ of Americans would have decreased by at least 30 points.

        30. Your delusions point to a complete disconnect from reality. Did you doctors increase your medications yet? Certain anti-psychotic drugs have adverse repercussions. Ask them to ensure you are getting the right dosage.

        31. 1. Can’t provide a single example to support his assertions.
          2. Thinks OTHER people are delusional.
          3. Hmm…

        32. Japan has limited immigration because they do not want it. Japanese people consider themselves to be superior to all other races and do not want to taint their “pure” blood with that of dirty foreigners.
          I’m not making this up. Go look it up if you don’t believe me.

        33. “No offense, but I’ll believe this kind of hype when I see a majority black country or a majority mestizo country that is actually worth living in”
          NOT POSSIBLE, since all of those countries have been thrown back into eternal inequality and progressively eroded by a WHITE ELITE… Not to mention the destructive and long-lasting negative effects of invasions by WHITE PEOPLE centuries ago.. Now go back to your car and keep filling its tank with gas made of oil stolen from Middle Eastern by Western “peace-makers”..

        34. “I can tell you that my father, grandfathers and great grandfathers would have something to say about that if they could.”
          “I have killed all that natives, the real owners of this land, and now i say that i´m the “real” american guy”
          Get your white ass back to Europe, scumbag, obese, ignorant, redneck bitch

      2. “Japanese women, bad as they are, are still better than their American counterparts, but their men are more beta relative to their American counterparts”.
        And yet you say that:
        “Japanese men are withdrawing from their Sexual Market in droves, a phenomenon we can see here in America, though not as dire…yet.”
        You are contradicting yourself.

        1. Do you even read, boy? It makes perfect sense.
          Japanese men are more beta than American men. So while their women are still better than ours, their men are so beta that they can’t capitalize and get any women. Thus, they become grasseaters; they withdraw from the market entirely, bewildered as to why women don’t like them, and doubtful that having one is really worth the bullshit anyway.
          What makes them beta? Japanese men are drilled from childhood to behave a certain way; be polite, honorable, chivalrous, etc, and they’re told that if they behave in such a way, women will like them. In other words, they’re blue-pilled to the fucking max, far more than even American men.
          Guess what? Women in a modern, Westernized country like Japan don’t like men that behave that way. So while their women are of higher quality relative to American women, the men themselves are even MORE beta, MORE inept with women, MORE blue pilled relative to American men.

        2. I slightly disagree that Japanese men are more beta…How beta they are is much closely correlated to income than it is in the west.
          In Asia if you have money, you are money. They have plenty of swag if they work at the right companies and/or have the right positions in life.
          Additionally, there is no stigma to banging whores…and in fact, it’s a fun group activity for the boys. Certainly more fun than watching sports with the guys.
          As such, they have plenty of sexual outlets, and basically no reason to chase after “real” women. They’re sexually isn’t shamed the same way it is in the West, so they are much more free to get their rocks off without supplicating to women.
          The other thing is that the West messed up the trade-offs that traditional societies provide.
          Men work hard, hold down a job, and you get an attractive, young wife who does her best to make you look good while taking care of the family and household.
          You’re not expected to get more out of the arrangement than the satisfaction of family, and both you and the wife can get your rocks off elsewhere if you are so inclined.
          In the west you get a good job, work hard, and you get a fat, old wife who seems to be in competition with her friends to show how independent she is by how terrible she can look, brags about the hot guys she used to bang when she was young, cuts you off from your friends, and heaven forbid you go elsewhere to get the loving you’re not getting at home because then massive shaming and divorce will ensue and she takes half your money.
          In Japan, you keep your money and you lose the kids, or you stay married and keep the kids. Seems fair to me.

        3. So when American men withdraw from their sexual market in droves they are red pillers MGTOW. And when Japanese men do the same they are the epitome of beta blue pillers. Makes perfect sense to a mountebank. But not to me.

        4. Look at their respective motivations; the MGTOW withdraw in indignation and disgust. They have opened their mind to the truth, they have had their fill of Western women and the system and society that enables women to abuse men with no consequences. Their withdrawal is an act of defiance. They will not be made an indentured-cuckold servant. They remove themselves from the dating market and laugh at all the women lamenting the lack of “good men”, and go about making their own way in the world.
          The Japanese Grasseater withdrawal is an act not of defiance and disgust, but more of submission and surrender. Like I said, the MGTOW, Manosphere, and Game are the reactions of Western men, not Eastern.
          The same reaction with different motivations and emotions behind it.

        5. I don’t you know what you are talking about. Men don’t do these for women, they do them for their families and eventually their careers. To be polite, honorable and chivalrous are the marks of a civilized human being. Men who base their manliness on their appeal to women are, to me, pathetic.

        6. “…you keep your money and you lose the kids, or you stay married and keep the kids.” We used to be that way here. Didn’t work so well.

        7. Thus, Japanese men withdraw into subcultures like manga, anime, and porn, because they’re completely inept with women? Is that a fair conclusion to make?

      3. Bro, there isn’t a developed country that has fertility rates above replacement. We’re all gonna die out one day.

      4. manga style. email
        the woman does not know what the reality is.
        in the beginning we do not allow it (the Stone Age)
        at this time we are just like them.
        we are weak.
        but the weird thing is that we are not because we are born as a man is not the same as a woman, no we are moor we are 30% moor muscles bone. than that of women.
        let us make weak by this living together.
        Of course, they grow like us but muscle.
        never like us. or bone
        we are much stronger than them because we are as a man made more stronger.
        made to ensure that we continue to exist as a human being.
        that they do not want to understand and will never understand that and when that time comes, they’re never ready.
        to live on.
        and survive.
        because they know what is love and happiness self-improvement and self-survival, only if necessary.!
        that is a lot but not enough for when it really comes to the end.
        the time we have to fight to stay alive in our world.
        and this time really will come is maybe not today and maybe not in 100 years, but when that time comes.
        are we stronger or will we die by the woman.
        who does not want propagation.
        at this time or in the time to come.
        we will be with them all. We have done this for nothing. in time. of. the. men.
        will come to an end.
        and life will be over for us all.
        from adam and eve. to life on earth no more

        1. okay i have a regular girlfriend not a girlfriend but a regular girlfriend who is Japanese.
          and what I learned from her.
          is that Japanese women.
          plans everything a year in advance.
          So what they’re going to do that year.
          to make this year like she wants it.
          this friend of mine wanted to get her boyfriend back by me to go to bed with her.
          I almost fell for it
          but luckily her friend was like a brother to me I had known him for a long time already on my 10th. birthday we met and from that time we are. friends like brothers.
          I saw in her eyes that she just wanted to get back at him.
          she was almost naked under me. but that was not enough to break the bond with me and my friend.en destroy my friend.
          So at that time I took distance from her and Told her that this is not what I want from you.
          and from that time I’m alone and would have nothing to do with such people.
          fuck off where are those women who really believe in love.
          and believe that you have a relationship for life.
          to make each other happier to
          I saw such things still in my grandparents’ time, but at this time that no longer exists.
          how pathetic is that

        2. that friends can be friends forever.
          and the love of a woman and a man takes no longer than a few years is disgusting.
          in any place whatsoever in this world.
          I’m still rather be alone.
          than 3 times in my life to get married.
          with someone who is not worth it.
          would rather die alone.
          then I have to deal with that

      5. Everyone’s birth rate is dropping. Its not about sex, its about the ability to sustain a country.

      6. I guess that would explain all those “sex” dolls they are making and look like “real” women; no headaches and nagging or playing games.. Many men are not really withdrawing from the “relationship” market; they are looking for women that still have a mindset that the “man” in her life is her companion and not some one to be manipulated or controlled through the one most important aspects of any relationship – sex. I have found for me the two most important aspects of any relationship is communication and “sex”.. Men and even some women do “mess around” for the sex; though that appears to some to be the main reason; it usually is not. When infidelity occurs in a relationship the man or woman is not getting something important from their current relationship. When they are with that “other” person it is more likely they feel good; feel better and “happy”. I do not about what other guys think; but for me I want a woman to be upfront and truthful as I expect her to want to same from me. To really talk and know each other, NOT to manipulate each other as is happening far too much today. I have heard numerous women complain where have all the good men gone; they are there; but the women are so into the manipulation game any “good” guy even if they were standing in front of them would run screaming away as fast as they can. Women want that “bad boy” because they perceive the “good boy” as boring; but that is a whole different subject in itself.

      7. go to eurocunt where they just ACT (like the rest of the gals in the world) like they’re actually “human”. gotta suck going into heat every month and then coming up with some delusion publicly to deny it. nice world men, that cunts are tearing down. remember, Babylon IS A WHORE… the whore’s system of ignoring this life and it’s purpose in the pursuit of plastic profits. leave the scum to the scum, unles you’re scum of course! ” )

    3. 5) During sex, she loves being dominated. Wants to be choked, called a slut, loves rough sex, etc.
      Absolutely every Asian woman I have spent more than one night with ends up asking me for this… I don’t get it? Are all Asian women like this?
      Not that I mind… just curious…

      1. It’s is quite rare for Asian girls to ask for anything, especially in the bedroom…the ones you were with are either Asian-American or have a lot of experience dating foreigners.

        1. Nope… all were Asian Asians…. and only one had ever dated a westerner. I know what I am talking about in this particular area. Maybe you just have to take them to that next level before they ….. ?

        2. This is really, very unusual.
          Not that they enjoy being dominated…that’s normal. That they requested it is really surprising.
          Having said that, I’m mostly talking about Japanese, Korean, Taiwan and mainland Chinese girls.

        3. My experience is with Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and Malaysian women. It didn’t occur the first time, nor even the second time but if we were together for more than a few times they all started to lean that way and once they started down that path, they would ask for it.

        4. I have dated some Chinese girls, and they really request for it and they don’t care if you are good or bad. I don’t know about Korean and Japanese girl, but Chinese girls usually request you for sex and they ask directly for it

    4. The passive aggressiveness you talked about is common with women in general, but it is an aspect of Japanese and Asian culture in general because being direct isn’t allowed like it is in the west.
      Really you are supposed to understand what she wants without her having to tell you, and if she’s mostly dated Japanese then that’s what she’s accustomed to.
      Once you get to know your Japanese woman well, her “passive aggressive” behavior means that you can pretty easily resolve problems without having to talk about them.
      It’s not an indication of weak character like it is in the west. It’s a way of preserving smooth relationships ties.

    5. japan is far more progressive than the united states with social welfare. you’re saying she doesn’t believe in any of that?

    6. Nobody wants to be choked. You think that is what she wants? You are a fool. Let her choke you, no, really choke you, like you do to her and see how long that lasts. You my friend will end up life lonely.

      1. The issue is not whether some people want to be abused (it does happen, and it is a disorder – masochism). The issue is why do you want to choke a woman? Why do you have the impulse to harm/frighten women? The sadism is a disorder as well. Yes, it exists too – for both genders. But it IS sickness, and reflects your degree of objectification of women. Get help.

    7. There goes the unchecked mental case he talked about, has she disappeared yet?

    8. Wants to dress like every other girl in Asia these days–short, revealing shorts. I tell her any girl that wants to be my girlfriend will not dress like that in public. She resists, but eventually acquiesces, albeit resentfully.
      Well aren’t you a charming, controlling asshole.

    9. the only thing that changes is the faces, the places and the scenery… men are their purpose for a purpose and a means to their ends… literally. but good for you for finding a gal THAT RESPECT YOU. but don’t be scared to walk away if and when you need to – avoid the emotional Venus Gap Traps… all women are parasites. ” )
      PS: sperm is what is you, your brain and your backbone… didja know that? THANK YOUR FATHER… and your mother if she’s still around! ” )

    10. Wow, you seem like such an unpleasant person. You think that women are bitches – does that make you cool? Like super gangsta? And seriously, she doesn’t like the rough sex. No one likes to be called a “slut” – she’s just doing it to please you. I honestly have no idea why… Would you like if she called you a “limp dick” during sex? Or if she called you a “dirty bitch”? Probably not :/ Would you like her to choke you? But luckily, if you keep up with these attitudes, you’re going to get fucked when you get married. You’ll end up with a very resentful woman who will make your life hell!! Why don’t you try to show some respect? The big problem is that it’s people like you who disrespect and belittle women that have caused the feminist revolution. Congratulations that you’re going to spread it to Asia too…

    11. take it or leave it, lol…we can’t find the perfect person. we just need to find a person who is perfect for you 🙂 hope you two are already married!

    12. Just wait… they’re all kitty cats like the author sez, then once they have the power… Claws come out!
      People don’t realize, Japanese men have given up on Jap women for a reason… they’re not stupid, and they are extremely horny…

    13. Wait what kind of human being doesn’t close the door when they poop? I’m baffled that that is even one of your expectations, do these women get turned on being watched while pooping?
      Also women fart and burp openly who have you been dating? Jungle girl?

    14. your girlfriend sounds like she has princess syndrome. You didn’t mention the part about her expecting you to foot the bill….ALL the time. Is she ever gonna work once you get married? And that number 4 on the differences list is really creepy. Your woman sounds like a japanese carbon copy of a stepford wife. What kind of weird ass man wants that?

    1. He doesn’t have a ‘tiny’ cock.
      The failproof method to teach a woman a lesson who calls your dick as ‘tiny’ is to wear a ribbed condom, and simply ram it deep in her butthole without any lubrication. Don’t go slow. Just keep pumping her, till she farts and craps in pain.
      No woman ever complains a dick is ‘tiny’ when she gets it in her ass unpreparedly, and that too without lubrication, and that too roughly. Even if the dick is your average 5″ in length.

    2. Did we get some nigroid spillover into this article from Athlones usual monthly race-bait article? What did I miss here…?

  17. I remember meeting another Westerner while in the Philippines who had been married to a Japanese woman. He said something about having to sleep in another room after she had children (she sleeps with the baby and the husband has to sleep elsewhere). Sex became rare with this arrangement. Not sure how common this problem is, but it isn’t the first time I’ve heard it.

  18. …and this is what I exactly mean when I previously said, “The Japanese Carnation will go the same path as the English Rose.”

  19. Oh, the greatest thing about Jgirls – CLEAN! No STD’s. You could raw dog all of Honshu without catching anything worse than crabs.

    1. I know a guy that married a Japanese woman here. She was an elementary school teacher. She gave him herpes, and cheated on him with multiple other men, two of which were married themselves.

      1. a lot of foreign bumbs from teh third world go to japan to clean up at universities.heard of a guy that got HIV from a girl in the lanugages dpt in kansai. Internationalization, now of non-Western elites, has brought large vectors of STDs.

  20. “Japan doesn’t really have a mental healthcare industry”
    No shit. You can judge a cultre by its pornography. In such case, Japan wins easily as one the sickest country on earth. Closely followed by Germany in 2nd place.

    1. SO true. The Japanese are easily the biggest sexual deviants on the planet, followed closely by the Krauts. WW2 really ruined these nations.

  21. In my experience Japanese women are like the Holy Grail from the third Indiana Jones movie.
    See the grail was real and worked, but you could not take it out of the place where it was being kept.
    Thus if you take the Japanese woman out of Japan, she, like the place in the movie, falls apart.
    Once you bring them to the USA, not only is the mental infection going to turn her into a dragon lady, but the GMOs and high fructose will wreck that body too. Now you got a yellow fatasaurus instead of a white one.

  22. Women are women no matter where. Asian women are not better than any other women. They are the same. I will go even further, they are worst. I went to japan a few years ago and I was terribly disappointed. I had yellow fever and I can surely tell you not anymore. This meme says all you need to know.

    1. True and untrue, fair and unfair. The school girls tend to look more like the bottom half of the picture, but they’re in junior high and high school. Around Shibuya Tokyo area they’re all in their best get up with extreme makeup, fake eyelashes, contacts, nails, hair, etc. and they tend to be very sexy.

        1. if those girls were white,even the top one,they would be considered 4/10s.yet men who like asian women would see them as hot.

        2. Talk about cherry picking. Four uglies and four in some gaudy subculture that would probably look decent if they didn’t have spray-on tans.

        3. Roflmao, plz stop lol. I am trying not to laugh but those pics are so far from what anyone would picture that i can’t help but laugh.

        4. That is the reality. I can promise that he didnt even took the worst girls here XD. If you like Asian girls I would recommend Taiwanese. Taiwan girls are thousands of times prettier than Japanese

        5. Your average japanese girl looks nothing like this. You have found some of lowest quality ones on the net.
          But if you seriously want to see hot asian girls. Go to Taipei, Mongkok, Orchard Road,..etc.

        6. Because the men with yellow fever are the male equivalents of mudsharks. And mudsharks are mentally ill.

        7. I guess your mom dropped you on your head as a baby so that’s why wou have issues.
          Guys who like Asians are the same as guys who like blondes, or brunettes or something like that. Mud sharks mate below their own genetics, which is different.
          And the chicks in that pic are all a ton of fail, I very much doubt any white guy would go for them. That said its a rare club of fail, I don’t think I have ever seen a girl that ugly in Japan myself, and I’ve seen thousands upon thousands of them. I have seen like maybe 5-8 chubby ones, but generally Japanese girls are 6-8.5 range almost all. Very few real lookers(9-10) and they tend to be hostesses or tv stars/idols, but I would not recommend marrying above an 8 anyway.

        8. Yawn. You can make excuses for being a mudshark all you want but, at the end of the day youre no different than the White hildabest who cant get a white man so she goes native.

        9. In other words you don’t have an argument so you just repeat yourself. Weak.
          It takes a lot more to bag a Japanese girl than it does a western one. Western pussy takes all of 2hrs max in a week day to score, Japanese from here takes a fat bit more effort and money, plus they actually care if you have a proper job, tattoos/other freakshit etc.

        10. Listen, you’re a mudshark. If you’re fine with that, then hey you do you. But, mudsharking is for the weak. Or for Swedes. Which is maybe the same thing.
          And telling me how hard it is to bag Japanese women relative to Western women means little. Yeah, there are tons of slutz here. So be a man and find a quality one like many of us have and have kids that carry your lineage. But, I’m guessing that this will go over your head.

        11. You are as dumb as a box of rocks obviously, and your attempt at shaming or whatever it is you think you’re doing is pathetic.
          I’m already married to a better girl than anyone realistically can find in the west. And yes we are having children too.

        12. Uhuh. Non White children which look nothing like their forefathers. You must be Swedish. As most Swedish men have become laughing stocks in comparison to the rich history of Swedes of yesteryear. Rock on mudshark.

        13. That is Adolf? Lol ok, well but I still think he’s as dumb as a box of rocks :-).

        14. I mention the Nazi bit because he’s an obvious racist (since when is going with an attractive, intelligent Asian woman “mudsharking”?) and believes in all that conspiracy crap involving Jews. And of course, the Hitler avatar. So as is typical with that lot, just a hateful idiot.

        15. A Swede cuck and a Jew talking up the merits of mudskarking with Asians. What a shocker! Do you even know where the term mudshark came from?
          And Nazi’s were evil. Berry berry evil. Just look at baby Adolpho, he looks evil. Not like that Merkel lady who is just awesome!

        16. Nope. But, nice original try. What else you got? And look around every where you go, people are waking up.

      1. Here’s a collage of the majority of what I experienced in Tokyo this past January. Granted, it was winter cold and windy. Despite the conditions, 95% of women, excluding the elderly, smartly dressed. I took these pictures shopping, walking to the train station in Shin-Yuriasu, and walking around Tokyo Disney (where is the only place I saw school-girls, which is exactly what there were, tween and teen school girls). Yes, a significant number of girls walking around all day at Disney dress in skirts and heels.
        You be the judge, but this is my reality is this, at least in winter in Tokyo.

        1. That is the reality. Just take a look at Tokyo and then at Taiwan. The difference is absolutely evident. Japan is famous for many things that they shouldnt. “Paradise of technology” while they are OUTDATED and having being surpassed by the Chinese by FAR. “PAradise of the beautiful girls”; the ugliest in Asia…

        2. I agree, but they are usually too easy and although they are hot when they are around 20, I think they get old much sooner than girls in other countries. personally, my favorites are the Taiwanese, especially after living two years in Tokyo. I mean, girls are just the UGLIEST here

        3. My friend swears that Tokyo has the hottest Asians. He went there for 2 weeks and not he’s crazy. Thing is, he’s used to picking butt ugly girls, so I guess it blew his mind when he could chop average chicks.

        4. I dont know exactly which part of Tokyo did your friend visit, but I have been living in Tokyo for more than two years and I have visited almost every point inside the JR line, and many others outside of it, (apart from clubs). Before, I used to live in China (15 months in Fuzhou, 15 months in Beijing and 8 in Shanghai) and I think that Chinese girls are thousands of times much prettier than Japanese. I think that Japanese girls have very good marketing due to lolitas, anime culture and “kawai” girls such as AKB48 and so on. But in 2 years I havent found any single girl who is more beautiful than most part of the girls I saw in my visit to Wuhan, Guangdong, Shanghai or Taiwan

        5. I think he just has it in his head that Japanese girls are the hottest and he doesn’t want to see reason. To him, there are no ugly Japanese girls in Japan. The only ugly Japanese girls are outside of Japan. He’s crazy.

        6. I mean, it is a question of taste…Personally, I dont think Japanaese girls are beautiful, even within Asia, and so did my father when he came here. However, some factors might affect to the point of view of someone, I guess. Anyway, you should ask your friend to go clubbin on Taipei, hahaha

        7. Bitch, you need to shut up. Before you smacked the fuck up.

        8. damn, a lot of them are pretty damn hot. And their older than 25 looking too. Very sexy

        9. I don’t know man, dem phillipino women are damn sexy too. Probably because they have spanish and native in them.

        10. Loll what are you talking about? Jap girls are severely overrated, imo. They also tend to have awful teeth.

        11. Perhaps, but to my French self, it isn’t appealing. A gross mouth does not entice me to kiss it.

        12. Don’t be jealous. Maybe you are lucky and will find your creep, too. Good luck!

        13. Yeah I was reading an article on about despite Tokyo being the central technological hub of japan, majority of its residents in JAPAN overall are severely behind the technological times. They still use fucking Walkman, and not the new ones that uses MP3 players, we’re talking cassette Walkman. Fucking nuts man. Damn media and their misleading advertisements.

        14. As far as girls, it’s a real crapshoot IMO. I think the biggest reason is that Taiwan is a lower economic country but their women are naturally beautiful and don’t rely on makeup which helps them a lot. Japanese women strive to be like white people and will do ANYTHING to considered beautiful and are quick to get plastic surgery, cake up on the make up and all that. And they have the money for it. Plus they like being white as snow and hate the sun, which isn’t very healthy while someone in Taiwan or the Philippines don’t shy away from the sun and gives their skin a healthy glow.

        15. Look at all the upvotes Leah got on her snarky comment. It appears quite a few other feminists are here lurking, and probably getting turned on by the comments of real men.

        16. I agree. The Chinese all look like Moe. About the only Asian I can tolerate are Hawaiian. Asian’s really only good as part of a Hispanic mixture.

        17. ” majority of its residents in JAPAN overall are severely behind the technological times.”
          And this a problem how??? That’s actually a positive factor.. Traditional lifestyle kicks ass any day, tired of those Western zombies who can’t take their eyes away from their iSh%ts

        18. The Western pursuit of aesthetic perfection dates back to Ancient Greece. Sculptures from that time & place convey a sense of beauty based on perfect proportions. Even today there is still a predilection among many Western men for the “perfect woman”.

      2. How much of the ‘hot factor’ in japan is exquisite make-up and fashion? Take away all of that (american women dont even try anymore) and you get a vacuous, flat body, but polite fit chick.
        In some ways I feel I was jipped by the Japanese girls and the American girls.

        1. Like anywhere, the range of women goes from total trolls, to totally stunning unless you happen to just not like Asian girls.
          Because you’re in Japan though, you don’t have to eliminate 50%+ of women for being overweight, AND bonus…even when you know a girl is only a 6, because she’s fit, dressed up, with her hair and makeup done, you still want to bang her.
          OH, and did I mention she’s likely to be a sweety?
          Sure, recognize that she’s giving herself lots of extra points, and hold out for better, but in the meantime, the world is a much more beautiful place with average women looiking HOT!

        2. American men also look like shit, so get over yourselves. You all stopped trying much longer ago than the women.

        3. Hoho isn’t that the truth?
          American men are whiny, affeminate, bad-dressers, and can’t treat their women very well. Yet all the blame goes on the woman despite both sexes having their fair share of problems.

        4. A straight-shaped body should be a deal breaker.
          Well I guess Western society pre-1920s it would be a serious deal breaker.
          Oh, how I miss the standards of women with corseted shaped bodies.

        5. Let’s see what you look like?? That’s what I thought. Sure sound tough behind a cat avatar.

        6. Yeah, but to guys looks makes up much less of their total value though right ?

        7. American white men you mean. Even in the hood, many of the young black brothers have muscles and still eat whatever they want. Not many “all american” men can do both.

      3. Yeah, unlike American women, most Japanese girls are busy enjoying spending time with their friends laughing and studying in high school instead of competing to be the high school blow job queen.
        They usually don’t start really dating much until they’re past 18 and in university or working.
        There is also a large class aspect to this as well, with working class girls(who invariably speak no English) dating(having kids and marrying) sooner than middle and upper class girls.

        1. Your dumb black ass needs to just shut the fuck up.

        2. what’s wrong with you? he was just talking normal! do u even understand english?

        3. Talking normal? Silence! I understand English just fine as you can see, quit it with the bullshit immature remark! He was talking nonsense! Just remember, I’m the one who’s Japanese. Therefore, my opinion trumps and invalidates anything you try and retort. Including that deluded black asshole.

        4. Talking normal? Silence! I understand English just fine as you can see, quit it with the bullshit immature remark! He was talking nonsense! Just remember, I’m the one who’s Japanese. Therefore, my opinion trumps and invalidates anything you try and retort. Including that deluded black asshole.

        5. I love Japan and your culture! I love so much anime! Cheers from Denmark I hope I will meet a Japanese girl.
          “Talking normal? Silence! ”
          I just love the way you express yourself. 🙂
          Have a nice day.

        6. Don’t mention it 😉 Glad to be of service.

        7. I have a low tolerance for ignorance as it’s just rampant on here.

        8. If you think Arkadiusz is bad, foreigner otakus are even worse. Their entire image of Japanese culture comes from anime and manga. If they say at the beginning that they’re huge fans of either of those things, avoid such people as much as possible.

        9. must be a real shell shocker when Otakus come to japan looking for big busty Japanese women and see a bunch of flat chested women. I think even anime likes to give their characters western features. Big ass eyes, colorful ass hair and big ol’ zesty chesty. But the skin ALWAYS remains as pale as a ghost…except when they want to intentionally make a character stand out then the skin is slightly darker.

        10. The other thing the Japanese don’t tell you is that anime and manga are meant to be caricatures of white people (especially white Americans). When the Japanese first started making anime in the 1960s and 1970s, most of the shows hyper exaggerated white people’s mannerisms and appearances.
          The Japanese also don’t tell you how much they hate otakus in general and how otakus are avoided and shunned for their bizarre behavior.

        11. Can’t say I blame the hate of Otakus. They have no sense of reality and think their view of japan is the right one and Japanese people can do no wrong. I was ALMOST like that but I was too poor when I was a child to afford a PC to keep up with anime and manga. So I just studied the history, and boy what a wakeup call that was. While I’m sure the anime and manga of the 60s and 70s was probably meant as propaganda for promoting hatred, I don’t think it’s like that today. I think they really either admire european looks (blonde hair especially) or just want to create a totally wacky character with no ties to any nation.

        12. And the Cuck of the Month award goes to….
          Arkadiusz the bitch from Denmark

      4. Fewer dogs in Kyoto. Just passed through in a tourist context, so I might have just gotten a biased sample, but that’s more or less my takeaway.
        They are definitely modernized, though. Nothing quite so incongruous than visiting a pristine shrine and seeing cute Japanese girls in kimonos taking selfies to post on Instagram.

      5. In Japanese public schools, the rules state that girls have to wear uniform, avoid wearing cosmetics, and maintain their natural hair color, which is usually jet black. Once the girls become adults, though, things change and you will see plenty of Japanese women with make-up, alluring attire, and dyed hair.

    2. They’re called models, dick. Every country has them and the men and women of the country probably don’t look like them.

      1. Shut the fuck up, bitch. We’re not all models. You don’t speak for me you cunt.

        1. damn that’s a long as name for nothing. ANYWHO, models are scrawny stick figures anyway, and that’s gross. I want a nice (not fat but not anorexic either) looking japanese women who is older, makes her own bread and can give me emotionally fuelled romance. Does such a japanese women exist (because right now, dem black and spanish are de creme del crop)?

        2. We don’t take kindly to niggers and spics. You’re my name translates to “I will fuck you up” and you’re wrong. Anybody’s skin that resembles the color of shit basically already tells me what kind of person you are:
          A piece of shit.

        3. Well I guess your right then. Japanese women are some shallow-ass, narrow-minded bitches. Probably explains why your alone. And these are your own words btw

        4. I’m getting married in November. Nice try, asshole. Might wanna read that again btw.

        5. Don’t listen to her. She’s probably not Japanese because she doesn’t write Japanese like a native at all…way too stilted.
          If she is, she’s a rare type of the most vile Japanese girl. I’ve never even met one that mean and I’ve been living there since 2000.
          Japanese women are some of the least racist, women in the world. They don’t care what country a guy comes from and they don’t really care about money either.
          They may not make good wives by western standards, but they are great girlfriends and mothers.

        6. I can’t because you deleted your comment. Perhaps you realized how awful that statement was and are trying to make japanese women be seen in a better life. Your a pretty terrible liar.

        7. Aww man, I need more than just a mother because I can be a good father no problem. Maybe the older women who were passed over for being…older will do. I do love me some 30+ year old women ^_^

        8. Well said, I’m happy I married a Japanese girl. She doesn’t work I think would be the biggest difference to a European girl. But it’s good like it is, for me.

        9. Japanese women are some of the least racist?…Yeah, if you are Japanese or American, they are not, but if you are from any South East Asian country or from Europe, they think you are an inferior. As per being “good gfs or mothers” I would say it is arguable. personally, I dont think that a person who is whole day at home without a job, brain-washing her own kids so that they can think and act as SHE wants instead of teaching them to be independent and have their own way of thinking, personally I dont believe is very good. Additionally, teaching children to act like robots and to hide their real feelings only causes a repression of the own feelings that in many cases explodes in girl disturbers or in a person unable to get adapted to the society, so throwing himself to the subway rails, (something that unfortunately happens almost EVERY day in Tokyo). As per being gf, I would say they are if for you being a good gf means hidding their real feelings and NEVER tell you what they really think, so when there is a problem, you only realize when she leaves your home and goes FOREVER without saying any single word, (just a cultural thing that is to avoid any conflict).

        10. So true.
          I lived in Japan for many years during my 20s. Was married for half that time.
          Don’t expect loyalty from jap women, nor the ability to learn from their mistakes and improve their behavior. (ok, maybe that’s universal).
          And, even if you’re married, if you feel that there’s a problem you almost have to beat the words out of them in order to make them tell you what’s wrong.
          They’re good looking at least, and they’ll jump on the chance for white dick like lions on a juicy steak. But when pumping-and-dumping on a massive scale is the only reason that you’re still in Japan, it gets old quick.
          If anyone is thinking of moving to Japan because of the p*ssy, I’m not gonna tell you it’s a bad idea, but do it in your early 20s, and plan on coming back to the real world sooner rather than later.

        11. Meh, it all leads to the same thing anyways, so it’s not an issue! Though a lot of the time they do enthusiastically say yes.
          Story time: this is how my fastest lay happened. I was in a club (I’m not a club guy, but I did turn into somewhat of a douchebro while living in Japan, and sometimes went along with my friends). Whithin 5 minutes of meeting this girl, teasing her and giving her the typical douchey IDGAF attitude (before I even had awareness of red pill ideas), I flatly said to her, in English: YOU, ME, SEX, OK? (playing the dumb foreigner who can’t speak japanese also works great, even if you’re fluent)
          I’m not joking, she immediately said “YES YES YES OK!” And off we went.
          I imagine that this type of scenario can be pulled off quite easily in Japan, especially if you are blond and have blue eyes, and moderately take care of your appearance. You will automatically be treated as the center of attention and the alpha.

        12. You found somebody stupid enough to marry you? Poor guy. I will pray for him.


      2. Lots of model-looking young people in Ukraine for what it’s worth, both men and women. The eastern Slavs are just very good looking people, at least until the hard drinking, pollution, and misery catches up with them when they get older.
        To be fair, I suspect Americans could pull this off too, if we were to lift weights more and eat less refined sugar. I’m old enough to remember the long-gone days when American women were probably the most beautiful in the world.

    3. I agree asian women are overrated and don’t, on average, look as good as what people idealize (especially koreans), but the worst? Get the fuck out.

        1. Agree. I fly to Taiwan all the time, and they are quite hot on average. And without the HK princess syndrome.

        2. Hehe the mainland ones are worse. They look terrific but their entitled attitudes are just insanity level, they are all only children.

        3. I respect your point of view, but I dont agree- i have had both Chinese and Japanese gf and I should say that although Chinese tend to be more childish, they are far more caring and nice towards their bf than Japanese that are far too cold

        4. Caring maybe, what put me off the most were the constant messages and getting accused of cheating if I don’t reply to all right away.
          I do think you have a point but I prefer a bit less fiery girls.
          Taiwanese seem more even keeled, but some of them can be weird too. One tried to chat me up in a buss while I was there with a Japanese girl. Right in front of her. This was in Kobe.

    4. I absolutely agree. Many people think that Japanese girls are beautiful, while they are horrible. Nothing compared to Taiwanese girls. For people who believes that Japanese girls are pretty, I just want to give you a suggestion, please visit Tokyo and Taipei, and after that say if you still think that Japanese girls are pretty

      1. They think that about Japanese women because of all the annoying fucking weaboos and Japanophiles who like anime and manga. Taiwan has no such equivalent subculture that beta white buys can latch onto to get that impression.

        1. Taiwan is becoming infested with japanese and korean subcultures, though it’s becoming a problem everywhere you go now.

        2. And where is the problem with this? Worse thing would be an infestation of western “culture”.. You know, stupid movies and pop “music”, disrespect for traditions and good manner, narcissism, wild consumerism, fast-food, pandemics of obesity, diabetes, and so on..

    5. Oh man, that’s funny right there. Couldn’t of been more on point.

    6. yuk, reality sucks. And the expectations look creepy as shit. Is there no middle ground here?

    7. I feel sorry to you. Hopefully you will have a successful of finding your other half..
      (sorry if my english isn’t good)

    8. not gonna lie….those are still my expectations….just with Japanese pop artist ^_^. I don’t mind “popping” an artist mwahahaha.

    9. I am Italo-American, 21 years old and considering to live without getting married. I live under the ideological pressure of a feminist left-wing sister who claims feminism is about equality. And my single mother brings in the wage as she has a job.
      The juridical system is inherently in favour of women and anti-men.
      Think a 100+ times before ever signing a marriage contract. It’s terrible I have to pretend to be a feminist and blue pill with my sister and family all the time. I am a thought criminal but I do not show it to my “family”. It’s frustrating I cannot speak my mind without harrassment. Nobody knows I am far right actually.
      I want to cultivate my masculinity despite the fact I live in a toxic feminazi environment.

    10. I currently work at a museum in NYC and I gotta tell ya….about HALF of the japanese tourist that come to America look just like the “your expectations” picture on the top there. I don’t see more fuglys than stereotypical japanese beauty.

        1. That’s true. After all, vacationing in Manhattan is very expensive. it’s like living in Tokyo to them. That’s why I’m vacationing in China. Much better bang for my buck and every girl will think I’m rich lol

    11. Women are women, true.
      I went to Japan a while back, affected by a mild case of yellow fever.
      A few more trips and I was sold, and imported myself a wife and am very happy I did.
      If you have unrealistic expectations, any place in the world will disappoint you.
      There are traditionally minded girls out in the boonies that will blow apart any western woman in terms of beauty, manners and being a good wife.

      1. I hope that importing statement was euphanism for “I fell in love with a japanese woman during my time in japan and WE decided to get married and she wanted to move back to the states with me”?

        1. Not even remotely close. I decided I wanted to see if a Japanese girl would be a fit for me as a wife, since I got along with the ones I had known then quite well.
          So I started chatting online with a bunch of Japanese girls and weeded them out until I had one who seemed serious and wasn’t flaky, then went to see her and later her parents, then had her fly over and married her.
          Falling in love is not what you start with if you have half a brain.

        2. ….damn I’m not sure how to respond. On one hand, you went through the motions to meet the parents to get approval, but on the other it seemed like you treat your wife like nothing more than a commodity. Why bother even getting married.

        3. Why? Children, that’s why. I’m not saying I don’t care for my wife etc, but that came afterwards through spending time together and living together etc.
          in Japan you don’t generally marry for love, but because you want a family and children. And the approval of the parents hinges on provider ability and background. You have to be a solid dependable guy who has a decent career to be seen as a good future husband. Keep in mind cohabitation prior to marriage is still uncommon and frowned upon by most. Likewise sex before marriage. I could have slept with her but decided against it.

        4. you can have children without getting married. Japan sounds like a real terrible place to live. No love in marriage? I couldn’t do that. And get approval from parents who’s minds are still in the 1800s? What’s the point of evolution of you can’t escape the elder’s mindset who’s stuck in the past? I don’t think I can do much more than vacation there if that’s the lifestyle of Japan that you’re describing.

        5. You can only have bastard children without getting married, something which is important in Japanese culture. I don’t know what my wife’s parents would have done if she had a child out of wedlock but at the minimum she would never hear the end of it.
          My wife and more so her parents are very traditional, but in Tokyo, Osaka etc, the big cities where there are foreigners, there are people with more western like ideas about marriage and love etc. just go to a gaijin bar in Roppongi and see for yourself. When I was younger I didn’t care about traditional ideas but as I have grown older I have come to understand and appreciate them much more. I’m happy to have found my wife, and that she is as traditional as she is, she has a nice solid living cultural heritage to impart on our children.
          People seem to think Japan is monolithic in all aspects but this is simply not the case. People in the countryside, especially middle class, tend to be about as modern minded as they were 100yrs ago or more. Not much has changed there. In big cities on the other hand there are lots of people who never visit temples, never follow traditions, and sleep around, cohabitate etc. Difference is like night and day.
          The other thing is that as a westerner chances are that you will never meet or interact with the really traditional people as they usually don’t go to the kind of places foreigners do, and most of them don’t speak English.
          It depends entirely on where you go.

        6. What if I speak Japanese and like to visit temples, not out of wanting to be apart of tradition, but because it’s fun. From what I understand, classic traditional Japanese people literally don’t want to expand their mindset and you have only said to me that one half of the country chose the Western route and just didn’t conglomerate ideas and the other half just never wanted to explore different ideologies. At least do so to understand your fellow man. Crap like that is what keeps stereotypes alive.

      2. Expatriating them from japan is probably the only way to cure them of the insanity of modern day Japanese culture. I’m glad it worked out: have lots of kids.

        1. One is on the way already, a boy :-). My legacy will live on hehe.
          But yeah I do think you will get a lot less headaches if you bring them home rather than move there.
          Plus it puts you in a position of power automatically which is never a bad thing with Asian girls.

    12. Around the world women are different, you need a balance. Russians and Japanese women that pretend to be passive, are extremely passive aggressive. I heard horror stories about passive aggressive chicks who look submissive. I am half Arab, from Taiz, so a woman warrior, but my mother is Russian. I made an effort to Yemenize her and it paid off. The best relationship is with healthy assertive people. My husband isn’t a beta loser, nor is he a jerk. Little girls go up to me and say princess, and all the little boys run to my husband. My husband is a Ukrainian tech guy who used to do security. We both have traditional family values.
      Aggression needs to go somewhere. You need someone who channels it in a healthy way – not aggressive like American women and SJWs, and not passive aggressive like Russians and Japanese, but assertive like Yemenis and Ukrainians. Most Yemeni and Ukrainians I know are happily married, divorce is not that common but I speak about what I know. In a respectful, religious, assertive family oriented society with traditional gender roles respected, military respected, you’ll have the best outcomes for finding a spouse.
      Due to the one child policy, a lot of Chinese women in urban areas are spoiled and can be more aggressive than American women. Philippina Catholic Asian women and Korean Christian women, and Indonesian Muslim ones have solid values and are good spouse material. They are not overly submissive or aggressive, but more centered. Each Asian country is different, what you should look for is religion, tradition, family values… but not in excess or it turns into passive aggression.

      1. “I am half Arab, from Taiz, so a woman warrior, but my mother is Russian.”
        What possessed your mom to marry a Yemeni? Was she Russian muslim.. i.e. Chechen or Dagenstani?

        1. She was from Moscow, a bl0nde blue eyed daughter of a Russian colonel. My father was a brilliant striking handsome young tan guy with dark hair. It’s genetics. People are attracted to genetic diversity. Dageanstanis are more attracted to blondes. Arab men go crazy over blondes, for Russian men in Moscow, blondes are common, nothing special, but that Cuban revolutionary hot latino, that they went crazy for back in the day.

        2. Soviets weren’t as bigoted as westerners are now. Why would a blonde blue eyed girl go for a tall tanned dark and handsome exotic man who treats her like a prince and brings exotic gifts in a boring town where nothing ever happens? And why would an Arab go for a blonde. Diversity breeds sturdier kids, inbreeding doesn’t but results in genetic problems. Are you from Appalachia?

    13. Im living with one now and exactly like you wrote. In the beginning she did everything nice to lock me down and once i moved in with her she became the worst girlfriend I’ve ever had. We still live together but always argue ( mostly her ) . But i dont put up with her bs and dont back down, which she gives the silent treatment for days and never ever takes accountability for her actions. I really can’t stand her and ready to leave her soon. Never again with a Japanese woman. 3 years of crap…

      1. Exactly the same for me. Thought she was great at first, then as soon as it became more serious she became an absolute nightmare to deal with everyday. Just as you said, “always arguing” about little things, “silent treatment for days”, “never ever taking accountability for her actions” etc…….Essentially like being in a relationship with an overgrown spoilt brat.

    14. It is funny because there is also that other yellow fever (virus). In my country, we call it Nippon Fever

  23. Japan has been an experimental playground for population control methods (feminism, birth control, etc.) since WWII by American NGOs such as the Rockefeller Foundation (read their annual reports from the era). Of course the side-effects of this campaign is the destruction of family life and the perversion of the male-female dynamic (through feminist brainwash, misogynist court systems, emasculation of men, etc.).
    They have been wildly successful, the population of Japan is going through a crisis of birth rate collapse. By 2050 the population is projected to drop from today’s 127M to 95M.

    1. You speak the truth. Your analysis would have made for a much more interesting article. Instead we got this piece of rehashed bullshit.

    2. That’s a good thing, the world is overpopulated and Japan very overpopulated for its size. With machines replacing a lot of human jobs they won’t have a high rate of unemployment and in a few generations their population will be in balance without having to import a lot of wogs who will ruin the country in the end. The worst that can happen is that a lot of older Japs will just have a slightly lower amount to live on without as many young to pay into pensions but it will be worth it to keep the population more homogeneous. The biggest mistake that the US colonies made was importing Black slaves which is coming back to haunt them;and not strictly enforcing immigration laws as they did a few generations ago. For the sake of cheaper labour that benefited a tiny group and Jews who wanted to dilute the native population the US will be finished in the future. Oh the land will be here and people will be here but the US as we know it will be gone.

  24. this is true. women are aweful everywhere. that’s why I’ve made the switch and only sex men

      1. very true! women just want men to be gay
        ive found in the animal species although a lot of animals do show homosexual behaviour, the female species of that animal is usually to blame! we need to show society we wont be made gay by feminism!!

    1. I’ve been thinking lately that there may be such a thing as “adaptive homosexuality”. One of the hallmarks of a societies downfall, particularly the Greeks and Romans it seems, was an uptick in the practice homosexuality, which, oddly enough, was also accompanied by the rise of Feminism in those societies.
      “Postumus marrying? You used to be sane; no doubt about that. What
      Fury, then, with her maddening snakes is hunting you down? Can you bear
      to be the slave of a woman, when so much rope is at hand, when those
      vertiginous top-floor windows are standing open, and when the Aemilian
      bridge nearby offers assistance? If none of these means of deliverance
      seems to have any appeal, don’t you think it better to sleep with a
      little boy-friend? A boy-friend doesn’t argue all night or ask you for
      presents as he lies beside you, or complain that you are not giving a
      hundred percent and are not producing the requisite panting and

      1. They want to guys to be fags, and fags without guns. All the resistance of a stick of butter to a bayonet.

      2. Juvenal also had some pretty funny things to say about gay guys. He targeted pretty much everyone.

    2. Good luck sticking your twinkie in a human petri dish. You are asking for infection brother.

  25. Silly article. These generalizations are much too broad. You cannot judge the entire society’s female population based on the behavior of one that you interacted with briefly.
    You essentially described the bad behavior of women in advanced industrialized nations worldwide. Nothing new here.
    A better article would have been about how Japanese women are culturally different, and the pros and cons of that.
    This article is just more pointless women-bashing. You met a shitty, dysfunctional Japanese woman and assumed they are all like that. Next her, find another one, and study her behavior. Continue the process until you meet a large enough pool of Japanese women to make a more broad analysis.

  26. Something the manosphere tends to say: submissive. From various blogs this can extend all the way from being very supportive to being docile and pet like. How is it being used here?

  27. It is women… One can’t trust them…
    Besides being pro East-Asian women, why do you need game for that? That makes game part in ROK useless because only thing you need is money…

    1. Tell us more about Asian women then, since you’ve so obviously never been there. You let us know. ‘No boobs’?…Hilarious. Visit Seoul or Shanghai in the summer time and let us know if you’ve reconsidered that. Sex isn’t taboo either. It’s just a more private deal.

      1. Yup…people think that if girls won’t let you tongue them down in public they must be prudes!
        Unlike western women, Asian women know to respect the “lady in the streets, freak in the sheets” maxim.

  28. I spent a year there from 2005-06. The author of this article is correct. Also worth noting is, that as much as they like to come across as being classy, some of the biggest sluts I’ve banged were Japanese women. The mental health issues are are major problem too… They are well concealed, but if you get involved, they do come to the surface. Watch your bank accounts too, shopping for designer goods on your dime, is a favourite pastime here. Still, given that no matter where you are, most women are the same, I’d still prefer a Japanese female over an American one.

  29. A friend of mine lived in Japan and claimed that women fuck around big time just like they do in the U.S, they just hide it a lot better. They tend to keep their options open and you really have no idea where you stand with them, particularly if you are a foreigner.
    I’ve never dated a Japanese woman but Chinese women can be real ball breakers if you don’t know how to handle them.

  30. Always take articles based on anecdotes and personal impressions with a grain of salt. I’ve been married to a Japanese woman for five years and my experience has been mostly the opposite of this. I’ll break it down:
    1. Docile and submissive? lol no
    My wife is definitely more submissive than any western woman I’ve dated. I wouldn’t use the term docile, but she is definitely very deferential toward me. She asks permission for EVERYTHING, even things like “Can I read a book?” or “Can I use the bathroom now?” It’s endearing and a bit weird at times. She isn’t afraid to disagree with me but certainly understands that I’m the head of the household and get the final say.
    2. No control over finances
    So this is true…for Japanese men. A lot of them DO let their wives manage the money. I do not. I manage all of the finances and give my wife an allowance (she is a full-time SAHM). This one is on you as the man to either just run shit yourself, or delegate finance management if you so choose.
    3. Extreme passive aggressiveness
    ALL women engage in run-of-the-mill shit testing. I’ve learned to handle occasional sarcasm and guilt-tripping with a bit of game. In my experience, you don’t need nearly as much game to handle a Japanese woman as a western one.
    4. Mental Health
    This is kind of an interesting criticism. It is true that mental health problems are viewed differently in Japan. I don’t know that the U.S. is better. In many ways we are a hypochondriac society, too quick to pathologize minor quirks. It goes without saying with any girl, get to know her well and be on the look out for any instability.
    5. Your children will be taken away from you
    There are a few sad stories of this. It has happened to a few western men. I can’t speak to individual cases, but it seems to be pretty rare. Certainly less common than western women divorcing and taking the kids + house + half your paycheck.
    6. Sex will be withheld from you
    Lol no. If anything SHE doesn’t get enough. Again, with Japanese guys, it may be different. Japanese married couples sometimes stop having sex completely once they have kids. It’s on you as the man to set the expectations and keep her satisfied.
    Japanese women aren’t doormats. If you’re a no-game slob hoping for some Asian hottie to jump on your dick just because you’re a westerner, forget it. That shipped has sailed in the developed Asian countries. You’d need to go to Thailand, Vietnam, or somewhere poorer for that kind of treatment. To get a quality Japanese woman who will keep you satisfied, you need to have your shit together and have a minimal amount of game. If you can manage that, she’ll make you much happier than any spoiled western girl could.

    1. Lots of fat and socially awkward white boys still go to Japan, thinking that because they’re anime and manga fans, Japanese people will like them. It’s funny how badly these types get embarrassed and humiliated:

  31. “I told her that I will do what I want with my money and that she has no business asking me about my financial assets.”
    If you’re married it is her business.

    1. And that is why you join the Yakuza. Her business becomes mob business. See how she likes them apples.

  32. I love how white guys say that any white woman that dates out of her race or dates exclusively men of another race is insane.
    But an asian woman that does it? Perfectly fine!
    Ask yourself this question, a woman that would bash her own race of men, hates them so much that she won’t even consider dating them, dates a man just for his color or status, is a good idea? Are you fucking kidding me? And the kids??!!?
    Elliot Rodgers was half asian and it’s not the first time I’ve heard of crazy half asian boys that wind up on drugs…. Or half asian girls that wind up dating thugs or in porn because of the racist nature of the parents relationship.
    I would give you my life story again how my mom destroyed us, destroyed my dad then pretty much killed herself and left us all alone because she was 100% mentally ill, dying her hair and contacts and whatever… But you guys have heard it a thousand times.
    My wife now never found interest in foreign guys. She really is loving and I tested her with male shit tests a thousand times over. Let me put it this way, if a girl goes out looking for foreign cock she’s probably not sane.

    1. By the way Chinese view the Japanese as barely above savages. Absolutely nothing in common with them and view them as repressed little shits. The image is that Asians are small and pathetic but that’s all from Japanese men who look like toddlers while all the men in my wife’s family are around 6’0″ and masculine. To me the Japanese are sick bastards who can’t express emotions but have such a perverted culture that women think it’s honorable to appear in porn and fathers think so as well. They are bizarre in all of their practices and seem devoid of typical human decency. While the Chinese might seem cruel the japs just seen devoid of any semblance of humanity.
      Koreans are admired by the Chinese for being good looking and clean. So there you go. But again, remember you’re dating out of your race and the same judgment you would apply to a white woman who did that probably apply as well.

      1. Lol I do not know any Chinese folks who think the Japanese are inferior, but they do stereotype Koreans as being into plastic surgery.
        Maybe some Chinese view Japanese as short but they also view people from some parts of China as short. My schoolmate, who moved back to Taiwan married a Japanese guy that lives there.
        BTW Johnny, you are considered a foreign guy not a local Chinese guy.

      2. Koreans and Japanese are ethnically identical as proven by DNA studies. If you want to get knifed tell either one of these nationalities that little fact. They hate each other with a bright white heat.

        1. The modern generation of Japanese young people don’t care about this. They’re pretty oblivious to the historical context.
          Many Korean young people don’t care either, but their culture works harder at keeping the hate going so it’s more prevalent.

        2. They are ethnically cousins but in no way shape or form are they “brothers”…
          One look at the difference in hair texture, eyelids, cheekbones and other features and it’s easy to tell.

      3. When I see Japan exhibiting the levels of corruption that seem endemic at absolute every level of chinese society, or basically eat anything that moves and have scarcely any value for life (and no, japanese treatment of whales and dolphins really does not compare to what the chinese do to just about every conceivable animal), I’ll believe that the japs are “devoid of any semblance of humanity.” And the chinese are just as short, sorry.
        Really, how can you even say such deluded shit? China is one of the most freakishly corrupt (and polluted and overcrowded) countries on the fucking planet, they have very little respect for life as a whole. Japan is worlds upon worlds above China, along with South Korea and Taiwan even Hong Kong chinese look down upon mainlanders. Look up a site like Chinasmack and try sucking off China with a straight face again.

      4. Yet chinese People have no basic hygiene.basic shit even africans do.northern chinese are filthy as hell.

    2. I think there are a good number of women who are obsessed with race and aren’t right in the head because of it…I also think that a woman who dates exclusively outside of her race raises some red flags.
      However, there are women, who don’t do it because they fetishize other cultures. They do it because they can get better foreign men than local men since standards of beauty are different.

    3. And then there are the half Asian boys who end up becoming Eddie Van Halen, and guys of all ethnicities who end up on drugs. But whatever, you know?

  33. As someone who lived in Japan for nearly a decade, I agree with the gist of this article. Japanese women are more fun to date casually than Western women, partly because they are more physically attractive, and partly because their “game” is to seem cute and submissive. If you play the game on their level, seeing them for what they are, it’s fine. But make no mistake, they are flighty and entitled, and they change overnight when married.

  34. And yet Japanese women are still better then western women. Just go to show what being told how special you are for having a axe wound does to your female population. They are women first Japanese second but the one I dated for a little while was far better then any of the Australian women I have gone on dates with.

  35. Right now I’m too drunk to read the comments, not kidding. But I know MUCH about Japan and Japanese women. My cousin is a bit of a pussy hound like moi. He has been in Japan for 15 years drilling white European DNA into Nippon cunts for a minute and acting like a rock star in the process.
    This article is my 2nd proof after that horrific last article ‘how the love of my life’ blah blah bunch of BULLSHIT. You wonder why CH readers surpass RooshV, RoK, et. al. because we don’t post speculative crap. We’ve BEEN THERE. We’ve done that. and we only correspond.
    Reinhardt embodies everything that Western Alphas rail against for EE retards. Busted betas think they can become alphas in eastern Europe and score model hot Slavic white bitches. Busted betas think they can go to SE Asia and act like the busted ass pussy betas they are and score the best that SE Asia has to offer. Guess what pudgy white guy? You are as unattractive in Eastern Europe as you were in the US or the UK. You are as unattractive in South America or SE Asia as you were in a western nation.
    You think women are not hypergamists the world over fucking think again.

  36. What is a paycheck but food and shelter? Do you think early man, having come back from the forest or field, bringing back an animal or rice, told his woman: hey wait, that shit is mine! I get to decide how to cut up that animal, and I will cook the rice! See how crazy that sounds? Mens job was outside the home, and having brought back what was needed, was turned over to the women of the household. Men didn’t hang around the kitchen to see how the resources were being used. Women’s job was to run the household. In exchange, women would never question what a man did outside of the house.
    You still see a bit of this in some traditional societies. Men bring home the paycheck. Women don’t question what a man does outside, whether it’s having girlfriends, mistresses or seeing prostitutes. I think it’s a heck of a lot more alpha to turn over your paycheck to your trusted traditional wife, who will deal with buying the kids uniforms, paying utility bills and making sure there’s enough detergent, leaving you to focus on the outside world of work.
    I can just picture some J man, on payday, after getting drunk with his male coworkers, and banging a prostitute or two, coming home, handing his wife the paycheck, with the understanding: “I trust your taking care of shit here”. And then eating the home cooked meal that was waiting for him. Better than being the western “SNAG” who does dishes and split’s household tasks 50/50.
    By the way, if you’ve spent any time in Japan, you know that married men do not lack in funds to pay for whatever whims or desires. The J man may turn over the paycheck, but he takes back the first cut.

    1. Indeed. Many Japanese companies let their male employees split their paycheck into more than one account. So when these guys get a raise they don’t tell their wives and deposit the difference in another account she doesn’t know about.

  37. As girlfriends Japanese women are the best, as wives depends on the woman but in my case I could have married an American woman and had a much better time.
    My wife is Japanese (born and raised in the Japanese countryside). My in laws are the nicest people I’ve met but none of that seemed to have rubbed off on to my wife.
    As a girlfriend: Breakfast in bed, sex all the time, brought over her female friends for dinner, etc.
    As a wife (10+ years): told be to die when I informed her I no longer had a pulse due to a heart arrhythmia. That she only wanted sex for procreation and after the second child was done with it. After loosing weight to deal with the arrhythmia told me I looked like shit, etc.
    So I’d say you are only half right, date but do not marry.

    1. Yup, all the reports say date but don’t marry, unless you have the Japanese mindset about marriage in which case, marriage with a Japanese woman is awesome.
      The tradeoffs are clear and known by the locals…hence the low divorce rate. They know what they’re signing up for.

  38. Something scary: Asian women have been castrating their husbands if they suspect them of cheating. And theyve been doin this way before Lorena Bobbitt made international headlines. There is a reason Asian women are nicknamed “Dragon Ladies”

    1. This is primarily a Thai thing…and it’s not castration because they don’t cut off your balls, they cut off your dick.
      In general Thai women are known to resort to violence when things don’t go their way. And this is for local Thai guys as much as for foreigners dating Thai women.

      1. “And this is for local Thai guys as much as for foreigners dating Thai women.”
        I knew that. Id still tread carefully if I ever took the cheating path.

  39. I just never got into japanese was impossible to get them to talk, and the passivity just bored me. My friend married one..and she fits this description to a T.

  40. Over my years of being single in Japan, I have some side really negative aspects of the Japanese woman.
    In no particular order:
    1. They can be shockingly selfish. Their feelings and pains are the center of their (and your) world, whereas your problems don’t exist.
    2. Lazy as shit. And whiny. They often complain about how difficult it is to do laundry (!). They cook dinner for you and then spend 30 minutes nagging for a compliment. Your praise is never enough.
    3. They will cut off their nose to spite their face. They may argue with you over the dumbest things, even when shown to be wrong. That train schedule is wrong and you’re a foreigner so you can’t possibly know the location of a restaurant (and so she will drive around for another 40 minutes).
    4. They seek the perceived kindness and chivalry of Western men but that can flip around real quick. If you don’t obey/agree with them, you become the stupid/disposable foreigner.
    5. They can be incredibly OCD/anal retentive/stubborn. Folding laundry or washing dishes the “wrong” way will result in them shrieking at you. The wrong way is anything 0.1% different from the way their mother taught them, AKA the Japanese Way of Folding Laundry. Not joking, ask any WM here.
    6. They live in a psychological vacuum. They are completely unaware and disconnected from the consequences of their actions. They are always right and yet they are permitted to fail and give up with no negative fallout. They can always move back in with the parents.
    I have also found Japanese women to be very sexy, charming, exciting but this article is a bit negative. Pity I missed the other article last year.

      1. Yes, but the levels were higher on all fronts. Much cuter and more feminine but also crazier and more selfish.

        1. I don’t think selfish is the right term…remember, no feminist movement here so guys are supposed to do certain things for girls and if you they don’t, women don’t get.
          They can’t sack up and do it themselves…also, they’re willing to do their part.
          Of course they expect you to do yours, but they won’t tell you what that is because that’s societies job and it’s not so specific to your likes…it’s general.
          As for crazier..that’s true. And it’s because they haven’t learned the “I don’t need a man” bullshit that feminists preach in the west.
          They’re crazy because they KNOW they need a man and that the clock is ticking to get a good one.

        2. The ‘crazy’ thing is due to a passive aggressive culture in some Asian societies, for example there’s is a Chinese term, sa jiao or I guess you could say whining in English. Where girls do not say things directly but you’re supposed to get what’s going on, because there is much more non-verbal communication.
          Also there are many unwritten rules like you have to be married before age 25 (not sure if this is true anymore) and that there are very different behavior or even grammar rules for men and women including stuff like gendered language in Japanese.
          Non-Western cultures are way more gender segregated. Like guys and girls don’t really hang out in social groups together. So they kind of develop their own cultures.

  41. I noticed this when I visited Thailand – the only real difference IMO between Western and Asian girls are less-overt bitchiness and a lot more openness to having a meeting with ya. Especially if you’re a western man. I saw plenty of passive-aggressive bullshit too.
    Women are women, you still need game no matter where you are.

  42. Korean Women are the same as Japanese women.
    When my Korean ex fiancée got the ring on her finger she turned into the most evil manipulative bitch on the planet. Thankfully I dumped her before we got married.

    1. Chinese women pull this too…they’re smart. They know it’s all about getting married and then they flip the script.
      Good you got out while the getting was good!

    2. korean and japanese society are diametrically opposed. thnk of korea as a post-apocylpitc shitty version of japan.

  43. After a communism my country economy was sucked up ones.I know punch of korean men or sometimes japanese or chinese men came and married to my country women.I think everything was because of race .i Guess.

  44. Hmmm…I would say to watch out for all women but the article is a little pessimistic.
    Granted you do have your grenades in Japan just like the Jersey Shore – I feel the grenades in Asia are far more obvious and easy to avoid than the ones in the good ole’ US of A.

  45. Lol! That’s what you assholes get for reducing women to racial stereotypes. I hope you all get fucked up by your girlfriends. 😀

  46. In “Extreme Passive Agressiveness”
    “I left out the house and never came back. Of course she called multiple times over the next several weeks wondering what happened to me, but I was gone for good.”
    but then immediately after in Mental Health,
    “There is also the chance of her pulling off a disappearing act, leaving you wondering what the hell happened.”
    LOL. That’s some outrageous double standards right there unless the author is infact a Japanese girl with health problems, in which case bravo for this self-critical essay, I wish you the best on your quest for mental wellness.

  47. In my opinion, women are all the same no matter what ethnic group they’re from. Some are just louder than others. Some are better at being a bitch than others. It all boils down to a primal desire to dominate their man in some way.

  48. Japanese women are perceived to be very good in all aspects……and have a very long tradition and culture.It is not right to generalise certain aspects which arise out of personal experiences as though it is for general population of japanese women ….In all countires plus and minuses exist in women.,and it applies to japanese women too.But over all they are supposed to be good in treating men with dignity and respect.

  49. I agree with most what you have written here. I have been living in China for some time and later in Japan, and it is incredible the difference because while Chinese girls are very direct, nice and they like talking frankly, the Japanese girls say everything is fine and try to avoid conflicts until the problem is too big to solve it. I don’t think Japanese girls are so good since they always see you as an inferior (except if you are from the U.S.), and they suppose that you are not good enough since you come from a “poorer” country than Japan, then they thought you are a kind of “bimbo” boy. I have dated Japanese, Korean and Chinese girls (now my gf is Chinese), and I should say frankly that the MOST attentive and nice girls without ANY doubt are the Koreans, then the Chinese (although they are too interested in the money and position you have) and then the Japanese, which at first sight seem so so nice, but actually they are not, and they are not seeing you even as equal level to them. I agree with you EXCEPT when you didn’t go to the market, because if my gf needs something at 4 a.m. I will go to buy it. I don’t think your reaction in this issue was good, either for a Japanese, Chinese or Western gf, at least, I wouldn’t act like that

    1. It’s true that Korean girls are the most attentive, but that often means they’re more like psycho stalkers, wanting to know where you are, who you’re with, and what you’re doing.
      So, this is the negative side of the attentiveness. And they tend to also be the most demanding in return.
      I’m quite surprised that you felt Japanese had the biggest superiority complex about their culture. I do think that they are the most stubborn to make any changes, but I think that inflexiblity is more about the general Japanese extreme fear of the unknown and not because of some negative judgement towards others.
      I also think that Japanese are by far the least racist of the three, and are the most open to dating whoever they have a good time with.
      As for the Chinese, I find that most guys have an easier time adjusting to dating Chinese girls than they do to dating Japanese and Koreans.
      I think you’re right that Chinese culture is a lot more direct than the other two, but I also think that Chinese culture because it’s so much more diverse, makes people there more flexible in general because identities are not nearly as constrained.

      1. I agree with everything, BUT with the part you say that the Japanese girls are the least racists I just agree in part. It is true that Chinese girls are more racist than Japanese ones BUT towards black people. I agree, that most Chinese girls dispise black people and they think that black boys are ugly (it’s not my opinion, it something I have been observing from most of the Chinese girls I know). On the other hand, maybe Japanese girls seem more friendly towards foreigners, but they in their inside, they are always thinking they are superior to you and they are more intelligent, EXCEPT if you are American (I am not, I am European).
        Of course this is an issue where many people points of view diverges, (as you do from me), because maybe our way of observing people might be different. However, for me, taht I have been living in both Japan and China, and working in both countries, Chinese people (in general) try to be very nice towards foreigners, and the bosses and girls are much more permissive with a foreigner’s mistake than even to their own people, while Japanese girls and companies doesn’t let you make any small mistake, they don’t want you to seem more intelligent than them and they dispise you. They are opener, more polite and their way of talking is humbler? Yes, but in their hearts they dispise much more foreigners than Chinese (girls, bosses…)

      2. The most open to dating? Sorry, but when I was in China I can date the girl I want, adn although they seem to be very closer, if you speak good Chinese, you will realize that it is EXTREMELY EASY to have a gf in China. However Japanese girls tend to be closer, even if you speak good Japanese, cause in Japan they tend to see foreigners as “people who is stealing their jobs” while in China they share EVERYTHING with you if you just can speak some words in Chinese (I can speak a lot).
        Also, the impression I have on Korea is that the girls aren’t open at all in the familiar circle, but I am not sure of their “nationalism” and dispise of foreigners because I have never lived in Korea, I can’t speak Korean well and I haven’t met many people there since I was there just for travelling. However the impression the people gave me, (specially in Jeju) was of very friendly people, (f.ex, after I have finished eating and without saying anything if my fod was 6300 they just asked me for 6000, some people will take me with their cars to the bus stop, since in Jeju sometimes it was hard to find one….), but that was my general impresion, so I am not sure how are Korean girls, and maybe you are true

      3. ..and if your honest and leverage technology to ease her worries about where you are — the it becomes moot point. If you cheat, or do questionable things then you will get what you deserve. Trust is earned not assumed as most Western men think. I remember dating a Japanese woman who asked me why is that men cheat and expect a happy outcome. The question eluded her for months.. Something that not even I could slake with words — only action.

  50. I dont agree when you say that you didn’t go to buy her some food, I think a real man should do that for ANY girl, African, Asian or Western. I think that day you were a little bit selfish. However, I think that Korean and Chinese girls are much better than Japanese, although they like money really mucccch

  51. “5. Your children will be taken away from you
    This is simple. You marry a Japanese women and then that day comes
    when you finally go through divorce. Guess what? She will take away the
    children. You think it’s bad in the USA when women try to get full
    custody? In Japan, the wife will take them away from you and disappear.
    In the United States at least some courts treat some men fairly. Unlike
    Japan in which the court system won’t even try to help you.”
    ROFLCOPTER is the best thing I can say to this.
    In the USA (a place where I will never again marry), 75% of the divorces are filed for by the WOMEN. This statistic is staggering! Not only that, the percentages of Japanese men who leave their wives is higher. Furthermore, when the man leaves his wife and children for a younger woman, he is FREE AND CLEAR without alimony or child support! Have you any idea of the single mom difference there is between the USA and Japan? Any at all? You don’t even mention it in your article at all.
    I’m one of the many, many male victims of a demonizing, feminist ex-wife and a corrupt, “mom knows best,” take everything from the father, matriarchal US court system. The scales are leaning the opposite way in Japan, my friend, and there is no way that you can have me believe otherwise. You should know already how many mistresses the men have here can have and many of the women put up with that crap to keep the family together, or perhaps they succumb to the same thing but remain married. I know western guys who realize that their Japanese wives won’t leave them so they cheat like crazy. They are scum. I have no sympathy for them when their wives take the children and disappear–they get what they deserve, whereas great fathers and husbands like myself who put up with a yelling, lazy, fat and unloving wife while working my butt off only to be rewarded by having my daughter taken away, we get screwed and it’s the fault of the US court system. If you’re not a rich man in the US, you are SCREWED because the woman will get it all. I will never trust an American woman again.
    This doesn’t mean that all Japanese women are saints–I’m not stupid and I realize that people are people are people. However, when you give me the choice between an apparently “good” woman in the US and one in Japan, it’s a no-brainer for me. I choose Japanese all day long.
    As for her wanting to change and control everything, that’s just women. You know the saying: men marry women hoping that they’ll never chance but women marry men hoping to change them. This won’t matter to a man who is a MAN. Love your woman but be firm with who you are and where you’re going. A woman needs this kind of man–a real man. If women keep treating you or any man like this–pushing you/him around, being passive aggressive, etc–you just don’t allow it and she’ll either get in line or go away. Firm AND loving, that’s what a real man is.

    1. Well said, Sir! 😉
      Just call her out when she does some shit and you’ll be in the clear. 😉

  52. Holy shit – this is nice – bunch of assholes talking shit about women. This is why I’ll be forever single – I will not marry into a slavery with an asshole! This bird is free for life!!!

  53. I think that first Japanese girls are not beautiful and secondly, they are not half docile as Taiwanese girls

  54. Honestly, many Japanese women in fact totally behave like Langley Soryu from Evangelion, so that’s why they enjoy rough sex and a grown man. Seriosously they are ONLY inoccent and “cute” during dating and when you first meet because it’s a social pattern they are strongly devoted to.
    Once dating is over and they get into relationship, you will be like Shinji and she will call you “baka”. Which is okay because all the furstration then will become rough wild sex that you will enjoy.
    Even if she doesn’t childishly call me dumb pathetic insults I still get turned on by feminine slutty narcissistic-like bad girls for some reason that act maliciously cute too. I get turned on by the whole energetic bad girl-like beahviour and not by empty preposterous insulting.

  55. Wow, what a degenerate. He’s complaining about unwanted pregnancy and stuff LOL. It supports the stereotype that Westerners only want sex and don’t want to marry Asian women.

  56. LMFAO
    This is only accurate if you are dating a Japanese woman who was born LONG before World War II.

    1. LMFAO
      You are still deflecting and embarassing yourself, validating articles along the way.
      Beat it dummy———–>

  57. I had a Japanese girlfriend who was amazing in bed, her pussy didn’t accommodate all of my dick. Her only downside was that she suffered from severe constipation. Her infrequent bowel movements were indeed very loud smelly and destroyed the plumbing in my apartment- She used to get embarrassed clogging the toilet every time and forced her monster turds into the plumbing pipes causing severe blockages. She could fart better than Mr Methane- She shattered two toilet bowls which I know sounds not possible, but I was there when she released her bowl blasting farts.

    1. Hahahahahahahaha!!!! You sir, lured and head shoted me with your post. Totally off guard. I’m in crazy tears. You win the internetz!! Lol!!!

  58. Well, if you have game then you can just get sex somewhere else playa! I swear all the guys I know that complain about women like this are just upset because they don’t have the self-esteem to try to game the highest quality women available. In return they are never happy with what they have because they are dating garbage. That’s your own fault, don’t blame it on the women you have bad experiences with. Chances are you are having bad experiences because you need to fix yourself, not the women you date.

        1. Hahahahahahahaha!!!! You sir, lured and head shouted me with your post. Totally off guard. I’m in crazy tears. You win the internetz!! Lol!!!

    1. Great call. It’s so easy to blame the opp sex, when in reality we have control too. Low tend to mix with Low.

  59. Been to Japan and I deal with a Japanese woman via work – like some of the other readers that have posted here there are similarities with Western Women and others that are totally different. In Relation to points 1-3-5 and 6 they all exist with western women in various degrees of differences there’s plenty of Western men who dated then married what they thought was going to be their dream girl to see this change after marriage, as for sex after having a kid anyone here believe that western women don’t snap their legs shut after having a kid or kids is deluded they all do that some temporary others permanent.
    I’m not surprised about the mental health issues in Japan just have a look at the high suicide rate,
    As for point 2 that’s also goes for Chinese women they are traditionally the ones that run the home and the finances in fact it was Japanese women that made the most of the “carry trade” where they borrow funds off a Japanese bank at nearly zero interest rates place the money in a foreign bank account earning higher interest rates this was done for the sole goal to increase the amount of money that was brought into the family finances.

  60. A lot of what you say is bull I have been married to a Japanese woman 43 years don’t see much of what you say she does handle the money but my job keeps gone 2 to 3 weeks at a time but I know where the money goes as for sex she’s all way ready she has never turned into a birch she is from Asia so depends on the lady

  61. A major problem that a lot of guys have when dating here is having the girls flat out disappear on them. Not answering any form of communication. It’s so hilarious when i am listening to people tell stories only for them to end with, “she cut off contact”. Almost all foreigners dating here have had this happen at least once.

    1. True story.
      Japanese like to avoid awkwardness, and since you’re just a random foreign dude, it’s pretty easy to just cut you out.

      1. Just like it’s easy for me to cut your dumb black ass out.

  62. Humans are just whiny bitches here to reproduce…just like the guy who wrote this article…but I don’t think he deserves the pleasure of having to reproduce. Its all about if he/she is attractive or not, whether he/she benefits you in all ways or not. Its all there…

  63. Many foreign men have this experience because the type of women who tend to date foreign men are the type that you describe. They are basically the freaks. Ask any normal Japanese man or woman and they will confirm this. Most Japanese men can spot a phony from a mile away. They know their women and the culture and the subtle personality cues. There are many Japanese women who are not at all deceptive, manipulating and materialistic like you describe. It’s just that most of them are looking for an equally stable man. And most foreigners who frequent bars in Roppongi to get laid just don’t fall into that category. And neither do most Japanese men these days.

  64. “There is also the chance of her pulling off a disappearing act, leaving you wondering what the hell happened.” – you contradicting little shit

  65. Mt writing may not stick to the topic here but well, I’d like to say something about Japanese woman as I am one of them. (I wonder why there is no comment from Japanese… speak up everybody!)
    One thing for sure I admit the fact that we have pretty fucked up social system- period.
    Age/Gender/Sexual orientation/Race discrimination are strongly exist in Japan. And I hate that.
    In Japan, we are brought up to behave certain way defined by gender – “man supposed to do this and that and woman NOT supposed to behave this and that”… and we can not really compare our social environment with other’s that what is really wrong or even have no brain(for some) to think or imagine better way of living freely as possible whatever we are.
    But deep down our heart, we want to be free from this gender discrimination(and any discrimination), we want to be equal to anyone, we want to be treated as a human being before our sex.
    First of all, Japan is an island- we have no easy access to neighbors countries, if you want to see something different you have to fly.
    The way Japanese gov’t control its citizen is amazing I think, they take all the advantages from its ppl, allow little freedom(means “choice”) to live within a context set by “male dominant society” for centuries-
    We are put under enormous pressure to live as a care giver and a householder to serve man, we are not allow to be an independent creature that who is capable to think and act by own will.
    I used to believe this way of life cuz I didn’t know anything better. No one educated me for better. My parents are typical case of Japanese parents(men go fishing and woman do laundry and raise kids.. kind) So I learned how to identify myself from my first “Role Model”.
    But the issue I realized while I was living in Western country, is that we are too “dependent” on man – “Co-dependency” clearly appears as docile or submissive in a relationship with opposite sex. This article writer put “Japanese women are not submissive” or something, it is because those woman are with Westerners and they think there is no need to behave certain way as we are with a typical Japanese man. And they somewhat believe that acting the way(as the writer claim No3) is OK with Westerner. Because what we(as a woman)learn from Western media is how Western women behave and act toward men. To our eyes, Western women know what they want, their needs and demand are OK to express unlike us. I witness lots of Japanese women somehow misunderstood about themselves regards to be in a relationship with a Western male, and it is embarrassing me too often times.
    Otherwise, it’s their own problem.
    Those JP women’s behaviors discussed on this forum maybe a common trail among us but not everyone, also come on, things like this exist everywhere –
    I was born early 1970’s so nowadays things are bit different I guess in terms of a female role in the society. Japanese gov’t encourages women to step forward in many areas of life there but I still see divided society at large. It’s always has to say “female”‘s promotion rate at corporation, “female”s income and “female”s… so on.
    We can only strive up to the highest height which is decided by Japanese men so far.
    And also I think it is solely based on individual experiences with a Japanese woman after all.
    If you are dating a Japanese woman and find some issues like that, yeah excuse us we have strong controlling issue and unsure about ourselves where to stand in a relationship with Westerners. It’s just a culture thing.

  66. No wonder not a lot of japanese men aren’t bothering to get married.

  67. Roosh,
    Lets start with this typical American statement:
    “What needs to be said is that all women behave the same way generally speaking unless the culture checks that behavior. That is it. I ask that you be very careful when dating, no matter where the woman is from.”
    No, women from different countries can be extremely varied and different….any imagined similarities may be from watching the same U.S. sitcoms, movies, etc. However, even then, what you think you see isnt being interpreted correctly. In re to Japan, someone just showing up there couldnt possibly figure out why the women do what they do. You simply arent conditioned for it– you can pretend all you want but you are a rookie. Asia, and especially Japan, are something out of your depth of understanding— comparing the women there to Latinos, Americans are Eastern Europeans can be useless.
    In terms of quality and pound for pound value, Japanese women, in general, are probably in a category all of their own. Any gaijin living there for any extended period of time– you will be hard pressed to find ones that end up with American women. There is a reason why expats (and you really need to spend a lot of time real expats) nearly always end up with certain Asian women. There is also a reason why the MOST SUCCESSFUL western guys are increasingly ending up with Asian women where Japanese women are on the top of that hierarchy.
    *The most psychologically strong- they can “gaman” for a very long time.
    *They are of at least average to above average intelligence…including the ones that appear naive, etc.
    *They can be the most sensual women you will meet. They are the ultimate real guys-guy companion.
    *If you are there for them, they can be the most loyal women you will find.
    *The number of “loose screws” in Japanese female society is very, very low. They are on average very psychologically tough– I would pick a JP female over any American female on average in re to the above.
    *Its quite rare for a Japanese girl want to be with you for your money. The MAJORITY of foreign guys with Japanese women are definitely poorer….there should be a reunion and retirement home for gaijin guys (including eigo teachers, etc.) who were taken care of for years by their selfless, loving, caring Japanese girl friends. You wont believe what they would do until you experience it.
    *they age very well– you will often meet women in their late 40s, 50s, etc. who are very attractive….looking like they are late 20s, early 30s. Very common.
    *They are very happy when the guy is happy– how often does that happen in the US?
    *They are usually the best travel, etc. partners. They are just fun to be with in many different situations. They rarely force the focus on themselves…like what is standard in the US.
    *Some “problems” with Japanese women– they may not tell you every little feeling and thing about themselves, they may not decide on something themselves– always considering what you want, may be stubborn and do what they want without saying anything– having a confrontation with you (…but, sometimes they really need to do that regardless).
    Perhaps the biggest risk of being with a Japanese woman is if she comes to the US and, 1) completely goes local after being ambushed by American woman who “want to turn her into a real American woman”…and the Japanese girl is too weak to resist or, 2) is so disgusted with US culture that she cannot stand living there (this often includes having to deal with….well….being in a more “primitive” country compared to what she is used to in terms of technology, convenience, clean, safe and healthy food, safety and security, proximity to life long friends, family, etc.
    If you are a young western guy, especially a student, there are fewer places you can select that are better than Japan in terms of being the most accomodating for a young guy that appreciates real women. This is especially the case now (much more than 20 years ago) because younger Japanese guys are even more less likely to be able to interact with Japanese women. The chances of the average American male ending up with a Japanese woman once he spends some time in-country is at least 90%…thats just how it is.
    The case about the girl demanding that you go to get her onigiris from the conbini means, if anything, you dont know how to screen appropriately for the right female in Japan. Gaijin guys who are new to the scene may end up in this situation because they are unconsciously looking for something they THINK is attractive, inviting to them based on preconceived notions. For example, an aggressive, bossy/demanding Japanese female…especially if you barely know her….would be obvious damaged goods to any experienced hack. That would be written off ASAP…well, you wouldnt end up with that in the first place— too many other options. If you end up with that kind of girl….its difficult. Its not impossible to do, but very rare. Any guy with real on-the-ground time in Japan will agree with that.
    Been in Japan and Asia as a student and then expat since 93, lived in 4 different countries (two in the west including US, two in the East including Japan).
    For those guys serious about Asia especially Japan, if you are going to consult with anyone in the area of babes read Boye de Mente….a true sage with decades of experience in-country, in many countries. One of his books “Why the Japanese are a Superior People”…may sound off, but anyone who has lived in Japan will agree with most of it… No surprise why the country has nurtured superior babes.

  68. been living in japan for many years and must agree with the article, have experienced many of those things, and worse, again and again. upon coming here i used to think japanese women are angels, until i found that they re the devil in disguise. possibly the worst bitches out there. as sad as it is.

  69. “It doesn’t happen as often as countries like Russia, the USA, or the UK, but it still happens more than you think.”
    Hell no. I’m from the UK and over here it’s illegal to have a weapon (gun’s, etc) so women have decided to use sex as theirs. It should be illegal, but it’s unfortunately not. Seriously though, it’s a seriously common thing here!

  70. My Japanese woman is the very model of obedience and submission. Moreover, a few days ago, I needed a bucket, and – I swear to God – she made one out of paper using the dark art of origami. Of course, I am not going to marry anyone and she knows this, and one must take care when choosing a mate in any country, but I maintain that, on balance, a Japanese woman is still man’s best friend.

  71. I honestly don’t like foreign guys in Japan. They mess with Japanese girls with their own native culture and it just doesn’t fit here.
    Japanese women mostly expect men to be responsible when they once have a night together on bed as most Japanese guys know what that mean is.
    We are more conservative than how you think, and most Japanese women I know are pure in their heart. The controlling money thing is because we believe saving money is important to have a happy family, so women were taught to save money from our mom or grandma as much as possible and we know how guys are bad on saving.
    Japanese guys will be happy when his GF asks to give his wallet because that means she thinks that relationship is serious and probably she wants to get marry him someday.
    Maybe you don’t know our average saving amount of a house hold with more than two people, that is about $150000.
    Think about most of the Japanese wives tried hard to save money and serve good foods for family and raised kids well. This is our culture.
    You foreigners would never understand.
    Btw I stayed USA for few years and had few boyfriends. I like American guys in America, but not the ones in Japan.

  72. Spoken like true “Western Gaijin” lol. This article is cheauvenistic clap trap and sounds like a skydiver writing about what happens if you dove from an airplane without a parachute. I’ve dated women from Japan that fit nothing like the sitcom fed, western cock-swinging, soap-box trope I had the displeasure of reading. All the women I’ve had the pleasure of knowing varied from either the truly submissive to the extremely extrovert, and domineering much like other woman around the world.
    You simply need to know what you want and set those expectations from the get. Common sense and history 101 dictates the Japan is older than the U.S., and whose history has in every way shaped women today. Pays to know the language and realize that it is logical, based on evidence and the honoring of.. and leaves little to no quarter for BS. If I was a Japanese woman and you said “what” to me after I stated I was hungry the first time I probably would have slapped you, then left over the simple fact that you are unable to listen. She was hungry, you could have provided, and had no real disabilities, only an excuse not to fulfill a simple wish. Instead you expended energy in running away like a coward, and not getting what “you” wanted. Especially, for a woman who will more than likely carry your child to term. A true connection does not recognize time and space, only the need to make each other very happy and accomplish goals that benefit the both of you as a partnership.
    Your article sounded like you wanted to make love to a fortune cookie and live some unrealistic twisted oriental fantasy straight out of a doji or harlequin book. Men in general need to stop pigeon holing women into something that can be worn on the wrist. They are human, give and take is expected. I don’t need a “Don Juan” book to know this, and only leverage the common sense I was born with. Nope, no list of “what to do” as experience will vary with person here.
    Learning the history, culture, and even understanding the language is a huge first step to knowing how to engage in a meaningful relationship – especially if dating abroad. There is no luck involved either. You have control over the engagement and will immediately determine if she is a fit for you regardless of origin or nationality.

  73. well, I see The Great Whore mentality is alive and well over there as well, good to know. LQQK like I’ll just be parking my cock in some of them and bailing like the rest of my travels around the globe looking for a REAL WOMAN WHO IS WHOLE… and not just hole for my cock. Trust me buys, guys and men – they’re just scared, worried, angry parasites in the world of man. BUT… they sure want to run it all don’t they lol! RIGHT INTO THE GROUND. Industry and all the shelf life “beauty” products, lol… holy shit! ya know why they need makeup and perfume?

  74. You must be careful and you must know how to mack your woman at all times. The bottom line is that a LOT of dudes coming to Japan are Beta as fuck. They get wrecked by their J-women in the same manner they would get wrecked by Western women back home. Not her fault, she is just acting as she is allowed to act. They are good regular dudes raised in the suburbs by Elyse Keaton but don’t understand game and it catches up with them.

    1. Of course the betas get wrecked there. They erroneously think Japanese women are like the caricatures they see in manga, anime, and video games.

  75. I don’t know. I dated a Japanese woman, she was independent and cool with me. Smart, sexy, and strong. I don’t what you’re complaining about? It’s almost like you’re stereotyping and demanding Japanese women to be this way-and-that. No country is perfect. I just think you’re touchy. Well, we’re both girls so I can see why she stopped dating men…

    1. Shut the fuck up. I’ll do what I damn well please, motherfucker.

  76. Fuck… I dated this one jp girl… She was LAZY as fuck… I HATED her. She was some dumb ass from some suburb in Ontario, Canada. She didn’t work because she was lazy, and she cried when she attempted to work lol. She pretended to be disabled and living on disability government money to support herself. STAY AWAY FROM THIS TYPE OF JP GIRL!

  77. Big generalization don’t you think? we can’t even complete psychological profile on developed countries and you are branding a culture gender based on you failed experience? It will sound old fashioned, but where there is love, anything is possible. You like her, she likes you… everything else just happens

  78. japan totally capitulated after the US started dropping nukes; not that i blame them.
    over the years you can start to see how japan is a petri dish of globalist social engineering. god help them – we’ll have to liberate the americas from cultural marxism before they have any serious chance of standing up.
    just look at their army FFS – total vassal state

    1. Japan surrendered because the Soviet Union declared war on them and the Japanese were shit scared of the Ruskies because the Ruskies were total animals

    2. And Japans “hostages” China, Vietnam, Korea, Laos (and maybe more) embraced Communism after WWII.
      The irony.

  79. I really wondering if it’s possible to get a good wife nowadays! Wherever I seek, I only found articles that confirm that the destiny of wedding in modern society is to ruin.
    What can I do?! Even Japan, who was my shining light on the end of the tunnel, is a garbage.
    Is possible to have a good and stable wedding nowadays?

    1. Don’t give up. We’re not all like that, but unfortunately you will probably experience some negativity along the way. So don’t be setting high expectations. Say how you really feel to them. of course, once you get to know them. make them feel important. You know, the little things. They can go a long way. And don’t smother them in too much attention. Make them curious and wonder to know more about you. You gotta be creative. Not so cliché.. We like that sorta thing. Even if it’s cheesy and lame. It shows that you cared enough in attempting to do so. Which also shows you’re not a jerk.

    2. You can fuck and not get married. Adopt a child and raise him or her to be your next heir to your throne.

      1. hahaha this is a joke? I’m a decent person, and decent persons marry.

        1. well then why are you wondering if a good wife is possible then. Go out and find her Mr. Decent. I just gave an alternative to your dilemma is all.

        2. You’re inverting the sense of my words. I’m wondering if a good wife is possible because almost anything I hear and see nowadays says its not. I just want to have some hope to live as a decent man.

        3. You said your a decent person. And you also said decent persons marry. If that is true, there’s always a mirror image in the opposite gender for you (or same gender). Now that you know this that MUST mean there’s a decent female out there for you to marry. People spew stuff all the time. But if you just simply listen and don’t do, you’ll never know if there are decent women out there.

  80. You forgot ont of the most important issues. The fact that many people believes that Japanese girls are pretty, while in general they are uglier than the orks in the Lord of the Rings

    1. You have a point there is a percentage of Japanese women that are very attractive the rest are average or lower in looks I think the fact that spotting a fat women in Japan is pretty rare so that improves their looks to western men.

  81. Does anyone know why Japanese wife stops having sex with husband after having baby?

    1. There are a multitude of reasons for this but, I think that one of the most important is that in Asian culture, sex isn’t considered to be an important part of marriage in the way it is in the west.
      So, just as in the west, many women aren’t so interested in having sex with their husbands for any number of reasons, but there is no counter-pressure to make Japanese wives think that a “healthy sex life” with their husbands is something worth working towards.

      1. sounds like a man is better off with an American made asian women. At least those types of asians know the value of a healthy sex life.

  82. Spot on. The stereotype is real. Except for the holding out on sex part. I really like sex. My fiance gets worn out but fulfills the need. But everything else, Japanese women are some shallow-ass, narrow-minded bitches. It’s why you see so many live single, lonely lives.

  83. Are you mental or what. If you don’t like Japanese culture or any asian culture, go back to your own county. If you love them then try to adapt and talk. Like your point number 1 and 3, seems that you have a prince syndrome. lol. problem is maybe you just like to fck them. or maybe your just too arrogant.

  84. Just because you had bed experience with some Japanese women dos not mean that all women are like that . It is always better to blame someone else .I just like claiming all people are bed because you got in a fight and someone break your head .

  85. You mention ROK. I’ve lived in both countries and spent a lot of time with women from both. No comparison. ROK women are far more duplicitous and manipulative. As one friend put it, “They never let their emotions get in the way of their ambitions.”
    In marriage, they have an unpleasant habit throwing things (dishes, kitchen knives, whatever) at your head without warning if they are inwardly seething about something. If that doesn’t get your attention, they will go berserk and start demolishing the interior of the house. This is an old, well-known and accepted part of Korean family life. Japanese women are tough but they have self-restraint. Their expectations are more predictable. As one friend put it to me, “Being married to a Japanese woman is like signing up for a part in a Kabuki play. It’s all written up before hand.”

  86. I agree.
    My experience in this regard comes from dozens of trips to Japan, learning some of the languange, and dating 4 Japanese girls (1 of whom I dated for 2-3 years, and lived with).
    Passive-agressiveness, and the withdrawl of sex, and 2 of the sharpest tools in the Japanese girl arsenal. They usually agree to sex in in the first 4 dates, but they are masters at pulling a tactical-sulk at something you have done, and part of this tactic is the standard pull away/rollover, when you start to initiate a bit of action.
    I will date them now, but I come down very hard as soon as they start playing games.
    One of their favorites is to always be 10-15 minutes late for a date. With no heads up.
    I’ve given up on standing around like a chump. I walk after 5 mins.

    1. Lol at the tactical lateness, so true. Un fixable in many cases too…
      The passive aggressive thing and the sex withdrawal can be fixed easily if you call the bluff on sex and meet aggression with the same but harder.
      I liked Japanese girls enough to bring one home and wife her up. The biggest difference I think is that wives don’t work. They cook and clean and so on but work? Nope, that’s husbands job.

    1. I feel like that octopus: like all my higher functions have been severed and I’m just going through the motions of life. That is like culinary performance art and a perfect metaphor for the human condition!

  87. In my travels in Japan, I had the fortune of meeting a good friend of mine named Hideo, and he told me everything different about Japanese Culture from that of Western Cultures, and one of the things that he said was they hold Sincerity, not Honesty, as a higher value. This dovetails into their repulsion for complaining, and their aversion to direct confrontation (I think this comes from a culture that went through millennia of samurai having the authority to kill any peasant who offended them). Because of that, they will smile and do whatever they can to placate you with a sincere gesture that has no honesty in it whatsoever.
    The notion of infidelity among spouses is a quiet issue among the Japanese. They do not mind it so long as you keep that concealed. Hence, Geisha. Geisha were established so that Japanese men could go to someone and tell their troubles to, relax, hear good music, have a nice meal, and just be themselves, because Japanese wives did not want the shame of having to deal with a blubbering husband. While Geisha were not and are not necessarily required to sleep with their clients, they sometimes do, but the main point of them was to be the woman their clients wanted their own wives to be.
    When I was traveling abroad, having been to Europe and the Far East, one thing I notice is how Western Philosophy (up until the advent of “modern” philosophy) concerned itself with Good v. Evil. Eastern Philosophy tends to concern itself with Order v. Chaos, as if anything Good can only come out of proper order and anything Evil can only come out of chaos. This is a simplistic generalization of course, but it says a lot about Eastern and Western viewpoints and history. Take the Rape of Nanking; this really horrified the West more than it did China and Japan. Not that the Japanese and the Chinese weren’t horrified, but they saw it, at the time, par for the course of what happens in the Chaos of war that is done to bring Order to the conquered areas. The concept that Evil doesn’t need Chaos to exist is kind of alien to a lot of these people, and is something the Japanese are accepting as they become more accustomed to Western thinking. Atrocities happen, to their way of thinking, but such is the Chaos of LIfe itself, as one Buddhist told me to my face.
    The Western philosopher (again, prior to “modern philosophy”) sees Order coming out of either Good or Evil as a byproduct, not as a means to an end. The Eastern Philosopher craves Order because that’s where Good comes from. As such you can start to see the methods to Eastern madness. Hence, why the Japanese personal penchant to avoid conflict and offense for it might bring a Chaos that unleashes tragedy.

  88. japanese women are still leagues above european and american women in looks and personality, american women look like dirty pigs next to a japanese women with their hanging bellies, nasty belly shirt, skin that looks heavily damaged, flip flops and sweat pants
    and ur gripe was unchecked mental health? u telling me american women go to the therapist? even if they go to the therapist, psychologists are all quacks that only exacerbates the mental illness, what women need are positive feminine role models

  89. Your children will be taken away from you and you can’t track where she is
    I’m assuming you’re not a Japanese citizen as a result they can do this to you. Also what you said basically says you married a woman smarter than you. It’s not like the government is going to force you to pay child support or alimony anyway so why complain about this? The biggest issue I have is that the law and government forces men to pay for women and the children they bear that is the biggest issue.

    1. Not that relevant what your nationality is, in Japan there is no split custody or visitation rights. And 99.8% of the time the child goes with the mother.
      Read up on it. I have, because my wife is Japanese, but she knows that she couldn’t raise our son without me in any sensible way on her own.

      1. “In Japan” the children go to the mother. I don’t know why this is such a strain on men’s problem solving abilities. Obviously, don’t be IN Japan!
        Who do you think your Japanese kids go to if you’re in, say, Zimbabwe? Especially if she doesn’t even know what country you’re in!
        Not that it should come to that, but you guys are basically saying, “In Japan, like in the US and so on, the government will pull down my pants and slice my balls off with a razor, and I’ll just stand there quietly and obediently watching, and then I’ll go online onto masculinity websites and brag about how much of a man I am because I protest against the system!”
        Guys like that need to stop expecting to be viewed as men. They’re more akin to eunuchs.

        1. Lol no. I’m saying be aware of that shit. To me it’s worth the risk obviously.
          I am not in Japan but I will visit and so will my wife and children, and if your wife goes kooky you have to be prepared.

    2. Japan is supposedly going to sign the Hague Convention on Child Abduction so legally speaking, they will have to deal with this particular issue in the future.

  90. Been to Japan a number of times and seen both sides of Japanese women they like any where else have their good and bad women.
    I’ve seen Japanese women punching on over a Host they had both been seeing, looked up from my table and found a Japanese woman staring at me apparently for an extensive period, abusing cabin crew on the flight between Osaka and Singapore, walked through the Redlight districts of major towns and seen Grandmothers acting as pimps organising guys for the girls, seen heaps of homeless mainly teenage girls who for most parts got thrown out of home because of their “do what ever they like attitude”.
    BUT I have also had Japanese women go out of their way for me in a way that left me with culture shock I was so impressed.

  91. I always thought japanese chocks were over rated. Thanks for the article.
    “Something that really needs to be mentioned is that Japan doesn’t really have a mental healthcare industry. Many women are running around there with some serious unchecked mental issues”
    I can’t speak for Japan, but here in the USA it is the mental health industry that is causing more mental illness than anything. As well, the people that become therapists are among the most fucked up assholes one could ever meet.

  92. “There is also the chance of her pulling a disappearing act leaving you wondering what the hell happen.” – just like you did to the girl who wanted you to buy her rice balls you mean? Is that sort of thing only OK when you do it?

  93. Some of all that is true. But I have been married to Japanese lady happily for 25 years.

  94. Guess what, author. In a relationship you sometimes go out to the store and bring your girl some food she craves. Especially when you know she spends time cooking for you. It is not manipulation, it is normal human exchange of sweet things you do for each other. How’s a relationship where you only care for your own needs and she only cares for hers?

    1. No and yes. Japanese men are more willing to self-sacrifice. That also makes them easier to exploit. The times that a woman was head of finances is a long time ago in western civilization.

  95. Hehehe, a classic pulled from the archives.
    None of these are true with every girl, it’s up to you as a man to set the boundaries of what you are ok with and what not.
    I’m married to a Japanese girl, and have no issues with her, actually I’m happy with her and sorry for guys who marry western girls.
    You have to have solid frame though, that may be what makes the difference for the most part. I call my wife on any shit she gives me every time, and she ends up apologizing.
    If you tolerate bad behavior don’t be surprised when it repeats.

  96. Im telling you doesnt matter what country, as long as it has science and tech advancement the women are the same, why you think even in the Victorian Age, Shakespeare wrote the Taming of the Shrew? There were women like that during that period too. Women saw men like gods because they didn’t suffer the same unknown illnesses that the women naturally suffer

  97. They’re freaky, skinny and very immature. I dated one years ago and she was as mad as a badger rolling in horse dung. Also, they’re just too bony and slight in the sack, there’s no curves or handles on them. Not my type. White chicks are superior in every way.

    1. I second your conclusions on the aesthetic field…
      On the other hand, even if I lived in Japan for some time, and had direct contact with Japanese women, I could never understand HOW they think. Maybe it was the cultural barrier, maybe they were a bit mad, maybe I was immature myself…

  98. Sometimes you’re browing the torrent-sites. You see some Japanese Porn. Let’s give it a go: download. Then you start the movie, see that funny Japanese pubic hairs, like straight pubic hairs (like fck it’s so funny and stupid at the same time) and then you hear the moaning every Japanese girl does.
    Ok, 20 seconds in, I had enough of this sht.
    Japanese is overrated. Just give me East-European sluts please.

      1. Why do they do that. Is that cultural or biologically determined?
        For hot Asians you should go to Thailand, Philipines or Vietnam anyway I guess. Never been there. And I’m not planning to go there for the women, but well, maybe I’ll go sometimes. When I’m old and fat, and bald and rich (to even it out) ha!

        1. old, bald, fat and Dutch? could be the first of your kind to go there.

  99. So basically, women in advanced nations are all the same, but Japanese women, like the women of any advanced country, will have a man hostile slant all their own. *heh*

  100. I love how Roosh projects his experience as a universal thing for everyone.

  101. When I was 20 years old, I had the pleasure of dating a 28-year-old woman who was half Hawaiian/half Japanese. She was raised in an old school Japanese home and was taught old school values by her Japanese father.
    The first time I realized she was something completely different, was the morning after I first banged her at my apartment. I heard the bath water running as I was drinking coffee in the kitchen, so I went in to see what was up. She explained to me that she was drawing my bath, so she could bathe me and get me ready for work. (I about dropped my coffee cup on the floor.) About a half-hour later, after she had finished sponge-bathing me, and toweling me off, she started ironing my clothes for work that morning. And after she did that, she cooked me a full-on breakfast buffet. This ritual occurred every single time that she would spend the night at my place.
    In addition, she would buy me things – clothing, mostly. I’d look in my closet on any given day, and find a new shirt hanging there, or a new pair of pants. Sometimes, she would leave money in my dresser drawer (she came from a wealthy family). She cooked for me, cleaned my apartment, and it was all really great, until the time came when she decided to start leaving her own personal items in my space. I drew the line at that one, and told her not to leave her personal shit in my apartment, because I wasn’t going to let her move in, and I wasn’t going to wife her up.
    We stopped hooking up shortly thereafter, and I returned to my prior habit of banging white Western sluts. But I really started to miss her after two or three years of steadily banging disrespectful, mouthy, rude white women…those old school Japanese-raised women are really something else. True, they scheme like all women do, but if you’re gonna bang somebody, you might as well bang somebody who gives you something of value in return.

    1. This! I’m happily married to a Japanese girl :-). She does more for me now than she did before we got married actually, so it’s not like a lure to draw you in.
      But it’s not only the doing things for you, it’s the way they see the world and relationships that is different, they understand that they should contribute in whatever way they can. That, I think, is the biggest difference between them and western women. Western women expect the world to fall on its knees because pussy.

      1. Thank you! Western women don’t even recognise the concept that they should contribute.

        1. Eve is a story from western traditions. Other races mustn’t have had downfall women

    2. So basically you found a really great girl, but you fucked the relationship up over a tiny thing with your own obnoxious personality?
      Interesting story. Thanks for sharing.

      1. I left out the part about her penchant for barbiturates, and the fact she’d call me up at all hours, wasted on downers, and beg me to let her come over and spend the night. But despite that, she was still a five-star whore. A definite keeper. Unlike yourself. (But you already know that, which is why you continually comment here at ROK…wink-wink. Have a nice gay now. Thanks for playing.)

        1. So she took mild drugs… and that’s bad? Sounds like you could fuck her for hours when she was passed out. It would’ve been awesome.
          Why do you say she was a whore as if it’s a good thing, though? So she cheated on you? If that were true then you would’ve mentioned it before. Girls only cheat on losers, anyway.
          As for your last comment, what do you mean I’m not a keeper? I’m a man, so I don’t think that statement applies to me.

        2. You might have noticed my “Have a nice gay” backhand, in the comment that preceded this one.
          I know you’re a man.
          But I’ll pass on extending this pointless back and forth.
          Except to say, once again, have a nice gay.

        3. Yeah, but I’m not really gay. I know I have an air of faggotry about me, but I have a wife and kids, and I’ve never fucked a male (nor been fucked by one LOL).

    3. Good comment. Asian women are far, far more affectionate and sensual than Western women.
      Asian women also engender the caring / nurturing side of men as well. The most sensual and erotic experiences I ever had were with a Chinese woman. Not just sex, but romance and genuine affection and love.
      American women are like driving a banged up Jeep Wrangler. Asian women (from Asia) are like driving a luxury car. American women are quite strident in not wanting anything in the way of emotional or spiritual connection or support from men. Dealing with American women is utilitarian. I always feel I should address them as a comrade. Being in a relationship with an Asian woman is far more balanced and harmonious.

  102. 5. You can hire a personal investigator if she pisses off with your kids. Due to social media, the government can find anyone easy these days, you just need a PI with these resources.

    1. You’d have to be a total loser for your relationship to degenerate so badly that your wife robs you and runs away, though.
      I mean, think about it! We’re not talking about Alphas here. We’re talking about weak, unappealing losers who women don’t respect and don’t want to stay with.
      When women are married to men like that, frankly I wish them godspeed!

      1. Saturday night I was downtown
        Working for the FBI
        Sittin’ in a nest of bad men
        Whiskey bottles piling high
        Bootlegging boozer on the west side
        Full of people who are doing wrong
        Just about to call up the DA man
        When I heard this woman sing a song
        A pair of 45’s made me open my eyes
        My temperature started to rise
        She was a long cool woman in a black dress
        Just-a 5’9, beautiful, tall
        With just one look I was a bad mess
        ‘Cause that long cool woman had it all

  103. At the end of the day, if you allow women to punk you, it doesn’t matter where you go. They will end up running all over you and making your life miserable. Stand up to these women and let them know what you do and do not accept and stand behind it.

  104. “What needs to be said is that all women behave the same way generally speaking unless the culture checks that behavior.”
    No, not the culture, the men, and that is the problem.

    1. Who wouldn’t? Have your dinner paid for, etc. Unfortunately those of a hetero bent, must debase themselves by jumping through the hoops of foul contemporary harridans.

  105. In my experience, there are very few “hot” women in japan (asides from eastern european models that you will find in Aoyama and the like), but a lot of “cute” or attractive ones.
    Most dress a lot better than American girls, and are thinner which makes them more attractive. That being said, if I was an orthodontist, I’d clean up in Japan.

    1. “Models” eh? That’s like these Eastern European women who tell their families that they’re going abroad to work as an au pair or nanny. LOL No one hires a Russian or Czech au pair. These women are going abroad to be porn stars or hookers or tag the sponsor port a potties. People want their children to learn Spanish or maybe Chinese. Russian, or Czech, or Hungarian not so much.
      Eastern Europe doesn’t export anything except whores and retarded orphans.

      1. They might be whores, but you mostly see them in the very expensive areas in Tokyo, not so much in soapland.

        1. Do Japanese men go for Eastern Euro women? Or are they there as fashion models? I’ve read that much of the advertising even in Asian countries features White models?

        2. Few Japanese men have any game, let alone attempt to even approach.
          Yes, there are plenty of caucasians who model in asia (some stores have live models) or are in commercials.

        3. Of course Japanese men don’t have much game. Their culture wants them to be submissive little drones who go to work and slave away until they die. They are a culture that places the collective needs over the individual’s.
          The Japanese having an infamous saying regarding this concept:
          “The nail that sticks up is hammered down.”

        4. There are plenty of Japanese guys with game! It’s not much different than the US, except in the US, guys with shitty game still try, while Japanese guys are humble and realistic enough to know when they’re game is so weak there’s no point in trying and making the situation uncomfortable for everyone involved.

  106. Some men claim to not like Asian women saying they lack “feminine curves” or are flat-chested etc.
    Not all men like big breasts. Asian women seem more evolved, less animalistic. Big jugs look more fitting on a cow, not on a woman. And outside of a bra or past the age of 27, the big breasts will all sag. A small set of pert breasts are much more appealing than a sagging set of DD’s.

  107. For a lot of intellectual men, Asian women are more easy to relate to. American women are loud, uncouth, vulgar, and profane. Asian women are soft-spoken (does not mean they are submissive), reserved with strangers, etc.
    American women act friendly to strangers but are cold to their boyfriend or husband.
    Asian women are aloof and reserved with strangers but very affectionate and demonstrative with their man.

  108. Asian women usually have sex in the context of a LTR and have low notch counts. They very often marry their first boyfriend. That is why you see college age Asian couples doing things that (to Americans) seem immature: holding hands, going apple picking, etc. It’s new to them. For American women who have been sucking dick since they were 13, unless you pull out an 18″ double headed dong that vibrates at 1800 rpm, it will all be passe to them.

  109. Another difference: Asian women hate White men far less than White women do.

    1. Asian women actually like white skin while White women go to tanning beds to prematurely age their skin and develop skin cancer later in life.

      1. Interesting in thailand whiter skin is revered. So they moslty cover up to avoid tanning. Construction workers where balaclavas etc. in the heat.
        Advertising is for whitening proucts…

        1. That’s the case in many tropical countries, because people with white skin are usually the ruling elites of those societies.
          So, the association between being an elite with status and lighter skin color is quickly made.

  110. Another thing I’ll add is that hot Japanese women are told from a young age that foreign men are awful and dangerous and that they’re sluts if they have sex with one. 8s and up can be extremely hostile to foreigners. You can work around it or through it, but it’s certainly an impediment that doesn’t exist in other countries I’ve been to. Japanese dudes also cockblock like crazy. If you want very high quality, you have to be on your game.

    1. In my experience, Asian women (along with black women) have been far, far friendlier and in general nicer to me than White women. I honestly can’t recall a time since middle school where a White woman was actually nice to me.

  111. Easiest way to describe the difference between White women and Asian women. You will NEVER see an Asian girl doing the things White women do: mudding, marathons, iron man competitions, shit like that. Asian women are feminine and aren’t ashamed to be feminine.

  112. I’ve recently heard about it being common to cheat on your spouse over there. I say “cheat,” but over there it’s so common I guess they wouldn’t even really refer to sleeping with someone other than your partner “cheating.”
    Fuck that noise.
    That being said, I’m still considering whether or not Asian women beat Western women overall on the scale of value… it just seems like white women ALREADY hate men, and at least Asian women in the beginning… well, don’t.

  113. I see the author questioning Japanese women when he should be looking at his own behavior. Get me steaming balls to eat at 1 am(standard shit test)! So rather than pass the shit test the author gets angry and defensisve(fail). Hey girl I have some home made salty balls for you. And shes going to stop eating? Oh babe youre hurting me so bad here, and you know it would even be worse if you went to the gym too. You know you should go every week because I’ve been horrible! Women will shit test you, its their nature…if she doesnt shit test you , shes probably going to be willing to fuck anyone because she has no standards. The author keeps doing this..she makes a demand, he runs away angry. Instead say what you want, and insist on it until you get it. If she doesnt like it she can hit the road.

  114. Japanese women can be tamed by treating them the same way you treat all women. You always maintain frame and act like a leader and fearless champion. Act fairly, and don’t tolerate nonsense and they will look up to you and love you. Most stuff in this article sounds like run-of-the-mill shit testing.

    1. Yup. That’s what I said before hehe, for some reason white western guys think they can go there and pick up a submissive bride. LOL! You need more than white skin to keep a Japanese girl interested.
      But if you are worthy of respect and fear the girls will act very differently, especially if they consider you to be almost unbeatable.

      1. They are starved for strong masculine men and are fascinated by Western men who are not the same (er, that would be me, HAH!) as all the weak pussy pasty white boys who think they can dress and act like unkempt Seattle grunge millennials – thinking they’re sooo kool traveling to JP. When I board a train and act like I own it looking up and down the aisle at everyone, like I am the prefectural Samurai, women bow and bat their eyelashes and smile at me, saying, “Sumimasen.”

      2. Even if you find “docile and submission” they can still run your ass over if you drop the ball and become lazy.
        Woman find a weakness and they’ll exploit it to their advantage.

  115. My experience with dating a Korean for a couple of years leads me to agree with the first point. In the end she was not docile or submissive. She could appear that way and submit herself into getting exactly what she wanted. It took a while before I realized how I was being manipulated.
    The second point was almost as described. She did take care of the finances, but was quite good at it and was not a shopaholic type – but then we were not married and I realize that may have changed if I had been insane enough to sign papers.
    The third and fourth points I found completely untrue of her.
    Fifth point – no kids, no problems.
    Sixth. Totally untrue. She was a sex freak and was aggressive about it. This is one reason I was blind to the first point.
    Sure, there were differences in her to the other women I have dated but I cannot completely agree with the generalizations of this article as I have experienced some of the issues with American and European women.

  116. I had a japanese girfriend for 6 years.
    “Take care” me so well!!!
    Absolutely wonderful. I ahev also spent decades traveling the world, many holidays in Thailand/Phillipines.
    Wonderful, highly recomend to all men…
    But, you are correct AWALT.
    Its all a long con. Dont get married, keep playing.
    The difference presently is price. You can capitalise on ass arbitrage.
    But short time only…

  117. Yeah…
    I know I would get my shit fucked up trying to go in there and believe the stereotype
    There are a few good ones but, still.
    No racist shit on my part. Just logically speaking when you are a rookie in any situation you will get played
    Plus, movies fucked me up about different areas in the world. Real research such as posts like these and doing my own footwork mentally is slowly helping me see the reality more than the expectations
    Also, my thing is any chick can be gamed on if your shit is on point. Sometimes it will work, other times it will not.
    You can’t score every shot but, even with misses you can still look good with more consistent good days than bad ones.

  118. There is no excuse for race-mixing. None whatsoever. It’s wrong morally, philosophically, biologically, socially, aesthetically. Oh, and there are often language and communication barriers.

  119. I have been in Japan for 3 years, and have had my share of Jappy girls.
    I’ve been with my current girl for 2.5 years. I give her an 8 on deh-scale, which means she’s probably a 6-7 for everyone else (especially those who watch too much TV). Anyway, she’s hot for me and that’s all that matters. My point is, girls here are the same as most any other country. The higher # you go up, the more shit and high expectations you must deal with.
    I have no problem admitting I’m a beta, and I’m proud of it. I certainly do let lose my alpha traits frequently, but I’m beta at the core of my soul. I’m more than happy to defer to the stronger leader. I’m more than happy to be a provider for a woman who I think is hot. I’m more than happy to serve, as long as I’m getting mine in return. With that said, I have tried to aim high (the elusive 10), and SUCCEEDED. While I was with said 9-10 level girls, then this article becomes true — but again, this is the perspective of a beta who was out of his league. For those alphas that can really put up with the crap daily, I’m sure their opinion would be very different.
    Now, for the level 6-8 girls, I have NEVER had any problems like this. Most of them beg for marriage within a month, and they genuinely mean it. They are not trying to dick you over for cash and prizes like American girls, they just want to be “secure” for the rest of their life, and if YOU are getting yours, then I really don’t seem the harm in it.
    I’ll tell you the difference between Jap girls and Western girls. Try getting your balls back, or showing any kind of alpha-tude in the West, and you’ll quickly find yourself either in jail, or on the way to jail for “misogyny”, “rape”, “super rape”, etc. Most Western girls do NOT fall in line when you show them who’s boss. They will fight for the feminist ideals to the death, and moreover, they will have plenty of assistance in doing it.
    Japanese girls are feminist cunts too. However, if you show any and I mean ANY kind of alpha-tude, they respond positively. Just don’t over do it or they will sniff out the player inside. A LITTLE bit of alpha is really all you need, and you need to be consistent. They fall in line, unlike their Western species. Moreover, they are constantly ENCOURAGED by family and friends to fall in line, if they sense that an alpha-provider is in her mix. You most certainly will not find yourself in trouble with the law or HR.
    If you’re experiencing the problems stated in this article (and most of us have at one point or another), then you need to seriously re-consider that you simply do not have the skill to tame such a beast. That leaves you with two solutions:
    1) Aim a bit lower. If you fail with 9’s, shoot for the 8’s, and so on. I personally fall into this category, to an extent. I definitely do not shoot lower than 7. I am content with what I have, so this works for me.
    2) If you still want that high number, you need to PLAY THE GAME. Learn WHY you are failing, then simply adapt and overcome. You’ll definitely get there eventually. But DO NOT pussy-out and start complaining about the game. The 9’s and 10’s can and do get tamed, I have seen it happen but let me tell ya – those guys have game, certainly better than mine. So stop ur bitchin’, refine your game, and get back out there.

    1. From what you wrote, they are very submissive and if you can’t handle that, then you suck as a western man overall. I’m a black western man and what you described japanese women to be is very….boring. Quick to back down, programmed to be a stepford wife? No thanks. I think that’s why we still date western women. We men like a challenge and these Japanese women doesn’t seem all that much of one at least according to your comment. Still, there’s something to be said about soft spoken women. Just not sure if I can marry one that’s quick to bend to my whimsy. Then again, I’m black so, I doubt I’ll have it easy with her parents in the way.

      1. They are submissive within my range of attraction, and only after I have trained them. NO WOMAN comes auto-tamed out of the box, unless you’re living in the 1800’s. I agree, we men do love a challenge, and I have mine. Although I own my girls now, that doesn’t mean it started out that way, nor that I can let up and turn full-beta on them, lest they recognize the weakness and take my balls to the cleaners (read: courts). This means I still play the game daily, albeit not as strongly as I once used to because it is >currently< not necessary.
        I never said that you “suck as a Western man overall”, LOL. I simply said “you suck” if you can’t bed the girls you aim for. It’s a short-term thing that can be fixed in fewer than 24 hours.

        1. Expect little to zero there. They don’t have ideas they push for hard or at all, most of the time. The stuff there is, is weird quirky Japanese typical things about food or some customs.
          By and large Japanese girls aim for peace at home above all else.

      2. Color of skin doesn’t matter. It only matters to white people who can’t keep self-esteem without that indulgence. They like blue eyes, but those are nothing to us. They are just weak against the sunlight.

        1. so if I were to date a japanese girl and she brought me home to her parents, they wouldn’t immediately spout in japanese “OMG she brought home a drug dealer”?

        2. I don’t think they would. If they would, that’s not because he’s black but because he’s a foreigner.
          They care much more about what he does for life than his color.
          If their daughter brought a Japanese man with no job, that would be the “OMFG” situation to them.

        3. I guess my feelings for my future wife is irrelevent, just how much I can bring to the table. That’s still pretty terrible

    2. Agree with most, except I’m probably less beta than you describe yourself. (Dread game a fair bit, flirt in front of her)
      What I do is see what level I can get and then went a little lower for picking a wife. I’d give her a 6/7 for classic markers as she is short and doesn’t have perfect face. I can and have gone for 8/9 and it’s doable but there other issues pop up. Most of the very pretty ones go to bars a lot and are not really traditional, which for me was important.
      My wife is about as traditional as they come, house wife, all the bells and whistles lol.

  120. I spent 7 years in Japan working for the Navy. I fell into that trap too, married a Japanese. Some of my friends are happily married to JN’s, but my ex was exactly as described in this article. Japanese girls think they are the highest evolution of Asian women. They marry a westerner to avoid the traditional roles they are expected to play. So you lose what is really attractive about them automatically when you marry them. Her family was great. Saw many things that usually gaijin are not usually allowed to see. Visit the country, but stay away from the women….

    1. How many samples of Japanese girls have you got?
      If you got them around the camp, those are all whores.
      Even for those whores, navy guys aren’t good investment at all. What makes you think marrying a westerner help JP girls avoid the traditional roles? That’s what a painfully self-conscious westerner would think.
      You’re not as good as you think.
      You animals expect too much without having enough mental strength to accept the reality, which drives you to commit sex crimes.

  121. A Japanese woman being passive-aggressive? Perish the thought. It’s like they never heard of Tsunderes before.

  122. The one and only rule is to not fucking get married! Japanese women and other women will fuck you only if you marry them or have a child with them. As long as you escape it you are safe and they are powerless against you. Also don’t give a fuck about them, pump them and dump them if they becaume annoying.

    1. Why would they have to marry a disgusting creepy anime otaku like you? You wish. Ha! Enjoy flirting with your 2D girlfriends.

  123. Times are a-changin’ in Japan.
    Japan’s Nippon Kaigi political and cultural party is a powerful but small group of business leaders and cultural powerhouses who want to reverse Japan’s post-WW2 societal makeup including the idea of female equality, plus ideas of “Japaneseness” and the denial of WW2 atrocities. Prime Minister Abe and his cabinet and the national diet are only recently dominated by Nippon Kaigi members.
    From wikipedia: “Following the 2014 reshuffle of Abe’s cabinet, 15 of the 18 cabinet members, including the Prime Minister himself, were members of Nippon Kaigi.” Furthermore Nippon Kaigi is intent on turning back sexual equality, restoring patriarchal values, and returning Japan to a pre-war constitution–“a Japan where women, children, and foreigners have no basic human rights.”
    I see the positives as follows: Japan rejecting anti-nationalism maintains and cultivates strong tribal mindset, which is healthy for communities to share common goals. They eschew the feminism which is in part driving their plummeting population numbers.
    I see the negatives as unchecked nationalism based on godlessness (as Shintoism) will recreate ideas of genetic supremacy, Monoarchism, Nippon Kaigi’s present holocaust denialism, and furthering race hatred.
    Tom Clancy’s Debt of Honor book discusses this Japanese mindset well enough.
    The link:

    1. This is good news (but bad news for gaijin huhuhu). Japan is trying to follow in China’s footsteps but we’ll see if they can reverse the damage that’s been done.
      > will recreate ideas of genetic supremacy
      Won’t happen. Japan did not have a history genetic supremacy
      > Monoarchism
      Unlikely but possible.
      > holocaust denialism
      I don’t think it matters but they do need to fix relations with Korea and China.
      > and furthering race hatred
      As long as it’s not other Asians it’s all good. Japan failed when they went against China and Korea as well as SEA. E/SE Asian unity would’ve seen Asia as the dominating force rather than the US, etc.

      1. Thank you for your comment.
        Clarify intolerable intra-asian race hatred vs. tolerable non-asian race hatred. Perhaps you understand something about asian race dynamics more than I.

  124. I have brown fever. I’m only attracted to Indian or Arab girls.

  125. I think the issue everyone is having here is that you are all nostalgic for an era that never existed. If you want to go back to a time where you are the sole breadwinner, not sharing any of the domestic responsibilities, it becomes the woman’s responsibility to balance the checkbook and ensure that sufficient funds are going toward her children and savings.
    This is not new. This is not “feminism.” My mother was a homemaker that balanced the checkbook, just like many similar households.
    Furthermore, if the man has far less interaction with the children and has exhibited few domestic abilities, how can he suddenly expect custody of those children?
    In the era that is romanticized on this site, men had far fewer child visitation rights than they do now. I do agree that men should experience more fairness in family courts today, but this is assuming that more and more parents are sharing domestic and income responsibilities.
    The fact is that both genders will feel injustice in traditional households as well as modern households. Learning to accept this fact is not a “red pill” or “blue pill” issue, but the first step to being successful in ANY society.

  126. Went to Japan with 5 total kickass dudes for a month, we hated the women there, just hated. They suck. Don’t waste your time. 🙁 Don’t talk to white guys, fuck just not interested unless you are Asian. I think they may be insanely racist to be honest.

  127. I have been married to a Chinese girl from the Sichuan province for two years now, and I couldn’t tell a more different narrative. She is docile, respectful, very mentally stable, and very enthusiastic in bed. I’m just throwing this out there…

  128. Japanese girl’s plastic surgery. 95 japanese ppl don’t have eyelids. More than half Japanese girl do eyelids surgery. Since they were super young. And they have ugly crooked teeth .

  129. Japanese girl’s plastic surgery. 95 japanese ppl don’t have eyelids. More than half Japanese girl do eyelids surgery. Since they were super young. And they have ugly crooked teeth .

  130. More than half Japanese girls have done in eyelids surgery .
    30 percent of Japanese guys have done in eyelids surgery, too.

  131. I had a Japanese girl friend once. Tried to break up with her but she didn’t get the meaning. Had to drop the bomb on her twice.

  132. I dated one and almost married her, backed out of our engagement though. I experienced all of this. The other ones I dated were much the same. It’s not to say they’re all like this, but I found that while I was in Japan, this was my experience with them. I would say for us foreigners it would probably be better to date one who is westernized, and has positive traits of both cultures.

  133. The headline should be changed into “The Ugly Reality Of Dating Japanese Sluts”.
    I am a Japanese woman.
    We may not look the same as you and that may make us ugly, but are you aware of how disgusting you look from our side?
    I can’t stand kinky foreigners in Japan.
    I think people who have some experience of living in foreign countries can tell differences in foreigners living in Japan – normal ones or creepy ones.
    I hate foreigners clubbing around for girls, and also the YELLOW CAB type of Japanese girls who are willing to have sex with them. Those ones are despised in their own culture. This one is a good example. (@disqus_juwKI4SfMp
    A decent person wouldn’t name herself “I’ll fuck you up” and show off her dirty slung.
    Most foreigners in Japan are just disgusting. The odor repels me. We’ve got different DNAs so we can’t help think each other ugly.
    It’s unbelievable that whores like this girl are pleased to have sex with them. ( they make the BEST couples though)
    I really want those silly Japanese whores get out of Japan.(also, the kind of honkies like this one)

    If you want to know the reality, you should get a job here.(Not part-time ones) I work with some foreigners and they are not disgusting at all. I’ve dated and had sex with some of them just like I have with Japanese boyfriends. They were fine except for the smell.
    Reality of dating Japanese whores… who cares anyway.

  134. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 also applies to Korean females, but it is much worse.
    Korean men: Work 14 hours a day in abusive Korean company. Use public transportation and eat $4 cafeteria meals every day to save money for wife. Receives 5~10% of money he makes from his wife in form of ‘allowance’, depending on how generous wife is.
    Korean female: Claims to be a ‘housewife’ but in reality hires nanny to clean the house and abandons children in daycare using husbands money. Dines at $40 luxury restaurants and $6 cafe latte during lunch with fellow Korean ‘housewives’. Common gossips includes bragging how much their husband makes and how little allowance they can afford to pay them. Complains that the family is ‘short on money’ when husband ask for $50 raise in allowance every month, but buys $500 louis vuitton bag every other month.
    However, thankfully child custody in korea is often handed out more often to males.

  135. However I dont see whats the problem with having mistresses or having open marriage. Enforced monogamy and boring sex with same partner for 20 30 years is a completely unnatural manmade practice.
    Man should have right to see multiple partners just like all females pursue hypergamy.

  136. women are the same and men are the same
    human nature is the same ,it only get influenced by the Culture or where you were born and raised
    what created the problem in the first place ,in your case for example , is that you made a presumption & you imagined you’ll date doll not a women , you were expecting that girl to obey & respects your desires,when you say no it’s no when you say yes it’s so to all men if you are looking for a women like this type go buy a doll instead,
    the thing that she did when she was asking for food in that way in that late time when you were in bed ,is a normal thing that any women would do they feel better that way they feel they are loved and their desires have values too….
    will there is a lot to cover am not sure we can do it here have a nice day even if it’s a 2 years post ^^

  137. I lived in Japan for 7 to 8 years and this appears to have been taken the wrong way by cultural differences. Just spent the last 4 1/2 years in the Philippines and back in the US after a total of 16 years. Guess what I am looking for now? A Japanese women.

  138. I have Chinese wife and very happy with her, she try to manipulate mo money but not anymore.

  139. The best way fora girl from Japan to avoide shame is to not let her self be molested with a tiny asian penis

  140. LOL Actually many things you said are true ! Chinese girls are cheaper & easier to handle.. make your choice !

  141. Oh yeah . One more thing . They will lie to you with a straight face. I pray for you my fellow brothers.

  142. lol you left a woman because she hinted she was in the mood for rice balls & you didn’t feel like getting them? I’m pretty sure this happens in every American relationship when a woman is in the mood for some kind of food. Her response was actually far nicer than outright demanding that you go get it, in my opinion. Maybe you have control issues

  143. Interesting read, however don’t ever assume or underestimate ANY woman, from anywhere, EVER.
    I have a philosophy that I live by, and it might be wise for the younger ones to take heed.
    “All women are basically the same chemically in composition.”
    “It’s just that some of them have better packaging”
    As an American (and a white guy)
    You grow up with certain values in a value system you learn from whoever raised you. Women in Asia do the same, true cultures are different, but a good person is a good person no matter how you want to put your “spin” on it. Trying to change someone else’s value system is not wise. Why would one deliberately change a person into someone else.
    Bottom line, if you don’t like the woman for who they are, leave them alone in the emotional sense. Dating and 1 niters are always fun, nothing wrong with that. But investing your life into someone else’s life with the intention of changing them into someone else. Well let’s just say you aren’t doing them any favors.
    Japanese women are a lot of fun, as are all other Asian women. I do find Japanese women tend to be cleaner
    In most aspects. And they make good partners, as do Chinese, Korean and SE Asians. Some people try to look at them as objects and that is so wrong. As you will pay dearly, no joke.

  144. What men here don’t seem to realise is that what they actually want is a conservative, non-liberal woman as they make the best partners, but that women like those tend to despise interracial relationships. In other words, a Japanese woman who dates non-Japanese men is most likely a crackpot anyway and no better than the indoctrinated (colour blind) white American women back home. The (white) women I have met who were the the best quality potential long term partners were all conservative, racially-aware and would never even consider the possibility of being in a relationship with a non- European (white) man. So in summary, the Japanese women open minded enough to date you will be just as poor quality, arrogant and unhinged as the progressive women you are fleeing from back home. Just try to find a conservative western woman from your own race (ethnic group with similar physical appearance). There should be enough around, because for some reason progressiveness in dating seems to go hand in hand with arrogance and disloyalty.

  145. I live in the US, married a white girl, she’s all these things and worse, horrible personal hygene, most bitter passive aggressive female ive ever met. Oh and was shy and passive girl up until the marriage. then a month or so in the claws came out. wont be married much longer. sounds like japan has em too, fine by me ive already lived through the worst of it.

  146. well, by the way I prefer these problems instead marry a black woman or a depraved lazy white woman

  147. This article is so funny. Look at you, trying to maintain this “I do what I want” I’m my own boss” attitude. An ego too fragile to give in or allow a woman some power. As a woman, if Japanese men are proud and confident enough to handle women like this, maybe women need to go for Japanese men.
    As for courts/running away with kids, only terrible mothers do that. Not all women. That’s a Japanese court issue if they allow the father to be taken out of the children’s lives. It is terrible. People of both genders are capable of abusing their powers.

  148. Soy is greatly consumed in Japan and can cause a lack of libido in Men, more so in older Men due to it’s high Estrogen content.